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File: 1644030922788.jpg (39 KB, 409x500)
39 KB
What hair product do you use daily /fa/?
It took me years, but I finally found something that actually works and keeps my hair from going full retard when it's windy. I use this in combination with coconut oil as the initial product.

What Are You Wearing Today?
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japanese fashion is unbelievably inauthentic
This nigga mad my fellow flip dress better than him lmfaooooo
very nice, impressive. fuck who missed the opportunity
File: 20220924_191615.jpg (778 KB, 2208x2208)
778 KB
778 KB JPG
Okay, so there's only 2 possibilities...

1) This is a meme thread where you all shitpost each other

2) You're actually serious and those pictures are real. If so, you're all a bunch of god damn freaks.

Since British are likely to do something like grow wings and vampire teeth as soon as genetic modification advances in the slightest, is the future of fashion completely unimaginable?

Israel did the unacceptable and recently purchased automated gun turrets for watching Palestinians carry out their daily lives. Germans are doing weird cyber genetic things. Chinese are turning old men into 20 year old futa gods. The USA is making mechs.
Canada is giving everyone LSD. Japan has turned the world religion into worshipping anime spirituality.

More must be done.
If the world has auto turrets, then the world also has winged magical genetically engineered brits as a given.
The only reason the stuff the matrix movie happened is because humans didn’t get into merging into cyber punk and genetic punk.
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kys Canadian cocksucker

OP, do not reply to the spammer. The Jew has spoken about orgasming to Nazis porn. Like where Negev gets beaten up. Don’t give them attention and don’t take anything they are seriously. Jews do this way too much. They just want you to verbally abuse them and they’ll orgasm to that.
Imagine all the Jewish girls being rounded up in barns by Canadians. Filled with Canadian cum.

They all cheer, “the Canadian race is the true god chosen race!”

The Jew girls feast from troughs full of delightful delicious bacon and hot dogs. All mixed with all kinds of foods in the most non-kosher way.
They orgasm endlessly!
Murmurs of “sieg heils” and “the Canadian race” murmur out of the Jew girls instead of oinks.

Endlessly giving birth to Canadian babies in the marijuana smoke filled warm dens as they grow fatter and fatter and fatter.

Their favourite shows play on screens surrounding them. Bee and puppycat, Steven universe, gravity falls. Oh and all the other delights are endless. A perfect Holocaust.
You can only imagine what else happens.


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is coffee good for you?
That’s a relative question.
Beer can be good for some people at certain times. It depends on your goal.

It seems coffee nutritionally is healthy in small amounts but unhealthy if drank too much. All things in moderation.

Where is Stanhope?

File: 1636898554586.jpg (97 KB, 1360x924)
97 KB
>Try to dress semi formal
>gf wants to dress casual
guess it's t shirt and jeans again...
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You just have to set up an action-reward scenario. Maybe give her some pupperoni or beggin strips. If you catch her riding other cocks maybe roll up a newspaper and give her a light whack. Anyway, not the guy you're responding too, but what exactly was the event you wanted to dress up to that she didn't? Was she underdressed or were you overdressed? Did you dress nice when you first met or did you find a fedora you like on amazon?
I've always dressed nice. We met on the internet but for the first year we were always dating and dressing nice. We don't go out so much anymore but now everytime it's t shirts and jeans. Sometimes when we go out we both still dress up, rarely. This time it was my brothers birthday party. I wanted to wear a dress shirt but she wanted to go in a sweater because it's going to be cold. So I did what she wanted and wore a t shirt so she could wear that sweater
I do not understand why you can't wear a shirt when she wears a sweater.
Like, just tell her you enjoy dressing the way you want to dress and just do it.
Last time I tried that she said too many people were looking at us and she felt like she was ugly because I looked so good and she looked normal
Sounds like she has self esteem issues.
Like legitimately. You shouldn't have to dress like a slob just so she doesn't feel insecure about herself, that's not going to end well long term.

This is presuming a lot and only based on my personal experience to some degree, but it sounds a bit like she doesn't actually enjoy fashion and putting in an effort to look good at all either. It might have been just a "tool" for her to be considered attractive to the opposite sex and now that she has a steady partner she doesn't think she needs it anymore.
There's not much you can do about it if she just has zero interest at all. You could try to make it clear to her how much you enjoy dressing up, how much it matters to you, and come to some compromise. Like dressing up for birthdays/holidays, but only making yourself somewhat presentable for casual nights out together or something.
You shouldn't have to give up on dressing nice just because she doesn't want to and feels insecure when you are together. Relationships are a two way street and all that, it's give and take, if it's based on one sided sacrifice on your part that's not going to last.

Sup niggaz

How the hell do you keep your hairstyle looking the same the entire day if your hair is straight? Every 10 mins I have to fix my hair please help
Is that before or after you fixed it?
Well how do you want to keep it fixed? Volume like you have in that image?

After a shower, towel dry, apply sea salt spray generously, blowdry.

