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File: msedge_3EmLKcA88Z.jpg (414 KB, 1901x913)
414 KB
414 KB JPG
The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered announced
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It only copies the stats system, not the game structure. LoL is linear.
I'm talking about the name specifically.
Despite the many flaws of the game I liked it, it's way more of a hardcore classic dungeon crawler than what most people are used to. Definitely needed to be freed from the 3DS (it emulated like shit for me).
The elemental system was pretty cool too but I think it was mandated too much, it was "do it or die" for most major enemies and bosses.
But why though?
The Alliance Alive is the same game but better in every way.

File: FyXJZxzWYAMm46h.png (554 KB, 846x752)
554 KB
554 KB PNG
>pronouns in bio
>over half of the NPC's in New Atlantis are black
>>New Atlantis is a boring, chrome filled shopping mall devoid of soul
>every single companion is forgettable, and none of them have interesting designs
>NPC banter involves incredibly shallow complaints against capitalism, and is overall just cringe worthy
I have never been so disappointed in a game as I have been in Starfield. The mechanics are a genuine step up from the catastrophe that Fallout 4 induced by gutting the dialogue and gutting skills, the ship building is genuinely well done as well as the crafting and exploration, but holy shit everything else is abysmal. All of the weapon designs are generic, so while it still *has* Fallout 4's crafting system, it's nowhere near the same because you can't make anything that looks cool. 90% of the space suits are ugly, and you have to be an actual pirate just to wear something in space that doesn't make you look like a special needs kid. The whole NASApunk aesthetic is unflattering and soulless, and all of the food design suffers for it because all of it is in bins and plastic packaging. There's nothing interesting or captivating about this world, and all of it feels lazy and rushed. The religions are all boring, and you're forced to choose between redditors, some weird syncretic monotheists who don't even really have their stuff thought out aside from belief in some sort of God, and then a snake cult. The factions are boring too and the fact that there's so few of them makes the world feel small despite spanning literally across galaxies; and it only feels even smaller considering how much you're forced to fast travel constantly. This game is such an utter let down..
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No it wouldn't you söy guzzling cocksucker
>all these coldsteel the hedgehog tier dialogue options
No such thing in Starfield, this ain't fallout troon vegas lil bro.
There is no modding scene for Starfield just like there is no modding scene for Fallout 4. The base game has to be attractive enough for a modding community to gather around it.
>A drastic reduction in the NPC melanin levels
That one is already out
TDS is real
>You literally cannot screw yourself out of a mission completion or story line by killing an npc or answering the wrong way or going about a mission incorrectly because the game will not allow you to make such mistakes
You're actually unironically retarded if you think killing an NPC and locking yourself out of their quests is a hallmark of good game design when 90% of content is built around questlines. Might as well argue that racing games should be made where you can blow up your car and fail on start up three races in and then be barred from completion and have to start a new save. There is nothing compelling about designing a game so poorly that it purposefully locks you out of playing the game for a mishap, and you're asking for games to be purposefully designed to be horrible. You also have never played a Bethesda game before if you're regurgitated these completely asinine sentiments that Vegas fans spit out verbatim simply because Reddit and YT commentators told them to think this way. Regardless, in Bethesda games you can kill most NPC's in each game, and it wasn't until Fallout 4 that they really started placing essential NPC's quite literally everywhere even for many side quests. In Skyrim the only essential NPC's are tied to the main questline and Jarls, otherwise it's free game.
> You can just play the game without any concern for stats
Having more stats does not make a game have deeper roleplaying, and if you think that's a requirement and think that's the case then you have some form of autism or other deficiency in your right brain where you're unable to conceive concepts outside of a literal framework. The only prospect that allows a game to have better roleplaying is more interactivity. It is having your actions be reacted to and acknowledged. Regardless, if you think that your playstyle doesn't matter in Bethesda games this is also another sign that you haven't touched one and are an NPC.
>no modding scene for Fallout 4
You clearly have never touched Fallout 4 then.

