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Feeling a little lethargic after all the Thanksgiving food.

Need some motivation, post em.
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like you didn't start out dyel too. can't you go sniff your mums dirty panties instead if you need motivation
File: 1599724863722.jpg (2.7 MB, 4032x3024)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG
How do people keep doing this
Fat dudes are hot. Would suck dick.
I thought dyel general alrwady existed under a different name?

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good shit man, let’s take down the jewish corporations and shit, I buy my protein powder from certified strangers on ebay and craigslist
I do, it’s not a joke
Filthy Jewdog, that is for their PRE-2018 RECIPE. After that they cut it with incomplete sawdust """protein"""!
bought chocolate smooth 2 months ago and it still said 4.5g bcaa on the front. 90% sure that people are just posting the UK/European bags which have a different design and maybe formula.

Proof you are wrong

File: 6monthsoffinnprogress.png (2.07 MB, 1793x794)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
How often should I apply? Was thinking about doing once a day to see if any results start.

If I get results with twice a day can I slowly move back to once a day?

And 0.5ml or 1ml? I am ONLY applying it to my temples, as you can see my hair where it grows is fine. It's just...it doesn't fucking grow on the temples...
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Alright anon, can you give the source for this? I really want to read it and see what they actually did, I really want to avoid paying loads to pharm corps.
I'm getting a transplant in Mexico this summer. some people can sport the bald look but my face just isn't suited for it, I already tried it out.
I'm not that guy, but liquid minox made my hair greasy, scalp itchy and there definitely was dandruff from skin flaking off due to chemical composition of the solution. And hair definitely started to fall out about a week after stopping daily applications until I started using minox again.
Greasiness and scalp irritation improved after I switched to foam though. Too bad it's more expensive than liquid.

bit late for that

you need finastride, minoxidil microneedling and a hair transplant to restore what is gone
Hims/Keeps are pretty inexpensive. $20 a month and you can get minox, a shampoo, and vitamins. A bit more and you can get finasteride. I can't vouch for the fin because it made me so dizzy I couldn't keep using it, but the other shit has worked well for me the the scalp and crown. Not great for the hairline. I also dermaroll. There's been a noticable difference over the last year that people have commented on.

At that, my buddy recently did the transplant and it honestly looks great. I'm considering biting the $10,000 bullet.

I'm going to fucking off myself if my acne doesn't clear up soon...
>27 years old "it'll clear up after high school meme"
Tried everything (BPA/AHA, benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, retinol, expensive face wash/moisturizer, changing pillowcases)
It is LITERALLY all genetics. There is no cure available to us. Accutane destroys the rest of your body and thats the price the jews make you pay for curing face aids.
>tfw I can't even look in the mirror anymore my skin makes me depressed
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Try vitamin D, dont know why, but it totally cleared my acne.
I agree. That advice sounds ridiculous to me. You can get a girl pregnant all you want and it won't make a difference what you're on, it's if a girl is pregnant she shouldn't take it. I have never ever heard of not getting someone pregnant if you're taking something, the closest thing would be if it affected your sperm count or quality, something like that. Not the actual sperm itself. That would imply a germline change of the actual chromosomes in the semen itself. It'd only happen if you got radiation poisoning.

The modern world fucks up a lot, but I don't think they've managed to figure out how to fuck up this way quite so much just yet.
File: 1604426078439.jpg (304 KB, 1134x768)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
It's weird. Feels like theres a slin bridge blocking my blackheard inside my pores. I need to tear the skin blocus before emptying some. After the shower it looks like i've got grains on the nose, even if i fucking scratch them they're still here
Birth defects are only relevant in pregnant women or women who get pregnant within 1 month of finishing Accutane and its a non issue for semen retard
have you tried not jerking off.
i know the doctors say it has no affect but i also had/recovering from a bad acne problem and the biggest difference aside from washing my face everyday was nofap.

File: 1543991157963.jpg (237 KB, 791x1024)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
How do I keep this from happening?
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Fuarrrkkk how do i achieve this...
>How do I keep this from happening?
Just be yourself
But I want this to happen to me. At that point i might as well be naked all the time.
this happened to my mate dennis
Haha same haha

I dont get why squat is overhyped. Bulgarian split squats burn so much deeper and i feel hypertrophy much more with them
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rip knees
The back leg is really uncomfortable.
This is the most underrated lower body exercise of all time. Hits your glutes and quads really hard and gives you an insane pump.
your form is prob very wrong. dont feel anything in my knees but my glutes and quads really get sore the next day
doing these with a barbell is scary asf for some reason

File: 5anrfoo9kal11.jpg (40 KB, 600x445)
40 KB
>enter gym
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File: 1606503796429.jpg (69 KB, 508x771)
69 KB
>enter gym
>Nossa, nossa Assim você me mata Ai, se eu te pego Ai, ai se eu te pego
>enter the gym
File: LOL.png (87 KB, 341x286)
87 KB
>Doing benches
>Shitting and screaming compilation starts playing

