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File: blender_sKtU52yNzH.png (20 KB, 741x778)
20 KB
Assume I want to make a successor to Recettear. What features should my game include?
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File: 1502742427259.gif (256 KB, 500x500)
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256 KB GIF
My job will be easy then, no?
Rape button
Regulations, mercantilism, local crime organisations, workers trying to unionise, importing/exporting shit and the tarriffs that go with that. Various goods being legal / illegal as well as acceptable / taboo / mandatory to have. Complaining customers, people attempting to fuck with your incoming supplies, theft, robbery and taxes, foreign armies coming in an occupying the town, your own character's background playing into all of this shit.
thank you anon
Make sure your cute and funny is top-notch

File: Untitled.png (105 KB, 1076x218)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
What's up with the "light RPG" meme popping up in some threads here?

It was a meme back then and it is now.
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Rules-light is a common term in TRPG's, I don't see how video game RPG's can't have their own equivalent
What did he mean by this.
See how many fucking choices you have in nethack or ultima 1
>I don't even understand how that meme got started
By being based on tabletop games.
Technical limitations and some games that just didn't prioritize them
Wizardry IV had multiple endings and iirc your teammates could get permanently killed by the villain in Ultima V.
Neither of those are RPGs, they're JRPGs

File: PS1.jpg (216 KB, 1003x720)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
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File: IMG_8049.jpg (94 KB, 900x750)
94 KB

This is why I call ix niggers low test betas. IX has epically flagged behind VIII and VII in EVERY Final Fantasy poll in popularity. Literally the only reason anyone cares about it is because a bunch of REDDIT S()YBOYS made it Le intellectumal contrarian taste. It's artstyle and combat is ass, it has no serious moments and it's plot makes zero sense. It is a parody of Final Fantasy as a series, ala Octopath Traveler or Bravely Default - complete and utter garbage but it's an exact fit to the stereotypical s()yfaggot who cannot be invested in any story unless it is literally smothered in lelsorandomquirky wacky zany self post modernist self referential shit

FF9 is literally the literal who game played by effeminate autistic xe/xer Reddit trannies. FF8 fans don't post here because they have wives and jobs and kids.
Meanwhile in reality, there's a chain of two threads full of an FF8 autist posting fanfiction about the game that he pretends is real. You're more delusional than any tranny.
We are, all of us, wizard virgins, feel free to leave or drink bleach if you don’t like it
they're all ludo.
7 is like an improved version of 6 with non-shit upgrade system and not horribly unbalanced
8 has the best OST in the series, and the junction system is fun because of all the different ways of acquiring magic gives you plenty of ways to progress your characters
9 is the most soulful final fantasy. it's just such a charming experience

I've had a Heavy Steppe Charger since basically the beginning of the game. I haven't at any point replaced him, or moved him from my inventory. But when I happened to hover over him, I noticed that it said Lame Steppe Charger. Now, I've had this horse for probably 8 in-game years, so I'm asking. Did I accidentally swap my horse out? Or is it possible that I rode him down to nothing? I think even if he is lame, I will still ride him because I do not want to lose my friend.
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Native Bannerlord was superior to native Warband even at launch.
Modded Warband is in some cases superior.
Bannerlord has the edge in:
>Coomer mods

Warband has the edge in:
>Full conversion mods
Warband will also run on toasters, if that's an issue for you.

Swadian Knights for your army is easy mode for field battles. You'll want Rhodok Sharpshooters and maybe some Nord Huscarls for sieges.
For your own character, get STR and AGI to at least 12 as a first priority. Then either focus on STR and a little bit more AGI for a combat focus, or INT for party skills like Surgery, Engineering, etc.
Is this a thing? I couldn’t find a single one that’s anything else than a nude mod.
Realize that you can't solo castles and use an int build instead to get 14 pathfinding, engineering and surgery
Yeah, combat stats are good when you start out, but eventually you'll realise that elite units will do most of the work for you, so it's better to make them more effective than necessarily making yourself more effective. Just make sure you give yourself good armour, and stay the fuck away from enemy Rhodok Sharpshooters.

File: Big_Ol_Billy_01.jpg (142 KB, 595x481)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
What are some rpgs where I can play as a rapist?
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FATAL is almost unplayable, especially the sexual content. There are better games out there for what it's supposedly trying to do.
File: Moldova town.jpg (298 KB, 1898x1346)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Is Moldova getting into the video game market now?
Underrated post.
File: rapenomics.png (301 KB, 1400x4555)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
What about rape as a currency?
So, Free Cities?

