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>You’re looking for heals for your party
>no red mages
>you decide to settle for any heals you can get
>no white mages, scholars or dancers
>this guy notices you’re shouting for a healer and asks if he can join as the main healer with his caster pet
Do you let him in the party?
Pretend is pre 75 cap increase
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What do I do with the silver and copper AMAN vouchers?
Copper vouchers you can trade to the sparks npc who will let you exchange them for various currencies in game like unity accolades, conquest points, imperial standing etc.

Silver vouchers you trade to an npc in Lower Jeuno where you can exchange them for either a Mars Orb (6 vouchers), or a Venus Orb (10). Trading these orbs to a BC in Palborough, Giddeus or Horlais Peak lets you take part in something called AMAN Trove, where you have the chance to open multiple chests for rare gear, mats, items etc all good bad and ugly. One of these chests has a mimic inside which KOs you if you’re unlucky to open it.
Alright cool thanks. The AMAN Trove reminds me of the instances you can get from completing a treasure map in FF14. I guess that idea was taken from FF11.
Best of both worlds.
Not super populated with bots and RMT but still enough players to manage to do content. I really hated Asura though so I may be biased.
Also remember to trade the orb back to the NPC in Lower Jeuno once you're done.

File: 1610743995401.png (280 KB, 417x422)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
I mean if your game doesn't get you charged with sedition, whats the point?
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Oy vey goyim! Cool it with the anti-semitic remarks
File: stormcloak.jpg (172 KB, 1000x1000)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Doc, no...
also, 911 was based on ff7

File: 1-2d6tgtl.jpg (19 KB, 209x337)
19 KB
what do you do /tg/ ?
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Only because you're not using the moveset properly. The damage on Kikuichimonji is MA*16, range of 8v3 in 4 directions. If you can't find a use for that I don't know what to tell you.
With the MimeUp-Bard/ChemistDown Exploit, everything can become the best class (like Summoners doing 999Dmg barehanded without skills and equipment, even better with a speed of 50). What I like more atm is having Celia, Lettie and Orlan in my roster. Assassins' 'Subdue' skills are leagues above anything else (100% Death, 100% Stop, 70-80% Charm, 100% Petrify, and as weakest but signature move: Ultima). I also like 97 Brave and 3 Faith on my characters, as there's more than magic to heal or mitigate damage.
Or just use fftpatcher and give yourself an ability that hits all enemies for max damage
Where's the DMG cap for Dancers' Mincing Minuet? Does it scale with PA?
>Where's the DMG cap for Dancers' Mincing Minuet? Does it scale with PA?

*Human Reis [nude] dances*
*all dicks on map explode, 1k-1 DMG per target*

File: Fallout.jpg (147 KB, 357x285)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
At most you get a single companion, compared to JRPGs with a large and varied cast of party members
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Managing a party sucks using DnD rules or anything like that. It's just work.
Not in a video game, all the annoying work is done by the game, only the fun part remains for the player.
File: faegswdegv.png (141 KB, 309x393)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
Oh yeah man it's not like Planescape, PoE 1 and 2, Baldurs Gate 1 2 and 3, Pathfinder KM / WotR, KOTOR 1 and 2, ATOM RPG 1 and 2, Encased, Tyranny, Fear & Hunger, Fell Seal, For the King, Jagged Alliance, Silent Storm / Sentinels, 762 Hard Life / High Caliber, Solasta, Wasteland 1 2 and 3, Arcanum, Fallout 1 2 and Tactics, Avadon 1 and 2, Div OS 1 and 2, Shadowrun Returns / Dragonfall / Hong Kong, Drakensang, Mount & Blade, Lisa, Neverwinter Nights 2, and I'm sure many others that I just can't come up with as well, exist at all.

