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File: header.jpg (49 KB, 460x215)
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What am I in for?

Upcoming RPG's you're excited for?
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I dont think I'll ever buy another TES game again. It's always the same overhyped janky trash that they refuse to fix
100% correct
You dare speak of such blasphemy in the domain of Godd Howard? Perish in hellfire.
I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised by something unexpected. Otherwise I have plenty of RPGs on my backlog.

File: caster str.png (1.03 MB, 662x733)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
How to get better at learning RPGs' systems? I find myself getting stuck at games or simply feeling overwhelmed by trying to learn, and it sucks. Especially in Pathfinder WotR and Underrail lately, but even when it comes to Action RPGs like Nioh or Souls, I rely purely on the action game mechanics, which makes the game like 10 times more difficult.
I've never played a tabletop rpg, so I'm thinking of going back to simpler games like Pokemon or DQXI and writing out the rules, etc. Sort of trying to translate it into a Tabletop RPG version. I don't just want to do it because I wanna git gud at RPGs in general, I also want to do it as a game design exercise.
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Do you have a 3DS,OP? Or just emulate through Citra but I can't guarantee how it works. There's an JRPG with a tabletop approach titled Crimson Shroud. It's a 6~8 hour game with some streamlined approach to a more WRPG function. There are no stat allocation as well, only level and equipment affect your 3 pre-established characters.
>care to elaborate? I'm definitely curious. I still haven't played any of the DQ games.
parse through the beginning and end of this garbage at your leasure, specifically the resistance table and then the bestiary toward the end. thankfully the newer games past this have greatly simplified resistances, but theres still dumb shit in 11 like how crit works.

The greatsword tree in that game has nodes specifically dedicated to increasing crit chance but none of the greatsword skills are actually allowed to crit. In general you can get to maybe 8-10% base crit chance but there's exactly 2 things in the game that apply crit at its full value: basic attacks and the dark spell line that is limited to one character. Everything else in the game that can crit does so at either 1/2 or 1/4th value.
The key to Pathfinder multiclassing is to look at the class you're starting with, then look at the capstone abilities and go backwards in levels until you see something you absolutely want. That gives you the number of levels you can play with. Then you look at the first 1-4 levels of other classes and see if it gives you something useful.
Effectively, this is how dipping works. What you can give up, in exchange for what you can get. After that, it's just a matter of figuring out when you need what.
just play pathfinder jesus it's not hard
If you want to play a thing that's trying it's hardest to be a simulation of an RPG, just go and find some people to play the actual RPG with
I don't have a 3DS, but I can give emulation a shot. Hopefully it'll work, because I'm definitely happy to try any RPGs that are 6-8 hours long. It's a pretty small time commitment.
thanks m8. Whelp, I did not think DQ would have that many rules wtf. Makes me wonder if I'm also wrong about Pokemon. I only played gen 1, and this was when I was like 10 years old so I only remember it being pretty much a rock-papers-scissors dance of pokemon types.
I haven't booted up the game in a while. Maybe it's time to take a look. But I remember I kinda wanted a gish that used a greatsword but didn't see any way to achieve this without completely gimping my character...
It's not about it being a simulation of an RPG though, it's about understanding vidya RPGs better.

File: 1652575889561[1].jpg (67 KB, 780x850)
67 KB
Why is this considered by the majority to be the greatest JRPG ever made?
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>it the best JRPG I ever played
You really should play more games.
>but instead of just namedropping those concepts like many other JRPGs do, they built the entire story around them
Xenogears is nothing but namedropping that shit and doing it wrong.
Imagine making your character a schizo and making his "id" a stoic mustache twirling villain who's more than capable of holding a normal conversation with somebody, you xenomidwits are so fucking pathetic, truly the testament to the nonexisting quality of that whole garbage franchise.
Xenogears has such a good story and terrible pace at the same time. For me the good shit is on disc 2, disc 1 drags a lot.
>Most people (rightfully) consider it to have the greatest story ever made
I’m on this camp, but in order to be the best JRPG you can’t take into account only the story, but the whole package. In that regard Chrono Trigger is probably the best. It’s tight, like an 80’s-early 90’s movie: short and polished.
Id wasn’t a moustache twirler, he was violent and unhinged, like an actual Id. Maybe play the game.

File: Wakka.jpg (23 KB, 640x324)
23 KB
Better dead than Al-Bhed
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Based Wakkka
It's really good, tho.
The teachings! What about the teachings?
>character class: Grand Wizard
>has the highest damage output of any FFX character, just by throwing a ball very fucking hard
>is intensely racist, but would still do anything for his friends so even leftists love him
>is voiced by john "I can only do one voice but still get VA jobs lol" dimaggio, allowing you to easily imagine Bender saying all of his lines for comedic effect
>has a 1:1 ginger version of the Chad haircut
>canonically breeds Lulu's toptier goth pussy
Are we still going to pretend Wakka isn't the best party member in any video game?

