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File: Gilbert-Shylock.jpg (15 KB, 423x280)
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How accurate is this? Did Venice really bring about a system of easily corrupt government by plutocracy?

More than you realize

Admit he was right.
who doesn't?

File: 5.jpg (713 KB, 2448x1102)
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713 KB JPG
You now remember /his/ from before the dark times.
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/his/ was always in the dark times and will continue to be so until gookus mootus removes "humanities" from "history and humanities"
I actually used to frequent here a lot when it first started and wouldn't tell other people about it in fear of it getting shitted up. Today is the first day I came in a while and it's depressing how it's much less history and more so religion or the typical brain dead ideaological shitposting present in the popular boards. It's really sad.
Looks like he just did, faggot.
>typical brain dead ideaological shitposting present in the popular boards
the culture wars were a disaster for internet forums
File: 1674938606706.jpg (152 KB, 1242x1043)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
indeed, for both the fedora tipper and the religious retards

they must all be cleansed from this world

Why are 20th centuary psychologists cosplaying as mathematicians?
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they think if they attempt to use statistics (poorly) that they can pass psychology off as a science
/g/ was actually colonized and ultimately destroyed by people like OP.
File: spengler.jpg (8 KB, 197x300)
8 KB
One of them was
OP is talking about so about a mathematical schematic approach. Statistics would be different, it is a more specific thing. And as long as something is using the scientific method, it is science. So the portions of psychology that use it are science, but the stuff in the OP seems to be of a speculative nature which would be a non-science. So parts of psychology are science and other parts are not science.

Why do men with long and wide bodies relative to leg length (macroskelic) seemingly seem more masculine? Is it the archaic ape look?
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Women definitely don't like the roid monkey look because people who have are generally gay, insecure, or compensating manlets, but they don't really discriminate that much between various types of endurance athlete builds who are muscular while still being trim and svelte. Runners simply have more utility
Interesting, but what about skulls?
big frame = more space for muscle = stronger male = safer partner
Idk but women are more macroscopic than men insofar as length is concerned. Black women have longer relative torso index than black men, white women have relatively longer torso index than white men. So a masculin torso would probably be meso-brachyskelic and broad.
No. It's called your opinion.

File: Leibniz_Hannover.jpg (315 KB, 600x724)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
>muh monads
What was he smoking?
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monads aren't physical
he was smoking theism.
>monads aren't physical
Yea but they're more closely connected to matter in Leibniz than in Plato and Aristotle. Every single molecule (which is infinitely divisible in his view) has a monad. The others just have "the essence of a human" or "the form of a human." It leads to the obvious problem of where exactly do you draw the line? What has its own essence or form and what doesn't? Is there the form of a chair? That's what Leibniz was trying to solve.
What does the bible say about monads?
STFU edgelord. You don't know dick about calculus
nothing but the idea of a creator god whose existence is completely independent from everything else, combined with the idea of free will and the idea that manifolds cannot be conscious and that every human has a separate soul yet is connected to the physical world somehow, basically leads to the monadology

File: image-asset.png (167 KB, 1000x384)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
*dies in the most unexpected, boring of ways*
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Mao knew is would happen the moment Krushit took power and he was correct in Krushit's revisionism laying the groundwork for collapse
sounds like a path to causing said civil war
it massively eroded trust in the government since they tried to cover it up hard but due to the fact its next to impossible to cover it up on the scale meant they were forced to admit it, sure the clean up was a massive success on their part but the fact they even attempted to keep it a secret despite the risk ruined any good will
It was only unexpected because the Soviets were really good at hiding their actual condition from the rest of the world.
This is why it's amusing that commies tell you you're brainwashed by American propaganda if you tell them about bread lines or that used cars costed more than new. There's NO American propaganda from the day that could tell you about these little things. In fact, you have things like that tiny little CIA blurb that the Soviets may eat more calories which every goddamn commie regurgitates.
Roman supremacy lasts damn near 2000 years until a fat German fucks it all up again.

File: laugh.gif (407 KB, 498x474)
407 KB
407 KB GIF
roman pagans be like
>bro so what the christians control all of the cities the countryside is still pagan the cities don't even matter all of rome's strength lies in its hard working rural population the old gods will rise again from this shithole village
Truly the redneck chuds of their day.
you are some rapist proselyte Martian though.
Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You traverse land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.
>But when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man who didn't have on wedding clothing, and he said to him, 'Friend, how did you come in here not wearing wedding clothing?
Trump was just the modern version of Julian the Apostate, but somehow failed even harder.
Fun fact: the Roman city inhabitants were mostly a genetic dead end. Christianity that propagated after the fall of Roman cities was carried on by conversion of the countryside people.

