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Japanese art is so amazing.
Looks kinda primitive
>you will never be raped by jewish nigger fishmen
They seem very obsessed with sex. To this day.
That's not how you get her butt pearl out of her.

File: 1574147097543.jpg (142 KB, 1006x755)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>tfw I'm descendant of peasants
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Shut the fuck up you virgin faggot. If you said this yappy shit in front of me about your autistic anime girls I’d unironically slap you around and make you sob. Cunt.
>Grandfather tells me that my ancestor was a Russian noble that fell in love with a farm girl
Sounds straight out of a Disney movie to me. Is there any truth to it?
File: KKK - new.png (1.35 MB, 889x979)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
>tfw I'm descended from the last people executed for witchcraft
>Tfw the direct descendant of the guy who lead the Acadiens into the forests of maine to live with the miqmaq and fight a guerrilla war against the british for the next hundred years
Feels good man
Not impossible. Wouldn't be a legitimate birth but it happens.

I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
I’m going to coon everyday until I forget her

File: Gulf_War_Photobox.jpg (279 KB, 550x675)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
Name a more Kino war.
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It was moral support, Saleh was bullied very hard for it, basically threated with obliteration if he fucked with the UN vote.
>even fucking Argentina joined against Iraq
>Name a more Kino war.
African Decolonisation wars.
>WW1 tier brutality
>helicopter dogfights
>child soldiers armed with nothing but C4 and a Quran charging Iraqi lines
>toxic gas deployment
>motorcycle blitzkrieg.
Jesus fuck.
File: 1593593241168.jpg (171 KB, 755x676)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
>At times, fighting took place in waters over 2 m (6.6 ft) deep. Iraq ran live electrical cables through the water, electrocuting numerous Iranian troops and then displaying their corpses on state television

File: gh.jpg (138 KB, 412x500)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Did science kill the humanity of our world?

The world to the ancients reflected themselves, it was a worldview painted by human imagination where everything had a purpose and everything was for us, made in our image. The world of today is a cold and calculated world of scientific logic, a spreadsheet of facts, devoid of heart and soul. Maybe humanity should have remained "ignorant", for what is "reality" but experience? Your experience is your reality, scientific truth has no bearing on that, if you and everyone in your world believes they saw a dragon then they saw a dragon, that is their truth. Science slayed the human world and created in its place a robotic and lifeless one.
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File: Ek92J4aWMAIHTfl.png (78 KB, 339x291)
78 KB
>Maybe you’re just a dull cretin who lacks the emotional and social intelligence to appreciate art that doesn’t specifically bolster your political/religious opinions?
>The world of today is a cold and calculated world of scientific logic, a spreadsheet of facts, devoid of heart and soul.
I don't agree with that. First of, the latest advances in science are trippy and magical as fuck. Second, religion is still a thing. Catholics still see apparitions of Mary, New Agers astral project their souls, Wiccans cast magic spells, etc. If you want to believe in a mystical world, go ahead, you don't need to have everyone else in it too. Also, I am sure that medieval peasants didn't all think they were living inside a tolkienesque fairytale while they were being killed off by starvation, disease and war.
Science is an extension of that - just empirical observation. Philosophy is the opposite - obscurantism for the purpose of acquiring power.
In my opinion it's not really science/scientism that "killed our world", but to me the real "assassins" are first and foremost internet and globalization. The possibility to easily (and cheaply) get access, travel or get information to/about exotic product, places and persons from all over the world killed the sense of wonder and mistery given by such products, places and persons. Furthermore, I think that the fall of kingdoms and empires in favor of republics contributed to such "assassination". I don't know about you, but the existance of powerful (and often mysterious) men who could have such a huge impact on entire regions of the world is way more romantic than the (in my opinion) sterile image given by a republic. I mean, the deepest meaning of a republic (namely that the power is held by the people and not by a sovereign) is kinda lost when most nations are republics.
>Science is responsible for giving humanity a cold and lifeless world.
That's what God said was going to happen and is why He told humanity the warnings about worshiping Scribes, nor to worship Mighty Men of war.

