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File: proxy-image-102.jpg (16 KB, 414x232)
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Why is abortion wrong? No religious answers please
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Humans declaring that other humans arbitrarily aren't humans never goes well in history.
>people in a coma are not people. nor are the actual retarded and "vegetables"

It's wrong if done for the purpose of reducing population or a particular type of population, or if the baby is already conscious.
Otherwise it's okay.
>why is 2+2=4?
>because god said so, see peepeepoopoo 420:69
File: abortion.png (522 KB, 828x616)
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522 KB PNG
Legally murdering millions of children is a surefire way of destroying your civilisation.

Bible endorses marital rape

> For the wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does. Likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does. 5 Do not deprive one another, except perhaps by agreement for a limited time, that you may devote yourselves to prayer; but then come together again, so that Satan may not tempt you because of your lack of self-control; 1 Corinthians 7:4
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coming from an anti theist with no acts of charity
>And why were the non-virgin women killed? You couldn’t integrate those women?
No. They were unable to pair bond with the conqueror at that point.
>marital rape
Shitlibs genuinely cannot conceive of the possibility of a normal, happy marriage and still tell themselves they're the good guys.
A normal happy marriage does not involve rape
>reads book written from the bronze age to the classical antiquity
>its a tad bit morally dated
no shit

File: gervais_suffer.jpg (16 KB, 256x256)
16 KB
Has Pascal's Wager been refuted yet? It seems to me rejecting Christ is just doubling down on a choice between suffering forever and not existing.
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>another episode of retarded pseud doesnt know what words mean

it's pretty consistent, but it's not perfect:
Pascal's wager confirms it is better to follow a religion than to be irreligious, but it does not say WHAT religion you should follow. That is its biggest limit.

Also, the wager is not weighted: There are religions so bad you could decide to not follow it despite the minimum chance of it being true.
There's not a lot of options that aren't completely retarded.
It implies the probability of Christianity is near 50% or significant at all. In reality if there’s a 99.99999 repeating chance that it’s false, it’s a waste of life to be a Christian
>accept that Pascal's wager exists and convert to Catholicism like Pascal wanted
>it turns out that the real religion is actually Sunni Islam and you go to hell for being a polytheist
thank you Pascal, very cool!

Everyday I curse god that the Engl*shman dost not remain under the French yoke.
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File: Henry VI of England.jpg (197 KB, 801x1024)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
I propose Love Day
England should have dominion over all of humanity
What happened to them?
They conquered a bunch of people and became a minority among swarthy Occitans, Alsatians and Bretons
this but unironically

File: file.png (640 KB, 767x455)
640 KB
640 KB PNG
>be you
>count otto von whateverburg
>be a loyal vassal to the king with a long line of ancestors all swearing fealty to the then king
>hear of the news that a count 4 days north of your realm has fashioned himself a duke
>whatever, i swore fealty to the king
>receive missive from said duke
>he's apparently your new liege
>the king just broke your mutual oath and gave you away to his new duke vassal
>tfw you had 0 input
>tfw fuck the feudal system
>tfw fuck the law
why is ck3 like this
>>the king just broke your mutual oath and gave you away to his new duke vassal
>>tfw you had 0 input
Well you did a German name and this was actually pretty common in the German Kingdom. Men would be rewarded at times with titular titles which temporarily free them from their previous overlord but aren't 'real' duchies, they were therefore inferior to the actual Dukes like of Saxony and Bavaria socially but they were legal equals and therefore did not (technically) need to provide services or be treated as an inferior to their former overlord. These were temporary arrangements that only lasted until the mans death however.
i mean those are titles that pass back to the king after death

did this happen irl tho? i thought not right?
>be count and swear fealty to the king as your liege
>suddenly the king transfers you to be the vassal of some duke without your input
>i mean those are titles that pass back to the king after death
They generally cease to exist. They were titular, and were regarded as 'fake'. It was really only a legal distinction.
>>suddenly the king transfers you to be the vassal of some duke without your input
This is completely within the Kings right. Especially if you weren't considered a vassal, the first time a person in the German Kingdom was ever, in writing, considered a 'feudal' dependant was the Privilegium Minus in 1156. They generally held to the pretension that these were not vassals but rather agents of the King acting on his behalf, and so technically couldn't complain if he fucked with them how he wanted. This of course wasn't really done unless to person being treated to it was the loser of a conflict since despite not being a vassal, the Dukes were also in charge of a large army and in control of a huge amount of land.

But this situation wouldn't make any sense anyway. The Kings did not want to give away dependents to others, that would decrease their own power base and increase another's at their expense.
>But this situation wouldn't make any sense anyway.
thank u for validating my feelings

Can someone help me make sense of the linguistic history of this region? Where did these languages come from and when did they spread to where they are now? Which ones are related?
Ket (and other Yenisieian languages) come from the south, Mongolia at least, probably even around xinjiang/Kyrgyzstan/Pamirs

Sakhas were Turcs displaced by the mongols around the 13th-14th century who in turn displace the Evenk

File: Nenets.jpg (52 KB, 750x593)
52 KB
>lets go live in that lifeless and hostile wasteland
What causes this?
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Mental retardation.
the indomitable human spirit
You wouldn't get it
The Faustian Spirit
File: fingoliadream.jpg (77 KB, 794x582)
77 KB
Those aren’t eskimos, idiot
Eskimos are hunter gatherers, they don’t herd reindeer

OP pic is Nemets, ancient cousins of the Finns

File: commie.jpg (91 KB, 660x350)
91 KB
Will communism die out in the west and thrive in East Asia basically like how Buddhism did?
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A reminder that China was the world leader in dismantling communism. They got rid of that shit already in 1978; they had only one gommie ruler and called it quits.
That's an Abrahamic way of thinking.
I don't understand what you are babbling about. The Chinese didn't either, vide above
File: Types_of_trees_3.png (760 KB, 854x640)
760 KB
760 KB PNG
If you're talking about implementing some impractical and ideal utopian society immediately without any regards to actual real-world conditions, then we agree. The problem is, you assume Marxism just promotes some arbitrary "ideal" system like Mao Zedong in 1976 which we should go out and create and the more you follow Mao Zedong in 1976 like he's Jesus Christ, then the more communist you are, or that it's some list of checkboxes that are required to meet to be "true" communists. But that's a caricature and not an accurate representation.

