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File: fdr.jpg (1.8 MB, 2754x3969)
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1.8 MB JPG
He doesn't run for a third term in 1940. What changes?
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Did I strike a nerve limp wrist faggot?
>t. Gook Lovers
FDR didn’t have anything to do with the Korean War
File: wilkie.png (239 KB, 516x265)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
Wendell WiIlkie is President, he was basically FDR lite, so the lend lease would continue, and probably joins the war too if he embargoes Japan. Willkie even had talks with FDR to create a new party combining the liberal factions of the Democrats and Republicans in 1944 too, maybe it could have happened. Willkie though, would die in office due to his poor health choices such as chain smoking, and would be a victim of the Curse Of Tippecanoe. Because the VP choice Willkie had, Charles McNary, died earlier in the year too, the new President would be the Secretary Of State. Who would be the Secretary Of State had Willkie won? Thomas Dewey, Robert A. Taft, and Arthur Vandenberg would be the most likely.
>president van-anything
>during world war 2
oh no no no no no

When are you getting your map painting degree?
lmao if this is all it took i would have a phd by now

File: Lorenzo_Lotto_066.jpg (2.65 MB, 2469x3489)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB JPG
Compare and contrast Lorenzo Lotto's Annunciation
With Fra Angelico's


Is there a book detailing the conflicts the Papacy had with secular powers?

File: 1613177154445.gif (3.97 MB, 500x431)
3.97 MB
3.97 MB GIF
Ok guys, looks like the last thread on Locke was deleted before I could get a response to a question I made, so I'll repeat it here.

If I'm not wrong, Locke insisted that his "state of nature" really has existed, where people live/lived with each other in a state of reason, freedom, and equality without the mediation of political government, only subject to the laws of God and nature, not men. But if the "state of nature" is not:
1) Merely a thought experiment or abstract ideal according to Locke
2) Suppose to be a general historical anthropological assessment, as John Dunn argues, and I argue that if it is, it doesn't hold up to reality

Is it just only one specific relational state out of all that which exist in an environment without political mediation? If so, why is it called a state of "nature"? If it's not a general state, what exactly does the general population give up when entering a social contract?
I wouldn't take anything Locke said seriously.
That's where you fucked up.
So would it be correct to characterize Locke as a misguided idealist? Not even looking at it from a Hobbesian point of view.
>not taking one of the most important early modern philosophers seriously
Then how would you respond to OP?
>misguided idealist
I think that's being kind.
What if he's just not good at philosophy?

File: Éamon_de_Valera.jpg (1.07 MB, 1100x1328)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Was he Ireland's Franco?
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Sort of. That is to say, if it wasn't him it'd have been something else. The second the Anti-Treaty IRA rejected the will of the Dáil Éireann, the die were very much cast; either they go back on themselves, or its civil war. In regards to Wilson, the British government stated that it indicated that the IRA were prepping for a continuation of hostilities.

Collins received a message immediately afterwards from Lloyd George, which included the following;
>The ambiguous position of the IRA can no longer be ignored
>HMG cannot consent to a continuance of this state of things, and they feel entitled to ask you formally to bring an end to it forthwith.
>HMG are prepared to place at your disposal the necessary pieces of artillery which may be required, or otherwise to assist you as may be arranged

In short, the message said;
>Sort this shit out or the deal is off entirely. >Text us if you need guns
Collins pushed his luck a bit and waited a week, which he spent trying to convince the Anti-Treaty IRA to remove themselves from their positions. However he was then given an ultimatum-either he does it there and then, or the British plan goes ahead.

If it hadn't have been Wilson, it'd have been something else.
Did he not frame one of the constitutions and remove the last vestiges of British sinecure involvement in Irish politics during the constitutional crisis of Edward VIII abdication?
He helped spearhead those reforms, yes. But I don't think that makes him any more of a founding father than the likes of Costello.
More like irrelevant lmao there are African countries with more relevant and important histories
Yet they punked out the British Empire while being right next to them. Say what you want but we don't answer to you anymore and there is nothing you can do about that.

File: sanna_marin.jpg (110 KB, 1024x1258)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Who was the best woman leader in history?
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this anon's mom
cunts like this really show the effeminacy of the modern west
Elisabeth I of Spain and that badass Ukrainian princess; Olga I think it was her name.
Theodora was one of the most powerful, as was Indira Gandhi (muh nukes)
Mommy Wu Zeitan

File: 1568975983418.jpg (255 KB, 1600x961)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
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>hurr you're not a real man
Typical pathetic female cope you can find in ten millions fidderent versions.
>if think about things mommy hates you
So this is the power of psychology....damn
Jung and his consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
So cut ties and get therapy. Separating entirely from mommy dearest is the last step on the road to manhood
>Separating entirely from mommy dearest is the last step on the road to manhood
It’s more about family I still like most of them and I just can’t cut off my mom entirely
>So cut ties and get therapy
Too proud/ashamed to get therapy so working through it by myself>>10527511

File: 593452874965.jpg (96 KB, 1024x637)
96 KB
What were japanese-korean relations in the Edo-Period like? Were koreans still angry because of the invasion?
1607, 10 years after the Imjin War has ended, Tokugawa Ieyasu tried hard to restore diplomatic relationship with Joseon dynasty while arguing that he's not related with Toyotomi Hideyoshi who has brought the Imjin war.
After several tries, Joseon accepted the suggestion because Joseon also had to beware the rising force in Manchuria at the time. (later, this clan becomes Qing Dynasty)
Since then, Joseon has resumed the sending of diplomatic delegation to Japan called Joseon Tongsinsa, but the diplomatic exchange has done only unilaterally, Japan couldn't visit the capital of Joseon.

