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File: 1623888310360.jpg (28 KB, 600x478)
28 KB
Nonfat edition, old thread reached image limit
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What's her arm routine ?
I did eat cheescake factory a lot when trying to bulk. I think the chicken romano is 1800 cal with about 90g of preotein?
You can't target where you loose fat..............
Someone explain to me how the fuck something like this is supposed to help you lose weight
You explode, and without all those chunks of your intestine and your legs, you weigh a lot less. Or maybe the thinking is that it greases your intestines so the food just slides on through before you absorb too many calories, I don't try to make sense of fatlogic.

File: Wriststats.png (403 KB, 1364x980)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
Post em
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Post body weight.
My wrists are exactly 7 inches apparently, this is the first time I've measured and I thought I was below average. I guess they just look small since I'm 6'2"?
File: 3294023490290-4.jpg (20 KB, 550x534)
20 KB
>95th percentile
I'm 6'3 though so it's less impressive

For whom do you lift?
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I "lift" for my crush who is prime Yulia Nova tier. Jk I barely lift, mostly just do ungodly amounts of pushups and other calisthenics. Cutting down and gonna have a 6 pack soon. Wagmi
File: 1664401042677165.jpg (214 KB, 1000x692)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
File: 1663161380917188.jpg (547 KB, 1079x1345)
547 KB
547 KB JPG
Same brother
File: IM GONNA COOOOOM.jpg (41 KB, 940x525)
41 KB

File: 1828128120382.jpg (61 KB, 719x720)
61 KB
Ever since I've started lifting I've become obsessed with how much smaller women are than me. I keep catching myself staring at their skinny arms, their narrow shoulders, and especially their small, delicate hands. It's crazy how at any given moment I could completely overpower literally any woman within my vicinity without much of a struggle, however I obviously don't intend to ever do that.
For example, there was a woman sitting in front of me on the train yesterday. By taking a look at her shoulders, I estimated that if I were to grab her torso with both hands I could almost touch my fingertips together on the other side. She was that petite. Had I placed the palm of my hand at the center of her face, I could have wrapped my fingers back to behind her ears. Is this feeling of overwhelming power a common occurrence for intermediate lifters?
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File: gigachad thinkchad.png (416 KB, 1242x1043)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
>Women are not programmed to enjoy rape.
Yes they are.
>You ever talked to a woman that was raped?
Why would I want to talk to women?
>But would you want each and every weird shit you ever wanked off to become a reality in your life?
Unironically yes. That would be fucking awesome.

But why do you find it hot when most don't? That's why I got to say it's a fetish.

Red wings for the gains kek
>But why do you find it hot when most don't?
It's not the period itself that I find hot. It's the fact that a girl's period is gonna make her even hornier, and it's the increased horniness that the period provides that turns me on. I'm just not bothered by a little period blood getting on my dick, is all, since I understand it's not anything to be grossed out by.
Kek how did Zoomers manage to be more retarded than boomers regarding technology
To be fair, not everyone has seen EVERY copypasta.

File: FcNgP-0aAAEcZ4x.jpg (314 KB, 1463x2048)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
fat cat tats

>programs, stretching, bands, lift tutorials
>tripfag numbers
>conjugate pastebin

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File: 415 bench 09292022.webm (2.9 MB, 1920x1080)
2.9 MB
>temperature drops
>hit PRs
mental that
Jesus, you're obese.
my fat distribution goes right to the gut yes. There are worse places for it to go.
Are you expecting someone who weighs over 300 lbs natty to not look fat?
Well done.

File: 1609588915521.jpg (975 KB, 1280x1080)
975 KB
975 KB JPG
>he fell for the carnivore grift
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I do and my labs are perfect.
Your body has a threshold where if it consumes a certain amount of protein, any extra protein is converted to glucose WITHOUT spiking your insulin.
I think the threshold is like 180 - 200 grams of protein.
Its honestly gotten to the point im starting to wonder if i should even bother telling people about the radical health techniques i have learned to build muscle and be healthy. Shouldi tell the retards or keep it to myself? mainstream weightlifting and diet advice is comically retarded and i hate everyone so why do i feel like helping people out by telling them what i know?
File: 1623542868674.jpg (47 KB, 656x574)
47 KB
am i really supposed to think about what i eat? i just eat whatever
you want to turn enemies into friends, because there’s your strength alone and then the strength of comradery

File: pes.jpg (53 KB, 602x422)
53 KB
how far away is your gym? how long does it take to get there?
3-5 minutes away

3-5 minute drive

Don’t know the joke age

File: chimp-pushup.webm (2.07 MB, 636x380)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB WEBM
This general is about the discussion of bodyweight training, including streetlifting/weighted calisthenics, mainly basics for hypertrophy, static progressions, dynamics and general gymnastics and street workout.
Suggest regular info for the general: books, go-to videos, cues.


>Reading material
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How tf do I increase my pull ups and Chin ups bros?
>70 lbs in back pack
Bust out 12 push ups at 210
>Barely 10 pull ups WITH a 10 lb resistance band
Hitting abs today lads

Planks (weighted)
side planks (weighted)
L sits
L sits weighted
bicycle crunches from L sit position
oblique crunches from L sit position
zero leg drive sit ups
hanging leg raises
hanging bicycle crunches
hanging oblique crunches
Routine: 2kg stapped on head with belt
neck extensions x 100
neck side to side x 50
neck twist side to side x 50
neck circle rightward x 50
neck circle leftward x 50

all done from the neck extension position, your neck and a bit of upper chest are free
neck side to side is a movement where you try to touch your shoulders with your ears sort of, right ear right shoulder, left ear left shoulder. Your eyes are constantly facing the floor
neck twists is just twisting your neck side to side, your eyes change from left to right side and back
How often do you recommend doing this?
File: Dababy.jpg (22 KB, 320x320)
22 KB
lmfao did the chimp actually do picrel? I guess it's instinctual for them

