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File: poly10a (1).png (85 KB, 640x400)
85 KB
Take the Aspergers test:


Shorter and easier Autism Test:
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My point isn't that you're putting it in every thread or anything. It's just such a boring, bland set of events that such a ridiculously large chunk of the population have experienced and yet you talk about it like it's the worse thing in the world and has fucked you up for life. Not to be all literally just get over it bro but Literally Just Get Over It Bro
File: aspie score.jpg (67 KB, 923x554)
67 KB
Same anon. I always thought I was on the spectrum but was just able to hide it by acting like a normal person. I dated a girl that worked with special needs kids and did autism evaluations. She didn't think I was an aspie either so I guess that's good.
File: dasdasfqewrqw.png (314 KB, 1042x823)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
File: normie test.png (40 KB, 614x883)
40 KB

File: 2f1ccba.jpg (87 KB, 1184x628)
87 KB
Share something good that happened to you lately.
Here's mine
> On gas station kratom
> Gyms closed
> Walk down to local park at 2 am to do pull ups
> Shirtless because don't wanna waste a good T-shirt
> The monkey bars are right by the street
> Drunk girl approaches
> 'haha why are you here this late'
> Say because I'm not allowed here when the kids are out
> She chuckles
> Introduce ourselves and have a 10 minute long conversation
> I end with you seem cool wanna hang out sometime?
> She says yeah and gives me her Snapchat
I am a 22 yo khhv and this was the first time I ever asked a girl out.

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> Zero real friends
> $15 an hour contract job in a city
> I use drugs
> Only hobby is working out
I just get by on small like the OP or finding a $5 bill on the floor
>Graduated with good grade
>Affectionate gf
>no vices
>good job starting soon

>even with all this I feel nothing
>No sense of achievement, No pride
>everything feels pointless and boring
>gyms closed
He is just edgy. His actual political takes on the pod are smart guy leftist (non-wokescold, people deserve a better life)
File: 1592621456263.png (103 KB, 680x680)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
>out for my run
>get to road crossing
>light goes green one secind before I'm there
>can keep my run nonstop without having to do any running in place like faggot
>smart guy leftist (non-wokescold, people deserve a better life)
But without putting in the work, I assume?

And even in some days less than the established minimum. I did swimming six days a week for one hour a day and drank around 3 liters of water per day. I lost weight in record time (46 kilograms more) and instantly when I reached my ideal weight I left the diet (to avoid the rebound effect of overeating I did more exercise). I'm worried: > Did I suffer from malnutrition? > Have I ruined my brain (or was it saved by the excessive amount of reserves it had in the body)? I need to know, and I almost forgot, I'm 18 years old.
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It dropped approximately between a kilogram and a half or two a week. This diet lasted about half a year.
No anon, I want to remain anonymous.
why the fuck would u do that at an age when u're growing. u probably stunted your growth in some way retard
It's what I was thinking. Am I completely screwed?
Just block out your head / face.
sounds like you did good anon. the body is really good at adapting. if your 700 calories were composed of nutritious-dense food then your body would provided the necessary calories and you have all you need

File: moot.jpg (64 KB, 600x800)
64 KB
Ask your questions that don't deserve their own thread here

Is it just me or is benchpress the best feeling exercise of them all? I always look forward to lying down and just shoving weights in the sky, and instead of making my whole body exhausted it only does so with my arms, feels so great
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Hopefully you will just have some stretch marks and not excess skin. If 250 was your heaviest you should be alright.
No I'm being a baby, it's definitely getting better, disregard my whining. KILL IT COME ON
If I ate a diet where I ate enough protein to build muscle (0.8g per pound of bodyweight) but still ended up in a caloric deficit, would that be good for building muscle and burning fat?
Whether or not you can actually build muscle and lose fat at the same time is a hot topic of debate.
Yep it was, and I'm just turning 22 so I'm hoping my body can handle it. If I was 250 for 10 years or something or was older I'd be more worried about loose skin and the stretch marks are something I can deal with. You will see me in my own thread in a year or so with progress pics, mark my words

File: athmeme ecksdee.jpg (14 KB, 226x223)
14 KB
>y-yeah i do trt but its just cus im older
he also trained for another 10 years
Why wouldn't you do trt when you're old

File: 1594321271604.png (240 KB, 774x425)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
> Today a gymbro came up to me while i was working out and asked if he could asked me something.
> I said yeah.
> Then he asked if i was "taking anything", which i said no(which is the truth).
> Then he complemented me on being big.

