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File: ww2.png (75 KB, 349x504)
75 KB
what happened here?
BGC wrecking french bussy
France tried to save the Netherlands and exposed its flank while doing so.
French military was an in an utter state and Hitler literally just went around the Maginot line.
Please don't shit up the board with pointless questions. You were already at the article about it, don't come here and expect people to spoonfeed you the same info.

File: _w.jpg (381 KB, 1080x1290)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
During the transatlantic slave trade, African women from Senegal were said to be extremely beautiful and clean, much more so than their European counterparts, who were surprised to see that they bathed 2 times a day.

European men were upset that African men didn't in turn find their European women attractive.

Times have changed huh?
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>implying you can't masturbate without porn
>implying you can't just have sex
typical porn addict
>Implying anyone on here would have a realistic chance of having as much casual sex as is necessary to satiate them
>Implying I would go through the hassle of using my shit imagination when I can just search up fat assed woman #345668 in a bikini just because you have some faggot phobia of porn
So like I said, you have a shit sex drive due to be being a snoy consumer.
Ok retard, negroid would fit much better then, because they are referring to the physiognomical features.
You probably can't get an erection without porn anymore, many such cases
protip: leave that garbage addiction

Hard to believe school shootings will be in our textbooks in the future
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french moment
Thread theme

>spends 50 million dollars
>grassroot organization
I don't know how anyone can write that with a straight face.
File: infinity war soon.png (492 KB, 1744x721)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
They will be seen as harbingers of a great decade of instability in 2020-2035.
Pipe down Abdul

File: Arthur_de_Gobineau.jpg (197 KB, 518x659)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Was there ever a time when conservatives weren't complaining about how the West/Christendom was declining?

Medieval thinkers thought antiquity was better. Burke, Maistre, Gobineau were all talking about how medieval Europe and chivalry were superior to the godless Enlightenment. Nietzsche hated his own era, which was during the peak of the industrial European empires. Spengler was editorializing about how the West was doomed in the 20s.

When did Europeans ever think Europe was not in terminal decline?
File: fahrrad.jpg (56 KB, 492x687)
56 KB
in islam the generation of the prophet is considered superior in morals and customs. in china they literally worshiped the genius of their ancestors.
india has a subculture of people who believe they had nuclear weapons in antediluvian times.
you are anti white. eat shit and die
All this tells me is that romanticizing the past is a universal human activity.
>why are conservatives idolizing the past?
You might as well be asking why a bicycle has handlebars.
Petrarch in the middle ages was complaining about how antiquity was so much better than his own shitty time. Although by the late 15th century people thought they were superior to antiquity in art, technology and everything. However after the french revolution and by the 19th century people looked back to the middle ages as an idealized place. Walter Scott's novels become extremely popular across England and Europe. John Ruskin, Thomas Carlyle, William Morris and Augustus Pugin talked about the superiority of medieval architecture and way of life. They saw it as a time of serene harmony where people lived in a more happy and godly community.

> William Morris developed a keen interest in Medieval history and Medieval architecture, inspired by the many Medieval buildings in Oxford.[21] This interest was tied to Britain's growing Medievalist movement, a form of Romanticism that rejected many of the values of Victorian industrial capitalism.[22] For Morris, the Middle Ages represented an era with strong chivalric values and an organic, pre-capitalist sense of community, both of which he deemed preferable to his own period.[23] This attitude was compounded by his reading of Thomas Carlyle's book Past and Present (1843), in which Carlyle championed Medieval values as a corrective to the problems of Victorian society.
It just generally means that modernity is naturally emasculating and alienating at every turn. There is no spirit or heroism, just permanent decadence and routine. Nietzsche and Spengler were right about the general malaise of modern life without rejecting their fate to live in these times

File: H0046-L144747824.jpg (123 KB, 750x1048)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Who is America's greatest general?
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>tfw MacArthur's primary motivation for invading China was so he could be proconsul of Korea and China too

people don't appreciate that he was the most powerful American to ever live, he had basically unlimited power over an entire country.
Patton or Robert Lee, tough choice.
Something only effective against static targets like cities, and even then less effective than copious amounts of napalm.
Pulaski and Kosciuszko.

