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I need work boots that I can also use as all purpose winter boots

Let's settle this
Should he leave it as is or should he shave his head?
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fuck, I meant *not only a good Jude Law movie. That's a bad typo.
>telling some average looking nerd with glasses “bro u got jason statham vibes"
I feel like many of these people against hair loss treatment are just baldcels who want other people to go bald so they feel better about themselves
hard to say until I see it but I worry shaving the beard and/or glasses might start to make you look creepy or pedo. I would try glasses + beard maybe?
definitely no glasses, he looks fine right now, as I said he can work on toughening his look to achieve the captain flint core but glasses would turn him into a basedboy
This guy couldnt possibly look more polish

File: 1664100759168226.png (191 KB, 696x396)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
What's the best mall brand for buying a new wardrobe with the basics?
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Mc Donald
Sonoma is really good. It's cheap and attractive and you'll find all the basics there
Jcrew probably but mall brands are hot garbage
Southern Marsh and Polo from Belk or Dillards (or whatever kind of places they have like that there)

Bald is effay?
If you have a smooth skull and masuline face
Yes, Johnny Sins.

File: 1655809542573.png (8 KB, 257x196)
8 KB
How can I be /fa/ if I never leave my house?

File: 001.jpg (71 KB, 953x960)
71 KB
rate my style
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cute lesbian
Shame that you have baldness genes.
Very nice fit
Grow beard out, and hair out
I can tell you have beautiful child-bearing hips anon. Its a shame you have the head of a 40 year old mexican man and the tits of his wife
You look like a bulgarian hotel clerk

File: shaving.jpg (25 KB, 544x493)
25 KB
how did you master shaving? like having a good shave everytime without any irritation
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Forgot, also Nivea after shave balm, and aloe gel of some sort. I don't get itchiness, dry, burning irritation. That's the whole process.
>buy 1 dollar pack of razors
>buzz off most facial hair with buzzer
>take time shaving in all directions with shaving cream
>listen to music so it doesn't get boring
fun and strangely therapeutic process
File: Pre-shave.png (258 KB, 479x478)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
Mach 3's tear up my face to shit because more blades = more irritation. Safety Razor is the way. But your choice of blade and razor also makes a huge different to cuts and knicks.

Here is a scientific analysis of blade sharpness for dozens of different blades: https://www.refinedshave.com/razor-blade-sharpness-summary/

My personal favorite blade right now is Wilkinson Sword, but really you just gotta test a bunch of blades. You can buy variety packs on Amazon for dirt cheap:


I'll also give you a couple accessories that make shaving way better:

>Alum Block for post shave that acts as an antiseptic and astringent.
>Proraso Pre-shave Cream
>Nivea Post-shave balm

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For me is Tatara Masamune.
The razor I got is the Gillette Knack thin and the blades I bought are the Gillette 7 '0 clock black (ones made in India).

File: R (13).jpg (121 KB, 1100x1100)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
How am I supposed to wear one of these things?
Just plop it down on my noggin? That doesn't seem right.
Do I take the stickers off? Do I bend it? This is a conundrum.
trash is always a solid option for flat hats
Leave the stickers on
>trash is always a solid option for flat hats
How can a hat be flat? They're cranium covers senpai.

File: pantsu.jpg (74 KB, 423x457)
74 KB
did I get my pants hemmed too short? They're some regular fit chinos and I had read slight break to no break was best for chinos but looking back they were probably talking about slim fit
pants look beautiful with cut hems mainly dickies or some other tailoring sean pablo uses and looks very beautiful lol.
ur pants are beautiful by the way

Thanks bror
They’re like 1”-1.5” too short, yeah. Not the end of the world.

Are mirrored lenses the most top tier fashion statement?
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I found that exact model on the beach. Was impressed with the quality of the lenses compared to standard Raybans. Didn't like the look much because it made me look even more like a gas station coffee hick.
Lost it on the same beach drunk swimming on a high surf day. That's my blogpost for today
>people unironically wear oakley

holy shit
>I found that exact model on the beach.
That's people's belongings dude, they're swimming
fucking kek
I can't seem to find any stylish sunglasses besides obscene "fashion" brands that charge $500

File: file.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1080)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
Just copped these Forums
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Thoughts on these upcoming pizza forums
I’m gonna wear them to my daughter’s wedding
Copped the J7 Citrus, holy shit they are comfortable, absolutely being slept on as well
That’s like saying a fat ugly girl has a nice personality

Yeah, if a shoe costs more than 80 bucks and it isn’t comfortable I would send them back
>Yeah, if a shoe costs more than 80 bucks and it isn’t comfortable I would send them back
do you know where we are?

I'll start
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this may be the most disgusting item ever posted in cop or not
File: 1650318892984.jpg (109 KB, 1440x1426)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
cop or not?
File: 16633345371649944.jpg (73 KB, 1024x566)
73 KB

File: SOnicYouthOver2.jpg (77 KB, 550x312)
77 KB
How do I into 90s alt rock/indie fashion?
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File: 90s grunge look.jpg (50 KB, 500x750)
50 KB
Make denim your best friend.
If you really want to pull of this look well then you’re going to need to get the all the cornerstone pieces. I am of course talking about quintessentially 90’s fashion items such as t shirts, jeans, and button up plaid shirts. You will probably have trouble sourcing this stuff so maybe try asking your parents or other older relatives if they have some old 90’s clothes laying around at the back of their closets that they can give you. A lot has changed since those days. It’s kind of cool to see this revival happening even if it is kind of larpy.
The shit they wore back then is just the shit that's in thrift shops these days. I thrift all my clothing and I could fit into any 90s Linklater easy.

Is there anything that screams "More money than taste" louder than a smartwatch?
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>all the seething cope ITT

It's like I'm posting in /wt/
File: WatchTanline.jpg (55 KB, 604x453)
55 KB
Watches, never again.
I'm so glad I got over the luxury watch meme before I sunk too much money into it. Literally every fucking normie with a little bit of money has a rolex and BMW now. People that don't have a net worth of tens of millions that are buying Patek, Omega, Rolex, etc, are full blown retards.

Smart watches are infinitely better than any mechanical watch.
we all rot in the same dirt at the end of the day
Dabbed on those rolex retards my man

ITT: fashionable YouTubers

Not necessarily their streetwear/clothing merch.

Just YouTubers exuding drip and style
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He should grow up and get clothing that actually fits his frame. That's horrible.
File: drip.png (566 KB, 1200x674)
566 KB
566 KB PNG

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