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>do cardio 30 minutes a day
>make a fitness instagram page talking about their routine
50% of my female friends. Anyone else noticing this? They all have shops where they sell their routines, who buys this shit?
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I need an update on this..
haha imagine if her nipple was in my mouth haha
Imagine if her foot crushed my balls
>They cannot possible be that delusional
I wish I was as naive and innocent as you.
>tried to catch no less than 3 PSU football players (all black) in rape cases
That's kind of based actually.

File: 20200404_081211.jpg (741 KB, 1895x930)
741 KB
741 KB JPG
This means:
>I've lost more than 50kg
>I need to lose less than 10kg to reach a healthy BMI
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Good job, fatass. Now keep going!!!! You're gonna make it.
CICO for 17 months, like 1800 calories a day or something like that
Weight lifting and running for like 9 months
damn son, congrats.
File: 20200107_092135.jpg (3.72 MB, 2021x3592)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB JPG
File: 20200404_111713.jpg (629 KB, 1037x1294)
629 KB
629 KB JPG

Is sugar bad for you?
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Americans seem to have naturally higher levels of sugar tolerance. As long as you are not European then you can have a nice serving of sugar.
Nice bait, jewropoor.
people don't understand that it isn't that honey is bad for you, but portion size, back in the day you'd eat honey once every a year at most so our bodies grow up with that tolerance, same with fruits, but then niggas go and eat 2 bananas a day or 8 oranges into orange juice and then honey every day on tea and then wonder why they get sick

Problem with dietary sugar from a mechanistic standpoint is that its dis-regulatory of physiology because of the spike in blood sugar and in the modern context this spiking is chronic and long term. This effect can glycate your cells and make you vastly more susceptible to inflammation.

High sugar diet is also not physiologically indicated, especially if you're European where such populations undergoing periods of cold winter derive the majority of their foods from animals. There are a few select populations that have a high sugar diet, 40% of diet that do have some genetic adaptations to better help them tolerate carbs/sugar, but they're the exception, not the rule.

Since sugar in the modern diet comes from synthetic gargabe or genetically modified fruits that have way more sugar than their historical counterparts, it creates problems.


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No, americans are pre-diabetic because of vegetable oils. It's publically recognized even that diabetes isn't caused by eating sugar.

>that guy who sleeps more than five hours per night
>that guy who doesn't realize he only lives once
>that guy who can't discipline himself to sleep three or four hours per night

Enjoy your cheap lifestyles fucktards. Sleep IS NOT necessary for general health. It is overrated.
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My grandpa actually knew Aristotle Onassis, the guy in OPs pic. He was a ship architect for him.

My dad said Onassis had huge bags under his eyes and eventually got Myasthenia Grav and died from it. the dude's eyelids had to be taped open because his brain couldn't keep them up on it's own.

Just sleep dude. I sleep seven hours and am super busy but sleep is a priority
Jocko recommends sleeping normal *but* getting up early. He wouldnt agree with op lmao
This is probably a more useful read: https://guzey.com/books/why-we-sleep/

Just from reading the book he clearly draws some non sequitur conclusions, but it turns out he also just makes things up and presents them as facts.
>check that guys Twitter
>see pic related
I wish I had the discipline to sleep just 4 hours i could do so fucking much in a day.

i just looked the dude up and he made it big in life. Seems like a real man. Motivated by money. Power. Not like gay Gary Vaynerchuk and other beta hippie "businessmen"

File: IMG_20200323_091645.jpg (2.63 MB, 4608x3456)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB JPG
Bulk or cut?
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>my legs grew so i stopped doing them.
Dude why do you even lift???
but everybody has abs even if they never worked out
Everyone has every muscle. Some just have bigger/more developed ones than others.
You could probably cut down and get abs but you would look so emaciated and disgusting it wouldn't be worth it. No woman wants a tiny twink. Abs on a skinny guy are like tits on a fat chick.
Is this bait? Listen to what these anons are telling you, despite all the shitposting, /fit/ is actually a pretty sound place for specific advice. You do6mt have a 6 pack because you don't have abs. Cutting down even more would likely degrade your muscles even more til your an Auschwitz skellington. Light bulk

