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>go to grad school to learn that women spend more time with their kids on average
Has higher education always been this bad or is the manipulation/misrepresentation of data and history always been a thing in Western universities?
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>women don't get a choice
Contrary to popular belief, no one is forcing you to have kids. You could always just not have children if your goal in life is to become a full time career oriented professional who makes a lot of money.
Not many, which is why children aren't properly raised nowadays. Moms would rather let their kids play video games or watch Youtube videos rather than teaching them directly, with other hobbies or anything.
I wish they didn't.
Before the internet and video games, parents would just let their kids roam the neighborhood/town all day unsupervised because they didn’t feel like watching them. A lot of parents still let their kids roam around in unsupervised lord-of-the-flies-esque gangs. Lazy parenting is not a new thing zoomer
>Before the internet and video games, parents would just let their kids roam the neighborhood/town all day unsupervised because they didn’t feel like watching them. A lot of parents still let their kids roam around in unsupervised lord-of-the-flies-esque gangs.

File: 1447315083676.jpg (143 KB, 1024x683)
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143 KB JPG
This board fucking sucks, its full of tankies and antifa cringe and most people in it are homosexual why doesn't gookmoot just rename this atrocity to leftypol since its just marxism and pregnant anne frank memes and people who play too much europa universalis or rome total war
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This should be law.
Drug merchants don't count
1. Absolutely hilarious for Communists to complain about embargoes, you say you will destroy Capitalism yet complain when Capitalist countries don't trade with you. Communism only survives because of Capitalism
2. Why did America not invade after the USSR took out the nukes then?
File: kaganovich.jpg (92 KB, 346x447)
92 KB
>Eurasian Basket forum
>on any higher level besides equal to a second reddit

File: images (68)~2.jpg (112 KB, 518x592)
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112 KB JPG
Are they descendants of Greeks?
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you realise there is very little genetic difference from sicilians and mainland southern italians?

sicilians aren't as genetically unique like sardinians are. it's why ancestry dna companies have a separate cluster for sardinians but not sicilians.
romans were latin
well you have to consider the roman colonies then arab and finally germanic settlement there
it was a canaanite colony
>yellow: the proto-germanic veneti
I believe they were latins

File: latest[1].jpg (106 KB, 800x959)
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106 KB JPG
>America's greatest and most popular President was a socialist

What did God mean by this?
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Real question is why isn't there an upper age limit? Is it so hard to find politicians in their 50s and early 60s?
If you don't want 75 year olds in office, don't vote for them. Vote for a guy in his 50s.
File: 1572468873671.jpg (34 KB, 693x720)
34 KB
>Cuba and North Korea are the only true socialist nations that exist at this point.
That's why the only McDonalds in Cuba can only used by the government, and North Koreans cannot leave the country unless they are government officials, excellent examples of socialism.
Collectivists should be shot on sight.
Venezuela still has a capitalist part, but the government of course butchered the economy and thus the country is a massive shithole that now relies in China and Russia.

>Remer said that if the USSR ever did invade Germany, he would "show the Russians the way to the Rhine" and that SRP members would "post themselves as traffic policemen, spreading their arms so that the Russians can find their way through Germany as quickly as possible".
Why are the Germans such cuckolds?
>extreme minority party in a country governed by their antithesis with record approval ratings
why are you (yes you, the original poster) such a fucking idiot? how did it come to this? bait posting nonsense on a friday night. you are old and you've wasted your time

File: someguy.png (835 KB, 559x827)
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835 KB PNG
What is up with all the male nudity? Did people just walk around with their cocks out back then?
yea, most males even emperors had male lovers too. It was based imo
File: D4WQ0_hXsAEmS-Z.jpg (95 KB, 720x427)
95 KB
File: orlonia Marbles.jpg (469 KB, 2048x1536)
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469 KB JPG
All clothes were hand woven and handsewn, people owned a couple of gourmets through their entire life. Of course they would get naked for physical labor or working out and nudity was normalized.
they made them naked to show their superiority and beauty of the human body. And that's just for art, they didn't really walk like that around
Men would wear loincloths when performing physical labor like tending a field or construction work. Swimming was done in the nude.

