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File: retard.jpg (489 KB, 1230x1550)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
several kids at my school go around looking like a grandpa, wearing shit like this daily. why is this a "trend".
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I am perpetually ahead of the eight ball. That is what your problem is.
if it replaces the focus on streetwear i am all for it, people are probably getting a bit sick of streetwear now so replacements are starting to pop up i guess. about fucking time imo
The alt right was a concoction made up by hillary clinton because she couldn't dismiss the people supporting trump because of the hype. They were all vastly different people who were just amused watching Trump win. So i guess you're full of shit faggot.
No, it was definitely a subculture at one point. You are intentionally disingenuous.
Its better than some of the shit I see Zoomers wearing.
Trad for Chad

I have a rare navel shape. Therefore, it is effay. What clothes can I wear to emphasize its rarity?
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>literal navel-gazing/ /fa/ thread
Truly, the essence of /fa/ is in this thread.
I was taught the expression was “contemplating our nipples”
Is this real? I want this.
Checked, I bet you are Turkish
File: IMG_20211201_045103.jpg (157 KB, 1230x781)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
mine is boring, i want a refund

how would Tyler Durden dress in 2021?
>inb4 the same
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what's in that bag?
His butt plug collection.
Thrift stores were different in '99. Ebay and the internet wasnt the same as it idles now.
do what he does in the books and steal your clothes from Gym lost properties, can do that for any lost properties
File: brad.jpg (29 KB, 500x330)
29 KB
You know this would be true.

File: 4amrtquv0ei61.jpg (85 KB, 1125x1331)
85 KB
Share your thoughts about them.

File: 20211207_151653.jpg (3.07 MB, 3903x1897)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB JPG
Hey /fa/, what do you do for a phone case?
I can't find anything that isn't just some no name $15 plastic fantastic.
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>literally just iphone or pixel cases
this may be more difficult than I thought...
If a phone is required for the job, the job is required to pay for it. That is if you're from a first world country, though. You would only need to have I on you while working too. If they require you to always be reachable by the phone they are paying for they damn well better be paying you on-call pay. People act like it's impossible to say no to their employer and/or find a new job.
He won't as long as he isn't a clumsy retard. My previous phone i had for five years with no protection of any kind, still had no scratches when I replaced it. My current phone is over three years old also without a scratch, but I admittedly need a slim case for grip because the retards thought it would be a good idea to make the back of the phone smooth glass.
File: 71-LzTjHynL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (131 KB, 1058x1500)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Carbon fiber phone case off amazon
Either raw dog or get the official Apple iPhone cases. Android phones are not effay.

File: canada_goose_langford.jpg (128 KB, 900x1125)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Is it viable in Milan?
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File: file.png (981 KB, 820x1000)
981 KB
981 KB PNG
>same style
>still high quality
>recycled down instead of unsustainable goose down that promotes horrible practices
>$200~ instead of 900+
>warm enough for 90% of climates, get canada goose or other high end winter brands if you are actually mountain climbing or exploring the north or something but otherwise who cares
yeah I am thinking superbased
Nobody gives a shit

I hope for your sake you're memeing
Where I'm from every 15 year old weed dealer has a moncler puffer, moncler will soon be corny worldwide I feel.
In general Italians think poorly of people who wear fake fur. They love fur and leather. So if that's fake fur you'll look like a fucking idiot.

If I was spending winter in Milan I'd find a black fitted leather jacket, lined and a cashmere scarf.

I would own a ski parka for trips to Switzerland or the Italian Alps but you'll look like a one size fits all fucking dork tourist in a parka in a place where it's 4am right now and now even below freezing in December (it's 3 c now in Milan)
Jesse what the fuck are you talking about.jpg

File: r73lz0dcuo271.jpg (857 KB, 3024x4032)
857 KB
857 KB JPG
Do you guys have any /fa/ tattoos? thinking of getting one
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File: CnawBHs.jpg (223 KB, 1440x1800)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
File: kqzgjjapjaz51.jpg (1.23 MB, 3024x4032)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
File: oapvokfrweo51.jpg (113 KB, 768x960)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Thanks for the thread OP.
You’re amazing.
A hero of fashion and beauty and goodness.

And those tattoos are SLAYER.

File: dm1460mie.jpg (70 KB, 404x673)
70 KB
I bought the doc martens made in england 1460 in uk 8 and uk 9, the uk 8 fits good width-wise with a very subtle heel slip but the big toe appears to end at the toe-box which is no problem when lying, slightly noticable when standing and noticable when walking.
The UK 9 has enough (or maybe sligthly too much) free space btw the end of the big toe and the toe box, but the width is ridiculously wide and even with insoles it feels too big to be comfortable.

So, i came across contradicting opinions, some make different recommendations on the free space btw the big toe and the wall of the toe box, some claim it''s not possible to stretch lengthwise at all, some claim it will even work when the toes feel cramped lengthwise in the beginning etc.

If it was possible I would like to keep the uk 8 version but I would need to get more stretch in the very toe part of the boot if this is even possible after all.

