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File: RPG.png (34 KB, 500x310)
34 KB
Anyone played or heard of any good Indie RPG's? I haven't been looking much but I haven't heard or seen many good indie RPG's talked about, which is a shame since I'd like to see more diverse takes on RPGs.
If you like old-school retro, there's one from 2004, Dark Disciples (DodgySoft).

Do your research.

There's nothing wrong with a text only rpg.
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File: 1436722428714.jpg (31 KB, 283x283)
31 KB
Damn, I wasn't expecting to see men of taste in this thread.
This is absolutely true. Listening is a passive experience, reading is an active experience.
There isn't, but I like having voice acting because it helps me focus on the text better. When it's just text, my adhd brain starts to detach until it becomes gibberish.

I still don't know what was going on in Grieving Mother's visions in PoE
File: 242424242442.png (191 KB, 587x352)
191 KB
191 KB PNG

better than 5
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Pretty much.
Better characters
Slightly better plot
Much worse dungeons
Worse gameplay
For me it's

But they're all stellar RPGs. I'm just finishing replaying through all of them back to back and it's astonishing how well they all hold up next to each other and how each feels novel. Wish the tribalism surrounding this series would die down
Yeah. I don't know why /v/ and /vrpg/ dicksucks 5 so much.

File: 1446217017412.jpg (149 KB, 600x665)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
So what's the deal with VTMB2 bros? Is it over?
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>gameplay is shit
>95% male
It's radical feminism that's the real "x-factor" as far as the modern "left" is concerned, isn't it? Their project to make (almost) all men into cucks so that they don't find younger girls and women attractive is still going strong. Heck, every time I watch a "leftist" podcast, every dude is a proud cuck, to a one.
This what you think? My hypothesis is that activists are very aggressive, so upper management just sort of caves in.
>You'll have to give me specific examples of this happening
Really? Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Western mainstream comics are written by literal activists. You know this, why would you ask?
blood omen legacy of kain
Still shit
if you're a faggot maybe

File: f243hwie7'.jpg (29 KB, 491x488)
29 KB
female fighters in videogames? What a joke.
Just imagine, female knights, LMAO

>the tournament was lost because Sir Amanda was on the rag
>Sir Anne petitioned the king to pay more attention to her feelings
>negotiations went poorly, and Sir Megan just literally can't even
>Sir Heather doth wager that mayhaps we don't even need war, like it's so dumb, omg

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>Jeanne d'Arc

>actually fighting

Pick one
>Has to pull a 'meme' warrior to make a point
Whenever I hear the narrative of how women are strong, useful & independent, I get reminded how weak & useless they actually are.
Female warriors are like albinos, they may have technically existed throughout history but only in negligible amounts
Not even that,these famous "warrior women" served as figure heads and moral boots and although they was present at battles they never actually fought.
Orc, based nigerian prince and dwarf also can be called fighters.

File: 1620192507339.png (1.96 MB, 1107x1103)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG
>turn-based/real-time hybrid
That's not a big genre, anon.
You're either talking about the poorly named Valkyrie Chronicles or something else.
Ar Tonelico II and ArNosurge did that and it was fucking great.
Isn't that basically RTWP?

File: 1595387564652.png (3.61 MB, 1497x930)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB PNG
Are you excited for the DD2 announcement that's totally going to be in this year's E3?
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File: ET9Ur3HXYAIBxZO.jpg (187 KB, 1920x1080)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
How handsome is my Arisen?
generic but chivalrous/10
Cheers, big ears.
How do I set up a fighter pawn? I heard to skip shield skills entirely, did I waste points getting three?
Basically, all I want is the ability to customize all three of my pawns like an RPG party and quests that aren't MMO-tier kill 10 rabbits for a bag of gold.

File: lwupg456d0r61.jpg (45 KB, 590x336)
45 KB
Why is every fight 4v8 with trash mobs that have 800+ health?

Even bosses spawn with 3 fucking henchmen. It's not hired it's just tiring, they make a big deal about the speed setting but you can't even auto-battle so you still have to manually spam firaga 4 times per character.
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In the normal ending, she is the only main villain...her boss is basically a secret.
I don't dislike BG2, it is better than most RPGs, but I'm not sure I would say it does anything better than 1. It even has worse looking graphics.
Beating Airy early is not the normal ending. The game itself makes it obvious that you messed up which is why it ends that way. That's like saying that beating Edna in Chapter 5 is the normal ending and everything after that is a secret.
Also, I feel like BD2 has a stronger main playable cast as a collective whole compared to the other two. Ringabel is a standout but Tiz is a really weak character and he doesn't get that much better in 2nd.
The narrative makes a lot more sense if you do it that way, I would say that is the normal end.
>Makes more sense
Even though Agnes knew that Airy was evil since Chapter 6 even though the game makes it obvious since 4, she was in so much denial that I would never believe that she'd willingly break a crystal in an attempt to stop the fairy.
>bd2 thread is just bd1 fags

