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File: 5277048.jpg (65 KB, 404x500)
65 KB
What even was the point of making that comically big?
Even if it had been a tenth of it's size, it would still easily be the biggest RPG ever and they might have been able to fill with interesting locations and gameplay, instead of endless procedurally generated trite.
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according to ur mom
so you are just a faggot.
Lol, seething boomer.
You need to be a real simpleton to enjoy a lot of simulated nothing. Even Minecraft world is more interesting to explore than Daggerfall bulshit.
This is like watching a movie and saying "it's boring, they're just talking."

File: ss2.jpg (173 KB, 800x966)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
the best jrpg(jewish role playing game)
Outdated "RPG" for retro zoomer hipsters.

File: sara_02 (1).jpg (536 KB, 1280x720)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
Sara Valestein is a genuinely horrible person, yet this is never acknowledged anywhere in the games.
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She fucks dogs
Instructor Valestein is fair, YOUNG maiden. Just look at Rean's age when he became an instructor for proof! She definitely does NOT have a complex about her age either.
A legitimate retard.
Rean is a dog, so that checks out.
How do the difficulty mods deal with the fact that no enemy will ever get a turn as soon as you get access to Chrono Burst?

Let us partake in Monster hunting discussion.
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I really enjoyed how battles worked in Stories, it felt iffy at first like Rock Paper succors thing stood out and made it look baby simple, and I was still against "Pokemon clones" at the time.
But when I gave stories a chance it was way better then I expected and it had a lot of character, I'm happy to see Stories 2 refine what was laid out before, I wasn't expecting a another game.
If you think Tem-Tem's a Pokemon ripoff, never play Nexomon Extinction. In fact, just don't play it general.
File: DQM2Box.jpg (236 KB, 1000x1000)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
True, Just look at TemTem, Coromon and Nexomon.
Use the same shitty 1v1 system with QoL pokemon games should have.

Anyways when will Square decide to announce the new DQM game?
And will it be released worldwide?
Hope they follow Capcom and shill it.
File: 1622088065666.png (833 KB, 1280x720)
833 KB
833 KB PNG
Well, that Erik and Mia Monsters game that was in development hell was finally revealed and they changed it into more of a puzzle adventure game I think, picrel.
In that stream I believe they also said they were still working on a Monsters game, just nothing to show for it yet. And all the games in that stream, besides DQX because of course, were all said to be getting simultaneous worldwide releases.
I hope DQM on switch looks better than treasures

I am terrified because Gen 9 is coming out next year. So DQM in the west might fail again.
It didn't even get a proper announcement yet. So if it gets announced next year, it would have to either release in 3 months or release in the same time frame as Gen 9.
Then we have the possibility of it releasing in 2023 which may be the last year for the switch. And we know how brain-dead consumers acted about DS games after 3ds was released.

This game is taking way too long to release. Just to hear the same fucking music from DQMJ, J2, TW3D and 2
Best Case:It a launch title for Switch 2

File: 001.jpg (196 KB, 1508x1100)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Do you guys know any good discord server focused specifically on RPG videogames? So far on disboard I am only getting Tabletop focused servers or chat RP.
For all your discord-related needs, the only boards to ask are >>>/r9k/ and >>>/lbgt/

SRPGs usually only choose to use squares or hexagons because of simple design. What if we combined the use of hexagons and squares together on maps? Or even crazier, we also add in triangles?

And no, a strictly triangle grid map for SRPGs would only lead to the most predictable strategies. 3 vs 4 or 6.

My craziest idea, a hexagonal based rogue dungeon crawler.
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There's no logical reason for it to randomly change.

However a hexagonal roguelike would at least shake up the formula of one of the most creatively bankruptil genres.
What if we had the grid change shape based on the player's perception of time?
i can tell you right out the gate why most systems prefer squares. its because it's easier to set up a coordinate map of the stage with something that can be tracked with integer X and Y values. with any other shape you need to develop a custom coordinate system and with that develop functionality to determine distance and adjacent units and searching the map, and convey these things to an audience. with squares its as easy as saying "one right and two up" or "one east and two north", and with hexes instead you have to do "one northeasteast and two up". it becomes more complex/annoying the more you move away from basic cardinal directions. regardless, some developers have adopted hexes to allow the player more flexibility at the behest of programming simplicity, which is fine and they programmed around it, and a lot of times they make it work. but creating a system with mixed shapes sounds like a disaster because 1) the player needs to be able to rationalize whats happening on screen and having to suddenly switch gears from calculating things in hexes into calculating things in squares is a big pain in the ass and 2) developing that aforementioned coordinate map system around a design that sometimes will jump into a new paradigm and have to switch functionality to compensate will mean the programmers have to develop everything twice (or once for however many shapes you use) and include conditional code that means way more testing and way more opportunities for bugs in EVERY piece of the game that compares two grid units. it doesn't just linearly scale the complexity of development, it exponential does so

would it be cool? kinda i guess
What are your thoughts on the Rhombille tiling?
I like it actually. I like it a lot actually.

