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File: 1670965102513768.jpg (405 KB, 1280x720)
405 KB
405 KB JPG
>start doing exercises near a qt
>she leaves and goes to a machine
>it's next to the machine I was about to use
>if I go there now it'll look like I'm following her around the gym
Bros... what am I meant to do in these situations?
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You do your shit not matter what it is and when she talk to you you ignore her.
I like this hag
You should add the My Posting Career shamecube to that
Fuck those MIGAtards who still clinged to the orange retard long after it was apparent he was a failure
lol calm down

File: brain lobes anatomy.jpg (152 KB, 1400x1050)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
whelp it's official, I have
- dyslexic
- dyscalculia
- autism
- binge eating disorder
- peter pan syndrom
- antisocial personality disorder
- borderline personality disorder
- avoidant personality disorder
- schizophrenia
- pure ocd
- narcissistic
- ptsd
and now doctors want to nuke my hormones with medications

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I’ve got autism and ADHD, but not schizophrenia since all the voices I hear are just mine
If you have that many diagnoses, then I don't believe any of them. You're probably just a lazy shut in who cant take responsibility
>take responsibility
there is a 90% chance you’re a mouth breather for uttering this. it’s up there with ‘just be happy’
File: 1693735671229651.jpg (884 KB, 2048x1424)
884 KB
884 KB JPG
Have you tried just being happy?

No sides? Now fat people will just be able to lose weight?
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>heroine addict
I cannot -- scratch that, I actually CAN -- believe that retards would willingly take drugs to avoid reading nutrition labels and adding numbers
>it's okay if I'm constantly nauseous
>it's okay that I feel bloated
>it's okay that GI tract is fucked up for months
Stop buying slop. FFS
We are now using the term "shill" for people that are trying to dissuade you from buying unnecessary products
This. It's not like roids that enhance a workout that you are doing (technically rest recovery but you get my point). It's just to make you eat less and also causes damage to you.

Like holy fuck why dont fatties just NOT put food in their gullet? Saves money, saves time, you just DO NOTHING and you lose weight.

imagine spending money to inject yourself with poison when instead you could just NOT put fucking food in your mouth
you'll still pick up on the lack of willpower in other areas of her life and other psychoses.

There's the old rule to never hire a fat person. it's because if they cant take care of themselves, they dont have the willpower to take care of anything else.

ozempigs didnt build willpower to lose the weight.

I know you've all seen the video at this point. Did he deserve to get banned?
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>"insta influencer"
>tries to get staff fired for not whiteknighting
I don't give a fuck that the dude was aggressive, she's lost all moral ground to stand on by being a vapid bitch herself
File: file.png (29 KB, 129x140)
29 KB
Oh my god, did you just threaten my phone?
You gonna pay for my broken phone, asshole? It's an iPhone, not a poverty android.
good morning sir
Please enjoy beautituful breasts today sir.

File: NSBM.jpg (78 KB, 770x434)
78 KB
no one at my gym knows I listen to NSBM
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Try listening to some Master P to broaden your horizons into the inner city NOLA. Ya heard?
Checkout the album Giftgas! by Blood Libel. Peste Noire is based, and Famine is incredibly talented, and I love everything he has released but PN has very little to do with national socialism.
Jesus hitler
Adolf christ
Is this the second coming
Or the third Reich?
>home gym
>blast NSBM as loud as I want
File: IMG_9953.jpg (119 KB, 894x894)
119 KB
119 KB JPG

File: 1684570223355385.webm (2.47 MB, 379x512)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB WEBM
Yes she might be slightly overweight, but is she natty?
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were their waist as small?
I am natty. That's all that matters. Verification not required.
built for..
Yup. Chicks built like this age terribly though and only have a fighting chance of not looking like shit by 35 if they obsess over their figure and stay in shape.
The proportions of this woman make zero sense. I think with clothes off she would just look bizarre

I understand why people in the south do this. It's literally an electrolyte thing. If you are sitting on your fat stupid ass all day then something like this is completely insane. If you are doing manual labor in the hot sun this is an absolutely genius to way nourish yourself and properly hydrate.
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Nusalt, lemon, sugar. Add caffeine if you're fancy.
That's how you do a ghetto sports drink.
Yeah, but you need much more water, and less sugar and salt, than this provides
>they do this because they're hard working men
Hard working men don't have the time to sit down and individually shove peanuts in a juice bottle like a fuckin 3 year old.
Also, the beverage of the working man is beer.
sorry i dont take advice from people who's idea of cardio is running for an hour at a 12 minute pace and whos idea of weight training is benching 145lbs
You have never touched a wrench.

File: 1698236605233256.jpg (82 KB, 604x358)
82 KB
>I think benchpress is a cool exercise
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*knuckles go white from gripping my gaming mouse*

a..AH!!! i'm transforming into a hot Woman against my will
kek damn is this real
source haha?

Give it up /fit/, you've been called out on your bullshit.
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You're fucking wrong. All the hottest OF thots post there to advertise their OF to simps.
Greetings once again from Kazakhstan!!!!!
>T. Very attractive man
Being in good physical shape goes way beyond simple narcissism or fashion if you will. By staying healthy and looking good, you're more energized and make sure you'll have a longer and bettet quality of life during which you'll provide, you stay attractive for your partner which will aid your relationship, you are stronger, society perceives you differently as you show discipline which is valued. Granted you're not a moronic roiding gymcel. Also hot and successful people don't post on internet forums. The internet is inherently for losers, real life is for chads.
I sense there is an incredibly nuanced question.

