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File: 1575744255770s.jpg (6 KB, 250x203)
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>finished reading a long and pseudy history book last night
>went to sleep at 1 am
>woke up at 9 am, feeling like I had slept for more
>browsed internet on phone in bed
>got out of bed, drank coffee, browsed internet
>took notes from the book I read, which I started doing recently so I'm not a total passive consumercuck
>went to gym
>went later than usual and it was busy
>lifted went well anyway; did heavy singles
>felt sad at seeing gymthots
>went for my usual walk while listening to CumTown
>felt sad at seeing so many Staceys and Chad and Stacey couples
>went to library for a short time; borrowed a book; went back to flat to put the book there (felt like such an affected cuck while carrying a book; worried people would see me and think I'm a faux intellectual trying to make up for his loserdom)
>went outside again and it was past 5 pm and the day was gone
>took the underground train most of the way to my favourite place to drink coffee and walked part of the way (a contrived way to have something to do)

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Feel that, graduated college without networking or anything and now I can't find a proper job to jump-start a career. I'm stuck working full time in a shitty wagie labor job. I even went to multiple staffing agencies and they've just given me radio silence after saying they would help me find a job. There's no way out without meeting the right people, I just wish they didn't feed me the bullshit of "work hard and you'll do alright" because that is the worst meme in modern history.
and Im about to go to my homies house to eat popcorn and watch superbad and american pie till 4am
There's seven billion of us. Such a tiny fraction of those'll ever make name. The moment you can let go of the feel that your life needs to be somehow special and you stop constantly comparing yourself to famous winners it gets better.
Also, your greentext was a terrible read and you should feel bad of being such a whiny princess.
>this is who calls you a cuck on the internet
Who gives a fuck about your loser life

File: .jpg (646 B, 32x32)
646 B
646 B JPG

Why did it take so long for Abolitionism to exist, let alone be popular enough to actually start enacting change?

Why did it take so long for people to realize slavery was bad?
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Christian and Europeanized (in regards to political and legal frameworks).
Slavery may be a natural part of life and necessary for the maturation of civilization (not to mention, it's not that bad anyway). But I believe it will be entirely possible to overcome or diminish it in the future with the technological refinement we are experiencing today. There's no reason for us to be against making society a better place.

I mean, it is still kind of bad.
How did I know this would be the first fucking post in thread
Is Eliezer Shlomo Yudkowsky right about slave owners being worse than Nazis?

WW2 German conscript soldiers (i.e. slave soldiers, "conscription" is a euphemism) yes, ideological nazis no and he's not even making that argument.

Why did he hate Christianity so much? Was he raped by a Priest as a young boy or some shit?
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Why would they hate those that pervert the will of God?
Because Christianity is obviously false to everyone who thinks about it for more than a minute, and the only people on this board who believe otherwise are people who were atheist two years ago and bought into the tradcath meme.
This post reeks of r/atheism
Your mom reeks of my semen
Raised in an atheist household.
There are other explanations that dive into his personal psychology. Look into those yourself.

File: 1200px-Star_of_David.svg.png (48 KB, 1200x1385)
48 KB
Tfw Brickle Rick gets thrown through your window in Nazi Germany on kristallnacht

File: ScotsLanguageMap.png (13 KB, 596x417)
13 KB
What would be the global consequences of the Scottish Lowlands expanding?
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As well. Trousers comes from Gaelic.
What abuout the kingdom of dal rialta? That was actuallt founded by an irish chieftan
Even if that is true then that is only the royal family and not the people. There is no evidence of it happening, a migration.
Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence
>I was there. Reincarnation.

The Athenian Empire never perished?

>Be Athenians in 450bc
> Just crushed the Persian fleet and started charging taxes from other cities to build a new fleet and rebuild Athens
>Now Instead of just staying on this basic form of extortion licking our balls, we decide to centralize all power of Greece
>Of course this leads to the inevitable war with Sparta, but this would end up happening either way, and we rather do now that we have the Country gratitude for saving Greece
>We don't fuck up in this time line and we defeat Sparta making use of our superior navy force
>fast forward a few decades
>The Persian Empire is kinda crumbling and our only threat now ended
>What do with those Amazing fucking ships though
>I Know! let's expand to all the coasts in what one day would be Europe
>alright now that we built some cities on the West and Crushed the Italians preventing Rome from ever taking power, now we expand using ground forces

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>But we were to busy licking our balls again and China got into America first

Give me one reason why slavery is wrong.
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How? A cute sex slave was worth 3 months salary at most
that's a very grotesque image, it makes me all the more glad that slavery is of the past.
During the reign of Augustus, freeing slaves became so fashionable in Roman society that Augustus had to institute a cap on the number of slaves who could be freed in a year because of the crippling labor shortages it was causing
honestly I’d like having a qt house slave to do stuff for me. Pretty much I have no more qualms about owning a slave myself.
>Stanford Prison "experiment"

>that time when a unit of japanese schoolgirls was mobilised to fight in okinawa

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ok bro
At the time, yes?
what do milk fries taste like?
File: truth-abuse4.jpg (305 KB, 1000x607)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
An extraordinary battlefield myth soon spread like wildfire. This maintained that young French women, the lovers of German soldiers, were fighting as snipers against the allies. These rumours were soon picked by British and American war correspondents eager for sensational stories. But a number of incidents also found their way into official reports without any doubts expressed about their authenticity. For example a lieutenant with the American 1st Infantry Division reported that they had encountered "four women in German uniform as snipers in trees and five in the town. I only saw one closely enough to identify her as a woman. She wore the German uniform and looked like a French woman."

