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Cause we lost everything
We had to pay the price

File: 1371937885333.jpg (114 KB, 533x687)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Whats the most controversial RPG opinion you hold?
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I'm 24 and played my first rtwp baldurs gate last year, before that the only crpgs I've played were the original fallout.
I love rtwp, I think it's great, it's fun to watch your units take care of trash mobs and then a real fight comes up you step in and start giving commands like a deeper rts.
this is the beauty of rtwp
I guess with the prevalence of tb-exclusive games these days liking rtwp is somewhat controversial
I used to be all tb, and it took awhile for rtwp to click but when it did it became an addiction
You probably shouldn't be playing RPGs if that bothers you. It isn't about player skill, it is about utilizing the skillset of the character you play as, playing to their strengths, and adapting to the failures.

File: r3tl.png (916 KB, 800x800)
916 KB
916 KB PNG
Just finished picrel.
I have now beaten every Piranha Bytes game (and also Forsaken Gods, Arcania and Fall of Setarrif). What a absolute meme of a dev lmao. 2 masterpeices, 2 good/alright games and the rest is just pure trash. How did they do it?
rank the games
You have shit taste. Risen 2 and 3 are objectively the best games they've ever made you landlubbing faggot. I bet you weren't even a Voodoo Pirate in Risen 3.
1. Risen 2
2. Risen 3
3. Gothic
4. Gothic 2
5. Risen
6. Elex
7. Gothic 3
File: risen_Aufmacher.jpg (771 KB, 1200x1066)
771 KB
771 KB JPG
Cope and seethe Mara

We get it. You’d love to be able to play as Dogi. If that were to happen again though, the game would implode on itself. He’s just too good.
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File: 1556122397830.png (979 KB, 650x771)
979 KB
979 KB PNG
I thought his design in 9 was garbage but over time it grew on me, the complete opposite of his 8 design
original is still the best
Honestly, Dogi is the most likable part of the Ys series. If they ever got rid of him, the series would fall apart. He’s Adol’s voice.
7 best dogi.
He has to die before Adol can become Santa though.

Why is that piece of shit is so boring and repetitive? Also the demons look fucking odd compared to previous MegaTen games.
Even Persona 1 (PSP) is better than this.
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Has the best soundtrack though. No one can argue against that.
you don't understand, old games weren't supposed to be fun, they were time wasters meant to distract 90's japanese boys from their parents screaming at each other downstairs
I think P2's fun though, just a bit broken
File: heh.png (94 KB, 358x336)
94 KB
Just skip to EP. Best writing in an Atlus game.

File: play-ys.png (151 KB, 334x252)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Haha... Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is out on Steam. The port is perfect. Play it.
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You should actually fucking kill yourself, you filthy commie.
So we're in Singa hell from now on?
Unless koguchi is the next unisuga and takes to it as quickly as unisuga jumped into Sky 3rd the soundtracks are in a pickle. Sonoda can't support these retardedly large OSTs on his own.
Sonoda is already getting sidelined. He went from 34 tracks in Sen IV to 23 in Hajimari. Obviously, that's not that much of an issue for now but I can see how he would want to quit as well. Koguchi isn't going to magically be a Unisuga anytime soon. Right now to me, he sounds like a less refined Tomokatsu Hagiuda without his weakness at making energetic music and slightly worse instrumentation. Kinda surprising he joined Falcom with the whole Chara-Ani blacklist going on.
>Be me
>Get into Ys first
>Fall in love with Sky because of characters, story, world, designs, and music
>don't like new characters that much
>don't like the new wordbuilding choices
>tired of the general direction of the story
>don't like most of the new designs
>one of the last vestiges of the golden age of Falcom OSTs has left
Falcom is FUCKED. They may improve graphics and combat gameplay but so much soul has been lost this past decade. It's a miracle YS VIII was as complete as it was. They're like Idea Factory but less retarded now.

Is it even going to feel like a Dragon Age game without D Gaider at the helm?
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Am I the only one who liked Hawke?
Showing emotions or making a mistake at any point = soi. Btw I like my rpgs realistic and dark.
>Btw I like my rpgs realistic and dark.
So you're 13, got it.
After da2 but before da3 yeah. The dragon age comics are actually pretty good desu. Nothing mind-blowing but solid reads.
I thought hawke was a great character hampered by a lacklustre game. I love his snarky morale-boosting speech to the party which boils down to "yeah, everyone's fucking stupid, let's just get survive today and fuck off tomorrow. First round is on me."

Why are there no spears in Skyrim? :(
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Oblivion, the worst TES, removed them.
it can't be helped
Not excusing Skyrim, but formation fighting isn't as effective in a setting where everybody runs around with AOE spells.
File: Scan_07.jpg (188 KB, 569x710)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
what if you enchant your shield and armor with magic resistance?
Random soldiers aren't going to have that though. I guess elite troops might have better/magic gear, but your random garrison of peasant turned soldiers are just going to have regular Iron or Steel.

20 years have passed since, Cross is weird in the sense it feels nostalgic even before you finish it. The devs were very aware of this.
This scene always struck to me, speaking of the far future and unchanging things.
Going back to it today, I kinda feel like it may also be an allegory for the game itself. They changed but the ocean stayed the same, just like the player will change and yet the game will stay the same.
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File: cross_timeline.png (31 KB, 850x1350)
31 KB
Agree with >>1917158. Having every NPC wax poetic about the nature of life is weird but really works with the game's dreamy atmosphere and existential themes.
I'll be the first to admit that the overall plot turns into a shitshow after the dead sea but it doesn't change the fact that it has some genuinely thought-provoking moments. Returning to Arni after swapping bodies with Lynx and having everything you've accomplished up till then be pulled out from under you was a really good way of pairing gameplay and storytelling.

