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File: hqdefault.jpg (22 KB, 480x360)
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What if we just gave everyone during both world wars free copies of zoobooks including the tiger poster? Imagine if during the Battle of Stalingrad or during the Battle of the Marne hundred of thousands of zoobooks and the tiger poster was given out for everyone to read.
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it was something marketed to children that required a credit card to buy
File: 1572472411634.png (546 KB, 720x481)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
It would be more interesting to let them spawn in front of ancient people such as the Babylonians. Granted they couldn't read it, but they do have nice pictures.
Including the tiger poster?
What if op showed up to the Munich conference with zoobooks for everybody?
Yes including the free tiger poster.
They would happily take it and Hitler would rather care about the wonders of the steamy jungles and the plains of Africa rather than his autistic larp about Jews.

What would the history of north America look like if the horse never went extinct there? Would we see a great native khaganate from Ohio to the Rockies?
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Holy shit you MUST be joking...
Think he's referring to the horse ancestors from like 20,000 years ago.
>this is the education level of the average /his/ poster
Horses were hunted to death in the americas by the first natives 12,000 years ago. There were no horses in the americas after that until the europeans came.

Seriously, why is this board filled with so many retards
spanish diseases still would have killed almost all of the indians
they weren't hunted to death there was a an asteriod impact IN GREENLAND 13k years ago that purposely wiped out horses in america. this explains the ancient egyptian civilization as this turned the earth global period

Is national syndicalism literally just fascism with a bit of a different aesthetic?
Not at all, i think they've taken the worker rights stuff a little bit more further.

is average guy with children more right-wing than an average guy without children?
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>Yes, that's a cute story that's been passed down through the ages, based on what people "feel" is the truth, and then constantly repeated in the media
Yes, that's a cute story that's been passed down through the ages, based on what people "feel" is the truth, and then constantly repeated in the alt-media


it was majority. nobody was riding around in horse and buggy during ford motor age.
>Yes, that's...
Oh, you're dismissing it and being petty because that irritated you.
If that's enough to set you off, I don't think we'll be able to have a discussion.
alright now, we weren't having a discussion to begin with, i corrected your mistake where you pretended children don't and haven't rebelled from their parents instructions, pointing out some obvious sociological principles in nature whereby they must do all the time as a matter of course, which is demonstrably higher in our society over the last 100/300 years and is basically synonymous with childhood development and natural evolution.

you thought this was a myth put about by the media.

discussion? nooo. don't have the time or energy to try to convince a person that the grass is green or the sun rises in the morning.
>alright now, we weren't having a discussion to begin with
Oh, so it's an argument then.

So here's the empirical evidence that people tend to conform to whatever their parents believe:

My conjecture based on that is that while you have pertinent examples of rebellion, the majority do not rebel to any significant degree, and will conform overall to their parent's beliefs.

You then brought up the hippie movement, I pointed out that was a minority movement, you then responded with "No u", :) and "No it wasn't!" despite it being the counter to the mainstream culture, and conflated technological development with cultural development.

Now that we're all caught up, your "common sense" that "the grass is green" is empirically false, contest it with argumentation or evidence (a hint, you will need evidence to dispute what I just posted), otherwise I will just I assume I win, and that this all just petty gesticulation because the mean man wasn't nice to you.
>You then brought up the hippie movement,
i didn't bring that up, but i knew that's what you were thinking when you used the term counter-culture; in fact I was talking about everything, I mean, it should be obvious, the move away from their parents ideals to go to college, etc, for women to leave the kitchen, etc, it was much more than "the hippie movement" which you're right was fairly small.

but it should be evident to prove my point that young persons had then and continued to reject whatever their parents said, almost just because their parents were saying it; hence the comparison "almost as rite of passage"(or coming of age, whatever i said).

it's so everywhere that i said in the first place that you couln't have been living on planet earth not to have noticed this, so i replied with your quote and changed "media" to "alt-media" because it's mostly the "fake-trad" kids and e michael jones who try to pretend that this didn't take place, which is where the words came into your head from at somewhere along the line, i have no doubt.

>no u!
No you!!

No i wasn't meaning to do that, I was doing a rhetorical turnabout where a thing you had claimed actually applied to you; I suppose defacto it is a "No u!" but it's a legitimate instance here.

also this has virtually nothing to do with the thread, so if we're gatecrashing and kicking this mans house apart for fun, did you bring drinks?

