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File: mag.jpg (24 KB, 316x355)
24 KB
So I've been having sex since forever and literally just the other day found out I've either had massive penis gains or I've been using the wrong condoms for a decade.

Use Magnums, bros. They are wider and won't choke your dick.

I feel like that woman who found out she's been using the wrong cup size.
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>7 inch girth.
Okay buddy.

>Regular condoms can handle 6 inch girth.
It'll choke the shit out of it, but I guess?
this could not be a more obvious attempt at role play by a tiny penis incel. 0/10. fuck off. go cope somewhere else, fat fucking retard.
You got one thing right.

No, but seriously. Why would I roleplay when the condom is just 1/5 inches longer in circumference?

I'm just saying they are strangely better than normal condoms. Who wants a tight fucking condom?
magnums too tight, but they're good for 8" pencil dicks
Has anyone tried myone condoms?

File: image.jpg (34 KB, 550x558)
34 KB
Average cooms per day: 4
Lowest coom achieved in a day: 2
Highest coom achieved in a day: 6
Fastest time to coom: 10 seconds
Longest lasting coom: 2.5 hours
Average time between cooms: 4 hours
Shortest time between cooms: 1 minute
Longest time spent without cooming: 3 days
Total coom period: 9 years
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shortest time between: immediately
damn dude this

fuck that makes sense

Average cooms per day: 2
Lowest coom achieved in a day: 0
Highest coom achieved in a day: 4?
Fastest time to coom: 10 minutes
Longest lasting coom: 2 hours
Average time between cooms: 12 hours
Shortest time between cooms: 6 hours
Longest time spent without cooming: two weeks
Total coom period: 8 years
Average cooms per day: 0
Lowest coom achieved in a day: 0
Highest coom achieved in a day: 3
Fastest time to coom: 5 min
Longest lasting coom: 2 hours
Average time between cooms: N/A
Shortest time between cooms: 3 hours
Longest time spent without cooming: 10 weeks
Total coom period: 6 years
I put 0 for the first few stats because I rarely coom anymore. I went 10 weeks without it recently then relapsed a week ago but haven’t done it since then. Last time I was cooming daily was about 6 months ago
File: comfyopclub.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x1400)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Average cooms per day: 1
Lowest coom achieved in a day: 0
Highest coom achieved in a day: 10
Fastest time to coom: 20 seconds
Longest lasting coom: 2 hours
Average time between cooms: 25 minutes
Shortest time between cooms: 30 seconds
Longest time spent without cooming: 7 days
Total coom period: 8 years

Utterly repulsed by women behavior toward manlets? The women human costume start to wear off
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>no cheeky edit saying the man was 5'9''
What happened /fit/?
File: 1585741118531.jpg (36 KB, 680x613)
36 KB
>smiling as she cuddles him
>tfw 6'1 and this will never be you
hold me bros
File: aBobE7E.jpg (85 KB, 385x383)
85 KB
Legal shota
>spooning for hours while girl sleeps
>eventually flip over and face the other way to the side I prefer sleeping on
>she wakes up starts big spooning me
>barely lasts a couple minutes before she pulls my arms around to make me be the big spoon again
God damnit I hate sleeping on my left side and I ended up on the wrong side of the bed

File: willowo.png (490 KB, 469x587)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
Hello /fit/. I'm a transgirl who wants to add some mass in my lowerbody. i don't want to get big, and i think adding too much weight would make my upper body more muscular too, which is not what i want
i wanna have a more feminine figure
What would be the best routine and diet?. Any idea?
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I post when on twitr

what would be the reps? the sets?
Neck rope hangs
squats 5 x 10
high knees 3x 30 seconds fast
plank 5 x 30 sec

also any basic stretch routine to become more flexible
>sets? reps?
just do 3x10-12 like any other beginner
anal stretch 1XF

File: B0uTwhwIEAAS1DM.jpg (51 KB, 599x768)
51 KB
Think about, everything about this guy is elite. From his money, workout routine, diet, gym equipment, trainers, lifestyle, girls. His rock hard shredded muscles .
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This is not a good post, yet the thread is not going to improve from here
Dan pls go
Incredible example of overcompensating manlet syndrome. Tries so hard to show off on social media, and convince everyone hes a 'manly man'. Wastes money solely for the camera, shoots guns solely for the camera, acts like a little macho man, and fronts like hes some kind of soldier, yet he literally wets himself during the las vegas shooting and runs away. Dan Blitzfaggotron is a little dweeb who will do anything for attention, including but not limited too, shooting up massive steroids, spending thousands on prostitutes to follow him around and take pictures with him, and showing up at b-list parties to pretend hes too cool to be there. Hes a faggot. Hes a manlet. He roids. I bet if you hit Don Beltsimion in the face he would cry because he thought you didn't like him.
>Insta fame
>endless young pussy
>a savage four chan takedown
Who would win??
Lmao you think he fucks any one of those women? He's so self obsessed he probably just watches himself in the mirror while he jacks off.

