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File: 20211022_210041.jpg (2.54 MB, 4032x2268)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB JPG
I waited too long to work out so since I only have one working light in my basement I have to OHP in the dark and if I fail a rep the monsters lurking in the darkness will sense weakness and attack me
When do I breathe during OHP?
don't breathe it will hear you
Just fart really loud and use that moment to sneak a breath in.

Any advice for avoiding injuring myself while at the gym?
Sometimes my elbows pop or feel weird while i'm lifting, even though I'm strong enough to take the weight, I'm not sure if that is because improper form or what
Any tips?
Warm up with kettlebells
Those will strengthen your joints
thank you I will try this
damn i have never heard of this. my knees make a grinding noise whenever i squat low. im scared im causing myself permanent damage. not sure what to do about knees
Biggest thing is be sure to warm up with some sort of cardio. iirc increasing your heartrate before lifting notably lowers chance of injury on pretty much any exercise

Dynamic stretch the muscles before a big lift, static stretch at end of workout too. And if you don't mind looking like a dyel, buy workout gear. I look retarded with them on, but I've found my knee sleeves and squat shoes to be very helpful with knee stress and control during squats.
Yeah its great. I warm up with swings, halos, racks, and get ups and don’t have as much pain/popping in my joints during my heaviest lifts.

File: 41bqfw1PNoL._SY780_.jpg (32 KB, 367x500)
32 KB
I'm more a lifter/sprinter, but my uncle challenged me. I've not slept a lot the past days, because I'm too excited. How have your experiences been?

Why is nobody talking about how shit this is.

All this potential for a great preworkout based on great dosages of essentials comepletely ruined by mood stabilizer infatuation made by a down syndrome retard who can't live without it.

I tried Gorillamode NITRIC and was thoroughly satisfied, easily the best or second best preworkout I ever tried. Then I bit the bullet and bought two of the REGULAR Gorillamode cans when the nitric ran out and I was extremely disappointed.

Preworkouts are supposed to be STIMULATING which is what it says it's supposed to do, but the mood stabilizers immediately suck away any drive to actually lift the second you take them. You'll have a better reading session than you will lifting session on this shit I swear, maybe even a guitar session too. But this horseshit product DELIBERATELY takes away all the RAGE aspects of a lifting session that actually encourage you to exert or push yourself, it just becomes like studying or working. Because of this Cardio is a nightmare, not because it's harder, infact it migh even be a tad physically easier, but it makes your mind lose interest on the task and you have a whole new dimension of unmotivated bitchass that you would otherwise not have to deal with and don't even get me started on lifting PRs, those are off the table.

Derekniggers answer my question:

Why the fuck would you willingly fuck up your natural energy-levels through massive doses of caffeine and vaso-dilators for the effect of REMOVING THE DESIRE AND MOTIVATION TO PUSH HARD and NOT BE ABLE TO LIFT AS GOOD AS YOU CAN WITHOUT IT. Are you really that autistic and jittery that you can't handle yourself on caffeine without SSRI tier shit?
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File: nitrateresistance.jpg (104 KB, 1163x807)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
From https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/07315724.2015.1081572 Resistance trained althetes were given either a nitrate rich meal bar (beetroot extract) or a similar bar without the nitrates. The bars were eaten 1 hour prior to performance testing (peak NO2/NO3 saturation from nitrates)
>Nitrate-rich supplementation produced 4%–6% improvements in the ability to sustain peak EMG amplitude over the course of a strenuous heavy resistance exercise protocol. Additionally, NR supplementation resulted in lower mean and maximum motor unit firing rates, which did not increase substantially with fatiguing exercise. Despite similar increases in heart rate and lactate, increases in oxygen consumption were less frequently observed with NR supplementation. Collectively, these findings suggest that a NR supplement can enhance neuromuscular efficiency during fatiguing resistance exercise.

Maybe its just placebo but I can feel the difference between taking nitrates and not taking them, you are probably right about tolerance, and I suppose that I should take a week off of nitrates every month to reset it.
I wasn’t amazed by it, I just think you can get something comparable for cheaper. I have not had similar effects to you though. Solid decent pre-workout IMO, if saving $15-20 on preworkout doesn’t matter to you by all means I’d say get it
Probably shouldn’t be selling pre-workouts to children, but it is not like legal meth
just drink coffee, you piss ants that buy these bullshit pre-workouts are the reason why they keep creating more bullshit.