Why aren't kids being taught that the skulls they're finding after "human sacrifice" in mexico come from conquistadores who faked it and planted the skulls (after genocide)?
This can't be true. Mesoamerican human sacrifice was supposed to have just been a racist myth, this can't be fucking happening.
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don't give (you)s to shit threads

don't bump them either
I know you need your enemy that lives rent free to be a certain way to fit your political agenda, but I’ve never seen even the biggest postmodern collegefag tell me the human sacrifices were made up or faked.
your civilization potential is just too low to get daily mass human sacrifice, white boy
I will proceed to call you a gay nigger now
Gay Nigger
gay nigga fuck! Who says the rituals were fake? Big shill moment.

All action is a result of preference. The most preferable life is the most moral life, as it makes no sense to choose the less preferable over the most preferable. So the consequences of an action and the effects thereof upon your experience are what determine what is moral. The problem is that we cannot always know exactly what the consequences of an action will be.

>Free Will
Can we truly choose how to act? Or are we pre-determined? The answer is irrelevant. The purpose of action is to seek preference of experience, regardless of our freedom or lack thereof. People only desire freedom, or lament their lack of freedom, insofar as they believe they would benefit by being free. Surely if we were omniscient and had full power over the will, then we could always act in such a way that we would bring about the most preferable life. Yet even without this reality, we should still focus on what we can do with our ability to achieve our best possible life.

>Knowledge, Belief
Can we know anything? Maybe not. But we have belief. And it’s through belief that we live and benefit. Truth is only valuable insofar as it benefits you to know the truth. A belief is good insofar as it benefits you to believe.

>Does God exist?
The better question is whether or not you should believe in God. Morally speaking, if we compare the life of the devout theist with the life of a strong atheist, then the evidence favors theism. And that’s not even considering the afterlife.

>Which God should we believe in?
Though evidence may play a role, such as through prophesy, history, perpetuity of the religion, etc. we can simply ask what’s practical. Most religions emphasize good works, yet Christianity emphasizes faith while also upholding the importance of good behavior. To be a believing Christian while also doing good works is therefore the safest choice.

If reincarnation is real as Socrates says in the Meno then how come there are more people now than in the ancient past? Were there more souls created in the meantime?
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Okay, then let's try that.
It proves that the form of an individual consciousness and memory (i.e. the soul) doesn't need a material to emulate it for it to exist.
The large sample space (a thousand humans), consistent result (a thousand talking babies), and the abnormal nature of it (talking babies)all together point to life beyond the material form.
As soon as you find a thousand people willing to suicide and try to get back here, you let me know.
Till then I'm in no rush to test the hypothesis since either way, it shouldn't stop me from seeking what I care about amd believe is moral in this life.
>It proves that the form of an individual consciousness and memory (i.e. the soul) doesn't need a material to emulate it for it to exist.
No it doesn't. How do you eliminate fraud? For that matter, how do you eliminate demonic possession as a cause, or psychic projection, or time travel?
Willing? Are test mice willing to be experimented on? I don't see where willing fits into the equation.

It has to be more than the US sending a few troops in one time in the 90s yet the US are blamed as usual for its condition. What did Somalia look like anciently? How did it get to the state it's in?
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Its commie dictator invaded Ethiopia to grab the Ogaden, got BTFO, and it led to a massive civil war and state disintegration.
Siad Barre was a wrecker for jew globohomo
While I could see this being the case for the Djibouti and Kenyan parts, you can't handwave away the Ethiopian border as being entirely on the hands of Europeans.
>Socialist government
>Government is crap
>Socialist government dissolved.
>Power Vacuum
>Now a Feudal Ancap state.
To be fair, they were doing pretty well for themselves as boatjackers.
I'm guessing it's because they're at the entrance/exit to the Suez canal, and if the US can't control them, then better have them non functioning.

File: 220px-Helen_of_Troy.jpg (41 KB, 220x453)
41 KB
Who was the greatest thot of all time? My vote is Helen.
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File: pinto-centurion.jpg (90 KB, 441x650)
90 KB
>Imagine going to a war for a women
this is why i fucking hate court culture faggotry

Real men kill and bleed for their country, religion, or ideals
Helen was literally kidnapped and also fictional. If we’re including fake made up nonsense then I say Lilith, or maybe that broad in paradise lost who birthed death who immediately grew up and raped her and her womb filled with wolves who rip her apart from the inside
She literally did nothing wrong and the Iliad is a sad tale from when or after the seaniggers ravaged the ancient world and ruined everything.
File: Queen Guinevere.jpg (58 KB, 683x674)
58 KB
Lady Guinevere
I’m gonna say Alcibiades
Cuz he was actually fuckin real you pussy worshiping westaboos