How the fuck do I escape this skinny fat purgatory /fit/? I don’t care about being the biggest guy at the gym, I just want a flat, hard stomach with visible abs and lean physique. Would it be worth it to cut and do cardio during this quarantine, then lean bulk afterwords or would that make me look worse?
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op also you might have whats called an anterior pelvic tilt where you push ur ass out to straighten posture however it causes the belly to stick out and end up looking like th emen in black worms,fix posture,diet,cardio = profit
do keto + IF with some calisthenics for 2-3 months and you're good to go
Have you tried exercising?
You're at a point where you should progress even without cut and bulk cycles.
SS+GOMAD if you dont mind getting a bit fat
Slight caloric surplus + PPL if you're a bitch
Quarantine is a great opportunity for a bulk brah dont miss out.
your other problem is posture. you have bad anterior pelvic tilt and i’m gonna assume the rest of your posture isn’t the greatest. from your muscle imbalance and pose you might have scoliosis or something too. youtube jeremy ethier or athlean x posture

File: 20200403_094154.jpg (3.31 MB, 2627x1228)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB JPG
Post your corona gym pics
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This is all I got for working out between now and whenever this ends.

How fucked am I?
this won't end until next year
R8 my Dads set up
Fuck phone posting
File: Woods.jpg (569 KB, 1920x1080)
569 KB
569 KB JPG
>germanic woods dweller reporting in
All you need.

>Meet cool girl at uni on a night out
>joke around
>Don’t see her again for a few weeks
>Kiss her a couple of times next time I see her in a club
>ooh lala
>Have a lot of mutual friends and talk to her a few times sober
>don’t get any major signals
>my autistic ass still gets the butterflies
>Corona shuts down uni
>that’s that
>she sends me a music recommendation
>song about a girl that just wants to be with one guy and make memories with him

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this much emotion in my life.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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girls have so much choice
they don't give a shit about you as a person or how you feel or anything like that
you're just another penis
File: smilingfriends.jpg (57 KB, 522x626)
57 KB
>month 1 of no gym due to state lockdown
>I knew my gym reopening on April Fool's was a bad omen
>start feeling worse over time
>sleeping average 14 hours a day
>appetite basically gone besides eating junk
>no motivation or discipline to get things done
>all the self assessments for depression say that I have a high chance of severe clinical depression
>considering getting a therapist
I didn't realize lifting was the only thing holding all of this back...
File: eternalpain.jpg (65 KB, 442x499)
65 KB
>still think about ex
>made great progress in weight loss since breakup
>am finally at a normal weight and people have started finding me attractive
>entertain them but am never serious
>corona comes around
>my ex lives in a greatly affected area
>she is immunocompromised along with her older mother
>broke radio silence to tell her some things and also wish her good health and safety in the coming months
>no response

feels pretty bad but i cant say i expected any less from her. i still hold some animosity towards her but at the same time we spent nearly 5 years together, its still difficult for me to not think about her since i genuinely loved her. how can i not check up on her to see how she is? especially in a time like this? it is what it is but i still hope shes ok and not afflicted by this shit, does that make me a faggot or am i too nice for my own good when it comes to people i care about most?

fuck man, i wish it was different.
Find another girl. Protip: you should have already been cheating on her
Go to r9k
All of you

File: 5keGbWkO6A.jpg (77 KB, 650x650)
77 KB
Are muscle cramps unhealthy?
I'm pretty sure my calves are shredded because of muscle cramps.

>Never exercise legs anymore (my ankle and knees are fucked)
>Never get the out-of-the-blue, painful type of cramps
>But when I walk quickly for 10+ minutes I can feel my calves slowly tense up to the point it becomes painful. After 20-25 minutes the pain seems to transfer to the bones. No decrease in mobility, muscle is rock hard and only starts to relax after 2-3 minutes of sitting down.
>If I ignore the pain I can just keep walking
>My caves are 43 cms

Should I be worried, or do I just ignore the pain and enjoy the gains? Also, if I flex my biceps in a very particular way, it feels like I'm trapping the blood inside and after 3 series of 20 sec flexing I get a sick pump and feel like I've done a full workout the next day.

