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We fucking found the tomb of Gilgamesh, then US went into war with Iraq, 13 years the expedition was paused and now we can’t find any more info???

What the fuck??

>In 2003 a German expedition doing a magnetometer sweep of the area, looking for underground traces of Uruk, found a buried ceremonial complex which may be a tomb. The media at the time hyped it as “possibly the tomb of Gilgamesh” but in the subsequent years not a lot more news has surfaced about it — archaeology at the site was interrupted shortly after the first survey by the Iraq War and was only resumed in 2016. The team studying the site is still concentrating on magnetometer surveys rather than physical excavations; there doesn’t seem to be any published work on the contents of the “tomb” which suggests it’s still undisturbed under the earth.

So we have a supposed demigod skeleton and we don’t even know shit about it
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good post
What do you think the tomb of Gilgamesh can teach us, having discovered that Gilgamesh did in fact exist and we have his skeleton.

What does that say about our understanding of history when critics have claimed Gilgamesh a mythical person and we just so happen to discover his tomb, does that create speculation that other past mythical beings existed, whose feats are unexplainable.

What do you think this all means?

Gilgamesh isn’t /x/, yet what he did in his epics certainly border it. /his/ is about history and the discussion of it, so turns out Gilgamesh was a real past historical figure.

What does this mean?
the existence of a mythical person and everyone here is in the 10,000th thread about Hitler V Russia, you guys are fucking hopeless
File: yes2.jpg (44 KB, 696x836)
44 KB
We know of countless tombs of mythological and biblical figures, and there's good reason to believe that all or most of them are fake. This one probably is as well.
how would you know he is really the guy that did all these "unexplainable feats"?
even if there was "this is gilgamesh" engraved on his grave, there is still no evidence he ever did anything that was attributed to him.
so ultimately, even if his grave would be found, it would be meaningless apart for some fringe archaeologists/historians. sorry if this answer is disenchanting, but its the truth.

File: guhbrzje3z631.png (1.89 MB, 2000x1500)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
Why didn't the French government attempt anything similar to the hunger plan on the Algerians?
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>They weren't soulless beasts.
they've literally killed million and a half of them lol
(and it's a good thing fuck alger*ans)
civilized people kill uncivilized people. their souls reincarnate into children of civilized people. progress.
They did. The French genocided the Algerians.
>hunger plan
No such thing
Some would survive but the overwhelming focus of the Hunger Plan was extermination, slave labor was a bonus on top.

There's no such thing as a righteous war
File: yemen-drone-strike.jpg (564 KB, 2500x1656)
564 KB
564 KB JPG
The weak should fear the strong
any judeo christian intellectual is a larper. The only valid sens of the use of philsophy is living it, like the presocratics.

All the intellectuals form the academia are just too weak to do a real job and too weak mentally to live what they preach.
This is actually what makes them strong. Since they don't have to live according to what they preach, they have no incentive to cut any corners.

File: 00.jpg (34 KB, 420x585)
34 KB
Is there a way to bring back classical republicanism? History has shown that classical republicanism can work. The Italian Merchant Republics, San Marino, etc. The type advocated by Cato and Machiavelli.

File: 1596697392330.jpg (151 KB, 638x717)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Historically, genocide has been beneficial when perpetrated by everyone besides the negroid.
>everyone besides the negroid
they mostly genocide each other though

File: IMG_8795.jpg (91 KB, 384x512)
91 KB
To hell with catholics and their false idols
>Yankee """""""culture""""""
Bravo northerners

File: 1024px-Imperial.png (111 KB, 1024x1024)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
The Imperial House of Japan 皇室 (こうしつ) is the oldest dynasty anywhere in the world with more than 2000 years of continuous power.

Are there other dynasties that ruled for millennia or even several centuries?
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The Rulers of Kanem Bornu
File: Smug Pepe Face.jpg (52 KB, 400x375)
52 KB
>Japanese Emperors
The Confucius dynasty is actually even older than the imperial house of Japan.

Not a dynasty, but rather a cuckstory filled with rape and execution like most of China.
typically when people talk about a dynasty in this sense they mean a head of state, not simply a noble family or paternal line.

What if the human civilization is older than we thought? What if humanity reached a steampunk like technologic advance in the past and suddenly all went to the shit and that civilization disappeared?
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>Constant ad hominems
>Constant deflections
>No answers
>No sources
What even is the point anon?
Do you even want to discuss Atlantis?
Dd you just start this thread to feign superiority?
>Do you even want to discuss Atlantis?
No, I came here to laugh at you.
File: trichordate_400x400.png (250 KB, 400x400)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
>DUDDEE, SimEarth, right? DAE remember this nostalgia trip xD?
Tri Chordates were the original Atlanteans.

