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File: PjDezEi.jpg (410 KB, 1920x1080)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
dude these games are not good
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bros do i let teddie learn kamui miracle
i feel like i gotta let him learn kamui miracle
did i really beat the game if i didn't use kamui miracle
It's not even the worst ability. Use it, and while you're at it, put everyone onto AI control.
i already did a playthrough like that and the 2nd striptease boss fight sucked major ass because nobody ever guarded nihil hand
lmao I never even thought of that attack. Can't believe the AI fucks you like that for that fight, the only lesson there is to rely on yourself.
really makes you think

File: Chronocrossbox.jpg (58 KB, 323x308)
58 KB
Behold, The greatest PS1 RPG of all time.
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>le schizo eggsdee
go outside
Serge has one of the lamest MC designs of any jRPG I've played.
It uses the same style logo with the word Chrono in it and references Chrono Trigger on the box
Ffix takes the cake on that one
very fucking boring game, i got to water dragon isle with the jew dwarves killing the faries and put that shit down

What are your opinions on the witcher franchise?
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Based retard.nddd
Finish your books before you die you fat fuck
Do you play a role in the game, or don't you? Fucking retard.
In Witcher 1 and 2 you literally choose which side you support, dumbass. Witcher 2 has entire different story paths depending on your choice.
And character classes are in no way essential to RPGs, double dumbass. Skyrim doesn't have any.
witcher 1 is the best and 2 was carried by iorveth. three had good dlc but fuck them for not putting iorveth or scoiatael content

File: 1bf (2).png (319 KB, 2518x1024)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
How do we solve the caster problem?
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Martials could be given utility in the form of intimidating other characters into choosing to do, or against doing, certain things (some of which could be plot relevant) and the smithing of unrealistically powerful weapons, armour, tools, etc. for themselves and their party members to use, sell, bribe with, etc.
That's not as much utility as casters, but ways for martials to have as much utility as them don't come to (my) mind at the moment.

Maybe not related, but various metals/alloys that are used as armour/weapons inherently providing the wearer/wielder some extra resistance to (or extra saves) against being damaged and affected by magic/spells, while causing troubles for and/or weakening the casting of spells (and/or making it harder to do) when (the metal armour/weapons/tools/items are) worn or held/wielded, with metal stuff also being harder to or less effective for binding magic to or turning into magic items.
That would nerf casters and incentivize playing non-casters, but I'm not sure I would like that because I like my casters having the options to suit up in steel (or other metal armours) and wield metal weapons (although I do like pure mages, I'm not sure I want to be forced to play them if I want a character to be able to use magic).
File: Dragon-Age-Templar-Order.png (1.02 MB, 1400x700)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
All mages must fucking hang.
Give warriors combat techniques. Limit them like spells since elaborate attacks are exhausting.
I just go for the casters and own them before they manage to cast buffs.
File: Witch.jpg (167 KB, 737x550)
167 KB
167 KB JPG

File: Dragon Quest XI.png (133 KB, 400x240)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
Dragon Quest XI
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Personally, I think there are a few low spots that feel slow and a bit aimless, but I think the game was good enough that I felt engaged the whole way through. Having party members you can swap in and out of battle helps reduce the tedium of grinding. Overall, I think the story is really good. There are sad parts, scary parts, and funny parts, and lots of "wonderous" locations and set pieces that make the world feel interesting. I think anyone that liked DQ8 will like DQ11.
XI is actually really long

HOWEVER you can stop playing it and then come back to finish playing it later, and like all the really good dragon quests this is actually a rather fun time to experience
I've been doing lots of side content so it's hard to say. The combat's not that difficult and even if you get slapped by a mob healing is pretty generous and you even gradually recover mp on the map, worst case you can use your horse to get to a town or camp.

In a game this size everyone's play time will vary depending on what they focus on and how much optional content they bother with. If you are fairly good at the combat I don't think it'll take you any more than 40 hours.

