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File: 81xBWQ8XRQL.jpg (449 KB, 1650x2531)
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Wellbeck is too pessimistic for fragile 4chan incels. This book sent me into a bout of depression (what else do I call it?) for about a week. I think that I'm most recovered now, but I still cry from time to time when thinking about this book. I can totally see how someone worse off than me can easily use this book to justify wallowing in pessimism, staying chronically online, and not doing anything with their life.
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100% start with Whatever. It's his first, you can read it in a day.
Finished the map and the territory yesterday. Pretty good in the whole. Serotonin still has the east ending - even tho it's a slow burner. Atomized and whatever ate kino incel core; submission is a Muslim white pill. WHEN IS THE TRANSLATION COMING FOR THE LAST ONE, BROOOS???????
No, over the years he actually seems to be on his way to some sort of a solution
Do you even know what incel means?
Our guy

File: 1650913977298.png (2.48 MB, 1828x1992)
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2.48 MB PNG
/lit/ that shows peak fatherhood

Why are modern fathers so miserable? All of the men with children that I know are almost on the brink of snapping. What changed?
The Quran.
Isn't the answer obvious?
The fact that fathers now have to be more involved in their children's lives. Before, you could abuse them, make them do your work, or neglect them as much as you wanted. Plus, back then the wives would stay at home and take care of them. Now wives are basically just a second husband.
I miss the old days.

File: Ringworld(1stEd).jpg (24 KB, 248x400)
24 KB
Can hard science fiction have deep and compelling characters? Or is it strictly a vehicle for speculative concepts?
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The one major plus at this book is that Niven's imaginative writing is very clear. However, that's not enough to save the book from it's hideous misogyny -- Niven frequently refers to the female members of both alien species as being non-sentient and the only two human females in the whole book are dimensionless characters that are often referred to as "unintelligent." The Teela Brown character in particular only joins the mission because she is "bred for psychic luck" and serves basically no other purpose other than to be a courtesan to the protagonist. One can try as hard as they like to look past these negative aspects of the book since it was written in the 70s, but the frequency with which these issues pop up make it unreadable and disappointing.

Legend of The Galactic Heroes. It's incredibly character driven, and I think the sci-fi stuff is honestly the weakest part of the series itself.
It's a little jarring today, true. However the fundamental progressive lie that females are as capable as males in literally all things will make current works as unreadable in the future.
Brilliant shot. Director knew what he was doing.

I just bought Hitlers War by David Irving at a yard sale for 5 bucks. Should I sell it or keep it? It’s like worth a few hundred dollars.
You got seriously screwed buying that for $5 it's probably worth 5 cents.
Why is it so expensive?
Jews don’t want you to read it and it’s not in print
File: Capture.png (256 KB, 1192x625)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
it rather depends what edition you bought and what condition it is in. it does seem there are some first editions that sell for quite a lot but generally ordinary copies can be found for reasonable prices. the book was a bestseller in its time, before irving went full retard, so there are plenty of copies still about.
$5 is still a good price though, you might make $20 if you sell it.
>Jews don’t want you to read it and it’s not in print
maybe not, but it's still freely available nonetheless, including on abebooks, where prices are often quite optimistic.

We’re beginning a Greek study group, the first step is to select a textbook which all participants will be expected to obtain. The textbook will be chosen by popular preference, if you’d like to nominate a textbook name it and give some reasoning why you think we should start with it

My nomination is for “Homeric Greek: a Book for Beginners,” by Clyde Pharr

You can read the first edition for free here

My argument is that Homer is for the Greeks as Shakespeare and the Bible are to English, he is a centerpiece for reference, allusion, quote and even frequently cited as an argument and for adages. Furthermore one is much more keen to memorize Homer than most others, the same as one is much more keen to memorize Shakespeare than Hemingway, and memorizing passages really helps pick up a language. The drawback is Homer is more difficult than most Attic options for beginners but on the other hand, you actually get a lot more out of the Greek. In translation, prose especially non fiction gets lost the least (and most Attic options start with that), whereas poetry gets lost the most, so there is more benefit in studying it since one is more quickly rewarded with a new way of thinking, picking up connotations and texture of meaning

A discord server for the group of anyone is interested
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because it teaches you Plato's method in very short, very easy to understand works. Though I don't think it's necessary to read them all, Euthyphro is more than enough and also Apology to learn what Socrates' philosophical mission was.
lmao what an histrionic bitch, stop being so dramatic
don't join this guy's server, he is a an islamic terrorist who uses the greeks as a gateway to make young people join ISIS
I agree in the point about pharr. It's a good resource I found when I was reading some Homer after I finished my main grammar book, but I think would be a nightmare to go into blind.

