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File: untitled-design-19.jpg (56 KB, 803x539)
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Who would you side with?
The Lancasters had the better claim. They were also good people, unlike the York family who were immoral hedonists and murderers.
I side with the first boat to Italy or the middle east
The Lancasters had a mad king, who couldn't even function and were ruled by his evil wife, and their heir was literally Joeffry.

Meanwhile the Yorks had 2 Chad warrior kings who were also good at ruling.
Meant for

File: 978324412.jpg (105 KB, 626x640)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
holy based
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Divorce is no better or worse than bankruptcy, it’s a healthy aspect of any market economy. People have to be allowed to fail
>Name a single benefit to being married that isn't covered by simply being in a long term relationship
Not going to Hell when you die.
A long term relationship does all of that too. A family member is gained from years and decades of intimacy and experiences not from saying "I do" and changing your last name. Carrying each other through personal hardship is what shows the world you are devoted to your partner, not hiring a country club event room for the afternoon.
There's nothing a marriage offers, tangible or sentimental, that isn't provided by a long term unmarried relationship
It's never said once in the Bible that you'll go to Hell for not being married.
Ugly soulless art style

Drop any and all information especially survivor accounts or book recommendations if any.
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File: 20210919_130203.jpg (2.19 MB, 4032x3024)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB JPG
Where it was cut from
"In the merry month of may" goddamnit nogs can't even get the simplest facts straight
>Cottam rushed down the ladder to the Captain's cabin and awakened Captain Arthur Henry Rostron, who sprang into action and gave the order to turn the ship around immediately
>Whilst dressing, Rostron set a course for the Titanic, and sent for the chief engineer and told him to "call another watch of stokers and make all possible speed to the Titanic, as she was in trouble."
>Rostron ordered the ship's heating and hot water cut off in order to make as much steam as possible available for the engines
>Cottam messaged the Titanic that the Carpathia was coming as quickly as possible and that they expected to reach their location within four hours.
>Cottam refrained from sending more signals after this, trying to keep the network clear for the Titanic's distress signals.
>It took the Carpathia three and a half hours to arrive at the Titanic's location, by which time she had already sunk.
File: the-six-poster.jpg (348 KB, 1920x1080)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
>The Six (Chinese: 六人-泰坦尼克上的中国幸存者) is a 2021 documentary film directed by Arthur Jones and produced by Luo Tong.[1][2] The film chronicles the 'untold' story of the six Chinese survivors of RMS Titanic, as well as exploring the legacy of Chinese exclusion laws in Canada, the United States, and UK. The film is executive produced by Titanic director James Cameron.[2]

File: download.jpg (39 KB, 474x312)
39 KB
There are things to like about a ceremonial Monarchy.
But isn't it funny how the less power any monarch has, the more like their people they really are? This must be because of the fact that they're people. Its a bit of an irony that If they had the power, they would only truly represent themselves, and never actually be for everyone else. Their individual whims and lusts and fallabilities and imperfections are magnified when they possess the sovereign capacity and power to express them, and impose their wills over others. Yet, there is something longed for there, something about a king or a queen, that even the individuals who hold such exalted honors struggle to tarnish with their flawed and even gross selves. It feels right for a people to have something or someone just above, who can be all of them, and they that one. Someone titanic in power that serenely and confidently rests among them, but is able to be summoned by them all to approve of good order, set matters right, be their face towards the stranger, and an icon for themselves elsewhere. Its almost romantic. The Legend of Arthur is one of many legends of rulers, which serves as an archetype for whats really wanted from Rulers and Kings the most. "For in Logres greatest hour of need, the True King will return."
No man can ever truly do this, though, so we can only ever really be satisfied with a symbol or token of this ideal of the Monarch.

Some may ask, "Whats the point of them if they're best when they're powerless?" Others may ask, with more hostility to the very thought of dealing with a King or Queen, "Why should we put up with such extravagant parasites?"