One thing to keep in mind is that enemies are pretty easy to avoid, so you might want to intentionally attack some mobs for the exp and gold. using the forge can also save you a lot of money on equipment.
I was just referring to main story content. Having a lot of optional stuff to do is always a plus and allows me to pick the game back up later if I get bored and experience it relatively fresh like >>2603669 was saying.
File: partychat.gif (729 KB, 451x690)
729 KB
729 KB GIF

File: IMG_1650.png (1.84 MB, 1536x864)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
Tomorrow a remake of the classic MMO "Fly For Fun" or short FlyFF will be released into early access, shortly before its global release.
It's OG Flyff (v7, 2007) with tons of improvements and QOL apparently, playable on any browser, created by a small french studio of passionate former players.

Anyone here who played this mess during its prime? Anyone excited to relieve some nostalgia?
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Wrong board faggit.
File: 00000.webm (597 KB, 720x720)
597 KB
SEA servers start in 8 hours according to their discord
My high school buddy used to play this because he was poor and couldn't afford a wow sub. Was it ever any good?
No. It's pure grind with a chat window. I guess if you like watching numbers go up and enjoy pretty colors it's a decent time waster.

File: extraordinary.png (395 KB, 680x567)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
It has been 4 years since a game that attempted to succeed Baldur's Gate 2 completely surpassed it.
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I never said that. Learn to read you illiterate retard.
Okay, what games in particular were "gay" at the start of the RPG genre, Obsidiot?
Bait OP but what the hell.
Kek whoops.

File: D80mYxKUEAE0kqt.jpg (292 KB, 1427x2048)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Do you like berets on your Atelier MCs?
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MARIA is better than most things in video games in general
Just play Ryza first to get into Atelier again.
Play Mysterious when you want more.
Meruru's combat theme is the best combat theme because it is Dank Opera sound like HOMM2 town theme.

That's Meruru special sentai theme.
Battle theme is sexy flamenco.
I thought this like Wiping all out.

File: Ulysses.jpg (22 KB, 340x243)
22 KB
He's pretty profound and has a lot of interesting takes on the metanarrative. Why is he so hated?
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People mad about Ulysses missed the point. You get cryptic hints about him throughout the campaign, and then each DLC is meant to draw you in by asking, "What is this guy's deal? Why is he mad at me? Is he even mad at me?" And then Lonesome Road is where you finally get the answers, and there's really no way they can live up to the hype, but that's entirely the point. Ulysses is the sounding board for a Courier who has completed every DLC and probably most of the main quest, to take a stand for Independence, NCR, Legion, or the Old World. Ulyssss is a contrarian, and that's why people dislike him, but in the end he recognizes it and can even decide to follow Courier Six instead of his own aimless wandering. He isn't supposed to be a mastermind, but rather a dark reflection of what Courier Six "could be" had they decided to act differently. He's not House, not Caesar, and not Kimball.
>Also the way it's forced that the courier did a particular thing in the past out of no where
Also, the Courier is canonically NOT suffering from amnesia. Even though it is still vague enough that you can RP that he is an amnesiac and nothing changes. Nope, the canonical reason that you have no idea what Ulysses is babbling about is because whatever it was that you did, it was SO INSIGNIFICANT TO YOU that that is somehow the point?

I really have a stake through my heart about the whole "No, the courier does not have Amnesia," even though that's perfect for creating a character. But I guess the whole "tell me about your family history to set your stats/skills/traits" would be thrown out of whack.
>his weakest thing is still better than 90% of writing now days

Have you seen the overall state of writing these days, fren? That's NOT a very high bar to set...And Avellone seems to have dug in deeper with time.

As others have said, Ulysses is an obvious creator mouthpiece, which is why he's so hated. The ONE thing that IMO makes him better than Kreia, is that the game doesn't necessarily enforce his opinions--you CAN argue against his crap, and at least make him concede that you have a point. Nothing makes a lot of RPers more pissed off than having a game preach at you, and railroad its mouthpiece into being right constantly.
KOTOR 2 was written by a storyteller who admitted he hated Star Wars, so there's that.
I find him shallow and pedantic
>I really have a stake through my heart about the whole "No, the courier does not have Amnesia," even though that's perfect for creating a character.

