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File: 2 months.jpg (133 KB, 1280x720)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
2 months in and he looks better than 87% of /fit/
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Forgive me Dad.
he does look better, glad to see felix is spreading the iron pill
>manlet loses 10 pounds and reveals abs he already had to begin with
nothing to see here
no, and your better than felix too. Very nice, keep going, have a great day, no homo etc etc
File: IMG_20200709_213010.jpg (1.22 MB, 1936x2592)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG

File: 1568359611708.jpg (44 KB, 720x900)
44 KB
Is not feeling horny for a woman in real life a sign of low testosterone? I want to smash a qt tomorrow but I am not feeling it and that's not good
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First time I ever banged a girl I could not get hard at all, was so embarrassing. After that never had a problem but that first time was rough. I think anxiety is the exact opposite of arousal so it kill your boner if you aren’t ready.
File: FDA.jpg (447 KB, 1062x1750)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
Protip: if you want to find the ones that actually work, go to the FDAs website and look for the ones with consumer warnings. They'll say shit like, "Warning, found hidden ingredient, contains viagra"

Then look for that brand. Also good to check because some legit have both viagra and cialis which will fuck you up, so don't get those.
OP here, I forgot to mention I'm trans btw if that changes anything.
Thats the beauty of nofap. Doesnt turn you into a horny degenerate wasting whole days away fapping and thinking about sex but actually being productive. But heres the best part, this changes in the presence of real women. You will feel 100% different when you are physically present with her, you will have no problems escalating.
yeah, that has nothing to do with pies, dumbass

File: 1593350915063.jpg (40 KB, 600x600)
40 KB
Muscular and pretty lean everywhere except my stomach, mostly lower stomach. Is liposuction a viable option these days? How invasive and painful is it?
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5' 9" 188 lbs, 225 bench for reps, 315 deadlift for reps, 135 ohp for reps, squat is kinda shitty at like 250 for reps
People tell me I look ripped all the time so idts
You're fat.
Cool thanks
Mfw quads
The idea of someone being able to bench more than they can squat, or it even being close, makes me sick.

File: elephantt.png (1.13 MB, 1000x622)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
are you taller than an elephant´s dick anon?
Depends on how aroused he is

File: DSC_101 - Copy.jpg (368 KB, 1080x2340)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
New cbt, reply to eachother
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Don't you have poorfags to flex on in /arg/ or something?
Damn boy, you are my identical size but way the fuck stronger than I am and clearly leaner/more muscular. Keep on truckin'.
Can we get an uncensored version of this photo? Great body man.
File: garcon epais.jpg (70 KB, 541x802)
70 KB
very proportionate, mirin, goals. Can I ask your stats and routine ? I don't lift for aesthetics (no shit) but that's what I hope to look like once I reach my strength goals

>5"11 / 180cm
>176lbs / 80 kg
>30 yo
And I'm ashamed to say,
>2.5 yrs calisthenics and lifting
>mina fans
File: IMG_20200709_102259.jpg (970 KB, 1512x2016)
970 KB
970 KB JPG
Lifting in this basement during the summer is no joke, just want the gym open. Fuck Cuomo.

File: 1402754085909.jpg (148 KB, 634x698)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
>be arnie's son
>completely waste your genetics and the ultimate personal trainer of a dad

Does Arnold even acknowledge his son?
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His son didn't star in any coming-of-age shit even though it would've made sense.
God bless you. Eh, i mean Zeus bless you
Why does he always look yellow tinted?
vegangreen got real good arm but fuck me it that chest is ridiculous
also the fuck is up with his upper spine

I already fit chicken, eggs, and red meats into my diet as well as a protein shake, but I’ve also been a hard gainer all my life. Would these help me get swole? I’m already doing 6 days a week in the gym rn
most of them taste like shit
Would always recommend a shake over a bar
surprisingly tastes worst for no benifit other then taking a solid over a liquid.
For gaining, just up your intake. More chicken, more eggs, more meat. Maybe even toss somthing that is nutrient dense and tastes good. These bars are fucking trash at best. Also, way fucking overpriced
No they are not worth it. Most are onions protein, all are massively overpriced.


I really wish the faggots running this place would remove this bullshit word replacement. It was never funny to begin with.

I'm a 186 cm 90 kg guy and a 16 cm x 11 cm penis, my girth is ridiculously thin for my body, do these penis enlargement exercises work for girth or just length?
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I always look it up that its supposed to be crazy much, but for me it seems normal.. cant comprehend the supposed average is so small... however it explains a lot of things. I broke a lot of condoms before getting proper, large sized ones. And in my last long term relationship it took several weeks of trying before she could take it... never got a proper bj either lol
Larger dicks aren't all good
My dick isn't massive 16x14. I think it's perfect because if it was any bigger I couldn't get deepthroats
14cm girth is bigger than 94% of the guys, desu
7.9x6.2 in here. I had to get 5'10 gf to take the whole thing and she still cant deepthroat.
Do you make her orgasm with just your dick at that size? Have you ever had a woman not achieve orgasm with that size?

File: IMG_20200710_004825.png (528 KB, 895x546)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
I tracked my diet since february and am not eating enough iron.

I did the research and discovered:

1. Long distance running depletes iron
2. Iron is best bioavailable from animalsources
3. Getting enough iron from meat means eating a lot of it
4. Only food with enough iron is livers

I was excited with the idea, and got some fresh liver. Followed a recipe. But holy shit, how do you eat something with this texture?

Looking into it more, I found Vince Gironda took dessicated liver. Anyone tried that? Is it any good? That sounds doable, even if its hard to get in my backwater country.

