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File: the execution of louis.jpg (614 KB, 1600x1199)
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614 KB JPG
The French Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
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it created id*ology
>haha yeah so we're gonna have a system where 1% of the country (which pays almost no taxes) works together with another 1% of the country (which also pays almost no taxes) to block anything the other 98% wants
>it's important to balance the interests of our country's merchants, tradesmen, farmers, peasants, wage-earners, and intellectuals with those of a parasitical landowning class who contribute nothing to society other than rent extraction and reminding everyone their ancestor was Charlemagne

>oh are we facing several economic crises caused by our belligerent foreign policy and a rapidly rising cost of living that's devastating the general populace and increasingly enraging them? just raise taxes on the general populace again lol what's the worst that could happen?
Face in the guillotine now, royalist cuck.
the king dying was of relatively minor consequence in the long list of reasons why the French revolution is shit
The only problem was it didn't go far enough.

An overwhelming majority of Amish people (80%) decide to stay Amish after experiencing the Rumspringa.

What does this imply about industrial society?
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You live the English Life and you cannot return until you decide to be Amish forever. If you leave again, you are considered lost.
File: amish.jpg (129 KB, 720x570)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
>What does this imply about industrial society?
It sucks eggs
>What does this imply about industrial society?

Honestly it speaks more to the features of Raumspringe and Amish culture in general, but to answer your question as is, it implies that "industrial society" allows people the freedom of choice to be able to decide to live in it or not.
That’s a myth. After Rumspringa, kids can either be confirmed or leave. If they leave, they can stay in contact with their family. If they get confirmed but leave later, they are shunned.
No shit. It's something you adapt to or you either get left behind. Few people care about technological advancement.

What is the ideal historical society?
It should be a place where people can come together and learn from each other. It shouldn't just be about having fun but also learning more about themselves as well.

File: Castration.png (131 KB, 790x342)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
It was like this regardless of whether it was impacted by the Atlantic/Islamic slave trades or not. Not every part of Africa was the same, but the most heavily populated areas like Nigeria, Uganda, and the Gold Coast were like this as were larger, less populated areas like the Congo. Some of these areas like Uganda were basically unaffected by the Atlantic/Islamic slave trades, but they were still like this.
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Dude, the Netherlands literally ATE on of their Prime Ministers at one point

>expecting these people with clear agendas in mind to give you fully contextual sources and be intellectually honest

So you're saying if I bring your daughter as my captive slave to a known serial rapist and watch what he does while I take notes I'm not a bad guy?
It's literally a primitive trait to have a seething hatred of another, different looking people. Think about how chimpanzees tear each other apart for being in different tribes.
Castrations were extremely common in africa. Men would often cut off their son's testicles (which would more than likely die) in order to sell them into slavery

How and why did it become illegal?

Was this a byproduct of the temperance movement?

Why did cultures around the world all ban it in the 20th century, even in countries was historically and traditionally always smoked? ie: China, Russia, India, SE Asia, Middle East

Why did all the world governments decide fuck THIS one drug in particular?
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>Michael Phelps?
Not even close to a daily user
>Literally every musician and actor?
No, not “literally” every actor and musician. But if you think you’re as talented and lucky as the top 0.1% of professional entertainers then by all means keep getting high every day and see what happens
Marijuana is culturally alien to Western European culture and people fear what they don’t know. Alcohol on the other hand is familiar to Western Europeans even if it is much worse for you health wise.
>Marijuana is culturally alien to Western European culture and people

Tobacco is arguably even more alien, as cannabis (hemp) was at the very least known to people in Europe for thousands of years.

How much of the problem with weed is the relative strength of the drug, or how the lack of taboo around consumption brings out the addict in people?
that is a very interesting question anon, from my own perspective, I believe that by the time they started selling "hydropoinc" weed, that was probably just regular weed raised indoors just with seeds from amsterdam and the international cultivators. That weed probably 5x if not more the quantity of THC the regular weed had. It's my hypothesis though, but definitely what it felt like to me.

Do blacks owe reparations to wypipo for entrenching the southern planter aristocracy and delaying economic development
in the US there has always been a net transfer of wealth from whites to blacks, even during slavery. I'm willing to call us even. That means we move on and get along though and that seems to be a difficulty just lately.
How the fuck are we even? The atlantic slave trade was the best thing that happened to them. Segregation now, segregation forever. We won't be even until then.

