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I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
shit man i forgot

File: file.png (1.35 MB, 930x1280)
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Why is it so easy and widespread to romanticize Rome and the Middle Ages?
I feel the same when it comes to the French, they look completely different before and during ww1 than they do today.
File: 1620316879170.jpg (39 KB, 576x415)
39 KB
Because its the foundation of Europe.
For us Germans the Medieval age was were both our people, culture and nation were formed.
Same with the rest of Europe, really. One is drawn to ones roots.
Then also a general nostalgia for a distant past where things seem simpler or better.

pic semi related
File: 1599488965961.png (100 KB, 250x241)
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100 KB PNG
the big fucking slapped on swastika that clearly wasn't part of the cosplay when it was bought is bad enough, but what the fuck is wrong with their belts
why are they so fucking BIG

I literally have no idea what happened here between the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the rise of Fascism.
Can I get a quick rundown?
I know but here's the thing. They broke up into a bunch of little nations with a few of these little nations having enough money to cause shit for centuries and other ones being conquered or becoming a big kingdom. Simply put the north became city states and fucked with each other and were fucked with while going into trade and art and stuff. The pope was king of the middle and when not running the church was defending or expanding his kingdom. The south was conquered by the bourbons or something and did it's own thing while Sicily was at points either a part of that, independent, or part of someone else. It's far more complicated than that but thats the gist of it. Also a guy called Garibaldi unified Italy and convinced the Pope to accept being the Vatican for independence in exchange for the rest of the city. A bunch of really good artists were from here at the time, the French fucked with them. It was a mercenary paradise, and the Medici family are important. They petered out after unification in the manufacturing race and had a hard time seeing themselves as one country again for awhile and local loyalty is still huge since each city was more or less a kingdom for so long and the north and the south and Sicily hate each other. There is a lot more but that is as quick as I can do it.
Germanic Chieftains
Medieval kingdom
More trade
Decentralizing authority
City states
Trading and trading and trading
Feuding between merchants and nobility
Feuding between pope supporters and Emperor supporters
Feuding between noble families and noble families
Art, Poetry, Comedies, Sculptures
Rampant catholic corruption
Fervent Catholicism nevertheless

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Oh forgot to put
>After Napoleon falls, Italy is almost entirely under Austrian domination if not outright integration
>get conquered by germans after the fall of the western Roman empire
>Gothic wars, Byzantium conquers Italy
>3 years later northern Italy get conquered by germans again while the south is mainly controlled by Byzantium and the pope creates his state in the center
>FFW 200 years, northern Italy get conquered by Charlemagne while the islands are conquered by the Arabs
>After Charlemagne northern Italy splits in a lot of tiny states and joins the HRE while the pope conquers all central Italy and the south is still mainly controlled by Byzantium
>During late middle ages Sicily get invaded by Normans and briefly conquers the south
>Renaissance, Italy is still split in a lot of tiny countries but the merchant republics at rich at
>Italian wars, the south is conquered by Spain while the north quits the HRE
>During modern era almost nothing happens, Italy is briefly united under Napoleonic rule
>1861, a guy named Garibaldi unites Italy for the savoyard king
>Bunch of wars with Austria for Venice and stuff in northern Italy and a bunch of useless wars in Africa
>1915, Italy joins WW1 but doesn't get all the territory that was promised by the anglos, Italians get really rally angry and starts doing a lot of strikes, a guy named Mussolini just kills all these strikers and in 1922 he march on Rome and become the Italian dictator
>Italy become Germany ally and in 1940 joins WW2, complete disaster, Mussolini dies and after a referendum Italy become a republic
>Post war economic boom, Italy becomes one of the richest countries in Europe
>2008 global financial crises hits hard and Italy starts slowly declining losing its status as a major power

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
So at a moment there were cool city states

Reminder that we would have pic rel today if the soviets didn't built up and trained the ar*b's militaries and the US forced a truce everytime the ar*bs were about to be overrun.
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File: BasedMiddleEast.png (80 KB, 584x370)
80 KB
>tfw when no Paglavi-Israel-alliance
Just as planned. Now Saudi Arabia does what America wants and Israel while touchy is still not confident enough to not do what we want to. It doesn't matter who wins the Chess game if we own both players.
Why have Jews gotten along so well with Fersians and Turks (historically speaking)
Lol, based

File: mqdefault.jpg (15 KB, 320x180)
15 KB
Which one of you did this?
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Maybe the many, many academic works that have disproved him?
name 3
nazis were state capitalist at the very least though anon, and that circles back to being socialist because every "socialist" country IS state capitalist, see: China, USSR
Just because a country calls itself socialist doesn't mean they are socialist. China and Nazi Germany are both examples of that.
Well, he's right.

File: 1426880901320513520.jpg (154 KB, 640x856)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>homo deus
what do you think about that book?
allegedly it is very popular and promoted
i think it fits /his/ because the author is a historian
File: Imagem8.jpg (34 KB, 344x465)
34 KB

File: 1418228156215.jpg (20 KB, 306x306)
20 KB
>life expectancy used to be 30
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Where does that number even come from, nobody ever gave me a source for it
It did.
This meme is to history what animal farm is to communist debates and what the Holocaust is to nazism. Nothing else has caused more harm to discussion than this meme.
here is some historical survival curves if you are curious.
It is a estimated avarage, they used the actual life-expectancy of 50 to 60 years and avaraged it with infant mortality.

File: 1620634584587.png (17 KB, 427x400)
17 KB
Why can't the same arguments used to defend imperialism & slavery not be used to defend communism?

