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The south had to introduce a one-drop rule because there was so much race mixing going on that you were getting slaves light skinned enough to pass for a white person, which means the quadroon and octoroon rape babies of slaves were themselves giving birth to more rape babies.

That’s why southerners spank their monkeys to Anne Frank cancer. It’s a racial memory of a time when they were allowed to take advantage of oppressed young girls

Pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon culture and pre-Christian Norse culture were almost identical. They even shared many of the same myths and spiritual beliefs. That being the case, why have Vikings become so big in pop culture whereas most normies barely know who the Anglo-Saxons even were?
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Anglo Saxon Christianized before Scandinavians did.
We have significant writings of Scandinavian culture from Iceland, we don't for the Saxons.
the christian missionaries should stop with the christianization of local cultures identity because they're not christian people should find faith on their own. The missionaries probably don't want their converts to give up christianity if the missionary told them to stop going to the which doctor or doing things of the old belief.
Well you kind of can't. If you push them too far, they're going to reject you. The fact ring around the roses is a fucking pagan flower worship ritual and "Easter" comes from the fertility God ritual "Eostre" suggest as long you accepted the J man, they'd take it.
But then how does Islam attract such zealous converts?
Well how do you know it did. The Yazidis still worship a version of islam where they worship Satan and he's said to be a peacock.

File: skanderjew.gif (523 KB, 1300x858)
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523 KB GIF
>outjews the Venetians so hard they bow down to him

File: whoopsmybadflowerman.jpg (14 KB, 473x256)
14 KB
What was the closest era/setting in history to the hollywood, or rather the spaghetti western portrayal of the 'wild west' i.e outlaws, lawmen, wandering rogues and a vast frontier land?
pic unrelated
Western movies are usually set during the post-Civil War years, and before automobiles became even somewhat common, which places them usually between 1866 up to the very early 1900s. Normally, the more conventional time period is some time between the late 1860s through the 1880s, with some set earlier or later than that. A notable Civil War era western is The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and one set after 1900 is Duck, You Sucker.
>Western movies are usually set during the post-Civil War years
Yeah but what abou-
>A notable Civil War era western is The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
my man.

It seems most of the hippies and co back then held similar views to the liberals today that /his/ and reddit like, for instance the hippies would be out in the streets right now for George Floyd and you agree that's a good thing.

The difference though seems to be that the hippies and woodstock guys seemed to be a lot more chill and relaxed about wanting peace, love, equality, and tolerance. These guys were sitting back smoking weed, having sex, having picnics in fields. The liberals of today many of them are obnoxious and extremely violent as well as mentally ill.

Is it not simply the case that the hippies and the 60s long haired guys did peace, love, and diversity the right way and the liberals today are poor and unhinged imitations?
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It doesn't matter to the company if the money comes from you or your dad anon.
Hippies became extremely ruthless capitalists and neoliberals as they aged. A lot of the 80's 'corporate raiders' had a 'hippie phase' a couple decades earlier. It's too common to merely be a coincidence.
Yes it does, very few people inherit enough money to sustain their entire life. The perfect WC, worker-consumer, must be a well-behaved, hardworking citizen who loves his job; not some smelly, useless hippie spouting anti-consumerist propaganda under influence of illegally purchased drugs.
>thinking they can plan that far ahead
Hippies were retards that caused the west's downward spiral which we are still experiencing to this day. A real watershed moment where a culture began committing suicide.

Not all of their ideas were bad, but the bad ones have caused irreparable consequences.

File: 1914.jpg (201 KB, 1807x1335)
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201 KB JPG
Its November 1918, the war just ended and you are tasked with leading the Versailles peace talks concerning Europe

What do you do differently to prevent WWII?

You need to deal with the following:
>France demands Alsace-Lorraine and massive reparations for its losses during the war
>Great Britain demands limiting Germany's naval power
>USA demands that small nations should be given independence (so no empire restoration)
>massive anarchy and turmoil in former A-H, Russian Empire and Ottoman empire, every nationality demands independence and fights over everpresent border disputes
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File: ideal Europe.png (123 KB, 2100x1530)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
ugh... what could have been...
it's beautiful
Give everyone self-determination, ensure Germany stays democratic and form a continental coalition with everyone against communism. Alsace-Lorraine gets to choose its own destiny, no reparations and no demilitarization (atleast until communism has been dealt with).
Fuck Britain, fuck France and hail Wilson the benevolent.
what's with finland's armpit and the extra bit in karelia? the former especially seems unnecessary

