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File: DF-prince-Boethiah.gif (10 KB, 96x92)
10 KB
Why would anyone worship the Daedra?
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File: Dreidel.jpg (230 KB, 1920x1276)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
they spin, to some that's enough reason
>I already have the Dunmer as a race down in my book of Grudges.
What is creatia? Female creation?
The Divines are weak and the Et'Ada are uncaring
Daedra are the fast track to tangible power
File: 1657031511165.png (113 KB, 331x235)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
I just wanna chill so, Sanguine?

File: Fo2_Myron_Ending.png (137 KB, 640x480)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Who is the worst companion in the history of rpgs?
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The Pawn system was a pain in the ass, would have been better if you could just make a full party of your own.
Dragon’s Dogma lets you create and hire other people’s companions

Bastard Bonds lets you choose who joins your party. You can create characters in the main menu and have them appear in your game. Alternatively you can also show mercy to basically any enemy you come across and have them join you. I haven’t played it in a while but I remember I managed to get a centaur, a witch and some little goblin thing by stopping when they were about to die and begging for mercy.
>not playing a handsome rouge with harem of 5 girl followers
Fucking faggot.
>their goals are eugenics and genocide
So just like leftists irl?
File: 1356369176999.gif (704 KB, 500x500)
704 KB
704 KB GIF
>Later you get the option to completely fuck him over

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Because zoomies get filtered by muh pixels, and that's their target demographic.
No zoomers are watching Daggerfall content. These youtubers simply have shit taste
Morrowind is for trannies and non-whites.
that wall texture legitimately looks like it was ripped straight from oblivion's shitty graphics. if you're gonna mod anything though mod more booba on the wenches.
>shitty filter
moar liek kinofail

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (114 KB, 616x353)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Any games like cyberpunk dreams?

I've never experienced anything like this game and I really love it. Any recommendations?
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>Also, since you can't pause your character basically starves to death if you don't log in one week.
Not really? Time stays pretty much frozen If you don't log in. That kind of thing would probably only happen if you kept logging in every day without spending any actions for some reason. I haven't played for half a year and my character is perfectly fine.
There isn't all that much stuff locked behind credits desu. Smuggling seems kinda big because it's one of the few implemented jobs, but from what I know it's very underwhelming and doesn't pay all that well. The two biggest things I seem to recall were an option to keep both Irene and Angelique(although I've heard that you can get them botth even without paying somehow) and Willow, who is a pretty big contract. They also give out free credits codes from time to time, but you probably won't be aware of that if you don't visit their shitcord.
These kinds of RNG energy games are so fucking bad.
How do I into this game? I already play Fallen London consistently, I don't think I have the time to play this as 'intended'.
It looks like it has FL-style mechanics but it's on Steam, not a browser? And it has permadeath for some reason? How's that work?
>And it has permadeath for some reason? How's that work?
You die and your next character gets NG+ currency to do progress faster and unlock some stuff + they get most (if not all) of the paid content your previous character(s) bought. Not really much of a compensation especially if your character was pretty old.
That being said, dying here is surprisingly hard, you get warned in red text most of the time and there are items and implants that make surviving more likely. I've played through what I assume is most of the available content and my character had a death situation only once and even then he recovered from dying.
How do I get the infinite energy cheat?

Why does he prefer Fallout 3 over New Vegas?
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File: vfsuWOpU_400x400.jpg (33 KB, 400x400)
33 KB
I never played New Vegas and Skyrim, and NEVER will. The second I saw shitty consolepeasant soulless globohomo UI in Skyrim I uninstalled. NV is just oblivion with guns, clunky piece of shit like every other nu-Fallout. I just don't play shit games, that's all.
File: _(Detected)_.jpg (19 KB, 509x602)
19 KB
You shut your filthy whore mouth if you have nothing good to say.
File: 1654010779707.png (704 KB, 2039x2893)
704 KB
704 KB PNG
>globohomo UI
>inb4 trannime comments
One thing I personally think FO3 does better is a sense of cohesion, Obsidian had to reuse so much stuff that was already made for FO3 while combining it with their own new stuff that it overtly feels like you're playing a (really high quality) unofficial mod than what's ostensibly a separate game

People joked about FO3 being Oblivion with guns but to me they always felt like their own distinct things, and I just don't get that with NV

File: rxa6eoia8xg91.jpg (343 KB, 2048x2048)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
What did you guys think of Three Hopes?