To which I say, use isn't the only measure of good. Also, for some reason, people can most easily and readily tell apart a bad condition or state from a good one. Whatever bad things are, or are perceived to be, it parasitized and stole from good. Even parasites themselves are a warping of things we'd find to be normally believe to be good, if we were discussing something that wasn't abnormal. Children, in a sense, and the very young ones especially, regularly exploit their parents, and we call that nurturing. Same for pets, assuming they have no practical reason for being "part of the family". We'd call a useless thing that weighed us down and visibly disfigured us a tumor. But jewelry also weighs us down, with the distinction that we proudly wear it against our natural shapes for the admiration of others, and the personal pleasure of being adorned. So many things in life share that incidental uselessness and expense of tumors and parasites, but are distinguished by their desirability and effect.

Whats the good of something as expensive and powerless as a monarchy?
To adorn a people with a majesty.
The point, their legitimacy, is Beauty.
Monarchy is a natural representation of healthy human governance which is why it is natural for people to look towards a powerful sovereign.
Even today when societies have been thrown into chaos people still look to strong men to act and are not acted upon
But then, why should it be hereditary?

File: 1634906467014.jpg (25 KB, 561x378)
25 KB
Why can't "Japanese" speakers read old Japanese text? They say they're an ancient, isolated country, that is 5000 years old.

What gives?
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ic = I (ich in German)
di = you
for should be fur or accented
heo = he
daet = that
nan = not,isn't
Englisc should be capitalized
swa put twice, should only be there once ("had had" could always be reduced to just one "had")
arcebiscop = archbishop
Athelwold = proper noun, wold meaning forest
Anon, there are thousands of characters in the Japanese alphabets. Even Japanese adults have to write down kanji every day so they don't forget it. Older texts most likely used characters most Japanese today aren't familiar with
U mad bro

So what point are you trying to make? That remembering characters means you're ancient? The fuck? Are you ok, schizo?
Because every language drifts over time, even isolated ones.

File: Bhagavata_Gita.jpg (1.04 MB, 2592x1944)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
>Arjuna: "You know as I stand here on this battlefield I finally see that the enemies before me are my family and my friends. Perhaps I should turn away and end this pointless violence once and for all. Peace is surely preferable to war."
>Krishna: "No Arjuna, you see..." *5,000 pages later* "...so that is why you must fight this war: to uphold the Hindu caste system."
>Arjuna: "At last I truly see."

File: Karl_Marx_001[1].jpg (336 KB, 1383x1843)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
Compared to every other failed political ideology why does communism fail to go away?
You don't see people demanding a return to feudalism as an example.
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It’s only been 150 or so years. Liberals wallowed around for 200 years before seizing power.
File: 1377810113284.jpg (24 KB, 268x690)
24 KB
>oil is gone.
Okay, boomer.
Because while the ideology is a failure, some of the core tenets resonate as true to many people. Also, we are heading towards communism according to accelerationist, of course this is going to be another failure, when we are subject to the one global government made out of the elite.
You're a socialist, your resource utopia failed and now you're all dying.
Light production fell 20% from 2018. Propane stocks fell a quarter. Consumption was unchanged while production of everything fell.
Economy is running on inventory and you'll die soon but you can't read so it doesn't matter.
Wow it's almost like mishandling the virus lead to a global recession...
You can keep howling at me, but since I'm a history nerd and a liberal. I really don't care unless you can back that up with credible sources.
Besides. Pft. Oil.
What do I look like texas?

File: Avishai-Taleb.jpg (566 KB, 2560x1745)
566 KB
566 KB JPG
Nation-states suck.
Bring back Empires and local governance.
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>United Korea would have been self-sufficient
No it wouldn't. Korea would be better off if the South absorbed the north.
No it really wouldn’t you neoliberal retard
ok pravda.
An empire is a collection of multiple different nations
different regions would be more accurate

File deleted.
Historywise, Asia was the name of the territory from Anatolia to the Hindu river. It is believed that the word Asia is an old Semitic word.

