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File: 1641776112812.png (2.45 MB, 1590x1586)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG
Its been a while, post whatever
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solid run thanks
ID on the glasses?
Would I have to keep the tags on my clothes for it to work?
Debbie Harry

>tfw can’t dress like this anymore without seeming like a gay hipster
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File: trekkie.jpg (165 KB, 960x1200)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
File: Riker_awakes.jpg (49 KB, 578x300)
49 KB
Sorry ladies, fresh outta spunk now.
I'm going to punch you
mexico city 2.0. still pretty pathetic that you couldn't pull off a button up.
lets get drinks at dantes tmrw
>ebic contrarian thinks joy division sucks because it's a popular band
Mindless drone detected.

What do you think, /fa/?
if i wear a pornhub tshirt will everyone think my autism is part of an act and think i'm just being epic?
not really true. if you hit the gym along with diet to lose bodyfat, you'll end up revealing (usually) a more defined face that was under all that fat. mewing can also help but it's up to you if you believe it works or not. I also think you mean facial attractiveness, so starting a skincare routine will help you greatly there too. iif after doing all of that and it turns out you are still ugly then yes, there is no gym for your face
You have muscles in your face so my assumption is it can be trained like any other muscle groups. If doing face exercise changes anything is beyond me though. You might be able to make your features more symmetrical

File: 20220519.jpg (545 KB, 800x1335)
545 KB
545 KB JPG
Do you think I should stick to wearing hot pants
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Every guy (except for me) wears these, why would you look like a clown in them?
Get off my thread, faker. I was going to post them on my private IG
its ok
id get a longer hair do to go with it though
you being skinny makes it look p cool
Thanks Hun. I appreciate that
I am not used to having my knees bared

ITT: essential Redditcore
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I got these from J.Crew when people were flipping them for like $300 on StockX. Didn't wear em for years and they were suddenly everywhere. Realized Nike made a shitton so they started selling them in their outlets.
good post
I still like them, they're just a nice simple and basic sneaker. They're no worse than vans, chucks, gats, etc. which are all also popular on reddit.
File: 457x840.jpg (52 KB, 457x840)
52 KB

File: acid eyes.jpg (41 KB, 750x913)
41 KB
I'm so confused with colors. I'm a 5'8 guy with dirty blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and neutral caucasian skin with yellowish undertones.

I'm trying to decide what color palettes would suit me, but as I research this, all I find is some spring/autumn skin shit, and it only confuses me further. Some say deep blues are best, others say I need to stay away from deep blue and go with pastel colors.

Does anyone know where to either see many different outfit examples based on my attributes, or does anyone have any idea about any of this color stuff?

I tried to check the infographics at young stalin but that domain is not active.
I say you dress plain and let your unique self do the rest. Blonde, green and blue? That's just..
Is this a bot?
>yellowish undertones

that's called jaundice, better see a doctor
probably is. Anyway, you got blue-green eyes? Which are they more, green or blue? Is your skin super yellow due to jaundice, or tanning? Or health? Green can make yellow skin worse, so probably going dusty and dark blues will be better. Unironically post your skin and a color similar to your eyes for better responses.

I'm talking about the ones, who under no circumstances will get any tattoos ever in their life. What's your actual reasoning?
I'm like that myself. I just hate the thought of 'ruining' my natural body with this shit. Nothing against tats. I thing they're nice and all
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>ad hominem
>anecdotal evidence
Enjoy your tats, boy.
hot and based
I don't know which is more shitty, people that don't have tattoos and constantly bitch about it. Yeah you don't have tattoos but they live rent free in your head dumbfuck.
Also the fucking retards with tattoos that get insecure and defend themselves. You decided to get the tattoo and go on with it until the end, why do you justify yourself? I have a few that i like and got them for myself, why should i care about what others think?
Mother of autisma lol
>What's your actual reasoning?
i refuse to get tattoos for a lot of reasons, but the one I don't see commonly expressed is the mental torment that I know id be subjecting myself to
i have obsessive compulsions and perfectionist tendencies, combined with being extremely capricious, so I KNOW for a fact that the process of me getting a tattoo will look like this:
>spend 25+ hours deciding what and where to get my first tattoo, who to get it from, why i want it, do i really want it
>end up getting it
>feel kind of good. proud of it
>time passes
>feel nothing
>more time passes
>my tastes change
>slightly the first tattoo is extremely gay and lame looking
>sunken cost fallacy time
>spend 10+ hours deciding what and where to get my second tattoo, who to get it from, why i want it, do i really want it

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Why don't you just dress like an active man?
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I copped a pair of chinos similar to that from Alex Mill. They come in cropped and regular inseam.
File: E5pMI7kWEAE8dmg.jpg (192 KB, 960x1200)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
>an active man
What is the name of this style
Those are legit sick and the model is wearing the same shoes as me if you can believe such a thing! Maybe I’ll cop some…
Prep, preppy, casual prep. Vineyard vines used to make belts similar to picrel. Didn’t realize the model is wearing a rugby shirt over a button down, thought it was a sweater.

