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File: seethe flag.png (3 KB, 800x400)
3 KB
It astonishes me how these dudes were able to just constantly outsmart the continental powers at every turn.

Like did it never occur the French, the Germans, and the Russians that they could just use their combined resources to BTFO the Brits and destroy their super strong navy?
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Prisoners dilemma.
outsmarted by the US and reduced to geopolitical irrelevance
File: alternateww1.png (84 KB, 1200x1000)
84 KB
>Like did it never occur the French, the Germans, and the Russians that they could just use their combined resources to BTFO the Brits and destroy their super strong navy?

i blame germany for not actually pursuing this alliance, they could easily have btfo the international anglo
>how these dudes

The jewish elite did all that, Bongland was a shithole until jews expelled from Spain, Portugal and Germany started to move there.
Once their jewish elite moved to the USA, the UK fastly declined.
Why would they? What interest would be served by crippling the British?

File: flanderss.png (565 KB, 2286x1146)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
In a hypothetical situation where Belgium is broken up. Do the Flemish have a valid claim to be independent? (opposed to simply rejoining the Netherlands).

Are they ethnically and culturally distinct enough from the Netherlands to warrant an independent nation?
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File: 1604408903204.png (241 KB, 875x448)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
this is such a stupid post, there's no reason for Belgium to break up.
lmao yes there is
This is also the reason dutch people always advocate the annexation of flanders. They knew their country is a copy of it so by annexing it they try to legitimatize their situation

File: 1603481730608.png (198 KB, 333x500)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
Can you guys tell me what was so bad about the Weimar Germany? I keep hearing on 4chan about what an awful place it was yet when I try to research life there I only find shit about le vibrant night life and carbarets and articles about hyperinflation
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Anon, the veracity of history does not depend on whether history conforms to what you think it should have been like.
>Can you guys tell me what was so bad about the Weimar Germany?
>articles about hyperinflation
You answered your own question.
Being unemployed and seeing all your savings becomes worthless sucks, if you hadn't realized that.
Filled with women who had to whore themselves to avoid starvation.
Explain why Berlin was pro-commie if the Berliners hated all this suppsoed commie degeneracy? Because the degenrate Weimar refers mostly to Berlin. Why were they the least likely to vote for NSDAP if they hated what the commie Jews did to their city?
The standards of living were very low for the average German. Poverty reached extreme levels.
>very low
It wasn't very low after the hyperinflation ended. Germany was still one of the richest countries in Europe. It's not even comparable to some Eastern or Southern shitholes. I guess it was lower than in Britain or in Nordic countries, but I think by 1928 it already reached the levels of France.

File: Der Vater des Weines.jpg (265 KB, 1000x966)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
What are those Gospel parables of The Sower and the Wicked Husbandmen about?
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>Wicked Husbandmen
Draws upon Isaiah. Israel is the vineyard, God is the owner. The religious elite are the tenants of the vineyard, who killed the prophets (the servants sent by the owner of the vineyard). Eventually, they kill the son of the owner of the vineyard (Jesus), for which they will be punished
File: 73543.jpg (441 KB, 2226x1284)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
The "Good Ground" Hearer.

Here the seed takes "root," "grows up," "bears fruit," but the amount varies. Some brings forth a 100 fold, some 60, some only 30. Why is this? It was not the fault of the soil. That was equally good all over the field, even on the "Wayside," and in the "Stony" and "Thorny" parts. Why then? It was the lack of cultivation. If the soil had been properly cleared, tilled, and cultivated, and the proper atmospheric conditions prevailed, it would have brought forth a uniform crop of 100 fold.

This Parable teaches us that Christianity is a New Thing, that it is not like weeds that grow up spontaneously of themselves, but it must be sown and cultivated like wheat. The figure is a lowly agricultural one, that of a farmer sowing seed, and not of a King Setting Up a Kingdom. In other words this Dispensation is an "Agricultural One" for the purpose of getting the "WHEAT OF THE CHURCH."

The apparent fruitlessness of the soil, only one quarter bringing forth any fruit, and that in unequal proportions, seems to indicate the comparative failure of the Gospel in this Dispensation. Surely this Parable does not teach that the World is to be converted in this Dispensation by the preaching of the Gospel.
We can see from the parable of the Wheat and the Tares that God is not concerned with converting the entire world into wheat, but is allowing the wheat to grow with the tares until maturity. Once they can be distinguished from each other, God will reap them separately and throw one into the fire and the other will be place safely in the barn.

This is why we must love our enemies, to win them over with love. Saving as many of these tares as possible so that they do not enter the fire.
File: SH Vineyard Phase II, III.jpg (181 KB, 1000x1000)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Where is all of that thirtyfold, sixtyfold, hundredfold stuff? That is what me is wondering.
Chronologically; fortyfold, thirtyfold, thirtyfold. Hundredfold.