Read to stand with the nations of the world: Japan's Meiji Restoration in World History by Mark Ravina. Specifically, his chapter 'An Almost perpetual peace', it deals with the international system in East Asia before it came into contact with European Imperial systems. Jist of it is overlapping claims to sovereignty, dimplomatic norms and other things which in the European system would guarantee a war were 'fudged' to keep trade. It's a complex system of acknowleding an Emperor here, a mandate of heaven here, tributary systems and territorial disputes.

File: 1508966138925.jpg (631 KB, 1024x1011)
631 KB
631 KB JPG
So I'm in a situation where I have three semesters to work on a 40-80 page history thesis that's based on primary sources. It can be about any topic I want (although I'm mostly limited to English language sources because that's what I can read), but I have no idea what topic to choose. If not trips then my favorite dubs gets to decide my topic. Right now I'm considering Rhodesia (edgy, I know), early 18th cent. English political philosophy (ie Burke), or maybe early US colonial history.
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Cecil Rhodes and the British South Africa Company or another British trading company.

What about fisherman? And merchants?
welsh settlements in americas
Foundations of the English rail system
Organized labor in the welsh coal industry during the 19th century
The Second Anglo-Dutch War

File: autismo.jpg (17 KB, 495x362)
17 KB

File: W-Wowie!.png (1.5 MB, 737x1346)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG

Open another window and start playing Battle of the Heroes from Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith's soundtrack. Shit's kino.
It's been erupting for centuries?
Extremely patrician
oh no we built our city near the fire mountain
fire mountain goes brrrrpphhhtttt
city now ash

Why don’t people thank the Muslims for being the foundation in which we base our modern world?
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>Muslims invented math
Bait.Even I as practicing muslim don't believe that.
>Muslims invented math
Abandon thread lads we're being trolled.
>I mean based on this logic we might as well just thank those whacky polytheist Greeks like Plato for being the foundation of our modern science.
I mean, yeah? Sorta. The point is that every group/civilization (Christians, Muslims, Greeks, Indians, Chinese, etc.) has contributed their own building block to the collective creation of modern science, and everyone deserves recognition for that, but no one group can be credited with inventing science.

Science is the collective universal quality of mankind.
The line ends at Africans, so really Africans are the foundational building block of all modern science.
they're smelly

File: 1611890865588 (1).jpg (177 KB, 462x409)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
If the Roman Empire conquered one more territory before the 1st century CE when they stopped, what territory do you think that would be? Ireland? Ethiopia? Germany?
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Report the guy who told us to report him for racism
No, only announcing that you reported is against the rules.
The rest of the Pannonian Basin.
This and this, preferably combined.

I've asked about this before but still no luck.
There used to be a 15-ish minute interview on Youtube between an american journalist and Joseph Goebbels (with interpreter Dr. Paul Schmidt).

The full-length interview is GONE and I've been trying to find it for months now. I know for a fact that it exists and that the short 2:38 minute clip on AP-archive is not the full interview.

Help me out /his/!
If this video is lost forever, we all lose something no matter how you feel about their views; removing history is always bad.

Beyond the AP-clip he goes on talking about inflation and how an 'European war would be highly unpreferable'.

AP Archive link:
aparchive com / metadata / GOEBBELS-SOUND/a5dc2882f6d144f2a294d42f0260f90e
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Damn nazi rallys must have been lit
File: 1614093905554m.jpg (168 KB, 1024x767)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
File: 1614091410256.png (912 KB, 732x940)
912 KB
912 KB PNG
File: 1614092604348.jpg (90 KB, 557x800)
90 KB
Sorry but it looks like it has been scrubbed of the net. Maybe you can mail AP and ask for the footage, or you can send a message to British Movietone.

File: buy my cars goy.jpg (65 KB, 494x501)
65 KB
>spends a fortune running his own personal newspaper so he can run non-stop tirades about the evil "Judeo-Bolshevik" menace
>makes a fortune selling trucks to the "Jewish-controlled" Soviet Union
>literally signs a commercial agreement to build an entire Ford plant on Soviet soil that's still operating to this day

What did (((Henry Ford))) mean by this?
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Are WASPs the least ethnocentric people on the planet? Trying to get them to band together is like trying to herd cats.
No, because WASPs specifically refers to upper-class Anglo-Saxons and does not include every British descended individual in Murica. Prior to like the 70s "WASP" meant "Wealthy Anglo-Saxon Protestant", NOT "White Anglo-Saxon Protestant". To corral together the Evangelical Scots-Irish of the South with the Episcopalian and Presbyterian descendants of Normans on the East Coast is madness. They were a people once but rootless cosmopolitanism is the natural state of all elites. Just look at the conservative European order of Metternich and all before him up to the fall of Rome. Elites of all peoples bound by their common Christian faith intermarrying all the time.
This is why we need marxism more than ever.

Ford only hated Jews out of sheer jealousy

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