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File: Karl_Marx_001.jpg (1.23 MB, 1263x1600)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
What would Marx and Engels have thought of all the mass protests and anti-police demonstrations in the US? Is this the closest Americans have gotten to class consciousness?
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Nah they've always had class consciousness, look at the Battle of Blair Mountain, the Black Panthers, Young Lords and Young Patriots or the civil rights movement. The Young Patriot's motto was "We protect and serve becaus ethe police sure as hell don't". Racism has just always gotten in the way of it.
Read his essay on the prussian military question. Marx argued for the dismantling of the police/military and saw them as having little to no revolutionary potential. In fact, these groups exist to produxe and maintain an industrial working class.

He would've been interested that black police officers mistreat black citizens at a similar rate as white cops...
Who cares. Fuck these morons.
lolwat? The race issue IS the overall issue, no one really gave a shit about daniel shaver or that white aussie that got killed by the somali cop (the latter generally got snarky "chickens coming home to roost whitey" comments from BLM supporters).

If george floyd had been some white loser it would've got a ten minute segment on the national news and that would've been the end of it
>Marxist treason spotted
I'm "based" here. I don't care what you antifa apologists or Soros funded scum have to say to me. I support our President sending in the military to put down this rebellion.
And proud of it. I'm sick of protests. You need to stay home and never come out again. Go live in Cuba or Iran or some Marxist hellhole if you hat the police and this country so much.
>police are gonna take muh 2nd amendment
Yeah but only for a little while. Until antifa and Soros is dealt with and we have order and security back on the agenda, we'll get the President to hand back your gun rights. He loves the 2nd amendment as much as I do but we're in a national emergency right. If I hear you people bitch about the police or the military on the streets or you oppose martial law, I'm gonna tell you to go join CNN or become a basedboy reporter for Vice or the Washington Compost.

File: b43.jpg (46 KB, 680x617)
46 KB
6500 year old soomer
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You forgot the nose piercing.
Umm. It's on the other side
Based, I can cum now.
File: 1591058460787.jpg (136 KB, 1518x786)
136 KB
136 KB JPG

the first few lines are correct at least http://etcsl.orinst.ox.ac.uk/section5/c561.htm#line1
lurk moar

On this day, a great tragedy occurred in Italy.
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>r. genuine retards
Who cares, the pope is the de facto monarch of italy
What are you even talking about?
Dangerously based

Lead singer of Christian band Hawk Nelson reveals he no longer believes in God
Cast him down to the BBC
Didn't one of the guys in DC Talk basically become a universalist?
What a poser. That's why I only listen to real Christian music like ICP.
And another one gone and another one gone,

Another one bites the dust

File: Martin Luther King Jr..jpg (113 KB, 1080x675)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Why did the civil rights movement go to absolute shit without any centralized leader after MLK died?
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MLK's assassination cut his work short. Contrary to what history usually makes it seem, getting blacks the basic rights they were supposed to have for 100 years at that point was not all he wanted. When he died he was working on economic reform and calling out other injustices in society. You don't just throw blacks to the wind after granting them rights. The centuries of systematic disadvantages had to be accounted for too. This made him the most hated man in America at the time of his death. Furthermore, many people in the black community were growing impatient with his way of doing things and even he was having second thoughts about his methodology. The '60s was a tumultuous time and that is reflected in the civil rights movement.
File: 1590652768901[1].jpg (243 KB, 1908x1146)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Are you kidding? Omar Thornton/the Connecticut massacre, the Fountain Valley massacre, Mark Essex's shooting rampage in New Orleans, the Dallas massacre of 2016, the Aurora, Illinois, the Molson Coors massacre in Milwaukee THIS YEAR, the Zebra killings in the Bay Area, the Kori Ali Muhammad shootings in Fresno, the Wichita Horror, the Freddy's Fashion Mart massacre in New York, the Virginia Beach massacre, the DC Naval Yards massacre, etc. Those are just the ones I can recall offhand. There are more. The Delaware cemetery shooting from a couple weeks ago was supposed to be a large massacre, but cops managed to spot the guy with a drone and snipe him.
File: Baltimore 2019.jpg (925 KB, 1590x2688)
925 KB
925 KB JPG
Without 'high incarceration rates,' shit would be a lot worse. More like Honduras in terms of utter lawlessness and brutality. Just look at what happened in Baltimore after cops eased up on arrests after 2015:
That was one fucked up episode of Beastars. Louis went too far.
This isn't exactly an argument. Baltimore's murder rate has been very high for decades, with occasional rises and falls.

