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File: gymmog.jpg (100 KB, 840x837)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Age: 25
Sex: M
Height: 6ft 5.5in
Weight: 226lb
Neck: 18.5"
Bideltoid: 24"
Shoulder: 58"
Chest: 47"
Waist: 30.5"
Quad: 24.5"
Calf: 17"
Shoe: 14 US
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if i were a manlet and kept the same face, i’d still be fucking and sucking
please be in london


Nigga you gay
Age: 27
Sex: M
Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 176lbs
Neck: 17 inches I think
Quad: 25 in
Bicep: 17 in
Shoe size: 9
I know quite a few taller girls with bigger feet than me lmao
Same boat
Height: 5’3
Neck: 14
Bicep: 13
Shoulder: 43
Chest: 37
Waist: 31
Quad: 20
Calf: 14
Shoe: 6.5 :^(

File: IMG_20220522_201252_515.jpg (172 KB, 1027x1280)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>ctrl + f
>mire thread
>0 results

Let's fix that, post your recent mires. I'll start:

>be me cycling today
>see an old woman, probably a crackhead, next to cycle path
>almost sure she'll jump in front of me so I get the brakes ready
>hear she saying something to me
>"wow look at those hot legs"

T-Thanks, I guess
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File: 1605301659654.jpg (85 KB, 846x896)
85 KB
Mirin digits
>visit family
>mom: “Wow anon you look skinny, I can tell you’ve lost weight!”
>grandpa: “no, you still looks husky”
>go to try on suits
>old lady helping me says I'm "very muscular"

it's not much but old people mires hit different
File: 1632114216989.png (184 KB, 266x330)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
mom mires are the best
>mfw i sleep knowing i have the muscle to protect my mommy

why do my milkers look off?
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body dysmorphia time
they look fine dawg, just get bigger
You guys are delusional. You must be unaware of the amount of fat men who would pay any price to have a body like yours and be able to maintain it.

I'd pay $10.000,00 right now(my entire bank account) if I could wake up with a body like that tomorrow morning.
You look fine I'm a fat piece of shit compared to you. Has the other guys said just keep lifting and eating and you'll get there.
>refuses to count calories
>refuses to work hard
>would pay all his money for le magic pill
Yeah, nah, you’re the delusional one you fat faggot

File: 1533561192051.jpg (16 KB, 400x400)
16 KB
its completely useless and i give up. i have unequivocally the worst genetics ever. i cant build muscle or build strength no matter what i do.
150lbs ohp x1
260lbs bench x1
340lbs squat x1
420lbs deadlift x1
after 4 years of lifting i am only just a bit higher than 1/2/3/4 for a single rep.
completely pathetic.
what's the point anymore? when i clearly have no potential or talent or future
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they are complete garbage.
post body and lifts and time lifting
File: 1646090410565.jpg (159 KB, 1124x1500)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
>150lbs ohp x1
>260lbs bench x1
>340lbs squat x1
>420lbs deadlift x1

If it makes you feel any better you'd still be stronger than 99% of people at my gym which includes people whove been at my gym lifting for 10+ years
You first, faggot.
oh no

File: FBrmQ7fWYAQY77j.jpg (372 KB, 734x855)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
Is olive oil bad for you like seed oils? What should i cook with if i cant use olive oil?
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Didn't realize how high the smoke point was on ghee, thanks fella

I'll try ghee like the other anon suggested then come back to these if I'm not a fan, thanks
you're a fucking retard
File: fat.png (171 KB, 923x404)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
This study with over 90,000 participants found that for overall mortality olive oil and vegetable oil are roughly the same and both better than animal fats: https://academic.oup.com/cdn/article/5/Supplement_2/1036/6292854?login=false
Any fried rice made without butter has been prepared wrong.
100% grass fed ghee or you'll get a lot of omega 6 because seed fed cows make seed oil fats.

File: Capture.png (19 KB, 169x208)
19 KB
>5'11" 100-130 11 months so far

Do you guys have what feels like a skeleton that aches, kinda like growing pains but im 22 so i doubt its that. So far every part of my body has ached, one time i had a pounding headache at my temples and forehead and next morning i felt 100%, rinse and repeat my fucking arms and hands rn, same story with my feet yesterday, prob gon feel it in my legs or back again bc this has been my life for maybe 2 months.

I dont work out a lot prob 2 hours stretched out over a week. If it was workout pain id expect more in my joints and affected areas to previously been exercised but if it was fat ass pain it would be in my knees and theyre way better off than my hands during all this.

File: 1651069955408.jpg (291 KB, 897x1380)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
How do bodybuilders afford the time to lift and focus on fitness?

I am a NEET and this is my routine (on most days):

6AM: Coffee and chill 2 hours, shitpost on 4chan or work on my magnum opus

8AM: Morning fitness class for an hour + lifting for 30 min to an hour (1.5 hours)

11AM: Cook and eat breakfast/lunch (1.5 hours)

1PM: Nap 2 hours

3PM: Wake up, run errands

4PM-7PM: Gym for another hour, or go to personal trainer for an hour, then come home

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Now it feels like nothing and I have to add more to the routine to feel something
>what is progressive overload
Add more weights / reps or sets to your lifts then
I am a NEET and this is my routine (on most days):

6AM: Coffee and chill 2 hours, shitpost on 4chan/ read the world news

8AM: Home Gym and autistic skin care and health tonic routine

10:30 Cook and eat breakfast/lunch

1PM: tend garden, run errands

4PM-6PM: smoke dope

6PM-9PM: drink wine

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Add more weights / reps or sets to your lifts then

I already do that
sounds like someone who's never accomplished anything that's led to self-fulfillment.