File: images (14).jpg (68 KB, 739x415)
68 KB

I don't have the text look up Ccfc guide in the archives for e2 management guide

Bonus: let's talk btc today

Will my 350$ become 400$ if I put it in and wait a bit?
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roids dont cost enough for money to ever be an issue lol
Anyone got links for obscure sites that sell interesting compounds? Had one but lost it. Thanks.
how much would a beginner test cycle cost? I always thought this shit was expensive which is why people take SARMs
File: somaz.jpg (75 KB, 640x853)
75 KB
get lean, under 14% at least, then do a bulk on a cycle.
or be fat and do 250mg and aim to cut.
it really doesn't matter, just align your goal with what you plan to use.
tren has to be in the there though. it's just too good to not use if we are talking god levels.
Has anyone used crazybulk stuff like dbal or winsol

File: 1605896006746.webm (2.31 MB, 640x360)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB WEBM
>be me
>wake up 430 am -- BAM energy
>work out hard
>low energy rest of the say
>sleep by 9pm

How do you beat that mixture of tiredness and lack of motivation after your workout?
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meme weights and all, for a girl that's a cool trick.

Who is her?
File: 1458873713769.jpg (52 KB, 716x724)
52 KB
>hip thrust that much
>still have a mediocre ass
IBS boyzzzzz
the medical community will never be able to help us
Stop eating big dinners, and go see a doctor. Acid reflux will burn your esophagus open over time.
Gotten so bad that I'm afraid to leave the house now for more than 20 minutes in case I gotta go and I'm not near a bathroom.

What do you guys do during your rests? I just browse /fit/ and count down the seconds
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>implying I don't browse fit on my Motorola Razor
Sip water
unironcally massage my own muscles
I lie in my bed and imagine myself as a Spartan supersolider tearing through the battlefield cutting down trannies left and right while the Halo theme plays next to me, that larp is usually good for 1-2 hours.
The rest of the day is trying to find vanilla hentai on my sadpanda app
Keep reading my Harry Potter fanfics while shifting my weight from foot to foot/shaking my arms, depending on exercise performed.

I was 360 2 years ago but I still hate my body and I've plateaued hard between 200-205. The only way I feel like I can get in the 100s is by extreme fasting but I have anemia/low blood pressure so whenever I try to fast [longest fast I did was 7 days] and cut I feel like fainting all the time. Extremely frustrating.
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Surgery you're fucked
This isn’t gynecomastia.
It doesn't matter, he's gonna need to get surgery regardless
Start looking for a surgeon. I’m about 10 weeks post op and benched 3 plates yesterday with no issue.
Got pre-op pics?

File: 1605846775863.jpg (33 KB, 640x640)
33 KB
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Well I tend to get nudes anyway but I don't have a goal. The goal is just to make them love me. Right now I have my girlfriend, her best friend who is in a relationship she wants to leave for me and just some random girl. I'm currently very isolated tho so it's hard to pick up new people. Tbh I'd say I care for the random girl the most at the moment.
I don't use specific lines though. I'm just used to quickly firing out pure shit that girls seem to love because it sounds like I paid attention and want to be with them.
Grow some fucking self control and just stop visiting.
Turn your phone off and put it in your drawer. Dont turn your pc or consoles or whatever on.

There you go now you'll go find other shit to do.
File: 1606257404558.jpg (57 KB, 768x768)
57 KB
>thinks pic related is any better

File: 1606502041189.png (1.13 MB, 1005x920)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Humour thread
Lookists btfo edition
23 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: fit_lotr.jpg (2.97 MB, 3458x4969)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB JPG
It was one of the funniest threads lately
lol @ "bfto" lookism

in a year or two everyone here will acknowledge literally all concepts lookists talk about

you cant keep denying reality - even normie zoomers are becoming lookists slowly
File: francis AV.jpg (176 KB, 1024x688)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
File: 677.jpg (25 KB, 600x576)
25 KB

File: carrying-sex-position.jpg (30 KB, 1000x750)
30 KB
What lifts do I need to be able to do this for 10 minutes ?
The load is 165-170lbs. Is it too heavy? Can it be done without wall support?
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Same. My gf was 110 lbs with fat tits. It was a fun time
Why do you need to be able to hold her for 9 more minutes after you cum?
My gf is a little chubby at 5'7 and 120lbs, I'm scared for you OP
This. Lifting is easy. Holding and thrusting without wheezing like a covid patient requires cardio
imagine the arch druing sex

File: you have to live it.jpg (838 KB, 3056x4000)
838 KB
838 KB JPG
Is this the greatest strongman of North Macedonian descent?
What have I unleashed upon this board lord forgive me
File: 10682.png (28 KB, 192x192)
28 KB
File: 1599283599907.jpg (89 KB, 333x500)
89 KB
What is this faggotry?

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