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File: container.png (253 KB, 340x451)
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253 KB PNG
My main purpose in RPG's is picking up spoons and plates and books and things like that. Other than Elder Scrolls what other games give the ability to do this?
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Hey Jeff
dos2 has an awesome clutter system. things can be set on fire or given other statuses, destroyed, whatever. They also have a cool weight system which I found out about yesterday.
>playing on lone wolf
>come to a two-person-switch puzzle
>put a chair on the one switch
>it goes down partway, not enough to activate it
>sit in the chair, it activates
>stand up and stack items on top of the chair until it matches my character's weight
>the button even animates pressing a little at a time as I stack items
little things like this are the best shit in gaming
Fallout 3/4

I liberate garden gnomes

File: shadowheart.jpg (329 KB, 1758x762)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
now that the dust has settled
what is the verdict on Baldur's Gate 3?
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she's a retarded fucking bitch
File: 1491089266907.jpg (9 KB, 261x192)
9 KB
>give shadowheart a kiss
>says she regrets it the day after
Do any of you retards actually think you're winning here? Because you both just look like braindead subhumans screeching at each other.
It's children. Children don't understand yet that there's a scale between best and worst.
What's worse is that a lot of them never grow out of this mindset.
It's going to shit on every RPG once it's fully out.I can't wait for the update dropping this week.

File: bsthread.jpg (411 KB, 1000x1091)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
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Literally high SEN post.
And what does high SEN mean? Madness.
My wife is still alive until proven otherwise.
File: 1599541870756.gif (227 KB, 1860x960)
227 KB
227 KB GIF
that's the spirit anon
Nightmare spirits wont fuck off leave me! I am trying to eat turtle soup.
What are you smoking?
final dlc better let grimm fuck up carrol

File: damsel.png (529 KB, 890x890)
529 KB
529 KB PNG
Sabbat chase you in here, Cammy?
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>Going with something more setting agnostic like Requiem is how you future proof a game, for example
Wasn't V20 trying to do that in the end? It was essentially a one big sandbox that told the STs to go nuts with the metaplot and pick and choose what you like.
he just accidentally started a new line instead of properly quoting the first part
it fits so well
File: glee3.jpg (21 KB, 349x328)
21 KB
dark eras books are the shit. I just wish they weren't splat-specific.

>mfw stone age mage
> unless you are willing to face the reflection of your own imperfections , then this game isn't for you
this sentence alone is better then anything in V5

Crawl any dungeons lately?
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Where are you at? It gets more manageable once you get more party members than the three you're stuck with for a while. I'd say the toughest difficulty spike aside from the final boss is the Waterside Nightmare (chapter 4 IIRC). As a general tip, spend a little time making Blood Farms upon your first visit to a new dungeon, you can get some extremely good equipment. Even better if you can stack up some equipment with the effects that increase amount of bleed and chance of triggering kagome-kagome, the latter in particular can be a lifesaver.
2nd dungeon, the Aquarium.
>pend a little time making Blood Farms upon your first visit to a new dungeon, you can get some extremely good equipment.
Guess it will have to be this
Yeah, don't worry, the beginning is particularly rough on hard. Good equipment makes a world of difference before you can have a full party and start unlocking more jobs and skills to create builds. Don't forget to spray some blood on the Blood Flowers (from the Blood Farm menu itself, don't bother doing it with the Blood Throw ability on the field which is slow) for better yields and that once the flowers can be harvested, you can save scum in front of them until you get the equipment you want, preferably with Hameln's Magnetic Piccolo which further increases the chance of higher quality. The loot is only determined once you interact with the flowers.
game has good puzzles and great presentation but it is also awfully dry, options for party building are woefully basic and the shit combat doesn't help. i heard grimrock 2 is better in that regard but i'm yet to try that

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It works if you think of it that when her dad fucked the nanny and she got pregnant, his wife was just like, "Well, it sucks that you did this, but we'll just pretend it's our kid so it doesn't ruin your career/I can continue to live a life of luxury."
>failed as an artist
>goes on to start wars and massacre innocents
Really makes you think
They were given that as a given due to their state as Gazel. The world was literally engineered to work for them, the council and Cain.

