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Does yelling at another men raise T?

I had an argument late last night with a housemate over late night noise on his part so we had a good scream in each others faces before calming down and talking it out. Got poor sleep but don’t feel shit like I usually would.
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File: 1619897072491m.jpg (156 KB, 1024x1001)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
i notice ppl who yell in general are more masculine. ive never heard a beta raise their voice under any circumstance
Literally the opposite. Little betas screech and ree at the top of their lungs, men just take action.

If shouting raised T then most women would be hulking muscle monsters.
what he >>61431904 said.

If you could only pick one physique and have it for the rest of your life which would it be /fit/?
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He has tiny wrists lmao.
File: ezgif-2-105214f4f731.gif (1.76 MB, 434x640)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB GIF
bruce lee so i can shout wataaaaah more often than a person should usually
File: 1605631871473.jpg (164 KB, 1280x1024)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
shoot em both and MOG the whole peasantry
Is..Is that Clark Kent?

How do I avoid golem mode?
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Jannies suck my dick
File: Gu7oj1E.png (13 KB, 540x360)
13 KB
Desk jockey? Get off your ass as much as possible. Only sit down to get a quick rest, and try to get in those +10000 steps a day.
Cobra stretches three times a day will is a good thing too.
Squats and deadlifts will help too.
>Dude just work a trade and enjoy your broken body by the time you're 40
Election tourist-chan this meme has gone stale.
Use a rope and a pullbar bar
U should b able to figure out how it works
Make sure its head height

File: 375x500.37735[1].jpg (47 KB, 375x500)
47 KB
For me it's pic rel. L’Homme Ideal Eau de Parfum, by Guerlain. I throw some on before I leave for the gym, and the warm, spicy top notes wake me up & get me ready to toss the iron. by the time i'm finished working out i'm getting the leather & cherry coming through, which combined with the sweat & test make me smell like a barbarian sexlord. what does /fit/ smell like?

>one chance at life
>have single mother
>grow up anemic and malnourished and underfed
>thin wrists
>father was a 6’5 chad

How do I cope bros? Knowing that I could have lived the life of a tall chad with women and confidence, but was robbed of that because of my shitty upbringing. I don’t know how to feel
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File: 1608853857063.jpg (47 KB, 729x405)
47 KB
If you were fully black, you'd have a 10 point lower IQ going for you, and nothing more. Not that I'm saying being mixed race is a desirable alternative. It's certainly not. You are a living example of the studies that show mixed race children have identity issues. Let this thread be a warning to all of you out there with any delusions about non-white women. I'm looking at you in particular, yellow fever fags
>Knowing that I could have lived the life of a tall chad with women and confidence, but was robbed of that because of my shitty upbringing.
You also could have grown up in a child sex ring, or grown up in a third world country and died during a child labor mining accident.
This. OP comes across like a whiny faggit. Your mother could have abandoned you like a dog, but she managed to raise you well enough that you have enough money to afford a computer or phone to shitpost. That’s a lot more than what any other people can say. Stop being an ungrateful bastard and change your life instead of complaining about it on a Mongolian basket weaving thread.
No I'd rather just cry and shit up this board Tbh
>the state of this board
I’m not even angry. At least you're honest

File: unnamed.jpg (14 KB, 300x216)
14 KB
When i came hher 3 years ago this place actually gave advice to people now its onyl shit and coomer posting bullshit, like not even 1 real fit thread
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Don't give them attention. Birds don't bother with ants. They fly high

why do roiders pretend /fit/ was ever like a place for powerlifters and bodybuilders? misc is more professional than this place and is still full of r9k shit. the decline of /fit/ started when this place became full of redditors wanting to discuss their diet.
Because incels are a virus and nofap ya so my aggravated them
I blame the segregation into /general/s
People on fit aren't very good at asking for advice. Their questions are poorly formulated and they often leave out relevant information that is necessary to answer the question. I log on to fit daily and i look for actual threads about fitness and answer them if i can. Rarely is there actually good questions to answer.

