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How good are doing squats to build my flutes? I’m tired of having a big butt.
Yes perfect

File: oof.jpg (250 KB, 1440x810)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
Post your quarantine gains
Got 5x5 bench from 180 lb ish to 215 lb, now on a cut.
>Shut up bro. Im bulking. Fucking twinks.

Should I do a back and chest day (OHP, bench, pull-ups, rows) and then have an arm day, or should I do push day (bench, OHP, triceps) and a pull day (pull ups, rows, biceps).

Which will get me bigger arms?
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what a fuck retarded sched

if you have done rows any well you will never much left in you to get quality pullups and vice versa
you should do full body (or upper lower) and be doing curls a MINIMUM of 4x a week, triceps isos 3x a week depending on how much your benching
Most people do pull-ups and rows on the same day, I’ve always down it that way.

If I were to train push/pull on the same day, I’d probably start with bench, then move to pull-ups, then move to OHP, then rows. This isn’t unheard of or insane, it’s a standard upper body day for many upper/lower splits. I’m just debating whether an arm day is worth it or if I’m wasting my time.
working arms every other day, with dropsets
What did you say bitch?

File: WkCLfZp.jpg (74 KB, 720x564)
74 KB
Imagine looking like this. Just kill yourself.
Mirin those calves

>you trying to lose weight? OMAD bro
the difference between having one low calorie meal a day to lose weight a sumo that wants to gain weight is that they eat upwards of 10,000 calories in a meal. total gay argument 0/10 OP is confirmed faggot
You don't think that fatties would pig out on their one meal as well?
The big one just lost tho.

File: IMG_6309-min.jpg (616 KB, 3024x4032)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
i am taking it slow, this week and next week i am quitting soda and sugar and the two weeks after i am cutting processed foods, but after this i dont know what to do. if im gonna be lifting but also wanna lose fat, should i eat above, at, or below maintenance?

also are fruits ok to eat or no since they have sugar?
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meme food. very high cal.
why so many gays here
File: 1589592604195.jpg (4 KB, 219x239)
4 KB
in general you just need to stop being a giant pussy that needs constant explanations of how to do everything. you think people who got fit actually did this? no, they made the decision to take a step forward, got passionate about it and learned as they went.

anon, there is endless infortmation online for every aspect of diet and training. all of your questions have already been answered if you google them. and ultimately you know if you're being a faggot eating garbage or eating nutritious foods that will help you burn fat and gain muscle. You also know if you've eaten too much for the day if your goal is to lose weight, and you know if you've eaten too little if you're trying to gain muscle. Deep down everyone knows these things, it's called intuition. But no, instead, you'll come here asking 5000 questions that you need answered before even starting in hopes someone will motivate you to stop being such a loser and do all of the work for you, which is why everyone is calling you a faggot (because you are).

If your family's life was on the line for you to have the perfect beach body in 2 years, and you had to figure it all out yourself, you would. That means you have ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES AT ALL TO NOT DO IT AND FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF. Faggot.
It the pasta/spaghetti is made of whole meal grains it is considerably more beneficially nutritious than a refined grain pasta
File: 1388804935991.jpg (61 KB, 523x510)
61 KB
Quality post

File: cud climb a mountain.webm (1.77 MB, 576x720)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB WEBM
anyone else climb the monkeybars?
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belkin deadlifted more
have your laugh normal faggot. theres no reason for that posturing phenomenon besides women pretending to be humble fitness enthusiasts.
this is why pound for pound is cucked though
Thor lifted over half a ton, more than double what that female powerlifted lifted. Yeah it's only 2.45x his body weight, but pound for pound doesnt mean shit compared to real cold steel.
when do people stop caring about this stuff?

World strongest man are weaker at pull ups because there's literally no event That has something similar to anything calisthenics like, if they included an event like that they would have to train it and you'd see soon enough they'd get better at it

What type of men do art hoes allow themselves to date or hang out with?

Imagine being so cool you actually kiss something like that...
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File: dino.png (682 KB, 613x603)
682 KB
682 KB PNG
there's no way they aren't sick of the fragile pussies they hang out with
You've been hoist by your own petard, ma'am
Apparently military jarheads on the side while they stab their lanklet emotional tampons to death.


