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File: persona 1.jpg (967 KB, 1476x1058)
967 KB
967 KB JPG
/vrpg/ verdict
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I find the battles to be either a annoying chore that aren't particularly difficult (just maybe lacking the necessary tools for certain enemies) or insanely easy. That said I've always enjoyed the atmosphere and music of these 90s Atlus games and Persona 1 maybe has the most style out of all of them up to that point. It's really a charming game.
You havent played the Snow Queen route, have you? I find the final dungeon particularly difficult, esp with lack of a save area. The enemies hit ridiculously hard
File: p1 city.jpg (617 KB, 998x500)
617 KB
617 KB JPG
I'd honestly love to explore a dreamy moody city in higher detail, but I don't trust them to do it right anymore
File: persona-12.png (39 KB, 320x237)
39 KB
p2 was better, all versions
>Old remorseful scientist tries to suicide to stop Kandori
>Let him!

File: F5_lQFHbAAALP7t.png (1.12 MB, 680x680)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
With the announcement of Shiren 6, I've decided to make another Shiren/Mystery Dungeon thread. What do you think? Does this news all but confim another new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? Will Shiren 6 live up to the old games like Tomie promised? Or will it be panned by hardcore fans like 3 was? Oh yeah, will Torneko make a return?
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I wonder why more people did not take advantage of the lack of good mystery dungeons on mobile before Shiren 5. The only thing that tried seemed to be Labyrinth of the Witch.
Probably because nobody wants to play on a phone, or at least they shouldn't
It plays surprisingly well, you should give it a try.
mobile market isn't as simple as just porting console/PC games to it and expecting profits
Ahh I didn't know it had concrete techincal issues like that. I've seen people float the idea of fan translating it I just assumed there wasn't enough interest and someone would get to it eventually. Dammit.

>we added this magic mirror so you can change your appearance mid game
>no you still can't change the appearance of hirings because you chuds will just make more white male characters and it is super important you play as our black hirlings
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It's probably for technical reasons as some hirelings have unique body types. The mod that allows you to change their appearance is buggy because of that.
you just described the entire republican party
That's every political party.
And textures, animations, and similar.
why would we need to make up shit when we have real shit like the communist governor of new mexico trying to ban guns via an executive order. or the communist governor of nj taking orders from out of state jews during covid to ban gun sales.

File: Untitled.jpg (19 KB, 285x160)
19 KB
Best Paper Mario Games Of All Time?
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sticker star really is a fascinatingly awful game
I think TTYD has better combat mechanics too, though there are mods that can back-port most of those to 64 now.
This, although broaden the gap between TTYD and Super by several dozen more.
>PM has the charm
>TTYD has the battle mechanic improvements
>SSP has the in-depth story
>SS exists
>CS has the OST
>TOK has the visuals and environmental design
Now if we chould just get all that in one game...
Black Pit

File: IMG_1470.jpg (414 KB, 1170x1062)
414 KB
414 KB JPG
please post screens, webms, or just autistic diagrams and speculation about dragons dogma 2.

is mystic knight gone bros? i honestly don’t think im sold on the 12 vocations theory, i think there will only be 8.
Mystic knight will be included.

File: Gigachad.png (400 KB, 800x922)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
>Be John Baldur
>Weird lady reveals she is part of a terrorist torture cult bent on engulfing the world in darkness? Yep, too dangerous to be left alive.
>Righteously struck down the vampire abomination who tricked me and wanted to slit my throat.
>A soldier of a genocidal race that sees me as an animal is stuck in a cage? Perfect time to get rid of her.
>Weird portal thing? Better ignore it, could be dangerous.
>Oh finally a hero of the people! Nevermind, he deals with demonic abominations. Gtfo of my camp.
>Help some nice Paladins of Tyr hunt down some demon scum, got a sick sword as thanks.
>Killed off the bear in the Goblin Fort, those gates seemed brittle, wouldn't want that beast to go on a rampage.
>Slaugtered all the goblin fort bosses, they all seem fucking insane.

