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did anyone else submit something spooky?
or did you guys just submit stale copypasta like me?
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I stuck with it, and I like it but I feel like it’s probably still got a few more installments
Come on man, don't pull a fucking Simpsons on me and release Treehouse of of Horror during November like they did a few years ago. I want to read spooky stories during Halloween by my fellow anons.
I agree. Riot if it isn't out by Halloween
digits confirm

Is there any good comprehensive collection of Freud’s most important writings?
File: freud comp.jpg (65 KB, 640x640)
65 KB
Quite literally
This one doesn't have Totem and Taboo, Civilization and Its Discontents, Beyond the Pleasure Principle.
So supplement it then. Civilization and its Discontents is only like 100 pages
Troy the DSM. What bookfizzes in briefcases. Cocoa or wurthersoriginal Will do any GP

What is /lit/ opinion on him?
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>Acid Horizon vs. Sadler - A Reading of Nick Land's 'Fanged Noumena'
When it comes to philosophy, he seems like the best you'll get on Youtube. Much better than someone like Ebert.
Political he's just a Gen-X shitlib who let his son become a tranny.
Nah the best you'll get jedi knight and fullbright scholar Dr. Ken Foldes

File: FBRm6a7WYAIIkuL.jpg (114 KB, 655x920)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
What does this mean?
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The title of king is never not filled so the moment the king dies, one says long live the king, since the crown is immediately passed on legally, even if not in practice. If one slays the previous king, the leviathan does not die, the power structure remans and continues, maybe in a different form under new management, but that is a change of forms, not a destruction.
>What does this mean?
"The King (Dumbfuck XXVIII) is dead, long live the King (Dumbfuck XXIX)!"
It’s kinda based that we are almost at Dumbfuck XXX. It would be really cool to have a king with three X’s in their title.
same as the old one!
It recognizes the autocratic situation in a spirit of continuity: one king is dead, a new king reigns

How does one get hard copy of Lolita without getting on the list? Asking for a friend
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It is THE pedo book, I cant just buy it right after I finished cumming to monroe sweet and megumin doujin, how the fuck would that look?
Nothing wrong with Lolita. There's not even any explicit scenes in it. It's my female English professor's favorite novel. If a normal person like her can buy it, why can't you?
I dont know who those people are and I don't care to find out
There's quite explicit stuff sort of hidden in the prose
File: Spoiler Image (32 KB, 400x400)
32 KB
The list of based and redpilled people.

Just finished reading Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. I have no idea what was going on, who are the characters and what was the point.
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>didn't even get to the murder
Yeah, probably not gonna make it
The drunken rant is a bit of a slog on a first read but not too bad, and the plot picks up shortly after. Making it through long rants is something one comes to expect when reading Dosto
>>Literally each of the chapter could become an episode of a TV series.
I believe there's a miniseries of the book released in Russia. It was either C&P or Brothers Karamazov, can't remember for sure.
great thread lmao.
you get better at it
but you have to keep doing it
the point is killing is okay if you're Napoleon
File: 1623497270297.jpg (31 KB, 492x468)
31 KB
I read Lolita and didn't even know that Lolita had up and left until Humbert received the letter. To be fair to myself, I hadn't read a book in a decade.
eventually you will realize not all books are worth reading this way

File: cioran.jpg (86 KB, 626x800)
86 KB
nihilism is stupid.
you can't even practice the philosophy because you would kill yourself, and then there would be no nihilists on the planet.
Ironically this guy lived till 84
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I do not accept your frame, beta male.. Cioran's words are crystalline
I don’t know what people mean by nihilism when they complain about it. Do they mean the idea that ? That seems a rather uncontroversial and unavoidable position if you hold any non-religious or non-metaphysical realist worldview. What OP seems to be complaining about is pessimism. But pessimism doesn’t seem that controversial to me either—most religions are pessimistic about the world, the only thing redeeming it is the fact that there exists some kind of God or process who will balance the accounts in the afterlife (or, for the Gnostics and Buddhists, there is some means of escaping the thing entirely). OP seems to dislike pessimism not because of its lack of truth-value but it’s lack of utility for human life. It’s lazy and probably psychologically fruitless to try and ignore pessimistic arguments. The entire point of heroic philosophical projects like Nietzsche’s is to create a positive convincing case in favour of life and loving life even while acknowledging the truth of much of what pessimism says. It is something you have to work through.
>Entre la mystique et le « nihilisme », la différence est purement verbale, je veux dire que toute expérience du néant est d’ordre mystique
Cioran, Cahiers, p. 405
*the idea that there isn’t intrinsic meaning in the universe
Nihilism is not a philosohy, it's more like a a core of some philosophies/ideas. A cornerstone, or a consequence. There's no prescriptive way of living in nihilism

File: book.jpg (8 KB, 309x163)
8 KB
What a waste of time
The Bible is the mythos of the modern global world you would give to someone who isekaid to Earth. It is our JRPG lore.

