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I just realized that maybe women are just human beings and not just objects to be lusted after or hated
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Next if you would just realize this is a fitness board we might be getting somewhere.
Quit falling for the psy op and go squat
no more than 3 cups of day it raises cortisol
File: 1610890853536.jpg (87 KB, 976x850)
87 KB
what does being human means and why shouldn't humans be used as objects, lusted after and hated?
only men can be real human beings

Copy paste from previous thread edition

Couch to 5k:

Weeb edition:

>Jack Daniels running formula

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What about running do you think would cause anxiety?
imposter syndrome, feeling like i shouldn't be doing it, or doing it wrong. i only feel it when other people are about.
do i get better at cycling if i start running? does it strengthens your legs like that?
What do you think when you see other people out running?
>i only feel it when other people are about.
Very early morning (4-6am) is the best time to go out. I had the same problem when I first switched to barefoot running.

Bar is open anon what’ll ya have?
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i want to talk to girls but i feel is a chore , before the carrot on a stick were nudes but now they are so easily obtainable there is a myriad of them online , if i get to know the girl they are absolute train wrecks with nothing interesting to say so i end up friend zoning most of the girls who talk to me , video games also dont entertain me as before , i think no i will dump my free time into sculpting and reading , i want to make something out of it
video tape or voice record it , after 10 events confront him with the evidence , tell him/her to stop being a condescending prick and find someone else to pick on or you will take it to the uppers with the evidence , people like that are everywhere and if you dont stand and fight you will get into the pecking order under him , also read about shadow integration of yung , " im not a pacifist im just afraid of being hurt" "the moment i realized i canbe dangerous i developed my fangs" it helped me alot , knowing that i can be dangerous and evil but stop myself from doing evil acts gave me an edge to the point that i got a raise at my job , people respect strength , or you can learn to banter and play the same game as him , imagine you are just shitposting irl but do so after you got your evidence , he will most likely report you if he gets mad
"The economy is about to crash and the great reset it coming so I feel dread for the future."
fucking moron.
How about this: drop out, own it, and just go to trade school. You can go back to college later, but stop wasting money. get community college credits.
- femanon
do you live in a northern climate? soemtimes the vitamin d/lack of sun and nature makes me feel less passionate to achieve things.
havent got a fucking clue what to do with my life
>lost job 6 months ago
>unemployment ended 2 weeks ago
>think i'll join the military
>start losing weight and preparing for the ASVAB for the last 3 weeks
>now having 2nd thoughts
>not sure what to do now
back to square one

File: hollywood.jpg (71 KB, 700x466)
71 KB
>Who is /fat/ for?
For celebs who want to better themselves through meaningful hard-work, strategy, and dedication.

This is not QTDDTOT, stick to questions on fat loss.

>What do I do first?
1. Read the /fit/ sticky
2. Calculate your Body Fat Percentage
https://www.omnicalculator.com/health/navy-body-fat (old link was broken atm)
3. Calculate your TDEE
Remember to use bodyfat% and use Katch-McArdle Formula with sedentary settings or you will inevitably get a way too high TDEE.
4. Plan your weight loss week by week

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WHAT THE FUCK. My weight has stopped going down. I understand it fluctuates and that there are periods where it stalls and then it suddenly can drop down 5lbs or so. But I’m cutting hard as fuck and haven’t had this until now. It’s been changing daily more or less everyday.

>down to 220lbs now
>been here last few days
>went up to 226 a couple days ago, figured it would go back the next day
>goes down to 223lbs
>next day back at 220, decide to fast yesterday, still at 220.
Make it fucking go down I’ve been eating nothing but chicken breast less than 1000 calories while doing cardio and calisthenics wtf gives
Sometimes you just plateau.
But that’s fucking gay. I’ve lost 40lbs. 6 more pounds and I’m allowing myself my first cheat meal. I want it so fucking bad. I refuse to have it until I’m sub 215lbs. If the weight kept coming off like it was, a little less each day, I’d hit that next week or the week after. Now idk if that’s gonna happen. I estimated I’d be 218lbs today
Yeah, but the body is a weird thing, and unfortunately is something you have to deal with.
It happens lad, and it sucks but it'll keep going if you keep at it.
See: >>60034508 and >>60051306

i've always prided myself on not being a blackpiller, but more and more im finding that physical attraction is so dependent on height and face rather than physique. I love lifting and looking better so coming to the realisation that girls don't care a whole lot about musculature won't really affect my lifestyle, but is it true it doesnt make much of a difference?
(picrel is me, not huge but not a DYEL and my physique has rarely helped me in attraction)
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congratulations, you are attractive
you look like you take cock up your ass

Be honest, does he mog you?
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I'm 105kg so no
6 feet according to his autopsy reports

File: beard.jpg (65 KB, 599x390)
65 KB
Is minoxidil good for you?