Why are they more linguistically conservative compared to their European relatives?
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Probably due to the continuous influence of the proto-languages that for a while retained the sacred status in their written form.
environmental pressures i suppose
t. biologist
What features do you mean? The only major conservative feature of the phonology of Indic languages is preservation of voiced aspirates, and Iranian didn't even do that. Most of the vowels shifted, and the labiovelars were merged into the plain velars. Grammatically the case structure has been reduced more than in Slavic, for example, and already in Sanskrit the split ergativity of modern Indic languages was well established.

File: Powerful.png (33 KB, 1183x854)
33 KB
Lets face it the current happenings basically fit your standard definition of a revolution, vacuous though it is, but has there been anything else like this in history?

What other events have untied such a broad cross section of society over a social issue? Literally the biggest corporations, upper middle class whites, and underclass blacks have all united in outrage and as far as I can tell this is pretty unique.

Also show some love for /his/'s favourite youtube channel.
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>Lets face it the current happenings basically fit your standard definition of a revolution, vacuous though it is, but has there been anything else like this in history?
HAHAH- oh your serous? HAHAHAHAHAHA oh my god. never change 4chan, never change
>blacks want to be part of the existing system as equals
>not to do away with the existing system
Not a revolution.
I thought they're just a gaming and history channel, they just can't shut up about them voting democrat. What's their Problem?
this happens like every four or so years. its like a bad hurricane. revolution? lmao, trust me if it were a revolution you'd know.
naive but optimistic way of looking at it.

really they just want money and stuff, but not really have to work for it. which is fine, that's pretty typically american.

What are some somewhat funny anecdote youve come across from history?
One I just read came from a book about the relationship between the VOC and the Tokugawa Shogunate. In the book it describes how the VOC were able to enter the Japanese market by first claiming to be representives of the King of Holland(really the Prince of Orange) and when that became invonvient they decided to make themselves technically vassels to Japan and showed their loyalty by fighting Japanese Christians. Anyway one flair up in relations occured when some Dutch sailors went to the wrong port and were arrested. They were eventually released but the Shogun wanted a formal apology from the King of Holland by way of an ambassador visit. The Dutch not wanting to arrange a letter from the Prince and not wanting to apologize and all decided to send a dying man to Edo to apologize. He died along the way. The Japanese were so confused they called the whole thing off.
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During the Spanish Civil war, the rebel army soon took control of half the country and advanced firmly towards the capital, Madrid. In one of the major cities, come 75km south of Madrid, in Toledo, the nationalist uprising failed and the rebles locked themselves up in the Alcazar, a kind of castle-palace where the garrison was stationed.

The Government led forces bombed the Alcazar for months, expecting the few hundred troops to surrender, to no avail. They finally captured the teenage son of Colonel Moscardó. They called him on the phone.

.- Father, if you do not surrender, they say they will kill me, he said.
.-Son, commend your soul to God and die like a patriot, shouting, LONG LIVE GOD and ¡Viva España!’ The Alcázar does not surrender” he said
.- That I can do, answered the boy.
Anything that humbles Victoria is appreciated by me
That one time the Russians sent a fleet across the Baltic to the pacific to fight the Japanese during the Russo-Japanese war and the fleet accidentally started fighting itself at night while it was at the English Channel after an English fishing boat caused some disruption.
For some reason I always thought that story involved a scottish prince, did it also happen in Great Britain ?

File: Ruwls.jpg (22 KB, 220x316)
22 KB
>dude justice is when things are fair and equal
>this is the height of analytical political philosophy
why is this hack taken seriously again
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wow rude
All post-war frenchies do it.
Except my boy Ellul
>Phillistines don't know how to count

File: 1555370245800.jpg (66 KB, 850x400)
66 KB
Inform me about Martin Luther. Did he have some good talking points?
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Useful rallying point for a prince who wants all that church wealth
>No, Luther was a complete and utter retard.
>He was wrong about a Hebrew translation decision
This is a total grasping at straws
File: heresy.jpg (77 KB, 549x540)
77 KB
Yes, but he then derailed into full blown heresy and started making shit up.
Anon, he pulled a translation out of his ass assuming the relationship of two completely unrelated languages when there was significant and obvious evidence that his conclusion was wrong that he just skipped over.

Yes, it's minor. No, it doesn't have any theological implications I can think of. But the method he used to arrive at it is so stupid and sloppy that it showcases how pathetic his thought processes were.
He had a dream

File: buddha.jpg (42 KB, 313x500)
42 KB
Who manage's the Naraka's? It clearly stated in hinduism, but I've not heard much about what ensure people get reborn into hell?
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>just talking about your ass
That. Don't know nothing really.
So is it possible for two different beings of karma to be born from one person?
>Who manage's the Naraka's?
Arjuna the Baptist
>people get reborn into hell?
Krishna the Christ
>It was from an essay by the dalai lama that i learned how to orgasm without ejaculating.
Got a link?
oh, that's understandable
Nihilism is a complex topic itself, but generally apeaking, it is the denial of any meaning to reality. It develops out of existential thinking, which posits that mans existent precedes his essence. Essentially, mans creates his existence. Nihilism is the incorporation of concepts such as the will to power, the ubermensch.

