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I can’t tell if I’m paranoid or what but it seems like my hairline has totally started receding quicker this past month or so when previously I’ve never had to worry about this at all. 31 btw. Anyone else?
Same here, brother
Ordered 1yr worth of minox, 2 year (high dose 100mg of RU58841 daily), will get dutasteride and mk677
It happens. I had a couple hairs fall out a day from 18-22 and then at 22 it accelerated. Men lose their hair. You’re 31.. it’s okay. Just do what you can and at the end of it I can guarantee you it won’t be as bad as you imagine. The worst part is losing it. It’s not that bad shaved/buzzed
Where did you get it from? Fin and minox are expensive as shit in my country.

It felt like the minute I turned 30, my hair started thinning and my hairline started receding.

Luckily, after about a year, it slowed. I great in some light widow's peaks, and my hair isn't as full as it once was, but I'm not losing hair.

I'm not sure how hair works but it might have been a little stress related. I also started lifting around the same time.

How the fuck do I prevent losing my gains with no gym access? I have a pull up bar and resistance bands, but doesn't feel the same.
just get in lots of protein and do what you can, a few weeks and even months won't really affect much

File: 2020-04-01_22.12.06.jpg (202 KB, 354x871)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
post height, weight and give (you)s

>200ish lbs
corona is making me sleep too long and eat too little
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You need to lurk more. Literally 30lbs of difference between the pics
as if everyone tagged didn’t already mog you
File: 20200205_192719.jpg (54 KB, 764x617)
54 KB
This was me on 2/6 by comparison


Ive been doing nocarbs for 2 months guys im hungry i cant sleep

I want my sixpack already >:c
>only 4 pack insertions
Anon I'm sorry

File: 1584582639003.jpg (120 KB, 1050x548)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
I'm natty and understand that Arnold wasn't and his program wouldn't work for me. Someone posted about him recommending something like A: back and chest, B: arms shoulders, C: legs.
Am I remembering this right boys? Was hitting an AxBxAx full body but I'm getting to the point where it's getting rough with the heavier weight going from dips to bench every other day. I've heard both good and bad things on 6 day programming. How would you run it, if at all? Ive always been leery of brosplits, and got my best results from higher frequency work, say 3 times a week. I am thinking this could be a fair compromise with high intensity work hitting everything twice in 7 days.
I work a physically demanding job pitching and carting mulch, thoughts on if a 6 day slit would be tenable? 6'1 170lbs lifting for around a year.
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the further along the slower you should go. a single schedule isn't gonna be right for you for all time.
File: 1584465617481.jpg (78 KB, 604x453)
78 KB
its a bald cat
An american

How do I take the Thanos pill
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File: pianoman.png (300 KB, 602x289)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
Holy shit... how did I not realize this
y is he in a gstring
pianas arms look bigger
first result on rule34 of thanos is his monster dong;

thanos be backing some heat

So I joined the rugby club at my uni after I transferred from Community College. Unfortunately, our szn was canceled due to COVID.

I look at this as a blessing in a disguise since this gives almost six months to train before next szn. I have a relatively okay arobic base from XC days but no speed. I didn't play this szn since I'm new, but when we start again next szn I would like to be a winger. Which I know requires a lot of speed.

In the meantime, I've been strength training mainly following a modified version of mark ripetoe's program and trying to consume as much food as possible, however, when I look up guides on building speed I find a lot of contradicting information and since I live in the US there isnt many resources to go off of.

What I was wondering. What do my fellow rugby/American Football players do as a speed conditioning program. Because this is something I would really like to work on.

>Tl:dr - How do I get faster for rugby?
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File: eight_col_SHAGGERS.jpg (23 KB, 620x388)
23 KB
Yo, I've played almost every position in rugby.

Speed is important on the wing, and usually they want natural speed too. But don't get stuck thinking that speed is all you need for the wing, some of the best wingers I've played with were actually quite slow and some of the worst wingers I've ever seen were super fast.

Key skills you'll need:
> Ability and/or confidence under the high ball. If you can't handle a kick under pressure you can't be a winger.
> agility.
This is massive and should be one of your main focuses, you should have quick feet, good leg drive in contact and be able to change direction fast. bonus: will make you faster.

watch all black, south africa, 6 nation etc wingers. see how they inject themselves into the game on attack and defence.