File: 1606624771648.jpg (15 KB, 300x300)
15 KB
The February Revolution was necessary, the October Revolution was not.

File: CjNti6nUYAEMs1a-1.jpg (64 KB, 599x395)
64 KB

All behaviour is heritable

IQ is 80% Heritable

IQ is normally distributed

Morality is heritable

Educational attainment is mostly heritable
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>Everything points to him being a leftist off his meds but he will occasionally say nigger to cover that up
I remember he initially stated that he hates Americans when he began posting and spammed the mutt's law/BBC meme to derail threads.
Sounds like the entire concept of iq is made up and gives arbitrary results. Fantastic.
No. No flag=most conversations only last 2 responses before become incoherent and side becoming unidentifiable. So anons have to put in effort to make good posts before that happens.

That's still better than endless shitposts about nationality and race.
No, that guy is just some gaytheist that spams Christain threads to annoy the religionfags on here. It's their fault for being low iq enough to take the bait though.
Oh yeah I forgot about that. He was obsessed. He couldn't actually win arguments so he tried to sage threads by spamming that

Why did japanese soldiers in ww2 LARP as samurai when their own government destroyed the samurai 60 years earlier?
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>they don't think X, what they think is X
That "logical and heckin wholesome conclusion" etc. is progressivism. It is what I was inferring towards. "Organic" or not is a pointless (i.e. subjective) description. You have proven my point.
>This "new is better just because new" is a modern mental disease, but it is false.
It is as old as time itself and a key part of human nature. It is why you live in this time period communicating to me your response instead of roaming around as a hunter-gatherer. The justification is based on opinion, so whether it is "because new" or not is ignorable.
>If so, modern societies are not exactly providing.
And that is why progress is desired, because nothing can ever fully provide. Enter progressivism. If you think we are at a dead end, then you are unfathomably short-sighted. Society a decade ago was different from now. Remember gay marriage?
>That "logical and heckin wholesome conclusion" etc. is progressivism.
Just prior you said it is just an ideology to further whatever change comes along and thus inherently successful:
>Doesn't matter. Progressivism sets out a goal that progresses society, no matter what it is, and it wins by making it a reality.

You are constantly contradicting and tiptoeing your points without really saying anything like a proper trannoid.
>Just prior you said it is just an ideology to further whatever change comes along and thus inherently successful
Yes, I did. Where is the contradiction? That "logical and heckin wholesome conclusion" is just the latest change - it is also a new change and isn't some tradition of old; thus, it is progressivism. You appear to be flabbergasted for some reason. Do try reading what I have stated once more with greater thought, as this is an advanced concept.
>gay marriage
Gay "marriage" is a sign of terminal societal degeneration.

Is just an umbrella term that encompass several genocidal ideologies pushed by different collectives for their own good.

There is no real progress without eugenesia. And it might have happened already: we might be the slave race of a more evolved species.
You are getting increasingly incoherent. Must be the estrogen.

File: ins_9781628622508_270.jpg (26 KB, 270x418)
26 KB
There are a lot of verses in the Bible that support predestination theology. Why aren't there any that support free will?
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What do you mean the elect can not choose to sin?
Are you saying that the elect never sin or that as the elect they aren't culpable in terms of free will and their salvation isn't affected?
>since faith isn't based in reality
based and atheistpilled
The elect willfully sin until they repent and are saved. After that point they can only do good works that are the result of their faith.
So what happens if you wilfully sin and then you repent and think you're saved and then you commit a sin like looking at someone with lust or experiencing jealousy are you just not in the elect?
Or could you tell yourself that you didn't repent well enough the first time and therefore wasn't saved until you repent again?
The faithful still stumble, but they can not choose to sin. Our God is most merciful, most forgiving.

File: 20211022_231201.jpg (133 KB, 1080x454)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Are there any other countries that were never conquered?
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Tvrtko quite literally left out his own birth name in favor of Stephen such was the love for his Nemanjic lineage
>he conquered serbs of hum, and later to justify his plans of conquering serbia he was legitimizing himself by association with nemanjic
refuted by svetovid Tvrtko was the king of Serbs not Serbia
cope and seethe croach Kotromanici were a Serbian dynasty and Tvrtko the king of Serbs
>he loved us brooo he conquered us but he loved us so he is a serb lel he's a serb ok
time for bed turk bro
In Asia, Nepal and Bhutan are great examples (depending on the question you're asking, many more could be added - japan, thailand, but even afghanistan I guess and possibly "China")
In africa, Ethiopia was never really "conquered" despite Mussolini's attempts, but - again - it really does depend on how your question is interpreted (some might argue that even Liberia would fit the list, since it was never "colonised" in the conventional sense)
When it comes to Europe, the best answers are probably the micronations (Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, and in a way San Marino and what's left of the Vatican too i guess..)

