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>end quote
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>the Nazis... are like the early, mid-20th century version... of the Nazis
Hopefully when hes done shitting around w WW2 in two years he can do some episodes on obscure topics. The best HH have been about shit like that, like the reformation one with the city cult
File: George-Carlin.jpg (184 KB, 1280x1600)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>Now you folks at home might be wondering, c'mon, another fucking podcast? I need that shit like I need a third asshole

>but I'm a pretty complicated guy. Between smoking weed and bitching on cable TV, I like to do a little readin'. Readin' about NAZIS yeah the fuckin NAZIS. Thats the big word isnt it? Everyones a fuckin Nazi these days, cant walk out the front door without either finding a Nazi march going on or some dickless liberal talking about Nazis, you'd think it was the fucking 1930s all over again. The nerve of these fuckin people.

>So this Hitler guy. Real interesting character. Art school dropout, always shouting, he shoulda gone down the peaceful path and become a fucking comedian. Instead, he fucked his cousin and took meth. Thats just the path HE chose.

>So I'm reading this book on the fuckin dude, and it says and I QUOTE;
"Hitler hated dancing, and when he learned that the object of affection loved dancing, he flew into a rage. 'When she is wedded to me, the last thing she will want to do is dance'. Historians are divided on the topic of whether or not Hitler's hatred of dancing came from repressing his latent homosexuality, or if he was just a regular fuckin stick in the mud asshole"
>now folks, nobody wants to be heard on tape saying "I agree with Hitler on that", but...I fucking totally agree with Hitler on dancing. Dancing looks fucking ridiculous
absolute kino

File: H0046-L144747824.jpg (123 KB, 750x1048)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Who is America's greatest general?
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Patton or Robert Lee, tough choice.
Something only effective against static targets like cities, and even then less effective than copious amounts of napalm.
Pulaski and Kosciuszko.
rip in peace

Tell me about Native American navies. Was their naval warfare kino?
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They actually had marines in the upper north. The Vikings left because they had fuckers swimming under the boats and dragging people into the water to stab them to death. Small scale war can also be impressive and at times more brutal. Most native groups were either only interested in going to nearby islands or down rivers. They didn't need a bigger navy because there was nothing over the ocean as far as they knew and if you don't have to build a bigger boat to win why would you? Warfare ritualizes and grows smaller scale with isolation. Happened in Japan, happened (for a while) in England in between the fall of Rome and the Viking wars.
The vikings massacred the natives so bad that when the basques arrived in nova scotia, the beothuk fled into the woods and starved to death rather than once more face (what the beothuk thought) were vikings
>Happened in Japan
Wow sounds believable
Can I get a source on this? I'm quite curious because it would kind of fly in the face of what my impression was of why the Norse never made a proper permanent settlement.

File: 1620645026950.jpg (253 KB, 943x847)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
I unironically don't play video games. Is this normal?
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But its entirely your fault for getting taken in by this shit.
I was a miserable person like I am now long before I came on here. This place just suits me. I even go weeks or months where I don't go on here, it's just a way to kill time sometimes.
Wow he's literally me
No, they are for kids.
anjoy your alzheimers

File: The Sumerians.jpg (42 KB, 333x499)
42 KB
What's your favourite books on the ME/Persian/Mediterranean world pre-Alexanders the Great's conquests? For example Sumers, Babylon, Achaemenids, etc.
that's a fucked way to spell middle east
Ancient Iraq by Georges Roux
Western Mediterranean world had lots of stuff happen pre alexanders conquests, I'm interested in that too.
I liked this one when I read it, its definitely beginner friendly

>Holy shit I hate J
Is there anyone more based than the khan?
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Man Fuck dem yellow ass asian craKKKas dey be stealin our history
CHENGIZ HAN was a WHITE man, nigga he wuz a Blonde Headed Blue Eyed aryan ass nigga deez rice niggas dey be mmmhhhmmmmm dey be stealin our history cuz we beat dey chinky asses mhhhhmmmm das rite
yes genghis khan have orange hair and beard
probably have turk ancestry
turks are scythian
Why ricels idolize Genghis Khan? Most ricels out there are Chinese, Genghis Khan was Mongolian. He was like East Asia's worst enemy back then.
there's not contemporary descriptions of him, the earliest ones come about 50 years after his death from kublai in china (op's pic) and a description in rashid al-din's history book jami al-tawarikh (written for ghazan khan) which said he had red hair and blue/green eyes.




Prove to me Mohammad was a pedophile
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what is wrong with that? do americans really?
>at that time
it's still normal to fuck 18 year olds
File: 1619806251965.jpg (48 KB, 1280x720)
48 KB
>She was 6569 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes old, you SICK FUCK
Are you not?
File: 1604071364553.jpg (165 KB, 577x583)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
age of consent will forever be a nonsensical, arbitrary meme law with no basis in reality fueled by the seething tears of women too retarded to understand that they will never be able to compete with youth
In Muhammad's defense, that was the norm at the time.
We can't judge past events with the lens of the present day.

>"Hurr durr your future children might suffer!"
Okay. I'll teach my children to find joy even in suffering. It is a choice to perceive suffering as suffering.
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We hate you and inshallah we behead you kuffars and take your country
It's fine. We welcome all.
>Broward county gets drowned along with the rest of Miami.
>Florida becomes the jewel of the south because urbanites died off and taxes become nonexistent.

