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You can't make fun of the nazis.
My grandpa fought them by mistake. He was on the wrong side. Dammit
sounds like fucking bullshit, how did the so called bomb not splinter on impact?
Well, it looks like it had a sheet metal nose. And hardwoods do not splinter.

File: Uyghur history.jpg (2.83 MB, 1903x8192)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB JPG
The Qing directly stationed Ambans in Lhasa along with a permanent garrison of Han Chinese and Manchu soldiers in the Lhasa garrison after Han general Yue Zhongqing conquered Tibet in 1720.

Manchu commanders were even more brutal to the Tibetan than Yue Zhongqi and butchered Tibetans during uprisings against the Qing in 1728 and 1751. The Manchu generals literally sliced Tibetan to death in public in Lhasa.

The Qing at first installed the Polha family to become princes of Tibet in 1727 after deposing the Dalai Lamas from power and slicing the Dalai Lamas supporters to death but after the Polha prince revolted in 1751 and a mob of Tibetan rebels killed the Manchu ambans Fucing and Labdon. The Qing Manchu general Bandi then slaughtered the Tibetan rebels by alicing them to death and killed the prince and reinstated the Dalai Lamas.

Manchus explicitly referred to ALL Qing territories including Tibet and Mongolia as Dulimbai Gurun, a direct value translation of the name for China, Zhongguo.

The Qing didn't have the concept of dual monarchy. The Qing emperor didn't have a separate title like "emperor of Tibet" he only had one official title, Huangdi (Emperor) of the Qing dynasty which was equated to Zhongguo.

New Qing historiography doesn't address the fact that Han soldiers were stationed in Tibet and Xinjiang over Tibetan and Uyghurs while Tibetans and Uyghurs were NEVER stationed in Han provinces as soldiers. Tibetan and Uyghurs also had zero representation in the Qing central government, Only Han, Mongol bannermen and Manchus did. And official Qing government documents like the Qing law code and imperial edicts were issued only in Chinese and Manchu and sometimes Mongol but never in Tibetan or Uyghur.

Uyghurs and Tibetans were never treated equally to Han, the Qing had Han Green Stabdard Armies in Lhasa in Tibet and Kashgar in Xinjiang but no Tibetan soldiers in Shanghai nor any Tibetan government ministers.
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There is no justification for the current People's Republic of China to rule Taiwan.

The People's Republic of China has nothing to do with Taiwan.

The People's Republic of China and Qing are irrelevant, and the Mongol Empire and the People's Republic of China are also irrelevant.

There is no fact that the Chinese Communist Party inherited the Mongol Empire.
There is no fact that the Chinese Communist Party inherited the Qing dynasty.

The Chinese Communist Party has never ruled Taiwan.

The Mongol Empire / Qing Empire and the current People's Republic of China are unrelated.

Therefore, there is no justification for the Chinese Communist Party to rule Taiwan.
The Chinese Communist Party did not ceded Uighur and Tibet under a treaty with the Qing dynasty.

Nor did the Chinese Communist Party conclude a treaty with the Qing dynasty and promise to ceded Taiwan.

What is the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party to rule Uighur, Tibet and Taiwan?

It is the only armed aggression.
File: 1598788561713.jpg (321 KB, 859x1390)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
The Ming dynasty ruled and conquered the Jurchens and raped them during the Yongle emperor reign. The great wall is not a border.

The Han dynasty conquered and raped Xinjiang and the Tang dynasty also conquered and raped Xinjiang and also conquered Mongolia.

The Qing dynasty was the direct successor of the Ming dynasty and the Qing royal family Aisin Gioro were subjects of the Ming dynasty for 200 years in the Nurgan regional military commission and Jianzhou Jurchen guard.
File: 1541798457332.jpg (334 KB, 873x1161)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
Based Chinese history schizo strikes again

File: Franciscio Franco.jpg (31 KB, 474x661)
31 KB
been entertaining myself recently by reading and watching lots of stuff on Francisco Franco and it seems without seeming like a pol-tard one of the more justifiable coups/regimes.

the only real negative is that he didn't democratise the country sooner and was a little trigger happy with the reprisals but I'm sure both are relatively justifiable
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teenager detected
>>They certainly are tied more closely to Spain
>one of the most corrupt countries in europe
>su majestad carlos fleeing because of corruption
>catholic church still being nothing but a bunch of corrupt homo pedos
It truly describes the state of spain, a place full of misery.
Marxist ape
>They are obstacles to be exterminated
you re an obstacle to be exterminated
Luchamos contra los moros
Rumba, la rumba, la rumba, la
Luchamos contra los moros
Rumba, la rumba, la rumba, la
Mercenarios y fascistas
Ay, Carmela, ay, Carmela
Mercenarios y facistas
Ay Carmela, ay Carmela

