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>atheist historical knowledge
Most people just look for confirmation bias, and then they just end their research after that.
i dare you to actually refute the image
Constantine and Nicea had nothing to do with biblical canon. The Canon had already more or less been established with several local councils in East and West. The rest is just pure nonsense.

File: 1608516956627.webm (1.59 MB, 576x1024)
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What would a Mazdaist or Neoplatonic Pagan Europe have been like? Which is more plausible? What would the remnant Christian minority of the world have been like? Further developments?
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>If I wanted acceptance I'd join a protestant christian church
It's funny how they just have 'Jewish' as a group instead of breaking it down into orthodox, reform and conservative, seems misleading to me
Also yes, catholics are required by the leadership to not allow gay marriage within the church and transgender people are not accepted either, just tolerated
Only in protestantism will you find actual churches who say that gay marriage is ok within the church and that transgender people are who they say they are.
I'm not claiming that the majority of progestants are like this but it's the only place where it really exists
Also not American
There weren't enough to statistically distinguish
Ah true
Idk if they should have included it then
File: porphyry_360x450.jpg (121 KB, 570x712)
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121 KB JPG
>There's next to nothing "pagan" about Neoplatonism
If Europe stayed pagan it most likely would have been a kind of Neoplatonized paganism as that was the direction the intellectual climate was headed IIRC. Not saying Neoplatonism is inherently pagan.

>Zoroastrianism would be persecuted to a degree not applicable to Christianity
Weren't there similar numbers of Mazdaists and Christians in the empire when C*nstantine made the latter the official religion?

We tend to think of history as unfolding linearly to an inevitable progression, but is this really the case? Could we have had neo-liberal capitalism during middle ages? Could we have modern warrior feudalism?
sure whatever you want annon

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>Vietnam was a factor
If it wasn't for the peace talks we would have a '72 map in '68
Nobody cares lbjfag
>acknowledging Vietnam was a factor makes me an lbjfag
How the fuck does that even make sense?
The other guys name was "McGovern"

Many of our social safety nets were begrudgingly adopted to keep the destitute from waging a communist revolution against the wealthy oligarchs. So why was single payer healthcare never ceded?
because the American government has the ability to stamp out resistance of any form and so it doesn't need to worry about a revolution coming from any side. There are basically no strong Unions so it doesn't have to worry about organized labor either. The only way the American government can be changed is from the inside, but they have that blocked off with a pay wall.
So really the American nation can do whatever it want and the citizens just have to sit there and take it

What is your opinion of him?
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As they say in Kampuchea, I hope you like rice
one of the few leaders that is universally agreed on to be a retard.
When "Great Leap Forward" Mao thinks he's nuts and he needs to calm down, you know he's whack.
btfo by Charlie
is this real?

File: before and after.jpg (170 KB, 1442x984)
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What the fuck happened?
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Shoguns sent proto-anime tapestries to the Byzantines via the silk road in an attempt to lead to a complete collapse of the Eastern Roman Empire
A group of soulless neanderthals who despise beauty took control of Europe. Their influence would begin to wane after the 13th century and art would soon return.
Just look at today. Look at the types of public art works put on display today. The same shit is happening now.
Good trips, but forgot to ask, why did it happen? Are Christians just not good artists?

File: Karl-Marx-1870.jpg (316 KB, 994x1600)
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316 KB JPG
What made you lose faith in the marxist view of history?

For me it was realising Marxists made up a fake narrative about European nobles sending their younger sons away to explain the crusades
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99% of econ is consistent with LTV. The sad truth is that we don't ignore Marx because we're scared of his theories, but because he's mostly irrelevant in almost every aspect of modern econ.
I never had any faith in it. I never liked marxist philosophy from the first time I heard it.
I dont want to be buy this from the French internet
Have you ever looked into Marx genealogy? He was a wealthy descendant of a long lineage of head rabbis and powerful money lenders. He was definitely conspiring to trick the goyim.
yes, major red flag

Why the Iberian countries are so poor despite once controlling half the world?
The British and the Dutch exploited their colonies a lot to improve their home countries, why did Spanish and Portuguese failed?
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>Those quads
They are literally some of the top 25 richest countries in the entire planet earth and with some of the highest stands of life
It says the same this year and in all the others
In everything
File: chile.jpg (116 KB, 604x386)
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116 KB JPG
Literally only behind Europe. Richer than most Asian cunts.

This is an unauthorized photo of Stalin at 4:31 AM June 22, 1941 immediately after hearing that the Nazi Germans have attacked the Soviet Union.