Fuck me, this all sounds so retarded.
start stretching and take magnesium

File: image.jpg (34 KB, 550x558)
34 KB
Average cooms per day: 4
Lowest coom achieved in a day: 2
Highest coom achieved in a day: 6
Fastest time to coom: 10 seconds
Longest lasting coom: 2.5 hours
Average time between cooms: 4 hours
Shortest time between cooms: 1 minute
Longest time spent without cooming: 3 days
Total coom period: 9 years
72 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Average cooms per day: 2
Lowest coom achieved in a day: 0
Highest coom achieved in a day: 4?
Fastest time to coom: 10 minutes
Longest lasting coom: 2 hours
Average time between cooms: 12 hours
Shortest time between cooms: 6 hours
Longest time spent without cooming: two weeks
Total coom period: 8 years
Average cooms per day: 0
Lowest coom achieved in a day: 0
Highest coom achieved in a day: 3
Fastest time to coom: 5 min
Longest lasting coom: 2 hours
Average time between cooms: N/A
Shortest time between cooms: 3 hours
Longest time spent without cooming: 10 weeks
Total coom period: 6 years
I put 0 for the first few stats because I rarely coom anymore. I went 10 weeks without it recently then relapsed a week ago but haven’t done it since then. Last time I was cooming daily was about 6 months ago
File: comfyopclub.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x1400)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Average cooms per day: 1
Lowest coom achieved in a day: 0
Highest coom achieved in a day: 10
Fastest time to coom: 20 seconds
Longest lasting coom: 2 hours
Average time between cooms: 25 minutes
Shortest time between cooms: 30 seconds
Longest time spent without cooming: 7 days
Total coom period: 8 years
File: 1551643539473.png (1 MB, 992x975)
1 MB
Average cooms per day: 1
Lowest coom achieved in a day: 0
Highest coom achieved in a day: 5
Fastest time to coom: 15 seconds
Longest lasting coom: 2 hours
Average time between cooms: 24 hrs
Shortest time between cooms: 2 minutes
Longest time spent without cooming: 1 week
Total coom period: 12 years
Lately it's getting worse the whole trap posting shit has gotten to me and I started jacking it to traps, some of them look surprisingly good, FAAAAAACK I NEED A GF.
>tfw not a coomer
>only jerk off to stress relief when I have a bad day
>haven't had a good day for the past 8 years
I need to quit guys. What do I replace my feel good jerk off sessions with?

File: angela-white-169.jpg (153 KB, 1080x1350)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
How do I stop liking fat cows and start liking skinny women. I don't wanna be a degenerate anymore.
133 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Chonkidna.jpg (450 KB, 1228x1200)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
ngl I do like monobellies.
This is waaay past my limit, but I'll ask for forgiveness and repent later.
I want to see that piggy bounce.
>paid for escort
>still fat

good god man
hehe i follow her too
I obviously hate them. Their "culture" is non-existent. They survive solely from government aid yet they demand more. A world without negros (and white trailer trash) would be better in every single way.

Saw this pic here a few days ago, what do you reckon his lifts are (for reps) and how long to get to this point staying natty?

Is it even possible to get to this level of muscle mass without barbell training?
36 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
How do I get gains from muscle instead of CNS?
yo just get strong bro, you'll automatically get big arms without training the-
focus on higher reps, 8-10 rep range
top level powerlifters do hypertrophy training cycles too btw, just because the fat dyel Rip tells you it's not manly to do doesn't mean you shouldn't
also, the reason that chinese weightlifters look so much more muscular than any other school of weightlifters is that they include specific bodybuilding work
your hypertrophy gains on a powerlifting routine are subpar compared to that on a bodybuilding routine, should be logic but rippetoe has brainwashed a whole generation of dyel lifters

File: 1585970901625.png (519 KB, 662x671)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
Being lean is everything, EVERYTHING!
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
botched ps doesn't give you bloat like what he has
Underrated I see you anon thank you for your service
The guy is like 5’4” any fat is going to make him look like a doughboy
This is so much cope its insane. He is still pretty lean, he just stores more fat in his face.

Utterly repulsed by women behavior toward manlets? The women human costume start to wear off
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
he probably had the best time of his life
More like 5’11
Can u not just tell her that
But she might wake up.

This shit sucks. Doesn’t do anything for my chronic back pain.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Respect honesty.

Trace THC
I did feel a little bit high but it wasn't quite the same and smoking regular weed didn't help that much with the pain. Does thc on its own reduce inflammation?
I seen a few people "swear" by it. Personally it's hard for me to go for a good long run without smoking a few bowls first
File: cake.jpg (92 KB, 700x660)
92 KB
Do you need to get to a certain point when it starts to feel good? Do you run in the woods or something? I smoked once on top of a hill and ran back home and I think I got the runner's high + obviously weed high.I never had it since.
Certain point when youre running I mean distance wise for example

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