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What is "making it" for you?
Why do you lift?
For pussy?
For money?
For recognition?
Has anyone actually reported back after "making it"?
Has anyone "arrived"?
Or does what they seek elude them forever until one day they expire?
I lift for a beautiful death.
I wish for undying fame among mortals. I wish to strike at the gods with an arm of bronze and join their company.
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>WAGMI? Make WHAT exactly?
You are clearly, unironically, never going to make it
File: toki.gif (826 KB, 474x350)
826 KB
826 KB GIF
You're very much correct, anon. Now I want to focus on making money. I'm fucking broke, my family is broke and I've been doing manual work to survive since after high school. But WAGMI.

>What is "making it" for you?
To live life by my own rules, answer to as few people as humanly possible, in a body I am happy with.
>Why do you lift?
>For pussy?
Yes - my girlfriend is into fitness(dick in her ass) and I want to be, feel and look confident for her, as she does for me.
>For money?
Outside of modeling or influencer shit, being /fit/ is not directly related to money. Being tall makes you statistically more likely to be in positions of power and income, and deferred to in the workplace. I am both, fortunately.
>For recognition?
Of course, being fit is a status symbol. See Arnolds 'you can't buy it' speech, or the fact the Tyler Burden gets posted here once a day despite coming out before many anons were born.
>Has anyone actually reported back after "making it"?
I made it and kind of just forgot about 4chan for a time. I used to post on misc too, kind of gave up. I'm back now and can confirm it's rare to find good info here; it is entertaining though.
>Has anyone "arrived"?
I 'made it' according to goals I set five years ago. In five years I hope to make it according to my new ones.

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Vaya con Dios compadre.

File: 1680006181158212.jpg (81 KB, 850x934)
81 KB
>you need to drink milk to gain muscle
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Seriously, I’m from the Boston area and I notice this shit too. I can’t even call it a stereotype because literally every single one of these people I’ve ever met is the same. I hate this shit. Makes me want to retreat to New Hampshire with the boomers and their boomer-lite children.
Get Fage instead, pricier but tastes a lot better than that garbage
That's one homely piglet
You're a fried chicken nigger cottonpicking gator bait negroid monkey shootin roided robbing killing nigger.
I would avoid all of these people

File: 1679609127382434.png (52 KB, 130x149)
52 KB
If you're not spending at least $250.00 a week on quality groceries, you are not going to make it.
Just go hunting. Save on groceries.
I eat cheap shit and get mires.
>T. Merchant

File: 146.jpg (141 KB, 1280x534)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Whitepill Thread - Climb the Mountain Edition
>anyone can start lifting, you don't need any prior sports experience
>you can escape skinnyfat mode in less than six months
>it takes less than a year for people to notice you lift
>programming as a beginner is piss easy, everything works
>diet is just as easy, just eat some protein and avoid fast food, candy and soda
>you don't need a gym subscription to achieve a decent physique, you can get a good workout even with a pair of dumbbells from home
>mires become so common they don't even register anymore
>people notice you lift even under winter clothes
>1/2/3/4 makes you stronger than mostly anyone you'll come across in your daily life
>once you see results you won't even think about skipping the gym
>consistency is the key to a good physique, even if you drag yourself to the gym you'll appreciate every single workout in retrospect
>a good physique has a halo effect on anything you do
>muscle building genetics don't matter in everyday life, being consistent in the gym is what makes the difference
>being motivated by hope and love is much more effective than being motivated by anger
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> Strangely enough I think I have to imagine her genuinely in love to heal myself. Strangely enough I may have to swap her out for someone I can't imagine hurting me, like this gacha waifu I'm obsessed with.

You are wanting someone to come along and solve your problems for you. You are looking outside of yourself for acceptance and love. This is why you think you NEED someone to love you. It's also why you think you can't have friends: because you don't accept yourself. You are terrified of rejection and failure. There's a good chance you might even seen yourself as a failure, which feeds back into all the rest making it worse.