This is the only good scene in the whole game.

Well, he is called Anonelbe...so was the other guy.
File: 81253807_p62.jpg (430 KB, 1428x1118)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
God I'd fucking love to see an anime adaptation someday, since a remake has pretty much zero chance of happening. Shame Saga's was a flop and the story could never have been completed in that medium instead

File: germans save usa.jpg (65 KB, 616x353)
65 KB
Enderal has salvaged Skyrim thoroughly
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Ah ok thanks
Are there any particular dungeons or hidden secondary that are interesting That one could miss on their first playthrough
Can I get a waifu?
I keep getting my hopes up because they're still putting out updates even though I know they aren't really adding anything at this point

Fucking sold.
Mythic spells are basically exactly that (some are hidden in pretty ridiculously obscure locations), but there's lots of hidden stuff, dungeons have a lot more effort into them overall so it's usually worth popping your head into them to see. Would recommend doing the bounties in the towns, and as far as quests go I liked our mark on this world (starts in frostcliff taven), brotherhood of the kor (from the potion seller lady in the main city), the golden sickle stuff, the little miniquest thing in gravespath, maybe apotheothis if you get that far in? Fortress rockwatch, dragon aerie, old sherath , old soltyris are all standout dungeons, but like I said they're mostly all worth checking out. The ones that aren't high effort are generally pretty short, like a room or two.

The myths and legends stuff is great too, though you won't be able to actually complete most until later on unless you cheese pretty hard.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (89 KB, 616x353)
89 KB
This game is dead on arrival.
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We're at the point where I wouldn't be surprised if this just gets cancelled

Which would be for the best
>Avellone was not the main selling point.
Can we start a GoFundMe, so this anon can get a taste transplant?
I think he's suffered enough.
File: 1598259419495.png (349 KB, 850x529)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
>tfw even drawfags are predicting massive failure
at this rate they might even get rid of schaffer's ost
there will be on reason to own this shit
>Then the person who replaced Mitsoda was the same one who accused Avellone of rape.
Why am I not even surprised.
My enthusiasm for this game died the moment they first revealed gameplay footage, but I'm still curious to see just how big of a shitshow it will turn out to be.
>>Then the person who replaced Mitsoda was the same one who accused Avellone of rape.
i didn't know about this finale to avelone's fiasco
this willl be below abysmal levels of tortanic

File: From where epsilon.jpg (383 KB, 1920x1080)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
How's your CDDA or CBN survivor doing? Best mutated waifu edition
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its my speed to press a key to stop the auto travel before I see the fucking portal
>auto travel
File: a single bandit.png (37 KB, 649x392)
37 KB
I had to savescum to see why the fuck this guy was harder to kill than a fucking hulk
>mfw dielectric capacitance makes skitterbots gently caress me while I control laptop their asses
NPC have 6 separate body parts, just like you. Only 2 are vitals, the rest can absorb thousands of damage and it will only cause debuffs, not death.
These 240+ damage attacks dealt around 40 units of effective killing damage each; maybe less if he has better armor on torso and head, and the damage wasn't spread evenly.

Currently playing this and feeling a little lost, anything a new player should know?

Also general SaGa thread.
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3 remaster or emulator?
Isn't the emulator with an unfinished translation? Play remaster, I guess. It is easily one of the best remasters done by SE, mind you.
Playing Minstrel Song, about 40 hours in, think I'm pretty close to unlocking the sequence to get to the final boss.

The game is very overwhelming. I made it about 10 hours in before needing to consult outside sources. I think the biggest thing is that stumbling into quests seems very random and there is heavy amount of slowly wandering around towns and trudging along the world map. I love everything else about the game, the music and battle system is absolutely on point, the quests are great once you get them started. I almost wish I wasn't warned a bit about ER and blacksmithing/weapon upgrading.

