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File: rpg maker hee hoo.jpg (421 KB, 1656x814)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
RPG Development Thread - post about what you're working on
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File: Spoiler Image (23 KB, 480x320)
23 KB
Teaching the german girl how to sunbathe topless.
That's the crux between the mind of tileset Artists and Mappers.

How artists construct environments is not how mappers construct environments.
Artists dream up appealing liminal spaces that are nothing and nowhere. A room with a rug and a lamp that's a balance of visual elements. Then it's broken down into a tilesheet and given to someone to make a map.

The mapper's goal isn't to make permutations of that art form. They want an actual concept. A kitchen, a study, ect...
And with Scifi tiles, you can end up with some really abstract things that mappers don't know what to with. Like, is this a food court or a science lab? Is this a slushy machine or some kind of medical treatment vat? What do you do with this stuff? Where's the exit? Where's the entrance? How do you get there from the world map? How story convention leads itself to an adventure in termite/fungus art land?
File: file.png (133 KB, 498x371)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
If I'm going to be honest, there are plenty of potential applications for this in an RPG, especially if it's a fantasy game and you're a little big more interested in making a setting as opposed to just some low-effort h-game scam.
>Regional foods in every environment and hand-selected dishes to further spruce up tiles
>Local dishes in the middle of cutscenes because the cast and surrounding NPCs will regularly eat
>Food on windowsills cooling by the wind, food in environments being recolored to represent the odd rotten dish, food being used to denote things like mimics or sprites being modified to use the food attributes for another setpiece, etc.
Using Parallax backgrounds means these assets will have innumerable applications, and $10 for DLC is par for the course with development costs nowadays.

The real question is what's stopping me from stealing this and every other one of these assets and using them on a pirated copy of RPG Maker until I think it's time to sell my project? Is there any reason not to just dump the $200+ investment the moment I want to cash out, and just otherwise pirate everything else?
https://shithole.neocities.org/gggg instruction manual
heres mine. its done now. something like higurashi on crack and steroids
Using parallax backgrounds means you already have the means to create original assets in the first place.

Maybe you have poor assessment skills. Maybe you're the type of criminal that breaks a car window to steal $2 in quarters out of a cupholder.

Are any of these worth playing?
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>Might have to try 4/5/6 nexxt
I think 7 has the fastest and smoothest ATB of any game in the series, but 4/5/6 are all better than 8/9 in this respect (especially 9).
Kinda sick cause they basically ported a homebrew AD&D campaign to Famicom and it mostly works. Playing a remake misses what's cool about it (seeing this archaic shit try to simulate a TRPG)

They tried to do this "realistic" leveling system, and a kind of adventure game dialogue thing. Neither of them really work as intended, but they kinda work, which is neat. Again, cool cause it's a Famicom doing this shit.

Not very impressive beyond the scope of it, which to be fair is pretty big. Jobs won't be kino till 5 due to how bosses and dungeons force you into specific one instead of letting you experiment. I still adore it, but it's probably skippable besides the soundtrack

Basically a mediocre tech demo with a story slapped on. Music is great but it's not a huge leap outside of the ATB

Job system would be outdone by the bravely series, but what's here is cute. I feel like it's too easy to lock in on certain roles or setups and not experimenting enough.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
If you're not into old school MMO design, this is gonna be impenetrable, and probably not worth it unless you're nostalgic. Cool world, though

I wanna champion this as the best, but it's too troubled. Vaan aside, the story has amazing localization and dub, but lacks urgency. Combat could be more engaging; I don't know how you do combat in this style without gambits. The argument is that gambit management IS the game. I dunno. Top tier setting, side content is just hunts but there are a lot of them. Zodiac job system fixes the "all the same fighter" problem, but asking the player to lock characters into a job at the start when they don't understand the jobs at all is bad design

flashy combat with a neat stagger system, but stupid story. Neat for turning your brain off and enjoying the spectacle, I guess.

amazing world, tons of references, way too much filler in the MSQ. Fun varies depending on if you play with buds or just grind with randos. Problem is jobs have zero customization, you just play your job optimally, or don't.

Story is such a fucking multimedia mess. Combat feels jank, and at this point you can find better action RPGs or better open world games elsewhere. There's soul but it's buried under the usual modern square shit.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>but asking the player to lock characters into a job at the start when they don't understand the jobs at all is bad design
You can reset them and change around licenses in Zodiac Age. Some consoles had it from the start because they were released later, and the others + Steam got it patched in

Also like... they did it in FF1 too
Am I going crazy or are some assets reused across the different PR games?