File: VSRZ1.png (105 KB, 464x172)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
How do I get thick wrist and fingers?
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File: 1604598441586.jpg (111 KB, 960x960)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
File: grizz_wrist.png (3.67 MB, 2064x1136)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB PNG
God damn deadlifters are so retarded it’s unbelievable
Gain weight
>tfw toned but skeletor
>tfw big calloused/scarred hands but still skinny as all fuck

File: 1662352860317041.jpg (88 KB, 800x600)
88 KB
How does someone who doesn't even know which muscles are which get started with strength training and building muscle?
File: asdg2gdags.png (6 KB, 180x253)
6 KB
please don't eat the cat on a cob....
This is an old pic, sorry anon ...

>be me
>lift at university gym
>school starts a lifting club
>make friends
>get invited to parties
>have something resembling a friend group for the first time in years
>some people from the club decide to start a competitive powerlifting team
>pressure me to join in order to “make the team look good”
>I’m not even particularly strong, it’s just that the bar for people in my weight class is on the floor
>cave because I don’t want anyone to stop liking me
>start having nightmares about inevitably humiliating myself at a powerlifting meet

How do I get myself out of this one, anons? My first meet is in a couple months and the thought of displaying my mediocre lifts to the public makes me want to kms
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Lose the ego friend, it doesn't matter what other people think of you.
Didn't mean to sage btw
Are these people your friends? You say they are. If so they should support you irrespective of your performance and you won't be humiliating yourself. Get a grip
I know they’ll support me. The problem is, they’re too supportive to the point that it feels patronizing. They praise me for my mid ass lifts like you’d praise a toddler who just figured out how to write his name. I just wish they would acknowledge my mediocrity sometimes
Don't worry about humiliation. You'll be fine. Just think of it the same way you would as if it were a bowling league or trivia night. Obviously it's a bit different, but don't put a ton of undue social stress on yourself.

Bros how do you get rid of loose skin? For reference I was 278lbs September 2021, and now I’m 120lbs September 2022. Lots of loose skin. I do weight resistance training 6 days a week. Wat do?
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not great
cheers to the femanon for delivering though
Great body. I wish I had some good advice for you but I lost 200 lbs so I have the same issue. I just wish my back-tits would go away.
File deleted.
That body dysmorphia wont usually go away even if you go into surgeries, because the real problem is in your subconscious mind.

I highly recommend to fix your self-esteem and self-image too while you improve your body. I have all the money and looks I could ever wished for, but god I wish I would have learned about unconditional self-esteem when I was 19 years old.

"Healthy self-esteem is not about proving yourself and others that you are worthy of love, its about identifying and removing all the memories, traumas and beliefs that ever convinced you otherwise."

You weren't kidding. I'd still suck them though tbhfam
surgery (((fasting, dermarolling, RedLightTherapy)))

my shits worse, yours is fine to be honest.

I'll never be happy and it wasn't my fault (how the fuck is it legal for a 2nd grader to weigh 180? I ended 450+ at 16 b4 i said fuck it)

fuck this, whatever, learn to love yourself or you'll end up bitter and jaded. I'll kill myself but you might not. I'll literally never look how I want but you have a legitimate chance, like I said it isn't that bad, the scars wouldn't be bad either.

my bad for the blogpost

File: Woodworking.jpg (642 KB, 5616x3744)
642 KB
642 KB JPG
How do I get into woodworking? It seems like a good way to use my newly gained muscles for fun.
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Based woodworker. Would you recommend any books on it? Or is it something that's always better learned frome somebody else while they actually show you how they practice the trade?
I'm not sure. But I really want to try make some stuff with wood.
File: basic foot stool.jpg (874 KB, 1767x1605)
874 KB
874 KB JPG
Definitely better to learn by being taught directly by someone who knows what they're doing but can also teach. If you can't find someone like that, videos will help. Always practice going through all the motions while the tool is unplugged. Fixed in place power tools are way safer than hand held power tools.
I get a lot from articles but I'm sure books have their place too. /diy/ usually has a lot of resources.

I know that feeling. Start with a basic table or 3 legged foot stool if you have basic tools. I don't know anything about whittling but I did see a video of guy make a gnome really easily.
thanks I'll ask diy.
Buy wood and cut it I guess.
I don't know shit about woodworking besides building workbenches with 2x4's, but I imagine it's like any hobby. Research it, get the tools and supplies you need, and just do it. Practice makes perfect.
Also what >>68492341 said
>Do not do cut things that close to your hand without protection though, easy way to lose bits of your fingers.
Use PPE. Seriously.

Tomboy Thursday? Yeah, I’m thinking tomboy Thursday
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Based fellow Gudetama appreciator.
Fucked her
Yes they have.
Brother, i normally wouldn't say such things, but life got a bitch lately i couldn't even defend myself...
people still don't see you as a women lol
might as well end it already

File: 139663384441.png (292 KB, 421x421)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
Today I couldn't rerack the bar on bench press and it hit my face
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Try just pinning the bar to the beams and then lower it
How much band tension did you have on there? Always set your j-cups or monolift arms one slot down when benching with bands.
File: Bench-movement.jpg (32 KB, 810x473)
32 KB

Bar path is supposed to end up over your eyes benchlet.
Sounds embarrassing as fuck, and something that would make me not want to go back out of embarrassment.
But don't be me, because I am a faggot. In reality people don't care and if someone comes up to you about it (They won't), just laugh it off and call yourself a dumbass.
explain these squiggles

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