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File: vyce.png (51 KB, 243x116)
51 KB
>You're gonna kill the civilians? NO, THAT'S WRONG, I HATE YOU FOREVER NOW
>You're not gonna kill the civilians? FUCK YOU PUSSY I HATE YOU FOREVER NOW
What the fuck was his fucking problem.
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Neutral feels like a filler route. Its main saving grace is Leonar being a mentor bro to Denam (moreso than Chapter 1 because he's not about to set you up for that route split), but then Catiua ruins that.
>but then Catiua ruins that.
It's still silly how he dies like that.
And his range grows if he's higher up since he's using a bow, and flying characters ignore the usual terrain penalties for climbing.
Canopus-less runs are really hard at the beginning.
It really does feel like they only killed him off to keep the Neutral route consistent with the Law and Chaos routes in Chapter 4.
I thought it was cool. He's set up to be your rival no matter what. You know what isn't cool? Murdering a bunch of old war weary civvies for something as stupid as morale and the history books. FUCK LAW ROUTE. This world is nothing without our humanity we become no different than animals when we stop seeing value in the lives of others. Also you get a harem of sisters. Dare I say uh based

>Smacks lips together and throws self at eldritch zombies for a millennium
Lemme get dis strait...
>Brings back the Red Eye for a bit
Are you'z sayin that
>Starts killing Shades
We wuz sumkinda...
>Kills Shadowlord, dooming humanity
>Relapses and gets into a proxy war with aliens using some magic kid and androids that lasts for thousands of years
Honestly what the hell were they supposed to do against most of those Shades? It's not like all of them were exactly friendly, and they couldn't understand them either. It was a doomed situation.
That was the point

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Cause nobody wants to play that mobile game-looking pile of crap.
If they're both modded, then sure. You can emulate the entire series just fine.
Except Dawn of Mana, but it's not even an ARPG and it's terrible, so it's probably not very high in your priority list.
>mobile game-looking
It's not looking, it is mobile crap.
Not like the Secret remake was much better.
Re-redo this remake, it just looks absolutely hideous and I'd much rather play the original Gameboy game. Sword of Mana is also a decent remake.

File: GraceBernelli.png (176 KB, 343x535)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
As far as MMORPGs go, this was basically the only one I played, and it had a gameplay element I have yet to play in anything else, MMO or just regular

>Setting: You are colonizers, and you are building your own family by recruiting characters into it.
>Music: Renaissance × Synth -- Very Kino. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrPb_QX-eyM
>Graphics ( For its time ~2005 )
>Character Design -- While static, the costumes were pretty awesome and really showcased European fashion with the obvious sexy flair you would expect from the industry. They made sense too for the most part, where wizard ladies for example would be wearing very elegant dresses, given they are obviously not fighting hand to hand combat.
>Mechanic: You chose 3 members of your "family" to play at a time, to tackle different bosses, scenarios, etc. Not too dissimilar to what you would be doing in ff6
>Decent AFKing: Game allowed you to play AFKIII
>Missions and Raids were very fun.
>Clan wars was very fun as well
>Challenging ways to cheese the game kind of appealed to me. I played 3 muskuteers. Would place two in a kneeling position while I had another running around. The cheese is that the kneel stance is the only one as far as I know that forced a character not to move. I could cheese certain bosses to hence lock them out of a room while they shot through the walls
>Landscapes were cool


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File: qwe_download.jpg (47 KB, 474x355)
47 KB
Just for fun, and I'm a Dev so you never know what the future holds, but I have been thinking the best way to redo this game would be to divide it up into expeditions, say 1 week IRL, where all players choose their starting party, and then play through to see if they can make it to the end, and then bank whoever survives to be used in clan wars or whatever.
I find that one bad thing about MMOs is that you will not find players in beginner dungeons after awhile, as they have all graduated. This makes it pretty lonely for new players. IF you however did expeditions, then it would be a constant race from the beginning for all involved.

So many of the assets here are still usable too. Look at the detail on these houses here. Its architectually accurate too. Just absolutely wonderful.
I played this MMO only a little bit ages ago, but I remember it having absolutely amazing OST.
>amazing ost
There are a few examples in this thread already. I'd also add Siren's Scent and Voyage to You
See >>1366990

File: dai.jpg (94 KB, 616x353)
94 KB
I remember the side content being trash, but the main story was cool and was thinking about replaying it. Is it the DLC an improvement? Any mods that make it better?
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DA:2 is actually a good game, straight up. People think it's the worst because it was such a radical departure from origins, that fans were left wondering what the fuck was going on. By the time Inquisition came along, most people had accepted that the gameplay and aesthetics of Origins wasn't going to come back and that Dragon Age had been effectively "corporatized" to appeal to a larger audience. So, they give Inquisition a better break.

