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File: 1018316866.jpg (108 KB, 1200x1200)
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Ladies and gentleman, we got him
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Besides letter of the law/legal technicalities, do you think he deserved to die?
It's irrelevant to the discussion, and any attempt to attack me for saying that is going to be ignored since we've been discussing the legality of the kidnapping and the trial the entire time.
It’s a hypothetical. Answer the hypothetical. Do you, personally think he deserved to die.
I was just trying to make a distinction between legality and ethically fairness.
You did not adequately answer my original hypothetical *wink* *wink* so I apologize for not engaging in this one just yet.

File: 1626981266995.png (124 KB, 1580x1660)
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Communism was the basal order, before civilization. Look at Africa, they are natural communists. The reason civilization exists is because of organized protection of private property which gave productive and intelligent people a reason to contribute and produce in order to create their own private wealth.

Anarchists, and basal civilizations will simply steal from, or enslave the productive, making any contributions a worthless endeavor. This is why Africa will always be a shithole, niggers never evolved individualism.

Go ahead and try to start a private enterprise in Africa and watch what happens. First of all, you'll be taxed horrendously. Otherwise, if you were native, you would have everyone in your family beg you for a share of your profits. Then, your business would get robbed and you would lose everything.

African governments are inept, anarchism is the norm, and thus communism, because syndicates of the non-productive steal from the productive until there is no ability for prosperity to arise.

File: 800wm.jpg (61 KB, 800x533)
61 KB
Why does almost every religion condemn suicide?
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Because if you guarantee people happiness in the afterlife, and they genuinely believe you, you have to prevent them from going straight for it.
This is your brain on moral relativism. Is it possible that abortion is not considered wrong because it robs the ruling class of power through population, but because it’s ending a human life in it most vulnerable and innocent form?
This is your brain on christcuckery. So it's alright when God murders children and floods the planet but it isn't when a couple don't want a downie as their child. If your parents weren't such zealous christkikes you wouldn't be here
I'm not a Christian, and my family come from a part of the world that was not culturally effected by Abrahamic religions. I just think that its universal to see children as innocent and life as having some value, and to reduce anti abortion sentiment to a powerplay by the ruling class is intellectually dishonest
Probably because, and I might be going out on a limb here, most people consider suicide to be a not very good thing.

File: JoaquinHorse.jpg (503 KB, 1038x1200)
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503 KB JPG
Hello /his/torians,

I'm interested in learning about the history of Mexican California, so from about 1821 - 1846 (and maybe the initial years of US occupation or the final years of the crumbling Spanish empire, too). Nothing too specific – I'm just interested in who the power players were, they key events, and what the vibe was like during the time. Was it really a clusterfuck of ranch bosses and horse thieves, or is there more to it?

Any suggestions as to where I could start?

Weird and daring characters of the sort that would make for good pulp fiction especially welcome.
Just imagine Mexico except Indians regularly scalped the hacienda workers.

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Template btw
Made me kek, enjoy the gold kind sir
To be fair this meme is true for 99% of people who aren't ancient greece specialists, including grecians and art historians who really should know better.
Academia is not at all immune from misinformation, especially the kind that comes from shoddy 19th century scholarship.
Solon had laws specifically against it.

You're welcome :)

Here, have another version I did.

File: ost1.jpg (104 KB, 390x538)
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Would Eastern Europe be more developed today if Germany won?
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It would have reverted back to a feudal society with the locals as serfs and the Germans as lords.
Leave western Germany out and that’s all Slavic territory.
Definitely not. The German project in the East was based upon the idea of ethnically cleansing the existing population and settling Germans there. Unfortunately this project was inherently a non-starter and contradictory, since the German birth rate had fallen to an extent that it was no longer possible to generate the large migratory fluxes required for this. Nazism had managed to temporarily raise this, but it would almost certainly fall again, just like how Romania or other countries which put into effect pronatalist policies tended to see temporary boosts followed by settling back down to regular levels.

So if the Nazis followed their policies there would be massive butchery, huge depopulation, and then the fact setting in that A)There aren't enough people to move to the East, and B)Nobody wants to move to the East anyway (polls among German soldiers showed all of them just wanted to go home, not get a farm). In fact, Germany would have required substantial immigration, and had already called upon millions of foreign workers during the wars, instead of being able to sustain millions of emigrants. So you'd either get a desolate, unpopulated wasteland in the East with a few German colonies on important mineral resources, or a vast slave labor zone kept under the German boot, but it would as a whole be significantly less developed and prosperous than even the contemporary low (by developed country) standards that exist in Eastern Europe. But those standards which are low by developed countries would be completely inapplicable to Eastern Europe, it would be a colonial hellhole more comparable to Africa, just without the people.

