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File: 1657376275899.png (54 KB, 582x582)
54 KB
>come back from work
>tired as shit
>It's midnight
>start doing squats because I'll feel bad if I don't
>happy feelings and energy flows into me
I fucking love exercising. I don't even care if I'm dyel, I just love the feeling of doing it
>love exercising

>Barbell squats
Nice job on outting yourself as a right winger

File: 1663788488817453.png (646 KB, 576x512)
646 KB
646 KB PNG
My intention with this post is to help and share. I will try to make it short.
>Stiff right arm, can't fully extend it while pushing through chest without feeling extreme tightness.
>stiff right legsame shit very tight behind knee
>Something is tight somewhere, muscles, nerves, whatever
>Try stretching, try foam rolling, try lifts
>Nothing works
What worked? Doing circles. Really. And moving my arm/leg.

I know it sounds dumb but if you are in the same situation give it a try. This is what worked for me, tightness is almost all gone in 3 days even though I've had these problems from a long, long time. What I did (perform SLOWLY, don't swing your arm/leg it has to be controlled)
- Rise your arm laterally 20 times from normal position, don't force anything, and let your hand/forearm move as they will
-Rise your in from of you 20 times from normal position
-Lastly same thing but rise arm back as much as you can comfortably
Hit end range of motion for every move without forcing anything
-Make circles with your arm, slowly, controlled, 20 times

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You can disregard this post, the format is shit I know, but if you are tight in one of these areas under my conditions you lose nothing by trying this out, it's no more than 5 minutes and it might help you, I discovered this by chance, after only 3 days I can extend my arm comfortably unlike before, my leg also feels much better. It's very simple but it worked unlike stretching and foam rolling and whatever the fuck. I think this is good for when your tight shit is trapping nerves that's my theoryim not expert, I had surgery years ago in my hand, wore s cast for long time. Then I used to game a lot. Tight arm. Tight leg bad sitting position, very bad. This fixed all that in 3 days, not completely but close to. Good luck hope it works for you too, I'm also gonna experiment moving leg forth and then back and to the side 20 each, just like with the arm. If you don't understand ask me but I'm going to sleep very soon, if thread not dead tomorrow I reply if I remember. Good luck hope it works for you too.

File: 17.jpg (170 KB, 1600x1600)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
this shit is fuckin amazing. I only use it for coffee tho
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Fuck off shill. This shit is one of the main ingredients to goyslop.
Erythritol is very similar but produces almost no insulin spike and adds next to zero calories because it is not metabolized
I be lying if I said I haven't tried this at least once, I also tried sugar on a PB&J. It was horrible.
That’s Korean retard
Tears my stomach up. I prefer stevia

Costco’s got our back /bulk bros/
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You male costumers come with the promotion, they buy more other stuff. The CEO was retarded to want to change it. Based and economypilled founder
>I hate women
>simped and defended
Thanks for the pic, buddy
How is the religion founded for the primary purpose of btfoing rabbinic yhwhism (Proto-judaism) jewish?
Lmao what kind of “degrees” you disingenuous faggot
>not going for the only thing on the menu with decent macros

File: FbMPYx_UEAIIBnU.jpg (103 KB, 1200x675)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>you know that figgy
>I'm coming to kill you
>in the trailer park
>at your double wide

>programs, stretching, bands, lift tutorials
>tripfag numbers
>conjugate pastebin
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Oh I'm not saying that someone should be as fat as me when they're as weak as I am. I'm just lazy. But long term goal should absolutely be to pack on mass at a reasonable rate for a long period of time.
autumn is so cozy bros
>harvest season






Well that seals it. Lets pack it up boys. The random anon on /plg/ has spoken. Its over.

i cant take it anymore. i dont want big quads help(proportionally big, I’m not anywhere near natty limit)
You don't have big quads, so don't worry about having big quads. Keep lifting faggot.
i have this problem as well lol
obviously enhanced lower body with mediocre twunk upper body
spoiler alert

puck dies lol

*shaves several inches off your height*
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File: 1563780935516.png (46 KB, 619x453)
46 KB
>reach 2pl8 squat
>now 5'2"
>reach 3pl8