File: ayfkm.png (5 KB, 222x215)
5 KB
>"it gets good 10 hours in"
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>stories MUST be tedious
biggest retard in the thread and nobody called him out
Even in story heavy games, the first lengthy cutscene can be skipped without missing much. The characters will be repeating everything to each other and the world/environment will do a good enough job. It's mind boggling just how terrible the intro cutscenes have become.
Good from the start
>That's what I'll never get about people who love Persona 4 but admit that it isn't any good whatsoever until ten hours.
Some people tend to remember the highs of a piece of medium and let it affect their overall impression of something more than the low points. I myself am pretty tolerant of pacing issues but will mention bad pacing if I want to recommend something. A lot of JRPGs, especially modern ones, are all pretty bad pacingwise, Persona 4 is hardly unique in that regard. This is speaking as a jrpgfag that likes the medium a lot. Most of the ones that have a half-decent intro hook are either story-light or are doujin/indie.
File: phone_kid.jpg (5 KB, 276x183)
5 KB
>it gets good 0.15 seconds in

What's the best proficiency for both games? Is spear the most useless one? Or darts?
Spear has some okay stuff I think, but it's scarse. Darts are a meme.
Best for 2h: big sword, staff, halberd.
Best for 1h/dualwield: longswords, katanas, basterd swords, axes, flails, hammers.
Are there any good katanas in the 1st game?
There's none unless you play Tutu/EE iirc
1. Composite Longbows + Longswords
2. Flails & Morningstars, and then Axes.
Simple as.
Anyone has ever tried playing with less than 6 reputation?

File: 912038129381.jpg (15 KB, 360x225)
15 KB
What RPG allows you to kill the most amount of people with the decisions you make?

Well, spoiler alert, New Vegas with the Lonesome Road DLC allows you to launch nukes at nations, with the option to just fucking nuke both military factions in the game.
Pretty fuckin evil, but at least I opened up two new irradiated areas in the game.
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Mass Effect 3 lets you kill e everyone if I recall
>Kidnap both the western and southern hive queens
>Doom the entire world in the process
Obligatory Elden Ring post. Frenzied flame ending lets you turn the world into an ever-churning bonfire.
Depends on the species.
Space games probably let you kill the most numerically.
As a percentage, Arcanum probably is the most since depending on the ending you can kill 100% of all life . There are probably other games that let you do similar.

File: IMG_6736.jpg (33 KB, 223x356)
33 KB
Since we have a shit party member thread I figure this would also be a fun topic for debating.
I’ll start with Dogi. My reasons for picking him over Cruxie is that despite popular opinion on Ys Seven as a game saying Cruxie is better due to the damage boost, Dogi has much higher multipliers than her on all his moves and his EXTRA is the hardest hitting attack in the game.
Realistically tho, even if Dogi still outdamages her even without the attack boost, you should be using both for most bosses.
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File: cid.jpg (101 KB, 970x1000)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>What was that? You want this old man to break an already broken game?
his crafts have such a low delay he can attack like 4-5 times each turn
So hes like a proto rean?
and he hits hard
no rean slows his enemies down with cheap tricks
richard is just faster than them

I don't understand why I wouldn't just look up a build for any RPG/CRPG anymore. When I was younger it seemed fun to play around with making my own build but now it just feels like nonesense. Why not just copy what other people say if good?
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Minmax powergaming is the real onions.
I try not to but it always piss me off when they make some option garbage or just put an rp-tier stat in a game that's just combats
Why not just watch an lp/walkthrough?
>like I'm too soft/blue pilled/redditsoy if I don't.
You are because you do, though.
Older RPGs constantly have red herring abilities and stats that you wouldn't know suck ass until after playing. Modern ones are all pretty good at balancing by comparison. Some builds are weaker than others but a logical build around whatever you pick is going to be endgame worthy unlike something like Wasteland where if you didn't max INT on all characters you might as well restart the game

File: div.png (84 KB, 480x285)
84 KB
It's on sale. Should I buy?
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If this is the best they can do, then maybe crpg's deserve to die.
My friend could not give a single fuck about dialogue or more unless it involved his character saying something, and I'm an autist, probably was annoying for both of us lol
Me and my mate have played hundreds of hours of this game and eventually our playthroughs boiled down to who could make the most busted build and just style on every enemy and boss.

i found it extreamly fun, do take a gander at some builds tho they help alot sintee on youtube has some strong ones to folow easily.
kingmaker is better in every way
Besides the combat and being able to play with friends. Also DOS2 doesn't have bullshit like kingdom management or timed shit that can ruin your savefile causing you to start all over.
Pathfinder games are just for people who don't actually like playing video games and have no one to play tabletop with, they're autists whose only enjoyment in a 100+ hour slog is minmaxing builds and watching the game play itself.