File: Europe_1871_map_de.png (1.03 MB, 2284x1503)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
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Treaty of Constantinople in 1881 and the two Balkans Wars in the early 1910s.
how did brits somehow started ww1, illiterate?
>tfw it took whitey 200 years to figure out multinational states fail and that the nation state is the most efficient way to structure a society
>after finally figuring it out, they import half of africa and the middle east
Incrementally as the Ottomans slowly collapsed. Greeks shouldn't be to butthurt over Anatolia and Thrace, they recovered at least the entirety of their core lands of Antiquity and Aegean Islands often against the odds.
>nooooooo we deserve colonies too!!!
first come first serve, deal with it krautchud

>sino-soviet split occurs because the chinese accuse khrushchev of being a revisionist, abandoning ideological purity and instituting too many market reforms
>20 years later
>china itself becomes revisionist, abandons ideological purity and institutes market reforms

What did the Chinks mean by this?
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>soft with the west
Nah bro, that’s just two comrades working together
Stop spamming this chink manlet.
File: image.jpg (260 KB, 650x433)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
China underwent market reforms, and you could call that revisionist. But if you believe that it did become revisionist, then you must also believe that China was in fact a proletarian dictatorship to begin with. And then, you have to believe that it's possible for a revisionist tendency to be able seize control and backslide back into capitalism without overthrowing the state or the party. I'm not convinced.

That chink manlet was also a field commander during the Huihai campaign and smashed a half-million nationalists into paste. You underestimate Chinese communists. But when talking about ideology and all this of this stuff, I think military men like him don't get caught up in the subtleties as much:


>Columbia, Missouri was most famous for the outrage surrounding the lynching of James T. Scott there in 1923. However, the town had played host to another, less well-known incident of racial terror more than 30 years prior. In September of 1889, a teenage black farmhand named George Bush was arrested after the 5 year old daughter of his employer complained he had "mistreated" her. An examination of the little girl apparently confirmed this and Bush was sitting in the county jail when a white mob came for him on September 7.

>Columbia police made no apparent attempts to protect the prisoner or move him to a safer location when word of a lynching began to spread. A train of covered wagons and about 25 men surrounded the jail the night of September 7-8. Someone knocked on the door and claimed to be a police officer bringing in a prisoner. When the door was opened, the mob swarmed inside and seized the keys to the jail.
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>She reportedly told the mob not to use a certain tree because she usually milked her cow there
I doubt the cow would mind a hanging nigger
He could have cat called her for all we know
in Latin America this would happen in any small town if you accused of the same crime
I know which is why it's so based
pedos getting fucking lynched before MUH COURT OF JUSTICE and the sweaty urbanite human rights orges is pure kino
>George Bush never got a chance at legal representation, a fair trial, or proving his innocence, while a white perpetrator would have likely gotten all of these.

hurr except all those white rapists who were lynched by mobs in nearby decades.
>On December 13, 1921, a white farmhand in Waco, Texas by the name of "Curley" Hackney was invited to the home of a local woman for dinner. While they were eating, the woman announced she had to go to the post office and take care of some business, leaving Hackney alone for about half an hour with her 8 year old daughter. When she returned, her daughter claimed that Hackney had molested her. She was apparently unharmed, but her panicked mother called police. Hackney was arrested, but a lynch mob seized him from police on the way to jail and hanged him from a telegraph pole. He reportedly told the mob to not shoot his corpse after he was dead. Once the hanging was done, they fired a fusilade of bullets into the body. Some newspapers erroneously reported that Hackney was black.

gookmoot can we please have IDs on this board to promote better discourse
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>This board should copy /pol/ and have poster ID
>and geographic location
Agreed, 117 AD borders or bust.
Been on 4chan since 2009 reddit tourist
Why not just go back to /pol/
>id number
>not anonymous


When Hitler died, did he go to Heaven or to Hell?
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He was a really cool guy, probably the coolest. He went to Heaven for sure.
File: 1604351040822.png (49 KB, 801x801)
49 KB
When the gerbil died, was it in your rectum or colon?
File: 1622071232403.jpg (16 KB, 326x326)
16 KB
Hitler is one of those already in hell types even though it isn’t judgement day. It can’t be that hard to answer that. Nevertheless Jesus is the judge.
Hell because he was a tranny who joined the 41%

File: nicholas 2 russia.jpg (591 KB, 1008x1406)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
Did he deserve his fate or was he just a well-meaning fool? How is he viewed by modern Russians and historians?
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Value of $518,000,000,000 from 1990 to 2021

$518,000,000,000 in 1990 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $1,076,805,876,052.03 today, an increase of $558,805,876,052.03 over 31 years. The dollar had an average inflation rate of 2.39% per year between 1990 and today, producing a cumulative price increase of 107.88%.
8 (eight) is the natural number following 7 and preceding 9.

