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File: 5272.png (352 KB, 691x594)
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the cmnst littering this board has proven itself again and again to be the lowest kind of garbage

this waste attempts at once the derangement and debasement of the historical subject with an overthrow of reason itself for incoherence and deafening volume

it and examples around the world are the reasons it is clear that anti-communism is not only necessary but ethical
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cope tranny
File: image004.gif (311 KB, 454x652)
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File: 175px-WernerGoldberg.jpg (14 KB, 175x268)
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Well, Jews are the Chosen race, so there is no surprise they are behind every significant movement in human history.
>buzzword blablabla buzzword blablabla

*is deconstructed right before your eyes*

What went wrong with Irish capitalism? Wasn't he just able to provide the population with necessities as food?
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In the past, it existed not in Europe, but as part of Annwfyn, the realm of Fae. Only with the modern rise of atheism, it joined Europe Proper being abandoned by little folk under the pressure of banality.
File: Capture.jpg (65 KB, 662x613)
65 KB
There are two y-axes
How could one Irish life be worth 100 European ones?
File: phytspor.jpg (24 KB, 400x283)
24 KB
this caused the famine, price controls worsened it
Because it wasn't Irish capitalism, it was English capitalism, with most of Ireland just used as a glorified colony. There's a reason that Ireland's land situation still wasn't totally fixed almost a century after efforts began, and that includes after they became independent.

The first time that the English administration did anything close to genuinely trying to administer Ireland in a non-colonial or retarded way was the late 19th century after the famine highlighted how utterly retarded and broken the situation was. However this fell short, and efforts had to continue to unfuck centuries worth of autistic rule in Ireland.

File: hqdefault.jpg (23 KB, 480x360)
23 KB
*collapses within 75 years*
what went wrong? there are russians that even outlived the soviet union.
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Central planning backed by capitalist material and code breaking, yes.
The USSR collapsed because it was a despotic government that lost the war it had started against its own people. The same people wanted freedom and became anti-communists.
Which part is incorrect?
can leftypol stop with this "backwater shithole tsarist russia" meme?
It was bad. Barely Japanese level of advanced.

File: DyrQBPyX4AAQ52p.jpg (54 KB, 399x903)
54 KB
Who was the Gunt of history?

File: Mongols.jpg (43 KB, 551x309)
43 KB
"In 1206, Genghis Khan founded the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous land empire in history"

Contemporary Mongolia is largely irrelevant. What happened? (yes I can and will look it up but I want to hear your takes)
Steppe archers became a lot less OP after widespread adoption of firearms
>What happened?
Firearms and industrialization happened. Before that the thinly populated pastoralist steppe posed a real threat to civilized nations, since their way of life (basically the entire male population being trained as mobile horse archers since childhood) could offset their low overall numbers and lack of a potent economic base.
After the invention and spread of firearms this was not the case anymore.
Why didn't / couldn't the Empire adapt to the new world of Firearms and industrialization?
One possible reason is weather, winter is so uneconomical. Average temperature of Mongolia throughout the year is -7°C or something.

What were his political beliefs?
File: slide_13.jpg (108 KB, 960x720)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Multicultural liberalism.
Conquest by right of might.
trans rights
Third positionist eco-anarcho-strasserism with Mongolian characteristics

Anyone have a good like 300-400 page book on full USA history thats not political bullshit and objective
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the 1619 project is good
there's no objective books on history because real history is hidden and obfuscated
you can get glimpses of the truth by reading and researching primary sources
You were already off to a great start until
>muh REEL history is hidden, obfuscated!
Newsflash: primary sources aren't objective too.

All history isn't. In the end what history does is the pursuit of truth via truthful (i.e. not making shit up) means, not the actual acquisition of truth because really that's fucking impossible.
>Tf2 Alpha gfs are coming
Soon brothers. Time is on our side.
>tell me the history of this political entity, BUT NO POLITICAL SHIT!!!

File: aa6.jpg (53 KB, 496x294)
53 KB
Which one is the remake?
They are the same person.
is most likely that jesus figure was inspired by Julius Caesar

File: G*rman genocide.png (66 KB, 804x231)
66 KB
Based or Cringe?
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Based. Fuck the krauts
The south should be burned completely
I'll just add that to my list of national socialist reasons why the Confederacy sucked.
>34 deaths
>kill your own civilians
>lose the war and continue to be the biggest butthurt losers the world has ever seen
so... this.... is....the power...... of ......southern ...... pride..... huh?

File: tricky dick.jpg (34 KB, 640x352)
34 KB
If Black Dynamite hadn't fought nixon to an inevtiable surrender would he still have resigned?
File: comedian.png (502 KB, 714x450)
502 KB
502 KB PNG
Obviously not since he stayed president long enough to make the anti-hero laws disbanding the watchmen and talk superman into forcing batman and green arrow into retirement as well
File: giphy (1).gif (847 KB, 500x281)
847 KB
847 KB GIF
I guess he should have finished whoopin' that insecure cracka's ass
Yes, he could have saved us so much headache. Didn't Nixon make the sentinels that hunted down the x-men also? BD was the hero needed, but like Hitler he was too much sun and not enough lightning.

Why does this book lie so much?
So many claims inside it have been proven wrong with archaeological and geological evidence.
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>>19th and early 20th century
This is the problem with evangelical Amerimutts - cults made up a hundred years ago with no historical background in theology and philosophy of the actual Church.
"Bible" is a missal lectionary, compiled by the Catholic councils as a help during the liturgy, meaning three things:
1. It's a creation of the Church.
2. It exists within the context of the Church.
3. Its interpretation lies within the means of the Church.
These are objectively existing facts. You can believe the Church was illuminated by the Holy Spirit to conceive such scriptures or reject this belief but you cannot contradict the facts.
Catholics also did this dont lie
St. Augustine and theologians of nature were clear on the matter: Bible story mirrors what the scientists of the era knew about the beginnings of the universe, therefore - it's a story of creation of substances, with hypostases following accordingly.
Not on the level Prods, the even made up a new location where Christ was buried.

Why the fuck the Romans and Persians butchered each others only for a bunch of sand dunes ?
Only to be raped by arabs at the end btw (if you count byzzies as romans)
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Read a book nigger.
Greatest powers in the world back then, someone had to take control. Arabs were irrelevant yet.
Levant and Mesopotamia weren't sand dunes, at least not yet
It was mainly autistic Persians who wanted to restore the Achaemenid empire attacking the Romans. Arabs were divided in dozens of tribes and only united under Islam.
>only for a bunch of sand dunes
You stupid idiot, the sand dunes were merely the natural border between the Levant (Persia's objective) and Mesopotamia (Rome's objective), two extremely rich regions that could connect either empire to a new sea too, making them ridiculously juicy targets.

Is fascism poor man's monarchism?
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The on the far right is mogging the other two
Facism is when you want be at the head of an autocratic government but are too much of a pussy to declare a monarchy, so you feign legitimacy by inventing ministerial positions and fill them with cronies while outlawing all political parties except your own.
during industrial revolution population grew and needed more room. Britain, Spain, France, Portugal had colonies. Germany, Italy did not, not having access to the ocean, so they had to expand to neighbors, treating slavs as brits treated native population in colonies. survival, nothing personal.
Other way around
Monarchies had god-given legitimacy, fascists held themselves as the representatives of popular sovreignty, which is a really shaky ground.

File: armored war elephant.jpg (99 KB, 900x609)
99 KB
*charges through your ranks*
heh, nothing personnel kiddo
*gets scared and charges through your own ranks*
heh, nothinn personnell kid
File: 34908390830839.jpg (172 KB, 900x675)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
*spooks your path*

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