God asked us to be "as wise as serpents, but as harmless as dove." He knew we were "as sheep, sent into dens of wolves," when he asked this of us, to go into the higher places of knowledge and to become as intelligent as them. And He also knew that they would persecute us for our faith, which is the fire that all cold scientific knowledge needs for it in order to even grow. That's just "them's the breaks."

Kevin Sorbo made a movie about that christians should go into universities and try to argue with the professors. Haven't seen it but maybe it isn't against the rules for Kevin Sorbo to make his own movie, but in reality people should be careful about calling attention to theirselves so that liberals can fail them or accuse us as causing trouble. God never asked everyone to do that.

If anything, people should just let liberalism eat itself. Like the Ice Witch in Narnia. Winter for eternity, no one believes Aslan is coming back. Everyone knows that Lucy never stopped believing in Aslan, while everyone else always had moments of doubt. We're supposed to be like little Lucy and just never stop trusting that God has things under control, and Jesus is coming back.

File: Epikouros_BM_1843.jpg (70 KB, 533x800)
70 KB
>Still no definitive answer to the problem of evil
lmao, theism is a joke
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>we can't comprehend the workings of an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, benevolent God
Wow, what a deep insight Epicurus!
try me. I've read about Plantinga's response, but is not convincing. He cares too much about logical assertments instead of including real world observations into it, which degrades his own arguments. Is the same problem he had with his evolutiorany argument against naturalism.
My point is ath*Ist dogs (may YHWH curse them) use this meme argument
>>Everything, including evil, has a purpose and is useful
To be fair, I don't have a problem with this argument. Evil can produce Good even in our daily lives, like killing someone to save someone else, or to avoid future agressions. Leaving aside some contradictions about God not being full good lile most theists claims.

the argument does not conclude that God doesn't exists, it just concludes that our assumptions about him are incorrect, given the existence of evil. If he exists, he is not powerful, or benevolent, or doesn't care about us at all.
Thank you for understanding.

But also, the initial argument that if he is uncaring, he is undeserving of worship is faulty. It is still something much greater than us, which deserves respect and awe.

Why are there barely no AAA set in the middle east?
Zanj slaves, gilham, persian mi norities, all people these faggots complain about not being represented could be plentifull in a MENA game
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based moor
how much for white slaves?
File: 1592753342599.png (27 KB, 600x800)
27 KB
europeans started equating blacks with moors specifically to annoy maghrebi arabs and berbers by insinuating their ancestors were african slaves.
source: transcendent insight
>negros for 150 dollars

I wouldn't want one even for free

File: DzZLrUCX0AIdyPK.jpg (114 KB, 1294x730)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
What exactly is Socialism? How is it different from Marxism and Communism?
Who are socialists? How are they different from Marxists and communists?
Were the Bolsheviks socialists? Was the Nazi? Is the Democratic party socialist? The Labor party?
Was the USSR Socialism? Was Nazi Germany? Are Scandinavian countries socialist?

The term is a fucking mess and I'm trying to see if it still has any practical sense.
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The only kind of people his would work against are the very very dumb
People on social media, especially on Twitter are socialist.

Sent from my iPhone
China is freed its market a little by allowing companies but it's still "communist" in that these companies answer to the state and the material is still redistributed to state activity.
This. Always makes me kek when I hear the words "Chinese millionaire" and how China is the biggest market of luxury items. Nice communism lmao
China's manufacturing is completely state owned and unlike the USSR they don't have to pay shithole countries not to collapse so they can just forgive their own debts. 90% of their population scratch out a living growing potatoes with their own shit and have no rights. They are the closet thing to communism that exists in the world today

Portugal is based
>adopted the templars
>kicked the sandniggers ass
>first to explore the globe and create an empire with low manpower
>one of the last to leave the colonies
>was kicking the guerrillas ass when they wanted independence ( in nam the us could have learned some stuff with portugal in angola/guinea bissau/mozambique
> safest country in europe even with all the 3rd world emigration
>undervalued food
>top tier weather
47 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 892_gj2.jpg (254 KB, 829x1040)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
This is one it's still the best joke, when they use a modern north-moroccan sample to model iberians, when north moroccans are literally part iberian due Neolithic expansion and even bell beaker, and therfore inflating the shared
I wish that was the truth, but it's not: The Lisbon suburbs are full with african immigrants, like you see in London or Paris, and now with brazilians too, and they act the way everybody knows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPQv5YonRoc
>Portugal won't get mass migration
>literally all the stats show the opposite
mesmo fds
>Wrong, since they are not populated by portuguese people.


