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File: 1620586651458.jpg (108 KB, 949x1024)
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108 KB JPG
What am I in for...?
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>slaps ur gf ass
What do?
boredom, youtube food videos, lots of water. you can do it though. it is not really difficult. doing a one day fast myself today. one day is nothing to even think about.
Just trust me that things will be loads better if you have a teaspoon of pink Hyamalan salt in the morning and afternoon
oy vey

File: 1620417695402.jpg (107 KB, 720x960)
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107 KB JPG
how realistic is it to obtain an hourglass figure as a male?
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Except they are most likely ridden with disease, parasites and need to wear a diaper because years of anal sex gave them incontinence.
sorry, but a fag. Only 2D traps are acceptable
Why would it do that?
The Emperor protects against degeneracy!
The second one. dont worry, i am in the same boat. i have serious cravings for sex, but women are for some ungodly reason now harder to get than ever. i even had a thought of installing grindr, finding someone that looks as much as possible as a woman, and dealing with my anguish. but i didnt do that. its a path i do not wish to thread. so hold on, we will make it...i hope so,truly.

File: MENTS.jpg (2.61 MB, 3000x2237)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB JPG
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Okay go the fuck ahead bro lol

Zinc ;)
Lecithin ;)
Pygeum ;)
>im taking a pill therefore its doing something!!
Supplements are a literal scam, I hope you know that. Just eat a balanced diet.
The only supplements I would consider are creatine and vitamin D if you dont get much sun.
The only supplements you should need would be magnesium, vit D.

Non essential things could be fish oil and multi vitamin.

^ Still doing the above wouldn't give you great lifts, supplementing roids does. Why do you think suddenly out of nowhere you see people lift more than people ever did before?
thanks for your opinion, it has been filed in the toilet with doodoo on it

who the fuck ever said anything about taking these supplements for lifting? rofl

File: 1620724080677.png (2.76 MB, 3871x6108)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB PNG
Cool, what's the better alternative?
File: myomice.jpg (52 KB, 302x203)
52 KB
Myostatin blockers and other compounds
File: starting strength 22.png (163 KB, 693x791)
163 KB
163 KB PNG

File: 1620282080488.gif (858 KB, 200x267)
858 KB
858 KB GIF
>be 28
>14 days ago
>went from 90+ beers a week to 0
>went from 3,200 + cals a day to around 1200 a day
>went from eating fast food every meal to pan grilled chicken and broccoli every meal with a protein bar meal replacement if I work
>went from energy drinks and sweet tea to just pure water
>haven't cheated once
>went from 99% sedimentary lifestyle to mild exercise (I go till It feels more painful then soar I don't want to hurt myself by going to hard or using poor technique)
>lost 16 lbs in 14 days

is the shock to my body going to cause damage? I go from feeling incredible to feeling drained back and forth and I also had zero cravings after like 3 days. even when I forget a meal and only eat like 800 cals in a day I don't feel hungry at all. Did I goof?
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File: 1607889626107.png (1.32 MB, 739x828)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Nice. Keep going
Thats only like 12 beers a night. Yes its a lot but its not the crazy 2 liters of vodka a night. I doubt there would be lasting damage unless hes been doing it for 3+ years
yeah me too man. was a bottle of vodka a day for months, looked shit, felt shit, mental state was fucked. changed my behviours once my army reserves started again and everyone kept calling me a fat cunt. the weight is just falling off me.
lifting 3 x per week, 2 x ciruit class and usually some light cardio in the mornings/evenings
It's been about 6 years actually.
File: 1580165546251.jpg (120 KB, 718x750)
120 KB
120 KB JPG

File: 1619415236334.jpg (37 KB, 687x516)
37 KB
People who work out are the new nerds......
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Go off, King
I like being a good looking muscular nerd
Anon i picked bulbasaur too but he really is easy mode, is effective against the first couple gyms, charmander is hard mode
Getting through the caves as a kid with a fire type was a legit achievement.
File: bulbasaur rape.jpg (541 KB, 2445x1217)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
Bulbasaurs raped Kevin Nash in the sweltering hot summer of 92

Who tf even cares about being 5 foot 6 when you are Emmanuel “Manny” “Pacman” Pacquiao?
Jeff should have won tho, I don't care about the rejudging that result was bullshit
You have to do it right like Marquez
SEAniggers killed a thread for this

File: adi-del-valle4-680x1024.jpg (78 KB, 680x1024)
78 KB
ITT: Goal bodies.
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File: 1620191440606.jpg (137 KB, 1125x1375)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
File: immortals.jpg (292 KB, 1496x1334)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
File: 1620728918141.png (3.05 MB, 1920x1080)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB PNG
Which one /fit/?

