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File: Paula_clay.png (737 KB, 744x1199)
737 KB
737 KB PNG
I love Paula. She's the fastest, strongest and most consistently useful Earthbound party member.
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Seems legit.
good post
Lipstick? Isn't she like 10 or 11? What a tart.
File: Paula_and_Poo.png (851 KB, 1200x675)
851 KB
851 KB PNG
This young girl may wear lipstick, but she also has gorilla arms that could rip a grown man in two.
Because she's still a little girl who's scared of what's happening. The translation screwed that part by trying to turn her into a tomboy since she's canonically locked in their for at least a week based on how many unique messages she can send to Ness when you stay in a hotel but still says "I was just about to bust myself out".

File: etrian odyssey nexus.jpg (2 MB, 2005x1872)
2 MB
Your progress / your current thoughts / etc.
Just a thread to chill.
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I'm replaying Kingdom Hearts 1 but Im too fucking shit to beat Ansem after the Darkside fight and it's dricing me nuts.

And Im also almost done Project X Zone 2. I love dumb crossovers. I might play SRWV next.

Go back to the colosseum and grind out the titans for a bit. Put your favourite playlist/album on and its' a fairly comfy grind.
Some of the Tales games like Symphonia or Abyss.
Thanks but I cant bring myself to grind a game I already beat once. Im really craving nnew games.
File: IMG_20210224_145411.jpg (3.9 MB, 4160x3120)
3.9 MB
3.9 MB JPG
why do so many people want a "pro switch" im curious because I cant imagine how it would go well. Its either going to be like the ps4 pro, where the upgrade is to small to really matter, or like the new 3Ds.

People seem to forget that the new 3Ds had better processing power, and got exclusive games that wouldent run on the base 3Ds, like xenoblade. None of them sold well, because nobody wanted to buy an upgraded version of a console they already had for one or two games, and most of the new 3Ds sales came from people getting a 3Ds for the first time.

The only way were getting a new switch that can run more demanding games is when they jump to a whole new console generation, and I dont see that happening any time soon as they would want to take advantage of their massive fucking install base for as long as possible.

also im playing dark souls

File: dragons dogma.jpg (153 KB, 800x930)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Is this a masterpiece like /v/ says or is it meme garbage?
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Bullshit. Almost a week and people can't find the source, so it's made from the scratch or it's true
File: Porunga Ok Hand.png (886 KB, 814x764)
886 KB
886 KB PNG
Fournival>Mercedes>Quina>Jew Tits>Dogshit>>>>>>Royal Thot
Selene is daughterfu, not waifu.
In my latest run I just grabbed a 14 y/o girl from the slums for my loli arisen, not only giving her a place to live but also saving her from dying in post-game. Selene is nice, but she stays in your house anyway, and I cared more about that than actual romance.
Or like most things in life, is it really just something inbetween? But people are simple and stupid, so they love black & white, left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, scrub vs. hardcore, whatever. Never shades of gray, just extremist little retards in one way or another.

DDDA is great not because it's a masterpiece, but because as a whole, it did so many things right compared to every single other game out there. The combat, the magic system, the character designer, loads of things are amazing about it. But just the same, the quest system where you need a fucking walkthrough or you'll miss a good 1/10:th of the quests because you'll be going past random arbitrary points of no return all the time, is bullshit. Having to get to Gran Soren at level 10 and know EXACTLY what kind of build you're gonna get, or miss out on vital character points by endgame, is fucked up.

In short, it's great, but it has some serious fucking flaws too. Like 80's design flaws.

File: dai.jpg (94 KB, 616x353)
94 KB
I remember the side content being trash, but the main story was cool and was thinking about replaying it. Is it the DLC an improvement? Any mods that make it better?
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Hes right, you are just a shill.
Also disregard anything this guy said >>1376214, he hasn't your best interest in my mind and would try to convince you to eat dogshit if he could.

