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File: 1675529924351561.jpg (76 KB, 975x850)
76 KB
>there are people in the year of Our Lord 2000 + 20 + 3 who still believe a Hebrew Old Testament written centuries after Christ by rabbinic Jews is more valid than the greek translation the Lord Himself used
Go back to /lit/

What is the Meaning of Life, based off of everything we know of humans throughout history? Who have the happiest individuals/civilizations been? How are we all "meant" to live, like as Marcus Aurelius said "in accordance with nature", but what IS our nature?

I feel like in the modern era we're so far removed from how we're supposed to be living, how we were "designed" to live (not by God, but by Evolution, assuming you don't consider the two to be essentially the same)? I just want to be happy, bros. What am I meant to do, how am I supposed to live, to be truly happy? Not just artificial hollow happiness from drugs for example. Am I just screwed because there's no way I can be part of a tribe of hunters and gatherers anymore? Am I just screwed because the modern culture/society is crazy and perverted, and raising a family seems way too expensive for most people (and statistically fewer and fewer young people hare having sex in the first place leading to eventual demographic collapse). What, if anything, can history teach us in this regard?
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there's the flaw in human logic. you think everything needs to be created by something. if you think you're clever and the answer is God, apply the same question to that: "Who or what created that God?" and then "Who or what created that thing that created God?" If you go down that route, it's infinite regression, and human logic breaks down. If you say "God is an effect without a cause", well, you just broke your own logic of causation, and if you can do that then you might as well use occam's razor and skip the added step of a creator and say the universe always existed instead of being created.

Logic is fun, eh? :^)
what about the Buddhists and their claims that desire is the cause of suffering and the key is to essentially reduce desire as much as humanly possible to become enlightened? to quiet the mind?
But do they not DESIRE to have no desires? This simply is not a universal imperative. For various reasons they feel as though their desires lead to no good. It is not a matter of logic. They simply dislike life and having desires, whereas people like me love desires. It’s not even the object of my desires that I love, but the desire itself, the feeling of wanting more. And this can never be escaped, even by the greatest of Buddhists, because they never actually reach enlightenment. They are always stuck in the desire to cease desires. I know this because they still eat, which could only happen if they still desired to satisfy their hunger. So they preach about the superiority of a state of existence that they haven’t even reached yet. To me it is no different than a Christian who prays and find exceeding joy in the idea of going to heaven one day. It is all just a self-delusion, squeezing every last drop of relief that comes with abandoning all your earthly duties, convincing yourself that you’re in the right. How does any of this fit within the theory of evolution? Why should an organism want to cease all desires? Buddhists don’t deny biology, so they should know that desires come from within us. So even their desire to be losers has an explanation, which is their absurd belief that they will be gods in a next life. The concept of karma is all you need to know to understand that it’s just another fantasy religion that relies on faith. There’s a Buddhist monk that does AMA’s on 4chan and he acts all high and mighty (lowly and peaceful), but when you ask him he masturbates, a cardinal sin in Buddhism, he dances around the question. It is all one big joke, a cope for people who feel too powerless to find happiness in the most natural and normal ways. Just like antinatalism and nihilism, it is a subjective problem, their own deluded and unhealthy perspective. But in the end they all still have preferences, they all seek power in some way…
>But do they not DESIRE to have no desires?

Let me stop you there: no. There's literally an entire thing in Buddhism that deals with this problem beginners often have. Multiple koans. You don't desire to become enlightened, you just become enlightened. It's a realization of something that was in you all along. Desiring to attain it fucks you over basically. It would take too long to get into detail but you can google it if you want to go down the rabbit hole. Desiring to not desire is, itself, a desire and self-defeating.
That’s bullshit. The Buddhist novice has the conception of being enlightened and without desire, so he desires to attain that state. You can argue that at some point, the enlightened person no longer cares about being enlightened, but just is enlightened, but they all have to first desire enlightenment, which is why they have to follow certain rules of behavior. But I don’t think anyone’s actually enlightened or they would sit still and starve to death.

File: 1667771707308298.png (58 KB, 300x300)
58 KB
did you know that during the Spanish Civil War, many Anglos sided with the Republicans (they were working together with the Soviets to subvert Spain) and fought for them. The Anglos ultimately got CRUSHED and EMASCULATED by Spanish Nationalists.
get right out of town no way
>Spanish Civil Wars
rent free

what is there to be proud of? they only won wars against weaker and less populous countries (Poland, France, Denmark in some sense Austria, Czechia and Lithuania) while the first real enemy with similar strength showed them their place
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File: DaPyKClXUAA2Tb_.jpg (186 KB, 1080x1071)
186 KB
186 KB JPG

lmao even
Winning the battle of France, the pre-empting of the British landing in Norway, and the early successes of Barbarossa. That's about it.
Not him, but it's not quite all. For instance, when Rome took on the Diodochi states, it was slightly less populous and wealthy than they were, although were generally able to field more manpower in the field through more efficient extraction systems.
>Winning the battle of France

>a stronger and more populous country defeated a weaker and less populous one

literally WOW
Britain defeated more populous Indian states, Spanish defeated more populous native American states, countless examples of David defeating Goliath but not even one in case of Third Reich yet it gets praised as if Hitler was Alexander the Great

I would unironically support putting him on new hundred dollar bills, wish that wasn't a hoax. He contributed more to American society than Benjamin Franklin ever did desu
File: Benjamin Franklin.jpg (91 KB, 737x899)
91 KB
God forbid!
literally who?
walt disney, schizos love him because they think the epcot center was the blueprints for a communist utopia

File: crucifix.jpg (1.51 MB, 2448x3264)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
Question for Christians:
If the New Testament was really an astrological parable, would you still have the same relationship to it?
File: Hebrews-12-2.jpg (505 KB, 1100x637)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
it's only author jesus christ's novel he wrote.
Yes me loves His characters. Working now on His autobiography.

