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Barbarian Edition

>Recommended reading charts (Look here before asking for vague recs)

Previous >>22528658
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Yeah, he shows up anytime those books are mentioned. Serious mental problems. Probably just some obsessive nerd.

Huh, interesting. I guess goodreads fucked up somehow and created two entries for the same book? It's the old version with the old cover, too. Weird. I guess somebody must have reviewed both with the same text. I'm not really sure what this guy is spazzing out about.
File: theshrike.jpg (311 KB, 1024x1024)
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311 KB JPG
the Shrike
Nigga I can't read that shit
Wow, AI art can generate the same level of literary text as Bakker

File: goodkind.jpg (44 KB, 739x415)
44 KB
admit it. you liked the sword of truth series.

File: 1696008253799873.jpg (36 KB, 389x464)
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How do I write them without being completely unoriginal? It seems an impossible task at this point.
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I was about to say 'make them bratty lolis in need of correction', but goblins already fill that niche.
>How do I write a stock character that's as old as dirt without being completely unoriginal?
unironically try to look back at their roots
These little bastards are so difficult to work with. Would it be okay if I cut them out altogether?
Just cut out fantasy genre fiction entirely.
File: 1693341021237833.gif (180 KB, 226x224)
180 KB
180 KB GIF
>Would it be okay if I cut them out altogether?

Perhaps, but remember the interesting ideas you have for them so that you can put them somewhere else. You don't have to cut out everything. Good luck, anon.

File: 1696022398141.jpg (68 KB, 452x678)
68 KB
A while ago, I read about the CCRU and the weird philosopher shit that came out of it. In particular, Land being the most popular. But I also came across Mark Fisher, who was inspired by Land.

So I read some of Fisher's work First. Ghosts Of My Life, Capitalist Realism, and Flatline Constructs. All of which, is very interesting even if I don't full agree or understand where he is going. In particular, the idea of Hauntology.

But Nick Land has seemingly been disavowed by everyone in his group, and his twitter seems nothing but shitposting and edgy tweets. Even Fisher was disappointed by his radical change.

Does this mean his entire work untimely means nothing? Is he still worth reading?
not really desu
read lasch
revolt of the elites is on another level than land and is like fisher but more practical and literary
young land was a lefty, old land is a right winger.
There is such a thing as left wing accelerationism if thats what you are into.
retarded shit for neets

File: file.png (530 KB, 1222x546)
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530 KB PNG
Would it be smarter to read this before or after Aristotle's biological writings?
I am interested in philosophy and biology/zoology, so Aristotle seems like my kind of guy:)
Anyway, when you read the Cambridge Companions, in general, do you do it before or after the main work it concerns? What about in this case?
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File: 718b3e8LIwL._SL1500_.jpg (169 KB, 1148x1500)
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169 KB JPG
I'm not 9 years-old anymore, anon.
Give me the real deal. Real Biology.
Isn't just Aristotle just flat out wrong about everything scientific? He literally just cooked up a bunch of bizarre speculations for his headcanon and wrote them all down as undisputed fact. He's been debunked on almost everything, ESPECIALLY when it comes to biology, but definitely in physics, astronomy, botany, medicine, etc. So what's the point of even studying his biological corpus, except as a history of science? You won't gain anything from it. It's almost all wrong.
File: nature_chart.png (1.54 MB, 1352x1044)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
So? It's harmless, speculative fun, and so is Problems. It's just funny to read through.
Sort of like what >>22546257 said it's probably not worth buying and reading. I've never read it, so I'm not completely sure what the contents are, but if Aristotle is going through anatomy, physiology, behavior, and identification, then it's 100% going to be missing a lot of important details or just be outright wrong. I'm not saying that to rag on Aristotle or anything either, it's just that proper methods and tools to observe those things weren't made yet, (and even with those things there are plenty of biologists/zoologists who fuck up anyway,) but it doesn't change that you aren't going to learn much in the way of biology by reading Aristotle.

So im reading madame Bovary. Only around 60 pages in and just finished part 1

Wtf? I think my brother married someone like this. This Emma person strikes me as someone who lives in some fantasy world and has delusions of what life is like. And even if she gets it, it's then onto the next thing or event.

My brother's wife is literally like this and now after getting everything she wanted over the years is now wanted a divorce lmao. What sort of mental illness is this?

Bros, fr fr, he careful who you marry and especially have kids with (my brother has 3). This type of woman can and will destroy your life AND your kids. Nothing will ever be enough. Even kids to these sort of women is just a prop, once they get them, they will just be bored of them and want to have minimal to do with them besides having them around to keep getting child support
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>I think she just likes the idea or aesthetic of something than the actual thing
Yeah. That's how it is with almost everything, not only women suffer from this, as you (probably) fantasize having a girlfriend yet in that fantasy ignore the unpleasant parts of being in a relationship.
>inb4 But I don't fantasize about it because I know the realities of having a relationship
And this is exactly my next point: men acknowledge their fantasies are just that, fantasies, mostly embellished by the fact they've never experienced them. Women often lack this insight which is why they want to fulfill their fsntasies whenever and however possible
>decadent of vile species
>Anna Karenina
women don't like you because your reading comprehension skills are subpar
Yes it's bleak, but still the best case scenario once one has daughters
Anna decides to cheat because muh love and muh bored, even though she's an aristocrat and has a child already. Should have known better.
And what about Dolly, Kitty, and their other older sister whose name I’ve forgotten? They were based.

