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File: file.png (665 KB, 1055x772)
665 KB
665 KB PNG
He still trusts himself in 2015+5
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I cant stop looking at how tiny his feet are. Honestly worse than the mirror shit
shit, I can't look away now
I mean, the image kind of already made the point with just one mirror. He should have said it comes back twofold, then the picture works.
What do you expect of a street shiter?
also they look like some shitty iphone concept

File: Kl8LE4f.jpg (20 KB, 519x422)
20 KB
I'll start
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Make way weaklings

File: onegaimuscle1.jpg (80 KB, 640x640)
80 KB

Is sugar bad for you?
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But it does make it scrumptious
Americans seem to have naturally higher levels of sugar tolerance. As long as you are not European then you can have a nice serving of sugar.
Nice bait, jewropoor.
people don't understand that it isn't that honey is bad for you, but portion size, back in the day you'd eat honey once every a year at most so our bodies grow up with that tolerance, same with fruits, but then niggas go and eat 2 bananas a day or 8 oranges into orange juice and then honey every day on tea and then wonder why they get sick

Problem with dietary sugar from a mechanistic standpoint is that its dis-regulatory of physiology because of the spike in blood sugar and in the modern context this spiking is chronic and long term. This effect can glycate your cells and make you vastly more susceptible to inflammation.

High sugar diet is also not physiologically indicated, especially if you're European where such populations undergoing periods of cold winter derive the majority of their foods from animals. There are a few select populations that have a high sugar diet, 40% of diet that do have some genetic adaptations to better help them tolerate carbs/sugar, but they're the exception, not the rule.

Since sugar in the modern diet comes from synthetic gargabe or genetically modified fruits that have way more sugar than their historical counterparts, it creates problems.


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File: 20200404_011225-1~2.jpg (329 KB, 1581x1617)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
How many years/months will it take me to make it if I keep lifting hard with my barbell doing bench press + deadlift + rows + raises + cleans + curls + skull crushers + overhead press + reverse curls + ab crunch machine.
Also is there a way to hit obliques with just a barbell? I was doing sidebends while holding the bar to one side.
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You need to shave, bro..
Sounds like the words of someone about to have pubes plastered down their throat
Boy you're queerer than a purple traffic signal
That's me on the right
that's you on the left
>I've seen people fatter than me posting.
I hate people like you.

File: 1549741449491.jpg (362 KB, 1138x1128)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
What's the most aesthetic physique that can ever be achieved naturally, assuming great genetics?
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He is between 25-30% body fat on the left guaranteed. You're underestimating your own body fat as well, btw.
>I think ti all depends on how fast you lose the weight
No it doesn't. Shut the fuck up.
It all depends on whether your genetics can handle the extra fat or not.
If someone gets fat and show no signs of stretch marks and just get one big round belly then they won't get any lose skin once they become fit
If you get fat and get stretch marks then you'll 100% get loose skin, you can't do anything to get rid of it after that other than surgery. I have yet to see anything that can be done to get rid of loose skin
STFU fatty
for the new people this pic has been posted here for years, this guy used to hang around here actually, he took dnp to cut and did p90x workouts or some shit

File: rockyquote1.jpg (105 KB, 1024x768)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>Rocky Edition
THE POWERLIFTING General, strongest general in the new world

>The official pastebin

>What is depthprivilege?

>How to lowbar squat by Alastair MacNicol

>How to squat with Chris Duffin

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It's called a deadlift bar because it's a bar designed to give an advantage to someone deadlifting with it. Straight bar is the way to go, deadlift bars are a joke and can bend a fuckload before the bar even breaks the ground.
File: 3 years.jpg (74 KB, 768x960)
74 KB
>the (((ipf))) and (((usapl)))
>not lolfeds
shiggy. company didn't license that belt? just buy the sbd one here. using forklift? all good. wear the wrong underwear? comeback, three years.
You realize that IPL etc allow for single AND multi ply, right? Not to mention that "raw w/ wraps" absolute retardation.
which sheiko is best?
File: bloat.jpg (16 KB, 225x225)
16 KB
>raw w/ wraps absolute retardation
wraps have been around forever. theyre even legal in olympic weightlifting.
all feds are lolfeds here because of steroid or bad calls or being ran by jews or something else. playing the
>my fed is the one true fed
is tip top autism. just go lift, and make sure youre deep enough, paused long enough, and locked out

File: kettlebell.jpg (158 KB, 1150x863)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
You want to actually become a man and acquire FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH? Now's the perfect time to get a KB and start training. Heavy KB swings will make a man out of you and improve your other lifts now that you're kicked out of your gym.
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File: truesip.jpg (210 KB, 700x700)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Do you have any fitness equipment place near you? They're probably open bec business is booming for them.
Probably get a heavier kettlebell? Or try a new complex. Just make it hard for yourself and focus on contracting your muscles.
Is that a garbage bag filled with human excrement?
Call Pavel soi or a crossfitter one more time, I dare you motherfucker.
Everything is based on books of Pavel Tsatsouline who used to work with soviet scientists and is a father of kettlebell in USA.

