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Ive got some questions and suggestions are appreciated.
Also Hygiene General

How to control BO from armpits?
i use fragrance but they dont do shit to stop BO. should i use glycolic acid on armpits to stop BO. if yes then how many times a week? and what percentage?
other option is rollons but i dont want to die of cancer and alzhemers because of aluminium. i dont mind sweating i just dont want BO.

How to shave my balls?
is gilette 2 blade razor good for my groin area? what other way i can stay groomed down there? No hair removal creams, they burn the shit outta skin.

how to get rid of hair below eyes and upper cheeks? they get more pointy if i shave. and grow back again the next week. what option do i have to get rid of those hairs?

General reminder not to shave your asshole unless youre gay.
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I'm never going back to aluminum
I use shark blades. They're cheap. I shave my balls with them as well, haven't cut myself yet.

I also only use Irish spring bar soap for my body, hair and shaving.
Can't offer any help as far as BO unfortunately. I don't wear it. Any time I'm working hard enough to stink I probably either smell like chainsaw, tree, or dirt. All of which overpower the BO anyways.

For hair high on cheeks, shave more often. It's simply a maintenance thing. Women shave their legs and armpits regularly, so I don't think it's weird to expect men to do at least a little bit of shaving or plucking every other day.
I'll check out shark
>General reminder not to shave your asshole unless youre gay.
nah i'd rather not have shit droplets hanging from my ass hairs
i just know you make the entire bus smell like BO`

File: oasis90s.jpg (116 KB, 500x504)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
This style mogs all other styles. There's no argument to be had. Kneel, peasants.
waysischads reign supreme yet again.
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I know a furry that dresses like this
crazy how damon albarn is just better cope about it
all the furries i know have impeccable style
thx :3

File: 20230108_210610.jpg (363 KB, 1800x1800)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
femboy fashion is...
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because you are underweight
Ass Cum Suicide
this is terrible. baptist suburban mommy core. walmart fashion catalogue core. lacks personality. not effay.
Okay fatty.
Completely done wrong. You're supposed to downplay your natural masculinity and emphasise whatever little femininity you have, not do some terrible cosplay of a girl like what >>17433535 and >>17434184 do then cheat by angle frauding.
this thread has existed for weeks and not a single useful or interesting post has occurred

File: Notes_230125_230022_b1f.jpg (232 KB, 1169x765)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Anyone got more of celicabro?
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Perfectly understandable, take your time to dream.
>yeah I have a yt channel where I post about what im doing on the car
Channel name?
File: maxresdefault.jpg (58 KB, 1280x720)
58 KB
Anyone have pics of people in coveralls?

What impressions do you get with someone with sparse brows and someone with bushy brows?
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Eyebrows are probably the third most important thing to looking attractive after cheekbones and eye shape. So they're pretty important, if you have anything but thick, black, straight eyebrows get them changed, probably the best result/effort thing that you could do for your appearance.
Can you fix them at home or does it require some sort of surgery? My left eyebrow is perfect but the right is bushy at the corner
Pluck or trim the bushy part then, are you actually retarded?
mine are thick but curved like anthony davis, tf do i do with them

File: 20230127_203003.jpg (1005 KB, 1948x2337)
1005 KB
1005 KB JPG
What is the best method for mending holes in velour track pants? My girlfriend wore these a few tims and put fucking 4 holes in them that I just noticed. Is there a specific sewing method I could use to close these up that won't look too obvious? Should I try gluing the holes closed with fabric glue? The problem is it's black velour and then the material inside is white as you can see in the pic, I honestly don't have a clue what to do.
No idea, but the thumbnail looks like the ass of an elephant
I'm happy i gave you something to fap to but this isn't helpful

File: tn.jpg (266 KB, 1536x2048)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
I want to believe they can be pulled off without looking like a total homo, but I've yet to see it.
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That's a dude. I fucking hate trannies, they are such shitty people. So unfashionable.
There are worse things you could look like when it comes to turtlenecks. There are some fits so played out that maybe NPCs could find nice but anyone into fashion would cringe at your sight.

1. Jewelry: turtlenecks are sober, necklaces over them is the most niggerish thing you could do

2. Too groomed/Too fit: turtlenecks shouldnt be worn any size too small or with tight pants. they have an academic/artsy aura and that's where their appeal come from. if you want to show your biceps wear fucking wifebeaters or adopt sexcore

3. Jeans: come on, do you want to wear jeans? put up a fucking tshirt then you lil grungy faggot. get a pair of serious trousers, a well fitted one for gods sake

Im not a big fan of sports coat over them how an anon pointed out but you CAN make it work if you're not looking for a sexcore shit. The lower row has some good examples of turtleneck canon: sobriety, respect and no shitshow, no faggotry.
File: turt.png (2.16 MB, 1304x1120)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
forgot the pic
File: bullitt-main.jpg (302 KB, 1008x1282)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
1. Layer it
2. Don't get some skin tight shit
Belts are definitely fagmaxxing the turtleneck
You don't want the turtleneck to be THE focus of the outfit, and you don't want the turtleneck to create some unbroken line from your inner arm to your hips

Where can I snatch one of these badboys?
This is a level of ugly sweater that I did not think was possible.

