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File: blue mosque cordoba.jpg (155 KB, 1200x630)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
It went without saying that Islamic Cordoba was one of the finest cities in the world, rivaling Baghdad and Constantinople in its splendor. Al-Maqqari claimed it to have 200,077 houses, 60,300 palaces, 600 mosques, and 700 public baths. Allowing for the considerable exaggeration of a writer's pen, we still gather that it was quite a place. The wealth of the city was enormous, the middle class was huge, and only a lazy man or a cripple experienced poverty. Streets were paved, had raised sidewalks, and even streetlamps. Over the Guadalquivir engineers erected a stone bridge of 17 arches, each 50 spans in width. One of the early undertakings of Abd-er-Rahman I was an aqueduct that transported fresh water to Cordoba; the city was famed for its promenades and pleasure gardens.

The royal palace at al-Zahra was supported by 1,200 marble columns, its harem could hold 6,000 women, its hall of audience had ceiling and walls of marble and gold, eight doors inlaid with ebony, ivory, precious stones, and a basin of quicksilver whose undulating surface reflected the rays of the sun. Al-Zahra became the nerve center of an aristocracy famed for its grace, refinement, and intellectual accomplishments. At the opposite end of the city was a rival palace, al-Zahira, constructed in 978, which also gathered an impressive host of courtesans and scholars. Both of these palaces were destroyed in the revolution of 1010.
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They had Romanesque architecture, Mudslime.

We shall drive your people back to the deserts from whence they came inshallah; to live and die among the dogs and djinn.
>They had Romanesque architecture,
An abomination resulting from the germanic barbarian's attempts at recreating his conquerer's architecture. I don't blame them, since they had no original architecture to work out besides shacks. They simply had no cities before the Romans.
wonder why no modern muslim country is so sophisticated

What is the greatest lie every created? What is the most vicious obscenity ever perpetrated on mankind? Slavery? The Holocaust? Dictatorship? No. It's the tool with which all that wickedness is built: altruism. Whenever anyone wants others to do their work, they call upon their altruism. Never mind your own needs, they say, think of the needs of... of whoever. The state. The poor. Of the army, of the king, of God! The list goes on and on. How many catastrophes were launched with the words "think of yourself"? It's the "king and country" crowd who light the torch of destruction. It is this great inversion, this ancient lie, which has chained humanity to an endless cycle of guilt and failure. My journey to Rapture was my second exodus. In 1919, I fled a country that had traded in despotism for insanity. The Marxist revolution simply traded one lie for another. Instead of one man, the tsar, owning the work of all the people, *all* the people owned the work of all of the people. So, I came to America: where a man could own his own work, where a man could benefit from the brilliance of his own mind, the strength of his own muscles, the *might* of his own will. I had thought I had left the parasites of Moscow behind me. I had thought I had left the Marxist altruists to their collective farms and their five-year plans. But as the German fools threw themselves on Hitler's sword "for the good of the Reich", the Americans drank deeper and deeper of the Bolshevik poison, spoon-fed to them by Roosevelt and his New Dealists. And so, I asked myself: in what country was there a place for men like me - men who refused to say "yes" to the parasites and the doubters, men who believed that work was sacred and property rights inviolate. And then one day, the happy answer came to me, my friends: there was *no* country for people like me! And *that* was the moment I decided... to build one.
I oughta replay Bioshock

File: saul_the_jew.jpg (25 KB, 600x300)
25 KB
What was his problem?

File: Athensboo.jpg (234 KB, 1000x1000)
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234 KB JPG
when did you first realize that Athens > Sparta?
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When I realized that Sparta contributed nothing to Western civilization while Athens practically created it.
What school do you end up in if you'd fuck both?
He's literally me.
Athens + Miletus

File: i-21 (11).jpg (217 KB, 1620x1080)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Speaking historically, how have new technologies changed a person? How will the development of AI change it?
Technology enables Judeo-Niggertry. Everything from after 1920 should be banned.

File: IMG_0933.png (37 KB, 1024x768)
37 KB
Why is it taking so long for the Mashiach to come?
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File: Billboard.jpg (218 KB, 1646x863)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
And how are we supposed to repair the world if we can not consolidate our worldly power?
If we do not dominate and control the goyim they will run rampant! WE must bring them to heel. We must tame them as one tames a beast.
How many times now has the pure red calf been born yet?
I really don't see how the Jews think their version of the Messiah can even happen at this point. Who could even prove they have blood descent from David at this point?
They can cope all they want up until Hebrew year 6000 comes up in 2240. Then they need to put their excuse-generators into overdrive.

