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File: 10309752.jpg (53 KB, 660x660)
53 KB
>avoid me at all costs hat
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I'm selling it now
I'm donating it now
i own this exact beanie, i love it
I've had this exact beanie for 15+ years. I've worn it before the hype and I'll wear it long after the hype is gone
I cut the logos off.

What kind of options for a haircut do I have if my hair looks like this?
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shave it
Take the Neil Fallon pill (even though he doesn't have a bald spot)
File: at0quw23qea21.jpg (89 KB, 652x1084)
89 KB
fin and min would most certainly filled it up but you are already 42 so why bother with looks
damn jack dorsey has seen better days

File: dacademian.jpg (326 KB, 942x1254)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
How to achieve this look.
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Here to discuss fashion not your trans obsession.
this dude reminds me of an actor, but I cant remember which one
File: ep.jpg (44 KB, 440x521)
44 KB
Evan Peters?
yeah, he has those psycho vibes kinda
could imagine him wearing girls clothes
>he doesn't know
that's pyrocynical

Why do zoomers find women that look like this fashionable and attractive? Looks like a soulless vapid individual whose personality is entirely based on whoring as much attention as possible.
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That woman doesn't look low maintenance at all
I think anon meant that she requires no emotional maintainable and wants solely material objects to satisfy her womanly needs
Why are zoomers like this?
File: 1674380867195182.jpg (629 KB, 1284x1270)
629 KB
629 KB JPG
She has good hips and under all that makeup she looks pretty.
All things consider, would breed.

Is this /fa/ enough for my speaking engagement?

Here’s a video of me getting dressed.

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talking about gay years and being together doesn’t mean he’s gay
describing your age in dog years doesn’t make you a dog.
besides he asks says they’d best friends
learn some reading comprehension.
>talking about gay years and being together doesn’t mean he’s gay
eeeeeeh it ... does?
It doesn’t. I’ve been with my wife for 1 year. In gay years that’s one month. Saying this doesn’t make me gay
No Ivan mocking Zeihan won't get you to win in Ukraine either.
Don’t pull it out of context dude.
He says he’s been with a male his whole life and mentions gayness in the same sentence.

Thoughts (w/ the mask of course)?
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it's pretty bold but i think you look cool
File: 61-GN+8NL+L.jpg (66 KB, 868x1410)
66 KB
Bro you look like pic related

No one wearing a mask is ever effay.
hahaha thank god i'm white

>getting rocks in your shoes every 10 sec

Heh nothing personal kid
>buys a warehouse of those
>now i have a full warehouse of rocks
T-thanks, i guess

Can someone recommend me actually good pair of aviators. I mean ones that are sturdy and are for men, not the aviators nowadays that look like they will break in half like a twig if you sneezed on it.
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Metal framed and cheap. You’re gonna break them anyway. Your grandparents bought raybans in gas stations.
Had my Raybans for years and haven't treated them nicely
Unless you plan to get into constant fistfights then any non-chinkshit pair will hold up.
no u
I know thrifting is a meme now but if you can find a high end vintage fashion store the older aviators I find tend to be pretty cool. Just picked up a pair today.

File: 1659626941272046.png (495 KB, 680x720)
495 KB
495 KB PNG
What's the point of dressing well when you have this kind of side profile
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File: d.png (1.17 MB, 780x845)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
Have you tried changing how you place your teeth? My teeth don't line up properly (I'm planning to go to the dentist about it) but for now I look like I have a fine jawline because I always the have the tips of my front teeth touching. I genuinely think that the "weak chin" thing is almost always a problem of teeth placement (probably due to other teeth problems) rather than "your skull is just the wrong shape".
File: beard.png (196 KB, 680x720)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
beard my boy
i have an overbite and do this as well and it helps but it looks different when actually corrected. im going to get jaw surgery and will have to wear braces again to prepare but getting it fixed will be worth looking like a retarded adult with braces for awhile
That's not how it works. Your upper teeth should go over your bottom teeth with a little gap between them when your jaw is closed. When you keep your jaw shut you should feel force only on the side teeth. Braces could fix all this, it's just a shame they are very expensive in the us.