File: 1623265541434.jpg (41 KB, 726x404)
41 KB
Every RPG should have a cute Altina companion that you can headpat.
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haha... nice
let the thread die
See in you in a week

File: 51NX7HEBR7L.jpg (32 KB, 367x475)
32 KB
characterisation reactivity. e.g. dolls, improv theatre, Party Quirks.

narrative, dialogue, exploration, puzzles. e.g. Monkey Island, Ace Attorney, Detroit.

stats go up, checks. e.g. Princess Maker, SimCity, The Sims, Football Manager.

martial planning. e.g. Chess, Civilization, Nintendo Wars.

combination of above. e.g. Baldur's Gate, Growlanser, Disco Elysium.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>already has 50 million autistic categories
>no this one will be too much
>we need less words to define things because autistic notrpgtards are functionally illiterate because combing words into new forms makes them irrationally angry

Why should I lower myself to their lack of expression?
It's not anything like the doll heads in your sock drawer where you have to categorize them into blonde, brunette and redhead. This isn't science where we need a dead language to quantify things, it's art that's evolving all the time.

>And you yourselves prove this by exclusively focusing on ARPG examples for those subgenres. You only care about the latest fads which are always action-based, instead of using pure CRPG examples to better illustrate genre distinctions. Basically the same logic that makes people think Souls games are pure RPGs or even dungeon-crawlers.
The only thing this proves is you have a tendency to be an angry Luddite about action games and the inevitable end result of RPG based games. The simulations will improve while people don't want to wait for dice rolls on simulated physics. I say that as someone that greatly enjoys all forms of turn based and tactical, and have since I was beating text MUDs and roguelikes in the 90's but since I can think moves ahead, I can also easily see where vidya is headed. Chess won't stop existing, but it won't pull the box office numbers that VR LaserWaifuTagChess will in the long run.
>calling HOMM any variation of an RPG just because it has stats
>putting Diablo, Borderlands, and Dark Souls into a same category
Trash post.
Shit, I didn't even notice
>putting Rogue, Etrian Odyssey, Darkest Dungeon into the same category
at first. Even worse. It's because of people like you that "dungeon-crawler" became a useless label.
>Bloodlines was always SJW
What else is new?
I hate how Americans categorize everything thus turning everything into cliches (ex: what people nowadays understand as “tropes”).

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (93 KB, 616x353)
93 KB
Will you be playing it day 1 in 2023? Or will you postpone it until definitive edition releases in 2024, and then postpone it yet again to let the community fix it with mods in 2025? Can you wait that long for your true BG3 experience, anon?
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File: FRdm221WYAIur6q.jpg (97 KB, 760x705)
97 KB
I enjoy BG and BGII and have played the early access of BGIII for 60 hours so far. It's a solid game. I'm enjoying it a lot, and after playing through BG lately I can see them tying the lore in via the environment and books etc....

Are the Larian haters weird conservative justice warriors or something? Divinity Original Sin games are pretty great and fit well with a DND setting.
File: 1652027060173.jpg (382 KB, 2307x2348)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
lmao I love how snowflakes can't enjoy anything because they are too butthurt. you retards just shot up a grocery store because ... black people buying groceries is a jewish conspiracy to make you transgender or something??? I'm sure it all sounds very smart in your head but to the rest of us you're a freak. please don't speak to us or our children
File: 1649979164390.jpg (60 KB, 300x320)
60 KB
>conservative ones, thats because the whole medium of entertainment is not seen as something worthy of value by conservatives or traditional folk.

Wow really strange that creative and intelligent people aren't jumping to cater to people who want the whole planet teraformed into a giant Cracker Barrel restaurant.
File: 1.png (555 KB, 696x392)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
>They hate him because he spoke the truth

So what rpg has the best battle/boss music? Don't care if jrpg or crpg, everything counts.
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Vocal song From SRW30(premium sound).

OMORI has a lot of great, varied boss music. The game itself has like 200 different tracks, which is twice as many as most FF games.
LOL, ignorant fool.
There are lots of good boss themes, but the best boss theme is from Rudra no Hihou, a game I only played for 15 minutes.

Rudra no Hihou - Spirit Chaser

It was written by the same guy who wrote this. He didn't really go on to do much else.

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