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File: skyrim.jpg (32 KB, 750x600)
32 KB
What is it about Skyrim that makes Codex incels seethe so much?
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Todd Howard is like one of those greek demigods. Lives on earth but has divine prigins. Heracles, Achilles, Perseus etc.
I always laugh at japoid losers like Kojima and Miya-literally-who-zaki. Or Yoko Taro (king of losers, Nier Automata is a 6/10 game)
They are pathetic rats compared to Todd Howard.
Why do you care about what "incels" think, you faggot?
It's popular.

yep this one's a 'cel
lots of promise that doesn't deliver if you're not into sandbox gameplay.

File: 1198090_20210719042450_1.png (2.53 MB, 1920x1080)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB PNG
Just finished Cold Steel saga, ask me anything
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File: fun.jpg (1.44 MB, 1920x1080)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
Kek glad I'm not the only one who does this i used Laura as a mage in cs2 because one of her crafts was magical so i just pumped her full of ATS for shits and giggles
>kuro in september
>western hajimari release in 2023
i'm fucking fuming right now, i'm really considering learning nip for this series
File: 1198090_20210719030944_1.png (2.39 MB, 1920x1080)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB PNG
took me 112 hours, and i tried to do a bit of everything i could find, managed to get all lost arts quartzs and true ending, that said, i don't really like how they simplified there was something new in the map menu in each time the story progressed, the game was already simple enough but this was just handing things on a silver platter, maybe except Rex's photos.
That said i still missed some side stuff back in the early game and i stopped playing Vantage masters but i really enjoyed pom party once in a while.
Bosses in CS3 and CS4 are really meh, they're basically more or less the same thing, beat them enough to enhance, pop your immunities and wait for them to use their S-crafts, hell i think some divine knights battles were more interessing and challenging in that regard than boss battles, Also it was after going through the entire cold steel saga that i noticed you can stack status effects quartz in each line, and here i though lines didn't have any purpose at all like in sky and crossbell games.
Pic related was funny
i'm still hoping it's placeholder dates for release

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Any Veronica thread is also cute and funny by definition
the latter. start posting.
File: 1619847080708.jpg (105 KB, 544x960)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Geez, fine
akarin not looking so good since the show ended

File: suikoden.jpg (84 KB, 800x600)
84 KB
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File: anna attack.webm (827 KB, 640x480)
827 KB
mana khemia
File: uncouth.gif (4 KB, 126x126)
4 KB

What? It legit has one of the best dubs of the era. What do you think a good dub is?
File: Dolphin_mY4OYlrXvM.jpg (476 KB, 1920x1050)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
Xenoblade Chronicles 1, 2 and X and FFXII. I wish White Knight Chronicles wasn't so shit since it's like the only jrpg with a similar combat.


This game looks very creative. It's an Acton rpg but you can switch to turn based. Obviously the art style is very Tim Burton. The combat switches from Acton game to turn based with cards, in a way that is much much smarter, more creative, and more balanced than the shitty VATS system in Bethesda fallout.


Looks like it has soul
>It's an Acton rpg
that is gay
>but you can switch to turn based
bisexual then

I like the aesthetic, pitch and music, but the gameplay does not look that good. Fight in ARPG mode, and charge super attacks you execute in turn based mode is just glorified arpg combat. Does not even look better than VATS in any way.
VATS is fucking gay and cringe. Literally just pause and headshot.

This turns into slay the spire or something with cool card mechanics. Within 1 second its obvious that it has way more depth than vats. Vats is straight up anti-fun single digit IQ shit in a game that already sucks to begin with
File: 1593645960845.jpg (215 KB, 850x1270)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Looks clever and well polished—a nice game to get for your kids. But if you're an adult male and excited by this... I think you should be concerned.

