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File: capsule_616x353.jpg (68 KB, 616x353)
68 KB
Are the games good? I watch some gameplay videos and the game seem pretty emptu. don't tell me you're playing it because of the story and not the gameplay?
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It's the strongest weapon in the game by far
In Dominions, a strategy game about ascendant gods and the importance of kitting your dudes correctly so they can btfo armies single handedly, poison resistance is often overlooked and is known for wiping out other players

C isn't canon, Every S ending and A ending is canon though. I have no idea how A is canon if the S endings are because everyone survives in the S endings but in A the ascended loli kills your MC. I guess just some other rando helped her ascend?
A is canon but since the Yellow king is the Kaiser of Breman that means C is canon as well and since Enki wrote the skin Bibles that means his S ending is canon, August is Rags descendent so the main suspects for getting the little fella to become a god are Cahara or D'arce, But since the skeleton in O'ssa's text adventure is stated to be wearing leather armor I don't think it was Cahara.
Daggerfall type lore

It's much better than the original game.
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>Its an RPG if my individual cannonfodder units have individualized stats
I'm willing to ignore it's blatant coomerism if the game is as good as you say, when it's gonna be finished?
Goddamm it why the DD community is so fucking horny holy shit
The coomerism is not that big desu, it's most proeminent in the promotional material. I'd say it's definetly better than the original except for Crimson Court and the fact that the original has better soundtrack and narration.
No idea when it'll be finished.
Anon you are not texting, you have more than 140 characters at your disposal. If you post a pic and make a bland statement without even elaborating and explaining why, garbage like that belongs more to /v/ because it's proof that you're interested in controversy instead of discussion

File: 1649444098091.png (9 KB, 700x400)
9 KB
Are there any parts of Fallout lore that you don't like? Wanna talk about it? Weird foibles or inconsistencies that stick out to you? Doesn't matter which game it's from, if it bothers you, let it out.

Lay it on me, I love the 'tism.
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Nice trips.

It's just game design arguments but...
Boston was less affected by the blasts and makes sense to have shit every where anyway. Chronologically I forget where 4 sits but think it's the latest in the series. So anyway, why wouldn't world building be a thing? There's already heaps more society and tech in FO2 than 1, implying humanity is reorganising and reindustrialising. War never changes.

Androids didn't fit the aesthetic though but would be an epic twist if the player was an Android, explaining the lack of sleep and food needed.

I always thought a super intelligent death claw escaped from the Enclave or something would make a good main protagonist
BUT, in the first game, they seems to need their water chip and taking it dooms them.

Like, I dont doubt that they need water. Just likely not as much as you or I. I doubt they need food at all.

Look up the "long walker" type of ghoul that would have been in Van Buren (I think). Just a hardened, dried husk endlessly wandering.
This bothers me not necessarily because of suspension of disbelief issues, but because seeing towns and cities that are more developed (to a degree) to a higher quality and more elaborate is something I'd like to see. It doesn't have to become a Judge Dredd world with megatowers but something that doesn't look like the lazy path would be nice for once
>Are there any parts of Fallout lore that you don't like?
every vault is a stupid, simplistic psychology experiment.
the brotherhood of steel goes from radical fringe group to "bad-ass techno saviors."
so much more but i'll leave it at those two.
The social experiment shit is retarded. Everything else I don't give a shit about because the setting is fun and stupid. Yeah, FO2 is wacky but it's the kind of wacky I enjoy.

My main gripe I guess is that it's so done now. Do a spiritual sequel or something.

File: file.png (2.64 MB, 1200x1600)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
Imma finna keep it real witchu.

Dragon Quest XI is fucking boring. I had to say it. 60+ hours into this game the story is just fucking boring. The music is also fucking boring and repetitive. I am suffering. I just want to finish it and be done with it. The only redeeming qualities this game has is the nice voice acting, cutscenes, and the gameplay.. But the gameplay is like the bare minimum that you would in a generic JRPG game.

I'd give it a 2/5 or a 3/5 It sucks to rate a DQ game like this. It just felt like it pandered to the nostalgic crowd to keep it simple. That's why everything felt so simple to me, I don't know. I feel bad saying it because I do love DQ but this one just felt so.. Weak.
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I beat the game, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Some parts did suck, but overall, I liked it.
In the sense it's a great way to have fun while winding down. Yeah, faggot.
File: 1608715904475.jpg (191 KB, 1062x1000)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
I absolutely love DQ11 but the soundtrack was a low point. Not nearly enough tracks for a 100hr+ game.
Cozy, episodic gameplay is DQ's thing. Not for binge gaming.
What is this based off of?

