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Starting to get back in shape so looking to get a few essentials to update the look. What are your thoughts on walmart george brand?
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>There are styles that have nothing to do with trends (or more accurately, their trends move on a much longer phase) and last hundreds of years
in style and on trend are synonyms
Style and trend are different words sure
don't waste your money on walmart clothes


I liked the look of these jeans so much I went out and bought a pair the same day as this post. Upon receiving them I realized that whatever the fuck "regular cut" and "Classic Fit" is supposed to be was not made for anyone who works out legs. Everything from the knees up is oppressively tight even when I sized up expecting them to be tighter than normal.

6'1" 190lbs here incase you curious. I got a pair in 32x34 size.
Thank you appreciate some honest feedback. Was looking and thought I'd ask the /fa/shioniable maybe the /fa/tfags would behave. Tuff to say with fitting got wierd almost all brands
Yeah, I don't know what's "regular" about regular fit. They either turn out to be really baggy or really tight, especially in the waist and ass region, while being loose everywhere else.

File: download (5) (18).jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
How is sizing in Merrell shoes? If I wesr 9.5 in adidas and 10 in nike/reebok, what size should I get Merrells in? Also the thread I bumped off to post this was garbage so don't come at me with that shit.
Pic semi related. Not the model im getting
Go to the store and try them on. If you can’t find the exact model at the store try a similar model from that brand to figure out the size then order it online.
I got a woman’s 4.5 because 5 are usually too big but I ended up returning them and getting a 5. So I think they run small at least in the woman’s.

asking for a friend.
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possibly Ducks unlimited?
OP here
still trying to match this exact look.
closest ive come so far is pic
File: 4qynbc8i0y971.jpg (25 KB, 640x640)
25 KB
>buy a shirt for a famous actor without thinking in the 90s
>actor does goofy shrug
>Shit pops up 25 years later

Anyways, fuck I'd let Kevin rail me in that
This shirt was a one of a kind that Kevin James had commissioned for the show. He talks about it in an interview, I can’t remember who interviewed him but it was on TMZ. He wanted the exact same shirt that his grandpa used to wear in his woodshop but the producers found out it was a limited line from a company that went bankrupt very quickly because they were using asbestos in their jacket liners, so James had it custom made based on a picture of his grandpa. The best part of the interview is when he goes on a 15 minute rant about the fact that they reinforced the stitching on the shoulders and in the picture you can see his grandpa’s shoulders busting the seams

2nd edition


Post everything related to skin care ITT.
What was your last buy?
What's your favorite all-around product?
Are you using retinol? Which one?

Skin care basics: http://tuxbell.com/index.php?title=Grooming#Skin-care_Basics
Acne treatment: http://tuxbell.com/index.php?title=Grooming#Acne_Treatment

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I guess i'll give it a try then. 26 and coming up soon
I think the biggest problem is I can't find a cream or gel that works. Every single time, I lather up, shave, it feels smooth, rinse off, now it's not smooth and there's stubble all over. I've tried different blades and systems (now I'm using a DE razor, which slows things down a lot), different creams and gels, hot, cold... it seems like the only way to get it as smooth as I I want is skin slightly wet, without any cream/gel, and a lot of pressure. Which... inevitably leads to irritation. I wouldn't mind having some stubble... but I have such a pathetic patchy beard with dark hairs that it looks disgusting unless it's as smooth as possible.
Anyway... idk what to do. It's just... whatever
which blades have you tried in the de razor
So far: whatever blade the razor came with, which was awful; and Dorco ST300s, which work alright. They cut without any problems, no tugging or anything... I just can't seem to get close enough. I even added a shim.
Guess I should order a sampler pack to see what else might work.
you should definitely try a sample pack. i didn't think there was much variety from blade to blade but some really feel god awful while others are quite nice
i haven't really used any from dorco that I like. treet platinum and gillette nacet have given me close shaves without cuts or making my face feel raw. the nacet is more efficient i feel, less strokes needed. gillette platinum was about the sharpest i could handle without my skin feeling irritated, but it tugged more than I'd like. you might like it though, worth a shot

File: W5wXMExtZW.jpg (994 KB, 3264x2448)
994 KB
994 KB JPG
Do girls actually wear like this outside? How do they not feel shameful about showing their panties to everybody?
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that's a man
they wear it during sex you virgin
I thought school started. Why are there still so many incels on this board?
Men should never wear women's clothes - it's stupid and unfashionable.
This is a bait/AGP thread don't take it seriously

Why do this aesthetics make so many seethe?
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>post asian country
Absolute lmao, you do know that asian country keep they women in check? Better reveal to us why this aesthetic trigger so much energy to fight against it. It will come back, bad times produce strong man, automatically women choose to be feminine again.
People who don’t like traditionalist vibes are retarded. We’re never going to get back to it but it wasn’t some bullshit utopia either. People were still poor in a lot of places and a lot of women had to work at least a part time job in addition to managing the household. Technology has just effectively removed the necessity for a woman to clean, cook, care for the kids too young for school, etc. all day and relegated most of those tasks to a few hours a week making it irresponsible for most families below the top 10% of income earning fathers not to have the mother earning extra income outside the home. But that isn’t what retards hate. They hate that “hurr durr feminism and civil rights weren’t a thing back then” missing the entire point willfully. Men should have a higher standard of dress and professionalism, reject the nihilistic modern autismo slacker pornhub amateur bullshit and terminally online weebery, and strive to give their nonturboslut xanax addicted spouse as much opportunity as possible to micromanage the raising of their children up through the teenage years to avoid producing another generation of public school raised underachieving emotionally crippled retards as we’ve seen. There’s a reason these kids are getting pushed out of society’s working wealthy class by Asians that shockingly follow this very simple idea because shockingly enough when mom can help you do your homework you get better grades. The latch key kids are an objective generational failure. And fuck the cars back then were so cool.
>bad times produce strong man
or extinction. or irrelevancy

