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The fatal wounding of Jimmie Lee Jackson by an Alabama state trooper on February 18, 1965 prompted the Selma-Montgomery marches. Jackson's death deprived his family of its main breadwinner. James Bevel, director of the Selma voting rights movement for SCLC, called for a march to the state capital to demand an explanation out of governor George Wallace, whom they wanted to protect black voting rights. Martin Luther King agreed with the plan, but the protestors were let down when learning he would not be there in person. Wallace said the march was a danger to public safety and he would take all necessary measures to stop it.

On March 7, "Bloody Sunday", a crowd of demonstrators numbering est. 600 marched on Highway 80, including future Congressman John Lewis and Rev. Hosea Williams. At the Edmund Pettis Bridge, a wall of police were waiting for them. County sheriff Jim Clark had ordered all white men age 21 and up in Dallas County to deputize. Officer John Cloud told the marchers to disband and go home ASAP. Rev. Williams tried to negotiate but Cloud informed him that there was nothing to debate. The troopers attacked and began beating the marchers and spraying them with tear gas.

Images of the street battle made national and international news. Amelia Boynton, one of the main organizers, was beaten unconscious. Photos of her lying on the ground were widely published. A 14 year old girl named Lynda Lowery was brutally beaten and had to get a total of 35 stitches on her head and face. John Lewis suffered a fractured skull and permanent scars.

President Lyndon Johnson condemned the violence and announced his support for a voting rights act within the current week, though it ultimately took until March 15.
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They really are the weakest link
t. guy who's typing this as his mom is in the room across from him being railed by her black bvll
let's not turn this into a shit flinging match jamal, you know your caretakers said to stop
Ok redditor
T. converted to judaism.

Why do we know more history about da joos than the Ancient Persians, Assyrians and Babylonians?
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>"Jews, luckily, did not suffer this same fate."
>Their holy dress is 19th century Baltic clothing
Nice strategy, kike. You're only a jew if you act like one. Keep your hands off the children.
"Azeri" is basically a name that the Soviets came up with for turkified Parsians.
I'm Azeri, and most of us consider ourselves Persians. Most of us don't view Turkic "legacy" positively. A lot of us are genuinely happy with that retarded language dying out. Persia/Iranshahr is undeniably culturally superior to Turkey, Israel, and Arabic countries.
A lot of us like to think we descend from Tats.
Wut. Half of my family is from Tabriz and I went there with my parents every year until they retired and moved back to Iran. I can definitely confirm what you said is not true. To begin with, most of them want to be called Turk instead of Azeri. Half of the city spoke Persian and Turkish a century ago (according to sources from that era) and now it's all Turkish, meaning that Persian died out in the city, and I blame that fat Qajar prince who became a major in Tabriz, he fucked up the whole city for Russia's sake because he was protected by them. The separatism in Azerbaijan is very noticable. Sometimes in Tabriz you'll be told to speak Turkish or get out, and the stadium becomes a warzone whenever there's a match. In the last 20 years, there's been an increase in separatism in Azerbaijan due to Turkey and RoA spending billions on propaganda, US sanctions, US spending billions on separatism, local corruption and mismanagement, and the religious policies (Iranians are protesting against the mullahs by becoming more secular and Western).

RoA is very hateful and negative towards Iran due to the Russian policies in the 19th and 20th centuries. In RoA, they don't mention Iran in their school books, sometimes they erase the name Iran from their maps, their media and news are always bashing Iranian history, Iranian kings from Turkic families or of Turkic origin are presented as Azerbaijani kings rather than Iranian kings, all khaganates are presented as Azerbaijani khaganates, and so on. They get mad at you when they hear you speak in Persian or any other Iranian language in front of them, it's actually so bad that it's not worth doing it due to the backlash.

I hate the separatism, it's such a foreign-made concept from Europe. For me all of Iran is sacred. It's sad to see Iranians falling for the Western propaganda and nation-state meme.

File: 20211022_133142.jpg (3.17 MB, 4032x3024)
3.17 MB
3.17 MB JPG
Why the FUCK does the Bible have a book on Erotic poetry?

