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This is the result thus far, do you think it's accurate?
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They said that the game is in pre-production 4 months into 2018 so assuming they start working on it in 2019 and assuming the game takes 4 years it will come out in late 2023. Covid might have delayed production by few months so early 2024 is a conservative guess
I think 24-25 desu anon alot is riding on this one. if both Fallout and TES have shitty games being the most recent ones then itl look really bad on them.
fallout 4 is a good game.

Fallout 76 isn't even part of the main series or has anything to do with the main studio. It is like ESO online

What really matters is how Starfield will perform and it will affect when TES6 will be released
File: 30a.jpg (54 KB, 475x356)
54 KB
>fallout 4 is a good game.
Exactly Starfield will tell us a lot about TES6

File: na_prawy_posladek_Tyra.png (269 KB, 353x419)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
this was a good game.
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Better than nwn 1
>rocks fall, everyone dies
At it picks up right from there in the expansion.
Considering how shit nwn 1 is, it'd be hard to do worse.
Yes, we're talking about OC ending. Rocks fall, everyone dies.

File: rtwpvturnbased.jpg (13 KB, 652x165)
13 KB
Let's argue

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File: 1412782164759.png (735 KB, 1988x2797)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
Many bad people have shit taste? Shocking truth!
At least the majority has good taste though :)
Yes, that's why bladder's gates are so popular, weeblet.
FTL is RTwP and no one complains about it. Into the Breach is Turn Based and no one complains about it.

Why does RTwP cause such angst in RPGs?
File: growlanser.png (679 KB, 670x448)
679 KB
679 KB PNG
RTwP only when japs do it.

File: you got yoko in my taro.jpg (122 KB, 1200x1200)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Why? It's an action rpg. Has ass loads of lore that doesn't make sense at first glance. I would think this board would be all over it.
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This might be the dumbest post here, which is impressive
fuck off
fuck on
File: BX5yUlr[1].png (75 KB, 655x399)
75 KB
Remake is the definitive version of the game
Congrats, anon. That's real dedication.

File: Ricotta_Votes.png (397 KB, 425x654)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
Did you vote for the Ricotta daki yet, anon? Vote so she can be happy!


File: FO maps.jpg (614 KB, 2840x1881)
614 KB
614 KB JPG
FO4's Map > NV's Map > FO3's Map

Simple as.
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FO4's is made in a way that nothing interesting happens because everything feels small and scripted.

New vegas is kind of the same but the vibe is way better, fallout 3 is in between those two, but it feels less of a drag.
Could you explain why not? I've heard arguments for this in the past but none were very detailed.
New Vegas has the worst map.
FO4 > FO3 > NV when it comes to the map.
There is literally nothing to explore in NV.
The fo4 map is small and has maybe 2 or 3 memorable locations.
Fallout 4 feels smaller than the others because there's only one city and nothing interesting in it.
Like literally no memorable landmarks besides the Brotherhood airship.

File: 1620085041475.jpg (107 KB, 594x673)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
>plays mage in every game in the series
>support templars at every turn
>massive amounts of seething from party members
>laugh in their faces
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I have the ultimate edition on GOG already and can play the dlc just fine but don't have access to the item I got for finishing them or the specialization I already unlocked in previous playthrough.
When I tried to connect to the account outside the game I was asked to change my password so maybe that was it but now I can't connect because I made too many attempts
Trespasser is easily the best part of the game by far, but I would on no account recommend playing it just for that. It is a wholly unenjoyable game otherwise.
If anything, Tevinter is probably the best argument for pro-mage society, simply because it has continued to exist despite the best efforts of the entire Qunari host to destroy it. The Qunari aren't shy about the fact their faith specifically demands that they conquer the world and subjugate all other peoples, and their seemingly endless armies of giants give them a decent chance at making it happen. However, because Tevinter exists, they can't afford to make any real move of consequence against the rest of Thedas, because their armies are tied up trying to destroy the Imperium. And why? Tevinter has been in a state of decline for centuries owing to its tremendous decadence and corruption, has lost nearly all of its former influence, and is more or less consigned to the dustbin of history by the other nations of Thedas, but Tevinter has one thing that those other nations sorely lack: namely, comically excessive amounts of magepower. Because of this, a dying country on the brink of self-inflicted extinction is able to stop the most terrifying army in the world in its tracks.
I concur. If DA4 comes out and it's not hot garbage I'd recommend reading up on the lore and watching some youtube vids of the better dialogues before filling out the Dragon Age Keep for Inquisition.
Pic is missing the templar's entire eyeballs being 100% visible from behind the helmet

