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File: CTIhrkPW4AAHhq4.jpg (77 KB, 550x785)
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Does anyone unironically like him?
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why did he do it bros
What's not to like? He's a pretty fascinating historical figure.
Stalin had better hair and 'stache, tho.
So is Hitler, but plenty of people don't like him.

File deleted.
Historywise, Asia was the name of the territory from Anatolia to the Hindu river. It is believed that the word Asia is an old Semitic word.

When was the Far East added to Asia?

Why did the US government in the mid 20th century take the name of that territory and use it as a racial category for Far Easterners? Did China and Japan bribe US politicians for that to happen?
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Uh Arabia is literally on this map
File: asia.png (204 KB, 1024x619)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
Is this a trick question? Anyway, point being medieval Europeans had little dealings with East Asians, so the average "Asian" to a European back then was a Turk, Arab, or if you were getting really exotic, a Persian or even Indian.

It wasn't that Chinese Siamese and Japanese, Mongols etc. weren't also Asian, but just they were very far away, and so less often encountered as people, or places.

East Asia was historically often referred to as the Far East, or "Extrême-Orient." This was a reflection of the traditional view of geography, in which there was Africa to the south and Asia to the East, and when we discovered there was more land in the East than we thought, we had to gradually adapt to the idea.
Where do you see Turkey? That is a map according to the writings by Herodotus. Do you know when he was born? Do you know which foreigners he obsessed the most over? Clearly not if we are to use your posts for indication. Anatolia aka Asia Minor became known as Turkey to some geographers in the 15th century.
You're the person bringing this map. Rather than asking me 20 Questions about Herodotus, why not try bringing ideas of views of your own.

My main point is merely that the peoples of the Far East were simply "added" to Asia as Europeans discovered more about the Asian continent and how far it went.

WRT OP's point, no there was no Chinese or Japanese bribery, just a greater proximity to the United States compared to Western and Southern Asian nations.
Answer the question. Where do you see Turkey?

I know you're a Turk fellating your own ego. Typical pan-Turkshit behavior.

So what the fuck happens in German history before the 19th century? Is it just petty German emperors humiliating themselves as the laughingstocks of the world?
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Hey go back to Gobekli Tepe with your Bait kraut. You're fooling nobody.
Just another german-hatred thread. We get those every day, mostly made by Polacks.
Don't need to be a pole to hate krauts.
Why are Germans such rulefags? Is it prussian autism?
>stole theme from an austrian

File: i-robot-2.jpg (118 KB, 1920x1080)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
What will happen when automation will go in full effect? When the people will no longer be able to work as they're replaced by machines, what will they do?

Sure, some jobs will always need to be done by flesh and bone but if we were to assume a very large part of the population previously occupied in farming and industry were to be left unemployed it'd be certain reason for social unrest.
Furthermore, automation would leave more power to the elites wouldn't it? The elites used to need peasants to do their dirty work, but with automation peasants would be made obsolete, and therefore disposable. At that point peasants would simply be more trouble than they're worth, it's scary to think what the sociopaths in charge would do then. Perhaps we'd witness the rise of neo-luddite movements in this hypothetical future.
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Neo-abolitionist movement that abolished wage slavery.
>people were begging to get back to work
>companies are begging workers to come back and get off government aid
Lol you are wrong. Hella people are content with just doing fuckall every day
Government will have full authority over AI by the time anything is full automated. You will only receive the benefit of the automation of you have a good credit rating with the government.
>What will happen when automation will go in full effect?
People will stop have jobs, life will lose meaning and modern schooling has to be revamped from job oriented to fulfilling personal needs.
>When the people will no longer be able to work as they're replaced by machines, what will they do?
Cash checks, art and who knows what.
>Furthermore, automation would leave more power to the elites wouldn't it?
Of course.
>The elites used to need peasants to do their dirty work, but with automation peasants would be made obsolete, and therefore disposable. At that point peasants would simply be more trouble than they're worth
It's extremely easy to topple a complex societies so peasants need to be fed and kept happy. Moreover corporations don't have literal power over people, yet.