Having said that, Biblical criticism is the second rabbit hole.
Ummm… based departmentalization? FUCK book, book suck.xr
>manuscript source differences
>niche/esoteric translations
>apocrypha not permitted by Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox
>insular christianity
>illuminated manuscripts
>hagiographies of pagan gods/figures recontextualized into Christianity
I just keep going
No u

Have things changed since this was written (in 1932)? Has there been any development which has made possible a different type than the Worker? Or are we still similarly under the influence of ceaseless rapid transformation?
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This explains things really well.
It is as if anon is asking for a roadmap to emancipation. There are already manuals for such things.
This seems to be true. What sort of manuals are there for emancipation?
File: 1634941516509.webm (1.95 MB, 288x512)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB WEBM
I agree that I took a further step with the anarch. The latter can turn into a Waldganger, but he can also live tranquilly, sheltered by an obscure job. Despite everything, he's an anarch. Society demands certain forms, certain ruses; but basically, it cannot penetrate a man's innermost core. And if society becomes unbearable, then I become a Waldganger; and of course, I can just as readily be one in a skyscraper. For the symbol of freedom reigns everywhere.
>what now replaces the philosopher?
We see what Jünger calls titanism in much of discourse. There is very little that is sincere, instead someone pushes images, spams lines, manipulates ideas into a meme in order to push some end. We can't even call it ideological,we are really post-ideological and post-consequentialist.
Everything happens negatively, and there is only a testing of what exists in order to propel things forward. Much as Israel uses the technique of moral exhaustion to drag the nation into war, there is repetition and testing of principled ground until the exhaustion allows for a 'victory '.
This is also linked to the automation of technology and science, which increases in trust what is lost in real viability or proven results.

In short, blind forces are taking over. It is basically just nihilist sophistry.

File: 51WOhxFpieL.jpg (36 KB, 326x500)
36 KB
what books do you think result a lesser enjoyment of life?

i've been reading into pessoa, but a part of me thinks reading disquiet will aid in putting me deeper into a rabbit hole of depression. but i'm still drawn to him. object to this if you found differently
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Osamu Dazai made me depressed for some reason, despite me reading many similar books.
>reading disquiet will aid in putting me deeper into a rabbit hole of depression
I read it in a bad place and found that it mellowed me out quite a bit. Pessoa has a very sensitive way of writing about some of these things, and it made me feel less alone in the world. That certain doubts and compulsive thoughts have been confronted by many other people.
Depends on how you look at it I'd guess
File: image.jpg (88 KB, 436x659)
88 KB
Pic related made me feel like slitting my wrists, and convinced me that Existentialism is really a mental illness.
Luckily I discovered Epicurianism shortly afterwards.
The bible
This is Pessoa's legacy. He created a character so utterly life denying that you could see part of yourself in him taken to its most extreme consequences. He suffered all of these so you didn't have to.

File: DZQcDbYU8AEPThu.jpg (125 KB, 1200x483)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Really makes you think...
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Either troll or still in high school.
>he thinks a two story house and separate bedrooms for every child are "essentials"
stop feeding the low effort troll, he cant even justify his own math.
File: 20211023_003939.jpg (224 KB, 1080x681)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
You shouldnt support any system of government that doesnt supply men with fertile virgin wifes, in fact you should be working tirelessly for destruction of such cruel and evil system. If you cant start a family with decent woman you have 0 genetic stake and therefore incentive to support society, and you are perfectly in the right to cause as much harm to it as possible.
If there is a flaw in my arguments I would gladly debate it
Ironically, I tend to disregard any remark that sarcastically disregards someone else's opinion. It's very lazy, and entirely meaningless, you're trying to throw your weight and status around on an anonymous snail racing forum. If you want to criticise someone's views, you have to have something to replace it with, otherwise you're just being a cowardly faggot who's too scared to expose his opinions to the world, lest he be just as quickly torn apart. The point of philosophizing is to bounce off other people's ideas; unfortunately zoomer faggots today think discourse is built entirely around showing the other person how much you know.