File: 1603939256905.jpg (54 KB, 500x583)
54 KB
I'm atheist. Try your hardest to prove chistianity is the true relgion.
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>I believe Sauron is a satanic demon
>heh, so you believe Sauron really exists!
Christians, lol.
>atheistcucks really this brain dead
don't you get tired of arguing about the same stuff over and ovet again
atheist = person not interested in acquiring new information. her only interest or purpose is to mock divinity and weaken people's faith

I'll obviously not waste my time with you.
Atheism is a disease.
I can’t convince you that God exists, because you have a BELIEF that He doesn’t. You have no proof for this and assertion without proof is faith.
So you have faith in something different. I can’t convince you. You believe, just like a religious believer except you believe in the non-existence of the thing rather than the existence of it.

File: rhodesia.jpg (87 KB, 597x720)
87 KB
>damn white people running our government. making the streets safe and the busses run on time. if only people of our race took over the government that white people created for us

ten minutes later...

>white people please help! let me into your country. don't make me live under my own kind!
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This is probably a dumb addition to this topic, but I always have difficulty squaring the two arguments of
>industrial society and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race and we need to RETVRN
>whatever way the indigenous populations were conducting society before we colonized them was worse and bad and they're better off for having been forcibly advanced while we extracted their resources
Like maybe the societies we colonized were better off even if it didn't meet our standards and forcibly changing them without an understanding of how things had worked caused lots of issues
>Nice rich area in colony
>Rich people (whites) flee because majority rule happens
>Take all wealth and governmental infrastructure from area
>Natives too busy to focus on building because civil wars and dictators
>Old rich area looks like shit today
negroes weren't allowed to join the society "created for them"
>we wuz le good guys
>State with a ruling minority of colonists treating the majority of those who have lived there for generations as second-class citizens

File: 1697258129959.jpg (38 KB, 600x487)
38 KB
David G. Farragut was the first man to attain the rank of admiral in the history of the U.S
A person of color (he was the son of Jordi Farragut, a Hispanic man from Menorca who ended up in the US) he had to put up with the racist bullshit of white people all his life. But eventually came the civil war and it was the time for his vengeance. As the head admiral of the Union, he's directly responsible for the death of thousands of filthy white racist confederates. He contributed to pave the way to a more tolerant and colorful America. Thanks to the Union victory, millions of Hispanics would eventually be able to immigrate to America.
For his contribution during the civil war, he would go on to become the first man to be promoted to the rank of admiral in the history of the US navy.

File: 1589495658238.png (1.13 MB, 2409x1388)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Paganism appreciation thread
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>pleddit filename
replace paganism with plato
It depends of course. Some are the /pol/tier neopagan larpers who pretend to worship odin and then there's groups who actually try to practice shit like celtic paganism and embrace the spirituality of it. Of course a lot of that second group also pretend to be witches so it's a mixed bag all around. Personally I like the revival of cultural and spiritual practices, especially if it helps someone find peace, but I find it hard to believe that anyone just up and decides to believe in the old gods one day.
> Jewish God
I never asked anyone to worship satan.
> Jew rabbi
Kek, he had nothing to do with you kike rats.
File: 1684592026841643m.jpg (117 KB, 1023x1024)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>was only bad for the times
Lol no. There were some really fucked up execution methods. The brass bull was a famous one. The viking blood eagle also shits on cruxifiction

File: romeaboos.jpg (130 KB, 828x967)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Like, I get that Rome was impressive and all, with the sanitation and the order and the wine and whatever Monty Python said, but it seems like Europeans want to blatantly copy and larp everything Romans did. I could understand why countries like France, Spain, and Italy would do such a thing, but I also see Germanic and Slavic countries doing so (Germany and Russia claiming themselves as "third Rome"). Weren't those tribes considered "barbarians" to the Romans and sacked at some point? Even Greece seems to be a huge romeaboo, and their civilization is partly the reason why the Roman Empire became this rich and civilized. At least when Muslim civilizations were influenced by Rome they are more fixated on their culture and society (with the exception of Ottomans, but do they really think they're the next Romans, or is it just Mehmed being a larper or simply boasting how he conquered Constantinople?)
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's the same reason All steppe empires after the mongol empire Larps as descendents of Genghis, why All Chinese dynasties Claim the mandate of heaven, why Almost all African states copied Ethiopia's flag and why every Marxist state has to be sure to shill icons of Marx even though he personally would have hated it. It about legitimacy, people are more willing to trust a system that has some connections to the past, no matter how flimsy over something brand spanking new.
Latin was the language of the church, philosophy, science, art and literature. Every schoolboy in Europe grew up reading Cicero, Livy, Virgil and other Roman authors because you were not considered an educated person otherwise.
>It's the same reason All steppe empires after the mongol empire Larps as descendents of Genghis,

in fairness, most of them literally were descendants of Genghis
Franks didn't got romanized, maybe the ones living outside their core land. Not the rest. They spoke frankish for centuries, kept frankish legal tradition for millenia distinct from roman one, and remained pagan well until the conquest of gaul.
Only insightful response