I was watching videos on Youtube and noticed the pirate sprite is the exactly same in both FF2 and FF5, and the world map graphics look identical too. I've also heard 1-5 all use the same spell effects. Are there more examples? It's pretty bullshit because it makes all PR games look the same.

File: Celes Cid.png (92 KB, 429x302)
92 KB
ITT: times when it's acceptable to cry.
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>Why won't you die??
didn't cry but it's definitely the best scene in all of Final Fantasy
Should have put on the Sprint Shoes, you failure.
File: Spoiler Image (6 KB, 256x224)
6 KB
Pic related, or the ending I guess.
It would be a sweet scene if it wasn't for the ghost of Will's mom popping out moments later.
That just ruined it for me.
File: Spoiler Image (193 KB, 1280x720)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Fiftyyyyyyy Mira!?
This scene legitimately made me laugh.

This would have been 5 times as based of a backstory choice if they actually mentioned that Shepard killed the Thresher Maw in 2177. Instead he just presumably fled like a coward though, failing to even avenge his fallen 50 squadmates, right? They don't go into much detail about his fight with the Thresher Maw. Could have formed some serious bro-ship connection between Commander Shepard and Urdnot Wrex, what with how they both managed the impressive feat of killing a Thresher Maw on foot early in their careers, while losing a lot of good soldiers in the process.

Its somewhat hard to even headcanon that he killed that Thresher Maw, seeing as how Corporal Toombs survived being eaten by it. So there's some kind of implication that a Cerberus squad later killed and dissected that Thresher Maw.

Is Earthborn/Sole Survivor going to be revealed as the canon choice in Mass Effect 4? Thats the most popular backstory combo among fans probably. Very kino because it highlights how Shepard's hard life growing up on the streets of Earth living the cold blooded gangster lifestyle prepared him for his battle with the Thresher Maw. But it would have been way more kino had he slayed the beast instead of fled however...
148 replies and 50 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Holy autism, nice catch.
>Can you provide more insights
At some point in the not-too-distant future, I wanna post a thread here listing all plotholes/retcons/disappointments and etc. As well as my opinions on them.

The trilogy has plenty, but I'm surprised how plotholes never really seem to ever get mentioned here or other gaming forums. One of the top 5 biggest plotholes I never see discussed is how Sovereign could have easily taken Shepard and ALL other organics footsoldiers out of the fight anytime towards the end of Mass Effect 1 during the Battle of The Citadel in 2183 AD by contacting one of his Collector Ship pawns to unleash their bug-robots to quickly paralyze EVERY organic inside the Citadel in moments, seeing as Mordin does not invent a counter-measure to fend off the Collector Seeker Swarms until 2 years after The Battle of the Citadel, in 2185AD with EDI on the Normandy SR-2 Lab.

actually Im the minority here I consider the Collectors Kino (speaking as the type of autist who considers Ewoks and Gungans sorta Kino for reference) but DAMN if the Collectors doon't introduce a plothole or 7.5... They're a "Plan B" for Reapers okkk, and I think it was cool they decided to build a Human Reaper ONLY AFTER a human killed a Reaper. I mean I totally get the complaints why the Mass Effect 2 Final Boss Battle feels a bit "cringe and letdownish" somehow, but when you consider The Lore it may have been over 1 million "earth years" (or much more!) since any organic force killed even one Reaper from in-Universe Meta POV. So not out of the question Collectors act to construct a brand new Reaper variety out of a very based strange new "impressive" race

will make triple-insightful hilarious schizo Lore "plothole list" thread someday for you bros with AMA offer for any plotholes/retcons you fools require my expert elaborations on

