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Why do Catholics worship the "sacred heart"?
I heard Orthodox say that it's Nestorian. Is this true?


I'm not a practicing Cayholic and even I know it symbolizes the love that Christ has for us.
It's a pretty recent tradition that rose out of crusade veneration of sacred wounds

Turn your caps lock off dude

Maybe God is telling us that cheating on your spouse is okay as long as you feel sorry
File: 7KW8Sm5b.jpg (4 KB, 160x160)
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Over/under on responses to this less-than-zero-effort bait thread is 210. Taking bets now.
File: Constantine hypostasis.jpg (99 KB, 1534x364)
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Mary wasn't an adulturer, just a buttslut.
- tarded!
God is not a man!

...there was NO Sex!

No Adultery.

--> No sin.,
Isn't that like blasphemy

File: caravanserai.jpg (765 KB, 3457x2363)
765 KB
765 KB JPG
ok so persians built caravanserais to accomodate and provide safety to merchants, and turks renew it after taking anatolia, but did similar structures exist in roman empire?
File: zrk95ukza2d31.jpg (375 KB, 1300x1300)
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375 KB JPG

File: IMG_1682.jpg (84 KB, 720x540)
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Is it petty that I want to leave my church because of the junk food?
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>holy wafer
hoo boy you’re going to be in for a rude surprise when you die
good compromise: accept the food and give it to a homeless person who can probably do with some extra calories
Whatever helps you feel smug and superior.
File: Apple (3).gif (18 KB, 176x220)
18 KB
It is not petty, for our churches should have a nutritional selection as wholesome as our souls. Food for the spirit and food for the body are both necessary.

File: IMG_5112.jpg (2.79 MB, 3052x3884)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB JPG
He was a retard who squandered the future of his own people.
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Nobody during WWII cared about "Whites", Germany included.
Churchill was against non white immigration to Britain.

Here’s a question. Why do Nazi sympathisers only ever seem to cry about Churchill and britain?

France? De Gaulle?

Is it just because they got overran that nazi lovers forget they exist?

Kind of shows the mindset. Britains crime is they didn’t surrender when doing so would effectively have ended the empire anyway (the white dominions wanted nothing to do with Nazi germany, britain by WW2 could no longer force their dominions to join their wars. Yet all of them joined against Germany and never stopped. Because they hated them)

So all the talk about how churchill is a fool for not seeing the future and how he destroyed the empire is nonsense. The empire was doomed by that point anyway. How exactly were the British supposed to realistically keep India as a colony, hundreds of millions of potential rebels, with mass gun manufacturing tech becoming so accessible?

Which is also something the Nazis did. Send weapons and funding to Indian rebels lmao. So this “poor Nazis just wanted to be left alone and let britain rule their empire” act collapses with five seconds of thought

And finally. Hitler is somebody NOBODY TRUSTED because he KEPT BREAKING HIS AGREEMENTS

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I worked on a farm, kike. Go kys.

As an actual white man I support spics over niggers and even niggers over kikes.

Post hand.
I think the problem with the Stormfag line of reasoning on this is that they assume colonialism would've been sustainable without WW2, which I think is highly questionable. The British Empire wasn't really held together by military might - they relied heavily on consensus-building and cooperation with local elites. As the colonies developed and native professional/managerial/bureaucratic/military classes emerged, the British were always going to give in to self-government followed by independence for the dominions.

File: IMG_0002.jpg (62 KB, 540x360)
62 KB
>no marriage in Heaven
>you’re a genderless weirdo married to Jesus
I’m not going to believe in the infallibility of the Gospels if it’s true we don’t have romantic love in Heaven. That’s actually gay.

Does anyone have an explanation as to why Jesus said this nonsense in Luke 20, or do I just go back to being a generic theist?
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That does explain it
>Gods creation was imperfect.from day one
>fat fuck we wuz kikes dixoid larper writes an essay to justify cooming
/his/ in 2023
Wow, a possible answer. Thanks.
The devil wears many masks. It's important to be alert and of sober mind.

File: img.jpg (46 KB, 1200x600)
46 KB
you anons know a site that has like history quizzes where i can test my knowledge and learn about things?
I like sporcle to memorize entire lists of a county's monarchs and dates, but it really only has surface level stuff.
i'll take it. thanks

The glorious revolution was the first ever genuine populist revolution in modern history
The most pivotal moment of the 17th century
The english invented democracy.
All true. Also, that horse seems dispropotionate.

File: i-18 (25).jpg (246 KB, 1619x1079)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
How is it possible to be a heretic? This is religion, not science. You can literally believe in anything. And no one can prove that you are wrong
One can be a heretic by opposing the dogmas and orthodoxies of a particular religion or sect. I am not a proponent of absolute certainty. Rather, I am a believer in pluralism of thought. Therefore, it's possible to be a heretic or not. There is no fixed truth.
They can't prove you wrong but they can burn you alive. Successful religions are successful because they suppress dissent.
Today's Christianity is all love and peace but for most of history it relied on suppression and violence.
Heresy = Hearsay
To proclaim doctrine based on nothing is to be a heretic
Catholics consider their doctrine to be rooted in the Bible, and in the Gospel especially, where the Church is supposed to be guided by the Holy Spirit, therefore they justify anything they do as not based on hearsay, and consider anyone who criticizes them to be non-Catholic and therefore not rooted in the correct teaching, and therefore heretics.

File: IMG_5648.jpg (73 KB, 1273x232)
73 KB
Morally speaking, is rape worse than murder?

