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File: 1544049671708.jpg (119 KB, 900x1200)
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Why do amerimutts think northern Europeans who have dark features are descended from meds? A tanned German, must have been Turkish traders, a tanned Irishman, must have been Spanish sailor ancestry. The absolute mental retardation of these people
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The man you posted is literally part Greek though, his mom moved to the U.K. and got fucked by some guy who never stuck around, so he doesn't know his own father.
>Because Amerimutts are a lost people with no identity. Previously they built their nation on the idea that "only blonde, blue eyed Europeans" were white
Literally where did they ever say that? The foundation of America predates Hitler, they weren't autistic about muh Aryans lile you are.
If anything they thought Anglos were white, and their acceptance of other European ethncities as white slowly expanded, first to other Germanic ethnicities and then finally to Meds as more immigrants arrived from Europe.
The Anglos do have lighter skin
I can’t understand this obsession over the whiteness of America
File: 1552442502906.jpg (49 KB, 709x724)
49 KB
Anything to back this up at all? Light skin SNPs in Europeans are more or less the same, but Angloids have verifiable darker eye and hair color than Germanics: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1872497318303387

File: thonk.gif (174 KB, 220x220)
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174 KB GIF
where do bantus stack in the african black social ladder?
File: 1559102043277.jpg (258 KB, 1056x1200)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
Should give you something of an idea.
I mean compared to non bantu blacks.
That group is way too big to be described in such a way. I’m Ashanti and we don’t think of “Bantu” people as anything. No more than a Frenchman has an idea of “Slavs” as a whole.
I mean, do u think pol memes about blacks, only applies to bantus?
File: 1576021013445s.jpg (2 KB, 125x70)
2 KB
go back!!

Are Italians the most influential people in human history? I mean think about it. Through the roman empire they conquered huge parts of Europe and the near east. They literally murdered the son of god himself, they created lasagna, is there anything they cant do?
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France and Greece.
>most famous and influential French figure is Italian

oh no no no this can’t be happening Frenchbros
They are unbased then. The Catholic “church” is the most criminal organization on earth with the District of Columbia and the City of London.
Northern italians sure
>Charlemagne was Italian

File: cable-news-logos.jpg (30 KB, 530x291)
30 KB
Was the 24 hour news cycle a mistake?
You're freaking out because of coronavirus, that's cute anon.
the what
Go back to >>>/int/ and >>>/pol/ you ADHD zoomer
I won't kys

File: uuqlwfjhm8f31.jpg (31 KB, 500x544)
31 KB
Reform Jews think Reform, Conservatives and Orthodox are all Jews.
Conservative Jews think Conservatives and Orthodox are both Jews.
Orthodox Jews think only the Orthodox are Jews.

So they all agree Orthodox are true Jews. Why don't they all convert to Orthodoxy?

File: 1579531171746.png (69 KB, 254x320)
69 KB
historically speaking why are christcucks so stupid?
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I wonder where Muslims score on here?
I did this and got this exact same score.
a better question is why mormons perform so much better than americans do in most fields while managing to soak the attrition to decadence that is strangling american jewry?
File: my score.png (42 KB, 1280x514)
42 KB
Same lol
>poll from 2010
Yeah this is bait

File: china.png (9 KB, 1200x800)
9 KB
name a more incompetent military in world war 2
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Battle of Wuhan says henlo.
Japan also invaded French indochina ni 1940 because it failed to conquer all of China in it's 1939-1940 offensives into the northwest and southeast. It's plans for the puppet Hui Muslims state in the northwest failed after Ma Hongbin defeated their offensive and they never attempted to invade northwestern China again (Ningxia, west Suiyuan, Gansu, Shaaxnxi, Qinghai) >>7965456
Does Denmark count? Their army was pretty much ceremonial at that point.
File: aiaTQXi.png (751 KB, 680x692)
751 KB
751 KB PNG
Jesus H. Christ 1911-1949 China was fucking wild. I can't believe we don't already have a good TV or documentary series on it

>The Battle of Hengyang was the longest defense of a single city of the entire Second Sino-Japanese War. When Changsha fell to the Imperial Japanese Army on June 19, 1944, Hengyang became their next target. The reorganized 11th Army, consisting of 10 divisions, 4 brigades, and over 110,000 men, assumed the task of attacking Hengyang.

