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File: court.jpg (73 KB, 641x619)
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>So if a man’s heart is attached to a woman — even if she is permissible for him — his heart will remain a prisoner to her, she will rule it and control it however she wishes [...] for indeed the slavery of heart is worse than physical slavery.

Ibn Taymiyyah

Is he our guy? A chad volcel who had top notch female students but never married. He took many concubines slaves in jihad but refused to sleep with them, having them just attend his menial concerns, one of his concubines was so enraged he ignored her advances that she sued him in court for refusing to sex her up
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File: 1566409899561.png (692 KB, 2005x2005)
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692 KB PNG
>Blasphemous race traitor religious traitor racemixing slut whore gets BLOWN THE FUCK OUT WITH NO RECOVERY
Aaahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!! Based inbreds!!!
Lol you know what's fucked up? Having to see pictures of your mom slutting out all over social media. I'm glad that wasn't a thing when I was a kid not that my mother would but damn son I cannot imagine the rash of shit the kids whose mom's were slutty and had like 3 baby daddies would have gotten at school. It was bad enough when one of my friends slept with a whorey mom in high school and that was pretty hush hush until the cops investigated. Imagine kids at school sliding into your mom's DMs on the daily because she can't keep a shirt and pants on in online pictures.
In Ancient Rome, guys who liked interacting with women too much (regardless of if they were fucking) were considered mentally weak pussies
Islam is literally the perfect antidote to modern feminism and SJW cancer desu
>Islam is literally the perfect antidote to modern feminism and SJW cancer desu
It seems like it's going be the rope that will hang them

File: peter van pels.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
Imagine being this man /his/
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>he wouldn't be able to because of the risk of pregnancy
>implying that’s not the best part and the intent
A scared young boy, developing an increasingly pessimistic outlook on life, in sharp contrast to the ever optimistic Anne. The two quarrel frequently on their views on religion, the war, the Jewish people, and the future, and yet are drawn to each other like magnets. When Anne becomes pregnant with his child, he’s aghast at the notion of becoming a father in a time like this. However, Peter finds himself drawn to Anne’s changing body, marveling at her growing stomach. While Anne’s own self-esteem begins to plummet at the loss of her slender figure, Peter only finds himself more aroused at her transformation from a girl into a young woman. When Anne hits her trimester, the hormones go into overdrive, turning her into a horny sex maniac who can’t stop thinking about cock 24/7. Figuring that he won’t live long enough to regret it anyway, Peter embraces his budding the fetish and the two are literally fucking nonstop like a pair of wild hedonists. The lovemaking helps to fill the two with hope that they might just survive this war.

Also, Peter’s the target of constant derision by battle-hardened Confederate soldiers, who see any man not in the fight as being a coward, much to his embarrassment, but that’s another story on its own.

Does /his/ like it?

>he does want to make Anne Frank pregnant

What kind of faggot are you?
He loved Anne. I'd argue that's at-least a tiny bit notable.

Yeah but who wouldn’t love a face like this (apart from Yankees and Krauts)?
the kind of faggot who thinks a screaming baby would be detrimental to hiding form the nazis

File: 1566588961995.jpg (41 KB, 324x419)
41 KB
>Omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent monotheistic god
>Free will
File: 1557889206366.jpg (97 KB, 1080x1331)
97 KB
>Omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent monotheistic god
>Free will
Why does he look sad?
>>Omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent monotheistic god
>>Free will
not enough semen to pour on bitches
>opening your mouth

was it possible to take Richmond and end the war in 1861 or was it just a pipe dream?
what would have happened if the civil war ended that early? how would american society be changed?
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>This pile of rotting garbage and shit smells slightly less bad than this other pile of rotting garbage and shit
Most Brits found slavery repugnant but there was a lot of pro southern sentiment. Some bought into the meme of southern cavaliers and they didn’t mind seeing seeing the Americans fight it out. The bottom line was all about keeping Southern cotton flowing to English mills and as the Union blockade grew tighter some thought the mill workers would riot and the government might use the Royal Navy to break the blockade. Abolitionist sentiment was strongest among the working classes and they stuck it out. The British sourced cotton in Egypt and India and after Gettysburg support faded for the south. Even still, there were Rebel commerce raiders built in British shipyards that did a lot of damage, and the “Alabama claims” were a big beef for years after the war.
You’re an idiot.
Enlighten us then. I think I’ve laid out the spectrum of British sentiment towards the southern cause and slavery, and a brief chronology of events during the war. Where am I wrong?
Your just dumb lol