File: lost-sawyer-shirtless.jpg (207 KB, 1280x720)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
people you thought were huge thread
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the only answer that matters
File: 1348003813156s.jpg (9 KB, 250x250)
9 KB
If I was rich I'd buy an island and pay all the LOST cast to live with me on the island, in character.
is that true?
He said he was vegetarian during that flick. https://web.archive.org/web/20150306042720/https://www.popworkouts.com/tobey-maguire-workout/4/

File: 1570232859489.jpg (35 KB, 400x298)
35 KB
>be me at a party
>everyone sitting arround in the living room
>guy i know from work whos a fat balding manlet starts going on about how i spend all my time in the gym and im boring and have no life.
>girls laughing with him
>girl asks me "like seriously anon, why do you care so much about lifting, its like, pretty superficial like desu"
>tell her "i lift so that, if needs be, i could kill anyone in this room, and nobody could stop me."
>They just stare at me.
>later on the guy whos house it is asks me to leave
>pic related is me walking home
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>not saying something like
>so sex is easier or work is easier
>makes me feel good or its fun

Fucking incel cuck
German autism genes don't understand the art of flyting.
They think saying something like:
is a quality response to their opponent's well-crafted banter.

Only people with bonger genes, Scandi genes or niggers appreciate it.
I'll fix this to how I would act
>be me at a party
>everyone sitting arround in the living room
>guy i know from work whos a fat balding manlet starts going on about how i spend all my time in the gym and im boring and have no life.
>girls laughing with him
>girl asks me "like seriously anon, why do you care so much about lifting, its like, pretty superficial like desu"
>leave without saying anything
>I don't know how I end up at some degenerate party in the first place
>head home
>lift in my mom's basement
>go to the mattress
>sleep like a baby next to my stuffed lifting buddy
>wake up
Kill them
literally of figuratively?

File: 1584382138104.png (207 KB, 480x468)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
Should I be training my neck everyday or every other day?

How is /fit/ getting enough protein and calories during the quarantine? I'm drinking olive oil with every meal to keep up the bulk while doing calisthenics.
Anyways, i'm eating like normal because grocery stores are operating as normal.
Eggs, beef, chicken, pork, milk, cheese, rice, beans.
It's all there.
ebic, do you put all that meat in a freezer?

>hey Anon
>we are all gonna go hit the caves
>wanna come?
>don't tell me you did all that lifting but ur afraid of a little underwater cave

Wat do?
212 replies and 45 images omitted. Click here to view.
cavers are retards.
File: 1548533568337.png (181 KB, 1067x851)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
>There's nothing sinister about the correlation.
>There certainly isn't a secretive community of monsters for which mankind has no name that inhabit the dark and lonely places of the Earth.
Solid bait
Just the rings of underground bunkers used by the elite/deep state. People missing are the unfortunate souls they kidnap to torture/sacrifice/cannibalise
The basedest choice.

File: unnamed.png (264 KB, 512x463)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
How do you stay motivated to keep training when being strong, looking good and fucking girls isn't enough anymore?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Can't you just enjoy making progress and feeling in shape
Well OP you gotta dig deep into your past and realize how many people fucked you and fucked you up in your childhood, how many hoes rejected you in school, how 80% of the world you’re living in will always see you as the enemy, how you’re living in a reality where fatties roam the earth, how because of feminism and capitalism and all the isms, you will be deprived of a future that is entirely your own where you build and own a house you can pass on to worthy sons, fuck and be loved and fed by a good wife, and die knowing that your legacy is in the safe, capable hands of your offspring who will grow up to be a good man equipped with the strength of will and wisdom you gave him, which he will pass on to his own sons and their sons’ sons and you will be remembered by great men that your line has created for generations to come
Read sun and steel
I actually got to that point not too long ago srs. Been lifting 9 years and have near my goal physique, get mired by men and women hard and mog 99% of physiques in the gym

A few months ago I suddenly lost a ton of motivation. Let go of my diet, skipped gym sessions etc. Had to do some deep soul searching and came to the realization that all those reasons may have been why I started, and they may have kept me going for years, and yes I'm still reaping the benefits, but why I do this NOW is because it is who I am. I legit can't not push myself to my best potential. I can't imagine a life where I'm not striving to be better than I was yesterday. And I don't mean this in a desperate/trapped way where I feel I'm "never enough" but in a way where me training everyday and eating good to look awesome and be strong is an expression of gratitude towards the life I was given, and that my short time here on earth is to be spent growing to my full potential(Which I will never reach)
As an older guy, it's things like this that keep me keeping on



Anyone here use MK-677 or HGH? Results thread

File: willowo.png (490 KB, 469x587)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
Hello /fit/. I'm a transgirl who wants to add some mass in my lowerbody. i don't want to get big, and i think adding too much weight would make my upper body more muscular too, which is not what i want
i wanna have a more feminine figure
What would be the best routine and diet?. Any idea?
35 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Neck rope hangs
squats 5 x 10
high knees 3x 30 seconds fast
plank 5 x 30 sec

also any basic stretch routine to become more flexible
>sets? reps?
just do 3x10-12 like any other beginner
anal stretch 1XF
Looks like Dobby from Peep show

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