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File: c27.png (89 KB, 660x574)
89 KB
Historically speaking what's the reason behind the almost unconditional support Western leftists give to Russia? I thought leftism is about caring for the underdog and supporting the weak so naturally they should be inclined to side with Ukraine. Didn't they get the memo that the Soviet Union is no longer with us?
the cold war, it has given some leftists an "America always bad" bias from defending the Soviet Union
what planet are you living in? every liberal is supporting ukraine and seethe at putin.
Just some leftover influence from when the Soviets bankrolled literally every leftist group that even slightly had a positive opinion of them.
First define what YOU think are the attributes of Left and Right so we know what you are refering to.

File: arrogance.png (307 KB, 730x328)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
How can any man hope to understand all the complexities and wonders of our universe when our perspective is so limited? To me, it is the ultimate hubris.
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>durr I don't understand therefore no god
Thousands of years of documentation trump less than a hundred years of "science". Sorry.
trips of truth
Yeah, I guess I should convert to Greek paganism, then. After all, 3000+ years of oral and textual mythological tradition trump less than 2000 years of christcuck hearsay.
It's not hearsay if it's documented you fucking idiot.

Average “secularist” atheist Liberal;
>Religion can’t be used to govern society as religion is fundimentally made up bullshit
>there is no objective basis for any of the moral tenets of religion
Literally anyone with an IQ above room temperature:
>okay, so what is the justification for your ethical code being objectively correct??
>>How do you know anything you believe to be bad IS objectively bad???
>>>And if your morality is ultimately unjustified and contrived as well
>>>>how then (by your own standard) is it any different from religion??
Average “secularist” atheist Liberal;
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And you castrate boys because you indoctrinate them into thinking they might be girls by virtue of a self admittedly socially constructed concept of “”””gender””””
Once again
Your exactly the fucking SAME as religious people
Only With an ENTIRELY unjustified sense of superiority over them
>necessarily being an evolved folkway morality which has attained mythical status among its corresponding adherents
That's basically the gist of it, while the other guy is telling you that the folkway morality is derived from social instinct. Meanwhile this guy >>14008933 is saying religion is the social instinct.

I'd say that the social instinct is to establish institutions that codify, inform and enforce an organic and evolving consensus of what's fair and what's proper behavior for members of a community. There's also a social instinct to seek meaning in the world and bond with each other and the world through ritual action. Religion covers both drives. Problem with religion is that institutions tend to grow beyond their functions, and inevitably the functions suffer in order to accommodate the institution's wants and needs. Law is better because it is there to be argued. When you argue with the codes of religion, such institutions perceive an attack on their symbolic function and will do things inconsistent with their own morality in order to preserve their status and prestige. A legal code has no personal interest in "being right," always rather to "do right," and elites in the field in matter of fact increase their prestige by challenging the existing body of code and thought on the grounds it is not necessarily "doing right" in one case or another.
>we are left with the glaringly obvious truth, White Supremacy is a fact of the natural world.
Okay and? I still don’t see how believing in this leads naturally to being a Bible-believing conservative Christian/libertarian. Funny enough, despite his documented racism, Bryan argued against racial inequality using Christian creationism at the Scopes monkey trial, whereas the text Scopes taught featured eugenicist ideas.

>The Chuds follow their instincts, while you deny your instincts,
This is a bad thing btw. All science functions on the distrust of your own biases. Anyways, who says I don’t follow my instincts? I’ve been exposed to your RW talking points for more than a decade at this point and I still haven’t found it convincing.

>you dont want religion because it tells you being a tranny is wrong
Does it? Funny enough I talked to a pro-trans pastor IRL who was convinced that the Bible doesn’t say anything about transgender people. Which makes sense, both Chuds and trans people are convinced they’ve existed since the beginning of time but trans is a medical-industrial phenomenon starting in the 1920s at the earliest but probably the 50s in real terms.

In any case I’m not really obsessed with what trans people are doing like 4chuds. I don’t believe someone becomes a biological male or female bc they take hormones but I don’t see why people shouldn’t be allowed to do that if they want to.