Its even about lovers not married couples.
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Yes thats why there are 40 threads talking about Bible verses at the same time, those damn atheists
The prudish aspect of Christianity surprisingly comes from the Greeks. People often don’t realise this. Christianity requires that both male and female show sexual restraint. Something which ancient Greeks believed in. Jews and Arabs believed only females should show sexual restraint, which is why Islam permits lots of wives and concubines for men unlike Christianity.
It's a marriage procession. It's a traditional poem sung at ancient Jewish wedding celebrations that was later seen as representative of the love between God and his people and later betweem Christ and his church (who was represented as a bridegroom at several points in the NT).
it is about a married couple though? they start out as lovers, but they don't get down to "business" so to speak until they get married, iirc. it is actually fairly romantic, though it does use some weird imagery, like comparing teeth to sheep wool.
File: 56424.jpg (32 KB, 343x482)
32 KB
Because God of the bible created sex, making us male and female. God made Eve for Adam, causing Adam to fall into a deep sleep and removing his rib. Using the rib God formed Eve, and called her woman, for she was formed from the womb of man.

Believe it or not, God was telling us about mankind's way to salvation even in this story. That Jesus would fall into a deep sleep and be pierced at his side, water and blood would gush out, and both man and woman would be baptized into One Body. Forming perfected man, who would be called the church. The church would become a perfect chaste virgin who would marry Christ Jesus, be cleansed of sin by the blood, and would become one with Christ, the same way a man leaves his natural mother and father and becomes one with his bride.

File: 505px-Napoleon_-_2.jpg (70 KB, 505x721)
70 KB
Its not fair bros...
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It's a shame Antoine de Phélippeaux died so early. They were arch-rivals at the Ecole and continued to then actually fight later. Would have been a kino rivalry
He had to have status to fit into the structure.
>Their invaders
He was their liberator

I'm back I kept digging and I found this under a pile of very old rock fence (cercas) I think it used to be a room before, there's a lot of little fences in square formations that have fallen down, they used to be tall and used as walls for old homes.

I washed it and it has a hole on the top for water to come out. It also makes this weird popping noise for like 1min everytime I put water in it, I think there's something inside on the bump at the top, what do you think it is??

>I live in a valley in Guanajuato Mexico and there are these small hills where the ground is covered in broken pottery. You can dig about 1-2feet and find even more but after that it's white soil/clay. Anyone know the approximate age of this stuff? Some of it is glazed and some is black in the middle when you break it.
It looks like the top for a gourd, I'm going back tomorrow to dig deeper I only managed to dig about 2ft because it's mostly big loose rocks
The top has a weird bump above the hole, like there's something inside it.

Could it be jumping beans?
I bought some a while ago and it makes the same sound, how long can those things live though? I know they're worms inside a seed that move when you get them wet or in direct sunlight
It has 2 holes above the big one, it looks like an outlet lol

Also the top stinks, it made my eyes water, like a very chemically smell

What's the full list of groups of people killed in the holocaust? This list of camp uniform markings seems to imply that Jehovah's witnesses were killed for some reason. Who else was targeted? What do they mean by "emigrants" in pic related? All foreign people? All non-white foreign people?
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You'd think they would be more common then what with all the survivors. It must have been a limited edition camp pass they did
>jewish JWs
literally why
JWs are NOT Christians
>Unlike any other human, Jesus lived in heaven as a spirit person before he was born on earth. (John 8:23) He was God’s first creation, and he helped in the creation of all other things. He is the only one created directly by Jehovah and is therefore appropriately called God’s “only-begotten” Son
lmao, I thought they were nuts but this is mormon-tier shit
>What do they mean by "emigrants" in pic related?
The article on concentration camp badges on Wikipedia claims following
>Blue triangle - foreign forced laborers and emigrants. This category included apatrides, Spanish refugees from Francoist Spain, whose citizenship was revoked and emigrants to countries which were occupied by Nazi Germany or were under German sphere of influence.

