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File: file.png (113 KB, 360x450)
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113 KB PNG
He didn't do anything wrong and kept Tokyo alive or 30 years as a result.
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You can find the whole script Kaneko wrote online, I believe.
blow me kid.
File: 1435230196207.png (362 KB, 429x561)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
It's not just about resolution, they could do so much with stationary platform.
File: EgjSZ4MUYAArJUW.jpg (69 KB, 680x483)
69 KB

File: 71158573_p0.jpg (654 KB, 800x783)
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654 KB JPG
What fantasy RPG story do you still think about long after finishing the game?
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I think about the baldur's gate trilogy at least once every three months
did the artist make any more vampire pics?
you play exceed 3rd instead
do yourself a favor and play 3-4-5 at some point
you don't have to start with that (they look like shit, even worse than the windows games) but they're among the best of the series and 3 is really fun
1 and 2 are hot dogshit though, try them if you're curious but it's a waste of time
Gothic 1, I liked it's setting and dumb ways you can just scum it alot.

File: DRPGs.png (398 KB, 1181x468)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
Cheap pickups on Lunar New Year edition.
These two are the ones I will get this time, heard good things about both in previous threads.

What are you playing? Is it good?
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what a slut
File: 2021022423460900.jpg (1.03 MB, 1280x1440)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
They do get bigger as the games go on, just not to the extent of the original. Pic related is the first floor of the fifth dungeon in the remake on top, and the first floor of the seventh dungeon in 2 on the bottom. And yeah, keep in mind they're both games with over ten dungeons, each with five or six floors on average (eight being the upper limit). They're very long already.
I know I played the game, I liked the big dungeons
File: 1532448252_015.jpg (1.69 MB, 3840x2160)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
I'd also like to point out how as soon as you turn west at the fork I highlighted with the left circle or right at the one with the right circle, you've already got yourself into a couple gigantic dead ends spanning over half the floor combined. Much of the original is like this. They may put spots you need to investigate for sidequests in those areas once in a while, but in terms of actually getting through the dungeons, they're huge wastes of time without any real reward as all the good loot in the first game is dropped by enemies with chests mostly giving basic stuff. I personally don't think there's much enjoyment to be found in such design, but I do know some people just like getting lost.
Getting lost is like half the point in these games.

File: rd3ZLOF.jpg (123 KB, 1657x925)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
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Kill yourself, pedo
Shes over 18 years old, kiddo.
File: 1579453912115.jpg (280 KB, 1192x1192)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
I can't believe they made Arche gay...
File: s640714009.1.jpg (212 KB, 1200x1200)
212 KB
212 KB JPG

File: 40350.jpg (227 KB, 640x800)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
>Shiren the Wanderer
>licensed Mystery Dungeon games (Pokemon, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Etrian Odyssey, Tower of Duraga, etc)
>Sorcery Saga
>Digimon World 2
>Sakura Wars: Dramatic Dungeon
>Azure Dreams
>Tao's Adventure
>Time Stalkers
>One Way Heroics
>Rogue Hearts Dungeon
>Guided Fate Paradox
>Awakened Fate Ultimatum

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Oh, that can be kinda endearing, I'll probably get it the next time it goes on sale then.
>dark cloud
>rogue like
that's a stretch but I can see what you mean
dark cloud aged pretty badly though and it really sucks that you couldn't do the secret rooms in the final dungeon because they forgot to put the key in the game for the western release
File: maxresdefault.jpg (158 KB, 1280x720)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Why are there so many Japanese developed roguelikes? And why are they so obscure if there's so many of tthem? Just found out about yet another Japan exclusive called Monster Gate on the GBA, and it looks like it also had a sequel.
Thank you for mentioning the translation patch for Chocobo's Dungeon, I've wanted to play that play that game for a long time and I had no idea it had been fan translated.
No problem, friend. Both the PS1 version and the Wonderswan version have patches, btw. I'm not too sure about any differences in content between the two versions, though.

How would you improve FFXIII with as few changes as possible?
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Turn it into a porn game
>make gear more interesting with passive skills and whatnot
Ff13s gear was nothing BUT this, and even had a system for unlocking hidden gear passives if you wore certain combinations of gear. The weapons were all sidegrades numerically with different effects like "increases your chances of causing status effects" so I dont know what you mean.
>How would you improve FFXIII with as few changes as possible
Is that under the assumption that XIII-2 and XIII-3 won't exist anymore? if not, just delete them.
Right off the bat, edit the story in a way that it makes a coherent lick of sense. I swear the people making these games are more interested in coming up with all their jargon than they are making a proper narrative. Then how's about making an actual lived in world with real towns and stuff and not some straight line.
Add some Toblerone.

