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this is based how do I achieve dwarf mode?
die american die
"Keep your feet on the ground!"

"My! You're a tall one!"
Why is her bulge bigger than his?

File: 1695590354028778.png (58 KB, 800x789)
58 KB
Why do people say rice and chicken is bland? I find it pretty tasty
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File: 1701089493985734.webm (2.88 MB, 524x720)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB WEBM
>salt is not a seasoning
>every single bottle of "seasoning" contains salt
Don't forget to bleach your chicken first, you sound like you need more of it in your diet.
daym she seazon dat chickin good
>also salt is not a seasoning lol
Except it literally is
Chicken is bad for you! Eat seitan if you want meaty protons!
Because americans can't cook so they just boil the chicken in water
>>every single bottle of "seasoning" contains salt
Buy better sauce
Nice bait. Many imbeciles fell for it

File: 1663842565754913.png (503 KB, 811x613)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
if any anons who struggle want tips I can help you with what worked for me
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What point did your face weight come off? Id like to think you're not gonna say you got neck liposuction or something like the last weight loss before and after I had paraded infront of me
And yeah hows loose skin been? Looking dope king
>You had every body type known to mankind
yeah. even ottermode for a while in my teens.

>What point did your face weight come off?
for me it was about the time I started seeing my abs. don't do any intrusive shit like lipo anon, I don't know anything about them, but they can't be good for you
>And yeah hows loose skin been?
mostly on my butt so its manageable
>damn anon 200 grams a day? I think I get maybe 30grams on a good day kek.
Are you taking the piss or something?
>I think half a kilo a week is the perfect amount
I understand
People that did any kind of activity with some consistency when they were young bounce back relatively easily.
Their bones and tendons are in good condition and can handle the load without injuries. If they were sedentary for a decade it would be far more tricky regardless of starting weight

File: 1701302806158562.jpg (359 KB, 1788x918)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
>start working for the first time in 25 years
>have to be on my feet all day restocking shit at the market
>legs and feet are killing me even though I've been lifting for a year
>literally dead at the end of the day
>have to go gym at 6am instead of 1pm from NEET life
Ok wagies, how am I supposed to keep up with this? I need the money but this is brutal.
Are gymgoer wagies roiding to keep up with their busy daily routine?
I've literally done that job before. 9pm to 6am. Your feet get used to it. Make sure you're getting your sleep, it will be hard to get enough calories in and you'll be shredded.
I guess I forgot to mention that, I feel way more hungrier.
How long it take for ur feet to adapt, anon?
get better shoes

File: IMG_7315.gif (3.65 MB, 498x471)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB GIF
I coincidentally always get hard before the gym but if I stroke beforehand, I’ll end up going for an hour and will skip the gym. If I go, I end up looking at porn (pics of dua lipa and other girls, sometimes actual porn too) in between sets and am hard the whole time. What does this mean?
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that's a good way to lose your gym membership and possibly end up on the sex offender registry depending on how the manager, cops, and judges feel about it.
why do zoomers like this bitch? is it because she looks androgynous? zoomers love trannys and androgynous looking ass manwomens.
or is it just because she's mainstream and popular and it's cool to like her? aka you're all sheep who think she's hot because the TV tells you she's hot?
cause she is definitely not hot
jews are good at brainwashing
yeah but what do they know of brain littering?
that’s a man

File: red-roo.jpg (369 KB, 1800x1205)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
took a week off of the gym and came back stronger

i will now start taking every week off to see how strong i get

File: 1666824434915501.jpg (6 KB, 249x250)
6 KB
Where can I buy smartbells?
Did you ask a squater for lifting advice at his home gym?

File: blue-suit-pepe.jpg (67 KB, 967x1024)
67 KB
Is it true that breast days are a meme?
IDK, can you show me yours just for reference?

