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>try really to search for english ROMs of SMT II for the PSX, fail miserably
>end up playing and eventually beating the SNES version that is the shittiest
>weeks later found out the PSX translation team is already working on the english patch
>fast forward, want to play the PSX version of SMT I but english translation doesn't exist
>don't want to play the GBA version, go for the SNES version instead
>buggy and overall the shittiest port, but already almost beating the game
>discover facebook posts about how the english translation team of the PSX port are almost finishing the translation
fucking faggots, that's why you'll always be in the Persona's shadow
File: 1647260436578.jpg (52 KB, 815x795)
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learn japanese
That's literally impossible

File: 1620243508196.png (312 KB, 278x274)
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312 KB PNG
Spreadsheet is out
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>game is based on america
>expected to completely ignore american culture
lol, being a faggot is american
The particular niche fandom that Falcom targeted back in the early 2010s has grown up and joined the workforce. In Japan, that usually means you're at an age where you stop playing console games altogether.
>he doesn't like yuri

File: Deus Ex.jpg (8 KB, 202x250)
8 KB
or very closed narratives (like in the east)
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>inb4 the autist who says it's not an RPG
Depends on if the game is actually good or not. You can have all the player choice in the world, but if your game is shit, why bother? And if you have a supposed super amazing mega literature-like narrative, but you're the Last of Us 2, then get fucked.
A broad mind is a healthy mind. Cheers.
>open ended
>posts a closed narrative with ice cream flavour ending
Did you play Deus Ex?

WRPGs are about freedom to move your avatar about the world and generally contemplate the fictional world's morality. JRPGs are about battlescapes, hour long cutscenes, some product placement and never moving past nostalgia for the 2D sprite era.
ARPGs on the other hand are basically shooters made for people who like the idea of RPGs but don't like playing them.
I prefer open ended rpgs with lots of choices like Fortnite.

File: 1652401971505.png (210 KB, 480x360)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
>ITT: RPG Characters that remind you of yourself
For me it's Kefka – intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.
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I know this is pasta, but Kefka's not even intelligent. He's portrayed as a bumbling idiot up until he mercs Gestahl. Kefka is meant to represent chaos, a moron who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and fucks up everything.
File: vamp1285531.jpg (40 KB, 640x480)
40 KB
12 year old detected. Also not an RPG.
4chan doesn't dabble in irony. It is post-ironic.
He's literally me

File: Master.png (491 KB, 803x414)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
If Super Mutants weren’t sterile, would the Unity have been the best faction in the Fallout universe? If not, why? Which faction is better?
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The Unity was humanity’s last best hope
Who do you think commissioned the F.E.V? The US government? Preposterous!
Rope, NOW!
FEV can’t melt steel beams

File: 1543499906599.jpg (85 KB, 423x750)
85 KB
Obviously we play the side quests because we want more content from the game we've bought, but what do you like as a personally good reason for your character to butt in on someone else's business, and put themselves in harm's way?

In hopes of monetary compensation? Because it is the right thing to do? Pure curiosity? Or something that just ended up on your porch, and you are already mixed up in it? Also favorite side quests, and why. Consider using spoilers (ctrl+s) if you think there is a twist.
Pic unrelated.
I don't see them as "side" activities exactly, moreso opportunities to improve my character/party/resources in preparation for the next big hurdle in the main story
>but what do you like as a personally good reason for your character to butt in on someone else's business, and put themselves in harm's way?
the rewards duh
>favorite side quests
Some examples of my favorite archetypes:

1. Chromanin (Gothic 1): exploration quest you stumble on. You pick up a cryptic clue almost at random, which leads to the next clue, and the next, and so on until you reach some kind of resolution, reward, reveal, etc. Really satisfies that wanderlust.

2. Delivering water to the rice plantation workers (Gothic 1): a simple fetch quest you get when you first reach the New Camp. What makes it great though is the follow up. The quest giver begins demanding that you repeat this task every day, and will use force if you refuse, beating you up and looting your unconscious body This goes on until you are strong enough to beat him up instead. This is a perfect introduction to this location, and quickly establishes your place in the hierarchy. One of the best examples of how a very simple quest can achieve immersion.

3. Pilgrimage (Morrowind): more specifically the shrine where you have to drown yourself to gain Vivec's blessing. It's one of the final stops of your pilgrimage, and forces you to understand what you've learned and think outside the box in order to solve.

4. Foundry prison break (Underrail): the situation is simple, an assassin had been caught and is being held in the local prison. Your goal is to free him, if you can, but most importantly to make sure that he won't be able to reveal any sensitive information. There are many ways to achieve your goal, but none of these are spoonfed to you. Some (going in guns blazing) more obvious than the others (bringing him a vial of lethal poison). No matter how you achieve your goal, as long as you achieve it, the quest will accept it as a solution, although not all solutions are equal. So where this quest stands out is emergent gameplay, a good mix of player actions and stat checks, and an expectation of critical thinking.
I feel like a good side quest needs to develop the world or characters some way rather than just be an MMO-esque fetch quest meant to pad out the game. There should be some independent value to each one that makes them all memorable. Chrono Trigger's late game is a good example.

