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File: food.jpg (14 KB, 275x183)
14 KB
Best free fitness app/calorie tracker?
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Thoughts about Yazio?
Across the globe
i can't say if it's the best but i also use this
Yet to find one without a clunky bloated UI
I used Cronometer when I started cutting, I use it less now that I have an idea of the calories/macros in different foods I eat often. I've lost about 25lbs with this (193lbs to 168lbs).

Do you train abs everyday? If not why not?
No can do, got an 8 thirty rez at Dubsia
Because my ab workout is about 30 minutes long. I’m not doing that everyday. I have other muscles.
I started doing hanging leg raises 3xF after every workout because they're weak
Sorry kiddo, but i got the last reservation
Cool it with the missed dubs Marcus

File: 1613259590239.jpg (71 KB, 642x665)
71 KB
you boomers don’t know how good you had it to just have the possibility to get on a car and go on with your life

i have my close family in my fucking head all of the fucking time and i can’t anymore
i just want to study and lift and go on with life
i’m too old for that shit anyway

i don’t want to leave what’s the point i’d still have to block all of the family from social media and all of the larger family that will tell me to reply to closer family and they’ll still be in my head and the family from the other continent will be able to get in touch and gossip with my current family about how crazy i am for being autistic about studying and cardio and lifting

new world new challenges i guess but how do i get rid of this one it’s been too long

File: image0 (1).jpg (509 KB, 880x1588)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
2 years lifting seriously
height: 5'11
start: skinnyfag
now: 180 pounds
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Yes. Always gotta keep my orals on my person at all times. Also keep a good supply of blew chews for the pump.
Orc mode engaged
Tranny paki is back babyyyyy
I was looking at this thread and my girlfriend was looking over and now 100% thinks I’m gay as I scramble to try and justify how we are just helping eachother out with tips on our physique. Y’all got me fucked up

Just watched his interview with Gupta and although he made some good points, he could not stop bragging about how healthy he is. In what universe does chronically smoking weed, drinking alcohol, and blasting gear equate to good health? I don't understand it. Does cryotherapy and stem cell injections really reverse all the constant abuse he does to his body or what am I not understanding here? Also, why is there such a high number of gear abusers like Greg Doucette who make a living criticizing people for bad health habits. Does the gear make them delusional or what?
>pic related, "healthy" adult male
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Joe may be a manlet, but with his striking ability and BJJ, if push came to shove, he'd absolutely rip apart all of the faggots talking shit in this thread.

That's "healthy enough" in my book.
he's 55. in his prime he could have taken me but now it wouldn't really be close he would just lose. I have 40lbs on him and a lot of reach.
Joe couldn't reach my face to hit it
I don't know about his physical health but the weed alone has definitely turned him into a retard
No, and he looks like absolute shit. Granted he is basically an old man at this point, but geez.

File: 1517926879089.png (335 KB, 560x449)
335 KB
335 KB PNG
Voting time
More reps less weight
Fewer reps more weight
Pick one and only one
Only submit results once
more reps more weight, thats the whole point of lifting
Also, drop sets to hit both.
More plates more dates
Why does it even matter? Just Multiply them together to get a number for total weight moved

10 sets of 10 reps at 100 lbs = 10,000 pounds moved
100 sets of 100 reps at 1 lbs = 10,000 pounds moved
Same thing

File: 0*PDEpwCGT8m8URxSS.jpg (90 KB, 800x500)
90 KB
>cmd+f, type sqt and qtddtot
guess I'll make a thread

If you are leaning back during lat pulls as well as the seated rower, are you basically losing any gains offered? Should you decrease the weight/reps or just keep doing sets at the same weight/reps until you sit upright?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (162 KB, 1280x720)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
People you used to think were big before you started lifting.
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>>From what I've seen he busts their balls pretty hard when he speaks to them on stage
arnold is a bitter petty little bitch thats why. He cant stand that bodybuilding of his era has been surpassed for years
Tobey in Spiderman looked good and is a good goal body for me. Maybe a little more toned but he looked better than 98% of this board.
Show that Toby pic to a normie woman and she’ll think he’s jacked. This board and bodybuilding communities have completely warped our perception.
Everyone knows Superman > any Marvel hero in physique anon
Mad traps

File: okbuddyretard-qdseee.jpg (307 KB, 1242x1175)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
How do I learn to clean & Jerk and Snatch properly if I live in a small town with only 1 gym and no trainers?
you are just gonna have to painstakingly learn it from youtube videos and doing it 100 billion times.
The middle of the onion ring just gets made into another onion ring
Onions have layers

Is coffee post workout good for you?
The true queen of /fit/. Let’s everyone forgets.
Lol put your headband back on you balding faggot.
its a mild diuretic so probably not.

