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File: 1615552377642.png (960 KB, 1666x890)
960 KB
960 KB PNG
So I'm seeking to have a romance on the side with the Tiefling girls since I've learned that you can do that. But I don't know how to put them in my team without unbalancing it. I just need to replace one person.

Val (Tank), Me (melee DPS), Amiri (melee DPS), Linzi (Support/Utility), Tristian (Healing/Support), Octavia (magical DPS/some Utility).

I understand that the girls are generally DPS and strikers. But Octavia is too viable to replace since she can also deactivate traps like no other. What would you do?
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File: 1554657271215.jpg (12 KB, 280x280)
12 KB
We already had devils and demons and divine battles in Wrath though. What about something different like an occult/gothic campaign or something truly unusual?
So, on one hand you have:
>a man who takes hormones and dresses as a woman, maybe plus fake tits,

On the other:
>has a vagina, womb, and uterus,
>female bone structure,
>female chromosomes,
>real tits,
>no pronounced Adam's Apple,
>can have children,

And you say both are the same? Methinks you love trannies secretly.
File: 1652112459554.gif (1.07 MB, 220x231)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB GIF
More like complete "OOON BOONGA" masculine retard yet easy to influence and submissive

File: relayer.jpg (1.69 MB, 1920x1080)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
Did anyone actually play this?
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Live until i actually get around to playing this
Wait this sounds great
I almost like these designs as much as the originals, for sure on the Sa**bi.
What a shame.
Do you like SRW's maps? Because Relayer is similar with its maps. It's a really easy game. Shit characters and story, but the mecha design is pretty good imo. I love mecha so I still enjoyed it, but it's probably best to wait for a sale.
I miss the time when SRW maps actually mattered.

So what type of armor should i use if I'm going with a 2 handed barb?
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Just steal eder's armor
+Might or +INT armors, anything that gives better saves or second chance is also good.
File: 1643059286020.jpg (26 KB, 400x288)
26 KB
cant get over the feeling while playing PoE that the ultra-balanced gameplay is just not fun
in BG1 I could drink a potion that made me immune to a bunch of shit for an entire fight, magical shields that completely negate low level magic users, giant AOE paralysis/sleep and massive damaging spells that turns an encounter into more a surprise massacre

like BG1/2 was like a wild west of magic, when prepared you ended stuff before it could begin occasionally and unprepared could leave party members instantly dead forever

then you to to PoE....
>woah look out his fireball might do an extra 4% damage because he put a skill point in it!
>hmm yes I think i will paralyze 1 enemy for 4 seconds and inconvenience them slightly
and the worst part is the spells are clearly just copied from BG, so close and yet so far
BG1 is still the best CRPG of all time, and one of the greatest games period.
>is still the best CRPG of all time
someone needs to update their journal

RPG characters who are literally you?
Rean is literally me.
haha how did you find this picture of me?
I wish IV had edgekino
Did anyone play through cold steel and start to pay attention to how they were treating other people? Rean getting called out for essentially being a happiness pump and learning to take care of himself by trusting other people was a nice character arc.
I really liked his character arc in CS3 where he was trying to find his purpose now that he was forced to be a puppet for the government.
File: basedmcburn.jpg (153 KB, 1280x720)
153 KB
153 KB JPG

File: Screenshot (254).png (232 KB, 1920x1080)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
When does it get fun?
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1.Read the in-game books on Uesp
2.Realize most of the shit in-game isn't canon anymore or it's been modified in some way
3.Always remember ESO isn't canon

That's all you need
Feed your horse, tranny
>Read the in game books
Which ones?
All of them. There aren't that many and it's not a bad read.
The biographies of Barenziah, as well as The Real Barenziah.

File: 1647187260687.jpg (31 KB, 720x748)
31 KB
>final dungeon is a complete slogfest
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Do you prefer losing your healer or your main damage dealer?
persona 3
there is only one dungeon in the entire game, and it consists of 264 floors of the same content.
i love that game but holy shit that is the worst dungeon in any video game i have ever played without question, and i've played hundreds if not thousands of games
Probably the latter. The healer tends to keep the group alive and it just means battles going longer, which makes the eventual return of the main damage dealer more anticipated. The healer being gone means having to chug potions or avoid battles knowing you don't have quite enough resources to keep the party alive.
not that guy but 100% main damage dealer
healer is the most important role in every rpg imo
Now thats a dilemma. Imagine if enemies have poison spamming skill or dungeon itself has after battle effects on party.

>lose healer
>DD can kill enemies fast enough that they don't or rarely get to use poison. But now you need to put all resources into DD and a few slipups can cost you in the long run.
>You as a player during this time will/should learn how to properly minmax damage while learning how anyone else in party can support DD techs & item maintenance.

>lose DD
>battles are of course going to take longer but its just a matter of maintaining mp or whatever.
>You as a player during this time will/should learn enemy mechanics since its not a slaughterfest, MP maintenance, the actual numbers/how others can make up for the loss of DD.

