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How do i get my bench press from 80kg 5x5 to 90kg 5x5? I try to eat so much food every day but it doesn't increase
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3.5k calories per day.

I garuntee you'll hit 90kg 5x5 in 2 months
Increase in 1/1.25kg increments every workout (depending on what kinda small plates are available to you). Worked great for me and took my bench to 5x5 100kg that way.

but then you'll get fat
that's a price im willing to pay
you need to do bench at least twice a week. I stalled doing 3x5 for ages but when I added in another day where i did 3x5 but with a lower weight (in my case working weight was ~80kg and 2nd day was ~65) my bench started going up again

File: flat_psa_02.jpg (24 KB, 356x239)
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I'm on a cut and I'm hungry
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I ditched whey, chicken breast and egg whites for just plain old beef. Hungers in check and I'm maintaining strength while losing weight. Black coffee and seltzer are nice too.
>Sorry I'm not a masochist
t. fatty who says dieting is too hard lmao
Its a few excuses and a few legitimate reasons

I could play some video games, that always gets me invested
have 2 scoop as your first meal and cutting is easy afterwards
dont eat carbs fatty

File: q5mlikhysw161.jpg (52 KB, 748x721)
52 KB
Fit, I sleep for 4 hours twice a day. Will this affect my gains? (srs)

I sleep 4 hours when I get home. Usually 5 to 9. Hit the gym if it's a gym day. Come back, do homework. Go back to sleep at 2 and wake up at 6:something. From my understanding test is released during sleep. Will this irregular cycle screw my gains over?
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no. total sleep is all that matters and evan only matters over a week. i.e 6 hours one day, 10 the next , 8 hours average.

lots of studies hav been done on that .

would i only sleep 3 hours before a big workout and be sleep deprived for it? no. but total hours is what matters overall for mental health wellbeing.
File: 1612736934735.jpg (34 KB, 800x450)
34 KB

Based or meme?
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>front squat

Anon, i...
I do them without the wall while working at my computer sometimes but my legs are slightly farther open for balance. After a while the 90° knee angle gets tiring and I have to stand for a bit then adjust to slightly more than 90°
Based and Redpilled
> PT and injury management/recovery
Based and Bluepilled
> Sit and game all day and need to work muscles a 'little' harder
Based and Whitepilled
> Good exercise that no one does in enough volume to gain the benefits
Based and Blackpilled
>You will not become T-Rex or Quadzilla mode using this for 60 seconds 3xweek
>knee health

so you mean I could have healthy knees if I wanted?

File: ix325w103s261.jpg (329 KB, 2072x1732)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
>"Fasting is a me-"
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imagine trying to overthink CICO.
Anyone can get thinner not eating in 8 weeks
Ngmi lefty
Dunno about pre-workout, but diet sodas haven't negatively impacted my hunger or desire to eat (been doing OMAD.) They also contain no food energy (usually, if you look at Diet Mountain Dew as a specific example, it contains concentrated orange juice; diet dew contains calories, just not very many) so the affect on insulin or blood glucose doesn't exist.
don't need your permission to make it, classcuck

you keep licking those boots of your slave masters

File: gray-hair-river.png (1.02 MB, 890x884)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
>tfw 30
>half of head is grey already

What lifts will help me cope with this brutal agepill?
Some people look great with greying hair. If you're a man, it makes you look distinguished and mature, as long as you're not a fat, smelly nerd who wears 'funny' t-shirts.
Honestly embrace the grey, man or woman.
A lot of people can really rock the salt and pepper look.
Even the woman in the pic, though it does make her look older, pulls it off well.
As >>60053585 said, it can make you look distinguished and mature.
at least u got hair
> t. balding 5'5 manlet
Hop on fin. I was in your boat
>had my first grey hair when i was 19
25 now
i dunno doesnt really bother me. Aslong as i dont go bald im happy.

File: 1574881578057s.jpg (3 KB, 250x140)
3 KB
If I build back muscles will I prevent back pain as I get older?
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I herniated a disc and had a bulging disc as well. Weightlifting has made both of the disc to reinsert themselves thanks to having strong lumbar muscles. One of the best mires i ever had was an MRI. It showed my lumbar spine and MASS of MUSCLE covering it.
So yes, it will.
Are we sure it’s the same guy? All soifags look the same
Look at what they sell. His boss probably enjoys it.
Fuck I want to punch him so badly, his face and his stupid fucking reactions and self satisfaction gets me pretty fired up. Fucking faggot also nice reversal of digits fuck stains
god I wanna punch him so bad

when did he become so clickbaity?
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Coach and scooby willfully faded
Blaha cranks out 3 or 4 videos a day and Scooby just makes me sad. His older stuff is great
https://youtu.be/xo3hBUZ3WcM is he high or low testosterone /fit/?
Remember to use my code “MORE DELTS LESS CHEST” on your next gorilla mind order
post body


File: xd.jpg (67 KB, 1104x1472)
67 KB

Should i cut or bulk. Started from 65 kg 180cm, bulked to 74kg and cut back to my current weight of 71.5 kg. Should i keep cutting, or do a bulk before cutting again?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720)
92 KB
Where does this level of delusion come from? Also general fat thread.

