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File: Capture.png (535 KB, 476x466)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
Anyone know what brand of glasses these might be or could recommend something similar?
Probably Zenni

What happens to gender and fashion since cosmetics change makes many straight males androgynous right now.
As clits can be enlarged into Cocks. As anyone can look like and be anything.
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hedonism only drives the world towards a dystopia
your life isn't a hentai, you're sitting alone in your parents house every day
With my girlfriend.

Hedonism is utopia.

Have it.
Earth is heaven
What happens if all the guys get cuter than girls?

whats the sort of shit that you would want your gf/bf to wear ?
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good evening fellas, it is my pleasure to inform you that i have discovered a new fetish

10/10 gat damn
This a girl or a boy? Either way he/she is cute
File: 1-220x296.jpg (26 KB, 220x296)
26 KB
I really like this type of dress style.

Earth is heaven and we are all god edition

Last >>15851894

>post thinspo
>stay hydrated
>We do NOT advocate for anorexia or other eating disorders


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

BMR and TDEE Calculator

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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nah dude you’ll fuck up your gut biome doing that. just eat foods that make you less hungry, stuff that’s high in fiber works great
>commie china is RETVRNING better than west is
Liberals BTFO yet again, all hail Emperor Xi, Son of Heaven.
This is a Chinese elementary school trip

China is the west reborn
The west is experiencing glorious rebirth too as we speak

Yeah, just remember to supplement with salt + potassium or you'll be tired and miserable the whole time.

File: s-l400.jpg (13 KB, 400x400)
13 KB
>on dating apps
>men only have pics of them at weddings or family events dressed nicely/acceptable
>go on dates
>sees him wearing flat billed hats, tank tops, work boots

Why would you not dress up for a date. Why do you dress like a high schooler. Who let you walk out the door like this. If you're on a dating app, please include pictures of your normal, everyday wear.
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not as dead as the 41% of trannies who couldn’t pass

gotta get those numbers up
Dude I'm not trans.

My life would have been way better if I was born a man. Much more independence for starters.
then you’re just fucking boring and autistic get it together dry stale coochie bitch
its sad a part of you probably actually believes life isnt much easier for you now
Life is hard for many people period. It just gets annoying you can't result to talking shit as a woman because men have the biological advantage of hurting you if you say something wrong (unless they weigh 130 lbs or less).

File: hanfu.jpg (42 KB, 401x600)
42 KB
So Young Chinese are starting to dress in "traditional" Chinese clothing, particularly Han.

While I think it's pretty autistic to dress up in full old style Han clothing instead of incorporating Han patterns, designs and features into contemporary utalitarian fashion, I can at least give props to Young Chinese resisting "Just wear western suits bro".
Why hasn't there been any real attempt to do this in the west as well though with people who are sick of stereotypical suits? I mean you have that one British dandy guy (though dandyism is pretty much the foundation of modern male fashion and suits), but I've never, ever seen anyone walk around in more "traditional western clothing" outside of Eastern Europe during Mayday.
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this is so good wtf
The Chinese literally live like kings in their own country; like if you were a white person living in Thailand. How I envy them.
im an american and would be willing to go full westernwear if i could find any that wasnt made for fatasses.
Good for them. They should be proud of who and what they are and their traditions.

A suit is trad European clothing though, it's the more modern shift from the older styles, the natural progression of clothing. That's why it would be odd for someone to wear something from 1750.

But some countries did not have that natural progression, they had older style clothing and then just switched to European so to go back to their roots, they have to take a greater leap back in time to do that.
File: 1546594321133.jpg (361 KB, 1300x1094)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
If we did this in the west what would be the best period clothing to revive? For me it would have to be late 1700s/early 1800s.

Barbour, shotguns, pheasants and wellingtons.

