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File: night city.jpg (299 KB, 2560x1440)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
I really liked Cyberpunk 2077, can anyone recommend me similar RPGs? I've already played:
>Deus Ex
>Deus Ex:Human Revolution
>Mass Effect
>Mass Effect 2
>Star Wars:KOTOR
Are the really so little sci-fi RPGs out there?
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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Wasteland 2 and 3
Alpha Protocol
Will give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.
I've played all of those.
File: dex.jpg (568 KB, 1920x1080)
568 KB
568 KB JPG
Dex is pretty cool. It usually goes on sale for dirt cheap (like $1). It's not terribly long, a bit rough around the edges but well worth that price.
Omikron: The Nomad Soul is also worth a rec. It's such a bizarre adventure game that doesn't know what genre it wants to be, but the setting and atmosphere is very cool.

Clunky is very much how I would describe it. I'm playing it now for the first time on my steamdeck and while I appreciate the writing and humor (which is superb) the combat is slow, and I've mostly been backtracking through the same areas for several hours. I've had to resort to walkthroughs occasionally, and there is a lot of easily miss-able stuff. It is a very interesting experience though.
I think i got this game free on GOG. Had no idea that it was an RPG.

File: 193038452709838.jpg (88 KB, 620x465)
88 KB
Amazon is giving away this shit right now. Is it worth playing?
goddamn another morrowind thread, but yeah
Yes. It is my favorite of the Elder Scrolls games.
Not if you like rpgs
yes if you like... uhm... I guess if you like painfully slow walking sims AND you don't mind horribly ugly graphics? you can walk around empty landscapes, look at repeating textures on the ground and listen to the same 12 2 minute tracks on repeat..?
Don't play it, you will get filtered and get severe schizophrenia like this >>2938612 faggot. Double that when you falseflag as the gypsy schizo.

You have to work your way into something janky but easy first like Deus Ex.
File: 1662705867568.jpg (3.13 MB, 6262x4827)
3.13 MB
3.13 MB JPG

File: 1674972779519.png (56 KB, 250x250)
56 KB
Why is she so strict?
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Wasnt she dying of a disease?
Not gonna lie. I thought this was a dude back when I played it.
File: alys.jpg (128 KB, 676x973)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
i take it you eventually learned what tits are?
Nonsense. He’s going to build a utopian society after purging the ignorant masses living in idleness.
To be honest it looks like plated amour under the jacket.

Not as good at the first one but still pretty fun
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Thank you. Grandia threads always feel like fanboy wankery, but although the combat system is kino, all Grandias are very mediocre production wise. Grandia 1 being the cut-out kids fantasy doesn't really make it good, much rather generic.
St. Heim is definitely where the story starts to come apart at the seams.
I notice Elena as a character gets a lot of unnecessary shit, with the choice she makes at that point of the game (later revealed to be her suicide mission) being cited as at least one of the reasons. Except, for her, for her character, knowing what she knows, the choice makes perfect sense.
The REAL shit should be flung at Ryudo, who straight up knows once the Granasaber is obtained, that it's going to be used to destroy Millenia, as he even tells her exactly that. "We're going to use it to stab evil people". But not once between the first St. Heim visit and returning with the Granasaber does he ever question how the sword is going to be used and if it will hurt Elena in the process. Even when Zera gives him the vaguest explanation of the "Granasaber will restore some of Granas's power", Ryudo is more interested in learning who's going to actually own the Granasaber when it's found.
So this major plotline essentially rests on Ryudo conveniently not thinking very hard at all, about a question he is already stated to know the answer to.
For me, it's the spirit of adventure and exploring a lost ancient highly advanced civilization.
II's story is so shit and Ryudo's character becomes boring as fuck
game crashed so many times on steam I had to ragequit.