File: índice.jpg (16 KB, 300x168)
16 KB
Is there any game with Mario & Luigi-like humor and system that is not part of the series?
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West of Loathing kino desu yes
I love this game aesthetic. Do you know other RPG whit similar looking?
File: 1584903728778.png (5 KB, 160x144)
5 KB
You're basically stuck with M&L games, the fan translation of Tomato Adventure (if you can figure out how to patch the game) and reading a long ass document to try and get through Kotobattle. No one else really did this shit but Alphadream.
M&L doesn't have the autistic insane fanbase that Paper Mario does, plus the series only died very recently
File: Undedrtale.png (12 KB, 294x454)
12 KB

File: 1613689025522.jpg (58 KB, 466x468)
58 KB
Because there were some surprisingly active threads on /v/ about it.
Discuss games like pic related, the Duel Masters games, Baten Kaitos, and other vidya where you get to live out your 8-year-old self's fantasies of being a CARD MASTER.
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The Monster Rancher card games were pretty good, for Playstation and GBC. I wish they made more, or at least updated versions for DS or something.
File: Thronebreaker.jpg (236 KB, 1200x630)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
File: maxresdefault.jpg (170 KB, 1280x720)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
I did not play all later Yu-Gi-Oh games. But I got my hands on at least one that was much weaker.
Then again I am one of those who think Yu-Gi-Oh is best without an extra deck and 5Ds is very tame even with Synchros.
The first manga exemplifies what Yu-Gi-Oh is for me and 5Ds felt the closest to that gameplay from the games that were not directly based on the manga.

The golden chests killed it for me.
Fuck you game for baiting me with cards for your shitty semi dead online TCG. If I solve a riddle and get a big shiny chest I am dissapointed since the loot is for a different fucking game. Horrible place to be for a RPG like.

To throw a new game into the discussion, the most recent card game rpg I enjoyed was Culdcept revolt. Odd to describe, basically Monopoly meets Magic the Gathering. You move around on a coloured board very similar to more complex monopoly and capture properties that tax other players. But you have a card deck full of monsters to protect your hotels and spell cards to warp yourself across the map.
Based as fuck, aside from revolt there is also DS which is a remake of the original and it is translated, Culdcept second for PlayStation 2 released simply as Culdcept and Culdcept Saga for Xbox 360.
>no extra deck
Try gx era games,early gx is pretty comfy

It’s not as bad as people say desu.
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Do a level 1 run.
You'll run out of Gil for potion spam and will force you to engage with the combat system.
It's actually really fun when it works but still has some jank on the larger enemies.

The Ardyn stuff isn't really reliable especially since he spends a good deal of it hallucinating from crystal aids.
>Do a level 1 run.

no thanks, sounds unfun as fuck since I would be using more items than normal.
I think the Bahamut twist was definitely supposed to be canon and I think there was going to be a new ending in one of the canned DLCs.
>I think the Bahamut twist was definitely supposed to be canon

it's canon because the novel made from the canned DLCs reinforces that random ass plot twist of "Bahamut was the real badguy allllll along" that was introduced in Episode Ardyn
It was leagues better than XIII at least.

Another settlement needs your help. I’ll mark it on your map.
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Fuck the Institute
Fuck the Brotherhood
Fuck the Railroad
WE /minutemen/ HERE
Minutemen aren't that good. They're an interesting idea, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. It would be cool if you could influence the way the operate and they're structured.

I imagine being able to make the MM more aggressive, actively destroying potential threats and forcing settlements to join.
>Bethesda traded radiant AI for radiant quests
Skyrim, Fallout 3, NV, and 4 can't compete with the immersion of the world of Oblivion.
Sure, NV has greater immersion with its quests, but Oblivion's immersion of its world hasn't been beaten.
File: >choice.jpg (368 KB, 1920x1080)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
you're in the wrong board friend, try >>>>/vfps/
The moment I quit Fallout 4 was when I made the ruined fort my main base, spent a while fixing up the walls and setting up defenses all around the perimeter, and then raiders attacked and they spawned in the very center of the courtyard past everything I set up

