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"Sayyid" usually refer to a descendant of Muhammed. Why are there so many Sayyids in Iran and Iraq? Every other Shia cleric over there claims Muhammed as their ancestor. Muhammed and his tribe was Gulf Arabs, not Persians. It gets weirder in Pakistan and India where so many native Indic people claim to be Sayyids.
Is it all just a big larp? I know in Shia Islam, having Muhammed ancestry is quite valued for some reason.
polygamy for a thousand years causes genetic bottlenecks anon
Muhammed and his companions were also known for marrying within their tribe only.
Are you retarded?

File: russhit mongol.jpg (475 KB, 1124x598)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
>we wuzzz mongols an sheeeet
Why do Russian victims larp as their rapist?

Things jidf has failed to supply
1. An eviction before 2015
2. Archery origin outside steppe
3. Physical evidence for battle of Stalingrad
4. Nigerian oil at api over 35
5. A country rich without tourism
6. A suezmax port in North Korea

File: 1658627011839.jpg (121 KB, 1200x673)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Why do people here as well as the mods tolerate JWanon? She's more annoying than anything, she's not particularly intelligent or insightful. She has nothing to contribute to religion threads and generally just posts copypasta and JW propaganda. She has no actual interest in History or Humanities, she's here solely to proselytize her cult. The bot-like, canned responses are creepy. It would be fine if she just stayed in her own thread but no, she spams the entire board and ruins threads that have nothing to do with JWs. If she were permanently banned it would probably be good for her mental health.
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boo hoo
File: 287344_5785290.jpg (332 KB, 1680x1077)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
Terrible. Embarrassing. Terribly embarrassing.

/fit/ has a better OC content artist than /his/and they draw one comic a year specifically for New Years. Being outdone by /fit/ is just sad.
>he doesn't know who JWanon is
hey JWanon do you make drawing requests?


File: Paul.png (91 KB, 720x810)
91 KB
Why do Christians hate Jews when Paul was a Jew?

Acts 22:3
>I am verily a man which am a Jew, born in Tarsus, a city in Cilicia, yet brought up in this city at the feet of Gamaliel, and taught according to the perfect manner of the law of the fathers, and was zealous toward God, as ye all are this day.
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draw more tits
Paul was a false apostle
Because Paul and the apostles, not to mention Christ Messiah our God, we're persecuted by the jews. The jews also continue to try and harm Christianity and Christians around the world. They oppose the Truth that Christ is Lord, and therefore must be opposed in turn until they repent.
Internet Christians are schizophrenic. The beginning of the Old Testament is literally all about the Jews getting their holy land and killing the canittes and hivites and other natives for it and not good Christians think the Old Testament doesn’t matter even though it’s half their book and still hate Jews even though the whole bible is about them and references them lol. Durrrrr durrrr daaaa daaaaa
“I eat poop” <—— Not good Christians

Bad Christians hate Jews because of their beliefs even though again half of their book is literally the same exact book the Israelis get their beliefs from. They also take small bits of poop and put into inbetween their eyelids and open and close their eyes in quick succession

Any Christian that says “not da real Jews” in response, know that my last point still is true and not false. Drink some piss in a nice cristallo wine glass
Jewish law says to kill Christians in Palestine:

"that troublemakers have arisen among you and have led the people of their town astray, saying, “Let us go and worship other gods” (gods you have not known)[E.g. the Christian Jesus], 14 then you must inquire, probe and investigate it thoroughly. And if it is true and it has been proved that this detestable thing has been done among you, 15 you must certainly put to the sword all who live in that town. You must destroy it completely,[b] both its people and its livestock."