It is time for /his/ to settle this. The story of the exodus has captivated minds for millennia, but where is the evidence?
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NTA are they talking about the Hyksos?
Any. And there isn't a shred of it.
Probably a story based on a real event that happened much much further back in the past and on a smaller scale.
God said it, I believe it, that's the end of it
You haven't the authority to "settle" anything.

EEFs in the Western part of Europe were clearly pretty barbaric by modern standards with all the cannibalism and warfare, but from what I’ve read you don’t see nearly as much evidence for similar atrocities in Eastern EEF cultures like the Cucuteni and Vinca. They had massive proto-cities, possible writing, and you could probably make an argument for them even being the first civilization. If my presumptions are correct then do the Eastern cultures represent a kinder, saner side of the EEFs, and what resulted in such a seemingly huge cultural shift between the two spheres?
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He's not the EEF-hating schizo, read the full post
My bad, I've just come to a point where I don't even read these sorta posts anymore because the Jannies just let about anything stay up nowadays
>Eastern EEF descendants are Greek
>Western EEF descendants are Roman
It all makes sense now...
>southern Europeans
Germans? Yes. Everybody southern has either Negro admixture or Arabic one.
No, even Italians and Greeks have some Steppe.

File: 1828 electoral map.png (103 KB, 747x768)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
The 1828 presidential election, which saw the revival of the two party system, was the most hotly contested and nasty one since 1800. Andrew Jackson ran for president a second time on charges that he'd been robbed of a legitimate victory four years earlier and denouncing the "Tariff of Abominations" against unpopular incumbent John Quincy Adams. Although Adams himself was too highbrow to engage in personal attacks, his supporters had no qualms about charging Jackson with being a blood-stained barbarian who hanged prisoners-of-war without trial during campaigns in the War of 1812 and in Florida. Jackson supporters accused Adams of being an aristocratic elitist--("a man who fights versus a man who writes") and of several corrupt activities including charges that he had acted as a pimp while serving as US ambassador to Russia and had procured prostitutes for the tsar. Adams had also purchased a billiard table and a chess set for the White House, paid for out of his own pocket, which Jackson supporters magnified into an entire gambling parlor.

Worse than that were charges that Jackson had engaged in a bigamous marriage to his wife Rachel, as she had left her first husband and married him before the divorce was finalized. Rachel had not wanted to go to Washington DC or serve as First Lady, but she was spared from this when she passed away at the end of the year from a stroke. Jackson was heartbroken at her death and blamed his political enemies for it.

When the electoral votes were counted in December, Jackson had buried Adams in a huge landslide with 178 electoral votes to 83 and 55% of the popular vote to 44%. Adams only carried the traditional Federalist strongholds in the Northeast.
Jackson was a tyrant who destabilized the economy, illegally deported Indians, and promoted the corrupt spoils system.
Revival? Um. No.
the Democrat Party in this time was well along the way of establishing corrupt immigrant-driven political machines in the Northeast
Adams was a decent President but there wasn't anyone the Federalists could've run at this point to compete with Andrew Jackson. Jackson was just way too popular.

oh great seers and learned men, tell me of what you know, of the balts and eastmen, the Aesti and Lats, tell me takes of Perkunos and Herkus Monte
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thank you!
Also, I might be missing some obvious English translations so sorry about that, again, I'm rather new to it myself and I read about it on my free time.
Always a shame to me when I can't find good English translations to offer to foreigners...
I guess you could give me some contacts if you want, I might write you if I find something more. No promises, but still.
would a discord work?

glad we met

File: north-america.jpg (48 KB, 774x580)
48 KB
>Home to well over half a billion people
>Sees 0 wars on its soil since 1929
Bros, how North America do it?
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It's not. We signify that with stars, not pips
Do you include Cuba?
it's only three countries, none of which want each other's territory

File: 1675533194429116.jpg (66 KB, 633x633)
66 KB
How to live according to Roman ideals?

File: l65ggsdummv61.jpg (101 KB, 640x663)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Let us discuss the historical fact that Abrahamic religions were successful because they were war cults that brutalize and subjugate people materially and intellectually, in a world that rewarded this behavior.
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to create brazilian women
The tax is just the old poll tax with new name, muslims were just exempt from it. Nothing changes for them.
Tell yourself whatever you need to, you have no logical point.
Very simply put it was an evolutionarily advantageous ideology. As I stated in the OP it had the right secret sauce to keep people brutalized, in check, and breeding copiously. Thus it endured and spread until the elites threw up their hands and accepted it.

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