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I don't have any love for Napoleon Bonaparte, but Louis-Bonaparte's death always hits me hard. Leave it to the British to fuck up so badly that they let the heir of Bonaparte die to fucking half naked savages.
The Zulus later stated they wouldn't have killed him if they knew who he was
File: Infanta_Pilar_of_Spain.jpg (1.28 MB, 1061x1565)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
He had something going with this Spanish princess before dying for the anglo in Africa. She died a short time after him. Sad.
>The Prince was speared in the thigh but pulled the assegai from his wound. As he turned and fired on his pursuers, another assegai, thrown by a Zulu named Zabanga, struck his left shoulder.[11] The Prince tried to fight on, using the assegai he had pulled from his leg, but, weakened by his wounds, he sank to the ground and was overwhelmed. When recovered, his body had eighteen assegai wounds; one stabbing had burst his right eye and penetrated his brain. The Zulus stripped the body away from everything, except for a few medals. They did not dismember his body because of the courage he had shown in battle, but they did slit his chest open, a common Zulu practice to release the deceased's spirit.

Humans are probably innately racist, but are able to overcome this racism by constructing a common culture or cross cultural norms. The reason that racism is resurgent in the 21st century is that capitalists prevent us from constructing cultural norms or sharing our older cultural norms with the commercialisation of culture, copyright, and the privatisation of the digital commons. This commercialisation combined with divide and rule strategies prohibits a global proletarian culture from forming. The only solution to this problem is revolutionary terror, starting with the banksters and hucksters who specialise in far right internet hate speech. Hollywood and their financiers must also be exterminated, as they attempt to construct a "national globalist" understanding of planetary culture that is worldly, but also exclusively American, which is an impossibility. If you want to help combat racism, murder your local cop, your local banker, and then join your local communist party after you have done both.
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you can just imagine the professor kike requesting the cover art for this in his nasally whiny voice, growing increasingly excited as describes the bbc dominating the curly haired mamzers.
Racism is just 1 manifestation of human social instincts. There seems to be a particular American obsession with racism, don't let it cloud your judgment.
I haven't see a better use of that pic
> Race Race Race
>Jew Jew Jew
Wow insufferable and predictable!

File: 1606725151322.jpg (2.78 MB, 7636x9200)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB JPG
What's the historic reason for why India failed to homogenize like China?
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File: Sunga_map.jpg (180 KB, 792x885)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
For example pic related was the Shunga empire. It was made when a general killed the Maurya and became the ruler of the kingdom
So you can’t dispute his point?

Cantonese and Mandarin and the gorillion other kinds of Chinese aren't really dialects of Chinese either. It'd be more accurate to call Chinese a language family like the Germanic or Romance language families, but dialect is the word we're stuck with.
Like the other guy said, that doesn't reflect the demographic reality. All those languages are either Han dialects or small minorities.
yeah but what about now? india is a huge slum/ghetto, all that cheap workforce and their infrastructure is terrible and its all india, none of their leaders care about it do something

File: 442662_1_En_1_Figq_HTML.jpg (259 KB, 1506x776)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Post em
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File: Kondopoga.jpg (208 KB, 450x498)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Wouldn't the walls have been covered in daub just like the houses?
File: peche.jpg (116 KB, 455x330)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
This is made out of wood and plaster.

File: Europe.png (91 KB, 440x439)
91 KB
>Be Spanish conquistador in 1532
>Rape incan women
>Be American settler in 1848
>Rape native American women
>Be British Colonizer in 1855
>Rape indian women
>Be French Colonizer in 1900
>Rape Vietnamese women
>Be German colonizer in 1914
>Rape somoan women
>Be Italian soldier in 1935
>Rape Ethiopian women

Why are euro men like this?
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rape envy
>Why are euro men like this?
high t conqueror genes. you mad chang?
Truly the Germs must be the worst out of all.
File: 109801713.jpg (69 KB, 720x720)
69 KB
>he thinks it was rape
Good answer
Chang is raping a uyghur right now anon

