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>England had no castles hence Normans conquered easily
But England had plenty of burgs, fortified towns, how come they didn't offer any resistance?
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This is the most pedantic argument ever. OK then, by the "modern international legal term" of genocide, William the Conquerer would definitely be charged with genocide, which means he committed genocide.
Fact: the Irish starving during a natural famine is a genocide by the British

Fact: Cromwell killing rebel Irish soldiers who sided with the king on the opposite side of a war is a genocide

Fact: William killing hundreds of thousands of rebellious English in the north was not a genocide
I don't know what argument you're trying to make here. Losing to some rebels and then deciding to kill literally everyone to win is genocide, yes, because I guarantee he would not have done that in Normandy.
What reason would you have to defend willhelm the conqueror?
Catholic larpery?

He's being ironic

What are some examples of successful colonies that present at least a decent moral counterargument to the 'anti-colonial' paradigm that's rife in today's historiographies?
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Probably Korea, loathe as modern Koreans maybe to admit it. Japan basically exported their model, and a lot of the SK business elite got their start in the Japanese era. Doesn't mean Japan didn't do morally wrong, but it's worth acknowledging the agency of both colonizer and colonized. I understand you're probably reacting to how fashionable anticolonialism and anti-whitey sentiment is at the moment
Colonialism is leftwing, liberals are silly and support nato.
But obviously successful colonies would be the British commonwealth, eastern hunter gatherer imperialism and r1a imperialism.

Latin america is poor.
Most people on latin america make between $200-300 a month or so.
Is there anything that can be done or is latin america doomed?
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watch them fund right wing paramilitary death squads with illegal gunrunning money
watch them overthrow democratic leaders to destroy labour laws and favor US fruit companies
watch them corrupt entire governments to move drugs out, guns in and take all the profit
Because china like I said
yes, moving the goalpost away from whatever some talking head paid by the people fucking south america has fabricated
honestly? there isn't. Unless you were to dismantle their entire legal systems and political dogmas to build something 100% new on its place. Chile kinda did, and they were well on their way to escape the middle income trap, but seems like they'll be dragged back down again.
The most harmful thing mutts have done to LatAm is nothing really direct, but more that due to being a giant and we'll, existing, LatAm elites can afford to be forever complacent since they're "safe" and have easy money/support rolling in no matter what.

File: 1602480624515.jpg (77 KB, 563x721)
77 KB
how do they cope with losing the most valuable land in human history over an incredibly trivial matter?
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source: just trust my anecdotes bro
it's literally other people over 50% of the time. take your meds, they're not after you
I mean the UK literally scammed their citizens out of their money to pay off war debts because they couldnt make anything out of the South Sea company. What country does that?
The colony was a prison for all our religious misfits, sociapaths, nutters and paranoids. It could be argued that cutting that ball and chain loose was what allowed the British empire to fulfil it's full potential. The empire later collapsed only after we stopped deportating our worst, so they destroyed it from within.
File: get a load of this guy.png (100 KB, 500x527)
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100 KB PNG

File: 6008.jpg (156 KB, 1280x720)
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156 KB JPG

[In 1911] NEW YORK CITY 100 years ago' video restored! New York City Tour, USA【AI Restoration】
comfy no niggers
Comfy video, thanks

File: IMG_20210123_100021.jpg (84 KB, 1038x615)
84 KB
Which African empire had schooling?
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is this what Americans are taught in public schools
Every single islamic and christian one
>Which African empire had schooling?
Prussia, though the African roots are kind of ancient so the argument is rarely presented.
The Teutons as an ancient tribe descend from the migration of the Totela people, sub-Saharan African, in the Bronze Age. The Totela became known to Italics as the Teutoni/Teutones, from which the Teutonic and Prussian states derive their ethnic histories.
Per usual they're typically conflating North Africa with sub-Saharan Africa, two radically different areas populated by very divergent groups.
>But it says Africa, simple as.
So balts invented schools, cool.

File: hugefuckinganglo.png (51 KB, 1425x625)
51 KB
Did they exploit local population? If yes, how did they maintain order?
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Argentina or Cuba were richer than Norway when Spain ruled them. It is not our fault what they did in the last 200 years.

Pakistan, Jamaica or Papua (ex-british colonies) are even worst than Uruguay or Argentina.
French Guyana or Angola are even worst than ex-Spanish colonies.

People make the mistake of comparing 90%+ European ex-colonies like Australia, Canadá or USA with 5% European ex-colonies in LatinAmerica.

If the USA was not full of germans and instead of it it was like 90% native american, it would be exactly the same sh*thole as many LatinAmerican countries. So, don´t blame in Spain. Spain had a lot of merit in what they did in America. No other country could have done it better in so many senses.

Even Spain stopped colonization for 2 years in order to philosophically think about the morality of rulling over other people´s land and imposing our morals and laws. It was stopped from 1531-1533. And many universities and wise people were thinking during months about stopping colonizing or not. This has not been done by other country ever. We have been the most human of all the colonizers. We initiated Human Rights, International Law, World Commerce, and give a big pump to the growth of Europe with all the things being brought from America: not only gold but hundreds other things: from chocolate, potatoes, tomatoes, to funding the Italians Reinassance (Spain ruled Italia in that time).