File: daggonnit.png (699 KB, 903x659)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
They have finally given a release date. 2025; which is surprisingly really because it feels like they're mostly done. I bet it comes out earlier than that.

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So are there any larger TES mod projects that are actually going to release relatively soon?
I agree. Feels like there's no synergy between individual models, like they were all designed in a vacuum with no overall vision. What vision exists looks generic and boring. Copy pasted nu fantasy.
I remember getting excited for Fallout 4: New Vegas until that project fell apart. I'm happy this is continuing but I'll be happier when it's released.
Too bad skyrim has the worst combat out of all of the ES games. Slow as shit and basic.
Did it die?Last I heard about it they just decided to use their own voice actors.
I used two handed weapons in every TES game.Then I played Skyrim and it felt like slow motion.The combat AI in Oblivion is faster and can respond faster than the Skyrim AI as well.

File: art.png (1.08 MB, 1000x853)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
VTMB thread, tell us your clan, your build, if you RP or not
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just did my bazillionth run, this time Clan Quest Mod Sabbat as Malk (picked Hazel Tomes this time)
>Hazel starts talking in a cutscene
>host_timescale 10
I need to plan my playthroughs better so I can diablerize everyone in a single run.
I have no memory of this museum in the game, was it optional?
Also I played ventrue with a highly defensive melee build because when I tried playing tremere the first time around I got shat on
No, it's where you go to search for the sarcophagus. You run into Beckett at the end of it.
ironically enough, that does sound like proper RP of a malkavian

File: Kreia_art.jpg (106 KB, 980x1436)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
The ultimate pseud filter

I'm gonna just say it, Kreia is the best written video game character of all time
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kotor2 is so well written when I went back to kotor1 it bored the shit out of me
Seeing this makes me real glad I got 2 instead of 1 in the Steam RPG sale (the reason I went with 2 was it had achievements, no judgerino pls).
I played 2 first when I was younger, I just saw it on a shelf in the store so I got it. This was before mods too so I played it vanilla and I loved it.
Then I went back and played the first game and while I enjoyed the more polished aspect of it I was rolling my eyes at the writing frequently. Revan sounds like a retarded child most of the time with those responses lmao. If you ever want to laugh at awful writing do the dark side ending in KOTOR, its hilariously bad like they didnt expect anyone to actually do it.
what does she tell you
I miss being young enough for stuff like the twist in KOTOR 1 to actually take me by surprise

Hello fellow schizos, are you enjoying the game? I sure am but you know what would make it better? IF THIS PUZZLE MADE A SPECK OF SENSE
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Bless curse is dead by the end of demon roots anon.
okay, excluding one shizo we can all agree about base ending being shit. but what about true ending in ng+? is it good?
Meh, still the same contrived slaughter, with KE's characters confirming that they did it because they did it. But it's ok, because Polca forgives their genocide and pink acknowledges you as the hero of time or whatever after you beat a nebulous figure known as King.
Unless beating Supreme Bless Curse actually changes it, haven't found that guy yet.
The ending is the same regardless. Louise just adds some context is all.
10/10 game.
For this puzzle, the hint is wrong at the end. After triggering the 3 pillars, you have to press a button behind the statue also. So follow the hint and then take 1 step to the right.

You may only post in this thread if you've beaten Kingdom Come: Deliverance in hard mode.
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Is the game openbox or linear garbage?
Can you just wander around the land exploring and discovering stuff...??
open with some main quest railroading tho (but it's hard to avoid)
I mean sandbox lol
I just did this a couple of weeks ago. It's not much of an achievement; even did it without any chain/platemail all the way through. Ripostes are broken and should've been completely removed from the game. I haven't seen one mod to remove them either.
Also that ending could be the worst one I've ever encountered. But I also saw Johanka get her tongue cut out which was pretty metal.
now, i do think that Johanka fucking sucks but Henry being a good christian still saved her from herecy

Dragon Age is my favorite series, and hearing about all the staff leaving has made me nervous.

Do you think that there’s a chance the game will pull itself together and be good? God I want BioWare to be good again.
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Where'd you get this from anon?
I think the devs of Solasta, should they choose to keep making crpgs could join alongside Owlcat and Larian.
Not that anon, but ...
There's apparently even worse news about this game, that they couldn't corroborate with other sources, but will be doing follow up reports on Dread Wolf.
It looks like it's shaping up to be exactly as bad as we were expecting it to be. Maybe worse.
RIP bioware. I miss the banter in DAO so much. DA2 sarcastic hawke was based, ME Shepard is basically giga space Chad/Chaddete and Morrigan is the love of my life.

