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File: vent.jpg (217 KB, 659x850)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Ventrue Blood-Digger edition

A thread for VtM:Bloodlines, VtM:Redemption and VtM in general. Keep it comfy, kindreds.
Theres no hope for us vampbros, is there?
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Also, they have to spend bloodpoints to make his organs function properly.
Plus according to some interpretations, every bodily fluid is replaced by blood. Yes, even that one.
Don't forget sidelining Sabbath and making them pretty much NPC-only.
I got stranded on the Wisconsin/Minnesota border with no money and had to post up in a homeless shelter for a night or two.
The first morning I had to listen to some crazy bum tell me all about how vampires are real, and they're people who suck dick, because jizz is made of cum, and thats how vampires exist in modern times.
If you guys ever want to gaze into the abyss, go talk to a homeless person.
Sabbat have always been fringe as fuck, no one but a very tiny handful of people ever cared about making them playable.

Nothing but straight kino. We need more gameboy rpg threads.
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Man there's something so comforting about GB games
I really need to dust off and fix my old GBC
agi human was my mvp, pulling even more weight in the final portion than the mutant and mec
the second human who went for strength though, that stat seems like a scam because he couldn't hit anything. Agi human effortlessly hit like a truck and with perfect precision
Good taste.
I first played it around the time Sword of Mana released and while I really liked SoM, I actually prefer how Adventure did a lot of things, like for example how you could use your weapons without enemies around.
Amazing game considering it's one of the earliest in the Game Boy library.
Yeah humans are really good on either agi or int. They have the highest statgrowth for both. A strength human really is shit, unless you go out of your way to grind agi and str alternatingly so your hit rate stays high.
Unintuitive since due to espers having free spells it seems like they should be mages, but humans outperform them.
Talon is the best ship.

Best game of the 20th century: Final Fantasy VII

Best game of the 21st century: Final Fantasy VII Remake

I love these games so much
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The game is laughably easy, make up better excuses shill.
Most humans can’t be fooled twice
Notice I said humans, consoomers are subhuman
she's just happy to see (You)
I also hope so. Remake Aerith is just too precious that they wouldn't dare to waste her.

File: soyjrpgenjoyer.png (25 KB, 647x436)
25 KB
How do we fix turn-based combat?
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>The fact that it's an 'accident' doesn't make its impact on the games any less enormous.
But it makes them very different from Dark Souls, which was my point. The fact that Dark Souls uses checkpoints isn't what makes it different from a CRPG. Almost everything about Dark Souls is different, which is why "autosave with checkpoints" works well in that game. You can just "use checkpoints" in a CRPG and expect much to change with regards to savescumming.
> There's no way to punish death because it would disrupt the "story"—the player's death can never be acknowledged and treated as part of the game. So this is not a side effect of "design", it's an unavoidable element of the genre
Massive straw man here. The way games tell a story is not an "unavoidable element of the genre" nobody has to do it like Baldur's Gate if they don't want to.
>Adding checkpoints to Baldur's Gate wouldn't stop you from being able to reload until you OHKO a dragon with a level 1 mage spell.
It wouldn't prevent save or die spells from instantly winning fights, but if the checkpoint forced the player to replay more than just the one fight, they might try for more consistent tactics. You would, of course, need to remove the existing save system.
Really the best approach for this kind of thing is to go full roguelike, or take the Souls hybrid approach where most everything is permanent except your death.
>Really the best approach for this kind of thing is to go full roguelike
Anyone can see for themselves what that would be like by playing Iron Man rules with an existing game, starting over if you get a game over. It's going to involve either re-playing a lot of the exact same content over and over again. It's likely to get very tedious, or more people will just cheat and use guides to avoid the tedium. Roguelikes typically use procedural generation so this doesn't happen.

In Everquest, you lose a bunch of XP and respawn naked at your bind point. Then you have to recover your corpse. Getting a rez from a cleric warps you to your corpse and restore some pct of XP.

There are a lot of possibilities but it requires stepping away from the D&D/tabletop assumptions.
All games are a dps check, even real time
Souls games are so slow that they are in fact turn based
I think an icewind dale style DnD game could work without savescumming. Party just members can't be plot essential and have to be easily replaced with new mercs or something if they get permakilled so that by the end of the game it's possible to have a completely different party than when you started.

What does /vrpg/ think of wasteland 3?
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>Every NPCs felt like a walking wiki article, with looping info-dumps.
It's fine when morrowind does it
i thoroughly enjoyed it and was my personal goty
Wish assault rifles and HMGs could be better weapons
I really liked it. The expansions kinda came and went though, have heard mixed things about them.
What happens if you kill patriarch's children? Can you tell angela to fuck off and then be left on your own?

