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Not sure if this is right board to post this, but whatever.

>Last year spent one year in college with this chick
>Shared some good moments, but was never close to her
>Felt like I had a chance with her while still lifting
>Got depressed and stopped lifting, lost 20 lbs, became skinny fat and unkept
>At that point I felt like it was a joke to even bother asking her out
>Flunked college
>Never see her again
>Had some girls show interest in me when I chose a different college, was thinking about her too much to ever pursue any other girl
>Had one casual hookup now in new college, was thinking about oneitis whole time
>Am masturbating to her while typing this

Help pls.
File: 1594336264895.gif (2.71 MB, 245x310)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB GIF
Lift some heavy ass weight and get jacked nigga
Just give it another year or two. I generally take 2-3 years to get over a girl.
Been there,done that. Will resume lifting once I finish exams, but still feel like shit over her.

are you strong enough to beat up 5 girls at the same time /fit? they will fight as dirty as they can, they are 20 year old, healthy and slighty /fit
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No way bro
i'm just a weak twink
they'd kill me
women like that are so evil.
they know your weak and abuse you for it.
I hate women so bad bros
Get ripped and change your mindset incel, the hate will eat you up from the inside, wolves do not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep
More than likely. It'd be a pretty fair fight, though.

same here
Probably not, I am a massive pussy and my mind won't let me punch people, only grapple them. Realistically I would be able to choke out one opponent and then get wrecked by the other 4. If I could punch then it would be some of the easiest shit ever.

File: 1541801683168.png (284 KB, 619x939)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
Wheyfu thread, real or fictional
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Honestly this is very depressing to me, as a man who likes (and wanting to marry with a) tomboyish girls, why must endure this inner suffering?
Name pls
My heart...
Samantha Wright and she has stated multiple times she doesnt like to be called cute

In this thread we admit our recent failures so that we can all realize that sometimes success only happens after repeatedly failing but continuing on the path towards success or some shit like that and help each other overcome.

>last night
>finish legs squats, bulgarian box squats, calve raises
>start doing seated OHP
>95lb 2x5 warm ups
>115lb 1x5 warm up
>125lb 1x5
>finally decide tonight I will go for max
>135lb 1x3
>145lb 1x3
>155lb single
>165lb single
>debate a 170lb single like my last PR, skip it
>175lb get stuck coming down and just cant rebound it back up

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that seems like a lot of warmup reps.
I ate a hotdog and french fries this morning instead of doing OMAD

Hotdogs are goddamn good
French fries cooked in air fryers are goddamn good
part of its getting my cns ready for the extra weight, I dont like to shock my self too much but it might also be where/why I am failing.
>did I just over work myself in warm ups
Are you serious? You did double a normal workout session before even stepping up for your pr.
What were you thinking?
Man, I just had 2/3rd of a medium pizza, a side of cheesy nachos, two beers and two glasses of Pepsi. I've been on omad keto for a month, and rn feel like my heart and head are about to explode. If I survive the night I'm gonna fast for two days, fuck.

Any strategies on how to stealthily get the sun on balls test boost? My house has a backyard that’s fairly discreet though neighbors can view a few parts of it. Mainly though I’m worried about my parents seeing me tanning my freed balls and dick?

It wouldn’t be for that long only like 5 minutes.

For those that aren’t already redpilled you get a 200% test increase from regularly shining sunlight on your testes.
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NEET with my divorced dad in a backyard with brick walls and high hedges. Neighbor on his roof could see my balls but IDGAF. I'm naked in the backyard pretty much all day



File: 1588230180559.gif (936 KB, 500x382)
936 KB
936 KB GIF
Damn I'm chilling outside with gym shorts on. Should I strip em?

I get horny as hell a couple hours after I sunbathe nude
Bring your GF with you and make it look like you were fucking outdoors, no one will judge you for that...you DO have a gf, right???
Gib name

File: AV.jpg (30 KB, 376x384)
30 KB
According to Aajonus, basically germ theory is not correct and terrain theory is how we get sick. This basically sums up germ theory:

“Germs seek their natural habitat – diseased tissue – rather than being the cause of diseased tissue.” - Antoine Béchamp

My guess is both of these theories are partially correct. So is it possible to prevent STDs by just being healthy and have sex with girls that are also relatively healthy? Does it work that way? I've never heard about immune system and health being something that prevents getting STDs.
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Eating healthy.
File: 1588171232621.jpg (96 KB, 597x674)
96 KB
What the hell is an "antinutrient"?

It will improve your mental state. Your mental state is very important to your physical health. And one very important thing that was not mentioned. Sleep. Maintain an appropriate circadian rhythm.

I don't know what this raw meat thing is about. Humans have been agrarian forever. That means meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts. Further, if all you're eating is meat and it's generally farm raised and slaughtered inhumanely, you are also consuming the "stress" of the animal. Adrenaline does not break down at cooking temperatures. Plant material is straight from the source, sun, water, and earth.
HIV is not an actual virus
Its a damaged immune system from men fucking 9000 other men a week who get lots of actual STDs like gonnarhea, herpes, etc, they then go to their doc and get anti-biotics, cure the STD but don't change the lifestyle of fucking diseased assholes at lightspeed. More antibiotics. More assfucking. Eventually the immune system becomes ravaged from constant anti-biotic use and diseases that it collapses.

A key symptom of HIV was/is kaposi sarcoma (blotchy, dry patches of fucked up skin), this same symptom is seen in people that constantly use amylnitrate, the drug homos use during diseased asshole fucking.

