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>calisthenics is for skele-ACK!
How do powershitters cope?
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God please send fire from the sky
File: oblivion-girl.jpg (149 KB, 720x849)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
pretty good job editing out the bands but its still fake and gay
I love using my dip belt. The last month every arm day I do 100 weighted pull ups and dip with a 45 pound plate, been slowly loading more and more weight (last week I did 40 with 60 pounds before dropping back down to 45 pounds). After a few more months, I want to see how many strict body weight pull-ups I can do.

File: appypw22cvq91.jpg (332 KB, 1440x938)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
Is the guy on the right on steroids?

How come he's way buffer than the guy on the left?
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Just a bit of banter with the pals
Left guy just has shit chest genetics, Derek MPMD type of chewed gym chest and the right guy has a big impressive chest aside from the difference in pecs their physiques are basically the same
There's one right in the middle of the pic
*Chewed gum
to make it harder and therefore more interesting/funnier, obviously
i look surprisingly similar to the dude on the left except i dont have a giant french bongobong nose

Good evening, faggots

Are these guys “Warrior Labz SARMS” reputable at all? They show some lab testing done but I haven’t tried any of their products.
I’ve already tried Umbrellaco Ostarine and that shit was the real deal but as of right now I can’t get anything shipped to me. Warrior Labz is the only thing within physical reach.
Anyone else know any other brands that are reputable or do discrete labeling/packaging?

File: 7REPS.jpg (138 KB, 839x904)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
post your craziest /fit/ conspiracies ITT and lets see if we can drop some redpills. Ill start.

The (((clothing industry))) along with china are purposely weaving feminizing chemicals into clothing and fabrics. When you workout wearing clothes, you are opening your pores and flooding your bloodstream with PFA/PFB because these chemicals are not regulated when it comes to clothing and so working out naked or wearing full organic leather/wool is the only way to protect yourself. Anytime you sweat in polyester or cotton, you are exposed to a litany of hazardous chemicals. They are also extremely friable and repeated washing makes the clothing shed more particles. This is why i workout without a shirt and have had some special ordered leather underwear and socks being shipped to me from Croatia that totaled 750 USD. Source for this knowledge is the recent decline in testosterone in countries that wear imported fabrics. Iceland is virtually free of these problems because they are not allowed to import fabric.
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>that anon who spammed this every day for months
might be schizo but I commended the grind
>stupid, twitchy and reliant.
This are cigarettes dude, not weed.
Indentifying a guy slightly bigger than you in the gym and visualizing having to kill him barehanded significantly boosts your workout.
>fabric is poison
Yes, also everything made out of plastic especially if it smells good.
>here's your organic fibre bro

File: 123948724.png (1.61 MB, 1293x1293)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
Whitepill Thread - Ray of Hope Edition
>anyone can start lifting, you don't need any prior sports experience
>you can escape skinnyfat mode in less than six months
>it takes less than a year for people to notice you lift
>programming as a beginner is piss easy, everything works
>diet is just as easy, just eat some protein and avoid fast food, candy and soda
>you don't need a gym subscription to achieve a decent physique, you can get a good workout even with a pair of dumbbells from home
>mires become so common they don't even register anymore
>people notice you lift even under winter clothes
>1/2/3/4 makes you stronger than mostly anyone you'll come across in your daily life
>once you see results you won't even think about skipping the gym
>consistency is the key to a good physique, even if you drag yourself to the gym you'll appreciate every single workout in retrospect
>a good physique has a halo effect on anything you do
>muscle building genetics don't matter in everyday life, being consistent in the gym is what makes the difference
>being motivated by hope and love is much more effective than being motivated by anger
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What are good hobbies to occupy your mind with? Stuff that takes you away to a faraway place?
i'm russian
File: 1559416837024.jpg (56 KB, 672x713)
56 KB
Ignore the shitposting.
That fucking sucks. You were dealing with stupid shit, then you found other hobbies because your teammates and your coach were just pricks.
Know what helped me when I was looking for advice and people to accept me? I just started doing creative hobbies and having fun making shitposts.
After I started doing that, I stopped looking for people's approval and acceptance, because I can make my own. That helped me turn my life around after 15 years of extreme anger issues.
Your life isn't an embarassment. You were given a bad start. Don't let it drag you down m8
File: 1493536818962.jpg (616 KB, 800x800)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
Writing, making stuff in photoshop, drawing, or learning how to make music.
If you REALLY want to be occupied, just start researching stuff you think is hella neat.
Do not drink booze or smoke weed. It does not help.
Oh and ignore the shitposting.
It's a new movement, and your upper chest is probably slightly weaker than your other body parts since it doesn't get a ton of focus in most programs. Just keep chipping away at it and before you know it you'll be throwing around big weights with strict technique no problem.