He is the last Biodrone left on 4chan and beyond autistic.
>Yes it is shillboy.
Nah, no matter how much you try to force this it will never be true. Don't care about the little tantrum you threw in the rest of this post.
Please do continue proving to everyone that you have no arguments, shill.
not even him btw

File: dev.png (2.65 MB, 1885x1011)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB PNG
What do you guys think of this look?
Also, how do I get the UI and battler size to stay consistent at varying resolutions and aspect ratios?
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How do I make music.
>use default RTP for everything
>slip in a heavily compressed and distorted version of
>somewhere in there
there. your music is handled.
the usual 10 or so japanese blogs
I use fl studio's trial to make the worst sounding shit imaginabel.
Playing and composing music has been my hobby since teens so that's not a problem. My problem is that I don't ever get a game made.

File: images (78).jpg (71 KB, 640x480)
71 KB
Lets choose the setting

Maybe feudal japan so we are samurai and ninjas fighting against youkai? Or maybe a futurist one, I don't see a lot of these around...

Theorycraft to yours heart content /vrpg/bros
>a bit slower than d2, with more durable enemies
>move with wasd
>cursor determines which way you face, moving backwards is slower but might be necessary to avoid weak spot
>weapons have numerous ways to attack, thrust, slash forward, slash from the side
>enemies primarily use different sorts of melee weapons, a Skeleton with a Halberd should give you a decent idea of how it functions after just seeing skeletons and halberds independently in the game previously
>weapon position at the end of an attack matters, if you slash from left to right, it will be faster to next slash from right to left instead of starting over with another left to right slash
>maybe a sword has 8 slashing positions and a couple of thrusting positions, and parrying positions
>feudal japan
Kill yourself, faggot
>Maybe feudal japan so we are samurai and ninjas fighting against youkai
Shan't be buying your game
File: poe.jpg (61 KB, 465x750)
61 KB
Isn't Dark Throne exactly what you describe?
There is also an old lesser known boomer sci-fi aRPG which I forgot the name of. You had three characters, cool guy with sunglasses and a shotgun, an Asian dude with katanas and another one I forgot.

If I could, I'd create an aRPG about ancient civilisations.
>chinese/korean cultivation setting
>plays like a 2,5d/isometric fighting game (have you tried Lunia? just like that)
>people courting death left and right
>tons of cool bosses and flashy duels against other cultivators, with rpg elements to call them trash and cripple them or show mercy
>harem building mechanics
>sidequest with raising your own sect that eventually turns into a win condition for a specific ending
>tons of adventuring, looking for artifacts
>learn new skills from masters, if you manage to get them on your side
>allegience to one may deny you another

I feel like a playable cultivation manga would be incredible

File: 1609840057977.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
The best part of any RPG is the early and mid game then the game becomes repetitive shit.
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And for WRPGs, the early-midgame is where all the builds and content starts pouring in. Endgame is just when you run out of content so it ends up being shit.
I agree with this thread, it does seem to usually be

Best part is the late to end game, when you finally have some freedom and room to do different things

Best part is the early game, where the devs spent half of the cycle frontloading and polishing all the content before pushing out the rest
>he doesn't like feeling like a juggernaut of death
Different games peak at different parts.
>Frogposter is fucking stupid
I appreciate you tagging your posts to let everyone know you're special needs but this is starting to get irritating.
depends on the RPG. Jade Empire IMO the best part is the ending and final zone.

In other games, like say VTMB best part is early-mid

Fatebinder is a fun role to play.
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Wanted to fuck this bitch really badly
Mind control is hot
I liked the idea of playing as Judge Dredd, but too bad it was dropped at the end of Act 1 and you are forced into one of four terrible routes instead.
It's TYRANNY not tranny idiot
I posted it several times but:
>helm with handlebars
>no facefuck scene
I'm still mad.
How good would the game have been if Obsidian didn't shovel Paradox money into POE?

File: 1524297831186.jpg (503 KB, 1920x2716)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
ITT: discuss elves and particularly RPGs with elves you like and have played.
I'll post a list of games with playable elves below
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we need a game based on this concept
No, bumpfag, we don't.
yes we do. Especially if it involves the surface elves taking care of the drow and converting her to a good-hearted member of society
is shining resonance refrain any good? It has a cute blonde elf waifu
literally icewind dale or any other build your own party D&D game

I was thinking of getting a PSVita, so that I can mod it and retrieve some older titles of some series I was intrested in, namely Ys and Mana.
What are some other good RPGs worth getting on this console?