That lecture series by CHS also follows Hansen and Quinn but I have never looked through it myself.

Reading Greek seems like a good choice though given the self paced nature of this.
I also got a Classics degree and second what this anon said. Starting with Attic is a must. I hate Athenaze, but my passionate hatred has yet to fuel me to examine Mastronarde. Using it as a secondary resource as a self-study student makes sense, though. OP, you should have formed this thread in conjunction with /clg/ so that we Hellechads could have given you some pointers.

File: deus ex front.jpg (87 KB, 953x953)
87 KB
Is there any book that brings you joy as much as the original Deus ex? The feeling of a crumbling world, secret societies, nano augmented humans, something a /g/tard like me would love.
I know Neuromancer (reading it right now), cryptonomicon and snow crash are on my shells, and Dune although not being cyberpunk exaclty.
ITT: Great Cyberpunk recomendations.
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saved, tyvm
Fanged Noumena by Nick Land.
man you're in for a treat then
Cyberpunk didn’t come true...
File: 1650609452246.gif (1.09 MB, 972x1000)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB GIF

Its crazy how hilarious this is when read as satire. I had the same smug expression as picrel the entire time while imagining the princes taking it unironically
>t. red pilled art of not giving a fuck pua-user

File: help.png (133 KB, 624x244)
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133 KB PNG
Hi, am VERY new to the language. I started with Cambridge's course and it's been going swell, but now I'm on page 108, the practise bit after the story about the sad lion and the shepherd. Picrel, basically. I do not know what the difference is between these words and their prefixes' meanings. I know you want to call me a retarded idiot but my self-esteem is low enough and if you all value literature you should encourage and support those trying to teach themselves the skills needed to access it.
Just tell me the difference between -o, -is, and -it as prefixes, please. Thank you very much
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In Latin, there are different verb forms to reflect person and number.

to sell -> vendere
I sell -> vendo
you (sg.) sell -> vendis
he/she sells -> vendit
we sell -> vendimus
you (pl) sell -> venditis
they sell -> vendunt

This exercise is asking you to match the verb form to the subject. So, tu vendis, ego pugno, Felix cenat, and so on.
throw that book in the trash and take a 6th grade latin course
is this genuine advice or are you just being a dick and mocking my attempts. I'm past that bit anyway
are you a native english speaker?

What are some books that use a very advanced vocabulary but are well-written? I’m thinking like the Cugel books where long words and elaborate description are fundamental to the style but is never drawn out or purple prose
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Anything by Lovecraft
He said "no purple prose", Lovecraft is the definition of purple prose.
Madame Bovary and Flaubert in general
In Search of Lost Time
Nabokov's Speak Memory is verbose but not as self-indulgent as his style tends to be
Huysmans in general
catch 22

