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File: 154642581762.jpg (144 KB, 274x500)
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In this we discuss how a great scholar arose to retroactively refute nearly all of western thought and elucidate the fundamental problems of our times, and the works of adjacent thinkers. Like a lighthouse beacon, René Guénon's (pbuh) writings shine as a veritable fountain of truth and wisdom in these dark times.

All of Guénon's (pbuh) books free here


quick intro to the Traditionalist conceptions of metaphysics


text of the day: Gulshan-i Rāz by Mahmoūd Shabestarī

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Why are Guenon posters so smart? How can I become like them?
>24 matches
Warms my heart that the righteous never falter in their war against the soulless materialist heathens.
We have conquered /lit/ brother, I myself made many Guenon memes and I see even hylics posting them every day to btfo buddhists
De Bello Autismo
The amazing story of how a ragtag group of awakened non dualists conquered the materialist world, and established an intellectual bulwark in opposition to the forces of darkness.

What is he reading?
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I'm just marveling at the same act of stupidity that this guy >>14998780 is
given that he probably decided three days ago that there is a god after all, i'd say he's halfway through deuteronomy
>It's alphabetized

File: 1578704527012.png (94 KB, 340x350)
94 KB
>those fucking nangs
Is there a picture of the shelf without the woman in the way?

File: chomsky2.jpg (30 KB, 460x371)
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What are some good nonfiction books in the humanities under 250 pages? Enjoyable and not hard to read.
Anything by james c scott is based, easy to read and never boring.

File: anselm_of_canterbury.jpg (106 KB, 1280x720)
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106 KB JPG
Philosophers who got BTFO'd
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This ugly little weasel was BTFO by Rene Guenon (pbuh)
The last section of his essay 'Joseph de Maistre and the Origins of Fascism' basically exposes Maistre's philosophy as being all rhetoric easily destroyed by its own premises
>(((Isaiah Berlin)))
In what way, poobuh?

File: images (70).jpg (14 KB, 504x609)
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Bros, he tried so hard to be a marxist and failed. It's so sad.
RIP Benji
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No thats silly saying it was only the tail end. I think nationalistic and imperial impulsed were involved way before the late 70s. Can you really tell me all the Soviet satellite states established after WWII were purely defensive. Don't hit me with that naive line that fear of future aggression was the only real motivator. No polity has such pure motives. The realistic view of both US and USSR is. that they both played the game of empire. Both were extremely violent.
Even Soviet expansion into central Asia in the 1920s doesn't seem very defensive. But I would concede perhaps the motives were more idealogical and pure. Impossible to ascertain. But it makes sense that the impulse for empire and power would be embedded in policy makers. I think Soviets like the US rationalized their empire. They said it was purely offensive or described their invasions and establishment of proxy governments like they were doing people a favor. It reminds me of the US invading Iraq in order to "spread democracy." Not trying to be le based centrist. But it is really naive to think power, prestige and empire did not motivate the Soviets prior to the Brezhnev years.
He did fail; simply more /lit/ than either /phil/ or /pol/ despite a few semi-serious efforts to impress his hero Brecht. heh, more '/lit/'.. just like the rest of [us], right bros?
"Capitalism" just means private (or totalitarian) ownership of the means of production. Every country is currently a capitalist country.

Do you agree with Dostoevsky's Grand Inquisitor?
That the medieval church was the ultimate 'bruh moment', yes

File: 1460254235857.jpg (40 KB, 600x400)
40 KB
Hey /lit/,

I'm really passionate about writing and literature, but I fear my career paths are narrow. I want to become a professor but so many tell me it is too risky. What are some great options?

Thanks, guys.
Being a nurse is like the only option atm

Who ya'll gonna teach dummy
Obviously becoming a professor, like any intellectual/creative job, is not IMPOSSIBLE, but not many who try succeed, and those who do succeed usually don't end up doing what they thought they would. However, part of the reason for this is that many people try who just aren't qualified or competent, and who have a very narrow or unrealistic idea of what the job entails: they think they'll get paid to jerk themselves off 24 hours a day.

So ask yourself: why do you want to become a professor? Because of prestige and 'comfy' lifestyle and elbow patches and you just want to read all day?

Let me give you some advice: the world isn't about you. Your mission in life isn't to show everyone how great and unique you are. That doesn't mean you can't be great and unique, it means can't be so only for yourself: you have to participate in the world. This isn't crushing, it's liberating, because it means your validity doesn't just come from what's on your CV, or how radical your art is; it means you don't have to stand atop the bloody heap of ruthless competition. Instead, reach out to others, collaborate with them, show interest in someone besides yourself.

