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File: 1598227409573.gif (999 KB, 500x339)
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Literally me and you
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File: 3-pirates13.jpg (21 KB, 640x480)
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Squall was great in this game, it was Rinoa that lacked any depth.
File: 1553479549746.jpg (290 KB, 1012x1324)
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290 KB JPG
I wonder where did it all go wrong for him and you and me. Everything was going great then fast forward a decade and everything has fallen apart.
>captcha VYNAM
Squall was in 'nam. Makes sense.
"You're me" he says
File: Cecil.jpg (168 KB, 681x1000)
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168 KB JPG
Squall is one of the best protagonists in FF but his supporting cast is weak. I still love FF8 for the gameplay as well as the story because pressing R1 to trigger the gunblade feels great.
My other favorite is the one
Also Bartz.

What’s the consensus?
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grind kino. I love it when you can win the early "supposed to lose" battle where a bad guy shows off how strong he is.
I heard they changed the battle system from BD1. And I have to ask why? It was the most perfect turn-based battle system in any JRPG.
They removed a bunch of the quality of life shit introduced in 2nd for whatever reason.
Not an RPG
I miss the style and presentation of the first 2 games.

File: fate_extra_psp10.jpg (269 KB, 891x1500)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
If CCC gets translated, am I gonna like or hate it? I hated Extella but loved Extra and Last Encore is a mix for me.
LOL not falling for this shit again
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kill yourself
Also when they showed off that "gameplay trailer", there was like almost no work done in the game, they strugged to get that much out. So they were clearly very early into development
Does the rps thing work better in CCC? It makes total sense in Fate GO but in Extra it boggles my mind that it works the way it does.
Kinda? I've only beaten the game with Gilgamesh but you don't need to kill anywhere near as many enemies to see out their attack chart.

File: y0qri3s9mf961.jpg (36 KB, 340x411)
36 KB
thoughts about the upcoming KOTOR? what are your hopes, dreams and fears about it?
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whats wrong with more active companions
whats wrong with better level design
>its gonna be more like nu god of war
This sucks
Pretty sure the writer is a tranny that admitted he doesnt like star wars. Its going to bomb
File: Vrook.jpg (21 KB, 250x350)
21 KB
This sums up my expectations as well. Also they may as well not even bring back Vrook now that Aisner's gone.
I don't give a shit about remakes. I have already played the game, so what's the point?

File: Nagito151.png (83 KB, 340x188)
83 KB
RPGs where the luck stat is actually useful?
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It's easier to land smirks if you know every elemental skill + concentrate (or the magic 2.5x buff) and if you use magic you can have every element maxed out as well and put those smirks to work.
>Luck affects demon negotiation
It doesn't and never has.
>land smirks if you know every elemental skill
It's better with Gun skills since it's objectively stronger and critical rate is actually boosted with luck.

>+ concentrate (or the magic 2.5x buff)
Or Charge/Dark Energy which has a higher modifier.

>if you use magic you can have every element maxed out
Which is pointless when the majority of endgame don't have a weakness.
Burden of proof is on you. No where is it stated luck affects demon negotiation. You just made it up.

File: hla oad.jpg (262 KB, 1738x980)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
What do they eat?
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Fronds and mud.
Eggs, fish, and crabs
What did anon mean by this?
File: incels.jpg (81 KB, 620x570)
81 KB
"cheese" in morrowind is made from beetles.
>Scuttle is Vvardenfell's favorite local dish. This cheese-like, greasy substance made from the flesh of local beetles is remarkably tasty, and has modest magical properties.

File: tribal.jpg (258 KB, 1116x1224)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
Why do Bethesda ignore Tribals in their Fallout games?
They are a major aspect of the setting from the Interplay times.
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They were purposefully isolationist iirc
The Fallout 2 manual has some of the Vault Dweller's memoirs that I think confirm this
Those guys were just portrayed as raiders until New Vegas come along. I actually think tribals should have been a uniquely Fallout 2 thing. Not every single Fallout game needs to have BoS, Enclave, mutants, tribals, etc. Do something new.
The design documents and stuff for the khans had them styling themselves in mongol raiders even in fallout 1.
While you don’t encounter the Vipers, they absolutely still existed since you can hear about how they were driven away from the Hub by its founder and how they were nearly exterminated by the brotherhood after killing the BoS leader maxon with a poison arrow. A bunch of insane snake cultists, absolutely tribal.
And the jackels get talked about as well, they’re cannibal raider tribals.
Tribal doesn’t just mean peace and nature stuff like your tribe in fo2.
>Why do Bethesda ignore Tribals in their Fallout games?