For reference, beat RS3 and RS2 like 90-95% unassisted, mostly to get an idea of the smithing trees and the spark list endgame when my damage output stalled out. I felt like those games were very good at directing you where to go and find people to start quests since travel was instantaneous and locations were small. So even if there was wandering it was a fraction of the wandering in MS. Oh well, It's not the end of the world, people really aren't joking when they say how complex the game is, and there is plenty to discover in additional playthroughs

I do try to consult people who have played the game before first instead of just guide trawling that definitely defeats the point. I am in love with this series and I can't wait to explore more of the games, I'm thinking of Scarlet Grace or Unlimited next.
I played The Alliance Alive but it was quite flawed, I wanted to like it but there were things that made it rather boring. What Saga games are good? I don't even know where to start. Saga Frontier that was just announced for next year looks interesting.
Frontier and The Wonderful 101 are so far the only games to completely and utterly filter me

File: 91CeS0eHvPL._SL1500_.jpg (292 KB, 1204x1500)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Goddamn, this may be the first JRPG I've played where I love the cast and hate almost everything else.

Combat is boring button mashing even on higher difficulties. Music is completely forgettable. Level design is extremely lazy and the world itself is uninteresting. The story itself is just okay. At 20hrs in I'm probably just going to drop it and watch the rest on youtube because the cast is my favorite in the series besides Vesperia.

I'm hoping Tales of Arise can revamp this series because the actual gameplay of this game is boring as shit.
Velvet and Laphicet are shit, sword dude and spear girl are whatever, and only Eizen and Magilou are good, but people (coomers) like Magilou too much just because
>dude, muh sexual innuendo lmao!
You probably tried this already but do switch to other characters. Velvet's gameplay is the most braindead of the bunch so the others could be more to your liking.
The game is like 60-70 hours long because it constantly makes you backtrack (literally just disables the fast travel 80% of the time), it's honestly awful. And the copy pasted areas just go on forever, the final dungeon alone is 5 hours long.

You do get a hoverboard about 2/3's in and it lets you run faster essentially.

post your favorite based lines from RPGS
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Christ, these feel like reading someone's fanfic from high school days. Or a script to generic as fuck television series.

What's the idea behind making these stupid descriptions of your statements instead of normal sentences? I can understand it in case of choice 3 but the other two look retarded.
i don't know what the point of posting this sort of stuff is. do you expect me to bite? what goes through your brain before you press post?

I'm pretty sure Oliver is around the whole time isn't he? If I'm misremembering it still wouldn't be moore in charge anyway, she just does shit at the dam mostly. Hsu or Hanlon would be doing most of the rest I'd think. All three of those are competent leaders anyway, it's mainly just general oliver that gets shat on for making stupid decisions.
File: whore.jpg (7 KB, 445x72)
7 KB
that's not an rpg you posted
>don't be a hypocrite, I mean, you don't want to sound like God do you?

File: Bradley.png (30 KB, 161x184)
30 KB
>Game has hard choices that affect story/gameplay, making it seem like you have a choice
>End up having to do retarded shit because your character wills it
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Post some funky fanmade music please.
What's out of character about Brad putting his complex about Buddy being his "second chance" above everything and everyone else in his life
File: ihahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.png (194 KB, 337x325)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
I'm having visual glitches with the fangames (white lines where there shouldn't be), anyone knows why?
Can you show a screenshot?
4 years
20 devs

File: eternal_sonata_ps3.jpg (280 KB, 1000x1155)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
ITT: good but forgotten RPGs
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Pokémon Conquest was fun.
i really like it but dont like Tales games
music is great
Dink Smallwood
There's power in my melodies, listen.
>It was all a dream!

Stupid fucking game

Play Brandish.
I would if it wasn't in moon
1's remake has a translation and so does 2 now. The first game has shitty palette choices and the music gets repetitive anyways, which the remake fixed or improved.

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