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So I was looking into south asian countries and what they are, and I found out that Philippines have the most low iq of them all.

How the hell they even survive? But jokes aside, did they ever give some intellingent important people? scholars etc?
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They are Polynesians, not Asians. Polynesians are basically niggers, with boats.
Shut the fuck up, chud.
they actually have a pretty good military record compared to China.
Really, why don't they try evicting China from mischief reef then
Oh wait, China already BTFO Vietnam in the paracels and spratlies, the Philippines is scared shitless to do anything

Why is Albania's national hero a christian with a Swedish name?
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Sharia law isnt practicted in Albania and if it were the blood for blood rule would turn every murder for Sharia into a priest or statesmen killed in return so they couldnt practice it either way.
skander (((berg)))
It's actually SkanderBEG. No r making it a jew surname. In fact, it's not even his surname, dude's real name was Gjergj Kastrioti.
Why would Albanians revolt against their turkic kin?
I don't think the Christian part matters that much. Albanians are a religious hodge-podge. I'm not that familiar with the history and culture of Albania as to know the extent to which it causes animosity between different groups in Albania (and surrounding areas with major Albanian populations), but at the end of the day, Albanians have more in common with each other than with anyone else around them. The family (and blood feuds) and the idea of the Albanian nation are more important overall.

File: small town usa.jpg (1.73 MB, 2067x1550)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
Given that the drug war and the prohibition of substances (e.g. alcohol) has been a failure why don't we legalize all drugs, include hard ones like heroin/opium, meth and cocaine?

Legalization would basically eliminate 90% of the revenue of organized crime groups like the Mexican cartel which would greatly diminish their power. Most of the problems that come from using drugs like heroin such as its price, low quality, needles infected with HIV/Hepatitis, and mixed potency (which leads to overdose) would be eliminated. You'd have high quality drugs made on a massive scale by trained and qualified chemist and pharmacologists in sanitary conditions with next to no impurities. People would know the dose they are getting and the quality would be super high, that and the price would be very cheap. People wouldn't have to resort to crime or illegal activities to finance their drug habit, they could afford it with a minimum wage job. This would also free up police resources and relieve the justice system of a large chunk of its cases.

The only ethical objection that I have come across, or what most of the objections offered boiled down to, is this vague Christcuck puritanical "be of sober mind" mentality. Where being in an altered state of mind is "ungodly". Now, prohibitionists don't use religious language, they are ostensibly secularist, but that's what they are saying ultimately amounts to. The idea that people are enjoying themselves in a way that they don't approve of upsets them.
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Drug policy is so retarded im convinced its a CIA pysop to help America move around in the shadow economies, build militias, and destabilise movements. Whether this is a benefit in the grand scheme of things is debatable, but we should be honest about the argument desu. Does US pofiteering worldwide make you better off?
OP here. Yes it does. It ensures US hegemony which we all benefit from.

Basedcience worships detest the very idea of eugenics.

True. I am OP and I will agree one reason the war on drugs in America and the West has failed is due to the leniency shown, but even in China where a lot of prohibitionist point too the government is still heavily involved in the drug trade and there is a black market for drugs there nonetheless. Also, America was very tough on drug related offenses in the 80s but it still didn't have much of an effect.

The war on terrorism failed? How many city skylines have been destroyed by box cutter wielding Arabs since it first began?
Drunk driving is taken seriously unless you're Mr. Moneybags and you live in the US.
Cannabis should be legal to consume and taxed like hard liquor is. Other drugs like meth shouldn't be criminalized but shouldn't be legal, and drug policy in that regard should focus on treatment, education, and prevention.
All drugs should be banned, period
Increase the penalty for drug possession, we can build more prisons. I'd rather have crackheads in prison than loitering on the street.
Supermarkets should no longer be allowed to sell alcohol
Alcohol should only be sold in special liquor stores in remote locations which are only open on weekdays 8am-2pm.

File: Walt Disney(4).jpg (215 KB, 1242x1228)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
>dead for more than half a century
>still causing absolutely massive amounts of butthurt anywhere unions, animation, and film in general is discussed

How does he do it?
>Still causing
Um. No.
File: Walt Disney(8).jpg (82 KB, 910x644)
82 KB
Clearly you have never been to a /co/ Disney thread
No. I'm not a blithering idiot nor a manchild.
What you meant to say is
> still causing spergs on 4channel to argue, which they would do anyways.

Is this an accurate representation of Mithridates VI Eupator?
Holy shit he really hates Romans
>No arsenic in my food? Trash!

File: crucifix.jpg (1.51 MB, 2448x3264)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
Question for Christians:
If the New Testament was really an astrological parable, would you still have the same relationship to it?

