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File: ww2.jpg (283 KB, 1654x1339)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
>Story goes from complex villains of WW1 to comically evil genociders who literally wear skulls on their uniforms
>Mussolini is the most hilariously one dimensional villain imaginable, exists solely to be the butt of a joke. Nobody even makes any questions about what would happen if Fascist Italy won unlike Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan.
>Main antagonist is named Hitler, and his second in command is named Himmler
>Leader of communists is literally named Joe Steel
>USA didn't get to have fun beating up Hitler so they get to use O MY TWO NUKES on the side villains that are the Japanese
>Nukes get shafted immediately
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It was made to appeal to the peasant masses. Just look at the popularity of 1 vs 2.
>literally wear skulls on their uniforms
They did in WWI too. Dyewts?
At least it was more imaginative than all the cash-grab "Crusades" sequels. None of them ever captured the magic of the original.
Too bad the bad guys won
File: ww2 art.png (245 KB, 1831x528)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
WW2 was the greatest work of art in all of human history

File: Great Powers.png (71 KB, 1781x499)
71 KB
Main characters of Earth
The age of superpowers is coming to an end.
Small states will rise this century.
Nations aren't people.

My goal: Understand wars and battles. The strategies, logistics, opponents, technology involved, innovations, etc.

Recommend me books, please.
There's none whatsoever, and hardly any primary source of the war even happening.
Even Stalingrad has no physical evidence and that's the largest battle ever fought.
Why does the Republic of Brazil have the monarchy flag in this image? Why would Italy get Amapa?
That's not the monarchy flag, retard.
File: images.jpg (13 KB, 225x225)
13 KB
As a paulista separatist, that image makes me moist.

How can you claim to be so manly when you historically wore eyeliner/kohl. Sounds like cope to me
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You disgusting greasy subhuman
Why would i want to associate with subhumans?
You text with Phoenician alphabet simplified from egyptian letters
You use middle eastern numerals
You practice a middle eastern religion and most likely worship a middle eastern man from Palestina/israel/canaan
Civilization is a middle eastern invention
There is no such thing as a european civilization.
Only the continuation of middle eastern civilization.
You like a little rat in a cage.
Civilisation is feminine anyway
Looks kinda cool, like he moonlights as a rhythm guitarist in a decent metal band
Muslims wouldn’t be at a bar in the first place. How retarded are britbongs?
File: EvBBGOEXYAEITdQ.jpg (94 KB, 675x900)
94 KB
>wear eyeliner
>still look manly as fuck

File: 1627598192526.jpg (14 KB, 194x259)
14 KB
why do atheists always try and push the meme that all religion does is cause war, genocide and violence in general? atheist states like the USSR and nazi germany killed more people in decades than religion has in all of human existence
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Well I would at least like the chance to see these things for myself and come to my own conclusions.
Well I think that it would have to really depend on the context. If I was fully convinced of course I'll do whatever God wants, I don't want the world to be destroyed. But if there is some doubt, I'm probably not going out to kill my relatives.
See a doctor, retard
I did. Physically there is nothing wrong with me.
Whether you are concerned about me hearing voices or peeing blood, both are things that have happened once, years ago and not since. The most likely cause for the blood was a kidney stone getting loose.
If someone today showed you miracles, you'd think he was a satanist too.

>muh decadence
Decadence is when animal protein falls before calories. This causes autism and social problems.
Agriculture tends to favor calories because they're easier. Hunter gatherers were protein constrained and died that way.
I explained all your dumb books in ways you are too dumb to get.
>Decadence = animal protein falls before calories
>GDP = Tourism
>Crime = Density
What next?

Considering Russian territories, resources, social and demograthic tendencies I think if revolution didn't happened Russian Empire would be world's greatest power
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It's big, but not big enough to be the world's greatest power.
File: belaruscath.jpg (2.57 MB, 3000x3525)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB JPG
The Soviets opposed "Great" Russian nationalism, and this was the reason why they supported Ukrainian and Belarusian nationalisms. In their narrative, these other "nations" had been suffering from the big bad Muscovite Russians as oppressed proletariat groups. This tied into the historical fact that Belarusians and Ukrainians, or more precisely, the actual people who made up those groups and had a regional identification other than a Polish or Lithuanian one, were mostly poor peasants, and they were historically ruled by wealthy Poles.

Also, the Soviets wanted to disarm any movement that could be used to articulate an anti-communist position. They warped these already fringe, cringy nationalisms into a new form. They co-oped useful idiots like Yanka Kupala and Vaclav Lastovsky to make this happen.

>It was very short lived
The effects certainly were not short lived. Once the reds used the nationalists, they shot them. But the damage was done. Identities had shifted. Homo Sovieticus had a new historical narrative about how the little people were liberated, and how the "workers of the world were uniting."