File: SMTVDate.jpg (45 KB, 1200x800)
45 KB
It lived up to my expectations. I'm disappointed by the lack of story and characters but the tone/environment/gameplay/music were just top notch to me. I feel they really should've edged onto the whole the world is about to collapse with YHVH and I'm still scratching my head why Lucifer just decided not to do shit but whatever. I was also kinda disappointed that the rest of the world is okay and Japan is the only one that gets that special own domain when I'd rather they just do the whole world is nuked except Japan and angels are just preserving the last hope spot for mankind. I really like the plot structure though especially from modern Atlus. I really wish they expanded on it though. Will I be kinda mad when I need to buy the remake and they've changed nothing in the original content? Yeah. But I will buy it.

although honestly it could be since the game is kinda empty my mind makes it sound better than it is since i'm inserting stuff i've never seen before.
>It lived up to my tranny expectations
Sorry. Are you lost?

Can you really classify and count these games as being Western RPGs? Also what even qualifies as a WRPG nowadays
>Also what even qualifies as a WRPG
nothing, because only japanese developers are capable of making rpgs.
>what even qualifies as a WRPG nowadays
Something something choose my own pronouns

Are there any games where you play as a weaker character that has to rely on allies and being support to win? I played through dragons dogma recently as a healbot loli, and I found it a change of pace, having to dodge monsters and keep your pawns up as they fight monsters for you.
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thug hero party
buy ff14, roll lalafel to keep the “uoooooooooh”ing going.
what about >>2601702?
> This is the premise to those SEQUEL porn games iirc. Although you don't actually control the male PC in combat.

I rather explain lalafel than femdom during the final judgement.
>I played through dragons dogma recently as a healbot loli
>I played as a healbot loli
WTF is wrong with men?


File: Cyberpunk2077.jpg (264 KB, 1400x1400)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
>It's actually good now

Holy shit. I just finished act 1. This game is incredible. It feels like a genuine true successor to VtMB. The presentation and voice acting are some of the best in a video game. With regards to writing, the characters are just BANGER after BANGER. I'm so glad I waited til now to experience this game in a finished state.

If you avoided this game at release, you need to try this game out now.
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Nah, I still haven't even played the Pillars games and have zero interest in Pimento cheese or whatever his Disco Elysium ripoff will be called.
>this game has no waifus
File: panam.jpg (103 KB, 850x560)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>game has no waifus
I don't even know what constitutes an RPG anymore.
A lot of:
-building your skills and stats
-dialogue with multiple conversation paths
-quests with multiple paths
>examples of cRPGs
-Cyberpunk 2077
-Divinity:Orignal Sin 2
A lot of:
-building your skills and stats
Barely any of:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

What are the "must have" JRPGs for the Switch? Other than Dragon Quest, Xenoblade and The World Ends With You.
Any Shin Megami Tensei game that gets ported or made there
Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk
There's only four and two of them come with online
...in Japan
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
Octopath Traveller

>It appears to be a first-person RPG similar to Skyrim, with rune-based magic powers and sword combat confirmed by the short teaser trailer. It's set in the land of Eora, the same setting Obsidian used for its RPG Pillars of Eternity.

>no information released about it since its reveal trailer in 2020
>supposedly releases in 2022

wtf happened to it
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File: file.png (39 KB, 362x209)
39 KB
File: sawyer.png (32 KB, 825x202)
32 KB
Nah. I guaranty that line stuck out to most people. It's like saying 'gentleman and ladies'. Then again I'm responding to bait so I guess you win.
File: 1603935357908.webm (2.89 MB, 960x540)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB WEBM
This is fine (unironically).
thank fuck

File: 1598227409573.gif (999 KB, 500x339)
999 KB
999 KB GIF
Literally me and you
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File: 3-pirates13.jpg (21 KB, 640x480)
21 KB
Squall was great in this game, it was Rinoa that lacked any depth.
File: 1553479549746.jpg (290 KB, 1012x1324)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
I wonder where did it all go wrong for him and you and me. Everything was going great then fast forward a decade and everything has fallen apart.
>captcha VYNAM
Squall was in 'nam. Makes sense.
"You're me" he says
File: Cecil.jpg (168 KB, 681x1000)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Squall is one of the best protagonists in FF but his supporting cast is weak. I still love FF8 for the gameplay as well as the story because pressing R1 to trigger the gunblade feels great.
My other favorite is the one
Also Bartz.

What’s the consensus?
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grind kino. I love it when you can win the early "supposed to lose" battle where a bad guy shows off how strong he is.
I heard they changed the battle system from BD1. And I have to ask why? It was the most perfect turn-based battle system in any JRPG.
They removed a bunch of the quality of life shit introduced in 2nd for whatever reason.
Not an RPG
I miss the style and presentation of the first 2 games.

File: fate_extra_psp10.jpg (269 KB, 891x1500)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
If CCC gets translated, am I gonna like or hate it? I hated Extella but loved Extra and Last Encore is a mix for me.
LOL not falling for this shit again
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kill yourself
Also when they showed off that "gameplay trailer", there was like almost no work done in the game, they strugged to get that much out. So they were clearly very early into development
Does the rps thing work better in CCC? It makes total sense in Fate GO but in Extra it boggles my mind that it works the way it does.
Kinda? I've only beaten the game with Gilgamesh but you don't need to kill anywhere near as many enemies to see out their attack chart.

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