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EEFs in the Western part of Europe were clearly pretty barbaric by modern standards with all the cannibalism and warfare, but from what I’ve read you don’t see nearly as much evidence for similar atrocities in Eastern EEF cultures like the Cucuteni and Vinca. They had massive proto-cities, possible writing, and you could probably make an argument for them even being the first civilization. If my presumptions are correct then do the Eastern cultures represent a kinder, saner side of the EEFs, and what resulted in such a seemingly huge cultural shift between the two spheres?
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He's not the EEF-hating schizo, read the full post
My bad, I've just come to a point where I don't even read these sorta posts anymore because the Jannies just let about anything stay up nowadays
>Eastern EEF descendants are Greek
>Western EEF descendants are Roman
It all makes sense now...
>southern Europeans
Germans? Yes. Everybody southern has either Negro admixture or Arabic one.
No, even Italians and Greeks have some Steppe.

File: 1828 electoral map.png (103 KB, 747x768)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
The 1828 presidential election, which saw the revival of the two party system, was the most hotly contested and nasty one since 1800. Andrew Jackson ran for president a second time on charges that he'd been robbed of a legitimate victory four years earlier and denouncing the "Tariff of Abominations" against unpopular incumbent John Quincy Adams. Although Adams himself was too highbrow to engage in personal attacks, his supporters had no qualms about charging Jackson with being a blood-stained barbarian who hanged prisoners-of-war without trial during campaigns in the War of 1812 and in Florida. Jackson supporters accused Adams of being an aristocratic elitist--("a man who fights versus a man who writes") and of several corrupt activities including charges that he had acted as a pimp while serving as US ambassador to Russia and had procured prostitutes for the tsar. Adams had also purchased a billiard table and a chess set for the White House, paid for out of his own pocket, which Jackson supporters magnified into an entire gambling parlor.

Worse than that were charges that Jackson had engaged in a bigamous marriage to his wife Rachel, as she had left her first husband and married him before the divorce was finalized. Rachel had not wanted to go to Washington DC or serve as First Lady, but she was spared from this when she passed away at the end of the year from a stroke. Jackson was heartbroken at her death and blamed his political enemies for it.

When the electoral votes were counted in December, Jackson had buried Adams in a huge landslide with 178 electoral votes to 83 and 55% of the popular vote to 44%. Adams only carried the traditional Federalist strongholds in the Northeast.
Jackson was a tyrant who destabilized the economy, illegally deported Indians, and promoted the corrupt spoils system.
Revival? Um. No.
the Democrat Party in this time was well along the way of establishing corrupt immigrant-driven political machines in the Northeast
Adams was a decent President but there wasn't anyone the Federalists could've run at this point to compete with Andrew Jackson. Jackson was just way too popular.

oh great seers and learned men, tell me of what you know, of the balts and eastmen, the Aesti and Lats, tell me takes of Perkunos and Herkus Monte
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thank you!
Also, I might be missing some obvious English translations so sorry about that, again, I'm rather new to it myself and I read about it on my free time.
Always a shame to me when I can't find good English translations to offer to foreigners...
I guess you could give me some contacts if you want, I might write you if I find something more. No promises, but still.
would a discord work?

glad we met

File: north-america.jpg (48 KB, 774x580)
48 KB
>Home to well over half a billion people
>Sees 0 wars on its soil since 1929
Bros, how North America do it?
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It's not. We signify that with stars, not pips
Do you include Cuba?
it's only three countries, none of which want each other's territory

File: 1675533194429116.jpg (66 KB, 633x633)
66 KB
How to live according to Roman ideals?

File: epicurus-quote.jpg (49 KB, 643x303)
49 KB
>casually dismantles theism
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Then evil is equal to god.