Cancel culture. Today's reviewers would trash any primitive culture if it weren't portrayed as being just as valid and morally equal as any other... The only exception being if it were moustache-twiddlingly evil, such as Caesar's Legion.
(Yes, I know the Legion was supposed to be more nuanced, I'm referring to the version we ended up getting.)
Did everyone forget Point Lookout was a thing also, wasn't there a tribal gang in nuka world?

File: XlWsUFF.jpg (96 KB, 487x756)
96 KB
Made this thread awhile ago, but I want to get more sentiments.

I was ten when pokemania started in the US, I was born in 88

I didn't grow out of it, I was disappointed from the start. I wanted a cool game with these interesting monsters, but we were constantly shoveled shit
story was lacking, had a few alright moments, but I wanted more that what was offered
was shit, came here for a monster adventure not to take pictures
good post game battles, but not much else
was 12 at this point
Much better than the original but I just wanted more than what was presented.
I remember playing paper mario, and wondering why I couldn't get a story like this in pokemon, reading both pokemon manga wishing the games could be like this

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Ironically I burned out a decade ago trying to catch a shit ton of pokemon between FireRed, Ruby, Diamond and HeartGold and just started again from where I left off about a month ago.
The games are way too easy and the newer entries look like shit as well. The "combat"system is outright pathetic. There's basically no customization of your party members and the only strategy involves switching out pokemon to counter the opponent. Double and triple battles have some potential but are under-used.
So really, the games have nothing going for them except cute girl designs.
everyone has oblong eyes, that shit ain't cute.
I stopped playing after sun and moon. I would have stopped after XY, but S/M looked more promising. It wasn't. it had a lot of the same issues as, if not more than XY.
>Cutscenes every five steps
>Boring characters
>Post-game was boring/ non-existent
>No gyms
Although I guess I can excuse the 'they just wanted to change the formula' bullshit
>Most of the dex was more gen 1 pandering/ regional formes
>The evil group was boring
>Z-moves were a gimmick, same as megas

The one thing I did like about S/M was defending your title as champion. It was a neat concept.
>Gen VII island concept and no gym battles was shit,
>so skip.
You either played the game to know it was bad or you skipped it
Pick one
>they also fucked up Ash's character design
In what way does this have anything to do with the games.

Also Gen 5 is arguably peak, so if you liked everything up to gen 4 then then 5 would be up your alley assuming you still like the gameplay.

File: file.png (489 KB, 700x394)
489 KB
489 KB PNG
ITT: Terrible Mechanics that Ruin Otherwise Good RPGs
Kingdom Management in pathfinder kingmaker
Limited inventory space. I don’t mind it in survival horror, but it’s always a pain in the ass in RPGs.

File: sddefault.jpg (58 KB, 640x480)
58 KB
Thoughts on the bachelors in this game?
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The entire game makes me wonder what they were doing. Somehow it runs worse docked than it does in handheld mode as well.
File: monica.jpg (75 KB, 465x659)
75 KB
This garbage has 3 days to reveal that this game was a beta and they're patching in the real one.
a-anyday now bros........dragon segs....
3 days until you get rekt
File: Livia9.jpg (331 KB, 911x1200)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
3 days. I still want to hope something will happen so I have a reason to do anything but pirate.

File: 1652729645171.webm (2.97 MB, 1280x720)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB WEBM
Do you serve Ranni?
Yeah, but mainly for the quest rewards and for the fact that Melina has hardly any characterization to her. If Melina actually had more of a story, then she would easily be my favorite.
I thought Melina had a decent amount of story. You can talk to her at several points in the game and the more subtle implications are pretty cool.

