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File: IMG_0175.jpg (155 KB, 1135x1030)
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155 KB JPG
Why can’t yt people age as gracefully as asians? Like that 55 year old taiwanese model?
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seething stage 9 norwooding timmy hands typed this
File: IMG_20231202_092802_311.jpg (172 KB, 960x1280)
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172 KB JPG
I love white women!
Yall are harsh
Ok, then.
Which race is best?
Or is it like dogs where mutts are the most resilient to disease and adversity?
Do you want an actual answer?
Asian people have more subcutaneous fat (the fat directly below the skin). This also is what makes east Asians appear "yellow" and why they accumulate fat more evenly over their body than whites; for whites fat stores around the gut and hips. White people's skin is also thinner in depth than the other races in order to better absorb sunshine and vitamin d.
In contrast, a person with dark skin like a sub Saharan African will have thick skin in depth to protect against the harsh rays of the sun where they evolved.

What's the difference between being overweight and having obesity? Is being overweight but having a bmi under 30 healthy? Or is only healthy if you are under 25?
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idk it just seems fruitless to flirt via 4chan in hope of what exactly?
Responses from dudes that are completely unaware of what they smell like.
My wife likes my smell and I like hers but I had to sleep in a tent next to my own brother once and it was foul despite the fact we both have high standards for grooming.
Coomers lack so much self awareness it's unreal
Only after you join the 42%
This one goes out to all my fatasses out there. Fuck you. If you want it put down the fork.

File: veins (1).webm (2.66 MB, 720x1280)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB WEBM
Varicose edition

Read this before asking questions
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For some people methylated e absolutely destroys their health
So same deal with dbol really
>Raws dont come from the same place. Euro pharma companies dont buy their raws off chinese companies
Uhhh yes they do bro
>All the U.S and euro pharma companies have chemical companies that produce the raws for them.
LOL at the us producing raws
Holy shit you are either trolling hard or an actual retard

Like maybe you could make the case for Iran needing to produce their own raws due to sanctions (but even then I'm sure they have a backdoor to get Chinese raws)
They own their own chemical companies retard, I gave you an example dipshit.
I say that because I know people who work in r&d for top pharma companies lmao. Im not saying chinese raws are garbage, look at all the top chinese bodybuilders coming up, its more you dont seem to understand the supply chain for pharmaceutical drug manufacturing.
Sema isn't expensive if you know what sites to get it on

Is kebab a good post workout meal?
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Yeah, large doner kebab and chips. And have a large class of Fanta too.
No you want zero fat post.
That & a beer.
Probably the most /fit/ of all the fast foods. Unless you count sushi of course.
File: 1673177833440684.jpg (350 KB, 1257x1280)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
Based, gonna get one tomorrow.

Bench press is probably one of the stupidest exercises for building the chest. The straight bar forces you to hold it in such a way that you don't truly get full range of motion.
Ever wonder why you pretty much only feel it in your deltoid bridge and not your pecs? That's because this exercise is for fucking retards who don't understand that the deltoid bridge is not your pec.
Not only does it not work the muscle you think you're working but it's also one of the most common exercises to cause injury

You're better off just loading up the chest press machine or doing weighted push ups or dips. Those exercises actually work your pecs and wont cause injury unless you're retarded which most of you clearly are because yours still doing bench press like your dipshit gym bro told you

Pic related it's the dumbass deltoid bridge exercise
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bench is okay but incline bench mogs it across the board, as far as utility goes.
How to grow upper chest?
Anabolic steroids.
no the fuck it's not
try doing dumbell bench after a few weeks of not lifting and see where you get doms
dumbell bench is amazing for your chest
after years of not feeling my pecs i've switched entirely to dumbell bench, works wonders
File: Untitled1.png (19 KB, 1219x788)
19 KB
the best thing to do is use the chest press machine 1-armed and rotate on the seat so you get the full contraction across the body

never seen anyone else do this, anyone here do these?

File: wrongkindofabductor.webm (232 KB, 960x540)
232 KB
deletes hip dips
There are no women here
File: 1700962292645844.jpg (280 KB, 1024x1024)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
>no grills here
guys get hip dips too
wtf is a hip dip?
<hip dips

Just squat more, ya woman.
>what is hip dip
pic related
>squat more
muscle imbalances are specifically caused by repetitive lifts without variation

How can I get in shape for our wedding in 5 days?
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File: 1700987339017211.gif (1.06 MB, 320x320)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB GIF
*dog eat dog world
File: livearyanreaction.jpg (48 KB, 668x659)
48 KB
File: 1698428266516193.png (58 KB, 285x208)
58 KB
>ledditor spotted
File: 1513715308332.jpg (41 KB, 480x360)
41 KB
Based beyond human recognition
Human surgery

File: image (1).jpg (692 KB, 1760x1145)
692 KB
692 KB JPG
Will this workout plan be good for achieving my goals?
1. Get strong enough to compete in a powerlifting meet and not be last place in heavyweight
2. Look better (big pecs, big arms and big shoulders)
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By eating steak instead
Can I occasionally substitute OHP with farmer walks, or do they not hit the same muscles?
>Do them both
I'm too dyel for that.
Probably, those aren't hard to achieve goals you fat lazy underachiever you.
U gon die bruh
Thank you M.D. Dickinbutt
Mustard, honey, peas and onions. Mushroom.
Recovery from cardio will draw resources away from your lifting gains.
If you wanna do cardio still then just walk more, like way more, or some other form of cardio that keeps your heart rate under 120.
No, OHP is delts, mainly front delts, farmer walks work your traps, core and lower body.
Ty anon. I suppose I'll pepper it in intermittently a few times a month then.