>haha bro what if we replicated our retarded feudalist system, but in the middle of a fucking desert!
why are euros so autistic?
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wish I could upvote this a thousand times
File: larpersbtfo.gif (406 KB, 450x379)
406 KB
406 KB GIF
>t. SEETHING Byzantiboo
He's probably a turkroach. In another thread he'll shitpost about how based Muslims btfo Constantinople and then cry about how Greels genocided native anatolian languages.

A truly sickening race.
excellent bait sweatie
it's time to dilate
Also, are you not even going to address being caught misrepresenting evidence and arguing in bad faith? How can anyone trust anything you claim?

File: 1_l87Isvyxt2xtOgPS0AEYYg.jpg (715 KB, 1728x1268)
715 KB
715 KB JPG
Still can't believe everyone was Catholic until this nigga came along. No wonder they shot his ass baka
das rite
he's was basically like- no more fags giving my ppl money and they didn't like that
its pt. 2 right now
he should be remembered for btfo'ing the jews
I legitimately confused the two when I was kid. I was a true brainlet.

Is the Gallipoli campaign the symbol of British military incompetence?

"The Entente powers, Britain, France and the Russian Empire, sought to weaken the Ottoman Empire, one of the Central Powers, by taking control of the straits that provided a supply route to Russia. The Allies' attack on Ottoman forts at the entrance of the Dardanelles in February 1915 failed and was followed by an amphibious landing on the Gallipoli peninsula in April 1915 to capture the Ottoman capital of Constantinople (Istanbul)."

In January 1916, after eight months' fighting, with approximately 250,000 casualties on each side, the land campaign was abandoned and the invasion force withdrawn. It was a costly defeat for the Allies and for the sponsors, especially First Lord of the Admiralty (1911–1915), Winston Churchill. The campaign was considered a great Ottoman victory.

The British are better in large coalitions, aren't they?
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>It's also really overblown as a "failure" by aussie hams
How is it "overblown"? ~400,000 soldiers, sailors etc diverted from the wider war effort to a sideshow that achieves nothing except ~300,000 casualties is a pretty big failure.
Because like the other anon said you could say exactly the same of virtually any offensive during WWI. They were all failures, they were all meat grinders, people only single out Gallipoli for political reasons and because it took place over water.
>Because like the other anon said you could say exactly the same of virtually any offensive during WWl.

What a fallacious argumentation. This is utter bullshit.

Other offensives were in the contexte of trench warfare making any offensive extremely costly and with high probability of failure.
File: images-14.jpg (18 KB, 738x415)
18 KB
>Enver Pasha

File: 1547022346526.jpg (1.44 MB, 3180x2116)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
Are Iranians the same people as ancient Persians?
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Yes and it's better than being a p*le Mongol.
Holy shit a Pajeet and a Pole-tatar mutt ousted themselves while the Turanid bull rides on in victory lmfao.
Cromagnons had phenotypes of negroids and australoids Moden south asans look vasly more caucasoid .
Source of thes graph?
>while the Turanid bull

Not to be biased or anything, but how the f*ck did feminism turn from a genuine struggle for equality for women into the joke it is right now?

Who is responsible for this?
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identity politics

once the legal/civil victories were all won, then they needed to keep the ship going so they just focused on ever more petty grievances to keep the feminist identity going and in the fight.

