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Came out today. Anyone playing?

>Press release: "Helvetii takes inspiration from Vanillaware titles like Muramasa: The Demon Blade and Odin Sphere"
I could never get into Muramasa and Odin Sphere, tried a few times on my Vita but they felt boring/overwhelming. Very pretty though
Am liking Dragon's Crown somehow
If you can't describe your game without talking about other games then it's probably shit.
File: 1672362783547.jpg (2.21 MB, 2560x1440)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
>liking Dragon's Crown somehow
Same, never played Muramasa but Odin Sphere wasn't as interesting as Dragon's Crown for some reason.
Looks trash. Kill yourself shill.
>Helvetii takes inspiration from Vanillaware

I recently busted out my ps1 to play some throwbacks and had a good time
>no online
>no micro purchases
>no time wasting achievements
Legend of the Dragoon
>press x to do more stuff - the game
I don't hate morrowind but eveything about it is janky and semi cryptic, which as a video game is gay. All things considered, it's fucking average.
False flag
Undoubtedly Suikoden 2 for me.

File: 1665616682346840.jpg (79 KB, 391x500)
79 KB
I got meme'd into playing this game, but what the fuck is so enjoyable about this shit?
>read books
okay did that, helped me out on a few quests
>read directions
half the fucking time the directions are told horrible, one time I got send to Vos and it was actually an Island on Sheogorath near another city
>enjoy the atmosphere
I'm more walking and getting the nice music paused thanks to those flying rats or some other retarded shit

also I'm fucked since I chose 0 magic skills and apparently that is where the fun is
this game is fucking dogshit
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>go to do fighters guild quest
>necromancer dungeon is filled with enemies your weapons cannot damage
this is epic
>woah, you BECOME the chosen one reincarnation
Do you?
>of a god
Is he?
Put up your dukes.
Uh huh
Love levitate
Love 100% chameleon
Love enchanting exquisite clothing
Love stealing everything at the Vivec vault
>Use your imagination.
If I wanted to do that, I wouldn't be playing a VIDEO game.

File: file.png (2.82 MB, 2000x1270)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB PNG
Should I play Chrono Trigger in 2023?
If you want to
>mario if he real

File: langrisser3_ps2jpbox.jpg (63 KB, 351x500)
63 KB
Why hasn't anyone tried translating the Langrisser games? TRPG Thread I guess.
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Why is it always so much drama with fan translation
I liked it but it made me feel NTR disgust before I even knew what NTR was
It's pretty fun to make your dragons unholy strong early on
File: Knight.png (93 KB, 1002x948)
93 KB
About to play Langrisser 4. What am I in for? And is this a good class?
autism and attention whoring, same problem with the modding scene
very cheesy story, but the battle scenarios are fun to play. Best played on an emulator with speed-up.
Landius always starts as a cavalry unit but his stats, promotions, and other details depend on your decisions. Whatever you picked I'm sure it's good enough. You won't have problems, the game's difficulty is rather low.
Best build IMO is to prioritize troop attack bonus so your ranged units can easily one-shot enemies. You can wait just outside of enemy attack range and manipulate the turn order so you move right after the enemy walks up to you, letting you get multiple attacks if needed. Rather than distributing exp evenly I think it's best to focus on Landius so he can get the teleport spell ASAP then use a runestone for more levels.

File: hero-carousel0-3rd-l.jpg (199 KB, 1440x630)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
These two vita DRPGs are coming to switch
Are they good?
Also DRPG thread?
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labyrinth of galleria soon
THis but unironically!
Oh so its shitposting from idiots, got it. I thought it might be.
It is a little of both honestly. Experience Inc makes good games that get straight to the point of dungeon crawling and they do so in unique styles which personally I reckon earns them many points, but they are generally very simplistic and on the easier side of things. You'd never rank them at the top of an objective ranking if we're being 100% fair, however you can easily see why a lot of drpg fans have a soft spot for them even outside of the fact that they're basically the only consistent developers in the genre.

I was mostly just making fun of the hate posters themselves since they very rarely have any good arguments and I was bored at the time.
>You'd never rank them at the top of an objective ranking if we're being 100% fair
Of course not, those spots are obviosly reserved for Etrian Odyssey, the de facto gold standard for dungeon crawlers!