File: TGV.jpg (411 KB, 2880x1800)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
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Yes Ivan we know you're mad other people can afford clothing.
The Only good example of Fine , Refined Welth Class is The Master Gentleman Luxary
I think that is his main audience, young boys ages 13-14 and other men-children like him
>muh posh accent
>muh heritage
>muh classy bags
>muh panerai
>muh ring history
This dude comes around like such a tryhard dishonest cringelord
didn't he quit his job to pursue the youtube career hoping to achieve 1 million subscribers, only to get stuck around 500 000 where most of those were bought?

im 19, 5'4 95lbs and i need help styling myself. i've always wanted to lean more into unisex clothing and after cutting my hair im now fully committed.
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post haircut bro
You're a gay manlet bro
This looks like margaret howell, try looking it up on pinterest and let the algorithm find more stuff for you
fucking ugly shoes
Someone said it. Fuck that retard.

Looking for more Dark Academia (or similar) charts
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You pull it off by committing to it like how you pull off any other look.

If you build your wardrobe around the look you want and start incorporating it then it becomes associated with you. The trade off you make is you become known as the 'x' guy, which as long as you're comfortable doing isn't a bad thing, as long as you're not more than a layer or two of formality over the next guy so obviously don't be the only guy in a suit and tie at a backyard barbie but if you're the only guy there in a knit sweater that's not weird.
Don’t tell me what to do.
The charts aren't going to help you with actually dressing like that. They're pure novelty.
doesn't fox news have one also, for the republican leaning dark academia enthusiast?

File: WGQN6183.jpg (617 KB, 1440x1440)
617 KB
617 KB JPG
How do I "acid" wash raw denim?

I picked up that there's actually an alternative to using acid by washing them for a long time with rocks? Can I even do that in my washing machine or do you need proprietary clothing washing machines for that, which don't get damaged?
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Pick 1
>How do I "acid" wash raw denim? explain it step by step in a condescending and rude manner using typical uneducated black Ebonics voice

A'ight, yo, so first ya gotta getcha some raw denim. Den, ya gotta git sum muriatic acid, ain't no other acid gon' work. Den mix it wit some water, like, half an' half. Den dip yo' jeans in dat mix. Now, yo' jeans is gonna turn white, but don't worry, it's s'posed ta do dat. Den let 'em sit in dat mix fo' a coupla minutes. Den take 'em out an' rinse 'em in cold water. Den 'em let 'em dry. An' yer done.
god just thinking of raws getting washed unnecessarily makes me rage. god help them if you iron them after. holy fucking internal rage.
>thinking of raws getting washed unnecessarily

Washing clothes is necessary to clean them.

If you wear the same pants over and over for weeks as your balls marinade in your sweat and the fabric slowly drinks up all the piss from the train seats you sit in, all the bacteria from food in the restaurant seats you sit in etc. you're fucking disgusting and deserve to die.

Despite denimheads trying, "raw denim" and "sick fades" never became mainstream because they're not only autistic activities, they're also genuinely off-putting visually in both the start and end state.

There's a reason washed jeans have been the standard pant for the last 50 years.

I'm personally washing my raws every single wear and I'll turn them into regular washed jeans in a few months of wear.
>every single wear
got a pic?

What makes it s*y?
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The coat isn't really big though. But the pants definitely don't match. Actually nothing matches which is the problem. It's not s*y per se. Just a shit fit.
Hiking boots somewhat match the pants but nothing else.
The pants almost flare out which is counter to the coat which is more fitted.
A black coat usually only looks good with black/grey pants, wearing other colors will clash, particularly if the coat is a more formal/fitted style.
Pants are wrinkled.
Regardless of his face, posture, etc it's a bad fit no matter who it's on.
The man.
My trousers do the same thing; it looks fucking shit. It's ruining his entire outfit. Is it caused by having a plank ass or too wide a leg opening, or both?
File: 1673915535233148.webm (2.64 MB, 352x640)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB WEBM
fa af

File: look_at_what_my_kim_did.png (849 KB, 1236x1258)
849 KB
849 KB PNG
how has ye consistently been the most /fa/ celeb for the last decade?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
i miss ye era /fa/.
You miss early 2010s-late 2000s internet fashion scene and not "his era". You miss fashion being an underground cool thing and not just something that became accessible to everyone. That is okay, but do you wish to bask in nostalgia or do you wish to utilize all the creative power that is at your disposal to research and form your own unique style?
I hope it is the latter because it's closer to the spirit of old /fa/.
Kanye and Pharrell are actually into fashion and have for decades. Kanye was wearing pink polos and Louis Vuitton backpacks while the industry was still on Snapbacks and oversized throwbacks.

Cudi, Tyler etc are just following in the footsteps of Pharrell and Kanye; the difference being Pharrell is right of mind, while Kanye is prone to bouts of instability.
The difference being that Pharrell didn't try to idolize himself, despite the fact that before the Kanye craze, Pharell could boast having far more influence on pop music than West. That's about it.
virgin walk.png

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