Or else, how the fuck do you just eat liver?
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in Spain it is very common. and eat rabbit too.

you cook it simply with sliced garlic.
here's my liver recipe
>let it soak in milk for at least 2h
>wipe it down
>fry in butter or ghee max 4 min a side
>enjoy god tier proteins and nutrients

if you overcook it even slightly it'll be very tough and chewy
I don't know how my mom does it but liver is the only meat my sister eats, we regularly fight over it. That's how good it can be
I think she half fries it and then boils it with the rest of the muscle near
Imagine being this retarded
I love rabbit meat but the only way to get it around here is to trap it myself and I'm allergic :(

File: UwNsY1Z.jpg (74 KB, 720x960)
74 KB
i know the sticky but i would like to ask you guys, what are some ways you can lose weight fast and stay motivated
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I am on a diet that is working well for me but it restricts a lot of food. I eat whole foods and only eat meats/fruits/vegetables. I don't eat nuts or grains though. Just meats fruits and veggies. I only drink water and flavored sparkling water. I'm losing a TON of weight very quickly.

That being said I also lift 6 days a week on on the 7th day (my rest day) I fast.
Pick up fasting as a habit! It helps with more than just losing weight. Start with a bit of research and make sure to check the fasting general. I went from 135lbs to 114 with fasting.
nothing beats amputation on the time/weightloss ratio
for how long did you fast?
High intensity training

File: doggy.jpg (101 KB, 650x414)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
guise check out this doggy lol
achievable natty?
Soaring puppus
Starting slobber+ Box of treats a day

File: post-135916-1281924260.jpg (1.19 MB, 3968x2976)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Probably never going to have sex in my life because of this, the scars are already there so its too late nothing can be done about it
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I also have this, the only problem is my back bleeding sometimes wich ruins my shirts.
>wait! wait! don't undo my belt.. first I need to show you this picture on my phone of my back acne, please dont fuck me yet before i show you this picture.
dude.. how? ive fucked girls who i dont think have ever seen my back.
How do you hide your back though when she has you bent over and is fucking your ass with a strap on?
File: 1559539730431.gif (2 MB, 181x292)
2 MB
>tfw acne mostly gone, but have keloid scars now

Fuck brehs, I can never escape
Eat beef liver 2x a week, retinol (Vitamin A) resolve a lot of skin problems. Carotenoids (vitamin A from carrots) are not the same thing

File: 1594303116066.jpg (76 KB, 1024x457)
76 KB
It's the "I don't notice any positive effects from my juice, but I've come to kind of enjoy injecting so I keep doing it anyway" edition

If you ask a question you must promise to have at least four children to save the white race.
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they hate you too
That wouldn't make sense. Because the hcg is mimicking LH in your body, and the clomid is making more LH.
Seeing the sides only tells you so much, not everyone responds the same way to high/low e2. bloodwork is a lot more accurate and you get to gauge your health and well-being.

During would help you gauge your ai dosage as I said before and you want to be on as little ai as possible while at the same time not risking getting gyno and other bad stuff that comes from high e2 (gyno isn’t the worst side effect of high e2 but it sure is to most narcissistic guys like us)

I suggest bloodwork after especially if you’re cycling instead of bnc.

I never got bloodwork done before I hopped on because I was a teen when I did and I was pretty irresponsible. Luckily I had no health concerns that would be worse due to AAS usage. While I did get by fairly well without bloodwork my first few years of usage, as I grow older and look more towards my health rather than cosmetic gains, bloodwork is now a must but I don’t get it often just a 1-2 a year if I’m cruising and during middle of a cycle. You don’t really think a lot about your mortality when you’re young, but after your hair goes you’re all of a sudden reminded everyday when you look at yourself in the mirror.
I pin 1.5ml in quads, glutes and v.glutes and besides the first 2 or 3 times I never got pip (always lasted about 3 to 4 days). I pin with 27g 3/4" and just massage the area for half a minute after pinning.
fair enough boys, i might give it a shot. kinda wanted to put on like 50ish more pounds natty before i start enhancing, but maybe i'll just go for it

I’m 32 and realized I will never cure my social retardation and autism or be respected as a man due to my height (5’7)

Will cutting down 8-10% body fat help me at all?
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Well, I'm 33, decent social skills, a qtpie 21yo GF, 4 trusted close male friends, but I'm skint, lost my job recently and can't find another one, so right now I feel like the lowest form of scum in the universe. Also, losing weight, but still fat.

Just pointing out- we all have reasons to feel sorry for ourselves, they all seem justified to us at the moment, and they're all probably not as bad as we think from an outside perspective, and looking at our entire situation

Also, one of those friends is like 5'6, 35yo, bald, and NO ONE fucks with the guy, because he will, and has, end a muthafucka in one punch, and it's obvious just looking at him. I know it's hard bro, but stop making excuses. It won't make you happier.

That being said, getting ripped would absolutely help your situation, so get to it.
Is the 5'6 dude muscular
About 105
wut, like weight in pounds?
nothing anon, its just easier to think others are delusional than to try and improove

Why haven’t you taken the teeth pill?
52 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: somerhalder.jpg (175 KB, 936x1264)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
unless you have dark hair to contrast it with you'll look like shit with blue eyes/blonde hair

in surveys it almost comes out the least attractive coloring combo on men to women

dark hair/light eyes = goat
dark hair/dark eyes = 2nd
light hair/dark eyes = 3rd
light hair/light eyes = RIP
most people don't have terrible teeth like this. also both of these dudes have had other plastic surgery over the years.
A bad dentist can give you a bad teethpill so make sure you dont cheap out on this. Many a heartbroken teethpillers roam the internet telling their sad tales of regret and disappointment.
If that's the case I'd honestly rather learn to deal with my teeth than have some old fuck mess my shit up
damn holmes nigger really got you there with the bait.

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