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/fit/ - Fitness

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File: pre- ball shrinker.png (189 KB, 1201x1500)
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File: 1620342914443.png (289 KB, 593x593)
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fuck yeah

File: BB1gzYlw.jpg (171 KB, 900x900)
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How does he do it bros
A lot of money and time and motivation to look good (his entire career depends on it)

You can do so too with these steps

>have amazing genetics
>dedicate a lot of time and effort and money to physical training
>dedicate a lot of time and effort and money to hygiene and products
>start young, do routines every single day

For his face and hair, he already has amazing genetics. But to keep himself looking good, he probably has a couple staff that are full time cosmetic dermatologists, dietitians, etc. that just follow him around all day and live to keep him handsome.

I bet he does:
>high SPF sunscreen face lotion every time he leaves the house
>prescription tretinoids or retinoids every night
>a full professional salon facial once a week

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Having a literal cult working for you.

Why is pufa bad?

I started eating 100g of smoked salmon everyday but I remember threads here that said pufa is bad and salmon is high in it.

>Inb4 I'll show you my pufa
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Yes unless its farmed
File: Gippo.png (395 KB, 473x480)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
Stop eating PUFA
Yeah, the good advice is >>61419137, retard.
Post body
>everyone from all of human history got fats from animals
>even when processed it was still from animals like butter

>oil is now made from plants which have almost no fats thereby creating an extremely processed product that is now used in excess
>so processed its few chemical chains away from plastic like margarine

imagine my surprise when people who eat more processed foods are the ones that are obese and getting heart disease

It’s squat volume day and I have diarrhea. Any way to harden up my poops quickly?
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File: 20210510_220602.jpg (76 KB, 554x657)
76 KB
Get a squat plug
You don’t have a squat plug? NGMI
I’m going for it, everyone is wearing a mask so won’t notice if I shid my pants
Drink more water
Why even bother with anything but a large, you're just wasting money

File: baldness.jpg (82 KB, 940x540)
82 KB
Should I start finasteride or minoxidil first?
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>lots of side effects
Like what? I havent heard of any common ones.
Should I just shave it and embrace the ugly? I dont know why but I just get depressed on this shit even it works.
>I am megabalding
>my hairline is a deep V now
>basically just Tom Ford
>decided I don't care
>rock my chopped hairline

Fuck medicines
Where did you see this? I’ve been trying to find his updated hair loss protocol but the most recent info I can find is from summer 2020, in which he’s still taking RU but a lower dose
depends how far gone you are. finasteride saved my life, maybe it is worth a shot for you

Im a 6ft 260 pound dude who has never been to this board before and can kick all of your faggots asses. Sneed
cool i'm 6'4" 250, lift and train for mma
i'd heem you
I am 5'4 145lbs
nic nie zrozumiałem wowik

Trying to put on more muscle mass and get lean. I'm already quite lean but pretty skinny. I'm currently doing 5x5 3-4 days a week with a little bit of cardio (cycling when it's a good day). I've been doing it for around 3 weeks.

Is this the best program for me? I'm not looking to bulk or go bear mode. Maybe something more along the lines of Brad Pitt in Fight Club as it seems like an attainable physique for my body type.

Most important is it see more lean muscle on me though.

These are my stats, I know I need to bulk, I'm aiming to eat around 120g of protein per day. I'm not too worried about limiting fat, because I don't put much on. (I'll still eat cheese, fatty fish etc. I don't eat fatty foods like deep fried shit or chips). I want to keep low body fat.

Any advice or tips to keep me going? I'm not seeing too much difference in terms of looks, but am definitely getting stronger. I'm able to lift a lot more than I could when I started. (I know I'm not gonna see much this early on, I just want to know I'm going in the right direction. None of the people I know work out).
Yeah no those stats are bullshit. How the fuck can you have 2,6kg of bones :D
File: 574bc7c72531e.jpg (82 KB, 586x278)
82 KB
haha :P

how tall are you what the fuck

I'm slender but mentioned that in my OP

Sweet zombified son of God on the third day, you're anorexic according to your renpho, bro.

Read the sticky. Understand you're going to put on some fat to build muscle. You can always cut it later. Good luck, and my fuck go eat a sandwich.

File: 32534151235.jpg (94 KB, 667x960)
94 KB
I used to have a really stronk core but then I got fat and didn't work out for 10 years. I lost most of the weight and have been working abs (a bit inconsistently) for the past year and a half.

The guy I was just talking to said about 18lbs which would allow for versatility in training but I'm just trying to use them for ab twists. What would /fit/ recommend? Does 12lbs sound good?

Should female gains be measured differently than with males?
File: 1612988808981.jpg (40 KB, 680x840)
40 KB

File: 20170217_132400.jpg (1.22 MB, 1836x2176)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
I've never trained my legs (which you can clearly see in the picture) ever, the most workout they get is when I walk to work/the gym.

