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> The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.
> To this and I have for years encourage my pupils and friends to collect observations on the sexual life of children which is normally either skillfully overlooked or deliberately denied.
>The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content.
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Except Planck did his work before Einstein and the one and only originator of quantum physics.
Yeah that's true. So what?
It is though, at some point the GPS would start to show places kilometers away from where they actually are if it weren't for relativistic corrections
This guy obviously doesn't know anything about physics and is regurgitating something he heard somewhere else online. Just another pseud on /lit/. Ignore him.
But both of those concepts were already contained in folk wisdom and old wives tales? It is not as though mankind suddenly became aware of these phenomena. So it can't be that Freud truly discovered them, but only that psychologists have developed a new linguistic framework for discussing these eternal experiences based on the language of Freud. However, should that language system really be trusted, when it is also what allows for the accommodation of some of man's most perverse behavior? What good is a language system if it cannot make the most essential distinctions? It seems like efforts of psychology coming from Freud do a lot of unnecessary work to explain what was ordinarily understood in new, "scientific" terminology, and then engage in even more work to try and explain away in this new language those concepts we now disagree with that Freud had built into the system of language.

In sincere curiosity, can you given an example of something Freud put forward that was not already part of folk teaching, was not sexual, does not open itself into sexualization, and which has proven reliable in not only clinical, but experimental study?

File: o.png (431 KB, 519x547)
431 KB
431 KB PNG
>talking to friend about the metaphysics of consciousness
>he says consciousness is just the product of brain activity caused by chemical reactions
>don't know how to respond
Materialist explanations of anything just completely bulldoze other explanations. How the fuck does one even argue against them?
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How does evolution account for numbers and math? Did natural forces produce those concepts in our brains, or do our minds actually access something real external to it? How could you possibly know if anything is true if your mind is nothing more than a product of natural forces?
Knowledge of knowing precedes knowledge of physical reality which places it on a higher order than physical reality. Know self knowledge purporting material consciousness can avoid being self referential
File: images (13).jpg (63 KB, 480x608)
63 KB
Respond with this
You're implying that the existence of certain regions of the biological organ 'brain' negates the existence of a seperate consciousness, which is a little far-fetched link
Watch this
The expenditure of energy :^)

File: girl4.png (546 KB, 713x438)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
Kat's dad is apparently a big reader. She seems to love him a lot. How is it to have a dad who reads? How is it to have a dad?

Does having reader parents facilitate the development of a reading habit? In that case can I blame the terrible upbringing of most people in my generation for the fact no one reads?
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She's signalling to Footsexuals that she maintains her feet femininely. She's no diesel grunge lesbo
I've never seen my father read a book, though he has advanced degrees. He only ever reads the obits. My mother reads books about art.
having to use the "right" pronouns for trannies wasn't enough of a shibboleth so now they make normal people specify their own pronouns too
My dad doesn't read at all. My mom will read some absolute meme-tier stuff. Tons of self-help books. Even one of those books with "f*ck" in the title. I remember thinking she was super-literate when I was younger because she could read a Harry Potter book in a day. I've never even seen the Harry Potter movies, so I couldn't tell you if that's actually impressive or not; but it's still hundreds of pages.

My mom is the reason I got into reading. She rarely gave me any positive attention. But I noticed that she liked the idea of me being well-read, so I took up reading just for the goal of getting mom to like me. It didn't work out too well. There was no positive stimuli when I actually finished a book, and the reward was exclusively limited to when we were checking out at the bookstore. She made a remark about me buying books without reading them, and to this day I have a complex about buying books because I'm afraid I won't read them quickly. As I got older, I retained that work ethic mindset towards reading; but I'm aware of how important books are for knowledge, so I still read every day.

To be honest, my family are complete morons, white trash. It's definitely affected my personality. Sometimes I come across as extremely egotistic because of how much I insult the intelligence of the hoi polloi, but that's not really the case. I'm very aware that there are major ideas in science, philosophy, and mathematics which I am totally unaware of. And I basically worship people if they display even the slightest bit of intelligence or competence. The idea of having someone to talk to or rely on, never mind that person being a parent who loves you unconditionally, is completely foreign to me.
Faggot jannies won't delete this. They probably ost here anyways

File: cow dung clay.png (3.61 MB, 2044x1535)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB PNG
Vedic literature giving a metaphysical interpretation of this phenomenon?