Stop doing that. Work towards self acceptance and self love. If you can't love or accept yourself, all the love in the world from others won't "heal" you. If you think you aren't worthy of friends, all the friends in the world won't make you feel better. Stop telling yourself you are a failure. And stop thinking you NEED others to approve of you. You need to approve of you. Period. In the end, you are the first and last person you will be around. You are the one who matters. Not them.

>T. Someone who broke out of a similar feel.
It takes time. You can do it. Get help if you need to. There's no shame in it.
Your therapist already know you're a loser, I any of this would actually surprise him, but he might try to get you on anti-psychotics if you tell him tho. Either way your gay little fantasy world is part of the problem, it satisfies your desires just enough for you to not be compelled to actually chase them. But your unconscious knows it's all a ruse and isn't fooled in the slightest which just spirals you down deeper into this bullshit. So to answer your question, don't imagine your stupid waifu doing anything.
I think >>70433033 has a point.

Your headspace determines the reality you live in. If your waifu is either fucking you or beating the hell out of you, it's because you don't see yourself as worthy of love.

You've got to accept yourself first.

You can try to find something like a chatbot to help you but I think you've got some self-work to do that an AI won't help with.

Start small. Next time you're pretending ninja Bae-din is beating the hell out of you, imagine that she's doing something like interrogating you while she's doing it.
feed me whitepills bros i pulled my pec at my peak performance after smashing PR after PR
3rd day of rest today kinda feels better than yesterday
i can't wait to go back to the gym but idk how i'm supposed to start again. i should "take it easy" but what exactly does this mean? do i do my regular program at 50% the weights?
also how long am i supposed to rest? until i don't feel any pain at all when stretching my pec?
i lost my virginity at 32 and have been fucking about a girl a month on average since then
just keep lifting and self-improving

File: 1673808730820722s.jpg (3 KB, 250x225)
3 KB
Currently bulking on one entire baguette a day (I'm French), half or an entire tablet of dark chocolate a day, steaks, milk and a lethal amount of pasta and yogurt. Will any of these foods kill me or will it make me ascend?
>half or an entire tablet of dark chocolate a day
based but cacao powder is even more based
>lethal amount of pasta and yogurt

Forgot to mention, if you're not eating eggs, add em. Eggs make the world go round so you should eat em, besides that you're gonna make phenomenal gains
File: 48819075515.jpg (94 KB, 879x875)
94 KB
Ty anon. Would it be a good idea to sprinkle my hot chocolates with cacao powder? I don't do protein shakes etc so I don't know how to consume it any other way. Also I've heard eggs are super based but sadly I hate the taste and never could stand them.

File: 24113.jpg (2.8 MB, 3105x2763)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB JPG
Should I do bench, deadlifts, and squats once a week instead of twice and just increase the volume per workout?

Mon: Bench
Tues: Rest
Wed: Deadlift
Thurs: Rest
Fri: Squat
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>0-1 arm days
>2-3 upper body days

what's the difference?
one of the most deranged programs I have ever seen on here
you're gonna shit bricks when you see 5/3/1 or GVT
Oh great, physical training designed by the guys who lost. Must be great.
Everyone's losing.

what’s the best way to hide your gains? if i go a size up it just looks stupid. do i need to get clothes tailored?

>why would you want to hide your gains
i’m not always in the mood for attention and in a professional setting i don’t want to show my gains too much
I basically wore baggy hoodies

File: 1679985311552838.webm (624 KB, 460x816)
624 KB
/o/besity edition
28 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Used to play around 2014. Servers were always full of people.
Then they added comp, split the playerbase into f2p and passpigs, Overwatch and Valorant came out, restricted chat for f2p, and *surprise*, game died.
Biggest tf2 event nowadays is the DEFCON hack fortress lol.
File: manmade_expdate.jpg (993 KB, 2443x1444)
993 KB
993 KB JPG
You can still get full servers in NA
Picrel can be used as a reaction pic in the next monstrosity edition of FPH
There is absolutely food addiction anonymous and recovery programs
File: 1633809159062.webm (2.01 MB, 320x400)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB WEBM
File: 1676741576528002.png (87 KB, 755x1255)
87 KB
Some people have to ruin it for everyone to get an ego boost. Tale as old as time.

