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File: 1639191757063.png (645 KB, 914x1400)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
The first real SMT game in over a decade is a Russian Touhou fangame. Absolute state of Fatlus

File: 1695599213102925.gif (252 KB, 500x500)
252 KB
252 KB GIF
Nobody is playing it? This is basically the perfect SMT game, where from the beginning it lets you level up your favorites and keep them with you and switch out their skills for free
>paid shit
>dungeon slop
Go buy a fucking ad, retard.
File: 1660892460297956.jpg (71 KB, 1280x720)
71 KB
I played the demo before release and it crashed when I fought Utsuho. No buy.

File: images (5).jpg (14 KB, 480x270)
14 KB
Okay fags help me out I started my first run on core AND aimed for sadistic game design achievementt as added challenge. So far I've reached early chapter 2 with around 10 rests or so but the game looks like a fucking zombie survivor with how scarce your spells are and how tired everyone is between travels when you need to limit your rests to account for their overuse on lategame harder chapters.

I just got abundant casting on two of my most spell-consuming characters [Me (Eldrich archer) and Daeran] so I guess it will help a little even though in most fights I must still rely on rng and reload at least five times rather than burn out spells. I've been thinking of getting the Midnight Isles and Last Sarkorian dlcs too, but can I finish those with a minimal toll on rests? Otherwise I will keep playing the base game. Also as an unintended extra layer of challenge, for the sake of rp my chaotic character is going to become a Demon which I heard is a very rest consuming mythic path ability-wise so well I guess I just won't be using its powers a lot lol.
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>Hard is hard? THIS CANNOT BE
File: file.png (3 KB, 503x36)
3 KB
it's okay, this minor annoyance will not slow me down
wrath is full of unbalanced bullshit spells like that. you have to save scum to learn which enemies to kill first, or just get lucky.

the russians learned very little from kingmaker, if anything their encounters got lazier.
I should have summoned the skeletons before moving in to melee but it is what it is, it can't be helped
those guys have high level scrolls, they might even be random. I feel like I've seen them cast insane party wipe stuff like wail of the banshee, they're priority targets

File: sddefault.jpg (36 KB, 640x480)
36 KB
Nw2 is forgotten way too much,i remember having fun with it
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Not like BG:EE or NWN:EE, if that's what you want. Beamdog has said multiple times they have absolutely no interest in doing so.
Did a full replay of it and MotB a few months ago. It's definitely fun in terms of story and characters, but the engine severely limits it. It's painfully primitive and clunky compared to anything modern and companion AI is exceptionally bad.
I'd commit warcrimes for nwn3
>Beamdog has said multiple times they have absolutely no interest in doing so.
What do they have an interest in, if anything? They've been sitting on their ass for the last several years, not including a few patches for NWN1. Sometimes I wonder how do they stay in business.
>They've been sitting on their ass for the last several years, not including a few patches for NWN1
hell, the last patch they released for nwn1 was made by the community and not beamdog.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (68 KB, 616x353)
68 KB
What's your opinion on CP?
I admit that while the game as a whole isn't all that amazing, it's full of good ideas that should become standard in the genre.
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The FBI keeps it so they can plant it on people to frame them for a crime that they’ll have difficulty proving their innocence (lol) and that merely being accused of will severely harm their image and bring a presumption of guilt in the public eye. It’s extremely strong leverage.

For example, look how they framed Steven Paddock’s brother and charged him, then they got him to shut his mouth, and then they dropped the charges. He allegedly had like 9 terabytes on a computer running windows 95 that wasn’t his.
For bonus points, the evidence itself being illegal to possess helps to protect the blackmailed pedophiles that make up ohr government from being exposed. The very evidence of their crimes is illegal.
I beat every boss and never got a single class armor, because screw getting a golden quintar.
>the dev does imply he likes little girls. a lot.
Where does he do that?
In my dreams (I am the little girl in those dreams)

>Phantom Liberty adds "femme fatale" characters
>You can't fuck any of them
>No added sex options
>No added romance options
>Still can't comfort Misty
>Still can't fuck Blue Moon
>Still can't fuck Judy unless you're a dyke
>Meredith is still a complete nothingburger
How the fuck is Cyberpunk so sexless compared to the Witcher? These LGBT idiots seriously stripped out all the options for straight men to "balance" content for gays and lesbians. So in the end nobody gets anything. Weak.
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>It's like you retards don't understand what "cyberpunk" means
I don't think "cyberpunk" means "straight sex between good-looking people. Fantasy has hot witches, what is cyberpunk supposed to have? Dangerhaired chicks with dicks with augment scarring?
As long as it looks kinda asian yellow fever sisters will be attracted to it.
It doesnt matter how ugly it is if it kinda resembles a asian then its a erotic femme fatale baddie in a yellow fever sisters's eyes.
it's a bait and switch marketing tactic for coomers
similar shit with bg3
you can fuck everyone, penis sliders, very horny... but then you have fade to black sex scenes and no real romances outside of the main chick (panam, shadowheart)
The controversy is free viral marketing, has been since Mass Effect blue autismo tart.
Then when normies find out about the beastiality they can deflect with by waving the lgbtqandanotherb now flag.