To be fair if Xenogears tried to pack anything more in the story it would've been no better than it is. The game needed more money for polish and gameplay; maybe then it would've been successful enough to become a series (which, as planned, would have explored the other time periods).
As things are Chrono Cross is some weird amalgamation of ideas form Xenogears, Final Fantasy VIII, and Suikoden. I love it but I can see why others might not.
9 times out of 10 they're just salty that Crono & Co are dead
I haven’t played this since it basically came out, and this thread suddenly gave me the urge to play it again with a fresh set of eyes. Thanks for the subtle reminder. Today OP was only mildly a faggot.
File: HARMONY HARMONY O LOVE.gif (676 KB, 800x800)
676 KB
676 KB GIF
>Yet even then, we ran like the wind,
>Whilst our laughter echoed,
>Under cerulean skies...
I don't know why but those lines of the opening paired with the music always stuck with me and continue to make the nostalgia come rushing in.
File: 1552948302661.jpg (22 KB, 379x379)
22 KB
Those lines plus the music make me cry

File: 1582495510367.gif (33 KB, 125x125)
33 KB
what are the best must play ps3 jrpgs? stuff that isnt eternal sonata or ffxiii? underrated or overrated, anything. i need a fix now
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Do you have an original CECHA/CECHB model PS3? Only those ones have perfect PS2 compatibility. The other ones can still play PS2, but a lot of games won't work right
Also forgot the Atelier games
Well PS3 exclusives out of my list would be:
SO5, Eternal Sonata (PS3 has more content than 360 version), Tales of Graces F/Xillia/Xillia 2, White Knight Chronicles 1&2, some Disgaeas. Most everything else got ported to other consoles and/or PC or remade/remastered.

For PS2 there's a shit ton of JRPGs worth checking out:
>Shadow Hearts 1 & 2, Dark Cloud/Chronicle, Rogue Galaxy, Suikoden 3 & 5, Xenosaga (only for the story), (dot).Hack series, DQ VIII, Valkyria Profile 2, Tales of the Abyss etc.
nah ive got slim. my fat ps3 is broke. i can play the ps2 classics that you can buy off the ps3 store which have some pretty decent rpgs, most notably suikoden and persona games.

are the whte knight chronicles games even worth playing without the multiplayer? i'd heard that was a huge component. i played disgaea 5 and poured a lot of time into it, it was genuinely fun. i've heard guided fate paradox is good and somewhat similar. ive also played eternal sonata, only ever tried tales of zestiria awhile ago and hated it
Zestiria is utter garbage, literally any other Tales of is better.
White Knight Chronicles has a story campaign that's worth it. I think the game's somewhat comparable to the first Xenoblade.
>guided fate paradox
Actually never heard of that, it looks interesting. I love Noizi Ito's art.

me, i pretty much had a berserk/guts party,
guts was a half-orc berserker,
farnese was an elf priest of tyr,
serpico was a half elf blade bard,
isidro was a halfling swashbuckler,
casca was a human crossbow wielding fighter,
schierke was a human invoker mage
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I never played luremaster.
Why would I play IWD in a location WITHOUT SNOW.
Snow's lame as fuck and 99% of the reason why I waited as long as I did to even play IWD.
Personally I like snow but not a whole game full of it.
Equip the ring, ya dingus
Yeah, I looked up a walkthrough. I'm just pissed off and burned out. I'm tired of waves of undead and cheeky Remove Magic spam.

Gotta love the tonal shifts in these games. One minute I'm in an agonizingly shit ambush against specters of long-dead heros, and the next I'm mediating family matters in some podunk fishing village.

What makes Fallout New Vegas's companions so beloved in particular?
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illiterate zoomers having ghastly taste
hahaha funny good point I genuinely have no idea who the FO3 companions are outside of Fawkes (Because of that meme about how shitty the FO3 ending is that your MC is so dumb he can't ask his Super Mutant companion to do it).

For NV I had a pretty good sense of who I'd be expecting even before I started because discussion around them is plenty
I liked how they were all gay or freaks, but I repeat myself.

Beloved? Literally nobody cared about them. Fallout 3 had more memorable and likeable companions you retarded dishonest fuck.

File: Mankar_Camoran.jpg (10 KB, 193x261)
10 KB
Mankar Camoran was right about everything and he died for our sins.
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File: sip HMMMMMMMMMM.png (198 KB, 396x339)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
Yes yes, that's all good and well. But the bird men of ancient Tamriel will reign triumphant.

They're just biding their time.
The birdmen were ayleids who are all dead.
Lorkhan is demiurge nigger.
Yeah but he's OUR demiurge nigger.
The bird men were there before Elves. They were gone by the time the Altmer made their second outing,

File: ScreenShot2.png (2.07 MB, 1920x1080)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
skyrim books, is anything kino as this?
>He's enjoying the dungeon? Ok, hit him with a 24 page essay on High Rock politics in the Second Era
Lusty Argonian Maid, I like Vol 1 better but both have merits
>Immersive Wenches

File: Realshiki.png (502 KB, 738x1524)
502 KB
502 KB PNG
Do people even play games on vrpg?
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File: download.jpg (290 KB, 768x680)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
Currently playing through Inazuma Eleven
More people should try this out
File: 20210723150759_1.jpg (184 KB, 1366x768)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Replaying Morrowind for the ten thousandth time.
There are even posters on /v/ who claim 4chan is SUPPOSED to be a dumping grounds for shitposts and idiocy.
Got about halfway through the first chapter of trails to azure and then the fatigue started setting in. Maybe playing 6 other trails games first without more than a 1-day break between each one was a bad idea
I played Sunless Sea, I guess it's an RPG. Decided to start entirely anew and it seems to have gotten easier since the last time, somehow.

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