More like, 'I have bullets in my head' about it, since, well...
Seriously, I'd be amazed if the Courier DIDN'T have some memory loss, since he was canonically shot twice in the head, dumped into a grave and dug out, and had emergency brain surgery by a Vault-trained doc with no access to Vault-level medical tools. For crying out loud, the game starts with him telling you how he had to root out all the fragments. Out of your SKULL.

Don't know what the hell they're thinking.

File: ooo.jpg (120 KB, 616x353)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Just started this. The plan is to slowly make my way through this entire autistic series. I am not sure I am really feeling this however. Is there a turn or is the whole game similar to the opening few hours?
173 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
This >>2599031
>Perhaps the Grandmaster already knew Loewe would turn on him eventually.
All the other Anguis were not surprised Weissman acted like a dumbfuck. The Grandmaster was already two steps ahead and had Loewe be her insurance.
that's precisely the reason he's one of the best characters
if they kept him alive and he was still active in cold steel he'd be ruined by now
same goes for alan richard who was one of the best characters in sky and by far one of the best villains falcom has written
File: deadly cross.webm (2.98 MB, 854x480)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB WEBM
>Maybe I'll outscale everyone fast if I grind at all and it turns back into A to win
You can't, Trails doesn't let you grind. IIRC if you're like 5 levels above the current area you'll only get 1 xp per battle. The inverse is true if you're underleveled and you get tons of xp.
>Then on hard anyway it's some thought on how to order attacks and manage the gauge buildups vs. throwing a heal or w/e.
The games do get easier but you'll always be doing those. Boss S-crafts for example are always an instant game over if you're playing above normal.
>maybe I'm wrong and I can just burn all the white and gold.
You'll need thousands of those late game for EP cut 3 and EP 3 quartz so be careful with that. Same for time sepith if you plan on getting Action and Cast for everyone.
File: 98376022_p0.jpg (979 KB, 2000x1186)
979 KB
979 KB JPG
Hey OP. Looking to see how you are doing with slowly making your way through this series.

File: delayed.jpg (100 KB, 677x676)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
It is up to J.ESawyer's Pentiment to save western rpgs in the latter days in the year of the lord 2022 now
46 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>working from home, do less work
crazy how that happens
Everyone knows there's absolutely no way Bethesda could get a simulated solar system with space ships and shit working properly. They can't even get proper ladders in their games. TES is the only thing Bethesda can do well because they're simple and unambitious games starting from Oblivion, and they barely manage to make those function.
>barely manage to make those function
Actually, that's a lie. Those are borderline unplayable without mod fixes. If you want to experience true suffering, play Oblivion or Skyrim on a PS3
People like to shit on Josh a lot but unironically in some of the talks he's given he comes across as a legitimately good person. I'm still mind blown that he gave a talk at a game conference back in 2018 about crunch and telling people to unionize.
Exactly eleven years after Skyrim's release would have made it a kino release date

File: viconia_by_azazel1944.jpg (176 KB, 1033x774)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
The other thread is autosaging edition.
also Viconia De'Vir edition.

Aeriecucks keep walking.
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there's no xp cap
just play a fighter/mage/thief and solo everything
>Shaman is a meme class
I know and frankly the skald (bards in general) did not convince me, since I don't like the implementation of bard songs in IE games. But I didn't want to play the same party I play everytime in BG and thought a skald and a shaman could fit in thematically speaking. The summons are nice (though shamanic dance has the same problem of the songs i.e. sustained casting) and the sorcerer casting of the druid spellbook seems useful during these first hours (I imagine it will be outclassed by a pure druid at high levels, like mage does to a sorcerer)
I actually think bards have a very good niche in IWD due to the scroll issue. A single pure class mage already can't get enough scrolls so running two mages is useless, better to have a bard who levels faster and gets their pick of lower level scrolls. This means their spells like Skull Trap and Mordenkainen's Force Missiles do more damage, and in IWD both of these scale to level 30. Skald also has a great song for when you have a bunch of physicals in a party and want to churn through easy fodder.

