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What's your spirit animal /fit/?
For me it's the whale shark.
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File: li3ihw4s4xs31.png (298 KB, 465x335)
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298 KB PNG
Impressive. Very Nice. Let's see Paul Allen's cock
honey badger. he doesn't give a fuck
they were women mostly
The Chinese will eat your god damn spirit animal fool! Be warned!
File: 1613700435800.jpg (64 KB, 904x1024)
64 KB

File: ETQEopUU8AAljNx.jpg (70 KB, 831x618)
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No QTDDTOT thread to post in:
Does anyone have experience lifting when sick/feeling shitty?

had destructive painful diarrhea from whey and chipotle concoction. lifts are through the floor

continue to lift, or will it risk injury?
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make up the calorie dif that you struggle with using olive oil, whole milk, butter, that sort of shit. liquid calories are very easy to get in especially.
Bulk Nutrients pea and rice protein is good
Pea is not a complete protein, but if you combine it with another source, then it is a complete protein
measure it uncooked
>Is it worthwhile to do focused ab shit or are compounds enough?
Eh you can do some but it won't be too noticeable (because abs are a small muscle group that don't change in size much, just like grip and neck)
>it seems like all my fat accumulates on my lower abs/back.
Congrats, you store fat in the same spots as the average male.
>. Should I just cut moar and keep doing squats/deadlifts or do I need to focus abs to get them to be visible?
Abs will pop up once you hit a certain bf% threshold, working on them a bit won't cause noticeable difference.

3? 4? 5? Currently having been lifting for 2 years and wondering when I should be shooting for made it status.
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1. Lift for a year or two
2. Shoot a solid cycle of test-e and tren while bulking responsibly
3. Cut
4. Hcg post cycle
5. Keep lifting throughout
6. Maintain at natty limit forever
As long as you avoid the traps of trying to be some impossible mass monster and don't let your training slack totally possible
5 and you're like 85% there
There is no such thing as the natty limit. It is a myth

Key word here is proper training

File: wojak.png (5 KB, 201x251)
5 KB
So I have been doing the 100 push up a day challenge for about a week and change now. I have been able to get through the workouts by doing 5 sets of 20 pushups with maybe 40 minute breaks in-between. I quickly do them when I have short breaks at work next to me desk and finish off when I get home.

Today I sort of pushed myself past what I was used to. I did 3 sets with only 5 minute breaks in between and it fucked up my chest muscles and I couldn't do anymore today.

This has me wondering. Is it valid to do push ups with long breaks in between as I had previously been doing? Will I get the same amount of gains as If I push myself like I did today?
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Anything more than a 30 second break with low reps like this is going to affect your gains .
How should I do pushups properly to achieve gains. keep in mind im pretty ngmi
dont count numbers. you arent practicing counting. push yourself further. are you eating properly so your body doesnt metabolise the muscles?
>sets of 20
>low reps

Set a timer on your phone for a minute between sets. If you can't complete the full twenty, start another timer for a minute, repeat until you finish your hundred. Make sure your fingers are parallel to your spine, and just outside shoulder width apart. Add between a half pound and a pound of chicken to each meal. Stay consistent.
Focus on how many you can do with less than a minute between sets. It won’t be nearly as many as you do now. But keep to that regimen and incrementally add. Also, don’t do an equal number of reps per set. Do to failure each set. That may be 25, 15, 13, 8. But it doesn’t matter

File: worry.png (127 KB, 255x264)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
>Look in the mirror
>"Whoa, lookin' good!"
>Take any sort of picture or appear in a picture taken by someone else
>weird looking ugly alien thing that vaguely resembles me
how do i make this stop
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It's better to look good irl rather than in photos.
My girl says I'm quite handsome irl, but she can't show her friends photos of me because I look ugly af in all them.
At least that's what she tells me
File: cheers.gif (681 KB, 220x220)
681 KB
681 KB GIF
>My girl says I'm quite handsome irl, but she can't show her friends photos of me because I look ugly af in all them.
>At least that's what she tells me
File: 1614151723117.jpg (60 KB, 743x488)
60 KB
I think she's just being nice bro.
the man in the mirror is unmoggable, this you must've learned by now

File: 680tmyxcxx951.jpg (52 KB, 573x573)
52 KB
Why do ultra conditioned bodybuilders today look so much flatter/less separated than how they did in the 80’s/90’s?
hgh and insulin gut

Me on my way to making it to ottermode.
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>bites you
File: hqdefault.jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
13 KB
Me on my way to making it out of ottermode.
Otters are water rats. Ugly looking creatures
My uncle told me the otters up at his cabin disassemble the beaver lodges so they can hunt the baby beavers.

File: coffee2.webm (2.29 MB, 460x646)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB WEBM
Does anyone else feel like caffeine doesn't affect them very much? Is this normal ?
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I got to that level and higher during my degree and assumed I'd stop after. I'm now 10yr into my software career and haven't stopped yet. feels bad
File: 1614183546399.jpg (64 KB, 700x941)
64 KB
>wake up in the early morning
>feel decently rested
>drink espresso
>get tired as fuck within 5 minutes back to sleep

also me
>drink coffee
>lose control of myself
>try to study but cant concentrate
>want to jerk off and play vidya

Is this autism?
I get up at 3:30am to hit up my gym. First thing I do is make coffee. I drink about 40-50 ounces a day. It does not make me jittery and my doc is fine with it but once I stop drinking it for the night I crash out asleep.
How do you get glycine in your coffee? Do you put gelatin sheets in it?
>feel anything
Never understood this. What am I supposed to feel? I drink 4-6 cups a day and don't think I've ever felt anything other than enjoying the taste.

