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Why did japanese soldiers in ww2 LARP as samurai when their own government destroyed the samurai 60 years earlier?
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>implying the future isn’t going to be retarded
Good. Shame I can’t say the same about you
you will never have an ethnostate.
Dude I lived in Japan for a year. I'm talking from personal experience. I've never seen those VICE documentaries. I'm just saying that Japs can stop thinking on command. Certain thinks are not to be thought about, so they don't (with a few exceptions of course).

Why do history nerds have a huge hard-on for this book?

Like, almost as hard as the sci-fi nerds.
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>If you were a moron spouting anti-vaccination conspiracies
Hold on there, anon. Are you talking about people who refuse ALL vaccines or those who are only refusing this covid jab? There's a huge difference.
I haven't either. Most of the people I know who are fans are just ordinary guys who aren't particularly well versed in history.
>I read a lot of books
Describing what books are in a "water is wet" fashion is not exactly something an avid read would do.

>but i wouldn't go and claim i probably read more than you or take a stance like "you do not sound like a scholar, i know that because i'm convinved i'm one".. that kinda tone.
No one said this.

>Not having a very good english also probably helps you feel superior and i can respect that because some people can only breath through these kind of emotions, who are often related to a weird, hardly hidden, lack of self esteem or confidence. But that's fine, whatever sinks your submarine.
Again, no one said or did this.

>I actually have some respect for donald trump by the way.
Not the point of that statement at all.

>And no, Dune is not "inscrutable". It actually is a pretty clear piece of work.
That's not what inscrutable means.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Not the point of his statement either, Anon.
Maybe not, but them's still fightin' words. He needs to explain himself.

File: image-24.jpg (88 KB, 720x540)
88 KB
>the traditional Islamic narrative is definitely wrong...because I said so, OK!
>all the events in the Rashidun and early Umayyad are all fake news!
Can you believe these people?
It's honestly the only fringe historical opinion that are supported by some uneducated loons because it fuels their anti-Islamist agenda
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>Uthman was the Prophet's companion and the rightfully-guided caliph
lmao he was hated and assassinated
Quran has little to no narrative of early Islam. It all comes from the Hadiths and Sirats.
"Muhammed" was probably a title for Jesus Christ and all the other stories evolved over the years. You can find a lot of similarities between the qu'ran and the apocryphal gospels.
I concur. There was no historical Mohammed, or rather, there was, as it was simply a title referring to Jesus, or Isa, as he is known to moslems
Again, if all of those are true then how come we already have a complete biography of the Life of the Prophet just not long after. You can even cross-reference Ibn Ishaq's with al-Tabari's and so on. If you're accusing them of forgery then you'll have to have a reasonable kind of skepticism here, not a complete skepticism which is just totally unrealistic.

File: UkraineYodelStar.png (905 KB, 980x806)
905 KB
905 KB PNG
>Nazis thought that the Nordid phenotype was a good racial stock
>Nazis thought that Slavs like Ukrainians were subhuman and of bad racial stock

Well which one is it, you can't have both.
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>trannies existed in nazi germany too
huh, who'd a thunk it.
South Slavs are devoid of Turkish and East Asian DNA, the only reason why many of them look somewhat "Mediterranean" is that Slavic paternal lineages all but annihilated native lineages in Southeastern Europe and Eastern Italy while sparing and intermarrying with the women. Since you're French, you should pay actual attention to your women since they're being bred by North Africans, SSA, and Arabs by the literal millions, peak delusions.
neither slavs nor mena are the offspring of asian males.
>Nazis thought that Slavs like Ukrainians were subhuman and of bad racial stock
Except they never said this and Slav isn't a race. But lying about it makes pol look better lmao
Slavs are an ethnolinguistic group, which implies genetic and language relations.

File: 1634858628586.png (521 KB, 875x522)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
Have either the Russian Orthodox Church or the Soviet government made official statements regarding the two's relationships? After the revolution the soviets were pretty hostile to the Church until Stalin brought it back.
Has either one explained their seemingly contradictory relationship?
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basically the same that the Russian Orthodox Church has always had with the Russian state, an arm of it.
File: newmartyrs.jpg (131 KB, 550x692)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>After the revolution the soviets were pretty hostile to the Church until Stalin brought it back.
First as the "Living Church" a schismatic parallel structure. Commie church. Ended up dying out.