American troops who had never been abroad before tended to see France itself as an enemy country, despite the attempts of the military authorities to inform them of the true situation. Some officers gave orders to arrest or shoot any French civilians encountered in the immediate invasion areas. Certainly French men and women found with German weapons were shot on the spot before they had a chance to explain. The possibility that they might have been collecting these weapons for the resistance never occurred to the soldiers concerned.
At the time, most of them would be just as good at Japanese as most Anglos are at Spanish.
And that's just the language itself. Not counting the different religion, cuisine, celeberations and so on.

Does Sickle-cell gene in Europeans correlate with African ancestry?
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If only Apartheid institutions had seen this map
SA natives are not african
They absolutely are African. Moreso than other Africans infact, especially when you consider how long they've been there.
I think that he was talking about Zulus and not the San.
Sickle cell exists in areas that have water drenched areas or used to have swamps.

It's distribution in Africa isn't even uniform since who has it typically lived in areas where they cut trees down which led to more stagnant pools of water forming.
? They are also African

How could they appear from nowhere and just btfo everyone in eastern europe?
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tfw you're half german half polish

can we stop all of this hatred between eachother please ?
Ok, prove that Germanic people are Scythian.

And I'm by no means in favor of this endless struggle our people are entangled in.
I am suspicious though of Germans and Germanic people in general because our experience with your kind hasn't been that great t b h.

both of you shut up , they werent slavic and they werent germanic . end of story .
second, no more brother wars
I am sorry for not seeing your post until now anon. I don't know if you will see this but I will post more of the article for whoever wants to read it. If you find errors in this text call me out for it,

To obtain a good understanding of the cultural history of the slavs we must understand that they, especially starting from the 10th century, were the target of an extensive slave trade which was canalized towards the rest of the world through trade stations in Germany and France. This trade had traceable effects on language as germans and arabs began to use the word for slav to refer to slaves (saqaliba in arabic) in the 10th centuary there was also an growing stigmatization of the ethnic group within west slavic lands.

This trade network reached as far as to distant lands such as north africa and Iberia but also scandinavia. On the island of "Mölleholmen" at Ellestasjön, north of Ystad a slavic settlement has been found. It's believed it's purpose was to act as a transit station for slaves. The incitement for the trade was the great demand for laborers at the viking age plantation styled farms.
Slavery was naturally a profitable way of organizing the labor force and it has been proposed as much as 30 % of the population was unfree. The discussion on the exact nature of those workers is problematic though, as the words unfree or slave easily makes one think of brutally subjugated and exploited workers chained and controlled by their polar opposite, the land owners. Rather it should be thought of as a scale, ranging from unfree to free. The relationship between the two parts should not be seen as onesided, rather both groups could have something to gain from it, either in the form of laborers or protection.
Under favorable conditions someone could advance in rank and go on to become a supervisor of the farm, a so called "bryte". The unfree could be given land and after a couple of generations have his decadents be considered free.

File: doctor.png (875 KB, 524x652)
875 KB
875 KB PNG
Is this true?
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Slavery had existed in England since 1066 you mean. It was only really abolished in the 18th century.
Normans actually abolished slavery per se. Only to establish serfdom in England, though.
Blacks were still negligible in English history until the 20th century.
If you say so.

File: article280261.jpg (85 KB, 680x382)
85 KB
Let's settle this once and for all; where is it?
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It belongs in a museum
I find it to be a rather dubious claim that one man can counter the rituals carried out in other monetarists in Ethiopia and him being an *nglo
It was destroyed/stolen when Babylon sacked Jerusalem

Can't remember if a second one was made but the Romans probably destroyed/stole it

Sure the gold was melted down into something else by now
Hebrew-lead archeology and scholarship show much of old testament "history" was bullshit. Who knows? There may have never been an ark as described in the Torah.

I dont know but I do know that it probably was an Egyptian box containing the records of Atlantis that was stolen by the Hyksos and that the Hebrews inherited it.

Whoever will find it will find the absolute truth about Atlantis and the true ancient history of mankind.

File: 1578816499035.png (266 KB, 693x633)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
Out of all the we wuzzers, who is the most correct?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Afrocentrists and Nordicists. Ancient Southern Europeans were Nordic and ancient North Africans were Black.
Then how come Xiongnu don't share most of their haplogroups with Korean?
the Albanians
There is not single proper study done on Hunic genitics.We don't know their haplogroups.Also, Haplogroups can change .Huns adopted many non-huns into their tribes through marriages.(see: European graves of Hunic women).Its very probable that Proto-turks migrated to Korea through Northern China and Mongolia.Especially considering the theory of Altaic language family.
"Mongols" are not the only inhabitants of Mongolia,it's more of an umbrella term.Various turkic tribes inhabited Mongolia and still do.Its highly likely that these Turkic people who were proto-huns migrated to Korea.

This theory gets a bad rep because it is supported by Korean fanatics but it's pretty solid.

Is there something about Shia Islam that makes Shia more amiable to Christians? Or is it just that currently it’s an expedient alliance?
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The Christians aren't protected because they're Christians they're protected because they're Armenians who Persians have always had a special relationship with
Indigenous converts to Christianity in Iran can be legally hanged.
Conversions and apostasy is obviously not permitted.
In the United States it is. He's probably referring to /pol/ types who prefer an alliance with Iran because it would piss Israel off.
/pol/ types but also communists. Big horseshoe issue, maybe the biggest in Western countries right now

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