The actual winner of the Cold War
Jews won the cold war, they have won every war since WW1
yep. it's sad to say but indeed, they won the american universities, the american government, and even the "american" corporations.

File: Sasanian-empire-Shapur-I.jpg (233 KB, 1600x1067)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
What went wrong?

Who are some of historys biggest goofballs?
But was he really a serial killer? Same with Elizabeth Bathory.
>But was he really a serial killer?
File: ChristianVII_Denmark.jpg (57 KB, 610x203)
57 KB
> His court physicians were especially worried by his frequent masturbation.
>When he was a boy, he and a gang of other youths loved to trawl the streets of Copenhagen and attack anyone they came across.
>Disturbingly, it’s said that Christian’s weapon of choice during these attacks was a spiked club.
>If one of his councillors said something that displeased him, the king would often respond by slapping them hard across the face.

File: 0f4 (1).jpg (49 KB, 770x600)
49 KB
Why did it take Christianity to convince people that being kind and friendly to others is good? That seems like a very common sense thing that doesn't have to be grounded in fairy tales of resurrection
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why would it be good? being "kind and friendly" is a good way to be seen as weak by your fellow apes
No it wasn't dude. The golden rule is thousands of years older than christ
Based. Christcucks bfto.
If everyone was kind and friendly itd be fucking great. Thats what heaven would be like
i completely agree but that's just not how people work sadly, and these days when people ostensibly are, they're actually unwittingly using it as a method of totalitarian control

Was Michail Botvinnik the greatest scammer in the history of competitive endeavours at the international level?
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Kaspacuck was popular in West of course because he was CIA paid agent which is why he moved to West in 1990 year and speak English
He retired from competitive play in 1970, still a strong player as he was pushing 60, to devote himself to his pet project of trying to use computers to improve the efficiency of the planned Soviet economy. Like most communist true believers, the Soviet collapse in the early 90s was very hard on him but he continued working on compsci projects until he died in 1995 at 83. He was working until almost the end despite failing eyesight.
then I just push d4 and don't make the Botvinnik turtle.
Botvinnik was an engineer by profession; it was his day job and chess was more of a hobby of his than his sole existence like Fischer or someone like that. yet one always notices that those grandmasters who live to be old have a more well-balanced life while the ones who die early like Fischer or Alekhine were the guys who really had no life outside of chess.
+15 Putintokens for this post

File: Paymaster.jpg (33 KB, 365x360)
33 KB
I want to compile a list of texts for a European political context. Most of the lists I find start out well, but eventually veer towards the United States and Libertarianism, which just isn't relevant to us.


Pic unrelated
The Vedas, Zend-Avesta, Bible, Tao Te Ching, Tripitaka, Mormon & Qur'an books; Volumes 1-8;
are simple Cryptography of the Tabernacle (Mishkan) of God and the Golden Plates locations.


Read the "Superbook of Superfaith" (hardcover):

Volume 1. The Vedas, authors Arjuna & Krishna
Volume 2. Zend-Avesta, authors Maidhyoimanha & Zoroaster
Volume 3. Old Testament, authors Haroun & Musa
Volume 4. Tao Te Ching, authors Laozi & Confucius
Volume 5. Tripitaka, authors Gautama & Buddha
Volume 6. New Testament, authors Yahya & Isa

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Saint Paul.jpg (197 KB, 900x675)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
>There is neither Jew nor Greek.
Why is this statement so hard for Christians on /his/ to accept?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
There is neither Jew nor Greek because we should genocide both of these disgusting subhuman med races
I'm not keen on accepting globo abrahomo.
WOW Paul must have also been literally denying the existence of slavery and the different sexes in the same verse.
he obviously means in the eyes of god, not that biology doesn't real
why are many acclaimed atheists evangelical retards when it comes to the matter of ethnicity yet laugh at evangelical retards for not believing in evolution? obviously there's a difference between idolizing it and simply recognizing its importance though, if society collapsed tomorrow i'm sure they would sooner let a negro christian in rather than a caucasian leftoid
t. agnostic
Are you sure about that, the only ones I see seething about Jews are atheists crying about the fact Jesus was Jewish

File: is-126.jpg (23 KB, 500x585)
23 KB
What attracted people to the ideology of shi'ism?
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Blade to the throat.
Who the hell is muck tar all the coffee?
Every sect 's a corruption of the original message of the Great Prophets, with the exception of Sufism. Shia was invented by the Jesuits in the [16th Century CE] in consolidating their control over Iran. Sunni 's a corruption of Sufi.
>a minor sect
>center of first two civil wars
>major factor in the Abbasid revolution
>major political influence in the abbasid caliphate
>shia groups like the ismailis and qarmatians cause the abbasids to terminally decline
>shia buyids take over and become the regional power
>massive profileration in the post mongol islamic world
>tons of armed shia sufi groups rise up gain influence and in some cases set up states (sarbadars)
>eventually one of the safaviss would establish an empire
Minor sect my ass
One of the most important and influencial early islamic figures. His rebellion failed but ideas were long lasting. His supporters would be the backbone of the Abbasid revolution and he was the one who established many of the concepts future historical figures would use the most important being the mahdi

Which european country has the most kino ancient history?
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File: colossusofrhodes.jpg (291 KB, 600x851)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
I was born one. You will never be a man, just a pathetic little boy.
you're the obese troon that knows how to inspect element
You just keep looking more and more like an underaged fool.
are you obsessed with age because you regret being a 30+ years old tranny freak?

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