We don't see rome coming back up after their destruction lol
Boomer Daddy/Mommy issues passed down through memes and pop culture. Boomers still dominate pop culture and most of their culture was based either on rejecting or restoring some echo of their parents’ ideas. They hate their parents, they worship their parents, there is a schizo attitude towards culture Pre-1965ish as a result.

For younger generations without this baggage, there is both fascination and revulsion. For they are flooded by its images and told from birth it was a pleasantville hellhole. Unconsciously though, even those who would hate to live in it still maintain reverence for it. Ultra feminists appropriating ‘50s fashion, Dark Academia, etc.

The tension as mentioned above drove most of the culture wars from the ‘60s on. And is only dying off with the Boomers now to allow those generations removed from the emotions of the 1950s to access it from a different vantage.
>We don't see rome coming back up after their destruction
>what is renaissance? what is western civilisation?

File: architecture.jpg (129 KB, 740x579)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Lets discuss about American core
Federal, Greek Revival, Colonial style.
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What is that?
British army outpost in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.
To be less of a moron you should try reverse image search if you’ve ever confused.

To make Learning more engaging for you, i’ve included two men kissing you smelly retard faggot.
>i’ve included two men kissing
what did anon mean by this?
I mean, he has an image of 2 men kissing on his computer.

The blundstone 1901.
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Awful and certainly not a dress boot
File: 152_m_3.jpg (13 KB, 448x448)
13 KB
Those look good but lack the comfort of regular Blundstones. They're way narrower. These heritage Blundstones look way better.
these are their best boots only because they have a goodyear welt, but they're also the hardest to find and the most expensive
go figure
File: image.jpg (2.18 MB, 4032x3024)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG
i like them
You mean the ugliest boots of all time. Blundstones were the worst things to ever happen to npcs. If rather Fila dinostompers desu senpai.

File: IMG_4354.jpg (250 KB, 750x1248)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
Why haven’t you matured your look yet?

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>teaches PE
>doesn’t coach football
It’s your own fault. If I had it all to do over again, I would be a football coach.
>mature your look
>it's just boring soulless fits
Our last football coach got fired because a player died at his football practice. I would rather no go to jail because I made my team run sprints. PE is masterclass
Well Built Style unironically 1000x better advice than 99.99% of /fa/ posters for non-hipsters. Delusional posters claim he posts "normie fits" whenin reality normies dress so horrendously that his tasteful/inoffensive fits are massive improvements for most guys.
post pic

File: grasses off2.gif (1.98 MB, 480x360)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF
i think i have skincare figured out but how do i figure out what hairstyle fits me and what products i should use for it? i am trying to figure out how to use wax but it's tricky as hell with my heavy hair
what do

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cool to see them pay attention to their fans
File: mlol3.jpg (100 KB, 658x841)
100 KB
100 KB JPG

File: IMG_4008.jpg (224 KB, 1170x1441)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
Old thread is ded. Someone reply the necessary links, cause I don’t have them edition.
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push ups and jumpng jacks don't count as exercise

also, only faggots squat
Weak men avoid gaining muscle in order to appear feminine.
Isn't this the entire point of this thread? Women wanting to look more feminine and men wanting to look more feminine?
for me it has nothing to do with looking feminine/more feminine.
i just don't like fat people and don't want to be fat. being skinny looks cooler.
Non-muscular men look feminine.

>i just don't like fat people
You, me and the entire rest of the world population. Fat people are disgusting.

File: safety razor.jpg (423 KB, 3000x2000)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
>cuts you
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which blade you use will have a bigger effect than the shaving gel/soap
also i dont know how people like the soap & brush combo. it's a hassle to use in the shower
You don't shower shave with it. Works best with some hot water in the sink for dipping the bristles.
oils can help with shit razors
ill keep shave gel then, shaving in the shower is so much more convenient
Just got 200 feathers for 50€, they better be good or I'll hold you personally accountable, anon

What's a respectable way to carry your stuff if you're over 25?
36 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1364186-176_1.jpg (489 KB, 1200x1200)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
back pack thread.
but the guy on the right has a backpack
However the fuck I want you pathetic internet loser faggot
there is nothing wrong with backpacks, this zoomer is retarded
>Looks cool on the outside
for (((you)))

File: 1673916808708976.png (603 KB, 657x874)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
ID on pants?
I'll keep it 100% real with you
there's a very low chance anybody will know what specific brand that is. If you want similar alternatives, just research "stripe track suit pants" and you'll find a million options in a million materials in a bunch of different silhouettes from a ton of brands
I'll ask sneako for you bro

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