File: Dark world.png (2.47 MB, 1870x996)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG
How goes the grinding anon?
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>excellent pc port
i have some obnoxious graphical bugs when scrolling the map. looked around and it's a common bug that hasn't gotten fixed in years.
File: file.png (40 KB, 649x589)
40 KB
They are quite infamous sadly, tho I feel it started happening more and more at verge of PS3 era. Dunno if realier games been that bad.
People threw quite some tantrums when falcom became NISA too. For valid reasons.
just curious, anything comes to mind from first 4 games? Cause I been playing D2 post game for awhile and sometimes there some too obscure things which are not as well explained.
Outside of obvious DLC hackjob for PSP.
I wouldn't be surprised. they can't port for shit on any platform nowadays, judging by NIS classic.
First PC ports were on life support too, I never bothered with them.
Aur nippon icchi's other goymes worth picking up? This serial's nut for me.
File: La puecelle.png (552 KB, 772x1288)
552 KB
552 KB PNG
Item spheres in 4 and some evililtys I think.
interesting, been awhile since I played 4.
I assume it's both same in Vita and Switch versions?
I wonder then if item world laggy in Japanese Vita 4 release as well

File: 8ba2.jpg (252 KB, 816x624)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
I played the demo in 2021, it has the best "three/four niggas in a row" gameplay in years, maybe decades.
There are no random battles, the whole gameplay is based around party customization and fun combat with 7 party members and an emotional story.
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Any game with the word "8-Bit" or "Retro" or "Nostalgia" in the title usually sets off all my warning alarms for me but is it really that good
>grab a copy off gog-games
>30 minutes in
>the fight with the Guard Captain when you're trying to run away
>black screen on the second turn
>can still navigate the menu and attack (I can tell through the noises and confirmation sounds) so the game itself still runs but I can't see shit
>close game and reopen
>eventually same thing happens
That is my experience so far.
you would think if someone is this skilled in doing art for a game that the gameplay would be complementary and not bog everything down by being a shadows of adam/mystic quest/saga 3/final fantasy clone

I will try your games when they go on sale. They look pretty fun.
I think it looks like a quality effort, the pixel art is very appealing but all you guys who do "love letter" games should play them straight with lore building.
I wish I had a dollar for every META NAME game that would sell better with real worldbuilding instead.

I will never understand why with so much effort in the art and unity or whatever you wouldn't take the seemingly easier work of the writing more seriously.
I am always, always put off from buying a game with low effort meta crap in the name and description. RPGs especially are about escapism not reminding people they're playing a video game.

File: Untitled.png (356 KB, 800x600)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
Total bro Alwan shielded me from a woman today
What a based bro.
>Total bro Alwan shielded me from a woman today
>What a based bro.
You are even more based than based bro Alwan.

File: $75m game vs $400m game.jpg (538 KB, 1059x1100)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
When it comes to low-budget RPGs presented from a third-person perspective, do you prefer canned animations with few camera angles for story scenes, or visual novel segments with portraits or renders of characters behind environments?
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The canned animation stuff gets stale quickly in XIV, even though the WoL does have a comparative lot of animations.
So if you go with that it's a example of how not to do it, try to make two or three takes of the yes and no emotes if a character is going to be using them a thousand times...
VN style always feels cheap. basic/canned animations can be charming, like in FF6
File: 4kBtYex.jpg (488 KB, 3840x2160)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
I prefer VN style, because unless you have the art direction and unlimited budget of a PS2 or PS3 era Final Fantasy game, the 3D models are going to look ugly and you'll be stuck staring at them for dozens or possibly hundreds of hours.
Is that a mod or can you get haircuts in Witcher 3?
I didnt know that i thought you could only trim your beard.
Games are better off just doing the canned animations and focusing on the gameplay and the story instead of wasting money on 2D cutscenes.
Same reason i dont support voice acting in videogames.

