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File: Fallout_3_cover_art.png (1.82 MB, 1000x1240)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
Post favorite mods, builds, stories, pedo fantasies of Bumble, or just come here to tell people to uninstall.
Not RPG. Kill yourself or someone else will, pedo scum.
As much as I love Mothership Zeta, I never ran out of VATS points using literally any of the weapons. Are there any good rebalance mods, either for TTW or not?

Also based Elder Lyons

>AAAIIIIIEEEEEE not the textured wireframe

best final fantasy?
94 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
You do fight the four fiends tho
yup. It's the literal definition of SOULFUL
>A further step in tge wrong direction.
You can't just say that and not explain yourself further. This is a pretty unexpected take.
File: Magic8ball.jpg (25 KB, 475x475)
25 KB
The oracle has spoken!
Henry Ford once said, "If I had given the people what they had asked for, they only would have gotten faster horses" and that pretty much sums up my opinion of Final Fantasy 9. They tried too hard to please their new FF7 fanbase of emo tards with the polarizing FF8 and in response to the backlash tried too hard to please their older fans by retreading older Final Fantasy tropes instead of forging new ones. As someone who had been playing FF since he was a kid and eagerly devoured each new one as it came out, all the while never needing to be pandered too, I ended up putting the game down because it didn't really give me anything that I hadn't already seen, and I lost interest. I felt 10 was a return to form in terms of striking a good balance between putting a fresh spin on tried and true Final Fantasy tropes while still managing to have surprises and unexpected twists.

Weirdly I could see how younger FF fans could enjoy experiencing these tropes for the first time with a more modern presentation and developing the same nostalgia that I have for, say, Final Fantasy 4, which is why I don't think it's a bad game, just too conservative and predictable for my tastes

File: my-image(1).png (366 KB, 1140x539)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
Let's talk about Kingmaker companions. Tell me what you think about them, call me a faggot if you disagree with me or whatever

>Insultingly bad
These characters have a generic personality archetype attached to them and don't develop further than that at all trough out the game. Amiri is one of the most generic RPG characters I've ever seen. She's literally NOTHING but le strong womyn. That's her character. Tristian is just a cartoonishly good goodie goodie and Ekundayo is the blandest most boring character maybe ever. Wanna be lone wolf edge lord. His design is also so bland it hurts me to look at him.

These characters suffer from the same exact problems as characters in the previous tier, they are just less generic. Valerie and Harrim could've been amazing characters if Owlcat could've actually SOMEWHAT enriched their personality. Harrim is a black pilled r9k faggot and Valerie is a spoiled brat. They never evolve past that, that's it. Regongar is a cuckold, a faggot and a half orc... What? At least he's not as generic I guess...

>Okay / Decent / Tolerable
I don't have much to say about these.Octavia is your average goofy college girl slut, at least her personality is believable. *shrugs*
I never played with the DLC twins, NokNok is a comical relief.

>Good ones
These characters are unique, they have engaging personalities that somewhat develop through out the game. Jubilost is a prick who starts to appreciate you over time, and his attitude grows on you too. His puns are funny and again, his personality is not exaggerated, which is something I value. A lot of people hate Linzi, and I don't know why. I like everything about her, plus her ending is a good twist of things. Explains her ring too.
Jaethal is my favorite character not because of what she is, but because she could've been so much more. It wouldn't have been too hard to write either, her design is already very unique and well thought out. She's not cartoonishly evil, either.
24 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I overlook all of Amiri's flaws because I want to drag my tongue across her stomach
>Jubilost is a prick
>laughs smugly
I love that cunt.
Him and Linzi are pretty much the only good companions from a writing perspective.
Did they get better in WotR?
I am detecting some bias in placing Regongar and Octavia on different tiers. Also, you are overrating Nok-Nok and the twins, while underrating Harrim, Valerie, Ekun and Tristian.
>Nig-Nig not bottom-tier
Stop posting here Avellone, don't you have PMs begging for pussy to write?
Spanking is lame. Punching is where it's at.

