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/fit/ - Fitness

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File: 1532420075039.jpg (64 KB, 466x411)
64 KB
Based or cringe?
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3pl8 dead? No
3pl8 curls? Now we're getting somewhere.
dead cringe
squat still kinda cringe
bench starting to be based
OHP based
I couldn't get there after 3 years
>needing roids for 3pl8
Just get fat lmao

File: 1633365502271.jpg (425 KB, 1668x1611)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
Been a vegan for a long time but fell for the meat shilling here. Ate a lot of meat and cheese last weekend. Felt really ill for days afterwards. Chicken mince was especially bad, it was like goo from Matrix. It only took form after searing it very well. Looked at meat and cheese aisles with new disgust today. Yup pretty sure I'll remain vegan. There is nothing good in eating that garbage.
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why all the cheese? cheese is like eating french fries, way too much unnecessary fat
you had the shits from all the cheese and maybe the spiced meats, not the meat
File: 1634791385279.gif (294 KB, 500x352)
294 KB
294 KB GIF
>Chicken Mince
what in the unholy fuck?
OP you should eat some thing sliced ham on some bread or have a carbonara using some hard italian cheese, egg and some cream.
Eating a diet full of fat is hard, so you need to be able to tolerate it.
You went too hard, too fast.
Yeah cus they arent as greasy, dont eat pizza its terrible for you. Try like, steak or smth. Or porkchop. Or smoking some meats. Just try not to eat gross stuff like chicken mince lol. Or stay a vegan, its your life bro

it’s not in food nor does your body burn “calories.” your body is not a calorimeter. there’s no such thing as calories in, calories out.
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I reckon you make around the same amount then? I’m hoping to go back for an MBA because I doubt I’ll make over 120 in my field.
Sure bud, all the pajeet and Jewish doctors are ripped and charismatic. Totally.
>the endocrine system doesn't follow the laws of thermodynamics
Are you retarded?
Well, my wife is still in residency so I make a lot more than her now. But once she gets done we will be making around the same. I think she can make more if she picks up extra work. I can make more by doing more real estate deals or getting a promotion at work. Might do a start up too.
File: 1634819220449.jpg (83 KB, 1039x692)
83 KB
Not the guy you replied to but
Happens in an insignificant amount
>nutrient density
No credible and easy way to measure it
>bio availability
It does pass through the entire git, yes?
>hormone response
You can alter it
And the only other argument you have can be countered with "is there a more credible and easy way to do it?"

Ahh fuck, I've done it this time.. I knew I should have used the smith machine
Anon goes to the gym, deadlifts and shatters his lower back like glass. Many such cases.

I love you guys so much and hope all of us make it!
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Yeah it actually came out great, very Ronaldo-like only my face is 300% uglier but hey ya can't win 'em all XDDD
Wolf pups not sure of the subspecies
I’m sure you look fine anon, happy to hear about the haircut!
File: 1634810319318.jpg (92 KB, 775x653)
92 KB
please accept my humble gift OP
Thank you fren. Love you too, and keep your chin up! WAGMI

Unless you want to be an athlete there isn’t much point in lifting unless you want to look aesthetic and want to increase your attractiveness. so why is /fit/ against it?
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File: american history.jpg (113 KB, 1800x1012)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
i fucking LOVE white women bros. being in their presence is truly a gift from god
There is nothing wrong with it.

Life is a competition and lifting can help with it. Does it mean you will atomically get women? No. But it can help.
The other thing I think is interesting is how many parallels there are with being a hot girl. I feel that I understand hot girls curse a lot more than most men, because most men think they have it easy, while not understanding the unique challenges an attractive person faces.

For instance, I'm terrible at rejecting people because I hate getting rejected myself. I've found all sorts of subtle ways to communicate to ugly girls who hit on me that I'm not interested in anything more than friendship. It's not as bad for me though, because at the end of the day she'll never be as aggressive as a man is when he's perusing a woman (most of the time). This makes us susceptible to strong women, so watch out for that, unless that's what you're into. It is nice to have a cougar treat you as a boy-toy though let me tell you, you'll never fully understand the hot girl perspective until you've been treated like one by an older woman.

The big difference that you have to remember as a hot guy, is that being a hot guy while it shares similarities with being a hot girl, it is NOT THE SAME. You still have to put some work in there (most of the time), especially to get what you want!!! So you will have to overcome whatever hangups you have and embrace being a hot guy. Try not to let it warp your brain like it does to so many hot girls though... The halo effect truly is a wondrous blessing, and curse.

Anyway, I could probably say more, but I'm already embarrassed about my blog post so I'm going lurker again.

Just remember that you're hot, but try not to be a dick about it.