When was the Far East added to Asia?

Why did the US government in the mid 20th century take the name of that territory and use it as a racial category for Far Easterners? Did China and Japan bribe US politicians for that to happen?
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Where do you see Turkey? That is a map according to the writings by Herodotus. Do you know when he was born? Do you know which foreigners he obsessed the most over? Clearly not if we are to use your posts for indication. Anatolia aka Asia Minor became known as Turkey to some geographers in the 15th century.
You're the person bringing this map. Rather than asking me 20 Questions about Herodotus, why not try bringing ideas of views of your own.

My main point is merely that the peoples of the Far East were simply "added" to Asia as Europeans discovered more about the Asian continent and how far it went.

WRT OP's point, no there was no Chinese or Japanese bribery, just a greater proximity to the United States compared to Western and Southern Asian nations.
Answer the question. Where do you see Turkey?

I know you're a Turk fellating your own ego. Typical pan-Turkshit behavior.
>WRT OP's point, no there was no Chinese or Japanese bribery

There was.
Oriental was the term used that best described what are today called asians for exactly the reasons op describes.
They are the people of the orient, a term used a long time clearly donating the region and defining its people.
Asia is a huge continent of every ethnicity in antiquity other than africans. Saying someone is asian couldnt be any less descriptive. We have merely been trained to associate it with orientals.

At some point someone found Oriental offensive for some reason and logic went out the window.
Kinda how blacks were called negro, then that was offensive. Then colored which refered to thier mixed status like mestizo.
Eventually that was racist.
Then in the civil rights era they wanted to be anti white and black power groups called themselves the opposite, black.
Then that became unacceptable to them, and African American was used. Now that term isn't preferred.
It is not based on science or accuracy but politics.

File: July 8th 040.jpg (394 KB, 1600x1074)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
How likely is it that the Vikings are NOT the first Europeans in North America?
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It's more likely the vikings were driven off by an overwhelming native force then you think people from fucking Norway couldn't handle winter.
Search for "Chachapoya celtic"

3000 years ago, celtic people from NW Spain plus phoenicians from Baleares islands arrived in Peru. Their ceramic and other material culture has triskelsand also phoenician aspect. Their paternal haplogroups are R1b. They lived isolated on top of some mountains to avoid natives.


>80% R1b in tribes with minimal European contact
>No evidence
Why are brown people like this?
The skraelingr genocided them with diseases
File: skyline.jpg (854 KB, 1200x650)
854 KB
854 KB JPG
If it makes you feel better we eventually gave them a reservation on prime real estate.

File: Saddam_Hussein.jpg (16 KB, 252x164)
16 KB
Why didn't Saddam Hussein open a Mesopotamian themed Casino Resort-Hotel?

If anyone could of got in first on Dubai styled luxury tourism built on proceeds of the energy industry, it could of been Saddam Hussein opening up a casino-resort hotel surrounded by a roller coaster filled with zoo animals, but we never got to see this.

Saddam had the dream of creating mirages of a Mesopotamian Oasis, while being a Sumerian Bruce Willis of the Middle East in the role he was allotted to played.

Clearly no one was more fit to lead and establish a multicultural, multiracial, and multireligious Zoroastrian trade centre connecting Europe, Asia, and Africa, ushering in a new age and return of the Annunaki as Saddam revealed his true form, Mega-Saddam, who instead of donning his traditional fedora hat, dons a fedora hat enclosing a circular blade similar to odd jobs hat, while screaming HAHAHAHA, IM THE BIG BABY JEW NOW!! HA-HA-HA-HA! As he waves a flag green and blue featuring the star of David surrounded by a crescent moon.

Why wasn't Saddam, or the subsequent clean up of Iraq establish our ideals of a capitalist, democratic, free market?

If it did, then I have no doubts we would have Saddam's Casino Palace.