Seems they're running out of shock value since normies don't listen to the few dominant media outlets to tell them what to be offended by anymore though.
>what is cyberpunk supposed to have?

File: map.jpg (3.14 MB, 2748x2748)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB JPG
What would be the Hero's path?
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this map is just a copypaste of Hyrule
it's vanilla lol
Which Hyrule and how
Procedural Generation never looked that good.
It's safer dealing with commodities.

File: 1518569322994.jpg (353 KB, 1020x1076)
353 KB
353 KB JPG
you can't refute this
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File: gaijinslop.png (84 KB, 650x724)
84 KB
>moviegame, Japan
>lost to trannies
>Tactics Advance
>Tactics Advance 2 Grimoire of the Rift
Only happened inside your deranged tranny head.
I enjoy all of them
But I find dumb people can't get into the first trilogy. 2 and 3 especially filter midwits.

File: 1679975091809626.jpg (63 KB, 460x215)
63 KB
This finally got released
Anyone played it?
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I have heard that anon's brother mastered the Wind and Cloud method...
Save that fish, you need to catch one for an endgame required quest.
For hidden weapon thief guy... any way I can tell if I did his first quest, after recruiting him, or not? I think one of the updates messed up my quest list. The machete girl's quest disappeared too, but I managed to complete it by going to the village to observe the fish. Climbing Precipice doesn't seem to help out with the dude, though.
try and raise his affinity, if the first quest is complete then the next will trigger
So where's the "how to not fuck up your beginning first <insert subjective amount of hours here>" guide?

File: 1670287653793470.png (1.03 MB, 1024x1024)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
are you fucking ready?
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Didn't read all but the reasoning behind GTA 5 inspiration is sound, emergent gameplay and sandbox mechanics really carry an open world game.
To take inspiration from GTA V for an """"RPG"""" is peak normiefaggotry. There's no real emergent gameplay in that game, it's all superficial - it what way does hitting a ped and getting a 1 star change the game or player choice at large? Nothing. Having a little bit of simulation does not mean there is emergent gameplay.

He probably never even played it, just saw it sold so well and decided to copy his head canon about it.
I disagree, the most interesting part about Dragon's Dogma is monster and pawn behaviour, trying to expand and replicate such interactions between the player and NPCs is a good idea imo. Not to mention that it will be an open world it shouldn't be empty like the first game.

My only wish is that such interactions would go beyond combat, like being able to steal as a thief, etc. But I doubt it, or if it gets implemented it will be really superficial like in DD1.
Mogs the shit out of Elden Ring.
You can barely interact with NPCs in GTA V, DD mogs GTA V in that. I think Itsuno thought clutter NPCs make the game look busy, therefore 'alive'. But it seems that the RE Engine can't handle such thing because I've seen NPCs vanishing and appearing into thin air when I watched a few gameplay videos. Such a bizarre inspiration. Still going to pre-order it though.

Elden Ring is just FOTM zoomer trash.

File: 1694335370816.jpg (109 KB, 1024x724)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Play Tales of
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Played Phantasia, Symphonia, Innocence, Abyss, Vesperia, Berseria, Arise.
All shit.
Garbage series.
why would you play 7 games in a series you don't like?
Are you retarded or something?
Because of you faggots going "if you didn't like X try Y, it's completely different".
Never said I finished any of them.
so definitely retarded
Okay, I don't really have any excuse for Symphonia/Innocence/Abyss/Vesperia other than that I have played them at very different points in my life and though I might finally "get it", especially since 3 out of those 4 games get the title of "vest in series", depending on who you talk to. Well, I didn't "get it" with either of them.
Phantasia/Berseria/Arise just looked super different from the rest, so I gave them a go. I still didn't "get it".
So now I can safely and confidently say that the series just isn't for me, even if it really looked like it might be.