Then the ROC basically promised not to be openly hostile to the commies.

The ROC today acknowledges Stalinist and Leninist persecutions.
>the government was run by trots like Molotov and Beria
Lenin appointed both and was a trot
Molotov was expansionist
Beria was autistic
Both trots
The ROC was in survival mode, and the Soviets were also in survival mode during WW2 and realized that class struggle was a shit narrative that no reasonable person was willing to die for, so they tolerated the existence of the church.

File: Gremlin.jpg (46 KB, 360x450)
46 KB
How did gremlins enter the cultural consciousness after WWII? By that point, no one would believe in monsters.

File: 1621451069777.jpg (625 KB, 2048x1458)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
Which country/culture treated slaves the best, and which the worst? Does becoming slaves and being transported away improved some people situation over being free in they own country?
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The Greeks granted their Slaves some rights, something we would call "right to bodily integrity", "family rights", or "right to live" today.
But I would say it´s all about how you end up, a Greek slave working as a teacher for a Roman patrician family would have a much more comfortable live than some Roman freemen, if however you ended in some mine it didn´t matter where you were.
Something the Greeks and Romans never did was castrate their Slaves for "civil service", run around their own territory kidnapping children to brainwash and whatnot, so I would say they treated them "best".
>Does becoming slaves and being transported away improved some people situation over being free in they own country?
Of course it does. Every nigger in the Americas has the option to move back to Africa. None of them do. Why not? Because they are currently in an improved situation vs. being in Africa. Being the descent of an African Slave brought to the USA was like winning the nigger lottery.
That's Count of Monte Cristo, dumbass.
Still. Im currently reading otoyomegatari and their love woth islamic culture is something else.
that's one manga written on the subject specifically because of how obscure the region is in Japan.

Post genocides that aren’t well known by the general public

I will start with the Bokoni, who were genocided by the Zulu during the Mfecene. All that remains are the stone settlements they left behind (pic related)
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It's always pretty curious to think that the Tlaxcalans have a colonial tradition older than that of the Germans or the Scottish.
I thought he might be referring to the Yaqui genocide, which is indeed kinda talked about, not much though.
Read about the Yuezhi, Wussun, and Xiongnu. Wikipedia alone will suffice. Reads as some fucking comic. Also there were Tocharian murals depicting Sakae, so Scythians reached that and probably more.
Based. The Bantu had only invaded the current area of Namibia a century or two before. They forced the San into the remote and most arid parts of the country.

What goes around comes around lol
File: 1634687092936.png (347 KB, 1800x1024)
347 KB
347 KB PNG

File: 1604984564050.png (1.31 MB, 994x1280)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Who killed him and why?
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File: images (36).jpg (26 KB, 554x554)
26 KB
>Who killed him
I did.
To test my skills.
>Kisame... we are leaving
You call murdering an old man a test of skill?
Face me if you want a real test
File: 1628185151710.jpg (170 KB, 1024x1024)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Jews..exposing jews

Our own elites murdered him because he wanted to rearm the Germans and join up with them to fight the USSR. Since he was a war hero and national idol, he had to be silence before he got Americans all stirred up for war against the USSR. JFK wasn't the first time our evil system murdered politically inconvenient people. It also had Huey Long assassinated and probably had Lindbergh's baby kidnapped and murdered to send a message to Lindbergh about trying to prevent the U.S. from entering the war against the Germans.

I'm back I kept digging and I found this under a pile of very old rock fence (cercas) I think it used to be a room before, there's a lot of little fences in square formations that have fallen down, they used to be tall and used as walls for old homes.

I washed it and it has a hole on the top for water to come out. It also makes this weird popping noise for like 1min everytime I put water in it, I think there's something inside on the bump at the top, what do you think it is??

>I live in a valley in Guanajuato Mexico and there are these small hills where the ground is covered in broken pottery. You can dig about 1-2feet and find even more but after that it's white soil/clay. Anyone know the approximate age of this stuff? Some of it is glazed and some is black in the middle when you break it.
It looks like the top for a gourd, I'm going back tomorrow to dig deeper I only managed to dig about 2ft because it's mostly big loose rocks
The top has a weird bump above the hole, like there's something inside it.