>its more likely id be thrown out of secular institutions
All the epic race realist facts comes from Academia and secular Police agencies, not from Pastor Bob’s backwoods Baptist creation “museum”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Religious morals are derived from social morals and norms, and not the other way around.

Murder did not become bad because God commandeth; God was written to have prohibited murder because it was well agreed that murder was a foul deed. Hammurabi was chief ambassador to his national pantheon, but his law did not prohibit reckless house-building because he received it in a flash atop the ziggurat; it was prohibited because people sensed injustice when people were hurt by another's negligence. Then this injustice was prohibited under the seal and auspice of kingly (divine) authority.

The eating of pork or other certain foods did not become abominable upon priestly decree, but became a priestly decree because of existing customary notions of hygiene.

We have Christian clergy who now believe that their religion obligates them to consecrate same-sex marriages; it doesn't, but now they defer to their notion of God's will. Their sense of what's right is imposed on their idea of God. Similarly, we have Christians who now believe that their religion forbids abortions or vaccines. Christianity forbids neither, but because people came to feel that vaccines are bad and abortions are bad for essentially secular reasons, now it's entered into their religious code as well. Given the seal of divine authority and endorsed by clerical bodies, their positions enjoy the protections of religious conviction where secular morality would remain subject to dispute.
>Religion can’t be used to govern society as religion is fundimentally made up bullshit
Correct and you can never disprove it

>Murder did not become bad because God commandeth; God was written to have prohibited murder because it was well agreed that murder was a foul deed.
This, if you can't see this you are literally mentally retarded

"Calm and tranquility reigned in our Orthodox Church, because of this: While the Greek Chalcedonians were confined on the other side of the Sea of Pontus [i.e. in Constantinople, as a result of Seljuk gains in Anatolia], the sons of Magog reigned, by the permission of heaven, who dashed down the heretical persecutors in anguish, in order that they should no longer compel the Orthodox, according to their cruel practice, to corrupt themselves in their [Chalcedonian] heresy... For their part, the Turks, who occupied most of the country in which the Christians live, who have no notion of the sacred mysteries and, for that, consider Christianity an error, do not have the practice of inquiring about professions of faith or of persecuting someone for his profession of faith, as do the Greeks, a wicked and heretical people."

Why did CIA create a civil war in Yugoslavia?
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Ok eternal r*tard.
Have you seen how people in the Balkans view each other? Do you really thing they need any encouragement from the CIA to try and murder one another?
No, he's right.
US and Anglos were at first reluctant to support the break up of Yugoslavia, and they kept offering Serbs favorable terms during the wars. Croatia was at first under embargo by the West for example, and they were initially supplied weapons by Hungary and Russia. It was Germans who supported all anti-Yugoslav and anti-Serb positions. Italians are tried bribing Montenegrin with the promise of future investment if they abandoned Serbia.
Also the Serbs themselves fucking their own position and shooting themselves in the foot by harming civilians and conducting massacres which deteriorated their international position.
Nobody even needed to put the effort, it was doomed the moment hard repression stopped
File: William J. Donovan, OSS.jpg (140 KB, 1060x1447)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
For protecting Americans. Duh.

File: 6564.jpg (58 KB, 435x600)
58 KB
Is it true, what before adoption of chinese culture and buddhism japanese were matriarchal tribe?
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Maybe would
No? I was some dude named Ju, idk
Japan had multiple Queens like Himiko (Pimiko) and Iyo during Yayoi period.
Every nation on earth had multiple queens
Japan had ruling queens regularly succeeding each other who didn't share the same paternal family.

File: 376227.jpg (175 KB, 786x785)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
If high crime rates are due to being black and low IQ as the far right suggests, how come black communities in the 1920s-1950s had lower crime rates than white/mafia ghettos?
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The welfare state exists, and I abuse it to line my pockets
Because they know their place and system wasn't be sympathetic
False equivalency. I don't know the numbers of what you speak of but I would assume from common sense that is true. Kids who feel their father was abusive or abandoned them are literally 00's of times more likely to earn less, commit crimes, leave their own kids, etc.
>t. former cop who has done years of prison ministry and has seen living proof, not just read about it.