Should you become a professor? Don't try to be someone. Try to do something. And do it for the world you're in and will leave behind.
File: 1585726158067.jpg (1.19 MB, 3000x2024)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
do the math. professor chairs in your field potentially open to you divided by the masses of applicants. it's likely 1:1 000 000 000. play against the odds or be reasonable and choose something with better odds (literally anything and the lottery).
the crisis will last several months and many people will be left with breathing issues. so this take is actually not a bad advice.
this. nowadays being a professor for humanities seems to be about 80% acquiring money for the university and 20% doing humanities (mostly unpaid).
Trying to become a literature professor is foolish. It is a status game with an enormous crowd of entrants. Even if you win, the amount of energy, careerism, politics, and bullshit you need to put into it will outweigh the reward. Like any "dream", you will also realise - along the way, and if you succeed - that your idea of what it means to be a literature professor was a fantasy... and it didn't even turn out to be what you really wanted. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

If you lose, and fail to become a professor after years of following through with graduate school and doing a PhD... you will have wasted a lot of your life. You might have incurred large amounts of debt in the process. You would have given up so many opportunities and so much time pursuing this one occupation.

Here are some redpills, OP

>The most secure and available job that is actually literary is "high school english teacher".
>If you want to become a writer, don't go to school. Find a way to support yourself, then write and publish works of fiction with a long term view (5 to 10 years) of building a writing career. No one is going to hold your hand or show you the way to becoming a writer. There are few shortcuts. Never buy any courses or books from anyone whose name or status as an author you don't recognise or respect. Do not do any university courses that do not emphasise writing and publishing as the sole aim.
>Don't waste your time pursuing a PhD in literature. Your time would be better spent building something scalable that will actually give you something in return - such as a Youtube channel, a podcast, a blog, a body of fiction stories, a twitter or instagram account, essays, short stories, and novels. In academia, you are focusing on the esteem of a small network of your peers... you are arguing and critiquing and engaging in politics and philosophy to gain or lose ephemeral intellectual status. If you want to be rewarded with money, fame, or an interesting career... then focus on what you want and focus on what other people (audiences) want at scale. People, not peers. Act, don't argue.

What is the consensus on him and his work?
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He's no great technician or philosopher, but as his best he's charming in his unabashed humanity, and sometimes it's hilarious in a "so brutally true you have to laugh" kind of way.
seems p based
Yes. Bukowski expresses what he has inside. Inside him there are a drunkard, a wife-beater, an insecure poet who worked 9 to 5 for too long, a show-off, a bluebird that comes out at night, and farts that are oftne mistook for blowhorns at midnight.
Same as last time you asked
Just finished Ham on Rye, quite shite. Got a couple of laughs out of me but I didn't really feel a connection with Chinaski. The only part that made my heart ache a bit was when he was really hungover and trying to fix that table. Boring un not very impressive.

>"Time is an a prioi form!"
>"W-who is that?"
>Chris Langan, 230 IQ American intellectual, walks in the room
>"Actually, our awareness of time depends on the extent to which our mental models of reality reflect change. To see an object change, one must recall its former state for comparison to its present state, and to do that, one must recall one’s former perception of it. Because perception is an interaction between self and environment, this amounts to bringing one’s former self into conjunction with one’s present self. That past and present selves can be brought into conjunction across a temporal interval implies that momentary selves remain sufficiently alike to be conjoined; that they can intersect at any given moment to compare content means that the intersection is changeless. So when self is generalized as the intersection of all momentary selves, it acquires a property called time invariance. It is the rock of perception, the unchanging observation post from which the net of temporal connections is cast and to which it remains anchored. Indeed, it is the fabric from which the net is woven, its relationship with the environment serving as the universal template for all temporal relationships."
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Are you saying that even though the universe represents everything inside it, when imposing a certain point of view on it, it seems as if there exists a tendency for things to change?
Doesn't that imply that time is simply an illusion created by beings with points of view on the universe?
This bad boy can fit over so many projections.
ah, sorry
>Parambrahma, Spirit, or God is everlasting, complete, without beginning or end. It is one, indivisible Being.
The Eternal Father, God, Swami Parambrahma, is the only real substance, Sat, and is all in all in the universe. Man possesses eternal truth and believes intuitively in the existence of a Substance, of which the objects of sense are but properties. As man identifies himself with his material body, composed of these properties, he is able to comprehend by his imperfect organs these properties only, and not the Substance to which these properties belong. [...]