Something about Wehrmacht commanders who were not full on Nazis but instead served for the country and armed forces is very interesting to me. Does anyone know where I can read about Heinz Guderian and other commanders very late into the war? 1944 - 1945 and what they were up to, what they were commanding. Thanks, I can't find anything very in depth so far.
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
the soviets were defensive in the cold war
>Invades S.Korea
>Splits Vietnam
>infiltrates india and other third world nations
>places missiles in Cuba

Guderian's accounts in world war 2 was published as "Panzer Leader", which I found to be an interesting account especially towards the end of the war
>invades Korea
this was one of the only actual aggressive moves they made, and it was under Stalin

>splitting Vietnam
that was the US, the south couldn't have stood on its own even if the north invaded

>countered American influence in the 3rd world
>Cuba wasn't a reaction to the US putting missiles close to the soviets
>that was the US, the south couldn't have stood on its own even if the north invaded
And the Soviets aggressively infilitrated the North, what's your point?

>>countered American influence in the 3rd world
So it was an aggresive move to attack a preexisting structure, thanks for agreeing.

>>Cuba wasn't a reaction to the US putting missiles close to the soviets
>It was aggression in response to aggression
>This makes it not aggression
My god I want to live on your world, it seems fascinating.

File: 1544152568538.jpg (18 KB, 248x245)
18 KB
WW2 is boring af
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This is what /pol/turds unironically think
No one's forcing you to stay here
Because pop culture portrays WW2 as good vs bad, "superweapons", comic book style villains called Nazis and normies compare which tank was best ect.

If you actually delve into the causes, effects and consequences of WW2 it is interesting. Of course reading up on different campaigns, battles and the different historical figures involved is interesting too.
WW1 > WW2 desu
The actual war itself is boring, like who cares about what tanks the Germans used lol, but the build up to it is interesting.

File: 1576604959557.png (22 KB, 1200x720)
22 KB
When did you realize Rome was the bad guy?
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Around the Crusade of Varna
so? the strong destroying the weak is inevitable and necessary
When I studied Carthage.
good and bad are moral "spooks" and as a result i didn't realize that Rome was "good" or "bad" i just realize it was
Tarquin and his lack of game

He killed hundreds...
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not saying it was a forgone conclusion, but Hitlerism was precipitated by the same social ills that caused the rise of Communism in Germany. In another world, Germany had the revolution and Russia turned fascist, and in other one both might have succeeded. Its just in our historical conditions, fascism won. And then lost and then liberal-bourgeoisie won again. Great Man theory is bullshit, Hitler gained control only because he appealed to the petite-bourgeoisie and capitalists. He himself individually couldn't have achieved any of it.
Stalin was a bank robber, he probably killed a few people on his own
Bankers aren't people.
false info, he was actually a femboy slave under BASED ATATURK who took KARA BOGA COCK to please the superior TURKISH RACE

Stalin was also a Jew

And he was only 5'3 he lied to his personal doctors and had them forge the documents to make him taller, he also wore platform shoes and liked to wear dresses and high heel shoes

(also armenians aren't real)
Why are dumb retarded post like this allowed?

File: Saddam_Hussain.jpg (419 KB, 1200x707)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
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File: Gaddafi.jpg (218 KB, 800x1076)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
This. Plus who gives a shit what women think anyway
Saddam was an urbanite Iraqi Arab and unironically whiter in appearance than the Georgian Stalin.
lol didn't we kill this nigga's ass during desert storm? sheeit nigga i was deployed as a marine back then
Based desu
File: Saddam.png (368 KB, 540x787)
368 KB
368 KB PNG

What is the most surprising thing you have learned through studying history?
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That doesn't matter, Napoleon was the spark that lit a lot of fires, you're not taking this one away.
it doesn't at a grand level - we have identical issues to people 2000 years ago. Rule by division, fear, truth twisting, tribalism, fighting for group interest, looking after short term gains rather than more useful but harder long terms. A lotta buzzwords but you know what I'm saying eh?
>how do you lose a war against an enemy that doesn't show up?
winter did show up, though.
That made me hard, fuck
One of the few socialist uprisings to ever occur in the US, happened very close to where I’m from. My family still owns land within a ten mile radius of the site today


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