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File: KnewIt.jpg (346 KB, 1920x1080)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
Why did she do it?
they had tiny butts
Did they mean kill the Redditors? Was she from Reddit?
She was from the Noble family of Redditch, and then went psycho and killed them all for some reason.
based redditor
Cause self-hatred is cool

File: cute alice.jpg (95 KB, 743x746)
95 KB
Alice get a haircut.
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She's dead during BS2, anon
why isn't my wife more popular...
Dorothy's appearance in the mental ward has made me think certain rooms there were actually the white rooms used by Leaf.
Who is she?
I meant the records of her past there.

File: 1664242358609418.jpg (1.13 MB, 3000x2000)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
Are the complains against Fire Emblem Engage's artstyle legitimate or is it just ironic weebs complaining about an anime game looking too anime for the millionth time? Maybe it's because I'm used to JRPGs but I really don't see it as that different from the rest of the modern FEs...
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>"anime" can be done in a million different ways.
And it doesn't have to be the way you want it
I just hate the character designs. They are worse than awakenings.
I really don’t fucking care about every character looking like a moeblob its fucking obnoxious and fire emblem absolutely does not make a habit of every character looking like a moeblob. Please just skip to the geneology remake already
i cant even tell what the fuck are you talking about but im going to clarify exactly where your bias is like the caveman you are. first you said art bad, then you linked artist to vtubers and then you said vtuber bad.
there you have without funnywords if you really want to criticize the visual value of the game you cant say artist bad because thats wrong and seriously if you look at the trailer you can tell whats is wrong with the artistic direction
There's something really wrong with these two characters. They look extremely baby-faced, even for modern anime standards. It's disgusting.
That explains it all.

File: yo.jpg (60 KB, 438x293)
60 KB
did you like Fate? usually was preinstalled on store shelves sold PCs in the early 2000s
yes and when i got a new pc i forgot the name of the game and i got fucking pissed for multiple years
Shallow as fuck. Torchlight better, but both are not RPGs.
It's fun on the first hours, but the quest are very samey, and there's almost no story progression quests like Diablo. Soundtrack is good tho.
I have some nostalgia for it, but I don't know whether I would still like it.
Well Torchlight was made by the same developers

File: tales of series .jpg (1.4 MB, 1600x1132)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
Is there any hope for the future of this series
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the fanbase is as bad as ff, where every game except your favorite is dogshit and every new battle system gimmick they try is "the worst shit ever"
File: CIl5oNvUcAE4vBx.jpg (36 KB, 450x689)
36 KB
Pikohan Series
File: thinking.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
Is there any hope for the future of tales threads?

File: Fulllength.png (1.54 MB, 692x1024)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
I'm playing Kingmaker right now as an Earth kineticist with pic related as my portrait and its pretty fun. I just love roleplaying as an Earthbender. Wish the Earth element was more popular in games. Lightning, and fire get all the attention.
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File: Dai Li.jpg (16 KB, 333x250)
16 KB
Getting tired of Earthbros always being depicted as slow and trudging imbeciles. Avatar gets it right with the Dai Li. Extremely mobile fighters that slide on the ground, cling on walls and ceilings, boosting their jumps with rock pillars. Actually using their mastery over the Earth (Which is everywhere) to improve their agility and speed.
>lightning gets all the attention
The best games with lightning are also the only two games with good lightning, Infamous 1 and 2.
Just like with melee weapons, the simplest one gets all the attention, so swords and fire. Also earth is stupid strong in Kingmaker lmao.
Water is arguably the most corrosive substance in the universe and makes up 90% of your body. Splish splash is just developers being uncreative.
Acktually kineticists don't use magic, they tap into the leemental realm or something
File: Water.jpg (324 KB, 1500x1144)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
Which elementals got the best drip?

>HURR DURR grinding is da point of JRPGs

False, grinding was inserted into lower budget titles for cheap padding. Otherwise people would just play shitty mobile games and say Brave Exvius is the greatest RPG of all time because it's 100% grinding. The appeal of JRPGs is that they merge anime characters, console style adventure games, visual novels, D&D *inspired* combat, creative boss battles, puzzle games, etc… all in one. It doesn't excel at any one quality, but when done well it brings a variety to the table that no other genre does. It's basically a buffet: none of the food is that great but you get to fill your plate with a ton of random stuff. Plenty of JRPGs have been criticized for too much of one element: Too much talking, too much walking, too many encounters, too many mini games, too many puzzles. It's all about balance.

Grinding is not challenging, it actually undermines strategy. Grinding is not fun, it is mindless tedium. Novelty is fun. New encounters are novel, repeated encounters are not. Grinding was never beloved, it has always been criticized even in Japanese reviews. Further more, no Japanese review has ever praised a JRPG for being more grindy than others.

Dear grinding defender: You are a braindead autist who doesn't realize how unpopular his opinions have always been; You became attached to something that nobody else liked, then mistakenly projected your views onto the rest of the players. You desire a tedium simulator, because you are a NEET who has never done real work. But you're not a high functioning autist, because even they crave novelty; you're an autistic midwit who can be endlessly entertained by mindless repetition. Go back to your mobile games and stop annoying the rest of us.
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>no response
because that's a based beat em up, not a jrpg
based powerleveler
mucho texto
i like numbers going up and grinding gives me that, simple as.