JRPG hero that feels like a real hero and not some twink with a sword?
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My main character in my RPG Maker game desu-ne
I dont get why so many people want to be guts.
Is that the guy that has a hole in the back of his pants showing off his buttcheeks?
Goofy ahhh character.
guess they really really want donovan paying them a visit
Did you feel called out?

File: Dhi0Q1IUEAANbkV.jpg (72 KB, 692x827)
72 KB
Claim your waifu.
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Til Wenduag va is BG 3 narrator.
No amount of "Emperor's New Clothes" mental gymnastics will ever make a man a woman, or vice versa. Muddying the definitions is just an admission of cope
behind her thin noble facade is a crazy bitch who wants to be accepted and loved
love also means romantically and sexually in this scenario
Yeah but then she just runs off
bad writing

It's /mon/day, what are some of your fave monster RPGs?
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This game was weird. I remember when I stopped playing because of a fight where every pokemon died except for my haunter who only had a single ghost-type move against an eevee who only had a single normal-type move and they both couldn't hit each other for tons of turns.
>One piece characters
>..and greg
Eh id give it a try but i'm pretty burned out on pokemon to be honest
Weekly reminder to play stories2
File: 88819.png (511 KB, 1017x1005)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
Metal Max

File: 33321.jpg (398 KB, 1024x1024)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
Coming out on PC in two days, anyone gonna play it?
I love the art and the gameplay looks to be nice but does anyone know how the story is?
A lot of the times I like the gameplay of sRPGs but the story is just not very good which makes my motivation wane.
Is it the same with this game?
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Well, if you have no adjacent castles to retreat to, you've really fucked up. It does happen, though.
thanks for the tips anons, now i understand why some lvl 20 rune knights were using lvl 1 unicorns and shit lmao
Yeah, always. It makes characters much better.
I forgot what a pain in the ass the secret battles are. The last one against the extra boss is a complete pain in the dick. One little positioning mistake costs me 2-3 turns. I remember it being way easier when I did it with Timmy on the switch.
The hard part is killing the 2 faggots knights in the first 2 turns before the boss gets to you if you manage that you've pretty much won

What build do you usually go for? I always go for a small forward that slashes and grabs them rebounds.

I could never understand people who do sharpshooter. It seems so boring or maybe I'm just bad. idk.
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So, what sports rpg are out there?
I know that Basketball rpg maker, the maroo golf rpg and Inazuma Eleven, of course.
What else is out there?
>not rpgs
Yeah you're retarded.
And you're 1 IQ point away from forgetting how to breathe.
Persona 5 isn't a RPG it's a visual novel
I know that, fag.

File: ffBBW.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
Anyone who played the Brave New World mod for FFVI confirm that it did give all the characters a sense of individuality? I want to play FFVI again but actually use every character.
The rewritten script is dogshit, and everyone is equally useless in the game, instead of some being better than others. Play a different mod.
This. T-Edition is so much better that it isn’t even funny. BNW is easily the most over rated romhack of FFVI
It sucks, every random battle is a hassle.

File: v.png (628 KB, 862x519)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
Are any of these weird little budget JRPG's worth playing?

Are there any hidden gems? Who buys these?
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Doesnt look any worse than trails of cold steel
I've only posted that image when its relevant. I've never spammed it before.

>Are any of these weird little budget JRPG's worth playing?
I'm assuming you have an xbox, so I'll recompensed the one's on there.
>Monochrome order
Game where you play as a judge with outcomes in side quests and the main one depends on your judgement. Since it's the first of its kind from its developer, combat takes a backseat in favor of story. I love this one, but all endings, even the secret ending, are cliffhangers.

>Dragon quest clone series. Sinker, Lapis, Prana, Kings, and Chronicles
2d dragon quest clones from exe-create with pixel art and faster combat. The latest game, prana has nice job combos, but isn't ported yet.

>Monster viator
Monster collector where the monsters act more like party members and have side quests.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Would you make the same argument for games like Gothic or Avernum?
even compile heart games look like they have more effort
Kemco make literal shovelwares. I played half of their catalogue and I don't remember a single thing.

File: header.jpg (49 KB, 460x215)
49 KB
What am I in for?

Upcoming RPG's you're excited for?
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I dont think I'll ever buy another TES game again. It's always the same overhyped janky trash that they refuse to fix
100% correct
You dare speak of such blasphemy in the domain of Godd Howard? Perish in hellfire.
I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised by something unexpected. Otherwise I have plenty of RPGs on my backlog.

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