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File: 1695440117.jpg (62 KB, 850x854)
62 KB
I'm not jocking, rec me rpg that has a better story than cyberpunk2077, witcher 1,2
jrpgs also welcomed
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Its funny how the Witcher novels have caught a reputation for being sexist when they're actually retardedly woke.
that's what happens when you take sides with women, plus it's clear that Andrzej Sapkowski is virgin, every woman in Witcher novel has a man brain and acts rationally
I didn't put SHHK in the same tier as DE or PST you illiterate retard, just said it has a serviceable story, especially compared to CP77's shaggy dog story and W2's fever dream sequence of a plot.
File: images (1).jpg (8 KB, 271x186)
8 KB
Disco Elysium
Pillars of Eternity 1/2
Torrment: Tides of Numenera
Planescape: Torrment
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
Pathfinder: Kingmaker
Dragon Age: Origins
Knights of the Old Republic 2
Fallout 1/2/New Vegas
Jade Empire
>Torrment: Tides of Numenera
nah fa.m, that aint it

File: images.jpg (9 KB, 179x281)
9 KB
Don't believe their lies. This is how he looked.
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>The Child Slayer of Candleep
who the fuck is adrian?
The name CHARNAME was given in the novelization of the game and some material published after. Abdel Adrian.
File: Just......jpg (34 KB, 487x487)
34 KB
> material published after
that same trash that gave minsc a mohawk and a beard,turned khalid into a wife beater?and that coward we save in throne of bhaal was turned bad ass 200+ level warrior that killed our PC?
and here i thought that book was some fan fiction that some coomer did for his waifu jaheeria
Damn WOTC really hated the baldur's gate games or something?

File: Skyrim Loli hunter.jpg (43 KB, 640x480)
43 KB
>Implausible hypothetical situation
>Todd Howard announces The Elder Scrolls 6 will include no essential NPCs, even killable children will be a vanilla feature from launch
>What happens next?

What would happen anons? What are the societal implications? We can't have nice things like this because politics or some shit right? I remember every news outlet was freaking the fuck out over the 15 seconds of partial nudity in Mass Effect 1. But why? They wanted to pretend to be offended to score some good boy points on their """social credit score"""?

How would this play out if Todd Howard went full fucking giga chad and made this Official Statement? Would Todd, Bethesda and Elder Scrolls be quickly canceled entirely? Polite society would crucify The Toddhead wouldn't they? Thoughts?
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You could kill children in Black & White and that shit wasn’t even rated ‘M’
>What are the societal implications
there are no implications. We've already had this talk many times before you were born. Doom. Postal. Carmageddon. Videogames don't make people violent.
I wish this thread would die because this thumbnail is disgusting
could be worse. her head is still attached for one thing. and there's no blood or "soul trap lighting"

File: IMG_9994.jpg (76 KB, 640x360)
76 KB
Opinions? Thoughts?

I’m on Act 6 of Ballad of the Little Princess. It’s really charming if simple.

I wish they’d dubbed the songs in English as well (that was a huge part of the charm in Rhapsody for me) but I recognize that these two sequels getting localized at all is a miracle.

There’s almost no English guides out there, so I’m a little paranoid about missing out on puppets and side quests/missable in general.
it's on my to play list. i loved the first game after all.
>I wish they’d dubbed the songs in English as wel
I'll play them eventually but this does make it less interesting to me. I love enthusiastic but bad singing.
Enjoyed the 1st game on the nds. The 2nd game is kinda boring so far. I'm disappointed with the lack of english songs too.

File: 20230924_023120.png (112 KB, 360x345)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
File: 1383000416469.jpg (64 KB, 556x436)
64 KB
>he didn't hack his 3ds

File: maxresdefault.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Normies and their precious Starfield and autists who hate BG3 because X can all go collectively jump off a bridge. If they can get their Wingsofredemption bodies to move.
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You have time to write thoughtful replies and not worry the thread will get pushed off if there aren't a dozen faggots bumping it with inane banter. This plus the quip you thought was really clever even though it wasn't, seems even less clever when it's rotting on page 9 three days later. On /v/ dumb shit gets flushed every few hours
wingsofredemption said this is the best rpg ever. wings is a bg3
Larian simply pulled a fast one by overloading Act 1.
File: cat shock_face.jpg (42 KB, 500x375)
42 KB
Shill OP doesn't have one. He just lies about things to promote a very shitty, degenerate game.

File: sis.jpg (93 KB, 821x620)
93 KB
Playing BG3 made me realize how good BG1 was. Thanks Larian.
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That’s the best part though
>too retarded to understand a post
>calls others retards
many such cases
You are welcome OP.
t. Larian
Eating salmon, maybe gonna have some berries later. In his element, feeling good, enjoying the bear lifestyle.

