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I’m new to CRPG’s and I’m getting my ass handed to me with Divinity Original Sin 2.
I made my way out of Fort Joy after about 15 hours or more and I’m shitting bricks over the next part of the game in terms of quest order and progression. How the fuck do I find a more linear path through the game. I had to go full schizo to get out of fort joy bouncing like a pin ball machine through npc’s for hours and hours.
Are there any CRPG’s with linear progression? Or all they all like this? Does anyone know perhaps a more linear western rpg game on ps4? Sold my desktop during pandemic
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They all have different rules, for long and many choices either pathfinder or bg2
>I'd prefer a game that's long and has many choices
You won't find it in any of these. I don't know anything about solasta but the other tree games you mentioned were very linear and boring. Try playing Tyranny, Fallout 1&2, Arcanum or Planescape Torment.
You don't even have to reload. You can exit almost every area at any point.
>Are there any CRPG’s with linear progression?
baldur's gate 1/2
planescape torment
pathfinder kingmaker
disco elysium

File: barenziah.jpg (203 KB, 1024x1366)
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He's right
File: incidental-87-mother-2.png (1.79 MB, 1440x1080)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
File: Lamar-Davis_GTAVe.png (615 KB, 622x774)
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615 KB PNG
Mad for the penis, that's how I like my women.
gilf is timeless
File: Barenziah.jpg (439 KB, 1280x1011)
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439 KB JPG
Oh she's definately a GILF if she's alive.

ITT: write the continuation.

File: isolated tapestry.png (1.61 MB, 1069x791)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
What a terrible night for a VAMPIRE THE MASQUERADE: BLOODLINES thread.

I found Tessera's MegaMod from (apparently) 2012, according to the title, on my old Mega. Has anyone used the cunt's mods? I remember she used to get fucking butthurt because it was behind a paywall.
Here it is, btw: https://mega.nz/file/lxATzYYR#N0tGmFr98uZd8IcBV_Or8EjnP1Z0YnBtHK2Ckjmugdk
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>and way more modders are men than women.
Well I guess that depends on whether you ask them personally:^)
What version of the unofficial patch should I play with? Trying to find a comprehensive update history but I specifically want to play the basic patch at a point before Wesp5 went completely retarded with his content restoration bullshit.
Not VTMB related but are there any games with genuine, historically accurate 8th-11th century medieval European aesthetics like in the Bayeux Tapestry? I know there's Viking Conquest but is there anything else?
File: Pentiment.png (172 KB, 800x478)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
obsidian's upcoming game pentiment is going to look like a middle ages manuscript
Sorry, I didn't actually mean like a literal medieval manuscript, I meant just looks like 7th-11th century Europe which is what Bayeux Tapestry depicts towards the end of it. And I hear Pentiment is supposedly in the Renaissance which is quite a ways off from that

File: Final_Fantasy_VI.jpg (27 KB, 425x234)
27 KB
Can anyone tell me what version of FF6 is best? I can play in either english or Japanese. Ideally I would be able to play it on my phone or a portable console like the Switch
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Color is intentional, to offset the lack of screen backlight. It looks fine if played on an original GBA, which is how exactly nobody plays it today.
Sound is a result of garbage sound hardware on the GBA. Less capable than the SNES.
File: FF6BSSuplex.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1080)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
>I think you are actually the first person I have ever seen defend the iOS version in any way. Congrats man.
I'll take that as a compliment. After a while I learned that a lot of games with heinous PC ports, if the source game itself is decently revered, WILL get some sort of community-fix made for them. I'm glad I found out it was the case for FF6, it's effectively the GBA version running natively on PC with some tweaks, and there are mods to edit the graphics in a ton of ways. Here's a preview video of what the mod installer does on its own https://youtu.be/HMvv0Yimc_M A couple more mods have been released since, like a port of the PR backgrounds and the sprites in those other posts and picrel. I really commend that sprite mod specifically because the author remade every single overworld sprite, including NPC bosses, and I think it took him a year or less to all of that. I really wish Square had been assed to do something of that quality for either of the remasters of 6 they have done...
Ok bros so I'm currently at the part where Terra turned into an esper or some shit and flew away. I have about 7 hours so far on the game. Is that about the average or am I rushing it too much?
They didn't do that to fuck with you, they did that to acknowledge the player suplexing the train because what they wanted to do was impossible because of space constraints.