File: 1666907973103982.jpg (70 KB, 585x502)
70 KB
When was the last time you've seen an RPG let you play a druid?
Legit must've been like the 90s with might and magic
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Are you Jewish?
It really doesn't need more bloat
There's 5 morr dlcs planned
4 actually
What the fuck is this
Google shows nothing for heroes of might and magic 10
Hell there wasn't even a 9, wtf are you talking about

File: 1665909211317574.png (257 KB, 602x633)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
Is realis a meaningful way to measure a game's quality?
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Is this real?
>expecting the developers to implement features that allow for complex and realistic combat
Bullshit. It's just a matter of tweaking values. Requiem makes damage and armor in Skyrim actually make sense - a warhammer power attack to the face without a helmet WILL instakill you, an arrow to the gut of an unarmoured merchant WILL bring him down to critical health, etc.
Varg is right, damage sponge gameplay is simply bad and lazy design. It should be reserved for enemies that make sense to be damage sponges, and in so doing, it becomes a sensical part of gameplay and something to keep in mind as a trait of certain enemies.
Fallout was never good, it was a poor quality clone of Wasteland.
Why is his daughter not famous?

File: 1673948571668315.png (770 KB, 936x861)
770 KB
770 KB PNG
>there is a thread on this board right now where some schizo is telling people stealth in morrowind works perfectly and they just need to "git gud"
Why do morrowind fans just lie about their game like that? I don't even have the energy to argue with him, it's so blatantly not true. The stealth in that game just doesn't functuion, it's horrible.

Even if it worked as intended, I ha no idea what the intention was supposed to be. You get a quest like "go steal from this guy" and he just stands in the room 24/7 looking directly at the item you're supposed to get.
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The gameplay is the best part of Morrowind.
Part of engaging in something you like is engaging with anons or ideas that dislike said thing as well. You can leave if you don’t like it
Pretty much this. I made a ring that gives 100 chameleon for 24 seconds and that was the only way I could stealth. I'm a morrowind fanboy if that's relevant.
Stealth is shit but you can still steal shit with it regularly and get sneak attacks at range and actually sneak past things provided you aren't very close. It's a shit mechanic but it's not literally broken to the point of being non-functional like some people insist. It mostly sucks if you get a quest to grab an item and it's right in front of an NPC that never moves.
The threshold for stealing something from one's inventory is like 70 or something stupid high like that (you start at 15)

File: FF Brave Exodia.jpg (1.31 MB, 2400x1080)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
Anyone here tried Final Fantasy Brave Exvius?
Is it good like the other Final Fantasies for the consoles like FF13?
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Its more similar to FF12 than FF13.
Still not as bad as Genshin that needs 7 copies of a character and 5 copies of their signature weapon to reach their full strenght.
That's straight up criminal. I don't understand why gachacucks deal with that shit.
Yeah its brutal for genshin players.
I heard it costs like 1.5k$ to C6R5 a character.

File: Arknights 300k.jpg (511 KB, 2048x1152)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
A friend reccomended me this game so im thinking about trying it.
Is it good?
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Ok, say it again but in English, please.
I don't understand your barbarian American Internet speak.
If you're not paying, you'll be grinding, nothing new here. Basically, sooner or later you'll hit a roadblock and will be stuck upgrading your operators for like 2-3 weeks - this will look like you logging in, autoplaying the material map, autoplaying (and often autofailing) survivor maps, grabbing dailies, MAYBE doing special event battles (and getting roadblocked there cause they can get ridiculosly hard) and then trying to do chip maps. If you can autoplay these, start the grind there. If you can't, spend more weeks grinding offcast and trying new tactics.

What's good is that the grind is tangible - you're not playing just to get another roll, you upgrade your cast, unlock their alternative implementations (the day I discovered Angelina can be not only a weak poker with slow effect but a devastating nuke was rather amusing) and even earn some biography pieces or inner thoughts with trust system. You're always going somewhere.

There is also the lack of having to roll identical pulls to upgrade units - one pull is enough to start maxing the char.
Arknights (Chinese: 明日方舟; pinyin: Míngrì Fāngzhōu; lit. 'Ark of Tomorrow') is a free-to-play tactical RPG/tower defense mobile game developed by Chinese developer Hypergryph.
Nights means Tommorow in chinesse?
Thats dumb.
Tommorow starts in the morning.
It's not. Any person with an IQ above 110 can tell it's a tower defense game with very light RPG elements. KYS tranny chink shill.

