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File: nom.png (124 KB, 633x227)
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124 KB PNG
Can somebody explain this to me, I'm too stupid to understand.
Does this mean that a table is only real because we call it a table? If lions existed but humans didn't, does it mean that lions aren't real because they don't have a name? I read about the universals and the particulars but that didn't help
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nominalism is when people forget the names of things, the more names people forget the more nominalister it it
It’s easiest to start with something that you probably already are a nominalist about. Take number for example. Most people understand that numbers are a useful abstraction, and that the number 5 has no real metaphysical reality outside our use of it.

Plato takes the opposite few. He held that all numbers actually exist as Forms in another realm, and that whenever we recognize five of something it is because that object is taking part in the form of ‘Fiveness’.

The nominalist asks ‘if you don’t accept the existence of platonic forms, what grounds your categories?’

You look out and tell me you see one lion here and another lion over there. The nominalist would ask ‘what is a lion, and how do you tell a lion is distinct from say, a tiger?’ Plato would say that what makes a lion is that it is a being that participates in the form of Lioness, and whether a thing is a lion or not depends on how close it comes to resembling the lion form. But we don’t believe in forms so what do we say? Probably that as we grew up we saw pictures of different animals and people told us ‘this is a lion, this is bear’ and so on, and we build a category in our head of features that lions typically have (cat, big, mane, light fur etc), such that when something meets some threshold of those traits we affirm that it is a lion.

On this view there is no external definite essence to the concept of ‘lion’, just a mental schema based on our abstraction from seeing images of lions. This is the nominalist position. This doesn’t mean that we deny the external world, we absolutely still believe there are lions out there that are dangerous to us, all that is different is how we understand the source and reality of the ‘concept’ of lion.

The anti nominalist today would reply by saying there are such things as ‘natural kinds’, categories for which we CAN give a specific defining essence. They would probably say something like a lion is defined by a specific DNA sequence, one that all lions have and no non-lions have. As such the category of lion IS real.
Think of it like race as a distinguisher between ppl, it can work in some sense but in the end, to a nominalist, it's just a classification. There could be better classifications. So the physical or material aspects of atoms are real but the field of chemistry is just a good system. Kinda a feels vs reals argument but in terms of ontology instead of ethics
A quality post? O /lit/? Get out of here.

File: images.jpg (12 KB, 184x273)
12 KB
hey /lit/

what do you think is the most touching/affecting episode in this book? I know it gets memed a lot for the naughty racist words, the poo, BDSM, etc. But do you think there are moments that we might consider genuinely tragic?

Moments such as the Pökler episode, Jessica and Mexico breaking up, Enzian and Tchitcherine passing one another in the night, etc.

Let me know what you think. Alternatively, perhaps it all reads as low-brow shit to you. I'd equally like to hear those opinions.
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>106 replies
>16 posters
>what is a discussion
You didn’t look at the thread.
It was a joke

File: 81Vxa7Ta++L.jpg (357 KB, 1650x2538)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Why is this never discussed on here? Did none of you read it?
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His life is a very beautiful mess. Who knows where he went off to during those years in-between. I know he went back and forth from Mexico City to Southern California. I know he traveled across America extensively. He definitely traversed the Mason/Dixon line. He was probably being chased by spooks.
M&D he started in 70s iirc.
>His life is a beautiful mess
I don't think so. I think pynchman lived a sheltered life after his time in the navy, he may have taken the mason/dixon line journey but still it won't take him 20 years to write M&D. Maybe the monumental effort to write GR burnt him out for sometime.
File: 1575570216739.jpg (34 KB, 552x666)
34 KB
I had to give up at the beginning of the third part because I couldn't keep track of what was going on. What I did read, I loved.

File: landgo.jpg (164 KB, 1366x768)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
"I wiped the blade against my jeans and walked into the bar. It was mid-afternoon, very hot and still. The bar was deserted. I ordered a whiskey. The barman looked at the blood and asked:



‘S’pose it’s time someone finished that hypocritical little punk, always bragging about his old man’s power…’

He smiled crookedly, insinuatingly, a slight nausea shuddered through me. I replied weakly:

‘It was kind of sick, he didn’t fight back or anything, just kept trying to touch me and shit, like one of those dogs that try to fuck your leg. Something in me snapped, the whingeing had ground me down too low. I really hated that sanctimonious little creep.’

