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File: 1624981596525.jpg (53 KB, 720x960)
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They're all faggots
Fucking nailed it
whats the consensus on hats?
no to hats, show that hair off, maybe a visor cap if your playing some poker
is this the oldest thread ever?

File: Daniel Berndt.jpg (625 KB, 1536x2048)
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625 KB JPG
You may not like it, but this is what peak C O A T looks like

File: pepe.jpg (62 KB, 976x850)
62 KB
Here in the UK everyone under 40 just wears joggers and hoodies.
Even seeing someone wearing a pair of jeans is a rare sight.
I feel like a cringe tryhard if I even wear a sweater.
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Upper middle? >>16402621
Only quality post so far
based advice
Don’t wear it then. If you think you look stupid you probably do.
If you wear a hoodie and joggers people will think you’re rich because you’re not wearing painters overalls or basketball shorts.

My school has a lot of... let's say, people without a lot of money, and some blacks, and I got shit I don't want stolen.

Should I buy this backpack?

It's a Chinese company so I'm kinda skeptic n' schizo, but does anyone know where else I can get an anti-theft backpack like this?
I might have to give in and give china my money it seems... everything is made in China anyways.
That won't stop anyone from grabbing your bag, if anything you fucking around with a lock every single time you want to get something out of it will make people more curious and interested in whatever is in there, never even mind how fucking annoying it'd get after a while.

If you are that worried about your laptop or whatever just do what everyone else does and keep your bag on your person instead of leaving it sitting around in random unsupervised spots.
Do you have a backpack you would recommend instead then?
just buy a cheap ass Jansport. their eyes will pass right over your basic backpack.

File: mr_jones_accurate.png (481 KB, 1200x766)
481 KB
481 KB PNG
I want to get pic related, but not sure which color.

I'm feeling the black, but think that silver is more versatile/safe.

What do you think, which color should I get?
Neither because they're both retarded, looks like something an emo 14 year old would buy at hot topic
It doesn't matter, you're going to die anyways.
cringe buy a patek
just go with the black pvd, people won't take your watch seriously as long as those retarded texts exist

File: lifemag.jpg (420 KB, 1500x1012)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
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File: 10Lxb.jpg (179 KB, 613x1550)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
I've added the higher brow for the true conoisseurs.
seconded, old mags are fun
>lil bowtie
Putting garlic in your salad? What the fuck? You need to be careful with adding onions, but fuck it, just add garlic.
They were materialist, and they could not even do that right. Shameful.
Raw garlic is delicious in salad you bitch

File: chrome hearts.png (183 KB, 397x531)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
Hello /fa/
i have been looking for a good quality pair of straight fit leather pants, the closest example i could find were these ones from Chrome Hearts but at the same time id like not to spend $1000 on a pair of pants that i wont wear very often

Where do i get a pair of quality black leather pants that dont fit like shit and dont have the cheap shiny look to it? i understand that it wont be cheap but is 1000 really the best price i will find?
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>spend $1000
Does CH leather pants only cost 1k? I'm not trying to pretend to be rich as fuck, but don't they sell levis jeans with a couple of leather crosses for 3k, I thought that a full blown leather pants would be much more expensive.
Real leather is expensive and at least you get it that buying a shitty plastic knock off wont work.
I think that the only option for getting relatively cheap is buying some vintage ones, try your luck on local stores or online start searching for vintage leather pants/vintage leather biker pants.
leather pants ? what are you a faggot ?
i already figured that out, its kind of my last resort go find a good leather workshop and get a custom pair, its just kind of a hassle to do so i wanted to try my luck online first

it surprised me too, the one in the op goes for around $1100 even after a celebrity wore it so i just assume that leather pants arent in demand as much as jeans.
Honestly i dont mind buying at a high price, i just feel like 500-600 should be enough for a nice pair.
i already am looking for vintage ones, im mostly looking on ebay as of right now but if i have to ill look in a local store thank you very much for your help anon

suck my dick
where do you think we are, eurofag?
I got a pair of nice leather pants from a goth shop in the university neighborhood for $200

The stretched out in the seat about a week after I started wearing them so it looks like they don't fit properly now which is a drag.
The lady in the shop says I just need to get them fitted by a tailor now that I have broken them in.
Which is about $50
So, about $250 total.
Still, better than $1,000

File: smart-summer-1.jpg (326 KB, 1000x1500)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
for some time i've wanted to actually wear something nice and make it an everyday thing
problem - im short and broad; in my opinion I look like shit in everything
here i am asking (you) how do I start collecting attire and how to prepare theoretically
also, because I accidentally posted
i just want "look at that guy, he looks nice"
not "look at that fucking retard in full suit and a coat in summer" or "jesus christ look at that basic rich white kid"
lose weight.
shop at macy’s, nordstrom, bloomingdale’s, dsw. buy the basics, slacks, polos, button downs, etc. don’t go for weird color combos, keep it simple
where have I ever said im fat? 165cm and 63kg
trained at the gym for the last 6 years of my life

File: dv-0034.jpg (808 KB, 1328x2000)
808 KB
808 KB JPG
Anyone here experienced something similar?