File: hamilton_v_jefferson.jpg (112 KB, 776x321)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Was Hamilton a proto-globalist?
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Thank you Bill Clinton, very cool!
Hamilton was right. There’s a reason we’re a democracy, and there’s a reason most members of the house are retards.

If the average person actually held democratic control this nation would look like a schizophrenic hellscape. A republic is infinitely better suited to governance than a pure democracy.
>Before everyone says "based" everyone in this thread should be aware that they would be considered part of the stupid masses Hamilton felt constantly needed to be beaten down and it's unlikely any one of us here would be part of the moneyed, landed elite in the 18th century Hamilton felt should be allowed to control everything.
Speak for yourself poorfag, based I say.
File: 1590511552266.jpg (376 KB, 1250x1561)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
Far from it
Would rather be ruled by elitist nativist patricians than elitist anti-racist tech dweebs 2bh

File: file.png (191 KB, 300x496)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
>"Three Don't Knows": Based on Zhang's alleged lack of knowledge about how much money he had, how many soldiers, and how many women in his harem

where can i read more about this madlad?
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As far as I'm aware, I was the first person to take artistic license and write "get lit" and "lighting up" instead of "smoking [opium]" when relaying his poetry. So it's weird to see people passing around my version instead.
>"Dogmeat General"

You tell me to do this,
He tells me to do that.
You're all bastards,
Go fuck your mother.
- Zhang Zongchang
one of the first shitposters
China's Basedest Warlord

File: 20200805_221156.jpg (233 KB, 710x710)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Historically speaking, why do women cover up their breasts?
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Don’t forget India, SEA, Polynesia, and the tropical parts of the Americas
I remember once reading about some Belgian missionaries who had a dispute with a certain tribe in Congo

The missionaries insisted the women cover their tits which seriously alienated the locals

Eventually they got the chief to explain

He basically said “In our culture, only prostitutes cover their goodies up”

To boot it turned out they thought the female missionaries were literal whites for the males so they didn’t respect the perceived christian hypocrisy
Historically breasts have only really been seen as obscene since Victorian times. Before that in Western societies breasts weren't something women bore constantly, but they also weren't seen as obscene. For example, in 18th century France a fashionable silhouette for courtly women was a bodice/corset shape that tended to end right in the middle of the breast in order to maximize their volume. This meant oftentimes women's breasts were visible either because of the fit of the bodice or because they slipped out.
There's also the anecdote of Charles VII of France's mistress Agnes Sorel who had tailor made dresses to expose her favourite breast around the 1450s.
Gravity and age.
>Have you seen what gravity does to African titties

Does this mean I can use gravity to grow my dick if I don't wear any pants?

File: download.jpg (3 KB, 121x160)
3 KB
Was peron actually that bad? In argentina they always trow acusations at him but no one actually says anything substantiated. Some call him a commie and others call him a Fascist. Some call him a kid diddler others call him the greatest argentinan since San Martin
File: C8vIWirWAAAqyYp.jpg (143 KB, 1200x989)
143 KB
143 KB JPG

He wasn't terrible in crimes (although it depends on your standards for terrible)
But he was terrible for the country

Explaining Peronism is hard because it's not a political party, it's a political movement that can be both right wing and left wing, and we have had moments in which right wing and left wing peronists killed each other.

Peron in the 1940's was an admirer of Mussolini, not of Hitler.
His fascism was about one party state, nationalism, and corporativism, especially controlling the labor unions, and he made it so there can only be one union per branch of the economy. there can't be more than one union for steel workers, there can't be more than one for truck drivers etc.

He was very comparable to Putin, Argentina kept many of the institutions of a democracy but wasn't a real democracy. Opposition parties didn't have radio time to express their ideas, opposition newspapers wouldnt get enough paper so they had very few pages, people had to listen to Uruguayan radio to learn the truth.
In schools kids would learn to read with propaganda books about how great Peron and Evita are and how much they love us and how much we should love them.

pic related is primary school book of Peron's time to learn how to read. Mom and Dad love me above, Peron and Evita love us below.
He also fired the good college professors to replace them with mediocre scholars that were addicted to his personality. The writer Borges that worked in a public library was given a job inspecting chickens.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

the coup against him happened because he became the enemy of his former allies, the catholic church and the military.
Peron begun to attack the Catholic Church because of the founding of a Christian Democratic party like that of Merkel (which never amounted to anything, but it worried Peron) and because he couldnt accept an independent catholic youth movement.The church also feared Peron wanted to invent a national religion with people worshipping Evita like a saint.

