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Are there any proofs for their claims of their nation being at least 5000 years old (a lot of them claims even more years, by the way)? It seems like bullshit, since the oldest inscription in Armenian is from 5th century, and there are no mentions of Armenian language, therefore, it should've been a very irrelevant language that wasn't widely spoken.

Also it's extremely doubtful that so-called "Greater Armenia" has relation to modern-day Armenian people. Armenians are known as hayer and Armenia is known as Hayastan in Armenian, whereas the word Armenia is from other languages. There was also Lesser Armenia, a geographical region, therefore any state wouldn't take "Greater Armenia" as a name.
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Except you are a Georgian on an Armenian thread, who is the schizo

>logs on to 4chan
> starts typing in search
>” Armenia”

The eternal GRUZIN!


And then gruzin seethe.
Look over the thread fag, the shot was fired by an armenigutang
Yea of course... Georgians are angels... never do wrong, never have Christian enemies, only Muslim, always righteous, always correct

>and they cry when everyone around them calls them chauvinists.
The existence of that website should bring you immense shame, yet you are here, linking me PEOPLEOFARMENIA as a source to your bullshit. Mental asylem is on the right Armen, the door opens by pushing it, now go.

Yana is a good proxy for partially australoid AASI admixture in South Asians.
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>what is AASI?
File: WHG adm.png (131 KB, 785x1889)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
>debunked reconstructions from a man who lived and died in the academic shithole of the USSR long before modern science became prominent.
This man thought he was digging up East Asian people and so added things like epicanthic folds or recessed nasal bridges while today we can look at their DNA and tell they did not have these features.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>ANE Yana is AASI
What? Could you type out a few more words so those of us not versed in haploautism and target-distanceism understand?
File: 1599311629394 Kostenki14.jpg (133 KB, 1830x1096)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>Proto-ANE (Yana) is AASI
Target: RUS_AfontovaGora3:AfontovaGora3
Distance: 27.5860% / 0.27585985
85.8 RUS_Yana_UP
14.2 GEO_CHG
0.0 CHN_Tianyuan
0.0 IND_Great_Andamanese_100BP
0.0 IRN_Wezmeh_N
0.0 RUS_Devils_Gate_Cave_N
0.0 RUS_Kostenki14
0.0 RUS_Ust_Ishim

Target: RUS_Yana_UP
Distance: 4.6414% / 0.04641380

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Target: RUS_AfontovaGora3
Distance: 34.7720% / 0.34772009
32.4 CHN_Tianyuan
31.8 ITA_Grotta_Continenza_Meso
18.2 TUR_Boncuklu_N
17.6 Onge
0.0 Han_Chongqing
0.0 Natufian_noTaforalt
0.0 RUS_Devils_Gate_Cave_N

"sample": "BEL_GoyetQ116-1:Average",
"fit": 3.6382,
"RUS_Yana_UP": 47.5,
"RUS_Ust_Ishim": 20.83,

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 20210510_122425.jpg (737 KB, 2500x2500)
737 KB
737 KB JPG
Would Jesus have been crucified if he followed the law?
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They are racist. They kick up a fuss about George Floyd but not Tony Timpa. They're treating one guy differently because of his race. That's racism.
File: hand holding spoon.jpg (4 KB, 275x183)
4 KB

just sip the corn syrup
Why are you calling Donald Trump "Tony Timpa"? Is this some inside joke I miss'ed.
There wasn't a group of people filming the cops to post what occured on social media platforms.
White people don't care about police brutality unless it's being used as a whataboutism in discussion relating to police brutality against other minorities, mainly blacks.

name a more heartbreaking moment in history
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crucifiction of jesus
Caesar didn't actually want to get rid of the Senate or republic. In fact, all the recent power he was getting was given by members of the senate trying to please him

He just wanted to invade parthia, man - he wanted a legacy like Alexander
That’s not Sulla.
caesar was given power legally he was objectively not a tyrant cope harder senatorfag
The invasion of England by the Normans in 1066, in what is effectively the only victory ever fully achieved by pagan snownigger vikings against the Christians of Europe.
Also Napoleon's decision to invade Russia in 1812 which led to his defeat and the collapse of his empire, enabling the eternal perfidy of the Anglo to reach untold heights for over a century.

File: 1619371393232.jpg (23 KB, 500x333)
23 KB
>750 word essay on Ancient Egypt due Thursday
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I gave up and dropped out last semester. I really need to get my degree done though so I'm doing it properly again this semester. It's shit.
That's only like 40 words
This is a stupid question, but what did your parents think? I'm terrified that soon my parents are gonna ask why I failed this year. I am honestly feeling suicidal at the thought of such a confrontation.
Honestly explains a lot of the incomprehensible takes you see here
you can literally write a 750 word essay in an hour if you're smart

He killed millions
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To defend liberty and la republique française!
The Russian campaign is defensible as the Russian were indeed preparing for an all out offensive.

Spain should be seen as a failed coup rather than an invasion as his troops were technically already within the country and he intended to «««legally»»» remove the bourbons via the abdications of Bayonne. He miscalculated the public reaction of the Spaniards though. For some reason they decided they suddenly really loved the inquisition and the British.
>I closed the gulf of anarchy and brought order out of chaos. I rewarded merit regardless of birth or wealth, wherever I found it. I abolished feudalism and restored equality to all regardless of religion and before the law. I fought the decrepit monarchies of the Old Regime because the alternative was the destruction of all this. I purified the Revolution.
> He killed millions
But at least he made us happy.

