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File: 3gnqzq.png (185 KB, 600x600)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
i had unprotected sex with a slampig and now i have mono.
but she did tell everyone I have a massive dick biggest she has ever seen so i guess it is worth it if I didnt get any incurable STDs. any of you guys gotten laid by an ugly girl who likes lifters?
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well, i wouldnt want to be. so i would only have sex and develop relationships with people that i found attractive or interesting, this philosphy would filter fat ugly warthogs
i wouldve slept in a bunkbed with my other friend but i left him alone with this other girl incase he wanted to try have sex with her :( ugly girls bed was the only place i couldve slept
enjoy getting aids fag
Men of the past literally never coped, all those extremely high marriage statistics were because they weren't using other peoples' bodies to masturbate. """Casual""" sex is cooming
Is everyone itt spewing about monogamy a hyperchad getting swarmed by chicks seven days a week but is able to reject their whorish ways for his one true love because he's transcended, or just a coping virgin? I for one am a humble khv manlet with a measly six inch weiner and I lift solely to have sex
Please please please be bait
>She had friends over and all I could really muster was “swamp monster bitch gave me chlamydia go get checked fuck stinky vag Sasquatch” or something along those lines.
Kek, you earned those dubs

ITT: post /fit/ art pieces

File: Profile_-_Maui.jpg (172 KB, 1067x761)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
What mode is this and how can I achieve it?
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File: dissapointedpepe.jpg (28 KB, 499x481)
28 KB
>all those libtards crying racism because they thought Maui was fat
Pretend fat is muscle, repeat every time you doubt your power

be a samoan mother of 5
Drink kava
Weakest man in Polynesia mode

Been doing a boring PPL for two years and I’m tired of it. Anyone know some good brosplits, wanna get joocier
>PPL for two years
Sorry to hear that Anon.
look up mike isreatel/renaissance periodisation on youtube
bump. i too am tired of ppl, i did ss, sl, nsuns, just give me a good bro split

File: 1606751784656.jpg (215 KB, 2107x1021)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
more nasolabial folds more cope

Can anyone post any links of reliable websites to purchase high quality SARM capsules. More specifically RAD and LGD

no liquid or powder based SARMS.

Thanks in advanced
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Basically this.

From a legal perspective I'll add that most SARMs aren't structural analogs of any steroid. The structures are usually totally different, even if they act on androgen receptors like steroids.

This is a HUGE legal distinction. If Congress has designated something as a controlled substance, current laws allow analogs of that substance to also be treated as a controlled substance. So when LSD is outlawed, if you stick a functional group or two on it so it still acts like LSD, but it's not LSD, it's still treated as that controlled substance with big no-nos.

With SARMs though you generally have totally unique structures (YK11 is the only SARM that comes to mind that's also a steroid, structurally). So yeah, the FDA might get sassy with manufacturers over labeling and say "well this issss actually a drug", very unlikely you have DEA busts and other nonsense absent Congress acting to specifically label certain SARMS as controlled substances.
People like it for bulking, but haven't tried it myself. Science.bio is considered the gold standard of getting a hold of the stuff these days, and they do ship worldwide while also providing different payment options (BTC, electronic checks), however they will likely be very slow in getting it out to you.
Good appetite, better skin, awesome sleep and dreams.
enjoy your ass cancer and your crashed test faggot

Why do girls on insta/tiktok say this shit. We know it's bullshit, but there's alot guys who eat this advice up and set themselves up for disappointment.

"We don't care about dick size"
"We don't care about height"

Now we don't care about how our boss look like. What are they trying to do here?
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Girls have this "funny" problem with saying "we" when voicing their personal opinions, which usually never end up being how they truly feel.
also has a shitty look on her face
Listen to their actions, not their words.
I prefer an average sized one. There is such a thing as too big. I wish guys would be up front with me about this before we get to the bedroom. If it's as fat as a coke can it's not going in.
Because women lie /thread

Is it your chosen career or a job you've fallen into/doing temp/part time?

If it isnt what is your chosen career and how are you going about making that happen?

Does it pay well?

Does it have good perks?

Does it give you time to be /fit/ and develop other interests outside of it?

Do you enjoy it?
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>implying that I work
I lift, smash tinder whores, sleep, repeat.
Can any anon redpill me on dentistry?