File: 1582682690857.png (67 KB, 200x194)
67 KB
why does he hate friends so much?
21 replies omitted. Click here to view.
In SMT, this is basically true
why was Stephen such an edgelord?
He was always more of a Seinfeld guy.
Because a god by definition wouldn't need friends since he has no faults or needs, including social needs.
>Receding hairline
>Likes traps
>Hates his mom
>Hates women in general
>Posts on 4chan
>Militant "atheist"
mmmm I don't know bub

File: vyce.png (51 KB, 243x116)
51 KB
>You're gonna kill the civilians? NO, THAT'S WRONG, I HATE YOU FOREVER NOW
>You're not gonna kill the civilians? FUCK YOU PUSSY I HATE YOU FOREVER NOW
What the fuck was his fucking problem.
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Neutral feels like a filler route. Its main saving grace is Leonar being a mentor bro to Denam (moreso than Chapter 1 because he's not about to set you up for that route split), but then Catiua ruins that.
>but then Catiua ruins that.
It's still silly how he dies like that.
And his range grows if he's higher up since he's using a bow, and flying characters ignore the usual terrain penalties for climbing.
Canopus-less runs are really hard at the beginning.
It really does feel like they only killed him off to keep the Neutral route consistent with the Law and Chaos routes in Chapter 4.
I thought it was cool. He's set up to be your rival no matter what. You know what isn't cool? Murdering a bunch of old war weary civvies for something as stupid as morale and the history books. FUCK LAW ROUTE. This world is nothing without our humanity we become no different than animals when we stop seeing value in the lives of others. Also you get a harem of sisters. Dare I say uh based

File: ff11.png (1.1 MB, 1200x630)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
So I decided to get FF11 this weekend since it's going to be on sale for $10. Is there anything I should know as a new player? I'm mainly playing this for the story and since I heard that it's gotten pretty solo friendly in recent years. I also heard that quests/mission are unmarked, so are there any guides I can follow? Did anyone here play back on PS2 back in the day? Basically I just want to talk about FF11 since it has all my attention at the moment.
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If you are playing retail then they will really only make a significant difference in the early levels. By 75 the difference is noticeable but not important and by 99 the gear powercreep is so strong that race stops mattering.
In a private server that will be different
I'm still level 20, but I think I need to start writing macros so I can use job/weapon abilities a bit more often. Any general tips? I didn't even use macros in FF14.
For now making a basic macro for every job ability and magic you use often is fine. Later on if you start taking the game more seriously you will make gearswap macros.
Anyway the basic macro command for most things is
/ma “SpellName” <t>
For magic

/ja “JobAbilityName” <t>
For job abilities

/ws “WeaponSkillName” <t>
For weapon skills

Replace <t> with <me> if its an ability that specifically targets you. Theres a ton of other useful commands you can use to make it more efficient, this post of mine is just to help you get started. Read a guide on macro commands
Not him and I haven't played in a while, but I remember trying here and there and never properly figuring out how to activate macros as in using the keys, is it truly supposed to be as simple as pressing Ctrl/Alt+number?
I didn't want to just bump so I threw in this shitty question, forgive me
Thanks for the info anon. I made some macros this morning and it really helped me use my skills and abilities more often. I'm gonna try to unlock sub jobs next time I get on. Any recs for a sub job for MNK? I was originally gonna try out RDM, but it looks like that's not gonna work out in the long run. I think I'm going to go with MNK/WAR and then lvl RDM/WHM sometime later since I want to have a maigc job under my belt and RDM is my second favorite mage type in FF.

>I didn't want to just bump so I threw in this shitty question, forgive me
It's all good anon. I'm OP and part of the reason why I'm posting this now is to bump.

>Smacks lips together and throws self at eldritch zombies for a millennium
Lemme get dis strait...
>Brings back the Red Eye for a bit
Are you'z sayin that
>Starts killing Shades
We wuz sumkinda...
>Kills Shadowlord, dooming humanity
>Relapses and gets into a proxy war with aliens using some magic kid and androids that lasts for thousands of years
Honestly what the hell were they supposed to do against most of those Shades? It's not like all of them were exactly friendly, and they couldn't understand them either. It was a doomed situation.
That was the point

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Cause nobody wants to play that mobile game-looking pile of crap.
If they're both modded, then sure. You can emulate the entire series just fine.
Except Dawn of Mana, but it's not even an ARPG and it's terrible, so it's probably not very high in your priority list.
>mobile game-looking
It's not looking, it is mobile crap.
Not like the Secret remake was much better.
Re-redo this remake, it just looks absolutely hideous and I'd much rather play the original Gameboy game. Sword of Mana is also a decent remake.

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