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File: amia-bombing-1080x600.jpg (162 KB, 1080x600)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Who was behind the AMIA bombing? And why?
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Shitpost aside, the (I know) wikipedia article on this is fascinating. The failures of the investigations, the convenient murders of those set to testify, the fact that it was part of a huge spate of bombings against israeli and jewish targets... gets the noggin joggin
Yes, this section alone from the wiki is enough to make anyone pause:
>According to the prosecution's claims in 2006, Argentina had been targeted by Iran after Buenos Aires' decision to suspend a nuclear technology transfer contract to Tehran.[12] This has been disputed because the contract was never terminated, and Iran and Argentina were negotiating on restoration of full cooperation on all agreements from early 1992 until 1994, when the bombing occurred.[13]
And then you start thinking about how devoted Israel is to stopping Iran's nuclear program, and how Israel has employed false flag attacks before, like the Lavon afffair
But then there’s the embassy bombing, the plane bombing, the london bombing... that’s a lot of false flags
Argie here:
Nah, it was IRAN who at the time had terrorism as foreign policy.

Maybe they still are on such policies but the hyperinflation and geopolitics have diminished their power greatly.

You should investigate the "suicide" of argentine prosecutor Nisman, many believe it had to do with a proxy battle/war between Israel and Iran, Mossad, CIA and Hezbollah involved.
Just to point out, Argentina has a quite big pro jewish sentiment just like the US, have them in positions of power too. Nisman was jewish and had huge ties with Israel.

It's a big deal here and we, the gentiles, have to suffer the collateral damage of their war. Antisemite sentiment has started to grow because of that attack, and the embassy of israel keeps pushing and pushing.

What is the history of this region? People focus on the Saharan/sub-Saharan divide, but the great rainforests of CENTRAL AFRVCA have also been a major factor in migration flows and ethnic distributions. How did the pygmies end up here, for example? Did they begin here, or were they chased from other regions? Etc., etc.
Steady migration, recent settlement, and unstable polities.
They've likely been living there for tens of thousands of years and separated from farmers around 60,000.
>central afruca
Farmers didn't exist in 60,000 B.C.
Anyways, the Bantu only recently migrated to Central Africa, a few thousand years ago. They're the predominant ethnic super-group there.

File: 1591092952488.png (1.41 MB, 1000x846)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
Did men have it better in the past?
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Women aren't loving. If you don't have a loving wife in the modern world you wouldn't have a loving wife in the past.
if course they were more loving back then, plus they accepted their secondary role
>not understanding that actual love would be built over time

This is toleration/acceptance, not love.
Depending on the person's conduct, trust and appreciation would develop. Women are essentially incapable of making actual choices, but if you treat them right they'll become loyal.
>If youre a loser outcast in 2020, you would have been absolutely fucked way back when.

But it's the modern world we live in that leads to people being loser outcasts. No one could be a loser outcast in 2020 BC because it would be simply impossible.

“Sophie, don’t die. Stay alive for the children.”
*Sophie dies anyway*
What a bitch
based serbs causing a war then acting like the victims
The assassination was a match to gasoline, but it wasn't the serbs who drenched the continent in gas.
File: images (4).jpg (37 KB, 526x583)
37 KB
Is there a more anime death?

File: images.jpg (27 KB, 738x415)
27 KB
>giga country
>no sea access of note
Why has Russia been unable to get access to important sea lanes?
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They have Kaliningrad i guess. Though that place have more strategic importance than economic sense, seeing as it isn't directly connected to the Russian heartland
Bro you are genuinely retarded. Whether Denmark or Turkey are weaker than Russia is irrelevant because those countries have allies
>because it fell into that trap of Russia being unable to easily defend it
also because it was no longer any use to them and they wanted to make a quick buck
I just said that their problem is that they can't match the navy of those said allies.
Hol up, it also moved less than 5 km in 2 years?

File: hess.jpg (260 KB, 1024x1410)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
seriously, what the fuck was he thinking?
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he was into some esoteric occult stuff
>born on 26 April 1894 in Alexandria, Egypt, (then under British occupation, though part of the Ottoman Empire)
this quote is insightful into where he was coming from
>Hess's youth in Egypt left him with a lifelong contempt for non-white peoples together with a strong admiration for the British Empire. Hess's youth growing up under the "veiled protectorate" of Sir Evelyn Baring made him unique among the Nazi leaders in that he grew up under British rule, which he saw in very positive terms. Hess believed that the Egyptians could accomplish nothing on their own and credited all of the progress achieved in Egypt to the British "veiled protectorate". A recurring theme in Hess's later writings and speeches was that white peoples, especially those from countries in north-west Europe like Britain and Germany, were the peoples destined to rule the world and should co-operate with one another.
Pretty based take desu
bro he's handsome
maybe you’d like to fuck a gorilla?

File: ost.png (63 KB, 794x648)
63 KB
What is it about this area that makes people seethe so hard?
File: 1591112946215.jpg (3.16 MB, 2309x2192)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB JPG
their own autism.
My grandad came from a village near Posen
Imagine how powerful Germany would be today if they had that land and could use it to... grow crops and stuff.