File: 1634884966755.jpg (196 KB, 800x672)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
I'm not even joking
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Yeah. I'm sure she is anon. Is she also in the room with us right now?
>mom you don't get it! I can't get a job! I need to protect my pure flock from those evil gentiles teying to tax my church! No I won't get psychiatric help! Praise the God of Israel who hates fags and sorcerers!
>randomly blurting out that you have a wife and kids unasked
Yeah ok lol
Seething. Has creeping on girls in mass gotten you your trad waifu yet, christlarps?
I don't creep on them thats why i don't have any haha
I need to go back to church man

Why did japanese soldiers in ww2 LARP as samurai when their own government destroyed the samurai 60 years earlier?
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Yes I will have an ethnostate
Whites are rapidly becoming white nationalists but keep coping
Revering samurai virtues is not the same thing as restoring the samurai to power. Surely you can understand the difference?
It’s not LARPing when they’re the real thing dipshit
That’s like saying Congolese are just larping as Africans
>Samurai still technically exist in Japan today
No they don't. Samurai FAMILIES still exist because Japanese are very good with documenting family lineages. But they aren't samurai. That status was permanently revoked more than a century ago. Their ancestors were samurai, but they are not.

File: 1581987650557.jpg (150 KB, 1080x1266)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
What was the best way to act if you were arrested by the NKVD?
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Kill them. They cannot arrest you if they are dead.
Directly implicate a chekist by name in your confession
Like Molotov's wife?
File: 1631880693006.jpg (69 KB, 800x700)
69 KB
>we're out of anti-tank grenades
>are you out of faith in Soviet victory too?

File: 1627598192526.jpg (14 KB, 194x259)
14 KB
why do atheists always try and push the meme that all religion does is cause war, genocide and violence in general? atheist states like the USSR and nazi germany killed more people in decades than religion has in all of human existence
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Well I think that it would have to really depend on the context. If I was fully convinced of course I'll do whatever God wants, I don't want the world to be destroyed. But if there is some doubt, I'm probably not going out to kill my relatives.
See a doctor, retard
I did. Physically there is nothing wrong with me.
Whether you are concerned about me hearing voices or peeing blood, both are things that have happened once, years ago and not since. The most likely cause for the blood was a kidney stone getting loose.
If someone today showed you miracles, you'd think he was a satanist too.
Jesus was quoting isahia left and right!
But nowadays yeah probably

File: Talmud.jpg (85 KB, 640x448)
85 KB
Why don't Christians value traditions like Jews do the Talmud and Muslims do the hadith?
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Rabbinical tradition is a medieval thing though. Christian tradition goes back the earliest.
Catholics aren't Christians.
it's just chinese whispers
Catholics are counted as Christians in every single religious census. If they weren't then Christianity would be a really tiny religion compared to Islam.
Because the talmud is racist.

File: hqdefault.jpg (55 KB, 480x360)
55 KB
I'm actually starting to think the Abrahamic God is real but people often make category errors when attempting to describe him because they take the personifications of him too literally. It seems the Abrahamic God is the totality of the human psyche expressed by the means of both human culture and also through metaphysics/language games that give a sense of purpose to both complex social relationships (i.e. society) and to the plurality of objects in the universe (cosmology) that are inextricably intertwined with one another and tied together through the use of language, hence why Jewish, Christian, and Muslim ethics depend of their respective metaphysics, and vice versa, all of this being an outgrowth of our own personal psychologies into a collective whole from a shared evolutionary history. I mean think about it, when you see Jews or Muslims or even Christians praying, they often sway back and forth or preform a series of ritualistic movements, this allows them to get into a kind of meditative state which has been shown to have actual psychological benefits. Of course it's not just the Abrahamic religions that have tapped into this, other cultures have too, so in a way the Abrahamic God is just western cultures conceptualization of this. But it does seem to be real in some weirdly pragmatic and transcendental sense beyond the ordinary physical world. It's as if culture is weirdly real in a different way from how we usually understand real. I mean if it is a product of evolution, it has to be real in some sense right? Evolution is an objective thing with objective ends that develop as a result of environmental pressures. I don't know, I am having a tough time explaining it and probably didn't even explain it properly but does anyone get a sense of what I'm saying?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Read Maimonides.
I hope you don't mean evolution as in religious people are evolving into a new species? It kinda sounds like that is the evolution you are talking about towards the end.

