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File: 1678079495282580.png (18 KB, 256x224)
18 KB
Post mods or romhacks that make an RPG harder, in one way or another.

I'll start with Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence. It implements elements from the Bravely and SaGa games, namely moving a future turn to the present or taking one two turns later, as well as SaGa's LP system (unfortunately only for bosses) and a similar field element system.
It also overhauls the job system and adds an expert mode.
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Most of these "hard mode" mods are just about limiting your options to one or two choices making the entire game trial and error until you find the most optimal "strategy" and then go through the motions every fight.
You really like using words you don't know the meaning of
>hard mode mods
I don't play them
there's plenty of hard games for me to play, if I want a challenge, I want a challenge curated by a team of dedicated developers, not some kid in his basement who thinks he knows better
The only one I liked was Paper Mario: Dark Star edition
Trash mobs have no business having forced endure effects on all of them especially since all it does is artificially make the fight longer for no reason. Bosses like Calistoferi on Difficulty 1 can actually infinite loop you if you don't realize what's going on at that point because she counters most things with drain and the only counter are "instant death" and stop type effects which she resists. IIRC ailments also auto purge as her LP goes down and her stats increase.
The everything has an element system is cute at first until when you to the part of the game where he unlocks hybrid effects and then it turns into a cluster fuck of dicking around to turn off the dot effects that plague half of them. Or you get meme bosses like Leviathan who was basically sleep walk.
He promises build variety but in reality some classes/skills are just too good to pass up and in addition to that, as per romhack tradition, HP continues to be the best defensive stat in the game so some characters don't really have much of a "build". For example, why wouldn't you build Bartz/Lenna into mages when they have a better overall magic kit than Faris/Galuf/Krile?
Unless he changed it from the version that I played, Item and abilities like Rapid Fire/2x Cut shared the same cooldown which was stupid as fuck.

His SD3 hack was more palatable even if that had shit that some players wouldn't readily figure out like Dolan slapping you in the face with a screen wide instant death if you didn't hit him with a T3 super between energy ball casts.

File: 6fa0c049.jpg (458 KB, 1280x720)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
I want to get into Gothic but i can't stand first game's controls. Are they like that in 2 and 3, and will i miss much by skipping 1? What patches should i use for them to be playable now?
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It sounds like you are talking more about age of decadence or colony ship than Gothic.
Oooh boy, there so much wrong in this one...

>Gothic appeals...
In what way? As far as I know, seeking gainful employment, risking your life for friends and facing world-ending dangers alone is not something gopniks respect at all.

>it's basically the antithesis...
What? It's a typical 3-act structure, there is nothing antithetical about it.

>the point is not to be better...
Not getting better means getting mugged by scum and playing fiddle to arrogant idiots. Only by self-improving through overcoming danger and acting heroically you acquire both power and friends that are ready to confront gods with you.

>in the end you don't save anyone
You prevent a mass soul devouring by a demon, Beliar's descent to the mortal realm and overthrow Gods' ambitions by denying their games.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Stopping a multidimensional super demon from eating everybody didnt help anyone and was just youfucking over people to be petty?
What are you even talking about.
>Gothic appeals to the soul of the gopnik
100% correct. Rest of your post is load of horseshit, but this part rings true.
It appeals to us because of finding that small sense of camaraderie with a tiny group of dudes, surrounded by absolute assholes who want to exploit you. Finding joy in the absolute worst of places. Try to be helpful and be kicked down for it, but still try anyway.
All those things are in the game, and all those things are in my soul. I was born a slav, and a slav I will die, but somewhere along my journey, a germ made a game that understood me better than I understood myself at the time.
Gothic lends itself to a sense of Bugs Bunny tricksterdom and the quests and writing of the MC. He always has a line to complain and taunt and ask for more.
You don't actually have to do it though, which maybe just accentuates the choice to do it more.

File: bethesda_starfield_314.jpg (540 KB, 1920x1080)
540 KB
540 KB JPG
Now that the dust has settled, what are your expectations for Skyrim 2, and do you think you should lower them?
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Nords, Bretons, and Imperials will be black now
Us High Elf players will have the final laugh at the new ESG empire ruled by sassy Shaniqua Mede.
File: 1694546358750228.png (133 KB, 640x551)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
>Us High Elf players
My expectations are essentially zero at this point, but I figure mods will at least make it worth one playthrough in a few years after it eventually comes out. That is, unless Bethesda completely kills the modding scene with their shitty paid mods that nobody likes.
Basically this, there's no respect for the medium or the product anymore ultimately it's ESG that matters more to them. On top of that champagne socialist millenials have a constant gay obsession with pozzing everything so they can brag about it while they're slurping over priced latte at the table.

