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File: maxresdefault.jpg (166 KB, 1280x720)
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166 KB JPG
when are we getting UBI bros? i just got accepted into another global accounting firm, and the thought of working a 9-5 job again kills my soul. this summer was fantastic and had so much time for myself (going to the gym, running, socialising) but due to increasing living costs i have to capitulate and return to being a full wagie.

how the fuck people do this for 40+ years? holy shit
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File: 1626793639511.png (423 KB, 590x442)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
>have home gym
>set teams status to busy
>getting paid to lift
Just be smart and get a remote job and lie your way through the interview and actually work for a few months
The economy is literally collapsing, no one is going to give you free money
Stfu and deal with it.

File: 1662278090164987.jpg (111 KB, 2000x1333)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I always feel thirsty so I drink water, then I piss it out and feel thirsty again. What's happening?
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File: 1663963394232078.png (56 KB, 255x191)
56 KB
He's such an ESTP :p
sauce and or more asians in swimsuits
You have to drink a whole fuck of a lot more than a bottle of water to get water toxicity, you whiny little bitch.
You could chug a gallon literally right now and it wouldnt hurt you at all, except for the fact that your stomach is smaller than even your balls.
wtf how do i prevent this

File: 19.jpg (184 KB, 587x583)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>decide to truly embrace the easy peasy mantra of "just stop fapping bro"
>haven't coomed for a week or so, stopped counting
>expect to be suave and more flirty
>just start hating the fact that women have had rights and basically fucked over society, free of (((charge)))
>hearing bitches crying out in pain and pleasure gives me a boost no pre ever could
>seeing a cocky bitch in fictional media broken and reduced to a sobbing, begging for help brings out a power like no other in me
Brehs what's happening to me
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>yes goy, you can't affect politics in any way possible, no sense in trying or learning about organization
Waste of Hitler dubs. The only way to release anger is upside a head or heated hate fucking.
based salvationpilled anon, you're not of this world.
Yes, but just in case it doesn't, its a good thing regardless.
Is this porn? Source???

How many times do you have to get rejected before you get a gf? I’ve lost count around 500
File: monkey desert.gif (744 KB, 398x498)
744 KB
744 KB GIF
skill issue
How the fuck do you do this? I've only been rejected twice and each time it's been so soul crushing that I don't even bother thinking about getting a gf for months, even years afterwards.

File: BJJ Students.jpg (277 KB, 1080x881)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
>oh wow you can bench 3 plates weight 200 with 12% BF, impressive anon
*takes you down and puts you in an armbar in 3 seconds*
*draws a firearm and legally extinguishes your existence*
>BTFOs martial arts with sheer psycho tard rage
*pisses and shits myself*
what now big boy? jump into my guard pal come on dont be shy. whats the matter?
*gets blast doubled while going for a gun and gets annihilated because he has no backup self defense plan*

File: 1664447920888791.jpg (631 KB, 2729x1807)
631 KB
631 KB JPG
My friend says my taste in built women and androgynous tomboys (pic related) is homosexual. Please show me /fit/ women who are not cryptohomo.
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no shit you idiot you can see the bulge
She looks fun
fucked her
damn i would 110% receive a blowjob from that
>i aint even gay
Ask the romanian guy on /pol/

File: images (23).jpg (17 KB, 275x183)
17 KB
Cutting for a few more months but when I start to bulk, can I go back to eating picrel? Nothing hits quite like it. ;_;
As long as your calories aren't out of whack then sure. Knock yourself out
have you tried spaghetti squash recipes?
i thought i would hate it but honestly
as long as you do you sauce proper its fine
your sauce should take 4-6 hours in a slowcooker

red wine
raw garlic
liquid smoke
>spaghetti squash
This sounds kinda fucked anon.but it can't hurt trying. Will give it a go this weekend.

What German General from World War II do you lift under?


I lift under Erich von Manstein
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What a tremendous faggot you are
Says the commie Jew.
>anyone that doesnt support nazism is a commie jew
L m a o. You're a edgy little kid. And if you're 18+ then that's honestly sad. Grow up
The look like hollowed dark souls characters
>fails to relieve Stalingrad
>"mein Führer, we must make a strategic retreat"

File: 1664329981968.jpg (187 KB, 936x861)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
>wake up 6am
>leave to job 7am
>~1h commute, arrive shitty wagie job 8am
>leave job around 5:30pm
>~30min commute to gym, arrive around 6:00pm+
>have to spend at least 2 hours there, leave by 8:00~8:30pm
>another ~30min commute from gym to home
>arrive home by 9pm at least
>shower, prepare for tomorrow, etc, finish all by 10pm
>go indulge in my hobbies because i don't want to become a soulless unhappy npc, go to sleep by 2am
How the fuck does one enroll to uni like this? I fucking hate being a wagie and need to get into uni for a chance at hitting something better
But I don't see myself being able to do so unless I abandon the gym
How the hell do you guys find time to lift AND study
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Unironically this. I bricked my Xbox about 6 months ago to stop myself from playing it. Best decision I’ve ever made. At one point I was the #2 pilot in the world on Xbox in battlefield 1. Imagine if I had dedicated that time to something useful?
I kneel
giga chad post right there
living the dream
File: 17059832473928.png (224 KB, 360x518)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
SQL and Python are big keywords to slap on your resume.
PowerBI and Tableau are top of market data visualization software.
"Understanding your business" depends on where you work. You have to spend time understanding how your data is collected and what it means in real terms. It's often a mess, and your value is in making sense out of it.