Just posting to say that it is true. Tali has a peepee urine fetish. Most Quarians do, as do I, don't you? pic related
also if you're going to doubt Tali Zorah has a piss urine fantassy, don't. instead you should replay the Shadowbroker DLCs and the Citadel DLCs again and actually try to pay attention a little more carefully next time anon because she very obviously has a weird quirky voyeuristic excrement fetish and the trilogy makes no attempt to even deny this at any time! which is fine, thats a good thing. Because it suits the soulfull worldbuilding of the late 22nd Century AD rpg just fine. As does EDI's/Operative Lawson's/Etc's "blatantly advertise right-down-your-throat" visible camel-toes on their outfits. Its not just mindless sexual garbage thrown into a game for no reason. It actually fits the worldbuilding damn well if you stop to think about it for 2 galactic seconds(I.E. one irl seconds), girls in the 20th century were dressing way less risque than they are today in the 21st here&now, so ingame RPG girls in the 22nd second will certainly be dressing way more risque than today I.E. Miranda and EDI can flaunt their GLORIOUS yummmyyyy camel-toes and nobody on the crew (or elsewhere) really "questions this" or "says anything" ingame because its just socially acceptable to do so in the 2180s, just like it was socially acceptable to wear short skirts in the 1980s, but NOT okay too wear short skirts in the 1880s, you know? Funny how that works. Heres the thing. It is called expert World-building, and I predict future gaming historians will SHAME BIOWARE RELENTLESSLY FOR THEIR CRINGE LORE-BREAKING """RETCON""" TO REMOVE INGAME CAMEL TOES in the Legendary Remake. Shame on you Bioware. Fuuck you greeedy evil traitors, you do not care about your own ingame Lores at fucking all. Don't even pretend Bioware still cares. Because they don't. LE proves it. so yes Bioware we all hate you now. goood jorb! bc you betrayed everything old biioware every built thx
>"WTF YOU NEED HUMAN!? ugh. Wrex told me fake politeness! Supreme Leader never said shit regarding me having to speak face-to-face with you literal alien fucks! wtf? Sigh. Whatever. guh! Listen, asshole! You think you got da Quads to take on the Poop Pack, feel free to go ahead just take 1 muh trucks nuiggah. i'm sayin you just be takin dem highwayz to Clan Weryloc's base at dah local hospital. Ima hafta be a bro tho, give you One friendly warning Shepard. dey wuz tough humps! Dont relax do not be distracted by dem Vorchas nd Varrens cuz dey Only there to soak enemy gunfire as meatshields. ay0 im saying nigga! The Kroganz wuz the only Real Members of the Poop Pack, Shepard!"
>"Don't your store houses have automated defenses?"
>"Why bother!? Half of what we eat is bugs! If we get hold of defense systems we don't use them to guard feces! We got dem weapons stockpilez to take care of too, nigga! Beyond that our women and children get security!"
>"Your enemies go after civilians!?"
>"Easiest way to wipe out a clan. Bitches nd kidz can fight but dey be outnumbered if another clan go after dem. If a clans women and children wuz killled? all hopes for the future are lost.. it falls apart, human! ayo but we dont pull any gay shit liek that tho! Wrex's orders! Even if it costs us a battle we AIN'T be firing on non-combatants, nigga!"
>"Not the best solution! Taking care of your poop supply would help more in the long run!"
>"FR? DIS IS TUCHANKA DAMNIT! if Clan Unga-Bunga invades tonight we can't afford to waste turrets guarding poops!"
>"But what makes Guld so special?"
>"Guld? Dat nigga got 2 kidz! 1 boy, 1 girl!! like fr wut dat means yo? Well. Most superstitious Krogan sayin it mean Guld automatically Destined to rule ALL Krogan forever. Not me nigga! Guld just lucky. My cousin just won 6,000,000 consecutive games of quasar. Luck.. luck never changes!"
> (Take Truck) "Thanks for the information. I'll be going now."

What'd Bioware mean here? Was Shepard Autism?
File: nice.jpg (37 KB, 512x512)
37 KB
magnificent thread
this. "alleged lorebeards" being blown out of the fucking water all day, everyday, left and right, up and down, all around ITT!

File: maxresdefault.jpg (72 KB, 1280x720)
72 KB
Is he /ourguy/?
338 replies and 41 images omitted. Click here to view.
Tom Cruise's faggotry. It tells anyone who is not a faggot that Tom Cruise is a faggot.
>longest running thread on board is from an e-celeb shilling himself
Because he is a moron and wants a duel.It's not the normal way to become archmage.
its not exactly against regulations to work up the meritocracy by exercising your right in audition-by-combat here though

You don't play JAPANESE RPGs in English, do you?

>Grunts at the bottom of the pillar say "why would Avalanche want to blow up the pillar?" indicating that Shinra lied to them and they're not there to literally kill themselves
>"Why is Avalanche such a bunch of fucking assholes?"

>Barret: "It's that guy from before!"
>Aerith: "No it's not." (Indicating it's the real Sephiroth)
>Barret: "Hey asshole!"
>Aerith: "Don't."
21 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>exact same voice line
>completely different translations
Why though
>there own
I don't like Japanese voice acting. I either play English or muted.
File: 1674522862029895.png (1.72 MB, 769x960)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
Fuck off, tranny Mod.

Happy birthday to the series that changed my life.
You should end your life.

