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File: Scr.1257232.jpg (44 KB, 1516x586)
44 KB
I've been retaining my semen for 3 weeks and am just being myself. Fuck all of you, naysayers and Jews. Nofap works.
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"Mind giving examples when?"

holy ick, your style of typing is absolutely making my skin crawl. who the fuck talks like that? 'mind giving examples when?' is such a retarded sentence, nevermind that you actually expect her to give examples? like who asks for examples of shit? could you imagine having small talk with someone and you say something and they ask for examples?

grow the fuck up
Funnily enough I always think someone is up their own ass when I see them use full stops in casual texts
It's actually less embarrassing if it's fake.
>>"Anon you were so confident"
>"Was I? Is that good? Tell me exactly how. I don't think I was."
>immediately posts to 4channel
You're a shit friend.
>could you imagine having small talk with someone and you say something and they ask for examples?
Based overgeneralising autist
I love imagining that you have a mental list of rules for socialising and one of them is "never ask for examples"

File: carnivore.jpg (215 KB, 1170x1770)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Is the carnivore diet based or cringe?
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File: baby sneed.jpg (204 KB, 1000x1000)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
baby "food" is actually safe and effective!
File: meat ingredients.jpg (89 KB, 652x960)
89 KB
Things will not end well for her
whiter than you, retard
>Verification not required.
You can literally just walk around outside and see for yourself what your ancestors ate. It doesn't matter where you are in the world. People don't want to believe that every plant you eat is grown in a lab.

File: file.png (344 KB, 451x857)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
>guy loses 175lb's in a year
>starts at 340 and ends at 165lb's
I'm not wrong for thinking this is unhealthy and dangerous as fuck right?
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Back in the summer of 2002 I was 260lbs and went on a crash diet of water, three plain bagels a day and after five weeks I was down to 160, no bullshit!!!FACT!!!
>When a double chin isn't enough
Double boobs
>t. lost 100 lbs twice
And yet you prove my point, there is no point in rushing the whole process when you start backtracking the whole way back, just before the finishing line.
Habits need time to form.
You guys are brainlets that can only think linearly. Weight is not a linear variable.
You have no idea how much I really want to believe you right now.

File: IMG_0435.jpg (2.36 MB, 2763x3746)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB JPG
At the gym touching in white women
I hope this is kilos?
>that handwriting
were you raised as a poor orphan or something?
Calm down, he is black.

I do not feel RDLs in my glutes
What do I do
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Try them with dumbbells. Do them after lunges so your glutes are pre fatigued
Use a hex bar. I don't even lift and can pick up 500lbs on one of those bad boys.
You're not supposed to? I only feel them in my back and hamstrings
Uhhh if you don’t feel reasonable dick length in your glutes you might be a size queen
Why does every girl at the gym have onlyfans

File: images (8) (26).jpg (33 KB, 470x652)
33 KB
I've realized tons of tribal africans with some gyno. They have active lifestiles and apparently little to no hormonal unbalances, what can lead to this?
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Nope. Exactly the opposite happens. I wouldn't be able to tell you why but that's how it is
>Waaaa, facts I don't like iz rayzist!
Are you a fool or disingenuous?
He may be racist, but he is not wrong, anon.
File: file.png (193 KB, 981x915)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
>but literature states
yikes my guy, this meta analysis has different findings to you
This is actually normal and we are lead to think otherwise by our western deviation

This exercise has given me the best burn I've ever felt in my biceps. Even though it's basically the same thing as a pullup it feels so much better. Fuck curls
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>roider said X so it must be true
It doesn't change the fact that the biceps are not contracting from both ends, in fact they're contracting at one end and lengthening at the other. Mentzer was wrong, accept it.
Didn't read a single word

Nice get tho
So, are doing these bad? I actually kinda like doing them.
when will retards stop caring about how an exercise feels
It feels so good i agree. Really build out my back nicely

File: IMG_0594.jpg (199 KB, 1364x2048)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
I have been doing fine until I hit 130 kg. First two times I only managed to lift it 3 times. Second time I ripped my calluses, so I decided to get lifting straps. Got some cheap ones from a sports gear chain nearby.

I tried to warm up to I by starting with 70, then 90 and then 120 but after that I couldn’t lift it fucking once.

What did I do wrong?
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Deadlift less frequently, do hyperextensions, eat more, rest more, get a form check, wear a belt
>Deadlift less frequently
>at sub 3pl8
Enjoy your nogains
At that weight intensity is so low you can deadlift multiple times a week without fatigue issues
Everyone is different
Don’t bother

Deadlifts are a high risk low reward exercise
>I couldn’t lift it fucking once
straps force you into a slightly different stance and lift movement that youre not used to
honestly, just commit to reverse grip lifting, fuck straps
>Second time I ripped my calluses
use liquid chalk dumbass


Shear forces on the knee edition
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Different girls are into different things but usually the goal is not looking too try hard or roided. Like think actors who are fit but not memed as being roided out their fucking brains. I highly doubt you'll overshoot your goal of lifting for bitches without noticing that women are already responding to your body.
How long does it take to unfuck my ankles? I'm trying to do some mobility exercises but I feel like I'm worse off than when I started but that's probably only because I'm aware of how truly deficient my ankle mobility was.
Is planet fitness based or cringe for a gym virgin? There is an alternative gym that is equidistant to where I live but it's more expensive and crowded.
How do I combat psychological hunger? Just ate a large serving of spaghetti bolognese, a pretty balanced meal (i use lots of sauce and meat), and I feel full but I also still want to eat something sweet. I normally snack on apples or other fruit but I want to drop the snacking habit altogether.
I've been lifting for about a year now and I want to add in cardio since I still feel extremely unfit. Probably not much more than jogging for 30 mins. Is it better to do this after a workout or should I do it on my rest days?

