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File: hitler yell.jpg (1.35 MB, 3214x3288)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
why is communist so less a term of disgust and hatred than nazi?
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The ruling class propaganda is targeted at what are seen as threats to there stability
The most harmful are demonized
>peopel hate Nazis cuz of da elite conspiracy keepin us down n shiet!
Go back to your shithole.
Because your brain is rotted from Rupert Murdoch
All ideology is leftwing.
The French Revolution was an exception. But jews moved in immediately afterwards and funded Napolean or something as we have vague record of what they were doing.
There's no significance to Jews. It's only that the left supports equality because of interest groups, the initial example being Jews. The French Revolution achieved religious equality with no apparent beneficiary except them. The tax change also was to pay debt to creditors, and financiers like Cerfbeer held the debt.
So it's not that ridiculous to say that by "equality" the left means "Jews" and later a few other interest groups. And there are severs interest groups which are rich, healthcare being an example. Overall the real dichotomy is between interest groups, cops and so forth and everyone else. Fascism is just a paperwork thing, it's an early welfare state that can maintain a corporate structure. Corporatism is not business corporation. Communism is a 10/1 ratio of oil or coal to iron production, it's nearly irrelevant, saying fascism and communism were opposed is like saying communism and Trotskyism were opposed because Ww2 was soviets killing each other with minimal fascism involved.
things wouldn't be censored if they were harmless
i know its hard for you to accept that

File: eugenika.jpg (471 KB, 950x1387)
471 KB
471 KB JPG
has eugenics been successful in any aspect/regard/area/period?
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Anything that’s not associated with a genetic trait, which is mostly physical characteristics. Things like personality or temperament and yes, intelligence are all relative to individuals.
all these things are caused by both genes and environment
Okay buddy
Yes, in the USA.
Though the methods were often cruel the results were a population with many of the wost genetic defects removed.

Categories of intellect were made. Things like idiot, moron, etc have actual definitions beyond current generic meaning of stupid.

Psychology, a psuedo science of great discretion was used to categorize things and people clearly mentally poor at functioning were sterilized or put into insane asylums.
Insane asylums run by psuedo science were like some medieval dungeon run by an autistic experimenter.
Many families with a retarded person put them in one.
These people rarely had children.

This was in the late 1800s and immigrant groups after that period were not subject to the genetic benefits of weeding out the least geneticly fit.
Unsurprising it is the immigrant groups after most associated with significant genetic ailments.

Explain Germans to me /his/.

Why did they chimp out TWICE and started fighting the entire planet and exterminating millions of innocent people, including children?

I mean you will probably say economic reasons, versailles etc. but that is not a real reason. Many nations go through bad times, but none becomes a cartoony supervillain because of it.
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>give me the answer
>but not the correct answer
Contracts, aliances and one fuckin serb put europe into an all out war. everyone fuckes up but germany was on the losers side, so yeah

Got humiliated after WW1, giving up large chunks of territory, huge war dept they couldnt pay, thousands of war veterans with no place to go and also important, apart from the soldiers the people havent seen the frontline and the reality of modern warfare.
long story short: anger, hatred and dissapointment, a fuckin powderkeg and one broke artist who had the charisma to channel it.
Kr*uts are evil.
You will never have a 4th Reich
File: krispy kraut.png (508 KB, 643x643)
508 KB
508 KB PNG

File: 1905.jpg (267 KB, 960x581)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Before 1996 of course.
Definitely 2020 everyone started dying and will die at accelerating rates.

The fatal wounding of Jimmie Lee Jackson by an Alabama state trooper on February 18, 1965 prompted the Selma-Montgomery marches. Jackson's death deprived his family of its main breadwinner. James Bevel, director of the Selma voting rights movement for SCLC, called for a march to the state capital to demand an explanation out of governor George Wallace, whom they wanted to protect black voting rights. Martin Luther King agreed with the plan, but the protestors were let down when learning he would not be there in person. Wallace said the march was a danger to public safety and he would take all necessary measures to stop it.

On March 7, "Bloody Sunday", a crowd of demonstrators numbering est. 600 marched on Highway 80, including future Congressman John Lewis and Rev. Hosea Williams. At the Edmund Pettis Bridge, a wall of police were waiting for them. County sheriff Jim Clark had ordered all white men age 21 and up in Dallas County to deputize. Officer John Cloud told the marchers to disband and go home ASAP. Rev. Williams tried to negotiate but Cloud informed him that there was nothing to debate. The troopers attacked and began beating the marchers and spraying them with tear gas.

Images of the street battle made national and international news. Amelia Boynton, one of the main organizers, was beaten unconscious. Photos of her lying on the ground were widely published. A 14 year old girl named Lynda Lowery was brutally beaten and had to get a total of 35 stitches on her head and face. John Lewis suffered a fractured skull and permanent scars.

