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How closely related are Southern and Northern Europeans?
As much or as little related as the current regime's wants them to be. It's all a bunch of propaganda either way.

Whenever NE regimes want to claim the prestige of ancient Greece and Rome, they will happily push the narrative of Western civilization. Otherwise some Aryan neo-pagan regime will reject any relation and reduce the Greeks and Romans to an inferior other.

Christians believe that all people are descended from Noah after the flood, and were divided into different tribes/nations at the tower of Babel.
File: 1504984905148.jpg (139 KB, 736x953)
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139 KB JPG
There are genetic, religious and cultural bounds but despite that, we've our differences
This close.
fuck off, there's an objectively true answer
Who has more to gain? I get the impression it's more Meds pushing for closeness than the other way around.

File: 3196.jpg (78 KB, 250x365)
78 KB
That dude influenced Ghandi. How based is that?


> Seljuk
> Khwarazmian
Turkic Mamluk
> Ilkhanate
> Timurids
> Aq Qoyonlu
> Safavids
> Afsharid
> Zand

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To be fair, he was the descendant of multiple royal families of Persians, Greeks, Byzantines, and other Caucasus peoples like Georgians and Circassians and on top of that his oldest known ancestor was the last grand master of the Sufis and he never lost a single battle until Chaldiran.
>This guy had a God complex
He unironically had to larp as a God to win favor from the Qizilbash.
> Italian traveler Pyotro De Lavali, who learned Turkish after staying in the Ottoman shah‟s palace for a long period of time, and who wrote his memories from a time when he was in the Shah‟s presence. He wrote: “The Shah asked whether we knew Turkish or not, and they answered him that I spoke it very well. That is because I had been speaking it with them for that whole day. Thus, after sitting in his own seat, the shah looked at me cheerfully and said as they say in Turkish, „Khosh galdi, safa galdi‟ (welcome).” He gave other information throughout his writings about the shah speaking in Turkish.

> De Lavali sent a letter on December 18th, 1617 from the city of Isfahan to his friend Mario Eskipanoya, writing about the Turkish language: “Generally in Iran they speak Turkish more than they speak Persian, especially among the palace residents and among high-ranking people... Iranians speak this language not because they value it over Persian, but because the entire army is made up of Kizilbash Turks. The shahs‟ assistants in various tribes speak Turkish and do not know Persian. That‟s why Turkish is spoken not only by the amirs in relation to the army, but even by the shah himself in order to announce his thoughts, as he spends much of his time among them. For that reason this language has been diffused among all of those in the palace, among women and others.”

Very interesting how important Turkish was in the Safavid period.
> Another interesting fact is in the writings of a traveler named Engelbert Kampfer, who came to Iran for scribe work in 1684. In his own travelogue, he wrote about the wide use of Turkish language: “The language that is used in the palace of Iran is the mother tongue of the Safavid dynasty, and this language is different from the ordinary people‟s language in the country. The Turkish language has been esteemed by high-ranking people from the palace and in the homes of respected people, therefore such a situation has come to pass that anyone wishing to earn the shah‟s respect speaks in that language. Today this has progressed to such a level that if a person who is of any worth doesn‟t know Turkish, it is considered a shame for him.” He also wrote in another place about the Turkish language: “Turkish is easier than all the eastern languages. That‟s because the declension of words (morphology) and grammatical structure is easy. Turkish words have their own majesty and their harmony has a pleasant effect on the ear, which are the reasons why this language is the spoken language in the castle of this kingdom.”

> The Safavid padishahs, messengers, and governors spoke Turkish as an official language, and they wrote many orders, contracts and official letters in Turkish. Several examples of this are Shah Tahmasib I‟s letters about Shahzada Salima Bayazid, letters sent from Shah Abbas I to Osmanli Farhad, and two Turkish letters sent by Shah Safi I to Mikhail Romanov and Shah Abbas II to the governor of Shirvan Manuchehra. Four more letters that were written in Turkish and sent from Mahammadrza bay, the vizier of Shah Soltan Huseyn, who was among the last padishahs of the Safavid dynasty, to the Ambassador of France are still kept in the archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France. The 1539 contract between the Ottoman Empire and “Kasri Shirin” serves as an example of a contract in Turkish.

