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Want to start reading Russian literature, where should I start?
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Pushkin, Turgenev and Chekhov are all great for entry.
I agree with these guys. Dostoevsky is also pretty good to start with, especially Notes or Crime and Punishment.

Also, I feel Goncharov is severly underrated on /lit/. His novel Oblomov is extremely funny, touching and comfy, would definitely be enjoyable to someone just starting with Russian literature. Funnily enough, even Chekov considered Goncharov an extremely talented writer.
Fire Emblem is better
File: unnamed.jpg (25 KB, 409x325)
25 KB
Start with Onfim
File: EXq4o7LX0AAAw1A.jpg (20 KB, 332x307)
20 KB
#1 Wholesome lit
Onfim talks about his friends, how his dad fought dragons and how his teacher is tall and has a funny hat

File: fd.png (17 KB, 509x411)
17 KB
It takes me three hours to write one paragraph.
Keep up the good work anon.
Awesome, anon! Keep writing and you’ll improve!
Sheeeeeeyt nigga, dat be normal yo.

File: GR.jpg (307 KB, 800x1158)
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307 KB JPG
White people are ...... le BAD!
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god i fucking hated that movie and that scene in particular. its like it was written by someone with zero grasp of the book who just felt like namedropping it for the epic lulz
How many copies did you buy?
He basically invented CRT
>It was real in my mind, it was real in my imagination!

File: houllebecq.jpg (589 KB, 2048x1536)
589 KB
589 KB JPG
Who is the worksafe, upbeat version of Houllebecq? I want to read him but I've just about got over my existential depression and I'm not a fan of sexual gratuity.
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I think that it’s free to download because he used some Wikipedia articles and some law says that if you use something free the thing that you’re making also have to be free
Sally Rooney is who you are looking for

That's vapid frances
Frenchies say Houllebecq is a cheap Céline wannabe.
Idk the title in English, "Voyage au bout de la nuit" is his best work.
houellebecq is the roughest looking person ive ever seen
like its impressive how miserable he looks

File: 367.jpg (48 KB, 832x1000)
48 KB
>its time for some reading!
>*hits play*
>"this is a LibriVox recording, all LibriVox recordings are in the public domain. for more information or to volunteer, please visit LibriVox dot org."
I'm genuinely curious about audiobooks. I read some studies that said that the retention for audiobooks is much lower then real books. Is this true? And if it is, then is it worth it?
I enjoy librivox. Public domain btfo's copyrighteds. Amir? Right? I'm right.
File: Debate-Memes.jpg (210 KB, 900x600)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
>retention for audiobooks is much lower
that's probably because they leave the book as background noise while doing other stuff.
I don't see why information we hear stays in our memories for less time. Think about it, we hear conversations all the time and we are perfectly capable of remembering what it was said... if we are paying attention of course.
I've been able to read like, 12 books in the past two weeks with my audiobook and I'm able to remember all of them. They're extremely useful.

File: heliand.jpg (156 KB, 907x1360)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Start with the English.

File: D7M2H1CXYAAjwlQ.jpg (117 KB, 1200x900)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
What does /lit/ listen to while reading? Why or why don't you listen to music while reading?
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Rain noises
I'll sometimes listen to Satie when reading something like Proust. Just lounging.
i dont listen to music while reading because i get annoyed when it doesnt match up, like if the music swells up when nothing is happening
Tinker taylor soldier spy's ost while reading Le Carré.
Classical music while reading casual stuff.
Jazz sometimes, when reading thrillers.

It's hard to get the perfect musics, so most of the time I don't.
Terrible excuse for music.

File: frisk.jpg (57 KB, 310x475)
57 KB
Can I get some queer lit recs?
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File: 1631527778371.jpg (37 KB, 285x475)
37 KB
The Charioteer is one of the best gay novels ever written.
obligatory my diary desu post
File: at swim two boys.jpg (33 KB, 311x475)
33 KB
do women really
Women have infiltrated and destroyed every single space intended for homosexual men.
There's nowhere to go, even grindr is full of females now

File: 51inQ-d4tBL.jpg (59 KB, 313x500)
59 KB
Is it the greatest fanfic ever written?
>blocks your path

What's the greatest quote of all time about self discipline? By someone who actually got things done and changed the world. I'm talking about emperors, great conquerors, legendary politicians, famous military officers, legendary sportsmen and world changing artists.
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File: 1525474155003.jpg (71 KB, 540x960)
71 KB
He also overcame his gambling addiction.
My favorite is from marcus but I'm phone posting on the toilet so... Yeah
I will select one from your pic
>Soon you'll be ashes, or bones. A mere name at most - and even that is just a sound, an echo. The things we want in life are empty, stale, and trivial ... Why are you still here? Sensory objects are shifting and unstable; our senses dim and easily deceived; the soul itself a decoction of the blood; fame in a world like this is worthless. - And so? Wait for it patiently - annihilation or metamorphosis - And until that time comes - what? Honour and revere the gods, treat human beings as they deserve, be tolerant with others and strict with yourself. Remember, nothing belongs to you but your flesh and blood - and nothing else is under your control.

