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>western media claims gays are forced to be trannies in Iran
>mfw no one in the West seems to get it
>there are always at least 2 gay men in a homosexual relationship
>Iran‘s goal is to make it a straight relationship
Why does no one get it?

Iran is not forcing gays to get bottom surgery.
Iran is forcing only bottoms to get bottom surgery.
The top gets to stay a man!

Iran is literally twisting islamic religion to min-max the social approval of gay relationships in an islamic environment. Because by using bad science and theology they maximized gay approval as much as the environment allowed.
Why are those cruel bastards forcing axe wounds instead of keeping the feminine penis?
Btw this belongs in /his/, because of >humanities

Could it ever have succeeded?
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>Germany would have absolutely won without lend lease
You gonna need to argue this point.
List of things done almost completely without or with minimal lend lease assistance

>The USSR counteroffensive which nearly routed the entire central German army group in December 41.
>The USSR general offensive across the entire front in January-March 42
>The USSR invasion and occupation of Iran to secure the oilfield
>The USSR gaining air superiority over the Caucasus.
>The USSR defeating the spreadhead of Case Blue offensive before Grozny.
>The USSR inflicting heavy casualties with several counter attacks at Voronezh and the Don.
>The USSR preventing the Germans from crossing the Volga.

German advance was constantly hampered by logistical and supply problems, and there wasnt enough manpower to cover a 3000 km flank to protect the advance. Raw material wasnt enough to sustain operations indefinetly.

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File: 2u6ldn7.jpg (23 KB, 400x607)
23 KB
Take Moscow, win war.
Only if the Italians had tapped into the oil reserves and set up infrastructure to heavily mine and refine it. One of the main reasons why Operation Barbarossa failed was the lack of oil to fuel the mechanized push. Oil was also needed to keep the Luftwaffe flying and the supply trains continuing up the front. By the end of the push. Germany ran out of steam.
What does destroying the Red Army look like in reality though? The USSR had an inexhaustible pool of manpower, they continued to churn out T-34s, aircraft and artillery at a higher rate than the Germans could.

The only way in my mind they'd be able to secure victory would be to either secure the oil in the Caucasus (and by extension deny the Ruskis it's use) or decapitate the leadership.
I mean yeah it was impossible. The entire plan was fucked from the jump based on awful assumptions

File: postcard.jpg (108 KB, 576x800)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Nazi germany was a cult of personality
Christianity is a cult of personality.
Thanks, captain obvious.
I'd rather worship Hitler than the faggot jewish carpenter
he was 2 of these
>A one nutted "shekelgruber" artist.
> homosexual jewish carpenter
Sounds like a grindr hookup

File: Diadochi_LA.svg.png (2.23 MB, 1920x923)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB PNG
Who was the most worthy among the Diadochi?
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>So no lineage?
There are legends that Ptolemy was Alexander's half-brother, but that's highly speculative.
>Wasn't Seleucus a direct descendant of Alexander?
No, they were about the same age.
Anybody descend from his brother in law?
Rome. That's why they won.
Unironically I think it was seleucus via antipater
>but that's highly speculative.
it's ptolemaic propaganda is what it is

It's almost as if he was just a guy? *shrug*
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He was a filthy hook nosed cut cocked JEW, so of course everything he said was a lie.
Trust the plan
It's not meant to be taken as a literal return, he died once for our sins and left the rest to us.

Return is a spiritual return when the church is in trouble.

Like the freefall they are currently in?
Trans preachers, child rape/murder, pope ok with sodomy, congregation numbers falling 20% since last census.
You’re indirectly saying that, if&when he does return, you would be inclined to believe
Bandwagon, easily influenced by peer pressure

> In 1641, the first legal code to protect domestic animals in North America was passed by the Massachusetts Bay Colony.[42] The colony's constitution was based on The Body of Liberties by the Reverend Nathaniel Ward (1578–1652), an English lawyer, Puritan clergyman, and University of Cambridge graduate. Ward's list of "rites" included rite 92: "No man shall exercise any tyranny or Cruelty toward any brute Creature which are usually kept for man's use." Historian Roderick Nash (1989) writes that, at the height of René Descartes' influence in Europe—and his view that animals were simply automata—it is significant that the New Englanders created a law that implied animals were not unfeeling machines.[43]