File: 10 Charisma Cutie.jpg (613 KB, 1920x1080)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
Looks like Atomic cocktails make girls horny as Hell in Fallout, pic related attributes her sexy night with incel(well "incel" unless you count "rape" lol)Benny to saying verbatim

>"Ugh. So gross. It (sex!) was bad enough that I didn't get any data out of the securitron. This is why I didn't want to talk to about it. It only happened once! I chalk it up to sleep deprivation and one Atomic Cocktail too many"

Wut did she mean by this? Can I seduce "any" girl in Fallout Lore with Atomic Cocktails? From in-universe meta perspective RP I can simply "make Veronica straight" by not letting her sleep+gifting her tons of free regular Atomic Cocktails? Its that easy? How the hell else would an ex-tribal creep 3 Charisma Benny bed perfect 10 Charisma Cutie Stem prodigy like Emily Oral? Did Atomic Cocktails made Emily Oral dangerously hoirny? And I notice theres a follower mod for Emily Oral on Nexus, nice, is it good? :)

btw the best cut content Ive ever seen in any Vidya ever? this. in NV fem couriers had the option of entering a sex relationship with Mr.House but ONLY IF you had at least 9 Charisma. Roberts pairbonding standards are so high he'd Decline a romance with a 8 Charisma age 19 Wapanese cutie who just retrieved his Platinum Chip he was DESPERATELY seeking for over 200 years? Wow. Perfectly characterizes Robert's massive ego, his massive chadness so why was this content cut? Here is scene


What can I expect from this Emily Oral waifu mod + from first Frontier playthru? Ohman if my irl pyscho russian/jew BPD gf catches me "cheating" on her with fictional dating simulator rpg gaymes she'll FliP out decapitate me+our dogs+herself within 1 hours! still worth the risk my neuralc00mer levels are too high now that I realize as a self-insertion rp hobbyist that it is legitimate Fallout Lore that ACs make "all" women super fucking h0rny if you know what I mean . . And is The Frontier really as pervy as they say? God I hope!!
27 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nah, he hasnt started talking about game characters as real people caged by the developers inattention and forced to act as NPCs yet.
i wasnt sure which fandom was worse; morrowind or fonv. now i know that fonv wins by a big margin
FNV has tons of rare easter egg lines. Is there any for failing Emily's quest "The Moon Comes Over The Tower" worst-case-scenario style?

>RP very good karma toon genuinely likes everything about House and mostly just wants to be his fren above all
>Murder Benny
>Smoothly deceive Mighty Caesar by pretending to befriend/work for him
>upgrade House bots
>Report back to Lucky 38 for payment/r&r
>Walk out of Lucky 38 relieved your employer/good fren finally seems impressed by your skills/loyalty
>"Excuse me, but... are you THE Courier who caused all of that trouble in The Tops?"
>Nervous because distracted RPing your toon thinks Emily's glasses are really cute very hard to pay attention to what shes even saying bc busy thinking of ways to impress random cute awkward nerd girlie
>90 seconds pass
>"I sense youre getting around to saying you need someone like me to discreetly insert monitoring tech into a computer? I can do that for you cow girl! Top Secret Espionage is one of my specialties and don't worry about payment I already have way more caps then I need!
>"Really? Thats sweet! I honestly had no idea what to expect from you and was worried you'd be a typical Vegas asshole who'd tell me to F off back to California and that you'd demand all of my caps and medical supplies! Here, take my packet sniffer! It will allow us to monitor Mr.House's data network! You might have to manually remove the encryption data from House's network but idk. Good luck, cow boy!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: you.gif (415 KB, 480x238)
415 KB
415 KB GIF
>this thread
this. its true baby. truth is I know why Benny NEVER needs manipulation/alcohol/forceful unwanted sexual advancement to get his way with the girlies. Pardon my French but REAL truth is obvious to all. And the REAL truth is this and this alone:
>ANY anon in the thread who even attempts to *insiuate* that /ourguy/ Benny is incel? THAT anon automatically has a 98% of being a MENTALLY ILL NIGGER VIRGIN. For real! and ain't no exceptions at all baby. Bigshots like me who browse /biz/? we refer to it as "literal mathematical fact"