File: 1557498339242.png (226 KB, 468x345)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
>game gives you consumable resource
>"I'll just save this up in case I need it later"
>final boss
>haven't even used it once
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Emerald an otherwise trash money item is needed for a quest later on.
Flood the loot tables with a large amount of weaker consumables. Players will use them if they don't seem rare/precious. E.g. arrows, players don't hoard thousands of arrows for a rainy day, they use them.
Yeah, you can do that for "Potion", and most game already do, but if you do that for "Elixir" then you end up with a really weird situation when trying to balance difficulty
File: file.png (133 KB, 393x316)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
The thing is, people won't use them because if they lose, they'll reload the fight, and ONLY use the bare minimum necessary to win.

Items should be used preemptively instead, you should use the items as a precaution and the only way to do that is to make the players feel like they'll lose the game if they don't.
Take Pathfinder Kingmaker as an example, I doubt if you play it on Azlanti mode you will hoard consumables.
>Yeah, you can do that for "Potion", and most game already do, but if you do that for "Elixir" then you end up with a really weird situation when trying to balance difficulty
To the extent that potions and elixirs have a difference, it usually consists in the elixir effects being permanent. There's no reason to hoard a potion that gives +X stat permanently (if you have your key party members recruited already). Any sensible player uses those immediately.

File: 1626627774957.png (364 KB, 1008x510)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
Recommendation threads should be banned off /vrpg/
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holy mother of based
Cringe. Because that's a lie xiv threads here are just blogposting instead of discussion.
>actual discussion about games instead of bait, buzzwords, and quoting sales figures or stream viewers
Which board is this?
rean is vrpg culture
What's wrong with recommendation threads? Sure, pure recommendation threads are just passive filler but they're better than the 'jrpg vs. wrpg' and contrarian shit posting that plagues this board sometimes

File: Mary-Skelter-Finale.jpg (94 KB, 600x337)
94 KB
What dungeons have you been crawling lately anon?
Haven't gotten the chance to play pick related yet.
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I think it has a cool and customizable class system. It depends on how much you like ecchi I guess, but I really love it.
was the first game available on switch? I don't get where you got that unless you bought two copies of 2 from LRG and changed the art?
The first game isn't available standalone on Switch, I just made a custom cover based on the physical Vita release, including the back of the box, and put it on an empty case. I don't have two carts of 2 to put one in Nightmares' case, that'd be too much autism even for me.
Try it. It's a very refreshing break from the usual wizardry clone. Game is basically a mix between dungeon crawler, simulator and interactive VN. Actually has a good and involved story.
got the sapphire wings/stranger of sword city combo pack, which game should I play first and which is better and why?

File: file.png (1.26 MB, 1000x730)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
Give me RPGs where it's satisfying to play as Monks or as an Unarmed Barefisted Fighter.

Candidates really so far are just both PoE games.
They have all the shit I'm looking for in Monks but I'm partial to give other RPGs a try.
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I like Kingmaker. You are swamped in magical items which monks love. My only gripe with them is the shit they are missing is pretty fun like some of the styles, archetypes, and ki powers.
Kineticist is one of the worst classes but is stupid powerful in the crpg, its a different beast.
File: 1626453507011.jpg (305 KB, 1044x1395)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
Underrail unarmed/gloves do it.
Jade Empire
Both are shit, but you can function in Skyrim with unarmed combat and still do reasonable damage vs enemies. All it has is the heavy armor perk and an enchantment but those are enough to beat everything to death without too much trouble.
Oblivion’s unarmed has an entire skill devoted to it but is still shit due to the way Oblivion scales and caps. Your damage at 100 strength and h2h is capped at 12, which then goes down further if you are fatigued. The only way to boost it is to fortify your fatigue above your maximum but even then it can’t go above 15. Is has power attacks with special effects but those only have a 5% chance of occurring, leave you wide open and can be used with any other (much better) weapon instead. The only other thing is that h2h has in Oblivion is the chance to to counter attack after blocking with you hands but unless the opponent has no weapon you still take full damage when blocking unarmed (and even if they don’t have a weapon it is only 0.25% reduced damage per level of block if unarmed).
H2H is a completely gimped afterthought in Skyrim and yet is still more usable than hand to hand in Oblivion.

