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What if he had the chance to shoot Henry Clay and Hang John C Calhoun

What is your opinion of the german anti-nazi conspirators?
Genuine heroes who wanted to save Germany from Hitler or opportunists who wanted to take over control of the government in order to look good in the eyes of the Allies after Germany lost the war?
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What kind of fucking idiot would want to surrender his country to Bolsheviks and their Western allies who were terror-bombing civilians by the thousands and had made it very clear they wanted Germany's total annihilation? Fuck Stauffenberg and all those aristocratic assholes, they were traitors who got what they deserved.
>the minimum the plotters demanded was rightful German clay
>evil nazis wanted to murder everyone
>hundreds of thousands of eastern refugees end up in nazi germany
>most of them get deported at gunpoint by the freedom loving wallies
really makes me think
File: trumankek.jpg (156 KB, 878x867)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
you're implying the commies and their plutocratic allies cared about lives
yeah honestly the allies making peace in fall 1944 is the most retarded alt his stuff

the germans had way more chances of outright winning the war than that happening

File: Slavic_Europe.png (73 KB, 800x581)
73 KB
Who Slav'd Northern Greece? The Serbs and their """empire"""?
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Thank you
Holy shit I reported a few of the balkangypsy's posts but why did they all get deleted? Is he on some blacklist? I feel bad for him since I was on the receiving end of such actions, then again can't say he didn't deserve it.
The cities stayed latin much longer, they inly got slav'd after the slavs became a rural majority
The Balkans had been depopulated for centuries due to raids from earlier stages of the migration period by raiding Germanics and Sarmatians, when the Slavs made their big push south, there was resistance, but the countryside was empty so they just swept through without occupying many cities and barely reaching the sea in many cases. The Slavs would later be pushed out of Southern and Central Greece where they themselves were stretched incredibly thin, and others resettled in the north or further north in modern day Balkan Slavic countries.

Damn we’re really screwed
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>Even the boy who cried wolf was right once. The town decided to reach a conclusion on his cry based not on valid evidence and data, rather just on his trustworthiness from previous experience.
And they had an understandable reason for doing so. Apparently you don't understand the point of the story.
>And they had an understandable reason for doing so. Apparently you don't understand the point of the story.
No, you're fucking missing the point, dense, or trolling.
I am disputing the validity of the reasons. Especially when it comes to scientific matters, you dumb fuck.
It's lazy to say "yeah, I don't trust this guy. That's why his arguments are invalid."

Arguments stand on their own. We are arguing in an anonymous board, and if we were arguing there, and you were as cultish as redditors, you would check my history and claim because you don't agree with one of my opinions on a non-related matter, that renders my current argument invalid. You'd be using the same erroneous reasoning I am arguing against here and right now.
Apparently you disagree with your own statement.
>Those "experts" are human with their own ideological biases too. There are plenty of examples from the past of such experts being wrong. The smoking doctors of the 1960s are an example.
Of course you lacking reading comprehension if you can't even see the distinction, or you're just assuming I am sucking Dutton's cock like you're sucking the "consensus"'s cock which probably is just Plebbit headlines.
>Then you are admitting to refuse to engage with any argument just because you've submitted your independent thought to a higher authority that legitimizes itself. Those "experts" are human with their own ideological biases too. There are plenty of examples from the past of such experts being wrong. The smoking doctors of the 1960s are an example.
I don't take Dutton's word because he said it, like you take some "scientific consensus"'s word because they said it.
I look at the data, and look at the arguments. What you're arguing is "if anything seems novel, or outside your own biases, it is inherently untrustworthy and invalid." You submitted your biases to whatever authority puts stuff on the media or what that person who said something you like said.
I don't even agree completely with Dutton on all his points.

That's how fucking obtuse you are that you just project your allegiance to your authority as something I practice and try to grasp shit out of my words to fit your own biases of everyone having some authority they submit to. You're not different from any cults and religious systems.
>if anything seems novel, or outside your own biases, it is inherently untrustworthy and invalid
The Reddit mindframe

File: 1605221110280.jpg (261 KB, 1200x799)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
what led to the decline of Detroit in the late 20th century?
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Those places have two modes of living

1. Gentrified overclass domiciles unprecedented in their luxury

2. Africa with electricity
Economy based on auto manufacturing. Auto manufacturing and manufacturing in general leaves the US for Japan, South Korea, Mexico, China, etc. Whites and more well-off people leave city en masse. Only poorest blacks left. No jobs and no tax base to fund government and public services. City decays.
Unions got corrupt, the manufacturing went overseas, the workers moved away, and the ghettos took over. And the ghettos will continue to support their exploiters.

Detroit is in its golden age as we speak
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, the Dakotas, Montana, and Idaho are the places to be now. Beautiful land and few people.