Even we carried the horses and rodeo culture to America. So, without Spain we would probably wouldn ot have a Far West (soulful) history, or cowboy culture and films. Just a 1% of what I could write.

It is you who has to give proves wether they left anything in those places or not. I have googled it. Where are the cathedrals, universities, schools, hospitals, churches, cities, roads, in Canada, Australia, or SouthAfrica, or Jamaica???? No where. What they have now in those places is a consequence of ulterior own development (nothing to do with the british colonialism).

How did they "own" ALL of Canada and ALL of Austrlia, or ALL of those african countries when they only had like 1-2 tiny villages in the coast in those countries??
We are talking about colonial times. Don´t make the mistake of confusing it with ulterior times in which multiple people´s from Europe went to live there and developped it.

Even Spain had villages in Canada or Alaska (Cordoba) but we don´t paint our Empire with Alaska or Canada just because of this. Canada, even today, is 80% unhabited, but hey, they add all their km2 to their ""empire"". Faking always. And I like decent brits. I am not an anglophobo.
the only real british empire territories with any populations were america and india
everything else was a meme country of like 2 million people maximum or places like africa where it was just nominal suzerainty and the british had little actual control
america they raped and sent all their prisoners, india had too many people so they just raped it to squeeze as many resources as they could out of it, the living standards be damned
as always the eternal anglo has no sense of decency and always tries to squeeze blood from stone whenever he can
lmao now youre taking credit for the renaissance lol
and no spain never ruled italy as a whole

Is there a pantheon of gods that are bigger assholes then the Greek Pantheon (minus Hestia of course)?

File: sparta.jpg (151 KB, 800x593)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Why Spartan fanboyism is so common among the right wing even on democratic liberal countries that legit have nothing to do with Sparta?
Just a feeling of "woaaaa, warrior culture, lol libs"?
Like, Spartans were considered losers even by their contemporaries. Rome worship makes sense, Greece worship too. But Sparta?
Its so weird.
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> Spartans were considered losers even by their contemporaries

where the hell do you go off in saying that when spartans were admired by the entire greek world, classical greek era in particular. This statement goes against every source imaginable, are you dare I say retarded?
It's weird when you consider that the Spartans tried to end Athenian democracy in its infancy so the worship in democratic countries seems inane.

Sparta was best kora of ancient grece, edgy 12 yearolds love best korea

File: 00.jpg (184 KB, 1100x734)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
What historically has stopped the Kurds from gaining their own country? How is it that other ethnic Arab groups like the Tajiks and Azeris were able to secure their own countries while Kurds can't?
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File: Ghaani Esmail.jpg (79 KB, 800x557)
79 KB
Kurds were stuck inside Turkey because they sided with the turks against the allies during the turkish independance war due to religious reasons, in other states they were stuck inside colonial borders or Iran which isnt an ethno-state, there was no reason for them to be independant
File: Mutt.png (287 KB, 1052x1137)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
>ethnic Arab groups like the Tajiks and Azeris
Kurds are broadly Iranian, not arab
>ethnic Arab groups
> like the Tajiks
They're closer to afghans, east asians and pakis than arabs
In addition to this, when the Pahlavis officially renamed Persia to Iran and the Shah asked the world to acknowledge this name it was done partly because the state of Iran existed for all Iranian people. Kurdish separatists in Iran want to largely take land to unify with Iraqi Kurdistan out of where majority Azeri, Persians, Lurds, and Gilaks live.

File: 85184694.jpg (149 KB, 625x400)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Hey /his/, I have a question about the alternate definitions of the word "Agnosticism".
I was talking with my friend and said something about agnosticism, and this random 500 pound guy came up to us and started talking about philosophy, but he defined agnosticism as something about you doing what you want and others doing the same, he also something about it being liberal. He's not the first person to i've heard to define agnosticism as something other than it's literal definition.
I still have no idea what he was saying, any guesses?

File: 76F.jpg (414 KB, 1038x1554)
414 KB
414 KB JPG
Bests historical comics? For me it's Nippur de Lagash.
File: 49309l.jpg (49 KB, 225x350)
49 KB
Ad Astra is great till battle of Cannae. It becomes shit after that.
Asterix of course

I was reading about the Baal Cycle and bits and pieces of the thing itself. Very cool god that loved humans and had a major weakness that he couldn't deliver the killing blow to his enemies, needed his wives to cheer him on kek. Got killed because he thought it was a good idea to try and befriend the god of death.

It's pretty wild what he got associated with in the Bible. Some crazy slander in there.
Baal cycle?
google it you philistine

File: 164238785326788877.jpg (62 KB, 677x782)
62 KB
After years of studying history, I am convinced that the world should be ruled by one empire with one god, one religion and one emperor. This is the only way forward for humanity.
Youre a fucking man anus slurping homo so idc what you think bitch
>This is the only way forward for humanity.
forward to what exactly?

File: yahweh.jpg (106 KB, 908x728)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
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Truth is weirder than fiction.
File: 1559737310895.jpg (216 KB, 1280x619)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Wtf is his problem, why is he angry all the time?
>chr*st tards literally believe a desert pot demon created the universe
you could not fucking make it up if you tried
>desert pot demon
>Christians defend this
If you want to worship a genocidal desert war god that's your business, just don't act like hes some sort of loving merciful savior.

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