But seriously though, how would you rewct if this was announced later in the decade?
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ignore pic
how many sector decrees can you cram in a starfinder game
I'm interested in any thing so long as owlcats include more momcest.
I was underwhelmed playing Starfinder in real life, so I would probably ignore it.

Operator and soldier are only good classes, the only important stat is dex, and there is a lot of number bloat in the system. I also didn't like the tone of the system, its a little too Saturday morning cartoony for me, but that's my personal opinion and not a knock against the game system itself. I would prefer something darker and grittier.

The only promising thing to me would be that the starship combat might be easier to run in a videogame than on pen and paper.
Not very strongly since I think it's likely it will either be their next game or the game after their next game.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (104 KB, 616x353)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>Etrian Odyssey: Nuzlocke Edition
this shit is weirdly addicting
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File: 1587259737203.jpg (91 KB, 750x750)
91 KB
Where's the fun? I'm about half an hour in and see nothing as such. It's a good thing I didn't pay for this.
It's mostly just a powerleveling simulator where you become exponentially stronger each time you fight through a few groups of new, exponentially stronger monsters. Certain peoples' brains find that addicting. There's some substance to the combat system. Not a lot, but there are worthwhile decisions to be made regarding which weapons to equip in your limited slots and when to use which ability.
It's also kinda cool how you keep getting new exploration powers that let you show increasing levels of disrespect to the dungeon designs.
>It's mostly just a powerleveling simulator where you become exponentially stronger each time you fight through a few groups of new, exponentially stronger monsters

Every video game ever?
30s levels are so annoying for rescuing even with skills
i couldn't do it and 404 the save
i don't even know why i died my party was full hp and had at-least one of defence stats untouched
suddenly the fucker used some stupid skill that nuked my whole party it wasn't even high level monster just fuckin regular that i already killed few times
File: file.png (80 KB, 460x101)
80 KB
well, guess the game is over now. time to not fight a single enemy and just fully map out everything.
This was actually really well hidden. And i only got it because i was just casually going down the floors when i decided around floor 43 i should dick around with greater descension. went on until i reached the final floor and teleporter on 98. then i noticed 98 is just 00, but one extra tile. and then i was fueled by my autism to map out the single tile
good shit.

File: Kahlee_Sanders_ME3.png (831 KB, 900x900)
831 KB
831 KB PNG
>the only blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman in the series
>has a black boyfriend
Was this the beginning of the end of Bioware?
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>insert stand up joke about how black women are tough to handle and white women are more docile
He prefers mutts like Kahlee.
yes, I'm surprised it's taken people this long to realise
the North mostly ime
disclaimer I only know Aussie wogs but that's what they've all ranted to me
>Traits that manifest due to evolutionary pressures

Maybe in Israel and other desert shitholes, but in Scandinavia they aren't.

File: Turn Based RPG Combat.jpg (12 KB, 269x187)
12 KB
Final Fantasy will never be a good series again because they moved away from turn based combat. Change my mind.
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File: 5b.gif (2.87 MB, 635x356)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB GIF
Ok let me explain. It's not that action rpgs are not fun or that the combat isn't fun. They can be.

My issue is that there are deeper design problems that are bogging down the industry. It's easy to program turn based combat. You make the models and the attack animations and you do the math to make the damage calculations work. Rinse and repeat. It's easy to do that it just works.

With dynamic combat it takes much more effort, and that's time money and energy not spent on world building, story, FMV sequences etc. FF7 is a perfect example, they had to split it up into separate chapters and chunks when the original game was a complete experience. If they went turn based they could have remade FF7 in one complete package. I'm sure the Square Enix devs found this out the hard way.

To put it simply they are biting off more than they can chew. They're stuck between a rock and a hard place and it's of their own doing. That's why it takes so much time to pump out RPGs nowadays if they ever get made at all.

Action RPGs are flashy but have no substance.
hella epic image macro brah

did you find it on facebook?
>Change my mind
Final Fantasy was never good.
Problem is, turn based combat sucks too. Except for grid-based tactical combat, but that can be very tedious over a long game
So FF hasn't been good since 4?