File: chinletmode.png (109 KB, 194x280)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
Hey /fit/! First time poster here, what's the quickest way of getting back your neck + back posture to normal? I've been a desk jockey mongrel for far too long and I'd like some change for once. Furthermore, are there also any ways of changing how you look from the sides? I'm close enough to pic related and I'm not pleased. When facing the front I look a-ok but when it comes to the sides it's a catastrophe.
Neck curls
Overhead press

File: wojak.png (6 KB, 205x246)
6 KB
>mfw when mom bought my favourite chocolate but I need to have a beach body by August when I go on holidays.

motivate me /b/ros

File: 1600752468481.jpg (174 KB, 2000x1000)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
how much of this do I take to love life agian
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File: Vitamin-d-foods.png (273 KB, 600x932)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
Depends if you stay out in the sun enjoying life or here shitposting
Bugezz made this dumb video about it, and up to a certain point, he's right. Either way, try eating Vit D rich foods, and you'll be good
Obviously, It depends on your lifestyle and place. Swedes Govemerment provide VIT D supplementation in their foods. So if you live in some sad, grey place you ought to cycle with Vit D3 Suplementation
For clarification this is 30 minutes in a single summer day and not during the entire summer kek
>30 minutes out in the sun during summer
You won't even get a tan with such short exposure

Who's talking about tanning?
just suck on my Vitamin D and u will love life

File: 1620532025220.jpg (92 KB, 640x632)
92 KB
does lsd affect gains?
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I used to practice hand stands around when I first tried acid. Could never break the 1 minute mark. On my first trip I tried a handstand and my tripsitter timed it at just under 3 minutes. The effects it has on your muscle control is insane, and seemingly under-reported.
>far more potent than LSD

Don’t know what “potent” means eh?

LSD is effective in doses as little as 10 micrograms. DMT starts to show effects at 2 milligrams minimum.

LSD is much more potent.


Also OP psychedelics are great. Do them on your rest days, try them all. Don’t listen to these people. Just like these N’wahs don’t lift but come here and give advice, they’ve never done any research or actually tried drugs.
File: 1620653974013.jpg (90 KB, 481x462)
90 KB
Used to slip my cousin lsd and yell "DOOM DOOM DOOM" as I shook him. Fun times
>Also OP psychedelics are great. Do them on your rest days, try them all. Don’t listen to these people. Just like these N’wahs don’t lift but come here and give advice, they’ve never done any research or actually tried drugs.

>pop one of these bad boys open at 1400 every day
>don’t feel brain fog in afternoon
>great gains due to high protein
>isn’t ludicrously fishy tasting or try-hard cringe like deenz
Take the mackerel pill
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sardines are delicious
eat with some brown rice and veggies
fucking yummy
Im convinced /fit/ and /ck/ are just in on some big inside joke about canned fish. They're disgusting, even if they're good for you.
Canned mackerel is actually pretty delicious. Sardines are meh.
File: c8b.png (178 KB, 600x900)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
>PUFAs are bad for you

File: ubLLqT9s_400x400.jpg (19 KB, 400x400)
19 KB
Serious question /fit/,

Can you gain muscle on keto or am I being memed?
You can if you have a calorie surplus otherwise no.
yes so is body recomposition
You need protein to grow muscles
You don't need carbs for anything, except emotional support
Post timestamped bodies or I'm just going to assume you're know-nothing fatties and/or dyels
i meant those are memes. so is cheat meal

File: 8gyl41csjd451.png (2.17 MB, 1726x2160)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
Hello /fit/.
I am a skinny lanklet. How do I into Redfield-Mode?
Punch boulders and have a sister that can't get laid because she chases guys with yellow fever.
File: chris2.jpg (261 KB, 1920x1080)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
chris is such a HUNK

Dudes looking good for 47.
Roids, why do you think his face got bloated.

File: jajajjajdjss2.jpg (59 KB, 328x600)
59 KB
Unironically my goal body
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depends on your jaw and if you have good beard genetics. Johnny has a very good jawline but even he looks best with a bit of stubble. But if you only have patchy fuzz growing out just clean it up
>thank you, doctor
Fuckkkkk I’m gonna have to go redditor mode I guess. I had a buzz cut when I was in the military and that looked good though. I guess I could just rock the Chad embrace for a while
I mean it's not bad, but his max bench press is probably 185lbs.
no, only if you're a filthy degenerate

can i get fat from not having sex?
Ive only added lean mass since my divorce and nofap.
Yes. I'm very fat and I've never had sex.
No. I've never had sex and I'm skele
Maybe I am currently having sex and my body does seem to be morphing

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