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File: Smug.jpg (6 KB, 275x183)
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Things like HDI, GDP/capita... exist today, but what would be useful for older eras? How can one prove that say a French peasant in Normandy in 1500 AD was living "better" or "worse" than a Turkish one in Anatolia.
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Life expectancy and comparing remains to determine who had a better diet, I guess
Literacy or record keeping
Quality and quantity of art over time
Contemporary description by travelers
Archeology of skeletons to determine health
Estimated population sizes
Trade routes and if coins from the region ended up in far of lands
Building materials
Class structures
Contemporary historical accounts
Everything else is guess work. For example, Historians can give a very rough estimation of the GDP of Rome because the Romans wrote down a lot of their transactions and taxings policies
>Literacy or record keeping
Literacy would be valid for 18-19th century like in the case of Finland vs the rest of the Russian Empire.
Most nations before this era had mostly illiterate populations.
>Archeology of skeletons to determine health
Probably the best bet
>Quality and quantity of art over time
This could be very subjective. Muslim countries deliberately had simpler art styles.so comparing Flemish painting with Muslim ones isn't really useful.
Then again I suppose one could compare the quality of materials like dies or the marble that was used and that could be indicator.
>Building materials
True and related to above
>Estimated population sizes
Someone could bring the argument of "populous but miserabel"
>Contemporary description by travelers
>Contemporary historical accounts

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This. Rate of childhood death may also be something used to compare.
by comparing tax policies

The standings of world empires might be based on nations. But is that a lie?
Could it be that it's racial?
For example even though america was far from the only power in the world at 1970 (it has the soviets to compete with), the overall relative condition of the white people was good, perhaps as good as it had ever been the past 300 years of white domination. Despite how much white people fought each other in world war 2 and were terrified of nuclear war till the collapse of the soviets, relative to other races, the white man was having the time of his life despite those things.
Perhaps infighting of empires of the same race means nothing to the condition of the race in general?
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Not american
Mongol empire was savage though
It's relative standing, not relative morality.
"level" to other empires.
Lmao what a joke.
How it is a joke?

File: Younger Band.jpg (88 KB, 653x900)
88 KB
Redpill on Younger Band

>creates a bunch if mystery meat nafri/Levantine mutt city shitholes across Europe
The best thing to ever happen to Europe was this degenerate proto-USA being stopped in its tracks and killed by the Germanic tribes
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Anglo cope. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Romans learned iron making from Celts.
Ok, so the Celts were better than the Romans at one specific thing, which the Romans learned from them and then used to steamroll them for generations. Congrats
>had the title "CONQUERER OF GERMANIA" on the head side
germanicus can be passed down by lineage too and several emperors and generals had g ermanicus in their names. but so was brittanicus and Africanus etc
Only because the Celts lived by where all the iron mines were. They just got lucky it wasnt because they had any innate genetic talent.

File: James Band.jpg (122 KB, 764x983)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Redpill on James Band
How about you fuck off with these western assholes? Redpill me on this gunslinger, that gunslinger, fill the whole goddamn board up with this shit. Fuck you. I want you to die.
back to your religion threads kumbaya

How bad are monopolies? It’s all that people talk about.
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Monopolies are unjustly demonized and misunderstood by society. There is no real evidence that they are a problem in any way. Why are there so many conspiracy theories about them? One of the reasons is that they have a lot of power. Success breeds success. Companies that start with one branch end up having hundreds, and then eventually, if successful enough, they can afford the luxury of forming a central company and buying up smaller and smaller companies in the neighborhood. The government hates monopolies because they are examples of effective competition. This is not something
But what happens when a monopoly owns everything in the USA? That’s slavery, dictatorship, fascism, and communism. Or worse it’s just flat out being eaten.
This post is really fucking retarded. 10/10 bait
Any alternates to goverment? Seems kinda like the biggest thing that wasn't tested by competition yet. The stronghold of monopolies.
What do you think the current space race is about? Corporate autonomy is the only frontier worth spending money on.

File: 1619303414361.jpg (3.03 MB, 2520x3308)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB JPG
Let's admire the human form like the mature adults of /his/ that we are.
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File: 1623606743946.jpg (452 KB, 2048x1504)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
Lovinh this
I've seen that exact statue in person. You take this in New Haven?
It's in the V&A.
File: 1597126792756.jpg (986 KB, 1560x2031)
986 KB
986 KB JPG

I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
Is that Spain?
>Is that Spain?
it was
File: mhmmm-das-right.jpg (71 KB, 400x400)
71 KB
Your end game is overturning the Emancipation Proclamation's 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments for restarting the Alamo's slave auctions?

