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File: 20230328_200821.jpg (463 KB, 1732x1366)
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463 KB JPG
Healthy snacks thread

>gym only plays black sabbath, metallica, judas priest, creedence clearwater, and other similar shit…

God i hate boomers.
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yeah it would be better if they played goreshit and machine girl right?
Kind of reminds me of ear-rapey rage bands like A.C.

File: 1556123495049.png (305 KB, 550x700)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
>enter the gym
>BFG Division starts playing

File: h2o.jpg (64 KB, 612x612)
64 KB
Yea, I got a skin care routine
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Right anon, I guess tret might force you to use an actual moisturiser tho, since you have to use one with it.
lets be real sunscreen and tret might give you skin cancer the same way regular sun exposure might so why not at least spend some time in the sun and enjoy your its warm glow whilst you're still alive
Olive oil like coconut oil is comedogenic (blocks pores). Better alternatives are argan oil or squalane oil
Jojoba oil is meant to be the closest to your natural skin oil
I knew twinks were the only ones so obsessed with having woman skin on here. Men age fine without that shit by natural design provided they are not living degenerate lives.

File: ucarecdn.jpg (180 KB, 1077x1077)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
should ugly mofos be allowed to lift?
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File: 1670059865242611.jpg (14 KB, 350x327)
14 KB
I don't think he's ugly, but yes
Huh? His gf is like a 6/10
File: 1645610551454.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Ugly mofos should be required to lift by law.
If you even suspect that you're ugly you should already be working towards being the biggest, most disgusting mass of muscles you can be.
Cope gymcel
kek he looks like bodybuilding pennywise

File: ef3.png (17 KB, 636x778)
17 KB
>BMI of 32-33
>binged yesterday on chocolate and crisps
>skipped gym
>told myself I'd stop and finally lose weight
>be me today
>eat lots of normal food
>have a Starbucks latte
>buy shitload of chocolate and eat it in evening and skip gym
>feel really fat
>telling myself it was the last binge

Feels bad. I haven't been a normal weight for over 8 years. A healthy BMI is a pipe dream.

I lift weights but I can't outlift my cravings.
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I've tried that. I've had numerous last binges ever. I've also set myself rules, which I broke because rules felt cucked. And I've had many days with no rules, in an attempt to casually stop binging without.ajor commitments.
You have an eating disorder. You can't push through it with sheer willpower. You need to be in contact with a trained professional to help you navigate this and not posting it for advice on 4chan. You think the hate of people calling you disgusting and fat will motivate you to work out but it won't, it will simply compound and feed into your mindset that you will always feel like this and be like this.

To make real, substantial progress that you can maintain longterm you need help.
Have you even googled binge eating dude? Or is 4chan your first stop? Rules and restrictive eating is the biggest trigger for binging. You need to be eating much more structured rounded meals more often. 3 meals, 3 snacks. Feeling hungry will be a trigger, so you need to stop that by eating before you get hungry, which this set up helps with. You can still have fun foods, just in a more structured rounded way
I'm not OP and have basically broken my worst eating habits, lost 70lb because of it, but now I struggle losing the last 5-10 lb I want to mostly because of...I call it bored-eating. I binge because I have basically not much else to do occasionally. How do I fix
That’s progress though. Keep it up

File: 61tzzRFwC0L.jpg (81 KB, 1500x1086)
81 KB
Either you already know what you need to know, or you don't even lift. Decide your fate now.
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dubs and I leave 4chan.
File: 1448030211715.jpg (37 KB, 416x392)
37 KB
Trips and I leave 4chan for good.
Wish me luck bros.
File: 1679938245238660.jpg (289 KB, 1125x1126)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
Be merciful dubsguy, I still like it here
rolling for freedom

At what point is it too much? What should the cutoff be? At which juncture does the situation surpass the boundaries of acceptability? What constitutes an adequate demarcation for circumscription?
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america is so creepy
File: 895718056.gif (3.62 MB, 384x216)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB GIF
41 and 36 are pure perfection
Year of the Pig was 4 years ago

File: pain.png (702 KB, 759x769)
702 KB
702 KB PNG
>can't mind muscle connect to the chest
>pushups make my arms tired
how to cope?
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It's not bullshit, it becomes good to feel when you've got a few months of experience. But ye, newbies can't feel them - you barely use your pec in day to day activities so it's hard to contract them separately from your triceps + shoulders starting out. I wasn't able to feel mine on the bench until 1 pl8. It helps a bit going wider or switching up exercises (dbs and flies are a lot more noticeable)
Look up deficit pushups. You're obligated to pass this info on.
You're talking to a guy who became obese to deadlift 3 plates with straps
>ring pushups
>ring dips
>db flye-presses
Guaranteed to feel your chest on these if you use good technique
Terrible idea, this would make your front delts and triceps give out first. If anything he should do flyes or something beforehand so that his chest gives out before the other prime movers on bench
stay mad Rajesh

File: 1679835990711446.jpg (144 KB, 394x450)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
You guys were right

Porn and drugs are hell

I'm fapping less and less and whenever I finish I feel a numbness in my brain, as though I'm wasting time.