Learn to kick too, and learn to play other positions too. It's so nice for a coach to have players who are flexible. You don't need to be very great, just be confident if someone asks you to play out of position and just play your game.

Source: Ex rugby coach, premier player, 1st XV all in nz
I gave that up, too many injuries and concussions
Shit bro thanks appreciate it.

I literally am willing to do any positions. I'm a more wiry person so being a back is where I belong

Agility is also another weak point. It was the spring szn so we were doing 7s. I had the 15 mindset and everytime I got the ball during a game of touch I would run it into contact. Definitely wanna work on agility too.

Is there any drills you do personally?
Awesome thanks man. Definitely been doing a lot of drills to grease the groove on my sprinting form. My dad is an ex college athlete commented the other day that I looked better when I was running and he's usually hard on me. So definitely something I'm trying to dial in more.
search for 'quickeners'
I used it when i played and also for some of my players, seems kinda dumb but works a treat.

I get the wirey thing too, I'm naturally kinda like that too but i was usually a flanker so i put on weight in the gym.

basically anything that RB's in NFL do works great. Lift heavy (5x5) to get that speed up, and get a nice grubber too. keeps their defence guessing anytime you get the ball

File: snap city.jpg (49 KB, 828x811)
49 KB
Crazy people at your gym thread
>be me, train at somewhat hardcore bodybuilding gym
>has some actual bodybuilders and a lot of larpers
>one day pic related shows up
>starts yelling to himself
>quotes bible verses before lifting
> constantly screams OOH OOH
> gets married and two days later becomes a missing person
>ends up getting picked up by the cops and spends two weeks in a straight jacket heavily medicated
>comes back to the gym yelling "fresh out the psyche ward" and "yeah I got that retard strength"
>fast forward one year, he fucking does it again
>wife tells me he drove two hours up north, ran out of gas and had been sleeping in abandoned houses
>doesn't alert the authorities because she doesn't want him to be institutionalized
>comes back 20lbs lighter a month later
>shortly after he's banned from the gym

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Post lifts and body
theres gay dudes who hook up in the locker room at my gym
Id rather use correct form and have time under tension to maximize gains than be a gigatard like that guy and destroy my body for life.
File: rygglyft.jpg (2.06 MB, 2000x1304)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG
>be me, train at a 24/7 gym
>is at the gym alone at 2am
>a really scrawny guy comes in, goes into the changing room
>comes out, lays down sideways on a pic related machine
>grabs weights and starts moving up and down sideways for like 7 reps
>quickly jumps up and walks fast towards the mirror while pulling his t-shirt up to see his non-existent abs
>turns around back towards the machine and starts staring into a pillar
Around this time I was done with my workout and left.

Anyone have any good home workout routines that'll actually build muscle? Not trying to lose all my gains during the quarantine
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not good

>vertical pull
>vertical push
>horizontal push
>horizontal pull
>shoulders and arms isolation
Its doable if you got any suspension training or rings. Train same shit as inside a gym but the intensity is harder to adjust
Is there anyway to actually gain muscle? Could progressing on stuff like pushups help?
Deficit pistol squats, box jumps, and single leg calf raises are good for the lower body. Also, you can do a modified glute ham raise by getting on your knees and sticking your feet under a stable object like a couch or dresser.
Weird but i actually feel like im looking better when doing these bodyweight workouts? And its more grueling too. Or maybe because im just dyel so im progressing?
There are a bunch of bodyweight excercises that you can do at home that are challenging provided you focus on technique and dont cheat. I dont know what level your strength is at but for me, i found that starting to practice towards one armed push ups (ways to go) seems to do it. There´s a bunch of prerequisite push-up variations and shit that gets progressively challenging that you need to do. It´s all fun and games, look some videos up and pick things you like and go do them.