John Baldur, captain of Withers' interdimansional mercenary corps, at your service. Saving the Sword Coast one dead psycho at a time.
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I saved him as neutral and waded through 43 different convo choices to tell him I dont want him to join me, he ended up appering middle of my camp at the end of chapter anyway. I cant believe how much trash as a rpg this game is.
I can almost see the how utter gutter trash devs are who wrote this, as they only know social interractions on a basis of being a spineless nerd and taking abuse and bullying. Doing anything else has no script written for it.

See ie; ran into Jaheira. Despite Mol, other kids, her men Ive saved and 5 gorillion people behind her vouching for me Im railroaded to answer her bitchy bullying hostility of "I dont buy it, why arent you true soul?" into 1. Show her the artifact and 2. Fight. Well choosing fight threw me into a supposedly impossible fight which I won, and game just broke.
>My companions who obliterated J a second ago plus a town immediately goes to dialogue saying "wow its big J I am so excited to talk to her lets go talk"
>10 steps ahead, people at the inn chattering "we got J and true soul dude at our side, we got this!" immediately start attacking me when I walk in
>the kids I saved bugged out spamming 16 "help me" messages per second covering the entire screen while glitching
>The deep gnome I saved twice and is staying at my camp following me travelling to moonrise is inside the inn ahead of me for some reason, draws a pickaxe and starts attacking me
>Half the people I saved in ch1 is there and start attacking me
>regiment of flaming fists in the next room I helped before immediately attack me. Even the comatose dude sleeping on the bed attacks
>advisor watches me butcher the entire inn and her soldiers, asks me hows it going with her mission she gave me
>immediately interrupted out of dialogue by isobel running into the room to attack me and get obliterated in one turn
>suddenly cutscene: isobels corpse teleported outside and is taken by someone and winged away while my suprised party runs after them

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You can't butcher the most retarded system in existence
>and BG3 doesn't even have one
Good, I didn't think about it but it counts as a quality of the game.
That’s the point at which I stop playing every time
There are quite a few books scattered about that talk about the paladin’s of Tyr the true ones and the fake ones
DM: "But thou must!"

File: IMG_3959.jpg (42 KB, 800x534)
42 KB
Okay so we all know the Trails series is good but meme-able to all fucking hell. I have experience in modding games so I figure “hey what’s the dumbest thing to do to Reverie”? Replace as many characters as Rean as I can and replace lines with “Haha…”. No joke, after a few days I’m in over my head. Falcom’s coding is a complete fucking mess and dialogue stored isn’t organized. Simple model replacements result in stretched ugly Reans. Anyone have experience modding Trails games have advice?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Aside from costume mods, I’m in over my head. Falcom’s messy coding is something I can’t fix.
I meant for autism.
Congrats to /fg/ for their completion of the Kuro 2 patch!
>Okay so we all know the Trails series is good
File: IMG_3955.jpg (195 KB, 1008x1000)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
I am what I am. Also nice trips bro.

File: 1666636268417167.jpg (164 KB, 600x900)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Is it me or Rogue Trader doesn't really work well as standard-fare CRPG given the player character's status? You aren't some schmuck and every time I met NPCs in the first solar system the only logical dialogue option was "Werserian, tell this faggot who he's dealing with before we blast him for such disrespect and rudeness." Taking quests like "have you seen this literally who man on another planet" from nobodies doesn't make sense either because you aren't some interplanetary bellboy. I could look the other way in Kingmaker because you were just a random adventurer tricked into a role of Baron. I still could look the other way in WotR because you were a nobody who rose to military power and were dealing with more or less local conflict. But here you're at the helm of a ship with thousands people on board, traveling across vast space. It doesn't make much sense.
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File: 1628960659880.png (773 KB, 1651x1227)
773 KB
773 KB PNG
what games are we playing while waiting for Rogue Trader? I'm going thorugh Trails from Azure myself
Thinking of Temple of Elemental Evil. Last time I played it I was like 12? And got filtered hard. Gotta rectify that shit.
I'm on Cold Steel 2. I will end up playing Kiseki games at the same time as other games for a while desu because I like taking them slow.
Besides that, I have been playing Kingmaker slowly too. (I only played Wrath before this.)
Wrath and Kingmaker.