>tfw wasn't blessed with god tier work ethic and discipline genetics
Funny like Peter
Smooth like Brian
Smart like Stewie
Chill like Chris
Grind like Meg
Look like Lois

File deleted.
I'd like to go on semaglutide for two months to Jumpstart my weight loss. Anyone else try it?
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Lots of people have this same plan. Zero people succeed. Either they give up and go long-term on semaglutide or they just gain the weight back once they stop.
It’ll be a different outcome for me. I promise you
U r incredibly fat. Get off my board.

Just like all those times you started a diet and "it'll be different this time?"
You can count on me bro. I won’t let you down

File: perineum.jpg (75 KB, 800x800)
75 KB
Anyone tried sunning their perineum? Did it for 10-15 minutes earlier today and it made me feel flooded with testosterone. Can't wait to see how much I lift later.
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You obviously think too much about BBC
Can we start permabanning the people who make these schizoid threads please?
Actually, faggot, I bend over and spread my cheeks
That's like a faggot then
Blood test, just got it back...perfect. one thing, vitamin D deficiency. I'm a goth. I'm a vampire. U just don't get me, boss.

File: 1671937552428806.png (2.66 MB, 1200x1541)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB PNG
>at a really good point of my life
>a lot of long time stress sources are gone
>long-time loneliness gone, have great, loving gf

>sleep like 2 hours less a day

I wake up after like 6 hours and I physically can't fall back asleep. And I'm not one of those dudes who can function properly with this much.
Am I just not used to actually being excited about my day? Anyone with similar experiences?
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>the crimes hes committed
what has he done?
he knows what he did
Brian Shaw? Yeah I know him by that name. Hell, I worked with him in Nam. Back then we called him "slant-eye slashing" Shaw because he never came out of a tunnel without a scalp, an ear, or covered with blood.

Most would call him insane, but that is why the green berets trained him. They saw potential. It wasn't until they learned his methods that they truly realized what a monster they created.

You see, most guys that go tunnel clearing take guns. Not Brian. No, he took knives, clubs, hatchets, sometimes nothing but his bare hands. After a few missions I got a chance to talk to him in the mess. He was wearing his blood stained hat, sunglasses, and combat fatigues, smoking a cigarette and drinking johnny walker black. It was contraband, but you NEVER told Brian what he could and couldn't do.

I asked him why he never took guns with him. He lowered is head and took a long slow draw from his hand rolled cig, pulled off his sun glasses and looked me right in the eyes, piercing my soul.

"I do it out of respect. Respect for the white race. These slant eye'd scum bags don't deserve the mercy of an American made bullet, but the slow torturous death of the hands of an American man!"

In a flash he pulled out his weathered, but razor sharp knife and stopped just short of sticking my gut. "The look in their eyes when I slip this baby into their swollen, rice filled bellies is reason enough. To see the last lights flick off in their heads as they see a real killer work."
But they would get over in the hearts of the people. The only celebrities I can think of that did as they pleased were Bobby Fisher and Gilbert Gottfried.
File: IMG_3200.jpg (54 KB, 617x467)
54 KB
>I wonder why real celebrities never go for this kind of humor
No clue

File: 1699743144611848s.jpg (5 KB, 250x231)
5 KB
I don't know which other board to post this on but most people obsessed with fitness and being strong just want to be abusive to enforce their will. Also them taking additives and boosters to make themselves better than what they really are is like transsexuals (nothing against transexuals btw but most roid tr*nnies are right wing and it's ironic). I'm just a normal fit guy but roid head tr*nnies keep using their fake muscles to intimidate me. hormonal imbalanced meat head jocks just want to bully people which is why they work out and take steroids.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I like the pump. Have you ever? It's the feeling of chemicals making me stronger, you fascist
Literally nobody cares about your imaginary problems, faggot. Go back to your discord circle jerk.
Because I'm trans MtF but that shouldn't matter chud, trans women are women ;)
What the fuck is this blog post? Go back to where ever you came from.
Nick Mullen is not allowed on this board.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (63 KB, 1280x720)
63 KB
What's the correct width to install rings? It's a permanent fixture into concrete ceiling so I need to do it right so it doesn't look like shit.
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File: 1701702242051303.png (1.8 MB, 1005x1102)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
>I don't have enough space for a bar.
That's where your bar goes bucko.
That would be quite thin bar.
File: 1639270519034.jpg (26 KB, 680x382)
26 KB
This thread is a stab in the heart for me. I got my rings a year ago and two days ago they were stolen from me in the park. It's not the money, I just loved them so much for psychological reasons.
>is about to permanently concrete rings into his house
>has never actually used rings

File: th-2963363990.jpg (48 KB, 474x474)
48 KB
In terms of health how bad is vaping REALLY.
Yes I understand inhaling anything other than air is bad, however I am wondering on a scale of 1-10.

t. only mildly care about my health and know I won't really care much about being alive when I reach mature age
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zyn pouches
They make tons of zero nicotine disposable vapes. Seems pointless to inhale a potentially dangerous vapor for zero effect though. Have you tried meth or heroin?
Skip to 4 mins
If you're having trouble quitting just throw your shit away and don't buy more
It's literally that simple

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