File: fallout.png (108 KB, 225x225)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
Can anyone give me tips and hints? The first couple hours of this game were a struggle. I just got the waterchip back to the vault, seems like I am freed up to do sidequesting now. (Patch version 1.1 so no gameover from supermutants)

Where should I go? how do I get armor? is the only places to get rope the Hub or stealing it from Seth of Shady Sands?
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I tend to really enjoy forgetting everything but the game when I am gaming, it's the sign of a well designed game. Zero out the separation between player and gameplay, fully absorbed into the experience.
>tfw played the game for 15+ hours and somehow softlocked myself from getting the brotherhood initiate quest at the beginning of the playthrouh
My build needed the power armor for the extra strength too. It's unfair man.
How did you softlock it? Is he dead?
OP here I've only ended up with Vault 15 being bugged, I can't go there and explore it anymore. What seems to be the problem with your questline bro?
you playing with fallout fixt? there is a bug in the dialogue that causes it to loop and fuck up when trying to join.

File: 1682700359984179.png (3.66 MB, 1920x1080)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB PNG
Since last thread hit bump limit
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This game confuses me. What should I do with my skill points early on? The % increases seem inconsequential. On mage I got a level into different magic types, eerything else I don't know. I already read a lengthy class overview on gamefags that says what's good/bad skills and classes but I still don't know.

Also how does reclassing work? It seems to matter what middle class you get for the final job but what can I even respec to the 1st/2nd job? Do job portraits only unlock if I took each job?

And are there invisible doors or stuff hidden behind destructible walls?
> What should I do with my skill points early on? The % increases seem inconsequential. On mage I got a level into different magic types, eerything else I don't know. I already read a lengthy class overview on gamefags that says what's good/bad skills and classes but I still don't know.
Put 1 level on them, especially for passives. Its up to you if you think its useful for you. For example, Double Attack is useful in early game as TP recovery is hard but come mid game where TP recovery is easier, it becomes obsolete.

>Also how does reclassing work?
Resetting your level also returns your used skill points and turns you back to your base class. Don't worry too much if you mess your build.

>It seems to matter what middle class you get for the final job but what can I even respec to the 1st/2nd job?
Only if you're getting the middle advance class like Sage or Magical Princess.

>Do job portraits only unlock if I took each job?
Yep, so just level reset repeatedly when you hit level 15 or level 30 to get them all.

>And are there invisible doors or stuff hidden behind destructible walls?
There are invisible walls, but no destructable walls. Once the game introduce them to you, expect to use Light or Flashlights frequently to find them easier or else you're going to try bumping walls alot.
Magic damage is not percentage. It's the one skill where you'll see a big difference even with one more level.

Early on, literally doesn't matter. Heal on Magic User, some random damage spells. Raging Smash on Fighter. Cook and First Aid on Maid. Spieler fucking sucks early game (don't bench it, they're really strong at 30+). Weak Stab on Scout.

You can level reset to 1, 15, 30, 50, 75 (only in DT2-2), and 90. When you level reset, you go back to your base class, your skills are reset, and you get back all your skill points.

Yes, there are invisible walls, some mandatory to finish a dungeon and continue the story. The game will warn you when you get to the first dungeon with invisible walls. There's no destructible walls. Get a class with the Light spell.
Does Dungeon 2-2 crash a lot for you all? 2 crashed maybe four times in 150 hours but in 2-2 it's happening once every hour or two.
DT2 only crashes on me once within my 500 hour gameplay time.
I suspect that its your antivirus killing the process when its running. Try putting the exe into the exception list. If not then try updating the usual stuff like DirectX or .NET

File: catgun.jpg (86 KB, 1024x768)
86 KB
ITT: Popular 'cult classic' RPGs that for some reason you just could never get into and why. It's probably impossible given that this is /vrpg/, but try not to shitfling either at the games, or at people posting about them.

