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File: flower-cuck-comic1.png (97 KB, 1000x1500)
97 KB
For those of us who couldn't fix our shoulders with PT did you take cortisone shots and did they work? Could you go back to lifting heavy? I just got shots in and I feel so much pain just putting my arm across my chest. Is that a sign of it healing or at least that that is what the problem actually was? I think you doctor is incompetent
my doctor*

File: BB1gzYlw.jpg (171 KB, 900x900)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
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A lot of money and time and motivation to look good (his entire career depends on it)

You can do so too with these steps

>have amazing genetics
>dedicate a lot of time and effort and money to physical training
>dedicate a lot of time and effort and money to hygiene and products
>start young, do routines every single day

For his face and hair, he already has amazing genetics. But to keep himself looking good, he probably has a couple staff that are full time cosmetic dermatologists, dietitians, etc. that just follow him around all day and live to keep him handsome.

I bet he does:
>high SPF sunscreen face lotion every time he leaves the house
>prescription tretinoids or retinoids every night
>a full professional salon facial once a week

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Having a literal cult working for you.
File: Screenshot (7).png (88 KB, 847x476)
88 KB
only slightly related but the leader of scientology is a seething manlet
Monthly cosmetic maintenance work.

File: MostMuscular.jpg (9 KB, 198x300)
9 KB
>Meanwhile, on Victorian era /fit/
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This musical anthem is quite flattering for the ears
Affectionate salutations from the governor-generalship of the steppes
I dislike the female sex with a great intensity
File: Morning Leader.jpg (169 KB, 382x434)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
File: 1620681044079.jpg (126 KB, 610x415)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
File: chadwald.jpg (65 KB, 598x900)
65 KB

File: ErfENUeXUAAgfTR[1].png (324 KB, 720x405)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
As a fellow redhead, this is my dream builtfat mode.
but that's not builtfat
that's just what people on here call ottermode but at 16-18% bodyfat
What a putrid goal body
He doesn’t really look like he lifts tho
What ? He does ? Have you seen an average person without shirt ?
damn dis nigga got fat

File: 1620683048122.png (492 KB, 365x584)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
i started to get migraines everyday since 5 months ago.
is there any way to mitigate them?
i take 6 - 10 200mg ibuprofen daily and they only help a little.
That’s a potential sign of blood clots maybe see a doctor

File: 1620220007284.jpg (270 KB, 768x1024)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
>nothing found
Let's change it lads
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That's the intention, and it is effective cause you physically can't eat so much at once and see significant weight loss, but they don't change their behavior over the long term and that shit is hardly ever addressed.
It's like depression, they give people meds but no kind of therapy so they keep doing the same shit and never address their thought or behavioral patterns which are often the root of the problem. It's hard as fuck to do on your own, there's plenty of books and such but most people can't even commit.
Yeah that's what I mean, they get the surgery thinking it'll magically solve all their problems cause they physically can't eat as much, but then they still keep shovelling down as much food as they physically can, which usually turns out to still be a shitton, thus never solving anything. They just end up more likely to fuck up their stomach.
well done, can't even tell it's shooped
File: 185zsc0fqfbx.png (552 KB, 600x500)
552 KB
552 KB PNG
Toddlers are in the middle of fucking growing lmfao. Bones and muscles and shit take fucking calories and nutrition to build up. They also tend to spend their time running around all over the place and generally being active unlike the average woman.

File: 1577034564698.jpg (39 KB, 424x504)
39 KB
I live in an apartment and want to sunbathe my testicles. Any options? I don't want to be arrested over gainz
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dubs and anon gets ball cancer
File: 1611321792684.jpg (20 KB, 480x480)
20 KB
Open the window then, if not a UV lamp is the only option.
>I don't want to be arrested over gainz

That's why no one will remember your name
You'll get reported if you're ugly

Why is pufa bad?

I started eating 100g of smoked salmon everyday but I remember threads here that said pufa is bad and salmon is high in it.

>Inb4 I'll show you my pufa
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File: Gippo.png (395 KB, 473x480)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
Stop eating PUFA
Yeah, the good advice is >>61419137, retard.
Post body
>everyone from all of human history got fats from animals
>even when processed it was still from animals like butter

>oil is now made from plants which have almost no fats thereby creating an extremely processed product that is now used in excess
>so processed its few chemical chains away from plastic like margarine

imagine my surprise when people who eat more processed foods are the ones that are obese and getting heart disease
>5'4 average

It’s squat volume day and I have diarrhea. Any way to harden up my poops quickly?
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You don’t have a squat plug? NGMI
I’m going for it, everyone is wearing a mask so won’t notice if I shid my pants
Drink more water
Why even bother with anything but a large, you're just wasting money
why would this matter? doesn't the plug prevent the poop?

