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File: FastingBuddhaDS2019-S.jpg (1.85 MB, 800x1089)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG
Did he really do it? Did this dude really meme himself out of existence?
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They say they don't but at the same time they say they do: in nirvana.
you do it every day and call it a sleep, but he remained aware.
that's not what nirvana is
what the fuck did he mean by this

File: Map.jpg (505 KB, 1800x1800)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
Why didn't any notable maritime civilisations or empires develop in the Great Bear/Slave Lakes region of Canada? Those lakes are huge, and there are many rivers and streams connecting them. It seems like a natural place for an inland thalassocracy to develop - but, alas, it didn't.

What went wrong?
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>negative fucking 30c in the winter
>"it's not that cold"
Guys guys why didn't alaska just develop into a superpower and take over the world???
Compare to Moscow, which DID become the capital of a great empire.
it's fucking cold, also what would this maritime trade empire trade, it is just pine trees and fish everywhere along its coast
File: climate_en[1].png (14 KB, 659x195)
14 KB
Moscow is positively balmy in comparison.
Moscow actually wasn't the capital of the Russian Empire, St Petersburg was. The capital didn't move to Moscow until the Communists took over.

This statue is gay? Michelangelo's David is gay?
No/it is in some contexts
There’s something really ugly and harsh about his face. It doesn’t have the beauty of the Greco-Roman statues.

File: 1615562497288.png (270 KB, 350x512)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
>Mark Felton here, today I'm gonna read to you this wicked Wikipedia article I found last night.
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Post your mug here or you're uglier
Asian. He mentioned he used to be a professor in Shanghai so she is probably Chinese.
Of course he has an Asian wife, the plight of all ugly white guys.
You're just upset that he actually got a wife unlike you
The only good history YTer. All the others are shit and this is a solid fact.

File: 450_1000.jpg (47 KB, 450x264)
47 KB
What knowledge do you think was lost?
How would the West be today if we had not lost that knowledge?
What other places with valuable information from the past were lost? Nazi book burnings, chinese burning their own books.
It was literally just new age tier spellbooks, why else you think the Muslims burnt that shit down?
What do you mean ‘the west’, loser? The library was middle eastern. Fuck off scum and stop we wuzzing.
The sad fact is that the world lost a lot when library of Alexandria was burnt down. The library was for centuries a base for science and literature, a hub for researchers and knowledge seekers.

In this book Aristarchus deduced that the earth orbits the sun, 1800 years before Galileo. 1800 years of wasted time.
Fuck off sandwhitey. It was African
I mean there's an entire list of works we know that existed and might've been permanently lost with the burning of Alexandria.
>How would the West be today if we had not lost that knowledge?
Probably not different in any way at all. There's a fuckton of shit in old books nobody cares at all about. Countless civilizations have discovered useful scientific concepts or inventions that were never utilized.
During the "Islamic Golden Age" their philosophers basically speculated their way so close to empirical scientific testing that you can smell it on the page. Do you think Muslims did anything with that shit? Fucking of course not. They thought it was heresy and basically never thought about it again.

Which method soldiers used to calm their sexual desire?
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Ejaculate goes into the communal cum pot.
Roman legions were followed by entire armies of merchants, whores and artisans to tend their needs, often matching or surpassing the numbers of the legions themselves.

These camp followers formed thriving economies going back and forth the legionaries and nearby settlements, and when legions were posted somewhere permanently, they usually founded whole cities around their forts. Many European cities were founded by the bastard children of Roman cumdumpsters.
Rape, whores, and sodomy. Sometimes all three at once.
Masturbation and prostitutes with the camp followers.
>5'5 mednigger grainbrain raping anyone
Good luck with that bud

Why did Japanese have such small body shape?
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Lack of protein caused by carb-based diet, one which has persisted far longer than the carb based diets in Europe and which was virtually non-existent in the US. Japanese are actually some of the bigger Asians because they eat more Westernized food. If you want to see an Asian manlet just visit the Chinese countryside.
Citation needed...
>japanese iq
>Low milk, low fat, low meat diet
>Less physical workloads
Just a couple of reasons
omurice is kino

File: Piltdown Man.png (1.14 MB, 1000x1366)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
is anthropology the most political/least scientific field of history?
Yes, and the majority of nonsense created by Boasian lunatics has been refuted.