Poshmark and ebay for 50 times its worth. Often under 'Cosby' or 'Granddad' sweater as a tag or title.
File: SauSTiKa.png (3.99 MB, 1300x804)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB PNG

Rate the fit /fa/. Brand new M-65 came in
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unironically better looking and more confident seeming than the majority of people here. especially a fan of this look >>17461644
potentially consider a different wash of jeans and maybe a different colored belt to go with your watch and shirt???
I did later in the thread
Thank you! Usually when wearing the CPO jacket I have a black belt and boots, and while I have tried a lighter wash of jeans I often get told darker is the way to go
>while I have tried a lighter wash of jeans I often get told darker is the way to go
yeah, i agree. maybe an even darker wash would be better? especially with the M65's mid-green shade, value contrast is important for getting a more coherent look

I'll think about it for sure!

File: 20230126_191209.jpg (100 KB, 1170x1610)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
are the boots worth it
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Seriously. The sole is probably done for at this point.
Why? Assuming the seller didn't use them
You know you want them.

What's the sole material? It could dry rot, if it's eva it's gonna expire and crumble
They are hideous but the listing sold for $600

Is aging really just about genes and bone structure? Dahmer was 31 in this pic but he looks like he could pass for at least 23-28, despite the fact that he smoked ciggies, was an alcoholic and mainly ate fast food.
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I’m 29 and tend to think I look 45
I'm aging well so far, but I sure as hell am trying to do my best to not leave it up to chance. I'm 26.

I do A313 retinol, sunscreen (if I actually go out), cleanser and moisturizer.

I eat once per day to stay lean and to have long periods of fasting. It's surprisingly easy to get used to this, and I love overeating, so anyone can do it. Lost about 15kgs now that I can confirm with scales in a few months. I'm poor so my diet is not perfect.

I don't smoke or drink. I used to drink beer more often, but I cut it out almost entirely. I like wine and live in a wine country, so I might drink a glass rarely.

I will start doing cardio, but I don't want to overdo it. I've heard HIIT is better for the body than traditional long distance running. NGL I was never good at this so I'd like to get in conditioning where I can run 30km at least once in my life.

I will start supplementing collagen, 25g per day when I can afford to buy it in bulk per kilo.
You're very correct in most cases, but some people really do age well. Pic related is supposedly 36 years old. They're gay, so I assume they use makeup, but apparently they went into hard core anti ageing routine and had some minimal surgery, probably fillers.
Pitt looked very youthful at 26. It's easy to say they're 26 when you know the real age, but if they said 20 or even 18 I wouldn't be surprised, especially as back in the day 18 year olds actually looked like men already mostly.
Why collagen?

File: RAD HOODIE.jpg (82 KB, 800x800)
82 KB
alrighty frens whats the best bottom for a hoodie bonus points if its baggy
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okay thanks, my current style is pretty safe and conservative but Id like to try something new
will probably look like a massive fag but oh well
I imagine dark cargo pants would be able to be used for many years to come?
probably? unless we experience a skinny jean renaissance
everyone who’s truly fashionable looks like a fag
I’d recommend a singular pair of the match cargos on amazon if you want to just try out the style at first
ohh yea baggy pants and big shoes is good, go to the thrift store for pants or buy vintage on ebay/depop, do not buy clothes on amazon like >>17460642 suggested, the quality of new clothes is dropping every day. u can allow around 4" of leeway to your pants size if you're gonna wear them baggy
It depends on the season I guess. But I imagine in winter most boymoders would want something thick and primarily made of wool, since that's one of the best insulators for mammals, like us humans.

The Duckworth Powder pants seems like it would be decent. I like that their stuff is made in the USA, but dislike that it also contains estrogenizing microplastics like polyester, although that shouldn't be a problem for a boymoder. The wool content would react well with a merino wool base layer if the weather really gets harsh, and should keep you feeling very cozy in a wide range of temps and activity levels.

Plus they make a light gray version if you want some color contrast with the traditional black boymoder hoodie.
I live in NZ and don't have many clothing options, but theres an AS colour near me that sell cargos. And yeah, I'm wary of ordering online mainly because I need to try something on to decide if it works

I’m a straight man and I mainly dress business casual, working as an engineer. Thoughts before I buy it?
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This is the superior choice by far. Too bad nearly all of them are clapped out.
If he's looking at such boring cars it makes sense to warn RWD to make a bit more exciting you shit brain.
That's such an ass backwards way of thinking about driving dynamics. The car is made to be numb and adding RWD doesn't help with that. It's soft, totally disconnected and will understeer if pushed.
Unfathomably based
Almost everything seen as “performance” has tripled in price since Covid. IS200s are 10k here now, MX-5s are 8k, Fiesta STs like 16k.. I’m looking for something that’s still good looking but isn’t on the car scene enough to justify the markup

Non sperging and tarding /btg/

We discuss boots and outfits with boots here.
313 replies and 57 images omitted. Click here to view.
Novelty items
not real boots
I don't have any suede boots but I really like my suede low-tops. I was thinking about suede Chelseas if they ever come back in stock.
Looks like bergs for retards.




where do I find a gf who will carve into my chest with a fork? what kind of accessories do I need?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
hanging from the lapel?
Guys like him gave punk a bad name
His nickname was an ironic pisstake because he couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag.
>i'm a mess
yeah nigga damn

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