File: Minsc.jpg (14 KB, 251x396)
14 KB
>Has gay sex with Astarion

Thanks Larian...
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>that party
Based as fuck. I take Viconia because I have no morals or ethics but Branwen is probably the better cleric.
I beat the Big Devil on normal and stole his flaming sword, but I didn't stick around to fight the two cambions who spawn upon his death.
Depends on what you're looking for VIccy's flaws are fairly evident but she's very good at what she does. Branwen in turn is more of an all-rounder Cleric. Both have their merits.
Yeah but you gotta use exploits, they one shot almost everyone.
One of Viccy's flaws is that in the original bg1 her 50% resist worked on friendly magic as well.

File: 81sAWlFCaqL._SL1500_.jpg (296 KB, 1500x1372)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
Why did no JRPGs top Inazuma Eleven in soul?
Level 5 makes them like no one else. Seriously underrated and Inazuma Eleven is so dang fun. I recently started the second game and I'm loving it.
Because they are sincere. No one will take seriously the game about soccer with aliens, Dragon Ball techniques and weaponized power of friendship but those games not only work but really enjoyable.

File: .png (768 KB, 781x1189)
768 KB
768 KB PNG
Itching for more content.
What other recent mods have came out that I have missed?
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>Hopeful in Joyful
The boss fight with Hart was probably him at his most intimidating and even dignified. Base Hopeful lowered his presence near the end by having Beltboy or his friends slaughter his four guys immediately, and it felt fantastic to finally have him on the other side of the rope for once. Hart probably has the best mutant design of all the games.
Check this mod out.
Makes me wonder what the Phone Crew of Timeless is gonna be like.
We need a fanmod with Ern as the protagonist.
File: .jpg (32 KB, 611x337)
32 KB

>tfw someone says we should continue before the princess has finished resting or even had her breakfast
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Despite Magic and Trance being a Sorceresses' Art. They went by the name Volva, meaning wand or staff carrier.

Odin being who he was, transcended that gender role allowing shamanism to be practiced by both sexes. Although it was still a taboo practice to be criticized. Loki once taunted Odin for "drumming" in the Witches Rites.
File: 1594165306883.jpg (1.49 MB, 1500x1785)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
giving garnet that trance outfit was the most based decision in all of final fantasy
It would've been cool if characters' Trances didn't get unlocked until a certain point in the story (i.e. Vivi vs Black Waltz 3, Steiner after his moment with Beatrix, Amarant after becoming a team player, etc.), that way it keeps you guessing who is a permanent and who is a temporary party member (assume you also can't name anyone in this hypothetical, at least not without the Namingway card).
>It would've been cool . . . keeps you guessing who is permanent

I would've liked some more character highlights scenes but I don't think they needed to lock Trance behind it. Also you don't get enough guest characters to make this work. Marcus, Blank & Cinna are in and out of your party for the first hour, and then only Marcus really makes a comeback for a short story bump before fucking off back into the mist. Not to mention that its really obvious whose going to stay in your party since Beatrix overlaps Steiner in utility & the three tantalus stooges overlap Zidane with steal.
>but she already had breakfast
>she had one, yes. What about second breakfast?

ITT: Games where you can date boys in
Pathfinder kingmaker.
Bl*ck S*uls
Almost P4
P5R "Destroy all flamin' homos" thegamer.com/persona-5-royal-gay-romance-options/
my game desu

What are some JRPGs where your equipment visually changes your character?
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Dragon's Dogma
Xenoblade chronicles 1
Dragon quest ix
Fantasy Life
File: 1276062028398.jpg (503 KB, 1536x1358)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
>just grind 1000s of hours on online only bosses that aren't available any more