File: download (26).jpg (23 KB, 322x487)
23 KB
just got round to reading this.
It resonates strongly today. I found it very interesting, especially his analysis of leftism.

What are some other good critiques of modern society that i might enjoy?
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(((Adorno and Horkheimer)))
Gonna seem retarded but what's the difference between Technological Slavery and the other two Ted K books? I own that version btw.
Adorno is a much better reactionary than you, faggot.
>i shot it with my fiberglass polyethylene carbon fiber aluminum composite compound bow!
ok civilization man
It was a homemade yew selfbow
still seething civcuck?

File: E7sDwnqUUAEsr6z.jpg (360 KB, 1280x969)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
How was Kant's noumena or Land's "outside" any different from Plato's forms? What Land was doing with his experimental/diagrammatic/methamphetamine/croaking live on stage seems especially similar to what Plato was talking about about divine madness/mania as a way to reach the world of forms.
Land is not a philosopher. The difference between platonic forms and Kantian things in themselves is patently obvious.
>Land is not a philosopher
>The difference between platonic forms and Kantian things in themselves is patently obvious
Not helpful
For Plato, the closer you are to the forms the closer you are to knowing. For Kant, things in themselves are unknowable, so at least according to Kant, if we can speak of forms, they aren't things in themselves. Kant calls space and time the transcendental forms of intuition, because they presuppose any and all possible experience. These might be closer to something like platonic forms, but still, this is a far cry from what Plato was doing with his forms.
>What Land was doing with his experimental/diagrammatic/methamphetamine/croaking live on stage seems especially similar to what Plato was talking about about divine madness/mania as a way to reach the world of forms
No he was just embarrassing himself as usual
thanks, i obviously have not read kant
Kan'ts noumena~ when we perceive a flower, we perceive it as have a particular size, shape, color, but these are all phenoma. But we still assume there is some specific thing which lies behind the phenomen which is the flower. But there are billions of such specific flowers in the world, all of which we are incapable of knowing in themselves.
Platos forms: All specific flowers are manifestations of a single ideal flower
I don't know anything about Land

Anyone know what this password-protected 'Glowworm' page of the Pykewater Library leads to? RIP a real nigga

File: 716ZuGJXc1L.jpg (215 KB, 1650x2475)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Has a book ever helped you improve your mental health?
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm reading Leahy's book about anxiety and its literally just
>be yourself bro :)
What a waste of time
what about the Pierres, the Peters, the Pedros, the Pietros, the Piters.....?
what about them?
are they not rocks?
Quick guide to mental health
>Get enough sleep
>Eat well
>Regular exercise
>Talk to people you like
>Build fun projects
The whole concept behind mental health has been warped to produce a better corporate worker and consumer. Nothing more, nothing less.
Helped? Sure. Been the deciding factor? Probably not, but few single causes ever are. Reading Infinite Jest at a time where I was getting serious about quitting heroin probably helped me - still took half a year, but I managed eventually. Reading Steinbeck in periods of loneliness and creeping nihilism helped in seeing the beauty in people. Beauty in general gives me a lot of hope, and I guess you could say that helps my mental health in some way - Hamsun has a tendency to make my soul feel like it is springtime, and reading Shakespeare gives me a feeling of awe close to piety.

But books can equally be a source of suffering - I am not memeing when I say that the Book of Disquiet made me despondent for weeks on end. It is the only one that has ever done so - Schopenhauer, Cioran, Kafka, Houllebecq, Celan, writers like that, none of them ever really got close to affecting me on anything more than a level of pure intellectual curiosity. But Pessoa nearly killed me with the endless tedium.

File: 710DXGJXpuL.jpg (192 KB, 1050x1240)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Hi /lit/
After the recent hype around Dune i decided to give it a go but i don't know what edition of the books should i choose.
I read that the latest edition (the one in the pic) is edited to make it more family friendly.
I don't want that, i want the closest to the original that i can find.
And here i ask for your help. Which edition is the closest to the raw material and which should i choose?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>decided to finally read dune because of the hype for the movie
>finish the first book
>It was okay, wouldn't mind reading more, realize some of the scifi and fantasy novels I've read have borrowed a lot from it
>get to book two
>It's boring, force myself to finish it
>get to book three
>about halfway in and will probably drop it
Is the first one the only good one? This might be the biggest drop in quality from a series I've read in a long time.
>more family friendly.
can someone elaborate on this?
Anyway, I got the Hodder edition (picrel) and although I've read only a third of it, it seemed to have the same content as my 90s German edition.
Those aren't the lastest editions.
Good book read the first one and move on unless you REALLY enjoyed it
I am nearing the end of the third book. I find it much more captivating than the second one, but not as "cool" as the first one.

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