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File: unnamed.jpg (74 KB, 900x900)
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Do Anglos really say Renay day cart?
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No, I say Reen Des-cart-eez.
stupid frog poster
Bumping because I wanna know
ruh-NAY duh-CART

File: cutie.jpg (8 KB, 249x249)
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>The Emperor—so they say—has sent a message, directly from his death bed, to you alone, his pathetic subject, a tiny shadow which has taken refuge at the furthest distance from the imperial sun. He ordered the herald to kneel down beside his bed and whispered the message in his ear. He thought it was so important that he had the herald speak it back to him. He confirmed the accuracy of verbal message by nodding his head. And in front of the entire crowd of those witnessing his death—all the obstructing walls have been broken down, and all the great ones of his empire are standing in a circle on the broad and high soaring flights of stairs—in front of all of them he dispatched his herald. The messenger started off at once, a powerful, tireless man. Sticking one arm out and then another, he makes his way through the crowd. If he runs into resistance, he points to his breast where there is a sign of the sun. So he moves forwards easily, unlike anyone else. But the crowd is so huge; its dwelling places are infinite. If there were an open field, how he would fly along, and soon you would hear the marvellous pounding of his fist on your door. But instead of that, how futile are all his efforts. He is still forcing his way through the private rooms of the innermost palace. Never will he win his way through. And if he did manage that, nothing would have been achieved. He would have to fight his way down the steps, and, if he managed to do that, nothing would have been achieved. He would have to stride through the courtyards, and after the courtyards through the second palace encircling the first, and, then again, through stairs and courtyards, and then, once again, a palace, and so on for thousands of years. And if he finally burst through the outermost door—but that can never, never happen—the royal capital city, the centre of the world, is still there in front of him, piled high and full of sediment. No one pushes his way through here, certainly not someone with a message from a dead man. But you sit at your window and dream of that message when evening comes.
When I first made this post, anon, I actually was not aware that A Message From The Emperor was an excerpt from a longer Kafka story - The Great Wall Of China. I thought it was just a little piece of microfiction that stood on its own.
The Great Wall Of China is written from the perspective of a Chinese peasant during the construction of the titular wall, describing the futility of following the emperor in the vast kingdom of ancient China. A Message From The Emperor is a story within a story, supposedly a Chinese legend
Kafka wrote The Great Wall Of China in 1917
A Message From The Emperor was first published in 1919, one of Kafka’s stories that was published during his lifetime
Kafka died in 1924
The Great Wall Of China was first published in full in 1930
I posted it >>21047281 if you are interested, I hope you are

File: a0f.jpg (25 KB, 641x530)
25 KB
Is traditional Christianity the first example cosmic horror
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cosmic horror isnt about all-powerful beings, it's about the incomrehension and unknowability of a being, a sort of blindness to this massive thing. in christianity, god is not presented in this way at all, hes is quite literally embodied into a nice guy called jesus so, not really cosmic horror.
Watch the fucking video. It coincides with most of actual Christian teachings on hell. God expressly punishes those who sin against them. Hell is not a "willful separation of god" .He also sends those to hell who do not know jesus christ,
So the video is the authority for all Christian doctrine?
No, but the bible and thousands of years of Christian tradition are

I'm Thinking of Ending Things

File: 81dqJU9AP8L.jpg (445 KB, 1600x2415)
445 KB
445 KB JPG
Has anyone on /lit/ read this yet?
I don't need to read a book to see that Joe belongs in a home

File: IMG_20220927_034850.jpg (174 KB, 845x640)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Immanuel Kant was a real pissant
Who was very rarely stable
Heidegger, Heidegger was a boozy beggar
Who could think you under the table

David Hume could out-consume
Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
And Wittgenstein was a beery swine
Who was just as sloshed as Schlegel

There's nothing Nietzche couldn't teach ya
'Bout the raising of the wrist
Socrates, himself, was permanently pissed

John Stuart Mill, of his own free will

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Never post again
Who hurt you?
Love it

File: knocked_up.jpg (33 KB, 323x500)
33 KB
Favorite rom-com books?
i'm trans btw
I read some of this guy's books when I was a teenager, not a very good writer but he had funny ideas and it inspired me to see that this dude could print something that was outside the mainstream and had no conventional commercial appeal and still find an audience for it.
Are there any Cambions born of human father's in literature? I can only think of ones born from demon fathers and human mothers, like Merlin or Dante (the one with a sword). I think medieval conceptions of conception might not think it possible.