Unlike in a plantation it's impossible to isolate supply chains from unrest
Are there even enough resources to support a full automatisation of a country? Sure, I could maybe see some parts of Tokyo or Beijing like that but I cant image a full country running like that.

File: download (11).jfif.jpg (119 KB, 640x432)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Tell me more about this war /his/?
I met some spics that said there were arms smuggled from Ireland and some foreign volunteers even a future SS commander was there but not a lot of info in English
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The Catholic Church had no hard power over the government of Mexico. Calles was a Masonic faggot who cozied up to Marxists. Not my fault that Mexicans are zealous superstitious niggers but it's better than being a proto-communist shithole.
it was more about land ownership than religion
That was the 1910s.
speaking of while I'm going through this why was Calles so autistic about his hatred for Catholics?
just when it was easing down he seemed to sperg out and tried to repress the Church more when it clearly wasn't working before
Desu, is there anything on the Government's actions post-war?
it seems so surreal to me that this war is just completely forgotten for the most part, fucking thing got memory-holed for the most part

File: Omagua natives.jpg (10 KB, 259x195)
10 KB
were not so primitive after all...

File: 1622147394467.jpg (654 KB, 1229x2048)
654 KB
654 KB JPG
Communism is impossible to achieve, because revolution requires a vanguard party, but a vanguard party will inevitably become despotic and seize the means of production.
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Democracy is impossible because liberal revolutions will inevitably turn into military dictatorships
>there are no serfs in today's society
Lmao, tell that to the Chinese or to the Indonesians making all of your products
1.Revolution does not require a vanguard party
2.Peaceful reform is an on option on the table as well
Planned economy is better in this regard actually
Capitalist democracy tells naive young people to be free and follow their dreams only for it to blow up in their faces when they end up in debt with useless degrees.
Ever heard of Anarcho-communism?

It’s impossible for the universe to exist without a higher power of some kind. It’s simple cause and effect. If there is no god, then the universe was at some point it a state of complete nothingness. If that’s how it was before, then that’s how it would be now because there is nothing to cause the universe to start existing.
>but who created god?
An omnipotent god wouldn’t need to follow this rule. Following it would mean that the god is limited in some way and therefore not omnipotent. An all-powerful force that transcends logic is the only thing that can break the never ending chain of causes and effects and act as the first cause.
>but muh quantum fluctuations
Quantum fluctuations have a cause. Also, a vacuum isn’t nothing. It exists inside the universe with all the laws of physics applying and it also has energy in it which means that it isn’t “nothing” in the same sense as the “nothing” which was there before everything existed.
>[insert Christianity-related strawman]
I’m not arguing for the Christian God specifically, just a god in general. This has nothing to do with specific religions.
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Plz anon we endured and will keep enduring not only illogical but logical distancing from nature, the fact that you feel the need to vindicate human technology as "produced by our nature made intellect" is just blatant cope over the lack of world explanations based on just human nature.
If you are ignorant of the various "proofs for the existence of God" that I linked in a post a few up from here, you have no one but yourself to blame. I'm not here to spoonfeed you when you can't come to the argument with basic knowledge that I even linked for you in a link that literally contains "five-proofs-for-the-existence-of-god" from Aquinas, along with another link with a few more of the "proofs". If you were a student of philosophy and religion you'd be aware of these arguments, but clearly you revel in your own ignorance.

My point was these arguments are widely available, but they convince no one. At best, they are a crutch for people who are struggling but want to believe, but they definitely will not turn an ardent atheist into a believer, or else missionaries would lead with these arguments and not the stuff they actually use.
No one writes arguments with such density of fallacies, leaps in logic and question begging without being intellectually dishonest. I doubt anyone who uses these "proofs" even believe in them at all, they seem to be purely regarded as debate smoke bombs both by the people who write them and the people who use them.
They also happen to be most boring shit to argue about, I very much prefer dissecting the Bible itself because there's always something to be learned there, but I've found people to very insecure about letting this happen.
>Following it would mean that the god is limited in some way and therefore not omnipotent
>>>>>transcends logic
can that omnipotent being make a boulder that not even it can ever lift?
Your proofs a nothing but special pleading fallacies. If you unironically believe any of those would convince anyone in this threads only leads me to believe that you are either underage, retarded or both.

