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File: StandardConvertodox.png (805 KB, 956x1280)
805 KB
805 KB PNG
How do we solve the e-orthodox larp? How do we get them to stop acting like this?
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>John Romanides.
He is pretty eccentric even by Orthodox standards, isn't he? They seem especially uncharitable to all Western saints. Not just Augustine (or they don't even consider him a saint, I think).
>What is that
Is it a boy or girl?
Hi Lewis
His teachings are pretty prevalent among western clergy and laity(both convert and cradle); I also know that they teach his stuff in their seminaries in the west. Half will deny that he is a saint while the other half will begrudgingly acknowledge that he is a saint but will then say that he is a lame theologian. But yeah they also have a strong dislike of western pre-schism saints in general.
The flag says boy

File: reagan_flags.jpg (617 KB, 3000x2337)
617 KB
617 KB JPG
Why did everyday people vote twice for someone so vehemently against their own interests a d well being?
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OK retard
File: forced bussing.jpg (245 KB, 1000x659)
245 KB
245 KB JPG

The Dems burned their bridge with average White Americans and instead promoted and pushed every fringe kook Left movement going.
File: forced bussing 1972.png (1.38 MB, 1135x1059)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG

I'm 55 years old and remember my dad taking me with him to the school to protest with hundreds of other parents against the forced bussing plans the Dems were trying to push down our throats.
File: Forced-Bussing.jpg (311 KB, 2017x1175)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
>everybody was retarded
>i'm so heckin' smart

File: mqdefault.jpg (21 KB, 320x180)
21 KB
Given every Pole has conditional citizenship in Poland as an escape pod, can the Poles ever be truly loyal to their host countries?
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>starts spamming counter-threads because they’re offended that an anon made a thread about israeli dual loyalty
>actually it turns out that they don’t even deny the premise of the original thread, they just don’t want goyim talking about it >>15140406
>there is only one jew who frequents /his/
>using a previous thread as a template for another thread to mock or highlight logical inconsistency in the original thread has not been common practice on every board for almost two decades now
Not only are you completely unfamiliar with chan culture, but you're woefully incapable of seeing the immense irony in your own asshurt.
>there is only one jew who frequents /his/
Nobody said this.
>using a previous thread as a template for another thread to mock or highlight logical inconsistency in the original thread has not been common practice on every board for almost two decades now
That's an irrelevant point.
You literally don't even need to believe in the rootless cosmopolitan stuff at this.
Israel has a noted policy of weaponizing its diaspora, Particularly within the united states, to get both them, and a lobbied portion of the US government to support Israeli-Nationalism / Zionism.

It's genuinely that simple.
"It's all about the Benjamin's" - As that Somali women that got censured by the US legislature said.
>Tons of American intelligence employees have been caught spying for other countries
Yeah and literally only one of them has had a massive decadeslong international campaign for their release, supported by celebrities, politicians, and intellectuals the world over. Can you guess what his ethnicity is?

Shit, forgot about the Rosenbergs.

File: ch.png (776 KB, 758x947)
776 KB
776 KB PNG
From comics to books to TV to movies to tourism it seems like China is dwarfed by everyone else on the market. Is it because they're hovering between public enemy ranks #1-3 in the western world, or do they just suck at producing content?
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No but anons keep shilling the China by claming that their all turbo Trads who care for each other and that the pozzed Westerns are too atomized and independent
>These are Confucian values, the mother must look after the daughter and the daughter must be respectful to the mother,
Nope, those are pretty basic Christian values.
Your post is like if I described Gone with the Wind and acted like it's super deep and that Asian people could never understand it without being raised in the antebellum south lmao
Ah-so, this is genuine, honest, American citizen perspective! Me know, me see him many times in New York Province! Him eye so round! So American! Such huge pee-pee! Him is proud member of American branch of CCP long time! Me see him many times with beloved Paramount Leader Biden!
The Chinaman probably thinks every culture is inferior to Chinese culture, whilst having never actually experienced other cultures.
Typical Chinese fashion desu.
I shall remind people: the Chinese characters for 'China' can be interpreted as 'centre of the earth'. As in, China is the central country of the planet earth.

A Christmas Carol is already deeper than his film.
File: gigachad.jpg (13 KB, 360x450)
13 KB
>The Chinaman probably thinks every culture is inferior to Chinese culture, whilst having never actually experienced other cultures.

Where do people get the impression that China was conquered countless times?
China was 100% taken over by a foreign ruler exactly twice in history, both times were epochal events still remembered, whereas for a place like Egypt it's just another Saturday.
China was conquered by: Mongols, Manchus
Korea was conquered by: Chinese, Mongols, Manchus, Japanese
Egypt was conquered by: Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Turks, Brits
Iraq was conquered by: Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Turks, Brits, Americans
Iran was conquered by: Greeks, Arabs, Turks
India was conquered by: Greeks, Turks, Afghans, Brits
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china confirmed the most raped country in history
China is an entire race. The European race has never been conquered.
Even if you do
>blonde steppe men
Even then the Corded Ware people did not conquer all of pre-IE Europe.