File: spinozahume.jpg (105 KB, 894x446)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>Induction is the most important form of knowledge

>Induction is not knowledge at all

Who is correct?
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I don't think that's correct. He didn't conceive of emotions as knowledge but as obstacles to knowledge.
Direct quote
>The prime endeavor to the man of reason is to conceive things as they are in themselves and to remove obstacles to true knowledge, such as hatred, anger, envy, derision, pride and similar emotions.
Spinoza's Conatus is the rightful endeavor of a being to persist in its own existence. This is achieved by what he called active ideas that have their origin in the subject, and impeded by passive ideas that have their origin in external objects. Negative emotions find their origin in such external objects, such as pride and lust. The highest form of knowledge is intuition of God, to perceive God as he (it) actually exists, which is what Spinoza believed he was doing, describing God as a faceless creatorless non-religious unity without the fog of tradition and the fervent imaginations of priests and peasants.
>the mind cannot perceive the existence of anything unless it empirically observes it first
But he subscribes to parallelism saying that the order of ideas is the same as that of things, and that the idea of cause is necessary in order to cognize anything (PSR, basically) so there is an innate rational attribute to human mind that is not dependent on external things.

See above
You are right. That sounded like I described him as an empiricist. He is something of a Platonist in that objects of thought must already exist in nature because of the unity of God, so when we discover something new, we are in fact discovering something that already existed in us. Akin to anamnesis. At least, this was my interpretation when I read him.
Yeah I think this makes sense for the very geometrical method he employs, as if it ordered not only our cognition but also the world itself, and as such it is also immanent within us. I just can't remember the Ethics enough to perceive distinctly the implications of an ''immaterial persistence'' of our own being, as it is the case in Platonism, since for Spinoza we are mere finite modes.
Hume didn't say induction isn't knowledge. He's an empiricist. That means knowledge comes from experience. Is reasoning from experience deductive, or inductive?

For Hume, ALL worldly knowledge (matters of fact) is inductive.

The problem of induction is that you can't get certainty about worldly knowledge, and you can't rigorously justify induction itself - again; to an effect of uncertainty.

books for horny 21 year olds? not looking for straight smut but also not looking for uber serious philosophy.
something like Eyes Wide Shut where it can be interpreted both ways
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I forget who it is but there’s some book where a teacher is fucking her young student-even beyond that there’s some pretty fucked up shit in it, a real degen book. I think the title was Tampa or something.
I read Mary based on your recommendation a while back and very much enjoyed it... it almost felt like the opposite of Ada, where the former ends up becoming a rejection of memory-based infatuation and the latter an embrace of it. He clearly has themes that are present throughout all his novels. Pnin and Speak, Memory are next on my list.
Yes, I think it's very interesting to read a writer when he's younger and more sincere. He was still in his twenties when he wrote Mary. I think he took the loss of his first proper love pretty hard and thus you get the ending where he just moves right on. Compare that to Ada or Speak, Memory, where he reveals himself to be an unrepentant, incorrigible sentimentalist. I lost my copy of Mary by giving it to someone, but I recall the foreword having some very oblique references to this change in his mindset. I see it as both a softening and a hardening.
Dude just coom
It’s good for you

>right wing author
>no wife
>no kids
>travels a lot
>can't stop thinking about other men
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If you're looking for hierarchy, go read Evola and then go read the people he cites.
File: live.jpg (128 KB, 728x544)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Evola is a red herring, meant to burn out people earnestly looking for an alternative to the liberal democracy. Mein Kampf or A New Nobility: Blood and Soil are the superior option and one that can provide dedicated information on what people may be looking for.