President Lyndon Johnson condemned the violence and announced his support for a voting rights act within the current week, though it ultimately took until March 15.
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I despise niggers and so do most people
They really are the weakest link
t. guy who's typing this as his mom is in the room across from him being railed by her black bvll
let's not turn this into a shit flinging match jamal, you know your caretakers said to stop
Ok redditor

Was Hitler a genius? He came from nothing, self-taught artist, and rose to be the most powerful man in Europe.
Fascism is corporatism and not business corporation.
Hitler was just a normal liberal, continuing preexisting Weimar policies. For example Danzig. Weimar caused everything and Hitler was irrelevant.
political genius maybe, but not a military one
Eh, he still was better than most of his generals.

File: hongwu-emperor-1.jpg (104 KB, 900x750)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Is zhu yaunzhang the greatest chink in all of history?Because of him the han have atleast stopped being ruled by forgieners for three centuries and pillaged by bloodthirsty mongols.
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they are all faggots. they screech whenever the chink spammer show up but they themselves act exactly like him. they contribute nothing to these conversation in here so ignore them, anon.
>And neither of these fags achieved Mandate.

Nigga please. The Song paid tribute to both of them, not to mention this:

yeah he was pretty based for kicking mongols ass
a shame his descendants fucked it up

>"Come out of your dirty pot and have fun with us Dio!"
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File: Diogenes masturbacion.jpg (39 KB, 500x376)
39 KB
Diogene used to do this when women came to laugh at him
Athenian women? Think Saudi Arabia.
File: IMG_20211023_004150.jpg (803 KB, 1025x1600)
803 KB
803 KB JPG
imagine the smell
There is a reason for that, dumbass.
Without an escirt, there is no one to protect them from being raped or worst.

Women are weak and thus need protection.
>fuck off thot
>and tell alexander he's a bitch nigga

File: 978324412.jpg (105 KB, 626x640)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
holy based
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marriage is a dated cultural institution that serves no purpose in a modern context outside of trying to escape shitty parents who won't respect any of your dying wishes
The real meta is to just pick up the kid from school one day and fly to another country
Divorce is no better or worse than bankruptcy, it’s a healthy aspect of any market economy. People have to be allowed to fail
>Name a single benefit to being married that isn't covered by simply being in a long term relationship
Not going to Hell when you die.

File: unnamed.jpg (35 KB, 512x268)
35 KB

File: Europe_814.svg.png (1.61 MB, 1200x788)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
>had anglo-saxon nobility, until they were replaced by normans

>frankish nobility
>until the french revolution the second estate considered itself to be germano-frankish as opposed to celto-latin like the peasantry

>had so many nobles, they exported them to other countries for millennia after the migration age
>obviously Germanic
>I will just skip over the other smaller Germanic Countries, because their Nobles are obviously Germanic as well

>gothic heritage
>even during the age of discovery the nobles still considered themselves as goths

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I thought you had an interesting question here until you brought up da jooz out of nowhere. Go die, nazi scum.
>nigga the son of Rurik, the founder, himself was named Oleg (what a germanic name lmao)
Hélgi. And he is not a son, but a regent. The son was Igor / Ingvarr.
And the grandson is already Svyatoslav, here is a Slavic name.
>who followed slavic religion and couldn't even speak norse.
Pagans usually do not think in such terms: whose land is that and the Gods. Conventionally: he sees a sacrifice to Perun there, sees an idol with a spear and a mustache, thinks "well, we call him Thor (or Odin), this is for warriors" and also join the sacrifice.
I don’t think the "Varangians" were not some kind of monolithic ethnic group, but rather wandering warbands of warrior-merchant-mercenaries from the Baltic coast, most likely of different ethnic origins, united around successful leaders. Most of all there were Scandinavians. But these were people cut off enough from their roots to fully assimilate with the local population in one generation.
Whole two of them. In XVIII century.
German nobility began to dominate in Bohemia only as a result of the "re-Catholicisation", which was just another name for outright Germanization, whereas the Rurikids were Slavs, not Norsemen.

His name was Oleg, his signature in the Rus-Byzantine treaty of 907 features the East Slav form of his name. The first time the name "Helgi" is mentioned is in the Germanic sagas, but that's several centuries after the Rus-Byzantine treaties, therefore moot.

>Pagans usually do not think in such terms
The Rurikids worship of Perun and Veles was universally attested, there was no worship of Germanic gods in the Rus', barring the findings of the "Black Grave" - a burial of two elite Varangians who were part of Vladimir's army that featured bronze idols of Thor, which isn't just the only finding of that kind in all of the territories of old Russia, but also shows that the Varangians distinguished their Germanic gods from the gods of the Rus' and the other Slavs, meaning Perun and Veles.

>some kind of monolithic ethnic group
You're identifying the Rus' and the Varangians as one and the same, when all primary sources, and even secondary sources like the Ger. Sagas distinguish them as two separate, unrelated peoples/groups.