I am interested in learning about the more esoteric side of mundane Hindu rituals. Does this have any relation to the Jewish concept of a גולם (Golem for you goys), whereby you can subsist on the meat of a גולם constructed by correctly pronouncing the Ineffable Name of G-d?
Also, one notices solely women here. I thought they were treated more or less as cattle, when it comes to initiation into learning the vedas. And does the virgin amongst them not participating have any significance?
God’s insufferable name is yhwh. God is a title

File: Neechee.jpg (20 KB, 266x355)
20 KB
I know this is a contentious issue, but if N were alive today, what political current would he most closely be associated with?
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Democracy is the idea that a collective mind knows what is best for itself. That government and ruling should be decided by those involved in a sort of egalitarian way. It bases it's value on moral idea of individuality. Democracy is a perfectly redeemable system of governance if you pertain to a western mind. Politics is the sort the child of democracy. It's democracy at play in conjunction with human dysfunction. I do have to say that I'm referring to politics in today's age and specifically in the west. Democracy and politics have convoluted into something that it wasn't intended to become. It has become an illusion of a working system. An illusion of a system that was supposed to uphold individuality and creativity while striving for progress for all. But we are all too human, and we failed to succeed at it.
Danish politics are tied to American politics in many ways. That being said, I assume that most people on this site are American so for simplifications sake that's the angle that I take.
Also, Danish politics involves much more than just one party. In many ways they are much the same and in other's the are outright confusing to explain. Such as the fact that we have a party called the left who are actually the "right"by American standards.
>You’re insane
Nah, but the was. He's clearly aristocratic, and while he couldn't stand what the anglos were doing, I'm sure upon their scheme's fruition he'd recognize them as the true creators of new values, and slave morality as a conspiracy to enslave.
It's sad but true. For all his similarities to Stirner, his differences are too large for him not to be an enemy.
That would put him more into a category of an anarch like Jünger, rather than a bona fide anarchist.
Gay rights activism.
The dnc and rnc are both righting, so I get what you’re saying. But that’s all there is in the US.

That’s the nature of the individualists.
A dead enemy.
No gods, no masters, no gurus.

Why is it that literature now has to be reductively categorized by contrived "-ist" or "anti-" labels?
Because women have a vested interest to uphold Marxism and meaninglessly append 'Feminist' to every sort of movement because they were the aristocrats of the working men before and now society has fallen and they think they had it worse before and now they think they have it better and want everyone to know they fought for their right to work and die in wars like every other miserable sad sack of shit.

Fucking retarded.
File: 1535575991810.jpg (23 KB, 425x283)
23 KB
anon pls it's too early in the day for this

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this is basically it.
Absolutely retarded, humans aren't perfectly evolved in their natural state and not just "psychologically healthy" because they exist within that. Evolution = pain and suffering.

An Australian doctor spoke to 2000 hunter gatherers across Papua New Guinea over a span of a decade and only one of the men he treated fit the criteria for a diagnosis of depression, so I'd debate that
you don't know what you're talking about.
Pain and suffering is what we need to struggle against in order to be happy.

>Millions of threads about Guenon
>Not a single one about Savitri Devi
This really talks about us as a society
smelly old crazy catwoman, she is only memed around here because of her fetish for Uncle Adolf.
>muh hindu
>muh vegetarian
>muh animals
>muh dressing up like a foreign fool
California with swastikas is all.
reminder that a 1 hindu is more moral than 6 billions westerners
wtf... Context? Is this a deep vedic ritual that an unitiated stupid amerifat such as myself is just failing to grasp the full depth of?
Fun fact, the WWF was founded by Nazis.

Would people laugh at me on the bus/train if I did this?
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i used put a paper cover on the cover of d book that i was reading during break at work. nietzsche's biography isn't a type of book that ordinary factory workers would find normal
He's saying in reading Plato anon has learned that he knows nothing and that "intellectuals" are to be disdained, basically a rejection of the commodification of knowledge obtained through the real wisdom of Plato.
File: 1512728907992.png (1.35 MB, 1024x768)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
Why would they?
falseflagging europoor. this has literally never happened. i see people read on the subway every day. nobody cares.
Nice strawman nigger. He didnt claim reading makes you smarter.