>deadlift 405
>hands develop harsh calluses
>palm grip feels like nails
>can't fap anymore
What the fuck, you didn't warn me about this /fit/
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buy a fleshlight
No way that guy is DLing 700 fucking pounds
Use a pumice stone if it bothers you
Congrats you became a man
how to stop fapping? every 2 weeks i relapse

File: AAA1.jpg (65 KB, 640x640)
65 KB
He said to eat twice a week, whatever you want. And fast all the other days. Does that mean I could eat 10,000 calories on those days?
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>Registrered nutritionist
Activated almonds


It can't be the worst thing in the world. The biggest risk would be if he balloons up and decides to do it again. I'm not a registered anything though so don't take my advice. I've done some 36 hour fasts though and it didn't feel too bad

Days vs 10 days and over is vastly different.

Be my guest. I was just here to warn you people. Doing this method may reap results fast but it is dangerous specially without medical supervision.

I’m also a registered dietitian not just solely a nutritionist. Currently a medical student atm.

You are all welcome to try whatever you want. My advice though is to just do things gradually by eating smaller amounts and practicing a healthier lifestyle.
Maybe the top athletes are not fat fucks like you

File: mag.jpg (24 KB, 316x355)
24 KB
So I've been having sex since forever and literally just the other day found out I've either had massive penis gains or I've been using the wrong condoms for a decade.

Use Magnums, bros. They are wider and won't choke your dick.

I feel like that woman who found out she's been using the wrong cup size.
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>7 inch girth.
Okay buddy.

>Regular condoms can handle 6 inch girth.
It'll choke the shit out of it, but I guess?
this could not be a more obvious attempt at role play by a tiny penis incel. 0/10. fuck off. go cope somewhere else, fat fucking retard.
You got one thing right.

No, but seriously. Why would I roleplay when the condom is just 1/5 inches longer in circumference?

I'm just saying they are strangely better than normal condoms. Who wants a tight fucking condom?
magnums too tight, but they're good for 8" pencil dicks
Has anyone tried myone condoms?

File: B0uTwhwIEAAS1DM.jpg (51 KB, 599x768)
51 KB
Think about, everything about this guy is elite. From his money, workout routine, diet, gym equipment, trainers, lifestyle, girls. His rock hard shredded muscles .
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
This is not a good post, yet the thread is not going to improve from here
Dan pls go
Incredible example of overcompensating manlet syndrome. Tries so hard to show off on social media, and convince everyone hes a 'manly man'. Wastes money solely for the camera, shoots guns solely for the camera, acts like a little macho man, and fronts like hes some kind of soldier, yet he literally wets himself during the las vegas shooting and runs away. Dan Blitzfaggotron is a little dweeb who will do anything for attention, including but not limited too, shooting up massive steroids, spending thousands on prostitutes to follow him around and take pictures with him, and showing up at b-list parties to pretend hes too cool to be there. Hes a faggot. Hes a manlet. He roids. I bet if you hit Don Beltsimion in the face he would cry because he thought you didn't like him.
>Insta fame
>endless young pussy
>a savage four chan takedown
Who would win??
Lmao you think he fucks any one of those women? He's so self obsessed he probably just watches himself in the mirror while he jacks off.

File: 5t7pqha7yiq31.png (218 KB, 609x358)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
>yo dude just go bearmode bro you'll get huge bro gomad bro eat 4k calories and lift hard

What fucking meme did i fall for??
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You forgot to lift like at your weak ass chest
You're supposed to pair 4k calories with test+deca+dbol lol. Of course you got fat if you ate 4k natty.
File: 1550059214264.png (489 KB, 472x470)
489 KB
489 KB PNG

File: 20200404_003827.jpg (701 KB, 1312x1553)
701 KB
701 KB JPG
Are my arms small? They're 15 inches cold and I thought that was pretty good for being a manlet that is not fat but they seem really small from this angle. They do look better from the side tho I guess, but even worse from the front
looking good, keep it up
(or not, if you're already satisfied)
Needs more triceps, biceps looking good though.
Tris. Turn your wrist out, get the full buldge
Arms are huge mate

Ur just hella lean

File: 1518041173196.gif (281 KB, 370x278)
281 KB
281 KB GIF
This is how my ideal /fit/ husband looks like. Your thoughts?
Not white enough
Good luck finding a man with no nipples OP

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