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Why were the British so much blessed with great theologians and churches?

I can't think of any great American theologian/preacher except Jonathan Edwards
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America has had some good ones
Papist seethe
This guy kinda reminds me of Sargon.
some obscure ones who are in hell
File: 1585288424088.jpg (68 KB, 473x809)
68 KB
>some obscure ones who are in hell

File: 19526847_101.jpg (78 KB, 1024x576)
78 KB
Is post-war Leni Riefenstahl the greatest example of pussy pass in history?
Do you think a male director who worshipped and idolized Hitler, made propaganda movies for Goebbels, personally knew both of them, and picked concentration camp inmates as movie extras would get away with it by just saying 'lol i didn't know!'
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>Do you think a male director who worshipped and idolized Hitler, made propaganda movies for Goebbels, personally knew both of them, and picked concentration camp inmates as movie extras would get away with it by just saying 'lol i didn't know!'
Unironically, yes.
If only the Soviets had captured her
That is sexism, Indy.
>Skorzeny, Von Braun
made themselves and their work useful for the allies or neutrals in skorzeny's case
>Martin Heidegger
literally who, in the context of war
File: LSSAH.jpg (121 KB, 1280x720)
121 KB
121 KB JPG

Literally escape prison by jumping out a window

>Von Braun

Got a "I build rockets" pass

>Martin Heidegger

Did nothing of note advancing the goals of the Nazi regime except act as an academic cheer leader.

>replaced Satan in the western canon
>Most recognized historical figure after Christ
>all school children know about him even if they don’t know what he actually did
>name used as an insult like the devil
>started the largest war in Human history
>conquered more of Europe than anyone before or after him
>still has followers in the modern day even though they are small in numbers
>every page on Wikipedia can be linked back to him in as little as 5 tabs.

He did lose, but I can’t help but feel he’d be happy with the fact that he managed to become second to Christ in fame, even if it’s mostly negative.
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Yep and the 6 million is a gross over estimation
Can you show me some the evidence for the so called Holocaust?
Everytime i come on /his/ theres one of these weird neo nazi cope threads
Can you show me evidence of the so-called polish oppression of Germans that was Hitler's justification for invading Poland, but can you also explain why he didn't invade Italy when they were murdering Austrians since the 1920s?
You mean 10?

File: FuckifIknow.jpg (8 KB, 263x191)
8 KB
What base aspect of human nature has the most negative impact on the the future of our species?
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The greed of leaders and the apathy of the people.
Yeah those are good ones, I'd also propose maybe fanaticism and the desire to mold into groups and make any group one is a part of basically a religion one is everlastingly loyal to.
Obsession with sex in men and sociopathic tendencies in women.
Perhaps blind following.
Unwillingness to sacrifice. We could be so much farther ahead if people could just think in the long term.

>European man is so stupid he thinks the world is half as large as it really is and sets sail thinking he can make it to India
>accidentally stumbles upon a new continent
>Europeans are so filthy 90% of the native population literally dies of disease
>Europeans suddenly left sitting on top a bunch of mostly depopulated land filled with gold, silver and natural resources

Are Western Europeans the luckiest group in world history?

File: 1489003592302.png (262 KB, 1272x913)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
Study on IQ predicting SNP's across races
Average for East Asians: 0.72
Average for Hispanics: 0.65
Average for Whites: 0.63
Average for Indians: 0.59
Average for Blacks: 0.48

What I find the most interesting is that the most native american country, Peru, scores almost as high as East Asians with 0.69, while Mexico and Colombia which are more mestizo score around .64/.65, US whites score .62, and Spaniards score .60 (lowest european score)
This would imply that the spanish genetics are dragging the native american potential on hispanics, asuming that peruvians are 30% spanish 70% native that would mean that a true native american score would be around the .73, among the highest scoring asian countries

Civilizational potential poster was right all along
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Because Amerangatan civilisation potential is irrelevant if Europeans can develop faster than them and wipe them out.
>a bunch of disease ridden pale apes discovering guns and butchering half of the planet.
Frankly based
Seethe harder rest of the world
most whites in south brazil are of german ancestry
We colonizing y'all niggas the old fashioned way, wh*teoid
File: hqdefault.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB

File: unnamed.jpg (83 KB, 339x512)
83 KB
Why is it the US didn't have a huge socialist movement within its working class
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Why do all leftists hate the white race and constantly shill for black supremacists?
Tbh I'm not advocating for gommunism. But any attempt to lift the working class is barred, as is any attempt to repeal the damage done to Labor laws.
What country
Because we want to get rid of incels like you

They always had a smaller population, but consistently were more powerful than their neighbors both economically and militarily
They beat spain, the mapuche, peru-bolivia, spain again, peru and bolivia, becoming the dominant power in the pacific half of south america
they also stopped argentina from expanding into Mapuche land east of the andes
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Chile has nothing worth trading, even their copper, the only industry they haven't raped into the ground with rampant free market deepen the pockets of their 1%, is just as good as Peruvian copper
It exports you dipshit. In any case you have nothing they want either.
There are disputes over the southern ice fields too

Oh right, the other Argentinian export: Salt.
>>fight against indians but now to the north
They are protected by nature.

To the East, the Andes mountains
To the West, the Pacific ocean
To the North, the Atacama desert, the most arid desert in the world
To the South, the Patagonian fjords

To invade Chile would be the most retarded decision ever, you can blockade the by sea, but their coast is too large, they have ports in the most nothern part and the most southern part.

I don't know about how efficient their internal logistics/transportation going north-south and viceversa, but that would be another advantage if they have it/develop it

>it's one god
>But, uh, also three bro
And people believe this.
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>Mithra worshippers in roman army copied christian legionaries
>he says when Mithraism was larger than Christianity before Constantine
It’s strange how history unravels sometimes
>tfw no results for omnicient
Idiot, your brain has been rotted by semitic devilry.
they did tho, Mithras got so popular because it still allowed Paganism and the various old traditions they loved. Mithras worship also followed the idea of one Almighty. That certainly came from mental gymnastics that they performed to keep their old ways alive while rejecting the Truth of Christ. You gotta remember that Christianity and to an even greater extent Islam under Muhammad - PBUH - were both designed to be powerful from the base up. Ancient people listened to all this evidence that they carried. Both of those religions from their inception were granted the power to sweep aside thousands of years of polytheistic beliefs within a generation.

To OP's point, they do. And it is perfectly believable. We cannot possibly fathom being an infinite being with limitless knowledge, power, and ability. If God had the ability to snap His fingers and create the universe that we take for granted around us... He certainly could afford to manifest as different energies and entities. I know people like to use the three phases of matter as an example, but that's just our silly mortal minds trying to throw a tangible science onto something immortal and intangible.

File: paintingsbycenturies.png (2.65 MB, 1437x1133)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB PNG
Why did it take so long for art to look good?
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Is it Romano-British?
Italian Mannerist art is soulless and resembles an autist's attempt at painting by numbers

International Gothic is the SOUL artform
File: mural3.jpg (787 KB, 1618x1500)
787 KB
787 KB JPG
Art already looked good far before the 6th century, blame the chr*stians
>Perspective is what makes them look so much more real
Is that better though?
Because it's a struggle to find real full sized medieval paintings, there just aren't many.

File: 1597270639076.gif (219 KB, 384x480)
219 KB
219 KB GIF
What was the worst fighting element to have been a part of in WWII? U-boats? Soviet Infantry?
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Nothing to contribute. Rollan
If we go last two digits like OP then U-8 was a training boat. Not a single instance of combat, scuttled after the war.
If we do last 3 digits then U-508 operated until ‘43 when a USN Liberator sank it with all hands after 6 patrols, sinking 14 ships
Japanese Merchant Marine. Death by allied submarine was basically guaranteed.

File: nypede1595231.png (429 KB, 1200x1223)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
A legitimate academic journal actually published an article about the /AskHistorian jannies.