>The Kennedy administration had been aware of the coup planning,[4] but Cable 243 from the United States Department of State to U.S. Ambassador to South Vietnam Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., stated that it was U.S. policy[5] not to try to stop it. Lucien Conein, the Central Intelligence Agency's liaison between the U.S. Embassy and the coup planners, told them that the U.S. would not intervene to stop it. Conein also provided funds to the coup leaders.[6]
Fuck JFK
t. republic of vietnam cuck

File: DbWpOZbX0AAo8ZR.jpg (14 KB, 1200x720)
14 KB
- First season - the longest one. Relatively depressing, but kind of original against the background of everything that was produced in those years by the other studios (there was no sequel for a long time);
- Season Two - a relatively fun sequel, better than the original (epic, but sad ending);
- A small spin-off / special issue (pass-through material);
- Third season - absolute masterpiece! The pinnacle of the studio’s creativity (one trouble - small number of episodes);
- Fourth season - after the season 3, the studio split into two parts. Therefore, two independent series of varying degrees of canonicity came out at the same time;
- Fifth season - one of the studies went bankrupt and was absorbed by the other. The season is entirely based on the canon of the survived studio, but uses some of the experience of the absorbed. In general - the franchise has rolled down. It's not the same anymore

Forever young
I want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever?
Forever, and ever…
are you hammerd OP? or high?

File: BritishPassch.jpg (90 KB, 700x308)
90 KB
>watching documentary on Passchendaele
>get emotional watching all the men march to their deaths
Whyd we slaughter each other...Its so pointless, all those young men.
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File: life is brutal.jpg (170 KB, 1125x1065)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
>Whyd we slaughter each other...Its so pointless, all those young men.

Welcome to reality you naive man.
File: warmsoymilk.jpg (60 KB, 600x600)
60 KB
>*smacks lips*
>ah, that's better
>you're so naive, life's unfair young man
>don't question it
>just lube up
Arguably, it tied some german divisions with defending Rzhev and ,meanwhile operation Uranus got started.
But yeah, essentially they were very close.
Post body

File: Romance languages.png (97 KB, 2100x1525)
97 KB
Why did the vast majority of Romance languages lose their cases, and literally all of them move from the SOV word order of Latin to SVO word order today? Only relatively isolated cases like Romanian maintained a case system, but it seems especially odd that basic word order would so universally flip around like that, despite huge geographic distances and various degrees of isolation.
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welcome to the New Word Order
>ask the lawyer faggots as they control the language and styles
have like 14 style guides just for modern day bullshit
That isn't word order. Every single language on the planet has adjectives needing to go infront or behind what they modify. Word or shows what is the subject, verb or object. Almost all languages are either SVO or SOV.
Gaelic is usually VSO. Wonder why?
Latin had no definite articles though, fuck that
There's a general tendency in Indo-European languages to lose their case system, and this is evident in all major language families. Slavic languages seem to be the closest to the Proto-Indo-European case system, but then again, Bulgarian and Macedonian have basically completely lost their case systems.

File: 9525100-3x2-700x467.jpg (47 KB, 700x467)
47 KB
Riddle me this, Christfags of /his/, if God is real, then how come I don't have a Persian gf?
Check and mate.
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you don't deserve one.
Wow, judge much? What happened to judge not lest ye be judged. You don't even know me bro. You just sinned. Wow. Oh man.
How are Iranian girls on average? (If this question is meaningful at all) How does their behavior differ from Arab girls?
gypsies are hot until they give birth to their 4th child at 18
They're not dumb. They like sweets and jewelery, but not obsessively. It's cute. Probably the most loyal of all species of Muslim too, though I can't say for sure

File: Jasmine.jpg (37 KB, 355x606)
37 KB
Did this happen elsewhere in history? I read this about a Muslim princess marrying a Christian man.

King Fruela II of Asturias had a Muslim wife, Urraca, daughter of the Banu Qasi governor of Tudela.
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No it isn’t
Boy that would be nice
>The couple filed for divorce on November 17, 2004 (one day after their fifth wedding anniversary) in Las Vegas, Nevada, citing "incompatibility in marriage."[16] According to Johnson, Al Khalifa had plunged heavily into the Las Vegas nightlife, subsequently leading to an estrangement. The couple had been considering divorce since 2001.[15]
which is another way of saying she cheated.
Its what happens when trad girls get a taste of the real world.