And Im 100% convinced this is why I can casually lift on and off 1-2x a week, while eating normal food/no supps and whey and still have a better upper body than all my serious gymbros and probably half the posters on this imageboard

Is there any proof that this is retarded and Im wrong?
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Don’t fall for the squat meme. It’s an upper body world son
>never trained legs
>literally cucked himself out of natural steroids
>upper body would actually be bigger if he trained legs

Hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone are the major anabolic compounds that promote the growth of tissue. Resistance training definitely increases the levels of these anabolic hormones. Training legs is beneficial because the muscles of the legs are bigger relative to the muscles of the upper body. There is more surface area, muscle tissue, power and strength capacities in the lower body. This allows for a greater hormonal response to signal anabolic pathways relative to the upper body. Training upper body only would be missing out on the greater share of hormonal signaling that would make a body bigger, faster.

In short yes you're a fucking retard and clean your room. Also why is this picture from 4 years ago?
his traps are good, its just a low angle lol
>tfw too intellectual for a gf and to be on /fit/
training legs is fucking gay, good on you op
>Also why is this picture from 4 years ago?
Checked and poggers

File: image0.jpg (181 KB, 1080x1482)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Lift my friend, lift.
Blackpill idiots make it seem as if lifting won't make you more attractive, ignoring the fact that women desire strong men. It's just in their nature. They will tell you it's all about status but that's bullshit. Marcus Aurelius was a rich Roman Emperor and still got cucked by a strong, masculine gladiator who was practically a slave and at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Maybe she will live in your house but she will cheat on you with a more muscular and attractive man. Do you really want to be betabuxx? Or do you want to be a Chad with broad shoulders she will respect and submit to?

You need to lift man.
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Christian morality is just Greco-Roman values fused with Judaism.
The old testament and Judiaism is based on the old worldly covenant (which the Jews believe they still have with God to this day)... the lineal Jews being the chosen people of God, literal sacrifices, the Physical kingdom of Israel being God's Kingdom, the glory/chemdath being worldly riches, etc.

While the New Testament is a radical shift from this ideology. The New Covenant is about a spiritual kingdom, a spiritual people of God, an eternal sacrifice, spiritual riches, etc. This is why the Jews rejected Christ. He basically showed up and said the old world- kingdom is over and now there is a spiritual kingdom. This bothered the Jews because it was tantamount to being told they were no longer the chosen race of God.

The Jews wanted the messiah to be some warrior on a white horse who would destroy and enslave Rome- not some carpenter guy who would talk about spiritual stuff and accept the Romans. That's why they selected a messiah right after Christ (Bar Kokhba) to defeat rome. Of course he was defeated and the Jews got Shoah'ed. Think of this irony:
>Jewish mob petitions Pilate to kill Christ
>Pilate reluctantly agrees but washes his hands of Christ's blood.
>jew mob asks for Christ's blood to be on their hands and their children's hands.
>Jews choose false messiah and get Shoah'd.
>Romans eventually embrace Christ almost tight after Kokhba gets defeated and the Jews get cast into the wind.
>Jews roam the earth as twisted greedy subversives seeking only worldly pleasure for 1800 years straight.
Most of the early Christians were Jews, mainly from the Greek diaspora. Paul even had to address the problem of gentiles not being treated as equals and other Jews demanding them to be circumcised. Modern Judaism was invented 500 years after the fact by what remained of the Pharisiatic sect and their followers who insisted on rejecting Christ.
File: 1590705909401.jpg (37 KB, 400x462)
37 KB
>slandering one of the wisest men of the era because his people BTFOd yours for centuries
I hate (((them))) so much bros...
File: gladiator.jpg (27 KB, 474x362)
27 KB
>My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal bull to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next

>Why yes, I did start lifting to justify my fast food addiction. How could you tell?

Ummm... natty bros I think we got too cocky
This is the same person in clothes vs the without
Can you look like you lift in clothes natty while being over 5’7 and having abs?
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Kinda miss this one, I am a loner on the gym
> :(
what if the extreme is extremely good?
He doesn't look huge there, he just looks like a guy that lifts, you'd never guess that he's that 2x Classic Mr O from that picture or even that he's on gear.
>or even that he's on gear.
That you would
Extremely good is also not actually preferable, due to a combination of insecurities and knowing that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is

File: wojak-stage-2.5-doomer.jpg (262 KB, 867x881)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
Just learned finasteride only works for 5 years
Longer than you've worked you worthless neet fuck
>was an awful diffuse thinning hairlet
>looked like prince william
>started taking finasteride and minoxidil
>used it for a year and a half
>got most of my hair back, now just slightly thin and slightly receded, doesnt look atypical for a man in his 30s
>started feeling anxious as fuck and got in a lot of fights with my wife
>theorized that it was the finasteride fucking with my hormones
>stopped taking it entirely
>its been a full year and I still have all my hair using only minoxidil
There's no reason to be mad about it, OP. That's five more years than you would have had otherwise. All we do to prolong the reaper, Norwood or otherwise, is only a temporary measure.
Is that actually a thing? I'm even more glad I didn't use the stuff, it made my balls ache so I stopped it after three months
Yeah, I can only assume my ball aches were actually due to something being fucked with, I just hope I haven't done any lasting damage.
5 years is enough to live it up

How do I avoid golem mode?
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I try to sleep on my back without a pillow. Sometimes I lay on my back and phonepost on the floor.
Golem get ye gone!

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