All spiders, and more generally all arachnids, have eight legs. The digits as used in Al-Andalus by the 10th century were a distinctive western variant of the glyphs used in the Arabic-speaking world, known as ghubār numerals (ghubār translating to "sand table"). In these digits, the line of the 5-like glyph used in Indian manuscripts for eight came to be formed in ghubār as a closed loop, which was the 8-shape that became adopted into European use in the 10th century.
Pills. Take them.
I'm glad we're gonna get some translated and published older books him
Lesser of 2 evils is still evil.

File: IMG-20210724-WA0305.jpg (1.22 MB, 2160x3840)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
>As regards the kingdom of Sicily, the figures, both as a whole and in part, that is, by capital, show a very considerable increase in population. It is true that any demographic study of ancient times must be handled with caution. However, not being able to arrive at exact figures does not deprive the student of knowing roughly the general trends, if they have sufficient and adequate documentation. The population in Sicily grew 65% from 1501 to 1607, except in the cases of Palermo and Messina, where there was also a great growth but the figures indicated above were not reached. In Naples the number of "fuochi" (fires) registered with a view to the imposition of taxes doubled and went from 255k to 540k. Giuseppe Coniglio admits that it is problematic to determine to what extent this population increase was due to immigration. To this must be added another external factor that does not influence the population: administrative efficiency. Therefore the population may not have increased by 65%, but there was undoubtedly a large population growth as a result of prosperity
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Ok luigi
shut the fuck up you little cunt
>southern Italy was richer during the Spanish occupation than the north
You quote doesn't reflect your argument, retard.
>Be southern Italy
>Conquered Romans
>Conquers by Greeks
>Conquered by Muslims
>Conquered by Norman’s
>Outside Hajnal line
>Get brain drained by Argentina and America
Everyone seethes as to why they act differently.

File: Eg8OBWgU4AA-ENc.jpg (168 KB, 691x640)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
id like to thank all the good posters on the previous threads and hope to continue that with this one
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Most gold artifacts from Peru are from north coast cultures (Moche, Sican, Chimu, etc.) but I have seen many people on the internet assume they are Inca because they don't know better, plus Inca gold artifacts are rarer and normally Inca artifacts are much less intricate so Inca art as a whole is often poorly represented compared to the more interesting art of some pre-Inca cultures.
File: Tumi Lambayeque.jpg (556 KB, 700x800)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
The Sican are known for a series of golden knives portraying their founder/hero/deity of Naylamp, who after founding his dynasty allegedly grew wings and flew into the sky never to be seen again, he is seen with his wings on these knives made during the Middle Sican period, but the iconography of Naylamp disappears in the Late Sican, around the time of the conquest of Sican by the Chimu, probably the imagery of him was banned by the new rulers, and only his legend was kept alive by the arrival of the Incas and in the following centuries.

Pic is the "Knife of Illimo", the largest of these Middle Sican knives, it was 42 cm tall, weighed 992 grams, and was made of 24-carat gold, but unfortunately, it was stolen and destroyed in 1981, however, there are many other Sican gold knives that portray Naylamp, and small replicas are one of the most common trinkets sold to tourists in Peru, even in places far away from Lambayeque such as Cusco.
anything that talks about architecture and construction of mountain cities?
Make an anime girl out of this and call her chan chan-chan
In a way they were, Roman Empire-tier in terms of tech and culture.
Chan-chan is a mistranslation. The actual pronunciation would be cancan.

File: download.jpg (10 KB, 182x276)
10 KB
>we should let our respected honored conscript fathers of the Senate appoint the new princeps
>What could possibly go wrong
Why do people suck off the Senate? It's was garbage ever since the Punic wars all the way to the end. Somehow we're supposed to be impressed that the new barbarian warlords gave the Senators some lip service and unironically eat shit like the Odoacer Renaissance, the Ostrogothic Renaissance, etc all because they threw these worthless pieces of trash a bone?

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