File: 5t7pqha7yiq31.png (218 KB, 609x358)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
>yo dude just go bearmode bro you'll get huge bro gomad bro eat 4k calories and lift hard

What fucking meme did i fall for??
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You forgot to lift like at your weak ass chest
You're supposed to pair 4k calories with test+deca+dbol lol. Of course you got fat if you ate 4k natty.
File: 1550059214264.png (489 KB, 472x470)
489 KB
489 KB PNG

File: 20200404_003827.jpg (701 KB, 1312x1553)
701 KB
701 KB JPG
Are my arms small? They're 15 inches cold and I thought that was pretty good for being a manlet that is not fat but they seem really small from this angle. They do look better from the side tho I guess, but even worse from the front
looking good, keep it up
(or not, if you're already satisfied)
Needs more triceps, biceps looking good though.
Tris. Turn your wrist out, get the full buldge
Arms are huge mate

Ur just hella lean

File: 1585970901625.png (519 KB, 662x671)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
Being lean is everything, EVERYTHING!
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snack effron
that's why I stay away from burgers and fries
File: 1476447528837.jpg (1.96 MB, 2146x1700)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
and pizza and soda and oreos too
Chill goys it's for his next movie role.
Nutty Professor 3?

File: hantel_set.jpg (115 KB, 1200x1200)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
how much does this weigh, /fit/?
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File: countthebar.png (293 KB, 1340x1508)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
How much does this weigh?
Why 80kg of course.
woah 55 lb plates? i wasn't aware they were a thing, i thought my gym had it all
50 + 40 + 30 + 20 + 20 = 150kg

File: atlas.jpg (411 KB, 1536x1846)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
>growing mint next to bed
>7,5 hours of sleep
>no sleeping on belly, chest or face
>30 min meditation before and after bed
>mirror gazing
>whim hoff breathing
>hot to cold showers

>social interaction
>pet dog/ 2 parrots
>using non dominant hand
>writing a page for the daily journal
>reading new things, philosphy
>guitar, singing
>flute, creating new music

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>writing a page for the daily journal
stopped right there. cringe.
do you never write, besides basket weaving forum shitposts?

File: 1518041173196.gif (281 KB, 370x278)
281 KB
281 KB GIF
This is how my ideal /fit/ husband looks like. Your thoughts?
Not white enough
Good luck finding a man with no nipples OP

File: FullShotKuwabara.jpg (56 KB, 380x563)
56 KB
How do I unlock Kuwabara mode?
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What was it about 90's anime that made it so comfy? Shit today has no soul
the protags weren't all pussy faggots
Main characters have depth and every fight feels like a real one
It's about time for that yearly YYH rewatch
Do bench press push ups and jog

Give me the full rundown on belts, inzer, or rouge, or whatever brand you like.
I want to get one since I’m getting to the intermediate stages of powerlifting but for some reason I want 4chans advice.
File: bethaehgfdvbx.jpg (60 KB, 645x729)
60 KB

I got an double prong inzer belt and I almost had a panic attack trying to get out of it. Left it out in the sun to try and soften the leather, then forgot about it for a year. Now it's rusted and I dont have a belt to use
Wish I could flush 80 dollars down the toilet
get a job ya bum
all leather belts are the same. it's not like leather has varying degrees of quality. cow hide is cow hide is cow hide is cow hide. they will all slowly conform to your torso with use and fit like a glove.

inzer is tried and true. won't let you down. anything els is just clout fuel.

double prong is retarded and redundant. no need, just get a single prong.

lever's are fun and look kind of cool but they're super annoying if you have to change sized for deadlifts and squats or if you're super bloated one day and not another day

rogue is expensive but desu i think they're well worth their money if you're a man of taste. it's literally just an inzer with fancy bells and whistles though.

get a whalandar if you're a nordfag. shipping is probably cheaper.

If I were to buy another belt i'd get a whalandar desu just because I hate how everybody wears SBD

Can you claim natty if you’ve been free of gear for at least a year?
Pic related is one year clean. Purportedly...
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
weckingball on ig
Wecking balls face shows some serious age.
Unless you went full sedentary lifestyle for years and lost literally all of your gains then you will never be natty. The drugs might be out of your system but if you still have muscles from it then you’re not natty.
Can someone who hasn't had sex in a year claim to be a virgin?

>blocks your path

"Sup bro. You lookin thirsty".
File: 1585595834444.png (603 KB, 1193x1080)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
ah ah ah *taps mug*

"The fuck,bro? That shit dont last. Come on, bro i got like 100 plus flavors. Get you ready for leg day!"
Unless you are packing the zero ultra white kino sipps i'm not interested.
What about that mango loco?
File: 1.jpg (105 KB, 747x747)
105 KB
105 KB JPG

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