How will historians view the internet in the future?
How much of it will survive after 100 years? 500 years?
Will Sneed be viewed as a religious figure in the future?
Humanity won't survive another 250 years.

Well, the Chinese, based on Manchu clothing, created quite modern and at the same time national qipao and tangzhuang at the beginning of the 20th century.

Have the Japanese and other Asians done something similar with their traditional costumes, modernizing them? If not, why not?
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Anon, please. It's obviously from northern Champa... very northern.
how else did france influence Vietnam?
They seem to survive where it's an environmental necessity. Like in the middle east a pair of jeans and a t shirt is simply not an option all the time.
Cuisine. Writing. Coffee.
Too many to count, but it's really not the purpose of this thread.
If you want to look it up, Keith Taylor (A History of the Vietnamese) or Christopher Goscha (Vietnam, A New History), avoid Kiernan, he's a hack who needed to publish 'something/anything' to keep his job. Any overview book will necessarily get to the French in later chapters.
They actually influenced Vietnamese twice. First just before the French Revolution (bandits claim the Mandate of Heaven and successfully roll over the kingdoms, a French priest saves Nguyen prince's ass and hauls him back to France; gets army, troops and training to take back his kingdom in return for Saigon and trading rights... he succeeds but the French royalty ends on the guillotine and the Nguyen, horrified at a repeat of what just happened to them, cut off contact). The other one is obvious, that is the colonial period when they march in hoping to get any holdings in East Asia and find themselves in the driving seat.

should murder in the name of honor be legal?
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No, then you can just make shit up like "This random dude I dislike insulted my honor, so I murdered him"
bring back duels. Problem solved
It already is if you're black
It seems like a reasonable solution, which is why every society had some form of it. One problem though is that young men die in droves due to dueling culture. Lotta grieving mothers when duels to the death are around. It would be nice if you could get a sanctioned fight though.
guns ruined everything, you use to have to back up insults with steel, you needed strength and skill, if you had these you didn't need to fear most rabble
now any random nigger can just shoot you in the back

Should Catholics use the Cisterian numeral system instead of the P*gan Hindu-Arabic one?
1881 is a funny number lolol
What's over 9000?

File: good-omens-tv-show-3.jpg (458 KB, 1000x563)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
The Bible doesn't give us a reason to hate Satan, it just says that he is bad. Meanwhile God is shown to be an authoritarian dictator who gives extremely cruel punishments, so why wouldn't Satan start a rebellion against God? After Satan's failed rebellion, he encourages humans to think for themselves
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So nearly 100% made up
follow whatever you want
are you going to follow the loser? lmao
> Yeah, but you see, he's not a god of darkness so it doesn't count
> Zoroastrianism is polytheist!!!
> So.. anyway, the trinity...
>it just says that he is bad
There was not enough runtime to give Lucifer proper character development, its understandable why it sounded so rushed. The reboot will fix that.

Why do they accept excommunications that where invalid seeing that the pope was senile when they were issued and dead upon delivery?
Why do they not accept the Council of Florence despite it having everything required of an ecumenical council?
File: US_Christian_Tiers.png (1.41 MB, 2304x6218)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
Updated version
Why do protestants suck ass at logo design? They look so insipid, sterile, decadent and modernist. Say what you will about Catholic/Orthodox Churches, they have true appreciation of aesthetics and beauty and it shows.

Why didn't the early Islamic scholars and theologians not compile the Quran (the final and the most explicit revelation) alongside the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament (like the Christians did with the Hebrew Bible)? It wouldn't make any sense by itself. These modern scholars calling the Quran 'the Final Testament' has the right idea in mind.
wasnt the book of mormont the final testament?
Because there's no reason to believe in Muhammad if the Bible is complete and perfect.

Muhammad pulled out of his that the Bible was corrupted so Qur'an would make sense.

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