> "I run the world's largest historical outreach project and it's on a cesspool of a website." Moderating a Public Scholarship Site on Reddit: A Case Study of r/AskHistorians

Online communities provide important functions in their participants' lives, from providing spaces to discuss topics of interest to supporting the development of close, personal relationships. Volunteer moderators play key roles in maintaining these spaces, such as creating and enforcing rules and modeling normative behavior. While these users play important governance roles in online spaces, less is known about how the work they do is impacted by platform design and culture. r/AskHistorians, a Reddit-based question and answer forum dedicated to providing users with academic-level answers to questions about history, provides an interesting case study on the impact of design and culture because of its unique rules and their strict enforcement by moderators. In this article I use interviews with r/AskHistorians moderators and community members, observation, and the full comment log of a highly upvoted thread to describe the impact of Reddit's design and culture on moderation work. Results show that visible moderation work that is often interpreted as censorship, and the default masculine whiteness of Reddit create challenges for moderators who use the subreddit as a public history site. Nonetheless, r/AskHistorians moderators have carved a space on Reddit where, through their public scholarship work, the community serves as a model for combating misinformation by building trust in academic processes.

111 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
fuck off with the holobunga noone cares
>I think a mod called "Zhukov" trawled through my post history to do a character attack as well.
There's something wonderfully ironic about these people doing exactly that and then criticizing Israel's background checks as racist/bigoted.

That being said, is there any study on how moderation influences internet communities? It could be a very interesting subject.
>mod named after greatest communist general
They really aren't at all subtle, are they?
10 minute pophis youtube videos are a better learning tool than either of these shitholes
Comments get deleted because redditors are retarded and will post either baseless speculation or retarded jokes. And those comments would drown out the actual answers.

File: 71Ywo+tMWVL.jpg (162 KB, 683x1024)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
What are some must-read history books, /his?
43 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Find out what the myth is and realize what the authors real target is.
Is Anthony Kaldellis the chad of the byzantinists?
I was gonna talk about that one (the author is named Sylvain though). It was also surprising to learn how much the byzantine teaching curriculum was reliant on the knowledge of the ancients, especially because of the "Dark Ages" myth.
File: 71z-8FuNHKL.jpg (203 KB, 907x1360)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
Even though the author is biased. That doesn’t mean everything he said in the book is wrong.

>15 of the 20 tallest statues in the world depict Buddhas or bodhisattvas

Why is Buddhism so statue-pilled
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>the Statue of Liberty is only the 49th tallest statue in the world
holy shit, my mind is blown
File: Augustus of Prima Porta.jpg (239 KB, 1399x2048)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Italy should make a 500m tall version of the Augustus of Prima Porta.
>degraded by multiculturalism and cultural erosion
To be fair, it was one of the tallest in the world when it was built, but that was in the late 1800s so there's been plenty of time for new statues with more modern technology to overtake it.
File: colosse de néron.jpg (95 KB, 525x800)
95 KB
Building too big statues is a sign of decadence

File: Ibn Fadlan.jpg (43 KB, 400x400)
43 KB
>I saw the Rusiyyah when they had arrived on their trading expedition and had disembarked at the River Atil. I have never seen more perfect physiques than theirs—they are like palm trees, are fair and reddish, and do not wear the qurctaq or the caftan. The man wears a cloak with which he covers one half of his body, leaving one of his arms uncovered. Every one of them carries an axe, a sword and a dagger and is never without all of that which we have mentioned.

>Their swords are of the Frankish variety, with broad, ridged blades. Each man, from the tip of his toes to his neck, is covered in dark-green lines, pictures and such like. Each woman has, on her breast, a small disc, tied around her neck, made of either iron, silver, copper or gold, in relation to her husband's financial and social worth. Each disc has a ring to which a dagger is attached, also lying on her breast. Around their necks they wear bands of gold and silver. Whenever a man's wealth reaches ten thousand dirhams, he has a band made for his wife; if it reaches twenty thousand dirhams, he has two bands made for her—for every ten thousand more, he gives another band to his wife. Sometimes one woman may wear many bands around her neck.

Ibn Fadlan, on the Rus Volga Viking merchants at Itil, 922.
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More likely they were Christian Ajam living with Arabs.
Reminder that European explorers often exaggerated and lied in their accounts of Mesoamerican and African "cities" to keep their useless exploration of backward shitholes funded
This. They didn't even conquer them. All of them died of disease.
>They say they originally came from China, but left it
So china=troy?

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