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File: 1594148813133.jpg (89 KB, 861x1148)
89 KB
Does anyone have this pdf? Don't feel like paying $100 for a potential meme
any program being sold without training is a meme.
Ya ik, but im looking to spice up my food but no way am I paying that pricetag tho
>paying for a fucking "protein" cookbook

Try this
Thanks friend

File: 1594273229227s.jpg (3 KB, 116x125)
3 KB
Shut the fuck up. Jesus Christ

File: 580kou91t0mx.png (2.84 MB, 1920x1080)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB PNG
Is it normal to want to break/bite things, fuck, get into fights, or kill post workout?

After a nice intense workout, this primal feeling of anger and rage take over me. As I left the park, I was staring down everyone I walked past, staring young women in the eye and would fuck them right there on the spot. Call me an onionsboy, but its kinda scary to be quite honest.
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Nah, it sounds like you're just an asshole.
Yeah man we all go into a blood frenzy after getting done with a killer 135lb bench sesh.
huh. i've been generally pissed off and my face has become more oily and prone to acne in the past week. am i gonna...m-make it bros?
>I'm so high test brah
>I just want to rape bitches and beat people up
>Embrace the monky
one time after a work out I felt super pissed and decided to work out some more.
it's simple OP
you're pissed because you're a pussy and finished too early
your muscles should be fucking destroyed before you can say you'e worked out
what a waste of energy
I use all of that energy into lifting more.
lifting is like a fight against yourself, when you're mad it's because you're a poor loser who quit early.
kek unironically based

File: 1585694218579.jpg (9 KB, 163x200)
9 KB
>day one of nofap
>Female friend confeses that she's had a crush on me for months
I-is this the power it holds?
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I hope you said no Anon
Do not fall for some random thot
Shes trying to take your powers away dont fall for it
> I only fucked her because I didn’t think you were into me
> I settled for the next best thing

Make it her fault and simultaneously tell her she’s hotter than her friend. That’s the play here btw
File: 1560659802452.png (16 KB, 819x827)
16 KB
>day 14 on nofap
>frens group got larger
>tfw they wait for me after school
I miss the uni, I hope this quarantine ends by this month

File: 1591643146998.jpg (53 KB, 600x593)
53 KB
Remember when everyone on this board wanted a Korean gf?
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File: index.jpg (100 KB, 1080x1080)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Average Korean GF + Wheyfu is peak 3D waifuism
Wait, /fit/ no longer wants average Korean gf to call me oppa?
nope, I always wanted a lgf
I finally got a Korean gf. Feels good man.

File: 1593030511179.png (29 KB, 640x753)
29 KB
Stalling on SS. How the fuck do people make it to 300#+ squat??? I'm stalling at 190# squat, 225 DL, 95 OHP, 170 bench >:(
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> t. Obese
Drop SS you're finished with it.
I suggest switching to an HLM, where you do 1x upper push, 1x upper pull, and 1x lower, + accessories, every session. Every session first lift is H (high weight low reps), the next is M (fairly high weight for lowish reps lots of sets) and the last is L (low weight for lots of reps)
Your lifts could be
>H flat bench 4x3
>M ohp 6x6
>L cgbp 3x8-12
>H bb rows
>M weighted chins
>L db rows
>H deadlifts
>M squats

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Nah, I'm 6'3 198LB rn. I'm trying to get into the 180s by August. I wanna aggressively cut rn while I'm a newbie, since I know that recomping will take forever, and bulking at less than 15% BF is a meme.

I'll lose weight and gain mass at the same time since I'm a DYEL. Only thing is everytime I go to the gym I feel like dogshit after my main compounds. Hard to go into my accessories afterwards. Got some C4 to help with intensity, and I def get further with it, but it doesn't help with the nausea at all.
Bulking at more than 15%*
Same but I'm 5'9 135lb and my bench is only 150 max. Rest is similar. Does everyone bulk because blood test came out great but I'm taking a while to get stronger while losing fat.

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It's for when he fingers a lady and she got an itch on the inside. He's a gentleman.
What's the point of posting this?
He's eating onions for gains.
Roman era onions filter
Onion is based only fags don't consume it

File: 1594211394031(1).jpg (184 KB, 1080x1080)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Rate my Nutrition Plan:

1000kcals of Turkey
1800kcals of literally anything

> it just works
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>that perfection
he mad cute tho
Eat some veggies and limit processed sugar too anon. You'll start liking them eventually and they're good for you.
What benefit would this add? Genuinely curious because in my own experience I've found that as long as I eat a sufficient amount of protein the rest doesn't matter.
yeah bro it sounds like a pretty beast mode meal plan ngl

File: men.png (59 KB, 645x773)
59 KB
>anon im kinda hungry what do you have to eat?
>rice and milk?
>cmon anon can't you make me something
>what do you mean you cant cook?
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i'd have to go to the butcher downtown to get some women if i wanted to cook them on such short notice
>i'm not fat, just big-boned
Holy fuvk
Milk and rice actually taste good though, I just don't like it when it is too fucking hot.