AIDS doesn't exist in Africa like WHO says it does. African countries get fuck tons of gibs for AIDS treatment, if you get hit by a car in Kenya, the doc writes down you have AIDS in order to get gibs. It's the worst kept secret in humanitarian orgs.
I bet you're a chiropractor or some other gay fake doctor.

File: IMG_20200709_170914~2.jpg (1.56 MB, 3024x2268)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
How much weight do I have to do with this to be able to crush a watermelon between my thighs
Using the good girl machine? The entire stack then. Lmk when you use the bad girl machine though
Oh the leg opening one? Wouldn't that one not be as important for crushing a watermelon?
it is better for busting nuts tho

Can it substitute my damaged bar
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wtf i have the same basket and carpet
How did your bar get damaged beyond use anyway? Was it one of those peices of pipe in pastic from china?
Im in your house
u mirin me brah?

File: bestcarb.png (1.03 MB, 2567x1026)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
It is time to DECIDE what the BEST carb is.

Here are the rules:
>in your post, chose one carb to endorse, and one carb to shit on
>at the end of a number of posts, the votes will be tallied up and arranged in order

What will u pick?
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Look for something that lets you stay fuller for longer, probably oats (prefer rolled, not the quick shit), also veggies
>Why go for low protein grains when you can get higher protein grains?
Because they digest bad and cause insane lethargy/bloating for me.

Potatoes are literally No1 on satiation.+good micros+they digest good
Potato gang. No anti-nutrients and you get some more micros. Runner up is white rice.
Oats best, rice gets honorable mention, bread is worst.
Oats are always good, high in fibre, great energy, easy to pair. Rice is simple and light and great for cutting weight and goes with literally anything. Bread has shit macros and usually just masks the taste of whatever it's paired with.
The only ones you can fry into their full deliciousness are rice and potatoes. But you just know that potatoes could never fill rice's position in a chipotle burrito bowl. Also can you imagine a piece of raw salmon on top of potato? Lol.

Rice is the most versatile, rice is king.

T. Asian

File: 1561844086572.jpg (64 KB, 620x388)
64 KB
Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH
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Needed that reminder today. Thanks bud.
drank like 3 litres already, going for 4 before i go to me bed
File: 1582902152662.png (240 KB, 698x443)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
How much should i drink? The google jew tells me 5 litres. Are they trying to gains goblin me or is this a good amount?
Thanks buddeh

Have you ever been attracted to a WILF?

Woman I'd Like to Fuck.
Doesn't have to be a mom or a grandma.
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: wdytwa.jpg (100 KB, 490x371)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>have you ever been attracted to a woman?
no im only attracted to other cats
Those are some pretty feet
File: 20200327_102746.jpg (380 KB, 706x1387)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
Real pretty feet.
Your question is so fucking stupid, but those wittle paws are so cute. Yes, on the daily. I've been on a no fap and I imagined kissing my girlfriends cousin and I got rock hard.

Walking is literally the healthiest and most natural thing a human can do

>/fit/ shits on walking as being useless and not to even bother

You do realise you can do your hardcore bad ass tren fueled lifting sessions, or your Olympian level sprints, AND walk, right?

Like just because it’s not some crazy intense thing doesn’t mean it’s useless...walking is still by far the healthiest thing a human can do, and it can and should be done as part of your entire fitness and health lifestyle, hell - even if your only goal is aesthetics or strength or being a roided freak with both, you should still be walking daily
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Damn I really hate americans, they are in highschool forever
Lol wtf I have a desk job which I'm now doing from home. There is no way I can get my daily 5k in unplanned that way.
You sound like an autistic Murakami character.
Walking is very healthy, but its something you should already be doing naturally. It's incredibly sad that so few people walk enough. I think people only shit on walking when walking is used as a workout, like the fat people who will go for a 5 walk once every couple days as their cardio.
but i like my autistic strolls

Why are genius people in real life (+160 IQ) so dorky looking?

I’d expect people with a privileged 1% intelligence to have great genetics
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File: 1593976536558.png (114 KB, 240x240)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
I can't shitpost if your shitting in front me man
This makes poltards seethe
File: mlpol - Consequences.jpg (1.71 MB, 1169x9542)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
not sure I honestly think mommy combs their hair that way and makes them be good boys by breast feeding past 5 years old or something there's no way a child raised by normal people turns out like this
>doing things for your own enjoyment
i think i have depression

File: 12.jpg (82 KB, 820x324)
82 KB
>eat 1700kcal throughout the day after intermittent fasting (18/6 with 2 meals)
>binge eat on hazelnuts and milk
bruh, just repackage that shit into small zip loc bags to limit portion sizes. gallon o milk is a ok
Its probably not that they are super tasty, its probably because your hunger hormones are PUNCHING YOU IN THE FACE
Eat more spinach
i eat 200g of spinach and 300g of green beans with tomato sauce everyday for dinner
been cutting for 4 months and lost 11kg tho
stop buying them then retard
What the actual fuck. Who do expect to feed with that? A rabbit?
Also switch it up dinner a bit. Maybe add a spinach egg white omelette. Protein is filling too.

File: Picture 17_o7hg0t.png (301 KB, 680x488)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
How do i increase testicle size?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
mine are always fairly swollen from fapping violently
That makes mine smol and tender
maybe my balls are just big
I'm gunna be coming up in that rhino ass! lmao!!!!!!
By never doing steroids like a faggot and staying natty while working out and doing combat sports.

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