YO whats with you m0ngs calling /ourguy/ Benny an incel???! Like, did there mammas forget to get them checked for retardation at the doctors when they were kids or WHAT baby? I mean DAMN! Somebody better call CNN soon because somebody must've forgot to inform gaylord Anderson it is legit The International Incel Olympics Games in this thread right now cause tonight I aint no Incel or nothin' like that but lets just say that yours truly has a Theoretical Degree in Incels! i dont deny i was khhv my first 30 years! I ain't gonna lie, my nickname 4 years in a row in High School was EMPEROR VIRGIN all caps

30th birthday rolls up and mom gets me FNV as the gift. i 100% adopt Bennys lingo/style/ ethics/clothes never looked back once. soon my old high school pals renamed me EMPEROR OF SEX

i know how bad it hurts virgins so i will solo cure 4chan's eternal Virginity Pandemic here and now BABY free advice AMA incels! I see 300 mommies in public i know scientifically i can "lay" 299 easy peasy. its called skillz

you really want to issue a challenge to another waifu fag /vrpg/ virgin army to keep this shitshow bumped to 500 for 6 million centuries again like 2022s eternal Cassidy thread? baby ok if you wanna blow shit up and start The 3rd Battle of Hoover Dam here you jus' do you and keep screaming NIGGER at literally every virgin here. me? nah I'll just call my bitches up to my VIP Penthouse Suite to netflix&chill! ya "dig"?

File: RPG writing.png (272 KB, 600x332)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
>start up WRPG
>text box takes up 1/3rd of the screen
50 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Being able to get off to your own smut
You're legit a psychopath.
There isn't a conspiracy among academics to make kids hate reading simply because you're a pleb who unironically prefers vapid, degenerate genre trash to fiction of literary merit.
>55 hours into JRPG
>text boxes still popping up every 30s telling you how to navigate the menus for the 800th time
While you have a point, you've chosen the wrong medium to bitch about it.
Video games excel precisely when they have little to no story. CRPGs achieve their excellence in spite of their verbosity, not because of it.
> should I just play a different genre, no the genre should change to suit my taste
Kill yourself

File: 104820.jpg (274 KB, 800x800)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
Monday is here yet again, that means it is time for a monster collecting and raising games thread. What /mon/ games are you playing? What upcoming /mon/ games are you looking forward to?
62 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 200yearsinMSPaint.jpg (215 KB, 756x714)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Thank you for happenstance starting the thread with that game.
I made this gag edit box art years ago and get few opportunities to post it.
just let him lose three battles and you will get a digiegg to start with a new digimon
File: Razor Blade.png (898 KB, 1084x870)
898 KB
898 KB PNG
Finally playing Ultra Kaiju MR, I think my biggest issue with it is really just the lack of personality.
The nature of the source material means everything is based off designes meant for rubber suits. But the issue comes in is that they're basically limited to that range of movement. It's not like some Godzilla games where the monsters are able to be looser because they're no longer suits.
While I can see the intent behind making them still feel like the classic suits, it just means that there's SO little animation. Many reused ones between things that are meant to be entirely different kaiju, and hardly any at all to express emotions. There's also things like Erranties all literally being the same animation, despite the 'training with other breeders' thing being an opportunity to change what the erranty is depending on that breeder.
You compare it to Monster Rancher 2 and it's really just night and day. So many monsters are allowed to stretch, squash, and deform their models. Gaboo, Monol and Jell all exist basically to show off that morphability. Each erranty is unique. There are some many animations, with nothing shared between the primary monsters, from attack, emotion, and even just walking around the ranch. Even just a wider variety of noises too.
I'm not sure if it was a result of restrictions in terms of what they were allowed to do with the Kaiju, or just a sentiment of wanting them to feel like rubber suits. Either way, it makes much of the experience just feel far less personal than regular MR, when the series is built on forming a connection with the monsters.