Internationalism looks more international when you have multiple "nations" within one workers' state. So it paid to create more "nations" for inclusion in the workers' state.
I fucking petrograders. The Czars where too fucking lenient. And the country was on a positive trajectory too...
The problem is that Russian capital was mostly foreign. And the bourgeoisie could never expropriate it, because to do so would contradict their legal property rights. That's why Lenin won, because he was the only one willing to go that far.
File: madeintheussr.jpg (186 KB, 1231x959)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
>This indigenization program halted pretty quickly, and was replaced with Russification.

Not Russification, but Sovietization. Russian language was known as "the language of Socialism" for a reason. Like all political constructs, it pays to have 1 language for everyone within.

What the Soviets did had nothing to do with Russification in the Russian Empire. Tsarist Russification sought 2 ends:
1. To suppress radical Polish and Lithuanian elements that wanted to revolt and break off and recreate the commonwealth (along with the western Russian lands they occupied for so long). The government did this by forcing them to use Cyrillic and by making all of the schools teach Russian.
2. To strengthen Russophilia/Russkost among the people we now call Ukrainians and Belarusians. This was done because of the language divergence that occurred due to Ukraine and Belarus being dominated by Poles for so long.


The weird part is, that the Soviets were both the biggest supporters of the nationalists, as well as being (according to the nationalists) the biggest antagonists. I think they call that "irony." Such is life when you're ruled by communists. They play both sides. The nationalists will never admit today of the Soviet contributions to their causes. It was pure Soviet pragmatism. 4d chess. The communists steered the nationalist movements of Ukrainophile Uniates, Ukrainophile progressives, vernacular Romanticist poets/folklorists, Polish szlachta "Belarusian" wannabes, and angry Belarusian Catholic minorities reacting to the return to Orthodoxy of the Uniates, so that they could first disarm them, and then weaponize them for communism.

Nobody understands this, and it's why the most ardent anti-communists among the Belarusian and Ukrainian nationalists, while I love them for their opposition to Marxism, are still lost and playing a fool's game. They do not have an authentic culture and identity because they believe in lies.

File: 1621512992608.jpg (60 KB, 750x745)
60 KB
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File: 1430612872428.jpg (233 KB, 1024x1024)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Every time I have asked for the source behind this image I have been ignored.
St Paul said that altough pagans dont know law, by acting acording to it, they show it is in their hurts. So virtue pagans not knowing religion can be saved. It also depends on local culture.
But enen if God can Save them, he also is in pain (sorrow) when sin is commited (like idolatory) , so he wants all people not knowing they true Father to return to him
>Does not follow
He followed though, that's why the priest is in eskimo land
Why do people not actually know about invincible ignorance? People who, through no fault of their own, haven’t heard the gospel could possibly attain salvation if they perfectly follow Natural Law, and through their own reason submit to God’s existence that which can be understood without revelation. But this is far far more difficult than accepting the gospel.
Priest is wrong

Both swords and spears were widely used throughout antiquity and the middle ages.
Why did certain armies prefer one over the other?
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Plenty of armies had spears as primary weapon and swords as secondary.
>Why did certain armies prefer one over the other?
Firstly, Such as?
Secondly, did they really?
I feel like this has to be analized on an individual basis.
File: 857097371_338982964.jpg (1.04 MB, 4077x2958)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Sword and spear both are two battle weapons, which are made of specific service. But when someone compares these two weapons, it becomes a bit tough to answer which one is better. In some circumstances, a sword might go well because of its shorter length and easy carrying design.

However, a spear is well known for its better reach and your opponent can be easily defeated even when he is riding on a horse. In this article, we will go through every possible point regarding sword and spear and will try to find out how one of them is better than the other one.
sword is superior metallurgically until you get to the more complex polearms and even then swords just kept going
Yes a good sword is solid metal with some stuff added. The long cutting edge must be designed properly and keep a consistent angle. Its material and heat treatment more important.

A spear is just a stick like a pike or has a small metal head and easier to produce. No heat treatment works as does a rapid heating and quenching. It pokes holes because it is a point and you have to be incompetent to mess up its function.

Spears have range, but are also large and hard to travel with and change direction in formation. Most common length swords are sidearms allowing for doing anything else with your hands until a weapon is needed, but still being readily available.

Armies often used both.
Axe heads and spear heads can be made in small forges more easily than long swords, and then be attached to readily available wood. Swords needed larger forges and more fuel and time to properly produce.

Why did Spanish America break into a million pieces, most of which were smaller than the viceroyalties, but Portuguese America remained united?
Brazil had a monarchy.
Moorberian shitskins can't build a functioning society.
Hispanoamerica was fragmented by revolution and a shitload of local warlords and aristocrats trying to gain/keep power.

Lusoamerica kept itself a little more stable through institutional governamental continuity and defeating local revolutions.