We're assuming there is an objective evil for the sake of this thread.
This unironically. Christian God is omnibenevolent. Bad stuff happening is not omnibenevolent, therefore Christian God is either a quack or doesn't exist.
I'll take that as an admission that you lack the ability to "refute" the meme
I accept your concession
Not literally, the man now acted like that as seen in modern day when atheists think of themselves like their own little gods making their own moral laws and pretending to judge their creator, but they are not actually gods. The serpent lied, we died.
It doesn't matter *how* he knows it just *that* he knows it.
File: Post better nigger.jpg (10 KB, 237x213)
10 KB

File: l65ggsdummv61.jpg (101 KB, 640x663)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Let us discuss the historical fact that Abrahamic religions were successful because they were war cults that brutalize and subjugate people materially and intellectually, in a world that rewarded this behavior.
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to create brazilian women
The tax is just the old poll tax with new name, muslims were just exempt from it. Nothing changes for them.
Tell yourself whatever you need to, you have no logical point.
Very simply put it was an evolutionarily advantageous ideology. As I stated in the OP it had the right secret sauce to keep people brutalized, in check, and breeding copiously. Thus it endured and spread until the elites threw up their hands and accepted it.

File: card00375_fr.jpg (35 KB, 380x600)
35 KB
Why does the average Northern Chinese man think they are an evil, Satanic Mongolian or Manchurian when Chinese were always seen as whimsical, happy lite-hearted carefree people?
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that's all Asians and brown people honestly
the idea of a melting pot and the 14th amendment should be retroactively changed
Every Northern Chinese has the spirit of Ran Min inside their veins that urges them to kill all foreigners

No. We tend to dislike rude communists who smell like fish sauce.
lol you think you can tell the fish sauce smelling rich capitalist ones with the fish sauce smelling commie ones these days
I think a lot of Northern Chinese and Koreans are seething and secretly want to be Manjoo or some other shit because being Chinese and Korean in the bugshit hypercapitalist and hypergamous world is too much for them to handle

File: Looks Worried.jpg (57 KB, 352x528)
57 KB
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No it isn't
Truth and correct reasoning are good in themselves. Atheism should be disseminated even if it destroys society and civilization. A society built upon lies doesn't deserve to exist.
I will admit. Seems like atheists dont have kids. Especially compared to the religous. But I also know the smarter you are the less likely youa re to have kids too. So I guess evolution favors the stupid over the intelligent. Humanity sure is fucked.
That's why he said crypto.
He argued against a very particular element of the set of religion. Broadly, religion is anything that binds subsistence, society and technology in a coherent replicable package. Belief in the metaphysical is almost a garnish to it.

File: is-126.jpg (23 KB, 500x585)
23 KB
What attracted people to the ideology of shi'ism?
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it was a minor sect until it was made the state religion of iran, and everyone was forced to follow it. the main reason being it gave persians a way to be independent from arabs, because arabs are sunni
What's the difference between shi'ite and sunni? Just curious.
Blade to the throat.
Who the hell is muck tar all the coffee?
Every sect 's a corruption of the original message of the Great Prophets, with the exception of Sufism. Shia was invented by the Jesuits in the [16th Century CE] in consolidating their control over Iran. Sunni 's a corruption of Sufi.

File: 1652166489864.png (625 KB, 1080x810)
625 KB
625 KB PNG
Did you know there is a movement to reunify Puerto Rico with Spain? They claim the annexation of Puerto Rico by the US was unconstitutional and therefore illegal, and their movement has spoken in Spanish parliament to grant all Puerto Ricans Spanish citizenship with support from Vox.

The movement has more momentum in Spain than it does in Puerto Rico itself from what I have seen, but it's not without its support there too.


I honestly think they have better chances becoming the next province of Spain than a US state.
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I say let them have it, Americans don’t want Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans don’t want to be part of America so this solves the problem.
It would be kino
No, we don't. Stop being a racist cunt.
Found the New York nigger

File: Unknown.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
All his videos allude to Islam/Christianity/Judaism as one block sharing many things in common and how societies based on Abrahamic religion are better than modern day liberalism. He constantly makes references to the Abrahamic faiths as a group and how superior they are at forming societies.