I hope this is just a problem unique to Ultra Kaiju and won't come up for MR Line or any other future MR games.
With how good-looking the returning MR monsters look I'm only worried about each errantry being the same thing in different locations.
>It's a shame the other game being worked on now is a mobile game
I fucking hate when that happens. Maybe it's because I'm still bitter about BoF6 and all those Digimon games but when I see a series trying to gain some relevance through mobile I get lived and think, you should be putting it into consoles or PC.

File: skies-of-arcadia_webp.jpg (560 KB, 1024x576)
560 KB
560 KB JPG
I'm gonna do it, i'm finally gonna play skies of arcadia.

Dreamcast or gamecube. Or some weird modded version?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
it's garbage not worth playing
the only reason it's overrated is because it was one of the few JRPG's on the Shitcast, if it came out on the PS2 you wouldn't hear shit about it outside talks of obscure bad JRPG's on the console
Piss off Forspokenigger. Your bejeweled sony trash cannot compete with the worldbuilding, adventure and mystery of a game released 30 years ago.
Best would be Gamecube with patched sound. I don't know if that exists though.
>Snoy still leaving rent free inside the head of the Segay troon
kek, the Shitcast is dead move on already you faggot

Gamecube version has a little bit of extra content and more importantly the random encounter rate is toned down a bit. The encounter rate is still pretty high but not quite as bad as original Dreamcast. Go with the Gamecube version.

File: vhk2bs.jpg (47 KB, 580x331)
47 KB
is this a good game

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (113 KB, 616x353)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Installing it right now, what am I in for?
340 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
>an actually dynamic open-world that uses the fluff to make a simulation of a fantasy world? you can't have that goy, you will sex text with self-insert niggerfaggot characters and you will be happy.
>linear moviegames makes it easy to "reeducate" goys like you.
>So what parts of Kingmaker would still be in it?
Kingdom management made me quit the game for a while when I first played the game, not cause it was difficult, just tedious. I admit it grew on me, however I'd say it's objectively not a great system.
If anything, having an open world not constrained by a main quest would arguably make kingdom management better outright, allowing for devs to actually design a good system instead of the tacked on shit we got.
Is the second pathfinder game better with regard to constant prebuffing shit?
It's actually worse in that regard.
Prebuffing is the way bro.
It's more necessary since the enemies are stronger but you can have it for 24 hours

File: 1621765566709.png (648 KB, 803x1162)
648 KB
648 KB PNG
What is the definitive version for each Dragon Quest game?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I'm always wary of these kinds of lists because there's a similar one for Final Fantasy that recommends some of the worst versions of some games (Like the PSP versions of FF1 and 2 instead of the NES versions)
>(Like the PSP versions of FF1 and 2 instead of the NES versions)

Fuck off, dumbass. PSP versions are superior in every way.
5 PS2 is not bad. Not a fan of the graphics but some people may find it more immersive. Sound is much better. I liked DS better but it's a good choice if you want to play console.
8 PS2 is not bad either. 3DS is faster, has two more characters, but PS2 is a console game: better looking, better ost and sfx, so it may be a better experience for some. 3DS has spawning enemies and PS2 random encounters too.
Buldiers 1 for PS3 is good if you got CFW (why wouldn't you) and use the translation patch. Played it more there than on my Vita.

List is pretty good.
The PSP versions are great, though. And the NES version is pretty much just a fossil and only worth it if you never played it, since at the very least, PS1/Origins version makes the NES version pointless with the only difference being the futuristic-looking Wind Fortress.
People have shitty tastes and most people here are people who want to play games to tell their friends they played them. They don't like them very much in of themselves and so they want a "definitive" version which tends to mean a version with all the rough edges that make games different sanded off.

