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Was its demise inevitable or could they have survived by avoiding or winning World War I? Would the proposals to reform the empire and improve representation to non-German/Hungarian minorities (Czechs, Poles, Croats, etc.) have worked?
There were always ethnic tensions under the surface but the empire wasn't on the verge of collapse until it faced the stresses of war. It's impossible to know if attempts at turning the empire into a federation would have secured it's long-term survival. We can assert that it would've been tough to reform due to the obvious resistance that Hungary would have mounted to said reforms.
The only way it could collapse was with foreign intervention.

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Redpill on Dalton Gang

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Which is more trustworthy?
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Payne, he's just about the textbook definition of "a good historian".
Preston openly advocates the leftist, anti-Francoist, "muh republic" line. I've read a lot of his material and it always seems as though it's trying to hide something from you. A lot of the time his dislike for Franco comes across as a petty personal thing, as if Franco was an annoying acquaintance. Admittedly, in my many years of obsessing over the civil war, I've definitely come to be sympathetic to the nationalist cause, (being a Catholic also helps), but there are republican-leaning historians out there who I treasure because their duty towards good history comes first.

(Also, now that I think about it, the SCW doesn't get much discussion on /his/ when you'd expect it to, no?)

That was my impression too.

What was his social policy?

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Fascism is a shit ideology for shitters, but it's still an ideology. It's not just "Police state" and nothing else. Hence the meme is valid QED.
t. Muhammad al Londini
The joke is that people are retarded and throw the word 'fascist' at anything with even slight hints of authoritarianism
well fascism IS authoritarianism so they're right
Fascism is authoritarian, but not all forms of authoritarianism are fascism. That's what retards don't understand

File: Liverpool Waterfront.jpg (812 KB, 2560x1373)
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>Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City has been stripped of its UNESCO World Heritage Site status due to modern development in the area

>It comprised six locations in the city centre including the Pier Head, Albert Dock and William Brown Street, and many of the city's most famous landmarks.

>In 2012, the site was added to the List of World Heritage in Danger due to the proposed Liverpool Waters project. In 2017, UNESCO warned that the site's status as a World Heritage Site was at risk of being rescinded in light of planning and development proposals, with English Heritage asserting that the proposed Liverpool Waters development would leave the setting of some of Liverpool's most significant historic buildings "severely compromised", the archaeological remains of parts of the historic docks "at risk of destruction", and "the city's historic urban landscape [...] permanently unbalanced."

>In 2021, Liverpool City Council's planning committee approved Everton F.C.'s new £500m football stadium in Bramley-Moore Dock, within Liverpool Waters. UNESCO's World Heritage Committee voted to strip the site of its World Heritage status.

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Quick question: have you ever actually been to Liverpool or do you base your whole opinion on the city off of thirty year old Harry Enfield sketches?
Yeah, not heard anything recently about it though, must still be "ongoing"

No buildings are being torn down, the stadium is being built on a disused dock that will be infilled
>nigger doesn't like 200 year old warehouses
weird how they're triggered by the stadium but Echo Arena and those awful modern apartment buildings were ok
Yeah, none of the old factories or towers are getting demolished. It's literally just some shitty warehouses and a derelict strip of dock.

>fought extensively on the side of Turks for most of their recent history
>claim to be kebab removers
What did sirps mean by this?

File: WRuk64x.jpg (93 KB, 500x500)
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'ate za french
'ate za british
'ate ze war

luv kaiser
luv gott
luv vaderland

zimple as
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Corporal Friedrich Meisel of the 371st Infantry Regiment, 10th Ersatz Division. I remember it being posted here a few years back.
They didn't hate the people of France, Britain or even Russia... They hated their corrupt ((elites)).
the goyim are finished because of cucks like you

wwi and ww2 killed only 6 of the euro population

ancient romans lost 25% of their population in their war with carthage and still won and expanded further

Rat claws wrote this

“I am the delayed choice double slit quantum eraser photon experiment I am the wind and the fire and the day and the night.”
Is there anyone more based than Rajneesh?
Pretty sure you’re making things up

How did Islam spread through Africa?
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That was based. The Zirids started fucking with the Fatimids and then the Fatimids just forced some arab tribes over there to fuck shit up
How the hell did Shia sects get there
maghreb between 750 and 950 was full of shia ibadis and other weird sects we don't know much about, including syncretic berber pagan islamic religions
North Africa was unironicaz majority muslim by that time.
Weirdly enough the berbers converted to islam quickly, albeit they often created their own sects in it (such as Almohadism).
File: 1624472903767.png (60 KB, 685x640)
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Could the USSR have been saved by investing in computers? Perhaps, the computer can calculate the planned economy. They are already being used to trade stocks, which is much more difficult given that you have to literally predict the future. You will need to make sure that your people don't get too far ahead of them though, otherwise, they might start using their superior knowledge for nefarious purposes.
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File: 1626877160967.png (1.11 MB, 1346x1948)
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1.11 MB PNG
Yes. Amogus would save the union.
>So... Could USSR have been saved by investing in Amongus?
No it would have been improved by computer aided planned economy.
The destruction of the USSR had nothing to do with it's economic efficiency.
Nope it was build by Russians after the Jewish stranglehold on it was shattered by Stalin.
It was destroyed by outright traitors.

> Jew
> Talking about Charisma
Your people are repulsive.
The only reason your garbage ideas get any traction is because you run the media.
Since this is a stealth “economic calculation problem solved by computers” thread, the answer is yes, but actually no. In the specific context of the USSR, the foundation of collapse was laid by Stalin. There was a huge over investment in heavy industry, while consumer industries atrophied to a point of no return. It would have required an immense political effort and a decade long decline in quality of life to bring the USSR’s light industry up to standard, computer or no. The USSR’s only hope would be international trade, but all its COMECON partners had entirely different price controls in place and also suffered from the aforementioned over investment in heavy industry (not to mention the political friction caused the Soviet domination of the entire project).