Since I've been hittin the protein powder again, I constantly feel like I got the shits but with no shit
Is there any easy way to just shit it all out?
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wait wheres that supps chart that got posted earlier
need to know if ON is more expensive than the good ones
>choline bitartrate
Choline is great for you and most people don’t get enough of it. Bitartrate cause an almost instant supershit within 30 minutes if you take too much at one time. I take a small dose daily but every now and then I take 1-2 grams of choline bitartrate and take a violent but amazing shit and get those choline brain and organ benefits too. Totally empties me out and feels good.
Thanks anon I will check it out
Buy Whey isolate, retard
lo it is whey isolate

File: SS+GOMAD 3 MONTHS.jpg (87 KB, 761x777)
87 KB
>I'm putting together a team, you in?
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made me wheeze
can someone post the non photoshopped version?

File: 1590703982910.jpg (23 KB, 500x500)
23 KB
Can you break those cuffs?
I can't break those cuffs :(

Bubb Rubb and Li'l Sis

Tila Tequila
Thank you 2003 - coinbird says yo

Any muslims here who pray before they go to the gym in the morning?

How do you force yourself to wake up at like 4:30AM everyday? Is the power of Allah great enough to inspire you to do this?
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Hello brother, waking up at fajr is the best thing you can do, faith is oscillating my brother, when you are living as Allah intended faith comes easily to you, but sometimes we sin and we go through periods where our hearts have doubt in them and we begin to feel it is hard to wake up for fajr, we pray our prayers late, etc. Going to bed after Isha and waking up at Fajr is great, sometimes during the year when Ishaa is at 11 and fajr is at 3am, I pray Ishaa with Maghreb (Many fatwas on how this is acceptable if you live in areas with weirder pray times due to how far they are from equator), and go to bed to I can get my 6 hours before fajr.
>Wake up at 3:15am
>Pray Fajr
>do Yoga stretches
>drink black coffee
>run 10k
>come home and eat breakfast
>relax for an hour sometimes even nap
>go and do calisthenics and jump rope
>come home shower and go to work
>Pray Thuhr and eat lunch during lunch break
>Get off work
>Pray Asr and go train martial arts
>Come home eat dinner relax for a bit then pray maghreb and Ishaa

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Please begome Ordodox :D
fucking kekd thanks anon. saved.
Fuck off mudslime
read what Hitler wrote about Islam

I’m 24 year old living at home and newly on unemployment here in nyc. I’ve decided it’s time to start a exercise regiment, since it’s best to just sit and save some money while everything’s a mess.

I’d like to know what a beginner can do besides pushups in a apartment? I have some money to invest in a pull up bar because I heard they’re good. Also should I start taking supplements or whey protein? And how do I make sure I’m doing a proper push up? I’m just trying to get healthier but honestly I wanna look good to for the spring/summer

I don’t know if this warrants its own thread but thank you in advanced.
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Got it thanks I’ll look into those.
>personal insecurities.

You don't say?
She's definitely a woman that needs a hard man to handle
Wait, you mean yours? Holy shit anon. Get help.
You know now that you say that she was pretty wild. It was fun while it briefly lasted though

File: maxresdefault.jpg (149 KB, 1280x720)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
What do you think of his new vid ?
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Clearly haven't listened to a single of his podcasts if you think he is a brainwashed stormtrooper, his literal favourite guy ever was Hackworth
I think stop shilling.
Hitler Quads confirm. Steel My Soldiers Hearts is better than About Face though.
File: 1581658209879.jpg (77 KB, 960x708)
77 KB
He spent a tour in Ramadi and know he apparently knows everything about everything. Dude is like a high school quarterback who went state one season and now can't stop reliving the glory days. Everything he says when it comes to big picture stuff is retardation. He fought in a bullshit war and he frankly doesn't even care because all he ever wanted to be since he was a kid was a frogman. He pretends to give a shit about his country but he really doesn't. Sorry bro, but that shit doesn't make you a god. Unfortunately this country swung too far in the opposite direction of Vietnam era hatred of troops to blind worship rather than being in a balanced position where we can reasonably criticize these things and these people without resorting to spitting on them and blindly hating them. Now he pimps out the trident in the guise of "remembering those who came before" while shilling his brain and joint pills. This isn't someone to look up to. There's plenty of good things to learn from him, sure, but that doesn't mean blindly follow him like a cult leader.
Jesus the cringe is so much. I can't take it anymore.

Will nofap help me have more energy and feel happier and more confident by default?
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Does your cult prohibit the use of lube?
Happened to me as well
hate u fags.
you need to do a large combination of things that boost your health.
Stop jerking off
Stop eating shit
Actually exercise instead of pretending to on /fit/ for EPIC TWITTER SCREENCAPS
I don't know, but you'll definitely feel less like a disgusting degenerate that jerks off all the time.
Do you think Chads think about nofap?
If I don't jerk off after a great workout, I'm afraid i will sexually assault someone

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