Why do you people shit on deadlifts when they are objectively the best thing since sliced bread?
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>ask any chiropractor

Have fun getting injured just because you want to look cool.
File: turning point banana.png (1.38 MB, 2000x1785)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
I only deadlift 80 kg maximum for 10 reps. Is it really that big of a deal if I just do as a compound lift for hypertrophy? There aren't really any good replacements for deadlifts.
Deadlifting with a hex/trap bar is a much safer alternative for lower back. And I definitely have gained muscle on my back, leg, and traps from them.
>low teir specialty, all they know are the guidelines they were passed down

wait a second, how do guidelines relate to someone coming to them complaining of lower back pain after deadlifting?

are you actually retarded?

I’m about to order free weights from Amazon. Which ones should I get? I’m a literal beginner, with twink arms.
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Have you been living under a rock? Ever since the lockdown started, the cost of fitness equipment has skyrocketed
Ah, not under a rock but i have been living under a roof. 1 roof specifically which i haven't left for 4 months. Might have something to do with it. Fair enough, then in that case OP should just do calisthenics with a backpack full of random heavy shit until the markets calm down. Weighted vests still seem to be priced relatively reasonably as well.
i bought a 15 kg set of 2 dumbbells and grew out of them very quickly due to noob gains. Plan ahead so you save money long-term.
Jk I know I was being ironic fren
literally everything is sold out except little pink dumbbells if you want prime shipping

File: 1590603544885.webm (2.75 MB, 1280x720)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB WEBM
How close are you with your gymbros?
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It goes both ways. There are guys who are worse than the worst woman and girls who can be total bros. And everything in between, of course
we once talked that if we were gay i would be top and he would be bottom. also joking around telling him to accompany me to take a shower and him actually following me to the bathroom, really triggered my bi curious shit but i have never even kissed a guy so meh.
the guy behind is soo good looking.
>him actually following me to the bathroom
that's kinda hot..

what kind of diet will get me this mode?
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Don't do it,keto is a fucking meme,only delusional brainlets are doin it.
Garou was such a cool character, loved how they throw all his strengths and feats out of a fucking 10 story window when Saitama shows up
Get brutally beaten 24/7 to the point where you ascend to monster status
you realize opm exists to mock retards like you
>omg so cool
>he's such an underdog! so badass!
>omg his edgy back story is so cool and relateable!
>wait wtf why did he get btfo so easy! not fair! shit writing!

File: med_1565697454_image.jpg (84 KB, 640x463)
84 KB
>body is tired as hell was planning on a rest day
>think about how bad I want it
>end up working out and pushing myself pass my limits
>whole body is sore afterwards
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File: 1432989904188.jpg (493 KB, 1066x1000)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
>did hip thrust for the first time after quarantine
>good session, got up to 90kg
>them glute doms
kill yourself
File: 1555371304980.gif (878 KB, 275x310)
878 KB
878 KB GIF
>on bench
>last set
>"It's just a mentality"
>VicinityOfObscenity.mp3 hits in
>"oh fuck"
>"1 banana... 2 bananas... 3 bananas.. 4 bananas.... 5 bananas.... 6 BANANAS... 7 BANANAS.... 8 BANANAS.... 9 BANAANAAAAS.... 10 BANANAAAAH... 11 BANANAH..."
File: 67567587.png (763 KB, 700x700)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
Shut up reddit
File: 1594017231638.jpg (44 KB, 523x452)
44 KB

>do we all
>learn defeat
>from the whore
>with bad feet?

File: poly10a (1).png (85 KB, 640x400)
85 KB
Take the Aspergers test:


Shorter and easier Autism Test:
213 replies and 138 images omitted. Click here to view.
Literally my first time ever sharing this story on here
My point isn't that you're putting it in every thread or anything. It's just such a boring, bland set of events that such a ridiculously large chunk of the population have experienced and yet you talk about it like it's the worse thing in the world and has fucked you up for life. Not to be all literally just get over it bro but Literally Just Get Over It Bro
File: aspie score.jpg (67 KB, 923x554)
67 KB
Same anon. I always thought I was on the spectrum but was just able to hide it by acting like a normal person. I dated a girl that worked with special needs kids and did autism evaluations. She didn't think I was an aspie either so I guess that's good.
File: dasdasfqewrqw.png (314 KB, 1042x823)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
File: normie test.png (40 KB, 614x883)
40 KB

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