Don't see enough traditional British country clothing on here
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Hello? Based department on the line?
The conclusion of your rant was literally calling me a newfag lol.
The core of the topic is demographic shifts by the way; you've been here long enough to fill in the blanks of what they've done to this place.
Maybe you prefer the sites latest incarnations. I noticed your hunger for attention has you aping newfags and spamming threads. At least it gets upvotes from great board contributors like >>15880569
>The conclusion of your rant was literally calling me a newfag lol.

No it wasn't, it was that perhaps you should move to another place that restricts speech more aggressively if you are offended by such petty things.

What an earth are you talking about? The whole point was a blue board does not mean extreme speech modding, it just means it's safe to view at work, and (up to now) free speech is still legal at work.

>The core of the topic is demographic shifts by the way; you've been here long enough to fill in the blanks of what they've done to this place.

Oh right so demographic shifts on message boards can fuck them up but demographic shifts of people into the country who despise their way of life but just want to larp in their clothing will not fuck it up?

Gotcha. Your mental state sounds 100% healthy and logical right now.

>I noticed your hunger for attention

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>At least it gets upvotes from great board contributors

It's seething.
the suit as you see them in the pictures started as working class attire. you could definitely find borgousie dressed in similar clothing. the borgousie is part of the upper middle class/upper class whereas lords, belonging to the artistocracy and a different class entirely, would not wear anything like this.

File: download.jpg (28 KB, 637x358)
28 KB
How does one achieve peak doomer aesthetic? Not interested in standing out or having flashy clothes.
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Shut the fuck up fag
hiro core
what is zoroastrianism
what is platonism
what is proto judaism where YWHW is literally a war god


File: cropped2.jpg (262 KB, 750x1334)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
is this /effay/?
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no it's fucking gay
Brave new wear?

Crop tops on men are based and redpilled
based gaycore
What is with this board trying to make the midriff meme a thing? You know you can just watch gay porn on your posting device right?

File: aaaàaaaa.jpg (39 KB, 619x413)
39 KB
Post some protest core inspo. I'll be needing it in a couple of days.

File: spacedandy.jpg (78 KB, 1200x680)
78 KB
My girlfriend wants me to shave my pompadour and get a zoomer military shaved cut. How do i convince her that the pompadour is the best haircut known to man? Also, pompadour inspo thread
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dont listen to her king
i hear pompadours make you go bald and only work for straight hair
they seem super cringe in this day and age. everyone laughing at your high product hair style
Stronger/more product, but screw her, this looks fine
Gf asks you nicely to stop looking like a giant tool
"Nah bro im based"

You look like you are wearing a costume. The hair and the outfit the whole pic comes off unauthentic like cosplay that’s properly why your gf wants you to get sth more „adult“ and „sexy“

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Yeah. It’s terrifying.
You will eat carbs, own nothing that fits, have no limits, and you will be happy.
What an adorable and good soul you have
On the left he was big into raw vegan shit, so he had to pay an ungodly amount of attention to what he ate to avoid dying. Then he just said fuck it and started eating junk food nearly everyday, along with running a youtube channel where the only thing he does is eat and bitch.
File: i'm curvy.png (1.3 MB, 789x905)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG

Any other /fa/ predictions for this year?
/tip/ and or countrycore
for the tiktokers of course
File: Bodyshell-3318.jpg (29 KB, 600x800)
29 KB
full body compression skin wearable anywhere

how do you shave your ass properly? everytime i do it, i always get razor burn
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Honestly senpai you don't even notice butt stubble. I've had bad rashes after shaving my pubes but my ass hair doesn't give me any troubles growing back
>I can sort of feel the fart trapped there like a bubble and generally it ends up sort of rolling and then popping up out of the top. Feels weird but cool.

I know EXACTLY what you mean....
>No i will not shave
>No i will not wipe
>No i will not wash my hands
>feel the Über Musk
just trim the pubes on my balls once it gets bushy. dont touch anywhere else except my face obviously
Fucking kek I've never known anyone other than me to say this

File: Capture.png (666 KB, 426x655)
666 KB
666 KB PNG
where to cop this fuckin dope scarf
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