File: soul.jpg (371 KB, 1920x1080)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
doi is a fucking hack and new atlus sucks
bring back kaneko and fucking port the original megaten games! yes even nine and kyuuyaku
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Go back.
Just learn to emulate, they aren’t going to do it
I can already play every atlus game on my PC
Kaneko's retired. They're not bringing him back.
still disappointed that only nocturne got a remaster

File: 1664887099908617.jpg (1.61 MB, 927x3100)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
What RPGs have actually great writing? Not 'good by vidya standards', but actually great writing. Doesn't have to be high concept or unique to the point of being gimmicky, it just need to be clever and human.

I've played a few RPGs and usually the writing is flavorless and when the game expects me to kill 30 Slimes to progress to the next dialogue scene I just tune out and think about all the much better paced fantasy novels I could be reading instead.

Include examples.
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Daily reminder that L.E.M. was not a person but a communist organisation.
BOF3 is about the Ubermensch unlocking the power of Jungian metaphysics to subvert angels and kill the demiurge to free man and beast from technological stasis.
Based Feist enjoyer
Read any of the books?
Not him, and I've read Feist, but he didn't write BaK, Neal Hallford did.
Xenogears is a great story told in the most tedious way

Thoughts on Granblue Fantasy: ReLink
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File: 169486633929748192.jpg (851 KB, 2700x3818)
851 KB
851 KB JPG
Characters only released before 2016? That sucks, but I guess isn't too big of a deal, there's plenty of old characters that are still interesting. Although, I'm guessing a few newer characters will be added as dlc or something, and I'm sure that won't include best girl.
File: pop.png (210 KB, 386x377)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
>hag Nier
>best girl
It suffers because of its gatcha origins. Similar to DNF; it can't shake the fact that it's basically a flower grown out of a steaming turd - where no matter how good or pretty it is, it still has and smells like shit.
Do i look like I’m fucking Malaysian?
Why the hell would I play this shit
File: Boxgod.jpg (266 KB, 1492x839)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
me? I'm a Charlotta main

File: IMG_0471.jpg (223 KB, 1024x768)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
>everybody loves sun
>everybody hates twilight
What about wars? Everybody silently agrees it was a game but nobody is praising it, how come?
I thought it was perceived well by rts fans as the last good cnc game. Maybe it got black holed from peoples memory because of starcraft 2. I think I some people hated how overpowered the special super units where iirc.
Other than feeling a bit floaty, it was a solid game with a lot of fun things to play with, the expansion was also mostly great, except for the super units like >>3214940 said. You already got good super units in the base game and even had the option to capture them.

Because it never hurts to share:
FF7 is a story of idol worship, false gods, and Man's tendency to want to be God. All these remakes and expansions of the FF7 world miss the mark because they forget the foundation that made FF7 a profound story.

Gaia is God.
The lifestream is the Ruah. The divine breath of God. The source of life as such.
Jenova is Satan. The enemy of God, the deceiver. The new god. The false god.
Shinra is the world of Man. Man worships Jenova in an attempt to attain godhood. Shinra harnesses the divine breath for selfish gain.
Sephiroth is the antichrist. The son of Satan, and a product of the will of Man. It's no coincidence that Savior Sephiroth has the appearance of a gimped angel.
Weapons are angels. A testament to God's authority.
All the main characters are representations of the Jewish Sephirot. Aspects by which God reveals Itself. Cloud is the Keter, Tifa is the Tifaret, etc. Cloud also obviously represents the Christ in opposition to the antichrist.
Meteor is the ultimate consequence of worshipping Jenova. The ender of worlds.
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>there are only 11 angry men in this image
N-no... I am n-not... a-angry...
I’d call it demon-summoning numerology, which is what I was getting at with the quote. 1 Kings 10:14
Not sure if it's true or not, but I've noticed that games like ff7 or xenogears have really weird and convoluted but fascinating stories and worlds. Taking notes ad inspiration from theology to try and make a plotline can get some really cool results when paired with japanese culture.
FF7 is explicitly anti-Abrahamic in its themes.
>Gaia is God.
Considered idolatry by practically all of Abrahamism.
wtf no. The lifestream is a metaphor for oil.. Jenova is a metaphor for the fallen angels. Sephiroth is a Nephilim or half man half angel.. thus 1 winged angel..
Red XIII is a chimera.. the Cetra were like Atlantis... Aeris is Jesus

it’s unironically a pretty good game other than some repetition and the story being kinda lame.

