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File: 20230602_003105.jpg (578 KB, 1725x1470)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
How is my hair?
Holy shit dude, get a transplant and hop on fin and minox IMMEDIATELY
He just need for men jell
Looking good, the tasteful greying is hot
very nice sideburns
Looking Based af king desu senpai

File: IMG_0669.jpg (1.48 MB, 4032x3024)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
goboddlestein gorunalism biznali


appetizing choice for op pic

File: IMG_3409.jpg (158 KB, 998x1438)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
What are some good linen shorts?
bieber hair revival when?
That was a common haircut back in 2008
If you want try it, then try it out. Although keep in mind, not everyone can pull it off well so proceed with caution.
i'm not trying it

How to be an androgynous male?
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Why would you want that you fucking fag
File: ideal male form.png (3.34 MB, 1120x1584)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB PNG
Griffith, all I'm sayin
You fucking weebs. Anime is not real life.
imagine being so obsessed with fucking trannies lmao get a life
this lol

what's the best gi colorway?

I think white looks classiest but gets irreparrably dirty quick
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That seems like a fun place to exercise. Nice job!
It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on

I think pic related is cool as fuck
Any other shade of green would have been disgusting but they nailed it
I mostly train no-gi though so not many chances to wear it
Bjj is so gay
Nice uniform lmao
yeah i like the dark green one on the right

Your academy gi. Now bow to your sensei.

File: derekgay.jpg (26 KB, 400x400)
26 KB
>"I see you are wearing X article of clothing in this post from 5 years ago that took me half an hour to find. This style would have been looked upon as unmasculine in the province of New Silesia in the Kingdom of Prussia in 1801. Therefore, your opinion on trans people is irrelevant
Why is he like this?
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He has never posted a fit pic
if you want to know what OP is talking about well he's seething-red-hot about this thread


he merely pointed out that it's ironic how supposed traditionalists dress very modern
He has autism duh
Modern? Thats not a sack suit, what is 'modern' about it lol

File: cover1.jpg (50 KB, 800x450)
50 KB
25F, stuck on "black goes with everything" and in need of change.
I never liked to stand out but I am trying to be a "girly girl" on occasion.
I need recommendations for sneakers and maybe some low doc martens type shoes?

Thoughts on Reebok? I've never worn anything other than Converse and Vans (I know I'm basic) and I don't know how to get into anything else.
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Hello, OP here. I actually laughed at some of these replies, although I was hoping for some actual input I should have realised I won't get much help here.
Sorry, no boob posting will happen because I don't care for the opinions from here that much.
Then why did you come here for opinions you idiot
>I don't know how to get into anything else.
Use the pin in /fa/, there's some sites you can check out for clothing.

Use Pinterest for building inspiration for clothing fits.
For sneakers, I recommend Converse or Ramones (just get fakes, I would never pay $300+ for them either).

Black on black is fine imo, just find stuff that makes you happy. If you see an article of clothing that makes you excited or anything, go for it.

Fashion is about being conventional for the masses, and unconventional for the ones who aren't insecure
File: 3_July_e1.jpg (311 KB, 1280x1811)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
a bit of pink goes with everything black. but you need to either be a woman or a femboy
My wife says you’re hopeless

File: mnbmb.jpg (80 KB, 700x729)
80 KB
>have beautiful wavy hair like my mom
>grow it out for 3 years
>always get compliments for it even though i can't take care of it
>in fact it's the only thing anyone ever compliments me about
>the only thing that makes me human
>every time i look up how to do something online it just says "buy this product" so i can't do it
>life goes on
>shower tonight with shampoo
>want to take a picture of myself after
>notice my hair is actually over the place when i want it flat
>grab comb
>it keeps getting stuck in knots over and over again
>look up "can't get comb through hair"
>more of the same BUY THIS PRODUCT
>enraged i keep trying and trying and trying

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You have a great hair texture. Take better care of your hair bro
File: download.jpg (6 KB, 181x279)
6 KB
I was in this same situation, all you need to do is --buzz the side and back of your head
- make a ponytale
-cut the ponytail
-put your hair forward

congrates you have a natural frizzy pompadoor who doesnt get in the way
just fuck my shit up op
we're in the same boat
Dude, you will be fine. Brush slowly starting at the bottom of the strands and work your way up. SLOWLY!!!
R&Co anti-frizz, Ouai Leave-In Conditioner, or Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special are pricy but good conditioners you might try if you need extra help.
>always get compliments
uhhh, yeh, sure you do champ.

