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File: ashurnasirpal ii.jpg (64 KB, 788x1000)
64 KB
Who was the most evil person in human history?
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>was hoping for a story about some fucking psycho Inuit
This desu.
Nanni, for trying to cheat an honest copper-merchant of his rightful mina of silver
Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. Or the shaft of the spear, in this case.
Idi Amin
>If the cow herder or grain farmer who was in control over the majority of Ashurnipals taxable lands disagreed with him, his policies would not have come into fruition.

People who tried to organize rebellions against Ashurnasirpal ii were flayed alive and had their skins put on display as punishment. I'd say that's a pretty effective deterrent.

How do Wehraboos explain this?
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may as well zero out all of their troops
those 3 were top tier

but it's also about the divisions you can't move from west to east, and air power especially

if Hitler's orders weren't a factor, you could easily withdraw to more defensible borders, encircle and destroy Soviet spearheads that went too far and create a more stable front line but muh ostfortresses
Perhaps 90% of divisions were only fit for static defensive duty and those 3 divisions represented a significant portion of offensive/reinforcing capability.

But then I have no idea
Except that it was the head of army group centre, ernst busch who didnt allow a retreat, not hitler
who was put in charge because of that philosophy

Why are modern flags so damn boring?
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There's still better uncomplicated designs than Tricolor No. 3815
What does a non-boring flag look like?
File: texas flag.png (18 KB, 1275x848)
18 KB
Texas, our Texas
Oh hail the mighty state
Texas, our Texas
So wonderful, so great
Boldest and grandest
Withstanding every test
Oh empire-wide and glorious
You stand supremely blest
God bless you, Texas
And keep you brave and strong
That you may grow in power and worth
Throughout the ages long
File: Flag_of_Mozambique.svg.png (34 KB, 1024x683)
34 KB
But that is also a modern flag

File: tenor.gif (3.94 MB, 498x498)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB GIF
>Mfw someone who isn't British, Italian or Greek has an opinion on history
File: 1596226439118.jpg (95 KB, 425x491)
95 KB
>mfw a nonwhite (except a poo concerning IT or a black concerning shoes) says anything
File: 1589488833361.jpg (23 KB, 680x634)
23 KB
>mfw cock balls and penis

I heard stories they’d have orgies if they had the virus and was wondering about other stories as it’s related to people today going out and partying in weird ways to avoid the laws
It is 1665 as attempts were made to halt the great plague. London lost 15% of its population. Officially the capital’s death toll was 68,596 but it was probably nearer to 100,000.

As king James II and his courtiers decamped to the safety of Oxford,Lawyers, rich merchants and doctors also fled to the countryside. The servants, shoemakers and tradesmen lost their jobs.

Any contact with an infectious person meant 40 days in quarantine at home. A red cross was painted on the door and watchmen were employed to make sure order was enforced. At night, carts passed through the streets with cries of “bring out your dead”.
>At night, carts passed through the streets with cries of “bring out your dead”.
Metal AF.
>black plague
Imagine just being a peasant where you live with your family, and some ( many probably ) would have to cart to their mothers/ daughters: fathers/ sons in the same night.

>This role, where I have to shake hands and smile at the right time, has become to burdensome for me
What a faggot
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This dude was LITERALLY the king and gave it up so he could go after a thrice divorcée american whore.

Harry was never gonna be king. Gave up a lot, but not the crown like Edward did.
Harry doesnt even compare to King eddy here.
Royalty is a retarded system, this guy was one of the first to openly show it.
imagine having to shake hands with privileged posh cunts every day, knowing that they're all blackmailed pedophiles and satanists, knowing where their hands have been
your position was handed to you at birth and you have no autonomy or sense of accomplishment from the wealth and power you have
every day you wake up and live a lie, knowing you'd get more enjoyment out of your one life doing literally anything else with it
his choice of wife is less understandable than his abdication

>Here's your copper ingots, Nigga-Nanna

File: 26718042.jpg (61 KB, 700x560)
61 KB
If Islam is for the whole planet worldwide why do Arabs/Persians still find it unusual when they see an American or European born white Muslim? I've seen several Youtube vlogs where some clean-cut white male middle class convert from America or Holland or Germany or somewhere will visit Saudi and Iran or Egypt and when he walks around the streets and to look at the architecture and the landmarks and talks to the people and tells them he is a Muslim they look shocked and everyone stares at the white guy who's just claimed he's Muslim like he's an alien that arrived in from another planet. Of course they are happy for him and very welcoming to him and courteous but they have a look like they are so surprised that this white American/Euro tourist is actually a Muslim.

If Islam is meant for the whole of humanity why does this kind of shocked reaction take place in Islamic lands when a white Muslim convert is detected?
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File: gingers.png (916 KB, 982x538)
916 KB
916 KB PNG
Abrahamism is not a European superstition. Islam is just as 'white' as the faith forced upon Europeans by the Greek king Constantine. In fact more so, because there are a ton of Persian and Aryan Muslims.
They willingly betrayed their own people to convert to the religion of the Arabs. The muslim part of them will like that, but the human part of them will, at a subconscious level, look down upon them as lowly traitors.
I see nothing wrong with this anymore
I used to hate mudshits but now I see they're right
w*men need rights and lefts
Except, you know, the fact that Christianity and European identity have been intertwined for millennia, but okay fucknut.
I'm sure women will respect you a lot more when you cuck out to an invading religion. Lmao... so pathetic.

File: Protagonist Syndrome.png (156 KB, 718x1095)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
>average /his/ user
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>fighting in ww1 and ww2
>hoping to survive
So he would choose the German side to be the most luckiest?
My great-great grandfather was gassed in ww1, so no I'll pass.
My grandfather was gassed both in WW1 and in Auschwitz
Imagine going to war and thinking you’ll survive, twice.

This is the sign of someone who has never faced death.
not only that, but fight in WW1 before he even turns 18 by the time it ends AND manage to get through WW2 in his 40s

File: Screenshot_10.jpg (82 KB, 534x779)
82 KB
Ave Caesar!

Has real racism ever been tried?
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Like the holocaust, only if it was real and actually killed off all of the inferior races.
The entirety of greek history from the time of the second punic war until constantine
File: j1ocxdu5fjx41.jpg (136 KB, 684x1531)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
How cute were Greek boys?
The holocaust was merely racial infighting
no goyim, never

File: irish-apes.jpg (117 KB, 549x665)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
How did Ireland go from inhabited by celtic tribes to swarthoids?
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this doesnt explain the swarthy skull and facial features
Indians are Aryans
shit b8 m8
Blue eyes are more common in Ireland than England
>swarthy skull
this is your brain on pol

File: god.jpg (113 KB, 1180x663)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Does God exist?
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"I do not believe the claim that God exists"
= without theistic belief
= without affirmatively claiming knowledge that God does not exist

agnostic atheist
they should not be presented as mutually exclusive
No and it's kind of sad because in a previous thread another OP >>9931913 made a claim and asked for proving him wrong, which several Anons did from different perspectives, but he seemed so stubborn to at least stop posting
agnostic reporting it
deaf: does music exist?

Did Burke really do it?
do what

Why should cultures be artificially kept alive if people simply find others more attractive or useful?
>Why should cultures be artificially kept alive
If a culture is kept alive it by definition is not artificial, life isn’t some big paradox game simulation where people consciously decide what stays and what goes.
>If a woman is impregnated it is by definition not artificial
>If a video has chinese shills clicking on it by definition it’s not artificial
This, natural/artificial is a completely false dichotomy, anything that actually happens within the universe is natural by definition.
I'm not sure who you're quoting or what those things have to do with culture.

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