File: 1931383.0.jpg (15 KB, 250x246)
15 KB
Taliban's American spokeswoman 25 years ago in in 1996

25 years ago in 1996, the Taliban's American spokeswoman was a secular Afghan Sunni Muslim woman who went with her hair uncovered (without a hijab or burqa) and married the non-Muslim white nephew of former CIA director Richard Helms, which is supposed to be haram in Sunni Islam. She was not religious at all.

Taliban asked her to lobby on their behalf and arrange meetings with American officials. She openly defended Taliban war crimes.


>Helms first met a representative of the Taliban in 1996, at a "conference of rival Afghan groups" organized in Washington by Hank Brown, a former U.S. Senator.[2]

This same Taliban blew up the Bamiyan Buddha's because they said idols were haram.
30 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
In America, everybody is American so all Americans would responsible for the action of one American? How dumb are you, stupid fag?
What is the proof she was ever a Muslim? She left Afghanistan as a child. And apostates not being able to be appointed applies strictly within the context of an Islamic state where all apostates will be hanged. But she never lived within the jurisdiction of an Islamic state ever, so that rule doesn't apply to her.
Maybe among Salafis, but the Muslim Brotherhood claims she is a Muslim. Muslim Brotherhood also thinks voting is a halal and legitimate way to gain power.
MB is literally freemasonry
When did I say that sunnis are one body?

>What is your position on Charlie Hebdo and the Danish cartoons?
Eurotards and Amerimutts are always trying to find excusss to be racist and discriminatory towards another group.

I find it to be extremely amusing that they are provoking Muslims under the guise of "free speech" while sperging out and raging at anyone that brings up the actual atrocities of the 20th century and questions the number of so called Jews that were supposedly killed in the Holohoax.

Europeans are filthy people. They need to be humiliated in the worst possible scenario. Extinction or turning them into Negros are good ideas.

File: 1634992658661.jpg (1.1 MB, 1200x1599)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
>Mr. Kissinger voiced prejudices about Pakistanis, too. On Aug. 10, 1971, while discussing with Mr. Nixon whether the Pakistani junta would execute the imprisoned leader of the Bengali nationalists, Mr. Kissinger told the president, “I tell you, the Pakistanis are fine people, but they are primitive in their mental structure.” He added, “They just don’t have the subtlety of the Indians.”
>“Undoubtedly the most unattractive women in the world are the Indian women,” said Mr. Nixon. “Undoubtedly,” he repeated, with a venomous tone. He continued, “The most sexless, nothing, these people. I mean, people say, what about the Black Africans? Well, you can see something, the vitality there, I mean they have a little animallike charm, but God, those Indians, ack, pathetic. Uch.”
this from one of the recordings?
if so, link?
File: 1578012982374.jpg (141 KB, 1024x1280)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>nixon would tap this
I'm starting to like him more and more.

Why were Africans so primitive?
I will read about African history and find out about interesting civilizations. Like the Yoruba with Ile Ife and Oyo. They made some nice sculptures and had cities…. And I think "finally, an African people that aren’t backward". But then I look at pictures of their "houses" and it’s pathetic. They literally lived in mud huts.
It’s like everytime I find an African tribe that had something interesting going on for itself, EVERYTHING ELSE about them is primitive and ass backward
267 replies and 64 images omitted. Click here to view.
close enough desu
Chinese had hard pillows too. Forgot the reason though
My grandparents in Greece lived in huts like this in the 60s
Is your grandfather the Alaafin of the Oyo kingdom though? Or the Oba of Edo?
The king of Sparta

File: 1622060009967.png (90 KB, 250x243)
90 KB
If the universe is so big, why won't it fight me?
If the universe is small, how can your mother fit inside?

Who was in the wrong here?
The establishment and upkeep of hierarchy and power are the originators of our sense of "right" and "wrong", therefore it would make no sense for anyone to be in the right or to be wrong when such concepts are downstream from relations of power.
The kings of europe

File: AKG5885061.jpg (243 KB, 485x728)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
There's no physical evidence that Carolingian period existed. How do modern historians cope with that? Any rational independent thinker would assume that records of the period were falsified
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
How have they been dated?
cringe schizo poster.
Before I answer, is there any real method that you would accept as valid or are you going to spam the dame screenshit again and call everyone a retard?
That's a hard one, can you prove that they didn't exist before the fantasy period?
Based Phantom Time theory enjoyer. We currently live in the year 1723 AD

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