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File: saruman_betrayal.png (340 KB, 602x357)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
Why did he do it?
5d chess to defeat Sauron "Sneed" Annatar

File: OW.jpg (926 KB, 2000x1000)
926 KB
926 KB JPG
Anyway to make this game not garbage such as builds, playthrough ideas etc.? This and New Vegas both have an open sandbox RPG feel I love and any suggestions like it would be appreciated.
you would have to:
fix the lore
rewrite almost all dialogue and quests
add actual skillchecks, ones you can fail
add 2-3 times more gear
delete the retarded "skill bundles" system
it's easy.
Play disco elysium instead
Just play Fallout 1+2. You can't fix Outer Worlds without essentially remaking an entirely different game with an entirely different team.
yeah I guess

Have done, didn't feel like it has replay value

Those were similar and I haven't played them in a while so I might

File: masterpiece.png (191 KB, 640x618)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
Name a better srpg.
I wait.
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That and there really weren't enough equip items. The other PSX titles had a shit ton of stuff to choose from but you were pretty much running the basic best-of-shop stuff the whole game

The class system is still one of the best ever though IMO. Not enough games let you transfer skills and customize so much... The story could have been a lot better and they could have used some exploration though. I hate not being able to fuck around a little cartoon town in my JRPGs
File: 51Zysxh8trL.jpg (49 KB, 500x451)
49 KB
PSX for sure. The PSP version looks a little cleaner but why would you starve yourself of the dual shock? Also doesn't have any extras from what I remember, just a straight port
FFT is easy as shit m8
snes one the other version are trash

File: 3max.jpg (411 KB, 926x1500)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
It doesnt make any sense. Paper Mario was Paper because it was supposed to look like a storybook. But you cant have origami and shit in a storybook. I dont like it. Fuck you.
ever heard of a popup book?
This is a board for RPGs
A Nintendo fan WOULD fuck that up lol
That doesn't mean the game is good, tho.

File: eirika.jpg (221 KB, 540x622)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
>Has a world tree
Stop with this fucking shit.
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feels like every fucking game i said. That list isn't by any means complete, just the games ive played
Just like >>242072
once you've seen some shit in 4 or 5 games it really does feel like too much
I think I agree on the point.
In the Sino view, you are suppose to praise or worship the ancient. That doesn´t mean they are hot shit, which is needed in the Westosphere.
So in most cases you awaken some silly old evil, which in JRPG terms means its a part of their idol worship.

Isn´t the only "real" God to show up in mainline FF so far the one in 9? Where he kinda gets summoned so you can have a epic final boss?
>silent protag
>5000 lines of dialogue
>Final Fantasy Tactics
>Church is evil
Its more that they picked a side in their civil war, and accidentally it turns out the Zodiac stones DO contain sealed demigods
Tactics has this happen to everyone, in a dog eats dog fashion.
>World Ending Dragon

Fuck you

File: 1476392272202.jpg (944 KB, 1929x2480)
944 KB
944 KB JPG
Name ONE (1) JRPG where cute boys are able to love each other sensually.
Final Fantasy III
The one character's love letters to the prince were pretty fucking gay

Its time to settle this

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As an artist, as weird as it might sound, I can assure you that for the most part going with the fringe shit is by far the best outcome. It's whoring yourself out, sure whatever, but as long as you have good anatomy (sometimes not even that) you'll get to stick to your own style. Commissioners stay in their lane and know that going to you means going for you.

Almost all the time I've gotten normal commissions it was always a chucklefuck who cared zilch for my artstyle and actively went out of their way to make me emulate another artist's style. Like, at what point is it acceptable to just tell them to fuck off and take their money and commission the artist they want you to replicate?
>he STILL doesn't realize that 99% of people working in gaming industry went into it because they were ugly as kids and escaped into the internet world where they could feel better about themselves so they absolutely SEETHE at seeing attractive people and want to self insert into their games by making everyone ugly
shiggy diggy. just mod the games or play the ones where the CHADS and STACEYS are working on them. vote with your wallet fags
Why do you weebs require cooming material in your games? I find it distracting and immersion breaking, if I wanted to jerk off I'd watch porn, and regarding OP pic, my own character not looking like a feminine bitchboy is pretty important to me

File: our girl.jpg (51 KB, 600x500)
51 KB
itt: based RPG companions
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all elves must be exterminated, exterminated!
File: Spoiler Image (404 KB, 1724x1318)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
I once downlaoded the mod to give it a try. Looked up her soundfiles and deleted that shit immediatley.
>Looked up her soundfiles and deleted that shit immediatley.
That's new

