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File: cinc.jpg (65 KB, 340x512)
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What am I in for?
a great book by a great writer

File: kings_college_1770.jpg (51 KB, 459x282)
51 KB
How would you do at Columbia in 1763, when it was called King's College? Students were supposed to be 15 years old.

First Year

Sallust, Historia
Caesar, Commentaries
Ovid, Metamorphoses
Virgil, Eclogues
Aesop, Fables
Lucian, Dialogues
?New Testament
Grotius, De Veritate
Latin Grammar
Greek Grammar
English & Latin Themes

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Fuck man. To think I was playing civ III at 15.
I probably would not do well

File: LuXun1930.jpg (1.9 MB, 3134x4183)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB JPG
Lu Xun is widely considered the greatest writer in modern Chinese history. Has anyone on /lit/ read him? What do you think?

I've only read two short stories of his but I liked them (the obvious two, Medicine and Madman). Knowing the context helps a lot too. Wondering if I should keep going, or you have any recommendations?
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I think the way feudal tradition is holding China back, but I also think that there's an implication that it's the imperial powers (esp. Japan) tearing China up into spheres of influence/colonies.
No I'm a white boy my neighbor in Gunagzhou gave it to me.
Encore encore lolol
You'll get it the third time just believe in yourself
OP, it doesn't look like anyone is actually answering your question so allow me. I read this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Selected_Stories_of_Lu_Hsun and very much enjoyed it. With the exception of Joyce's Dubliners, probably the only short story collection I've read cover to cover and loved every single story. Lu Xun is such a masterful writer who totally gets the form and can capture a particular moment in time, with universal themes that truly resonate throughout. But now I'm sounding like a shitty amazon blurb. Just go get the book.
>A month before his death, he wrote: "Hold the funeral quickly... do not stage any memorial services. Forget about me, and care about your own life – you're a fool if you don't." Regarding his son, he wrote: "On no account let him become a good-for-nothing writer or artist."
/lit/ BTFO

File: moll.jpg (13 KB, 235x350)
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Not the best books you've ever read, but those that you return to most, that have kept a grip on you for years
Obviously pulpshit is welcome
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>Could not get 50 pages into this book. Gibson writes like a teenager who watched the Matrix for the first time.
You do know a lot of Cyber/dystopian movies pulls from Gibson's work...that's why it feels dated.
same, definitely current favourite. read it recently and it blew me away
File: do androids dream.jpg (36 KB, 312x499)
36 KB
You'd enjoy Under the Skin (the book, not the dumbass film)

If you were going to get into a relationship with somebody that would mean you’re getting into a romantic relationship. Now a person who has had sex with multiple partners who they were not romantically involved with but strictly sexually involved makes it look like romance means nothing to them. How do you get romantic with a person like that? I mean that’s the whole thrill of relationships. How do you put in effort to show them care and nurture and love knowing they put out without those things? Please explain to me. Some people are not romantic and just sort of shack up and test drive the car or whatever, but there are some of us who really care about bonding on an intimate spiritual level with our partner, and a promiscuous person, to me, seems out of touch and, honestly, incapable of reciprocating those feelings. That’s a big fucking deal breaker. There are exceptions. But so far it seems this person is focused on sex without real connection and dedication, which is what intimacy with another person is based on. If they are hopping from one bed to another, it a sign that they doesn’t value romance. I am open to being wrong, but explain how.
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>multiple romantic relationships
Is this person senile and looking over their life? If not I don’t think you quite understand what a romantic relationship looks like. Jumping from bed to bed, or heart to heart, whether out of convince or some emotional incapacity, is, to me, a reflection of persons incapacity for commitment, and therefore intimacy, and all the love and romance that comes with it. A romantic relationship isn’t something you pick up and drop off, it’s a life changing event, if not THE event of someone’s life in regards to sustaining happiness
I’m glad honestly, i didn’t want to come off as mean but what you described is 100% homo behavior
File: FB_IMG_1593709463001.jpg (177 KB, 2000x1875)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
I'm gonna vooooomp
>Is this person senile and looking over their life?
I don't know who this theoretical person is; I'm just answering in the framework set by OP.
>A romantic relationship isn’t something you pick up and drop off
It shouldn't be, but many people do. This is, in my opinion, worse than multiple meaningless sexual encounters.
>he only does hookups
Does that mean he only wants to fuck people though? It might just mean he doesn’t want to move things too fast because that can make things less stable, but slow moving relationships can be better formed and rounded.
Never romantic, only weird distant eye games, multiple times, only two meant anything real though and only one was an attraction formed from more than just something sexual. Never had anything spoken out loud or in person at all though.