Under slavery, you had free food, free healthcare, a place to stay, and guaranteed right to work.

Without imperialism, many countries of inferior races would have not have the advancements in technology brought by settlers. Communism apparently these things too, yet, communists angry when you U.S. imperialism good for Native Americans.

I don't see why leftists get enraged when the facts don't lie.
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File: maxresdefault.jpg (140 KB, 1280x720)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
It's youtube clickb8face.
I don't understand why there are so many of them. How can you take a picture of yourself that looks like that and not immediately delete it?
File: 6PmpGqM.png (254 KB, 618x198)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
Someone realized that the number of views is a little better, so now everyone is doing it.

There is a kind of modern community tragedy in this habit where every individual YouTuber is better off using clickbait thumbnails, but YouTube as a whole is losing its appeal, and content creators are slowly killing their own platform, but no one is interested to actually stop doing it.
If it's free, there shouldn't be a meaningful opportunity cost. If your employer gives you 'free' housing in exchange for a 20% salary cut, it's not free. Slavery and imperialism both have obvious opportunity costs, compared to the ready alternative. Communism does create opportunity costs, but the ready alternative is far less clear on how it would affect those (not being Communist is not sufficient for economic development).
A system a ideological one is a vague blueprint, in practice all socialist experiments are they own thing and respond to cultural idiocincracy.

File: askaridengnombe.jpg (81 KB, 512x512)
81 KB
>girl tells me people are talking behind my back
>ask her what its about
>people think I am quarreling with the professors and asking questions to show off my knowledge
>normies get mad because I ask questions at Uni
>people now hate me because I asked questions about things I was unsure about
Law school everybody, dont make the same mistake.

How come the Roman empire was deemed “too big to handle,” hence the partition, but China has managed to remain as this monstrous united entity for millennia, despite endless rebellions, wars and regime changes?
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A: Rome had no civil-military stability, and suffered constant coups. This directly led to overtaxation, economic crises, hyperinflation, declines in trade, and a range of of other self destructive behaviors. China basically didn't have military coups because the military was politically lower on the totem pole than the Confucian bureaucracy and the nobility.

B: Europe has an enormous number of natural barriers and a lower population. Using a lower number of resources to defend a militarily more indefensible frontier is naturally more challenging. This is also why the Byzantine Empire didn't collapse, they were a much richer, much more geographically defensible region.

Any answer other than these two is brainlet
File: mapofmingdynasty.jpg (35 KB, 500x400)
35 KB
>China has always had the modern boundaries of the PRC

And Ming was one of the bigger dynasties
This has to be bait
>Wuding of Shang (58 years)
>Wu of Han (54 years)
>Taizong of Tang (23 years)
>Hongwu Of Ming (30 years)
>Kangxi and Qianlong of Qing (both 61 years)
>Not strong and long-ruling emperors
The absolute state of Chinese /his/torians.

File: E0qzc73WYAI5aRF.jpg (171 KB, 1050x824)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
I don't understand, what does Marx have anything to do with colonialism?
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File: twit.jpg (142 KB, 952x537)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
never heard of bh times
Leftism does not work.
checks out
OK Chud

File: Gorbachev_(cropped).png (942 KB, 753x1004)
942 KB
942 KB PNG
What exactly was Gorbachev trying to accomplish?
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USSR could have become what China is today easily, if it was not for this stained faggot
The structural problems that would eventually shatter it were there from the inception of the Soviet system and especially of the planned economy.
He was backstabbed by (((nationalists))) to be fair.
He should just killed the separatists, carpet nuke the capitalist west and Moscow and move his capital of leadership to Novgorod and profess himself God emperor's the peoples' will and become the new royalty of the soviet superpower
China wasn't saddled with a massive obsolete industrial base, poor connectivity, no diaspora, no demographic dividend, no developed countries near it, the ethnic issues, the incompatibility of the population's skillset with the global market, heavy dependence upon commodity rents, an unreformed agricultural sector, etc.
The parts of China which are closest to the old USSR in structure and economy, the areas where Maoist industrialisation had its highest influence (the northeast, the west) are China's economic laggards.

File: Types of Threads.png (683 KB, 600x1025)
683 KB
683 KB PNG
How can a high level of discourse in history and the humanities be maintained?
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crypto-fascist nazi chud because history should be about the acquistion and spread of knowledge about the past with no moral compass involved, just facts, reason and theory?
Mural from the first Council of Ephesus, 16th century.
It's so tranquil. :]

The first humans were created from a combination of two different species: Homo Erectus (Erect-Man) and Homo Heidelbergensis (Heidelberg Man). Which one should be considered as the true ancestor?
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>my mom is french and my dad is senegalese. am i white or black???
only africans have substantial erectus admixture.
Youre telling me that we descended from manlets heh maybe you did kiddo but me i'm built different little napoleon
learn biology

File: 1620661161152.png (142 KB, 624x468)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
Polish MP just tweeted this. Thoughts /his/?
>I'm not speaking here as a politician (as a politician this statement damages me!) but as a learned man trying to establish the Truth. As a judge I would without a doubt sentence Adolf Hitler to death (I am a supporter of death penalty - are you?) because there were a lot of reasons to do so - but when it comes to the Holocaust... I'd have to acquit him!!!
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heheh... yess.... good untermensch, you get the prestigious job of shifting the corpses of unfortunate typhoid victims into the furnaces
A decision based on evidence. Smart man. Top bad the masses are too stupid to do something like this
He doesn't say holocaust didn't happen, he tries to say Hitler was unaware of Holocaust.
He's a brainlet.
He is of German descent though, he would have been Eingedeutscht

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