File: 1920px-Codex-Rohonci-Copy.jpg (572 KB, 1920x1284)
572 KB
572 KB JPG
What is Rohonc Codex? Is it real?
records of the Vlachs, descendants of Romano-Dacians, still keeping the torch of civilization aloft amidst waves of barbarous Hohols, Bolgars and Magyars

Literal proof that density causes crime

File: greekjesus.jpg (195 KB, 2121x1414)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Why is the dominant ideology to give everyone equal opportunity and to maximize happiness and minimize risk/suffering for the individual ?
What happened to cause such faggotry worldwide ?
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So you're saying that the dominant ideologies in Asia are that of a hivemind that follows the "greater good" and sacrifice individuality completely ?

I'd believe that if you said only China but all of Asia I'm kind of doubting this
Not him but he’s right, and it’s an ideology which has led to success in the modern world. Western countries have trapped themselves in to a philosophical black hole where they not only have to sacrifice admiration of achievement, but outright look down upon the success of productive members of society because black people aren't successful. African-Americans are struggling to get A’s on their Math and English tests? Fuck, our understanding of Math and English must be wrong. Let’s just throw everything we think we know in the trash out of the potential hope that DeShawn DeMarcus is gonna reinvent our understanding of the universe.
They are? I thought media cultivate deontological approach.
Human history is the history of perpetual decline, retreating into more and more despicable forms of appealing to the lowest common denominator.
Same happened to vidya, still can't get over the loss of it

>lol so what if everything is a leftist cesspool? The free market will fix everything
>the United States has historically never been a true free market
Ancap bros... how do we cope with this one?

>The Taiping Rebellion, also known as the Taiping Civil War or the Taiping Revolution, was a massive rebellion or civil war that was waged in China from 1850 to 1864, between the established Qing dynasty and the theocratic Taiping Heavenly Kingdom - though following the fall of Nanjing the last rebel army was not wiped out until 1871. After fighting the bloodiest civil war in world history, with some historians believing fatalities to be as high as 70 million.
>70 million

How the FUCK did this event cause such a high number of casualties?
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You should definitely check out Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom/God's Chinese Son.
Shi Dakai did nothing wrong
File: dfsdf.jpg (8 KB, 275x183)
8 KB
Say that again?
The Mao era was a cult in and of itself
>Oh for sure lots of people died, china historically has had the most devastating natural disasters like famine and flood with war exacerbating it but I find 70 million to be too high.
For the most part I agree, but it still seems a minor quibble. Syria seems to be a very apt comparison. Minority ruling class where defeat or surrender means extinction, extremely broad range of opposition with an equally broad range of motivations, but mostly religious loonies taking the center stage. The numbers for Syria are for sure fudged to hell and back, but the fact that it is both devastating and lots of people died is true. No matter what number is put up it cannot be considered accurate, but y'know so it goes and in the end we need some number to pass around as a finger pointing to the moon.
>umm acshually the expressly anti-religious fanaticism was actually religious fanaticism

Hey /his/ since most of you guys are Monarchist, I have a few questions.

Absolute or Constitutional or Feudal? Which is better?

Do you think Monarchy or some sort of futuristic feudalism will return?

What do you think will occur after capitalism/merchant control? (links with first question)
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Monarchism and Communism are fundamentally incompatible. You cant advocate for a system of total equality but also advocate for a single family to have immensely more power just because of their birth status.
I do agree with this, I think is important to have one elected and one un-elected house.
A merit system can exist, even if it is militarized.

Money doesn't buy you power, loyalty and creativity does.
>Hey /his/ since most of you guys are Monarchist
Pardon me?
When Adam delved,
and Eve span
who then was
the Gentleman?

File: file.png (79 KB, 253x199)
79 KB
Why did so many retards throghout history used One Handed SPEARS and SHIELDS together?
It's totally shit, grab a long stick and try to use it one handed - It's total garbage man, even a relatively short spear at 1.5 meters is already impossible to use properly in one hand
there's just no power in the attacks and even aiming it is a struggle
No wonder the Romans mogged everybody with their swords, one handed spears ain't shit (two handed spears are pretty good though, but loses to bows)
15 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Maybe but how hard could it be, really? It's just a pointy stick
Using the spear two handed feels way more natural and effective
Why would you expect to pick up a weapon with no training, instruction, mentorship or experience with it and expect to know how to use it. Also your Chad friend would be killed very quickly, easily and effortlessly by a barehanded ancient warrior so don't expect him to be a good proxy for one
only retarded femboys have trouble figuring out ooga booga me stab pointy stick

you probably tried throwing a spear with two hands too, chucking it overhead so it tumbles end over end
Sorry but Lindybeige said they did it underarm, so your argument is invalid
Spear and shield is mainly a defensive setup for infantry focusing on holding the enemy at a distance.

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