File: 1653149437419[1].webm (1006 KB, 720x408)
1006 KB
1006 KB WEBM
we all know antinatalism is for incels, any books on the true chad choice of promortalism
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no it's not obvious in any way shape or form. enter in communication with it and then we can talk.
The universe is chaotic and destructive, that's not ambiguous. Despite all your sneed your goddess earth has murdered more species already than we will ever be able to.
If the Earth were as chaotic as you say, it wouldn't have developed self-regulating, self-sustaining cycles that all life depends on, which it most likely did to minimize "free energy principle" as a living system.
As I've mentioned before, due to the "Problem of Other Minds" (please look it up), it is impossible to know whether another human or being has "qualia, sentience, a mind, etc." For this reason, we can only rely on predictions based on self-sustaining patterns of activity.
I recommend reading Christof Koch's panpsychist views on Integrated Integrated Theory (IIT).
Also, "care" could be shown in different ways. Love does not always involve being pampered by someone.
Also, let's consider the biofilm in the gut, which is full of bacteria some of which is good and others bad. This biofilm, relative to a clump of neurons, is important for mood regulation and the body's proper functioning. Many people take probiotics or fermented foods to aid in growth of good bacteria in relationship to the bad bacteria. Human beings are more like intestinal parasites that disrupt the whole system of gut microbacterial system.
I'm am AN. Also I got my duck sucked last night.
why is the Earth so bad at its job that it made a creature capable of ruining all of these systems it made?
>Integrated Integrated Theory
Integrated information theory * (IIT)
Christ Koch's panpsychist interpretation of it is interesting.
I should have also mentioned the Earth's life-sustaining elements like dynamic equilibrium and self-regulation are reminiscent of 'homeostasis’.
>When studying Earth’s global biosphere, Lynn Margulis and James Lovelock recognized that it has certain qualities of a life form. Many of Earth’s life‐sustaining elements display phenomenal stability, dynamic equilibrium and self-regulation, known in biology as ‘homeostasis’. The temperature range of the climate; the oxygen content of the atmosphere; the chemistry and salinity of the ocean – all of these are biologically mediated. All have, for hundreds of millions of years, stayed within a range conducive to life. Lovelock and Margulis hypothesized that the totality of life is interacting with its environment in ways that regulate these global properties. They realized that Earth is, in a sense, a living organism. They named this creature Gaia after the ancient Greek Earth goddess.
>why is the Earth so bad at its job that it made a creature capable of ruining all of these systems it made?
Human beings basically are doing the same thing with organization-dependent technology, which is stripping away their autonomy, self-reliance, and freedom. Much like how the oceans will have more density of plastic particles than fish by 2050, our bodies are also becoming full of microplastics and other toxins. In polluting the sacred elements, we are also polluting our bodies and minds like a rebound effect.

I'm pretty sure there will be a cataclysmic event in the future.

File: Uk_blood_of_elves_new.jpg (105 KB, 720x1101)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
I would honestly say that chapters 2 and 3 might be the best written recaps in any literary work of fiction.

Do you agree?
I stopped reading when he stated shilling for sex between whited and joggers. I'm pretty sure that was chapter 2 as well, so no, fuck off kike.

File: RSS-logo.png (261 KB, 2000x2000)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
does anybody follow a writer's blog? i follow zero hp lovecraft as well as a couple short story blogs but im looking for more

What do you make of this poem by William Carlos Williams /lit/? It's from his book Spring and All and is said to be indicative of the work which is considered to be a landmark in the history of English poetry.

XXII [The Red Wheelbarrow]

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white
I included analysis of it in one of Eng Lit university essays, around 20 years ago. Not because it's good, or anything, but because I procrastinated and needed to read and write about something within less than 24 hours.
i ate those damn plums
deal with it
It’s a poem about the subject of a poem

File deleted.
What books have good dialogue formatting and smooth dialogue-narration transitions?

I find formatting dialogue and transitioning between dialogue and narration to be the hardest part of writing. I can usually write great dialogue, but I have trouble seamlessly weaving into its my stories. I'm sure other anons have encountered this problem as well. What writers that excel at this? The first that comes to mind (although a cliche example) is Hunter S Thompson.
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Which of the two is a better example of the kind of thing you're describing? I'll check it out
Red and the black is heavier on internal monologue, and charterhouse is heavier on the "dialogue that's sort of spoken to the reader" that I referred to. I'd recommend TRatB
FYI I read penguin classics for TRatB and modern library for Charterhouse (bc they were the ones my prof chose). I think they were good translations.
What was the image?
Just a girl. Too pretty for the incels I guess.

File: GuaranaCan.jpg (117 KB, 1080x1080)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
guarana antarctica edition

previous: >>20395999
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it's a doggy doggy world
They suck?
are you writing the introduction for some generic western fps?

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