For my it's VTM: Bloodlines. The combat implementation in it is just unfun, and I had the misfortune of playing VTM: Night Road a year before (which did writing/dialogue/choice better as you would expect from a semi CYOA) so the plot beats and dialogue didn't grab me like they would have someone in 2004. The voice acting was mostly good though.
34 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Mass Effect. I found the gameplay boring and I never liked BioWare writing.
Gothic. I've tried several times and I just can't do it. Too clunky and the world isn't interesting enough for me to force through it.
Yeah, same
You're like wow this is so energetic and collaborative and different for PS1 voice acting, this is amazing
then you get sick of it and the game also sucks to play
I could never get into Neverwinter Nights games and their sequels. Something was always off. At the same time I could play all the other Bethesda games just fine. Even Jade Empire.
this desu
the only thing I like is the art but the gameplay feels as dated as fucking pokemon at this point and I can't give less of a shit about the setting or characters

File: Kagha_p10.png (1.55 MB, 1310x975)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
>after 6 weeks and 3 playthroughs still discovering new things and conversations
>just learned about Kagha and Shadow Druids

This game is Morrowind tier. Anyone who hates it, I suggest you strike your head with a hammer 36 times so you can be intelligent enough to play Fortenite or some FPS crap.
60 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
The more a game focuses on writing and characters, the shittier that game is when the writing and characters suck
Exactly. I don't get what everyone sees in this game. Every companion except the wizard is a cunt, most NPCs are boring. The story is really generic from what I've seen.m It starts with what is basically the scifi version of an alien abduction, very derivative.
>The story is really generic from what I've seen
I finished it and uninstalled it. I promise you, it gets worse, worse than you can imagine.
>Death to all normies.
>Posts normieslop
are you a marketer or just stupid
Story is not great, but it is well written, and it's execution is flawless. The difference between an enjoyable pulp novel and a boring classic is in the details. In this case, the details are the difference.

What monsters have you been collecting/raising?
With the new DQM on the horizon are going to play the others to catch-up?
71 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.

>ride attacks
>Never used them myself. I'd rather just do other moves. Ride fusion is the only thing I'd say is outright completely overpowered, and again it's nothing like anything in Pokemon.
It's an unnecessary and overpowered gimmick, just like in Pokémon.
>free rare monster
>Only noteworthy freebie monsters I can think of are the starter, the Grypon, and then the giant bird right before the finale.
Three broken freebies, one of them being fucking Starkers. Yeah is not busted stat wise but is a legendary equivalent. Just like the free Lati in ORAS.
>recolor bloat
An issue sure, but one I wouldn't associate with Pokemon. Pokemon didn't even start getting anything akin to recolored until 7th gen.
It's similar to Pokémon in the laziness. Also it's something that somehow outshits Pokémon and that's not a small thing.

The Point is that anon should play a more traditional DQM before J3 Pro. It changes everything way too much.
If he ends up liking the series, he will enjoy J3 or J3 Pro.
I don't even disagree that anon should play the other DQM games before J3 Pro, nor do I even disagree with some if your issues.
But going
>it's like Pokemon
Is completely asinine. Just say they're issues with the game without making up some kind of vague, arbitrary comparison to Pokemon. It just comes off as disingenuous reaching and makes your points weaker.
Let anon decide, if he gives a shit, if those are things Pokémon has.
For me, J3 Pro is Pokémon Quest: the Casual Baby Adventure.
the online community for this game will always be tiny in the west.
I don't think this will come to PC unless it does well. This may be the last game in the series if it doesn't pop off
There hasn't been one in years, DQ is as popular as ever, and it's going to launch worldwide. I think it will do fine, unless Nintendo eclipses it with some other game.

Just started picrel for the first time today & I'm really loving the darkness & sparse nature of the world. The dialogue system is my favorite of any RPG so far. One thing I can't shake so far is how mundane many of the quests feel. I've been doing a bunch of Fighters Guild contracts & nearly every one of them is "Go to X...collect Y". Is the main quest better or is it more of the same? For reference, I kept it simple & I'm doing a classic board & sword fighter.
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File: 1619073177356.gif (3.29 MB, 365x498)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB GIF
hey screw you buddy
The Fighters' Guild is the least interesting Morrowind Guild. A lot of Morrowind's quests are indeed simple, but most of the other Guilds have fun shit going on that can get you invested.
Mages' Guild
>Ajira feud with Galbedir
>subordinating Ranis behind her back, then doing her dirty work on the final mission to get one of the best daggers in the game
>Edwinna's dwemer autism
>Trebonius being an imperial plant who doesn't give a shit about the guild, sends you on a joke quest to "solve the mystery of the disappearance of the dwarves," you can actually do it leaving him dumbfounded
Thieves' Guild
>stealing shit from all the great houses
>dismantling the Camonna Tong and purifying the Fighters' Guild
Tribunal Temple
>sweeping epic pilgrimages and artifact retrieval (trivialized by a certain shrine)
>taunting the daedra
>telling a schizo to stop LARPing as the Nerevarine
>you are literally the Jesus of their religion and can become their pope, even if you are a Khajiit or Argonian, and you can also take it upon yourself to murder one of their primary gods while retaining your pope status

