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Is there a hierarchy among humans?
Are some people just naturally better than others?
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No, is literally a social construct, though it doesn't mean it doesn't exist currently (Social darwinism).
Only one hierarchy matters - Power. The J2 Rothschilds are on top and you're on bottom goy.
I mean overall. I know guys who are good looking and good at everything they do.
>I mean overall
well i'd really like to know what that means more precisely.
because so far the only 'overall' hierarchy proposed that didn't crumble down in a few decades was Christianity, where it is measured by a template of a perfect human being.
other than that, it's really difficult to know what being 'overall' better means.
but sure, there are people who seem to have it all. but if they have it all, they don't have it all. struggle makes good men.

They got conquered in like 2 weeks. Lol French cant fight for shit. There is no more of a JUST moment in history.
Says the german american from fucking Iowa or some shit
Lol and now they are getting conquered by Africans/Middle easterners and the French just sit there and let it happen LMAO. They even elected a damn Rothschilds banker as their president
He’s a Brazilian still assblasted from today
I'm British.

File: 1565926325420.jpg (29 KB, 760x486)
29 KB
I'm of PURE Lebanese Phoenician heritage. Don't EVER compare us to these shitskin mudslime subhuman fith, the fact half of our nation is occupied by these rodents DOESN'T change the fact the only TRUE Lebanese is a GRECO-ROMAN-PHOENICIAN Eastern Mediterranean White and proud Catholic Maronite

There are no Lebanese that follow the pedophile shitskin death cult of Pisslam, the only Mudshits currently occupying Lebanon are all Pally, Syrian and Iranian shitskins who massively invaded us in the last century and now dare to call themselves "Lebanese" just to spit on us.

Lebanon, alongside the Jewish Nation of Israel, are the last two bastions of WESTERN CIVILIZATION in an ocean of islamic crapskin barbarism, and I swear by Christ, by the end of this century, we will reconquista the ragheads and push them back to Syria, to Iran, or Saudi Arabia, or even better, to the Mediterranean.

Here's what the TRUE Lebanese look like:

Shitskins and Mudslimes are just the breed of the Pally, Syrian and Iranian invaders who now dare to call themselves Lebanese just to spit on us.
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File: 116055-004-AA260E26.jpg (25 KB, 536x450)
25 KB
Great argument. I'm now 100% convinced of the Bible's authenticity.

>getting trolled by somebody larping as a christian fundamentalist on the internet

The only way to win is not to play
the truth is, some people just do not care about teaching some pizza-eating onions-drinking nobody how to correctly understand the nature of theism.
Not an atheist and it doesn't surprise me that retarded Christcucks don't enjoy pizza.
First, read this:

1. https://www.iep.utm.edu/brainvat/
2. https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/skepticism-content-externalism/
3. http://campuspress.yale.edu/keithderose/how-can-we-know/
4. https://stanford.library.sydney.edu.au/archives/win2011/entries/brain-vat/

Second, read that:

1. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613092/a-quantum-experiment-suggests-theres-no-such-thing-as-objective-reality/

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File: hqdefault (2).jpg (43 KB, 480x360)
43 KB
In this video, I count down the top 5 best Tzars of Mother Russia.


File: 640px-MALI_empire_map.png (89 KB, 640x403)
89 KB
Why was west africa never able to recover itself from the fall of the mali and songhai empire? What led to the region continious dawnfall after the 15th century and was there a posibility of that high level of development after its original fall, or was west africa going to be plagued by tribal kingdoms with no cetral goverment for its entire future?
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Everywhere they go through
All the hoes dey be sellin dem off to
Everywhere they flow through
Mansa musa and his gang they be poppin dem thangs
But they recovered. It's less shitty now than it was back under the empire, when they sold millions of slaves to the Muslims.
Shit geographical situation combined with fucking up at the worst possible time.
The change of importance of desert trade routes versus sea routes plus unironically slavery, but not in the way you would believe. Slavery being more profitable benefited warlike societies focused on warring and predating each other for captives. No golden age material there.

File: vargsad.png (16 KB, 603x196)
16 KB
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They'll put him in a real prison full of Pakis this time if he spergs out.
tolkien is real
File: 1562693326703.png (693 KB, 537x538)
693 KB
693 KB PNG
>I hope people who disagree with me die
He sounds like an edgy teenager.
File: 1536002776477.jpg (290 KB, 1280x1080)
290 KB
290 KB JPG

File: Lepidusprofile.jpg (114 KB, 919x614)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
And what of good Lepidus?
The position of high priest and a villa in Circeo.
Lepidus truly was the Venusaur of the Triumvirate