File: Ff8-rinoa2-738651837.jpg (503 KB, 976x1112)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
Does she deserve the hate?
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They didn't fuck in the hotel but got EXTREMELY close to that.
She deserves my penis tbqhwu
So does Squall, but that's for Fridays and Mondays
You're making a frightening amount of sense. If I were in charge of an 8 remake, Squall's first (optional) encounter with Laguna would have been at Winhill, not Esthar and they wouldn't even know they were father and son, just going over the Galbadian War all those years ago.
They would've fit more thematically but their overall purpose is incredibly contrived. I do like your idea for FF7 though, leaning into a Jacob's ladder schizo episode would be great but fans never like that execution. I'm reminded of Prince of Persia (2008) where the ending undoes the game itself.

In an effort to improve Laguna's character, having him encountered in the overworld mybe looking for Ellone would be a good play. Could hear about him in Timber, one of their reporters looking for a girl with 'special powers'. This could tip Squall off and by the time you return to Garden, engaging Ellone would add more to her story before she's simply sent away by Cid. Undoes some of the damage to Laguna's character by ignoring his children for the better part of 20 years. Have Kiros and Ward always a half step behind him, trying to catch him.
File: il_794xN.jpg (157 KB, 794x574)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
>fans never like that execution
>I do like your idea for FF7 though, leaning into a Jacob's ladder schizo episode would be great but fans never like that execution.
The only reason they wouldn't like it is because it leans in to Clud not being a perfectly level headed guy, which is what he's been hyped up to be in every other installment of the franchise.

File: supposed.jpg (26 KB, 190x265)
26 KB
This game was hyped up as the Elder Scrolls Oblivion killer. While it's not polished to such a degree, it still feels comparable to maybe Gothic. It has some really cool gameplay mechanics even if the animations are stiff. I wouldn't mind seeing this series come back and live up to the hype.
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I have never played a more sexist game.

TW2's is a man's world. There are very few women. But those that are there, whew.

Of those few women there are, they always fall into one or more of these stereotypes:

- A victim (hero's sister, niece Annette )
- A manipulator (the dragon queen)
- Wearing unpractical boob armor or a very short skirt (the dragon queen, Reesa)
- A liar (Reesa, the first major woman you meet after 6 hours in the game)
- Payment with sex (again, (Reesa), after you help her)
- An undecisive/cowardly woman (the side quest Love's Labour Lost )
- A sick woman (the side quest Sick Auntie )
- A cheater (Sol Pan )
- A whore/dancer for money (side quest Stag Night )

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The world was more memorable than its inhabitants. I don't even remember the enemies very well, and there sure was a lot of fighting. Using the bow was painful.
I only played the sequel which is supposedly better and it was still awful. Also. In a game lauding original magic use, I had better results running around caveman style and bashing people with a two handed weapon.
>10 year old post
women are known for their sex appeal only

File: race is not a factor.png (761 KB, 666x614)
761 KB
761 KB PNG
rpgs where I can use disease, contagion, skills and damage that spread from one person to another?
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
is this some sort of stealth off topic thread?
its a real topic, better than racebait BBC rpg threads you like to post in faggot
Doesn't basically every dot focused class in every game have either an ability that spreads their dots to other enemies or transfers them to a different enemy when they die?
Good old DCSS still exists. "Demon", another roguelike also has some poison trees as I recall. Everything was viable in that game if you build right.

File: crawlermap.jpg (219 KB, 1920x1080)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
What are you playing?
Any game you're looking forward to?
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Is this based on anything? Name's too long
Would need to pirate to give it a try, biggest "change" seems giving it a childish cartoon artstyle
Huh. Then I guess it's my fault.
Wizardry Variants Daphne coming to Steam.
File: 1675114905984047.webm (2.39 MB, 960x720)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB WEBM
Variants Daphne gameplay finally.
looks alright though I want to see how it looks in full resolution

