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File: wilhelm.jpg (102 KB, 800x476)
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Why didn't he an hero after losing the war like Hitler did?
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They were out for his blood after WW1. The only reason his dear cousin in England didn't string him up was because the Dutch government refused to extradite him
Why the moustache? That's the real question here
>Because for royals, war is a pastime where proles fight to acquire more land and resources.
Except for the thousands of years where royals fought at the front of their army and then later still acted as generals and commanders. How are you this dumb.
It was to distract people from his weird short arm
I was obviously talking about post industrial Europe in the context of WW1 dumbass

File: wip022.jpg (3.52 MB, 4800x3600)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB JPG
Let's say Emperor Showa was insane and ordered every japanese to defend Japan.

Could americans overcome japanese human tsunamis?
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Expect that production to be ramped up as the need to take the island intensifies. And to cow "allies" like Stalin and Mao.
"For All Time" still holds up as an alt-hist of when the US breaks the nucular taboo along with other European nations.
I don't know why people keep saying this. It isn't true. The US had another nuke available two weeks after Nagasaki, and we were making three a month after that.

That in combination with saturation bombing would make organized ground resistance impossible. Especially if the US is using armor, artillery, and just annihilating enemy positions before advancing on them.
No physical evidence for battle of Stalingrad
The navy was going to blockade them and then constantly bomb them until they either starved or surrendered.
Yeah. It was going to be completely annihilation for japan. Germany really suffered co.pares to Japan. Imagine millions of Americans and soviets just demolishing everything in Japan. It would have been the end of the Japanese people.

Is chess a humanity?
no its a sport
What makes you think it is a humanity? Explain your reasoning.
No it's a board game

Is slavery wrong? What are the arguments for and against?
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File: 1591919233410.jpg (153 KB, 1000x664)
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153 KB JPG
mulatto girls should be allowed to live if they have curly not kinky hair and blue eyes.
>disease had already killed of the majority of the indigenous people on the continent before 1800
There is literally no evidence of this, going by modern data on the dispersion of Hunter Gatherers, native Americans basically suffered nothing from disease prior to perpetual direct contact with settlers.
If you actually did read, youd see that smallpox whipped through them while Whites knew them, this actually disproves you outright because theyd have developed an immunity if they lost 90% of their people to a disease before direct contact.

Also there is no genetic evidence they underwent a founder effect (losing a significant number) post Columbus.

There is no only no evidence for the disease meme, there is evidence AGAINST it.

Refute this
>no genetic bottleneck detected
this means there was no mass die off
>disease hit them when they had direct and sustained contact

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>everything was fair before "capitalism"
Slavery was wrong bc only people can own themselves. Somebody else own you or compelled you to do something. The whole moral argument is retarded bc nothing is inherently moral or immoral. That's completely subjective to interpretation.
Not under God
If you're the slave, it's wrong. if you're the master, it's right.

There is no God but Aristotle and Averroës (Empiricism be upon him) is his messenger.
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Should I name my upcoming son Aristotle? The wife put the kibosh on Cleitomachus, Bomilcar, Nebuchadnezzar, and Utnapishtim. I think Aristotle is the only historical/mythological name I've mentioned that she'll ever be remotely OK with, and while I would happily drug her and name the kid without her participation, I don't think I would get away with it.
>Should I name my upcoming son Aristotle?
If you want him to get bullied for life and hate you with every fiber of his body then yeah, sure.
No, your kid should have a normal name. Knew a half Persian dude named Xerxes and he was pretty bullied. Jokes on the bullies though, he's a pretty big poltician and on the way to become a lawyer. He's also 1.96m tall which is enviable as hell.
Yes, you should name your son after a homo and a pederasty supporter.
You should also KYS asap
Can you just give him a more lowkey historical name like Alexander or Darius?

Why did they think killing all the Jews and then going to war against everyone would win them the war?
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A huge selection of evidence proving you wrong beyond the shadow of a doubt:

Yet, you continue to repeat yourself, hoping to drown out the truth. Very Jewish of you, anon.
Nope, OP is a picture of random dead people from a non-death concentration camp that was used as propaganda of mass gassings and human experimentation which never even happened at that camp. It' was pretty common with holobunga government propaganda to splice whatever grotesque thing they could find together without worrying about where it came from
This but unironically.
They thought the british would see them as the good guys and generally leave the continent of europe under their control and not try to dispute it. They thought like everyone else that jews were cunts and they would exterminate them easily.

Why were Arabs more inclined to collaborate with colonists unlike Berbers who were more resistant and aggressive toward White people during the Maghreb colonialism?
Neither of those are meaningful categories but Arabs were more likely to be Jews.
Because Berbers had no neighbouring enemies to collaborate against in the first place
Who would the Berbers collaborate against? Arabs had Ottomans.

