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So how do all you apostates feel about Christ's true church?
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I long for the chadder days.
The ladder day saints are better. But I have a question, do you people harass apostates or people who lead them in and then dip?
File: 1664041138388286.png (18 KB, 420x420)
18 KB
>Christ's true Church
I love the Catholic Church, thanks for asking.

ignoring all the post third temple diaspora shit, were they a prime example of people who "fucked around and found out"?
>act rebellious against the assyrians
>get stomped
>act spiteful against the babylonians
>get stomped
>act spiteful against the romans
>get stomped

File: Rod-Dreher_WEB.jpg (818 KB, 700x933)
818 KB
818 KB JPG
>fears persecution of Christians in the future by authoritarian government
>Joins a religion that has a history of working with authoritarian government and throwing other Christians under the bus
What on Earth would possess an American to become Orthodox, especially Russian Orthodox? If you are concerned about being persecuted, to the point where you write a book called the Benedict Option about disassociating from society, why would you join a religion that has historically worked closely with the state?

>& humanities
Are age of consent laws a crime against humanity? Are they the result of a global conspiracy of sex negative fascists looking to profit off the suffering and scapegoating of minor attracted people?
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>I think the energy has moved across the Atlantic to America where you can’t do the same type of maneuver to ban political opposition.
didn't they ban the CPUSA in the 1950s?
Massively Annoying Paedophile
According to Allah, one can fuck prepubescent wives.
No, it’s still around.

File: monky-hitler.png (306 KB, 385x579)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
historically speaking, has there been some significance between control of E. Europe and domination of the banana trade?

I’ve always wondered but did the Arian Goths have saints like Catholics? It’s just I’ve never heard anything of Goths and vandals venerating saints.
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It did
This is dumb mental gymnastics. They were converted by what was then the official sect of the Roman Empire, we have knowledge of what Ulfilas and Constantius II believed in. All scholars on the subject point towards the fact that Arian Christianity was extremely similar to Nicene Christianity and shared almost all of the same practices, with different words inserted in the prayers.
Those are just martyrs but there’s no evidence they were venerated as saints by the Arian Christian Goths.
>They were converted by what was then the official sect of the Roman Empire
They were converted before Milvian Bridge
>The idea that the Goths would've somehow bypassed the Roman cult of saints

Goths were converted by Arian Romans who I’m not sure had a cult of saints either.
No they weren’t dipshit.

File: 1664456811784030.png (17 KB, 500x500)
17 KB
As a continental Germanic I am so fucking sick of I1. Is there a more cucked subhuman race imaginable? They aren't even Indo-Europeans but they keep LARPing as them. Why weren't they genocided?
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Germany is the Home of the Master Race which is Why I kneel.
Finally, after many years of subservience, I have secured myself a piece of territory for me and my fellow haplotype-sharing subjects. Even though this feat was only possible after my superior subjugators died, I consider my achievment a super human feat. I am a God. I will finally world relevance by becoming the most loyal servant of the pope and give him all my money.

t. Otto the >great
The Final Solution to the Jewish Question

File: 0000022813_1_web.jpg (146 KB, 800x591)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>he fell for the "Soviet Deep Battle" meme
Imagine thinking the Germans were lying about human wave attacks. I never doubted you Herr von Manstein...
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>tard doesn’t know about the evacuations
>all the military aged males in those SSRs suddenly disappeared and didn’t become partisans/ hadn’t already been conscripted
>implying that without those two SSRs the USSR didn’t still have almost double the population of nazi Germany
Practice critical thinking and math little guy
Who’s we dumb fuck? That’s literally what Germany did lol.
>wait for the gas
It’ll never come, Germany’s leaders sold out decades ago
Communism lost but nazism lost harder decades prior
Germany went from racial purity being a goal to importing millions upon millions of slavs and Turks
It’s over
I like this board because its 80 IQ thinking applied to random topics you'd never expect people that stupid to be thinking about.