And all his videos are full of comments like

>"Wow I'm a die hard atheist but I admit I am impressed by Daniel he's the only one who's made me seriously question my atheism"

>"Even though I am an atheist I can't stand the modern world and have started reading my Bible again listening to Daniel, I plan to read the Qu'ran next"

>"Agnostic here. I love you Daniel. I used to think Islam, Christianity and Judaism are the enemy but this debate made me realize how wrong I was"

never on his comments do we see what we see on /his/ with anons constantly shitting on Abrahamic faith and saying it's for low IQ semites and retarded. You seem to be impressed by the fact a white looking American guy who is educated in physics and the arts and speaks well is advocating Abrahamic supremacy. Yet If you put a ranting Christian evangelist, a Rabbinical Jew or a lower IQ brown dawah guy in his place you would be saying again how Abrahamic faith is dumb and the worst thing to happen ever to humanity.

The fact this guy is able to change your mind on Abrahamic religion just from merely sitting in front of a computer and debating with some streamer for 2 hours shows that either your attack on the Abrahamic faith must have been weak to begin with it or this guy is just amazingly good at what he does. Which is it?
We do, sperg. Fuck off back to /pol/.
I hate this retard so goddamn much
No you don't. Show me one comment related to Daniel that calls him a dumb semite or dumb cuck for following Abrahamic faith. You just don't find it. The criticism he gets is primarily focused on his overzealousness within Islam itself but whenever he discusses abrahamic faith as a unit he gets praised rather than attacked. Everyone is so impressed with this guys ability to show you why Abrahamic faith is superior to modern day democracies.

File: file.png (704 KB, 3466x1931)
704 KB
704 KB PNG
Shi'ism is much like communism; everytime it fails shias cope by saying "they weren't rightfull imams" or "they weren't real alids" Down to Ali's caliphate they excuse his incompetence by saying it's the sunni's fault for revolting. Eventually they gathered so much copium once their twelveth imam got ack'd by the abbasids they just straight up said he went into "occultation".

Was Jesus always Yahweh?

Or was he the Archangel that became human and then sat on Yahweh's throne and was given his title?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Gonna need some proof on that.
Why does the Father talk through Jesus in the Gospel of John? If Jesus is "God the Son", why doesn't he just use his own words. Isn't he "The Word" after all?
Jesus was originally a mortal man who became infused with the Holy Spirit at his baptism making him into the divine Son of God. At his crucifixion the Holy Spirit left his body but came back and resurrected him, exalting him above all creatures for his obedience to God and placing him at the righthand of God making him worthy of worship.
Because the Son is the reflection of the Father and hence only does what the Father does. The Son is the Father’s reasoning, meaning that whatever He says is the Father’s sayings, the Father’s reasonings, encapsulated and defined as the Son. You’re effectively asking why the Word doesn’t say anything on its own, and the answer is because the Word needs to be from someone else who’s speaking that Word. The Word is the Son and the speaker of the Word is the Father.

>exalting him above all creatures… making him worthy of worship
So you are an idolater for worshiping what you see as a created person. The only ethical manner in worshiping Jesus is if you say He always existed as a person.

>Was Jesus always Yahweh
How can something ‘become’ Yahweh in time? That’s antithetical to Yahweh being an eternally existing being whose mode of being is in Himself (I am that what I am).
>John 1:1
>In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God
>Genesis 1:3
>And God said "Let there be light", and there was light.

You wake up in Medieval Europe
Rush to find where the medieval 4chan is.
Any tips?
I am become Death, Destroyer of Worlds

Bask in the glow of my diseases, peasants
proceed to create scripts depicting a man kneeling on a black man’s neck, captioned “I CANNOT BREATHE” and spread them in monasteries throughout Europe
that looks Renaissance

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