Favorite real life iconic character desings? I am going with Andre the giant, Grace Jones and plague doctors
>ywn look like a JoJo character

why even live

Anyone else think it kinda sucks Naval warfare went the way of Aircraft carriers instead of huge battleships. I mean look at this awesome aestetic of the Yamato. Aircraft carriers look fucken gay. Military theory ruined our chance to have giant ships firing huge cannons at eachother. Instead we get gay flyboys yeehawwing and shit.
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sailing around in a huge blob of missile and sub defense ships with your carriers
>Military theory ruined our chance to have giant ships firing huge cannons at eachother.
If you had giant ships, they would be too expensive and too scarce to risk engaging in surface duels. There's a reason why Yamato and Musashi did so little in the Pacific War, even after the carriers were withdrawn post-Santa Cruz.
They should have either invented missiles way earlier or not invented airplanes at all.
It's only natural that aircraft carriers and submarines are the gods of the sea.
One Konstantin Nechaev supposedly got into a train on train battle in China.
File: p_061[1].jpg (3.72 MB, 1430x2013)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB JPG
There were many major gun battles in ww2. The "problem", for popular historians, is they were more like skirmishes and a bit of background knowledge is needed to understand why they did not charge each other and clash swords spectacularly, not much but too much to pique people's interest.

Is this what Denmark in late XIX century looked like? At least there was no fags
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>Dying on a potato field
It’s all so tiresome
Eh, even has a Malickfag, I have trouble getting into Days of Heaven. I always walk away feeling like it was an empty experience.

I like his later movies better.
Which movie is your favorite?
I'm conflicted between Tree of Life and A Hidden Life, but I'm gonna go with the latter.
File: gigachad3.jpg (51 KB, 832x1000)
51 KB
>why yes Badlands is my favorite of Malick's, how could you tell?

Why did these thee minor powers think they stood a chance at beating Britain and the USA?
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arming hundreds of thousands of dubiously loyal soldiers. What could go wrong?
for arguments sake, lets say Pierre acted like a bien garcon
Using the Romanians, Hungarians, Italians, and Bulgarians like that worked so well at Stalingrad.
File: lindy.png (765 KB, 585x663)
765 KB
765 KB PNG
>germany and japan are minor powers
>britain isn't
holy kek
Cringe and Force Z pilled.
> had a negligble contribution to the war in Europe
Aside from Italy, pushing through France to Germany, and the strategic bombing campaign which destroyed the Luftwaffe, yes.
>But most of the US "island hopping" was of no strategic value or importance to the end of the war
Caused massive attrition that drove Japanese aviation into irreversible decline, forced the destructive engagement of the Japanese navy off Guadalcanal and in the Philippines.
Penetrated Japan's defensive perimeter to obtain bases for bombing and an invasion.
>The war in the Pacific was won in China and Burma.
Found the Anglo.
>Iwo was taken with six months left in the war.
>Okinawa with two months left.
There weren't any raids launched from Iwo Jima or Okinawa.
The raids started in 1944 and lasted until the end.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Why couldn't the serbs win the bosnian war? They had support from Serbia and were given vast amounts of equipment from the old yugoslav army.
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File: soyhead.png (60 KB, 419x505)
60 KB
>dude more verbosity means essence of argument is totally different
File: 1582165574002m.jpg (101 KB, 1024x581)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
It's literally not, fuck i hate when you autistic faggets use "literal"
The massive balls of the Muslim and the Croat.
The European Axis powers had a greater population and a bigger combined military than the Soviets. The Soviets were consistently outnumbered along the whole front from 1941-1942. The Germans lost the “war of attrition” despite using endless human waves and Zerg rush tactics because of superior Soviet tanks and tactics

File: giphy (1).gif (78 KB, 281x296)
78 KB
your monitor suddenly turns dark.
before you can check whether it has turned off, a message in green font appears on it.

You can ask one question. Any question, about anything. If your question has an answer, it will be given to you. If your question has no answer, you will be told so.
Don't forget, you only have one shot.
What do you ask?
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Give me one way on how I can create my artifical afterlife?
File: Burning inside.gif (1.37 MB, 264x170)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB GIF
Is my penis sticky iffy?
Fuck I wasted my question. It should've been
>Will be progress if we kill all jews?
File: MTkcl36.jpg (26 KB, 850x476)
26 KB
This nigga knows.

File: 1591140124317.jpg (207 KB, 596x1008)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
just going to cut to the chase here. fuck you
File: 1591142055982.png (31 KB, 214x300)
31 KB
>just going to cut to the chase here. fuck you
I agree with you (kinda), but fuck Wojakposters.

Why were the Huguenots so industrious and skilled? Did the Révocation of the Édit de Nantes and their large exodus towards Protestant Europe prepare the ground for the French Revolution?
Templar front, gay
Wealthy, middle class people are more likely to adopt hipster meme religions than poor farmers

File: 73298-inuguration2b2.jpg (62 KB, 463x704)
62 KB
Had bokassa a plan or was he just insane?
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I'm not insane so I have no idea how his logic worked
His plan was to dab on republican shits
Why emperor though? Why not just kang?
To emulate his hero Napoleon. Really funny that this guy LARPed as a LARPer
>his hero Napoleon
So was he like Lopez, and planed to conquer shit?

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