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How did he do it?
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>deadlifting 600 pounds at 19
do you really believe anybody does this shit natty?
Natty Steve Laureus and Chris Bumstead
No i never said he did it natty
you gotta be a unique retard at a certain point of time in your life for it to make sense for you. i guess it didn't happen for you.
This looks like a Pokémon evolution

File: fight.webm (1.21 MB, 222x400)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB WEBM
What do I need to do in the gym to be able to do this?
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why is she a "psycho bitch"? she literally just defended herself against a nigger trying to rape her you fucking retard
Damn I want that girl to fight me.
Why would anyone ever want to fight a woman? If you win you're the guy who beat up a woman, and if you lose you're the guy that got beat up by a woman. There's literally no possible upside to starting it. If she starts it and you can't de-escalate restraining her is the only real option you have, which is what the negro seemingly tried to do.
cause she got in a fight in school you fucking retard
she would get in trouble for that, and she wouldn't really think about people believing her side of the story

the logical situation is to get out of there.
why wait for the cops? why be connected to the scene?
she prob didn't even know she got recorded.
Try it, ask a friend to knee you in the face while you're in the same position as OPs video and grab their ankle

Post results

File: 1540585440428.png (14 KB, 200x232)
14 KB
>tfw ironically cannot find whole DEENZ in my country(Norway)
wat do bois, I don't really like the canned ones because they are just lame fillets and doesn't have all the gainz
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>no deenz
>just fermented shark dicks
You don't have a local food market?
Buy the canned ones for when corona chan wrecks the supply chain
You have to go back nigger
you'll be fine unless you live in a giga big city like berlin, frankfurt and such. but still, stocking up on dry food can be useful so you dont have to go outside often which means less risk
File: 20200222_004845.jpg (855 KB, 846x1274)
855 KB
855 KB JPG
The most nutritious part of deenz are the heads though.

If you can find them...get the "all heads" can of deenz.

They are an aquired taste, but definitely worth the price premium.

File: 1582735765286.png (562 KB, 775x764)
562 KB
562 KB PNG
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post soul
my boyfriend
From my cold dead hands anon

File deleted.
>Cow milk, whole
>Macros: 33% carbs, 45% fat, 22% protein

>Soi milk, unsweetened
>Macros: 22% carbs, 41% fat, 37% protein

So why are you tards drinking glorified carb water when there are clearly superior alternatives, again? Surely you must have an intelligent reason that's not literally based on internet memes about soibois.
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File: 1571717316058.jpg (32 KB, 360x640)
32 KB
The dairy cartel and its consequences have been a disaster for the leaf's gains
File: EDhexclXoAAqeVc.jpg (145 KB, 1396x2400)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Says the freak.
File: 1580474634635.jpg (39 KB, 374x347)
39 KB
why did this number trigger the autist?
i googled it and its just pictures of blonde women holding axes
she cute, i don't see what the problem is or how it relates to the autist

File: 1490163641045.png (251 KB, 419x416)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
I'm trying to create a meal plan with multiple choices of meals that still fit into my overall plan.

Is there a resource that calculates what amount of food #1 I need to eat in order to receive the same amount of kcal/macros of food #2?

For example, if I have to eat 200g of chicken breast at lunch, how much tuna or beef should I eat in order to receive a similar nutrition?

>got too big and now nerdy latinas are too intimidated by me
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>mfw I realized he just tells this to normies
>mfw I realized he broke up with her cause she's a spic
>mfw he's a white nationalist
>mfw faze is the KKK
She's mixed black not latina
Colombianfag here, Medellin women are the best in this country by far, they are hot af and their accent turns me on a lot. My ex was from Medellin, shit I miss her so much.
She's not hispanic, she's a mutt.

File: 1548497372668.jpg (631 KB, 678x1224)
631 KB
631 KB JPG
Does anyone have a copy?

Are JoJo aesthetics achievable natty?
Not if youre under 6'4
Using the arrow kills your natty card, only hamon is natty
is that why everyone after part 3 is a twink?
Because everyone looks like a twink compared with an absolute unit at 6'5, 105kg

File: 1560712493893.png (2 KB, 200x200)
2 KB
has working out made you feel more confident?
less of a fag?
i don't mean because of aesthetics
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Yeah, a little, I apparently have really good overall genetics and getting into better shape made me look much leaner and every chick thinks I'm insanely attractive now, but really the confidence/insecurity was never the problem, the existential dread was and still is there and will never go away and no matter what I do, how strong I get or how hard I try.
No amount of social approval or pussy will ever really ameliorate it once you dig down deep enough.
>more confident?
yes. Aesthetics aside, you just feel better moving around in your body and your posture feels more upright.
>less of a fag
Depends what you mean by that
>Depends what you mean by that
less of a pussy
My wife likes it when I choke her now, and she also lets me put a ballgag in her mouth so we don’t wake the baby. She preferred vanilla sex when I was bigger and stronger but less lean. I quit lifting and started running and skiing and now my dick works way better and she lets me do pretty much whatever I want.
File: frog38.jpg (27 KB, 400x400)
27 KB
Helps me focus on the things that matter and is pulling me out of sissyass pornos so yes.

File: 1386172361127.jpg (88 KB, 966x725)
88 KB
Nutrition wise, how good is chili con carne for you in general? you can make a lot of it for cheap and it's tasty
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Beef is 100 times more nutritious and will give you exponentially better gains.
File: 419879187917.jpg (44 KB, 437x489)
44 KB
>Post the last shit you took
and so anon reveals his endgame: baiting /fit/ into posting pics of shit so he can coom
Not healthy. Meat and salt are bad for you.
File: sc.jpg (96 KB, 1267x1080)
96 KB
lol this nigga eatin beans
We have eaten meat and salt throughout the course of our existence. Try harder.

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