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File: 1652819424836.png (359 KB, 818x864)
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359 KB PNG
What are some updated good resources/websites/channels for a beginner to learn proper forms and lifting related stuff?
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Dr Mike on RP has lots of videos for good form to build muscle and not just powerlarp
that oldfart is a fraud, the only thing he teaches is how to turn into a fat t-rex
Forget all replies and just listen to me.
I saw everything and tried everything.
Alexander Bromley is by far the best channel to learn

Verification not required.
Yeah yeah I know, but at least he gets it right about how to bench or (low bar) squat. The form videos are good resources. That's why I said don't listen to him about anything else like oly lifting or diet or cardio or whatever.
Be a man and go self taught

File: 1614321331894.jpg (117 KB, 660x574)
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No matter how many sleeping aids I take, how perfect my regimen is, I can't fucking fall asleep on my back
Help bros
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not on any sorta western bed?
My favorite combo is a firm mattress that has a 3 inch memory foam topper on it, and my current one also has some cooling feature. Makes sleeping on my back feel good
>sleep on back
>50/50 of getting sleep paralysis
i'm sticking to sleeping on my belly
Not the healthiest thing, but Zolpidem may do the trick until you get used to sleeping on your back. Or DPH maybe.

Or you can just sleep on your side, sleeping on your back won't improve your posture that much, if you want to improve your posture the best thing to do is to be assesed by a professional and follow the workout he gives to you.
i have FHP
the best treatment is strengthening the back neck muscles and doing chin tucks
you can do both passively sleeping on your back

Fat Fuck Fails Edition.
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>it always did annoy me they acted like hibiki was some obese monster

she's fucking 120lb that's like 25lb overweight
File: stabbed at con.jpg (1012 KB, 1258x2984)
1012 KB
1012 KB JPG
old cgl gold
yea this is why the servings they recommend is two fruit and five veg
Don't eat milk chocolate. Eat dark chocolate. And NEVER eat Hershey's waxy trash.
File: 1533559597386.jpg (12 KB, 480x640)
12 KB
the filename lmao

File: 1644526869446.jpg (277 KB, 1896x2048)
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How many days a week do you exercise? For how long each session?
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3 days per week, 2hrs per session.
Now post the one where she's imagining this in her head while getting pumped full of hypno cum.
5 days a week
1 hour // 1.5 hrs
No, here's how:
Day 1 Chest and Back
Day 2 Legs and Ass
Day 3 Arms and Forearms pump day.

^ Best split, not that bs upper lower.
>At least the pussy will be dry.
Brutal but I keked

File: 000903757.jpg (38 KB, 800x800)
38 KB
I didnt have any shampoo so I bought this at the supermarket because I needed something quick
My forrhead is burning, is this normal?
Am I gonna go bald?
Drugstore shampoo sucks. Get a natty shampoo bar.
What kind should I get?

File: comfy.png (453 KB, 600x523)
453 KB
453 KB PNG
I spend the majority of my time at the gym on my phone
You smug little comfy faggot I want to grab you by the hair and slap your smug monster drinking on whey consooming smug face
>You smug little comfy faggot
me too, on leg day. i need the rest.
File: smug cat.png (1.67 MB, 2560x1440)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
Sorry you'll have to wait until I'm finished scrolling

>Why yes I can OHP 400lbs how can you tell?
Pretty based

is there such thing as functional fat?

No. They are all on borrowed time.
There is some evidence that old ppl with a higher BMI are slightly healthier in terms of mortality, but that might just be a confound because you also have old ppl who waste away.

Just got my blood work back. My test was a little higher than I was expecting actually, but my vatamin D levels were super low, and cholesterol was high. Will it be hard to find a hormone doctor willing to prescribe test with these current levels?
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You’re too fat and that’s what’s fucking you up
You are a fat slob and your fat is converting your testosterone in estrogen which causes a negative feedback loop.
Lose 60 lbs without starving yourself.
Hit your macros and micros, slight calorie deficit.
Your testosterone level will at least increase by 50% easy and you will feel better in general.

Verification not required.
Thanks boys

>without starving yourself.
Are rolling 48 fast bad?
>Are rolling 48 fast bad?
I see no reason to do this.
Just maintain a 500 calorie deficit and keep going on.
You can do a 24 hour fast once a week to accelerate it but IDK never did this
*once a month
Too high calorie deficit will lead to crashing testosterone and energy
Not worth

File: 000529716.jpg (277 KB, 1300x1300)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
I reached my max calories for the day, and there is still 4 hours before i go to bed and im still hungry. should i just eat like 3-4 jars of pickles ?
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Look at Mr. Moneybags over here
No joke back in my days of binge drinking and NGMIing, I would wake up hungover and chug pickle juice from the jar if I didn't have Pedialyte and it would completely vanish my hangover

I have since stopped drinking. 5 months sober :')
File: ewzuxlywyaep11j.jpg (25 KB, 350x285)
25 KB
>a man ate four jars of pickles before bed, this is what happened to his organs

- what's the fastest you can go
- which muscles does it work
- how many calories does it burn
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shut up everybody wants to do this
I can do this at insane speeds and no one will ever know
Same but i crashed real bad and you could probably imagine how retarded that would make you feel so I'll never do it again
I can imagine
only up the stairs

Reminder to get out into nature and do pull ups on random wooden structures

Is this common? I have a feeling that he's just ugly.

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File: 1625082461231.jpg (32 KB, 474x516)
32 KB
File: 1642717640903.jpg (118 KB, 448x450)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>be me (woman over 30)
>finish using equipment at the gym
>someone tries to use the equipment
>tell him to back off
>he politely obliges
This is personal now...
be careful guys I think this is a thinly veiled incel thread
It's the only place on the internet with little to no rules, which (usually, but not always) filters out sissies like you.
>no shadowbanning
>no banning for opinions
>echo chamber

File: 1642480482392.png (267 KB, 609x781)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
What are the most effective exercises to improve leg circulation?
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not sitting on your computer for 18 hours a day
deep squat and cardio
Doesn't have to be weighted squat. Most people can't even do a deep body weight squat properly.
leg walks 24x1 with 20 minutes between each set
This too although don’t waste your time with unweighted squats, you’ll make way more progress with weights. My issues didn’t go away until the gyms opened up again even though I was doing squats everyday.
Walking, running, or swimming are all pretty good, throw some lifting on that and avoid desk jobs and you’ll do a lot better, also when you sur remember to pump your feet so you can keep blood flowing

>Switched to thumbless grip for OHP
>Doubled the number of reps I can do at 80% max
Why did none of you tell me about monkeymoding?
File: 1651509470785.gif (230 KB, 112x112)
230 KB
230 KB GIF
>suicide gripping OHP
Kek better start lifting in a helmet

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