File: dqkback.jpg (948 KB, 1430x1920)
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948 KB JPG
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bull and shit.
File: ws.jpg (87 KB, 640x915)
87 KB
>not a single quarterstaff on the cover
fucking bullshit
They're actually talking about how the dungeon is tragically under employed
oh okay my mistake

This was one of the earliest and best MMORPGs ever made. It has such charm and depth to it. Let's talk about our times with Ultima Online.
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greatlakes player here - played from dreadlord to UOR. best gaming experience of my life. Trammel ruined everything (just like softcore mode or bot companions or other crutches always do in online games). I've never recovered and nothing ever compared again. I tried playing Second Age server and it was "nice" but it just can't simulate half the players being on dial up or all the noobs constantly joining. Its all old heads (good for PvP but bad for ecosystem).

I miss it.
There's a freeshard out there called Ultima Adventures. It's the best PVE shard I've found.
x-roads, hiding with friends, waiting for newbs to ambush

do this for a while, eventually tamers with dragons show up and chase us off
I got bored after the AoS expansion because it started to feel like there was too much focus on farming items and generic NPC quests. I had fun for a while with some free shards that did a lot of custom stuff after that. Tried playing it again recently but it's just not doing as much for me anymore. I like when an MMO is simpler and the main focus is just on player interaction but it seems like every MMO moves away from that as it continues to get updated.

Still like the music tho
Yeah even as I shilled a free shard here it’s really worth mentioning that nothing now can possibly compare to launch HO ever. That was a once in a lifetime type experience and I feel bad for people who missed it.
You can try to join one of the free servers at launch but that’s the closest you’re going to come and it won’t be close.

File: I'm a God!.png (3.84 MB, 1920x1080)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB PNG
How do you kill a God?
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Hit you till you die
nah, I think the right term is a-atheist
I mean all of the attributes that make him a god come from the heart so if we're being pedantic the tools are specifically designed to kill any God whose power comes from the heart
>How do you kill a God?
With a 5000 dmg ebony arrow from Solstheim, among other things.
>oblivion final boss fight is I guess mankar camoran, just a typical ass wizard with some mooks
>skyrim is another exactly the same dragon fight
yeah the engine kind of sucks for interesting fights
one of the oblivion overhaul mods adds in a daedric warrior in the final area in IC that is a challenging fight in that it's near fucking impossible because martin will definitely die before you can kill the guy who is immune? to magic, can't be knocked down or paralysed, just a bunch of really fucking stupid shit I can't remember
modders are retards

File: approach.jpg (52 KB, 474x862)
52 KB
>Approach my child, and choose where your new life shall begin.
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aren't they all
Who tf is shartmoor
Oh shit, tell me more.
Post the sexy modded version of that statue
Post proofs

File: retro-4-scaled.jpg (306 KB, 2560x1440)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
>no one even trying to make a "daggerfall but more"
What the fuck is wrong with rpg devs? They'll pump out shitty indie "jrpgs" and "roguelikes" all day and night, but none of them have the stones to assemble the money-printing machine a successor to daggerfall would be.
>it's too technically difficult
Daggerfall was made by like ten people thirty years ago. You'd barely need to update the graphics, just more mechanical complexity would be enough to make it popular
>it's too hard to make a good game out of it
Daggerfall put next to no effort into making a good game out of it. It's a fantasy adventure simulator. Simulate shit.
>no one will buy it
People love procgen games built around a progression curve but no story. People ate valheim up, and it was basically a shell of a game. This is exactly the kind of game zoomers enjoy, a self-directed mechanical grind with exploration
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Daggerfall and DF Adventure mode are both broken shit that's fun for 8 hours before you get completely bored and/or start to notice the laundry list of flaws
People played Valheim because it was a open world multiplayer survival building game that streamers ate up so their fans also bought it.
Fight Knight was visually similar and I think it had a lot of troubled development / launch but that might have just been because his ex GF had a schizo mental break down thinking he had hypnotized birds to harass her and invade her dreams and some other shit, so his launch was full of SJWs who "believe all women" even if that woman is obviously insane.
I don't think you can just casually make "daggerfall but more", you're comparing a game made by 10 industry veterans backed by a big company who can work full time on it to small indie games made by 2 dudes at most who most likely have zero experience in the field and are working on it part time taking 8+ years to make a single player linear games that are 10 hours long.
Just go play Dwarf Fortress, its a indie fantasy adventure simulator game made by 2 dudes for over two decades and is still in beta and they're even working on it full time.
>you know what would make this shit better? if we just plopped more shit on top of it
>Just go play Dwarf Fortress, its a indie fantasy adventure simulator game made by 2 dudes for over two decades and is still in beta and they're even working on it full time.
I bet it's possible to mod adventure mode so it has first person perspective like Daggerfall. We already have 3d topdown stuff.
wayward realms, made by the same people with modern tech. no one knows when it will come out though