‘So you snuffed him?’

‘Yeah, I’ve killed him, knifed the life out of him, once I started I got frenzied, it was an ecstasy, I never knew I could hate so much.’

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It's supposed to be edgy Bataillean fiction (it's only a small interlude in his Bataille book, which is otherwise quite nicely written). Instead it just comes across as super cringey.
Gorilla Nigger IQ (Gorilla's only make 13% of the primate population yet account for 63% of all crimes)
how hard would a priest need to pound your prepubescent bussy for you to become this bitter against something that ultimately has no effect on you
It's the best part.
Holy fuck Nick is BASED.

>Make your entire shtick about how postmodern neomarxists are destroying the western civilization
>Be a sellout and make skrilla writing schlocky self help
>Says Marxists won't debate him
>Richard D Wolff asks to debate him
>Eventually has to debate Zizek
>Literally admits that he has read nothing about Marxism other than some propaganda pamphlet
>Gets btfod so hard by a third rate leftist thinker that his entire life is a downward spiral since then
Lmao rightists are such a fucking joke
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He literally read Stephen Hicks' book on postmodernism and said "omg this is so me"
that's it, there's nothing more to this guy's ideology than that fucking book
middle of the road "academic" from a backwater institution that found himself WAY out of his depth ..... all because of a couple of viral videos where he refused to call a tranny "they".
What a wonderful time to be alive
He writes for the most from the few, he's already a book for the few, by doing this he raises the bar of all those far worse than his "for the most by the most" self help books of shit.
File: adams.jpg (22 KB, 400x400)
22 KB
This is the ultimate right wing trumpist 2016-2020 intellectual.
Much more enlightened than Peterson.
Someone correct me I’m a dumblet but it appears to me that we in the west are doomed to endlessly pulling ourselves from left to right and back by our own pigtails because we killed God. The left wants to vault forward into the future toward no target while the right wants to step backward in history which is impossible. Progressivism = progress to where? Traditionalism = tradition founded on what?

Is Islamization inevitable because a population of any size that cannot agree as to which way is up or down is unfit to survive and reproduce?

File: 1897561-bigthumbnail.jpg (71 KB, 450x253)
71 KB
Any good books to red pill me
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>Any good books to trick me into brainwashing myself amd developing a worldview based on a false reality that ismt supported by rational reflection or factual evidence

The Da Vinci Code
File: 92522014634232614223.jpg (141 KB, 1178x600)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
On Genealogy of Morals
File: 2010a10.jpg (34 KB, 640x487)
34 KB
Spain against Europe - Gustavo Bueno
Pamphlet against democracy - Gustavo Bueno
Democratic Fundamentalism - Gustavo Bueno
The Trascendental Ego - Gustavo Bueno
Theory of Categorical Closure - Gustavo Bueno
The Myth of the Left - Gustavo Bueno
The Myth of the Right - Gustavo Bueno
The Myth of Culture - Gustavo Bueno
Presocratic Metaphysics - Gustavo Bueno
The Divine Animal - Gustavo Bueno
Stfu faggot, what do you even want?

File: thedisasterartist.jpg (655 KB, 1826x2765)
655 KB
655 KB JPG
How's pic related? Is it a fun/interesting read at all?
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I really enjoyed it. Not only are the characters and events refreshingly bizarre, but there's an added wrinkle where the author comes off as kind of untrustworthy too. Very layered.
Listen to the audiobook
Tommy Wiseau is one of the funniest characters never written. Even as someone who has a healthy skepticism toward the reddit-tier Room fanbase, I was laughing out loud at points reading this.
I'm so mad that the title is so good.
The first thing I thought when I saw the title was that the book was about a down-on-his-luck demolitions expert who's life spirals out of control in increasingly surreal ways.
and then it's about Tommy Wiseau.
yep it's pretty funny and amusing. it's basically greg sestoro's story of being a young struggling actor in LA and meeting this mysterious rich retard at his acting classes. greg is in dire straits but becomes unwitting friends with this weirdo foreigner (who insists on american origin) with loadsamoney so suddenly greg is able to stay in expensive accommodations but the entire time he is wondering wtf is the deal with this rich autistic guy who leaves black hair dye all over the bathroom sink and is clearly ESL. ultimately it becomes obvious that tommy sees greg as the typical "all american boy" and wants to learn how to emulate him. but eventually they become true friends in the heartwarming last act. that's the way he tells it anyway.