Im an RF engineer, mainly 3g/4g/5g & microwave
>Is it your chosen career or a job you've fallen into/doing temp/part time?
Been working towards this type of job for the past few years, been in telecoms for a while and tower climbing is like the peak profession a telecom engineer can get to
>Does it pay well?
It pays quite well
>Does it have good perks?
Van for personal use, private healthcare (i live in the uk but its still nice to get private healthcare anyway)
>Does it give you time to be /fit/ and develop other interests outside of it?
I work about 6-7 hrs a day so definitely
>Do you enjoy it?
I love it
Anyone else not want to work? I have no ambitions and no interests and I always hated being asked what I wanted to do when I grew up.
I have a job but I'm just saving and hopefully I'll make enough to retire early or only work part time and be comfortable.
>way too much for a 31 year old corporate attorney
that is standard fourth year associate salary in big law you have no idea what you are talking about
>a top 5 law school
i graduated from a top school but top 5 is not even a heirarchy in law school. there is hys, then t6, then t14, then t20. not to mention if you are at the top of your class you can land big law from a t50. look at anthony dreyer who is a partner at skadden despite graduating from fordham. https://www.skadden.com/professionals/d/dreyer-anthony-j

File: 1547730607413.jpg (12 KB, 314x360)
12 KB
>decided to incorporate dips into my push day after BP and OHP
>could barely do one
>feel extremely embarrassed about it
>gyms close
>found a corner on the kitchen counters to try to do dips
>could do 7 of them

Does this mean that incorporating dips into the push day is a kinda bad idea?
File: birthday_boy.png (48 KB, 293x348)
48 KB
You're either weak or have not adjusted to the movement yet.
>ohp 5-3-1
>bp 5x10
>pecdeck 5x5
>Dips 5x10 bw or 5x5 weighted
>maybe some grip work if I have time
It means you know jack shit about programming
>just "decide" to incorporate dips for no particular reason
>try to do them after your front delts, chest and triceps are already fucked
Don't do exercises to do exercises. Do exercises with a particular purpose.

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File: me.jpg (440 KB, 1532x2304)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
Do you like sailing?
high T
MUI Goku
File: fitideals2020.png (878 KB, 860x920)
878 KB
878 KB PNG
why is your chart color so fucked?

File: 1606753204115.jpg (86 KB, 1280x720)
86 KB
Dudes help. I keep blanking out on my workouts. Stuff that takes me an hour and 30mins gets extended to 2 hours+ because I zone out during any rest times (even during sets).
I always take 200mg of caffeine and 7 hours of sleep. I don't feel "fatigued" I still feel like I have gas in the tank but mentally I'm gone for the rest of the day. I can't eat more because I'm cutting as well. Reducing the sets/reps feels unacceptable for me because I know I can do it.

Will other supplements help?
>Will other supplements help?
if yuu are literally blanking out you need iron.
drink more water. + iron/magnesium supp

Just got a new laptop for school, figured I could use some wallpapers. I'll post my collection, youre welcome to contribute anything you have thats /fit/ related
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File: 20201014_100218.png (256 KB, 527x465)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
File: 4k-image-tiger-jumping.jpg (1.14 MB, 7680x4320)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
based, have had this on my laptop for about a month now
This works for me

File: EdrEmvKU8AAZCO_.jpg (277 KB, 746x1049)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Even if you're 30+, as long as you:
1. are /fit/
2. keep your hair
3. take care of your skin
you can still look young, get 20y/o pussy, and enjoy life.
The only people who complain about being 30 are either
1. fat
2. Norwood 3+
3. wrinkled.
If you're none of these, your 30s are just like your 20s except that you actually have money.
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time to visit turkey bro
File: IMG_3077.jpg (124 KB, 720x841)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Spotted the wizard coomer
Noice anon. Tear shitters in us all. Nect time you bang a chick shout “FOR MY /FIT/TIZENS”

Apparently it’s dirt cheap and well done there. Saw a bunch of guys on twitter having done that.

It’s okay blackbro. Are you /fit/? If you are then /looksmaxing/ will be easier.
>no gf
>now 31
>stronger, wealthier, more fulfilled than I ever was during my 20s
>no gf

Can I speak to the manager
My dad is nearly 50 and looks great, I can't believe you guys complain about fucking 30.
I will die alone anyways so whatever

How can I get the strength to rip out the face of a woman? I don't know about you, but this is the ideal make body to me.
Steal gorilla feed from your local zoo for starters. Then chill with the monkies.
spend an hour or two a day swinging from bars
how many pull ups could he do, /fit/?
Hi, Joe

File: ubw.jpg (77 KB, 900x506)
77 KB
>I am the Bone of my Bar
Protein is my Body and Milk is my Blood
I have snapped over a Thousand Muscles
Unaware of Roasties,
Only for the Lifts.
Withstood Pain to create my muscles, Waiting to Make It
I have no Regrets. This is the only Path
My whole life was Unlimited Gainz Works

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