>he didn’t get the canonical ending
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post some cool prints of tards in dresses when you have them
Was a while ago and on PS3 sadly. May redo it on my laptop since I have the game installed. I can even use console commands to make myself slightly bigger to look more Tard
That’s true
I never go hardline legion, usually do lots of other quests as well and keep my reputation at least above hated with everyone until the end
Best ending
>assassinate Kimball
>still help the NCR at the dam
We won’t go quietly, the Legion can count on that
>screams loudly while being crucified

File: WRPG.jpg (955 KB, 1383x3520)
955 KB
955 KB JPG
Post 'em. Didn't get much representation in our 2020 poll.
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this is much better than OP.
Dang, i don't know any of these outside of Fable, Witcher and Fallout.
let's make our own then
fucking die you braindead retard

File: 616kHH5jrBL._AC_.jpg (51 KB, 500x431)
51 KB
Thoughts on the PS1 tales games?
Want to play them.
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Is this the Tales thread? Just finished Tales of Phantasia and i'm curious about the ending, is there any game from the series related to Dhaos world of origin? Is there any information about this world?
I don't know much about the story to Phantasia, however Symphonia is a prequel to Phantasia. So you will stumble across quite a bit of familiar locations and events.
File: mpMv9.png (598 KB, 1084x460)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
Map comparison between Phantasia and Symphonia (DotNW?)
Tales of Destiny is trash. It has a much better PS2 remake.

Tales of Destiny 2 (Eternia) has aged quite well for a PS1 game but the localization cut out all the skits which had a lot of character interaction.
Yeah, had to go and google and to get the whole story you need to play Narikiri Dungeon and Symphonia. Narikiri english patch when?

>"Xenosaga is good bro, you gotta play it!"
>It's literally the definition of a movie game before people liked to claim all Sony games are movies games
>"It gets good by episode 3, trust me!"
>It's still movie shit
>So many cutscenes that gives me awful flashbacks to Xenogears disc 2
>Barely any fun gameplay
>Just more and more cutscenes
MGS being a movie game series my ass, this is literally the movie game saga. Why couldn't they just make a anime adaption instead of making be 3 games?(Originally six games before it had to cut down to 3)
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>familiarity is a bad thing
It's not bad for being what everyone says it is. Stoopid contrarians.
If you thought episode 1 was bad, you should try episode 2. You don't see truly awful games in quite the same way these days.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (47 KB, 1280x720)
47 KB
It had it's good moments. There were definitely parts that tried to be epic but fell flat.
>Why couldn't they just make a anime adaption
they did
sorry but comparing this to MGS in regards to storytelling and cinematics is a fucking sin... it's not even close

yeah sure Xenosaga spends a lot of time in cutscenes and storytelling, but the presentation is nowhere near as masterful or skilled as in MGS and the characters and story are honestly pretty shit.... it's like a bad space opera anime drenched in melodrama where every main character is annoying and/or unlikable... o and of course you get a nice shitty english dub to top it off

File: Final fantasy IX.jpg (400 KB, 990x495)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
I played this game in the past but I never finished it.
I don't remember almost anything. Is there anything I should know before start to play it? Like some important item that can only be acquired in certain part of the game, or stuff like that?
steal from everything and everyone, that's pretty much it
press the 'confirm'/A/X button on every corner, i guess.
>Like some important item that can only be acquired in certain part of the game
I don't think anything that will impede finishing the game but pretty sure there are weapons and other good items that can be acquired on certain discs.
Some items are missable, but I really wouldn't worry about any of that if you're effectively doing your first full playthrough. Make good use of your support abilities. Don't do this also >>261037 as only some bosses have worthwhile items.

File: file.png (626 KB, 700x414)
626 KB
626 KB PNG
We're never getting it, are we?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
She pads her chest
No, but the recent ps1 save transfer development has made this fact much easier to accept

>recent ps1 save transfer development
You can't transfer your save from IS PSP to EP PS1 though, can you?
EP on the PS1 doesn't even have an undub patch either. Why do we keep on getting the short end of the stick?

File: 1580225455275.png (104 KB, 175x286)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
>empire bad
>church bad
>resistence good
20 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>what are the Castlevania titles
Ignore the metroidvania and emphasise on stats and magic/physical attacks
File: 1498276723267.jpg (257 KB, 736x1137)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
>aristocratic house full of tragic failings
>antediluvian evil is inevitable
>church is good
3rd feels like one big filler. I don't even feel the same awe I felt on FC and SC.
3rd is by far the worst game in the franchise.
Finish SC

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