>The summons are nice (though shamanic dance has the same problem of the songs i.e. sustained casting)
It's far worse. Shaman starts dancing and slowly summons spirits over like 5-10 rounds. If interrupted at all they all poof immediately and its another 5-10 rounds to get them back. If you want a bard to do something else they just do it then the song is immediately back up.

> sorcerer casting of the druid spellbook seems useful during these first hours (I imagine it will be outclassed by a pure druid at high levels, like mage does to a sorcerer)
It's very bad because:
Divine casters normally know all their spells anyway, unlike wizards who need scrolls (sorcerers getting a huge advantage here because scrolls are rare in IWD, in fact I think they are the only way to get some of the broken BG2 spells like Wish).
Divine casters cap at 9 spells per day per level Mages cap at 5 spells per day. Sorcerers and Shamans cap at 6. So a druid can eventually cast 50% more spells than shaman.
Divine casters get bonus spells per day from wisdom... except shamans. Why? who knows.

That said IWD is definitely beatable with basically any party. I did it with a no magic party. It's not like SCS where you have to layer on protections vs. everything and memorize 50 breaches or back to candlekeep.
I have a confession to make; I only play IWD with the NPC mod. The interjections do a good job of breaking up the monotony of dungeon after dungeon. I don't use the provided voicepacks though because they're complete garbage.
ToSC is still the best CRPG of all time.

Also Aerie > Viconia

File: 2495902.jpg (87 KB, 870x1032)
87 KB
Has there ever been a JRPG with THIS kind of protagonist?
I know seething edgefags are going to reply with ten paragraphs explaining why moral protagonists are LE BAD because they can't cope with the fact they lost over 15 years ago but please spare us this old routine.
18 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>He's a fucking mafian
Unironically because he has a wierd, twisted ideal of what it means to be Yakuza that doesn't match reality. That's why he never actually gets to BE in the organization for more than 5 minutes each game, because if he was then he would have to do dishonorable things, according to the director.
He's the ideal yakuza though.
I don't think he's canonically killed anyone though, even though he definitely kills people in combat. He's not exactly your average boomer thug shaking you down.
This, the whole point of Kuze in 0 is to show a mirror to Kiryu so that we can see what kind of person he would become if he kept to his ideals but lost his warmth and kindness. That despite how much of an asshole he is, Kuze is the only one of the 3 lieutenants that Kiryu actually respects and still calls him "sir" by the end. Because he isn't in it for the money or the power, he is a true yakuza through and through that lives and dies by the code Kiryu has sworn his life to uphold.

He's never killed anyone, but not for lack of trying, he has no moral code against it. He was perfectly willing to shoot to kill at the finale of 2, someone else just beat him to it.
File: smsGolden Axe Warrior.jpg (138 KB, 640x907)
138 KB
138 KB JPG

File: angband.png (65 KB, 579x127)
65 KB
Melkor-sama I kneel...
it do be like that desu

Zhp gets its rerelease tomorrow. Anything a newb who's played it's spiritual successor should know?
Also other Nippon Ichi games welcome.
37 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ngl I think Disgaea 2 has the best opening but fuck is the weakest Disgaea by far. Haven't tried 5 or 6 and have no plans to.
Fucking Nisa cutting all 16 Dengeki dungeons. I wanted to play as Taiga too. I'll just play the game on my Vita instead.
their newer games tend to drop the ball tho.
it has it moments, I'd say while felonies are pain, darksun concept was very fun
wait, what was cut?
Licensing hell I'd imagine, given all the different franchises.
No, I mean I yet to properly play ZHP, so I was unaware of dengeki dungeons existence.
Still, considering quality of collection I better just fix up my PSP or hack my vita eventually instead of grabbing switch versions

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