File: images.jpg (43 KB, 738x415)
43 KB
If you use auto battle on RPGs you should be shot on sight, what's the difference between that and mobile slop?
Not just in picrel, but in any turn-based RPG
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>watching the game play itself is true gameplay
>weaken the enemy in such a way that they'll be easily finished off next turn
>hit auto battle
>have to turn in my gamer card
>dragon quest 4 on the NES
>you cannot directly control party members
>while the normal warriors and mages do their respective jobs you get a party member who is a merchant
>he will just run to the enemy and hold their mouths shut to prevent them from casting spells
>Picrel actually sucks too since why enemy movement exists when positioning absolutely don't matter at all?
Have you not played Like a Dragon at all? Most moves and even items care about positioning. From everyone being able to kick loose objects for slight bonus damage while repositioning to doing their attack to Ichiban grabbing nearby objects to use as improvised weapons to centered AoE moves like Ichi's bat swing hitting in a circle around his target to Adachi's bullrush hitting enemies in the path to his target(Nanba's pyro belch has a similar mechanic but smaller size) to grenades and bazookas dealing AoE damage, and enemy positioning is also important because they can attack you while you're running past them if you target someone in the back, meaning you can take chip damage or even be knocked out of your attack depending on who you hit.
LAD does have some issues related to positioning, but "it doesn't matter" absolutely is not one of them, and from what Infinite Wealth has shown so far, it looks like some of those issues are fixed.
If your autobattle is
>everyone uses a normal attack on the first available or random target
it's shit.
If your autobattle
>is a viable alternative to manual entry due to physical speed limitations (Earthbound's menus are slow as shit and if someone is in mortal danger with HP scrolling to zero, selecting auto is THE smart play if your priority is to get them healed up ASAP)
>programmable AI that acts only as you instruct it do (FFXII)
>the AI knows foes' strengths/weaknesses and can "point them out" by using attacks that are strong against them (even if their exact choice isn't optimal)
>can circumvent the limitations of the battle system that is normally available to the player (such as changing to a different selected action in the middle of the command execution phase)
it's good.
Autobattle is good when it can be treated as another tool in your kit as opposed to a lazy option that replaces mashing confirm.

>Decide to try out jrpgs
>Try this Trails of Cold Steel game everyone used to talk about so much
>5 minutes in theres a cutscene of a lesbian talking about how much she wants to fuck all the new girls and her friend is begging her to stop turning all the girls lesbian or there will be no girls left for the boys.
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Radiation from the nuclear bomb fucked up their brains.
Kuro 2 has my favorite battle system in the last decade. Shame the story is a shitpost.
NATO colony
There was no nuclear bombs it was just a normal bomb.
If those were nukes japan would look like fallout.
You dont just clean up the rubble and rebuild in a few years after a nuclear explosion the radiation stays in the ground melting people.
>tv is more real than reality

>far better than witcher 3
>has mature, deep, actually good story
>kino ost
>completely forgotten
this is why we can't have nice things anymore
25 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>still worse than Witcher 1
I did not even make it to Witcher 3. I enjoyed Witcher 1. Tried Witcher 2, and found it terrible. Figured there's no point in trying the third.
Good bait
File: Chadselt.jpg (183 KB, 752x1080)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
I liked this bastard so much. In general all kings were cool. Too bad about Radovid and Eredin in third game.
it's childish but at least they had to add an additional setting whether geralt gained strength by wildhunts or what, geralt in the novel was terribly weak and was even getting weaker with age

File: Logo_dotHack.svg.png (33 KB, 2560x723)
33 KB
Im a big fan of the G.U. games but other than thought that what is the general opinion on the franchise?
18 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Would he even be a dad in bed? He's probably scold your performance.
That is to say a GOOD dad in bed.
>conceived of as a ploy to make money.
That’s every video game ever
based. erotic old man.
pleb filter

File: Ruby Long Jam.png (31 KB, 363x301)
31 KB
Current jams:
Long Jam #2 Ruby

The jam was extended to November. Please express your continued interest in this or other jams. There will be plenty of other jams for the October season, so I personally don't think a new one is necessary.
But you do you.
99 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Lol, yeah it's tough to balance, but there will be the option to change the difficulty. I just don't like trash encounters, each encounter should be meaningful in my opinion. And Etrian Odyssey has you eventually run out of resources as well, and it works for them, mines just slightly different.
And no there wont be a way to decrease tp during combat.
So how the fuck are making it so the camera can move pixels instead of tiles? Noticed it in some of the 2K games, too, and they can't use maniacs, right?
File: 1692476078105456.png (21 KB, 971x378)
21 KB
Literally taken from the code of the game itself. Maniacs allows you to simply use pixel scrolling.
File: 1677300491818590.png (64 KB, 827x746)
64 KB
And in any case, I strongly recommend you check the readme that comes with Maniacs/TPC so you know how to invoke this stuff, because it's not something that appears in the default editor.

