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Here's a story map about Intrinsic value of the Individual. What strong arguments can I add for Western Individualism, Its origin as hero myth and some neat examples I am not thinking of yet. I don't like sociology but Geert Hofstede is very interesting with his IBM studies.

Im digging through Bertrand Russell's philosophy of Western Thought for Ideas right now.
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The environment is not conducive to individualism. Take India for example. In the period of early Indo Aryan civilization-the expansion into the Gangetic belt and beyond the Vindhyas, the colonization efforts in SEA and Central Asia and the extensive trade networks both domestically and internationally were all the results of private entrepreneurship. Kalinga for example, responsible for the majority of SEA colonization was a very weak state militarily, optimally it was irrelevant to other regions and then there was a large period of time when they were Bengali bitches. The colonization of Sinhala by Prince Vijaya, the establishment of the Funan state by Kaundinya-these are all myths but they possess fragments of reality and the reality they show is one where individuals in Indian society had ambition and the scope to realize them. While the caste system did exist in this period, it wasn't yet relevant in genetics and there's considerable evidence of social mobility in contemporary texts.

Now in the early medieval period with the collapse of the economy, self sustaining village units became the norm and urban areas became purely military or administrative. Caste loyalties begin to crystallize and become a clannish concept with ritual superiority or inferiority becoming a topic of discussion in contemporary texts.

Individualism thrives with social mobility and economic prosperity, collectivism is the opposite.
File: d.png (687 KB, 1723x901)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
What do you think about the genetic differences between Asians and Westerners specifically focusing on 5-HTTLPR and how it changes serotonin, risk vs reward, financial decisions and trust of other populations.

I am seeing more difference in that than flaws in traditional economic systems which both seem to have merit. The attached picture is comparing individuals score to the allele and the next quote is looking at economic connections.

"We found that individuals who have the 5-HTTLPR short allele avoid risky and complex financial decisions, even though they do not differ from others in terms of wealth, income, assets, debt, education, cognitive abilities, numeracy, or learning based on financial information. Instead, a mechanism responsible for the effects of the short allele on financial choice appears to involve people’s negative affective reactions when anticipating upcoming investment decisions. Specifically, relative to other subjects, short allele carriers perceived stocks to be riskier and were more anxious and prone to feeling negative emotions, suggesting that these individuals tend to experience higher anxiety when faced with risky investments involving potential losses.

These findings thus make several novel contributions. First, we identified a mechanism through which a specific genetic factor (5-HTTLPR) influences financial choice, rather than merely documenting correlations between genetic variants and behavior. Second, we acquired integrative genetic, survey, and experimental data in a community sample of adults, and corroborated this data with objective information from individuals’ credit reports. Together, these findings suggest that studying the biological aspects of decision making can help explain individuals’ immediate economic choices and eventual life financial outcomes."

Kuhnen, Camelia M et al. “Serotonergic genotypes, neuroticism, and financial choices.” PloS one vol. 8,1 (2013): e54632. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0054632
File: IE_expansion.png (168 KB, 450x275)
168 KB
168 KB PNG

Its interesting you bring up India, there seems to be a spread of culture, the aristocratic individualistic Indo-European migrations to India. I still don't know if its fully cultural or if its something with these sets of alleles but they do seem to correlate with more financial success. The Kurgan Hypothesis has been interesting me as the indo-european steppe culture, India has have a higher amount of Long 5-HTTLPR allele type vs short. Something you don't see in south east asian populations as much. The economic studies and how that changes the success of a culture that can support risk takers is fascinating.

Think about a group of 100 people in 3 populations.

1 Has 100/100 risk takers, they may not survive very long.

One has 10/100 Risk takers, 90 % stick to the old ways, 10 try new thins, most die but 1 brings something good back to the group that innovates.

The third has 0/100 Risk takers, they get stuck in old ways and don't innovate, change occurs and if the proven ways fail they fail collectively.