It's better to start with the idea that solving problems is fundamentally limited based on the level of productivity at a given period of time, or may be limited even further by a political superstructure that holds back productivity, so it's the task of communists to take control of the political superstructure and make sure it's not holding back productivity, and to rigorously and "scientifically" analyze their current material conditions and decide what policies would best serve to encourage human societal development. That pretty much sums up the CCP's worldview, because they're communists.

I would get annoyed and I don't expect you to understand any of this, but maybe this is educational for someone.
wait for donald third term then include putin

File: OIP (15).jpg (26 KB, 474x395)
26 KB
>If then the Prophecies that concerned the Apostolic age were given for the conversion of the men of that age to the truth and for the establishment of their faith, and if it was their duty to search diligently into those Prophecies : why should we not think that the Prophecies which concern the latter times into which we are fallen were in like manner intended for us to use, such that in the midst of Apostacies we might be able to discern the truth and be established in the faith in the truth, and consequently that it is also our duty to search with all diligence into these Prophecies. And If God was so angry with the Jews for not searching more diligently into the Prophecies which He had given them to know Christ by: why should we think He will excuse us for not searching into the Prophecies which He has given us to know Antichrist by? For certainly it must be as dangerous and as easy an error for Christians to adhere to Antichrist as it was for the Jews to reject Christ. And therefore, it is as much our duty to endeavor to know Antichrist that we might resist him, as it was theirs to know Christ that they might follow him.

-Issac Newton

File: Mishkan5_big.jpg (468 KB, 1600x2400)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
Unironically how does this make sense?
This area was the literal home of G-d, and would kill anybody who entered. How did the soldiers even get in there to break it down without being smote first?
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Yhwh is the alternative name for El. The OT just sort of mixed European and Akkadian legends together.
God btfo'd them to make clear the end of the old covenant and the beginning of the new
File: Guardian_Angel_1900.jpg (1.36 MB, 1215x1800)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
File: CUmSqKYWwAErGEq[1].jpg (301 KB, 1544x830)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
Mesopotamian gods did it first
God is the priest to his own temple?

File: 03.jpg (66 KB, 789x541)
66 KB
How do I learn about art history?
Start by watching Civilisation: A Personal View by Kenneth Clark (all episode are on youtube) as a start and go from there.
Read Vasari, Wolflinn, Greenberg and the Vienna school mah nigga

File: file.png (72 KB, 228x221)
72 KB
Why did medieval princes hate their parents so much as to kill thousands to have them deposed?
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I think its a mistake to see princes as the driving forces in such rebellions, it's usually a case of "local nobles think the king is incompetent or a cruel tyrant or what have you, want a new one, find a relative willing to endorse this position" (whether through greed if unlikely to just inherit naturally, or from thinking the king is doomed and looking after himself)
File: images (65).jpg (34 KB, 625x491)
34 KB
Mr Lionheart himself
Europe started to get better about it. A really big reason is because they weren't guaranteed the kingdom, and it was liable to be split, given to another brother, invaded, weakend, so Princes were worried they wouldn't have a kingdom to inherit. The French Monarchy fixes this problem by crowning their heirs before monarchs died, and had a pretty good succession of very few sons but still directly from father to son, so the Dauphin was never really questioned whether he would get the crown, but say England, where succession was more brutal and had a history of bastards, lower sons, and splitting of land on succession, add in some classic family rivalry and you get the idea.
Patricide is a natural behavior found in many species, the new replacing the old
Dad won't give me real power
Therefore I must take real power or I might never get it.
(nearly) all of Henry II's sons. William the Conqueror's sons.

File: Nitro_Wallpaper_5000x2813.jpg (3.5 MB, 5000x2813)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB JPG
I'm sick and tired of waking up with the shakes. First it started out due to me drinking because I could not get my hands on any other drug. Yes, I am a junkie, but I lean towards hallucinogenics instead of addictive stuff. You name any hallucinogen and I've probably done it; from Thujone to DMT.
I'm tired of being dependent on alcohol; even when I was in Korea for vacation, I could not stop drinking.
I am asking for advice. Should I stick to drugs, but stay away from alcohol or should I cut everything cold turkey? Just to let you know, I have access to psych's now.

Which paleolithic MENA archeological industry was the source of west proto-caucasoids?
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What's Aterian?
Archeological Industry
Iberomaurusians were said to be Caucasoid before DNA evidence proved that they were mulattoes.

>As far as population affinities are concerned, Taforalt is Caucasoid and closely resembles late Pleistocene Europeans, Sudanese Nubia is Negroid, and Afalou exhibits an intermediate status.

File: (Toulouse).jpg (103 KB, 800x987)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
If they killed him why put his son as emperor?
The assassin's were disorganized and his son was able to rally his supporters and outmanoeuvre them.

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