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File: Fallout-4.jpg (83 KB, 800x800)
83 KB
How would you fix Fallout 4?
cancel production
Make the protag silent again
>I am in agreement
>Sounds good
>Yeah! pew pew!

File: 1597023763957[1].jpg (256 KB, 1680x1050)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Just started playing this game. Why does literally everything kill me in 1-2 hits? Is there something I'm not understanding about how armor works?
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Is it ever worth it to ask for anything from the demon other than to join me
Nah, you get scout upgrades where they give you that shit anyway when they join. The money one is really worth it
What dis remind you of?

I've been playing since SMTI/II on my Snes emulator. I still haven't beatend IV, kind of busy these days.
File: 1370810008056.png (25 KB, 240x265)
25 KB
Fuck off.

How are your crops coming along boys?
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Very well, thank you for asking.
That's a very Amber response
Rune magic
never get tired of it

i didn't have this on my new computer so i'm glad someone else had it
It's pretty cool since you can customize your mons depending on what food you give them. For example you can make them resistant to all status ailments. Some of them have abilities too like the elephant who succ up all enemies in the vicinity, sometimes I use it for my shop to succ everyone in so they buy my shit.

Why does /vrpg/ hate this game so much? I’m playing it for the first time on tactician and outside the difficult start once you hit Level 4 it’s not obnoxiously hard or anything and the combat is pretty good. You get used to the armor stuff right away even though I wish that was better. Writing seems serviceable for a fantasy game and not any better or worse than anything else.
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he wasn't at all, there's zero reason not to consider the island a separate act. it has all the characteristics of the other acts.
File: 1584683695991.png (935 KB, 1000x1000)
935 KB
935 KB PNG
No, maybe learn how to read.
The only good thing about the game are the graphics, Fane, cool looking spells and their interaction and that's about it.
Balancing is a joke. Enemies do not follow the game's ruleset which are forced upon you. Writing is dumb. Story is boring. That narrator - I want to find him irl and butcher him. Perhaps he can narrate his own demise.
I came twice to Arx in this game and then gave up. I legit can't force myself to finish it

File: H2x1_N64_support_no_logo.jpg (168 KB, 2000x1000)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Why did noone make rpgs for the Nintendo 64?
There are only like 3 rpgs on it
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why are you browsing the rpg board?
He's banned from /pol/ the jannies just wiped us out
Because no one made games for the 64, it is one of the consoles with the least amount of games released on it, around 300, when even failures like the Dreamcast and WiiU are around 800-1000
File: 1476702878284.jpg (300 KB, 900x1120)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
Yeah, but why is Quest 64 so fucking based?
Because the PS1 exists and why would you force yourselves to make games on a console it won't sell on?

N64 is for Mario, Zelda and multiplayer party games.
Might as well ask why there is no jrpgs on Xbox.

File: 1597113768695.png (102 KB, 342x250)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
You can pick a ensemble party of six characters from any RPG. Which do you pick, and what are their roles?
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Priere having purifying powers is such a cheat. You can go around destroying homes and still come out the good guys by brainwashing purifying some folks who turned out to be demons.
It really is. Bonus points because you just KNOW it's being done to her trademark half-assed prayer.
Lets make something fun:
>Melee DPS
Olympia from Etrian Odyssey 3. Murderhobo robot waifu who likes camping and fish.
>Melee all rounder
Grimm from Black Souls. Undying and delusional man(?) who collected a lot of various weapons and spells and has a giant libido. Likes to pet dogs and punch fairies.
>Melee Tank
Hero of SMT 1. Surprisingly sturdy average Japanese schoolboy who likes computers. Can summon and pacify demons by giving them his allowance. Constantly stalked by a menacing guy in a wheelchair.
Eiger from Shadowrun Dragonfall. German sniper/shotgunner troll who hates snobs and has a fetish for making plans.
>Magic DPS
Ludope from The Last Remnant. PTSD driven and batshit insane lizard wizard who talks with dead people. Has spells for napalming, freezing, poisoning, flash banging, melting in acid, meteor striking, zapping, buffing, debuffing and so on. With his ultimate spell he can yeet you away from this galaxy far beyond usual time and space continuum.
>Magic Utility
Jack Mower the Conjurer from Nox. Isekaid through TV american who become a hero in a fantasy land. Uses bows, summons critters to be his meatshields, cures wounds, throws meteors and has mythical thunder spewing squid on a stick.
I forgot to mention this but Recker can also fly because of his girl wings
lawful good would kill rapists.
go on.

File: 5a16c54d8c34.jpg (65 KB, 370x448)
65 KB
>be a psycho wizard
>genocide elves
>psycho elf is upset I'm not a good guy
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So you can be tech guy or magic guy in this game. There also guns, explosives and usual bows and swords.
But can you play as unarmed guy and just punching everyone?
get the bullet schem and just spend most of your playtime dumpster diving in tarant
This is actually doable as a Half-Ogre or, with UAP, an Ogre.
>Haven't played this yet?
Yes, I have, thanks for asking.
Dante really really fucking hates orcs.