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Does speed affect how fast your character can turn? It takes a full 2 seconds to turn 180 degrees in the tutorial.
File: 2021_05_11_12_20_58.jpg (103 KB, 1920x1080)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>got quest to deliver some book
>catch is that daedra's will keep on spawning to try and kill me
>reach town where I'm supposed to be at night so I can't easily find the guy to deliver the book
>can't sleep because daedras
>my weapon's material is ineffective against these guys
>0 magic build
>my only way to fight is running away and using my magic item that casts fireball
>all of a sudden fire daedras appear
Now that's an adventure.
run away from enemies, fast travel cautiously back to the spot, you'll end up there at daytime.
File: 2021_05_11_12_36_08.jpg (190 KB, 1920x1080)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
I managed to do just fine running circles around them and spamming fireballs until morning. I didn't keep count but my body count that night was quite decent too, if I could say so myself.
Now I finally completed the quest, got away from those fire-y niggers, slept to recover my hp and got attacked by a fucking wereboar!
Well I killed the wereboar too. Just 2 fireballs and he died, that was kinda lame.

File: DQVI.jpg (88 KB, 500x449)
88 KB
I wanna get into this series. I don't have a switch so I was thinking about picrel, partially because I had something spoiled to me which I thought was extremely awesome: apparently there is a really badass superboss called Nokturnus who you can beat and then he'll help you whip the actual final boss' ass. On the other hand, I've seen it's considered the black sheep of the series... what's so bad about it?
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It's fun, even just offline mode. The online shit like StreetPass only ever worked for Japan because everyone lives in cities. I only had one friend at school who played DQIX and we only played it online like once. It's fine to just play offline, make party members and pretend what relationships they have with each other.
It's pretty amazing. It has a job system of sorts that allows you to learn skills and mix and match them onto other jobs, which is really enjoyable. You customize your entire party in both appearance and roles, and the equipment they wear shows on them. It's a pretty great looking and sounding game for the DS (they replace certain overworld models with sprites to save resources and this mixture lets them populate things pretty well, it's more obvious if you emulate it at high res but you can still tell at native), some parts of the story are pretty good but others are a bit bland, if charming. There's an infinitely replayable endgame dungeon generating feature, I never found >>1647310 to be true about needing other people. That just sounds tedius to set up.

Play DQ9 if you've liked other RPGs that had class/job systems, it's a really good intro to DQ from that angle.
It's not a bad game, but you'll need a walkthrough after a certain point
Its definitely designed to be played with other people, whether you think its "needed" or not. The side quests tend to be boring as fuck on your own.
I forgot about how all the armor and weapons actually look different on your characters, though. That's definitely fun, especially with things like the school uniforms.

Thank you for your thoughts anons. Some conflicting, but it's convinced me to at least give it a try and see how I like it.

I know VIII is considered a gem for the most part, so if not IX I think I'll give VIII a shot too.

Why does pic related make /v/ seethe so much?
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Bro, it wasn't meant to be.
Witcher 3 is excellent, except for the pacing being a bit slow. Lots of players feel bogged down in Skellige. A big part of this is probably the repetitiveness of the combat. If the combat was better it would be absolutely top notch. If you feel the same try out the Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition mod, really helps the game out for me.
Probably the correct answer. Was surprised to see this thread, for years /v/ wouldn't shut the fuck up about it and I didn't know their opinion had changed.
Literally. It's before Mistle dies, whichever that one was.

>The scent of womanly musk filled Ciri's nose as she pressed it against Mistle's aching twat. Dragging her face further up, she pressed her mouth hungrily to her lover, while she pressed her nose against her arse. She inhaled deeply, letting the adrenaline rush through her as the woman's bitter scent did the same. Her lips wrapped around part of the soft flesh, as Ciri began to suckle.
File: 1599875125845.jpg (41 KB, 720x719)
41 KB
Was Sapkowski inspired by Pynchon?
Or was he just going through his horny old man phase?

How do I get good pets in Legend? I only used the succubus because she is cute, but she was pretty useless

Also, Mana thread
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hopefully they can release the Orchestra tracks.
Oh I have no problem with Angela as the MC, it's just that she gets very little screen time (alongside Kevin) compared to everybody else in other routes, which is a shame. Even when you go back to Altena to get the Icestone, she has nothing unique to say on the matter.
Basically all of her moments are locked to the Dragon Lord route.

