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File: 2D6ySaH.jpg (27 KB, 801x604)
27 KB
I'm a male and i have this exact line from all the years of sitting like a goblin. How to fix this?
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This. Post more pics.
that is not me, found on google. it is likely that is a female you fuckıng faggots
Post bussy
I had this when I was 115 pounds so I don't think its a weight thing
File: welcome to fit.jpg (80 KB, 612x448)
80 KB

File: Its simple.png (97 KB, 806x861)
97 KB
>Be me
>Find /fit/ 6 years ago in last year of high-school
>Actually lift
>Fast forward 7 years

>165-215lbs BW
>405bench/535squat/600dead all natty
>Find group of trustworthy and motivating long term gymbros
>Find long-term GF who is also into lifting
>Find stable income through coaching rich peeps

T-Thanks /fit/ I love you fuckers...
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maybe they want instant results
which is weird since noob gains were the easiest part
Still waiting to make it. Currently studying and working out every single day. Still get the temptations to relapse on nofap caving in on me. Pray for me.
File: 1593178863694m.jpg (95 KB, 1024x492)
95 KB
you made it bro
>do NoFap because /fit/ tells me all the benefits
>last 10 days
>need to have sex
>have sex with girl
>coom in less than 1 min
>don’t hear from her
So this is the power of NoFap.
I don't have sex in general. I started nofap before I started browsing /fit/, but whatever makes you happy.

Has this happened to you /fit/?
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oglaf is shit 90% of the time, its just once in awhile that a brilliant one comes out of it. you can only have
>and then they had sex
as a punch line so many times before it gets boring.
I mean he did do boxing for several years so probably not.
Why do Jews always look so malnourished and weak?
The non/pol/ reason?
they're usually balding.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (184 KB, 1280x720)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
What do you think about "Thats Good Money", the YouTube channel? It's a calisthenics channel that's mostly focused on street workouts, and that shows how they workout, with multiple dudes interviewed outdoor giving advice for specific things.


I like the channel but it's so fucking disorganized.
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How does this guy have 350k subs but pulls only like 5-20k views per vid
File: 1593165329502.gif (1.6 MB, 400x400)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF
When you bulk endlessly, you constantly have progressive overload in your bodyweight training. Checkmate shekelberg gym owners (home gym kings are based in my book regardless)
Left possibly natty, right absolutely not. Apparently he's 44 years old too.
Those arms are disgustingly huge and he's still very lean
Blacks are some of the niggest liars ive ever met lol cant trust anything nogs say
Classic tren look with unnatural locations for superficial vascularitity

File: 1571800784571.jpg (167 KB, 1080x1349)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>Spending more than an hour at the gym
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Rest 13 seconds between sets
45 minutes, no dicking around lmfao don't waste your time go in and out. Unless you have buddies there then waste all the fucking time in the world lmfao.
this is terrible for your gains lmao
you wouldn't know the first thing about gains you jewish fag
beginner weak bitches like OP shouldn't be allowed to make threads

traps thread
i dont mean tranny i mean the muscles
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File: IMG_20200702_052129~2.jpg (1.26 MB, 2448x3264)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
Rate my back
>i dont mean tranny i mean the muscles
Suuurre OP, sure you do.
can you please dress up like this?
Scandinavians have the worst genetics.
you have literally zero traps you delusional faggot

>tfw all that lifting can't lift the loneliness
Why do you think everyone here is a cooker?
>perform a solitary activity
>surprised he's alone
you can lift, but to beat loneliness you need to do activities with other people, like biking or bouldering
File: 1594388857883.jpg (426 KB, 867x576)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
>lifting is a solitary activity
>not working out with the bros
>not hitting on the gym twink
yikes dude
I've got a home gym and no friends. Temporary lay off due to covid. Slowly going insane. So much free time and I'm lifting less than I did while I was working 10 hr days at a physically demanding job

What do I do bros

File: thot.jpg (84 KB, 1080x810)
84 KB
I eat protein, take supps, but plateau at the same weights/reps/sets for weeks at a time. What the fuck is wrong with me? With these groups, I do one day on, one day off. Should I go on test, or are there "natural" chemicals that I can take aside from caffeine? I've done EC stacking before but trying to sleep after a few hundred mg of pseudo sucks. Should I do 2 on, one off? When I try to push past my routine, my joints get sore and I feel as though that means the next day I need more recovery.
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Show us your armpits then, faggot.
Get a load of this fag. I bet you don't like feet either lmao
>Low weights
>Low intensity
Yeah, you're still DYEL. Sign up to a gym and pick up a barbell and do either Starting Strength or Stronglifts, otherwise you'll never progress
Do you know what you say to plateaus? Not today you motherfucker

File: download.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
ive been on fin for almost two months with no side effects. are we in the clear boys?
I'm finna bop you ya dig
Pretty much
t. Month 7.5 with no sides
Does creating cause balding? I’m back to bulking but when I was on creatine I felt like an animal and it was great. But I haven’t hopped back on due to hair loss fears.

I thought I was balding for a while but then I got a haircut and shit looks fine now I mean somehow my temples have regrown. Maybe having a shorter haircut just hides it.

Is creatine bad for you?
I have never taken creatine but I'm bald. So it must not be the cause of baldness

would pic related actually work? what's the process?

>First law- objects in motion stay in motion
So I started spinning my plates in the same direction on each side of the bar and my lifts have gone up.
Make sure you don't spin them in opposite directions as they will cancel each other out.
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so you spin plates to act like a gyroscope for 3 seconds? Cool
Pretty sure spinning plates have 0 net vertical force on the bar but keep thinking you know things meathead
okay retard

cringe and bluepilled

File: wtf.jpg (42 KB, 720x715)
42 KB
>just ate 800kcl worth of peanuts in one 10 min sitting while on a cut
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File: 1580713133120.jpg (62 KB, 940x1024)
62 KB
I know that feel anon
I used to keep almonds in the house and would shovel them fuckers in my mouth after a workout.
Just go for a 10 mile run, bro
this, but walking 10 miles, I cant run lul
File: apu.png (22 KB, 200x200)
22 KB
a retards life is not an easy one...
nah on a bulk I would skip the middle man and pound those fuckers directly into my shake
I hate running, would gladly bike 25km over running 5km

File: gigaterasoy.png (203 KB, 371x561)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
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File: you 21.png (192 KB, 625x682)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
What do you mean "falling down"?
Do you mean having a enough muscle for the chest to not be flat? What level of dyel are you on lad
Literal autism. Enjoy not losing any weight faggot.
>Lifting to lose weight
uhhh... should someone tell 'em?
funny how only obese retards do keto and assume everyone else needs to lose weight as well lol

Any tips on how to overcome or prevent injuries. This could be:
Supplements that make you more resilient, exercises than help ligaments and tendons,

File: Arno Breker face.jpg (84 KB, 522x681)
84 KB
I'm coming up short. I can't find anything useful online about workouts that build your facial muscles.
Are there any specific workouts, or is just a proper healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise the key to making my face look like an Arno Breker statue?
i've noticed an improvement doing this:
just say x and o over and over again.
until you're sick of it. well, that's all i know, it's mostly to get rid of chin fat I suppose.
isn't literally all you need to do to make face gains is have a low bf%?
I mean if you're ugly you're ugly, but having low bodyfat will sharpen your jawline and give you sunken cheeks
Having a face like that statue is purely down to genetics. Unless you are massively overweight, your face is pretty much stuck how it is.
chew gum and back of the tounge on the roof of the mouth

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