File: 1625409953160.jpg (33 KB, 480x479)
33 KB
How to stop looking at history with a Eurocentric bias?
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learn a non-european language and read their untranslated material.
theres a reason why asians call whites 'nosferatus' loAl
File: 1596365858837.jpg (156 KB, 759x371)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>And yet Greeks by in far surpassed those civilizations
>Why exactly would you want to?
This should have finished the thread before it grew into a cancerous tumor. Western Civ is the greatest series of software upgrades in the human record, and only those civilizations that do an even partial install are successful.
i wonder what other discoveries will be made with comparative dna analysis slowly starting to take off

File deleted.
Can someone explain the caste system within early Zoroastrian society that is alluded to in the Avesta? When did it appear and how many castes were there?
I imagine it wouldn't have been as sophisticated as late Hindu caste systems, but I am not too sure. Maybe there is a connection between the two?
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Explain how the aryans expanded, conquered and then went back to Europe. Because that's definitely not what happened.
Do people go home after conquering?
Did turks go home after conquering Anatolia?

It looks to me like they stayed in india, Egypt and Iran etc. But those aryans are not your ancestors you piece of shit.
You are descended from the ones who never went anywhere
>Castes couldn't have existed
Castes have always existed in Pre-Islamic Iran, what are you talking about? This was always a cultural and ethnic thing for Iranians, why do you think even the lowest ranking Persian, a freeman, could still be held higher then a rich non-Iranian in feudalistic Parthia/Persia?
File: E2bniUnX0AE3Q5W.jpg (301 KB, 1024x683)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
AFAIK there was no strict "castes" within a Zoroastrian society; there were priests that was usually always hereditary but anyone could become a priest. There was social mobility and people weren't stuck doibg the job of their ancestors forever.

If anything, I think the biggest concern/complaint of people was that Zoroastrians would get land grants from the state that disadvantaged non-Zoroastrians. Meaning there was Zoroastriabs as a whole, and non-Zoroaatrians and all Zoroastrians were equal before Ahura Mazda since all that do good were contributing to the Asha.

The Shahansah however enjoyed primacy as by being conferred Khvarenah the emperor became the very embodiment of the empire of Persia

Pic slughtly related, modern Kurdish Zoroastrians
>Why do people think Sintashta derived early first-wave Indo-Iranians were universally pale as fuck blonde haired blue eyed snowniggers?
the closest modern pops to Sintashta are Nothern euros like Swedes and Norwegians. The vahaduo image is somewhere in the archive
The closest modern populations to Sintashta that migrated to Iran were not universally blonde haired Nordic looking fuckers.

File: 133019.jpg (146 KB, 1280x720)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Can Zulus be considered evil fascists since they killed anyone who was too genetically weak and unfit (just like what Nazi Germany did)?
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It's the modern-day Zulus who are destroying SA since their tribal chieftain got his ass slung in jail. You know that. Right?
>“If I was in the field with my boys, it wouldn’t have went down like it did. There would have been a lot of blood on that hill and then me saying, ‘OK, we’re going back to Britain, don’t worry.’”
giwtwm (in the center)
File: 1617494474824.jpg (613 KB, 2338x4096)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
forgot pic :DDD

File: pure kino.png (934 KB, 1280x920)
934 KB
934 KB PNG
I'll wait
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File: EzGnsppVEAAeXU9-1.jpg (141 KB, 1200x649)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Forgot pic
Imagine how nice it'd look if the Manchus were Muslims
224 AD

File: 1626793155991.jpg (88 KB, 549x767)
88 KB
Is there any truth to the meme that
>the Western World's unparalleled prosperity was predicated on resources stolen from the 3rd world?
This idea gets toted around like it's some universal truth yet it doesn't make sense to me. Is the fabric of America actually just strands of cotton? Were african's on the cusp of mining silver to make superconductors before the White man showed up? Redpill me
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>You don't care about reality.
and I would give a shit about your unfounded opinion if I thought for a moment that you were capable of understanding the concept of reality on even a basic level. Fortunately your posts ITT have shown that I don't have to worry about that.
File: 1626792587794.webm (1.6 MB, 362x640)
1.6 MB
>Outside 4chan it would delegitimize it.
Why would I care about anything outside this place?

>But being the fine, well dressed, educated gentlemen who would never cuss, I suppose that would only legitimize it here.
Yes yes, only rednecks who scream nigger at the top of their lungs are support these ideas, we understand.
It was just an added comment.
> they were
>I have a disdain for /pol/ whenever they go one and on about "leftist academia"
Then perhaps stop citing sources from it.