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Fighters Guild is split has the guild split between those who support the Camonna Tong and those who don't. Player in the end will have to choose to side either with Percius Mercius or Sjoring Hard-Heart. Of course, most players probably don't find that out unless they read the wiki. I think most would just auto side with Sjoring Hard-Heart without knowing the next option.
All I know is that I've been more entertained by these few hours with magic in Morrowind than I was for the hundreds of combined hours I've spent trying to playing Oblivion or Skyrim. Especially Skyrim. Shooting flame geysers from your hands looked cool and all, but it felt so flat and like nothing more than a tickle to many enemies.

I understand all that, but not why you'd make it a major or minor if you aren't going to use it. I'm only mentioning power leveling as a frame of understanding as to why someone would build in a way that doesn't seem immediately obvious to me, because I know those methods look odd out of context.
The anon you are responding to didn't make that character, I did. It was my first major play-through character and I didn't really know the game yet so I picked the premade class "Archer" and then just never used a spear.

File: F3KM7-XaAAAZM-k.jfif.jpg (136 KB, 1920x1080)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Who else is hyped for Atelier Resleri?
243 replies and 46 images omitted. Click here to view.
Update on this:
Ryujinx just updated in the last few minutes and the game is working again :D
although after starting a game it seems 85% of the ground outside is invisible lol
updates on these updates, incase anyone else is having the trouble. The game actually started working, not because of the ryujinx update but because in my fucking around to try and fix things, I moved the game folder, which disconnected the updates and dlc from the game. Getting the newest update for the game fixed the ground being invisible and it also revealed it had only been crashing all this time because of one of the DLC's, though I am unsure which one.
turns out its ALL DLC and I don't know why, oh well, vanilla playthrough it is. :v
Seriously. Cant you just play the PC version? Swtich version are always downgrades and you wont have these kind of issues. Ryza 1 is far from demanding (unless youre retard who sets shadows to max

File: 1695176334451058.jpg (82 KB, 800x480)
82 KB
A new SEQUEL game approaches, once again.
Main character announcement soon.
344 replies and 98 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Spoiler Image (228 KB, 994x659)
228 KB
228 KB PNG

Learn how to use MTool. It can be used to unlock all the scenes in most RPGmaker games with recollection room by letting change flags.
I hope Uula explodes in thirst.
File: F6TkAEhaoAAVwZS.jpg (108 KB, 850x1200)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
She will
What game is that
File: genocide of uula.webm (2.33 MB, 640x480)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB WEBM
Asylurum, one of the April Fools games. They're all in the bin.

File: 1685945496868646.png (319 KB, 900x900)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
>EO is still the best dungeon crawler rpg
87 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Untitled11.png (977 KB, 1602x932)
977 KB
977 KB PNG
Not him but here. I only got 49 of the awards in the PC version. For some reason, Award 19 didn't appear because of a bug or by using a decensor patch.
I prefer DT than EO as a first timer on the genre. EO can make a first timer lost easily by throwing you to the wilds right away.
I personally do, but not mapping with a touch screen is possibly the most fucking retarded thing to complain about ever.
EO singlehandedly REVIVED dungeon crawlers because it forced players to engage with one of the great initial filters of DRPGs, which is the mapping.
Why do they always look equal parts embarassed and disgusted with the viewer in this game?
When Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa she was smiling at him.
I feel there is some subtext here I don't understand.
Or maybe people find different things tricky? Personally I find DTs dungeon's as braindead as they come. Sure they have various traps, but they are essentially irrelevant, due to how the game works, especially in regard to being able to save and load at will.

I Agree, although personally I elevate dungeon design over the rest of the aspects, making it my favorite DRPG series after EO, despite it being extremely easy, and the combat/character customization/progression being relatively lacking/grindy. I didn't mind the itemization too much, it's not quite as randomized as diablo. I do wish DRPGs took more of the puzzle aspects/riddles that the western counterparts used to have. Refrain has some of that, but even in that it's very bare bones. EO is mainly movement puzzles, some of which might occasionally make you think more, so that's nice. Of course, you can brute force them, if it's FOE related. I do like how the manual mapping complements said puzzles pretty nicely. Since mistakes in that, will cause you trouble with some of the more complex puzzles in the game.