And everyone's story will end abruptly if they're not story pairs. They're basically just third wheels in a sense that are in for the ride.
I'm guessing you made Duran take his Dark, the AI is programmed to never use saber buffs whatsoever, you have to manually cast them.

I was a bit slow and didn't see him apologize until later, but my point still stands. I could've been a lot more aggressive with him if I wanted to, but I personally don't have anything against him if he's willing to change. i like everyone here
>It has a million different complicated, poorly explained, and unnecessary mechanics

Saying this as a Kawazu fan, YEP, IT'S A KAWAZU GAME
It's a shame, the boys are great and Charlotte is hilarious. She points out Belladonna's big tits (at least in the Japanese version) and calls herself prettier than Riesz when they part ways with each other at Laurent.

I was bothered that Angela wasn't even concerned that the Waterstone was activated. She was more concerned that the guards could still be looking for her. Someone fucking died in her stead to activate it. The first thing your MC does though no matter who they are is go "hey we should let the bad guys activate all the stones!" even though they all know the spell requires the sacrifice of a life at that point. What the fuck
I think that's the main flaw of SD3 storytelling personally. They really failed to capitalize on the advantage of having 6 different MC's with their personalities and back stories.
Once their prologues end, all 6 may as well turn into the same character, because even if they deliver lines in an in-character way, their actions are all the same and in the example you posted it sometimes feels jarring if you start to actually analyze it. I could see Duran or Kevin thinking that's a good idea, but someone like Angela that has first hand experience on the type of dark magic they're using would be more eager to stop the villains.

It would be great if depending on your MC the story would play out differently outside of "which villain wins the brawl in the midgame, what final dungeons you're doing this playthrough".

Like take the Jadd escape for example, Duran and Riesz would prioritize saving the town first since they have first hand experience of their homelands being invaded and don't want to leave people in danger, Kevin hates boats so he would probably look for an alternative route and he knows about the birds the beastmen used to reach Jadd, while Angela/Hawkeye/Charlotte would prefer taking the boat to escape and avoid confrontation. I really wish the story would play like that.

File: 4f8.jpg (25 KB, 338x358)
25 KB
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Wtf is this true?
I like that bosmer can get so mad they forget what they're supposed to look like and become all-consuming nightmare flesh monstrosities.
>exploitable meme
Memeticists agree it is the lowest kind of meme that deserves the least amount of internets but because it appeals to the normies who understand it on the basis of it being repeated until nausea and thereby seeing the underlying meme it gets more attention.
Akatosh put a shard of his soul into a mortal to make him collect other soul shards broken off when the Imperials split his head wide open to stuff Talos in. One of the shards is nothing other than his Alduin aspect which he absolutely needs to have if he ever wants to revolve the Kalpa instead of allowing the High Elves to unravel the world and all creation.
Never heard of this, from where you read is it from from kirkbride shitty fantasies?

File: 16189146729346.jpg (195 KB, 619x679)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
This is Avatar.
He's the grandfather of the /vrpg/ protagonist.
Say something nice to him.
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And you can make important NPCs angry by stealing from them too much, or threatening to take all their stuff at the barter screen. This can cause them to turn hostile and attack you. Don't steal shit unless you're sure it's not owned by anyone important.

In UW2, you can freely steal shit if the owner is not in the same room.
Thanks anon. I'd actually noticed some items disappearing into the ether when I was trying to reorganize my inventory so I guess that explains it. That's cool info about the doors too, I'll keep that in mind.
Is it true that despite its reputation these days Ultima actually sold like shit and Origin's far more successful title was Wing Commander?
That is true to an extant. Garriott's said so himself on multiple occasions. Ultima had a small but loyal fanbase that was impressive relative to the early days of small niche PC gaming. But Wing Commander had actual, reliable mainstream popularity in an the era of well-established PC gaming as an industry. It was far an away Origin's most successful and profitable IP. And Garriott didn't really realize that disparity until after Ultima VII when it didn't sell anywhere near the numbers they expected or needed to turn a profit and they shortly had to sell to EA to keep the company afloat.
Wow this is a long thread

File: citra.png (110 KB, 838x767)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
I've been playing 3DS games on Citra lately. They are not good. The only one worth playing is Rune Factory 4. The rest are mediocre.
Labyrinth no Kanata was also not great but its OST reminds me of older titles.

On a side note, the devs of Citra are such geniuses. Actually play games better than DS emulators like desmume or melonds.
You can't go wrong with Picross. Though the Switch editions of Picross are better.
I’d recommend a few good games but you sound like a faggot.
how is DQ8 on Citra?

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