What is the origin of ANE? How Mixed Onge Han population invaded West Eurasia?
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looks central asian
File: 1592675810454.png (3 KB, 469x447)
3 KB
What I'd like to do, since ANE samples are so fucking old some are fossilized, what aboue EHG samples?
central asians have flat orbitals.
she looks North-West European or West Georgian.
theyve given up on trying to call EHG non-White.
They will eventually give up on ANE too, then they will shift to
>yeah well, Neanderthals were raping modern White women to create the Euromutt race

remind these monkeys what they are kek, it drives them insane to see healthy White people.
I know very well about their ways, the Y-DNA of their race looks like this. So no wonder they want to drag the whole world down to their pile of cuck-muttness, sad really. I'd rather talk with people that actually enjoy the topic and doesn't have some kind of agenda.

Muhammad encouraged Muslims to marry lolis
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Brah. All religions are completely made up. Atheists simply look at the world and see that we are just animals and there is no higher power. We are just a bunch of apes running around living our lives. Religous people are wasting their lives being super religous and wasting their energy on something that doesn't exist. Go live your life and quit being so worried about imaginary friends and get over it. Or keep praying for a God that will never help you and die thinking your going to paradise when in reality your just going to cease to exist.
Sounds a lot more fun then staying home and praying 5 times a day bc you think skydaddy is going to take you to heaven.
>all religions are made up
>atheism isn't made up
why is every religious belief made up, except yours? can you explain this to me?

If Cuba could do military expeditions as far as Africa and South America why didn’t they try to invade Haiti which was next door and a easy target?
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not to mention the fact that marines were regularly being deployed to haiti as is during their many coups
Operation Gladio took quite some instructors from former nazis, francoists, etc to instruct anti-communist paramilitary and guerillas
Because no countries in this world are free to make their own choices except England and USA
Id also be pissed if the US invaded my country like 3 times
Would you protest American embassies in France, Germany and Italy to retaliate?

Why did God allow THIS?
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Orthodox civilization ain't it.
Then why did the Orthodox love the Sons of Magog >>14009892

> Why did God allow THIS?

He saw the Byzies crumble into a civil war for 30 fucking years just after Manzikert, and then saw civil wars break out within that civil wars and just gave up.

Most of that land shown as Turkic is utter shit land.
The Greeks on the map hold the actually valuable land.

Still lost lol

File: Epic of Gilgamesh.jpg (24 KB, 353x444)
24 KB
Why is Epic of Gilgamesh such a good fucking story /his/? I was used to seeing older texts just describe things that happened without much care for the people, but Epic of Gilgamesh reads like an actual novel. We actually get to know Gilgamesh and Enkidu, even the Gods and follow them on their journey, get attached to them and learn from them. The first ever story that we know off of already has character development, dramatic irony, and even a description of existential crisis.

The themes introduced are still relevant to this day, fears of death, the death of the more animalistic side of humanity, loss of friendship... it's such a good piece of writing and it is earliest one that we know.
Were there possibly more stories that the Ancient Sumerians have written than we know about?
Has literature gone downhill ever since this?
>Why is Epic of Gilgamesh such a good fucking story /his/?
I devoted over a year of my graduate studies to the epic, and I concur. I believe it is so thematically and emotionally rich due to its obvious connections with the Akitu festival. I have long held a gut feeling that it was recited and acted out at the beginning of Akitu in major cities for some time, and that this made scribes pay great attention to its potential as a vehicle for generating strong responses in audiences and readers, to make the sacred festival more impactful for participants.
Shahnameh is the best historical epic.
>t. farroukh
No. I just feel like the tales and motifs exposed by those in Persian mythology particularly appeal to the human condition. It's no wonder Turks and others revered Persian culture so highly.
Is there a good version to read for initiates?