In case it is, what can you advise to make the toe softer more pliable and/or stretch it lengthwise, ideally without a boot stretcher?
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However I wonder if it is sometimes possible to improve the toe box situation if the stretching necessary isn't that dramatic and not just limited to length itself but also the geometry of the toe box despite the reinforcement.
File: alisonNathan.jpg (19 KB, 234x310)
19 KB

does someone know of a slimmer alternative to doc martens?
According to my research the doc martens 1460 made in england use a slimmer and lengthwise shorter last than those made in Asia, so the doc martens 1460 mie should be slimmer than those from Asia, second there is a subversion of the 1460 named Pascal which is allegedly slimmer, definitely slimmer then the one from Asia, not sure if slimmer than the from England and I am also not sure if the Pascal version is womens only.
Another boot that is similar to the 1460 is the derby boot from Solovair, but I couldn't figure out how it differs from the asian and english 1460 and the pascals.
Maybe too big shoe-tree could work, but i don't know if it damage shoe.
would the damage be only aesthetic or really tearing it apart?
I know what you're saying believe me, I saw your diagrams. You make it sound really fucking convoluted tho lol, it's not rocket science. Basically you want to stretch the toe box out so you are stood overall flatter on the sole and less cramped up in the front. But the fact of the matter is, your big toe already touches the end. That's bad even if you have weird, thin slenderman feet.

I expect you haven't spent long in these boots. If you have, have you traveled far? Walked around for over an hour? When your toe touches the end of the boot, making the boots comfortable and reliable is generally impossible for the average person unless you're going to take the soles off, re-last the uppers, and re-bond bigger soles on. I've seen so many people bleed into shoes with thos issue before just giving up on them altogether and I like them I think you're fighting a losing battle here.

Doc martens look roomy sure but like any boot, inside there is a limited amount of space for your feet and there will be pressure, pain and stress in places there shouldn't be if you start to max it out. Again, spend some real time in them and you'll see what I mean. Boots and shoes should be somewhat snug but this problem aint gonna get better imo

I miss around 2015-2016 when fashion still wasn't mainstream and normies weren't dressing like pic related
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i miss 2012-2014 when having a few k followers on instagram meant guaranteed pussy from aspiring art hoes and raf simons velcros were top shit and every basic tumblr bitch was obsessed with house plants and dirty air force ones and american apparel skirts and posting pictures of Marine Deleeuw and Kiko Mizuhara
i wanna go back
File: 1592769007570.jpg (35 KB, 300x300)
35 KB
wtf are you talking about? stfu and go make my breakfast! Fast talking bitch.
Your faggy website banned them off the side, so obviously they came to here. So why don't you just stay on reddit and everyone's happy.
you will never pass
That's the most basic bitch normie fit I've ever seen.

File: 1597798352164.jpg (42 KB, 600x496)
42 KB
>why yes i buy clothes on japanese websites and resell them on grailed what gave it away
Blacks don't know how to use proxies idiot
Looks like one of DeNiro’s sons
who hurt you, anon?
Never disrespect based IceJJFish ever again
Grailed prices are like half of what they are dull sale so good for you. I'm not complaining.

What's going on here? I bought the MoonStar/Shoes Like Pottery made in Japan sneakers because I saw them marketed everywhere and thought they would be higher quality! However, despite the higher price tag they wore out (sole separation) the same as my chucks (Converse Chuck Taylors) and Vans. It seems I was under the mistaken impression that they were mystical clay shoes
I like them except for that stupid blue button thing
if it's modeled after a design that has sole separation, i think it would make sense that it would still have the same design issue.
Just buy Converse more authentic and Japanese denim heads wear em ...your cuffs look costumey and not lived in though

File: 121.jpg (85 KB, 926x600)
85 KB
Rank 'em, /fa/

The Homelander actor isn’t actually blond IRL. How do you get blond hair like right and not left?
Dye everything excepts the roots you mongrel

File: file.png (870 KB, 1665x816)
870 KB
870 KB PNG
I just shaved myself with one of these fuckers and it didn't go too well.
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>you can accomplish the same thing by scratching your face and exfoliating
Shaving is a lot more effective.
Counter argument: I like my face
Good safety razor recommendations? Been wanting to get into them because i like a close shave but my skin gets irritated easily so i rarely do it
File: 5cb3b7eaf3d12.image.jpg (83 KB, 1200x720)
83 KB
Try Leaf safety razors. Close shave, impossible to cut yourself, affordable and environmentally friendly. Pic rel

/milspo/, should I buy this M42 Paratrooper jacket. I'm really into military and thought this sober jacket looked really cool as a spring/summer jacket. No emblems no decorations, just this plain sand coloured, high collared, cotton jacket. Nice fit, tapered waist, hidden talon zippers. The only thing that throws me of is the diagonal breast pockets. What's you guy's take?
33 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
>dissing my boy kiryu
you wish you looked half as cool as him
fuck off autist
fuck off normalfag

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