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File: Adamsquote.jpg (56 KB, 500x333)
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How are History MA students or Ph. D Candidates setting up for the COVID-infested academic year? I refuse to believe I am the only actual academic here.
Based quote

>more people died in the deliberate British engineered famine in Bengal than died in the Holodomor
>Brits still say that Stalin deliberately starved a gorillion people while ignoring Churchill’s crimes
History truly is written by the Anglo
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But millions more supported the Allies
And by all accounts, the Indians who got captured fighting for the Japanese were often beaten and killed by... other Indians.
>deliberate British engineered famine in Bengal
Explain why the British would engineer a famine in Bengal during a war against Japan which they are actually running the risk of losing.
How many served (cough) were conscripted by the British again?
2.5 million volunteers. The British Indian army didnt use conscripts retard, this is basic history. Forceful drafting Indians would only serve to generate resentment and potentially spark a rebellion. The Indians serving with the British Army came from ethnic groups who had a long streak of loyalty to the British Raj and a tradition of military service (Sikhs, Gurkhas, Muslims, etc.)

File: 1559010141236.png (189 KB, 326x307)
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189 KB PNG
How come Anglo-Saxons settled in England (400s-1000s AD) never really focused on horseback/mounted combat unlike other Germanic peoples in continental Europe at the same time? Didn't they migrate and settle there with horses or was there some other specific reason for this?
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saxons aren't from the baltics and scandinavia they're from the ukraine
A retelling of a much older tale. All aryans had some degree of memory of their steppe past.
>North Germanic plain
Not quite
that's not where they came from originally
werent most horses on the british isles kinda smol?

What prevented the slaves from simply rebelling, or at least walking out of slavery? Surely, the owners could not catch them all, because they were busy with orgies, political intrigue or something else.
A couple of reasons
>there were people with the task of keeping an eye on you at all times
>escaped slaves were hunted down by manhunters so even if you did manage to run away, it did not mean you are free
>slavery was not viewed as it is today. Society had many classes and slaves were just a part of the class system. You had a master and his duty was to feed you and give you shelter in order for you to work for him, which isn't something everyone got. So in some sense your life was more secure than many poor freedman or even normal citizens so a lot of slaves were content with their fate
>some slaves also had family members so they wouldn't want them to come to any harm if they upset their master in some way
>even if you did manage to escape you had to either live life in the wilderness or run back to the country you came from(which in those days was very difficult in some cases). If you were from Germania and was currently a slave in Egypt, it would be hard to evade all patrols on the road that would immediately recognize you as an escaped slave if they saw you (and this is assuming you even knew the way back).
>if the slaves got organized into a larger rebellion (Spartacus) the army just came and killed everyone
There's also the game theory problem: If every slave rebels, that has a chance of succeeding, but how do you persuade everyone to get on board. The individual slave who rebels is screwed, so for all the other slaves it's easier to keep your head down rather than risk anything. It would take something like the political turmoil of Saint Domingue to get widespread support for a slave revolt.
>hahaha how is slavery real bro ahaha just break the chains hahaha just walk away ahahahaha

File: 1579812431741.jpg (10 KB, 246x205)
10 KB
>july, 1945
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bruh look at the top of they HEAD
The first bronies.
Literal blockheads.
File: 1589733193711.png (202 KB, 336x502)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
I am the death squad
my one man show
my name is murder
did you not know

slip by like vapor
the first you trust
my name is murder
you burn
to dust
>Adolf Hitler is victorious and crowned Emperor of the Third Reich in his new capital Germania
>Oskar Dirlewanger and his brigade timidly bow to Hitler
>"My friends... You bow to no one."
>Hitler and the entire NSDAP bow before Dirlewanger Brigade

Has Dirly officially replaced Charles II as the mascot of /his/?

File: soy035.jpg (31 KB, 633x758)
31 KB
Who's the saddest historical figure in history?
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That picture looks fake.
>man who thought had lost every last bits of hope lose some more
fag answer give a real one like Dostoevsky or the last person to die in WWI after the armistice

File: 74map62jyep11.jpg (84 KB, 1065x859)
84 KB
>cavalry is a stupid idea
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is this true?
Alexander personally led the Companion cavalry for a reason you stupid brainlets
It was a critical component of his army

The first guys to create cavalry were absurd
Why are British history nerds so insane? It's all guys like lindy or brandon f

Of all of the crimes and heresies papists did, none was as wrong and morally unjustifiable as the invention of "just war". No other heresy is as blatantly against jesus' teachings, no other concept is as wicked and just morally wrong as this one. It is a concept that pollutes "christian" tought to this day, allowed for both world wars, inspired gallons of blooshed, and distorted the very identity of christendom.
Christians didn't invent the idea of a "just war," they just adapted it from the Romans, who prided themselves on never fighting an "unjust war."

