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Can someone please ID this hairstyle?
the uh "too old for this hairstyle" and "losing the hair hairstyle"
post hair
This is pretty much a young leo/curtains with very thinning hair.

What is a man to wear should he be masculinity incarnate?
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sexcore basically
dark colors
File: 005.jpg (277 KB, 1000x1432)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Men should wear thongs and crop tops.>>15887918
If you want to pull off hyper masculine you should ideally be gay or at least be open to the thought of a cock inside of you
Tom of Finland core

From R9k... Am I /FA/?
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You're an attention whore with chronically low self esteem
Take it to /soc/
Fucking Autistic?
you have a nice jaw, shave. also, the chain looks like shit
>buy a big boy phone
I bet your battle station is the pinnacle of interior design

Nice car.




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I live in Japan and can relate. Anything MiUSA has ridiculous tariffs and customs taxes. End up getting hit twice with shipping and customs. Last time was $70 for a $200 pair of shoes.
Buy local if you can. Fortunately Japan makes a lot of good clothing and I can get plenty here. The downside is finding things in proper sizes is near impossible if you aren't Asian-sized.
What chemical reshapes leather insoles?
serbia but it's like this for most non-eu countries though i guess you could say that most of them are also shitholes
lol the same cope reply everytime. see 'near mint condition'
replacement insoles

File: waywt.jpg (53 KB, 1472x828)
53 KB
other one is a troll thread
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Way ahead of you anon, I bought a black belt recently. The brown one was my brother's.
>Very bad. Riding boots are trash
Well what do you recommend then? Hard mode: something budget friendly.
i appreciate the input my dude, but i'd rather look like a retarded japanese grandmother from the early 1900s than an npc. it's a work in progress.
Definitely was a bit more larp than practical but it did rain a bunch that day. Cheers.
I really like this except for the shoes. Need a cardigan like that

File: combat.jpg (80 KB, 616x606)
80 KB
Should I buy this outfit?
neber bee a wamen ect

File: 61S6cJFuDeL._AC_UY1000_.jpg (86 KB, 1085x1000)
86 KB
Post em
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Sorry guys but afaik they only sell the cool ones at their live shows :(
That’s my kid you’re talking to, hun.
I used to wear bad shirts exclusively. Now all the ones I have are faded and worn down and look like shit. Do they all end up like that or am I just shit at washing them?
File: 322785861_160954.jpg (27 KB, 608x621)
27 KB
wearing my merzbow tee at work today

File: o.99561.jpg (327 KB, 2242x1345)
327 KB
327 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>15877584

BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
4160 Tuesdays' Sarah McCartney talk:
w2c bottles

Use Google to obtain the maximum discount code at fragrancenet (37%).

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Smells like taint to me
has anyone come across perfume that smells like earth after rain?
Yes, it's called petrichor and you can look this note up in google
What on earth is this autistic list?
>Lads which should i eat
>filet mignon
>ahi tuna
m8 it depends on your taste

File: IMG-20210111-WA0048.jpg (52 KB, 800x800)
52 KB
post /fa/ approved backpacks, bags and travel bags
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what bag is that?
i like fjallraven
aye let me put my fucking laptop in my jeans
Zoomers can't use computers. They literally go to college on their iPhones it's retarded.

File: 1609342280591.jpg (10 KB, 596x260)
10 KB
questions that don't deserve their own thread
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that's what i'm doing
trying to do so but it kinda grows without any style
>it kinda grows without any style
Hair doesn’t grow into a style. People grow into styles. Hair simply grows. Whether you consider the growth to by a style or not is your choice. If you want to achieve a look different to how it is currently, you need to get it cut and styled by a professional.

>your ugly kek lmao fuckkerrshit haircunt
my bad. i meant to say that perhaps you have some recommendations regarding future hairstyle (i'd visit professional but they're closed here)
I used to have a pair of these teashades where the connector at the top but they broke.

Anybody know where I can find a pair online
I like it. :(

File: kridmp1qds861.jpg (91 KB, 750x936)
91 KB
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This is what we mean when we talk about the faggotry being abnormal.

This freak literally has an MLP pony on his jacket. He needs to be institutionalized for that shit.
This site literally has a board full of straight guys jacking off to MLP ponies
ngl ive done it
i want to crack that thing's skull open with a jackhammer then cook its brains

what core is she?
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i wonder if i fuck her throat if that will cure her sensory overload shit.
i don't give a fuck because i'm not autistic
She is unironically gorgeous though. Popped a bone.
zoomers spending years of their life learning emotive socializing from anime will do that.
Attention whore core.

File: 1610528179505[1].jpg (24 KB, 554x554)
24 KB
Stubble + Stache is the final redpill.
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'sup, Crabman?
>fucking 2k women in 3 years
>Source: dude trust me
>Promiscuity is sooooo epic you guys!
You understand how pathetic and undesirable you are to any non beta cuck wimp?

Get over yourself femcel, if you want a MAN you might wanna look into not being a arrogant bitch.
just end it now my man.
if you're scrawny you can pull it off
you just have to be tall and have a long face
you'll also look sort of like a Belgian comicbook character

Why did the monocle fall out of fashion?
Binocular eyepieces with frames extending behind the ear are more resilient in the increasingly motile lives of the 20th and 21st centuries?
Jesus are you 14

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