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File: water 141 pool.jpg (38 KB, 694x609)
38 KB
Is there anything more fun than swimming?
>vertical and horizontal movement
>mostly unbound by gravity
>like flying but without the risk of falling to your death
>no equipment needed
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I almost drowned when I swam from a ship. Thought I was a strong swimmer until I got a blast of sea water smashed up my nose.
Fuck I hate saltwater
I am faggot, I didn't say that was the only thing I'm doing. I just want to swim because its fun and I have a pool close by.
>eat less
tell me what im doing wrong
kind bar / 1cup oats and black tea
apple/pear and black tea
chicken breast/ salmon fillet, spinach, and black fucking tea
File: 1377313624003.jpg (59 KB, 549x540)
59 KB
>no equipment needed

Except for the swim pool.
go to a river, a lake, an ocean
caffeine or no caffeine in the black tea?

Has this happened to you /fit/?
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The non/pol/ reason?
they're usually balding.
Yeah only the modern left does that not unlike the right which can claim
>El paso shooting
>that new Zealand shooting
Bonus points for going on /pol/ and finding Saint pictures and memes made for the NZ shooting
File: 14.jpg (231 KB, 760x1200)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
>his pecs can't stop a fancy sashimi knife
DYELS I swear
File: 16.jpg (393 KB, 1515x1200)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
I never get these comics. The author must be a genius. One comic i think he wrote it ironic, but the next it seems genuine. Then sometimes i believe the name in the corner and think that the author is a man, nut the next time i think its a woman posing as a man writing these comics unironically as some kind of art project, and we are the test rats reading them and being polarized. How does it do it??

File: podcast.jpg (173 KB, 1989x1341)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Holy shit this podcast was fascinating, basically the meme that you cant change your facial structure and jaw after 30 because you cant grow new bone is just that, a meme.
if you have anything other then perfect teeth from birth it means that you too are not seeing the maximum potential of your face, not only can we fix this it only takes around a year and without any surgical intervention.

also the breath talk in general was pretty interesting when it comes to fitness, next time i lift im gonna try 6 breaths per minute and see how it feels, anyone else to watched this yet?

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his hair is greying and he looks good with the look, its really just young people that shouldnt grow beards because they look like retards, sure he'd probably look better without it but he's got a wife and kids so whats the point of trying and attracting more mates, just gotta maintain the one you have
How does kettle bells solve all workouts?
>>75% of the population has a deviated septum (broken nose) usually from when they were a kid and haven't got it fixed, get yours checked.
Fuck. Was looking at myself in the mirror a few days ago and realized for the first time my nose was a bit fucked to one side. Is that it?
I don't want my lower jaw to go forwards, I want it to go back!

>he weighs under 200lbs
>his arms are under 17 inches
>he can’t squat 3pl8s
>he can’t pull 4 pl8s
>he doesn’t have a thick neck

Face it. You’re the beta gymcel in your gym is you don’t have all of these
>>he weighs under 200lbs
>>his arms are under 17 inches
>>he can’t squat 3pl8s
>>he can’t pull 4 pl8s
>>he doesn’t have a thick neck
Being able to squat 3pl8s and pull 4 at over 200lbs isn’t impressive
In all honesty, OP, please explain to me your thought process of making a thread like this? Why did you make this? What gave you the idea? How did you come up with the shit you wrote?
I genuinely don't understand who whould make these threads and why
>he uses the imperial system
Face it. You’re the beta gymcel in your gym
>squatting or deadlifting
these two lifts are only done by beta gymcels.

File: 1593922839146.jpg (278 KB, 800x1200)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
Do you do higher rep lower weight with your stuff leg deadlifts? I do the 6 rep range and I feel like I'm fucking my shit up in my lower back
if you re not a power lifter, there is no reason to do deadlifts
I do 3x3 3.75pl8 right now and finish with 2x10 3pl8
I think it's Yuka Kuramochi and her fat ass
They're to do hamstrings I'm not talking regular deadlifts

File: 1594489009871.jpg (19 KB, 431x358)
19 KB
Now matter how hard you train, this is your ultimate fate.
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>replying to the copetard /r9k/fag who never even lifted in his life, and never will
you are enabling this
by giving him the attention he wants
you are actively making everything here worse
then later you open a thread with "why is fit so shit nowadays wtf?"
shame on you retards
File: ed8-299x420.jpg (28 KB, 299x420)
28 KB
okay retard
File: its over.jpg (65 KB, 850x850)
65 KB
>imagine wanting to live past 50
imagine how much worse he'd be if he hadn't been fit when younger
File: file.png (1.33 MB, 750x823)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG

File: images (1).jpg (9 KB, 300x168)
9 KB
Did he ever get to return those videotapes?
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Sorry, guys. As soon as I posted that I started thinking about all the great movie adaptations made.
Still, I guess the reason Fight Club was the first (and only) movie that I could think of is because its so damn on point. They got every little thing nailed perfectly. Well, at least 95%. Thats why I said that. They left some things out, so its not 100% perfect. But everything that did make it in is perfectly translated.
Digits for gf
File: 1593192126778.jpg (158 KB, 419x610)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
File: 1583174688792.jpg (12 KB, 320x272)
12 KB
absolute mad lad
very nice

how do I go otter mode? 110 lbs, 5’9
Are u really 110 lbs
yeah :( I have severe issues gaining weight, my entire life. always been embarrassed and just want to change it for myself

File: img1093 copy.jpg (2.13 MB, 2677x4479)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB JPG
Hello bros of /fit/, this is my first time here. Normally I'm over on /pol/ catching up on which celebrity was just outed as a pedophile and the rest.

I'm 26 and I weigh about 390lbs. I'm 6'4". In 2016 I weighed 186lbs. At some point during 2016 I began the journey of having a mental health crisis and all the weight I'd lost after high school and all the fitness techniques I'd employed after having lost the weight went out the window. Got agoraphobic, depressed, and gained the 80lbs I lost during my pre-college gap year and then some. I just turned 26 yesterday. I'm tired of putting off what's necessary. I've been eating because I'm depressed I haven't lost weight, a kind of retarded self-medication that makes me sicker.

How does one begin on the journey of wholesale self-correction?
First stop browsing /pol/. Second start counting calories and do short fasts.
Read the sticky
Good luck bro

File: Snapchat-1318849409.jpg (107 KB, 902x1792)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Yeah I do dips, how did you know?
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that's not me, i didn't post body. deal with it.
had this all the time too. lean forward and keep your back straight. at least for me my chest will crack when my upper back starts to round/curve.

Bro your arm looks freaky.
That is so disproportionate, I hope that's not you.
File: 1592033131076.png (422 KB, 760x752)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
always fuck up my elbows whenever I do unassisted dips. what do?

Why is it so hard to find a thread about fitness on /fit/? There so much /r9k/ and /soc/ spam drowning out actual discussion.
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Being black > any other race
but what about nascar
I never said I did. Nice projection though
File: 1583540052841.png (59 KB, 760x792)
59 KB
He said I was projecting, so Im gonna tell him hes projecting !!
>still no body pic
Imagine getting BTFO'd by

File: snapshot.jpg (32 KB, 640x360)
32 KB
Is El Eggs natty? His biceps and other muscles are insane imo
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
without a doubt
aside from his el eggshaped head he is incredibly aesthetic body wise.
and he sounds like german goku
>2 years

File: 1590634396221.png (970 KB, 750x423)
970 KB
970 KB PNG
this shit is a fucking game changer, never again will I dread eating a healthy meal
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File: 32968.jpg (733 KB, 2784x1353)
733 KB
733 KB JPG
Protip: go to the chinese supermarket for bulk spices don't buy those little cuck bottles

Also never buy preground. If you dry toast seeds like cumin or corriander before grinding it, it will taste better.
Google brining.
>no salt
Anyone addicted to eating seasonings by themselves?

Left or right, /fit/?
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No but if that body arouses you, you might be bi
File: 53254325423.png (647 KB, 1000x1024)
647 KB
647 KB PNG
tfw im a man and ill never be that cut
I want her on the right, holding me down against my will and fucking my ass with her clit.
Lenny fuck off, go to the doctor.

File: body1.png (547 KB, 691x927)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
Guys, what's my body type and what can I do to improve it? I'm guessing I am skinnyfat?

I am 175cm and 63-64kg (5'9 and about 140lbs for americans).

I've started doing the cardio workout from that video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqBAR0rfjiI a few days ago and it really makes me sweat a lot. Should I do anything else? It's not like I want to get huge, just gain a bit of muscle to look better, you know. Any advice?

Thanks guys.
6 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

Neck 14 inches
Waist 32
Wrist 6'5
Ankle 8'5
Height 5'9
Chest 35'5

Hope I did it right, what now?
Use this to get your bodyfat

Use this to get your max potential weights at different bodyfat percentages

This is your natty limit and what you could potentially obtain over a decade of lifting.
File: whatdo.png (64 KB, 761x471)
64 KB

Alright cool, what do I do with that now though?
It said I can reach 26.6 ffmi basically. Isn't 25 the natty limit?

Whats ffmi?

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