It's not complicated. I hate to reference this but even in pop culture, it was talked about until the 1990's ALL of the time. There are television episodes about it, rap songs about it, all of that. Now it is hushed, dismissed as a lie, and it is all for a reason. Someone wants men weak, fatherless homes, and children impressionable to whatever garbage government schools feed them. They call it "progress." Question is, "For who?"
Lol no. The vast majority of crimes used to go unreported, not just unsolved. Medieval governments didn't even have police.
>The vast majority of crimes used to go unreported, not just unsolved
This is a fact. Not just in the past, but now. Decent people work things out among themselves. People that are brought up believing that jail is like high school, something everyone has do at some point, call the cops when there aren't adults to help mediate problems. Oddly enough, a high percentage of the people that call the cops end up going to jail.

File: f2b.png (133 KB, 1015x764)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
Which religious sect attracts the most larpers and aesthetic shills? People who feel they have no purpose in life so they join some religion group. They base their entire personality around it even though they don't really know the solid theology, history, and values behind their new faith.
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File: 1659994885216958.jpg (49 KB, 597x676)
49 KB
I believe you spend more time seething over this strawman and trying to desperately "own" them with words words words soijaks than they actually affect this site.

As an athiest, "people" like you are pathetic. Quit seething and obsessing dude.
Kill yourself faggot
Online Christians for sure, look at this shit >>14009589 this retard was "converted" after a "deep" "mystical" experience.
>Which religious sect attracts the most larpers

File: theodora.jpg (2.51 MB, 2000x2734)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB JPG
>My lords, the present occasion is too serious to allow me to follow the convention that a woman should not speak in a man's council. Those whose interests are threatened by extreme danger should think only of the wisest course of action, not of conventions. In my opinion, flight is not the right course, even if it should bring us to safety. It is impossible for a person, having been born into this world, not to die; but for one who has reigned it is intolerable to be a fugitive. May I never be deprived of this purple robe, and may I never see the day when those who meet me do not call me empress. If you wish to save yourself, my lord, there is no difficulty. We are rich; over there is the sea, and yonder are the ships. Yet reflect for a moment whether, when you have once escaped to a place of security, you would not gladly exchange such safety for death. As for me, I agree with the adage that the royal purple is the noblest shroud
Why do people act like hers was some sort of heroic speech? She's literally saying she (an ex-prostitute) can't bear the thought of not being above everyone else
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>overextends the empire to the breaking point
>bankrupts the empire
>indirectly causes the lost of the levant and egypt
but look at this map Justinian was le based true roman!!
Our only source of her being a prostitute is the eunuch Procopius who clearly didn't understand the mechanics of sex at all and had such an axe to grind against Justinian and Theodora that he claimed Justinian was a demon who could make his own head turn invisible and literally killed a trillion people.
They did Belisarius dirty
>>bankrupts the empire
>>indirectly causes the lost of the levant and egypt
>but look at this map Justinian was le based true roman!!
not his fault that the plague fucked him over

What if the Mexican American war never happened? Could Mexico be relevant in the world stage? Would USA be weaker?
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California is not anymore special than much of northwest Mexico. Both had precious medals to attract immigrants and both have the same geography. One is the economic center of the entire eastern pacific, the other is a flyover land with a small population. If California remained Mexican, it would be far less populous, but maybe we'd see even more Chinese immigration in this new timeline
Literal cope cause Russia is losing Ukraine
If California had remained Mexican it would have become the rich man's vacation resort home. It already was by 1840 with most landowners being wealthy people with enough connections to get a grant from the Mexican government. It's a horrible method of settlement compared to the American homesteaders who settled much of the Midwest in less than 50 years.
Is there some new right-wing that considers Mexico to be based and trad or something? There are trans people in the governing party.
File: nazis-mejico.jpg (57 KB, 472x291)
57 KB
Around half of the american flags on /pol/ are actually Mexican chicanos

File: 1553744963171s.jpg (8 KB, 244x207)
8 KB
Why don't governments conduct psychopathy tests on everyone? Then sterilise the ones who pass? Wouldn't this greatly reduce crime or at least the "man decapitates children in front of parents for no reason" news headlines?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Psychopathy's frequency doesn't vary across populations. It's about 1-2% across the board.
>Why don't governments conduct psychopathy tests on everyone?
Governments are full of psychos
Psychopathy is based. Why would you want a world full of over-empathetic, overemotional pussies?
Not surprised
Most psychopaths and sociopaths are in prison.
I would also add BPD and NPD to the list of sterilisations

File: hakk.jpg (11 KB, 558x302)
11 KB
Looking for a flag used by a South / Central american native movement or tribe. Looked through every possible index of regional / ethnic flags and flags featuring swastikas and can't find it for some reason, but i remember seeing it in some recent videos on Youtube about some native people there.