Was it murder or justifiable homicide? Was Horst's girlfriend really a hooker or was that just slander?

Which moment in history do you think was the moment things took a turn for the worse?

For me it has to be the entente cordiale.
The Battle of Waterloo. The British Empire admitted that Napoleon was disrupting “the natural order”, alluding to the fact that there has been some cabal vying for power longer ago than we think.
The Battle of France
Sino-Soviet Split
File: ww1.jpg (92 KB, 780x585)
92 KB
when britain rejected the german alliance before ww1
germany started a naval arms race and it pushed britain even more towards france.
ww1 and its consequences have been a disaster for europe

File: Pat_map.png (26 KB, 519x707)
26 KB
How did the Argentinians failed miserably conquering the whole Patagonia region?

Chile controls part of the region and even has access to the Atlantic Ocean even though they were weaker to Argentina and even cockblocked access to the Pacific Ocean to the argies
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The nation's people are actually quite competent and smart. They have done very impressive things in the past such as fight of Napoleon and Brazil in naval war alongside almost compete with the United States in agricultural exports. But they have a sad history of getting utterly cucked by selfish dictators and military coups. They have had multiple dictators who were complete sociopaths and fools. One dude thought he was a witch and shared power with a flamenco dancer. Peron sucked as well. They are a depressing case of wasted potential at least so far.
every country from south america is wasted potential
Argentina is exceptional in this case. They have S-tier geography for a South American country and were in a very, very good place at the beginning of the 20th century. It could plausibly be a high-income, fully developed country if things didn't do so horribly wrong.
Even the United States was wary of them at first. We openly state that they should have been a major competitor. We somehow knew Brazil would fuck up but Argentina surprised us with how much things went to shit. They also somehow pissed off both the Communists and the United States without any benefit and for no sane reason outside incompetent leaders. It's creepy really they even had similar cowboys and Indian wars that lasted a similar amount of time. Massive immigrants an impressive military history early on. It's like looking at alternate universe loser you in the mirror.
>somehow knew that Brazil would fuck up
Brazil's fertile interior is separated by mountains from the densely populated coast, and it was historically a slave plantation economy across the entire country. That's not a recipe for success and it isn't hard to see.

File: Argelia.jpg (15 KB, 489x267)
15 KB
One of the most exemplary cases of fucking up massively has to be the more than 25 years of rule of the FLN (National Liberation Front) of Algeria that culminated in the 1992 Civil War.
Instead of actually solving the problem of massive unemployment and lack of professionals that came from the departure of millions of French citizens in the 60s, they rather:
>Fight among each other
>Try to impose some weird secular Arab culture into all Algerians
>Fail at almost all public projects, wasting untold amounts of dollars
>Bailing out failing industries instead of hiring foreigners to build them successful ones
>Giving welfare to millions that cannot get a job, making almost 2/3 of your population be under 30 and literal NEETs by the 80s
>Bait reformers and opposition leaders with democracy to just then either imprison or kill them
>Relying, ironically, on France to take millions of your youth to avoid a revolution again
And to think this is one of the richest countries in Africa and the largest...

Not to mention the weird and brutal nature of the massacres that happened in the 90s, entire families hacked to death for no reason, in the middle of rural areas.
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Islamic extremism .
Many people were killed it's called the black decade .
Search for it.
islamists had it coming
Not only Islamic extremism IMO , also Arabic nationalism autism (we aren't even Arabs) , the leaders being more interested by power than the well being of the state , incompetence , greed,corruption etc...
I read some Algerians on /pol/ accusing each other of blaming Islamist for it when in fact it was their own Government.
Which is not that schizoid considering that the FLN was jailing, killing and suppressing Islamic politicians since the failure of their democratic experiment in 1991/92.

Now most sources are in french or arabic so I cannot research it properly, but they mentioned something about massacres happening a lot near military posts and that the soldiers somehow never heard the shots and screams.

In that last video, a Journeyman documentary, some people talk about that version.

Prove to me Mohammad was a pedophile
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Imagine being this much of a roastie and/or prude.
Post her pooper
>implying Mohamet even existed
what is wrong with that? do americans really?
>at that time
it's still normal to fuck 18 year olds
File: 1619806251965.jpg (48 KB, 1280x720)
48 KB
>She was 6569 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes old, you SICK FUCK

File: Jews in Europe.jpg (269 KB, 2400x1186)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
When/why did the jews first spread out into Europe? i'm aware they established significant presences in almost every European kingdom and had large communities in the East right up until the Holocaust, despite restrictive laws and pogroms. I don't know when these communities were first established or why they spread so widely.
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youre welcome poland
They first moved across the Mediterranean in Roman times.