As for computers solving the ECP, yeah it can alleviate the issues surrounding it. But having better knowledge of the market would likely not have any bearing on the decision to over invest in specific industries. The bureaucratic nightmare contributed to the collapse of the USSR, but the root was more political than it was economic.
The information revolution made economies more complicated, not less.
It would have helped in the short term, because the state would have had first access to the technology.
But as personal computers and access to the internet proliferated, the cat would be out of the bag. People would finally be able to anonymously express their real thoughts about life and politics, they would be directly exposed to people around the world with no ideological state-managed filter, and public desire for consumer goods would explode. The state would be incapable of giving people what they want and the USSR would fall apart. Either in a literal sense like in real life, or it would betray all it's principles and be a hideous hypocritical communist/capitalist chimera like modern China.
They did. They massively outperformed he USA. They then cancelled the project for no reason.

Soviet ternary logic would have been neat.

File: marek-aug28-38.jpg (82 KB, 367x524)
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Killing for insurance money is a tale as old as time itself. Martha Marek (nee Lowenstein) was born in Sophron, Hungary in 1904 out of wedlock to a teenage mother. Her father is unknown. Adopted by a childless couple, she returned to her mother's care when the latter married Rudolph Lowenstein, the stationmaster at Baden. Rudolph skipped town for the United States in 1911, when Martha was 7, and she never saw him again. For a couple years, Martha was cared for at an orphanage in Vienna and returned to her mother in 1916, as Europe was engulfed in WWI.

A year later, 13 year old Martha started working in a dress shop, where she was noticed by department store owner Moritz Fritsch, who promised to take her in and show her the good life she'd never known growing up. Martha accepted and beginning at 16, started an affair with 62 year old Fritsch in exchange for the finest clothing his department store sold and the privilege of going to elite finishing schools in England and France. Her exposure to rich society girls there furthered her appetite for living like an aristocrat.

Fritsch at this time lived with his adult son and daughter. Neither were happy with his new "acquaintance" and both left him to go live with their mother, from whom he was separated.

When Martha returned to Vienna, she met a 20 year old engineering student named Emil Marek and began a secret affair with him. The aged Frisch died in August 1923 and left his "sugar baby" most of his estate, including his mansion (a smaller amount went to his wife and children as Austrian inheritance laws required it). There were rumors his death had been sped along, but the family declined to have an autopsy done. Her and Marek quickly got married. Because Emil was younger than Martha, he felt self-conscious and quickly grew a beard to look more mature.
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Jenna, it is no surprise that you hate us. It is why I insult you amd Klaudia laughs at your dead grandad. We know. That is why we do it.
>including some who overheard her say she poisoned her husband because she despaired of being married to a cripple
Wait wasn't that kind of her own fault?
Giving inheritance money to people who are still basically children is a bad idea, they have no idea how to manage their wealth responsibly.
>Execution by guillotine was specified by state law in 1936 for civil offenses, and in the Third Reich, a wide range of crimes carried capital punishment. During WWII, hanging was also added as a means of execution. Military offenses were punished via firing squad, and more than 20k persons were executed by military tribunals during the war.

>Capital punishment was abolished by the 1949 FRG constitution.

File: Smug.jpg (6 KB, 275x183)
6 KB
Things like HDI, GDP/capita... exist today, but what would be useful for older eras? How can one prove that say a French peasant in Normandy in 1500 AD was living "better" or "worse" than a Turkish one in Anatolia.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Life expectancy and comparing remains to determine who had a better diet, I guess
Literacy or record keeping
Quality and quantity of art over time
Contemporary description by travelers
Archeology of skeletons to determine health
Estimated population sizes
Trade routes and if coins from the region ended up in far of lands
Building materials
Class structures
Contemporary historical accounts
Everything else is guess work. For example, Historians can give a very rough estimation of the GDP of Rome because the Romans wrote down a lot of their transactions and taxings policies
>Literacy or record keeping
Literacy would be valid for 18-19th century like in the case of Finland vs the rest of the Russian Empire.
Most nations before this era had mostly illiterate populations.
>Archeology of skeletons to determine health
Probably the best bet
>Quality and quantity of art over time
This could be very subjective. Muslim countries deliberately had simpler art styles.so comparing Flemish painting with Muslim ones isn't really useful.
Then again I suppose one could compare the quality of materials like dies or the marble that was used and that could be indicator.
>Building materials
True and related to above
>Estimated population sizes
Someone could bring the argument of "populous but miserabel"
>Contemporary description by travelers
>Contemporary historical accounts

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
This. Rate of childhood death may also be something used to compare.
by comparing tax policies

The standings of world empires might be based on nations. But is that a lie?
Could it be that it's racial?
For example even though america was far from the only power in the world at 1970 (it has the soviets to compete with), the overall relative condition of the white people was good, perhaps as good as it had ever been the past 300 years of white domination. Despite how much white people fought each other in world war 2 and were terrified of nuclear war till the collapse of the soviets, relative to other races, the white man was having the time of his life despite those things.
Perhaps infighting of empires of the same race means nothing to the condition of the race in general?
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Not american
Mongol empire was savage though
It's relative standing, not relative morality.
"level" to other empires.
Lmao what a joke.
How it is a joke?

File: Younger Band.jpg (88 KB, 653x900)
88 KB
Redpill on Younger Band

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