What do you think was going through his head?
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probably and inmmense amount of local obscenities toward hitler and being genuinely terrified/worried
Out of western authors, D. M. Glantz
Does he explain how the USSR was supposed to have beaten Germany without The Lend-Lease program providing 22% of their vehicles, 5% of their aviation fuel, and more than one third of their explosives?
Sorry, 57% of their aviation fuel. More than half.

File: iu.jpg (56 KB, 700x932)
56 KB
Why did early civilizations worship those with european traits such as Blonde hair and blue/light eyes?
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No it’s Elsa Jean and her grandmother is black. She was the go to for EurasianTiger on/pol/ a few years ago.
So why did none of the others wear off? And since when did black wear off to yellow? You're really reaching there.
These questions bolster white supremacy and should be banned. Jannies do your job.
You joking?
We should humiliate blond people because of the Holocaust. Blonds need to be made feel they are barbarian cavemen with no culture other than racism and oppression. Allowing Blonds to claim an inheritance from Classical Greece is deeply problematic because it interferes with the racist caveman narrative that is essential to the master plan.

Just how effective was plate armor?
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>Plate armor wasn't the only armor they were wearing. Underneath it there would be a coat of mail and underneath that would be a thick cloth gambeson
No, that is a generalization. Starting into the early 14th century, mail shirts under a full plate were droped by most people in the 15th century, only italians and people who imitate them where still wearing mail shirts under plate for most of the time. A "thick cloth gambeson" under plate armor is just flat out wrong, even 13th century when the most plate you would see was a coat of plates and some elbow/knee plates the gambeson that goes under the mail and coat of plates is recomended to "light"
Sort of but it is somewhat overblow to make it look like blunt weapons turn plate into butter. It was more by virtue of being the only thing that doesnt totally suck against plate butplate will still give you more protection against blunt than the alternatives
Picks and war hammers. Still takes some strength, training and skill.
I find it wild that half the reason the nobility lost the war was an addiction to being fancy instead of being armored.
The peak of plate armor in Europe was more than a century after guns became widespread. In large part, the reason that plate finally replaced chainmail was that plate could generally stop bullets, but mail could not.

What do you think anons? do we need morals in human society? is it necessary for the advancement and functioning of our cultures and communities?

Or maybe we need it for law and order? Discuss, and voice your takes, nihilistic or altruistic, let's hear it all.
everypost deserves a reply
Yes we need them because they assist in group survival and history is a story of group struggle.
Morality is the behavioral traits within a specific group that assisted them in surviving both as individuals internally and as a larger unit externally.
These are pro social behaviors which aren’t that different from instincts which can also be taught such as Hunting, which requires instinct and skill (innate and taught).
Morality is innate to human organization. Impossible to name a human society from history that had no form of morality
Nice spook

So let me get this straight.

Europe was inhabited by ooga booga hunter gatherers and then they got replaced by farmers who later got raped by steppe niggers?
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Not true at all.
Ok so which of these populations were the most intelligent? Im under the impression that farmers were more intelligent and adapted to sedentary life and therefore civilization but also soibois.
Which ever culture the people who reply identify with obviously.
I2 existed all over Europe, but the vast majority of modern I2 in the Balkans is from one subclade, CTS10228, which exists among all Slavs but is more common in Croats and Bosnians because of some bottleneck event.

Sure, but the predominance of IE paternal haplogroups suggests that it was mostly IE males with EEF females.
That's the classic idea that people have always believed, but we really have no clue since nobody wrote anything down.
Like the other anon said the indo-europeans had a big advantage with horses and the farmers might have been suffering from disease.
It's probably better to avoid massive generalizations like who was more intelligent, handsome or soi.

File: Spartan v Samurai.jpg (815 KB, 2880x2880)
815 KB
815 KB JPG
Who's winning here? 1v1 and unit on unit
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To be completely fair, the kamikaze were a large part of the Japanese victory over the Mongols
The Japanese never fought the Europeans before the gun powder age.
It was not. Attributing victories to divine intervention was popular in Japan at the time. The current interpretation among historians is the Mongolians failed to establish and old their beach head during the second invasion, which lead to their fleets being caught in the open.
holy shit lmao
I obviously wouldn't call it divine intervention, but it does seem true that the Mongol fleets were destroyed by massive storms.
Only after failing to establish and hold a beachhead. In fact many scholars believe the storms during the first invasion are exaggerated. If they had managed to land their troops in Kyushu and stayed their it never wouldn't have been an issue.

I should clarify here they did manage a beach head during the first invasion, but they took some bad casualties, particularly among their officers and withdrew after a few battles.

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