But yeah nah, WRPGs just dont let you have parties huh
Fat western piggies never went to parties, or when they tried they got ignored or laughed at. Thus they have a fear and aversion to parties
fallout is literally the only game that does that, and you still get a party in there

Playing Super Robot Wars X on the switch for the past year and finally made it to chapter 48. How the fuck do I beat this shit? You have to kill Doakdar and Fire Emperor in the same turn but getting both of their health low to manage that is a pain in the ass since Doakdar’s health regens 20 percent and the other dude at 10 percent. And no I’m not going to play on easy since I need the SR points.
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I haven't gotten that far yet. I only just got Guy back actually. 30 is long. So.. very very long.
Yeah I had to 30 for a while. Picked it back up now and I think I'm like halfway through. The mission structure is kind of confusing as well. Not sure if I like it or not.
I don't think I'm much a fan. At least not as is. It's nice to have a reliable option to be able to grind out slackers, late joiners, or anyone I suddenly have a change of heart on but at the same time this is almost too much and it feels like there's not a strong focus because every mission is allowed to kind of be its own thing. I wonder if there would be a better compromise between the linearity and directionless styles but I can't think it up.
Yeah honestly my favourite bits in X/V/T were when they split up. Not only are you forced you use different mechs, the story flows better because you don't have 50 characters each having their say. I honestly have no idea what's happening in 30 because there's just too much in every scene. I have to skip most of it because it just takes too long to let everyone have a reaction.

Out of the newer games V will always be my favourite. The Yamato and its journey as the centre of the story fits so well. It's tight.
It's not without moments and decent ideas. I loved the bits where the Rayearth girls hang out with the Getter team, or Team Rabbits just basically being everybody's friend but on the whole it kind of feels...unfocused

Are there still modern open world RPGs being made that have absolutely no quest markers?
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You didn't beat the game.
File: imagio.png (934 KB, 1280x875)
934 KB
934 KB PNG
Happu to aagree with you
>get told to find a guy to tell you about the cults
>told to go to fighter's guild
>talk to the guy, after some looking around
>get told to go to nearest dwemer ruins and find a cube for him
>go to ruins and explore
>find cube
>bring it back

The first dwemer ruins, hell, most of them are rather small and take almost no time to explore. If you see a fucking cube just sitting there, you're doing to pick it up. You can also ask him where to go to find the ruins and he'll tell you. I do hate how vague they are when they just say "Go this direction" because I go that direction and don't see it because literally everything blends in together because the game looks like fucking shit.
Outward comes to mind.

File: 96215534_p30.jpg (1015 KB, 2756x2067)
1015 KB
1015 KB JPG
Continue to walk. The future is bright, carry on the flame of hope.
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File: Spoiler Image (639 KB, 800x600)
639 KB
639 KB GIF
File: 1643842644039.png (1.02 MB, 1200x820)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
don't give up hope anon. We'll save her, we'll save them all
I don't think BS3 will take much from Elden Ring. EMMM probably has had some idea on the nature of the next game well before Elden Ring dropped.
Now that I got endingH I have a small question.
What's the deal with ending G bringing you back to the cycle? Ending C in this first game was justified since Leaf was just fucking with you but Ending G seems very final and as if you truly broke the gears. How do you end up back in Wonderland? It doesn't appear to be time-travel since it looks like Red is still missing her arm in H.
gg brings you back, i guess.

File: 00000000.jpg (140 KB, 1000x1000)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Mehrunes Dagon did nothing wrong
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No fuck off he wanted to be the sole ruler
This mental gymnastics is for Molag Bal and Clavicus fuck off loser
Nigger do you hear me fuckng kys. It's not true your delusions are not objective. Mehrunes suffered a defeat but that's ok. No need for pussy bitch ass apologies and explanations like : akshualy muh plan wuz deeper than you can possibly undertstand. Dagon would never say such shit. Oooh yeah totaly PLANNED to fuck up rather than conquer.
yeah fuck off Meridian drone
Slanderous whore it was your Molag Bal who sucked off Vivec troon
You would have been immediately slit apart if you said such bullshit in Deathlands.
Yes it was
as if that would even kill me