At lest that's how I have been perceiving it., and its just an idea nothing sound. If americans score the highest on individual vs collective studies it may make sense since people left everything they knew to come here, and then during westward expansion took on more risk. Population of new areas and expanding people is a huge risk.
One of the major complaints about Indian capital nowadays is that everyone wants short term payouts. Other than IT sector where startups are able to show their market share and promise non existent billions to justify burning millions of investor money in constantly loss making operations every other sector is characterized by short term low risk investments.

The pharmaceutical sector spends a pittance on research despite massive profits(Most succesful microbiology graduates I know went abroad because there's basically no job other than data entry level shit at home), the company that had a quasi monopoly over our automotive industry for 4 decades(Hindustan Motors) never made more than one model(Ambassador) and even now domestic manufacturers can't come close to building cars like Toyota does for shitty roads like our's, probably because there's no R&D funding.
Most Indian capital is in the hands of the various baniya groups, people who've been historically merchants and bankers so they shouldn't be so risk averse if it was substantially genetic. Of course lack of opportunities in the past might have just natural selectioned out the genes from their pool though.

File: EGHjjbRXkAEj9Rs.jpg (63 KB, 1000x559)
63 KB
Scientifically speaking, has India achieved its goal of becoming a superpower by 2020?

Both India and the USA have:
* people shitting in the streets
* people who are half man half woman
* lots of people working in tech
* a space program


Did people in the US consider Spaniards to be whiter than Italians?

I never heard about Spaniards being discriminated in the US, but Italians were
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sicilians are hardly, if at all, italian
Spanish immigration to the US has been very low compared to Italian immigration. I wonder if it’s because they’d rather go to Latin America where they all speak the language already?
There are members of my family who still call black- and brown-skinned Hispanics “Spanish”. It’s kind of like how the Amish call all English-speaking outsiders “English”.

Used to be acquainted with a Protestant KKK investigator. With ties to William Cooper’s story. White with fear for KKK. Because the KKK believed there should be no whites left in Europe by now. And whom have spent the better part of their investigation on Chinese morphological correction research. Basically fabricating whites with beautiful disposition. For the most part they believe they cleared up Russia with a bleached skin gypsy unit in order to counteract Chinese fabrication. They were also tied to Mussolini’s theory on gambit trade offs. Which is a burst with reciprocation effect. Yesterday it was Spain, today it’s Italy tomorrow is Anatolia. Perhaps he feared that he wasn’t what he thought he was in the logic arena. And only accepted by looks. Because in the history of the consequential— his immigration puts him right near eastern Turkey today—he comes from ground zero of the event. He grew up in a less racist era and perhaps needed racism for boundaries. But with self doubt. China wanted to clear Europe off the map and put its own people which is the Vietnam era in contrast to Korean Era. He couldn’t trust Korean War Era soldiers because they never expressed their own self doubt as to origin or where they came from. They had absolutely no accountability.

So he’d try to contact people for help. Experts in the field of vision, child development, virology etc. The latter was because some govts mandated viruses to be given to its people for identification. The viruses would not kill. For the most part were regional afflictions or endemic benign parasites.

People always say bad or good to things. But it all has utility. For example color of iris. They are all a wavelength color except grey or dark steel blue. Baby blues are. Grey is only expressed as white. Otherwise it’s ultraviolet when white shines through black. Most children were born with microcephalic which means they should exhibit mental problems. For example a lot of gerber babies are microcephalic. Parents were so ingenious to make matters worse they would put corrective gear. Most governmental continents or sees would adopt viral recognition programs. A lot of people were counterfeits. Doing visual observance fraud over internal observance. He realized that Africa separated itself. Those in commune with Morroco and those in commune with Levant. They hate eachother. And together hate South Africans. Now which is which? If Hindus were busy playing with ink placement of clients photo developments but why? And showed great disposition to invading Morocco. But why were the Hindus he saw in the US different than those he witnessed in Gia Dinh where he was a contracted photographer? Chinese experiments on racial anatomy. Why didn’t they allow the others? Why were the Korean War vets passing off their Asian concubines kids whom they had further north as Italian. Korean War vets played themselves as moral Celtic law observers, faithful to one wife for rest of life. Yet maintain asian concubines. It’s easy to irritate it. Now why did the American military have a foreign service and a domestic service. Yet all these guys feigning themselves as domestic servicemen why? You fight a war against the same people you are letting in and assume it’s alright?