File: troublemaker.jpg (82 KB, 616x353)
82 KB
what does /vrpg/ think about it? I just got it on steam because my friend who goes to rpgcodex wouldn't stop pestering me to get it. so far it's actually good, it's like weeab xcom.
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It's okay. It's not great and they rely on fans to tell them how to improve the translation, but they do improve it. Every new mission they release has bad translation at the start and then improves a while later when they get fan feedback.
There are asians apologising for everything, then there are the devs for Troubleshooter on a whole new level of being sorry. They make Canadians look down right vicious and remorseless.
nyone know why it runs like shit on 1080ti?
I actually enjoyed the story, it’s kind of soap opera use, but I ended up liking all the characters except Leton and became genuinely invested in them. Heixeng in particular surprised me because he looks like such a tool.
File: lolwut.jpg (251 KB, 1920x1080)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
>mutant cats discussing the best approach to coexistence with humans

File: 0894_-_mC7M261.jpg (14 KB, 225x225)
14 KB

Fuck JRPG'S.
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File: 1538160899177.jpg (72 KB, 700x559)
72 KB
envisage the aroma
File: 1634727354534.gif (1.36 MB, 438x279)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB GIF
>JRPGs can be fun if they dropped the extra anime crap and it's pure numbers strategy but yeah they could use some actual roleplaying
I'm sorry op but wrpgs are boring unless soulsborne counts.
dragon age inquisition

File: 1612048093525.png (192 KB, 526x399)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
lusty argonian maid in morrowind
>get to meet the author, crassius curio
>is a huge perv in nearly every line of dialogue
>gives you a copy of part of the script (it's a play)
>crassius is attracted to argonians himself
>joke about authors self-inserting themselves into their work and writing their own fetishes (main character in play is named crantius colto, aka crassius curio)
>written in innuendos since the Temple would outlaw it if it was literal sex
>regular citizens bemoan its existence and say the rest of his plays were awful too
>crassius also says he thinks it'll "play well with the people" showing how completely out of touch he is with his audience
lusty argonian maid in oblivion
>lol its funny cause sex with an argonian
>several NPCs own it
>somehow got reprinted despite just being part of a script for a play
lusty argonian maid in skyrim
>lol its funny cause sex with an argonian

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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because books even if written like shit are better than most forms of media + the feeling of immersion of reading a book in game about in universe stuff is unparallaled
Here are a couple more:

"How is your wife," asked Zalither.
"She's in bed with laryngitis," replied Harlyth.
"Is that Argonian bastard back in town again?"

"I keep seeing spots before my eyes."
"Have you seen a healer?"
"No, just spots."
Lusty Argonian Maid always reminded me of Daughter of Tyvia from Dishonored.

[Excerpt from a theatre play]

Young Lady Amelia, in the back garden
Duchess, I do not know of the world beyond these garden walls, but do not mistake my lack of experience for fear. Or for an absence of desire. If I've avoided you it is because of the warning your name carries.

Duchess Kalli, bending a rose to her face, inhaling the scent
And what warning is that, my dear Amelia?

Young Lady Amelia, turning her back to the Duchess
I believe you know my meaning. Your father's tales are still the subject of parlor gossip.

Duchess Kalli, stepping up close
And those stories excite you? Tell me, girl, I am a friend.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
didn't morrowind have some instances of "time travelling" books or something like that
That's Elder Scrolls Online. They hand wave it away by saying the Mage's Guild Library exists outside of time and had a note saying that an old book they found was written to the 4th era, specifically by an npc that you find in Skyrim, but they attribute it to an error on the writer's part.

Or, y'know, could just be a mod. Wouldn't be the first time people mistook something that was added in a mod as vanilla.

File: 1526936368070.jpg (33 KB, 505x380)
33 KB
This game lives off of being as sad as possible without any logical storytelling behind it.
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Not him, but I h ave missed them. Are they any motherlikes worth playing?
id rather never play videogames again. Thanks tho.

File: file.png (182 KB, 474x296)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
Just downloaded the game. What am I in for? Only BioWare game I've played before was Sonic Chronicles on release
17 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
The story, characters, and interactions are great, though the combat is boring and dated.

Every game in the series is great, yet each has that one gameplay-related flaw which makes playthroughs boring and arduous. DA:O has the fade and the unengaging combat. DA2 has the repetitive environments and enemies on crack who spawn unpredictably. DA:I has the power system which forces the player to grind (mostly) lame sidequests in order to progress through the story.

I didn’t understand Jennifer Hepler until I played DA:O.
Don't forget to mod it. Assuming you're not a console cuck that is.

At a minimum, you'll want:
>Advanced Tactics
>Combat Tweaks
>A font mod for a higher res
>No Helmet Hack
>Unlock Special Classes
>Skip the Fade
>Better Atmosphere
>JB3 Texture Pack

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>DA2 has the best story of the three
>skip the fade is essential
Not for the guy's first playthrough it isn't.
For every subsequent one it absolutely is, of course.

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