Anyways, The biblical God is not about that at all, He is about describing the state of man at certain periods of time and prophesying through men where we are headed. That is how you should read the bible.

when you read it that way you see that men have gone through periods of change according to God's will, not according to man's will. It man had their way, God would have destroyed us a long time ago :)
File: hqdefault.jpg (17 KB, 480x360)
17 KB
Not OP, but why?
Don't listen to that guy, he just spams read mamonides every thread.

File: UkraineYodelStar.png (905 KB, 980x806)
905 KB
905 KB PNG
>Nazis thought that the Nordid phenotype was a good racial stock
>Nazis thought that Slavs like Ukrainians were subhuman and of bad racial stock

Well which one is it, you can't have both.
28 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>trannies existed in nazi germany too
huh, who'd a thunk it.
South Slavs are devoid of Turkish and East Asian DNA, the only reason why many of them look somewhat "Mediterranean" is that Slavic paternal lineages all but annihilated native lineages in Southeastern Europe and Eastern Italy while sparing and intermarrying with the women. Since you're French, you should pay actual attention to your women since they're being bred by North Africans, SSA, and Arabs by the literal millions, peak delusions.
neither slavs nor mena are the offspring of asian males.
>Nazis thought that Slavs like Ukrainians were subhuman and of bad racial stock
Except they never said this and Slav isn't a race. But lying about it makes pol look better lmao
Slavs are an ethnolinguistic group, which implies genetic and language relations.

File: 1634858628586.png (521 KB, 875x522)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
Have either the Russian Orthodox Church or the Soviet government made official statements regarding the two's relationships? After the revolution the soviets were pretty hostile to the Church until Stalin brought it back.
Has either one explained their seemingly contradictory relationship?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
basically the same that the Russian Orthodox Church has always had with the Russian state, an arm of it.
File: newmartyrs.jpg (131 KB, 550x692)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>After the revolution the soviets were pretty hostile to the Church until Stalin brought it back.
First as the "Living Church" a schismatic parallel structure. Commie church. Ended up dying out.

Then the ROC basically promised not to be openly hostile to the commies.

The ROC today acknowledges Stalinist and Leninist persecutions.
>the government was run by trots like Molotov and Beria
Lenin appointed both and was a trot
Molotov was expansionist
Beria was autistic
Both trots
The ROC was in survival mode, and the Soviets were also in survival mode during WW2 and realized that class struggle was a shit narrative that no reasonable person was willing to die for, so they tolerated the existence of the church.

File: 1621451069777.jpg (625 KB, 2048x1458)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
Which country/culture treated slaves the best, and which the worst? Does becoming slaves and being transported away improved some people situation over being free in they own country?
42 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
The Greeks granted their Slaves some rights, something we would call "right to bodily integrity", "family rights", or "right to live" today.
But I would say it´s all about how you end up, a Greek slave working as a teacher for a Roman patrician family would have a much more comfortable live than some Roman freemen, if however you ended in some mine it didn´t matter where you were.
Something the Greeks and Romans never did was castrate their Slaves for "civil service", run around their own territory kidnapping children to brainwash and whatnot, so I would say they treated them "best".
>Does becoming slaves and being transported away improved some people situation over being free in they own country?
Of course it does. Every nigger in the Americas has the option to move back to Africa. None of them do. Why not? Because they are currently in an improved situation vs. being in Africa. Being the descent of an African Slave brought to the USA was like winning the nigger lottery.
That's Count of Monte Cristo, dumbass.
Still. Im currently reading otoyomegatari and their love woth islamic culture is something else.
that's one manga written on the subject specifically because of how obscure the region is in Japan.

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