File: 4WsvrLS.png (186 KB, 402x397)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
The russian Streltsy famously used the bardiche as musket rests - did other european or asian cultures use polearms in a similar fashion? And how viable was the bardiche for that role?
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http://myarmoury com/talk/viewtopic.21256.html
Polish infantry from late 17th century used it, at least during Sobieski's reign.
File: Обоз.gif (40 KB, 611x440)
40 KB
I wonder why european powers never/rarely seem to use wall guns offensively. I would speculate that the europeans utilized more light artillery but I have no idea if the chinese used some comparable pieces as well.
>I meant more in terms of the logistical difficulties presented by the terrain.
Ahh I see. Like you've said it would probably help to supply your standing soldiers in a uniform fashion to ensure predictable capabilities.
>my guess is that using bardiche by Streltsy had more to do with their more varied mission profile and doctrine than Europe's musketeer found himself in.
That is definately the case. The Streltsy were a standing force directly on his payroll and fulfilled a multitude of roles (soldiers, police, firemen, etc.). I still don't think that the bardiche would be a prime weapon against cavalry, due to it being rather short and less so designed for the thrust (imo), which would be the primary foe. For those they had portable walls called Gulyay-gorod - similar to wagon forts but purpose built (pic rel).
Comparable units for the other european powers would be the various royal guards.
There are a multitude of steps a pikeman should be able to perform. Jacob de Gheyn II. famously made the illustrations for "Wapenhandelinghe van Roers, Musquetten ende Spiessen." (Weapon-handling of Calivers, Muskets, and Pikes). Here is a very good website that has all of the pictures as well as the accompanying text: https://wiktenauer.com/wiki/Jacob_de_Gheyn_II
While those steps seem easy one should remember that a pike is quite heavy, that they also have to keep a disciplined formation and that the pikemen were expected to perform other hands-on tasks as well.
But overall I would rate the pike a bit easier than a matchlock simply because the pikeman has no burning match he must tend to.
File: mwjb05xfwr781.jpg (361 KB, 989x1221)
361 KB
361 KB JPG

unironically better than most of Europes at the time
comically enough, Russia had a more modern army during the 1500s, an army that was basically a standing army and that often campaigned for 1000-2000km in one go, something other European armies, largely still either levied or mercenary, could only dream off

It is only in the late 1600s that Russia goes or rather stays to shit, while everyone else strides forwards in military matters.

Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels.

Why were none of them attractive?
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/fit/ begs to differ
File: 41rtwpO9McL.jpg (19 KB, 800x450)
19 KB
>R-r-rightist bros, those weren't just memes...
File: 1658140355462914.png (368 KB, 844x1022)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
I think the chart just shows that Antifa fags make the majority of the coomers and on average lie
Would someone who was having sex at least once a day watch pornography? That seems like a sign of sex addiction. Are there really that many sex addicts in the world?

russian art forms include their own distinct and extravagant iconography, vyaz calligraphy, golden age of romantic russian literature, pushkin, just off the top of my head I’m sure there’s more.

what have polacks ever created?
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so they had a couple authors no one ever read and one really great pianist. they never created anything unique. they never manifested anything original that someone looks at or hears and goes “yeah that is quintessentially polish art!”
File: 2013-08-04-14-42-24.jpg (563 KB, 2181x1471)
563 KB
563 KB JPG
>their own distinct and extravagant iconography
i think this is the most aesthetic of all christian icons and the poles claim it but did the poles actually make it?
A semi-functional state
Chopin was Prussian, cope and seethe about it

File: file.png (349 KB, 812x571)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
What was Cato the Younger's problem? why didn't he just accept the compromise
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1633856362878.jpg (19 KB, 600x384)
19 KB
some men accept compromise, others don't. There is not a correct answer to this problem. You simply deal with the consequences of your actions
Despite his pretensions of honor and principle, Cato was just as much as a power-grubbing shit head as the rest of the Optimates, and for him, his enmity to Caesar was greatly personal.
Cato was a strict Catonian, duh
>Cato was a strict Catonian, duh
Big if true

> why didn't he just accept the compromise

It was a long play that didn't play out.

People constantly point to Caesar during those acts but Pompey was nearly an equal threat, and Cato, unlike the other retards, understood this.

His goal was to undermine both Caesar and Pompey by prolonging their political whackamole during those months,

he did not expect Caesar to really invade, nor did he expect Pompey to flee Rome.

He was reported to have become very depressed already by the time he left Rome, in Greece he was sulking, and in Africa, even before Caesar even set foot on African soil, as he saw the optimate retards retarding around, especially Mettelus,

he declared the Republic dead,

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