File: EJHAIiuUwAA4ayO.jpg (115 KB, 384x1024)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
what's up with hasan's nipples? is it gyno?
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Truth hurts huh
Digits witnessed, but don't make fun of polio victims. Not cool.
Retard zoomer
normal turk nips. They all look like that

>just awaken the giant within bro

>37 years old
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Would if she showered and brushed her teeth and did literally whatever I told her, otherwise nope
Assuming you’re white all those things are probably true already. She’s just impressively ugly, if she were male it would be inspiring but as she’s not it just goes to show how easy hole’s lives are
Who is that?
Capeshit director apparently.
Chinks age like piss

File: ArmStanding.jpg (114 KB, 730x485)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
I'd rather do 100 pushups than 30 squats a day.
Fuck I hate these so much but I still try to fit them in anyways.
if 30 bodyweight squats are too much for you, you are a fucking fatass or some shit
try squatting with 2x your bw on your back

What subtype is this
Put glasses on him and either lose lots or gain lots of weight and it's a Pol poster
He's looking very submissive and breedable

File: 1617894567209.jpg (130 KB, 1200x650)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
running is far more difficult than lifting weights.
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sports are for niggers and fags
running is fucking easy as shit
i don’t even run regularly anymore and I could still bust out a few miles if I wanted since I keep up my cardio in other ways
your deceleration as you "push through it" (lol) is the equivalent of using lighter weights because you only managed to lift them once
Call me a faggot one more time and i'll make you my gf
faggot :^)

Why are some people born with so much (good face, height and frame) while others are born with nothing?

What causes this inequity?
Is it genetics or just luck?
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based clegane quoter
I think the only way to deal with these lookism cucks is unironically doxxing them and posting gore or rekt webms till janny does his job and deletes these shitty threads, they openly admit to raiding on looksmax.com plus 99% of them are gay. I found out one of the accounts of these r9k cucks and he killled himself soon after, good riddance

Don’t forget to say the magic S word in the options field
OP is even uglier on the inside than on the outside, he probably would’ve been a school shooter if given the opportunity
I’m betting that op is both ugly and out of shape, I’ve seen the faces of looksmax and they all look like the Dayton shooter aka the pol face that discord trannies spam everywhere
As I said, someone should dox op (everyone on looksmax actually) and find out where he lives because it would be better if he killed himself instead of going on a shooting spree
Partly genetics, partly because those with weak chins are mouth breathers. Mouth breathing has been proven to be one of the worse things you can do as a child and it will fuck up your face when it's growing.

How do I run faster / longer?
I'm sick of these baby numbers I'm doing
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So just run balls to the walls every single time?
Is the 80/20 rule bullshit then?
What kind of training should I do for speed? Do you have a workout?
you gotta work hard during your training, but it's non everything as I said. Plus, take rest days, don't fucking train everyday, your body has to recover
Interval training, tempos, fartleks, hills, etc
Find a route that has multiple hills. The first time you probably won't even make it up the first hill, the second time you'll be almost dead after the first hill, but then every other hill in the route will feel like nothing. After that, alternate flat routes and hill routes, and you'll start seeing your flat run speed absolutely skyrocket

File: predator-lg.jpg (50 KB, 341x500)
50 KB
/fit/'s favorite action movies? Obviously Predator is at the top of the list
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Media portrays what they want to see in a society. Why do you think China banned boybands?
Have fun beating off to trannies, it's becoming the norm
File: 1561282606034.jpg (198 KB, 768x1024)
198 KB
198 KB JPG


Dogshit outside of the 5 minute bank heist.
File: 1633276062043.png (2.8 MB, 2430x1600)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB PNG
Seems meh

File: 1634941715908.jpg (276 KB, 1080x1350)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
What's his routine?
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Parents money 5x5
Genetics x F
Disgusting fungal feet/10
80 hour workweek to failure

File: 1633412823712.jpg (88 KB, 1300x788)
88 KB
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Yep, wheat flour is keto.
Don't buy waffles
File: photo.jpg (113 KB, 1200x630)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Then stop you fucking moron
File: soybean-oil.png (3.43 MB, 2442x2550)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB PNG

Make your own waffles, excluding picrel
Also fuck high fructose corn syrup (not the same as real maple syrup)

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