Women are so laughably easy to impress that anybody with "abs" is considered strong to them, so actually spending time to lift weights to impress girls is a waste. But, there are lots of other good reasons to continue lifting weights.
>unless you want kids
if you're not gonna achieve your biological imperative then why wouldn't you just kill yourself and get it over with

File: 34544444443.webm (655 KB, 360x640)
655 KB
My bench grip is insanely wide and I'm trying to narrow it, but it's now way harder to bench drastically lower weight. Is this normal and I just have to get used to it?
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as with pushups, a wider grip works the pecs. narrower works the triceps. Just do whatever you feel like working on. Yes, narrower is harder.
this is the correct grip for his frame, it isn't even narrow, that's just normal for short arm guys
Your grip should be like the picture above with your forearms and wrists being straight and your elbows at 30 degrees when it hits your chest.
Not that anon, but I used to bench with a really close grip because I never learned how to bench correctly. When I tried switching to a wider grip my bench was cut in half. Then I got used to it. Your body will adapt.
>hear is my ass
I think you also tested positive

File: 1588421209220.jpg (143 KB, 634x555)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
could lifting have saved them?
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Corn syrup
Americans eat a lot and think being healthy is gay or something and have no ability to strive for greatness. But that just goes to show how most Americans are just chattle. Also stop being obsessed with us.
Refined fat(oil) and refined carbohydrate(sugar), basically refined energy put into each and every product you find at the store.
because they eat alot of pp
what the fuck is that thing?

>see twink I met on grindr in the gym
>we catch up, work out together
>later, go on a date to a nice restaurant downtown
>take him back to my place
>next day, pee hole burns like hell
what the hell did i catch from this whore?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>tfw i'm a twink getting ready to start his sexual liberation
>masculine straight/bi guys are now slutty whores with std's too


Idk it seems to be more common in women, if that's the case someone stuck their pecker in a infected cooch before they put it in his bussy most likely
who is this man ? i'm attracted to him
File: cringe.gif (2.56 MB, 480x480)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB GIF
could have gotten a UTI from shit particles in your dick, if you didn't use protection. Or an STD.
tragic isn't it.

Should I even bother trying?
20 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Listen anon. I started with the same structure. Aside from your strange color of skin, that could be my hand. I was 120lbs at 6 feet, no physical activity during youth, malnourished by accident because didn't feel like eating
Now, three years later, I am 170lbs and very active. Feel the best I've ever felt and look the best I've ever looked, and there's still at least 20lbs of growth potential. All you need to do is to work
That's almost exactly what my arms looked like before working out.

Turns out there are muscles in your forearms that can get big.
But how big are your wrists
Fucking brutal

File: rucking.png (960 KB, 888x600)
960 KB
960 KB PNG
well anon?

rucking is the idea excersise.

literally just carrying heavy weight long distances, the ultimate form of practical strength, and great cardio too.

theres a reason the army makes soldiers do this for miles every day

take the ruck pill
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File: 1627267108524.png (42 KB, 570x750)
42 KB

I am rucking yo mom every night
File: Cr4YIx-UIAEwcfm.jpg (47 KB, 500x717)
47 KB
because the army thinks hard=good and is decades behind modern exercise science. Rucking is fine in doses, heavy load carriage is extremely beneficial for everyone...but not done to the extent that the army does it.
I actually do, usually just once every 2 weeks.
I'm fat

File: 1634660919064.jpg (78 KB, 700x1190)
78 KB
So my gf got the Moderna vaccine, what should I do to avoid her spike protein shedding? Not see her for 2 weeks? How do you flush them out of your system quicker?
66 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
A-at the same time??!

File: sadvani.png (651 KB, 769x600)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
>only have 500 calories left for the day
fuck me bros I don't go to sleep until 23:00
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Actually scrap this. Eat half a kilo of beetroot and turn your pee pink (it will take 5 hours)
kys vegantard, OP eat some bacon
people like you are the reason people stop lifting.
OP. Get a packet of gelatin and make jelly from a pint of sugar free squash
or just dont eat and try again next time and don't worry about it you faggot.

File: 1499440249118.jpg (94 KB, 600x712)
94 KB
whats his routine /fit/
>Huge animal femur
>Can probably withstand multiple tons of force
>Breaks it without any sort of mess
>Faint whimper of a sound on impact
If you think that's true you're NEVER GOING TO MAKE IT. Also, let's not talk about that fat fucking schizo history.

File: 2Q.png (98 KB, 259x194)
98 KB
>blood test for t levels coming up
>jack off and dont eat or drink anything at all the day before
>dont sleep the night before
>get the blood drawn
>results come back 600ng/dl
/fit/, i thought doing this would get me below normal so i could get TRT. whats going on
30 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Do you get frustrated about it some days, but admire your progress on others? If so that’s pretty normal, just keep going anon
I hate life in general but the shitty gains certainly doesn't help
opportunity cost falacy always starts with this statement. the price you pay for convenience now is permanent and irreversible.
obviously nothing comes for free.
>above average
Maybe if you're an old man
A young man should be at least 700-800s if not in the 1000s

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