Buddhism is the denial of the reality in front of you. The recognition of the dharma, or the endless cycle of mans ignorance through the cessation of desire. Buddhists practice stringently with a set of rules that teach them to let go of r reality.

Both of these deny reality, however, Buddhism introduces a correct practice for it, meditation and the dharma.
Nihilism tells us to literally create the meaning we see fit. Nietzsche places more emphasis on this by suggesting that the powerful person can also create their own moral compass.

Essentially, there is a common difference in their perception of reality, and the idea of nothing. They differ with their reaction to the concept.

Buddhism, like all religion tells you the answer.
Nihilism doesnt

File: The GOAT.jpg (622 KB, 739x1024)
622 KB
622 KB JPG
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The Sacking of Constantinople (1204)
Justinians reign
the reform of Heraclius
>Not the one where some ass backwards desert tribe took over half of the empire in like 5 year and lost them forever
Justinian wouldve been the last emperor if he was around for the Rise of Islam

File: mongols-hero.jpg (68 KB, 631x300)
68 KB
>Dawn Age
Overview: The Genus Homo is born, beginning human history
Time: Around the time the genus homo is born
>Stone Age
Overview: An age where stones were a part of everyday life
Time: From 3.4 mya to around 14000 BC
>Agricultural Age
Overview: A time where agriculture began, making humanity grow
Time: 14000 BC till 8700 BC
>Metal Age
Overview: The invention and discovery of smelting. Smelting has given rise to metals being made which defined most of life back then.
Time: 8700 BC to 500 BC
>Classical Age
Overview: A time where knowledge was incredibly valuable. Can be defined by science and philosophy. Also great activities were made during this era
Time: 500 BC 500 AD (Around the time the Roman Empire collapsed)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
What do you guys think? Please respond, I bought so much ever. I hope you like it :D
Great job, tho last three aren't necessary
I disagree on the separation between the last 2 periods. The characters changed but the plot remained the same.
Basing a timeline on milestones of innovation within given civilizations carries with it the problem that different civilizations hit those milestones at different times. Also these descriptions for the various ages are fucking autistic.
That's just european history timeline.

Was Yukio Mishima Jōmon or Yayoi? He really embodied the old Samurai spirit
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He got muscled at 40, he spent most of his life as a skinny stick
For me it's Mitsuyasu Maeno
>Mitsuyasu Maeno (前野 光保, Maeno Mitsuyasu, c.1947[1] – March 23, 1976) was a Japanese actor who appeared in roman porno films. He died in a suicide attack on Yoshio Kodama, a multi-millionaire right-wing leader and leading figure in the Lockheed bribery scandals.[2]

>Keiichi Ito, the director-general for training of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, said that Maeno's act was tainted by self-serving motives, not in self-sacrifice for the country.[18] Ito, who was a surviving member of the tokkōtai, or kamikaze units, said "Maeno was performing an egotistical, grandstand play to win publicity, not unlike Mishima's suicide. Both were showing off to the world."[18]

>Nevertheless, Ito commended Maeno's technique in the attack. Commenting that, if Maeno's intent had been to kill Kodama, he could not have known where he would be located within the house. Ito said the bombing was, "very skillful, I give him the highest marks on that score."[18]
Not only a manlet, but also a faggot and a degenerate. He did the world a favour by killing himself like the tranny he was.
File: 1576220439289.png (475 KB, 801x405)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
I get his point, but there are plenty of musclebound people who can't fight for shit, so they might as well be putting on a facade.
> Most people here are skeletons.

you found me out

File: file.png (2.32 MB, 1050x1292)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB PNG
>Be an island
>Be surrounded by water
>Be surrounded by fish and other marine sources of food and nutrients
>Somehow starve to death because you couldn't grow some potatoes
Are the Irish actually retarded?
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by >>8784926 I'm assuming you refer to me, ie the person who makes a lot of in depth Irish history threads from time to time. If you aren't referring to me, apologies for the confusion! If you are, what demented ramblings do you mean?
People mistake posting the same threads/replies ad nauseam to be synonymous with board culture.
File: deebly goncerned.jpg (47 KB, 587x587)
47 KB
>Ireland is on Neptune
There's no actual proof for the Irish Potato Kerfuffle - let's just forget the whole thing

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