File: stalin.jpg (1.66 MB, 1491x2048)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG
Who is your unironic favourite leader? Throw all political positions and morals out of the window.
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File: Kourosh.jpg (59 KB, 345x420)
59 KB
For me, it's the original king of kings.
How many productive forces have you developed?
What kind of cope is this?
You could literally apply this to every good leader in the world
Why do you think China continues to grow
Why do you think China didn't collapse or go into chaos due to COVID
Why do you think the western funded coups didn't succeed
It's all due to Xi Jinping
He'll go down in the history books once he reunites Taiwan
>and started shit with some neighboring countries.
Xi didn't start shit with neighboring countries
In fact he's the one who constantly calls for peace talks with neighboring countries
Find the nearest bridge and jump
File: Cyrus_the_Great.jpg (77 KB, 300x410)
77 KB

File: Iraqi history.jpg (72 KB, 1853x198)
72 KB

Baghdad: the psychological toll of being the world’s most attacked city

For more than a thousand years the population of the Iraqi capital has been subject to rape, torture and indiscriminate slaughter

No city on earth has been attacked as often, or as brutally, as Baghdad. Once again, the residents of the Iraqi capital are bracing for another possible invasion, with the jihadist forces of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) less than 50 miles north of Baghdad at the time of writing. For a force that is supposed to number only several thousand, Isis gains in Iraq have taken the world by surprise, turning old certainties on their head and prompting the US and Iran to think the unthinkable and cooperate on Iraq.

But for the city that is next on the Isis target list, the once glorious capital of the Islamic empire, the sight of a foreign army at the gates is all too familiar. Over the past 13 centuries, Baghdad’s population has been subject to rape, torture and indiscriminate slaughter, with terrible consequences: on the city’s physical infrastructure, on religious convictions, and above all, perhaps, on the minds of the long-suffering Baghdadis.
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I'm putting my money on the long odds of the Mongols making a comeback and doing it again
Are Arabs human? Iraqi Sunni Arab in Sweden who hates Christians, Shia, white people, Europeans and Americans. He posted here.




The Arab's hate posts against Europeans, Indians, Russians.


The Arab also insulted Vietnam as a rape garden.
Shia Muslims and Middle Eastern Christians all recognized this Iraqi Sunni Muslim Arab pedophile's accounts on twitter when he was exposed. That Jordanian Christian AbuUrdon and Shia AnarchioKhomeini were harassed by this pedophile for a long time under his AntiMajoosUnit account.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I fucked a few Iraqi girls when I worked as a contractor in Iraq, their pussy were dark but very tight. It's no wonder conquerors liked to plunder this country so much.

My GF got me a Palestine hoodie with his face on it, i am from a Middle Eastern background but i don't know the history pertaining to him and i don't want to walk around with his hoodie like he is a hero if he's seen as a sell out. How is he viewed generally? A good guy like Nasser or a sell out like the modern Gulf rulers?
Literally who?
The eternal MENA mulatto.
his early years were decent enough, but he sold out pretty fast, in the end he was basically the colonial govt administrator and sold out the movement / converted it to controlled opposition.

File: staljin.jpg (19 KB, 256x400)
19 KB
When will the mutts admit that without the decisive defeat of the Japanese Sixth Army at Khalkin Gol in 1939, the Japs and their mercenary Mexican gangs would have been marching on Washington in 1944 with zero problems?
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Khalkin Gol 1939 decisive defeat of Jap sixth army at hands of Zhukov and Red Army
1945 another decisive BTFO defeat of Jap army at hands of Soviets

meanwhile mutts chickened out an actual invasion of jap home soil resorting to nuke civilians instead, great brave heroes really

without USSR Red army mutts would today have been slaves of superior Japs
> Oh so you agree with me that the island american takes cut off the japs resources making them a good strategic target not some
btw the islands are strategically important and yet primitive thus making it an easy game for mutts to occupy. it is a whole other ballpark when war is on home soil of an advanced nation, which the mutts know hence chose to nuke civilians instead.
and? american btfo the japs many times over on the pacific and instead of killing understrength recruit with shit tier equipment they actually kill Japanese best soldier and pilot while inflicting massive loses towards Japanese ship and planes that cant be replaces
>meanwhile mutts chickened out an actual invasion of jap home soil
damn this a new low for you. you realize that american are preparing for the invasion of japan that is operation downfall?
>btw the islands are strategically important
ah finally this guy's brain cell start to conec....
>yet primitive thus making it an easy game for mutts to occupy
nvm still a bit retard. primitive in war especially in these type of island is better for the defender. if you dont believe me just look how the soviet use the primitiveness of their infrastructure in western russia to btfo the invading axis in eastern front or better yet how the fins btfo the commies in winter war by utilizing the primitiveness of their border making the soviet have a hard time in logistic and troop coordination
>and? american btfo the japs many times over on the pacific and instead of killing understrength recruit with shit tier equipment they actually kill Japanese best soldier and pilot while inflicting massive loses towards Japanese ship and planes that cant be replaces
yet mutts chickened out to take it to Jap home soil since they know it would be 10 times harder

> hurr durr we kicked their ass so hard we decided and won the war hurr
this is how you sound
without red army help mutts would be destroyed, savagely btfo that is a fact
If the Japanese won at Khalkhin Gol they wouldn't have attacked the US.

There would have just been a massive spergout that we could ignore and profit off of.