> The Puritans passed animal protection legislation in England too. Kathleen Kete writes that animal welfare laws were passed in 1654 as part of the ordinances of the Protectorate—the government under Oliver Cromwell (1599–1658), which lasted from 1653 to 1659, following the English Civil War. Cromwell disliked blood sports, which included cockfighting, cock throwing, dog fighting, bull baiting and bull running, said to tenderize the meat. These could be seen in villages and fairgrounds, and became associated with idleness, drunkenness, and gambling. Kete writes that the Puritans interpreted the biblical dominion of man over animals to mean responsible stewardship, rather than ownership. The opposition to blood sports became part of what was seen as Puritan interference in people's lives, and the animal protection laws were overturned during the Restoration, when Charles II was returned to the throne in 1660.[44]
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Nah, New England's old Yankee culture is genuinely the greatest thing that ever graced North America. We'd unironically be much better off if we were more like New Hampshire and Vermont and less like California and Texas
I don't have a penis, Redditfag
File: 1649266927394.jpg (120 KB, 634x815)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Texas and california aren't similar, dude. New england is a fuckin shithole.
File: tranny 41%.png (515 KB, 1616x1384)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
Why did you cut it off?

File: cat thumb.png (760 KB, 588x588)
760 KB
760 KB PNG
If God is real. Why?
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My point is that the "everything else that physically exists has a cause" thought is a little deceiving because everything has exactly one cause, the beginning of the universe.
A painter being a cause for a painting, or a mother being the cause for a child isn't really true, because everything points back to that one event that literally caused everything else.
I don't have any idea what caused the universe to start, if it was God or an ehteral spirit egg that hatched, or if it just randomly popped into existence, but I think that just God isn't the only logical conclusion that comes out of this thought process.
N.p.c. post
Because sacrafice is a very real act that we do and they have a very real impact on the world around us.

God values sacrafice.

The symbolism is quite clear to me.
File: pls.gif (1.64 MB, 352x217)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB GIF
Didn't know what else I was expecting, really.

what is there to be proud of? they only won wars against weaker and less populous countries (Poland, France, Denmark in some sense Austria, Czechia and Lithuania) while the first real enemy with similar strength showed them their place
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All*. OP is retarded and seething
>Nazi Germany fought against the globohomo ZOG,
Nazi Germany fought for Krupp and Siemens to make more money and crush German labor movements. You're a cuck who is willing to sacrifice his life for a rich German corporation lol.
File: DaPyKClXUAA2Tb_.jpg (186 KB, 1080x1071)
186 KB
186 KB JPG

lmao even
Winning the battle of France, the pre-empting of the British landing in Norway, and the early successes of Barbarossa. That's about it.
Not him, but it's not quite all. For instance, when Rome took on the Diodochi states, it was slightly less populous and wealthy than they were, although were generally able to field more manpower in the field through more efficient extraction systems.

What are the alternatives for Northern Europeans who feel the need for religion but don’t accept Abrahamism or various Asian religions?
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Seethe? I'm laughing at you.
I'm not pol I'm literally trans
>my identity (or what little exists of it) was created by a now extinct race of mediterranean people 2000 years ago
>my identity has been profoundly shaped by an online basketweaving forum populated by the highest density of incels, neonazis, and NEETs on the internet
> have no real connection to my ancestors, or at least nothing based on an inkling of historical fact or shred of evidence
>What little I do know about my ancestors has been dampened by modern science or largely mocked in mainstream culture for being so self indulging
>As a knee-jerk response, I turn to Eastern religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, or Zoroastrianism (religions which I claim as my own while simultaneously despising the actual creators and practitioners)
>when the absurdity of LARPing as a brown person catches up, I decide to go balls deep into online cults fabricated in the past few years by other incels and rejects who also lack a purpose or will to live (for example, muft-mixes of various reconstructed primitive pagar raditions from pre-christian europe)
You must be same anon I added to discord recently.

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File: aliens2.jpg (167 KB, 1000x1333)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
I voted animalism but I wanted to vote for Ancient Alien Astronaut theorist.
That falls under newage, I would think.
File: 1671674411272441.png (571 KB, 1683x638)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
Depends how you look at it. It could fall under animalism too. I think Ancient Aliens needs its own category.

