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What are some examples of good dictators?
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That and the fact that Iraq went to shit because the US botched the occupation, which apparently means Saddam must be a good leader even though he dragged the country into multiple devastating wars.
>Lee Kuan Yew a dictator? Hardly. He was almost universally adored by the Singaporean people, there was never enough opposition to be relevant
Which is why calling him a good dictator makes perfect sense. He was an authoritarian leader who opposed democratic reforms, but unlike 99% of other such leaders he actually ran the country well.
Duplessis gave to his province. His authoritarian style of leadership in Quebec allowed the free market to develop Quebec and to industrialize it thanks to the inflows of American capital. He violently suppresed opposition but he gave net good results for Quebec despite the left's slandering.
File: download.jpg (7 KB, 193x262)
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How is my nigga Park Chung-hee not listed here yet
You know the drill

File: gigachad.jpg (56 KB, 1068x601)
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>Most Serene Republic
It's a pretty dope name for your country. Always made me really want to see Venice at the peak of its prosperity and influence. Was probably a gilded city of decadence.
neither most nor serene nor a republic

File: Africa.png (161 KB, 800x800)
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161 KB PNG
We are all of common origin and ancestry from Western or Central Africa.
This is scientific fact.

File: war.jpg (1.1 MB, 3466x2606)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
Who was the greatest warrior of the 20th Century?
Dzhokhar Dudayev
Mustafa Kemal
Che Guevara

Did blacks and coloureds vote for it? They even won a majority in the cape

>inb4 jannies delete this again
1994 was 28 years ago and 28>24. Learn your math
There was other parties during Apartheid that got seats.
So why did whites who voted for the anti-apartheid DA suddenly flip to the party they always hated?
I assume its former conservative voters.
They had over half the votes national party got in 1989
Whites are cucks, it took non whites in America to push for segregation and whites are fighting back to stay integrated.

Thoughts on Christian Universalism? Can everyone be saved or is that unbiblical?
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>I cry sometimes when I think about it.
cuck lol

part of the enjoyment in heaven is seeing bad people burn
If postmillennialism is true it's possible the "whole world" will be saved in general before the second coming, and possibly the number of saved souls during the final stretch could outnumber the damned overall in the history of humanity
I don't think so, I think we'll be too busy enjoying spending time with Jesus and our loved ones to want to think about anyone in hell. That is, if anyone;s even left in hell by then. I think annihilation might have something to it. Sill not certain on my verdict on it yet but Im continuing to study and pray for wisdom so I can learn what i can.
God hates sinners. He commanded His chosen people to annihilate them.

>And you shall not walk in the statutes of the nation which I am casting out before you; for they commit all these things, and therefore I abhor them.
That's a very optimistic look at it. Revelations does mention a massive multitude of saints numberless like sands in the ocean being with Jesus at his victory.

You know, Dirk, you might be the only tripfag I've ever met who says anything intelligent or insightful, I respect you.

File: unknown-60.png (2.43 MB, 1200x1491)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB PNG
We could do it again...Ameribros..
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you can't even run websites
You couldn't even do it once...Ameribro
nah you ran out of German scientists to do the work for you
Euro cope.
> paperclip is a conspiracy

Would the USA integrating Cuba as a state after the Spanish American war been a good idea in retrospect?

Even if they held a referendum after 10 years of it being a “territory” I think they’d have voted yes

Cuba today would be pretty prosperous, no?
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diagnosis: stage 4 GDP brain (terminal)
>ethnic Cubans
Is this like a "purebred mongrel"?
Like someone who lived in Cuba prior to the UISA integrating Cuba as a state after the Spanish-American War, in this scenario.
Probably not, the thing you have to remember is that for a territory to become a state it has to not only approve itself of being a state, but also get congressional approval for becoming a state which didn't exist for congress especially at the time, and who knows what sort of rebellions would pop up if the US attempted to annex cuba outright
Cubans vote Republican more than White Catholics like the Irish, Italians or Polish Americans.

Why do the Americans suck British dick and help them constantly when their whole identity is based on rebelling against them?

Even had Presidents meet with the British monarch, just seems weird
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Anglo is a cultural identity, and they will always stand together.
Anglos fought amongst themselves all the time throughout history. It's only since the 19th century that Anglo Sphere solidarity became a thing.
the american revolution was very civil as far as revolutions go
American grievances against the British during the Revolution were economic (British monopoly on trade with the colonies, importation) and economic (taxes). They had shared cultural values, customs, and etc... The American Revolution ended most of these issues as American took a distinctly liberal bent, getting rid of nobility, embracing much more democracy than Parliament did, and limited federal government to protect individual rights and state's rights. Any further issues were basically ended after 1812 (when the issues of press gangs for the Royal Navy stopped becoming an issue).