File: miko.jpg (52 KB, 413x619)
52 KB
So most area's in the world still retained some sort of Shamanism in the face of major religion Domination. So across Asia you still find Shaman's like Miko in Japan and Shindo in Korea despite Buddhism and Catholicism being mainstream Central Asia is dominated by Authoritarian Islam, but still retains Tengri Shamanism, South America again, Shamanism is still popular despite Catholicism being the main religion, yet in Europe, Shamanism was completely eradicated. Why was Christianity so successful at eradicating Shamanistic beliefs completely in Europe, yet other religions failed elsewhere and Christianity seemed to fail at this in areas like Korea and South America?
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Russia has Shamanism, finno-ughric shamanism.
You literally go into a spiritual realm and allow the forces there to inhabit your body, though this can happen to anyone, the point Shamanism is that the Shaman is 100% in total control of the situation which is why you have the rituals, they're not only for those you are helping, they're there to keep focus and control so you don't end up being possessed by malicious forces. If a ceremony is interrupted, the entire thing can spiral quickly out of control and end up with people possessed and dead. (hence you get more and more Ayahuasca ceremonies in the past few years where people literally end up dead, despite there being literally nothing toxic about Ayahuasca)

>what are the layers of deepth of that you're talking about?

Disconnection from our material realm completely, generally you want to keep some sort of a connection with the material realm so you can return, but times you have to go so deep that you literally lose all awareness of the material realm. If you want to do this the "easy" way, certain herbs and tonics may help (Ayahuasca, Iboga etc) but you can also enduce this through ritual.
how would you descrive the spiritual realm? The mongols usually enbody the spirit of the ancestors of the one whom the ritual is conducted for, but I think even that is a branch of shamanism that emerged as a reaction to something else, I'm guessing some elitism or something, cause other shamans enbody the spirit of past great shamans to begin with. I think mongolian shamanism was supposed to only enbody the spirit of noble people, I guess great shaman were considered noble people, and this shamanism of the ancestors I think is called in response, black shamanism
Because of Romans imo
If any iron age groups had shamanism they were subjected to merging their gods or whatever to roman religion
How do you define shamanism

Why are they way more morally superior than the Anglos and clearly the good guys.
In what way?
They're not
G*rmans are mentally and spiritually identical to the ch*nese, both soulless anti social slave worker drones who care about no high ideals because they were both raped into existance by the demonic HVNS

File: poland.jpg (245 KB, 816x564)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
What would have needed to happen to make the USSR becoming a fourth axis power possible?
the us and uk had a better chance becoming an axis power then the ussr
Hitler not being a complete fucking autist who shit his pants at the thought of things not going perfectly his way
Nah. After world war two, Stalin was set to initiate the greatest pogrom in history. He was a notorious anti-semite.
it was before his death, he even said the bureu stupids and what they would without him, he saw that most jews changed side and was rooting for america so he wanted to send them all to siberia, they had a jewsish oblast for them

File: web-Suleiman.jpg (325 KB, 2048x1536)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
What's the stupidest historical hat?
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these crowns would look pretty mint were it not for the giant tumor on top, it looks oriental kingdoms influenced medieval european monarchy also
Those are 2 hats put together
Every fucking time

why were poland and the other satellite states never just incorporated into the USSR? did any movements exist within these states that sought to be part of the Soviet Union?

Which regions of the world and lifestyles have historically had a caloric surplus?
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The wheat fields of UKRNIA...
You take that back right now! The chosen people are NOT fat!
Da Nile. I should (you) myself, but I won't.
The Tlingit people of the pacific northwest had a custom known as a Potlatch, where chieftans would show off their wealth by wasting the greatest amount of food and treasure possible. Despite having almost no agriculture, the tlingit had a high level of social complexity because of the extremely abundant salmon supply of the region

File: 665829958_5ec1a6d178.jpg (40 KB, 375x500)
40 KB
What caused Chiang Kai-shek's failure?
He had the support from the Americans.
Don't get me started with the Communist Propaganda.
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But they were in a vastly superior military position before. Hell, the margin of superiority the KMT enjoyed over the CCP in the early 30s was much bigger than 3:1, and their equipment was also superior then. Or again, look at the Central Plains War in 1930. They actually "Won", in the sense that they shattered the armies of Yan Xishan and his clique. But even with battlefield success they were unable to capitalize it, at best sending most of the northern clique into exile for a year or two, and in many cases not even doing that much.

Without the sort of administrative capacity to rule china, to actually run places their soldiers can move into, they don't stand a chance, and they had been in that situation for over a decade and a half by 1946.
Well it is certainly my view that chiang's obsession with destroying the communists was ultimately self defeating.
>-Took the brunt of the Japanese Invasion
This is the biggest lie
how did someone this incompetent remain in power for such a long time
Maintaining control was all he cared about. He micromanaged promotions and commands in the military, municipal police forces, and military police to ensure loyal cronies were in place everywhere. It didn't really matter to him if you were corrupt and incompetent so long as you were politically reliable. He had a massive and brutal secret police that acted very aggressively against any dissent, even when it was legitimate criticism that was loyal to the regime. Speaking out or even being near someone who did was a death sentence.