had fun with it i’d put it up there with kh
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>it’s unironically a pretty good game other than some repetition
Repetition? I think that only happens when you don't prioritize/get brain crushes. Happened to me in my first playthrough
>and the story being kinda lame.
You mean crazy as fuck? The characters hold it together but lame is certainly not what I would call it

Also obviously not an RPG
I notice RPG means "lots of story" or "number go up" for a lot of people here. Asinine.
>finished the Kasane story twice,
Why would you do that. The whole point waa going the other's story. (And also start with yuito)
I started with Kasane because fuck you, the game presented me with one of few choices and I took it. Then finished Yuito and then had another run with Kasane on higher difficulty
>I notice RPG means "lots of story" or "number go up" for a lot of people here. Asinine.

been playing rpgs since ‘99 literally always been like that. are you zoomers?
Hey, calm down. I just didn't know you also played Yuito afterwards. Good.
The story twist works best if you play Yuito first but w/e
Did you play on the hardest difficulty? I noticed after the DLC there was something more than very hard
lol lmao
2x for trying to claim oldfag creed at '99
Nah, I'm a filthy casual and the hardest difficulty I picked was hard. Was bearably easy though, since you have duplication and invisibility from the second third on and it's hard not to abuse it

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 300x168)
11 KB
People who like and people who dislike this game will probably describe it to you in the same way.

>"it's not actually hard it just knowledge checks you all the time"
That's absolutely true. Some people like this, some people hate it.

>"it's build autismo isn't actually deep it just has many trap options and bloat"
Another thing many people hate, but many people like it as well.

>"it is super SUPER long and overstays it's welcome"
Yeah. It could probably be cut in half and not lose much substance. I don't mind this tho, as I enjoy testing my builds and different approaches to te game overall. Most of you hate it and it's justifiable.

I love it when the game has garbage trap options, godly OP ones and everything in between. Part of the fun for me is discovering which is which. It satisfies my optimizaiton autism (It extends way beyond RPG number crunching in my case personally) but I totally see why some people don't like it. Games that play it safe and make almost every option equally viable, are almost inherently less fun and bland for min maxxers. I am looking at you Balanceman, fuck you.

Now the question is - Are you a minmaxxing autist like me? Do you want to just install your anime portraits and enjoy the story? Pathfinder can offer something for both, you just have to taper you expectations. If you want to play it totally chill and laid back without reading guides and doing your homework literally, you might even play it on difficulties less than normal. (Depending on how familiar you are with D&D) And I recommend almost never spoon feeding yourself with guides, just learning the info on your own. At least, that's where 90% of the fun came from for me.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm glad some PKM fans are sensible enough to understand that it's a fundamentally flawed game and appreciate they can like it despite it being kinda subpar
Right. I didn't think my OP was that controversial, but replies are so salty even for 4cheng standards. Not even sure what pissed people off this time.
Personally I like to take a roleplaying concept and turn it into a pure lvl 20 build and then optimize it from there. I find all the cheese builds with a million dips to be reprehensible and unnecessary
I wish there were more traditional dungeon delving like vordakai's tomb.
praise charon
shit blog

File: 1694913161993917.jpg (122 KB, 1703x1080)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
I don't get it.
22 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well alot of great art is open ended right?

While it could just as easily be a thought experiment, doesn't it being a simulation work so much better thematically with automata being a video game itself? It works better as a meta story that way. Especially considering near the end when you begin to be able to skip around in the time line. I think that aspect is very block universe theory.

A thought experiment would work if it was a short story or movie better I think.
>meta story
Meta stories fall apart if you bother to actually glance at them, and they fall apart even more if you ignore their context.

For Meta stories to work, the context need to be correctly placed. If that means the intro screen is a group playing DND, you can even get some mileage out of that.
Or the entire narrative is centered around it being a tall tale told to somebody else, such as some of the Pirates of the Caribbean games. And generally save points or side characters fails at doing just that.

"It was a dream" falls into the same narrative trap as well. Without establishing it as a dream, or ending it there, nothing can be gained by failing to try to deliver. It was a dream is unironically a good narrative device for the intro or as a start of the entire 2nd half of a movie.
In the end one of the largest selling points of the Drakengard/Nier franchise is that its not a meta plot. It wholesale ignores that to give us murderhoboing and genocide on display.

Its all just red herrings interwoven into a tall improperly told, all while trying to sell a cyclic nature that is not anywhere in the lore or presentation.
>Earth healed itself of the magic virus.
Once the Soul part of humanity isn't infected by a red eye magic scourge virus, but the merely Replicant shells are immune due being soulless.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I think you're confusing a meta story with a framing device.
Thats because they overlap anon. Once you have wink wink nudge nudge, then that is framing.
Here's your social studies degree

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