File: The Ethereal Realm.jpg (112 KB, 1021x764)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
The only one i can think of is Sacrifice.
Why combining other genres with rpg worked out for Bethesda(FPS+RPG),Bioware(Dating sim+rpg),Compile Heart(Visual novel+RPG) etc. but Sacrifice flopped?
Is it because you could only level up by completing missions and finding bonuses so you couldnt just farm the same monster over and over to win because you were overleveled even if you were bad like in most rpgs and actually had to think?
53 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
True for PVE play, the pause is inconsequential.
For PVP it becomes little tricky.
Yes Total War is an RTS game deal with it
When I hear "RTS RPG", I think Mount & Blade and Suikoden 5.

It's rare because in the West, war games are usually FPS or RTS, with minimal focus on getting the audience invested in characters or exploring the fantasy world. In Japan, the PC market crashed at the end of the 90s and everyone moved over to console. It is difficult to create an RTS that is meant to be played with a controller, so in Japanese war games you control armies through turn based combat. Suikoden 5 has the RTS units move a relatively slow speeds and the game automatically pauses whenever you select a unit, because controller thumbsticks were not designed for precision clicking.
Stratos was really stupid for thinking he can controll Marduk a being that travels from dimension to dimension eating entire UNIVERSES
So arrogant...
It was really satisfying watching Marduk come right before you're about to kill Stratos and instead of saving him finishing his "master" off.
I remember buying this game when i was a kid my mom allowed me to have it because she thought the cover art was Jesus killing Satan and getting Charnels and Stratos's endings but on my 3rd playthrough while trying to get Persephones ending my mom wanted to watch me play and found out the game says there are 5 gods and none of them are Jesus and the guy she thought was Satan was one of them so she broke my disc and unistalled it from my pc for my own good because its satanist propaganda and then when i got enought money to get another copy i couldnt find it again.
It was pretty cool.

What a dogshit dlc, do morrowind niggas really?
190 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
The Morrowind expansions were the first attempt at more “cinematic” Elder Scrolls.
That’s why they have more of a focus in combat, more voice acting, and more urgency in the quest design compared to the main game.
Its a great dlc you just mad cuz u got filtered, zoomer.
If you want to talk about Morrowind you don't have to make bait posts. This is not /v/.
Gypsies are the biggest chads, Tyson Fury is proof.

So much fucking talking! I just wanna do some battles man. Cmon.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
There's one route that doesn't suck on account of it being the only one where you can get all your allies to dodge the idiot ball and you basically need to use a guide or replay the game to get it because the set of choices you need to make is some arbitrary trial and error.

The game is otherwise not that bad but the inclusion of grinding is a clear mistake.
File: ash lambert.jpg (23 KB, 480x480)
23 KB
See this is another reason Vandal Hearts is the best SRPG. There's a plot, it's good and interesting, it just doesn't take the game 30 fucking hours to establish character motive and narrative progression. You learn more about Ash Lambert inside 20 minutes than you do most characters after a whole game.
Shit gameplay and digital AIDS graphics, not an RPG too.
takes awhile to get started, but when it does it's a wild ride. The cutscenes don't bother me, prepare a meal and just watch.
The only thing that bothers me about this one is that it's a bit too dull brown and there aren't any monsters/freaks.

this playing that shit with a guide to get it. You would be fucked without it.
stop acting white wrpgs look like shit and are white cope simulators.
I mean, I looked it up, but are there really no in-game hints? None at all? My stupid ass went to see daddy in a non true route playthrough, so I cucked myself out of unlocking party members. This is the most unintuitive required choice, too.

For me is Corridors of Time, Secret of the Forest and Schala's Theme.

File: 1650474688477.png (1.4 MB, 1800x1800)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
'Ey Anon. Don't tell me you're alone on a Saturday night. What are you doin', not playin' Mel the Great's game?
Be a shame if ya didn't update to version 21. Fixes lots 'o silly misses and whatnot.
'N don't let me catch ya forgettin' to spoiler stuff for the newcomers either.
465 replies and 115 images omitted. Click here to view.
So at what point do you get access to areas past the first one in the world of the character you're playing as?
near endgame, it'll be the runup to the final area
something you need in there?
After you take the other main characters' hats
File: FkxBQbPagAETXK0.jpg (150 KB, 945x958)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
File: Ezzes51VIAAfZh3.jpg (99 KB, 813x1000)
99 KB

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