>the universally recognized stamp of pure unadulterated kino
disgusting company that never made a single good translation
Not RPG. Take your thread back to >>>/v/
Atleast NISA doesn't make up excuses for anything they've done
fuck off back to /vr/

File: Best-JRPGs.jpg (567 KB, 2000x1000)
567 KB
567 KB JPG
Warpig spammers need not apply, because they deserve to be beaten and left in a ditch and they will never be jannies
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
google autogynephilia, it will clear few things
Your ilk is not welcome here.
Very interesting indeed
I play both. Because I like video games.
File: 1674870201191560.jpg (867 KB, 1849x1910)
867 KB
867 KB JPG

File: 51PD9QECQPL._AC_.jpg (37 KB, 353x500)
37 KB
what was so special about first mass effect that it started a cinematic trilogy
why no other bioware game before managed to do that
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Jade Empire flopped because it's a shit game
Bioware specifically recommended Obsidian to take on those games while they focused on their own IPs
I'm a Sinoboo who was extremely excited about a kung fu themed KOTOR-like RPG game and really wanted to like it but >>2938822 is right, it had all of the frustrating parts of KOTOR with none of the magic or grandeur of the Star Wars setting
I liked it. I did a Monk Zeng playthrough, transformed into toad demon and iron golem a lot. I might do a more combat/sword focussed Wu the Lotus Blossom playthrough one day.

What's your favorite Atelier game? And why is Firis so underrated?
377 replies and 68 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ryza's sales were mainline FF-tier, but with 0.1% of the budget. You'd think they'd increase the budget and have proper OP for future games.
>whoring the game cover all to herself again
Ryza is confirmed sex worker.
At least it will sell more than FE engage, the insult and dishonor to Franchise and bing bing wahoo first parties. FE engage will sold less than millon.
>muh FE engage
No one cares.
don't even respond. He's probably the same retarded bikini poster.

File: Icewind Dale III low.jpg (3.24 MB, 4744x4961)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB JPG
Come up with your idea for a cRPG game you would like to play.
Me, I crave for a quality snow adventure.
21 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Obviously the next big move mechanically is to ChatGPT3 a "free interaction" mode for each party member to provide a nearly-infinite opportunity for further dialogues. If you can find some way to dynamically generate quest flags, even better, since you can now allow free resolution to the final stage of any sidequest without fucking up the game.

Setting? Give me a modern take on the 80's-90's obsession with middle America. Let's see the run-down, once-great factory towns and the drunken, snapshot-smile remains of the nuclear family. Let's see the utter destitution, opiate addiction, small yet still shattered dreams, and all of the other refuse we just kicked under the bed in the age of the internet. BUT every shot and beat has to have the same nostalgic energy behind it as, say That 70's Show. Better if you set it in 20-30 years when automation has further divorced youthful, energetic citylife from the bumpkin remnants of this forsaken place. Add just a twist of Earthbound abstraction to give it some color. Make the hook something like you losing your golden ticket to the city and needing to find a new path out of the small town area you're in, only to get wrapped up in increasingly fucked up drama until you're face-to-face with the magistrate behind it all.

In addition to standard crpg combat, include debate battles that are settled by a ChatGPT3-powered judge.
Gonna smash your hopes immediately, this won't ever be good.
Any AIs that get enough users will at some point randomly commit a political correctness crime, and its devs will have to completely neuter it to avoid getting their company cancelled.
Any game with an AI GM will be the most milktoast thing ever.

>include debate battles that are settled by a ChatGPT3-powered judge
You will have "fiery but mostly peaceful" riots in front of the devs' building the second one of those judge give reason to anything that isn't 100% MSM-approved.
>The entire horror of Remina is that you can't.
That's the point. I had a design document on my old PC for a fangame of this manga. Basically, you are searching the database of the suit cameras' feedbacks for an emergency launch code stored in many parts of the destroyed communications module. Each footage is attached to a randomly generated character you control, with their own occupation and set of stats/abilities, but they don't live long, only for 5 minutes or so. You were supposed to slowly learn what little rules the surface has and score a win, only to reveal that you've been the Hellstar all along launching the ship to seek other planets to devour.
>what my kid self felt watching the anime's first season
what could you possibly felt watching the horrible ashime
Pay me money if you want my ideas.

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