Ruby edition
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29 year old women look like THAT?
File: ruby confused.jpg (29 KB, 341x339)
29 KB
Ruby is cute when shes confused.(and cute when she isnt too!)
Tranny thread.

File: VisasMarr.jpg (13 KB, 250x330)
13 KB
Happy fri-yay fellow wage slaves!
It's finally the weekend, time to relax and forget the office bullshit, what game are you smoking a bowl or having a drink and playing to forget the week?

For me, it's kotor2 and some weed.
Great shit so far, just met visas, her introduction was odd, felt really random. The grey Jedi shit so far is really interesting.
Is this you, OP?
What are you trying to slide off the catalogue?
You made 4 threads in the last 5 minutes.
I am actually confused, this thread is genuine, I just got off work for the week and started playing kotor 2 and wanted to talk about it
Again, I don't know anything, I'm sorry
I'm stuck as Mira, is there any way to heal as her?

File: 1596327417860.jpg (41 KB, 600x338)
41 KB
He's still lookin' good
Eatin' those Subway sandwiches
His name is Jared and he's still lookin' South Park RPG thread
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 138553948.jpg (27 KB, 500x500)
27 KB
Now you can give kids aids
It's pretty alright. Feels like Paper Mario gameplay wise.

Hope you like fart jokes though, there's a lot of farting (you have fart based powers). Probably my least favorite part about it and fractured but whole.
I was surprised by how much darker FBW was. Like South Park is pretty cynical in general, but all the adults were basically their worst selves.
Best song

File: 8gpjcvfziar51.jpg (788 KB, 1920x1080)
788 KB
788 KB JPG
How big you think the full game will be? The underdark isn't included in the world map.
113 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
>act 1 of D:OS1 is about 10-15 hours
>game ends up being about 70 hours

>act 1 of D:OS2 is about 10-15 hours
>games ends up being about 70 hours

>act 1 of BG3 is about 10-15 hours
>game ends up being....????

lmao owlcucks absolutely mindbroken by how shitty their Pathfinder games are.
Not the anon you're replying to but Pathfinder:Kingmaker is worth playing IMO. It is not as good as Divinity:Original Sin 2 or Baldur's Gate 3 but it is not a bad game either. Pathfinder:Wrath of The Righteous on the other hand i can't recommend. For me personally it is not a well thought out game and really kills a lot of the build creativity that Kingmaker gives you. If you like fantasy RPGs and have nothing else to play you should try Kingmaker and skip WotR.
I put 60 hours into Kingmaker when it first launched and because of a critical bug from a quest that I finished 10 hours in, my progress was completely bricked and I could not beat the game.
Nothing you say can convince me to ever give Owlcat games another chance.
>try Kingmaker and skip WotR
first time i've ever heard this
damn that fucking sucks
the absolute state of owlcat
I understand. I am a bit more forgiving. I personally got the spider swarm bug 10 times and still kept playing the game. If you still own Kingmaker you should try playing it again and hopefully the bug you encountered has been removed. I personally am playing the BG3 early access right now and waiting for the Cyberpunk 2077 expansion and the full BG3 release.

I want to play RPG Maker games because they have become quite interesting and little known to the general public. I would like you to recommend me some, so I can start playing this type of games.
17 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Is it actually finished yet?
It's going to this month
File: PB.jpg (234 KB, 849x637)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
>I would like you to recommend me some
Paradise Blue
Is there a good one that just plays it plain and straight fantasy without any weird setting or gameplay gimmicks?
I want to play something like Final Fantasy 4/5/6 but also something I've never played before if that makes sense
File: terry.jpg (5 KB, 168x94)
5 KB
Lisa the Painful is my favorite rpg of all time

*Stomps on all battle themes*
39 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
this game had so many amazing musics.
i love lufia 2's ost so much
Yeah, sure, kid.

File: index.jpg (16 KB, 266x189)
16 KB

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