File: 2642719.395_image.png (103 KB, 494x747)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
who could have seen this coming??????
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Seems like many of its devs went to make Lords of shadow 1 and 2.

Fucking shame they had to prostitute for consoles instead of making Severance 2.
hot summers are too hot for the natives, and seattle has a lot of cali transplants that cant handle the usual rain/cold
Anything else you know of that was popular in Russia but not elsewhere?
Should have listened to Kaiser Wilhelm. Now the dog eaters have nukes
when they dropped Nosferatu so their intended snowflake audience wouldn't get offended for playing uggos, i don't think they had any insight about them shaming uggos which would inevitably give said snowflakes some ammo for a witch hunt. Still, dropping the Nosferatu is a massive red flag for it being shit when they're one of the most fun runs in the game

File: 1611335313139.jpg (61 KB, 680x675)
61 KB
still lost in the Asylum
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File: 1613782638399.png (137 KB, 406x372)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Good luck against the superbosses, anon. Just thinking about it sounds like a pain in the ass.
I'll probably need it. Just beat Ino since it's not hard stacking light resistance until you're virtually invincible, but there's probably worse waiting for me afterwards, haha...
Since I'm forcing myself to play it in jp for /djt/ gains, I've barely started the game, but Uula seems to be cuddly enough. I'm a sucker for unhealthy attachments though so Nyx may end up taking the cake depending on how autistic she is. I only just picked her up, but that seems to be the consensus in this thread.
Looking for autism in Sequel is like looking for trash in a junkyard. That is to say, it's everywhere.
I'd assume it's the same as the translation, so I'd say very. The autism power ranking for blight is Nyx > Rabi > Uula > Tirma

File: top_visual.png (1.05 MB, 859x757)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
What Monster Collecting or Raising games do you plan on playing?
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File: 7416787.jpg (256 KB, 841x727)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
I also feel like it's partially because they focused heavily on the Crank-a-Kai, and encouraged a lot of QR code stuff and passwords to use it. Really playing the game casually all you need is to use it and you get S-Rank Yo-Kai right off the bat.
File: yhsds9msyq751.png (3.65 MB, 3510x2550)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB PNG
Reminder to play the PAL version of Digimon World 3 instead of the NA version. Instead titled "Digimon World 2003". PAL has post-game content that NA never got.
>tfw no card battle RPG that's also a mons game where you have to "catch" the card monsters for your deck
I will never stop complaining about this until one gets made or I cave in and try to make one myself.
Lost Kingdoms on the Gamecube does something like that.
I liked the gameplay but yea translation never ever.

what rpgs can i play on this? any jrpgs? already finished kotor, vtmb, a couple ys games
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The only games I've run across that give me trouble on W7 have been the new THPS 1+2 which online doesn't function, and Sea of Thieves which doesn't run at all. I've had no issues with anything else at all.
Microsoft ninja here, you will be killed for releasing this top secret information. You WILL use Windows 10.
File: GGKWBb9.jpg (34 KB, 545x540)
34 KB
>what rpgs can i play on this?
>any jrpgs?
all of them
Are you for real? You can play anything a Windows 10 PC can. In fact you can play more things, because W10 breaks a lot of shit. 7 is objectively better for gaming, so yeah just play anything you want.

File: Anette.png (549 KB, 548x856)
549 KB
549 KB PNG
Here to deliver a comfy Rune Factory thread! How's your farm coming along? What are your hopes and expectations for Rune Factory 5, besides what they've already crushed?
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Nah, the 3DS version on Citra on my phone so I can get comfy in bed
I'm thinking of getting into this series. How do the games stack up to one another? Which ones stand out overall?
File: fish.gif (222 KB, 680x312)
222 KB
222 KB GIF
3 and 4 are the best, with it usually being a debate of which has better girls. 4's girls are all more well rounded personality wise but 3's are a bit more extreme in their personalities.
File: Piamad.png (37 KB, 180x135)
37 KB
>that image
File: MARRYTHEDRAGON.jpg (107 KB, 584x678)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>just unlocked the ability to invite Venti to your party
Pretty neat. It's funny the way she just slowly flies back to the castle when you tell her to go home.

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