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>its so strange how perfectly was Earth made for human life!

How do you call this argument fallacy? Confusing cause and consequence? Observational bias? I encountered this so many times when talking with religiousfolk and i can explain why its stupid easily, but it feels it never gets through, so how to simply and effectively explain the faulty logic there?
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You're certainly wrong
All this thread proves is how gay and feminine sceptics are.
Where do you think water came from, ofc we aren't.
Water? It's just oxygen with hydrogen coming together in space dust condensing into comets.

How do we solve the Synoptic Problem?
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Why would they be? And if so, why let someone else take credit for it?
Literally schizo
>Doesn't that show that it's true?
It shows someone copied their homework
>Early church fathers insist Matthew was circulated first, I'm rolling with that.
So what the fuck is Mark?
Did someone just take Matthew, lobotomized it, and rewrote passages to make them sound worse and more clunky?
earliest sources say mark was peters scribe. justin even refers to the gospel of mark as peter’s memoir. and there’s testimony earlier than that. I mean how early do you want to get here man? what will satisfy you?

>Bishop Papias of Hierapolis (60 - 130 AD) repeated the testimony of the old presbyters (disciples of the Apostles) who claimed Mark wrote his Gospel in Rome as he scribed the preaching of Peter
>Papias wrote a five volume work “Interpretation of the Oracles of the Lord”, now lost
>“And the elder used to say this, Mark became Peter’s interpreter and wrote accurately all that he remembered, not, indeed, in order, of the things said and done by the Lord. For he had not heard the Lord, nor had followed him, but later on, followed Peter, who used to give teaching as necessity demanded but not making, as it were, an arrangement of the Lord’s oracles, so that Mark did nothing wrong in thus writing down single points as he remembered them. For to one thing he gave attention, to leave out nothing of what he had heard and to make no false statements in them.”

Why did the medieval working class put up with this? Were there any societies that ate more meat during those ages? I would imagine maybe nomadic and costal people?
I mean how would anyone even catch you poaching?
man I love lentils
Lentils with smoked sausages are my way to go
They didn't, really. Peasant rebellions were common. It's just that they were always localized and easily crushed.
A good lesson for our own society, too. Proper revolutions can't happen anymore because people have been isolated from their social class. "Best" you can hope for is a palace coup or military takeover.

What even is the Holy Spirit? What does it do? I know its like a part of the Christian Trinity but... what is its purpose? I know it also exists in the other Abrahamics too, what is it for them?
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It's been debunked. Give it up fag.
Below an inscription on one of the pithoi (referring to Yahweh and his asherah) are drawings of two figures easily and unquestionably identifiable as the Egyptian god Bes, in fact a collective name for a group of dwarf deities. Is this meant to be a drawing of God (i.e., Yahweh) with his consort Asherah? The scholar who published the chapter about the drawings doesn’t think so. She interprets it as two male deities—probably just the Egyptian god Bes—and not as a drawing of God and his goddess wife. Other scholars disagree, but this much is clear: The drawing was added to the pithos after the inscription was written, so the two may be completely unrelated.
"Other scholars disagree"
It's another christfag uses the english language badly episode
File: 1530445641357.jpg (44 KB, 960x960)
44 KB
>What even is the Holy Spirit? What does it do?
it's the holy cuckerino, amen

File: 4cCZFe3RwQ-6.png (24 KB, 300x250)
24 KB
man it must be depressing being an atheist