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He's a cunt
I don't blame him for the holiday, it's the fact that he bitches at others for doing the same thing he does.
I want to spelunk up her over-stretched black skirt, wriggling through rolls of fat like I'm crawling through the sweaty-leather-couch dimension until...
Also last year he was bitching about people breaking lockdown and then his son broke lockdown to attend the BLM rally and piers hypocritically defended his son.
lmao when he mentions her weight her face is like "yeah like 5 years ago"

File: Capture.jpg (113 KB, 1424x761)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Richard is depressed from eating all that fucking vegan junk and being fat so he decided to eat even more and get even fatter. He's 6'3 but it's funny how he never mentiones his weight. Dude sits at someting around 25% bf and looks soft and bloated like a pregnant woman. He was supposedly 185lbs when he was totally malnourished and he couldn't even bench 180. I assume he's over 250lbs easily.

Dude is calling himself "strong" while benching 2.5pl8 for 5 at his bodyweight and he fucked up his pec benching 2pl8+ few weeks ago. He's been fat as fuck for a long time now and he's focused on strength training all the time. How come he's so fucking weak? This is power of plant based diet?
33 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>TL;DR your expectations are fucking delusional you are fucking morons.
Does that surprise you? This entire board is filled with steroid users who think they got their gainz via hard work.

Truth is, people are just delusional in general mate, in all aspects of life. The key is using it to your advantage
hefty kek
Again the veggie brain thinks everything is either black or white. Listen here you brain dead faggot. Im eating shit ton of vegetables every single day and i eat meat aswell. Going with vegetables and grains exlusively is fucking retarded and you are retarded because you're implying that im eating only meat. You only further proved my point about vegans/vegetarians being fucking retarded.

>They are filled with bench presses below and aorund 140kg in the 105kg class
now that's fucking pathetic. Are you sure those weren't some sort of special olympics? I've hit my first ever 3pl8 bench @ 78kg body weight and i did 5x5 with 120kg after hitting that PR. You're telling me that i have some sort of special genetics? Maybe i should go full bloat mode and go for 4pl8 x10 reps.
I crippled myself when I was 15. I benched 135 for 5 regularly, but everyone told me I should be benching 2 pl8s lol. I kept pushing myself higher and higher, but I was never good enough. Till I did 150 once and dropped it, crushing my ribs.

All because I had this idea of not being good enough for the standards people on places like here set, knowing full well my age.

I know nobody will pity what happened to me. Say I deserved it. But one fucking day I’ll get my bloody revenge. On all you steroid abusing cocksuckers

File: download.png (1002 KB, 2500x1923)
1002 KB
1002 KB PNG
My friend who's an aspiring fitness instructor is set on spending his first paycheck on the book.
Is it really worth it?
Pirate it
Download it from LibGen you moron

File: 300px-Confidence2.jpg (19 KB, 300x391)
19 KB
>just get a haircut bro
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It requires a lot of upkeep to make it not look like shit, but absolutely works.
nah man
you're just asian
stop posting my picture...
Do what asian girls do and grow it out then profile fraud with curtains.
lol imagine being such a huge pussy you wont even show your face while talking shit others


Do you mog the man that you were yesterday?
60 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Winston sneedchill.jpg (154 KB, 630x560)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
good premise for a book
Literally yesterday? Maybe a little.

From the start of this new chapter in my life? Absolutely.
>More built
>Can lift more
>Can sexually talk to girls
>Not uber autist
>Already kissed and held hands with a woman
>Maybe wiser

Old man Kratos is stronger than tard raged Kratos, canonic and confirmed by Balrog. Lifting the temple and defeating Magni shows he still got it.

Copy paste from previous thread edition

Couch to 5k:

Weeb edition:

>Jack Daniels running formula

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
147 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
;.; God I want to die.

Any tips for running with a heart disease?
I got only 2 aorta flakes and one of my lung-veins just goes somewhere random. I basically get less than 70% of the oxygen into my blood that I breathe in.

How do I I crease lung capacity and oxygen intake?
I already got eritropoetin levels of an Olympic athlete on steroids even though I'm not anywhere close to /fit/
I wish I could jog daily, but every time I run I get shin pains I need then to rest 1-2 days :/
File: EdSRs.png (635 KB, 1288x3200)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
Going for my first run ever tomorrow (pic related), is it okay to drink an energy drink before? Oats with whey an okay meal afterwards?
The resources in the OP are all pretty good. Especially this one, as it's very tightly packed, well written and covers one of the most important aspects of training:
I never read Jack Daniels myself, but a lot of people on here (esepcially the Burgers?) seemingly did. If you understand German, the Countdown zum Marathon by Greif, is a nice read, but obviously too advanced for you right now. I read 'Running with Lydiard', which is a fine book and the PDF I linked you in the previous post, it's probably a little outdated and stricter than up to date knowledge, but I doubt it will make that much of a difference for an amateur.
>is it okay to drink an energy drink before
I wouldn't recommend it. Caffeine improves performance, but doesn't help with slow running at all.
>Oats with whey an okay meal afterwards?
Yes, generally you want carbs and protein afterwards. There is a page about post run nutrition in the fellrnr wiki, if you want more info.

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