File: 1231126225005.jpg (257 KB, 1080x1262)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
It's crazy that people can lift all these heavy weights but can't reach beind their back. In the long run being flexible and mobile is ideal everyone should incorporate some yoga into their after routine at least 20-30min of flexibility training
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>probably bleached her asshole and pussy too
>still has moles on her body
The Catholic Church is a failed institution. Being a true Christian is the only way forward. As in worship Christ not the failed church.
You have spent too much time on /x, mate. Chill.
Would. Then I would clean her bathroom.
Shelbyfag! Ohnonononono! You thought you outran me? Thought you outwaited me? ME?? Ohnonono shelbyfag, your pussy ass ain’t done you little bitch, you’ll never get away from me! OH MY OH MY I HAVE FOUND YOU, NIGGA! DON’T YOU RUN FROM ME LIL NIGGA!!!

File: images (3).jpg (30 KB, 678x452)
30 KB
>lower back pain from squats
I'm a beginner and I'm wondering if my core is just too weak, anyone else? I squat less than my bodyweight.
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You need to feel it in your buttocks
Low bar squatting fixed my back issues
Read the squat chapter of Rippetoe's Starting Strength book
You should be able to find a download on libgeb
>I'm a beginner
Do some front squats 1/week.
Yeah this is basically what's happening, I feel like falling forwards when I start coming up from the bottom.
Guess I'll try some variations like low bar and front squat.

Why is it easier for me to get ripped in my early 30s than it was in my 20s. Made more progress in the last year than the prior decade. Finally felt like i grew into my adult body 3 years ago so maybe that’s why?
How's your stress?
Are you working a stable job with a good salary?
Do you have a stable relationship?
Stability in life helps in hormonal stability, which means lower stress hormones and lower bodyfat.
I had a lot of stress from medical school but i made 200k in crypto which helped tremendously. I think another part of it was that i finally did boxing and got my ass kicked a couple times which made me not afraid of physical contact anymore
Yeah financial stability and overcoming of your fears I'd say both help lower your overall stress.

File: 1693807899236140.png (114 KB, 329x270)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
The female receptionist
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My time will come
Indians are bros tho
Can’t believe sit down for ten minutes between sets wasn’t written
Evenin' to you as well /x/.
What's your bench?
The 80 year old granny

Anyone noticing he's slowly getting more into HIT?
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he's literally jewish, his family is a bunch of jew bankers
This, he does some 4-day split but repeats it on an infinite loop with no rest days, something like:

chest - legs - shoulder / back - arms / some other part of the back - repeat
>t. former anglo/current amerimutt

Why is he so popular?
Indeed. Guys like Sulek cannot be out of the gym for more than 24 hs.
>He lived in those 22yrs more than most of us will in our 80yrs of life
Not really, what did he do? Party a lot and take steroids? Go to university and maybe had a job here and there (stripper?). All you know about him is what he and his brother posted to the internet, which was mainly training videos, goofing off videos, and party/rave videos and assorted posing photos.
Most normal kids aged 18 to 22 do theses types of things. I did, except the steroids and I had a normal job, but I went to strip clubs from time to time so the vibe is there.

Give it up /fit/, you've been called out on your bullshit.
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Being in good physical shape goes way beyond simple narcissism or fashion if you will. By staying healthy and looking good, you're more energized and make sure you'll have a longer and bettet quality of life during which you'll provide, you stay attractive for your partner which will aid your relationship, you are stronger, society perceives you differently as you show discipline which is valued. Granted you're not a moronic roiding gymcel. Also hot and successful people don't post on internet forums. The internet is inherently for losers, real life is for chads.
I sense there is an incredibly nuanced question.

Does going to the gym equal to "I'm doing more for this household/relationship than you, who doesn't go to the gym"?. No, not necessarily. An exercise regiment will introduce a positive habit into your life, probably extend your life expectancy, increase your fitness which will translate into a bunch of other good stuff in your non-gym life. So it is an investment into the future and on paper, he's providing. Things change at the moment he's losing out on other important things because of the gym. Once you dedicate yourself to a partner and living with them, you have to be prepared to make sacrifices of your own free time and you can't expect that just because it's healthy to go to the gym, you can automatically lord this over your partner with the excuse that "I lift and you don't". If the partner feels like you're absent in the relationship because of the gym, you are doing a bad job of being a partner. Not because you have to be more present with the partner, necessarily. But because you are not communicating why you are choosing the gym over the relationship/partner, at least in their eyes. You can't expect to have a happy and functioning relationship if you keep ignoring your partner's feelings. It can end up so that you come to the conclusion that you'd prefer the gym over the relationship in it's current state, that places both of you and your partner in a situation where you have to decide if you want to drop the relationship or try and change things. The guy is being a dickhead for just going to the gym while his girlfriend is bothered by it, the girlfriend is a cunt for begging for advice online instead of talking to her boyfriend about it constructively.

Are you an actual retard? You do know that the 20th century started in 1900? In that many people in the west didn't have electricity or indoor plumbing until like the 50's right? The average working class family in the west, especially Australia didn't have the capacity to 'do some crunches' you smooth brain retard. The man was far more concerned with making a living and PROVIDING FOR HIS FAMILY.

A boat that spends 90% of its life sitting in the front yard yet you still pay for fuel and insurance? Good old boomers.

Yet you think this woman is suitable to have a child with? Who can't even muster the smallest amount of effort to use YOUR HOME GYM to remain hot for you? Bro that is pathetic.

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