You know what the problem is? America never doubled down. We should of always used the power given to us to establish God's order through free market capitalism. Instead, it shuns away from the power it's been given, especially when we consider the outcome of World War 2 and the resulting era. Either before intervention in Iraq or after, we had an opportunity - wonderful feats like Saddam's Casino Palace, featuring authentic Sumerian servants (of both sexes!), temple goddesses, chariot rides, mead & slingshot fights, scorpion fights,plus much more!

We could of had it - but we didn't double down to our true American values.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Why do history nerds have a huge hard-on for this book?

Like, almost as hard as the sci-fi nerds.
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Because its a universe where religion is still important unlike the neo-bhuddist jedi heretics or atheist federation globohomo
>neo-bhuddist jedi heretics
This is basically what religion is in Dune.
But its not retardation. Dune is a bit of a mediocre representation of real life events.

Its silly fantasy.
>orange-catholic bible
>zensunni muslim
They even admitted that the faith in Arrakis is heaily influenced if not outright built by the Bene Gesserit for their members' safety.
>But its not retardation.
It is basic retardation if you think
Dune is a bit of a mediocre representation of real life events.
>Its silly fantasy.
has ANYTHING to do with this.

File: 91MBDAHd9wL.jpg (749 KB, 1600x2434)
749 KB
749 KB JPG
So, what are you reading?
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File: Capture1.png (445 KB, 769x1251)
445 KB
445 KB PNG
I've had to grab a few screencaps from Amazon, but here's a few things I thought were wrong (black lines separate passages). Feel free to tell me if I've misread or am wrong. Highlights include:

* Persia was the main military focus of Rome after Trajan
* Hints of the "Rome fell because it stopped expanding" trope. And even if it's not completely wrong, the price edict issued by Diocletian was due to hyperinflation, not declining tax revenues
* Diocletian preferred to represent himself as a farmer (???) and retired because he was tired of running the empire (???) and this is an indication of Rome's decline
Thanks, anonbro.
I don't read, I only watch YouTube videos and some Wikipedia battle boxes.
this guy writes so beautifully, i was unironically moved to tears at several points in this
How much cope is in this?

Why did the Germans love this guy so much?
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>if anything this just further prove he was a anglo-kike double agent sent to fuck over germany harder than last time
Do not attack and destroy the british at Dunkirk.
Attack Russia, which was a suicidal move.
I mean, if one thinks about it, it is pretty obvious. Mission accomplished, in 1945, Germany was no more. It never recovered.
I don't think he was, but he nonetheless achieved what an anglo-kike agent would have wanted to achieve for his masters. Call it accidental mastery.
I think he was. Also, reminder of the Haavara agrement. Adolf Schicklegruber-Rothschild was a powerful zionist.
I suspect the true origin of the nazi word comes from national ZIONISM.
You're thinking about it too hard. A bunch of guys and girls in the desert thought killing each other was stupid and they were good at telling stories and being good with handling resources.
The multi-millenarian sanhedrin is strong in race. Everything is happening as planned. The God-king solomon will be inducted into his blood. For what was always meant to happen, will happen, forever.

File: 71-I7eDgrSS.jpg (193 KB, 1650x2550)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Why did the Church stop discussing demonology?
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
At some point the church realized that a lot of the issues that people were suffering from were more to do with mental illness than demonic posession and that not only exorcisims were a waste of time but also didn't give the church a good look either.
You are just fueling their delusions when you say shit like this. This is how women act when they are mentally ill and get together, see any wicca or naturist/druidist larping.

It's symbolic, against what they believe to be opressive, if anything they are exercising their free will in a radical manner to convey the pedopriest morals don't apply to them.

Myself i despise them and believe them to be mentally ill degenerates, but i UNDERSTAND this is 100% human behaviour exercised in a very dramatic way.
>unironically believing in spooky invisible monsters
When I read the words of Jesus by myself, I read nothing remotely close to "madness".
Demons are real.

They became like the world, abandoned the truth.

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