I dont feel this way after lifting, strangely I feel energized

Anyone else successfully broke free from porn? I've been knee-deep in the deviantart fetish gutter since I was TWELVE
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how I can tell you havent been in a relationship
what's with the nofap shills so intense lately? You fags literally have nothing better to do than telling other random men to stop touching their dicks?
NoFap is astrology for low test dyel men LMAO maybe shove some crystals up in your ass too when the moon is full LMAO
I know how, by being wrong. I quit porn everytime I'm seeing someone, not my fault you have no will power.
damn this is a very handsome fella

File: info.png (921 KB, 1280x720)
921 KB
921 KB PNG
last one died
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is penaut butter a meme or actually healthy food?
File: chat bot molestation.png (164 KB, 935x451)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
am i wasting time in the gym?

i did chest day for 2 hours today. i read online that says training for 2 hours destroys gains because your body starts eating the muscles but im powerlifting and doing isolations for example today i did:

bench press (54321AMRAP)
db press 10x5
incline db press 10x5
underhand cable fly 20x5
unweighted dips 8x5
DB pullovers 15x5
100 crunches

i have been gaining alot of muscle and stuff but everything i read says im training wrong.
It's fine if you're not cutting. Otherwise it's just too many calories for a really small volume of food with meh protein
This is an insane amount of volume for a single day to the point I'd argue it's junk. If you're really doing AMRAMP you should be completely tapped out halfway through cable flies. If this shitty brosplit is really working then just keep using it but sooner rather than later you're gonna stall hard
If it works for you that's fine but to me that amount of volume for a single muscle just seems pointless. In most cases, by the time you get half way through that program the weight you're going to be able to move for those lifts will be sub optimal and likely just impairing your recovery for next session.

I'd only spend 2 hours in the gym if I was hitting full body. Even my upper days don't take that long.
Sounds good to me. More ugly & fat people will only make the fit stand out even more

What is your fitness app of choice?
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Boostcamp for reddit ppl
I use the stronglifts app for pl8 calculator and warm up sets but the add on I have isn't available to buy anymore, it's only got paid subscription
These two are all you need
Mfp keeps locking more features behind the paywall. It belongs in the garbage
fitness apps are for babies
LoseIt! (for general maintence/recipe booking)
Chronometer (if I ever need to check for deficencies)
KeepNotes (Notes, Lists, Etc)
Google/YouTube/Spotify (Music/Information)

after learning what you should be doing for hypertrophy (main focus) I can do it myself....
1.6-2.2g/kg protein
0.25-0.5g/lb fat
bf% / 15% = x , x% * bw = max deficit on a cut
125- 375 calories + maintenance on a bulk
(6)8-12 Reps On Most Exercises, 12-20 on some others, usually keep range 8-20
8-16 Sets Per Muscle
2-3x Times Per Week

so something like 135-195g Protein, 45-90g fat, 2-4x - 8-20 ULxUL(a)x works fine, arms aren't even needed, I have massive legs and can just swap L2 with half assed L2 with arms....

File: 1679860242902972.png (901 KB, 512x640)
901 KB
901 KB PNG
Rate my routine and diet, trying to optimize broadness (shoulder width)

Press: Tuesday & Friday
>larsen press 5x10
>kneeling dumbbell military bench 5x10
>kneeling dumbbell lateral raise 5x10
>dumbbell overhead 5x10
>dumbbell pullover 5x10
Pull: Wednesday & Saturday
>barbell curl 5x10
>rows 5x10
>lat pulldown 5x10
>dumbbell row 6x10
>pull up attempts
Legs Thursday & Sunday

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>larsen press 5x10
>kneeling dumbbell military bench 5x10
>kneeling dumbbell lateral raise 5x10

You very obviously fell for some meme routine you found on a dyel blog

>pull up attempts
Dyel detected, you will be better off picking a real routine, don't know if you are working out 3 times or 6 times a week but either way, just pick a full body split for 3 days or a ppl for 6

>nooooo I want to be aesthetic and have TikTok Zoomer body

Those guys are roiding and their penis will fail at 30 and their hearts at 50, you will get the same results doing whatever routine for at least a year

>>eggs, chicken breasts/pork, canned tuna/salmon

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
fuck your routine, here's mine:

overhead press
lateral raise
chest press
dumbbell rows
cable rows
back extension

full body everyday no leg day ever

File: ....jpg (86 KB, 732x637)
86 KB
Any male I see using this machine I automatically assume is a raging faggot
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The one that closes works the hip abductors. The one that opens works hip adductors. Both help with hip stability through movements. Isolating abductors is useful because you don't get serious stimulus during normal movements. Isolating adductors is less useful.
Probably from all that dick you were taking fag
You may not believe me but a girl asked me for my instagram while I was doing this exact machine on my leg day. Take that as you will
if you don't care about what your pals at /fit/ have to say about you and your gym routine then maybe you are not welcome here buddy
File: underage.jpg (32 KB, 1386x198)
32 KB

File: 1677174564735859.png (2 KB, 32x32)
2 KB
does chewing work
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>he chews
Chewing is a scam. Bite off a chunk of meat just big enough to slide down your gullet and just swallow it whole. Eat 2-5 lbs of meat a day and you're golden. Don't let em jew you
kek good thread
I mew my meat instead of chewing it to train my tongue and jaw posture.
Most sane mewing enthusiast.

File: 1679953565608.jpg (514 KB, 1022x1426)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
>57 g of fiber per day
Cutting can't be easier
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Rolling for 2-3

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