Why has the Northeast recovered from deindustrialization better than the Midwest? New York, Philadelphia, and Boston have successfully shifted to a service based economy while Detroit, St Louis and Cleveland haven’t.
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More high IQ people. Simple.
The Midwest suffers under gay fucking coastie trade policy. Reminder if you live between the Rockies and the Appalachians, China is your friend and DC is your enemy. They want our pigs and söybeans, and some faggot supremecists in DC are the biggest hurdle to our mutually lucrative trade.
File: 1598991652550.png (24 KB, 603x578)
24 KB
>New York, Philadelphia, and Boston
>Detroit, St Louis and Cleveland

Simple as
> successfully shifted to a service based economy
Hahahaha! Hahaha. That's really funny.
Pharma and healthcare industry is one of the top around Philadelphia area.

When you add healthcare to GDP, you get "service economy" "recovery".
The more people are sick, the "better" the GDP numbers and "the service economy".

Stuff like that.
First largest "service economy" group is financial sector.
Basically, Fed prints trillions , gives to Wall Street and bankers, who then give them to themselves to invest.
You know "trickle down" eCONomy.
NYC is one giant hedge fund at Wall Street.
I don't really see an economy there.

File: xw5s66dgcg7z.png (75 KB, 553x506)
75 KB
>We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
>(except for niggers)

How did they get away with this?
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I beat someone up because they called me out like you're doing now.
You live in a fantasy.
Get off the internet and get out of black areas.
GO live in the real world.
Challenging everyone you meet is retarded because your liable to get shot.
They already substantiated it
Southrons are violent apes even to their poor meth addled sweethearts
>yeah I punch people for saying things I dont like in the most heavily armed nation on the planet
Good luck dude and remember to wear a Kevlar jacket whenever you go out to the bar or whatever you do for fun
The people who are currently whoring out your jobs and companies to China and kissing BLM ass would be in total power. I really wish we could force lolbertarians to live in their own power fantasy.
File: 1614388211148.png (470 KB, 513x564)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
>The people who are currently whoring out your jobs and companies to China and kissing BLM ass would be in total power
Aren't they already?

Who is your favourite dictator, /his/?
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Is "dictator" a result of some translation error, or does it somehow mean something different from what I think? But out of those, Napoleon.
Why do they all look like that? Anyway, Johan of Arc was probably my favourite dictator, followed closely by Churchil.
Why is Catherine wearing pajamas?
hentry viii or mussoline
who the fuck is mazni? does it mean mazzini because that looks like him in a bizarre indianised way

File: 1620060194478.jpg (54 KB, 1342x549)
54 KB
What should be the standard for a citation?
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Depends on the writing style you are using and what kind of thing you are writing. Why it works that way I don't know but it's how it's done.
Whats the standard where you just write " (Firstname Lastname 2012) " and why is that acceptable
It's not where I'm writing it's what I'm writing. I was taught that a history thesis is APA, Experiments are Chicago style, and research papers are something else. It alters for each type of writing. It's a lot to keep track of so I just have a book of citation styles and when to use them.
WHERE is this from?
At my university, most faculties use chicago 17th. Only medicine school wants to be special and they use some medicine citation style.

has anyone been able to refute this
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Slovaks were considered Aryan First class Reich citizens so OP pic is wrong.
R1a is native to Germanics, it has a massive presence in Scandinavia as well. Slavic ancestry is gonna have to be proven some other way.
File: thank you finland.png (80 KB, 400x400)
80 KB
With Finns, you win.
No slav looks like that

File: superiority.jpg (41 KB, 707x490)
41 KB
>the multiethnic society is the cultural, military, and economic superpower of the world
Why have multiethnic societies proven to be so powerful? It's a little pathetic when European or Europe obsessed incels try to prove otherwise when the second most influential empire, Rome, was the same way.
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The Fr*nch were largely to blame for the first one though.
This is retarded, those steppe conquerers only stood a chance when the countries were divided. Otherwise they got crushed
What a stupid statement
Liberalism and communism are the only systems that engage in total wars to spread their ideology. The latter because it explicitly wants to overthrow every society on earth, the former because it can't compete with any half way decent system.
Wasn't Nazi Germany the one that started a total war against a sovereign nation to begin with?

File: 79346423.jpg (467 KB, 1600x1068)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
I don't get, why do protestants worship only the bible specifically? It's not like it was handwritten by god, the authors were inspired by the holy spirit, but so were all the sacraments and traditions of roman catholic church, and they reject nearly all of them.
Stop strawmanning Prods, dont step on their level.
The Catholic Church is unabashedly a power structure that cherry picks what is convenient in the Bible to make into doctrine and even had its own made up conception of Yahweh that is literally not the god of the Bible.

If I were still a Christian, I would totally renounce Catholicism and follow the Bible word for word because it’s the word of god. Nothing else makes sense
>worship idols and images and even man (pope) your whole life
>prots don't
>"they must worship something other than God, I KNOW THE BIBLE!"
idolater retards

File: Greater_Germanic_Reich.png (129 KB, 950x785)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
VGH... what could have been...
I miss it more every day...
Stormfag cope thread #28384729
ah yes the gigantic economic collapse that could have been
Nothing lasts forever anon. Besides, what's the point of having a European empire if all cultures aren't cherised? No European deserves to be genocided. Idc if you're from Montenegro or whatever, we must cherish all nations.

File: 1541919690303.jpg (109 KB, 850x601)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Why did the Communists win the Chinese Civil War?
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not really, look at the average wage in Taipei and the average wage in China's tier 1 cities
File: 1619816942387.webm (700 KB, 510x720)
700 KB
The Communist Party of China is the only large organization in the world right now that is fighting for the freedom of the common people. They are our only hope to free ourselves from the Jews, the masons, and the capitalists who enslave us.
so when will you beat Taiwan's gdppc
Probably when they only have one province of people instead of 1.4 billion
Not him but gdp is a meme, wages and specially wages adjusted for cost of living are an accurate reflection of quality of life.

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