>Did you like it?
>Which house was your favorite in 3Houses, and did you like your house route in 3Hopes?
>Would you prefer if the DLC was a church route/golden ending with Byleth as MC again? ( I would lol )
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>It was nice to finally see certain characters like Holst
Holst was so shit in hopes i wish they never showed him
>why does edelgard get horns if she hates dragons kek
Have you somehow missed the fact that she's a hypocrite?
File: 1538108015205.jpg (114 KB, 708x1000)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Owari no Seraph
Speed Grapher
Sonny Boy
Ergo Proxy
Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou
Blue Gender
86: Eighty Six

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
KT likely fucked up the schedule because they changed too much shit.
File: EGnJAlgWkAIduh3.jpg (306 KB, 2079x1463)
306 KB
306 KB JPG

I've been interested in it for a while but didn't want to pay for a shitty game.
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It reminds me of Persona 1, honestly.
Get it when it is on sale. Turn off loading screen tips otherwise enjoy long loading screens because they want you to read the tips. Combat is easy if you've playing Megaten games before. Don't bother with any of the DLC, they only add quests or shit that should have been in the game to begin with. If you really want to get a DLC go with the costume or if you want the game to be even easier, demons DLC to get Nemissa and the others. The extra quests/dungeon/boss dlc is a waste of money.
It looks like a budget title, maybe worth getting on sale. What I dislike most about this game from what I've seen is how much of a regression this looks in terms of aesthetics. I hate to be a "new game le BAD" type of guy but I look at the OG Soul Hackers, Strange Journey or DSS and greatly respect their unique visual aesthetics. This game looks like pandering, generic fujoshit schlock.
What? The style is one of the highlights and makes it stand out. SMTV didn't have any stylish element and neither do 99% of all JRPGs being released today.
>Camera is ass
you can literally go into options and change this. is your friend a burger, because burgers never go in to options.

What's your favorite class to play as in a game?
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File: 369912.jpg (36 KB, 225x350)
36 KB
White Mage/Priest whichever label the game gives to its God loving healer. Preferably healers that primarily cast support spells and suck at actual combat. God fights my battles, I'm covered.
File: 1663024073424623.jpg (36 KB, 634x483)
36 KB
What's the magic experience you want?

Necromancy is fun and the reason I got into Arcanum was hearing online how you can talk to dead people. Games made decades ago that allowed more emergent freedom in how you roleplayed.
I need more cute tactics drawings like this one.
Should I play the PS1 or GBA remakes of FF1 and 2?

File: asdasd.jpg (111 KB, 1200x675)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Any RPGs with all the standard stuff, like open-world exploration, leveling, gear, etc.,
BUT without you being forced to kill?

(I'm done with killing in games, but that only leaves stuff like simulators in small environments and usually singleplayer)
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Yep. Probably drinks a lot of milk, which contains pregnant cow female hormones. Had he been consuming sهy instead, he wouldn't have been such a sissy, nor would he have made this gay thread.
File: HAH.png (279 KB, 400x543)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
Play a jrpg then you nigger.
>oh no not the heckin cute slimerinos that I'm forced to slayeri
This is getting ridiculous, just stop playing video games.
yeah pacifist routes arent that uncommon. you could play fallout.
Technically Fallout/Elder Scrolls, since you can talk your way out of most encou tears with the right build, but that still leaves overworld mobs.

Maybe Fallen London and other text based rags could work better for you.
Pokemon and Undertale brother. Some of the most popular RPGs ever

File: dev.png (981 KB, 800x954)
981 KB
981 KB PNG
Striking while the iron is not so hot edition.
Post games you are working on, ask feedback about ideas, art, music. Or just post about *that* game you'll never start making.
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File: 2022-09-27 bleeding.webm (1.79 MB, 1280x720)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB WEBM
gotta think of a way to show status effect descriptions for non mouse users
goddman, pincers were not enough, the crabs have to wield banana blades
Would be hilarious if they did a victory dance on the game over/you died screen.
Occultist/surrealist/horror/modern "fantasy"
Inspired by some movies I like

File: hqdefault.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
How do you prefer how voice dialogue is handled in wrpgs? Knowing not every game can have everyone have a voice with alot of dialogue to go with it. Given that not every game will have the budget to pay for full voiced dialogue with a whole lot of texted information.

Morrowind-Most people have one or two voiced lines as a hello or goodbye, but have walls of text for information on towns, people, and quests with none of it voiced.

Fallout 1-Only important characters have fully voiced dialogue. While the rest of the NPCs are mostly text but allow for greater choices through said text rather then voicing all the optional outcomes.

Vampire TMB- Everyone is fully voiced, but they don't say nearly as much as the previous two games as mentioned if they spoke through text.