Identity is essential to politics. Politics is more about identity that it is some pseudo-rational game of cost/benefit. Whatever advances your groups' interest is what you will vote for.
>handmaid's tale
That film really brought out all the pseud-fems on the Internet.
Men who are violent against women tend to be violent in general. If you want to reduce violence against women, then you have to support executing/imprisoning violent men. Modern leftists are doing the OPPOSITE right now in the west, even calling for the abolition of prisons. This is incoherent. If you want to reduce violence against women, you have reduce violence generally by neutralizing society's most violent individuals.
>For starters, they don't have to worry about being physically attacked

This is asinine. Around 80% of all murder victims ARE MEN.
But don't you know anon? Men are bigger and stronger :^)

File: religiontier.png (388 KB, 1407x829)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
Ah, perfection.
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and the S tier
Why are there 2 taijtus
Yeah, I can accept that
Pretty solid, OP

File: download (1).png (9 KB, 236x213)
9 KB
"dude the Germans totally could have won WW2 if they hadn't invaded Russia in the winter, look they didn't invade France in the winter and look! cheese baguette surrender monkeys HA HA"
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>Does a toy rocketship indicate knowledge of rocket fuel?

If the toy rocketship had the actual mechanisms for making use of rocket fuel and had fuel in it, yeah? The toys in questions have wheels and have axels and they are situated in a way to take advandatage of them.

Yeah, some of them could get pretty gorey, the sacrifice to Tlaloc in particular; but the actual scales/amount of people that got sacrificed, how many of them proprtionally were innocent people vs enemy soldiers; and how they were sourced, what the actual rituals were like, why they did it and how they vuiewed it etc is pretty much all inflated and is more cruelity in pop culture compared to how it actually was.

I post all about this in the various links of https://desuarchive.org/his/thread/7000651/#7005025
That’s not true. They had invented the wheel they just used it for toys.
It still is pretty dumb to call the crusades direct payback to jihad though
There was a lot more going on in the background than just Urban saying "muslims bad, let's kill em"
>Mississippi culture
>Iroquois confederacy
>Nazca culture
>Norte Chico
>Chaco culture
>Apache-related cultures
Just to name the most popular ones off the top of my head
The irony is that when I said "complex precolumbian cultures", I still wouldn't have counted half of those (The Iroquois had complex governnance but not urbanism or other traits, the Nazca on the flip side built a large ceremonial "city" but weren't uurbvan or a state, Norte Chico is basically just a neolithic settlement with some ceremonial monumental archtecture, the Pueblo/Chaco are more like proto-civilizations; not sure why you bring up the APache), which goes to show you how much there truly are:

>Classic Veracruz

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: rm.jpg (107 KB, 900x900)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Who's the most significant loli in history?
Aisha (peace be upon her)

File: 1002004012112137.jpg (80 KB, 550x786)
80 KB
Why do you unironically believe in Fascism?
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Every Time
Fascists seek liberation and fulfillment through ecstatic politics. No different than communists.

If they'd only turn and embrace God Almighty they would understand that Satan is behind fascism and repent.
Anyway instead of a perfect society, which at least for lefties is just to create one of perfect freedom from any burden which seems like a pretty pointless and stupid goal if you ask me, what I pursue is to strive to achieve a man at least superior to how we are now.

Vid related in why I think freedom is a pointless pursuit https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Py4DuLiNODw
exactly. /his/ is a proud monarchist board
The thing that always gets me is how much territory the Nazis still had when Berlin fell

If no additional allies are called in who would win this war?
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Seriously, why isn't Portugal blue
Why should it be?
Nobody. Nukes kill everyone.
They're a NATO country
Russia would have no chance. Their military is a joke nowadays. Even Finland could hold on for a while alone again, with the rest of Europe it would be no contest.

>time machine
>not 1,000 of the South’s elite soldiers to do battle with the godless Hessians
File: 1560305052856.jpg (58 KB, 658x523)
58 KB
i cry myself to sleep every night thinking about her. she was so sweet, so pure, so innocent, so pretty. it's just not fair. she will live on forever in my heart.

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