If the only way to be granted US residency was by marrying an American spouse and having a family upto a certain date. Everyone who says they came before a certain date. What are they?

File: language.jpg (112 KB, 1024x512)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I think language is no more than crying. We were born into this world kicking and screaming, and we did so because it was the most intuitive way to receive love and care. Without which, we would not survive.

As we grow, we gain new capacities that allow us to express our needs in more variety, using physical gestures and and verbal sounds to communicate. However, this is just an extension of the innate behavior we were born with. Crying has sophisticated into language.

It is no more than an extension of our efforts to communicate for the means to secure our existence, and this effort is sophisticated through the practice of activities which we call cultural. Against these benefits, we may set the very equivocal power to love and the need for love.

So language, like crying, is asking for love.

File: Alfonso_X_el_Sabio.jpg (339 KB, 461x671)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Who's your favourite monarch of Castile and/or Leon? For me, it's Alfonso X
Call me a pleb but I really liked Isabel. She’s made the roads safe and that’s all I ever ask of my sovereign.
He wrote some nice songs
wise guy
El Cid

File: Ataturk.jpg (575 KB, 1654x2339)
575 KB
575 KB JPG
> In a lengthy, detailed, and innovative speech, Mustafa Kemal extolled the magnificent past of the Turkish people. According to this account Noah had a grandson named Turk, who was the ancestor of the Turkish nation. Although the prehistoric achievements of this great nation were somewhat obscure, the Turks had established major states in Central Asia over 1,500 years ago. Then came the encounter with the Arabs, another great people, and one inspired to adopt a new religion by their leader Muhammad who was sent as the last prophet to mankind. Following his death the caliphate emerged as an institution of government, but Islam's swift expansion made its continuation in this form impossible after the four Rightly Guided Caliphs. Consequently rival sultanates laying claim to this sacred office emerged throughout the Muslim world. It was during this period that the Turks penetrated the Caucasus, Anatolia, Iran and Iraq, and reduced the Abbasid caliphs to vassalage. Thereafter, Turkish rulers tolerated the existence of the caliphate as a separate institution within their magnificent state. Had the great Turkish ruler Melikşah (d. 1092) wished to seize this title for himself, he could easily have done so. Yet he preferred to let the caliph remain in Baghdad, intervening only to advocate the appointment of one of his own grandsons as caliph. The situation in 1922, Mustafa Kemal dexterously argued, was remarkably similar. Accordingly it was entirely appropriate that the Turkish Grand National Assembly, which represented national sovereignty and worldly government, should coexist with a caliph bereft of temporal power. In fact he argued, the religious status of such an authority would exceed that of Melikşah's caliph, while the separation would forestall any recurrence of the treasonous behaviour exhibited by the current sultan Mehmed VI.

Noah had a grandson called Turk?
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Kek what a sexy ass motherfucking chad
File: VpuJEeM.png (126 KB, 613x250)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
Ataturk read countless books on early islamic history and was well educated on it and had the Quran translated in Turkish. Dude knew his shit.

Ataturk is a progrom. Another one like Castro. It tells Europeans the more they move for habitation purposes besides work. The more terrorist acts will be committed by lone individuals seeking clandestine approval. They have right to expand Eastward for security. Or else get out. They already got Ata to the full expense.
Medieval Muslims believed Turk to be the son of Japeth and that Turk had a son named Chin (ancestor of Chinese). Just a lame way of trying to fit other peoples into Biblical narratives.
White man saves Turkey

File: large_000000[1].jpg (22 KB, 420x240)
22 KB
Was the so-called "Dunkirk Miracle" rigged? There's no rational reason to believe the official story.
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The British are a sickly people and probably died when they sneezed too hard or didn't get their limes or whatever.
The Halt order was suggested by Rundstedt and Von Kluge, because the Germans were threatening to overrun their logistical tails and priority was given to the forces pursuing the main French force, not the pocketed force. They were not "left scratching their heads", they were the ones requesting time to rebuild operational strength and allow infantry to catch up for what was looking like an assault in marshy terrain.

