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File: shrekpepe.png (15 KB, 420x420)
15 KB
Bong here, might move to Glasgow because fuck it why not? I've heard good things and the cost of living seems reasonable so I'm intrigued
Any anons here that can give me insider knowledge? Which parts of the city are /fa/? Apparently it's really good for independent music and contemporary art, is this true or just journalists talking out of their arse?
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File: 1617221113605.jpg (60 KB, 1125x1118)
60 KB
please do not move to glasgow I was there for a night out last week and it is FUCKING BOKING. Move to Edinbrugh or dont move to Scotland at all
I see
I thought Edinburgh was the yuppie tourist trap and Glasgow was where all the cool stuff happened tho?
>Which parts of the city are /fa/?
>Apparently it's really good for independent music and contemporary art
fuck off. back to your containment board. Slit your throat
The reason tourists go to Edinburgh is because its actually a nice place to be.
>t. Lived in both gtown and edi
I see
I mean the architecture looks really nice so that's one thing I guess

File: Discord_jDaTSJ6JKR.png (284 KB, 610x636)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
In order
If I was forced to choose one of them or joining the Russian army, I would take the Adidas bottom left.
1. do these give you a height boost by just wearing them?
2. can you add shoe lifts inside them and still walk around comfortably?
You shouldn't get any. But if you are getting Jordans, do not get mids. Gets highs and at worst lows
And the blazers are trash. There are better ones

File: tantantan.jpg (34 KB, 488x488)
34 KB
>wanting to be tan
boomer detected
non-white detected
I’m about as pale as they come champ, sun damaged skin went out about 10 years ago

Post what you wear to lounge around and sleep
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monogamous virgin homosexuals, though a rare breed, do exist
she mogs her so hard
Do people these days (like zoomers and so on) really change clothes as soon as they get back home?

I remember back in highschool, when people used to get back home, they used to keep the same clothes they were wearing during the day...
Then maybe you took a shower just before going to bed (maybe not) and that was it.
oh my bad bro
I want what he's have
H&M's linen dressing gown/bath robe. It's not particularly high quality, but the cheapest I could find in pure linen. Very comfy to wear. Let it hang dry so it gets a little stiff - this makes it lay lightly on your skin rather than cling and get sweaty. Brand probably doesn't matter much as long as it's pure linen.

Left or right?
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Tonsil Ted
Ted cruz will never be president
Because my boy Romney will?
File: 18jfqv.jpg (52 KB, 510x349)
52 KB
Never. Trump will win again. He's the Antichrist. Under Trump we got Covid, the second term will bring the end of days:

And here:
Lincoln was the first bearded president, and his coming into office signaled a civil war.
I think if we get another president who had a beard then that means doom for our country.

File: 1596858998678.png (717 KB, 1080x1041)
717 KB
717 KB PNG
>padding: 100% polyester
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you might have nerve damage
File: 1596618332038.jpg (53 KB, 626x759)
53 KB
>Made in China | Fabrique en Chine
hecho en bump
File: 1652502096051.jpg (20 KB, 269x283)
20 KB
>stretch cotton
where do you even get 100% cotton pants
More like brain damage, he sounds like a lost case.

File: ecosmart.png (280 KB, 425x602)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
Can /fa/ recommend me a good affordable crewneck brand or product for upcoming cold season? Something to wear daily but won't break your heart if it gets dirty
I usually wear Hanes Ecosmart since the fit is so good but they're such cheap junk that they get regulated to gym or garage use. Not uniqlo
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I don’t get it ? did they say something that can be construed as a joke?
I hate this shit sm it makes everything look vintage
Why does that ruin it?
How long have you been here, sis?
Los Angeles apparel

File: 1606678123782.jpg (359 KB, 2000x2000)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
Son you are man now and must choose fashionable bag to carry your stuff in

Will you choose
>designer tote bag
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File: w750_bffffff.jpg (63 KB, 750x949)
63 KB
I love this leather tote by dunhill
But it looks very big in the photos
File: w640_be4e4e4.jpg (74 KB, 640x810)
74 KB
Here is a basketball american holding it.
Its big enough for him to put his basketball in.

I really like the bag but worry its too big

Not worriee about looking like a fag because honestly its London, every man looks like a fag in London
Just dress in a business style and no one will bat an eye, assuming it's a week day.
fucking tote bags, fucking zoomers, jesus fucking christ
Ya but my problem is im not dressing in business attire as im remote working and back to my final year in University

But its a damn sexy bag

File: r9.jpg (155 KB, 634x967)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Is this called a ""rugged" style or what? Is there an actual term for this type of fit? Slim jeans, boots, and a t-shirt. No bold colors or anything, just neutral.
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hobo core
this, his artistic endeavors are very questionable, but the man developed an exceptionally tasteful personal uniform.
His style is just skinny jeans, a slim fit tee and the same nike boots everyday
Chubby fuccboi

ideally made from 100% cotton
I looked everywhere for 100% cotton chinos but couldn't find any because it was all chink shit, had poly, or was super wide fit. then I found isto. it's like 105 euros for a pair, was honestly impressed by the quality. just wish they had more colors
Banana republic 10 years ago
My levi chinos feel pretty thick
Aren't there some Japanese brands that sell thicker chinos like in the old days?

what exactly is shaving butter, and is it any good?
shaving cream/butter is a money grab and causes irritation. You can use many natural substitutes instead. For example, if you have the time and money, you can buy an aloe vera plant and use the gel for a perfect shave. literally perfect. Prob could use olive oil if you dont have the time but i have no experience with that.
note you have to use a blender to get the aloe vera gel in a consistent form.
i can literally just buy aloe gel

they broke and i want to see if i can find the model to rebuy them or sum.. i got them on a flea market
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B-but I'm a girl(male)
wow , very similar!
Just get new lenses made for that same frame. Go to any store that sell perscription glasses
Post ur face wearing them.

File: kettles.jpg (235 KB, 1920x1080)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Where do you get full scans of fashion magazines both old even ancient and recent?
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who is that?
i downloaded early vogue from tpb
Betsy Kettleman
Not finding shit, help me out.
Here u go
I clicked the link and immediately smelled the Sears catalogue, feels good

anyone know where I could find old issues of Popeye Magazine?

File: Fluoride_treated_fabric.jpg (715 KB, 1016x856)
715 KB
715 KB JPG
So apparently they are soaking wool/cotton/linen clothes with all sorts of synthetic chemicals to improve the way the fabric feels and looks.
And, they can still call the garment "100% wool" (or whatever) even when it is completely impregnated with these substances.
What effect are these treatments having on our bodies? How can they be avoided? Are there any brands which sell fabrics without these adulterations?
i have never heard of this except in shitty cheap fast fashion. buy better quality clothing and dont worry about it
also true
There's no secret chemicals anon. If they put silicone or something in the product they're going to sell it as a feature

Why is it so hard to find references for men's hairstyles that:

a) are worn down/not pushed back
b) don't have extreme fades
Giggle ashton kutcher desu sama
legitimately very helpful suggestion. his hairline/texture matches my own and he has a lot of down hairstyles.

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