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File: IMG_20231127_004221~2.jpg (512 KB, 936x1300)
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Last thread >300 replies
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only 100 more lbs to go
80 don't be a retard
It's now 110lbs to go
Women weigh <100lbs
Men weigh >200lbs
Anything in between is a tranny

File: 20231128_141140.jpg (465 KB, 2880x2880)
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465 KB JPG
Why do old school bodybuilders have angled aesthetic chests while modern ones have round ugly ones.
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kill youself my niga
you have no idea how anything works do you
File: jeffseid.jpg (112 KB, 1280x720)
112 KB
112 KB JPG

It's entirely left up to genetics lol
File: Vince Gironda.jpg (88 KB, 359x600)
88 KB
Other than size, it's all about insertions. Pecline below nipples = right. Pecline at the line of nipples = left. Even if right did the same routine as the guy on the left, he'd probably still look fairly similar to the way he does on the right with the only noticeable difference being in the size of each muscle group.

>eats your flesh
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File: 1605728589144.png (110 KB, 252x273)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
Checked, kek'd, and accept.
She will now be known as Stiffanie.
She's a butt slut
Because bottomless is hot
Rare example of OC

File: giphy.gif (2.24 MB, 480x399)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB GIF
Have you used smelling salts in the gym?
average smelling salt user
literally just lift
Obligatory imagine the smell post.

File: 1700521367726504.jpg (70 KB, 735x905)
70 KB
How do I get massive fore arms? I got a watch for birthday and it looks like shit on my twig lanklet arms. What kind of exercise can I do at home?
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File: manlet.webm (3 MB, 406x720)
3 MB
calm down lil man
File: 1618507521098.jpg (268 KB, 1440x1080)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
I found decent results with the wrist roller. I would keep going until the pump became so unbearable I had to stop. Reverse curls, dead hangs, wrist curls/extensions, and cross body hammer curls also work well. Now I am using a mix of Hammer curls, Rice Bucket until gnarly pump, then dead hang until grip gives out. I haven't been doing this for long so I can't say how good it is, but I am enjoying the ungodly forearm pumps it gives me. This video is also probably a good place to find ideas: https://youtu.be/UVsF6aCrcB4?si=0vNE4RAgACqIkr-q
Your watch sits on your wrist not your forearm. Only way to grow wrists is doing heavy labour and getting older.
File: 1694552625656000.jpg (149 KB, 900x900)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
He's literally me tho fr fr...
Nothing is more of a sign of little man syndrome than owning a truck. Similar to a woman they feel safe from being so high up, but like women manlets don’t think with reason rather pure emotion and spite

File: pshp.png (651 KB, 1320x1235)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
You know the drill
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File: IMG_1365.jpg (3.82 MB, 3600x5760)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB JPG
I must.

File: 74e.jpg (44 KB, 716x493)
44 KB
>lifting for girls doesn't wo--ACK
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I have not seen that in a spell. Brutal, just savage.
He works that hard on his body but can't pay someone to give him a non-Amish haircut.
It looks like a combover.
Looked legit to me and I think I fanboyed for him a few times as a lifting success story, but then I noticed a kind of fervor, excess, and phoniness surrounding his story that triggered my spidey sense, much like with the vax marketing and the ghost of Kiev. these people can never help overpressing.
lol you faggots always have something

File: steroids.jpg (87 KB, 704x619)
87 KB
How do I avoid look like right if I decide to take steroids?
If I lose my hair, my life is over.
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>unbloated look
that's a look from 'wet' steroids like deca, testosterone, dbol, etc. If he's on a 'dry' stack and/or if he is taking enough aromatase inhibitors he wouldn't look bloated
Neither will you, faggot. Sorry one shitty dark grainy photo doesn’t cut it. Post one with a timestamp and let me mog you
no one here actually lifts and if pictures of /fit/ people are posted there roiders.
the desperate attempt to hide the hairline with the weird ass headphone placement
I posted my pic and I am a proud natty.

File: IMG_20231128_103221812.jpg (3.38 MB, 4096x3072)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB JPG
You don't need the needle anon
pic related is my dinner
All of this is less than $7 in burger land
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OP states he's in burgerland, not whatever shithole you're from.
What are you on about mate
Dyel? No size
>no spices
Just eat like a normal person

File: 1686572997992310.jpg (244 KB, 1200x650)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
How do people jog in the winter?
The air is so dry it feels like I'm desiccating my body from breathing.
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Fuck that I want a tan face
Heck off! just giving him excuses to quit
Breathe exclusively through your nose. You aren't a noselet, are you?
Gay Alert! Gay Alert!

compared to roiders sam looks pretty natty
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Everything’s going through inflation huh
Makes sense now he was hating on white women, probably on r/short right as we speak saying how asian women are better anyway
>he is just roiding less
He is 21
File: samson.jpg (273 KB, 1160x829)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
6 year difference from 2017 pro card to 2023. look at the intermediate years if you want. it's impressive but was a linear progression.
yes samson is 10 years older. sam has plenty of time to grow before he dies.
No, Sam, you cannot compete in Classic.

File: IMG_3725.jpg (541 KB, 750x720)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
Gavin webber is pretty cool.
File: 1688528538816.jpg (124 KB, 920x920)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Good cheese, absolutely
Plastic cheese, not so much

>Crush made out with her overweight manlet boyfriend in front of me
>Think about that image every time I'm in the gym now
>Get so angry that the weight actually feels lighter
I wish I was lying, but I think I'm developing a cuck fetish for better gains
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That type of girl responds way better to online chatting rather than irl. Try finding her on Instagram and chat her up. Simple as.
File: 1693911618632.jpg (18 KB, 330x245)
18 KB
>see my gym crush at a party
>we make eye contact and enthusiastically greet eachother
>she's friendly and charming
>talk for 20 minutes
>find out later that she has a long-term boyfriend
>He didn't stalkmaxx
I did. That's how I found out about her BF
How old are you

Is this a decent starting routine? How long should I do it before moving to something more complex?
Just fucking do starting strength, it's easier than reinventing the wheel.
If you want to get something from this: working 6s is fine, 7s or 8s could be even better, BUT since you're a beginner, those sets aren't your real maxes, you might not even get complete activation if you go for more than 5 reps, your strength as a beginner skyrockets just that fast. That's why in practice working 5s to the exclusion of everything else works best, for a time.
It's a shit program.
Start with calisthenics. Add Starting Strength to it when you are ready.

File: IMG_5281.jpg (177 KB, 1290x1049)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Wait, so I been wasting my time doing cardio like a dingus!?!?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
proof that you're a moron that posts comments in threads out of instinct, even though the thread is bait and has no link posted
Just don't be fat, takes me 0 minutes.
>I been
Niggers are disgusting.
Is that the swallow your tongue technique?
That'll work for taking pictures but I feel like it's not sustainable to do for hours on end.
>Not sustainable
Most people do this naturally from birth.

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