Does going to the gym equal to "I'm doing more for this household/relationship than you, who doesn't go to the gym"?. No, not necessarily. An exercise regiment will introduce a positive habit into your life, probably extend your life expectancy, increase your fitness which will translate into a bunch of other good stuff in your non-gym life. So it is an investment into the future and on paper, he's providing. Things change at the moment he's losing out on other important things because of the gym. Once you dedicate yourself to a partner and living with them, you have to be prepared to make sacrifices of your own free time and you can't expect that just because it's healthy to go to the gym, you can automatically lord this over your partner with the excuse that "I lift and you don't". If the partner feels like you're absent in the relationship because of the gym, you are doing a bad job of being a partner. Not because you have to be more present with the partner, necessarily. But because you are not communicating why you are choosing the gym over the relationship/partner, at least in their eyes. You can't expect to have a happy and functioning relationship if you keep ignoring your partner's feelings. It can end up so that you come to the conclusion that you'd prefer the gym over the relationship in it's current state, that places both of you and your partner in a situation where you have to decide if you want to drop the relationship or try and change things. The guy is being a dickhead for just going to the gym while his girlfriend is bothered by it, the girlfriend is a cunt for begging for advice online instead of talking to her boyfriend about it constructively.

File: nattydeer.jpg (22 KB, 640x380)
22 KB
Will boogie die before Christmas?
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Dubs on 100%. Thanks Natty!
I failed. What about next time?
Am I attractive?
File: 1701158091332.jpg (116 KB, 487x719)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
yay :)
Will i make it?

>start sleeping 5-6hrs instead of the usual 8
>feel better despite the reduced amount of sleep
I think that guy that posts the quote about sleeping less was onto something because I feel fuckin great.
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What the fuck are you talking about
Guess I’m a fool…
Different people need different amounts of sleep
If 6 works for you then do 6
it all depends on how much your body needs to recover. after a weekend of climbing I can easily sleep for 10 hours
Everyone encouraging you is a retard coping with their own bad habits. Even 8 is not enough, you need 9+. Just necause you're not noticing your cognitive function slowing doesn't mean it's not there. Enjoy dementia faggots.

You get longer REM periods the longer you sleep. Deep sleep is reduced because it's the stage before REM that doesn't actually have any benefits. You're retarded.

File: IMG_0594.jpg (199 KB, 1364x2048)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
I have been doing fine until I hit 130 kg. First two times I only managed to lift it 3 times. Second time I ripped my calluses, so I decided to get lifting straps. Got some cheap ones from a sports gear chain nearby.

I tried to warm up to I by starting with 70, then 90 and then 120 but after that I couldn’t lift it fucking once.

What did I do wrong?
Do you have a program?
I do the Greyskull LP
How exactly did you tear your callus?
I didn’t take care of them or file them down properly so when my grip got sweaty the friction tore them. I didn’t notice until I was finished.

File: F_kLCJnWUAAjc7A.jpg (147 KB, 1284x1222)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
What's the craziest shit you've ever saw in your gym?
for me it was two kids fighting each other over a basketball game at LA Fitness.
129 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
I would've hit an overhead press PR as heavy as Eddie Hall's deadlift with that kind of adrenaline rush
>>literally throws me out of the way onto the mat when I try to stop him
In his state of nigger rage, this is the equivalent of him giving you his car and letting you fuck his wife. Consider yourself lucky you still have skin on your face.
people that go to gym to throw basketball ball around are always retards with adhd
I had basket on one wall near weights and the ball always bounced around people doing heavy weight, it wasn't rare for someone to get hit in the head
Blacks have an external monologue.

File: 3789019_IMG_2115.jpg (142 KB, 640x846)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
achievable natty?
Left is low dose tren, no test base, .5 caber/week.

Right is 800mg test, 400mg Deca, 40mg dbol bulk then 500mg test, 300mg Mast, 50mg winny cut
Right is 5’5

File: deadlift.webm (2.39 MB, 576x916)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB WEBM
Why do zoomers literally believe it’s impossible to deadlift without bouncing the weight off the ground at the bottom of the rep?
Every time one of these videos goes viral the comments are always zoomers with curly hair saying
>fr fr bruh @ people thinking you can deadlift without slamming the weight be trippin bruh, never worked out in they life bruh. Gyms be loud bruh
Nobody at my gym bounces the weights off the ground when they deadlift. I have never been to a gym where people actually bounce the weights except when they’re using bumper plates and doing olympic lifts.
24 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
If it was a fat black tranny yelling SHUT UP BITCH the vile feminist wouldn't make a thread about it since they're all in a suicide cult of intersectionality to "kill the patriarchy kill whitey"
Yes I'm still mad about feminists being prudes who ban sexy women from everything but want me to say shit like "sex workers"
Because they're as insecure as females
I've never seen anyone deadlift more than 100kg irl and frankly you don't need more weight
Niggers aren't people
I bet more people over at /pol/ actually fucking lift goodbye faggots. Nigger unironically dindu nuffin

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