"Sayyid" usually refer to a descendant of Muhammed. Why are there so many Sayyids in Iran and Iraq? Every other Shia cleric over there claims Muhammed as their ancestor. Muhammed and his tribe was Gulf Arabs, not Persians. It gets weirder in Pakistan and India where so many native Indic people claim to be Sayyids.
Is it all just a big larp? I know in Shia Islam, having Muhammed ancestry is quite valued for some reason.
polygamy for a thousand years causes genetic bottlenecks anon
Muhammed and his companions were also known for marrying within their tribe only.
Are you retarded?

>atheists think this entire universe just exists and for no reason at all chemical reactions developed consciousness and sapience

It's completely irrational based on the science to think that extraterrestrial life exists anywhere, especially life resembling in any way what we humans have. The Fermi Paradox has only become more solidified as times goes on. Its irrational, currently, to think life exists anywhere else in the universe. The universe is vast and empty (in terms of civilisation) - why?
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>chemical reactions developed consciousness and sapience
It’s mostly electric, the chemicals just sort of activate different circuits
This post is so retarded that the more I read it, the more I become convinced you're just pretending to be retarded.
>atheists think this entire universe just exists and for no reason
Why wouldn't it? Also, beyond that you're not really making any argument beyond you thinking it's irrational without explaining why and then asking a question that nobody knows the answer to.

I get the impression that theists constantly project their own worries onto atheists and generally just don't understand them or the concept, or faith for that matter, and thus not understanding the lack of it. Religion presents a scenario and claims without any evidence that this is the way it is with certainty. Atheists look at the presented scenarios and find them unconvincing. It really is little different from not believing some total bullshit tall tale from Bazza down at the pub before he keels over and passes out in his own piss. The short version is:

Statement: Things are thus.
Theist: Sounds legit.
Atheist: Sounds like bullshit.
Neither faith nor the lack of it is a choice. It either sounds believable to you or it doesn't, which it is depends on what you already know or think you know.

It's like with the fermi paradox, you either believe there's a likelihood of alien life or not and you either believe there's a likelihood of a god or whatever your religion dictates or not. You could argue there being an element of choice in matters of faith, but personally I would relate that to mental gymnastics. I'm an atheist, but admit not knowing whether there is a god or not, because it can neither be proven or disproven. Atheism isn't about having the answers, it's about accepting the fact that you don't. Not believing the answers that others present without evidence, and thus disbelief in religion is part of that.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1583656413000.jpg (14 KB, 374x418)
14 KB
>countless planets have conditions similiar to earth which can easily support the type of life earth has
>common theory for how life started was bacteria on asteriods coming to earth
>b-b-but bro the science clearly states the opposite because uhhh, it just does
be honest, did you actually bother to look into this subject, or did you watch read some hack article that exists just for people like you to cope
File: chemicals.gif (1.98 MB, 316x250)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF
> the universe
An expanse of condensed vacuum, needs no God
> life
Self-replicating chemical system shaped through natural selection, needs no God
Chemicals isolated in a lipidic membrane, need no God
> protein synthesis
Chemicals reacting with other chemicals causing chemicals to form into proteins, chemicals react all the time but that specific sequence stuck around since it could, natural selection again, needs no God.
> specified complexity
Natural selection, no God
> intelligence
> the Big Bang
False vacuum expansion, no God

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: russhit mongol.jpg (475 KB, 1124x598)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
>we wuzzz mongols an sheeeet
Why do Russian victims larp as their rapist?

What were his views besides slavery?
>pro-national banking
>pro-internal improvements
>pro-Homestead Acts
>pro-Expansionism (unless in the interests of Slave states)
>anti Wade-Davis Bill
The confederacy also had a national bank and half those other things

how was he so cool?
He was simply a competent guy who wasn’t particularly keen on the Nazi party. Because of this he was later lionized so the Germans could have at least one hero from the war and not just have to be told that they were all le evil Nazis.

File: 209224310.jpg (357 KB, 1080x1438)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Stumbled upon this on tiktok and was supposed from the amount of views it got, this whole time I thought only researchers and people on 4chan cared about this stuff but it seems to be getting to normies to.

What did she mean by this
She realized that she was a firsthand spectator to a major historical event and even though it was a dangerous situation the magnitude of such a huge ship breaking in two makes up for it, just for the sake of having witnessed something magnificent as that.
Kinda like how ur mum remembers my dick except without the breaking lol
I heard somewhere that the Titanic splitting in two before it sank was initially considered a delusion of mass hysteria made up by the survivors. Is there any truth to this claim?
It's like witnessing 9/11; it's so cinematic you forget the tragedy.
your dick was tiny, mine was way bigger and broke his mom's cervix
The main reason the inquiries concluded she sank in one piece was they took the word of Lightoller, highest ranking survivor, even though from his perspective he was not in a position to witness the breakup, being busy trying to stay on a capsized lifeboat.

Things jidf has failed to supply
1. An eviction before 2015
2. Archery origin outside steppe
3. Physical evidence for battle of Stalingrad
4. Nigerian oil at api over 35
5. A country rich without tourism
6. A suezmax port in North Korea

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