>we're just a bag of meat controlled by electrical signals and nothing matters so if you went and shot up a preschool full of small children it would be no different from putting a Raid trap in your kitchen to get rid of roaches
>what does it matter, maan? those kids were just biomass and there's no god I have to answer to for blowing them away
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this is what KKKhristians actually believe
And what about the people who are selfish and don;t care about the survival of the human species? Aren't they entitled to their own freedom? Suppose the Americans elected a president who wanted to build a doomsday device that would send radioactive fallout into the atmosphere and destroy the world, because America as a country decided that Humanity is bad and must be killed. Explain why that's evil when they all believe they are good and do not subscribe to humanism. You can't, not without becoming just as dogmatic as the religious people, because it boils down to "Well, humanity is important because I said so". Humanism is a religion, it's just one where people worship themselves instead of a god.
They are becoming cancer cells on a species level and must be eradicated
>expand our civilazation beyond the stars
Like that will fundamentally change anything even if/when we do. Same shit, same struggles, new frontier. If we can't even fix the one rock we can live on now, what makes you think exploring an even more hostile universe will improve our condition?
File: Above the Sea of Fog.jpg (336 KB, 1000x1273)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
It's a step forward, of course struggle will be expected.
You fail to understand that it is welcomed.

This is the nature of Life.

Why don’t the Jews just apologize for crucifying Christ so we can all just move on from it?
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File: 1630096238512.jpg (13 KB, 399x400)
13 KB
>apologize for redeeming all of humanity from sin
Every country has a different Chief Rabbi, and the one in Israel isn't recognized by anyone as a universal head of Judaism. I'll tell you more -- even in Israel there are two Chief Rabbis; one Ashkenazi and one Sephardi.
File: Walmart_Shelf.jpg (421 KB, 1280x720)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
They think they are performing some kind of job that has a purpose. For God? For Satan? No. Neither one, they just think it might have some value to resist.
There literally no value at all, and they don't even know what enemy it is that they face. They will attempt to label their enemies and judge them, but they don't live the life, so they know not what they even judge.
They will accept judgment from others, and it becomes this pretend game like Arthas picked up the Frostmourne and then people who never even read Lord of the Rings began to take over while the actual achievers who did retired. Pretty soon they are writing Arthas out of existence and don't know what to do with a zombie undead Lordaeron kingdom because they decided all kinds of dumb writing decisions. Or like Alice in Wonderland and how the Red Queen just offs everyone's head that she doesn't like for any or no reason at all. Pretend game.

Only God knows the true Law, and there is no law above anyone where there is love and forgiveness of sins. Only The Lord is above all there.

I have a list of urgent things I need to ask God. Here it is.
What I want (and they pretend is impossible) is game boxes back on store shelves. The problem is that Steam has a monopoly on them and the boxes hide the Steam logo and do not show that Steam account is required and thereby a Monopoly. I still like Dark Souls 3 and want to play it again with online, but not with Steam, and on my Computer with mouse and keyboard.

The other problem is even bigger problem. They turned off my Computer's ability to update Windows 10. Something has jacked it all up and midway during update now, it just stops and refuses to update anymore.
On top of this, the video card drivers also do this now for my Nvidia video card.

Apparently they are just really greedy corporate bastards. Like the antichrist is said to be. I don't know how to write my own operating system, I just use Linux. But I wanted to use Windows 10 someday.
File: DOOM_2016_Gamebox.png (2.58 MB, 1599x1080)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB PNG
Doom 2016's game box is basically the same thing as Doom Eternal's on other stores. Which actually says,
Which I can't even believe. They did this while we weren't watching and were too busy with our lives to notice. If they would have put Steam logos on the boxes, we would have seen it sooner.
Go back to your designated shitting street pajeet

How could this happen?
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Explain the clash between Russia and Ukraine right now
True, they were also somewhat prominent and arguably suffered the most from the Bantu Expansion. If you look at a maps of the distribution of the Khoesan languages it's mostly Namibia, South Africa, and one small sprinkle in Tanzania, where the Sandawe are. The difference is the Bantu, Nilotics, and Cushitics are so numerous as to warrant more focus, while pygmies and hunter gatherers sadly get pushed around, enslaved, or assimilated by everyone around them.
Forgot pic related.
>while pygmies and hunter gatherers sadly get pushed around, enslaved, or assimilated by everyone around them.
Not exactly

>country named after a white man

Is there anything more humiliated than this in history?