It's yuffie
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Thanks dude I'll keep that in mind if or when I get a girl friend
Fuck, marry, kill.
>Nobody cares about FF outside of 7.
Pleb detected.
Normie found



ITT: Point out one bad thing or flaw in your favorite JRPG
>boring level design and not much exploration
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I hate how FF7 has such low Materia variety until endgame and you're just mindlessly blasting basic elemental magic most of the time
File: 0345.jpg (231 KB, 1280x720)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
the absence of full frontal male nudity.
There are many aspects to it that you likely would not know without looking it up or having a guide. It is likely this way due to a desire to sell guides. Despite this, I feel these secrets add a lot of interest to the game.
Amarant is a waste of a character slot
The character skills are largely useless
The game gets easier as it goes
Inventory management is awful

File: Brynjolf.png (1.07 MB, 600x1080)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
>supposedly an intelligent criminal mastermind
>agrees to sell his soul for a demon for eternity with less than 5 seconds of thinking
Why didn't Frey just level up lockpicking to max instead of stealing that Skeleton Key and cursing everyone with bad luck for all eternity?
I'd do it too just for the chance of smelling that sideboob
>requires key

How does it compare to the other SMT games? I've only played 4 and SJ.
It's older than either of those games and it really shows, but if you have the patience for it I think it's really rewarding. Pretty cool atmosphere with likable characters and confusing, but kind of interesting mechanics (don't be ashamed to look up how Loyalty works in this game, if you don't understand it, it will become a huge pain in your ass)
The game is easier than SJ but harder than SMTIV was. It's not super tough but some dungeons are gonna give you trouble, and then there's the EX Dungeon...
Still, I ended up really liking it, so give it a shot.
It's more expensive than my house and I don't wanna learn 3DS hacking just to play it
Here I was assuming you were gonna play it through citra. I own the game legit so I can't give any tips on how to get it working but it's apparently pretty easy to set up.

File: 1608021420831.jpg (176 KB, 1280x1024)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Good evening, Anon
Do you ever worry that this is going to end?
Do you have any idea how insignificant you are?
When they start destroying this franchise your dreams will be nothing but bloodstain on their cash
There is yet another redflag out there
Hopes of fanbase and delussions of autists, all will be consumed
They are coming
These are the final comfy threads
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>like his hot dommy mommy didn't made him stick in perpetual orgasm
the Assamite clan is as old as civilisation it self like the rest of the original 13 clans
>I just don't get why V5 suddenly gives her the spotlight and tries to paint her in the positive light.
>why turn anarch into basically good guys?

Same reason: V5's writers sniffed the woke-cocaine and forgot what WoD was about. They forgot that in WoD, everything is shit and everyone is a monster. The world isn't shades of grey with the occasional happy ending, it's shades of black occasionally crossing to dark grey, but the fight is lost from day one.
Vampires don't work together, they are monstrous predators that tolerate each other until they don't. Osirians disappeared for a reason; Saulot wasn't Vampre Jesus who broke off from the jyhad, etc.

Just read that cunt Cara's ideas how the VtM is actually problematic "because your clan determines who you are", and more dumb shit.
OG White Wolf was leftist in a time it was counter-culture. Now they believe themselves to be fighting threats that don't exist and calling it progressiveness, and traded in the accidentally-racist-stereotypes for the purge-and-censor. VtM just became another mouthpiece for people who don't actually enjoy things, so they''ll disregard whatever for their own agendas.
>their clan founders usually PREDATE them
Outside of Tremere and Giovanni, they pretty much all do. Only those two (of the clans) and a bunch of lesser bloodlines don't.

Which always bugged me, how come there's only 16 generations of vamps in about 6000 fucking years? Average generation was 8-10 in Medieval Times and according to lore iirc, the time between generations went from slow to rapid in modern times.

nWoD vamps kind of fix these issues with blood potency based on age, and a forced need for torpor -- causing memory loss.
>what was even the point of clan Ravnos
Each clan was a stereotype based on real-life vampire lore or fiction. Ravnos was the "wandering gypsy mystics" vampire.

Ravnos was also one of White Wolf's many accidental racist stereotypes while trying to be hip and inclusive by making them all criminals.