File: Write a jrpg plot.jpg (180 KB, 1141x621)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
You are now in charge of writting the story of a brand new JRPG.
What is the plot, setting and characters?
Hard mode: The setting must be unique instead of generic Tolkien fantasy land.
DMD mode: The MC and love interest must have an implied sex scene that make sense within the context, characters and themes of the story.
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This was originally the first draft of a story I'm soon to bring over to a team soon. Currently the MC is completely different but it's still a school setting dealing with card from the Sengoku Period of Japan. I still want to put Endou in there as a side character.
Every time I bring it up people seem interested so I'm glad to see there's a market for it.
I'm slowly learning Unreal and Unity to make this a reality. I have a background in design but not so much art. Logos and other similar design stuff. At this point in my head it's a full on universe. Which all spawned off of a simple "what if"
I'll be looking forward for this one.
>Currently the MC is completely different but it's still a school setting dealing with card from the Sengoku Period of Japan
If the cards are from the Sengoku period, then i'll recommend you to research about japanese yokai for the cards.
Now, i'd like to imagine that foreign players (You know, that foreign exchange student character trope seen in anime) would collect cards based on the mythology from their country of origin.
>then i'll recommend you to research about japanese yokai for the cards.
The MC currently uses a deck based off of Oda Nobunaga and his exploits. I wanted a character using yokai for their deck. The cards for that Yokai deck would be based on ukiyo-e art pieces.
>Now, i'd like to imagine that foreign players
There is already a world tournament arc for an end/post game arc in writing. You get to meet like the best player from the US who uses a deck based on the American Revolutionary War. New cards and takes on the battle system that would really challenge the player.
You are a cook who hunts for ingredients in a batch shit world of food,
One day, you are framed by a person who looks just like you for poaching a species to death. You are granted probation as long as you work towards feeding the monarch best dish he has ever tasted.
You are seeking the king of ingredients, you must actually combine certain kinds of other ingredients to combine into it, and create the ultimate dish!
I'm sure you can tell what I'm ripping off
You leave your quaint rustic village where you are a warrior of the church to briefly to go into a cave because some child/dog/whatever has gone in there. Your childhood female friend goes with you. You find a mcguffin and return to find the evil empire has destroyed your village so now you must defeat them and eventually GOD HIMSELF!

Elex thread.

>favorite faction
>favorite weapon
>what do you want to see in 2
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Yeah, but it costs an amulet slot.
Except I'm pretty sure at release at least it worked even if you exchanged it for another, but that's obviously a bug/oversight
Also, didn't it break or something upon use? The Cleric ability is forever
Nah, it doesn't break. You just have to unequip/equip it to restart the effect. That amulet is dangerously broken and you can craft it for peanuts. The only reason to consider using anything else is if you want the psi regen amulet, other than that I have it on just to save me from the frustration of the occasional bugged landing damage. But then if you have psi, you have the Cleric ability, so yeah.
You're right. It's just terrible game design.
>easy enough to join by having a recruiter drop you straight at their HQ

You have to find him first. It is easier to enter the Hort by other means.
Why rely high-tech if magic works just as fine?

People always talk about 2 but what do you think about Suikoden 3?
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I recall a couple guys like that... I think Window? And another guy named Crowley? It was total BS.
Agreed, but the way people talk of it it is like the game was utter shit when the worst part about it is that it is not as good as the other ones in the series. Characters are hit and miss. Some really hot chicks, Ted was based and overpowered as fuck, the king of the island nations is some beach bum you randomly find and he joins you, Jeanne's tits are spectacular, the rune cannons and how they are powered (explained more in tactics) is cool and the rune of punishment is one of the better true runes out there, right up there with Soul eater.

Also one of the ninjas I think is hidden in the forest through a secret path you need to take.
I only remember Pesmerga and the guy that would be the strategist for the bad guys in Suikoden 2 being troublesome in Suikoden 1.
Also incidentally Pesmerga had a cool mystique in Suikoden 1 and 2, kind of amazing he doesn't show up in 3 at all despite Yuber getting promoted to a main villain. I hope Eiyuden establishes something like that. I liked the idea of characters from another story passing through your game, same idea with the time limit guy and his woman in Suikoden 2.

File: secondaryfixed.png (489 KB, 694x659)
489 KB
489 KB PNG
Does /vrpg/ even know who Cecil is?
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Wish I didn't, his game fucking sucked and I want my time back. Go watch a fucking movie while holding a gamepad if you like this type of FF.
"Blown The Fuck Out him"
what about ffV being my fav
File: knownlolicon.jpg (399 KB, 580x700)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
hey, isn't that guy on all the wanted posters in Kaipo? He like, kidnapped a girl and then killed some guards trying to arrest him

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