I don't agree with Chesterton. I think that it's definitely advantageous if an honest man can marry an honest (virgin) woman, especially if such honest (virgin) women are over the age of 18. I also think certain societies, such as feudalism, still suck for the fact that the raison d'etre for most people's existence is to pool their resources and efforts for the rich (still the case today!). The whole 'love conquers all', I'm convinced, was a psyop devised by aristocrats to suppress the hoi polloi for aspiring towards anything deeper.

File: hhh.jpg (654 KB, 2168x1605)
654 KB
654 KB JPG
Stack thread/recent purchases thread
63 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not where I live I literally never see those books for sale unless they were prescribed reading for students I don't see them on any second hand website or store and shipping from ebay would pretty much bring them up to the cost of a new book if I wanted to go outside my local area. Cannon books sell for like $3 brand new from Wordsworth almost always regardless of size, not worth tracking down a used copy. If you want a nicer copy shelling out up to $10 isn't that crazy.
A few extra monies for a fresh book is worth it if you receive a shitty used copy from some random seller. If I buy books I like to keep them in good condition for the most part. If I didn't care about reading them over and over again and displaying them I would just use my library or a kindle. Unless I can find someone selling something nearby it's not worth the fuel or shipping costs to get the book a little cheaper.

If I lived somewhere where I could constantly hunt for deals on books I would, it's fun and I am a pretty frugal person. It's just not logistically worth my time when they only cost a little bit of money to begin with or could end up on sale brand new somewhere
File: 028.png (12 KB, 724x552)
12 KB
>buy paperback book
>stretching spine softly
>spine cracks when I get to middle
Start with Go Down, Moses... it's a fantastic short story cycle. Then if you like that go full grotesque and read Winesburg, Ohio (Anderson) and Lost in the Funhouse (Barth)
I keep meaning to read mor Faulkner after really liking as I lay dying. Should I go for sound and fury or go down Moses next?
GDM is way more accessible IMO but I like short form stuff. It's also a good intro to Faulkner's fictionalized universe and has way more interesting criticism out there if you like reading that kind of stuff.

File: λóγος.jpg (110 KB, 552x551)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Books on Plato influence on Christianity?.
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
t. John
>implying the second and third persons of the trinity do not also hold the name YHWH
In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God.
He wasn't a Christian, but Wagner was a platonist? Is that why Nietzsche hate him?.
Da Vinci was his reincarnation by the way.

File: rilke.jpg (57 KB, 501x750)
57 KB
Which poet understood depression best?
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idk about depression but trauma is best from ww1 poets
Throwing one for Baudelaire in the hat.
He looks exactly like my uncle, specially the older Rilke
>omgf i just found someone who understands how complex i am

File: Rene-guenon-1925.jpg (21 KB, 346x350)
21 KB
Guenon is brilliant on this topic. Any others like him?
46 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
"In the summer of 1939 I went to visit my friend in Cairo and when I was there the war broke out. I had a lectureship in Lithuania at that time and, being unable to return there, I was forced to stay in Egypt. My friend, who had become like a member of Guénon's household, collecting his mail from poste restante and doing many other things for him, took me to see Guénon.

A year later I was out riding in the desert with my friend when his horse ran away with him and he was killed as the result of an accident. I shall never forget having to go to tell Guénon of his death. When I did he just wept for an hour. I had no option but to take my friend's place. I had already been given the freedom of the household and very quickly I became like one of the family. It was a tremendous privilege of course. Guénon's wife could not read and she spoke only Arabic. I quickly learned Arabic so I was able to talk to her.

It was a very happy marriage. They had been married for seven years without children and Guénon, who was getting fairly old, he was much older than she was, had had no children with his first wife, so it was unexpected when they began to have children. They had four children altogether. I went to see Guénon nearly every day. I was the first person to read The Reign of Quantity, the only book he wrote while I knew him since the other books had all been written earlier. He gave it to me chapter by chapter. And I was able also to give him my own first book when I wrote it, The Book of Certainty, which I gave him also chapter by chapter. It was a very great privilege to have known such a person.

Guénon almost never went out except when he came to visit us. I would send a car to fetch him and he would come with his family to our house about twice a year. We lived at that time just near the pyramids outside of Cairo. I went out with him only once and we went to visit the mosque of Sayyidnâ Husayn near al-Azhar. He had a remarkable presence; it was striking to see the respect with which he was treated. As he entered the mosque you could hear people on all sides saying, 'May God rain blessings on the Prophet Muhammad', which is a way of expressing great reverence for someone. He had a luminous presence and his very beautiful eyes, one of his most striking features, retained their lustre into early old age."

Martin Lings
May God bless him and his memory.
Where is this from?
yeah this is a great read, i really dig him.
The Essential Rene Guenon

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