File: Lance.png (495 KB, 1200x750)
495 KB
495 KB PNG
Holy shit he's literally me
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
The literal Nazi?
You say that like it's a bad thing
Based, I remember modeling my entire personality on this guy when I was a kid, I thought he was the coolest motherfucker ever (I'm 20 now btw). I'm surprised I didn't get in more trouble for constantly talking about wanting to shoot and blow shit up.
Also has anyone played EBF5? I have yet to play it, is Lance likable in that one or is he just le ebil nazi?
>I'm 20
Wut. The series itself is almost as old as you are. How'd you find it?
>is EBF5 Lance likable or is he just le ebil nazi?
A bit of both, and he's a bit more of a character in general. He goes through character development and all. More importantly that game is a retcon/reboot, and some anons aren't okay with that.
>How'd you find it?

File: images (2).jpg (19 KB, 639x480)
19 KB
Dove best girl
27 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
it's funny because the best outcomes for yourself are going against all that hippy shit

love to see chuds seethe and cope endlessly about losing the culture war
>t. useful idiot
>romance Dove as a Caitiff pretending to be a Nos
>diablerize her sire
Short got with a demon that's her problem.
War for the West

File: Baldur%27s_Gate_box.jpg (146 KB, 650x900)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
On core rules difficulty without ever looking at a guide.
Still don't see the appeal though, the writing, artstyle, and mechanics (especially magic) felt unsatisfying to me. Ive never played dnd before and maybe crpgs aren't for me but I made it half way through arcanum and much preferred the writing, features, and setting in that game.
121 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
>holding back CRPGs
go ahead list all the great games BG1 is holding back you retarded faggot.
why did you take the bait?
now its going to post even more
Look at all the samey low brow fantasy stories with garbage game design that have come out in the last ten years, which are heiled as having """deep and mature storytelling." They're designed around a slow paced tabletop system except using hundreds more dice rolls than such a system I'd made for, and that you just repeat if it doesn't go your way. With encounters which are over tweaked, so the optimal way to play is to do it repeatedly, with prior knowledge. It's thoughtless. It doesn't capture true tabletop experience, nor play to the strengths of it being a video game.
Look at all the midwits like you that eat it up as deep and cerebral.
>Look at all the samey low brow fantasy stories with garbage game design that have come out in the last ten years
yeah, all six of them. the horror.
you still haven't named any.

File: Untitled.jpg (92 KB, 794x662)
92 KB
>imagine being an extremely charismatic person with a natural inclination for diplomacy and communication
>train for YEARS in understanding the psychology behind convincing people, win their favor, influence minds and deceive dullards. You become a veritable professional of smooth talking
>approach the most gullible man in the kingdom with the intent of persuading them to do something
>yfw you can NEVER EVER succeed because the universe rolled a dice and decided that today all your skills and qualities amount to jack shit and that NONE of your choices mattered
When will RPG devs move away from this asinine, archaic design that has no place inside a video game? You guys don't actually like this gambling garbage in your cRPGs, do you?
288 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
There is basically 3 games, that do the turnbased, with no grid movement, combat right. Darkest Dungeon, Pokemon(sort of) and most of the card games like Legends of Runeterra.
And all of them have randomness. Id say that at least half of the fun in DD comes from randomness, see DD2. And card games, while doesnt have RNG resolution, what cards your opponent have, what does he use and when, its all "rng" from (you) side. You dont know, if using this card gonna work or you gonna get fucked, cause the enemy has a specific counter for this specific card.
If you ever actually play a tabletop, the faults in dice roll based CRPGs becomes obvious. When you play a tabletop, a good DM is flexible. He doesn't want it to be too easy, but if he makes it too hard, a few bad rolls and the game is just a dead fart. Players won't care and won't want to play with him again. If he strikes it in the middle, players deaths and fails, and each dice roll, becomes significant and fun.
When you play almost any CRPG that adapts tabletop rulesets, you'll play for two hours and could have anywhere from 10 to 100 times the amount of rolls you'd encounter in the tabletop it's trying to adapt. You'll encounter hordes and hordes of mobs to act as filler.
Boss encounters are made for most players to fail and repeat, and to replay with prior knowledge PCs would never have. This makes it less immersive as a video game, because dice rolls are just things to redo, and there's so many of them, most of them don't matter. If it was a tabeltop, it would be poorly paced.
But this is how most CRPGs are designed.
CRPGS need to move away from trash encounters and limit saving so you can treat every engagement with the caution a life or death battle ought to have
Measured fail states (and degrees of success) are a more appropriate method of handling random chance.
Few people playing videogames actually want every battle to be life or death, though. They want a reasonable difficulty curve. Larping masochists on the internet love to push for harsher punishments and increased difficulty but rarely think through what games would be like to actually play this way. If you want harder encounters in a CRPG, you probably want MORE save spots (or at least, some way to recover from failure. You could implement some kind of rescue squad mechanic where B-team companions have to recover and resurrect corpses of the A-team if they wipe.
> treat every engagement with the caution
It's very easy to go too far with this. Often, the most cautious strategies are also the most boring and tedious. Players wind up finding some AI loophole or the one specific party/build combination that is hardest to kill and settle into a safe grind through the game. That's all assuming they don't just refund and move on.