File: E0ftd2CVUAAyJbp.jpg (368 KB, 1536x2048)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
How do I get bigger thighs and butt cheeks as a Male? I dont want to take estrogen.
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Me don't look like that.
And tranny haters are also trannies right?
nice selfie man. About what I would expect from someone like you
Unironically, yes, those who are obsessed with trannies are usually repressors.
Is this gays or jews?

File: :fitlit:.jpg (125 KB, 1024x768)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
get in
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I read a generator manual.
Ripptoe is literally a cuckold btw hahahahahah ss made by and for cuckolds ahahahahahaha
Reading for enjoyment is the best. A Tale of Two Cities is a good read. If you disagree you have a penis of the miniature variety
File: 51BZSELEPQL.jpg (35 KB, 314x500)
35 KB
The Chad read
Can't wait to see the same 15 books as always! Based thread my little Mishimas!

File: IMG_20210511_083701.jpg (64 KB, 585x404)
64 KB

HELP !!!

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Nigga you got pinkeye. See a doctor ASAP or prepare to lose your eye forever.
Your asian, theres no cure for that, good luck, open karate gym, nail salon, donut shop and try and be happy
Looks like orbital cellulitis to me. You need to go to a hospital.
Go home chang
Transmogrification. You are becoming Oriental. Do not fight it. Eat some rice to accelerate the process.

File: ole.png (379 KB, 1935x1209)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
Jogging twice a week, weightlifting (not cardio) and bicycle to travel to the gym at high pace, good enuff for cardio?
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but cardio for the sake of getting good at cardio anon! to stay healthy and to not be out of breath when jogging with your future girlfriend haha

I do maffetone method running. Its based af. Strips fat off you like nobodies business and actually makes running enjoyable and revitalising as opposed to hard work and exhausting.

Currently at a 10 minutes per mile without getting out of breath and improving. And I'm an ex-asthmatic oldfag with no long distance running experience. I can run 20k with absolute ease now.
ahh born to run, very interesting book and led me to read more about those natives in america.

Its great read apart from the author shilling for plant based diets. Never fully understood the whole "humans are born to run" thing until discovering the maffetone method however. Up until then running was the worst thing in the world for me. Always thought i was missing some vital component.
what is the maffetone method?

Im gonna get arm lengthening surgery ded srs

My upper arms length is a lower percentile than my forearm, so I’m gonna get upper arm lengthening surgery

R8 this looksmaxxing decision

Pic rel, arms should be as long as legs
Also, is his physique achievable with steroids? How many lbs?
I personally wouldn't do it, it'll probably fuck up your ability to work out arms, and while long arms look better when they're eventually fully filled out they look like twigs when they're not fully filed out even if the actual measurement is decent. And you will probably be unable to fully fill them out if you've fucked them via limb lengthening surgery.

His physique in unachievable for most even with steroids, that's Steve Reeves, a legendary silver era bodybuilder known for his incredible shape. He had one of the best frames of all time, very broad shoulders with a small waist, long limbs with a short torso and tiny joints. Steroids will let you put on mass but they won't give you that frame.
Fucking autistic.

How do I avoid golem mode?
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File: Gu7oj1E.png (13 KB, 540x360)
13 KB
Desk jockey? Get off your ass as much as possible. Only sit down to get a quick rest, and try to get in those +10000 steps a day.
Cobra stretches three times a day will is a good thing too.
Squats and deadlifts will help too.
>Dude just work a trade and enjoy your broken body by the time you're 40
Election tourist-chan this meme has gone stale.
Use a rope and a pullbar bar
U should b able to figure out how it works
Make sure its head height
File: 1606387553049.jpg (104 KB, 1242x1225)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>CTRL+F "bench"
>No results.

Post em vros
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>The thing he's best known for, his idea of the Forms, is completely wrong. The Forms don't exist.
>t. has never ever done higher mathematics in his life

No, specialisation is civilisation. You can post your drivel on a Thai frog breeding forum because of specialisation. Sure, there are some things every person should know, but specialisation means modern science, technology and medicine.
>The thing he's best known for, his idea of the Forms, is completely wrong. The Forms don't exist.
Yeah they do. Do you not see them?
Why would you not be a pseudointellectual?
holy fuck that's beautiful. i want to look like that.
thanks for the image. saving.

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