Why are you so unwilling to even do so much as look at wikipedia before saying something that makes you look like an idiot?
Not that I disagree with Sartre's point, but I'm not sure just because someone is a moron about WW2 and maybe even a bit of a Wehraboo that they're acting as anti-semites. You have a lot of really, really stupid crap floating around about WW2, and a lot of the bullshit has taken very deep roots.
Lies. There are two things you guys need to understand. Primarily, in the hindsight of the present day, we can determine decisions with much more clarity. We today can see that the slaughter or imprisonment of the British army would have been much more valuable to the Germans than a theoretical playing card of kindness in a peace deal, but Winston Churchill had only gotten in power like 2 weeks before Dunkirk. The Germans (and most British, French, etc. citizens) were convinced the war was going to be over once Paris was captured, as Ally high command had agreed it would in the first world war. The world, the British citizens primary among them, were legitimately astounded when Churchill commanded them to keep fighting; morale was low for quite some time after Dunkirk.
Secondly, as another anon pointed out, Rundstedt and Von Kluge (interestingly, the latter's name literally means, 'of the bullet'... based name) worried the Germans might over stretch their war-making capacity by ordering an assault on a massive concentration of allied soliders so soon after blitzing through Artois. Furthermore, Goring, the head of the airforce, promised Hitler the Luftwaffe could both pound the armies in Dunkirk and stop any British sea rescue.
Especially with Goring's counsel, and faced with the protests of the German generals who were notoriously fearful of bold or rapid attacks, he decided not to attack, and sort of retroactively spun the decision as positive, because now the British public wouldn't hate the Germans.
Hitler's plan MIGHT have worked in this regard, had he not realized it was the British elite, NOT their citizens, who decided whether to keep waging war, and that any sympathy for peace the British had would be lost upon the beginning the Blitz.

File: Martial 7 87.png (959 KB, 614x857)
959 KB
959 KB PNG
German Underman, must I have my manservants beat decorum into you?

It is the Fountain of the Land of Mars and not the Fountain of the Land of the Rhine that you drink from here: why do you stand in the boys way and keep him from back from the water?

Silly barbarian, don't you see that a Fountain belonging to the Conquerors should not allay the thirst of a captive slave to the exclusion of a Citizen? By all means, German, cup your thick hands and drink if there is nobody else there, but look around first; from left to right and back again; squint to be sure you have not overlooked a Roman Citizen, and then step aside if there is one there who wishes to drink first.

What's his historical equivalent?
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he had a genetic disease meaning he'd die in his 20s so he would be inclined to believe so, also genes only make a slight difference and it varies between individuals otherwise why would the "aryans" here be incels on 4chan while black guys fucking their high school sweethearts, your oneitis is wondering where mr right is and why she has to suck nigger cock, he never decided to be mr right
Biological determinism is the true red pill though. Both the two strongest predictors of success, IQ and conscientious personality, are largely inherited.
File: 1566289739986.gif (2.55 MB, 500x282)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB GIF
Every single claim in this post is wrong
No he threw it all away because he was a maladjusted borderline sociopath and the only person whose opinion he actually cared about at all abandoned him and bruised his enormous ego and he wanted to reexert his control and soothe his butthurt by fucking a princess

File: 341261297.jpg (17 KB, 278x179)
17 KB
What's the best argument for God's existence?
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the ontological argument.

the cosmological argument.

those are both okay arguments.

the best argument however is actually not an argument, it's intellectual discovery of God as a spirit.. which in philosophical terms is bound up with understanding free will.

you start by understanding Vasti Roodts interpretation of Nezitchian nihilism, then once you understand that absurdism means we are free to choose our own axioms and prime values.. and that choice is the character of both yourself and your actions.. you can start to think about different spirits and their consequences and trade-offs. discern the spirits. is communication and affinity possible in such a epistemological universe.. there is no alternative.. this view of God is very atheistic to a certain extent.. or its pure spirituality: there are a lot of scriptures which echo this message: 1st John chapter 4 and 5.
God killed himself on the crosswho is also his son, that counts
God condoning slavery in the bible btfos any notion that he is good so there's no point in arguing for his existence
>the best argument for God's existence
Chocolate anime girls.