File: ef3.png (17 KB, 636x778)
17 KB
>BMI of 32-33
>binged yesterday on chocolate and crisps
>skipped gym
>told myself I'd stop and finally lose weight
>be me today
>eat lots of normal food
>have a Starbucks latte
>buy shitload of chocolate and eat it in evening and skip gym
>feel really fat
>telling myself it was the last binge

Feels bad. I haven't been a normal weight for over 8 years. A healthy BMI is a pipe dream.

I lift weights but I can't outlift my cravings.
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Legitimately just give up once and for all and die you fat fuck
Stop acting "woe is me i can't stop eating" whilst trying to fucking lift 6kg weights to make you feel like you've done something
Go order 5 pizzas, relax in the front of the tv, and keep on going ad infinitum until your heart gives out
Rules? Type binging into google right now

this is person dependent. Scheduling for me actually makes me binge, but I get fucking HUNGRY at 9-12am, like, I'd binge eat all my food, but I can go to bed starving, so idfk.

Armchair doctor prescribes something of the sort of
>Eat without ANY distractions, no youtube, music, others, idgaf.
>If binging, eat infront of a mirror
>Eat whenever you want, for as much as you want, for this week
>Replace 1(one) of these things with a better option, bread for a banana (these have literally the same calories btw, but this is an example, go back to the dark chocolate I said)
This is a big one, which ties back to let yourself do it, as cucked as it is.
>Why do you binge (what is causing it), WHEN do you binge (I would go 6-12 days, then light it up), What do you do after it?
I've been force feeding myself AFTER my binges, and they are never as frequent, ever. Don't fucking bender it, but don't starve yourself like I KNOW you are when you finish

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Honestly? Be happy where you are. your body will always naturally fluctuate up and down sizes. If you're struggling to lose weight on a programme that has worked for you (you've lost 70lbs, that's huge, you know what you're doing) your body might be very happy at this maintenance level. If you lose a lot of weight its very important to remember that it will never be like other peoples bodies. I was grossly obese for the majority of my life, i will never be slim and toned but that wasn't the point of weight loss , it was to be healthier to live the life i deserve. I went insane trying to reach my goal weight but now i don't even care what i weigh. I like how i look, i can wear my clothing, and I'm ok when i gain and lose weight. It's just proof youre living your life.

Bored snacking will ruin you. My only advice for that is distraction. If you're not hungry, you're not intuitively eating, you need to do something else. Hobby, interest, or just getting out of the house and removing yourself from food. Playing with a pet. Doing some art work. Engage with a cam girl. Masturbate. Anything to break the association of bored must eat
I'm 6' and hover now around 160-165. But still smothered with fat, and it's too hard to go lower. I'm just absolutely fucking exhausted all the time trying to do any amount of steady cardio like walking/hiking, and then lifting is brutally difficult
bro >>70433060 I'm 5'8 and if I went to 165 I'd literally be dead, like 5% bf. How in the fuck are you that at 6 feet? No wonder man... Lift/Eat More maybe? that might help? obviously.....

>be me at the gym
>sitted down infront of dumbells doing ohp
>girls comes infront of me and starts doing dumbell row with her ass infront of me
>move somewhere else
>notice girl stops doing rows

did i fucked up
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
No you did the wise move.
Her friend was probably filming it trying to catch you looking to monetize it on social media.
Yes because you were doing Arnold presses not OHP
Beta responses. So sick of this new age trad values bullcrap, its really over the top. Anyway enjoy your virginities i guess.
Fucking based.

