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File: 10-webAAA.jpg (119 KB, 600x399)
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What made Francia the punching bag of Europe for millenia?
>inb4 Muh Char--no
File: DhNvynKXkAAtClK.jpg (76 KB, 640x640)
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You lost. Get over it.

File: luxembourg-map.jpg (576 KB, 1000x960)
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>I used to rule an empire, you know
File: C2PjvEDUQAAjoPv.jpg (267 KB, 1200x1015)
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267 KB JPG
they just happened to own Bohemia
File: luxterr14.gif (32 KB, 740x526)
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oh, and a bit more apparently
what made them fall in the end? Habsburgs? Ottomans?

From vikings and Marco Polo to portuguese and pioneers, those explorers would travel to unknown land and meet unknown cultures and people and some how manage to communicate and trade, and establish trading routes.
How did they approach and break the cultural and language barrier in those first encounters?
The carthaginians were reported to leave the goods out and let the natives put out gold then once each side decided it was fair they would grab their goods. In some cases like greek and roman trade to india, you could find a line of translators (like an arab that knew the language in india then find a greek that could speak to arabs).

Is the old saying "growers not showers" as it pertains to flaccid penis size vs erect penis size accurate or is it just a meme people say as a joke or sarcasm?
Are alot of Asians, for example really just growers not showers?
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I know this isn't 100% /his/ related but I'm not sure where else to put it.
Mainly because it may be a sort of an idiom or old wives tale so to speak...
I guess I should also post on /sci/?
>Asian penis size thread
Hold on, fuck, I'll get the popcorn.
It's true. 17 cm erect, half of it when flaccid.
It's not, strictly asians. I mean anyone, regardless of race, who claims that saying of being "a grower, not a shower" I have heard people reference it a lot for Asians in particular but that claim is not only made in that context.
That's normal though. The penis is supposed to double in size when erect, no? I'm asking os it possible to triple in size for some people?

Why is Romania so much more populated than other Balkan countries, especially its former allies against the Ottoman Empire?

It has like 20 million inhabitants. Bulgaria has 7 million, Hungary 10 million, Serbia 7 million, Greece 10 million. Is there a historical reason for this?
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>Look up population numbers for the Balkans before and after Ottoman occupation, shit's fucking insane.
You do know that's because a large turkish/muslim population lived there during Ottoman occupation? I don't think I have to tell you what happened after.
Only a gypsy subhuman would brag about partitioning a superior country with the help of foreign powers because he's too weak to do it on his own.
File: 1579862397972.png (97 KB, 431x732)
97 KB
Looks like we did just fine, gyppo. You had the help of Austria and Germany (who called you useless btw) how did you still lose, gyp? Cope more
File: 1579876278874.jpg (12 KB, 258x245)
12 KB
>superior country

Yea you demonstrated your superiority at getting BTFO 3 times in a row. And btw you're the one that partitioned Romania with the help of the Germs, making you the subhuman gypsy you're talking about.
We recovered Székelyföld which was rightful Hungarian clay subhuman

File: image.jpg (514 KB, 1600x1200)
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514 KB JPG
I'm going to post this every day until you forget it
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>I'm going to post this every day until you forget it

"Reddit Onions, Reddit Onions, Reddit onions!"
>"Reddit Onions, Reddit Onions, Reddit onions!"
Play this backwards and you’ll forget

Muhammad is indeed the final messenger but prophet eli travelled back in time and was born before muhammad.

And then I pooped by pants?

Didn't the Sanhedrin and the people of Jerusalem free murderer Barabbas instead of Jesus? Shouldn't of Barabbas been crucified with the two thieves instead?

File: map_10-05-small.png (212 KB, 935x637)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
Did the Brazilian government ever plan to expand into the Pacific coast like the US?
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>down the amazon river

wrong way fuck head
Imagine going upriver through hundreds of miles of dense jungle filled with predators only to get to a massive desert.
>Great Plains
Retarded BR
>this is what americans really believe
File: 1579895835447.jpg (187 KB, 1125x1239)
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187 KB JPG

File: 1516901771018.jpg (107 KB, 630x830)
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107 KB JPG
Any anon has that video of Hadrian crushing the jewish rebelion?

Also general /his/ humour thread.

Lets share some of our good history related desktop/mobile wallpapers :)
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The Austrian national library in Vienna, which holds original papers by Freud as well as original sheet music by German composers like Mozart.

And probably every book in it is a history book.
Looks awesome. Is this a Yayoi building?
Looks like the PNW

Here's another one. I'm trying to mine these wallpapers, lads.