I remember it as yellow and featuring a curvy swastika similar to the picture, possibly some other bands of color, and the swastika might have been red, but the background was definitely yellow. And no, it's not the "Kuna Yala" flag, though it's somewhat similar. Anyone recognize it?
File: images.png (5 KB, 284x177)
5 KB
File: Flag_of_Kuna_Yala.svg.png (2 KB, 1024x683)
2 KB
Flag of the guna people of the darien.
Found it, it was a symbol used by the Mapuche, it's not on any official flag though, i must have messed that up.

File: 2984791028410942.png (3.89 MB, 2165x1395)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB PNG
Did Russia take Italian POWs during the first world war and were they only released after the war? My great grandfather fought in the Italian army and was captured, members of my family tell me different things, but the guy who supposedly knows the most told me he was held in Russia and that he stayed there until the end of the war. Also, I was told there were some "black" ppl in the war that buried Italian up to their necks, no idea of who those would be
>Also, I was told there were some "black" ppl in the war that buried Italian up to their necks, no idea of who those would be
Africans from the German colonies? In modern Russia, Caucasians and Central Asians are called black. I saw a feature film where they tortured a man buried alive in the desert.
Thanks. My nona told me about that, she would always say he was a bit racist towards them because of that, but she couldn’t say more and she’s recently passed so that’s all the info on that that I have

File: 1664466492838246.png (47 KB, 657x527)
47 KB
Humanity was a shitshow in 99% of its history, it's only logical to think it's going to be a shitshow 99% in the future.
The population of Africa is the only continent projected to keep growing in the next 100 years. Humanity is headed towards a grim future of a dark age of technology where future generations will struggle to operate tech create by previous generations which they lack the IQ to understand.
Regardless of niggers btw.
Pretty much

There's a couple reasons why that might not happen but as things are right now it makes sense to think of that as humanity's general trajectory

File: Ernst_Juenger_inSG.jpg (190 KB, 800x1175)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
>Of course the problem of Vietnam especially thorny for the American man who is registered or is subject to registration for conscription. Unlike the idle women who oppose the war, the American man must put himself at hazard either on the field of battle or by becoming a fugitive from the law. To him I say: enlist now. If he has the means he should seek to enter officer training, but above all else he should enlist and ready himself for combat.
>The war will proceed with or without him, but if, as we are assured by our press, it is an unjust war, the injustice can be softened, the national mistake redeemed only by the presence of just men on the field of action. He may vote for peace, write for peace, beg for peace from his foxhole just as well as he can from his university dormitory, but only in combat can he tend to his enemy's wounds, direct his fires to minimize the cost to civilians, and counsel those around him or ideally those in his command to act with honor. God is with these men, though he may be with their enemy as well. The 'dodger' of the draft has no moral standing, as he has resigned from the basic duty of his manhood - to fight - and is content to let men he does not know die and kill in his stead.
93 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>haha I evade consequences via selfishness that makes me smarter than someone with heroic morality
>do what I tell you or your a gay pussy
The measure of you making small 'differences'.
You listed some individualistic moments of good soldiers stopping atrocities rather than any evidence of systemic changes.
The same slight effectiveness could be claimed for someone that protests on the homefront and seeks organizational or political power in doing so.
If the measure is the small gains you can make towards peace and honor, then its the same between both.
"Systemic" changes are introduced by the actions of people. You said that it is impossible to affect the front - I pointed out that that is wrong. If you want ethics in war, then go be ethical in the war. Simple as. Staying at home and complaining about ethics without having to actually do anything about it is easy.

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