>Parambrahma causes creation, inert Nature (Prakriti), to emerge. From Aum (Pranava, the Word, the manifestation of the Omnipotent Force), come Kala, Time; Desa, Space; and Anu, the Atom (the vibratory structure of creation).
The Word, Amen (Aum) is the beginning of the Creation. The manifestation of Omnipotent Force (the Repulsion and its complementary expression, Omniscient Feeling or Love) is vibration, which appears as a peculiar sound. In its different aspects Aum presents the idea of change, which is Time, Kala, in the Ever-Unchangeable; and the idea of division, which is Space, Desa, in the Ever-Indivisible.

>Just as the objects seen in our dreams are found, when we awake, to be insubstantial, so our waking perceptions are likewise unreal -- a matter of inference only.

>Emancipation (Kaivalya) is obtained when one realizes the oneness of his Self with the Universal Self, the Supreme Reality.
>that they can intersect at any given moment to compare content means that the intersection is changeless

Is it? Or is your memory of it retroactively changed to make it appear similar to the present? You can't prove memory is unchanged based on memory, which means there is necessarily no time invariance at all.

Don't matter what you're writing... Come on in
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stop judging what you write. that's not a bad idea at all. judge it after you've written it, not before or during.
I'm writing fantasy and so far it's just been pages and pages of settings and descriptors. I don't even have a story yet. Just the setting and inhabitants.
I put the major points I want to happen and try to get from one point to the other as naturally as I can. Unless you need to keep track of details or are planning on something really extensive, I don't see much of a reason to write comprehensively in an outline.
Does it have a happy ending?
I had this dream that clearly wants to be a book that I've been chipping away at. It was just a single scene: two techno-barbarians knife dueling on a blasted plain, soaked in the purest red sunset you can imagine. While I was watching this scene play out, it felt like every detail of the world these two figures lived in was pouring through my head like an invisible but tangible river of information. It felt more real than the real world at the time, and it still kind of does.

File: In Memoriam (pbuh).jpg (32 KB, 337x500)
32 KB
Brothers. I have discovered and understood that consciousness/awareness is without parts and thus non-dual. For one cannot split his awareness into the hating and the loving, into the perceiving and the not perceiving, into the seeing and the blind, into the ignorant and the enlightened. It is all non-dually without parts and thus immaterial. I have finally refuted materialist doctrine with the help of contemplating upon Guénon. I have escaped the spiritual desert...

I sincerely thank all of you who helped me on my path.
Peace and blessings be upon you.
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I read Shankara today and felt enlightened... Is this normal brothers?
Yes it is brother, I can hardly contain my bliss when reading him
>Peace and blessings be upon you.
thank you brother, to you as well
>Guenonian (pbuh) thread is still here
So based, bros...
Based thread brothers

Where do I begin with this great man? /lit/'s obsession with him has convinced me to finally read him..
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Wow, that's fascinating, do you have the full influence chart or a link to it?
probably a left-wing tranny Deluezefag/Whiteheadian materialist who can't handle that even his philosophical icons were transformed by the sublime insights they found in Rene Guenon's (pbuh) writings

File: 1529276415562.png (562 KB, 1024x912)
562 KB
562 KB PNG
I'm writing a book; PLEASE talk to me. I'm going insane from all the boredom of the lockdown quarantine and I can't go to my literature department anymore. Literally ask me anything and I'll answer, free (You)s.
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Fuck you
Do you believe in god?

File: heidi.jpg (14 KB, 200x264)
14 KB
>"For the inauthentic, every triviality is a revelation, every formulation a classic quote".

>"They form a circle with other mediocre people and believe that repeating phrases will lead to an understanding".

>"They think they are exempt from serious work and only talk the talk".

>"Today youth fall into an unhealthy craving for readings and a knowing everything without knowing anything well".
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I'm thinking primarily of your second "classic quote."
The irony of you making this point solely by quoting Heidegger.
shut up, Adorno
care to elaborate?

File: Edmund_Husserl_1910s.jpg (571 KB, 712x1024)
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571 KB JPG
So, he was a Kantian?
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can you tell me how I can get into his philosophy as a Kantian? should I just read the Stanford encyclopedia entry on his work and just jump right in to his original works?
Read Ideas.
Read theory
Do not reply to OP he is contaminated.

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