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File: 1626123542321.jpg (87 KB, 1306x1086)
87 KB
If you could only do 5 exercises besides OHP, Deadlift, Squat and Bench what would them be?
> Dip
> Pull Up
> Bulgarian Split Squat
> Pull Over
> Lateral Raises
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>leg curls
>t-bar rows (or seated cable rows)
>leg raises

i would put seated calf raise but i guess i'd just do uphill biking or something for calves
Unless you do it with a barbell, yes. People are just scared of the rotation involved, and yet still do deadlift.
>Pull Ups
>Leg Raises
>Barbell Rows
Barbell Rows
Lying Triceps Extension
Barbell Curl
Power Runner
Romanian Deadlift
Pull up
Hammer curls
Tricep pull down
Lat raises
Dumbbell fly

Currently in my early 20’s, facing 187lbs in body weight and standing at 5’12”. I want to lose this weight and become more leaner, so I’ve been going to the gym every second day of the week since late June (2-3 times /week). I’ve also given up junk food and started consuming less calories and more protein from chicken with vegetables. Are there any other tips that can help enhance my path to becoming more lean? Should I also try incorporating protein powder into my diet?
Gym everyday. No rest days, wake up at 2 AM in the morning and take a cold shower
>B-but it's cold and my balls shrivel u-
Good. Learn to love the pain. If you don't love the pain, you're not combat ready
You're only just starting out and what you're doing will be more than sufficient for a long time. Don't fall for autism. You can eat junk maybe once a week if it makes you stick with your diet otherwise. The key is compliance over many months and years and not falling off for weeks. ygmi - I'm rooting for you.

Also, captcha reads JR J00
Consistency is key.
Don't work out and diet so hard you fizzle out and lose all your progress.

The key for long term change is to make it something that you actually enjoy doing/eating so you stick with it longer.
Do cardio. You should be doing cardio or lifting every single day with overlap on some days. Good luck bro
> 5’12”
kill yourself autist

File: 1607423663748.png (47 KB, 994x159)
47 KB
anything else worth adopting
File: 1626848191110.gif (3.77 MB, 200x355)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB GIF
Just eat a balanced diet you enjoy that isnt full of dumb shit like drizzling meat in endless amounts of oil and eating a shitton of fattening bacon.

These fucking keto lards and whiskey, bacon, and guns people are so cringe. If you wanna eat like that then you better have one hell of a cardio regimen. And i doubt people who eat like that even know what cardio is.

File: yeezus.gif (2.09 MB, 128x128)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB GIF
>doing intermittent fasting
>lose track of time
>accidentally fast until 9 at night
>run to walmart
>pint of egg whites
>hnggg protein
>down it all raw
>horrible intestinal distress
>feel too shitty to go to gym
>browing this board
that's about it
>Ate 15 scrambled eggs in one sitting
Now I know my limit for eating scrambled eggs is 15 and then I get explosive diarrhea.
>browsing this board in the name of gains
damn that is pretty retarded

File: E7FJrRgWUAEEemP.jpg (171 KB, 946x2048)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
So this is probably the greatest fitness transformation of a couple I have ever seen.

Pic related is from 2016(cont.)
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Did she pay the toll yet?
Lol him and all of his friends talk about about how soi and how much of a bitch he is. Constantly mogged by his own gf, you think anyone would be scared to say anything to his face?
Respect if this is real, honestly
Why are you black. And why are you wearing makeup

File: lotus-pose.jpg (96 KB, 1300x1300)
96 KB
What is "wellness"? I see it spammed everywhere in public, food and medicine ads, health stores, but what exactly does it mean? Seems like a scam buzzword to use instead of "health".
That's exactly what they're trying to say, except they want one word which also includes the idea of mental health

File: Unbenannt.jpg (195 KB, 1266x709)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Hey, can a leg come back from gangrene like this?

Asking for a friend
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> Keeping blood sugar in check
> The man is literally rotting away
He is the physical embodiment of “you either die a hero or live long enough to become a cookie cutter”. He is a hypocrite that has flip-flopped on every conceivable point or position.
Yeah, some guy linked a massive imgur file or some shit. But that was not diabetes, just a weird obsession iirc
Stop trying to make cookie cutter a thing
File: rotten.webm (2.6 MB, 1000x563)
2.6 MB
>I luv lenny but I think he's a little neurotic
More like necrotic.

what sauce do you use with rice? i normally eat it by itself, but looking for inspiration
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File: Magnum Opus rice.jpg (1.45 MB, 8000x1500)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
>what sauce do you use with rice? i normally eat it by itself, but looking for inspiration
White rice is shit, and at best a blank canvas for other things.
If you want to actually enjoy rice you have to go the brown rice and prepare it correctly.
I eat this regularly without anything added, it's delicious and recently I'v been making it more crispy so it fills that crunchy/crispy craving.
Butter and onions sauce.
>extra virgin olive oil
>combining oil and carbs

>Extremely healthy
Fuck me it depresses me when people can be this uninformed.
Tahini and dried fruits

Grilled veggie preserve

Chopped dill and parsley

These califags on TV right now for the Olympics look better than 100% of /fit/. Is lifting a meme?

I'm going to buy rings.
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These dudes work out and pin for a living combined with above average genetics
If you look at those shoulders and think these guys are natural I have a bridge you might be interested in buying...
seriously in highschool our coach was a nutjob(effective though) and we rotated every other day between an hour of dry land weight training or calisthenics, on top of 1.5 hours in the pool everyday
>Bro when I was swimming we'd spend 3 days a week lifting and 2 days a week swimming. Swimmers and other Athletes all lift weights
American detected.
>Is lifting a meme?
The way /fit/ does it? Absolutely.