File: 1657730986091.png (354 KB, 478x597)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
Achievable natty? He claims natty
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He's angle-frauding the delts. Look at his leftarm, it's normal
Obviously not. BUT he says he does 25 reps for his sets, and lots of antagonist supersets. If you’re getting on gear DO NOT FUCKING LISTEN TO THE LOW VOLUME COMPOUNDS ONLY RETARDS HERE. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! God damn I hate you low volume retards so much it’s unreal
Thank you. It’s absolutely unreal how retarded people are. I think they’re just delusional.
Watch the show. I was kind of underwhelmed when he took his shirt off but the arm is legit. His arms are fucking huge
you will not look like op on 300 test and 50 var. Take gear and find out how retarded that statement is.

File: 4309124812.webm (1.43 MB, 480x854)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB WEBM
Do you sometimes wish you could get back all the hours you wasted going to the gym?
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no. i wish i put the hours i played dota into the gym. i would be pretty incredible by now
File: 1608579559286.jpg (89 KB, 480x480)
89 KB
No, its the only thing that brings me enjoyment.
>diet matters a lot, always cook your own food, stop eating goyslops and sugar, things that will hinder you from making gains
>form > weight, never ego lift
>get a gym membership, and lift weights, preferably at your university gym cos it's cheaper
>slowly build up your home gym(buy dumbells, weight bench...)starting with things that are versatile and easily transportable
>learn about warm ups and after workout stretch, they help with your longevity
>set up your weekly schedule and daily schedule for studying, classes, 7-8hr sleeps, and make 1-2hrs for lifting except the rest day, stick to it
>use fitnotes app to track your workout stats, your memory is not as good as you think
>look up some training programs that make you do progressive overload, and pick one that suits your needs
>explore hobbies other than lifting, vidya, and anime. Not telling you to stop doing these, just that you need more to talk about when interacting with other people
>work on your social gains, join a club, sign up for some events, volunteer, or even get an easy part-time job at the uni that enable you to interact with normies and girls, learn how to approach people and practice your speaking skills from mimicking normies

you'd be pretty successful if you stick to 75% of what I say here, good luck, Anon, go make gains, become successful and slay some prime college pussies
I have a boner
I regret ever bulking or using a PWO, but nothing I ever did in a gym.

Is it possible to get into fitness without becoming bisexual or do you guys just accept it as a matter of course?
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I’ve heard this before I think I can relate from my teen years, can you elaborate on your experience
>get high
>all of the sudden I want to put things in my butt

The end
Just that or attraction to men and urge to suck big cocks
File: 523443131231.png (7 KB, 346x111)
7 KB
Oh look yet another thinly veiled LGBT raid thread, ignore and hide.
neither women nor men would fuck you lol

What's your favorite pre?
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File: Pre-Workout.jpg (17 KB, 296x448)
17 KB
I use total war but I notice it stimulates the dump response like 10 minutes into my workout so I waste 10 mins of energy shitting
File: preworkout container.png (416 KB, 1000x990)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
I've used ZogZog before, but supplies ran out, so I use this instead.
File: 1656817666173.png (1.09 MB, 990x1278)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
damn ive never tried that before, hows it compare to this brand
> Doesn't train his clench muscles and kegels every day.

NGMI kid.

Questions that doesn't deserve their own threads - there is no fat people on old photos edition
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Long as you use your muscles (lift) and eat some protein mis le loss will be minimal. You certainly won’t grow muscle, might make minor strength gains if beginner. But your muscle loss should be no more than 30g/week, max 50g, which adds up to a pound after 2 months in the worst case. If you have a lot to cut then it’s worth it since you can gain it back clean bulking in a week or 2 with a healthy base body. Ignore the schizos here who think your body relentlessly cannibalises muscle.
whats the best 5x5?
File: fetchimage.jpg (190 KB, 482x427)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
I lost my libido so slowly that I didn't realize it until I was doing the thing with a girl and I wasn't horny and my dick wasn't getting hard. I went to the doctor and he gave me tadalafil and blood tests to check my hormones.

Prolactin 54.6 Ng/ml (for adults normal is between 3 and 18).
Follicle Stimulating Hormone 0.7 (normal is between 1.4 and 18)
Testosterone 7ng/ml (normal is between 2 and 8)

So obviously my hormones are wrong except testosterone, could this be the cause of my loss of libido and erectile dysfunction? What can I do? I don't know how the fuck this happened bros. I feel devastated because I finally started getting friends, qts and reestablishing my social and sex life but this shit happens
Do peanuts affect sperm count in any way? I swear I've been cumming buckets ever since I added peanuts to my diet.
change your form and cue yourself to bend the bar when you are gripping it it has helped me not breaking my wrists. I used to need wrist wraps for anything above 185 until I found the cue

(t. sub 2pl8)

File: 1621123838984.jpg (81 KB, 842x792)
81 KB
>Eat meal with meat and veggies
>Feel lethargic, weird abdominal pains
>Eat meal with meat and egg alone
>No lethargy, no digestion pains
What gives? I thought veggies were supposed to be good for digestion.
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Veggies are full of antinutrients (toxins) and void of actual nutrients
Not a surprise most bodies don't react well to it
stop poisoning yourself
you are eating sneed oils
you are destroying your gut fauna with gmo shit
when are there while animals roaming your gut, you been going to the gay bar again?
He fell for the (((vegetable))) jew.
There are no caveman drawings of fruit or vegetables for a reason, anon;
Bacteria are fauna, retard.
I'm guessing you are American? They inject your foods with tonnes of weird shit
Then again, they do your meat as well so idk

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