Can anyone explain exactly why this is considered trash and was proved fake or schizo or whatever? Every time i've been to read this i see constant negative reviews saying "don't bother wasting your time everything in it has been proven false and retarded", "nice premise unfortunately the text is now defunct as everything has been proven false"

Recently i was watching a Muslim youtuber who discusses history and the end of times and the judgement day and he gave a list of book and reading recommendations and this was on there and sure enough in his comments straight away it said "Just a heads up bro that PEOZ was debunked years ago and proven to be false info"

Nobody ever elaborates on why it's worthless or what exactly was debunked from a historical standpoint.

Why are we supposed to ignore this text? What exactly is misinfo within it?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Doesn’t that give it more credence that Jews are so predictable that non-Jews could perfectly foresee the evil and malicious nature of international Judaism?
I mean if it was planned and penned by Jews that would be bad like mein kampf is bad.
But this is another level of evil because it was an outsider who wrote it and it all came true.
>Can anyone explain exactly why this is considered trash and was proved fake or schizo or whatever?
Unknown authors, plagiarism from sources that are deemed anti-Semitic.

>Why are we supposed to ignore this text?
No real reason.

>What exactly is misinfo within it?
It will make you "see things" in Jewish behavior and assume secret ulterior intent when it could be natural.
Because it’s provocative. It gets the people going
Ok, it has to be part of some sort of Jewish shilling campaign to try to popularise mispluralising “goy” and the use of “goyim” as a singular.
I’ve seen this too much.
Anon, it doesn't foresee anything. It's literally Nostradamus tier. You make vague, general statements "they'll make the economy bad", "they'll promote division" "they'll take away our culture", and you could apply it to anyone. About the only concrete claim of fact it made was the thing about the subway bombs, and whoops, that turned out to have no basis whatsoever.

So imagine this;
>blue skinned aliens land on germany
>they destroy an entire village with futuristic machineguns
>french embassy comes
>aliens claim to be mahdi (muslim second coming of christ)
>muslims from all across europe join the alien band
>they march into paris and talk to macron
>they kidnap him and he becomes an alien shill
>meanwhile another group goes into notre dame, sees mass and goes fucking apeshit, kills everyone
>frenchmen obviously pissed, chase the aliens out of the city
>macron tries to convince them to let the aliens rape them, gets shot
>emergency elections to replace macron, the aliens besiege paris with their army of muslims and a plague spreads trought the whole world and kills 2/3rds of the population
>aliens break into paris with alien weapons and burn historical documents, tear down the internet and start splitting earth amongst themselves
>reinforcements come, arrest the original aliens and begin to settle en-masse
>churches are burned across the globe, as the survivors of the plague convert to the alien religion

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>I'll try to get to these later, the coded law question in particular i'm interested in getting into, as typing up my answer is making me double check sources and learn new things
Yes it's been quite fun anon, I'm also quite busy atm so if the threads dies before I answer, I'll try and make a new thread with replying to you in the OP
you fail to adress my point, anon
File: 1601730615008.jpg (99 KB, 650x637)
99 KB
Fuck off.
It can only be that God was on their side. Catholic God, that is.
aaaaah, the black legend strikes aggain, keeptdrinking the anglo american kool aid pablo

File: 1e2.png (128 KB, 644x800)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
You have just been made the emperor of the Roman Empire in 117 AD. With your modern knowledge, what do you do?
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Thanks, fren!
The way I see it, the only economically productive parts of the empire were the green areas and even then, Greece only gets on there because it was so well developed already. Almost all of Gaul was better off outside of the empire because the tribes provided a shield for Italy against the Germans. If the Romans had merely seized the Mediterranean coast and kept the Gauls as living, breathing client states, they would have probably been safe against the Germans. A client state will always provide more soldiers than a province because the people of that state have a vested interest in continuing it. It's their state.
The only area of significance outside the Empire was Sumer and Akkad. Bringing them in the Empire would be good, but it mostly would be necessary to prevent a rival state from threatening the Empire.

It would be more beneficial to the people of Rome if the Roman army served less as a guard against a really indefensible border and more of a sort of special ops force which was used either to rush to the aid of a beleaguered client state like a strike force, or as a vengeful hammer to loot the fucking shit out of client states who went astray. This would have the added benefit of really ringing the last penny out of the client states. Better than taxation since you get to steal all the accumulated wealth from a living... well, uh, formerly living, breathing state than by simply taxing a province. Then you make his rival uncle's kid the new king.
This is mostly a myth.
Firstly, the educated classes tended to remain Pagan. Christianity made the greatest inroads among the lower classes, the slaves, and among women (who then indoctrinated their children. Very clever)
As for the whole persecution make people sad meme, this is Rome we're talking about.
But more than that, people are people. Brutally butchering millions and millions of people did not have the effect of toppling the communist regime in Russia or in China. It solidified it because people saw who the winning horse was and got on its wagon. ISIS was not defeated because they were too brutal. ISIS was only defeated by superior arms (maybe from lack of US funding but honestly, I do not buy that for reasons I can explain).