Shame that the love story had a bittersweet ending.

A-hem... FUCK the Kingdom of Aragon!

That is all.
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t. Stavros Kalimeros
you shouldn't have murdered the man who saved your kingdom from the Turks
t.Afonso V of Portugal
God damn, this place sounded magical.
Read this, it won't sound so magical

>never seen in the same room together
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File: oliver hutt.jpg (473 KB, 1024x747)
473 KB
473 KB JPG

1. neither hitler nor stalin were from the country they led, hitler was austrian while stalin was georgian. a move made by the crown to muddle all traces.

2. in fact both their ethnicities raised concern at the time too, many called hitler a bohemian while stalin was particularly described as a georgian and not russian.

3. hitler and stalin never once interacted with eachother in all the years they were leading, even after their pact of friendship.

4. the third reich and the soviet union, two states which disliked and propagandized against one another, as well as backed opposite sides in the spanish civil war, signed a non aggression pact out of nowhere only to break it just the following year.

5. hitler's death even today is questioned and the only source are soviet authorities in the service of joseph stalin. on his part stalin provided little to no information outside of claims that the body was somehow almost completely cremated and lost when hitler's bunker couldn't have had the supplies for that.
later theorists turned their eyes to argentina, a country britain went to war with... in 1982.

6. nobody knows how stalin died, the only source being nikita krushchev, a known anti-stalinist provocateur. the claim of a cerebral hemmorage, which has been debunked numerous times, was highly unusual and shocking for the time.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 00.png (38 KB, 657x527)
38 KB
File: 1562442361498.jpg (61 KB, 1200x947)
61 KB

File: moriori.jpg (3.62 MB, 3005x2320)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB JPG
> originated from Māori settlers from the New Zealand mainland around the year 1500
>a prominent pacifist culture emerged
>In 1835 some displaced Ngāti Mutunga and Ngāti Tama, from the Taranaki region, but living in Wellington, invaded the Chathams. On 19 November 1835, the brig Lord Rodney, a hijacked[31] European ship, arrived carrying 500 Māori (men, women and children) with guns, clubs and axes, and loaded with 78 tonnes of potatoes for planting, followed by another load, by the same ship, of 400 more Māori on 5 December 1835
>the invaders killed a 12-year-old girl and hung her flesh on posts
>Despite knowing of the Māori predilection for warfare, and despite the admonition by some of the elder chiefs that the principle of Nunuku was not appropriate now, two chiefs — Tapata and Torea — declared that "the law of Nunuku was not a strategy for survival, to be varied as conditions changed; it was a moral imperative
>A Moriori survivor recalled : "[The Māori] commenced to kill us like sheep.... [We] were terrified, fled to the bush, concealed ourselves in holes underground, and in any place to escape our enemies. It was of no avail; we were discovered and killed – men, women and children indiscriminately
>A Māori conqueror explained, "We took possession... in accordance with our customs and we caught all the people. Not one escaped....." [35] The invaders ritually killed some 10% of the population, a ritual that included staking out women and children on the beach and leaving them to die in great pain over several days.
>During the following enslavement the Māori invaders forbade the speaking of the Moriori language. They forced Moriori to desecrate their sacred sites by urinating and defecating on them.[36] Moriori were forbidden to marry Moriori or Māori, or to have children with each other
>We took possession... in accordance with our customs and we caught all the people. Not one escaped.....
And now they cry about the evil Brits. I wish Europeans actually exterminated some of these primitives, there would be less problems today.

File: neetsche.jpg (48 KB, 474x528)
48 KB
>"oh woe is us, God is dead. and we killed him"
>*lives in a country which is actively religious
Atheism was on the rise back then you know.

File: images (3).jpg (13 KB, 225x225)
13 KB
We were kings and such.
Lily-white Egyptians is as dumb as jet-black Pyramiggers, they were a delicious shade of light mocha brown and were largely unaffected by even Alexander's conquest.
that's because the kings were white not the whole egyptian population
Hello King!
ptolemaic egypt is mere blimp in the grand scale of ancient egypt history
same with the twenty-fifth dynasty.

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