File: th-2182192082.jpg (24 KB, 474x474)
24 KB
It's nearly winter and I've started wearing fingerless gloves everywhere.
Is this acceptable? I like them but don't want to come off like I'm cosplaying a 90s hacker
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I forget armwarmers exist. Perhaps I'll get a pair
I just wear them regardless cuz I think they look cool.
Most common descriptor I've gotten is "Homeless guy" but I think that's cool and it's genuinely the impression I wanted to give people.
Get a decent pair made from good quality wool. There is a notable difference especially because they're on your hands constantly, cheap wool is wiry and coarse. People are sometimes hesitant to shake hands with you, I'd just get used to taking the glove off quickly if you want to be polite. I don't give a fuck tho.
Thank you for the advice anon. I've got a homeless looking jacket that I like to wear with mine
>its nearly winter
>end of May
Bitch where
Southern hemisphere.

File: outphyt.jpg (237 KB, 740x817)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Rate my outfit
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LIDL-sama, I kneel
W2C LIDL hip bag??
The jewelry is really horrible
Everything ok, but the sneakers bro. That's some 5th grader girl type sneaker bro. Get low vans white
So what's that uh... 8th grader boy type sneakers?

What fashion “rules” do you break?
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I occasionally wear black socks with my white shoes
is the rule to match socks to pants or shoes?
almost always i match to shoes
The “rule” is to match colours with socks and trousers so as to create a seamless blending between leg and foot to shoe in order to lengthen the appearance of the leg, a desirable physical trait in men and women.
I don't actually care much for fashion

I'm really shit at taking pictures of myself and I want to be able to take instafuckboy-tier photos like pic related but not as cringe. I have good photos so I know it's possible but the average photo of me doesn't look very good.

I think my main problem is lighting. I listened to the advice to take a photo outside during the day but when there's too much light, it makes me look fucked up. Do I need some sort of a shadow?
I have a tripod and only have an iPhone 7 so not that great but it should do, right?
Where can I learn basic photography skills?
Most advice on youtube is garbage "smile and don't have stains on your shirt" advice.
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>Do I need some sort of a shadow?
You need a couple of backlights, preferably in different colors and a main (key) light on your face/body/dick/whatever you're highlighting

There are some great books on photography that can teach you the basics but to get good you just need to practice with shit to see what works
File: dongwon alpha.jpg (147 KB, 1080x1247)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Bro, when they catcall you it means they want you to fuck them.
Should've chatted them up and invited them to an out of the way place for a bier
Take your pills
>have a double chin
>realize I can put lamp over my mirror and selfies become 1000x better
Now I'm straight outta man of steel

How can I into "Viking"/Norse/Pagan core?
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But pure white Amerimutts are the biggest pusher of We wuz Vikings and shieet fantasies
back to /pol/ stormweenies
I want to get into her viking "core" ifyouknowwhatimean.
back to /lgbt/ dirty hook-nose
>omg Becky that guy does nothing all day but make racist posts on the internet, I wonder if he's single

File: pitbull_skull_shaver.jpg (115 KB, 1200x1200)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
A lot of rotary shavers out there targeted for head shaving. Are they any good?

I've tried wet shaving with the Mach 3, Fusion, and Leaf Shave. They all take way too long for a perfect shave. I simply cannot be bothered to waste 15 to 20 minutes every 2 or 3 days doing that.

What are your thoughts on the Pitbull Skullshaver. Is the Platinum worth the price? Or are the Silver and Gold good enough?

Has anyone tried the Bald Buddy? I like the fact that it has a long handle for reaching the back of the head.
anon, you gotta get an ad blocker lol
What makes your life so important you don’t have 20 minutes spare to shave your head every 2/3 days?
I've heard the pitbull can give you a perfect shave in 90 seconds. Wouldn't anyone want to save on that much time?
90 fucking seconds? I spend hours a day browsing and shitposting on an obscure Cambodian inkpainting forum and you think I don’t have 90 seconds to waste?
those 18:30 leftover minutes could be spent on improving your inkpainting shitposting
hell, you could shave with that WHILE you're shitposting

I recently moved to just north of DC and am looking to ball out on some nice new clothes. Clawed my way out of depression and because of this I want to continue feeling good via my look. Suggestions?
>being an alcoholic

You're a special kind of stupid, lol. Just wait til the relapse

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