File: 41Sf2wuKOcL.jpg (27 KB, 332x500)
27 KB
How do we solve cancer
>philosophy of cancer
Critical theory?
File: IMG_20200709_235656.jpg (806 KB, 1080x1971)
806 KB
806 KB JPG
cancer research is at a stalling needing a philosophical approach to get out

File: IHaveNoMouth.jpg (26 KB, 220x370)
26 KB
Can anybody review this book? What's /lit/ opinion on this book?
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He did, in the video game adaptation. Unironically the better story.
This. And I >>15816394
don't even like video games.
The game did it better. Too bad it was in an era when narrative in games hadn't been very well studied yet. They might've done something interesting in terms of mergng the player with the character.
Great title, though. Thanks Uncle Harley.

File: 158820244382.jpg (61 KB, 680x454)
61 KB
what are some good dark fantasy books?

File: marx-9.jpg (140 KB, 942x1481)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Leftypol, post ITT all the charts about communism and left ideologies you have
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File: 1548467683764.jpg (106 KB, 958x897)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Don't have much.
gtfo with facebook tier humor
File: 1566354957317.jpg (405 KB, 1024x800)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
You can tell by the filename that's from 4chan, /pol/ specifically. But let's see what else I've got.
File: 1389467954310.jpg (111 KB, 601x592)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Gtfo back to /pol, rat

File: jigsaw.jpg (39 KB, 634x790)
39 KB
why dn't w jst rmv vwls, t wld sv dt nd ppr, y cn stll prfctly ndrstnd wht smn s syng.
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Hl Htlr
File: tg.jpg (189 KB, 633x527)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
nw gt n th vn
Jws r Gds chsn ppl
>it would save ____ and paper
w-what? help a brainlet out

File: 41XWmjF9KSL.jpg (31 KB, 313x500)
31 KB
Sup guys, I'm trying to read the Canterbury Tales, the problem is that english isn't my native language, I don't mind reading something in modern english using the dictionary but old english... well, it takes more time. So I want to know which ones do you think are the best.
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Welp, you learn something new everyday.
I think I wasn't super clear with what I wanted. I want to read some of his poems in, as some people corrected here, middle English, and I was interested in /lit/'s recommendations of specific poems. Why? I like reading poetry slowly, if I read it in English it takes more time and if I read it in middle English it takes even more time. Maybe I'll learn middle english in the future but right now I just want to have a taste of the book. I tried to look for a translation in spanish that included the original text but it seems to be non-existent, maybe someone knows an edition that "translates" it into modern english while including the original., that would also help. Thanks for the responses btw.
Nope, sorry, just a few words.
Yeah middle english can be tough at first, there a textbook called "A Book of Middle English" that's pretty good if you want to seriously try to learn it, you can find it on libgen, as for middle english dictionaries you can try this one

wow, thanks anon

File: 30285138.jpg (110 KB, 314x475)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Post books with less than 300 pages that are worth reading .
When i have enough might make a mega of them and upload them here
Samuel Beckett, Mercier and Camier
William Gaddis, Agapê Agape
Maurice Blanchot, Death Sentence, Thomas the Obscure, The Madness of the Day
Emmanuel Bove, My Friends
J.-K. Huysmans, Downstream (À vau-l'eau)
Tony Duvert, Odd Jobs
Georges Bataille, Story of the Eye
Nathalie Sarraute, Tropisms
Urs Allemann, Babyfucker
François Aurgiéras, The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Louis Aragon, Irene's Cunt
Marguerite Duras, The Lover
Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Venus in Furs
Pierre Klossowski, The Baphomet
Paul Morand, Hecate and Her Dogs

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Tony Duvert, Odd Jobs
That and some others are great

File: dos.jpg (5 KB, 201x251)
5 KB
I was thinking of reading Crime and Punishment, whats the best translation?
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Depends how much you spent, but otherwise no, he's definitely worth reading
going with P&V, thanks for the help.
> The Possessed (I'm not calling it "Demons")
Which is strange, because they are “devils” of Luke 8:33 right in the epigraph, and the secondary meaning is derived by transfer of qualities of evil spirit onto a person. The characters of the book are quite like swine of the parable, and it helps to see that Dostoevsky meant to target the substance that possessed them.
Begone, shill!


Well, no doubt you will read some of them and find out for yourself, but you definitely could have spent your money better

Are the majority of female authors vacuous hacks? How so?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
You need a better chart. They only get the averages to match by age-restricting the data.
IQ is pseudoscientific nonsense.
based obsessive taleb poster
the majority of authors are vacuous hacks

File: DIY.jpg (46 KB, 640x774)
46 KB
We post our own scribblings, and find out it the critics of critics are right.

https://freetexthost.net/ IORlmVg
>We post our own scribblings, and find out it the critics of critics are right.

Is this just the new crit thread or is there something we're supposed to do with this website?
Like a crit thread I guess, but more for things you already have lying around, and different enough for me not to want to adopt the monniker and claim the bandwith. The site was just to accomodate larger text if anyone wanted to.

The crit of crit thing was just making fun of people who say "critique? How bout you make the X".

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