Manual mapping helps EO stand out from the rest. I wish more, if not all, DRPGs had it at least as an option, since it adds to the feeling of adventure and discovery while exploring. It also works perfectly fine on the PC with a mouse, you really don't need the touch screen, even if it obviously is better with that. Mapping only with a gamepad is a quite cumbersome, and I wouldn't recommend it.

File: holy land.png (365 KB, 640x479)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
Hat World is an incredible freeware doujin RPG where you choose one of six main characters and play through their unique campaigns. It has an exceptionally good turn-based battle system, some very challenging boss fights, sidescrolling platformer exploration, and great storytelling, visuals, and music all throughout.

Hat World got a high quality fan translation last year and you can download it here:

Hat World fans have recently gotten reason to rejoice: Enu is alive! He survived his cancer surgery and is back at work on his SRPG. Thank god. The world still needs him. You can read more at his (Japanese language) blog:
245 replies and 62 images omitted. Click here to view.
What is the Human Sphere anyway?
Mauricia (Mary for short) - just a little girl, the first self-eater and the solution to the self eater syndrome. We know that in the neural power grid energy produced through linking together the brain activity increases in geometric progression proportionally to the amount of elements involved, but that process is flawed as it creates an anomaly called "The Self-Eater" - a networked brain exhibiting the overwhelmind desire to usurp neighboring neuron activity. Mary was the first whose conciousness was reduced to that of a prototypical self-eater. To prevent the complete death of her brain, a system of stimulating neural activity was implemented - the "Hat World" system. Her thought patterns were converted into the semi-sentient programm and she became the first hat tasked with assisting an active concience (keeper) with creating a mentally stimulating experience for other inhabitants. However, because of the self-eater anomaly, Mauricia relapsed and devoured the first keeper - her friend Papi. How that happened is not told, but Mauricia and Papi somehow became intertwined and "bounced" off each other keeping their personalities intact. Not long after that self-eaters started emerging en masse and a horrific decision was made - save suffering brains by integrating them in a shared system of stress relief with Mauricia as the unifying element, recreating her programm to construct new hats using dormant self-eaters as the basis and assigning these hats to potential keepers to further stimulate brain activity of both hats and hat world's people. This made the virtual reality into what we see in the game, but the price was high - Mauricia lost her will and ego, now existing in a state of constant pain as a giant conglomeration of others souls - The Human Sphere. Papi retained conciousness but became psychotic from grief and made the mindbroken Mary start the Master Keeper Selection - to condenm another soul to misery in Mary's stead.
File: E0eErbFUUAE9pBQ.jpg (59 KB, 710x710)
59 KB
Uhh, there's a few problems with that story.
Only a few? Phew.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (89 KB, 616x353)
89 KB
>the RPG with the most character choice, branching options, and ways to express your character's personality is a fucking MMO
How did Bioware do it?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>base game doesnt even have homosexuality
>u-uhm... it... t-trans!! Trans rights!
>t. quintessential bioware fan
Making KOTOR 3 into a MMO is possibly the worst decision Bioware/EA ever made, even worse than Anthem or Andromeda. You can see the core of a good single-player RPG in the game, mainly the Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior/Imperial Agent questlines, everything else is filler garbage. They were so obsessed with chasing the MMO market and being a WoW killer that they kneecapped what would have otherwise been a decent RPG in favor of an absolutely garbage MMO experience that like 50% of the player base utterly ignores.
>me mad I see other people so it bad and no one play it!
it's bad because the combat and quest design are inane bullshit

File: 12020052950299.png (1.41 MB, 928x628)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
which one takes the modern crpg crown
88 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
cope and seethe, bg3 tranny
You cry about bg3 because you're literally one of those repressed homosexual stereotypes that can't stop thinking about sucking girl cock.
Hard to say. They're both still being worked on. Who even knows what bg3 will be like in a year? Is it even necessary to decide which one is the best? They're both crpg GOATs in my book. Some players will like the deep and complex build customization and level 40 power fantasy in WOTR. Others will like the highly interactive gameplay and the immersiveness of BG3 more.
It's pretty obvious that upper city was planned to be a playable area like lower and outer city, but they didn't cut it in the last month of development like some people seem to believe. More likely is that they cut it when decided to make bg bigger and seamless, but then realized their engine couldn't handle it and had to significantly downsize the scope of the city.
>Who even knows what bg3 will be like in a year?

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