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File: 000.jpg (143 KB, 1024x576)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Hypothetically if they were forced to fight each other, who would win?
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Vivec can't do any these, he is lying his ass off and passing speech checks to fool people.
Yeah, they're dead by Skyrim time, but during Oblivion the Eternal Champion and Agent are alive.
>Technically anyone could have done it
Yea but that's the best part, CoC was basically Elder Scrolls Doomguy
too vague a question OP. during their power in each of their games? dragonborn, no contest. the dude rides dragons and screams tactical nukes. post-game/kirkbride fanfiction? champion of cyrodiil since he's mantling a god or achieving chim or what the fuck ever
nerevarine can just levitate lol

File: bestkotor.jpg (55 KB, 377x539)
55 KB
Everyone went grey~dark in their first playthrough, right?
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yep, wasn't disappointed!
Light side is good for
>Destroy Droid
>Stasis Field
>Master Heal
All the other really good non-darkside powers like Force Speed, Energy Barrier and Force Wave are universal.
Peragus is a bit slow and if you aren't invested / interested in finding out what happened it can be really boring since that's the main appeal. Personally I still think it's better then the Taris since it isn't even a third as long and you don't have to gimp yourself because lol wasting levels on non-jedi but to each their own.
File: brianna_exile (2).jpg (528 KB, 2550x3300)
528 KB
528 KB JPG
Jedi Jesus is the only way to play
>without having gotten much influence with anyone
If you play it smart you can gain almost as much influence from anyone except maybe Kreia on DS path. Basically either gain their trust and slowly convince them that might really makes right or stand your ground and bend them to your will.

File: vrpg.png (8 KB, 468x60)
8 KB
What the hell happened to this place?
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/vst/ is great because there are no consolefags, no weebs, and no zoomers
I mean they were memeing in /v/ for years but I didn't notice that it was huge.
I have reported threads that stayed up til no one bumped them, this place is moderated just like /v/ despite the fact that it should easier to manage.
/vg/ happened. Instead of smearing their shit around for a while, getting bored and leaving, they stayed. There is (was?) a very small minority on /vg/ who aren't actually subhuman and have to tolerate the target audience because otherwise the games they are interested in will get drowned out by a variety of white noise specific to this or that board.
But that would only be half as bad if /vr/ didn't lower its standards further. Now almost everything is fucked.
Reanposting was actually worse in the first few days of this board

File: witcher 3.jpg (22 KB, 265x375)
22 KB
Is this the most influential JRPG of the century?
That not Trails of Col-.....
Wait a minute... Yes it is.

File: indir.jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
7 KB
How did you manage to finish the game anons.Game does not tell you where to go and also enemies are fucking strong.
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It is hard because you can't tell wtf is going on in this pixelated shit
don't you have another rean thread you need to go start?
Abuse sleep and archery, those are probably the two easiest mechanics that are both strong the BG. They will fall off later, however.
Don't be afraid to cheese. The odds are stacked against you, get creative with spells. Once you get cloudkill or fireball you can get out of the field of view of your enemies, spam those spells, and they won't detect you. This can either weaken stronger enemies or kill of hordes of them. Also remember that stairs are your friend. If things get rough go up the stairs, sometimes they don't follow you, and sometimes only a few will follow so you can pick them off one by one.

Wanna start with the persona series should i skip p1 And go immediately to p2 innocent sin?
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That patch is good but it doesn't fix a lot of the problems. There's still
>The cutscenes
>The UI
>The menu design
>The sound effects
P2 is literally the worst in the series so it depends. If you want to get it out of the way, sure that way you can play P1 and then go right into Nusona for a constant stream of improvement.
Good luck and have fun either way, anon.
give P1 and P2 a shot, if you're not into it move onto 3 FES, but they're great games play them eventually
This, but without being an edgelord about it.
Persona started at Megami Ibunroku

File: Josh Sawyer Bazooka.jpg (41 KB, 409x529)
41 KB
Only one man can put a stop to Rean
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No, but Tim Cain has never had much of an online presence. Unfortunately his opinions on game design have devolved into ultra-casual territory.
File: swen.jpg (74 KB, 450x600)
74 KB
>you must gather your party before venturing forth
tim cain is an obnoxious liberal homosexual from california yet isn't extremely online like sawyer is. but he is also an older man now, and lacks the creative spark and edge he had when he was 20 making Fallout
>shows up pvp-flagged and contests your camp
File: Timothy_Cain.jpg (45 KB, 245x315)
45 KB
Want to say that to my face you little bitch? I'll send my boy Leon to wipe the floor with your punk ass.

File: mm7.jpg (51 KB, 413x500)
51 KB
Inspired by the MM6 thread a few weeks back I replayed it and had a great time, so I'm looking to replay MM7 next. I remember when I first played it I had, I think, Knight/Archer/Sorc/Cleric and I went Light path. This time I want to see some of this Shrapmetal abuse I've heard so much about (though I'm really gonna miss the all-in-one Light buff spells), what's a good party for a Dark caster team? I assume it's some combination of all Clerics and Sorcs, or do I want one of another class for Grandmastery in some really important Misc skill too? How should I deal with mana in dungeons if out of resting range, just town portal/beacon back to shrines to replenish like in MM6?