Dwarven is the only decent set in this one.
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File: 1581536633055.jpg (55 KB, 498x734)
55 KB
Mithril looks good because it's just a basic ripoff of Gondorian armor designs.
That man has seen some shit. Look at his eyes.
>Steel Helmet
>Ebony Cuirass
>Orcish Greaves
>Dwarven Gauntlets and Boots
>Ebony Shield

Fite me
Steel (and iron to a lesser extent) is the only one that looks decent because it at least looks like actual armor. All the other ones look like complete vomit of bizarre design choices, weird protruding angles, and most of all, absolutely awful looking patterns.
File: 1492583646619.png (560 KB, 1319x1941)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
>no mention of Orcish

File: El Rato.jpg (49 KB, 700x606)
49 KB
>Enter small podunk town in the middle of nowhere
>Mayor asks me to go kill some rats
>Looks like a wise and trustworthy guy
>What could go wrong?
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Ward is a pimp.
>SaGa and wrpgs have spoiled me
I get your meaning, anon. Other JRPGs seem so much inferior gameplay-wise.
yeah, I guess it can be pretty difficult if it's your first time fighting it or you don't know what you're doing, but overall, it's one of the easier SaGa final bosses.
I feel exactly the same. I fell in love with SaGa's leveling system and the way techs work, etc. It's a much better system and just feels so intuitive.

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (117 KB, 1280x720)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
What are your expectations for this? Played the first one last year and loved it enough to immediately replay. Paradox making it is weird as hell though
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Still better than a commercial suicide. 'Sup AC:Valhalla.
Good desu
She looks like a man
File: Delayed.jpg (706 KB, 1920x1903)
706 KB
706 KB JPG
All good
Is anyone else bugged by the lack of acting by the characters in the released gameplay? In the first Bloodlines, every character was mad expressive. They moved their faces, hands, bodies.
Meanwhile the B2 characters shown were just standing there, their faces barely moving, their bodies and hands still.
I hope they're working on that.

File: Ao_no_Kiseki.jpg (127 KB, 434x750)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Yes, yes, well done Estelle and Rean well done... HOWEVER
lets talk about the best Trails game

Really, nothing come close to Ao in terms of story, pacing, hype moments and everything. The only weak points was the final villain and final confrontation with Guy killer pretty dissapointing.
But everything else was pure kino and Dieter did nothing wrong
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This isn't a hot take..? Many people say the crossbell games are the best
Who said it was a hot take
So does Zero get better? Right now I'm at the part with the ghost wolves, it's not bad, but it just isn't doing it for me yet.
File: 117.jpg (865 KB, 1221x1743)
865 KB
865 KB JPG
This game's second half might be the best of any JRPG ever, really - even with some of the awkward last minute plot twists.
Yes it gets better you are at the beginning.
But the whole meat is in the Ao
I played it with already high expectations and it turned out to be even better.

File: eiyuden chronicle.jpg (108 KB, 640x737)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Thoughts, hopes, fears for the Suikoden remake?
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I hope it's good but I fear like most kickerstarters it will be plagued with delays.
Dark cloud is literally a game where you traverse random generated dungeons endlessly. That's the definition of generic.
Isn't the tentative release date in 2022?
So they have beyblades and it looks like the next gameplay stretch goal will be some kind of horse racing minigame, the one after that I'm guessing will be a gambling minigame.

File: Laguna + Raine.jpg (8 KB, 218x231)
8 KB
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final fantasy 8 would have been more interesting if the fights weren't so long.
Not him but I'm still very fond of the game mainly due to the characters. I find myself liking it more or for different reasons every time I play through the game every few years. I get what you mean about the love plot, in one playthrough I was deliberately as callous or uncaring as possible towards Rinoa and refused to use her in my party. Then when she goes comatose, Squall still exploded in autistic ugly-crying, jarring as fuck.
The only good thing about the school training soldier is that it was based in a college and not the typical anime highschool
File: rRKgNsV.jpg (68 KB, 449x507)
68 KB
>FF8 would've been more interesting if the fights weren't so long
>Fights weren't so long
File: 63-boss46.jpg (21 KB, 640x480)
21 KB

File: 932829.png (23 KB, 564x181)
23 KB
What did yokotaro mean by this?
I've been thinking and in my opinion the only Taro game that belongs on this board is Automata. The Drakengard games are grindy musou games. It's ridiculous to even think they belong. OG Nier on the other hand is literally Zelda with heavier story elements and a couple more weapons. While it's MORE RPG than Zelda, it's several steps outside any sensible boundaries. Automata on the other hand is clearly an ARPG. However, it too, is really far into the "action" side of things, and at best I'd call it an edge case. The divider that makes me think it's acceptable is the seethe it elicits from DMCfags for its RPG elements.
Good thing this is a screenshot from FFXIV then

File: EexFSRSWsAQ1iE4.jpg (137 KB, 1192x720)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
>party member is a piece of shit
>none of the main cast give a fuck
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Cool. Pedo clown that raped and killed children officially did nothing wrong then. Police should pay the price for getting rid of such fine man.
but he and other twink make such a cute couple
I think Goro is passable corrupt detective/edgemaster with agenda/whatever.
P5's phantom thieves are one of the worst phantom thieves group I've seen in fiction. They feel super sterile and have very little charisma.
>P5's phantom thieves are one of the worst phantom thieves group I've seen in fiction.
That was by design though, because they're not actually thieves. They're Persona users larping as thieves. Every member of their group is parody, from the femme fatal who is a ditz who can't act, to the group's strategist who has the power of common sense.
Well to be fair, Jun didn't kill anyone, he only gave them apathy syndrome.

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