File: file.png (1.32 MB, 1817x1520)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Assuming by some Napoleon was able to win and rule Europe but found himself in a similar position as Alexander the Great on his deathbed with no strong contenders as Heir, what would a Napoleonic version of the Diadochi wars between his marshals and family look like? What would be the major factions?
Abyssimal division.
Apparently Napoleon wrote in his will a mere three weeks before his death
“I diebefore my time, murdered by the English oligarchy and its assassin.”

What oligarchy was he referencing here? Rothschild?
who else?
Bernadotte, no contest.

File: 9bshh8fwaz581.jpg (155 KB, 1080x1330)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
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it's an allegory for globalism
It's not an allegory for anything. It literally happened.
you know what i meant
>He has no problem
We'll see about that desu
No, I don't. The story proves YHWH can be, and should be, killed. It was an act of righteous rebellion. It's not coincidental that YHWH appointed the jews to corral the goyim and follow its plan shortly after it happened.

File: 55655.jpg (269 KB, 840x1197)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
New York City was ripped apart by a week long anti-abolitionist riot in the summer of 1834. Racial tension were growing as the Irish population in the city escalated after the British Parliament in 1827 lifted restrictions on emigration from Ireland. Irish were soon arriving in the Big Apple in the tens of thousands annually. In the spring of 1834, Arthur and Lewis Tappan, a pair of brothers who were wealthy silk merchants and vocal abolitionists, helped fund the creation of a female abolitionist society. Arthur Tappan drew attention by sitting in church with Samuel Cornish, a mulatto clergyman and friend of his, and it was reported in the newspapers that the minister, Rev. Samuel Cox, had delivered a sermon where he claimed that Jesus was a black man. By June, the newspaper Courier and Enquirer was asserting that abolitionists had commanded their daughters to marry black men, that black dandies in search of white brides were riding through Broadway on horseback, and that Arthur Tappan had divorced his wife and married a black woman.

On the 4th of July, a racially integrated group convened at Chatham Street Chapel, a former theater now a church with the famed preacher Charles Grandison Finney officiating, to celebrate the emancipation of the last remaining slaves in New York seven years earlier. Angry spectators dispersed the group and they rescheduled the ceremony for July 7.
According to accounts reprinted from American newspapers in the London Times, the secretary of the New York Sacred Music Society, which leased the chapel on Monday and Thursday evenings, gave a black congregation leave to use it on July 7 to hold a church service. This service was in progress when members of the society who were unaware of the arrangement arrived and demanded to use the facility. Although one member of the congregation called for the chapel to be vacated, most refused. A fracas ensued "which resulted in the usual number of broken heads and benches." Burrows and Wallace note that constables arrived and arrested six blacks. Webb's paper described the event as a Negro riot resulting from "Arthur Tappan's mad impertinence," and the Commercial Advertiser reported that gangs of blacks were preparing to set the city ablaze.

On July 9, three separate riots erupted. A huge mob gathered at the Chatham Street Chapel to break up a planned abolitionist meeting but the abolitionists got wind of it and didn't show. The crowd instead broke inside and held a mass meeting where they called for the deportation of all blacks to Africa. Lewis Tappan had fled with his family as a mob ransacked his home on Rose Street. Police arrived on the scene but were forced to retreat.
More rioters went on the offensive over the next two days. Among their planned targets was the home of Rev. Joshua Leavitt on 146 Thompson Street. Leavitt was the editor of The Evangelist and a manager of the American Anti-Slavery Society. Tappan's store on Pearl Street was defended by its armed staff. The mob proceeded to attack businesses, homes, and churches associated with blacks and abolitionists. The home of Rev. Peter Williams, a black minister, was vandalized and his church ransacked and destroyed. One group of riots reportedly carried a barrel of black ink to spill on white abolitionists. The Charlton Street home of Rev. Samuel Cox was also ransacked.

State militia finally arrived on July 11 to quell the disturbances and the American-Anti Slavery Society issued a disclaimer denying that they promoted interracial marriage, lawbreaking, seceding from the Union, or any abolition of slavery by non-peaceful, non-lawful means.
i bet most of these abolitionists would have transitioned if they were alive in the 21st century
yeah and they won anyway, really makes you think.
how could people with bad racial hygiene win
By still having better hygiene than the other guy.
Slavers/Confederates wanted more Black people within their vicinity, especially their homes.

what do you think about Franz Joseph, the last king of Jerusalem?

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