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You can call them normalfags. What kind of retard finds ‘fag’ offensive?
Big Iron is good but It's a Sin by Eddy Arnold is better
>he doesn't keep the Sierra madre podcast on 24-7 until the end of the playthrough
some of them are ripped, others are original to New Vegas, the ones with the western sounding style.
Sierra Madre ambience is the best

File: monado.jpg (268 KB, 1600x1600)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
For all things Xeno related.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Really depends. As anon said it’s tone feels different compared to the first game. But three hours in and I care more about Rex compared Shulk. Both games start slow but both go from 0-60 pretty quick. Ultimately having a toddy sword wanting to fuck Rex has only enhanced my enjoyment as well.
File: Alex_-_Xenoblade_X.png (143 KB, 525x482)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
Who is this cool looking guy? He looks like the coolest guy
Surprised nobody made any norf fcs yet. Isn't rex voiced with a north english accent?
I didn’t want my ears bleeding so I switched the voices to the no audio in XBC Def edition and 2

File: SWTOR.jpg (215 KB, 1572x718)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Is it still fun? I've only ever gotten through the prologues and first chapters of the smuggler and trooper.
350 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
Among the non-force classes only the Trooper has any justification being involved in the post class storylines. Agent, BH and Smuggler have no real reason to be involved beyond being the player character which I found dumb.
Ciphers are trained to take down Jedi and anything that comes their way. Fixers are good for equipment management and Watchers make great planners.

thing is they're wasted on the battlefield
The event I'm talking about happens in your class storyline, it's the Corellia part of the plot.
spacebar through the side-quests
A lot of companions from the IA and BH questlines are prominent characters in KOTFTE/ET, I'd argue that Darkside Smugglers and Agents in general fit very well with the saboteur routes for Ossus/Onslaught too

File: epfw056wmrry.png (517 KB, 640x595)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
>Persona 6 never
>SMT V never don't kid yourself
>DeSu 3 never
>Devil Summoner 3 never
>P3P remake never
>Nocturne on steam never
>Project Re:Fantasy never
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
it will be a secret megaten. halfway through the game you get attacked by pixies and turns out you've been an island in a sea of souls all along and actually every character is just a shadow
SMT V is in this fiscal year retard
I want another Digital Devil
File: 364236.jpg (55 KB, 1280x720)
55 KB
And final eva rebuild is coming in a week, yeah
File: 1606247648451.png (7 KB, 476x77)
7 KB
>P3P remake never
I hope so.

>Turn based RPG
>Combat is heavily based around different classes and the synergies between them
>Heavy exploration element
>Story may be present but never takes away from the exploration.
What other games are there like this that you can recommend?
419 replies and 95 images omitted. Click here to view.
The exploration is good with wall breaking, stealth mechanics to avoid every encounter from trash to FOEs, and warp points in and out of dungeons, but combat suffers since its uses the same Reinforcement resource for those exploration mechanics.
Each of your party slots (Covens) have a Reinforcement cost you can only reduce by excessive amount of grinding (1304 EXP to max it out when you get 1 per battle and 15 per FOE, so the second dungeon's FOEs are the fastest way to level it up), and you'll progress/get better Coven faster than the rate you level up Covens, cutting down overall exploration time by repeat visits. You can also use Reinforcement for temporary 1 turn Attack/Defense buffs for bosses, but the Coven system still limits your generic party members into 15 ~ 40 stat sticks with no active skills -> auto-battling physical attackers or Donum casting mages + various buffs -> soul transferring through a bunch of classes/minimum levels for the ideal passive skill build. The right Covens, formation, and ending class (stat growth with double sharp, weapon proficiency) is complex to think about when building your party, while combat with random Critical Gore/Stun hits isn't except for bosses.
Story, characters, and music are nice though, but since they're separate from puppet soldiers you're actually fighting with, I felt less attached than say Etrian Odyssy Untold or Mary Skelter.
>because of the damage type
That is correct. Probably Mud type because he's stone. Elemental weaknesses will become essential for progressing past even trash mobs efficiently.
i was being cheeky, she doesn't actually sleep with her.
dronya (black) and luca (loli) take shelter in a monastery by invitation from marietta (red) to avoid the zombies that come out at night. marietta, in a unpriestly manner, makes aggressive sexual advances on dronya, who then pukes in response and throws a wet blanket on the whole matter.
Why 4 marginal mazes. Why would you have your starting party be 4 spellcasters.

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