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File: jenova.jpg (77 KB, 1280x720)
77 KB
I have a sneaking suspicion that ff7 part 2/3 will lead to the party traveling back into time using the life stream to imprison jenova and causing the time paradox, and aeris is both dead and the catalyst behind it with her current body/consciousness being manifested by the life stream in the ff7 remake timeline.
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Telepathically controlled by Sephiroth himself due to his use of the J-cells. So in essence it is him.

It's not confusing at all. You newfags need to stop falling for hoaxes.
They're practically one entity by that point. Sephiroth's pettiness and Jenova's biological imperative.
Please STOP giving them ideas.
Remember that Nomura might be reading these threads
>Remember that Nomura might be reading these threads
>Bumps the fucking thread
Dumb nigger.

File: skyrimpepe.jpg (31 KB, 474x474)
31 KB
yesterday i received skyrim for my birthday (me and 4chan have the same birthday epik) and i've finally gotten the time to play it. the race i picked was khajiit because i like cats. so far i killed this dragon, i think its the same one that saved me from being executed in whiterun. im not sure if the giants are super strong pls let me know.
if there are any tips or stuff i need to know of just let me know.
Post screenshots anon, it makes the fun available for everyone

I dont have any screenshots at the moment but ill make sure to post some when i get the chance
Bumping, OP better make these threads for the next six months
holy shit why are pepe/wojak posters so fucking brainless? it's like a badge of retardation

>Phantom Liberty adds "femme fatale" characters
>You can't fuck any of them
>No added sex options
>No added romance options
>Still can't comfort Misty
>Still can't fuck Blue Moon
>Still can't fuck Judy unless you're a dyke
>Meredith is still a complete nothingburger
How the fuck is Cyberpunk so sexless compared to the Witcher? These LGBT idiots seriously stripped out all the options for straight men to "balance" content for gays and lesbians. So in the end nobody gets anything. Weak.
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>muh left muh right
You mutts are all the same freaks
Strange way to cope with your aggressive personality.
aggression is a common response when someone is as repulsive as you
Settle down, mongoloid. Go back to your Underrail thread.
Take your meds schizoid mutt

I think the common sense idea would be that you can get the full experience on your first play through and with subsequent play throughs you are able to perhaps appreciate aspects of the game now that you are coming at it after already having finished it.

With Taro games I feel like it is unnecessary and I hope that in the future he does not continue to put in these required multiple play throughs just because it is now associated with his brand. And I don’t really see that it adds much to the experience at the cost of the tedium of having to replay what you have just done. While it may add some new or alternative scenes and content, the newness is sparse and the content that you have just experienced is the majority of your required subsequent play throughs.

Also, since a full play through requires multiple play throughs, it will mean that the parts that require multiple play throughs will get older quicker as those are the parts that are required to be played over and over. Case in point part 2 of nier replicant. In one full play through it will need to be played 3 times. So after a full play through to get to ending E, and then a desire to play the game again, part one may still seem fresh on your next play through, but part two will feel more of a chore as it had to have already been played three times on your last full play through.
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it just depends on the game and how it's executed.

Like with FF Type 0, apparently THE ACTUAL PLOT OF THE GAME is locked behind NG+ only missions and that game played like ass (considering that Tabata directed it, not a shocker) but making the actual plot NG+ was a bad decision for that mediocre game
Good answer.
>tranny moviegame
Too many variables to give a yes or no answer. If the developers can make a game where multiple play throughs are enjoyable or each play through has some new creative elements, why not?
I think there's something to be said to make a player work to unlock certain things, but repeat playthroughs probably aren't the most interesting way to do it. Nier Replicant is also easily Taro's worst offender in that category.