Look up the routines of actual athletes, or hy, even actual bodybuilders or powerlifters, you'll be surprised. Its generally the opposite of what /fit/ usually propagates.

>mfw they still do high volume, low fat like 70 years ago
File: k50kf2q0nrr21.jpg (36 KB, 655x527)
36 KB
>high volume, low fat

File: gigaBlox.jpg (23 KB, 373x373)
23 KB
I've never worked out in a gym before.
This Fall I'm going to uni so I'll have free access to a gym. I want to start lifting when I get there.
Meanwhile I've been doing some bicep curls, push-ups if the floor is clean, and jump rope every day or every other day.
What other non-gym exercises can I do to prepare myself for lifting? How much protein powder should I drink every day.
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File: 1627152810972.jpg (597 KB, 1164x860)
597 KB
597 KB JPG
>What other non-gym exercises can I do to prepare myself for lifting?
Dips, Pull-ups, Pistol Squats. If you cant do the movement, pick easier variations like negatives or assisted versions

>How much protein powder should I drink every day.
I think what is more important is learning how to cook good, healthy meals with whole foods. You only need 0.5-0.75 g/lb of protein if you are natty so what I recommend is learning healthy recipes so you don't have to eat the "bro chicken and rice" stack. If you do this right, you probably won't have to be drinking any protein; not that there's anything wrong with it, but it's supposed to supplement your diet, not be the base. Also, learn how to track macros.
File: 1627171478136.jpg (119 KB, 1024x800)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Also, what is going to be important is proper sleep hygiene. College is going to fuck with your shit. Time management and forethought will help you get into a routine of sleeping 8-10 hours a day.

Usually, you should get 8 hours of sleep but since you are lifting you will need more to fully recover after a day.
dips (wide/narrow)
pullups and chinups
farmer carries
air squats
pistol squats
knee raises
leg raises
calf raises
ab wheel
Any advice for cheapmaxxing a healthy diet?
>chicken thighs (or buy rotisserie chicken from costco)
>black beans
>beef (if you are feeling rich)


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File: Hailey-acne-deal-Story.jpg (96 KB, 1072x821)
96 KB
i cant fucking put up with this shit
How do you get rid of it? does fasting help?
i want to avoid taking accutane as much as possible because i dont like medications fucking with my hormones
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mm accutane actually removed all my acne and 2 years later and i never had problems with acne again, it truly works but i still have acne scars and blemishes that i dont know how to remove and im too lazy to revisit my dermatologist to help me so i cba but the last 2 months of accutane every time i was peeing and at the end of the pee alot of blood would come out lol but idk it should be safe bros ALSO i lied to her when she asked me if i was depressed because u can't take it if ur depressed, oh boy was that a nice 6 months of my life hehehe
Carnivore diet, seriously
tretinoin, it's literally accutane applied topically. You dont have to deal with the nasty issues with accutane
Cold water closes pores.
Hey OP, do you happen to have a sweet tooth? It took me years to figure out that sugar makes my skin break out, mainly because it’s in everything and super difficult to eliminate.

I agree that using drugs is not the way to go about solving this problem.

Also, i suggest you don’t wash your face with anything but water.

That should be enough to give you much clearer skin after a month, but if you really want to go the extra mile then sleep on a clean towel over your pillow case.

I fully expect eliminating all added sugar, fruit juice, alcohol, white bread, and spiking your blood sugar is going to fix this problem and help you in more ways than you anticipated

File: 313412341.jpg (16 KB, 240x240)
16 KB
If I fast for 3 days or 72 hours straight, what will happen?

I've never fasted even a day. I eat a fuckton.
17 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Just like anything else you have to be consistent with it and make it part of your life style, if you do a fast and then stop and eat like you used to, you're of course going to go back to the weight you were at over a certain time interval.
For anyone else reading, best way to do it is to make fasting a recurring part of your lifestyle (say 3-5 days every month or 48-72 hours every week) and eat healthy the remaining days, or to do a session of long ones to lose weight as a way to springboard into a healthy eating lifestyle.
Depends on how much you sweat. It's a 100 degrees here in Texas and I work in a warehouse twelve hours a day. You better believe I'm downing that stuff on day 1.
meh the problem is that you always end up overeating after fasts.
If you do CICO even at extremely low calories the feeling of hunger is constant but not overbearing. After you come out of a 7 day fast you will be eating anything that comes closes to you and binging like hell for the next month.
Which one is more sustainable for the average, weak-willed mongoloid: fasting or OMAD?
invite a friend over to eat, fast afterwards, you unsocial fucks

File: dana-rogan.jpg (32 KB, 704x475)
32 KB
Will I look like this after a diet of MMA and elk meat?
File: 1588626505379.png (717 KB, 870x810)
717 KB
717 KB PNG
Well meat does contain a lot of creatine

>>be going to the gym for 13 yrs
>>see roidmonkeys that can't even bench 1 plate with their silly jellyfish arms
How do you deal with roidmonkeys at your gym?
>>also, why do roidmonkeys have the most stupid retarded faces?
natty cope thread
post physique
is it bad that I don't keep pics of my physique?
>>10-13% bf
>>bench 2.5 plaet

Does basketball make you taller? Fitness related because it involves a sport and because it's tall so
I'm going to have to agree with this guy >>62730811
Playing basketball makes you taller due to mental energy. When a youth plays basketball he mentally tells himself that he wants to be taller to play better. With an intense willpower the youths body will respond to his mental thoughts by physically making his body grow
This but unironically. Also jumping alot as a kid helps with bone growth, I forgot the sciencey explanation for it but it's the kinetic lift off with your leg muscles that slowly expand it or someshit
This. Basketball players are tall because they played basketball, not genetics

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