File: Bonner Fellers.jpg (84 KB, 750x800)
84 KB
Moron or traitor?
>General Fellers, who came from a Religious Society of Friends family (commonly known as Quakers) and attended the Quaker-affiliated Earlham College
Would his friends have joked about his name or would the American lexicon be less culturally enriched.
he was a Quaker, everyone knows they don’t have a sense of humour, so no
It was his superior's mistake, he simply did what was asked of him. He complained that the code is at risk but was ignored.

File: 0 - Theotokos.png (775 KB, 512x640)
775 KB
775 KB PNG
This is an AI generated Theotokos.
Is it Satanic?
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of course it is
No. It is just shitty art.
File: 2 - Theotokos.png (754 KB, 512x640)
754 KB
754 KB PNG
This one looks kinda ok.
ai is antichrist

Regardless of ideology, you'll notice the trend has almost always held true for Russia:
>"Let's live in an oligarchy bro. Russia STRONK, Russia TOUGH."
>"Yeah, so what if everyone except our leaders eat dirt. Russia STRONK, Russia TOUGH."
Every fucking government they've had has always been tyrannical.
They have a ridiculously massive amount of land and a very large populace, why the fuck have they always remained terrible?
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I wish we were Russian
T. Pole
Russia was quite decent to live in during 2000-2014. Despite all the signs that Putin's government is turning into tyranny, people decided to turn a blind eye to this and just enjoy the quality of life finally improving due to earlier market reforms and the oil/gas prices. Can't blame them too much, decades of instability and constant political shit gets tiresome and you just want some sort of peace and stability for a bit. It was possible to live quite decently up until 2022, honestly, if you were out of a major city.
Now it all went down the drain, obviously.
>most of other WW1 participants were in various stages of starving to death

you do know about the hunger riots in Petrograd right? and that was the capital of the empire you can only imagine what the conditions were elsewhere
>, others because it was a superpower with advanced technology and rockets and a big military.
To be honest. back in 90s and 00s most people here in their nostalgia never actually cared about big military, but were rather cherishing memory of how solidarity system worked, and science, of course

Did this place really exist and if it did, did it really look like this? I've tried to find evidence of similar cultures in the Congo and have found nothing but scattered villages with sort of similar architecture. I haven't found an engraving or photo of a settlement even a fraction of the size of this one and no multistory buildings or towers either.
What happened to it? Did the kingdom of Lango and Kongo decline and sort of go into a dark age that was the 19th century?
Anyone got any answers?
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The proto-celtic urnfield culture litterally had indigenous chimney designs
File: 2793821_orig.jpg (194 KB, 560x413)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Hole in a roof is not a chimney, anon.
Chimney is a specific structure built to drive the smoke out of the building in a controlled manner.
Romans did not have that, they let smoke escape through an open window.
Neither did medieval Europeans. They had holes in the roof (like what your picture seems to show), black kitchens, smoke rooms, etc. until much later (~16-17th cent).
That's exactly what that is you absolute retard. Face it white people had chimneys in the bronze age that had nothing to do with Romans or meds end of story

File: 0yxd1ejcrlry.jpg (153 KB, 700x916)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
How is /his/ preparing itself for the Nixon revival? I major in history and at least 80% of my male colleagues are writing their papers on Nixon revisionism.
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Esoteric Nixonism
How long until Bill Clinton is considered a good president despite getting his dick sucked
He was too swarthy for a president.
I like him because he made libs seethe.
probably never. the Republican right will never love him and the left has disavowed him as too CIS white guy and too willing to compromise with Republicans.

File: Paymaster.jpg (33 KB, 365x360)
33 KB
I want to compile a list of texts for a European political context. Most of the lists I find start out well, but eventually veer towards the United States and Libertarianism, which just isn't relevant to us.


Pic unrelated

I would unironically support putting him on new hundred dollar bills, wish that wasn't a hoax. He contributed more to American society than Benjamin Franklin ever did desu

File: 1675468425288696.png (952 KB, 1182x2938)
952 KB
952 KB PNG
I remember reading about this type of punishment somewhere in history. It made it so that the person in question was no longer protected by the law. Anyone could do anything to them and they wouldn't be stopped by lawmen.

Do you know what I'm talking about? What specifically am I thinking of here?
File: 1675464863927023.gif (1.35 MB, 375x375)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB GIF
Thank you anon, I was dying there.
It was my pleasure based historyanon

File: Ataturk.png (200 KB, 464x733)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
1920s and 1930s German descriptions of Ataturk:
Hvnchad recognizes Hvncad

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