Which of these three types do you like, or don't mind the most?
32 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Oblivion just isn't a game meant to be taken seriously.
>one of the most ambitious undertakings in all of video game history (the development of Oblivion) isn't meant to be taken seriously
lol cope
Roguelikes are for hateful robots that hate life.
>computer symbol vomit
Pick one.
What you don't hate life? What a loser.
No I'm not a jewish neurotic.
Ah, you are a golem.

File: Der-Langrisser-JP.jpg (143 KB, 640x1156)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Which would you say is the best way to get into the Langrisser franchise?

How does it compare to other SRPG?
by playing it for one. they compare to every other jsrpg there is. same shit different art and story. press x to win shit designed for retards in Japan
play langrisser 2 on an emulator so you can press a button for turbo speed
I prefer the mega drive version over the snes, but if you're interested in it for the multiple routes pick snes - mega drive only has one route. or if you can read moonrunes play the dramatic edition for voice acting n stuff

I recommend langrisser 2 because it's better than 1 and is still relatively simple. I personally prefer langrisser 4.
and yeah the series is very easy, it's neat for a casual playthrough but don't expect too much

File: 606px-Vrpg_logo.png (107 KB, 606x600)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
It's that time again. Here is the latest iteration of the /vrpg/ roster poll. It's pretty straightforward. You'll be able to vote on the current roster on who'd you'd like to see remain, get promoted, demoted, or outright removed. The final page will also include the ability to suggest a player that you'd like to see represented. I will also be taking suggestions from the thread. This will culminate in another poll later down the road and you'll be able to vote for new representatives.

Voting can be done here: https://forms.gle/tb1Rr7n1DuoJBuSJA

/vrpg/ is also playing a friendly match tomorrow vs /vm/ at around 4:20 PM EST.
23 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
How about renaming Daddy Dagoth to any of his meme quotes?
>how can you kill a God
>such a grand and intoxicating innocence
>Grand and Intoxicating Innocence
all would make a cooler name than just Dagoth Ur.
Honestly that's a good idea. I'll probably throw up some new name suggestions in the next poll once this one has run its course.
Voted on the poll. I suggested the following players;
>/mon/ rep
surprised there's nothing yet considering /mon/ is a staple of /vrpg/ since day one. Make the model some kind of unholy Pikachu/Agumon/Suezo hybrid
>outdated battle system
People complaining about Turn-based RPG systems. Make the model Cloud completely surrounded by Menus
>le mother-inspired indie RPG
make the model Alex YiiK with sans riding on his back

for other shit, maybe rename the players based on their memes instead of their actual names, it gives more personality to the team
You're a faggot.
I'll close the poll by the end of Friday and throw up the next poll for new roster candidates on the day of /vrpg/s final friendly. If you haven't voted yet now is the time to do so.

File: 1649207249955.jpg (20 KB, 411x360)
20 KB
What are some RPGs with unique magic systems?
I have been recommended the following games:
- Dungeon Master
- Rudra no Hihou
- Unlimited SaGa
- Dark Law (pic rel, I think)
Any others?
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
In Energy Breaker, spells have elemental level unlock/usage requirements and that's it.
You distribute your elemental point when you level up and if you happen to have unlock requirements fulfilled then on every action you take you have a chance to learn the spell.
If you don't want to roll the dice on unlocks, there's a consumable called Oracle Paper that will force you to learn one spell you could learn, but the chance to learn is so high anyway that the paper is mostly a moot item.

There's no way to know ahead of time what levels will correlate to an unlock, but many spells are shared between characters so once you get it on one you can try it on everyone, and the elemental levels can be freely redistributed so you can be pretty blase about the whole thing and not worry about it

Actually the much more important thing about elemental distribution levels beyond their use in the spell system is the fact that balancing between light and dark in an element will result in a *big* damage boost equivalent to the light level multiplied by the dark level, which maxes out at +51, which is achieved at the earliest by going 7/7 in one element and 2/1 in another
>Rudra no Hihou
Cool game but even though you can make your own magic with words I wouldn't really call it unique it's basically a very straight forward rpg. Definitely worth playing though.
>why do japanese games always look like they were port from Game Boy Color?
you have no idea what gbc games look like fucking zoomer
Two Worlds 2

File: KnewIt.jpg (346 KB, 1920x1080)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
Why did she do it?
they had tiny butts
Did they mean kill the Redditors? Was she from Reddit?
She was from the Noble family of Redditch, and then went psycho and killed them all for some reason.
based redditor
Cause self-hatred is cool

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