What was his problem? Was he a crypto-muslim? Was he corrupted by the remaining Sicilian muslims?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
He had relations with the Ayyubids before his crusade which is how he was able to gain Jerusalem through negotiation. Contrast this to him treating Outremer and Cyprus like shit. Just look at how he treated his wife Isabella the heiress of Jerusalem.
Because the people of Outremer were retarded opportunistic scumbags, the clergy themselves agreed that they themselves were responsible for the destruction of the Crusader States. It was a hub for the most greedy and troublesome noble families such as the Lusignans.
>opportunistic scumbags
literally just described Frederick
>What was his problem?
He was a King in a time when the Pope wanted to rule the world.
>was called the antichrist by his contemporaries

File: 20211022_231201.jpg (133 KB, 1080x454)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Are there any other countries that were never conquered?
19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Balkanoid shitflinging
>king of serbs because he conquered the serbs in 1377
except in which case he would have dubbed himself king of Serbia not SERBs delusional fucking retard
>Tvrtko also adopted the symbolic name Stephen in order to associate himself with the Nemanjić kings; his successors followed suit. Tvrtko, in fact, at times completely omitted his birth name and used only the honorific
literally a catholic croatian from croatian house of kotromanovic

he conquered serbs of hum, and later to justify his plans of conquering serbia he was legitimizing himself by association with nemanjic

you know all this, and yet you are here and you seethe
Tvrtko quite literally left out his own birth name in favor of Stephen such was the love for his Nemanjic lineage
>he conquered serbs of hum, and later to justify his plans of conquering serbia he was legitimizing himself by association with nemanjic
refuted by svetovid Tvrtko was the king of Serbs not Serbia
cope and seethe croach Kotromanici were a Serbian dynasty and Tvrtko the king of Serbs
>he loved us brooo he conquered us but he loved us so he is a serb lel he's a serb ok
time for bed turk bro

File: Vatican II.jpg (81 KB, 850x567)
81 KB
RIP the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church
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I don't like the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church, but what they mainly did was to bring church laity back to a 5th century level of understanding language, as though people still spoke and understood the same Latin used by the church at the time the Western Roman Empire was still extent, and even after that into the 6th and 7th centuries to varying and gradually diminishing extents, until the common population started to have too much trouble understanding the Latin of the church, the laity using the beginnings of modern languages instead. Why do modern ultra-traditionalist Roman Catholics not want to ultimately return to the early Christian tradition of understanding the language used in the church?
retarded revisionist reading. "Protestantization." sorry you don't get your gold thrones anymore and "based Christendom". that was never what it was about though.
I never claimed that. However bringing god to man is retarded, as it should be the other way around which is what the Catholic Church did for most of its history. I personally don’t like some cargo shorts wearing Protestant mega church americhud pastor
I think it's like, oh no I hate modernism(tm) and modernism is anything from when I was born onwards, so obviously ~20 yr old epic tradcaths spouting racial slurs want to go back to whatever they think is not-modernism(tm).
>RIP the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church
>Why yes, I am a youth searching for an identity who just so happened to have recently converted/'rediscovered' my faith. Why do you ask?

The Americans and British built 19 camps in west Germany to house captured German soldiers.

Was this brutal? Are the allies hypocrites? Redpill me.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Those Kr*uts deserved much worse.
Gonna sneed and cope? Dilate maybe?
Win the war yourself next time if you want revenge. Getting saved by big daddy murrica doesn't count.
Well, what else were they going to do with surrendering troops?

You can't let them go, or they're likely to return to the battlefield and fight you again. And you can't recruit them into your own army because they're likely to betray you as spies and saboteurs. And you can't just execute them, because that's a war crime.

Keeping prisoners of war incarcerated until the end of the war (or until they're ransomed back in a prisoner exchange) has been common practice since the middle ages.
Should have fire bombed the camps. Fuc the germans.

File: closer-hanzi.original.png (105 KB, 1020x646)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
>the dumbest writing system ever invented
>one of the most successful civilization
What gives?
107 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Are you retarded?
Chinese philosophy and its ethos is the foundation of Japanese culture, Korean culture, Vietnamese culture, and massively influential throughout the rest of South-East Asia.
They were one of the most successful civilizations at exporting their langauge, culture, and philosophies that ever existed.
They were the wealthiest place on the planet throughout all premodern history.
A massive influence, maybe, but those places do have their own cultures too.
No, he doesn't actually believe that. He believes that "culture" is handed down. You get it from someone else. Depending on what kind of retard is he'll either accept a handful of "culture making civilizations" or he'll argue that all culture ultimately comes from the Jews (who got it from Yahweh).

Digraphs are found in all writing systems and are a consequence of orthographic decisions, not alphabets as a class. There are dipthongs in abjads, abugidas, syllabaries, and even in logographic systems.

It works fine. It's also been updated constantly; Mao's Simplification reforms were just the most recent.
Are digraphs really found in all writing systems? What about Finnish or Esperanto? And I thought the standard forms were more or less constant from the Qin or so up until Mao, even if the style of the strokes varied.

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