if the facts in it are straight then it seems pretty clear that tommy wiseau was a polack rentboy who fled communist warsaw, became a manwhore in the USA, then got involved in organized crime and inherited money from a certain hollywood big shot which he somehow turned into a real estate fortune despite being brain damaged. but you can read the book and draw many other conclusions.

File: venus_flytrap_flower.jpg (81 KB, 1000x667)
81 KB
Excuse poor english:

Deflowering as a fetish is wierd to me. Lots of men have it.
What is the attraction here? What is the only state that this sexual fetish needs to even exist? It's Innocence.
What does this attraction to innocence mean?
I have some thoughts related to the traditional evolutionary power structure, what the roots of what we precieve innocent as, and etc, but I can't put them into words.
What are your thoughts on this? Help me out.
We don't want to fuck a used up whore but being the first ever inside a woman. It's a natural evolutionary instinct.

Anyone read this?

It was my first introduction to psychological horror / thriller genre, and I really appreciated the plot structure, foreshadowing, philosophical themes and overall atmosphere.

What are the best books to learn the trivium from?
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i'm illiterate, the black book has a neat list of questions and excerises its the better version. the yellow version removes them as well as changing pronouns to be more inclusive.
The funny thing about this discussion on editions is that I posted the first image I found on duckduckgo, the yellow one. I used the edition published in Brazil, so I don't have a clue about the english ones.
i doubt it makes much of a difference, it just feels dirty to know things have been removed

File: 23423565.jpg (9 KB, 234x215)
9 KB
>mom found my copy of The Institutes of the Christian Religion
It's over, bros.
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I used the quotations to indicate I'm not talking about actual born again Christians

Do you know what baiting means?
Which translation of Institutes should I get?
Beveridge is fine, but Battles is superior if you can afford it.
Also the Battles edition is listed as McNeill (the editor) in some places.

Is there are surrealistic fantasy novel? Basically where it feels like I'm exploring a world of the utterly strange and magical, rather than just the moden/medieval world worth elves + magic.
Anything that feels as if you're literally exploring a new dimension of existence, where the normal rules of our universe don't apply? It's hard to describe this but its basically fantasy where the setting is actually fantastical, one that could only exist in the mind of Terrance McKenna or a small child.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Walter Moers Zamonien novels are exactly what you are looking for.
Start with either of the two:
>The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebear
>The City of Dreaming Books
One of the very few living German authors worth reading.
Also Gullivers travels by Jonathan Swift.

thanks will check it out.
Höchst basiert.
The Chronicles of Amber by Robert Zelany.
The greeks.
Why is children's fantasy literature so great?
No modern fantasy even comes close to the level of creativity and talent as this and Alice.

File: image_large.jpg (55 KB, 388x600)
55 KB
NEETS of /lit/ does this book capture your circumstances? Or is it a more Japanese phenomenon?
Have you read Hiroki Azuma?
I've never read it but I never leave the house so it's probably pretty accurate.

ITT we post redpilled history books.
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pls drop the redpill
>Christcuck cope
Why isn’t she wearing a chlamys? Why can’t these games do anything right?
γραικοί δυνατοί μαζί

File: 20201127_155159.jpg (2.2 MB, 4032x3024)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB JPG
What's with all the lazy and cheap publications of classics on Amazon? I gave a certain collection of Cicero's the benefit of a doubt, but it came with the absolute bare minimum, no publisher information, an ugly table of contents, and a tiny font with huge walls of text. Worst, it never mentions the translator, and according to this blurb it's originally in English. I'll probably avoid indie publishers now because of this crap.
Why are indie publishers and the niggers that do print on demands of books that are really old incapable of printing them in the standard page sizes?
You get what you pay for. Put some money up and get a nice edition of the books you want to read.

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