What I read what I expected what I got Thread
File: triumph of the swine.png (1.06 MB, 1869x731)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
File: 1672323619017895.png (1.19 MB, 1600x600)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG

File: gun point.png (216 KB, 612x408)
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216 KB PNG
So you like 1984 huh, Anon? Oh yeah? Then name George Orwell's one thousand nine hundred and eighty three other books!

What’s the /lit/ consensus on Kindles?

I think I might get one. I know I would benefit from having a digital library because I just have too many books/not enough space but I also know it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll stop buying physical copies altogether.
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you can find just about any book you want to read online.

Every kindle has its own email so you can just email whatever books you downloaded to it.
Kobo Libra 2 is better
Great for traveling and commuting.
No it’s not, not really. The battery life is much worse than kindle… and you can easily get any book on kindle with the calibre app for free
I think my library has a kindle collection of some sort, but I'm not sure how I would use it. Eh, maybe I'll get one some day.

File: eva_cover_3305.jpg (1.48 MB, 2112x2280)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
What are the most important Bible translations from each language?
>English: KJV
>German: Lutherbibel
>Latin: Vulgata
For Catholics, it's usually any given Bishop's Conference version. (NAB in America, Officielle Liturgique in France, "Darel Machreq" in Arabic or the Jesuit version for short, etc).
Russian Synodal for Russian Orthodox
For Protestants, Luther for German and Statenvertaling for Dutch. Few have had the same impact as the KJV as those for their respective countries. Many other countries remained Catholic and used Vulgate translations up until recently, much like the Douay-Rheims in English. A lot of Spanish Protestants read the Reina-Valera 1960 version it seems. I think it's roughly equivalent to the RSV.
>>English: KJV
objectively wrong. kjv is the one with influential poetic qualities, but the actual most important bible among anglophone denominations is DRB because its doctrine consistent from then to today

File: 1583924272654.png (176 KB, 1730x1000)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Which books for helping finding your true identity and meaning for life? Shit you actually care about and strive towards to after a life of inaction and self delusion.
Will just take a large dose of mushrooms if I don't find something decent to read about it.
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I’m sort of loath to do that because I don’t think my interpretation of it would be helpful to you, you have to do these types of things yourself. One of the great things of reading literature is that it can work therapeutically as a mirror to nature, to help you “know yourself”, in a way that other people just can’t tell you. There are almost as many different interpretations of Hamlet as there are people, but they arguably all reveal something about the people interpreting it. And it’s obviously so complex a work that you can never reach an intepretation that satisfies all the problems and mysteries, a bit like life itself. I would say, though, that Hamlet is the type of work that may perhaps help you stop looking for the advice or purpose that will magically change your life, to look for the certainties and definite answers to life’s complexities, and instead embrace its inherent, necessary ambiguity and uncertainty. One of the answers to the question “to be or not to be” is as Hamlet says in the final scene: “Let be”.
The classics in general as >>22545880 says may also be helpful as well, but I would recommend reading Hamlet as a great starting point for this especially as it comes from the person who is widely considered the greatest dramatist, and the greatest character who is simultaneously the archetypal “young self-loathing man of inaction”.
i can tell you're a gamer (and that's a good thing) because you spend so much time thinking about winning
I read The Count of Monte Cristo recently. No idea why, but it was weirdly motivating.
Reading books is 100x times better than seething on 4chan/reddit/the interwebz all day. Reading books generally makes people want to go out into reality more
The main thing is to stop doomscrolling on the internet. The boredom you experience will make you want to do things and the avoidance of hateful/autistic input will make you more confident and easygoing

File: 15MURATA1-superJumbo-v2.jpg (825 KB, 2048x1365)
825 KB
825 KB JPG
best female author of all time
What's the point of Konbini Ningen again?

File: beybladeguy.jpg (47 KB, 612x765)
47 KB
I noticed being a /lit/ MC kind of sucks because anything you do requires everything to be modified around your own decision. What are some hobbies where the subject getting what they want is less offensive? If you don't know what I'm talking about don't sweat it.
Shut up bitch
Maybe look into hobbies that are completely solitary.
i really want to blade though... guess i will pick up a book

in unrelated news, how do you guys feel about all those" hahahaha (as much as possible) nigga basically" posts?

What are the common philosophical errors that Buddhists make, and why do they seem so unable to wisely abandon orthodox Buddhism and be honest about philosophy?

File: 1591015476837.png (42 KB, 637x516)
42 KB
i tried to read brothers karamazov but i couldn't follow it. the language was too complex, dosto filtered me.. should i just neck myself? i really wanted to read this book but i can't. it sucks!
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lmao i'm a huge fan of tik tok actually
File: 1674337577841082.jpg (53 KB, 600x600)
53 KB
You can be my bitchboy. I will explain to you themes and whatever you don't understand in exchange for your bussy, stupid froggy ;)
So brave
Try Crime and Punishment and then BK.
i read crime and punishment. i had no problems understanding it actually

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