File: nazipig.png (291 KB, 700x490)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
>haha "morality"? Might is right, life is an eternal struggle for existence and survival
>wait dude what are you doing are you bombing cities full of women and children oh my God are your soldiers committing rape no stop that's EVIL!
What did fascist countries mean by this?
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>can only refute with a pic of 6/10 women

Imagine having taste as shit as you.
>he thinks he has to follow the rules he sets
Meme. Just moralfag when it benefits you and do fucked up shit when you can get away with it, it's how everyone does it. Principles are for subhumans and there is literally nothing wrong with setting double standards.
File: commie rats.jpg (72 KB, 800x505)
72 KB
>receives material and economic help from the world's biggest powers and still takes 3 years to beat a country ten times smaller than them fighting against the whole world
>still manages to lose 20 millions (probably more) soldiers in the process
What did commies mean by that?
If the soviets oppressed eastern Europe the United States holocausted the global south.

File: 1530911808679.jpg (36 KB, 353x524)
36 KB
Are there any practicing Buddhists here? I'd like to hear how you came to practice Buddhism and how it has affected your life.
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explain your question
anatta is not the same semitic concept of soul
in buddhism you develop your self to achieve nibbana you can say once you achieve enlightenment you get a "soul"
How is reincarnation possible without a soul?

Why did these three and many other Greek philosophers reject Indo-European paganism?
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Not that anon, but do you even know how Ancient history works? One guy says something and everyone later uses the same guy as his source. Furthermore the Greeks themselves did not start historiography with the myths. Only the Trojan War.
First post in the thread bud
Imagine actually believing this.
File: 1565667095295.jpg (58 KB, 373x600)
58 KB
Came to post this.
Loving every laugh. All this pseud cope from you, it's phenomenal.

Why do we hate Prussia and love Austria, again?
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>Germany and Austria both Germans

Say that again to any of our faces IRL and we (Austria and Germany respectively) will stab a motherfucker, i.e. you in this case.
>Say that again to any of our faces IRL

This is a pretty common belief in Austria and Germany. It only stopped being the default around 1950. Ethnically you're both German. Ethnically Swiss Germans are German. It's just stupid to claim this isn't the case.
You’d be very low intelligence to do that since Germans near the border with Austrians are identical to Austrians in every way but still identify as German and no one has a problem with that, so Austrians are German.

He's not really German, he's an Englishman living in Ireland who wants to LARP as an ancient Celtic Gael.

So a Pole on /pol/ told me that in Poland, they divide Jews into two groups, regular Jews, and “polacy wyznania mojzeszowego“ (which roughly means “Pole of Moses faith” or something) and that Polish anti-semites really hate the former, but generally avoid targeting the latter because they aren’t even seen as Jews.

And can Polefags and Polanboos explain to me what exactly polacy wyznania mojzeszowego is and why they’re considered different from other Jews?

Here’s the obligatory little Jewish girl for Dixiefags and pregnancy fetishists to latch onto for replies.
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Carl is Jewish?
it was civ nat shit in an attempt to assimilate the jews
t. a Pole

What does Islam have to do with this?


Is this an old concept or a fairly new one?
I believe the concept was growing along with rise of polish nationalism led by Roman Dmowski. He became quite antisemitic after jews said that even though poles granted them safety, they won't support independent Poland because it's bad for business.
Those Jews he hated the most, but some jewish people got assimilated, the only ones who proclaimed themselves as jews more than poles were orthodoxes and they were in minority.
Writers I read reported that jewish kids didn't have jewish identity,they were Poles,they believed in same God, just different 'wyznanie'.
It changed because of Hitler, they were afraid, they learned to stick together and not trust anybody else.
It's safe to assume that throughout the ages there's some number of Poles who have jewish ancestry, those are jews that absolutely blended into polish society

File: Heraclitus-300x265.jpg (21 KB, 300x265)
21 KB
people who have died weird deaths
Your mum died of suffocating on men!
Rimush, son of Sargon, who died when a cylinder seal fell on him.
there was a story where a kid's little brother basically drowned in it after a long rain but I forgot the name.

Was there any point in history where children were sent to the dirty work of adults?
67 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
You know it's the prefered anime of this image board right?
In any case no, it's not shit, the scenario is S-tier.
Well maybe the Anglos shouldn’t have kept treaty-breaking on him
>I thought it was a 100% veteran unit?

Nah, that's only the Old Guard.
The Young Guard (the one mentioned in that text) is made of relatively new soldiers.
I find it weird that they filled it with literal teenagers, but I guess by 1814 they didn't have much choice regarding manpowers.
They probably took the best ones among the young recruits and put them in the Guard.
File: 1555698677276.jpg (7 KB, 219x239)
7 KB
Are you implying that the Russian hordes that invaded France in 1814 were somehow washen?
The religion of peace everyone!

can it ever take a break
take a break from what?

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