Op, why not pull your uncircumcised pecker out and start edging for that natty test boost? It’s what the whore wanted
I have literally the same behaviour

sucks to be autistic

File: waifu.webm (3.33 MB, 1080x1920)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB WEBM
>programming advice?
post s/b/d@bw+height

>The official pastebin (includes books and videos on various things like recovery, stretching, programs, band usage, etc)
>Conjugate pastebin
>Tripfag Numbers
>Hero Registry

previous thread: >>70417556
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Not an argument
I accept your concession haha
>gets destroyed
>n-not an argument!
i accept your concession
spit or swallow. don't talk with your mouth full of my shit
File: IMG_2662.jpg (43 KB, 650x641)
43 KB
Why the influx of shitters? Did /fig/get shut down?

File: c.png (2.45 MB, 2270x966)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG
>5 years lifting
>still no gym gf
46 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Is this the small head gang or what
3 > 1 > 4 > the rest
4 looks like she would break my heart, i want her
lol beauty standards dropped so much. i wouldnt work out with a girl. or a friend. or anyone.

she looks like shes gonna hit the wall at age 23.

How many people in your gym can actually bench 225 or heavier?
64 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Probably around 10% from what I've seen. 5% for reps. Saw a dude repping 3pl the other day. He's probably in the 1%. Never seen 4pl at my current gym.
I can do 5x5 185lbs so probably yeah. for 1 rep
havent been to a gym but its pretty shit, sometimes to0 crowded and ppl asking to work in and the staff is pretty unprofessional. i wouldnt reccomend going to a normie gym.
>How many of you guys see people deadlift 3pl8+ in your gym?
There are a couple obvious roiders that can pull 5-6 plates, as well as the group of about five powerlifting turbo manlets that pull around 4-5 plates (albeit with straps and belts). Anyone who looks kind of normal besides myself maxes out at just over 3 plate
>According to /fit/ this is something most people can do after ~3-6 months of lifting
I actually surpassed it in about 2.5 months of training diddies. I do around 365 for reps (5x5 was my best dating back to 4 years ago)
being strong is way easier than being shredded, the later requires encompasses many more aspects outside the gym

Give me your workout playlist
13 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Round and Round by Ratt
I’m not a big hair metal guy, but this came on my radio playlist the other day and damn those guys knew how to write a song that hooks you

> Dare by Stan Bush
Ah, a fellow Transformers: The Movie enjoyer!
File: 1564629573161.jpg (65 KB, 540x960)
65 KB
Unchain the Night - Dokken
Grinder - Judas Priest
Hungry - White Lion
He-Man Woman Hater - Extreme
Liar - Yngwie Malmsteen
Inside Out - XYZ
Bad Motor Scooter - Montrose
The Heretic (The Lost Child) - W.A.S.P
Raise Your Hands - Bon Jovi
Lay it Down - Ratt
Mean Street - Van Halen
Big City Nights - Live - Scorpions
Shattered - Pantera
Three Lock Box - Sammy Hagar

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Still better than BBC worship zoomer shit

File: 1679593525742164.png (725 KB, 701x696)
725 KB
725 KB PNG
I have massive hemorrhoids that acted up a few days ago and now they're so big they hurt like nothing else I've felt in my life.
Doctor said I needed to get them removed by surgery, but this was back in mid 2022 and they kind of calmed down and shrinked.

Something a few days ago made them come back stronger than ever. I already lost 3 days of lifting. How much will this shit take to heal?

I'm taking flavonoids, rectal cream and some painkillers but nothing makes it less painful. I don't want to get surgery yet

Any experiences?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Anything I can do about the smell? It's horrible. I havent been outside these last couple of days
also a month without lifting? I'll go back to skelly mode. fuck
there's a smell? jesus, ya wash your ass, get a bidet attachment. the cold water will shrink them too.
you can work on your upper body as long as you don't strain anything near your pelvis. focus on cardio. walking is also good even though that seems counter intuitive. sitting makes them worse.
Get a bidet. Haven't had a problem with hemorrhoids since. Doesn't have to be fancy. I just use a tushy.

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