Gods plan against the Jews and leeches.
>you can find meaning in suffering!!!
This is such a massive natalist cope. Biological creatures are literally condensations of internalized oppression. A species must adapt to survive and all these external forces exert pressure on beings to survive and reproduce. It is entirely negative. Nature puts people in this dilemma. What value does survival and reproduction even have? None. It's only releif from the anxieties of failure. It's a decision between a bad life and a possibly less bad life if you struggle for it. The third way is to neutralize life which would have no negatives. Fourth way is some type of brain in vat transhumanism that just injects drugs into you 24/7. The logic holds that biological life as we know it should not exist.
File: 1615647171593.jpg (23 KB, 255x255)
23 KB

File: 1619371393232.jpg (23 KB, 500x333)
23 KB
>750 word essay on Ancient Egypt due Thursday
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>>750 word
Lol that’s nothing teacher might have well assigned it the next day

>essay on Ancient Egypt
Based have fun.

Dang look at this bad boy who has harder work
[Deleted] Anonymous (ID: ffpnZf+g) 10/31/15(Sat)16:39:35 No.750>>11092789
>>99 (Dead)
I support this.
what did he mean by this
Wait a second his used to have flags and IDs what the fuck

> 750 words
> essay

File: gorky.jpg (1.79 MB, 2579x3756)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG

File: 1620060194478.jpg (54 KB, 1342x549)
54 KB
What should be the standard for a citation?
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Whats the standard where you just write " (Firstname Lastname 2012) " and why is that acceptable
It's not where I'm writing it's what I'm writing. I was taught that a history thesis is APA, Experiments are Chicago style, and research papers are something else. It alters for each type of writing. It's a lot to keep track of so I just have a book of citation styles and when to use them.
WHERE is this from?
At my university, most faculties use chicago 17th. Only medicine school wants to be special and they use some medicine citation style.
Depends on the journal

File: Types of Threads.png (683 KB, 600x1025)
683 KB
683 KB PNG
How can a high level of discourse in history and the humanities be maintained?
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crypto-fascist nazi chud because history should be about the acquistion and spread of knowledge about the past with no moral compass involved, just facts, reason and theory?
Mural from the first Council of Ephesus, 16th century.
It's so tranquil. :]
>Colonialism why it was good
based only good thread
there's a thread on alternate history now, why....That's not history!

File: 432.jpg (24 KB, 462x402)
24 KB
What are non-memeish books that deal with human nature?

To know the typical prejudices and motivations of people to act in a certain way in a certain environment and a certain circumstance?

With an emphasis on intra-human aggression, and studies the racial, ethnic and other motivations that drive intolerance, hatred and violence between humans.

In a way that you can derive general laws from.

e.g. Don't befriend your co-workers. Don't shit where you eat. Don't wife a (certain type of person). This person is more likely to partake in violence, etc.

Laws of Human by Robert Greene, is that good?

Should I post this in /his/ or /lit/?
I have tried to study the behaviors of people around me. I feel like the generic tri-classification of social classes is misleading. Each social class has a subclass within it.

Low Class people:
- Educated lower class people are more likely to secure financial security and move up in their social class as their finances improve. Certain beliefs could inhibit this, though.
- "Uneducated lower class" has a transactional view of the world, has visceral disdain for anyone who is above them in quality of life, their lives revolve around exploiting others, parasitic vicious circle. They have no standards and they befriend people that boost the feedback loop of poverty, which slowly conditions that person to progress from neighborhood quarrels to outright gang activity.

I am scared about one thing: abstract things like human nature can never be studied as accurately as STEM fields, so how do I know what I am reading is real, in the practical real life world we live in?

File: Gorbachev_(cropped).png (942 KB, 753x1004)
942 KB
942 KB PNG
What exactly was Gorbachev trying to accomplish?
27 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
The structural problems that would eventually shatter it were there from the inception of the Soviet system and especially of the planned economy.
He was backstabbed by (((nationalists))) to be fair.
He should just killed the separatists, carpet nuke the capitalist west and Moscow and move his capital of leadership to Novgorod and profess himself God emperor's the peoples' will and become the new royalty of the soviet superpower
China wasn't saddled with a massive obsolete industrial base, poor connectivity, no diaspora, no demographic dividend, no developed countries near it, the ethnic issues, the incompatibility of the population's skillset with the global market, heavy dependence upon commodity rents, an unreformed agricultural sector, etc.
The parts of China which are closest to the old USSR in structure and economy, the areas where Maoist industrialisation had its highest influence (the northeast, the west) are China's economic laggards.
He was a traitor. Him and his wifey sold Soviet Union for billions of promises (most of which did not materialize).
Usual traitor, believed in Club of Rome and DC lies.
Clueless in the economy too.

>"sola scriptura bro, it's God's word afterall"
>"except the parts we don't like lol don't worry about those"
>*extrapolates super specific meaning from vague bible verse that somehow condemns Catholicism*
24 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't understand how protestants can continue to deny that their faith more closely resembles the progressive ideas of the enlightenment in which their views were born than it does anything found in historical christinaity Even secular scholars universally awknolwedge this
The only reason one needs to know pr*testantism is shit is that it was invented by a g*rm
>implying l*ther ever thought about that
He just wanted to screw a nun.
The only miracle Francis has done is not getting his heretic self assassinated for being faggot bitch.
>gets answer
>doesn't like it so ignores and continues attack
Typical prot

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