File: 10927.jpg (216 KB, 1600x2160)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
I am pretty auschwitzmode i am 190cm tall and weigh ~63kg, how do i fix it?
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Why are guys either obese as fuck or skinny as hell by default?
Because during my entire teenage years i barely ate anything and just sat inside playing video games a lot.
>190cm tall and weigh ~63kg

Fuckin 'ell.
8 eggs a day, 1-2 liters of milk a day, maybe eat a pizza or a few burgers, also if you can eat a salad with some fish.
Im 180cm and have gone from 52kg to 59kg in the last two months with 6 meals a day plus daily lifting. Its not much but im committed to getting to 60->65->70 Kg.
Pray that i make it bros

File: flat_psa_02.jpg (24 KB, 356x239)
24 KB
I'm on a cut and I'm hungry
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How about telling me a way to ween off carbs instead of just insulting me?
eat fat or protein
also grow thicker skin, id have called you a racial slur if i didnt want to not have to change my ip, you are on 4chan
Several options were presented to you in this thread and yet you still act like a bitch who can't endure the discomfort of eating less. Don't be surprised when people call you fatty
Because all he said is eat fat and protein. Ok so what are good fats, what are good proteins. What foods have these and don't have carbs cause carbs are in everything. And yeah I don't enjoy being hungry, you know its a leading cause of death in the world right?
>Ok so what are good fats, what are good proteins.
it literally doesn't matter lmao
>What foods have these and don't have carbs cause carbs are in everything
certain veggies are ok
have fun

File: 1614289686114.jpg (95 KB, 851x838)
95 KB
>Ahhhhh, verrrry teasty ba-tu soup edition


Important information to give when asking for general advice
>Your current numbers on S/B/D (P/B/S/D)
>Years lifting
>Program History
>Real life impact to training if needed
>What you like doing in the gym
>Social Security Number and bank information

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There's enough space, but I don't know how I'll lead it down the stairs
Some day
You put her down the waterslide obviously
Squat 5x5
SLDL 5x5
Hanging leg raises (got some cool new stirrups to try) supersetted with GHR 3x20
EZ bar curls 5x8-10
Clean today, then cheat meal for dinner.
Happy Friday
Hopefully he didn't mess up and bought a house that came with a water slide. WOuld be a shame otherwise
I don't think my insurance covers intentional water damage

Are u fit enough to see guys walking with their gfs get nervous as they approach u?
Daily i have this shit happen to me...girls can't help but stare while their bfs try to distract them...it's so cash

Pic is me
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No but at least one female with her bf couldn't stop miring. Lmao.
Damn, is this achievable natty?
Whats your routine/diet?
Miring hard nohomo
No he's 100% roiding dude.
t. 5'5
im 6'4 and white , dont really care for manlets copes

File: kratom.jpg (11 KB, 275x183)
11 KB
Should I try it? How addicting is it compared to, say, alcohol?
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I went from not smoking at all for months to taking dabs every day for the past week and I literally sleep for like 16 hours.
Pretty sure it's causing my hair to fall out as well. Fuck me, getting off this shit for the SECOND time is going to suck so much ass.
Eh for someone who is a "polysubstance abuser" (aka hates being sober) it gets the job done. The job being making me not sober.
You need to taper off that much phenibut most likely.
The withdrawals are truly shit if you've been taking a lot of it for long enough.

File: 1609724016944.jpg (74 KB, 1150x748)
74 KB
You wake up looking like peak Delon face with a Brad Pitt in Troy-tier body but suddenly become 5'7 - what do you do next?
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Take your meds.
So, the same as I'm now?
Post face
File: EvH149pXcAERZKr.jpg (281 KB, 1440x1799)
281 KB
281 KB JPG

Did ZMA and vitamin D protect me from getting Covid-19™?
Is this 2007? ZMA is still a thing?
No, but it did prevent you from getting Wuhan flu.
what the fuck is covid-19
ZMA is awesome for sleep

Where do you keep your phone while running?
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But you're already running
File: 1613184666819.jpg (328 KB, 610x520)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
dangerously based. fuck jannies
nigger i-
>call for help
Lmao the state of this board


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