File: 1577915893691.jpg (1.31 MB, 1969x1359)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
I hate my surroundings, I live adjacent to the city, where rents are cheap and the apartments reflect them well. I live here because I get to not pay rent by sub-leasing two bedrooms for cheap to uni students, but I hate it, picture a le corbusier apartment block, the walls are all full of grafity, I live right by a street so every morning I hear the cheap old mercedes buses going down and up the hill, the engine floods my ears, the noise is one of the worst things I've heard, it goes on and on for almost 10 seconds, screeching like someones suffucating a pack of seaguls, and the exhaust fumes, boy do I love walking right by them and breathing all that 2.5 particulate polution, thereby accelerating the aging of my pre-frontal cortex, calcifying my brain prematurely.

I hate all of this, I want woods, clean air, clean water, sunlight and exercise, I want to eat tropical fruits and swim across an open body of water with no clothes on, I want freedom. I'm getting depressed, I hate my environment.

Just wanted to write a little gay blog.
>I want woods, clean air, clean water, sunlight and exercise, I want to eat tropical fruits and swim across an open body of water with no clothes on, I want freedom.
have you considered playing minecraft?
Where do you live, anon?
Picture a commie block, but dirtier and less simetry.

File: 3chRnPR.jpg (23 KB, 1400x664)
23 KB
Books for coping with the fact that we all already live in dystopia, and all signs say things are only going to get considerably worse with each passing year?
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Cringe, in the 90s everyone was utopian about the internet, then a few decades passed and the internet is mostly just another machine further atomizing everyone with the promise of novel instant access pleasure. Same thing with phones, same thing with electric cars, computers in your brain and gene editing.
>10 item scale
> the earth is irreversibly polluted now
No it isn’t
t. Biologist
The damage done by humans is heavily sensationalised by pop-“scientists”, you sound like the kind of person who listens to former Vice Presidents and little Scandinavian girls instead of actual experts
>clean water is almost impossible to find due to acid rain and chemicals leeching into the water table.
As opposed to less developed places where the water contains parasites, or the easy ability for us to filter water
>go look up what kind of shit the chicken/cow you just bought at the supermarket has been pumped with.
I don’t buy food at the super market, I go to farmers markets and local butchers. You’re laziness to buy from better sources doesn’t reflect on everyone else
>you think that spinach you just bought has anywhere near the magnesium content of medieval spinach?
>it doesn’t because I say so with literally no evidence
>b-but me can go to store an buy lots of food, me living in golden age!
I said there were significant problems with the modern world but a medieval peasant did not have a better diet than me if they were shorter and had the chance of dying from starvation. The positive traits offered by our technology is the information and resources available to us, giving up genuine progress for comfort because you aren’t willing to try to improve the way that technology is used is extremely pathetic
>muh chemicals that I don’t actually understand
You sound like a fucking suburban mother anyway
lol, you're such a low test retard.
A "biologist" from 1970 wouldn't think asbestos was a problem. There are tards on both sides but trust me when I say you are one

Finished the trial of Socrates. What dialogues should I read next? What are the essentials before I can move on to Aristotle?
why dont you just read it you bitch ass nerd...you need daddy's permission to open up a pdf of aristotle's whack ass ramblings man shut the fuck up bro....talk less READ more. don talk about reading...just fucking read

File: Kafka.jpg (72 KB, 495x660)
72 KB
Was his literature an expression of human guilt, an oedipal neurosis, or something third entirely?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It was a gimmick meant to make his writing stand out, and guess what, it worked.
There's no deeper meaning behind it.
More a visceral terror and disgust at the reality of one's own fleshly existence that he misinterpreted as being directed towards society and beaurocracy.
Kafka had low esteem for humanity.
>Gimmick to make him stand out
Yes, the loser that asked the ones with the rights to his novels to burn them after his death.

Kafka is a immersive trip into the clown world ahead of its time.

David Foster Wallace on Kafka

File: 1569148387454.png (118 KB, 1180x590)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
Books on proper Christian prayer without images?

>I let Jesus Christ into my heart recently after being dissatisfied with so much modern degeneracy and filth in the world and I started praying to him.
>I fully believe in him and the other Gods, the Holy Spirit and the Father, who are all One.
>I watched a YouTube video by some Mudslime arguing fiercfully that one should never pray to an image and how it is bad for you etc.
>Got convinced by his arguments, even the Old Bible supported this view.
>Now I try not to picture Jesus when praying to him.
>Couldn't do it, tried praying to the Father - picture an old man from Michelangelo's art.
>Couldn't do it, tried praying to the Holy Spirit - picture a white dove flying around the Pentecost.
>Heard Catholics prayed to Mary, tried it, didn't work.