File: 1702021761504870.jpg (225 KB, 1080x1350)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Bros, my lower back/spine hurts from doing BORs. Any tips?
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File: 1702061444934202.jpg (82 KB, 1024x575)
82 KB
Reverse Hypers, Butt Walks with 2 light or average bands, Good mornings, Deficit deadlifts up to 3 inches off the ground, Bent over RDLs with Dbs and a single band under your feet and over your back and add trunk strength. All of these exercises should help get blood flow to your lower back. Be easy at first, get blood into there so you can deliver nutrients to strengthen your back and slowly increase volume and load.
I want a cat. Not a crazy one, just one that likes comfy as much as i do
Look into adopting an adult cat so you know what they'll be like. Kittens are cute but it's a crapshoot

Anyone ever done a spartan race?
I'm doing the 5k one with a buddy in a few days. My cardio is ass (currently running like 7:30 miles) and my knees are fucked from highschool football injuries but I'm just trying to finish.
>Norwood 1

How are the babes? I feel like it's hard to meet women that are actually in shape these days. Seems like this would be a good place to meet chicks that do interesting stuff and have low bf.
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I’ve done 3 events, one was ezpz 5k with friends, other was 20k solo on a mountain during a typhoon (very tough), most recent was this summer at a ski place (also very rainy). There’s a lot of obstacles that require grip for monkey bars and climbing walls. It is very hard to do that when they are wet. Rope is also very hard with mud all over it. Doing a later heat will be more challenging as mud accrues.
You will be mogged by many of the other male participants, very few cardio bunny women there that are single. Great excuse to be shirtless tho
Just go into it looking to have fun. Try hard of course but you’re going to get btfo and humbled by men and a handful of women too probably. There are people with money who travel around and do these things just because they enjoy them, like flexing on people, and they can afford to live that way.
File: twink.jpg (180 KB, 1198x672)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
how do people do those or monkey bars? I walways feel like my shoulder get ripped out when I try those. I can't imagine that you really need to be able to do one arm pull ups to be able to do them.
It's all grip strength and shoulder mobility
Yeah I will be happy if I can do most of the obstacles. Not trying to be the top dog. I am too crippled and old to mog 20yo that have never been injured.
I get women with my winning personality and acceptable body. They can run as far ahead of me as they want. We're still gonna be having that free tequila seltzer together after the race.
Engage your shoulder muscles before you grab, don't just hang on your tendons.

File: mad hitler.jpg (22 KB, 929x523)
22 KB
never trained before, hopped on a "cykle" of mk677 (22.5mg) lgd4 (22.5mg) and enclo (12.5) mg 40 days ago. Never worked out before but i love the results.
Congrats on ruining your health from the get go.

Its unironically over

>mogs you
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glassback rage! watchout you're gonna blow a disc bro
Retard. Nothing like what weightlifters do. Look at the amount her knees come inwards, this is internal rotation of the thigh and is done automatically to try to aid in extending the hips because she doesn’t use her quads properly at all to get into a better position. Jamming your cervical spine into extension won’t do anything beneficial either and actually shifts the COM backwards even more, reducing the contribution that the legs can make.
That form is fucking dogshit, she's going to snap city
Shut up retard dyel
>Literally can see her spine and limbs contorting under the weight
You are a dumb nigger

File: Wojak.jpg (10 KB, 180x179)
10 KB
It was me.
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This is good. Through struggle there is growth.
what is the end purpose thoughever, of growth?
File: 1000006358.jpg (192 KB, 1079x1683)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
me as well
Escaping the samsara cycle.
But if one grows too large, how can one fit through the gate of the exit?

Everytime i overexert and push myself in cardio i always end up coughing and getting runners flu

Is it over?
just keep running.
Don't over exert. Do it until it feels a little uncomfortable. Then do it a little more. Build it up.
Happens to everyone. Just keep running. Your body's reaction when you haven't ran in a while.
>if I run hard I get the flu
It's called being out of shape you fat retard. It's cured by running more.
You’re unconditioned
Run more

is this achievable natty
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how is this any different from western comics?
>Schizo literally imagining a completely different statement than what I said
You guys are so addicted to arguments you'll literally invent a strawman to argue with
because you singled out the Japanese as if its any different
maybe but. You gotta have access to Jujutsu sorcery if you want Todo or Toji Mode
File: b9cc6e73.jpg (63 KB, 480x640)
63 KB
>life mogs you
>strength mogs you
>body mogs you
>money mogs you

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