After the Western Empire collapsed, its new rulers invited them north to serve as tax collectors and moneylenders. This enabled them to establish themselves as a protected class (as in England under William the Conqueror), since they were considered the king's property and therefore any violence against them was strongly prosecuted.

Eventually, Christian zealotry paired with Jewish economic terrorism made them a hated minority around the time of the Crusades. Their royal protectors ended up turning against them in order to reinforce their own popularity (see Henry II of Castile or Edward I of England).

Around the 14th century, the king of Poland invited them to settle in his domains. Once again, they became a middleman minority prominent in areas such as tax collection, milling and the sale of liquor.

Eventually they became a hated minority yet again (notably after the 1648 Cossack uprising), but this time they had nowhere to run to. It was not until the 20th century that their extensive patronage networks enabled them to flee back West, especially to Britain, France and America.
How large were the migrations in the Middle Ages, and how did they come to be in France and Germany in the first place?
Fascinating, thanks. Do we know the estimated population during the late Roman Empire? It must have been sizable.
>How large were the migrations in the Middle Ages
No one knows for sure, but it was probably only a few thousand people moving from Germany to Poland in the 14th century.

This study says there were about 25,000 Ashkenazi Jews in Europe around 1300 AD, but I've also heard another source say 300,000.


Either way, the number was under a million. There was probably a constant flow of migration from Germany to Poland until the end of the 18th century when a huge chunk of Poland was annexed by Russia and simultaneously Jews were being emancipated in Germany and Austria.

>how did they come to be in France and Germany in the first place?
There were Jews living all over the Roman Empire, and surely more of them moved to Europe after they were expelled from Jerusalem after the failed Bar Kokhba Revolt in the 2nd century AD. More of them settled in France and Germany under king Charlemagne who was tolerant toward Jews.

File: rms lusitania owned.png (393 KB, 610x360)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
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nice meme

What do you caused the fire?


He killed millions
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Im not claiming it to be an innocent move but its not the mindless war monger that British black legend makes it out to be. Its a clear and justifiable action that was paramount to French security. The Russian campaign on the other hand is indefensible
To defend liberty and la republique française!
The Russian campaign is defensible as the Russian were indeed preparing for an all out offensive.

Spain should be seen as a failed coup rather than an invasion as his troops were technically already within the country and he intended to «««legally»»» remove the bourbons via the abdications of Bayonne. He miscalculated the public reaction of the Spaniards though. For some reason they decided they suddenly really loved the inquisition and the British.
>I closed the gulf of anarchy and brought order out of chaos. I rewarded merit regardless of birth or wealth, wherever I found it. I abolished feudalism and restored equality to all regardless of religion and before the law. I fought the decrepit monarchies of the Old Regime because the alternative was the destruction of all this. I purified the Revolution.

File: manchuria-3.png (133 KB, 1000x712)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
What were/are the Manchurians like? Are they superior east asians along with the Japanese or are they just another pointless variety of chink?
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iirc someone posted the other day that there was a steppe and sedentary component to manchu society at that point, due to the variance in the climate of their territory.
>Jurchen culture shared many similarities with the hunter-gatherer lifestyle of Siberian-Manchurian tundra and coastal peoples. Like the Khitans and Mongols, they took pride in feats of strength, horsemanship, archery, and hunting. Both Mongols and Jurchens used the title Khan for the leaders of a political entity, whether "emperor" or "chief". A particularly powerful chief was called beile ("prince, nobleman"), corresponding with the Mongolian beki and Turkish beg or bey. Also like the Mongols and the Turks, the Jurchens did not observe primogeniture. According to tradition, any capable son or nephew could be chosen to become leader.

jurchads rise up!
We're talking about ethnicity moron.There is no Ashanti -Dahomey of Merica anymore either.
>Although their Mohe ancestors did not respect dogs, the Jurchens began to respect dogs around the time of the Ming dynasty and passed this tradition on to the Manchus. It was prohibited in Jurchen culture to use dog skin, and forbidden for Jurchens to harm, kill, or eat dogs. The Jurchens believed that the "utmost evil" was the usage of dog skin by Koreans.[84]

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