The British, for their part, figured after losing the American Revolutionary War that they only wanted the colonies as a trade partner and a market for their goods. The British Caribbean holdings (esp Jamaica) and India were especially valuable. The sugar plantations in Jamaica produced more revenue than the original 13 colonies. This meant the British, who post-Napoleon pursued a policy of neutrality and maintaining a continental balance of power, just wanted trade (whether its with the US, former enemy France, China... any market they could open up and exploit). Unlike the Americans, the British at the time didn't consider the loss of the American colonies a big loss - after all, this meant they didn't have to worry about Indian raids, or an unruly and untaxable populace. Even the War of 1812 was a sideshow to the Russian Invasion by Napoleon of 1812 and in 1815, when the War of 1812 ended, the bigger show was still Waterloo and the 100 Days.

The Americans, under Washington who proclaimed neutrality, and Monroe, who proclaimed the Monroe Doctrine, also sought to be a middle man in world affairs content with manifest destiny and avoiding conflict with European powers (some exceptions like post-Civil War to bully France out of Mexico). Eventually Americans identified much more British on capitalism, democracy, free trade, and such as opposed to fascism/communism.
The revolution was like a second or third civil war among anglos. It happened again during the American Civil War. British supporters created an entire country called Canada just to rebel against Americans. The American Revolution was the most British thing they could do.

File: images (9) (3).jpg (65 KB, 492x624)
65 KB
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being surrounded by chinese people i think
Cannibalism and starvation
China is poorer than Greece. Don't pretend it has found some sort of secret economic formula besides having a massive population.
Anything the government wants to do that is not justifiable with Marxism

What is the theological explanation for vile/bizarre fetishes? How do I cure myself of something harmful.
File: Aten sun disk.jpg (31 KB, 800x450)
31 KB
Stare into the light of Aten long enough and all your perverse desire for visual stimuli will simply fade away. You will never be tempted by porn again.
Ask God to remove it from you

File: 1630147023713.png (87 KB, 480x480)
87 KB
If the majority of a nation's voters vote to abolish democracy is that democracy?
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no that's a plebiscatory dictatorship like Napoleon III
But if the state justifies its legetemacy by the people and rules as per the wishes of the people, it can stay a democracy. Just because republics have been found to be the best "democratic" organisation doesnt mean that all docracries have to be republics.
voting doesn't make something a democracy by default my poo color skinned friend
Not sure
The same way suicide is free will

Is there any evidence in the Egyptian historical record, or other records, of Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea and defeating Pharaoh and his army?
38 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
the translation may be legit, but this is a horrible source, obviously apologetic.
I'm working on a translation.

I've got a Negev Alphabet to Modern Hebrew conversion chart.

Will post if I find anything.
Shit .meme
One stele has a single word that vaguely could be interpreted as Israel, this means that the Egyptians were very afraid of the very relevant Israelites so they decided to abandon their morals and slaughter the children of the Israelites before YHWH nothin personneled the entire Egyptian pantheon
>decided to abandon their morals
Egyptians were actually fine with killing their enemies' children, they also ritually murdered captives in the Temple of Amun. You should read the Book of Overthrowing Apophis.

File: Chimp War.png (35 KB, 295x533)
35 KB
Could Hugh have pulled it off with better logistics?
They didn't have the numbers to produce enough feces ammunition.

File: islamic-golden-age.jpg (232 KB, 1360x1360)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
is the islamic golden age a real thing at all? to me it just sounds like a bunch of arabs trying to steal a bunch of stuff persians were already doing all along even before islam, and try to pass it as their own
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>hurr durr muslims were influenced by greeks so it doesn't count
>persians were already doing all along even before islam
File: mudslime5.jpg (284 KB, 1054x720)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
>it doesn't count
Damn right it doesnt count, look at majority islamic countries in MENA , cant even grow their own food let alone contemplate complex scientific and mathematical concepts while all the nations west east and north have all maintained, continued and expanded on all the knowledge accumulated. Knowledge was collected by the caliphs and other powerful men to show off their own power, wealth and authority, not to benefit the people, even the ottomans who were considered advanced only made these advancements on the back of non-islamic sciences and the moment they tried to change that into turk centric reform it fell into debt and collapsed.

Islam cannot and will not sustain itself without parasitism, may it be a individual or as a nation, they have to perpetually depend on other culture for anything other than procreation, that in itself is no rare thing, most humans depend on things, but muslims actively denigrate those who they copy, partially adopt to their own ends then ultimately forget it due to their own ignorance or trust in the ignorance of their religious leaders.

Even coming here and arguing your shitty pro muslim points is against your religion because its a ignorant vice invented to keep you as a slave to a dogma, not to some god and it continues ignorance as a rule for everything outside of its dogmatic structure.

The websites that speak ill of the religion of Allah and of His Messenger (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) are no different from the gatherings where people say similar things that constitute kufr. In both cases it is haraam to stay in such gatherings and it is haraam to visit such websites, except for one who will object to what they do and is able to put a stop to these offences. If he is not able to do that, and those people carry on with what they are doing, then it is not permissible to remain in that gathering and it is not permissible to visit those websites.
>all this schizo babble
All knowledge is built off the back of previous ones. The Greeks themselves for example were influenced by ancient Middle Easteners. Muslims were the only people that cared about the wisdom of the Greeks unlike Euros hence why they translated so much. Plenty of original stuff came out of it as well hence why guys like Al Khwarizmi ans Al-Haytham are considered the father of algebra and optics.

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