Is Persona 4 Golden as good as Persona 5 Royal?
220 replies and 60 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1580844057533.jpg (56 KB, 565x768)
56 KB
I'm sorry Anon I cannot, it is a grim reminder of the reality we all must face.
why did you do that
File: 1575512777014.jpg (24 KB, 302x216)
24 KB
anyone have the picture of nanako's persona being junes

File: Frank03.jpg (219 KB, 1600x1002)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
What RPGs let me live out my dream of being a mad scientist?
This premise is really underused. Arcanum tech route is viable but not very fun. Maybe the Geneforge series, if you count bio-engineering.
I’d say you have that backward.
Arcanum tech route is fun but not very viable. Once it comes online it is great, it just takes way too much relative investment.
How would you even implement it in gameplay/story?
File: The Mirrows.jpg (369 KB, 960x540)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
Minecraft? I mean assorted survival games/roguelikes (and their mods) are usually plenty suitable for building yourself a dungeon, trapping the local fauna as test subjects and doing whatever your creative cruelty compels you to.

File: Fantasytop10.png (2.82 MB, 1416x824)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB PNG
Which fantasy/sci-fi manga/anime setting would work the best as a crpg? On the opposide side, which fantasy/sci-fi novels/comics settings would work the best as a traditional jrpg?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Wizard of Oz as a JRPG. But, you know, not shit this time.
Wasn't the one on DS considered a good game?
The controls completely ruin it, worst ever forced touch screen implementation where it has a virtual trackball you spin to move. It's a shame because everything else about the game excited me a lot and I love Oz
I don't know how well it would work, but I'd kill for a deep RPG in the Gundam Universal Century universe.
The Wheel of Time for jrpg.

What does vrpg think of blue reflection?
Are you getting the sequel?
I just got to the thrid boss 17 hours in, the difficulty is really ramping up, and i can't take down regular enemies that quickly anymore.
What stats should I be levelling up for the my party members?
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
It looks pretty shitty and the framerate can drop to single digits
Still confused on if the second game can run 60fps or not.
On console? I highly doubt, it's fucking Gust.
File: 20211021_065418.jpg (871 KB, 3840x2160)
871 KB
871 KB JPG
I finished the game I'm so fucking depressed.
I loved everything other than some story stuff like the final boss showing up randomly at the end and his talk about merging humanity and the gameplay.

I don't feel like doing anything other than lying down a d feeling like shit.
I broke down in tears in chapter 11 when the title theme song played in the school. I started crying when yuzu said she and Lime loved you and you loved them back.

I'm hurting so bad.

File: MarikinOnline-4_Title.png (537 KB, 814x625)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
Simply, an RPG that's all in Japanese.
Created by Team MO and Axez, it's a free to download game (with updates every now and then)
It's an RPG-Styled game, and All of the characters are stickman-styled; and they're a species called "Ikenuma"

The game is only for mature audiences, since it has very crude humor (mostly in text form), but, since there's no official english translation; there's the fandom wiki.

Feel free to talk about:
>Fanart (and make some of your own)
>Favorite Characters
>Other Marikin Online experiences
>and Overall thoughts!

So, here are the pages to get started;

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: file.png (474 KB, 544x416)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
Character of Discussion- Sigkin or Sigma Naki, as his full name.
He's the main protagonist of the game, however, one of the main antagonists of the previous game.
Ever since the previous game, he has forgotten everything, and everything he goes through in this one is basically PTSD.
Trauma he caused others back in the previous game (MarikinOnline3, now unable to download) and since he's meeting them again, through this new perspective.
His signature weapon is a Scythe, and he's a Jack of all trades. he's perfectly balanced.
Though, his closest connection is with Bachikin, the other main antagonist of mo3.
That's all I can explain, in terms of introduction.
File: Wassup hoe.png (18 KB, 400x400)
18 KB
Fun fact: his garbage weapon is/or would be a hoe.

~Fanart provided by Anonymous~
File: It's Twi-noon.png (196 KB, 400x400)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
It's quite sad how the thread is highly inactive, despite the game being up there with many high quality RPG's.
I actually have fanart from the same user above.
They're anon outside of their original board.
Inside of the board, they remain as a certain name.
However, for safety concerns, I'll still refer to them as an anonymous user. However, they drew Wes for the /vrpg/ cup.
They've noted that it's based on this game; hence why it's on this board, and this is their submission:

File: 1634609244716.png (523 KB, 382x340)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
Olympia with a YES pillow
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I'm posting in this virgin cringe thread simply because it's not some megafaggots arguing RTwP vs TB.
File: 1633991773935.png (373 KB, 265x346)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
Olympia with a positive pregnancy test
Olympia cute
Literally who?

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