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File: arctic wolf.jpg (531 KB, 1999x1333)
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531 KB JPG
I just did 110 push ups in 1 minute.
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File: 1578103845321.jpg (678 KB, 3192x2124)
678 KB
678 KB JPG
Oh sorry i said a no no word

Why don't you create a lost of words that trigger you and the shove it up your ass
No you didnt
Post chest
Look at the world records for pushups. 110 in 1 minute is definitely possible you weaklings.

File: Ash-Wednesday-cross.gif (14 KB, 300x300)
14 KB
how the fuck am I supposed to bulk now?
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I dont know, ash someone else
Dad please leave, this is my secret club!
By repenting of your idolatry and following Christ.
1 Timothy 2:5
For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus

Stop praying to saints, stop bowing before relics and religious symbols, and stop practicing extra-biblical acts of "faith".
Ok Pr*t
That's worse than a normal prot, that's an IFB

File: pcsx2-r5875_JIYLCCKF6Z.jpg (342 KB, 2632x1974)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
how do i get legs like the king of all cosmos?

File: crossfit.jpg (12 KB, 225x225)
12 KB
>nobody is talking about the crossfit meme
does that mean you guys finally fell for it?
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Honestly all the retards still shitting on CrossFit make me respect the sport more
According to Jamie Lewis, Crossfit is great training for beginners because it encourages busting your ass and keeping a lean physique.
disfunctional*. learn english

Crossfaggot detected

>dl 4 plates
>turbo dyel
strength training really is a meme huh
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Can I have a few words of advice since this thread is filled with experts on the topic? I deadlift lmao4plate, get into a strong position but my lower back rounds almost immediately when I'm working near 95% of my 1rm. Is it caused by tight hamstrings/pelvic tilt and weak glutes? Any good ways to fix this? I hate hip thrusts, they don't do shit for me but is the cure just working on my glutes and rolling the hammies?
Something’s off here...the bar looks like it might be bending, so maybe the weight’s there, but it just doesn’t look right. Do 4 bumper plates really take up the whole sleeve like that? I’ve never worked out in a gym with bumpers.
20kg bumpers are easily twice as wide as a normal plate
idk but Tom Platz was talking about how he used to do stiff legs but they were fucking his back so he stopped.
Solution is fixing your form. Check out Ben Pollack (on his IG @phdeadlift he has a free deadlift ebook,download it and follow it).

This guy does a human-chain stunt with two cars,gets a giant cilinder of stone rolled over him,has an elephant walk past him.
Is this real power or some magic trick?
i think the setting is very primitive so as to allow any trickery.

File: nicotine-trial-photo1.jpg (20 KB, 649x433)
20 KB
What are some good non meme supplements to help with memory and cognition?
phenylpiracetam anon; it's good. barring that, piracetam
File: 1511534407354.png (411 KB, 720x398)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
I'm convinced I JUSTed my brain at 27 after years of alcohol abuse and even though I've a been a year sober I still have a hard time articulating my thoughts and being sharp with my responses. I got recommended to take Fish Oil. Does anyone know anything about that helping?

File: 112.jpg (153 KB, 1080x1350)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
why do normie gym bros not train forearms? its a part of arm training which they are all obsessed with but their love stops below their elbow
it does so much for your physique but no one cares enough to do forearm work, once youre used to seeing it aswell people like this look fucking retarded

its even more hilarious watching people do wrist curls with 2KG dumbbells, you can easily get to 20KG wrist curls/extensions for 15+ reps with your arms hanging off a preacher pad and add 2 inches to your forearms within 3-6 months, this isn't regular curls, the moment arm is so short that you can move way more weight than a curl/tricep extension
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french genes
But he doesn't look like he's posing as a tribe member at all. He looks pretty modern society to me.
War... war never changes.
does anyone else do overhand grip curls? doesnt work the whole forearm but feels like it does that little muscle on the outside of ur elbow
good exercise

File: 24254.jpg (55 KB, 256x365)
55 KB
What kind of videogames do you guys play after ur done with ur workout? Kinda being in mood for some visual games but they are expensive af..
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Ican't give up vidya, I grew up with it had so much fun..
same but the game is going into a "fast paced" direction, maybe they will slow down a bit but yeah..
All I do lately is work out and play fire emblem.
File: vlcsnap-118841.png (293 KB, 704x396)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
nice which platform?
I only own a pc and a ps4 so yeah..
Bruh poe has been fast paced for ages, like all skill discussion is clear vs single target. I played bleed bow this league and had a clear (6L pierce+mirage archer split arrow) and a boss (6 link pure damage support puncture) skill
You are totally right but they will get even faster I am afraid and even if they stay like that, it is just 2 fast for me to be fun or challenging.. The boss fights are quite fun though.. Maybe poe2 will change it? They will nerf summoners down next patch for sure, and I don't know if I am the only one but the skills "look" and "feel" so boring. Like I don't feel very immersed in the game.

File: chicken-parmesan-3.jpg (222 KB, 1199x800)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
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Moreover, if it's the only thing you eat that day you're almost certainly fine. If you have another full meal you're probably pushing it. Also I'm assuming you're cutting, if you're bulking just fuckin go for it.
You could definitely make a healthy version at home that could easily fit your macros. Its pasta, chicken breast, tomato sauce, and cheese... all of which can be good healthy foods.
You should eat a double portion, you ARE bulking right?
Make sure you have your upside down harness on though
I eat spaghetti with meat sauce, a sour dough bun and a glass of milk everyday for gains. I see the results, it’s making me a dense boy and my lifts are going way up

File: df8.jpg (51 KB, 600x488)
51 KB
FUCK brews, I will miss going to the holy temple of gains, the gym. I will take a break, for atleast 1 month.

I used to make fun of the home gym faggots. But I guess you WERE RIGHT. I wish I had a HOME GYM right now brews...

File: walmart reopen.jpg (38 KB, 780x438)
38 KB
Is working at Walmart /fit/?
>lots of lifting
>on your feet most of the time, greater calorie burning
>access to chicken at the deli and protein powder in the pharmacy
>moms that 'mire you
>dead eyed coworkers to mog on
>backroom that can be used like a gym. If you break a couple of boards off the center of a pallet, you can deadlift it
Why don't you work there /fit/?

File: 1567372536408 (2).jpg (154 KB, 1079x859)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
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File: dLIis9O.png (318 KB, 500x492)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
4 scoops cmon son
File: 1573988643421.png (41 KB, 923x562)
41 KB
4 scoops cmon son

Why do they do this?
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I have such a big crush on her, her titties and hair are so nice.
and your deadlift is mimicking eddie hall's 500kg deadlift fuck off
Imagine being this mad that women do things
Unironically have sex incel
>roiding for this
they don't do shit, just mimicking an activity for the sake of coquetry

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB
how comes when I done do the lifting and losing me weight I get the zippity zap zitties on muh titties? why come I get pimples when I losin da weight?
It's as if his nipple was bolted to his ribs

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