What have you been working on /vrpg/? Any benched projects you've been meaning to get back to?
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Just my same old 1 year old project going nowhere. I've been doing UI changes and got a camp scene for resting/party swapping eventing is clunky but it can get you a long way.
Making a small game based on the current tabletop campaign I'm playing with friends. It's going fine so far.
I always wanted to fuck the elf in the middle. Her legs are so sexy.
Kino, looking forward to seeing your progress

File: ALIENS!!(69)(1) (1).jpg (452 KB, 1920x1080)
452 KB
452 KB JPG

File: 81WTMrc9+yL._SL1500_.jpg (336 KB, 1173x1500)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
I just ordered Trails of Cold Steel as my first entrypoint into the Trails series.
What am I in for?
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are you retarded or actually just a moron?
>Xanadu Next, Zwei 1 and 2
these games combined probably have less text to localize than a single chapter of a trails game aka much higher potential ROI
Long intro, lots of dialogue and cringe weeb moments, backtracking a big map, menuing lots of time in menus and inventory and non-gameplay. Music is good and some action scenes are nice in the cut scenes. It's also chill with very easy combat and some neat gimmicks. Overall lots of fun if you like slow burn games to chill to.
I watched a friend of mine stream this, looked like boring shit with too much aimless wandering, annoying cliche characters and way too easy
Are you an assblasted XSneed employee or are you doing it for free?
And yet they sold less combined than 3rd.

File: Girly Totori.png (1.3 MB, 1930x1078)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
Is this an example of a violation of show, don't tell? Totori isn't girly at all.
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File: 1592938456784.png (366 KB, 680x680)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
Go back
You're right. Totori is the one male Atelier in the entire series.
File: AtelierEschaLogy.jpg (53 KB, 256x295)
53 KB
uh... never mind
there's also atelier iris, mana khemia, and annie
she is compared to melvia though

File: 1653317592868.jpg (227 KB, 2501x1195)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Once you shred away all the layers of irony and take them completely unironically and earnestly, otaku games like everything compile heart like fairy fencer f, trillion, mary skelter, death end and re:quest, omega quintet and other similar games like demon gaze can be very emotionally touching.
Mine is pic rel but it could be anything from a story moment to that one time a weird build finally worked in a DRPG.
Though probably it's easier to find something like that in dungeon crawlers which have more build freedom than a story JRPG.
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Probably the last boss of demon king chronicle. Epic final bossman is <spoiler>just the dead soul of a chuuni fuck trying to enact the magnum opus he wrote in reality</spoiler> and he fucking OWNS it so hard the main character plays along.
You should go back to where you came from, faggot.
sounds kino
Rude. Go back to discord, trannie. Let people have fun

>Boring and lineal fetch quests with no interesting background
>Totally lack of roleplay. Your skills do nothing in dialogue. 99% of the quest don't have any important decision to make, or any ramifications, they are just do A>B>C>End.
>Boring click spammer combat. 0 mechanical skill or strategy required. The only thing that matters is having good stats and having a lucky dice
>Broken and simplistic but tedious to min/max progression
>Lifeless NPCs with zero personality
>Crappy and unrealistic dialogue system. Instead of talking to someone it seems that you're searching in a database for information

Is this game just all about exploring its supposed interesting world? I get it is a good sandbox, but then why its elitist fanboys think this is a magnus opus in the rpg genre?
there is already have multiple elder scrolls threads
>make low effort, low iq bait thread
>gets buckbroken in his own post
>meds fade off
>"w-what? w-where am i? Is that a morrowind thread?! How dare they make many of them!"

File: dredmor.png (238 KB, 480x220)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
What are some roguelikes that give you a bunch of options to play around with? Also curious for any RPGs that can scratch that build autism itch.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Elona, probably too many options.
I never have the patience to get past the late levels of the game. Early game is usually the most fun but after you've tried most builds and even if you commit to one it's usually just a question of heavy grind until you get those level caps. And the builds that rely on early game cheese are too gimmicky and unreliable either.
There's also quite a few roguelikes too and they do not really transfer the skill you've acquired down the line. I must have played dozens for hundreds of hours and every single one still offers something unique but it doesn't lend itself to basically not try and exploit it.
Is there anyone here that plays roguelikes "legit" and grinds for days/weeks without exploiting something? How do you find the time, energy, willpower to do that? I can understand having a podcast or something in the background but if you're gonna grind in a singleplayer game you might as well just go play an mmo.
Do you even commit to one roguelike or do you have several? How do you manage time for all of them?
Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead: Go from boiling water out of toilet bowls to getting augmented with as many cybernetics and mutant bits to become a killing machine.

File: 1_UOP6JO3f73ul0_9enlzcGQ.png (1.51 MB, 1054x925)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
A friend of mine started raving to me about how big a fan of immersive sims he is and how Bioshock is his favorite. I called him a retard because Bioshock has never been, and will never be, and immersive sim. It is a spectacle shooter with very low interactivity.

Which one of us is right? Is Bioshock an immersive sim or not?
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Emergent gameplay and narrative all paired with player agency, or if you're a trve Looking Glass patrician, player authorship.
Funny how this just turned out to be a pipe dream because developers are lazy and the industry turned towards cinematic/narrative experiences as a vehicle for social engineering.
by being a garbage game just like them
No one with a credit score above 700 uses that term and I refuse to associate with them.
File: 3x.png (17 KB, 91x91)
17 KB
It's an FPS shooty-shoot gun game where you go to from point A to point B.

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