File: maxresdefault (5).jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
What do you think of enemies scaling permanently to your level?
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Just make it so enemies don't respawn unless you go between chapters. That's what Gothic did.
Gay retard alert.
A lot of people did it in Dark Souls.
tough talk for a gay retard who got filtered by fucking oblivion
Nah it needs ceilings.

>Gear/stat ceiling is scaled to enemy type
>Enemy quantity/tactics is scaled to intelligence
>Fast travel exists, but their services have their own stats and levels and if they aren't keeping up with wherever you're going they refuse.
>Some locations scale down due to quest results/failures

So i played Fire Emblem Bloodlines, and was blown away by all the custom spritework done.

Are there any other Fire Emblem or Shining Force hacks that are really well done?
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Source on andRon Saga?
Mangs on youtube. I believe he got rid of all his social media and shit after some cosplay slut tried to me too him.
Shining Force fans can't even be asked to fix the translations for their games and have spent literal decades on SF3 but still can't get the subtitles of the fucking games right. You expect them to have decent custom hack games?
File: Orion battle.gif (300 KB, 240x160)
300 KB
300 KB GIF
Doesn't have nearly as much custom sprite work as Bloodlines but Dark Lord and the Maiden of Light is one of the best FE hacks in general.

File: vidya.jpg (11 KB, 300x168)
11 KB
why didn't you tell me that D& 5e was faithfully adapted into vidya format ?!
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No, ironically enough multiple DM creators were complaining about that too recently. Asking for more communication from the devs or shit like feedback channels. But they never replied, even when someone pinged the community manager kek

Supposedly they are going to keep working on the Dungeon Maker but nobody fucking knows what's going on, they could announce tomorrow that they are done developing it and everyone would be taken by complete surprise. Currently the DM doesn't even allow for NPCs to intitiate conversations which is like the most basic shit.
what a mistake desu. these guys need to hype their shit more and reach out to the people that actually play these games. i didn't even know a dlc released until this thread lel
Would be nice to know what their plans are, if they're planning to continue supporting this game with DLC and with more big campaigns while also fixing up the modding tools so people can make their own campaigns or if they're just going to implement missing core things like the missing playable races / classes / levels and then moving onto making a more polished sequel.
I gotta be honest, the fact that they're adding base D&D classes as DLC and charging money for it is disgusting.
It was a kickstarter game by a literal who studio who made this as their first project, they implemented the promised classes with others being stretch goals which would have been free DLC but they failed to reach them. I think 4 dollars per class is more than fair given the circumstances.

Recommend me some gameplay focused JRPGs where you don't have to sit through a ton of shitty dialogue.
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Black Souls
most if not all of mainline smt
it's a traffic bot
The gameplay has to be good first.
Seek psychiatric help, ya schizos



>You’re looking for heals for your party
>no red mages
>you decide to settle for any heals you can get
>no white mages, scholars or dancers
>this guy notices you’re shouting for a healer and asks if he can join as the main healer with his caster pet
Do you let him in the party?
Pretend is pre 75 cap increase
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What do I do with the silver and copper AMAN vouchers?
Copper vouchers you can trade to the sparks npc who will let you exchange them for various currencies in game like unity accolades, conquest points, imperial standing etc.

Silver vouchers you trade to an npc in Lower Jeuno where you can exchange them for either a Mars Orb (6 vouchers), or a Venus Orb (10). Trading these orbs to a BC in Palborough, Giddeus or Horlais Peak lets you take part in something called AMAN Trove, where you have the chance to open multiple chests for rare gear, mats, items etc all good bad and ugly. One of these chests has a mimic inside which KOs you if you’re unlucky to open it.
Alright cool thanks. The AMAN Trove reminds me of the instances you can get from completing a treasure map in FF14. I guess that idea was taken from FF11.
Best of both worlds.
Not super populated with bots and RMT but still enough players to manage to do content. I really hated Asura though so I may be biased.
Also remember to trade the orb back to the NPC in Lower Jeuno once you're done.

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