Han Chinese have never been conquered then.

Vietnamese are literal Chinese rapebabies

The Tran dynasty in Vietnam was founded by Han Chinese men (Chen Jing aka Tran Kinh) from Fujian province and they invited fellow Han from Southern Song Fujian to move to Vietnam and crush the Mongol army in 1288.

Han emperors ruled Vietnam during the Yuan dynasty.


Your ancestors were raped by Mongols, Magyar, Avars and Turks committed mass rape up to Vienna.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> the Mongols (never took the island capital of Korea), or

Korea was formally annexes into the Mongol empire as an internal kingdom.

The Mongols did this in China and by this logic China was never conquered since there were sub vassal kingdoms in China like Dali and Bozhou.

Mongols agreed to leave local rulers in China as internal feudal vassals, like the Kingdom of Dali in Yunnan ruled by the Duan family, Tusi states in Guizhou like the chiefdom of Bozhou ruled by the Yang family, the Confucius Kong Duke Yansheng family in Quzhou etc, the idiqut Kingdom of Qocho in Turfan which were under the Yuan dynasty.

Mongol forces never besieged Bozhou and its Hailongtun castle,it was left alone when it was admitted into the empire

Bozhou was ruled by the Han Chinese origin Yang family and Dali was ruled by the Han Chinese origin Duan family.

The Zhuang Tusi chiefs of the Cen family which ruled Guangxi chiefdoms claimed Han ancestry which anti-Chinese spammers keep bringing up whenever Zhuang do anything bad.

File: IMG_0238.png (748 KB, 600x1192)
748 KB
748 KB PNG

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Are Christians persecuted in the the US more than other religions?
File: 1685816969922.jpg (1.51 MB, 1443x2048)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
Do people actually find this shit funny?
Yeah it’s fucking hilarious
Very, actually

File: Roman_Empire_Trajan_117AD.png (381 KB, 2534x1614)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
Why does /his/ refuse to admit her glory and greatness?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Contrarians, but it doesn't matter. Its glory and greatness speaks for itself and permeates every aspect of the modern world
Retarded contrarians who think that by having the exact opposite opinions as others regarding every conceivable event, issue and topic somehow doesn’t make them “sheep” or “part of the Jew/Fascist system”. Among the most insufferable fags out there
If enough people shit on Rome, will it become cool and contrarian to love it again?
No, because retarded contrarianism will never be cool, and loving Rome always will be.
German rapebaby descendants pissed that their ancestors couldnt continue the great legacy of rome and just shat all over it instead with their barbarian ''kingdoms''

God or Son of God? What’s the difference? How can you be both? What the fuck does it mean?
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Being God = Member of Trinity
Son of God (the Father)
mumbo jumbo
More like member of the troonity
Stop being like a Pharisee. Don't think. Feel God's love instead.
oh ok

CCP refuses to excavate the rest of the Qin tomb because it all has been already destroyed by the party & people. All we have left are terracotta, everything else has been looted, burned or destroyed by botched attempts at archeology
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>Qin Bamboo Annals
>disputed authenticity

oh man, you mean the 20,000 slips discovered in 2003? That number is ten times more slips than had ever been discovered up till that point.

other than that one point of doubt, good information it's not easy to find these things out
>in 2003.
The Qin Bamboo Annals was discovered in the 70s THOUGH
>those skulls
Slimmed down Mateo Salvini and the ex-PM of Finland. Dynastic politician families still going strong to this day.

"Since the first bamboo slip was found at Liye ancient town on June 4, it has attracted much attention from scholars. China unearthed no more than 2,000 bamboo slips in the 20th century. This is the first time that over 20,000 bamboo slips dating from the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-476BC) and Western Han Dynasty (206BC-25AD) were discovered at one time, said Gao Chongwen, head of the School of Archaeology of Peking University, in great excitement."