File: 36-11.png (152 KB, 400x240)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
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Wild ARMS 2 and 3.
Diablo 1 and 2
Classic Mode EO2U is one of my favorite games in the franchise for sure
File: erty.png (53 KB, 257x221)
53 KB
Shit you said JRPGs. Bravely Default then
I know that this game gets lots of hate and lolz for thing like
>dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner
but Infinite Undiscovery is extremely comfy game,

File: file.png (633 KB, 960x540)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
Just finished Growlanser 4 and enjoyed it quite a lot
Out of the 3 other Growlanser games with an English translation which should I play?
I want to try 5 but I hear it isn't that good, how are 2 and 3?
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So is the first langrisser the only one translated to english?
2 and 4 have translation patch I think
2 is fan translated on Megadrive and SFC (Der Langrisser is an arrange mode of 2)
IV also
I want V and 3 though
The only two I've played are the one with the dog, I think it was the second one and I don't remember shit about it.

And 4 and I absolutely despised 4.

File: unknown.jpg (125 KB, 1080x927)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
I'm playing the PS2 version and it's very kino
They added skill selection during fusion.
You can choose between the OG release (ie before Dante), the Dante release (as DLC) or the Raidou release (for free).
There's voice acting and JP dub is included, if you care about that.
File: 1642178353730.png (327 KB, 576x480)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
The music is still crusty as fuck but theres a mod to fix it.
They fixed a few things for sure, but they changed Thor's trademark scream, so the remaster is worse.
not really, it's pretty much the exact same game except with shitty VAs and they jew you if you want to have Dante

File: 1633845780837.png (712 KB, 500x705)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
This might be one of the best JRPGs I've ever played, holy shit
5 and 6 are better
This game is unbelievable dogshit, wtf are you on?
>ignoring the fact the game is easy outside of certain BS battles like the angels
>party member is missable unless you randomly check this tree

File: game_jam.jpg (294 KB, 2100x1389)
294 KB
294 KB JPG

See no evil
Hear no evil
Speak no evil
Play jam games
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Quick, male a new thread and post a Jam before this one dies!
Im retarded beyond redemption
Based, no girls allowed jam! Man Jam! AXE BODY SPRAY! BACON!
Actually based

It's a male thread, I swear.

>playing role playing game
>simple quest that resolves to a moral vs immoral choice
>moral option gvies 900 XP + 400 gold + a weak magic item + a companion
>immoral option gives 400XP + 300 gold + reputation loss
>mfw literally every single quest follows this theme in one way or another

Since when did being being a goody-two-shoes become more profitable than being ruthless mercenary?
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Since devs realized that they can funnel 99% of players into the good route, develop only a barebones evil "route" to put on advertisements, and get away with it.
There's a difference between being a rude asshat and a polite, but cunning mercenary; the former should absolutely be told to fuck off and ignored/attacked on sight, but the later should be entitlted to all the privaledges the good PC is afforded, and more
Anyway, since when did being a "cunt" mean you should get less XP for a quest, I feel like anyone attempitng to play an evil character is gimped in terms of progression

Good point, and agreed
still though, I fell like a lot of games still manage to mess up the balance with the former

Kek, any examples in mind?

pretty much this sadly
"Choice" in games are stupid flowchart for dumbs

Bruh the reason I play video games is so I can do terrorist mercenary shit and not suffer real world repercussions.

Also being a ruthless mercenary is very profitable in many games
>Good Choice
>Collect 12 pieces of an ancient puzzle, return it to the holy mountain, navigate 8 speech checks, obtain a sacred sword, use it to kill the evil lich threatning a country, and then finally get the quest giver to trust you enough to let you finish the quest
>Evil Option
>Kill the quest giver and take his shit

Also, you can kill NPCs to get extra EXP, steal shit, etc... it balances out more than you would think


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