File: Fuckin a.jpg (86 KB, 1280x720)
86 KB
>7R Intergrade announced
>Shows Weiss at the end
>Didn't worry about it too much, expected him to just be a bonus VR boss for fanservice, and it turns out he is
>But then Nero appears in the actual fucking storyline

I gotta say, my feelings about the future remakes has gone from hopefully optimistic to nervously pessimistic. I didn't even mind the time travel stuff, there's story potential there (assuming they don't fuck it up). But bringing back these characters that look like Deviant art OCs and are Nomura at his most self indulgent design wise was horrible. What the fuck are they thinking?

And the worst part is that if THEY are back, it's almost inevitable that Genesis is gonna come back too, and he's the fucking worst. If this turns into some convoluted KH tier hodgepodge of "cool" anime characters, I'm going to be really let down.
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You must relinquish your will to the consensus obviously.
It's good as long as my ship is safe otherwise I don't care what happens.
>what has to happen before you say it's good or bad?
I have to actually see the things in the game and not just a few frames in a trailer

> in fact I'm going to guess you're willing to say it's good so far,
I did like Part 1, overall. My main complaints about the game are structural in that I would have liked to have more freedom to just fuck around doing general RPG stuff. Hunts, normal sidequests that can be done whenever, etc. It felt a little too linear to me, to the extent that it made me feel like there was a set amount of enemy encounters in the game, but my hope is that Part 2 will be more open as we're not confined to Midgar anymore.

>but if anyone calls it bad, you bring up this "there's no way to know if it's good or bad yet" argument.
If you didn't like the self-contained game and story elements that are already there, then that's that. But how are you judging the quality of this loop shit when we basically got a prologue and a trailer for a DLC that may or may not even have any critical story?
>Why would you be upset about the new game potentially going into new and unexpected directions
It's the entire idea around it that's retarded.
>Everybody already knows who Sephiroth is!
>Everybody already knows Aeris/th dies!

It's like saying everybody already knows the "I'll be back" line is from a Terminator movie, but haven't actually seen Terminator 2 to understand the context behind the line coupled with the powerful, dramatic scene it was used in. There's plenty of people out there that don't actually KNOW Sephiroth, but maybe OF him--or know WHY Aeris/th dies, only OF her death, but Kitase only thinks in broad strokes and doesn't care about subtly, so why not dumb it down and cater to modern audiences/turbo fangirls and just throw Sephiroth around like a neon beach ball.
And wear Aeris/th's corpse on their sleeves.

File: Bluemages.jpg (703 KB, 4213x1368)
703 KB
703 KB JPG
What's your opinion on Blue Mages?
70 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Most of their spells were just Black/White/Time magic which are all more useful
soo...balancefaggotry. BLU can't do MSQ, therefore you won't play it
They exist to take utility spells AWAY from White and Black. Fuck Green Mages.
>Only caring about casual content
Whatever helps you sleep at night anon.
You don't have to defend every choice the devs make, you know.
if i had to give the devs, or the audience, the benefit of the doubt, i'd give it to the devs

File: 1229566348722.png (79 KB, 1061x771)
79 KB
You don't actually play as a 'good' guy in RPGs, do you?
35 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
considering akagi himself doesn't even fit 90% of akagifag's criteria for "good writing," no, not at all. the very first story in akagi is him randomly choosing to help somebody out with little benefit for himself, and kaiji is all about "how many times will kaiji have to be betrayed before he finally stops trusting people"
>Implying JRPGs give you a choice
>with little benefit for himself
The life and death gambles are a really big deal for him. But you're right in that he does have a moral compass.
He does not. It's the act of gambling with his life on the line. It's not out of altruism or some moral righteousness.
File: For-Honor-Lawbringer.png (113 KB, 485x624)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
Sure do. It's a lot of fun.