File: baldness.jpg (82 KB, 940x540)
82 KB
Should I start finasteride or minoxidil first?
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>lots of side effects
Like what? I havent heard of any common ones.
Should I just shave it and embrace the ugly? I dont know why but I just get depressed on this shit even it works.
>I am megabalding
>my hairline is a deep V now
>basically just Tom Ford
>decided I don't care
>rock my chopped hairline

Fuck medicines
Where did you see this? I’ve been trying to find his updated hair loss protocol but the most recent info I can find is from summer 2020, in which he’s still taking RU but a lower dose
depends how far gone you are. finasteride saved my life, maybe it is worth a shot for you

Im a 6ft 260 pound dude who has never been to this board before and can kick all of your faggots asses. Sneed
cool i'm 6'4" 250, lift and train for mma
i'd heem you
I am 5'4 145lbs
nic nie zrozumiałem wowik

File: 32534151235.jpg (94 KB, 667x960)
94 KB
I used to have a really stronk core but then I got fat and didn't work out for 10 years. I lost most of the weight and have been working abs (a bit inconsistently) for the past year and a half.

The guy I was just talking to said about 18lbs which would allow for versatility in training but I'm just trying to use them for ab twists. What would /fit/ recommend? Does 12lbs sound good?

File: wojak-stage-2.5-doomer.jpg (262 KB, 867x881)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
Just learned finasteride only works for 5 years
Longer than you've worked you worthless neet fuck
>was an awful diffuse thinning hairlet
>looked like prince william
>started taking finasteride and minoxidil
>used it for a year and a half
>got most of my hair back, now just slightly thin and slightly receded, doesnt look atypical for a man in his 30s
>started feeling anxious as fuck and got in a lot of fights with my wife
>theorized that it was the finasteride fucking with my hormones
>stopped taking it entirely
>its been a full year and I still have all my hair using only minoxidil
There's no reason to be mad about it, OP. That's five more years than you would have had otherwise. All we do to prolong the reaper, Norwood or otherwise, is only a temporary measure.
Is that actually a thing? I'm even more glad I didn't use the stuff, it made my balls ache so I stopped it after three months
Yeah, I can only assume my ball aches were actually due to something being fucked with, I just hope I haven't done any lasting damage.
5 years is enough to live it up

Is there any evidence that sweating is good for you? How often should you be sweating per day?
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it's uncannily similar to ball sweat anon, go ahead and have a taste
That's a man
You are always sweating , you just don't notice it
Nothing good in excessive sweating, just washing away your water and minerals + can iterate the skin
bags of coins
Sweating hurts your gains?? I need minerals

File: 7806187i.jpg (50 KB, 452x600)
50 KB
What % of Americans do you think would live to be centurians if 80% of people weren't fatfucks?
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File: Dwarven Centurian.jpg (88 KB, 698x841)
88 KB
No, I'm pretty sure he had it right.
My great grandfather died last week at 97. He was quite healthy throughout his life, never fat. I would guess if there was less fat people it still would be somewhat rare to get past 100.
Hardly and Americans would be able to compete.
>There is very little data on this but I can say something about it. Calculations be historians point to a 20–25% death rate in a typical antiquarian battle. That probably doesn’t count the wounded who died later because of poor medical care.

>To discuss this, we have to separate the republic from the Empire, because the army was very different. The Republic used a citizen army of landholders. They served and then went back to their farms. Around 140 BC, this system broke down because too many farmers were being killed. Their surviving family members became destitute and moved to Rome to become urban poor. A land allocation bill was introduced in 133 BC to give land to citizens so they could qualify for the army. This effort by Tiberius Gracchus led to his assassination by the Senate because it didn’t like what he was trying to do.

>In 107 BC, the general Marius removed the landowning requirement and opening up the military to everyone. Soldiers would be paid by the spoils of war, not the Senate. That turned the commanding general into a kingmaker and led to the fall of the Republic.

>Later in the empire, the army was largely mercenary and most of the soldiers were not Roman citizens.

>In the Republican years the loss of life was cumulative and eventually took its toll on Roman citizenry. But there is another factor. If you remember the Roman formation model, there were three formations of soldiers: Hastati (front), Principes (middle), and Triarii (rear). Triarii were the most experienced. In many battles, the Triarii were not needed because the groups in front of them achieved the victory. My point is the most experienced had the best chance of survival.

I have seen estimates (mostly for modern wars) that up to 75% of troops don’t fire their guns and aren’t in the action. Obviously if you are not in the action, you have a great chance of surviving.

Probably less then 5% of the total American Population

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