This depiction of ancient Greek warfare is so mind numbingly retarded that it forced me at poorly held spearpoint to make an angry thread to rant about it!
So we see depicted a bunch of Greeks (looks like Athenians vs Spartans or something) going into battle all with their spears held over-arm. Why are they held over-arm? Why... to throw them, of course!
And they needed to throw their spears so that they could draw their swords and fight each other that way.

Well, it sure is convenient that BOTH sides threw their spears because if one side didn't throw their spears, then they could engage the enemy at a greater distance and slaughter them. Unlike in Rome 2 : Total War, a phalanx with only swords is not going to beat a phalanx with spears since they would just be poked to death! It is utterly stupid to throw your principle fighting weapon before a battle. The reason this artist depicts this is because he fell for the over-arm spear-fighting meme. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS MEME!

Number II, a few guys seem not to have gotten the message that they're supposed to throw their main fighting weapon before engaging with swords, and you see them in the foreground smashing their shields into each other. They're trying to spear each other but this is made awkward because they're now too close for effective spear combat.
Hey, I have a better idea; How about you use your spears at effective spear range instead! Or, now that you have inexplicably gotten yourself into this situation, NOW is the time to draw your sword for close quarters fighting.

This picture is yet more evidence that spears were not used over-arm in real battles. It's just a stupid concept.
Now that I have made this rant, the picture will disappear and no longer bother mankind ever again.
Are there any pictures you'd like to BTFO with facts and logic?
Have sex
Based af
How does OP ever recover from this

File: images (33).jpg (16 KB, 341x512)
16 KB
We are legion, we are in a cyber war against a criminal totalitarian government in Brazil. Bolsonaro is a criminal. I invite the hacker community to give Bolsonaro a memorable November 5, exposing his crimes for the whole world to see.
You want /b/.
Recruiting for future criminal acts is off-topic for /his/.

File: 1522364127760.png (87 KB, 3000x3000)
87 KB
Why are the Jews always hated upon by other civilizations?
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Because of the other civilizations.
>Jews expelled
So, no reason over 90% of the time?
>Why do people hate parasites
Jews are like that unbearably obnoxious faggot kid who believes and repeats what his mommy says when she tells him that all the other kids are "just jealous because of what a smart little boy he is."
They tend to be very insular and don't assimilate, preferring to stay in their own communities.
Also around the Middle Ages the Jews were barred from basically every institution except banking since the Catholics considered usury a sin while the Jews didn't, and people needed to borrow for interest, which made them excellent scapegoats.

File: 1613813556938.webm (231 KB, 250x312)
231 KB
What books do I need to read to understand these topics, please?
>The Sumerians
>The Bronze Age Collapse
>The Historical Israelis
>Classical History
>The Documentary/Supplementary etc. Hypothesis
>Early Modern Europe (1400-1800) with all the wars and politics
>The Napoleonic Wars
>History of European Art

Thank you

Why are atheists incapable of understanding fossils were put here to test our faith in God the Father? Evolution has been disproven time and time again, just read the Bible.
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Unlike you I wasn't indoctrinated at the 1984-esque "universities"
>muslims scholars belived in it in the 800 - 1600 AD period
LMAO nice bait
File: lemmings.png (2.38 MB, 1468x7317)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG
You are free to let other people control you and then blame it all on others.
That will not bring you happiness.
No they did not believe in evolution. Muslim scholars observed how nature was a lot less fine tuned than what a lot of religions showed it to be. Nature was actually at constant conflict with itself, competing for food and the like. They didn't take the step of Natural selection or "survival of the fittest" yet, so no, it was not a theory of evolution.
File: 4ki23k.jpg (195 KB, 798x770)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
>liberal academics who are sponsored by Jews
>muslims scholars 800 - 1600 AD

How was the average medieval peasant's posture like, better or worse than today?

I imagine that farming by hand would've involved a lot of looking down, not unlike all the darn kids nowadays using thems smartphones.
I worked on a farm and it doesn't really do good on your posture but medieval farmers had a lot more free time and no 8 hour work day.

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