This hoe could kill you, lifts to cope?
Does she have a gun or something? Am I asleep when she makes the attempt? I feel like I'm missing something
File: FnVdwtWXEAgImcc.jpg (100 KB, 1000x722)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
If he could punch it would be over for her.
If my grandmother had wheels, she would be a bike

File: fago.png (135 KB, 203x340)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Kings, why does (((YT))) keep recommending me the videos of this chink
Probably because you're a total faggot who likes looking at videos of asian manlets
Because of your search history.......
yeah i love asian twinks. what-s the problem

I'm 6ft, 245lbs. Socially retarded so I don't want to go to a gym (being fat at a gym must be a horrible social experience)
Is there hope? How do I start?
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Go to the /fat/ general and read the OP
>wants to change
>but not if it requires work

You're either a woman or retarded
Gymbros only care about their gains. They couldn't care less about a random fatty
Where are you from?
People who aren't assholes will be happy to see you there improving.
You are not that fat, your skin is also young so now is the time to unfuck your self. I was 31 and 160cm/115+kg when i started diet and took me 10 months to get to 13%bf. You dont have to go to the gym for the first 2-3 months, diet and some walking should be enought. Make a list of the drinks and foods you like the most and pick the ones that are lower in cals and have good protein and make them the bulk of your diet, the idea is to creat a diet yorself so you can follow it yeasly. Good luck fatass

File: giphy.gif (796 KB, 498x280)
796 KB
796 KB GIF
>I am not going to install tik tok because it's an app full of retards
>goes to fit
>tik tok videos
I bet the comment of the videos are the same in both pages.
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>gf: “I’m tired, I’m going to relax in bed”
>goes on TikTok, stays up for 3 more hours
>reads anything, falls asleep within 30 min
>The heroin addict said to the weed smoker
File: 1611003107079.jpg (188 KB, 756x802)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Be the change you want to see.
Bump quality posts.

File: transcenchad.jpg (41 KB, 736x414)
41 KB
>The Grand Tour was the principally 17th- to early 19th-century custom of a traditional trip through Europe, with Italy as a key destination, undertaken by upper-class young European men of sufficient means and rank (typically accompanied by a tutor or family member) when they had come of age (about 21 years old).

I am officially of age. I will be performing a grand tour of gains. What places should i visit? Obviously Thai sauna is the first stop.

>he doesn't have an arm day
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Never had an arm day

Big back and shoulders are aesthetically way more important than arms
I want make penis really big and hard and ugly so women shriek in fear when they see it. My plan is to make a woman freeze in fear, i put her on knees, then I jab her face and slap it with my cast iron erection. I will call her little rabbit and tell her to get in my car but not physically force her. And that’s how my true love story unfolds.
How do you even have an arm day unless you do a retarded bro split? Arms are automatically included in every other routine.
I only train my arms.

Bench press - 3x8-12
Ez bar curl - 3x8-12

Bench press - 3x8-12
Ez bar curl - 3x8-12

Bench press - 3x8-12
Ez bar curl - 3x8-12

If I have bigger arms and chest, my physique will be fine. I don't care about being 'strong', or having big quads or a wide back or any of that shit. My physique is pretty decent, just need bigger arms so I look better in t-shirts.
hows this for arm day cunt?

File: 1675651412100682.webm (924 KB, 352x624)
924 KB
How light is too light as a 6'2 male?
I have been lifting for almost 2 years natty now and have recently been cutting. I'm down to 173 lbs but still don't have visible abs. I'm concerned about being too light. I wish i had more muscle to be this weight with visible abs but unfortunately, I don't. I'm trying to decide whether to cut more or just do maintenance for a bit.
Any advice is appreciated.
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>200 pounds
The board is full of prepubescent boys. Noted
This post is worthless without more detail.
You shouldnt even be wasting time worrying about how you look this early on. The fact youre asking a question like this and you are in the 170s at 6 foot 2 tells us you're still small and weak.
Get your lifts up. Train the big lifts and get strong on them. Bulk for 2 years. Then you'll have a better sense of where you're at.

Dont listen to any retard on here who tells you to maingain. Its a complete waste of time. Bulk and commit to it.
200 is a lardass. America is the fattest country in history
lol your a bot

File: Wall.jpg (75 KB, 535x688)
75 KB
How do I age well /fit/? What's the secret to looking young?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
pure heart
Start a skincare routine

use a cleanser with hyaholic acid in the shower
Moisturize after a shower
Use a night time moisturizer
Use a sunscreen made to also moisturize your skin
>pure heart

I look way younger than my age and I'm pretty evil dude
actual evil people don't see themselves as evil.
>mineral oil
>vitamin E
>collagen + biotin
>diet and exercise
>minimize stress
Everything else is a retarded meme or someone trying to sell you something. Just take care of yourself you silly billy

File: tlhW5WL.png (1.22 MB, 1525x814)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
He never has an ounce of fat, and he's always lean.
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File: fixed.jpg (234 KB, 721x814)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
I never heard chicks say good things about daniel radcliffe. When I was young, all the girls liked Ron because he wasn't an awkard-manlet like Harry.
Too dyel.
The first two are basically young kid's film, and there's nothing wrong with that.
>plant based diet
>eat sugary foods, simple carbs and processed crap but it's fine cos planet based :)
I do believe he’s like 1,68m.

So girls picked the frightened uggo redhead instead…..? LMAO, you’re full of shit, buddy. Cope harder.

File: idle-phase2doom.gif (37 KB, 220x220)
37 KB
>walk into gym
>Imps are curling in the Squat rack again

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