Could it be jumping beans?
I bought some a while ago and it makes the same sound, how long can those things live though? I know they're worms inside a seed that move when you get them wet or in direct sunlight

What ancestral components are responsible for this Mediterranean/south European phenotype?
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El mexicano baiting señores.
Can't believe she was forced into doing all this stuff against her will
Yeah, no lol
They dont have AASI DNA, they arent shifted, its called drift.
She looks good when she has some weight on her.

>look for a Bible
>Evangelical New American King Douay-Rheims Second Revised Revised Oxford Heritage Catholic Expanded and Annotated Edition of the Holy Bible with Deuterapocrypha
It gets so tiresome.
102 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>non Scripture is Scripture
Go pray to Mary
I'll pray for your soul, for you have forsaken the Lord God's words because "just 'cause."
Why isn't it scripture? It was put in the Bible when the Bible was compiled.
Yes, it's terrible. However, I do own Bishop Robert Barron's "Word on Fire" Study Bible Vol. 1, which uses the NRSV-CE for the Biblical text. I would prefer that it didn't, but I nevertheless cope with it because it's not my main Bible, nor will it ever be used as one. It's a (soon to be) multi-volume vessel for the commentaries, and this is nothing new to me. My family had a Douay-Rheims on the shelf as the actual family Bible, but also had the "Illustrated Family Bible" by DK Publishing, which used the NIV text. I also own study materials and commentaries from IVP, a protestant company whose materials don't usually cover the deuterocanonical books; nevertheless, their two Bible Background Commentary volumes are essential and >>12162167 looks extremely desirable, though it will cost me an arm and a leg when that time comes. Crossway, another protestant company, has also provided me with books that I take no issue with, even if they quote from translations I don't use. So, while I'll never purchase or use a standalone NRSV for as long as I live, I can deal with its usage for the sake of reading commentary, as you can easily apply said commentary to the same verses in a better translation.
>It was put in the Bible when the Bible was compiled
No it wasn't it was just a bunch of Greek fan fiction episodes borne of the desperation from the prophets having gone silent. They lacked faith so they just wrote worldly things to cope. God's selah made them uncomfortable.

File: 1634906467014.jpg (25 KB, 561x378)
25 KB
Why can't "Japanese" speakers read old Japanese text? They say they're an ancient, isolated country, that is 5000 years old.

What gives?
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>No languages are mutually intelligible with modern languages except in a few circumstances like Icelandic.

Not completely, but some are more than others. When it comes to Western languages, I'd say Icelandic and Greek too are probably overall the most like their ancient ancestors.
Pretty sure nu means now since ðu changes to thou so it and hus is now house.

ic = I (ich in German)
di = you
for should be fur or accented
heo = he
daet = that
nan = not,isn't
Englisc should be capitalized
swa put twice, should only be there once ("had had" could always be reduced to just one "had")
arcebiscop = archbishop
Athelwold = proper noun, wold meaning forest
Anon, there are thousands of characters in the Japanese alphabets. Even Japanese adults have to write down kanji every day so they don't forget it. Older texts most likely used characters most Japanese today aren't familiar with
U mad bro

File: his-2.jpg (228 KB, 1138x1435)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
ITT: historical figures who tried so hard and got so far but in the end it didn't even matter
50 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
me every time I feel like I'm gonna get a gf
Literally who?
>The Antoninianus was debased to bronze from Silver. The problem with the currency was that it was bronze.
That wasn't the problem. The problem was the coin was worth less than stated which caused inflation and as the silver was decreased the inflation also increased. It being bronze wasn't the issue. A stable bronze currency was necessary other wise people were forced to resort to barter. Anastasius' economic reforms fixed the issue and the common man was able to use coins
hw about the way Richard absolutely shat on Phillip by refusing to marry his sister(claiming that she was a slut who slept with Richard's dad) and bringing some literally who noblewoman from Navarre to marry? or when he refused to split the loot gained with Phillip as he had promised?
Remember when Henry II cucked Lois whatever and stole half his kingdom in the process?
Good time.

File: tenmoresons.jpg (36 KB, 275x400)
36 KB
What are some /his/ approved tv series?
Unironically Fate.
HBO's 'Rome' would have to be one right?
File: FB_IMG_1634778934032.jpg (64 KB, 1080x650)
64 KB
HBO's Rome 100%
Ancient aliens

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