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File: unknown.png (76 KB, 224x305)
76 KB
Fashion, fit, anorexia, diy, cgl, and time travel
That's rough
MD here. Not a genetic disease for sure. It is a new disease that spread dangerously for the last 20 years called feminism.
Fathers, be careful and protect your daughters from it at all cost

File: mandarincollarshirt.jpg (334 KB, 1125x1500)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
Are they still in style? I rarely ever see this type of shirt worn on men in public. Is it phasing out?

File: 4.jpg (72 KB, 771x767)
72 KB
Cringe thread!
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Does being ugly invalidate someone? What are you even saying?
>How tall are you?
File: 1581812941448.jpg (57 KB, 743x547)
57 KB
Helloo Sharon!
in desperate need of a numbered bio edit.
File: 1601101984896.jpg (4 KB, 225x225)
4 KB

$50 PayPal to whoever can find this knit sweater in stock, first person with the right link and email for PayPal gets it
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>imagine someone actually pays someone for id on 4chan
>imagine the mouthfeel of my cock
Holy shit does anyone know where this would be in stock!?
It’s gorgeous but sold out everywhere except some random Japanese site but only in size M looking for an L or XL
File: cavemptdesirehalfzip.jpg (51 KB, 1000x1000)
51 KB
$50 USD to anyone who can find this in XXL

Is she the ugliest model to represent such a big name in the fashion industry or it happened before?
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cry to the aesthetic king who's living the rockstar life
ehh i think those models elevated the shows
now it's colder and why not have the clothing hanging on mannequins at this point
based barrettposter
File: 61uqawDomeL._SY606_.jpg (35 KB, 440x606)
35 KB
My seed is all over the place.
oink oink

you know the drill

File: yesir.jpg (25 KB, 738x415)
25 KB
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What movie is this
File: images (4).jpg (35 KB, 732x419)
35 KB
File: serpico_hed.jpg (132 KB, 2220x1248)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
All of serpico's fits. Also harley davidson and the marlboro man.
Kino and effay
This, unironically.
Ichi the killer

Underwear thread?

I've been looking to get a pair of briefs like this, but I can't find any.
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>boxer briefs
smacks of insecurity and nu-male meekness
briefs are not gay

but cute boyish briefs with colours and prints are a favourite of gay twinks for obvious reasons.
File: panc2rg4Dc1vp5.jpg (76 KB, 640x743)
76 KB
Are any of the basic ones from pic related not gay >>15597862?
this is the best briefs I've ever had the pleasure to slip into

File: 1601254081449.jpg (6 KB, 183x275)
6 KB
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actually kind of based
File: 827f3b4.jpg (40 KB, 940x492)
40 KB
lmao based
cool but how often is someone gonna see the bottoms of your shoes?

>be me with vivienne westwood asics
>someone notices stuff on the bottom of the shoe
>”hey whats that on the bottom?”
>awkwardly twist my foot around to show them the design
>”t-this is v-vivienne w-westwood.. s-she’s a f-fashion designer..”
>“cool.... i gotta get going now..”
>person walks away

not worth it
i've already had an experience with my gats where someone asked me what brand they were and it went just like that except they just kept prying at it as if they could tell my little autist brain was overheating. i think i still might go for them tho

Real peak facial aesthetics.
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you niggas got good taste
File: original.jpg (316 KB, 960x1280)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
RIP image replies.
that's an 8 at best.

Why are men's pants so fucking boring
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OP is 100%straight. Dont blame the gays for this
this board should stop being called fashion and be renamed clothes at this point.
Kilts are for cunts lacking personality.
File: 1584378900337.jpg (1.13 MB, 1125x1788)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
>Shopping for clothes on Amazon
Nah you’re just a retard for not specifying. Did you want them pleated? High waisted? Ankle gap? Triple waist button? Relaxed? Slim? Tapered?You were vague and got exactly what you deserved.

Post stuff that can take a beating. Big logo prints and stuff like that destroy the aesthetic.
Think neoflok but modern stuff is also allowed ITT.
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That sweater gonna get teared to shit, if you're logging in it, lmao when are they gonna merge /fa/ & cosplay?
You're either larping or retarded. I don't hug logs when I split them and I don't change my clothing to do it, nothing was torn apart even once.
That looks very nice, I like the simplicity.

File: m81.jpg (613 KB, 1888x1416)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
What's the most /fa/ approved camouflage? Starting with a classic
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you are spreading jewish propaganda
Effortlessly /fa/

File: 1601181290807.jpg (264 KB, 2000x1500)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
thoughts on wearing t-shirts inside out?

been doing it lately but people keep pointing it out to me like it was an accident. how do you pull it off without people saying anything about it to you?
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Just buy a reverse seam shirt bro
File: EVm4PjpVAAUFbcr.jpg (138 KB, 1200x901)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
it makes you look like an idiot who dressed himself in the dark even the aesthetic you postet doesnt look good because you look like pic related
i mean its funny but it looks like trash so yeah based
this is correct. not giving a fuck makes you way more effay. dont be that autistic sperg who stutters out “i-it’s s-supposed to l-look that way!! ryan gosling d-did it...”

It's official: the facial hair preferred by women is stubble or cleanshaven. why do anything else?
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y-yeah sorta

Islam is right about women. I'm not a theist but I have considered joining the cult to put thots in their place.

Plus sjw cunts can't touch me.
There's nothing wrong with your pic. Hopper in season 2 is proper sleezecore material.
Of course, it offers the best of both worlds with visible beard growth but you can still see the jawline too.
File: 20200928_025056.jpg (420 KB, 705x1156)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
Nice to see a fellow mustache-bro

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