File: IMG_7227.jpg (128 KB, 326x306)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
When does it get good
56 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
It seems cool. I will check it out.
Hear hear, but it’s Takahashi’s fault. He should have learned the lesson from XG, not to plan an epic space opera spanning multiple episodes assuming you’re going to be able to make all episodes before you even launch the first entry, because you won’t unless the game is good. EP1 looked awful and had terrible slow and boring gameplay and it was a slug. I’m speaking as a fan! Only hardcore fans could muster it, always looking for the payoffs for the setups that he was building, expecting to be blown away like in XG. But as far as gameplay it was not a fun experience at all until EP3 when they seemed to have found their rhythm. But alas, it was too late.
I'm going to be honest, when it came to "shocking and unusual" lore Xenogears sometimes felt like watered down SMT2.
You are entitled to your opinion.
I might pic it up SMT2 then. Sounds like a treat for those who like “unusual lore”.
I've played both and I wouldn't say that at all, SMT2 has the coolest setting out of all of the mainline entries though.

File: DF-ZGVaUwAAbasZ.jpg (91 KB, 700x661)
91 KB
Altina is the best party member in the entire Cold Steel sega. Not only in terms of usefulness and utility but also character development.
189 replies and 82 images omitted. Click here to view.
Which game and what difficulty?
Two Mirage and one Time element is bad now?
I was on the Laura train till she got recasted on CS4 and I jumped ship for Altina.
I always just use Altina because I'm too lazy to try and stun enemies on the field from the back. I used to use Millium for the same reason.
Her order is very useful, having perfect reflect for a while is awesome. Cheesing super bosses early with Altina and Emma spamming reflects is hilarious.

Why are yanderes so uncommon in RPGS?
20 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sacred Stones had like 4 male ones.
File: yandere_gf.jpg (120 KB, 736x828)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Because most people can't handle them.
Yanderes that want to kill you are dogshit.
It's just like the people who describe themselves as "into femdom" but are really just lonely vanilla dudes who fantasize about a girl doing all the social/sexual heavy lifting. Mention any femdom hallmarks and they'll squeal about how disgusting/off-putting it really is to them.
There have always been multiple yandere types. The ones that want to kill the target of their love are a minority.

File: Morrigan_profile.jpg (68 KB, 468x642)
68 KB
>morrigan disapproves -10
24 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>clearly discuss the plan to defeat the Darkspawn with Morrigan present
>"Why are you helping Arl Eamon and not fighting the darkspawn? This is such a waste of time!" Morrigan disapproves -20
Dumbest bitch in the game, followed closely by Sten.
>help every single man woman and child in Ferelden
>"Well I don't see why we have to blah blah blah" Morrigan disapproves -40
>here's a dozen shiny trinkets
>"Tis cold and lonely in my vagina ;)))"
So, a woman.
Cant believe I simped for this filthy thot 10 years ago. I wouldnt even let her join my party today.
Iron Bull states that all Qunari have a thing for dominant women due to their upbringing.

File: Final_Fantasy_VI.jpg (27 KB, 425x234)
27 KB
God, this game was such a masterpiece in terms of music and (debatively) story. Shame the Esper system sucked.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
VI's was better.
That’s not VIII
>Shame the Esper system sucked
What was wrong with it?
1-5 are great but I think 6 is when they really started to get ambitious
They didn't succeed in all areas, like you said the Esper system is half-baked and ends up devolving gameplay to magic spam and undermining the individual character abilities, but the operatic theming, sheer amount of content, Uematsu going ham on the soundtrack, all of it comes together
>Shame the Esper system sucked
still better than IV,VII,VIII and IX systems

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