For the last two or so years this issue has increased and I've been buying every single item that i suddenly think of and realise that it might benefit my wardrobe while spending shitloads of money on clothing.

Is it insecurity or some sort of an addiction?

I have more that I require, yet I still purchase something online every month even though I promised myself not to.
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File: 1625268693037.jpg (18 KB, 364x336)
18 KB
nice blog post anon, where do i subscribe?
I've seen blogposting before, but this is ridiculous.
it's also very feminine, stop doing that you guys
You need to realize that all the clothes you buy and use will come back to haunt you soon enough. Youre gonna run out of space and either 1. have to donate them or 2. sell them for probably a loss. Either way its gonna cost a lot of time and money. Next time you buy something, think about the possibility of having to sell it. Ask yourself questions like, will this item at least sell? Am I going to wear it often? Does it even fit in my wardrobe? etc
t. spending addictee
>I've seen blogposting before, but this is ridiculous.

I am a fast writer, so I don't perceive sth as spam as most do, but hey, it's only for those who care, I personally am very interested to learn about the origin of your motif that made you develop a penchant in the realm of fashion.

What are the best type of black shoes? I'm usually against athletic wear but the Puma Enzo's have a really nice sleek design to them. I've already bought 2 pairs and plan on getting a 3rd, however I wanted to see if maybe there was better options out there for black shoes.
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File: ultraexomte.jpg (113 KB, 842x991)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Current everyday
File: engineer.jpg (89 KB, 1300x1000)
89 KB
If I'm not going for the business look, I wear Engineers with cuffed jeans.
Why yes, I am a manchild
Too pointy, unless you're going to a formal event. Get derbies instead, they're more versatile and you can also wear them casually

File: 61pAyFJQ43L._SL1400_.jpg (115 KB, 1400x1388)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Fashion peaked when weezer released weezer (2001). also what core is this considered?
Dadcore faggot
>Fashion peaked when weezer released weezer (2001)
It's known as the Green Album
Hipster professor look
ancient emo looked like shit

File: Cesare.jpg (220 KB, 1620x1080)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
Is there a specific name for this jacket/vest?
This is from Showtime's "The Borgias". The show has some seriously good costume design.

T. Retard
Leather doublet?
Some kind of medieval type clothing that's extinct today.
No it's just a leather jacket with stitching and embellishment
File: Micheletto_1498.jpg (109 KB, 727x913)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
It's common throughout the show on guys more or less. the front has those small buckles and it's not long; you can't see it in that picture but the bottom of the jacket is quite short.
But there are also different types, ones with detachable sleeves, one with those spiky bumps like in the clip etc.
But yeah, I suppose a doublet is the right name for it. Or perhaps a jerkin.

They unironically look pretty rad, they don't use these at all in modern times? The closest that comes to mind is a vest one would use with a suit jacke or a blazer.

File: gray.jpg (16 KB, 224x336)
16 KB
What does /fa/ think of gray jeans?
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They can be used well but I was never a fan. I keep one pair of black jeans and three different shades of blue: fashionable light wash, fashionable dark wash, and a pair of wrangler jeans for actually doing shit.
what fit of jean do you use for fashionable?
nigga balls
Could you show an example of a good pair of light wash and dark wash jeans?
>i like them but haters will say it’s chuegy
They'll also be wrong because just wearing the same shit you've always worn is the opposite of tryhard.

Is there any point in matching socks with clothes? When wearing shorts it feels so silly to have socks that mismatch colours but on other hand i only have 1 pair of short socks
what do?
>only one pair of socks
gee, maybe buy some fucking socks. no shows, calf length, and dress socks. only black, grey, and navy. white if you’re tryna do the whole mac demarco thing
This. You don't even need navy and grey when you come down to it.

File: 1592077205517.jpg (24 KB, 360x450)
24 KB
>he looksmaxxed?
initiate ze balding and autism protocol
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>he laid down and rotted?
orchestrate it so that he meets the girl of his dreams while out and about as an unwashed bum
thats me cucks watch it
>"die at 22
acvtivate quantum immortality

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