Go yak.
File: cvlob53ogdx81.jpg (15 KB, 361x351)
15 KB
>7:30-9ish: Wake up
>9:00‐10:30ish : Float into work
>12:00 on the fucking nose: Eat a can of beans, some vegetables maybe
>2:30-4:00ish: Company-sponsored massive pre-lift shit (clogs the toilet 1/3 times)
>3:00-4:30ish: scorch tar racing to the gym before its flooded by old wagies
>5:00ish: migrate from compound-lift Heaven to planet fitness for isolation exercises on machines that don't smell like actual shit
>5:30-6ish: Get home, feed my massive pet ant colony, admire their complexity. Also eat more beans and vegetables.
>7:00ish: Remote in to the work servers to analyze the data from whatever experiments I ran that day to maintain the illusion I actually work 9-5
>8:30-9:30pm: Go for a run through the suburbs to scare yuppies and old Asian couples
>10:30pm: cry myself to sleep (in my head, outside I am stone)

It’s beyond over
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Stop moping around on the chan and start lifting you sorry sack of shit. Men have been blessed by God with the gift of the lift, even a guy with an ugly face can look good by working out. An ugly girl is ugly regardless of what they do.
You'd be surprised.
You could be morbidly obese.
This is nothing compared to that.
You could be addicted to drugs.
You could be addicted to alcohol.
If you are not, realize you're in a better position than at least a third of the population.
All you got to do is accept you have a problem.
Look at it earnestly, and don't deny it.
After you have acknowledged the problem.
Take a step towards addressing it.
Count your calories, and aim for a number below your TDEE.
Slowly keep at it, even if you start off slow or small.
It gets easier every day.
The hard part is you have to keep doing it.
One day, you find yourself so close to your goal you'll smile.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Couldn't have worded it better myself. Toughen up and bite the bullet or keep complaining about something only you can change, it's all on your shoulders.

Yes, kys and get off this board
based as FUCK
WAGMI lets go

>random black guy asks you to spot him
what do you do in this situation?
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I hate niggers, I don't hate blacks.
I hate coons, I don't hate aboriginals.
Any man trying to better themselves through exercise or education has my respect until they show it's not deserved.
The chad move would be to spot, then curl the weight he benched once he's done
Newfags detected
Daniel Carver sounds like a gentleman. Interesting plot twist. True racism (your words) sounds pretty noble and careful.
You can walk backwards retard

File: index.jpg (116 KB, 800x533)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
whats a good dog for an active single guy
i lift mainly but i roon 5km once a week. was thinken about a whippet becoz i know they like to roon but 5km once a week probably isnt enough for them right? (i'd walk the other 6 days a week obviously)
20 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Get a Vizsla - smart, loyal, athletic as fuck and look amazing, I get girls stopping me all the time when I walk mine
File: 1649685940241.webm (481 KB, 480x480)
481 KB
>they can be relatively friendly with family and kids too
Keep us updated on them nanny dogs jakwon
Listen to me, OP. Get a Border Collie.
My great dane has gotten me pussy on a number of occasions.

How to aquire these?
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Squats and oats
Why do you want vagina bones?
http://www.daveywaveyfitness.com/ask-davey/how-to-get-v-line-abs this workout and youll have them in 3 weeks as long as youre not an obese mongoloid

Is there a good list anywhere of chains that dont use seed oils for some or all of their foods? Almost always when i go to an allergen menu, if it even exists, foods either have a peanut allergen warning or "*basedbean oil is not considered a onions allergen"

The only two places i go out these days are a local pizza place that i know only uses olive oil and bb.q (olive) chicken where at least the chicken is fried in olive oil.
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File: 024007600000_01_1.jpg (34 KB, 796x540)
34 KB
i dont eat out anymore. i just cook everything in butter and use olive oil and vinegar for salad
I cook 13 meals a week even when long fasting, since i cook for more than myself. I just want to have one meal a week not made by me ):
one meal with sneed oils wont kill you (much)
I tell myself that, but the facial bloat and sick feeling that day are still real
File: 1632438225688.gif (3.79 MB, 363x360)
3.79 MB
3.79 MB GIF
sneed oils

File: unnamed-1.jpg (51 KB, 900x900)
51 KB
where has he been?
hanging from a rope

File: 1653209540906.jpg (436 KB, 1080x657)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
>pic related doesn't work out
>humans are the only mammals that lose muscle mass for no reason
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You're saying you want gorilla shit shoved up your ass? Because that's how this works.
that was fucking movie retard
>cracking a coconut with almost no effort
holy fuck
You're a mutt.
Male lions compete heavily and will happily kill other males and even practice infanticide. The females can kill a pride leader but its rare. Lions ar the exception as the only social cat

File: 4893200204.jpg (80 KB, 1080x462)
80 KB
I'm anglo, my teeth are considered white here in bongland
30 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's a bite plane. If I didn't have them at the start of treatment I would have bitten off the bottom brackets off my teeth. I'm due to have them removed and have the upper brackets put in next month tho
File: cute-cats-cute.gif (814 KB, 220x220)
814 KB
814 KB GIF
>no one has mentioned the complete lack of lips
File: file.png (16 KB, 131x74)
16 KB
Rate my smile, /fit/
They're pretty much plastic mouthguards that snap onto your teeth and attachments ( >>66877766, you can see small white nobs on the side of anon's teeth.). you pretty much change to a new pair of aligners every week unless your orthodontist says otherwise. Also you can take em off when eating or brushing teeth

>t. finished invisalign treatment couple months ago

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