File: 1692606424977.jpg (24 KB, 300x450)
24 KB
I don't see anyone discussing this game, why? This shit is good. Flawed, sure, but seriously one of the better SRPGs/TRPGs
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How so?
Looks like it's pretty light on the rpg parts, anon
>He says on a board dedicated to the genre named "RPG", that regularly criticizes games for not being "RPG" enough.
The game is great, but the replayability is ass. Doesn't matter if you start with a different faction, ultimately you do the same things and same builds/party-comp.
This. So much this.

File: Swords and Sandals.png (538 KB, 599x335)
538 KB
538 KB PNG
Does anyone know any games with similar gameplay to Sword and Sandals games?
Why would you want to? Swords and Sandals is an unbalanced kusoge whose gamedesigner sucks so much he throws random shit as your opponents that either requires a niche counter (that is useless agains opponents coming afterwards) or exploting ranged/hopping/ dropping everything in one stat. These games don't even bother to motivate you with any semblance of story or even a coherent ending.
Yeah the story sucks thats why i asked for games with a similar combat system not similar story.

File: DQPixelRemaster.jpg (63 KB, 846x320)
63 KB
What are the chances Dragon Quest will ever get the pixel remaster treatment with some extra content like a music player or artwork gallery? I know DQ3 is getting an HD-2D remake, which is nice and all, but it would sure be great to have another option to play these games aside from emulating them or playing them on phones.
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They're ports of mobile ports. Modeled on the SNES version but with much uglier visuals. 3 is getting a Switch HD2D remake that was announced years ago and there's been radio silence since. They teased doing HD2D versions of 1 and 2 when they announced 3 but who knows.
To be fair the Switch versions actually look better than the mobile ones, especially noticeable in 3.
just play dragon quest XI on 3DS it has stuff from the first to X as extras.
Dragon quest 3 is getting a remake so wait for it.
why play them on 3ds if you have the 25th anniversary edition of dragon quest on WII that has the first games.
Also draquest 3 is on 3ds eshop along android and iphone releases.
Ive been playing the switch ports and Im sure they are far from the best versions but theyre really not fun. The first two were at least pretty short, but ive been playing 3 for hours and it moves so slow, now Im stuck at two different bosses and I guess have to start grinding.
never ever

File: wizp.jpg (546 KB, 1920x1080)
546 KB
546 KB JPG
3D remake of Wiz 1 out in early access now. Built on top of the 1981 code base so underneath the new GUI, QoL stuff and graphics it's presumable mechanically identical.
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File: you made the next level.jpg (65 KB, 1080x414)
65 KB
>DOS Version
You beat the game.
americans getting wiped out by their jewish "allies"
From having played RPGs with 'that guy'.
>it's what my character would do!
I hate the portraits.
The portraits are pure faggotry.

File: sntt424y28n31.png (967 KB, 1920x1080)
967 KB
967 KB PNG
With new generation of gamers (zoomers) will authenticity in RPGs die for good in exchange for dumbed down goyslop? How to prevent it? Small indie developers are good enough to make games like Kenshi but not actual big titles
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People are so mindbroken by corporations that even when they complain about them, they still can't escape their clutches. They're so used to being given solutions to problems they never had, they can't do anything without being spoonfed. That's why they want others to fix stuff without doing anything to help.
A loud minority of anons are too lame to do any research and look for promising devs/games on their own, they won't buy and shill the good stuff. They talk about AAA, complain about AAA, and end up buying AAA games in the end because that's all they know about the industry. Sometimes they bring up indies, but again mostly the loudest and most triggering parts of the scene.
most of these games are shit tho, ESPECIALLY the rpgs

complex games are just too hard for an individual, you really need a team
schizo freeware games on the internet made by a single guy is peak gaming
RPGs are in a much better place than they were 10 years ago. 7th gen consoles pretty much killed complexity in all genres of games games. Completely murdered tactical shooters and stealth games which still haven't recovered, and dumbed down RPGs heavily. The fact is games like Divinity Original Sin, Baldurs Gate III and Pathfinder (regardless if you like these games, they are RPGs) would never have been able to come out back then. There was no indie or AA market at all. Everyone was gunning for that console market, so your average RPG was full of quicktime events and needed to have the latest brown and bloom fad. Thanks to modern hardware and engines, RPGs are cheaper to make and don't need to appeal to a massive audience. AAA gaming has been shit for 15+ years now. There's nothing new about that.
File: 1671989413973430.png (30 KB, 937x727)
30 KB
>authenticity in RPGs
nothing authentic about your "RPGs" that actually hate being a video game