On it own, DA2s only serious flaws is that

1) they made nearly all the romances feel cheap because every companion was a flaming bisexual.

2) When you first play through it, the narrative strands are all difficult to follow together because you don't really know what the focus of the story is going to be. So you get left feeling like shit came out of nowhere. On a second playthrough, the you notice the details better and the narrative strands do come together more cohesively.

3) Fuck Anders
play origins for a good story and characters game. The lore of this game shat all over Origins
Why the fuck was the combat slowed down so much in DAI compared to 2? The combat was like the one saving grace for me in 2.
DragonAge might be the ugliest fucking fantasy setting I have ever seen.
Based. Human/Dwarf noble are the two best routes in DAO. I hated DAI but the Soleass/female elf MC romance was kino

File: top_visual.png (1.05 MB, 859x757)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
What Monster Collecting or Raising games do you plan on playing?
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Is the PSX compilation of Dragon Quest Monsters 1 and 2 worth playing? What are the differences from the original?
Why not just play the 3DS remakes?
File: 20190925125801_1.jpg (353 KB, 1920x1080)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
How is Tao's adventure? I really enjoyed Azure Dreams.
Not as good as Azure Dreams, from what I've heard. Haven't played it myself.

File: 1524297831186.jpg (503 KB, 1920x2716)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
ITT: discuss elves and particularly RPGs with elves you like and have played.
I'll post a list of games with playable elves below
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That's what I said...
File: 1546621271309.jpg (208 KB, 973x973)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
you'd think an elf RPG would take advantage of their traditionally long life spans and take place over centuries, maybe have some management aspect to justify the large timespan without having a hilariously long game and gameplay that rewards careful long-term planning so the player embraces that elf mindset
I want to play a game where you play as an elf and a dragon growing up together going through thick and thin over the centuries, sticking with each other come tragedy or disaster. It would not just show how they both grow older but how the world changes around them as time passes. Mortal realms rise and fall but they will stay together.
indeed, probably the best way to do an RPG that actually captures the elf experience.
Also offers some interesting new types of interactions not normally seen, like meeting the great grandchildren or characters from the early part of the game in the middle or late part or having relationships with members of less long-lived races that span their entire lives even though it's a relatively minor part of the game.
File: 1368581778062.jpg (579 KB, 1000x1000)
579 KB
579 KB JPG
That's more of a /tg/ thing, but when I'm at some point done with my current homebrew rpg's, I want to work on a ttrpg where every player is an elf and the campaign takes place over the course of several centuries. Leveling up, acquiring new skills is mostly done in the decades between adventures. A player decides what profession he will train himself in for the next years, if he goes to the military, studies magic, travels certain places, or maybe just chills, gets the appropriate skills and then the player characters come together again to do adventures and whatever the campaign itself is about. During that time, the world can develop based or not based on the players previous actions.
I also need to decide on a dice system that can do ever increasing skill levels and powers well. Maybe d100. The player characters should become extremely powerful after centuries of adventuring and training.

File: rdl.jpg (423 KB, 1920x1080)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
Do you enjoy puzzles in RPGs?
Puzzles are mostly boring and feel like they are only put into games as time-filler or because the developers feel like they should change things up after hours of dialogue and combat. I would be happy to continue playing the fun parts of the game and forget about puzzles altogether. Plus they are too easy to cheat on with the internet.
File: DSMSP.jpg (135 KB, 1280x720)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Sometimes puzzles will just waste your time. Many people despaired at the mosaic slide puzzle in Drakensang.
My favorite is when they prove >>1370388 correct by shoving in a puzzle that is either a riddle they found when they googled 'riddles', or a round of mancala or sudoku or something similar
>Plus they are too easy to cheat on with the internet
not if they're dynamic: computer generates a different puzzle each playthrough.
I hated this thing.
I think the symbols were on a floor of that big room with destroyed balconies? Can't remember.