The Soviets did not have a military doctrine or strategy because I found this likely photo of a few dozen Soviet Soldiers and a tank.
>Soviets use completely unsupported human wave tactics. AND with only every second soviet soldier actually having a rifle, the others are instructed to pick up weapons from the dead.
>Germany still loses
What is the actual arguement behind denying deep battle and how are "human waves" differentiated from what any army would have to do to achieve a breakthrough.

It seems like it would have to be a denial of the most basic historically objective facts of how battles went on the eastern front. So a blind, flat earth tier denial of things like: the Soviets used deception tactics and concentrated large amounts of force on certain sections of the front to try and achieve a breakthrough, thinning their forces elsewhere, Soviet infantry worked in concert with tanks, artillery(like they weren't especially known for this) and air power to achieve breakthroughs and objectives, Soviets would try and attack on multiple points of the front at once to stretch the Axis thin, confuse its coordination, and achieve a breakthrough somewhere is not elsewhere, but that these attack locations were highly discriminate and likely breakthrough point-they weren't just attacking on the whole front-and that when breakthrough was achieved the Soviets didn't spread out, get as deep as they could and consciously cause as much disruption as possible, seizing valuable objectives and inflecting damage where it could be favorably and effectively inflicted

>R1a is complete cancer R1b runs all the way from Siberia just to avoid them
As an R1a I fully understand
I hate my Haplogroup
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God I wish I was R1a
You will never be I1
I wish those threads were banned.
Apparently, my maternal haplogroup is H1c, and my paternal is I-P109. What are the stereotypes about these haplogroups? I don't know anything about this stuff.

23&Me says I'm mostly German, Swiss, English, Irish, with some Spanish.
Then report them

File: Algiers.original.35954.jpg (1.88 MB, 1920x1280)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
How many Europeans stayed behind in Algeria after the end of the war and the beginning of Algerian independence? What were their lives like?
When Algeria became independent, a wave of massacres targetting Europeans occured
As a result, almost all of them left
Would anyone even see a difference? french people already look mostly like arabs anyway, same for italians and spaniards
they all left
pied noirs is their name

Is this accurate?
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Here’s a clearer version of the map
It's honestly a terrible map. Most of the stuff here is wrong.
Benis :D
File: laugh.jpg (34 KB, 515x500)
34 KB
>not a state by 2000 bc
how do they figure?

>all of southern China is Longshan

>uninhabited Chukotka
>Aleuts have split from Eskimos
>speaking of Eskimos, they don't exist

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1664310055651634.png (15 KB, 598x800)
15 KB
preferably like an interesting person or specific event
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dysentery ^q^
what's the consensus on Davy Crockett?
>fought in senate for natives
>killed a dozen men with bare hands at the Alamo
why do people think he isn't a Chad?
Benjamin Franklin
>Drops out of school but still becomes a globally acclaimed intellectual
>High test, knew that ass was always superior to tits
>Recognized rightfully that anglos were the only true white people to ever exist
>Was still slaying hot young pussy as an old man
>Disowned his bitch son for betraying his American heritage
>Invented the lightning rod cock
>On the $100 bill even though he never held office
Era of Good Feelings. The 28 years were the US was a one party state
People get him confused with Daniel Boone

Invasion of steppoid ENA-derived mutts made many Europeans ugly.
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based liechtenstein dicks out (literally) for portugal
i did realize three hours later that that is actually luxembourg
This is WHG faggot
Iberia > Italy.
File: 1616717366039.jpg (99 KB, 968x968)
99 KB
Italian girls disagree

File: 440px-野見宿禰.jpg (44 KB, 440x488)
44 KB
where is the tomb of nomi no sukune?

File: krauts in our time.jpg (6 KB, 300x168)
6 KB
wow crazy take
It was not a decision about his own personal safety, but about the well being of the people he had been chosen to be responsible for. I wouldn't necessarily call unwillingness to sent others to their deaths an act of cowardice, nor would I necessarily call willingness to do so brave.

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