>(Xinhua News Agency, translated by Li Jinhui, July 19, 2002)
all of your ludicrous claims

File: 1685803837170393.jpg (59 KB, 437x701)
59 KB
>I fucking love history

post psued-core works of pop-his

Why can't people just admit the intelligence and race go hand in hand
Because we are about to prove that it's not only nonwhites who can fail at economics with inflation and debt. When the master race also prints their economies into oblivion, nobody lives in brick houses so they can't throw stones
Economics doesn't erase history and genetic data rabbi
There's no relation between IQ and race if every race is shit except the Hebrews of course.
Goyim are all animals

File: E-CxXzZWUAACOze.jpg (41 KB, 640x628)
41 KB
>"I'm a history buff myself"
>only knows about World War 2 military operations
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
This conversation never took place btw.
Pre-mongolian russia
if you consider the scale of the event and how unknown it for it's scale: The Late Bronze Age Collapse
Historical knowledge is not judged by the broadness of the area of knowledge or knowing irrelevant compared to relevant shit, if someone has a phd tier understanding of ww2 that's much more impressive than someone who has a surface level knowledge of the last 2000 years.
Polands ultimatum to Lithuania in 1939 will shake even the most veteran ww2 self proclaimed experts

File: 1682512720777472.jpg (11 KB, 250x201)
11 KB
How is "Han Chinese" considered an ethnicity, when they all speak different mutually unintelligible languages and have different phenotypes?
>th-they're all sinitic!
Okay? So, what, Persians, Russians, Armenians, Indians, Spaniards, Americans and Englishmen are all one ethnicity because they all speak Indo-European languages? What?

Someone explain the reasoning.
What's the difference?
It basically just means "Us."

Obviously Chinese people have differences with one another, but they still shared some things in common that they didn't with steppeniggers, Southeast Asians, and later, Europeans.

It's like asking why the different Europeans who settled in America decided they were all "white," or why the special snowflake Eskimo tribes came to consider themselves one people(ish).
>when they all speak different mutually unintelligible languages
young generation all speak mandarin
>and have different phenotypes
arr rook same

File: 1669565333178550.jpg (255 KB, 730x1095)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
>read about Basil II
>turns out he is a fucking psycho
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Saw a guy dressed as him in roblox last night. Kek.
Do you play the napoleonic war too? Shits funny ngl
>turns out he is a fucking psycho
Wait, you actually believe he blinded thousands of people after the battle of kleidion?
From the 6th century Rome was a shithole, reaching a population as low as 20k
>read about Basil II
>turns out he is fucking based

File: 1685792371658435.jpg (538 KB, 2160x1080)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
What american nazis don't realize is that Hitler would have nuked america if he had the chance, and they all, along with their families, would be dead.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>NYC and DC get nuked
Oh no, how terrible for the average American
sir pls no fuck my ass with gay technology choice oh heavens now both sides want my ass which ass fucking would impact the world’s ass hole less
File: 1683989488390.jpg (606 KB, 767x1060)
606 KB
606 KB JPG
Hitler repeatedly wanted peace. But he was an idiot and played into the international jewish banker war mongers' hands. Then he ran away to Argentina to let Germany and the German people to be raped and destroyed by psychopathic jews in both the USSR and the Western Allies.

>everything is about my fake jewish war to kill off slavs
Nazi ideology was based on the concept of killing everyone including the young so when the young grow up they wouldn't be able to take revenge.
more often what they dont' realize is the US government in the 1940s was not retarded / judaized, and knew the score on negros even MORESO than the nazis.

File: e66~2.png (313 KB, 680x454)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
It's stupid for people to try to bring sub saharan Africans into civilization. They neither want civilization or are capable of it.

Why do people keep making this mistake historically?
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Pages 30c-33c of the Dresden codex are a Venus-Mercury almanac. The 2340-day length of the Venus-Mercury almanac is a close approximation of the synodic periods of Venus (4 x 585) and Mercury (20 x 117). The Almanac also refers to the summer solstice and the Haab' uayeb ceremonies for the tenth century AD.[49]
Building 22 at Copan is called the Venus temple because Venus symbols are inscribed on it. It has a narrow window that can be used to observe Venus on certain dates.[59][60]

The Governors Palace at Uxmal differs 30° from the northeast alignment of the other buildings. The door faces southeast. About 4.5 km from the door is a pyramidal hill, from where Venus northerly extremes could be observed over the Governor's Palace.[61] The cornices of the building have hundreds of masks of Chaac with Venus symbols under the eyelids.[62]
Nice imaginary debates you're having in your head, tranny. Back to leftypol
7 hours late lol.
Ok i'll admit. Tenochtitlan was the greatest city of it's time. But if l'd rather live in a place like kumasi with plumbing and daily street cleanings than most "pour a bucket of literal shit into the streets" that were all across Europe at this time.

>Dreden codex

I was hoping you'd use this one. See pic. The dhlo-dhlo monolith is in many ways more accurate. That Pic Is the number of days Saturn is observable.

Although the dresden codex is in many ways more accurate the dhlo-dhlo monolith. For example it more accurately predicts the total orbit of Saturn.

Again: I think there's an argument to be made the meso-americans/Andeans were more advanced. But I don't think it's nearly as much of a blow out as alot of people think.

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