File: SquattingLoli.png (84 KB, 250x330)
84 KB
I'm starting out with the stuff I see in the sticky bc I am a skinnyfat but there are many lifts on the internets. Fuck, I don't think I know how to use half the equipment at my local gym.
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that's the approach I'm trying to take. Slowly, surely, and hopefully I can stop being a skinny faggot
sort your workout into 3 main lifts: bench, deadlift, and squat.
then find accessory lifts for those - any you want.
also add some cardio.
Imo chin ups are good starting point, get them to 30 and you can start packing some weight to that, if you can't do chin ups, bicep curl at least 20-25kg 30 times for a week and if you are in a gym with lat pull down machine get that to about 50kg 3x8-12 same amount. Also do basic bench pressing imo you only need to be able to lift 50kg 3x8-12 for that if a total scrub. Once you can do chin ups, just do back squats, chin ups, bench press and bicep curls. 4 days a week rest 3 days a week, also eat well and stretch on rest days.
I love Taiga so much, bros. I want a Taiga gf
File: bbc.jpg (158 KB, 1080x1015)
158 KB
158 KB JPG

It's pretty simple anon. Your body has some basic functions that it can do. If you want your body to get bigger and stronger muscles, you have to put weight on those functions to develop the muscles that perform them.

Any comprehensive lifting routine will contain the following:

1. A chest push, like bench press.
2. A chest pull, like cable rows.
3. An overhead push, like clean & press.
4. An overhead pull, like lat pulldown.
5. A leg press, like squats.


6. Bicep curls and a tricep exercise, for the vanity big arm muscles which every guy wants.

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File: Rate my form.png (245 KB, 357x479)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
are we gonna make it ?
Is this from one of the rekt webms? Post it already.

He's gonna make it to a chiropractor when he fucks his back up

Is this wristcel or normal?
I’m 6ft
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Because I have arm hair? Lmao I don’t wax my arms. Not a Fag
It's okay bro your wrists are normal
time to fuck a twink
File: TyXJ.gif (708 KB, 360x312)
708 KB
708 KB GIF
High quality post.
I'm also 6ft with 6.25" wrist, and to top it off my forearm muscle inserts are short bellied. Finally getting over my insecurities now.
Get big and strong and it doesn't matter.
What a shitty post, at least wrap a tape measure around that twig you call an arm?

File: homebody-1024x511.jpg (42 KB, 700x370)
42 KB
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>perky steroid nipple
Nobody does that anon
>60k a year by begging
ivdu all natty bbbb
Maybe not in France but in the less developed world where wages are dogshit it can actually be a lucrative business to establish begging syndicates in major cities especially if they are tourism hotspots. All the crying kids you see with their hands out are giving that money back to their boss at the end of the day it's a job.
Guess I will actually order some resistance bands, seems like you can actually get shit done with them.

Anyone else flat footed? I am and I believe that's why I've been getting knee pain these past few days but I'm not sure.
It hurts as fuck when I've been sedentary for a while and it sucks because I'm not able to squat.
Any tests I can make at home to be sure of what the reason is? Or any general tips for knee pain?
I experienced knee pain due to flat feet but only because one was far flatter than the other. Are they both the same level of flat? Because if one is worse than the other it may be causing your knee to be sitting at an awkward angle, causing it pain. Perhaps try some orthopedic inserts?
Knee pain related to flat feet will probably be in the medial side of the knee or the patella iirc. Stand up straight and lift/rotate your weight onto the "outside" of the bottom of your feet, and then "collapse" your arch by flattening them again. See what it does to the entire leg column, it can even cause anterior pelvic tilt if profound enough.

You need to strengthen the arch of your foot (the arch will never actually reform) and wear orthotics in the meantime. Whole process takes years. Also look at the way your legs are rotated and tensioned by your flat feet, you should look up stretches to help offset this.

File: 1614170241616.gif (2 MB, 250x281)
2 MB
Animals with huge muscles or doing sports. Preferably not photoshopped.
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that's leopard bro
File: 1590781413765.jpg (26 KB, 1150x315)
26 KB
Is this real?
It’s funny because she’s an actual neo-Nazi now.

File: anon.jpg (484 KB, 1278x1052)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
absolutely disgusting
Nice bait faggot
File: 20210113_225708.jpg (30 KB, 520x311)
30 KB
not unless he's like packing something beast under that shitty plaid shirt
He is fit by Bubbles standards
>thin balding hair
>shitty frames with thick as hell lenses
>narrow shoulders
>wearing American Eagle and older than 18
>wearing a shittt desigjes button up with black jeans casually
>thick hips
>cats on furniture
>owning cats at all, especially more than one, as a man

While he is a typical soiboi if he started now he could change it all in his 30s

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