It's unsurprising that he was ultimately ousted by a violent revolution. Ironically it was Kim Il-Sung that saved him. Mao was building up for an invasion of Taiwan, and Truman was going to let him take it. The Korean war completely took China by surprise, and derailed those plans. By the end of that war American policy had changed again, and Mao's opportunity had passed.

Interesting side note, Chiang was convinced that he would ultimately one day rule all of china again. His plan was to cozy up as much as possible to American hawks to try to push it closer to starting ww3 with America/ROC/NATO on one side, and The USSR/CCP/Warsaw on the other. America would win, and for being a loyal ally they'd let him be president of the atomic ash pile formerly known as China. Pure class.

>people trying to unsuccessfully cram the dominant political ideologies of the 20th century in a Right-to-Left wing binary from the fucking French Revolution

I lay the blame for so much of our current cultural schizophrenia around politics in the West at the foot of this conceptualization. Ditch the fucking Right wing/Left wing. Its worthless and misleads the retarded proles into aligning themselves with beliefs they most likely don’t even believe.

It also betrays an understanding of politics and power relations. In the age of mass politics coalitions are necessary to achieve a majority or plurality and secure power through the electoral process.

Example: Current American Right wing is a coalition shaped haphazardly by William F Buckley at the National Review to encompass acolytes of Austrian economics, Christian evangelicals, schizoid John Birch Society defectors and military war hawks in reaction to the new left coalitions of the 60s. But there is no through line between these groups and you can even see internal friction between them then and today in the American culture war. What the fuck does the economics of Murray Rothbard, Hayek and Milton Friedman have to do with Christianity? It’s an imperfect synthesis.

Another example: a core component of the Labour coalition in the UK are the Islamic diaspora. Universally, across all sects, Islamic theology directly contradicts Labour’s other coalition of sexual and gender identity minorities as well as generally the political theory of the Fabian Society that had a significant hand in shaping the Labour Party of today.

The structure of the modern political party demands this mechanism in order to appeal to the electorates.

We need to think in these terms until there is an alternative or else you can always have what you say picked apart by pedantic faggots.

Am I wrong?
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I think thats a difficult claim to make capitalism makes people stupid, when capitalism has a tendency to allow more freedom in the distribution of goods and services.

Or how controlling, or restricting the distribution of goods and services, naturally including information, in my view, would rationally lead to a society that is less educated or informed
people are stupid, you can't change this with ideology. literally 90% of mankind throughout history has been retarded worker drones incapable of significant political thought. the major consequence of the early modern and modern drive to inculcate the drones with political values has been to create upheaval and revolution that make societies repeatedly eat shit. this sounds good if you are looking at the pyramid scheme which is society itself, but terrible when you look at it directly, because it is.

op's kind of right but what good will it do? the left right dichotomy is indeed stupid and a tool by which elites manipulate one another and the mass, but hilariously, no solution has yet been found in hundreds of years to break free from it. and the reason why not is that people are stupid, and you can't change that with ideology.
File: nals.png (435 KB, 2090x1832)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
Capitalism hasn't made people stupid, people have always been stupid.
is that actually real? wow
Left Right makes absolutely PERFECT sense in the context of the French Revolution as it explicitly represented the interests of a sliding gradient of groups chiefly:

>Right wing rural planter class who supported the clergy and the right of the absolute monarch


>left wing bourgeois Parisian urban class at odds and ultimately in objection with the social privileged conferred to the nobility and granted spiritual legitimacy by the church that couldn’t be bought by the nouveau riche liberals

Of course there are contradictions in this broad simplification (Left wing clergy, noble liberals, bourgeois right wing mercantilist who had interests maintaining charters) but this binary works perfectly because it describes the antagonism between the ascendant capitalism class and the feudal nobility.

It’s not an original take to point this out but both the Democrat and Republican parties are both firmly ideologically neoliberal capitalist and their differences (It usually feigned and exaggerated, in practice republicans and democrat politicians usually cultivate personal friendships with each other out of the view of the public) come mostly over who gets to control the levers of the technocracy and who gets the opportunity to cut lucrative lobbying deals.

File: southafrica.png (26 KB, 228x734)
26 KB
Did we eventually find out why the Catholic Church presence in South Africa is weak?
do you expect the british and dutch to build
catholic cathedrals in South Africa or something?
>this thread again

File: unnamed.jpg (70 KB, 366x512)
70 KB
>become diehard Tibetan Nationalist
Has this happened to anyone else?

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