God I love killing Muslims
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File: thumbnail-10.jpg (539 KB, 1000x720)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
>Contemporary accounts state Mongol soldiers looted and then destroyed mosques, palaces, libraries, and hospitals. Priceless books from Baghdad's thirty-six public libraries were torn apart, the looters using their leather covers as sandals.[36] Grand buildings that had been the work of generations were burned to the ground. The House of Wisdom (the Grand Library of Baghdad), containing countless precious historical documents and books on subjects ranging from medicine to astronomy, was destroyed. Claims have been made that the Tigris ran red from the blood of the scientists and philosophers killed.[37][better source needed] Tales of the destruction of books - tossed into the Tigris such that the water turned black from the ink - seem to originate from the 14th century.[38][39]

>Citizens attempted to flee, but were intercepted by Mongol soldiers who killed in abundance, sparing neither women nor children. Martin Sicker writes that close to 90,000 people may have died.[40][41] Other estimates go much higher, but are almost certainly exaggerated.[42]

>The caliph Al-Musta'sim was captured and forced to watch as his citizens were murdered and his treasury plundered. According to most accounts, the caliph was killed by trampling. The Mongols rolled the caliph up in a rug, and rode their horses over him, as they believed that the earth would be offended if it were touched by royal blood. All but one of Al-Musta'sim's sons were killed, and the sole surviving son was sent to Mongolia, where Mongolian historians report he married and fathered children, but played no role in Islam thereafter (see The end of the Abbasid dynasty).

Nothing compared to Hulagu's masterpiece at Baghdad

Mongols loved hiring Muslims though
they liked raping their women more tho
Like I said, Genghis Khan loved killing Han Chinese, steppe tribes, and Muslims. Also that plunder wasn't done by Genghis.

What was the lifespan of the average fighter pilots in WWII on both sides?
A little more than three years.
Damn, why would they put toddlers in plane cockpits?

What’s the best philosophy for dealing with depression?
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The philosophy of not sleeping for 30 hours so you can shake up the neurotransmitters in your brain.
Christian theism
Living a healthy lifestyle with diet, sleep, exercise, hydration, goal setting and going to therapy if that’s not enough.

I want to begin treasure hunting. What master’s degree program would get me close to rare artifacts or out in the field looking for them?
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Just dig
File: serveimage (4).jpg (147 KB, 880x582)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
You must venture inside these secret unmastered vaults of hidden treasures. They're guarded by wretched creatures trying to distract you from the treasure-hunting with shitty music and meaningless chatter. You must be strong.
Is that the Clementium in Prague?

How would history have changed if Churchill never came into power?
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File: 83li4.jpg (194 KB, 898x1280)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
imagine being this stupid, even by alt-history this is a fucking moronic larp
Not much desu, the Labour Party and others were already moving to create a coalition with the tories in order to continue the war under a united parliament. The only thing Britain would lose is a bit of morale, hell, even then Churchill could still give his speeches even if he isn’t PM.
It doesnt
You are retarded because you don’t realise that Churchill only became PM in 1940 as Chamberlain stepped down

File: wnjj33cf01311.jpg (35 KB, 750x733)
35 KB
Why aren't online IQ tests correctly normed /his/? The sample size on your normal WAIS can't be that big

Is it just greed?
>Be me
>Take Mensa online test, score 133
>Take Mensas real test, score 108
>Take another popular online IQ test, score 130
>Take a real test in the army, score 115
Then I asked about it on Mensa aflicted sites and got banned
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IQ tests are inaccurate. You can be a genius but suck at math and they will give you a double digit IQ, or you could be ridiculously great at math but be a complete bonehead autist like my brother and get a score of 117
For most people the scores between the various subcomponents of the test should not be significantly different. In fact having a significant difference between subcomponents is a sign of having a learning difficulty.

As other anons have suggested IQ tests (the modern ones which come from mainstream literature anyway) are actually very accurate, with substantial empirical support for their ability to predict performance on complex tasks, professions and throughout life.
They could have been terrible tests, or their may have been a difference in your energy, focus, distractions etc when you did the test. This is one of the reasons one supervised by a psychologist are more accurate
Nice response fellow redditor! Have an upvote
This is just depressing. I wanted to be an engineer but found out I'm not simply cut out for it

Might as well kill myself

File: Sender_gliwice.jpg (142 KB, 457x672)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
pooles have a long history of aggressive behavior toward unfamiliar technology

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