File: brainlet pepecopters.png (9 KB, 216x233)
9 KB
If I play all these games, will I have a firm grounding of the JRPG genre? Out of these I have only played FFVII.
>Chrono Trigger
>Final Fantasy VII
>Final Fantasy Tactics
>Kingdom Hearts
>Valkyria Chronicles
>Xenoblade Chronicles
>Dark Souls
>Persona 5
>Nier: Automata
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It is "a grounding" but I'd very much hesitate to call it a frim one.
I mean let's be real, it's 9 games - You're simply not going to be be able to get the breadth of mechanics and themes that are out there in the genre from that. Furthermore, some of those don't fall into the genre in the first place. Nier Automata, Kingdom Hearts, and especially Dark Souls are action games more than anything.
You'd need to branch out a lot more to have anything more than a cursory view of the genre
>Reddit Trigger
>Final Faggotry VII
masterpiece, except for the faggot shit
>Final Faggotry Transtics
>Kingdom Hearts
>Valkyria Chronicles
>Twitterblade Chronicles
>Dark Souls

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Are you okay
>Valkyria Chronicles
I have a hard time thinking that it is a RPG. Sure it has experience you can allocate, but it is towards a whole class of units so if you level up scouts then all the scouts you have in your battalion benefit from it. It isn't as focused on developing individual characters but utilizing classes for specific situations. It's more of a turn based strategy game.
>It's more of a turn based strategy game
so it's a RPG

File: New AtlantSHIT.jpg (779 KB, 1969x1132)
779 KB
779 KB JPG
Todd claims this is their biggest city yet, but is absolutely dwarfed by the Imperial City

New Atlantis
>Has many "huge" apartment towers but only able to travel to 1 floor with only about 2 rooms that are inaccessible unless you're on the right quest
>mostly empty space
>only a handful of stores but nothing on display is worth stealing
>most npcs are generic with no routine
>named npcs never move from their spot
>released this week with 420 employees

Imperial City
>Every building is enterable
>Every npc has a name and routine
>triple the amount of stores and things on display can be stolen
>can spy on people while they sleep

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You're the room temp IQ bastard here, bitch.
No, they really are not. Tribunal is quickly thrown together cashgrab with no content at all. While Bloodmoon doesn't fit the game at all. Overpowered hordes of monsters and stupid and pointless city development.
It's vicious circle of making something that's good with a quality team of people, loosing that team and replacing it with pajeets and sjw collage replacements.
First off, you're wrong and have some weird grudge against Morrownd. And secondly, it's common for Bethesda to experiment with their plugins.
Why would I have anything against Morrowind? It's a great game, addons aren't though. First one was a rush job, while the last one just suffered from wrong decisions. They're not enjoyable, if you disagree, you clearly have not played them recently.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (90 KB, 616x353)
90 KB
How do I design a decent character? I want to play a sniper with some melee ability. Any build you would recommend for this?
67 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
>dex swords is just a knigger with flurry
kniggers are already plenty strong enough
adding swords raises the ceiling (but also lowers the floor; this is why you have a knife offhand)
why would anyone ever do the mutagen puzzle, one rounding tchort raw is where all your building sperging reaches its final climax
some builds cant wipe him before the 8 tentacles rape you to death
either they're slow, particularly defenseless, not long-ranged, or struggle vs his high DR + 8k hp
File: 1592932887730.jpg (26 KB, 451x292)
26 KB
>immune to burning
>immune to entanglement

File: F6ra_aAaEAA2i4D.jpg (286 KB, 2048x1152)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
here's some news about the Ruina: Fairy Tale of the Forgotten Ruins remake
the soulless chinese did it again
>no more "Ruina" in the title (fuck you Library Of Ruina
>no more pixel art, everything's an illustration now
>you can see the enemies's hp bars
>the bosses have been buffed
>no more moving through the map with the grid system, now you have to slooowly move a cursor
>apparently there's a slow transition when you move through the menus
>and, most importantly, there was no TTEXP mechanic (but maybe because it was a demo)

moral of the story: go play the free version
25 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>an entire extra route in it that supposedly ties up loose ends in the story
tell me more
what happens in it? did the original creator have anything to do with it or is it all just translator fanfic?
All I know about it is that it exists and the little else I said - my Chinese isn't good enough to attempt playing through it to see what it's all about.
t. blind contrarian retard
>that face
Littlefinger? That you? A lotta loyalty for a hired jarpiggy. Plot twist: he was doing it for free.
File: F6yGoRDagAEDNWd.jpg (91 KB, 552x721)
91 KB

File: 1665079475313345.png (744 KB, 1101x976)
744 KB
744 KB PNG
It's a fact that gaming never really needed "more" than this.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The Western Industry tried to push them out using the massive advantage they had in capital. Didn't work in the long term because Western AAA games are garbage, but if the Japanese gaming industry was faltering for a while, that is why. Massive amount of money put into advertisment and anti-Japan shilling from shills.
Maybe they could start making games that aren't otakubait garbage? Fromsoftware became a household name by making jrpg that aren't shit.
>Fromsoftware became a household name by making jrpg
Nice bait, you nearly had me there.
it's because big graphics = big team = shit game

all elements of a game have to work in unison to create a good experience, yes even the art assets
>PS3 sports games
>PS3 racing games
>PS3 puzzle games
>PS3 arcade games

Welcome to 20-year shooter/action rpg era

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