She's the gloam eyed queen. Brought back by Marika at a pivotal juncture in order to fulfill Marika's plan of severing the Greater Will from the Lands Between. The only ending that is not within Marika's plan is the Frenzied Flame. Melina possibly has some history with the Frenzied Flame given her self-description as "burned and bodyless." There might even be some fuckery with Ranni/Melina being a Marika/Radagon 2 is 1 thing but that's intensely speculative.
>You can talk to her at several points in the game and the more subtle implications are pretty cool.
Most the times you talk to her she just quotes Marika. The conversation where she talks about Boc is probably the most intimate you get to see of her character through the entire game where she's not just talking about the Erd Tree.
I wanted her ending but the game cucked me out of it cuz that big ass dragon got one last lightning on me as it died. Couldn’t get back to the arena
Are you talking about Placidusax? You don't have to beat him to get Ranni's ending. Unless you got groped by the three fingers like a dumbass.

File: james-keown-scene-0013.jpg (138 KB, 1280x720)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
what's your /vrpg/ swordfu? for me it's chillrend
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File: owlbear.jpg (190 KB, 742x614)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
That's how you end up with god damn owlbears.
It only lowers it temporarily when you wield it.
However, attacks with it drives your alignment down to the pits of evil QUICKLY.
It's pretty good yeah, but personally I can't stand the bzzt of lightning weapons in the souls games.
I'm still using the claymore, it's my go-to swordfu.

Morrowindfags will defend this.
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thats a good thing because it filters the zoomers looking for cutscenes to be everywhere.
So have a big empty world and tiny dungeons actually makes the game better?
the dungeons are part of the world
>skyrim filters zoomers
Anon... you ARE the zoomer

>Imagine playing reanless games
28 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
swap rean and estelle and this would be my ranking
Rean > Rean> Rean> Rean I guess
File: 1620253849230.jpg (285 KB, 1920x1080)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
It was such a disappointment starting playing Zero and having to use the keyboard to open up menus. While the lack of rotatable camera was probably more jarring at first, I got used to that eventually and they made it work alright. The vita port menus on the other hand are still ass
>While the lack of rotatable camera was probably more jarring at first, I got used to that eventually and they made it work alright.
That was probably because of it being a handheld game first. Really I think it was better because all the areas were designed for the one view while in TiTs you had certain areas where being at the wrong view obscured everything.

File: file.png (916 KB, 750x600)
916 KB
916 KB PNG
So i've been emulating this game for the past 2 months and i'm at the final boss atm.
What's everyone thoughts on this game, i don't think i've ever seen it being discussed here desu. I really enjoyed the game but i felt like there's a difficulty spike around chapter 4 or is it just me?
Also i know that theres a 3DS remake but the art feels very bland and looks too much like a gacha mobile game, aside from that what's the main difference between it?
30 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
As far as I know the remake was purely a 3ds game. Maybe you can purchase the game on the Nintendo shop on the Switch and then download it with the same account onto your 3ds?
Good game overall but as others have stated, it's far too easy and rarely does anything interesting with a cool premise for its battle system. I played through the original once and did 100% on the remake, and yeah I don't think the remake's additions and changes are harmful as much as they are unnecessary. The red book world is really lazy and didn't add nearly enough extra story as I originally thought it would. Getting 100% of the event guide done was also a little tedious, as some areas are checkpointed in a way that forces you to really fucking WALK and spam through dialog skip just to reach an inconsequential decision for an extra node. I thought Chrono Trigger handled the time travel mechanics better, even if they are a little different.
To anyone playing the remake, the way to get the super bonus boss is extremely annoying (you have to play through absolutely everything twice, if I recall). It isn't worth the effort and nothing you learn lorewise is as interesting as the boredom that'll sink in from replaying a game to full 100% with already close to if not maxed out characters
File: 1639615330807.jpg (457 KB, 2048x1371)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
>it's far too easy
i've been playing blind for my first run, and honestly i feel like there a brutal difficulty spike around chapter 4 and 5, either that or i've been underleveled for a while
File: 1635911864732.jpg (63 KB, 897x897)
63 KB
Stop being bad.
That could easily be avoided if they implemented an animation skip/speed up option in the remake, why they didn't is beyond me.

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