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Sup /his/ /n/igger here how do you feel about maritime history. Is it legit or just autist sperging on size and speed of ocean liners?
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File: D'Entrecasteaux.png (24 KB, 1150x385)
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Who else team k.u.k?
Go back to Leftypol sjw k.u.k
Is this book any good

File: jackson.png (412 KB, 620x413)
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412 KB PNG
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anyone else remember exactly where they were when they heard the news that MJ died?

I was out on the river fishing
File: MJ.png (3.61 MB, 3481x639)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB PNG
he'd be guilty if he was still black, but he switched so therefore is immune from prosecution
Pretty sure I was in Atlanta at the time
the resemblance is uncanny.

Why have the Germans been expelled from so many countries?
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You and what army?

Communism was the greatest gift to the German Nation since it fucked eastern europe way beyond they could have ever dreamed of.
The expulsions made Germany even stronger because the refugees settled in the metro industrial areas where they were much more worth than in the agricultural areas.
To this day these areas remain underdeveloped shitholes.
me and the EU and literally every single organization of relevance
Germans invented the idea of nationalism. Nationalism is an irrational idea that people want to believe in and that the human mind finds very comforting. It creates the illusion of purpose and also gives rise to a senseless struggle. But all this is in vain. Rational people don't want them to be around and be responsible for their countries.
File: D1jbxoPX0AEZnRY.jpg (22 KB, 640x723)
22 KB
krauts = rats

File: Korean Hat.jpg (21 KB, 324x245)
21 KB
>Confucianism: "A good government is one in which people obey their rulers, and rulers do their jobs well and actually rule their people. Also rulers should know to recognize the talent of their subjects, and should endeavor to acquire these people to their service via a meritocratic bureaucracy."
>Korea and Japan: "Bro this totally means we should establish caste system where you can only be a member of a certain caste based on birth. Fuck merit, lmao."

How the fuck did the "Confucian" civilizations of Korea and Japan ever come up with BS which held people back as opposed to the meritocracy that Confucianism actually wanted fostered?
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Came here to post this
I thought Japan was a Shinto/Buddhist society.
>In Korea you can only be a member of the upper class if you were born in the Yangban Class.

As far as I know, Yangban were for all intents and purposes hereditary post in bureaucracy. When you get a post as an official, a few generations on, everyone gets to be a yangban. If none of these get a post, it's back to the ricefields.
Likewise, the number of Yangban was steadily increasing throughout. You could get into Yangban, it was simply next to impossible to commit the resources needed for training for the common folk.
Shinto and Buddhism are religions, mate. What's Confucianism got to do with it?
The guy is weird.
He's been butthurt about muh abrahamics for years now, but recently he's started being even more autistic and dragging the subject into every thread he's in.

>main villain is named Hitler
>Henchman is named Himmler

Who writes this garbage
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He's so fat lmao
Clearly an american movie
File: koba.jpg (65 KB, 600x400)
65 KB
>protagonist is called "Joe Steel"
Come the fuck on.
it's fine if you haven't seen it
>can't appreciate a slightly-flawed hero
Stick with the capeshit, Americunt.
>Gas em Hitler. gas em all.
What the fuck Marx?!1!

File: Geant_de_castelnau.jpg (24 KB, 220x298)
24 KB
Is this nonsense, made up?
I find the idea that giants existed pretty easy to believe but the fact that there's archaeological evidence supporting the idea is new to me. Consider that gigantism is an observable medical condition and that in the past most people were shorter. Also consider that for a long time people were saying that pygmies didn't exist. It makes sense to believe that extremes on the other end would exist. Anyway, thoughts?
did they have too much of growth hormone or something?
People affected by gigantism do, but these bones suggest a height even greater than the tallest people known to ever live. Why? Well, they are dead so we do not know.
I mean, I don't see why it's not plausible. We had literal hobbits we probably had giants too.
Wonder why they died off though.
Well considering that pygmies are constantly being enslaved, killed, and cannibalized, it was probably like that but in the extreme. Like to the point where literally nobody was left.

File: west.webm (396 KB, 132x188)
396 KB
>Type Drag Queen Library Kids on youtube
>Realize Marcuse, Karl Radek, CIA and Foucault create american civilization
Is there any book about the impact of Frankfurt School and french 1968 on society? It looks like no one can understand what is going on in the minds of white trash urbanites without reading at least the work of and György Lukacs and Marcse
> Frankfurt School
It's like Hogwarts of modern world!
considering they have created pretty much everything the media and university teachers advocate since 1970, I'd say the people involved with the institute especially Marcuse are the most important writers since Newton and Dickens
read about Tavistock and the Fabian Society while you're at it if you havent

File: scatter-plot.png (24 KB, 600x390)
24 KB
Why does IQ not correlate with quality of life in Black nations?
Why do Ethiopians have the same or lower IQs than West and Southern Africans? Does this suggest that all of these groups had the same potential for early civilization as we saw in Ethiopia?
IQ doesn't seem to vary at all in African nations, regardless of current wealth or the existence of pre colonial civilizations or whatever they may have achieved, is this meaningful?

If all blacks nations and groups worldwide have an IQ below retardation, how were the cultures, civilizations and kingdoms that were present come about?
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> self-sufficient group of people
West helps them. Should they really count?
Western "aid" is a meme. The only aid that seems to help is medical aid, and a fair amount of that comes from developing countries like Cuba.

Well over half the planet receives foreign aid.