I thought I knew everything about Torment, but this made me kneel (and I haven't even finished it yet). Lethal levels of autism information overload.

248 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
And by greeks you surely mean the pre-socratics.
you can poison it and feed it to a big rat i think

kind of pointless cause he goes down like a bitch anyway
Theres points in the game where you have to "die" to make progress you know. The fact that the mc is immortal is integral to the plot and at times the gameplay.
Yes, exactly 1 point.
>Torment needs is ironman mod + better respawns + more challenging enemies
>playing planescape for the combat

I like this
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
cool, why do you like that?
>never got a Tales MMO in the Radiant Mythology style of just ripping off old Tales characters for movement options
>just a bunch of shit to middling phone games that go under and offline after 2 years of beyond-average-gacha-tier money grabbing
>main reason they go under is basically just to launch a new version to grab more money from the same whales they already got their shekels from
Not a fan of this timeline.
Mmos are trash anyways. Some of them look nice but thats it.
There's an actual story, but the game has randomly-generated missions you can do in-between. It's something you play for the fun of making a party of different Tales characters and for the autistic gear optimization rather than being something story-heavy. It's not like there's very little dialogue; there are a TON of skits.
I like that you can actually see the gear changes also. It made me actually look forward to getting new weapons and armor.

File: 6523562§.png (547 KB, 514x453)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
Just played through the whole 3 hours in one sitting, it's really great.
I was originally planning on getting it for my Switch but the graphics are genuinely really pretty, I was pretty skeptical about the 3D environments from the trailers and screenshots but it looks great when you're playing it.

I don't really have any complaints except the combat is really fucking easy in the start, but when you get your party member and leave for the adventure it suddenly gets much, much harder.
Oh, usually I like vidya dubs but this one is just awful. Do yourself a favor and use Japanese voices, particularly the "SO2SE" option.
314 replies and 58 images omitted. Click here to view.
They are all special and lovely but I'm a fan of the original and the 2023 remake. Only gripe with the 2023 remake is the socks aren't as good as the anamnesis version. The ears are simply terrible in the 2008 remake, but they nailed the angle, shape and sharpness in 2023.
I don't know that guy at all but I in fact used the bloody armor to cheese my way through the cave of trials and the trumpet boss as well. Saved myself hours of my life from getting gameovers in the deepest floors
It's pretty much a turbo autists that has been schizo posting the same shit for 15 years. I'm not even exaggerating. Some call him a gamefaqs troll but no troll does this. Only a legitimate autists would be this way. Like a Chris chan
I'm sure it'll ne great, but I'll miss the original voice lines. Like Noel, the most helpless party member by far using the silence spell with such an authoritive voice.

Or that one wiseman that spammed a spell called Spicule (what the fuck is spicule) in the most retarded voice ever.
>what the fuck is spicule
"a small or minute, slender, sharp-pointed body or part; a small, needlelike crystal, process, or the like."

File: 1667641447119316.jpg (105 KB, 640x635)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
I'm about 10 hours into picrel and having a lot of fun. What are some tips and tricks I should know for the rest of the game?
134 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
I haven't played it recently, but I don't recall it being possible.
Darkmoor is a meme. It's well designed and kino, but it's not hard. If anything, it's probably the easiest of the 4 final dungeons, since Alamos has equip breakage and Kriegspire has insta-kills (Baa can be hard too if you don't know that one jump).

See >>3185954 4K party probably has an easy time with Darkmoor because you can just do what this Anon did: >>3185966
File: bg_1.jpg (1.59 MB, 2536x3627)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
I love shit like this in games.
MM6 is so good def epic in scope if not quite as much as world of xeen, but there was this one part where i somehow pulled a fucking huge army of werewolves in some cave or temple or something and i accidentally saved over my backup save game and i had to spend like a whole saturday night battling those fuckers trying to escape. i had to keep reloading and trying again, making a little progress killing a few, saving the progress, trying some more, i mean there might have been hundreds of them and i was apparently way under leveled. man what a war. it was honestly not that fun but the game was good enough that i wasn't gonna give up at that point so somehow i found a way.
MM6 is by far the best blobber out there and it baffles me that no one's tried to copy it.

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