File: HolyRomanEmpire.jpg (90 KB, 600x800)
90 KB
To what extent were German(ic) dialects/languages actually spoken in the >H>R>E territory west of the Rhine?
You do realize that a significant portion of Germany today is west of the Rhine right?
As far as I can tell, that has absolutely nothing to do with the question that I asked.

What would Marx think or say about feminism today?
he'd distinguish bourgeois feminism from actual feminism

File: nvcm1ulvmst41.jpg (226 KB, 1050x1625)
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226 KB JPG
are there any sympathetic books on Nicholas II or his family translated to English?
"End of Tsarist Russia" by Dominic Lieven is moderately sympathetic towards Nicholas II while also being a truly excellent history of the period.

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>Hold some of the most corrupt, incompetent military officers and politicians even seen in South East Asia
>North Vietnam uses human wave tactics, forces able-bodied veterans to stay in the South and ships disabled veterans off to quasi-leper colonies so they don't "contaminate" the North with stories about how their comrades got fucked up by US explosives
Buddhists are savages and they need God in order to stop their terrorist ways. Reject the satanic Buddha and find the lord Jesus Christ.
You will find your whore Mary in a future gulag!
lager, you fucking retard
>Soviet client state for twenty years
>when that ended, immediately became hyper-dependent on FDI and exports to other countries

File: Churchill_Boer_war.jpg (47 KB, 323x500)
47 KB
Looking for stuff that is comprehensive and relatively neutral. Is pic related worth the read?
Yes. Churchill is fair to all sides and an excellent writer. People give him shit for his own politics but he can be impressively perceptive, open, and objective as a writer and he only got better with age

File: waifu.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Any book recommendations on Mongols, Genghis Khan and lives of the people in that era? I general, I'm interested in rise of Mongols and how the people lived back then.
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There are a couple of authors? Which one is it? Onon or Kahn or someone else?
Isn’t the Marco Polo’s book a resource on that. Iirc he visited Yuan and wrote extensive accounts of daily life
made for BBC
>ywn go to high school in the 80s
>ywn unironically listen to shitty 80s music
>ywn make a qt nerdy girl laugh in class
>ywn get a burger with her after school and talk some more until it naturally turns into you wandering around town, going to the record store, sneaking into the kinoplex, the arcade, trying to buy alcohol then poking fun of the clerk by switching coats and trying again then when it starts to get dark sitting with her at the bus stop hugging her from behind until her bus arrives

So apparently there's a new country forming in Europe located between Croatia and Serbia. So far, it seems it has been pretty successful and growing with some really good objectives such as humanitarianism and being environmentally conscious. It seems to have had a lot more a positive approach from locals than another state nearby named Liberland.
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Sounds familiar kek
What's a Galt's Gulch
Sunless Argentina?
A hidden community in Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged, where all the purportedly gifted exceptional people of society removed themselves after deciding socialism is when the government does something. It probably went like Rapture.
Lol, you retard, you can't just come to a disputed territory and call it a country. I heard about it and saw photos, it's one faggot with a group of friends in a shed in a forest. Very nice country.

File: szamanka.jpg (159 KB, 736x1099)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
what percentage of shamans is mentally ill? what illnesses do they have?
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in my experience, yes it is, once for a pic not explicit and another one for just writing it in text
those were permabans though, that got taken out eventually, but I got the permaban in the first place
do you miss 8ch?
old 4ch, yeah

File: geological time scale.jpg (228 KB, 768x795)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
How do creationists envision what we define as natural history without macroevolution being a thing? Do groups of animals just pop in and out of existence? Did everything just live alongside each other a few thousand years ago with radiocarbon dating being wrong? Did humans live with dinosaurs? Why is homology even a thing if every organism has an independent design?
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>In reality we don't share any bones with any our supposed ancestors the hominids
what? they didn't have femurs, vertebra etc?
>we don't share a single bone with any hominid. That's why they have much more strenght (x2-x4) than us.
damn bones are what give you strengh? /fit/ lied to me I have been building my muscles for nothing
Stop replying to the brainlet
Either don’t reply to him or insult him in a dry and succinct way. He gets off on anger and earnest high effort replies, it’s a power trip. Take away any reward he gets from this to stop him from bad faith posting.
There are intermediates betwen vertebrates and invertebrates, look up Urochordata

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