The entire reason I got into IQ research was that I couldn't just take a test that declared 99% of black people legally retarded at face value. It seems that that was correct.
Yes he did. I literally proved that to you. Wicherts was wrong, as low SES samples are representative of Africa while the elite samples he included (secondary schools) are both unrepresentative and hollow for g (education doesn't affect g (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4445388/)
I already provided you with Becker's high quality analysis. Wicherts is both outdated and wrong. Read Lynn's response: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/247087393_The_average_IQ_of_sub-Saharan_Africans_assessed_by_the_Progressive_Matrices_A_reply_to_Wicherts_Dolan_Carlson_van_der_Maas
Read Rindermann's moderate view (outdated as he now supports a lower estimate but whatever):

Rural-Urban debate is another issue. Garret Jones had a slide that showed Chinese IQ over time. This is all irrelevant anyways since the Flynn effect is irrelevant. IQ scores may go up, but scores are meaningless by themselves. I could get 160IQ if I had the answer sheet in front of me. Scores are only useful if they estimate latent variables (mostly g). The Flynn effect largely doesn't.

This is a troll but I'll respond anyways. James Thompson has a PhD in Psychology, has published multiple papers on the topic and I posted him to review Becker and post Becker's statements.
She claims that she is engaged with a conservative White man "with a fetish", and that they will marry each others in October. If you look at some of the selfies she posted on /fit/, you can even see tabs on her computer showing that she is working on an Excel sheet or something that has something to do with the guests for the marriage.

File: biggie-style-feature.jpg (227 KB, 1200x720)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Did Lucien Sarti really cap JFK?

What were they thinking?
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But there were no caudillos in Brazil
They just didn't like each other for the most part.
Argentine here

Ive heard from Paraguayans of a man that survived the war having lost his legs and arms, so he was always lying on a basket.
But they had to repopulate the country after losing most men, so the women of the village would pass the basket around to fuck him.


the balkanization of spanish america isn't completely nonesensical, as in, the borders aren't drawn or arbitrary, except for unexplored jungle borders. they are all former provinces or districts of the spanish empire.

Ecuador was the Audiencia de Quito, a territory with its own supreme court of justice because it was important and too far away from Lima to be well served by Lima, and Bolivia was Audiencia de Charcas (for a long time, that was the supreme court of Justice for colonial Argentina and Paraguay too)
Chile was a Capitania General (territoy ruled by military commander), and so was Venezuela.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 130810.png (288 KB, 1079x1315)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
They were too based
That was Francia. The Lopez were retards.

What are the historical precedents responsible for this once-great race breaking up into THIS many separate nations? And is there any hope of Indo-Europe reuniting as one again?

File: FuckifIknow.jpg (8 KB, 263x191)
8 KB
What base aspect of human nature has the most negative impact on the the future of our species?
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For a second I thought you meant like with eye sight and got confused because we already have glasses to solve that.
The greed of leaders and the apathy of the people.
Yeah those are good ones, I'd also propose maybe fanaticism and the desire to mold into groups and make any group one is a part of basically a religion one is everlastingly loyal to.
Obsession with sex in men and sociopathic tendencies in women.
Perhaps blind following.

>Has one famine over the span of its entire existence
>In a region that had famines every other week before the revolution
>Gommies starvb meme still persists
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They also specifically requisitioned grain to continue to feed the army and the workers and to continue exports in order to buy more heavy machinery, a policy that would deliberately starve millions while also making 5 year plan number go up
>it was the last famine
Because they started importing food from capitalist countries lmao. USSR was never able to feed itself.
File: 09978.jpg (639 KB, 3264x2448)
639 KB
639 KB JPG
>USSR was never able to feed itself.
>huge country presumably owned by "workers"
>has to sell oil and natural resources to buy grains from capitalist countries because "workers" don't work and bureaucrats don't care about performance
>50 years later autists post calorie intake stats on an imageboard which would never be allowed in USSR even if it didn't collapse
>produces its own rye, barley, millet, oats, meat and fish
>net exporter of wheat for most of its history
>goes through a 7 year period where they imported wheat from the US due to some bad harvests
>those wheat imports amounted to 20% of the total wheat consumed (not to mention all the other agricultural products apart from wheat that were being consumed)
>gommunism evil they were starving for 70 years straight even though their calorie consumption was the highest its ever been in russian history

File: yamnaya.jpg (374 KB, 800x933)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
>In the reconstructed lexicon linking the individual to the clan, *h4erós meant a "member of one’s own group", "one who belongs to the community in contrast to an outsider", which would give the Indo-Iranian term árya (an endonym) and the Irish aire ("noble, chief").[40][36] It is unlikely however that the word had an ethnic connotation, and we do not know if Proto-Indo-European speakers had a term to designate themselves as a group.[36]

Why would this not be an ethnic term? Is there any other language which has such a simple base word that means something as vague as "insider"? By all means, anything fulfilling this function is a demonym, as can be seen by the fact that Aryan was in fact used in this manner. That it would come to be interpreted as "noble/elite" in Europe is hardly surprising since this also occurred in India, after we could confirm it was originally an ethnic term prior. This entire position against describing IEs as Aryans is based on resentment against Nazis.

File: StalinDead.jpg (64 KB, 1280x720)
64 KB
What would of happened if Stalin got a stroke and died the moment he learned of Operation Barbarossa? Would the Soviets have been absolutely fucked?
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How is it /tv/? Only the pic is
The only thing that will happen is the extension of the war for at least a couple of years. The Soviet Union will be paralyzed by the loss of a competent leader, and it will probably take at least that long for a capable successor to come to power. It would be bad, but this is probably not the end of the Soviet Union. The legacy of the Great Leader and the will of the people to follow communism will remain. However, everything would be different if it were not for the guiding hand of a capable leader.
>competent leader
is this a joke?
Zhdanov gang Zhdanov gang

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