For people with a serious permeadeath fetish there's a whole subgenre called roguelikes for you. It's also easy enough to make your own rules and play your own permadeath runs if that kind of excitement really motivates you.

File: controller.jpg (86 KB, 970x918)
86 KB
Name a better layout for classic JRPGs
8 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Playing the Trails in the Sky PC port with full mouse controls made me realize just how awful gamepads are for RPGs. Oh boy I sure do love going into 5 different sub menus to equip an item when any KB&M game lets you do it in a single wrist movement
You only need one; the 'power off' button.
File: one-hand-srwc.jpg (46 KB, 500x403)
46 KB
Does Hori still make 1-handed controllers optimized for JRPGs?
Swap cancel and confirm in all fields
File: quina wojak.png (411 KB, 900x900)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
based take

File: Megaman BN.png (1.16 MB, 1703x956)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Bought the collection recently. I feel like i'm not getting good grades on my battles as often as i should, any tips?
Good grades depend on different factors (largely speed and time, I believe). You should probably also keep in mind the letter codes, so that you can select more chips (either to have more to use or to empty your hand more).
BNs 4 and 5 at least have specific chips that make most of the navi encounters a cakewalk: 4 has the AirHoc series (use when a navi's on the central middle panel and it'll hit enough to likely score you a full synchro) while 5 has the drill chips + areagrab (though there's probably a better strat that I don't know about)
I know the basics but sometimes getting those S (double kills.) ranks is a bitch. Might just be because i'm still early game?
You lose points for moving in non boss fights so stop doing that.
Yeah your options are pretty limited early game. You'll have an easier time with them later on.
You just gotta kill fast, better chips help, luck also it's a factor on being really speedy, sometime you will have just the right combination to kill certain types really fast. Other times you will wonder why you left that piece of shit chip in your folder

File: 1639191757063.png (645 KB, 914x1400)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
The first real SMT game in over a decade is a Russian Touhou fangame. Absolute state of Fatlus

File: 1695599213102925.gif (252 KB, 500x500)
252 KB
252 KB GIF
Nobody is playing it? This is basically the perfect SMT game, where from the beginning it lets you level up your favorites and keep them with you and switch out their skills for free
>paid shit
>dungeon slop
Go buy a fucking ad, retard.
File: 1660892460297956.jpg (71 KB, 1280x720)
71 KB
I played the demo before release and it crashed when I fought Utsuho. No buy.

File: images (5).jpg (14 KB, 480x270)
14 KB
Okay fags help me out I started my first run on core AND aimed for sadistic game design achievementt as added challenge. So far I've reached early chapter 2 with around 10 rests or so but the game looks like a fucking zombie survivor with how scarce your spells are and how tired everyone is between travels when you need to limit your rests to account for their overuse on lategame harder chapters.

I just got abundant casting on two of my most spell-consuming characters [Me (Eldrich archer) and Daeran] so I guess it will help a little even though in most fights I must still rely on rng and reload at least five times rather than burn out spells. I've been thinking of getting the Midnight Isles and Last Sarkorian dlcs too, but can I finish those with a minimal toll on rests? Otherwise I will keep playing the base game. Also as an unintended extra layer of challenge, for the sake of rp my chaotic character is going to become a Demon which I heard is a very rest consuming mythic path ability-wise so well I guess I just won't be using its powers a lot lol.
515 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Hard is hard? THIS CANNOT BE
File: file.png (3 KB, 503x36)
3 KB
it's okay, this minor annoyance will not slow me down
wrath is full of unbalanced bullshit spells like that. you have to save scum to learn which enemies to kill first, or just get lucky.

the russians learned very little from kingmaker, if anything their encounters got lazier.
I should have summoned the skeletons before moving in to melee but it is what it is, it can't be helped
those guys have high level scrolls, they might even be random. I feel like I've seen them cast insane party wipe stuff like wail of the banshee, they're priority targets

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