Why did the Mongols try to invade Japan anyway? China never bothered as much
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Bump, Great thread. it's just me or are chinese history threads usually good? if we ignore chinkspammer obviously.
I'm usually really disappointed by them. Lots of unfunny shitposting.
Honestly, from what I am reading, it does indeed seem that the Japanese would have gladly accepted MacArthur as the new shogun. But it wasn't meant to be, for obvious reason. Still, if WWII didn't happen during the contemporary age, I could have easily seen him to be enshrined as one of their legendary folk heroes, he just fits the bill of one.
It's just you. Chinese threads are usually shit.
The japs like MacArthur because even though the American regime he imposed was strict in certain regards, in others it was much more free than before. Plus the people saw more prosperity

HOWEVER, they quickly turned to hate him when he said in an interview he didn’t think the Japanese were ready for elections or democracy because they’re not civilised enough basically. This was just after he’d retired and wrote his book I believe

File: 1626922377655.jpg (69 KB, 742x751)
69 KB
Why did more countries and communist parties across the world not adopt Titoism? It seemed like the most appealing form of communism in the Cold War era, and had the bonus of being completely unassociated with le big bad evil Soviets.
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Fake history,.Kardelj was the brain behind the Market economy.
Allowed by who? Both sides wanted him to commit their side, but he would threaten them by swinging the opposite way.
>Played a role in instigating the Hungsrian uprising
>Even if Nagy eventually failed
>Still managed to manipulate Khrushchev into installing, Tito's acquaintance Janos Kadar who he met in 1942 .instead of Munnich
What can I say he was clever.
>Trieste Crisis
>Stalin tells Tito to return Trieste to Italy
>He refuses and later the whole Informbiro period goes on
>In 1953 manages to annex the Croat and Slovene speaking areas and get the Italians to pay war reparations.
Doesn't matter. Yugoslavia managed to avoid being dominated by either side because Tito was a great politician, which isn't something countries can just "adopt". That kind of thinking comes from unbridled, unchecked autism

File: 220px-Jiang_Jieshi2.jpg (23 KB, 220x305)
23 KB
>lose the civil war
>run Taiwan as a nationalistic authoritarian-capitalist-legalist state
>70 years and several Dengist reforms later
>modern China has morphed into something Chiang would love/be fine with and the Maoists would hate: a nationalistic authoritarian-capitalist-legalist state
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counterrevolutionary rightist revisionists have taken over china in an evil betrayal of the glorious mao
No you.
There are a lot of chinks in America trying to stop the CCP while also praising the KMT, if they don't have a branch there.
Sorry for your butt
And now it's the LGBT Capital of Asia
taiwanese boomers are anti-independence but they are NOT pro-beijing
You're either recalling badly, or someone lied to you. Romanians were specifically targeted, because they were the weakest link.

Ancient buildings that look like they were made just yesterday
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Wasn't that heavily restored in the 18th Century?
I think it was (not OP) but even then, it's impressive that it was still structurally sound enough to be restored 1000+ years after being built
File: dover-pharos-2.jpg (2.01 MB, 2560x1920)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
Here's another Roman pharos, from the grounds of Dover Castle in Kent
It's a bit more weathered than OP's
File: trier.jpg (546 KB, 1920x1312)
546 KB
546 KB JPG

Roman gates at Trier

File: 000000.jpg (81 KB, 700x390)
81 KB
How effective was the Romanian army during ww2? Were there any good generals of note?
They helped a lot in the Eastern Front especially Stalingrad.
>Were there any good generals of note?
Petre Dumitrescu
Just cannon fodder for germans

>Massive military campaigns spread death and destruction all across Europe
>Conquers tons of non-French territories and destroys their culture
>LARPs as a Roman and begins a terrible meme “empire”
>His cultural revolution forever ruined Europe
>Son and heir fails to live up to his skill whatsoever
>His shitty “empire” hardly outlasts him

Seriously /his/, why does anyone like Napoleon Bonaparte? Pic unrelated
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predictable and trite response
your ignorance does not make you a "Chad"
So? Jews are based, go back to /pol/
>is directly responsible for the genocide of the french population in Haiti
not the french who imported hundreds of thousands of able bodied men they worked to death?

File: DJK345K32J35KL53.jpg (272 KB, 1504x1000)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
>Mass migrate from India, arrive in 11th century West Asia and Europe as traveling craftsmen, musicians, and fortune-tellers
>legally enslaved from 15th-19th centuries by princes, local landowners, and monasteries in eastern Europe
>modernization and industrial development shift craftsman services to the fringes of society, Gypsy communities fall apart and become more marginalized
>subject to Nuremberg Race Laws and Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Progeny, sent to kill centers and labor camps
>almost the entire Romani populations Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands were killed
>200,000-1.5 million total killed in Holocaust
>after war, denied restitution and reparations for Nazi persecution
>further industrial development displaces more Romani to city outskirts, ex-industrial sites, junkyards/landfills
>Still face segregation, forced removal, and hate crime
These guys just can't catch a break huh. Why don't I hear anyone talk about this?
220 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
>It's a "retard thinks irish travellers and mainland euro gypsies are the same thing" episode.
No, I have been there.
They offered me some dog.
It tasted chink food.
And yes, they indeed want just to breed horses
I'm surprised they're still around, with the way europeans talk about them in THIS modern europe I can't imagine how hostile the past was towards them.
If you and I were friends, and I asked you if you were a gypsy cause I found your hatred of them comical, would you refuse to speak to me for months? I'm not offended by racism but if you're racist and can't handle a joke about it then I find that to be retarded. I fully understand the hatred of gypsies and it may or may not be justified in my opinion, I haven't encountered them myself. But if I constantly went on Hitler rants and someone asked me if I was a jew, I might respond in fake rage but I wouldn't block someone and refuse to speak to them ever again over it.
Any race that eats dogs deserves to be gassed en masse.
>lol "muh heckin pupperino"
There can be no gypsy state because they won't have any car tires to steal.

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