File: the-great-game-187222.png (369 KB, 640x427)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
Why isn't the Cold War called the Second Great Game?
because britain wasn't involved after the suez. next thread please
>Qing doesn't include Mongolia
>British (Raj) doesn't include Burma
>Russian Empire doesn't include Transcaucasia
shit map

File: 1571161876287.jpg (269 KB, 1280x1500)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
People often criticize Marxism for its unrealistic expectations, cruelty, or inability to work, but am i the only one to whom a communist world would seem horribly boring and meaningless? Nothing anyone could ever do would matter anymore, as everything that one could do that would matter could be done better by a machine, and everything a man could do simply wouldnt matter.
If a worker has a passion for making roads, then he could make roads, but no one would want them or use them, as they are inferior to machine-made roads in quality. Only unimportant locations might see roads made by workers, but no one will use those anyway. So the worker would only make roads that no one will ever use, roads that do not matter whatsoever. And this is really the fate for all manual labour jobs. The only thing that this would bring is "leasure", which will simply amount to wasting away in a meaningless existence where nothing anyone does could ever matter anymore.
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File: gdubs.jpg (21 KB, 400x394)
21 KB

I wonder when /his/ will finally read marx.
>something along the lines of "every citizen is a stakeholder receiving annual paycheck from stock of nationalized companies", li
we're also going heavily away from this possibility by rapid privatization of national resources and systems; also did you forget that our benevolent 'leaders' are hell bent on keeping Joe and Jane in their food stamp subsidized McJerbs? They call it capitalism and the free market and the greatest country in the world, in case you didn't hear about it.
I hung out when Leninist types when I was a little teenager taking a civic interest. I wasn't too impressed, and even less impressed, looking back.

I think Marx may have some valid points on the modes of production but I, for myself, think Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie are the greater philosophers on this subject.

And urge you all o go study them. Since yoy should've learned about them in school and for some mysterious reason, given how capitalistic we're supposed to be, we have no mandatory education on these men or what business is or how to manage finance.
>Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie
>study them
and failing that or in addition to that, Cato the Elders handbook on Farm Management.
>capitalism and the free market and the greatest country in the world
brought to you by trillions upon trillions of dollars in unpaid debt, both personal and private and state, for all your inflationary needs

What is it about this particular place that attracts the world's brown people?
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I dunno, but the fact that it was inhabited by >>7683873
and most of the Spanish settlers came from there explains why latinos are extremely brown even though they're allegedly half-European
It's next to Morocco.
Spanish settlers came from all over anon. Sudacas are brown because they're all literal 56% mutts.
actually no
Prime landing place for refugee bvlls boat

Assuming humanity survives, in 3000 years when they dig up the remains of Las Vegass will they think the Egyptians ruled this tiny area of nevada?
29 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
and if i were you I'd be more scared that we don't hear anything about it anymore, given the apocalyptic data.
>The number of nuclear weapons in the world has declined significantly since the Cold War: down from a peak of approximately 70,300 in 1986 to an estimated 13,890 in early-2019.
it's funny, i guess i've just gotten too old to care what these .orgs say about anything.

hey if that's true, that's nice. I don't believe it though.
>70,300 in 1986 to an estimated 13,890 in early-2019.

I actually have a good reason to doubt that, based on the fact that Nukes come from the
"enriched"waste from Nuclear plants: which is enriched automatically after a certain level of output: see Iran, which is how America and Russkia were able to crank out so many Nuclear weapons in the first place... so if they're reduced their stock by that much,

A. Where has the uranium gone? which has a life of 200 yrs.
B. What're they doing with the enriched waste from the Nuclear plants that they were funneling into their weapons programs?

shooting into space? burying it? we'd know if they were doing something on that scale.
>the enriched waste from the Nuclear plants that they were funneling into their weapons programs?

they're putting into PYRAMIDS!!!

File: 1575738747267.jpg (78 KB, 520x684)
78 KB
What was the Phalangist vision for Lebanon?
Christian-Phoenician LARPing

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