It's suppose to be animism.
File: poll.png (16 KB, 789x362)
16 KB
Yes and the poll said animalism. Aliens are animals. Whatever that category represents seems to fit the Ancient Aliens category best.

Tbh it doesn't fit under new age.

File: Zuludänzer.jpg (63 KB, 601x1016)
63 KB
Who wins
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Anon, please dont be such an ignoramus

Warfare, not in its technical aspects, but as a social practice is something that is highly developed among tribal people. Some of them practically live for and in it, developing all sorts of interactive mechanisms to regulate it, its social consequences etc. For some, it is a field where you construct yourself as a social person and it is impossible to become a full member of the group without it.

From the purely technical pov they are of course quite rudimentary, but this doesnt mean they simply do with spears what modern nations do with fire weapons and heavy artillery. They do much more than simply trying to eliminate the other.

The thing is closer to the Chinese 'Art of War'.
Depends on the terrain
On like a plain the Spartans would probably win
In rugged terrain Zulus can do their double envelopment and surprise the phalanx
A small dick is associated with low levels of testosterone. If they really had small dicks, they would not have won a single fight.
why does this make you cry? you aren't even black
Anon, as am i1 I must agree. All r1pajeets must return to India.

>Man commits a horrific crime because he sees it as a necessary evil for society to thrive
Any real life /his/torical examples of this?
55 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Serial killers.
Angels of death and vengeful hand killers
not to defend jews but they did actually enlist at a higher than average rate into the military. it was also a socialist sdp member who became the first politician to enlist
The GDR building the Berlin Wall.
>yesssss GOYIMS, believe the pilpul! We are only motivated by patriotism to the host nation, we're not parasites at all.
>Heheheheheh stupid GOYIMS, they truly are as cattle before us.

File: 1674894809782387 (1).jpg (133 KB, 1080x1016)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Hol up
53 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
You're too dumb to realize that letters are not phonemes. The letter D may be transliterated into producing a "J" sound, and this is prevalent throughout history. That you little dorks need to attack someone's character or appearance, rather than engage in any respectful alternative view of European "history," is why you're relegated to a backwater of the internet full of nerds and nihilists. So, good luck with that!
Let's finish this exchange with this

>Jew as a term and its derivatives was invented in the 16th century
>what is ioudaismos in greek, who are the early jewish historians and how do they refer to themselves?
>why are you attacking my character?
There is no "exchange," I've already explained to you that the Jesuits created the words [Jew] and [Judaism] with a 'j,' in the [16th Century CE] and the first time these Khazarian, Caucasian tribes were 'mixed up' under such a misnomer was in the King James Bible (constructed under James II and Charles II, not I). Consider yourself lucky that I even chose to share this with you. I honestly don't care if you attack me, I know that you're nothing more than two-bit trolls and racists pretending to be "intellectual." You may consider refraining from attacking the defenseless, though, as it's literal 'false witnessing.'
omg will it never end with internet libs

File: Friedrich-Nietzsche.jpg (490 KB, 1267x1600)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
>christianity is slave morality because... well it just is OKAY
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
You kneel to an imagined higher power, like a slave.
>if god is all good
Maybe it's not my goal in life to farm metaphysical good boy points to get into a unprovable le good realm
A god who threatens the non-conforming with eternal hellfire isn't my idea of a "God That is All Good"
>no gf
>somehow gets syphilis
>hates Christianity
>wrote the gay science
He was a faggot, wasn’t he?
You must be 18 to post here.

File: british empire.jpg (138 KB, 1694x1080)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Would the world be a better place if the British Empire was still around?
57 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>In these cases the natives would be expelled and these would be white exclusive outposts
Like anyone like the UN would let that pass. Especially when said outposts are massively dependent on local labour and resources. That's literally trying to force those African and Asian states to subsidize your cities for free.
>. It would be a literally, legally, captive market that you get to tax too.
In theory but the measures to cement that led to these captive markets not really flourishing. Mainly because they could not really be a huge market for dated goods due to low incomes outside of things like selling dated firearms to Africans in the early 1900s.
chinese colonies
Well the British have tendency of giving away economic power to Indian and Chinese (sometimes "Muslim") middleman for free.
The British empire was racist. It's a good thing it collapsed.

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