I feel like this is the biggest "what if" of WW1. Instead of just opening up another stalemated front, Italy could have actually mattered with all of the new fronts in Africa (they would probably not be able to do much on their own, but it would be a good distraction for the Ottomans and Lettow-Vorbeck), a naval war in the Mediterranean (maybe opening up for a naval war in the North Sea aswell if the British have to send ships south) and a front along the French-Italian border (although that would probably be another stalemate). Not sure if it would have been enough to win the war, but it would have been a very different war.
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>Possibly another Gallipoli tier landing devised by Churchill that goes nowhere.

But that's wrong, it deleted lots of colonials which I guess was the Churchill' main goal to begin with.
Why do you think millions of French troops being diverted to the Franco-Italian front would change nothing?
Not to mention the millions of freed up Austrians.
These, especially the second one. There is literally no way the central powers could lose this conflict if Italy is on their side at the start. If at any point Italy joins in and attacks, France loses within a few months, even well into 1918.
France was given the task of keeping the med safe in WW1 so British ships probably wouldn't go there unless they thought France would lose that matchup.
With Italy and A-H's fleets combined, France would definitely lose that matchup. Especially if Bulgaria joined, which would be almost certain.

File: wow.png (246 KB, 513x655)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
What would have realistically happened to Hitler if he decided to walk out of the Fuhrerbunker and surrender with Nazi Germany?

Two scenarios:
>He surrenders and is captured by the Allies.
>He surrenders and is captured by the Soviets.

What do you think would have happened to him in each scenario?
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File: senor hitler.jpg (34 KB, 640x273)
34 KB
It's unlikely allies were actually involved. Most likely the ace pilot who offered to get hitler out in 1945. Officially Hitler refused but would he have? Perhaps his refusal, suicide then burning of the body was a cover-up. Also I am pretty sure the remains which were heavily cremated by a gasoline fire were tested and belonged to a woman. It's a fucky scenario with evidence for and against. Many many top ranking nazis escaped so Hitler probably could have too if he wanted to.
The problem with that theory is I can’t see him leaving his kids. But there are like three hitler bodies out there right now, so who knows
Hitler didn't have any kids, just a wife which he would easily have taken with him. He did have a couple of siblings but they were all safe from charges and already captured by the time he is Also don't forget he was a multi-millionare so he could have easily bought his way out of many things if he was in a pinch.
I can see a reason for going to Argentina since many other Nazis gathered there so he would be able to chill with his buddies in secret. Who knows what became of him.
He would have been personally raped by Stalin himself.
Cock and Ball torture by widowed soviet qts

WW1 had so much soul
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there were a substantial number of soldiers who still enjoyed the war. Most didn't, but some did.
That's WW2
what a weird fucking definition of soul, sending millions off to die for a point less war in pointless battles

File: warbond.jpg (46 KB, 484x645)
46 KB
I found this WWII war bond while cleaning out my grandmother's basement for her. this was addressed to her mother. Could this be worth anything, or is it worth less than dirt?
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Relax pal I wasn't trying to belittle you, im saying I didn't know if it was literally worth anything, i didn't look at your image or read the 2nd part of your post. No need to get defensive man lighten up, also what the fuck is Westport?
I'm not offended. just puzzled.
It's a piece of history, get it framed and don't sell it.
Different anon, I too want to know what the fuck is westport for context.
holy ravioli
you're one of the few living US Citizens with a legitimate claim to the thousands of trillions of dollars worth of processed plutonium produced towards the end that era at the tax-payers expense.

you're rich.

File: Brazialian-flag_smaller.jpg (922 KB, 3004x1996)
922 KB
922 KB JPG
Tell me a interesting historical fact about this country
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File: brz.gif (30 KB, 319x435)
30 KB
The march of the Prestes Column through the Brazilian countryside was also an inspiration of Mao's Great March

>25,000 km
I can see why
File: Guerrilha2.jpg (1006 KB, 998x1294)
1006 KB
1006 KB JPG
Here is one, in 1964 Lyndon Johnson requested Brazilian troops to be send to fight in Vietnam in exchange for a loan of 150 million dollars, the military regime refused but in 1965 Brazil sent troops to fight alongside American forces in Dominican civil war, pic is Brazilian marines in Domincan Republic.

i haven't read it
File: senta a pua.png (130 KB, 300x295)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
How about this one?
File: P47-FAB-PILOT.jpg (47 KB, 500x329)
47 KB

File: england.jpg (22 KB, 1201x721)
22 KB
what are the best and most comprehensive books on british history starting from the earliest point?
The Peter Ackroyd ones are pretty good. I've read 25% of one of them.

File: kekkaks.jpg (31 KB, 378x378)
31 KB
Let's stop calling trees trees.
Don't generalise.
They're all different.
Med time
Can /his/ be deleted already?
funnily enough actually true, a great many trees are unrelated and an example of convergent evolution of several different things evolving to be trees.
You’re still a dumb faggot though
Big brain metaphor bro, epic

"the fellow made his way through the Costco aisle brandishing a sword and thrusting it into the air, chanting, "vive la revolucion," when he made his way to dairy he seized upon a display of ostrich eggs and began to abuse them with his member by tapping (redacted) until the outer shell cracked apart and then moving onto the next.

the fellow was clad in bright blue pantaloons, a bright white short-sleeved shirt and was of a jaundiced color of complexion. to reporters, "i am homer simpson," he had claimed (sources are still investigating this claim). panicked looters began to flee the scene when it was revealed that he had carried with him in his (redacted) 12lbs of C4.

the man was later identified as a member of the treasury department."

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