File: maxresdefault(2).jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
Had they any chance of winning?
>100k got eaten during a siege

File: karen.png (298 KB, 578x432)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
Define fascism right now.
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Fascism is when white people do stuff.
Revanchist ultranationalism
What makes nationalism different from ultranationalism?
It's just an enhancer - being nationalist is kind of a sliding scale, but that can't be conveyed properly with discrete words, so once it gets to a particularly virulent point - usually, when you don't just love your own country but either hate others or see them as inferiors worthy for conquest - you can slap "ultra" on the front to convey how extreme it is.
Morality and righteousness meeting political questions.

File: 1651697301240.jpg (59 KB, 720x376)
59 KB
>I'm putting together a team
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> despite making up a small fraction of the length of the concatenated names of the team, the US makes up an enormous amount of thicc
>t. malding Frenchman
If they're going by height, the Indian should be between Italy and Japan. His turban is deceptive.
>whole world gangs up to whale on some chinks
peak humanity, it was all downhill from there

Is true that the kpinga/ hunga munga was the most advanced bladed weapon ever conceived let only produced by any race?
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Supposedly it could, when thrown, jump over a shield to hit the guy hiding behind it.
It certainly looks like it has ample capacity to wound no matter which way it ricochets off the enemy's shield. I can see how it might jump over the shield if it hit the rim on some points, but I'd like to see this thing thrown at a dummy holding a shield before I'd repeat that claim.
It's a can opener
You'd automatically look cool killing someone with it.
how did they produce it? I assume through a mold, cause forging this out looks like a nightmare and a half

File: Eh3FGeyUcAIfX7g.jpg (26 KB, 500x376)
26 KB
Why were native husbands in the Americas so rare?
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My grandfather was native and he "set out to marry the whitest woman he could love." He didn't want his kids to have to deal with what he had. His plan worked too, mom passes pretty easily, and no one would even guess that I have Indian blood in me.
>which is proven to lower IQ
Not as much as racemixing.
The comanche really seem like the most vile of the Indian tribes. Just utterly irredeemable, equivalent to how ISIS behaves to us. Which you can understand why some people go retard and romanticize them but god alive I didn't feel any sympathy when reading about them getting their asses kicked. Not that other tribes were sunshine and lolipops but at least they were more human and not just rapacious predators.

Cousin inbreeding is only an issue from cousins first removed (IE the children of an uncle or aunt). When you get to 2nd and I think for certain by 3rd removed it's not an issue.
>Which you can understand why
which you can undetstand.*
you can understand why (...)*
dumb fucking redneck
do you have god tier cheekbones?

File: 1632906794349.png (43 KB, 676x548)
43 KB
so why hasn't real capitalism been tried yet?
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Lol implying private roads woud work with toll booths and not just gps trackers.
>European Russia is x
>Wtf no, the entirety of Russia is y
monopolies are an artifical by-product of non-natural intellectual property laws. freedom of information encourages competition
>European Russia
You mean the place with all the Turks? LOL boris, only if you confine "european Russia" to moscow and surrounding environs do you get anything close to that (and even if you do western europe still mogs you in terms of white %)
>wah wah waaaah
These threads are always so cringe.
Nothing here correlates to the real world.
Both Libertarians and Communists desperately need to touch grass and have sex.

How did the Japanese nation go from one with one of the strongest honor codes and Warrior mentality to today, where it's one of the most cucked and feminized hentai watching soulless nation? In just 70 years, how did such a drastic change occur? This is mind-baffling to me that In the 1940's almost every japanese man was willing to sacrifice everything for his country, but today, they are the least willing in the world to fight for their country.
Did America really fuck them so royally?
Westernization, globalization, consumerism, feminism
The fuck you on about? The “honor code” they were using was a bastardized form of the samurai code with all the bits about compassion and thinking for yourself written out in flavour of an extreme adherence to your superiors no matter what. The Japanese army at that time was a pack of wild dogs that were high on the smell of their own shit, which is why the fucked up with attacking the Americans.

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