You'll never experience the wrex and garrus bro-manship, Mordin's tortured genius, Alistair the god of comedy or the shock of being told the warden ritual kills random recruits ever again.

Sure, elden ring and god of war are pretty god tier games. But I can't exactly relate to a literal god.

Sorry man, it's over. Inquisition was a success because apparently, bald androgynous elf lovers is a huge market. Who knew that's what women are into? And yes, that's all you'll get, a stupid bald elf god who is apparently, sexy?

Argh. Woke people ruin everything. I blame the hipsters.
File: 1559976629575.jpg (195 KB, 1000x583)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
>not even out yet
>already killed by the Destiny Curse

If you're interested in roguelikes, try out the mystery dungeon series. Mystery dungeon games specialize in porting the gameplay of roguelikes to consoles.

>Shiren Pasta

>Shiren 1
SNES Original - https://cdromance.com/snes-rom/shiren-2/
DS Remake - https://cdromance.com/nds-roms/mystery-dungeon-shiren-the-wanderer-usa/

>Shiren 2 (N64)
108 replies and 41 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Fae's puzzle is plenty
now thats just cope
I think what makes some dislike the ds version is how the added dungeons are all carry ins and rely less on skill but bringing in op gear.
I am playing Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure 2 that came out today since I haven't played a mystery dungeon game in ages. Pretty cool so far and I like how recruiting works, along with the way it is animated and styled. Kinda reminds me of those old casual slice if life/comedy fantasy animes fused with jank kino videogames that never really got popular, but were not bad enough to hate if that makes sense.

Yuki onna with their stupid range attacks and freezing status are complete assholes however, and I am very cross.
MaiDenSnow Eve. An h-game roguelike. Anyone heard of it?
I heard of it. The controls filtered me, though.

File: Overrated.jpg (146 KB, 1024x768)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Name 1 game more overrated than Morrowind.
And before you say "Filtered" this game isnt even hard its just boring,ugly and slow.
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What do you mean by freedom exactly?
The map size?
Daggerfall was bigger in that case.
The ability to ignore the main quest and just walk araund the open world?
Jet Rocket actually did that first in 1970 32 years before Morrowind and also daggerfall did that too 7 years before morrowind.
Amount of choices you have in the quests and how your choices influence the ending?
The only choices Morrowind gives you in majority of quests is do it or just dont and theres only 1 ending regardless of how you play.
you had to be there kid
t. has never played Morrowind or Daggerfall
Trash thread.

File: JJBA-Kakyoin.jpg (121 KB, 387x452)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
So I just started playing this and Kakyoin fucking destroyed the chicken man behind the pillar in Hong Kong, got a badge of honor afterwards which I want to use but an NPC told me that if I kept them until the end of the game, I may get some cool rewards. What do you reckon, is it worth the wait?

Also general 7th stand user thread I guess
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the game still opens in fullscreen
I want the game to open straight to windowed
C:\7SU2.6_Valentines\7SU\RPG_RT.exe NormalPlay ShowTitle Window
Create a shortcut with this in properties then change the path to your folder
thank you
Hey, wanna work on a new version of 7su or a new game utilizing the same concept but using another popular media?
You're not actually gonna do anything.
Spitballing doesn't get things done.

File: 1659579638242.jpg (57 KB, 380x370)
57 KB
Is there any good reason not to include marriage/dating mechanics in every RPG? Nowadays these simply feel incomplete without.
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File: 1659472565649.png (278 KB, 512x448)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
this is what vrpg wants
hell no
Correct opinion that will invariably generate seethe from every waifufag
Yes, because every sci-fi, fantasy or adventure novel under the sun has it. Not when the story is about someone evil though, it's all about power then.
>"romance victory condition" bad
This is a feminist meme. He's been cucked for ages.

File: FVEpSozWYAI6N4X.jpg (121 KB, 900x506)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Are there any games like Persona? Where gameplay is split between social sim aspects and RPG?
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>Alice Soft
So, how much rape there is in this game?
Tokyo Xanadu plays and feels like a bootleg Persona game with action combat and shitty dungeons. It can be entertaining, with the right mindset.
Degrees of Lewdity
File: Screenshot_338.png (819 KB, 893x459)
819 KB
819 KB PNG
coldsteel on ps2 also has chibi models similar to p4/p3 which i really liked
That game didn't let you hook up with any girl though? Or do did I mix this one up with some other game?

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