Mein Kampf outlines the reasons why and how such an alternative system can be implemented and what its strengths are.

A New Nobility: Blood & Soil outlines a plan for the replacement of a degenerate aristocracy/noble/upper class that has failed to defend and lead their respective nations.

Evola is useless, both practically and morally and is a meme for thinking himself to be further right than Fascists.
You have to have had been desired by a woman to post here.
check out anyone on counter-currents.com

File: Dhammapada.jpg (51 KB, 612x612)
51 KB
Do you have any daily carry books you keep on you for a quick read? For me? it's the Dhammapada
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I carry around thousands of books because I have an ereader.
Nope. I mostly think about the books that I am reading, mull on them for a bit - toss the varying things around in my mind. It facilitates some interesting insights. I love insights.
The Rhinoceros Sūtra
the trouble with being born
based, I prefer physical books though. I've been finding a ton of these Shambhala Pocket Classics online lately and ordered them. I got the Pocket Emily Dickinson and the Pocket Walt Whitman recently.

I would have never thought that this masterpiece would be the best new age fantasy franchise of our century

Memes aside it’s wonderfully written, I read a lot of books but no one of them reached JKRs LVL.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Nah, it's just that recently there has been a noticeable influx of shitlibs.
The worst part is that this joke works if you use the original title "The Philosopher's Stone" but they said "sorcerer" anyways
Hi anon, /lit/ isn’t one person. You yourself are “/lit/” too. What do you think of Harry Potter? What did you think of it in the past? It probably differs from my view and the views of others, past and present. /lit/ is a large group of all its contributors, and that includes you.
It's easy to tell how old someone is by asking them about Harry Potter. If they agree Rowling writes like a high school girl it's fair to say they are 30+ if they say she writes incredibly well then they're under 30
Very easy tell.
The concept and worldbuilding are good. Everything else is shit and contrived.

File: 1662209029785074.png (1.37 MB, 707x790)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
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>purchasement is not a real word
was quite bothered by this.
>i have set aside 5 bucks for the purchasement of one hamburger
The pisserium was glowified by the photon guns in the roomtop as John releasified the pressurationification of his pissskin.
Accamblic and the common misspelling of acamblic

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Wasn’t he refuted by Cioran?
I mean it’s really the only biography I know of so you don’t really have a choice. I enjoyed it greatly, but I am french adore Celine so my bias is apparent. Try reading a sample, Celine’s life very much comes off like his basically autobiographic characters in his novels. In the first five pages I think there’s a pretty funny story of him going on a date with some girl and just spending the entire time making her feel like a dumb whore and depressing her.
Sounds good, I’ll get it then. How much Celine should I read to get the most out of this? I plan on reading Journey + Death on the installment plan but what else should I read? I’m not too familiar with his work
I think you can go either way by reading this first or his novels. I’d personally start with this first because like I said, his biography and life story is very much in line with his novels, however, his writing is better than this biographer and doesn’t do him enough justice. Reading his novels second let’s you enjoy the absurdity that is Celine better

File: 1842267816721.jpg (41 KB, 798x644)
41 KB
>Evola casually denying the Holocaust (PBUH) in one of his books
Why are chuds like this?
26 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
People get sick and tired of seeing the same shit over and over for years without end? What a surprise!

Fuck off with your stupid frog picture meme, it's reddit tier shit at this point, it's just as bad as posting rage face FUUUU- comics.

Pepe. Is. Trash.
File: quote.png (192 KB, 367x502)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
>People get sick and tired of seeing the same shit over and over for years without end? What a surprise!
>Fuck off with your stupid frog picture meme, it's reddit tier shit at this point, it's just as bad as posting rage face FUUUU- comics.
>Pepe. Is. Trash.
My point still stands. Shitty forced meme.
Shut up, election tourist
>election tourist
a meme as worthless as pepe

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