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File: 1651781985234.png (396 KB, 732x411)
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396 KB PNG
Now that the dust has settled... why did he do it?

britshit btfo
Based Americhad
>piddling little frigate
>1st rate flagship of the greatest naval victory in human history

De Profund deez nuts

How do you objectively rate his wit and skill?
do you forgive his daffodil brandishing ass for morrissey?
never heard of her/him. not a bong.

File: file.png (99 KB, 1080x501)
99 KB
>marches into germania
>claims to have killed half a million literally who "gauls"
>returns to rome (no records before or after of those """"gauls""" exist)
>"I kill a gorillion gauls without losing a single man just trust me bros"
>refuses to elaborate further
This is why you should trust the jars and the bones, not the scrolls
I've read Caesar's Conquest of Gaul 3 times. There is no such claim. The most unbelievable but also believable moment that comes to mind was a wedge formation cavalry charge into a desperately besieged Roman fort, not a single man or horse was lost.
Lol Sulla did the same thing, only he was "honest" enough to admit that he did, in fact, lose 12 soldiers against 60,000 Pontic soldiers.

The general rule with numbers given by ancient and medieval accounts is that anything over 10000 should just be taken to mean as "many". Achaemenids certainly did not have 250,000 people at Gaugamela either (imagine the logistical nightmare of feeding such an amount of troops without modern technology).
With that in mind, if you're a general in the ancient times, you aren't going to want to give out accurate or even semi-accurate estimates when it comes to head counts, since your rivals will just pull out massive figures out of their ass for their own battles and no one will fact-check them for it.

I'll start:
>Also Jesus: 'all according to keikaku'

Went from one of weakest European states to a growing industrial powerhourse and a colonial empire.
Before Fraco it was a economically far behind most of Europe, and suffered from devastation from civil war, during and after him Spain economically catched-up with the most of Western Europe and with very strong army.
As above, country went from Russia-tier poverty to a decent economic condition with enough streanght to hold in their colonies.
Literally saved the nation from consequences of retarded policy of Aliende. Chile now is wealthiest nation of South America.
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don't mention pinochet the neoliberal cia puppet in the same post as fascism
You should better ask why modern capitalism fares so poorly.
> Why fascism and right wing authoritarism is so successfull?
It isn't.
Almost of all of what you cited was the Kingdom of Italy. Monarchies are not really fascist
The fascists wanted economic autarky -- e.g complete self-sufficiency. They got purged and replaced with neoliberal/free market reformists

Most of these succesfull countries didn't succeed due to fascism. Fascist economics is pure autarky
Also neoliberalism
Yeah but with militant industrial democracy

File: untitled.jpg (41 KB, 538x307)
41 KB
Outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation
Protestants will go to Hell unless they convert
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The Catholic Church is homosexual organization. If Jesus flipped over tables because of merchants in a temple, he would commit a mass shooting in the Vatican.
You're judging yourself here.
>if you don't believe in Santa Claus there is no salvation
>If 1+1=2, funny thing
>1 + 1 = ?
>Computer, designed by a limited human mind: 2

>sees a "100%" in the image
>infers I asked the computer to compute 1 + 1
Your brain on Christianity.

Falsify this : your Bible is corrupted the Bible of Christians and jews god call people children of him so people call him father and you can't call god father you should respect his majesty

File: minimalist-lifestyle.jpg (36 KB, 1328x913)
36 KB
Does anyone on /his/ practice the philosophy of minimalist lifestyle?
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Why, yes.
No couch for when friends are over?
You're hopelessly self-absorbed and tacky is probably what.

Tell me about history of Chud
descendants of the Shitlords
>Be Slav
Simple really
Fuck off and kys, tabletfag

File: FDnwzAdVUAITTF0.jpg (380 KB, 1270x1834)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
Anyone hear any leaks from this?
Yes, expect blond blue eyed high steppe introgression
Dude, go to anthrogenica if you want to have a serious discussion about genetics. All this board can muster are the same stale haplomeme and neolithic vs indo-european threads.

>gets buck broken by the Spanish
>gets buck broken by the Americans
>gets buck broken by the Japanese
>gets buck broken by the Americans again
>hailed as a national hero
Do pinoy really?

File: Persians.png (90 KB, 800x410)
90 KB
Why are Persians so persistent in denying and minimizing the fact that before Islam they practiced brother-sister and parent-child marriages, despite the widespread academic consensus being that it did exist from the Achaemenid dynasty all the way to the end of the Sassanid dynasty, and the only thing that is debatable is the exact extent of the practice through society due to lack of census or similar records from that time?
File: Kartir.png (153 KB, 885x705)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Persian nationalists:
>Y-y-you see it was actually just a practice by a few Sassanid degenerates ahaha. It wasn't supported by the religious establishment or more common than that
Zoroastrian priest:
>With the aid of the Gods and the King of Kings I arranged many kin-marriages in order to fight DEMONS

File: Byzantine_Empire_842_AD.png (647 KB, 3998x1835)
647 KB
647 KB PNG
The greeks lost literally all other provinces, even the slavic balkans that logically should be easier to hold given how close they are europe not asia and closer to the capital. It's suprising that they did not lose their control over only the turks for about 400 years.
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>«το ελληνίζειν ες άκρον εσπουδακυία»
Very roughly translates to "her studying was hellenic-like"
Also when an elite uses the word "Hellene" he never talks about ancient Greek myths, stories, symbols, or just memories of history, not even the fall of Greece to the Romans. A. Smith has a nice analysis on how ethnic consciousness is formed and people in byzantium seemed to lack a "Greek consciousness" regardless of the words they used, most of the time they used Roman anyway. The common people used Roman well until the 18th-19th century.
Don't care Charles is the real emperor
Ποιος πχωρουμίτης είσαι, μπζηλέ;
Why the fuck were multiple posts replying to this deleted?

File: 1653005796587.jpg (40 KB, 474x488)
40 KB
>Show up in central Asian when nobody was expecting you
>Become largest contingent land empire in world history
>Absolutely wreck the two most advanced civilizations and give a bloody nose to two more
>Show up a century later to wipe out Persia
>Leave again
>Leave no long-term mark on culture, religion, economy or politics
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Dude, Mongols don't breed much. Their modern population is like 3 million in a country the size of Western Europe. In fact, none of the steppe people are numerous, the most populated steppenig country is Uzbekistan at 30 million which was grew from a historical poulation of merely 2 million (based on data from the 1897 Russian census).
At least try to do a bit of research before jumping into wild conclusion.
Mongols killed so many people they left an identifiable mark on the global population that is visible in the archaeological record.
File: image.jpg (148 KB, 600x455)
148 KB
148 KB JPG

Population grow has a lot to do with sedentarism, which in turn revolves around fresh water sources, which leads to agriculture.

Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan have multiple rivers going through that region. Hence, why they were large civilizations through out history: Sogdians, Bactrians, Greco-Bactrians, Turkic, then Muslim Iranic and Turkic.

Uzbekistan also used to have the large Aral Sea lake, but the Soviets destroyed it.
Gods, i want a bulgarian femboi to breed..

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