wait, is this Allie Sin?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
heh i kinda see it
allie sin was hot
Porn has gone downhill with the increase in amateur content and with increased regulations on most sties on what can be published. Which is fine, porn isn't good for you, but damn did incest getting popular make people scream, "SHUT IT DOWN!!!"
File: homosex.jpg (27 KB, 500x500)
27 KB
i think it's people who were raised on porn don't know how to have sex convincingly and the men and women they hire don't have any seductive bones in their bodies. it's all overacting and hyper-awareness of the camera. watching most people fucking is like watching that scene from american psycho, it's almost comedic. the idiocracy and smartphone cameras are affecting even the bedroom.
Fucking kek

File: Gortash.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720)
92 KB
How do you feel about the fact that on top of locking the signature theme of Baldur's gate (being a bhallspawn and resisting the allure of evil) to Larian's shitty origin system, they also made Dark Urge and Gortash have an undeniably homosexual relationship pre-orin?
>Larian made me play a sodomite character for 2 acts
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
To be fair beholders are fucking scary. Who the fuck is going to tell it that it can't?
Well being evil is gay
don't know why are acting surprised
VTMB is half a game WITH patches, it doesn't even work without patches. And let's not forget that PST and Arcanum become unplayable slogs in their final acts, as well as the games in their entirety being wonky and unfinished, as in much lower in quality in their entirety than bg3's act 3. And then there's NWN 1 and 2 who's base campaigns are universally hated and their only praised for their buggy paid expansions. Oh and both pathfinder games phoning in like an entire 80 hours of gameplay after the fall off in the first 2 chapters. (out of like 8)

I mean, it's just absurd. No crpg is good when held up to the standards people are criticizing bg3 at here.
Did you feel that this comment so insightful that you felt compelled to copy paste it into multiple threads?
File: url.png (437 KB, 860x834)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
yes I want my superior opinion to be seen by as many people as possible.

What's the appeal of setting a game here when you can just make your own setting with DnD rules and get rid of the stupid lore?
38 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not the guy who brought up FATAL, but ignoring pervert content, excessive rule complexity and lore what's actually wrong with it?
File: 803123123.png (149 KB, 625x626)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
>not him buuuuuuut
Now you've pretty much established yourself as the mindless troll. Really fucking weird all things considered.
File: 198327619836193.jpg (48 KB, 627x626)
48 KB

File: powerofcaring.png (3.41 MB, 1753x1344)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB PNG
this game haha oh man
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
is this a camelot game? the character sprites look simlar in style to the ones in golden sun.
Game Arts. It's Grandia 1.
Reminder that canonically Justin and Feena fuck like rabbits.
it's called a knee anon

I thought I knew everything about Torment, but this made me kneel (and I haven't even finished it yet). Lethal levels of autism information overload.

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no one can disprove you but will impotently insult you regardless
Tomboy is the attitude, not the outfit.
Stop projecting onto her.
dogshit taste, kys
she's an ugly fiendling, that's how
Frfr. I mean just look at Power from CSM. Now that's a real hot fiendling!

File: F3KM7-XaAAAZM-k.jfif.jpg (136 KB, 1920x1080)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Who else is hyped for Atelier Resleri?
268 replies and 48 images omitted. Click here to view.
Don't threaten me with a good time!
Her outfit feels like a cheap rehash of Klaudia's tbdesu.
How did I miss those tits.
I did not know catgirl Rorona existed but I'm glad it officially does.
Bless you Astrid
I'm having Déjà vu

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