File: 1680113671005.png (1.32 MB, 1804x1177)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Why are Action RPGs so much more fun and exciting than cRPGs?
39 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>t. casual n00b moviegamer
you would shit your pants playing anything made before 2011 and had your mind blown that you could both think and play a video game at the same time as you spent dozens of hours holding up shield, circle strafing, and bait punishing
>circle strafes with ALT + arrow keys
Heh nothing personal kid
>t. sits around and farts while watching his CRPG play itself
>Why is an exciting action adventure where I get badass powers and weapons as I play more fun than the platonic ideal of boredom transmuted into software form?
Gee OP, I'm not sure.

File: 700px-MqE11107P.jpg (57 KB, 700x411)
57 KB
Imagine getting anally raped to the point your anus bleeds in a video game haha
265 replies and 51 images omitted. Click here to view.
>We have degenerates making up the majority of the community, more preoccupied on shipping, and doing fan arts
As if people weren't doing that with the first game already.
>Gay sex simulator attracts degenerates
Woah thats crazy...
>I don't think in the 40s they had modern identity vocabulary
I don't think in the 40s they had people calling others "chad" but I guess consistency has never been his strong point
They did in the 30s (see: Magnus hirschfeld and his “institute” in Berlin), but then the Germans kicked them out. Then, after the war, they all came here.
>Mechnically it plays like any other RPG
Eeh, it's built out of the RPG maker system, but I wouldn't say that it plays like other RPGs. It's superficially like them, but it's a lot more focused on out of combat prep and and strategy.
There's no levels and you can only get new skills and equipment through world exploration. Battles are massively disincentivized since they're more often a resource drain and risk to life & limb (literally).
It's a survival horror rougelike masquerading as an RPG

File: trio3.jpg (159 KB, 915x300)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Or is it just hype from nostalgiafags?
229 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
>no stop talking about things I don't want to talk about >:C
go suck two dicks
You trannies and your exaggerations. Thanks for propping up obvious shitposts and making this board an echo chamber of insencier faggots.
>If I don't make an argument I can't lose the argument!

Not sure how you think you are disagreeing. Western jrpg just clarifies for tards who get confused. You only qualify when necessary then move the fuck on with your life
The latter.

File: Ellen.jpg (81 KB, 623x829)
81 KB
I hate her stupid witch bitch deserves all the suffering!

Post the best party members who are children.

My vote goes to Eiko (6), one of the best white mages in the FF series, outclassing Dagger in healing ability and having far more useful summons including Carbuncle and Phoenix.
Aht in Radiant Historia. Even for fighst where traps do not work, her heals +15 attack move for combos piles shit up
Yeah I made the mistake of bringing her into the final boss which takes up all enemy slots, she was relegated to potion duty.
File: Tita SC.png (314 KB, 1024x1024)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
Tita Russel from Trails in the Sky. Uses a cannon. In later games she gets a mech but she's a teenager by then.

Tuta from Suikoden 2. Little doctor's apprentice. Is a grown adult in Suikoden 3.

File: c.jpg (125 KB, 801x1024)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
ot: spm will never recover
Depends on who's heading up the TTYD remake: If it's Tanabe, then maybe he'll learn some things from this.
If it's somebody else, then it's a sign that whatever comes next might be fresh and not have radical ideas like "we can use money instead of EXP".
But we just don't know
is it a rpg?
Money instead of exp is fine. The problem was that the average random encounter cost way more than it rewarded so you were actively hurting yourself by not running from every fight.

File: 1674400088193871.jpg (115 KB, 1280x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Best RPG quest bar none
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>cheating the gods
Don't you have a bank to manage, Moshe?
It's one of the best. It's clever mechanically and only really works in a game like Morrowind with such a robust travel system and game world. It's only problem I'd say is if you choose the option where you donate to that shrine that lets you levitate for 40 minutes and just fly there (an obvious choice as it's right outside of the temple where you get the quest) you have to deal with a million cliff racers unless you fly so high that they don't even render.
Wtf are you talking about? He has above average stamina the whole time.
>Tribunal Temple

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