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File: 1638387730185.jpg (169 KB, 776x1024)
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Marxism:Early Christianity
Left Communism:Lutheranism
Social Democracy:Cultural Christianity
Libertarian Marxism:Calvinism
Dengism:Vatican 2 Catholicism
I love that picture. the series World War II In Color has some great footage of that meeting

Is democracy actually a form of governance the Christian God would even like?

All the governments around during Jesus time were monarchies and empires. Jews were harassed by the Roman republic beforehand so it’s not like they’d have a historically good view of the only kind of democratic but not really place.

The divine right of kings makes more sense than the divine right of whichever pleb gets the most votes for promising things he won’t deliver
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That's not what the Bible says.
>obey the ruling authority regardless of their form of government or ideology
So that's why Christians were fed to lions when they refused to worship the Roman Emperor.
Yup, and keep in mind it was these same Emperors feeding Christians to lions that the Christians were told to obey when that verse was written.
In christian writings hell is usually described as a democracy

Is the Dove-Holy Spirit the cutest manifestation of divinity?
Israelites used to bash doves' skulls and spray their blood all over the altar.
File: 1646359562120.jpg (146 KB, 1024x1024)
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146 KB JPG
Good. Fuck pigeons.
The pagan roman Eagle became the Dove
The pagan roman Wolf became the Lamb
Inari's fox statues are cuter

File: Roman_Empire_Trajan_117AD.png (381 KB, 2534x1614)
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381 KB PNG
If the Jews hadn't revolted fucking up Trajan's supplies and rear then he could've focused on securing Mesopotamia, maybe leave someone like Quietus in charge and name a real successor (not Hadrian)... VGH...

File: 5626.jpg (215 KB, 1200x900)
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>is universally despised by nearly every Christian sect
>somehow less heretical than Mormons
Not sure what the actual doctrines of the masons are. But Mormons are not heretics, they are non-Christians.
Masons literally are irreligious.
Anglo-American Freemasonry requires members to profess belief in God. In any case, they are not relevant and just a bunch of pathetic LARPers.
It's a frat for old people and they claim you only have to believe in "A God" not really specifying which. This is why there are Masons that claim to also be Muslim, for instance.

This too, Mormonism is not compatible with the rest of the Bible. Mormonism claims salvation by works, not through faith in Christ, and multiple Mormon doctrines directly conflict with doctrines outlined in Romans.
File: StoddHimm.png (1.15 MB, 1249x935)
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1.15 MB PNG

File: MapChart_Map (1).png (1.83 MB, 6460x3403)
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Catholics retained the pagan spirit of idol whorship better than orthodox.
people parading richly adorned statues and giving them offerings will always be more suggestive than people kissing paintings.
are protties that iconoclastic?

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