>Pagans usually do not think in such terms
Conflating modern polytheists with their actual, ancient predecessors is a blunder among blunders, there are no records of pre-Christian Germanic worshiping Slavic gods, and no records of pre-Christian Slavs worshiping Germanic gods, not even in Jomsborg, plus we've DNA confirmation that the original paternal Rurikids were Slavs.
Yeah, as also most of us on this thread probably descend from kings of 3000 years ago. In Spain, considering all cultures since Tartessos, Turdetanos, Cantabrian kings, etc) we could haVe had like 200 kings. And without counting the bastards sons we are talking at least hundred of thousands of todays descendants.

Even the real king of Spain should have been an economist that lives in Barcelona who is older than Felipe. Google for Albert Sola. He is a bastard of Juan Carlos.

The life of a laborer during the Industrial Revolution was a harsh one. After an accident in 1838 at a coal mine near Barnsley left 26 child workers dead, Queen Victoria ordered an inquest. Investigators found appalling conditions--children as young as 5 were toiling in Britain's coal mines. Pregnant women, sometimes up to the final hour before giving birth, worked. The Mines & Collieries Act of 1842 finally forbade females and boys younger than 10 from working in mines.

Yet it seems what truly influenced the law wasn't the working conditions per se but Victorian prudery. For what truly scandalized England was the discovery that in some mines women worked topless while men worked complely nude. This was due to the sweltering heat in the mines as well as wanting to avoid having clothing snag on sharp protruding rocks. Although female coal miners would be covered from the waist down at least, they also wore pants instead of skirts which was apparently also considered unacceptable. The report into the conditions in mines stated that these women would be completely unsuited for marriage after working in such conditions. Their pants often became torn in the process of working, "thereby exposing all" to the eyes of their male co-workers. "The chain passing high up between the legs of two girls, had worn large holes in their trousers. Any sight more disgustingly indecent or revolting can scarcely be imagined than these girls at work. No brothel can beat it." It is significant that upper class Victorians seem to have been far more appalled at the nudity of coal miners than the actual physical dangers of the job.
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States developing is generally good, sure. China's not so far off a country like Greece now.
>but what about DA COMMMIIIIIESSS
Sounds like cope to me, compadre.
Capitalism is unique in that it's pointless, cops still exist despite their utter negritude and pointlessness.
This is a dumb thread.
Modern liberals aren't even physically able to work. They are too obese and autistic.
The fact people in the past were even able to work shows how badly living standards have deteriorated.
imagine a pregnant bitch or a 10 year old doing this stuff today. fucking impossible, they can't do what people 170 years ago did.

File: Biblical evolution.jpg (909 KB, 2824x1650)
909 KB
909 KB JPG
People were created as perfect. But becouse of original sin, illnes and mutation came as punishment, with incest being main source.

After flood, we have 3 sons of Noe creating 3 major races and mixes. Inbreading couse people to become more degenerated. Noe lived 950 years (350 after flood), Abraham 150, Moses 120. I believe this is why almost all pagan cultures believed they were descendands of gods, as they elders lived long enouth to see they grand x 3 sons, and were genetically superior, yet moraly flawed. In next generations, increase in genetic pool variety slow down proces and we stoped on ~70 years of lifespan 2000 BC. But depending on environment and isolation, some groups of people are more degenerated than others.
Evolution is fake
Darwinian evolution is fake.

I use word evolution as "biological changes in species"
Pls man you posted this image more than 20 times, crop it right already it's not that hard

Whenever you look up Wikipedia articles for people born in the Baltic states 1940-1991, it lists them as being born in simply "Estonia", "Latvia" or "Lithuania", rather than the Soviet Union. This is despite the fact that, for instance, Andriy Shevchenko's wiki lists him as being born in the Ukrainian SSR, and Garry Kasparov's wiki lists him as being born in the Azerbaijan SSR. Are Baltic fags seriously so butthurt about gommunism that they're trying to rewrite history and erase the fact they were ever in the USSR at all?
92 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I was curious about this and tried to look up some Baltics born at the time of Nazi occupation, as well as Czech and Poles, and the Nazi administrations such as Reichkommissariat Ostland are listed as their places of birth, so this oddity is pushed specifically by someone with an agenda against the Soviet Union.
results of USSR population transfer policy which made lots of mutts and turned them into soulless cattle with no future and they kill themselfs because of it
The Baltic nations had governments in exile who did not recognize the annexation by the Soviet Union nor do the modern states claim to be successors of the SSRs. Ukraine considers itself a continuation of the Ukrainian SSR which is why there is a difference.

not him but lakota Is illegally occupied
so should everyone born there be listed as born in lakota?

File: 2213.png (129 KB, 1000x425)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
How is this even possible? Are IQ tests fraudulent? Is the methodology at fault?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's just a way to call niggers stupid and inferior without saying niggers are stupid and inferior.

IQ has never been applied in real life in any effective way except to call other races subhuman.
also im trans and take fag loads in my ass
Did Einstein really say that?
Fail. Trannies believe in iq and start these threads.

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