Another reason why I'd bring back client states is to stop the thing where soldiers traveled around the empire so often. With millions of soldiers traveling far from their homelands and native Gods, they lost connection with their ancestral religions and became susceptible to eastern mysticism. No, recruiting from everyone will not do. I'd try to keep the Legions mostly Italian. Using the rest of the Empire as a sort of Helot system so that Italia could focus on producing the finest warriors in history. Arrogant and haughty, sure of their own cultural superiority and without much influence from foreign troops, the poor of Italy who could not find work would not need a dole of bread. They could profit the empire rather than be a drain.
>"Be a soldier, lad(ius)! See the world! Meet lots of fascinating and exotic people and kill them!"
Highly based

Aid scientific development by implementing as much as possible

I imagine this backfires somehow because the culture isn’t ready for it and ends up prolonging the dark ages
File: Raman Empire.png (1.64 MB, 1806x1403)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
Sorry, I forgot the pic related
>Disband the praetorian guard and replace it with a few hundred elite bodyguards. Introduce a law that they will be decimated if the princeps is killed in violence, whatever the circumstance.
Wait, why wasn’t this done?

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 273x185)
8 KB
What is the best calculator for determining how much Yamnaya genetics you carry?
Is your hand bigger than your face?
If it is you have cancer
of ur tall brown haired/eyed and can drink milk ur yamnaya alright
Maybe ANE_k7 from Eurogenes
What the fuck?! I thought it was muh varg blue eyes blond hair were the only people who are tall and can drink milk..

File: emperor.jpg (875 KB, 1386x1700)
875 KB
875 KB JPG
How did the Greeks manage to avoid having their pre-Roman history completely overshadowed? The Eastern Roman Empire is completely irrelevant in modern popular culture, with most people only knowing the name of Julius Caesar and the standard design of a Roman soldier from the west. Greece, on the other hand, is known for the Iliad, Homer's Odyssey, the conflicts between Sparta and Athens, as well as the former's culture. The ERE, on the other hand, is rarely mentioned in media outside of niche strategy games, hasn't been the inspiration for any big properties, and would cause great confusion to the average person if you mentioned them. Think about the reactions you would get if you asked the average person if they knew who the Spartans were versus if they knew who the Byzantines were.

It's really interesting to me considering the longevity of the ERE.
Because since late middle ages people obessed with Classical Greece and Golden-Silver Republican-Imperial Rome. Even Hellenistic era is not that well studied, let alone ERE or late antiquity.
The likes and dislikes continued until to this day. People read Plutarch, not Theophanes, they read Cicero not Psellos and so on.

I think it has to do with European tastes, for the average uncivilized anglo saxon - german Rome was their civilization, thats it nothing more and Rome was influenced by Classical Greece first and foremost (so by Athens and not by Seleucids in Mesopotamia or Lysander in Macedonia, the only hellenistic exception is naturally Alexander). Late anitquity was meh, but furhermore ERE was "other" it did not belong to them and it never belonged to them To embrace ERE is like asking Europeans to embrace Ottoman heritage in Europe . It is the great other, if anything it should be rejected.

Methinks this carried on to englightenment etc era where Byzantines were seen as weird bureaucratic religious mess, you know, the memes that are even popular to this day. And in 19th century classics were still going storng, even Greeks glorified their Classical past over all other, destroying byzantine stuff to uncover Classical period.

The interest in ERE is quite new, I would say only in 20st century there began a true and geunine interest in the subject. But today I would say Byzantine Emprie is living its goldenage, tons of research centers, foundations etc are being opened, the public is far more interested in it. We cannot say the same to the classical age, it died in early 20st never to return back to its old glory.
>The Eastern Roman Empire is completely irrelevant in modern popular culture
Nah people know about Justinian and Heraclius due to him being tied up with the rise of islam. Alexios Komnenos is also somewhat well known