In society we more often think of rehabilitating murderers than rapists. Rapists are often seen as irredeemable, while murderers can be forgiven
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>he doesn’t know about the gay uncles
historically rape was considered a property crime like theft or vandalism because women belonged to their father or husband and you were taking and using something that wasn't yours
It's funny that God makes these threads when he rapes my mind every second of every day. God is a retarded disgusting evil irredeemable faggot.
the problem with rape is that there's no way to prove it wasn't consensual if the female was 13 or over
Historically fathers would literally force their daughters rapist to marry them because they were considered to have violated them, tainted them and thus made them hard to marry off

Yet most of these marriages aren’t really recorded as being particularly bad ones. They tended to get on fine.

So does this mean the “rape” wasn’t always as non consensual as you’d think? Perhaps the daughter has sex with a crush, gets knocked up or caught, and the rape thing is claimed to save face since pre marital sex was a no no

Or does it mean they legit raped them, but the women were not as trumatised ironically because they then had them as a husband? Or because society didn’t have expectations of trauma put on them?

File: Europe.jpg (94 KB, 900x711)
94 KB
Historically speaking, how feasible would this arrangement be, if it happened?
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Most is ok but two things make zero sense, why give the Caspain coast access to the Muscovite triangle, and what the fuck is the random wedge in roughly western Provence and Dauphine and a bit of Burgundy?
>Caspain coast access to the Muscovite triangle
Yeah I wasn't quite sure what to do there, basically I wanted to partition Russia and the colonizing power would use the Volga river to navigate this colony, I know the triangle was dumb, but I basically rushed his part.
>and what the fuck is the random wedge in roughly western Provence and Dauphine and a bit of Burgundy?
That's the Rhône valley, the shape is a kind of reference to Togo and Benin.
Please explain further. What was your thought process when drawing those borders?
Well, I basically wanted to draw borders according to rivers and mountains, without taking ethnic groups into account. This is how you get stuff like that Austria-Hungary-like colony, or Great Britain and Italy being split East-West (I also thought that would be funny).
I also thought of the Caprivi Strip, so I made some borders as if the colonizer lobbied for some access to the coast to connect the Atlantic and Mediterranean (which can be seen with "France" and "Aragon").
Also, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, North Bulgaria, etc. were originally part of the same colony, but I figured that some great powers doing a conference wouldn't want one country to get that entire area, so I figured I should split it up.
And I rushed that part. I was thinking of maybe redrawing the map to give Arkhangelsk to Russia, but at this point I thought having access to the Caspian was fine enough. I wasn't quite sure how to split it up, so I drew the border partially along the Volga river, and then I thought "fuck it", and just drew some straight lines.
File: 6546543524654324.png (17 KB, 182x247)
17 KB

The fall of the Roman Empire was precipitated by the moral decadence of the Imperial elite, combined with the military hubris of the invading Germanic tribesmen. A tale as old as time.
>be vile and disgusting
>God sends tribes to cleanse

File: m7u9DAV6vuq.png (116 KB, 700x550)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
Why do followers of these three religions always cry about being persecuted?
20 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
this woman has lost her mind

I think she's arguably the most fitting representative of anywhere in the U.S
I mean, where else but Minneapolis would be represented by a woke Islamist from Somalia whose father was a genocidal communist war criminal?
Feminine cognition. Same reason they want divine intervention: to escape responsibility.
Why are non-religious people so stupid? There must be a God, and there is no God that is convenient for you.
subhanallah, may Allah protect the people from such misguidance

File: Redeemed_Zoomer.jpg (12 KB, 360x360)
12 KB
>Zoomer TradCatholic
>Zoomer Orthodox
>Zoomer Calvinist
What's with these zoomers and picking hardcore faiths?
69 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
What is your definition of a hardcore faith?

There’s very little reason to convert from the predominant worldview of liberal atheism to a religion that shares all the same values: mainstream Protestantism. The Church that preaches that everyone goes to heaven won’t gain any members because why would you waste time devoting yourself to faith when you’ll get to heaven anyway?

If someone is going to make the jump and realize that modern society is gravely disordered then it makes sense for them to go with more staunchly anti-modern religions.
>faiths they had no connection to until the became the current thing
>almost 2000 years of christianity
>current thing
Okay, 'tard.
>had no connection to until
It's called finding faith, 'tard.
There's a niche of Reformed Baptists in the Calvinist circles and a circle of Anglicans but those usually join the ACNA over the Episcopal Church.
All the people I admire most are Catholics so that must have had an impact on my choices and I much prefer to be with Christians than non-Christians.
outcasts with hatred towards society

File: hqdefault.jpg (9 KB, 480x360)
9 KB
Look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUtwaN7lQbU [Open] - it's clear SOMETHING special happened during Jesus' crucifixion. But what? What makes the sun go dark and causes and earthquake at the same time?

Non-Christians report both and geological shows the earthquake was real, so they definitely happened. What could they have been?
Indeed, there were strange occurrences during Jesus' crucifixion. However, their true nature cannot be precisely determined through scientific inquiry alone, as they could have been the result of divine intervention or other supernatural phenomena. Furthermore, religious explanations for these events may not necessarily hold up to scientific standards. Therefore, it remains a matter of faith and speculation, with no clear-cut answer as to what truly happened.
>voicelet with a voice changer and 17 views promotes his bullshit Christianity channel on 4chan
Isn’t this against the rules? Not being a total fucking loser but obviously promoting your own YouTube channel?
File: t5xss1bvczk01.jpg (215 KB, 1500x1500)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
If ChatGPTposting like >>15657403 is allowed then anything goes

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