So... this is the power of the luminary...
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In Act 3, when the Luminarie's father vision triggered again at the Warrior's Rest Inn I though it was a bug because I already sent that poor bastard to heaven before the time reset. Forcing the player to do it again was retarded since the cutscenes play pretty much the same.
Not really, since it was just a postgame thing that wasn't as long or fleshed out as the main story, all the character development events got quickly and awkwardly dealt with if they happened at all, and the whole thing felt less impactful than the original timeline

For that matter the second act didn't feel that well done either, the start of it is great and atmospheric and really sells that shit is fucked and people are barely hanging on, but as soon as you leave Heliodor the rest of the world feels like they're doing just fine and carrying on as normal and most of the other towns barely even changed at all
Anon, you don't do that event till act 2
I didn’t mind it, the only problem I have with it is the silent main character going to sleep in the castle of the guy he knows is the big bad evil. I guess it sure is lucky he woke up before he got murdered.

File: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.png (56 KB, 166x205)
56 KB
>a million new interesting RPGs on Steam
>all of them early access
Name a DOZEN.
I'm not doubting you i really want to see them
There's a million old interesting RPGs everywhere. Play them and wait for final release.
name 1
>new and interesting
>early access
pick one
early access is just for shit games people pretend will get good one day

File: secret of mana.jpg (38 KB, 474x266)
38 KB
Boomers keep saying this game is some sort of fucking masterpiece. I doubted it was but gave it a try nonetheless. I was, of course, proven right. The party AI in this game is fucking abysmal, just terrible. It ruins the whole experience. I stopped playing when I get to the fire tiger boss. Unfun, shit game. I will say the music and graphics are pretty good though
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1613996265680.jpg (115 KB, 500x440)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>I stopped playing when I get to the fire tiger boss
Filtered by an easy early game boss, the absolute state of this board.
The game is barely ok by today's standards, especially if you didn't play it back then and have nostalgia for it, it's just that at the time a fully co-op action RPG was unheard of and unique
File: tigrou.jpg (16 KB, 259x194)
16 KB
> AI party

That's because you're supposed to play it with other people

>stopped playing when I get to the fire tiger boss

Yeah, that's called being filtered. This boss should be emulated, actually, since it's been such an effective noob filter for so long. Amazing he's still doing work nowadays. Based tiger.
It's better but it's still not great.
>blah blah blah
>contrarian strawman
>validate me
kill yourself, child.

File: lolwtf.jpg (106 KB, 1008x631)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Are you fucking kidding me? This is fuckin robbery
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File: Capture.png (1.9 MB, 1901x941)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
Yeah it doesn't list that price for me

OP is Canuck.
No I live in America wtf
Are you masking your IP address with a VPN?
No i was just in incog, but anyways i just checked again and its 59.99, super strange

File: 20210223034859_1.jpg (479 KB, 1920x1080)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
Cat spam edition
12 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Think I lost steam halfway through Way of the Wise, the gear grind to try to get the graces I want is just annoying, I wish you could still forge this shit as long as you're ok with no star skills or something
Anyone willing to come help me beat Otakemaru in DotD?
>grinding wotw graces at this point
Because I'm doing a primarily onmyo damage focused build so Tsukuyomi+Genmei set is my BiS
nigga just speedrun to wotn and run omoikane and austerity+

File: xl4r17gunji61.png (237 KB, 334x483)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
What will Sage's AF gear look like?
502 replies and 96 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 394.png (1.45 MB, 1211x1015)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
I was dead certain she was in on the "Before the Dawn" frame up, along with Momodi. Granted, I think I spent the entirety of ARR expecting someone from the Scions to turn on us, especially after the Waking Sands bloodbath.
The Shituber, not the character.
As a BTN main I need this

This is quite literally antifa-ntasy and it has a LOT of typos on top of it. Feels really amateurish. Is Hong Kong any better?
175 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
You don't need dodge at all, and decking and rigging aren't really made to be done together. I also don't think the game really requires a street sam type to have both ranged and melee skills, but they do have it a bit harder between body and combat skills, though that is more of an early game problem as you get more than enough karma as the game goes on
File: wwerw.jpg (81 KB, 949x605)
81 KB
Absolutely this. These games made sense in the 90s and were cool then because the establishment was an easier target and not as powerful. Now that the establishment encourages rioting (as long as it is only against where regular people live and work in 99% zones and not their actual holdings in deep finance and the capitol) the setting doesn't make sense anymore unless you are dumb enough to buy into corporate propaganda.
I remember playing Returns with pure melee samurai human. Not counting the late late game it was smooth sailing. The AP damage on crit stunlocking the enemy was hilarious.
Fuck the last mission. People talk about slog missions in rpgs but Dragonfall has the biggest one, who the hell thought trudging through a basement to get back to the story was a good idea?
I didn't have any issue with that one personally. The only mission in any of these games that I really hated was probably just the bug one at the end of Dead Man's Switch

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