File: Vendel I helmet.jpg (337 KB, 1999x1599)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
we post our favorite historical helmets and headgear.
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File: haida.jpg (184 KB, 784x1018)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
how exactly does the chainmail covering the face protect from anything? arrows or weapons will still breach that layer, might as well use a shawl or a piece of cloth.
>arrows or weapons will still breach that layer,
common myth, chainmail was impervious to almost all forms of weaponry in the middle ages, and on account of that, as well as the laborious process of manufacturing it, was generally the single most expensive piece of equipment a soldier was likely to own - assuming he could afford even the aventail, let alone a full hauberk
it wasn't until the late middle ages/renaissance era that they invented bows and arrows that could reliably pierce mail, or thrusting swords like the estoc to stab them
File: large_DI_2010_0572.jpg (432 KB, 1440x1920)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
You and me both, anon

Why did the Aztecs commit so many war crimes against nearby tribes? Didn't they realise that constant war crimes would make those tribes angry at them, leading to long-term disaster? Why was it so difficult for them to simply respect the laws of war?
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They kept the region terrorized pretty well, worked out until literal UFOs showes up to tip the balance of power
Which international laws, and please explain how they could apply to non-signatories unaware of its existence.
How come /e/ and most boards ban you if you don't participate in developing your thread, but here you're an insecure faggot for doing the same?
duh didn't you know the temples had little time machines in thm, war crimes are at universally-agreed-upon evil deserving of death just like protesting against Israelie taking your kind or pointing out the frequency of Israeli dual-citizenship in governments or homeschooling, as far back as Hammurabi all these crimes against humanity were punished with summary execution.
\Hy it's somebody else wih a fcked keyboard just like e!

>”Muh racial purity and supremacy”
>willingly commanded the most ethnically diverse military unit of the war
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You will never be human, poleshit.
I know. Why would I want to?
Richard Spencer, Nathan Damiago, and Jared Taylor all look good
if it looks like oxymoronic behavior to you, maybe his views have not been accurately represented to you.

this line of thinking would of course require hubris and an open mind on your part.
File: Jean-Paul_Marat_portre.jpg (297 KB, 800x985)
297 KB
297 KB JPG

File: subcontinent.png (143 KB, 551x551)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
What would you consider the greatest cultural feats to come out of the Indian subcontinent?
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our modern numeral system, some early proof-based forays into trig and series summations (although this didn't exit the subcontinent), some really beautiful architecture and art

the unfortunate thing is that India and Persia were both super close to Central Asia so bore the brunt of every single invasion from the steppe - political instability always screws over cultural and intellectual spread of ideas
also this
>the unfortunate thing is that India and Persia were both super close to Central Asia so bore the brunt of every single invasion from the steppe
what a stupid excuse. The Steppe extends into Eastern Europe
For most of us, our genetics come from all over the subcontinent to one extent or another. Yeah, the north is different from the south, and the east from the west. But if we're gonna do nationalism circle jerk, how's that any different from people in China or Europe or wherever?
yes, and russia had extremely little global impact until it secured its borders using technology from western europe
>greatest cultural feats to
Does it count if it was injected via Royal Navy warships and loyal servants of the Honourable East India Company?

redpill me on Nestor Mahkno
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
people listen to this shit?
File: Mahno funny greentext.jpg (204 KB, 1890x632)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
I see these are part three of our thread seres of "Did Jesus exist?" and "Pinochet did nothing wrong." I see the copypasta shills have obtained automatic victory. I eagerly anticipate the sequel!

Makhnow convinced the landlords that thy made their money from their profession ND it made more sense to act a professional and not as a rentier. In this absence of insane psychopaths torturing everyone to wring taxes out of them, novel economic arrangements became possible and extreme patriotism came into being without propaganda and terror campaigns of the rest of the West.

t. Nestor "The Enemy of my Enemy is still my Enemy" Makhno
Hell, yes.
They really don't.

Was its demise inevitable or could they have survived by avoiding or winning World War I? Would the proposals to reform the empire and improve representation to non-German/Hungarian minorities (Czechs, Poles, Croats, etc.) have worked?
There were always ethnic tensions under the surface but the empire wasn't on the verge of collapse until it faced the stresses of war. It's impossible to know if attempts at turning the empire into a federation would have secured it's long-term survival. We can assert that it would've been tough to reform due to the obvious resistance that Hungary would have mounted to said reforms.
The only way it could collapse was with foreign intervention.

Why did they provoke a war against Austria-Hungary in 1914 even though Austria was 10 times more populous?
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Austria and Serbia both had legitimate issues, and they probably could have resolved them in one way or another without touching off a general European war if Germany, Russia, and France weren't all eager to use it as an excuse to smash the power balance in their favor.
The Serbs instinctive urge is to conquer.
To conquer in the turks name
here are the tribes that fought the turks
They had been occupying the territory for around three decades at that point even though it was de jure under the control of the Ottomans in accordance to the 1878 Treaty of Berlin. They feared the Young Turk revolution would have led to the Ottomans demanding a return to de facto control of the province. They attempted to make an agreement with the Russians in the sense that they would support Russian ambitions for greater influence regarding the Dardanelles. However, Russia was incapable of drumming up enough support for their ambitions and underestimated the public outcry at Austrian moves regarding Bosnia and so changed their tunes, bringing about greater tensions than the Austrians dared to dream.

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