Hi /his/. I am curious as to what constitutes a so-called 'Nestorian' cross, as these types of crosses often have leaf-shaped ends, but are also found in a variety of other formats such as bird motifs in relation to chinese finds. However, what makes the 'Nestorian' cross truly Nestorian? I am uncertain about the classification and mythos surrounding them. I know that Manicheans and people from the Eastern Assyrian Church travelled the regions known today as Central Asia, Mongolia, China, etc, but there is also evidence of Catholics and other Christian sects in the areas from the 13th century minimum. There thus seems to be a problem in rating the crosses found as distinctly 'Nestorian' as there are already difficulties labelling and identifying objects and customs as distinctly Nestorian, yet the crosses are labelled as such with seemingly no further thought in mind, which I find odd, as religious objects are already hard to classify, let alone which denomination it belongs to. I am curious as to when the first instance of a 'Nestorian Cross' is mentioned in contemporary literature, as I doubt much early information on the subject exists given the subjects non-interested up until recently in the 20th century.
I suppose this topic was too niche for /his/
If it's weird and found in East Asia, it's a 'Nestorian cross'. Probably doesn't have much to do with Nestorianism.
Building a whole archaeological and historical record on a misnomer makes no sense though. It is exactly what is not supposed to happen.
Why does England call Deutschland-Germany, Magyarorzag-Hungary, and Suomi-Finland? Why not use the correct names now that there are ample translators to correct the record?
Sometimes tradition and common knowledge supersede "proper" naming conventions.
Aye you have a point, but country names differ from actual historical knowledge which strives for accuracy. What you say does remind me of terms like the 'Neolithic Revolution' and such though, terms written in a Marxist environment by Gordon Childe, who's term came to dominate the field even though it was not a revolution and happened earlier than when he estimated it.
Same goes for the categorization of pre-historical object cultures which haploautist now use to identify as racial like Kossinna did in the 19th century

File: francis.png (811 KB, 820x1004)
811 KB
811 KB PNG
How do we solve the Gnostic problem?
54 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Peppe Fetish
>this meme again
Yeah, that was exactly my point, why are you repeating it? Do you have echolalia?


Books. Read them.
File: 1615660052721.jpg (48 KB, 576x1024)
48 KB
>literally no one is impressed by his action, not even the guy getting some oral foot worship
There is always a point where you're trying too hard.
Absolutely. Fuck Arby's.
They aren't aliens, they are semi deceased psychic ancestors of the hidden elites who control the world today.

If God is stronger than Satan, why does he allow him to do so much harm in the world?
104 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Could you post the lecture? I'm pretty sure you're talking about Michael Heiser right?
Because Satan has no power, he exists only to punish, all temptations are born from a human heart and is the price of having free will
File: 1594675118013.jpg (115 KB, 1300x866)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Oh shit, I've got way too many videos in my history. I'll try to find it and if the thread dies during that, I'll make another with a bit more background and the subject "nephilim as heroes".
I don't remember who was the lecturer, only that the video was centered on another topic and it kind of went off-rails for a while by explaining the thing with the nephilim and heroes of ancient past. It could've been Heiser just as it could've been somebody else.
Wonder who gave us that. Btw god being omnipotent means that he will know what sort of gay furry shit you re gonna jack to in the future, your trip to hell is secured.
Crazy how people will say it's a test is somehow a good justification when God made every human without their choice. It's literally some SAW shit, kidnapping a random person, making them suffer through a bunch of arbitrary rules all for the sake of fixing their "moral degeneracy/evil". Now I'm convinced the creator of SAW was making a parody targeting Abrahamism.

File: Types of Slaves.png (64 KB, 323x501)
64 KB
The word "slavery" has been used in many different ways throughout history. How do you feel about this?
Slavery, at the end of the day is just a job.
It's just more obvious and clear.
There were no drivers licenses back then social control was weak.
What the fuck kind of ESL rice dicked pan faced zipperheaded chink gook slope BULLSHIT insect morality is this image attempting to convey? These fucking yellow monkeys are ALIENS.
File: explaned.jpg (244 KB, 725x725)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
It makes perfect sense to me.
File: 1617223705465.png (72 KB, 598x800)
72 KB
>What the fuck kind of ESL rice dicked pan faced zipperheaded chink gook slope BULLSHIT insect morality is this image attempting to convey? These fucking yellow monkeys are ALIENS.
Indifferent. Did you just realize homonyms were a thing?

File: same_thing.jpg (71 KB, 850x400)
71 KB
Hello? Based Department?
What did he mean by this?
File: DiqF8X7U8AUMw9p.jpg (64 KB, 570x767)
64 KB

File: The Sumerians.jpg (42 KB, 333x499)
42 KB
What's your favourite books on the ME/Persian/Mediterranean world pre-Alexanders the Great's conquests? For example Sumers, Babylon, Achaemenids, etc.

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