I have a gym membership and go 3x a week. Should I switch to a home gym? I don’t have much so getting set up would take a lot
Dont quit the gym and just workout at home for a week or 2 and see if you like it. If it works for you cancel gym and buy more things.
rona has fucked my town, I have to book 45min slots just to goto the gym everyday. Save the cash and keep adding to your homegym bro

File: tv-series-american-psycho.jpg (139 KB, 1920x1080)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
•Stop watching porn
•Hit the gym regularly
•Eat healthy. That means eating fresh and healthy meals you prepare for yourself.
•Stop watching anxiety inducing news.
•Sleep 8 hrs a day.
There. You're now a part of the 0.1% by health. No need to thank me
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This, when I found out the Gabby Petito case was a psyop to distract sheeple from the mandates it demoralized my ass more than I'd like to admit
No time for that i guess. Working 10 hours a day, then lifting and/or running for an hour daily, then meditating for 45 mins, then cooking healthy meals...that's my daily routine...there's no space for socializing except some shitposting on /fit/...i tried tinder...but online dating isn't my style.
come here brah
no homo
What did you notice after you first quit smoking weed and limited drinking to twice a week?
You have to do it anon. Fuck meditation. Its not better than putting your dick in a tight pussy. 10 hours is a bit too much tho.

File: unnamed (3).jpg (67 KB, 900x900)
67 KB
Hi sirs this is Junaid from Lahore.
I am looking for an Indian poster with a beautiful body that posted his body a couple of days ago. He had beautiful supple breasts and I offered him to come to Pakistan so I could take care of him.
Long story short, I was a little too turned on that day and I may have offended him.
Could someone tell him to call me at 03326760343??
Tell em it's Junaid Fazal from Lahore.

Also, do you guys workout on the weekend?
27 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
You people are worthless. I'm going to call the Pakistani Embassy first thing Monday morning. Inshallah they'll help me find a solution to this urgent problem. And then we'll see who'll live a fulfilled life.
The main problem is that I have not seen the fine boy's face. His breasts took a hold of me so now I am worried that he may not be beautiful and that we will have ugly babies, which is fine since we're in Pakistan but what if they want to leave Pakistan????
Bhai you don't be benched and post his body for me to enjoy as well yes?
*benchod I do not like this autocorrect not good
>Indian poster
>with a beautiful body
Error 404 file not found
File: 1634771890865.jpg (235 KB, 1440x958)
235 KB
235 KB JPG

File: EmURIVfXUAEv_by.jpg (52 KB, 1024x600)
52 KB
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kek this always crack me up for some reason
Worst part is that if the niggerlovers actually were capeable of navigating and reading proper notes on the matter, instead of their r/ILoveScience infographics, they'd realize theres more truth to that statement than what meets the eye.
there is nothing wrong with being racist


File: index.jpg (247 KB, 600x826)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
I lost 30kg or 66lbs and look I am not as ugly as I thought and now I don't want to get a big muscular body

I just want a lean body with just visible 6 abs like in pic

how much time will it take me to reach there with a strict workout plan with average genetics?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Post body fagget
File: 20211022_195254.jpg (1.15 MB, 2242x3067)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
I need wokrout plan to achieve this body type.

Can i get some help?

Some backstory.

Have tried multiple times for a year orso but never quite achieved spectacular results.
Now ive been going to the gym since August to get some basic fitness back. Now i wanna go hit the gym with a solid plan i can follow and actually see results. I hope someone can help me with this.

M, 90kgs at 184cm.
Also looking to get a bit wider shoulders.

ive seen some youtube get some results getting wider by doing resistance excercises like doing the dumbell fly excersise and lateral raises.
I fucking hate faggots like you. "I don't want to become muscular". People benching 120kg and still looking like dyels and those retards worry about being too muscular when they can barely do a bunch of pushups. If only building muscle was this easy
>I don’t want to get too muscular
You’ve never been in a gym

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