This fucked with my head a bit tbqh, I'm 92-93 kgs and 6 foot and just pass the 1/2/3/4 for 5x5. I'm not sure if he was being snarky and making fun of me or that he was being genuine...
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that’s what i mean bro
these milestones in the image are pointless
reaching them as a teenager doesn’t make you less lonely
it’s better to focus on the present then worrying about the shit you missed in the past because achieving it made no difference
you don’t feel better or less lonely for having achieved it when your still lonely in your 30s
it sucks and it does get worse but the whole point of the image is some defeatist shit acting like if you haven’t achieved pic it’s over when it doesn’t matter if you achieved pic when your lonely in your 30s, it won’t change that you need to focus on fixing the now
don't do shit though, don't be a shit person. Or do and try not to give a fuck.
File: 1589707491978.jpg (143 KB, 850x838)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
>Doomed to lift and acquire mass
Doesn't sound that bad.
One of my go to quick games is Detective. I take something they've told me or throw out some vibe I get and basically bullshit a guess about something they might be arrested for. Usually its something funny and it segues into sharing some crazy shit we've done. You want things to be fun and personal so they can "feel like they can let their guard down" or other such bullshit they like to say to dudes they connect with.
I am 26 years old and I never even kissed a girl

Where we at?

The word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek words kallos (κάλλος), which means "beauty" or "beautiful" (to emphasize the aesthetic pleasure that derives from the perfection of the human body), and sthenos (σθένος), meaning "strength" (great mental strength, courage, strength, and determination). It is the art of using one's body weight as resistance in order to develop physique. The practice was recorded in use in Ancient Greece, including the armies of Alexander the Great and the Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae.

>Shift movement free library[ cover Everything, gymnastics, flexibility, strength, rehab, diet, endurance.. Etc]

>Body by rings

>Overcoming gravity

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How many one-arm pullups can you guys do?
I'm currently at 2 or 3 each arm.
Any tips for bringing that number up and developing some truly absurd pulling strength?
try kit laughing
You probably won't look like Van Gelder or Zanetti-tier jacked but you can build a really good looking upper body if you get really good at basic ring moves and progressions.
You won't see somebody able to do Maltese with a weak chest, somebody able to do an Iron cross with weak lats, etc.
What the fuck nigga I love this thread. Nooblord reporting in

File: IMG_20200709_205044.png (406 KB, 519x697)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
How do I achieve this thicc ass and body?

This is now your wife
Whats your next move?
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buy a pack of paper bags
probably sage and report because this is a relationship and dating thread
Taking this plane down with no survivors. Check them!
Beat her
dump her and find someone better.

File: before_rona.jpg (10 KB, 221x435)
10 KB
CTRL-F found none.

Posting me from May and me today
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File: 20200709_203026.jpg (2.48 MB, 2027x2557)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB JPG
bf% estimate? Caliper says around 13.5-14.5 but I think it's a lot more.
you're right, it's about 16-17
1. Lift more weights.
2. Lift heavier weights.
6’3, 215 lbs. Natty
File: 20200710_015016.jpg (2.88 MB, 2268x2320)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB JPG
Looking like its paying off, nice arms

The shoulder heads

Wow looking hot, is this natty?

Your cruise is paying off how much longer are u gonna use roids

Amazing round Arnold chest wowie

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1594322302990.png (707 KB, 585x593)
707 KB
707 KB PNG
Is there hope for my little butted gf?
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Hip abduction is important too
>wrap band around column
>put foot through band
>adduct one foot at a time, bringing it towards the midline of the body

>tie band really tight around thighs or calves
>abduct one leg, stepping out laterally while keeping entire body perpendicular to the direction of motion
>then bring the other foot over in the same direction
>repeat previous two steps
Its possible if you do it really slow, such as losing lets say 100grams of bodyweight per week, im a large male, so i can lose 0.25kg a week and build a little bit of muscle at the same time. As long as i eat enough protein, and eat enough carbs to fuel my workouts properly so i push myself hard enough.