Then set it with some very light hair cream, very light, too much will weight it down. Might experiment with brands as each hair will take to it certain ways, some make my hair greasy and weigh down. Since mine hair is so fine, I unironically use hairspray like in the 80s and it works fantastic for me. YMMV
how do i even get my hair like this

File: PatrickBatemanCostume.jpg (64 KB, 420x569)
64 KB
Hey /fa/,

wannabe writer here. I want to write a story where the main character is an absolute autist about men's fashion, and works on Savile Row. Where do you suggest I start my research? The story will be very inspired by American Psycho, because of course it will.
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Book with a bunch of pointless details written for high schoolers. That sounds terrible sorry.
As Mark Twain said: write what you know.
File: Damp Danny.png (46 KB, 1330x572)
46 KB

Unironically Gentleman's Gazette.
You seem to know a lot about literature anon, tell me more - what's the most valuable thing you learned?
The most valuable thing I've learned is to write what you know and also that if you don't know what you're doing with the story or what the purpose of the writing is then you shouldn't write it (not saying that the latter applies to you)
What's the point of basically copying a better story?

File: 1661013017960219.jpg (2.16 MB, 3000x3000)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB JPG
Anything elegant , smart , casual or anything you like in your opinion.
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I've always liked waist belts like this the most
My wife wears stuff like this she mogs Whores
Yeah, me too. Simple and elegant
Tranny, but yes

File: channel5.png (382 KB, 854x428)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
Does anybody know of an online store with the same clothing aesthetic as this https://shirtz.cool/ ??
> pic unrelated
I aint clicking that shit
shill on reddit dawg i dont want to spend 40 bucks on a graphic tee
im not clicking on that bro

File: 763546745624.jpg (211 KB, 1600x800)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
Which one should I get, black or gray?

Cold weather jackets general

File: pep.jpg (73 KB, 832x690)
73 KB
Need a jacket for cold weather, bros. What brands or exact models you can suggest? The weather is like -20°C +- 5 degree
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>nice meme magic
Have someone free buy you like 10 or 15 jackets and coats at costco and mail them to you. It will cost about 400 bucks. I just buy a couple jacket there a year and a couple pants and sweatshirts and throw them away the next year after abusing them at work
File: 1653583107593.jpg (96 KB, 737x800)
96 KB
>plastic logos
If you're going to wear plastic at least have the self respect to not spend money on it.
I don't think anyone can mail this at Russia in a near time. And that's a part of the reason i want an item that can last long
MOERDENG ski jacket is 30$ on amazon, its literally so easy these days to get a cheap decent jacket that gets the work done if you just ignore brands

What is their hairstyle called? Can a cishet wear that without offense?
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Start with Rothbards Anatomy of the State pamphlet.
a corporation tweeting an lgbt flag doesn't mean they're suddenly leftist you braindead shit kicker.
Reread what I wrote 3-6 more times.
im sensing virtue signaling and pretending to care about children
Say what you will about the uniparty but their bases are skewed with republicans having 2.1 kids per household and thinking abortion is murder to democrats having 1.5 kids and thinking it is not. Republicans do actually care about children more on average because they have more on average and value them more on average. Of the two fake parties the republicans are the lesser of two evils. They have obviously also been subverted just like the democrat base has though.

File: tech.png (1.31 MB, 1360x1360)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
CyberPunk has been popular for a while but although the always night, neon vibe is very attractive in movies and games it fails us in real life. In real life we do not constantly live in a world of darkness and neither do we have access to chrome or high tech implants.

So let's create looks for different characters that lives in a CyberPunk society that would work out in real life.

Example characters
- Average Joe
- Corporate
- Chad
- Stacy
- Police
- "Runners"
- "Fixers"
4 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why would anyone want to live in a cyperpunk dystopia
Ok but how about genetic-punk x cyberpunk?
What about cyberpunk geneticpunk solarpunk animepunk soulfulpunk true utopia?
cyberpunk geneticpunk solarpunk animepunk soulfulpunk etc true utopia!

Everyone is anime girls on LSD fucking soulfully! God x god! Immortality! Absolute divinity! Utmost sensuality!
File: ITC.png (555 KB, 974x548)
555 KB
555 KB PNG

If I'm a cute girl with large breasts, is this a good outfit to wear?
Since russians have the largest breasts on average at DD, yeah, that’s probably the fashion you want to look at for inspiration since western models average just a 34B
Lol literally found this searching “russian traditional clothing”
Thank you so much ^^ I've loved her outfit since I first watched Da Capo 3 in 2013 as an 11 year old...
You’re welcome, post it in waywt when you get it, the large breasts, feel free to post anytime
Lol, lmao. Saw your post on /lgbt/

File: shrekpepe.png (15 KB, 420x420)
15 KB
Bong here, might move to Glasgow because fuck it why not? I've heard good things and the cost of living seems reasonable so I'm intrigued
Any anons here that can give me insider knowledge? Which parts of the city are /fa/? Apparently it's really good for independent music and contemporary art, is this true or just journalists talking out of their arse?
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File: 1617221113605.jpg (60 KB, 1125x1118)
60 KB
please do not move to glasgow I was there for a night out last week and it is FUCKING BOKING. Move to Edinbrugh or dont move to Scotland at all
I see
I thought Edinburgh was the yuppie tourist trap and Glasgow was where all the cool stuff happened tho?
>Which parts of the city are /fa/?
>Apparently it's really good for independent music and contemporary art
fuck off. back to your containment board. Slit your throat
The reason tourists go to Edinburgh is because its actually a nice place to be.
>t. Lived in both gtown and edi
I see
I mean the architecture looks really nice so that's one thing I guess

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