There were terrorist attacks against Peron (air force bombing the presidential hourse trying to kill him and killing many civilians) and some bombs during one of his speeches that was answered by him threatening with genocide on national radio and his supporters burning churches all over the city (Peron was excommunicated for that)
And the military, who were very Catholic, also feared Peron wanted to replace them with a militia of workers, since Peron wanted to arm the union workers to defend him.

So, he started as a general allied to the military and church (he made religious education mandatory) and ended up as an enemy of both in 1955

Peronism was outlawed, and first something like denazification was attempted but it failed. But it remained the biggest political party even if they were outlawed. in the 60s and 70s young people influenced by the Cuban revolution and May 68 believed Peron was a socialist leader and could be the Fidel or Mao of Argentina, he told them, Yes, you are right, he lied to them, told them what they wanted to hear, and used them to destabilize Argentina with terrorism, to force authorities of Argentina to let him return because people convinced themselves only Peron could give peace back to Argentina.
But when he returned he was very old, and a peronist civil war started between the young socialist peronists and the older right wing unionized workers. Peron created paramilitary group to kill commies and died soon afterwards.

So, as you can see, if you are a leftist, you can infiltrate the peronist party, and you will find many things you will like in the things Peron said and the stuff he did. He divided Argentina in 2, refered to the others as the oligarchy, was antiamerican for some time, his hymn talks of fighting capital, a lot of welfare and rights to the workers etc

But if you are right wing you can also find a lot of stuff to like about him. Even if you like free markets you can find some things to like about him. He was pure realpolitiks without any strong moral conviction.

Argentina can't have a normal political system because of peronism. It's the biggest political party, and both right wing and left wing people join it, because it can be either way, and infiltrating it is better for reaching positions of power than joining a pure right wing or left wing political party.

pretty good summary. Good posts

File: Pronto.jpg (383 KB, 1273x1750)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
What was the history of the internet during the 1980's? How did 'internet' or 'cyberspace' or related concepts evolve in the public imagination from 1980 to 1989? What kind of conceptions did people have of the future of online networking during that era?
I made a similar thread about a year ago OP, some kind anon linked me to the usenet archives (the earliest forum/social media online).

I can't find it now though, but like, the actual internet was more uni students and hobbyists discussing shit. I remember seeing a lot of talk about Gorbachev and his reforms, lots of posts about Star Trek and lots of engineering/math/computer programming questions and discussions.

I'm sorry I can't help you further than that.
You should look into the theoretical underpinnings of the internet (vannevar bushs memex, look for "As we may think" published in the atlantic)
Ted Nelson was the first to come with the term "Hypertext" a concept that defines modern browsing. He attempted to create a digital repository scheme for world wide electronic publishing called xanadu, which is a precursor of the modern, (relatively) open internet. Nelson was an anarchist after all. But these were mere concepts, it were Licklider and Kleinrock at MIT who made a working LAN, created the packets sysem etc etc. Engelbert, one of their assistants, made the next step and connected different LAN into a Regional network. This was around the late 60ies. ARPA launched arpanet in 1969, and made it international in 1973.

The public knew jack shit about this. Unless you were a researcher/student at university, the internet was unknown to you.

File deleted.
What did people do back then if someone invaded their home or robbed them of their cattle? Did they hire vigilantes to go after them?
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And the other half is commited by 13% of the population
>How come there were no police in the Middle Ages?
Because most people lived in small communities of no more than a few hundred people, where everyone recognized everyone else. If you attacked someone, everyone else would recognize who you were, and many would stand up to protect your would-be victim.

Police are only really necessary in large cities where most people are strangers to one another and would neither be able to identify a criminal nor willing to intervene to stop him.
1% or so of that 13%*
>burglary wasn't a thing
>crime was easier to fight against in the middle ages
it wasn't a thing unless you lived alone in remote areas. Brigandines attacked people who went alone in the woods for a reason

File: file.png (65 KB, 960x600)
65 KB
Tell me something interesting about this place /his/
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>And now apparently one of the fastest growing Orthodox populations.
Hay tho?
Why* damn
You think that's weird?

There is a group of ultra orthodox jews called "lev tahor" labeled as too extremist by jews themselves that live in guatemala because they are not even accepted in israel.

Mormons also have a weird interest in Guatemala. They think mayans are a chosen people or something. They seem to be very interested in mesoamerican archeology.
Nice flag
My dad participated in the civil war. Told me some fucked up shit his captain used to do. Also uncle was a kaibil. Fucked him up.

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