File: srb20534.png (128 KB, 1280x800)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
SRB2(A sonic fangame) has a demo mod that turns the entire thing into an SMT game(Persona 3/4/5 style)
Have you tried it /vrpg/
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I wonder what Sonic character would work as a megaten demon
Black Creatures might be fitting, Wisps are fine too as Elements.
Light and Dark Gaia
Merlina from Black Knight, maybe Caliburn too
and uhh, the Black Knight
Maybe Erazor Djinn and Shahra too
kill yourself faggot
maybe that final boss from 06 but that's a stretch

Wadsa da best Star Wars roleplayin' game?
Trails of Cold Steel
Whatever that old bitch that gets posted here all the time is from
File: 1598781878747.jpg (3.02 MB, 2500x1884)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB JPG
SWTOR is a little dated by now but does have a active community and loads of quest and content if you can withstand the shitty MMO gameplay

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (114 KB, 616x353)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
What RPG Maker games are you all making?
Which ones are you all playing?
What's going on with the /vrpg/ collab?
And I asked in another thread, but what are some good tutorials for puzzles to add to my game?
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Thats a thing?
It used to be a thing on /vg/, it was one of the slowest threads on the board and it kept bleeding posters until it died. Highlights included Pedrovin posting a game about thicc-hipped robots that he eventually stopped working on, lots of posting about procrastination, and a thread-themed podcast that talked about practically everything except RPGM and alternated between horribly cringe and genuinely funny (but mostly just cringe). It's a shame there isn't a good /vg/ archive, there were tons of great threads that are lost now.
It looks more like an opening animation, like, the thing that the character does when entering battle.
>Pedrovin posting a game about thicc-hipped robots
fuck that game died? Damn I would have bought it
Same. It seems he made a short game for a game jam a few months ago and did the art for Xenogunner so he's probably not completely done with gamedev yet, so there might be hope for a revival.

File: Dagda.png (653 KB, 1000x1584)
653 KB
653 KB PNG
I just want to say that when it comes to Dagda and people not liking his design or personality.
I guess just try to put it like this, Dagda could've originally been the jolly and robust god he once was before but overtime he realized his physical form was just holding him back and being nature itself was where his true peace was.
That's why he became so representative of death and his course for ending the existence of gods and demons, I mean look at this guy he was supposed to be a fat jolly guy whose good at everything but he was forced into a physical form which he didn't want at all, wouldn't you be pissed if your boss superglued a turkey suit onto you in your sleep and said this is what you have to be forever now?
I just think in the context of the game itself it makes sense that he's like this.
potato niggers
In the context of the game, Dagda's physical incarnation being the way it is due to human observation, and collective unconscious makes a lot of sense. He's incredibly woke on how he isn't his "true self", a force of nature, and has Nanashi replace YHVH so he can assume his true identity. The concept was great, but the execution was horrible. Dagda just can't be taken seriously in how he was written.
I think it would've been better if New Dagda was actually one of his original designs, and Old Dagda is still the design that we got in the final product.
He is a bit too edgy for me, the whole "Friends bad" got cliche quite fast, I get what they were going on, they wanted him to show that sometimes friendship may be shallow and you shouldn{t let those fake bonds shackle you down, but It was not well done at all, because all of your party members are pretty decent people, if not just a tad annoying at worse.

File: Osborne toast.jpg (298 KB, 664x603)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Posting in a sticky, haha...
Haha, of course mods would sticky the Chancellor's announcement, silly anon.


File: fzcg5k58h5161.jpg (103 KB, 640x905)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I'm surprised at how good her skillset is.
>(Ma)Kougaon with Bless Amp
>All those high crit rate Phys skills
>Apt Pupil and a party wide crit boost
>Ali Dance
Shame about the ending.
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File: 1599808980086.jpg (95 KB, 1024x1024)
95 KB
>favorite girls in P4G and P5 are Kasumire and Chie
>they both are crit monsters
I was born lucky
You can't take Maruki down. He's already down.
Is it just me, or is it stronger than God's Hand?
At that point in the game my team was already stupidly OP so she didn't do much for me. I only really found use for her in NG+ in the Lavenza fight when I made a crit based build with Sword Dance

File: 20201115230358_1.jpg (241 KB, 1680x1050)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
>greentext your latest gaming adventure

Any game
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: happy escher.jpg (145 KB, 1574x1079)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>archeotech located somewhere deep inside the Hive
>sand my bitches to get it
>slaughter everybody on their journey to retrieve the precious artifact
>loot, raid and steal everything possible
>steal a stronghold, pissing off ennemies more
>kill more bastards
>more loot
>finally find archeotech
>successfully brings it back
>bitches get paid
>campaign is a huge success
File: Comfy.png (159 KB, 1920x1080)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
>Spent entire year converting shit farm into a bee farm/completing the long ass dungeon.
>Decide to fuck the girl who looks the closest to a farm girl
>Make 30k+ every other day selling honey.
I was surprised. Stardew turned out to be an okay game especially when modded. It could be better though.
>Blackbro goes for the ginger instead of blonde
You my man have impeccable taste.
>Be me
>Playing Arma 3 Dynamic Recon Ops solo in Altis
>Mission is to clear a small beach town
>Crank up enemy slider because it's a big island and have skirted around most patrols
>Begin mission
>Helo insert about 3kms from town
>Immediate ambush
>8 of us against 5, we do well
>Make it to town and kill 3 guys
>Hear a helo, which was weird as I didn't call mine in and I'd never seen an AI one.
>Minutes later, the population of New Zealand descends on the little hamlet
>Quickly expend all rounds, and expend my 2 dead guys ammo

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