Its really hard work though, because you need to count calories and proteins and weigh yourself every single day to compare and see every week whether you ate too much or too little.
Oh yeah? for the adduction exercise you should have your hip slightly externally rotated so that your heel is angled closer to the midline of your body than your toes
File: 1532429398992.png (1.7 MB, 773x901)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
shes not ur gf brah
>protip: she's mine

File: know the rules.jpg (690 KB, 1471x1845)
690 KB
690 KB JPG
This is why I lift. Looking good is a legit survival strategy in the modern feminist climate.
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This exactly. I've had multiple women tell me I say weird things, but they just laugh it off since I'm 195cm and jacked and stacked. It's like a cheat code, I've gone on rants about Nietzsche to airhead bar bimbos and they still suck my soul out of my dick.
It is either lifting or hiring a mob of lawyers.
I started lifting heavy way after I got my first gf, honestly women are gainz goblins more than “inspirations” if you aren’t a simp/incel
File: 1567981512861.jpg (188 KB, 500x502)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
>he thinks lifting makes you look good
Extremely Based

File: 6klygahe7v841.png (466 KB, 975x590)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
i dont train calves, traps or forearms
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Oky Popeye kek
>never trained abs and they still look decent
If you are doing compound you are training them, you just aren't specifically isolating
lmao. You will look like an absolute idiot if you’re a beginner dyel and doing shrugs in the power rack, or at all. Just focus on heavy deadlifts/squats, weighted chins/pull-ups, and OHP. Maybe throw same calf raises at the end of a leg day.

Is eva phone posters idea of being locked in a room with only nosalt, pink salt and water a good idea to actually overcome food addiction?

I’m a /fat/ binge eater myself and am fascinated.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's thicker than protein like cum, but delicious. Digests slower than protein powder so it makes you feel fuller longer.
Nah, it's very sweet. Probably high on the glycemic index. You don't need to do keto. That only makes you lose more water weight not the actual fat.

Isn’t that ad-hom?
You won't make it, but go ahead and try. It works, but it's not easy. That mentally ill guy will never make it either. That fatty's' inability to take control of his life is truly fascinating. I can only hope you end up half as entertaining as that fat sob. That man's suffering is pure, unadulterated, autistic art.
>you won’t make it

I can do hard things. The advantage I have over Eva is I feel sick, light headed, short of breath etc all the time.

>that mans suffering is pure, unadulterated, autistic art.

Though I do feel really bad for him and I do empathize a bit because I’m in a similar spot (me and my family all acknowledge that I have an eating disorder), he is way too dramatic and puts way too much of himself on the interweb. I think he was just hormonally and emotionally destroyed from being a skeleton, and carries a lot of baggage that he wasn’t taught to handle by his seemingly enabling parents so he thinks his best avenue for finding help is in strangers who vaguely have his same interests and are clearly more experienced.

Hopefully if I try this and lose a bunch of weight he’ll gain some confidence (or not, maybe if I do it and he doesn’t he’ll take that to mean he’s inherently a lesser human being)

File: 1566849515117.gif (1.96 MB, 600x600)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
>High school class are planning 7 year reunion
>I haven't finished college yet, haven't gotten a decent job or a girl yet

it's over lads
I didn't make it

What is best for damage reduction, showing up and saying hi to everyone or staying away?
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Is anyone on this board interested in fitness ? Nobody cares about your life buddy
why would you go to that boring shit?
is your life really that pathetic?
File: before after 4.jpg (825 KB, 1332x1181)
825 KB
825 KB JPG
Since highschool I've gotten fit and I manage a pig farm with 12000 head.

But some of my classmates saw me being obese and an alcoholic and maybe doing alcoholic things like steal alcohol from where they work or yell at people when I was a NEET from 22-28.

They'd probably congratulate me for such a recovery, or be pissy at me for being a nuisance, oh well.

If I had a reunion 7 years after highshcool I wouldn't have showed up, that's fucking stupid.
File: 1594335634400.jpg (212 KB, 590x322)
212 KB
212 KB JPG

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