>The city was an important railroad junction[6][7] and Hengyang Airport was used by USAAC General Claire Lee Chennault's Flying Tigers which were engaged in bombing operations of the Japanese homeland. Therefore, Field Marshal Hajime Sugiyama(杉山 元), chief of imperial staff and war minister, ordered the city must be taken at all costs.

>On June 22, Japanese 68th and 116th divisions received their orders to attack the city and to take it within 2 days, which started the 48 days of siege and defense.

File: luxhor-hotel[1].jpg (380 KB, 2427x1820)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
I don't know shit about Ancient Egypt except what is said about it in the Bible. Who were their main enemies? Which dynasties were the most powerful? For how long were they a superpower?

How long have the Carpathian Mountains been associated with backwardness, poverty, Dracula, etc.? Has it always been thus, or was there some point in the past when the Carpathians had a better reputation?
Mountains in general are associated with backwardness and the Carpathians were definitely not an exception. Ancient Romans and Greeks saw the populations living there as barbarians.
Wasn't there an ongoing anti-Mongol insurgency of sorts in those mountains which the Mongols never managed to put down before they retreated from Europe?
There has been an anti-foreigner freedom fighting spirit since forever, and it will never end.

How could you tell?
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I left that shithole and came here thinking this was not a shithole. Oh boy that was wrong. The authoritarian MENA piss culture is actually a carbon copy, consultant-taught reflection of the undercurrent of American institutions.
We know man. Anyone who refuses to admit this is a liar or a genuine idiot.

>I just ask for a space of freedom where I can do my thing without being harassed.
Not convinced such a space has ever existed.

But it’s every topic in uni... they’re all shit
t. Science student with a humanities degree
There is no place that isn’t a shit show of bias, propaganda, and irrelevance

>there is a certain slickness and rootlessness with them you can sense given enough exposure.
V true. I call it “spook patter”.

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wtf is this thread talking about
You’re welcome to google any unfamiliar terms
So on a more cheerful note, what did you learn about Ottoman history that few of even 4channel’s esteemed scholars would be aware of?

Why we never gave them a country in Europe? Isn't that unfair?
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Gypsies wouldn’t even WANT a country because that would require actual work
When the Natives take back their land from everyone
if they were all together in their own country they'd have to steal from each other, they wouldn't want that.
A country needs people, anon.

Who was in the right here?
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The theological differences are big, but do you see either the socialist IRA or the neoliberal Loyalists in any way fighting because of them?
Whoever you support; In my case I support the Radical Irish so the Radical Irish were in the right.
Maybe if Collins lived longer; But to be truthful the Irish are contrarian enough you would need Britain to be a Republic.
I'm an American, and I pretty much hate Irish culture. All they ever do is bitch and bitch and bitch about "MUH ENGLAND." Those awful Britons giving the Irish civilization. I think my hate is multiplied by all the people in America claiming to be Irish, when the reality is Ireland sucked so much that their ancestors crossed an ocean to get away from it.

File: 1579892626598.jpg (153 KB, 686x526)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Seems like Anne is safe now
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Hypothesize the odour.
>mfw I was thinking about making one of these just now

Is she okay?
>G-Golly anon! What’s that stench?!
>The typhus is contained
We shall never forget her sacrifice

Was it autism?
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File: EthnicYugoslavia.jpg (178 KB, 800x634)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
2013 Census - Srpska
File: federation-bosnia-2013.png (419 KB, 800x889)
419 KB
419 KB PNG
2013 Census - Federation of BH
File: Brcko_-_Etnicki.gif (106 KB, 800x560)
106 KB
106 KB GIF
2013 Census - Brčko District
File: CroatianSerbs.jpg (192 KB, 727x693)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Serbs in Croatia - 1991

Why is it that no matter where you go in the world there’s almost always a belief in preternatural beings that aren’t quite lesser deities but also aren’t normal living beings? And why do humans cling to these beings even harder than they do the major gods & demons of the big religions?

Elves, djinn, kitsune, mmoatia, vanaras, etc.

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