I was watching Japanese travel channels on youtube. Those old timey farm houses are insanely comfy. Feels so peaceful.
Is there a larger version of this?
Sorry I couldn't find one

File: 1578015420017.jpg (50 KB, 332x604)
50 KB
I'm not a haploautist. So can somebody explain why nords have blonde hair and blue eyes but not meds. Was it the climate or are they just semitic rapebabies?
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Obey I1
>They mixed and created one group.
Well yeah, but that would have been LONG before the IE expansion.

>Let's remember, in nearly every case people with light features live among a population, they are almost never a majority and never are homogenous as a group. They always share land and space with darker featured people.
I only have a modern perspective on that. You can't just assume that's always been true throughout history.
>I only have a modern perspective on that. You can't just assume that's always been true throughout history.
It can be tested my friend. Groups have been migrating and mixing for thousands and thousands of years, and light genes are recessive, and relatively recent in their origin. Until one point everyone was dark.
And yet you have groups of light haired people miraculously showing up all over the place in Central Asia.
Yes, because the steppe groups that migrated everywhere were mixed with light featured people from northwestern Russia and eastern Europe.

>From a burial site in Cameroon, archaeologists recovered human genetic material dating as far back as 8,000 years.

>The Shum Laka rock shelter in Cameroon, where the remains of two 8,000-year-old boys were discovered in 1994. Scientists recently recovered ancient DNA from the two individuals and from another pair of children buried 5,000 years later.Credit...

>In October 2015, scientists reconstructed the genome of a 4,500-year-old man who lived in Ethiopia. It was the first time that anyone had created a complete genetic snapshot of an African from an ancient skeleton.

>Since then, other researchers have recovered DNA from skeletons unearthed in other regions of the continent. Now researchers have found the first genetic material from West Africa. On Wednesday a team reported that they had recovered DNA from four individuals in Cameroon, dating back as far as 8,000 years.

>These ancient genomes contain vital clues to the history of the continent that have largely disappeared in the past few thousand years. Taken together, they are giving scientists a new vision of our species since it arose in Africa.

>In the new study, published in Nature, the researchers reported that modern humans diverged into four major populations between 200,000 and 250,000 years ago. One of those populations is new to scientists; few traces of it remain in the DNA of living Africans.

>The vanished population may have consisted of bands of hunter-gatherers who lived south of the Sahara from Mali to Sudan until just a few thousand years ago.

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>Mary Prendergast, an archaeologist at Saint Louis University in Madrid, considered the skeletons found at Shum Laka, a rock shelter in Cameroon, among the top candidates to test for DNA. “People working all over the continent are aware of this site,” she said.

>Archaeologists have dug into the floor of Shum Laka since the 1980s, and have found layers of human remains as old as 30,000 years. The surrounding region has long been viewed as the origin of one of the most important expansions in African history. About 4,000 years ago, the Bantu people started farming oil palm and grains. They later expanded for thousands of miles to the east and south, across a vast swath of Africa.

>Dr. Prendergast wondered if DNA from Shum Laka would show a kinship with living Bantu people. But finding that genetic material would be a long shot, she knew: Shum Laka is close to the Equator and has a heavy rainy season each year.

>“My hopes were not high at all,” she said. “I went into this project thinking, ‘Will this work?’”

>In the end, it did. The researchers recovered abundant DNA from four individuals, two of whom were buried in the rock shelter 8,000 years ago, and another pair 3,000 years ago.

>One of the 8,000-year-old skeletons was especially rich with human DNA. “It’s of a quality of a modern medical genome,” said David Reich, a Harvard Medical School geneticist and a co-author with Dr. Prendergast.
>To Dr. Prendergast’s surprise, none of the people at Shum Laka were closely related to Bantu speakers at all. In fact, they had a strong kinship to the Aka, a group of hunter-gatherers with a pygmy body type who live today in rain forests 1,000 miles to the east.

>To make sense of this paradox, the researchers carried out a large-scale comparison of all the ancient African DNA gathered so far, along with living people from across Africa and beyond. The team found a scenario that best explains how different groups of Africans ended up with their particular combinations of DNA.

>Dr. Reich and his colleagues can trace the major lineages of people back to common ancestors who lived in Africa between 200,000 and 250,000 years ago.

>“It seems we have four lineages splitting at the same time,” said Mark Lipson, a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard and an author of the new study.
>4 lineages
I doubt it. It will turn out that Bantu are just a mixture of ancient Pygmies and more developed (Eurasian? North African?) groups (which introduced haplogroup E to Central Africa).
E originates from Sub-Saharan Africa.
I doubt it. And even if it's from SSA then it's probably from the East rather than West. But I wouldn't be surprised if for example Dzudzuana was actually E. Or if E entered SSA during the Green Sahara period and not earlier.
I think Lazaridis proposed that Yoruba have Iberomaurusian or maybe Ancient North African ancestry.

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