It's over for me, bros.
File: sGn1_Kk__400x400.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
>Be >>68491371
>do hang ups
>spine decompresses
>spring back to 7'8" like an accordion
Everything went better than expected
Went from 5’10 down to 5’7 from heavy squats. Now i skip leg day and im back up to 5’9
File: 1580545802002.png (312 KB, 734x506)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
I'm >>68491371 >>68491533 I measured myself and now I'm 11'2" what did you do to me, you nigger. I lost all my gains and now looks like Slenderman.
When you reach 4'5" just bloatmaxx. Become the meatball you've always been destined to be

Which was better in their prime?
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Lmao you're in for a shock if you think 4chan is slow
why don’t you? lazyass
The days of zyzz, jack3d, squats and oats, man they were good times...I'm still never leaving
Have my reddit gold kind stranger!!!
File: 1605380400971.jpg (48 KB, 437x471)
48 KB
Peak misc was funnier. /fit/ was always autistic but also intellectual - misc was a locker room full of monkeys that were autistic AND retarded. Absolute ape-brain shenanigans.

God I miss it.

Fuck maintaining sub 10%bf, I want to eat what I want and be comfy at 17%
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What AI?
why are you "comfy" at 17? why not 12?, 13?, 14? 15?

why is it sub 10 or 17?
Is there a board for pics like this?

What are the health consequences of eating this tasty but processed meat amalgamation
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grew up on that shit
colon cancer is the headliner, but the subtler stuff's there too
nitrosamines, son
post nose
Leverworst ftw.
File: apu aussie.jpg (813 KB, 1200x996)
813 KB
813 KB JPG
It's called Devon, here in Australia.
File: moby_dick.jpg (376 KB, 1536x815)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
>not a single wojak
who makes these shit images?

File: 1664146737651840.webm (2.34 MB, 720x1280)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB WEBM
>tfw after a long workout

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His fingers are like little sausages.
Imagine her taking off her gloves off after a long session of fisting you elbow deep
this would be hot if she didn't have the britoid miss piggy phenotype
why you sweat a lot after fitness


Is this a realistic progression for a novice? I began lifting over a year ago, but i have not managed to exceed the numbers i was doing in my first month or so. I'm tired of stagnating and plan on pushing. myself through all the pain and discomfort. Also, i stuffed myself with goyslop today and i fucking resent myself for yielding to those urges. Besides tons of protein, what diet would facilitate the best muscle growth and aid in achieving my aim.
90/10 beef is good for bulking and weight gain. Also eggs and chicken breasts are good for muscles and should be eaten preferably daily if you’re dedicated to your diet
Also forgot to mention that the image seems very optimistic for less than a month progress and it would be more realistic to be more like six to eight weeks time with good dedication.

File: 1664282778282528.png (181 KB, 407x485)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
What's the difference between powdered peanut butter and powdered peanuts? I just got powdered peanuts because it had less sugar

It's to add to my oatmeal btw

File: 1643642171669.jpg (423 KB, 1038x786)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
I am a nerd who watches Star Trek reruns (only Voyager, DS9, TNG, and TOS and the movies) while I lift. I swear trek shirts. People look at my jacked body and say god damn I didn't know guys like you watched Star Trek.

Why do people think you can't like arguably the best scifi show of all time and be swoll? I like sports too ffs
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Most jacked race Klingon or the Cardassians?
File: 1635982861460.jpg (641 KB, 3000x2400)
641 KB
641 KB JPG
How did 7 of 9 get such a nice body bros?
Feels like Bashir should be up there somewhere.
I think the doctor “enhanced” her when he was deborggifying her
File: 1646048413399.jpg (1018 KB, 2160x2700)
1018 KB
1018 KB JPG
Trek is too pozzed for me. I watch it, but I don't love it. I identify as a DUNChad.

Every day I'm going to have a protein shake in the morning and 30 chick fil a nuggets for dinner.
Was cutting supposed to be hard? Cya nerds
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yeah but this is fast food, convenient and it tastes better than the chicken I make
Based pillboy
Bro, learn to cook. It's so easy to make delicious chicken. Buy a couple premixed seasonings and start there.

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