File: Death_of_andronic_I.png (347 KB, 463x464)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
>When Andronikos arrived he found that Isaac had been proclaimed emperor. The deposed emperor attempted to escape in a boat with his wife Agnes and his mistress, but they were captured. Angelos handed him over to the city mob and for three days he was exposed to their fury and resentment, remaining for that period tied to a post and beaten. His right hand was cut off, his teeth and hair were pulled out, one of his eyes was gouged out, and, among many other sufferings, boiling water was thrown in his face, punishment probably associated with his handsomeness and life of licentiousness. At last he was led to the Hippodrome of Constantinople and hung by his feet between two pillars. Two Latin soldiers competed as to whose sword would penetrate his body more deeply, and he was, according to the representation of his death, torn apart. He died on 12 September 1185.
Reminder that in the entire history of the Eastern Roman empire, Justinian was the only emperor to survive negative public opinion in the capital.
And he had to get the army to massacre hundreds of rioters in order to do it
There’s a reason it’s called the Nigga revolt
>He was thrown into prison and fettered with the kind of iron collar used for
wild beasts in the amphitheatre, then paraded before the new emperor, whose
courtiers slapped and kicked him, tore out his beard, knocked out his teeth and
shaved his head. Then his right hand, with which he had signed so many
warrants for execution, was cut off with an axe and he was sent back again into
his cell.
Some days later he was taken out again and delivered to the mob. One eye
was gouged out immediately; they left him the other, so that he could better
observe what was happening to him. He was mounted upon a mangy camel and,
in a parody of a triumphal procession, paraded through the Forum of
Constantinople, looking like the leafless and withered stump of an aged tree. His
head, from which the hair had been shaven and the beard plucked out, shone
before everyone balder than an egg, and his body was covered only with a few
rags. Persons of the lower sort came rushing from the taverns to have their sport
with him. Once they had hailed him as their saviour, and sworn loyalty to him.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Andronikos unironically did nothing wrong

Curious if we do, I'd love to hear all about it. Plaid patterns are supposed to denote regions/clans, right?
>Do we have any experts here
So it seems, sad.
I am not sure, and a little doubtful myself, that plaid patterns back during Hallstatt and La Tene Celtic times had necessarily anything to do with denoting one's clan affiliation, although it is possible. Perhaps patterns were simply patterns, or at least there may have been other forms of significance to the designs, rather than just clan or tribe ties. I think even ancient Germanic and Balto-Slavic tribesmen wore plaid patterns in clothing, at times, though these may have been much likely Celtic cultural exports.

Could had they saved Germany war effort, if the could have deployed? Let's say Germany had some of pic related Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte tanks, and that giant rail cannon too. What happens?
38 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
didn't know soviets were so based and REDpilled
>fucking kurds
>gayreek cyprus
fuck off retard
>electric powered piece of shit
no thanks
spoted the turk:)

File: Woodrow_Wilson.jpg (332 KB, 1200x1539)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
This is the most interesting period in American history for me. There were so many interesting figures and trends on both the national, state,and local levels.
For me its Wilson, but I would like to know more about other more state level politicians of the era.
2 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ah, Woodrow Wilson. The greatest president of the 20th century other than FDR.
For me, it's Hiram Johnson.
In Europe, statues of Wilson are erected by grateful populations. In America, statues of him are torn down. Really makes me think.
1880’s to 1920’s was a fascinating period.

File: 樂天者.png (11 KB, 596x245)
11 KB
So people say Japanese and Chinese can't get rid of characters and switch to a phonetic system 'cause there'd be too many homophones but if that's true how come people can understand each other when they talk? Plus Korean and Vietnamese already did it.
123 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.

Language not being a defined concept, no one even could. Though if you put a hillybilly from rural southern USA and some old villager from the north of England, they would not be able to speak to each other without either wrtiing stuff down or resorting to imitation of English they had heard in school or on TV.
Between the massive phonetic drifts in both and various grammatical shifts, it is fairly likely they would be mutually unintelligible.
>people would never accept a new spelling based on the same alphabet because it would just look like illiteracy/poor spelling to them
Absolutely retarded to think that this means those same people will accept an entirely new alphabet. Not to mention that the characters he's using aren't nearly distrinct enough and writing them out by hand would be hugely painful to do without creating illegible gibberish.
Once again, creator too autistic to create marketable idea.
the only people who hate on characters are retards who don't understand how useful they are. not only are they aesthetic as fuck, but allowed dozens of different "languages" to communicate with the same writings even up to today. its genius really. only stupid koreans have gotten rid of it and maybe in the future they will bring them back. and fuck the "simplified" characters mao brought in. taiwan, HK, and japan to this day have the based original characters. they always evolve but "original" as in not bastardized for no good reason by maos retardness.
File: Shinjitai.png (48 KB, 416x278)
48 KB
>and fuck the "simplified" characters mao brought in. taiwan, HK, and japan to this day have the based original characters.
Japan simplified its characters after WW2 for the same reason Mao has. They hit the same roadblock in the midst of it as well.
Insofar as they could, that's mainly because of shared vocabulary. A Japanese text that uses the characters only for kun'yomi is substantially more difficult for Chinese-speakers to get anything out of.

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