File: FORK11111_1200x.jpg (75 KB, 1200x1200)
75 KB
what are some fa approved graphics tshirts? pic related of course
>Le ebin 2021 forklift twitter meem

Go back
File: 1685180113047754.png (1.13 MB, 1325x785)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
prada's bowling shirts remain legendary - would totally buy if i was rich
>graphic tees

Also thread for whatever this aesthetic was. Share what you like.
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It's not a style just regular 80s/90s clothes everybody wore.
Bad quality camera.
Yeah and y2k is a style from an era, but not everyone in the late 90s, early 2000s dressed that way idiot.
I have those reeboks. Fuck I need to lose weight to fit into jeans like that
What's the movie?
Fuck off

Are jerseys effay?
23 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
do you not like him? ;-;
File: 1670623628877019.webm (1.28 MB, 1058x720)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB WEBM
No women in this thread.
least degenerated homosexual
neck yourself you degenerate coomer faggot

File: 1681548842032695.jpg (95 KB, 570x839)
95 KB
I have no idea what to wear during the summer please post some inspo. I'm used to only wearing baggy clothes.

I don't want to wear anything short sleeved I am a twink so I don't want to wear anything revealing cuz people are judgy and i weigh 120 pounds
18 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I want to fuck the french cat. There I said it. I said what was on everyones mind.
looks comfy and twinky
lol don't let the bastards get you down anon. 6'4" here and i'd dress pretty wild in my hick suburban town when i was a 117 lb. teenager
that's nice
Why should anyone help a fag learn how to dress when said fag is too stupid to read any of the threads here, too stupid to Google anything, too stupid to just watch Call me By my name and too stupid to think it's short sleeves that make people dislike him?

I hope every redneck in your town bullies you. You literally have your own faggot containment board, why not use the two brain cells that haven't been corrupted by AIDs to go there and ask what the elder tier twinks wear before they die twink death aka turn into old queens at 25?

I genuinely hate people like you who won't do a damn thing to help themselves except piss shit and cry over not being accepted and worshipped.

What is the /fa/-approved method of nail shortening that actually leaves your nails smooth?
I've tried it all, nail files, clippers, scissors, and they all leave my nails irregular and they always latch onto and scratch everything I touch.
It sucks having to be careful for 3-4 days after I cut my nails as I have 5 mini knives on each of my hands ready to fuck shit up.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You gotta file them a little bit
takuminowaza then metal file then glass file then emery board
this is what i do before finger banging your mother for 16 hours
>nail clipper
>then, nail-file

well first of all the victorinox nail clippers are the best I've tried.
I can usually do a rough trim and then finish it off by taking off the rough part just barely and it leaves it smooth
Clear polish on snaggy nails can help tamp down the hangnails. Get a matte (not shiny) kind; most people won't be able to tell you're wearing any.

File: cover.jpg (53 KB, 500x500)
53 KB
what jeans are these? with the lil stitching on the front
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
die lol
don't tell me what to do
i'm a demigod 2k15
being patchmade is not knowing what double knee pants are
still a few sizes of these Samurai double knees left at half price
File: iceyyy.jpg (121 KB, 941x941)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
gah damn three box logo

File: 1509365291144.png (260 KB, 1076x595)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Anticipating another garbage thread edition
(no themes you redditors)
311 replies and 65 images omitted. Click here to view.
Good fit, bit much blue though
You're right the angle did you dirty
I'm not cute, I'm pretty. There's a difference.
I like your style

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