Literature to cope with this feel? What do I imagine when praying? Before this I was using an icon I first kiss, then look into and close my eyes and pray to it. But apparently this was considered as a form of disbelief and there was even a movement against it - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iconoclasm
31 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: bible prayer practice.jpg (108 KB, 442x500)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Don't feel down, anon. /lit/ is here for you! As someone who struggled with the same problem, what helped me the most is buying a small statue of a calf painted in golden color and praying intensely to it as shown in pic related. In the Olden Times Christians used it to pray more efficiently when they did not know about Jesus yet.
Having too great of ambitions in the beginning will make it easy to despair and give up all together when you inevitably fall short.

It is good, then, instead to set small goals and make little steps so that one may easily build upon what he has done.

For example, a practice I foolishly only learned (and am still learning) after I toiled so long in other devotions, is the simple habit of night and morning prayers. When we sleep, we have no use of reason, and demons are greatly inclined to disturb our thoughts and dreams, spoiling the day before we have even begun. A simple prayer at night, perhaps only a single Hail Mary, may help you sleep unmolested. And to begin the day with a simple prayer--or simply to sign the cross immediately upon waking--these are excellent devotion. To place God first in the day will aid greatly in setting the day to his purposes.

Be glad, brother, for God is reaching out his hand to you.

But to answer your first question plainly, what I have found useful is to imagine the feet of our Lord, nailed to the cross. When I do well, I begin humbly, from a distnace.

First, place in your mind that terrible sky, mottled with dark clouds and blots of bloody vengeance hanging in wait. Smell the dust of the desert, far from the city walls. It is about to rain, and the locusts make themselves busy. From a low place, you see the mocking throne, amde the glory of God--see the small figure of a naked man spread on a wretcged cross. Walk closer.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Finally, then, step closer. Stand at the cross. Before your eyes, without any need of looking up, are the feet of our Lord. How many miles they have walked. Once perfect and pure, passing gently over troubled waters now they have been torn, like the earth has eaten them. The rough hewn way of the lord has stripped the soles of his feet, raw and bloody.

See the nail. Nine inches of iron, snarled and fanglike. The serpent has struck. See the blood pour out. See the blood of Christ, like tears, on the knotty wood. Though it is dark, the desert heat is on your back. These are the feet of God. Real, present before you. The flesh of man, hung like meat, a victim for the guilt of the people.

In humility, do not now imagine his face, but stay only at the lowest part of him. Rember how the poor woman, only days before, had anointed these feet with oil, the whole and living man with oil.

This is your God! This is his love for you! Were you the only one, all this would he still have done, if only you would return to him, ye lost lamb. How undeserving you are, and yet God has still given freely. Rejoice, rejoice, your freedom is at hand! Lay your head on the Lord's feet. Know his humanity. God came to earth from heaven, and man killed him; God goes now back to heaven and would carry you with him. Pray. Listen. The man who knocks on his neigbors door for aid; the neighbor will not open; but, the begging man, the penitential man, he continues to knock; he knocks without ceasing; it is not the man's knocking, but his perverence which moves the neighnor's heart to mercy. Knock and it will be opened. Not by one knock, but by ceaseless knockinh. This, God teaches us, is what it means to pray. And, after praying, all he asks is that we follow.
Not anon, but it does. Thank you.
>>I let Jesus Christ into my heart recently
You got memed recently
>> after being dissatisfied with so much modern degeneracy and filth in the world
By shut-ins online
>> and I started praying to him.
Only thing you are doing right
>>I fully believe in him and the other Gods, the Holy Spirit and the Father, who are all One.
Uh huh, why?
>>I watched a YouTube video by some Mudslime arguing fiercfully that one should never pray to an image and how it is bad for you etc.
You are equally ridiculous
>>Got convinced by his arguments, even the Old Bible supported this view.
A real meeting-of-the-minds huh
>>Now I try not to picture Jesus when praying to him.
I'm surprised you can visualize objects at all

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: revan-novel.jpg (139 KB, 550x828)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
star wars legends: the old republic
revan by drew karpyshyn
is this the best new book ever written?

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