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Will we ever witness an rpg as ambitious as Darklands?
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I entered the area and a gray message appeared. It was on the south edge of the map, I read the cluebook even, but still wasn't able to find the exact spot.
I remember having a dragon area go dormant on me after having the gray text box. The dragon-related encounters should come in pretty fast and furious after the text box, if weeks are passing you should probably just go to a town and check if the dragon rumors are still pointing to that spot.
File: SabasGth.png (56 KB, 637x397)
56 KB
This Sabas Gth seems to be such a virtuous person, that they honor him or her just twice as much/have twice as much books in their library about this saint. Very nice
Needs more nigger venetians.
I tried getting into it, and this is what killed it.

Name something that is an actual RPG that came out from this place
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it's like im really playing a WRPG
i like how the game has massive amounts of optional dialogue for certain bosses, like Xi Wangmu, or even random shitter enemies like the Zombie Police.
This seems interesting, what are some translated ones you would recommend?
Don't the Lunatic Dawn games have translation patches?
What a chad protag

File: JoshSawyer.jpg (37 KB, 406x406)
37 KB
Pool of Radiance charity stream on March 2nd. This is what a real gamer looks like.
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>It was said that he would be the one who would bring balance to RPGs.
>And in the balancing, he made everything equal, and thusly, he unmade the RPGs.
Sawyer and his autistic balancing bullshit is what destroyed PoE, more than anything.
Your post is cringe
Nah, my post is based.
>calling your own posts based
Not my fault my posts are based.

Once again, men must fear the SaGa Thread's power, they must worship its strength.
That is the only role of such unworthy creatures.
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In hindsight, Orlouge has to be one of the funniest JRPG villains ever on paper
>be one of the 3 strongest Mystics in existence
>rule over a beautiful yet dark land
>be rich and powerful beyond your wildest dreams
>Amish as fuck, land is untainted by modern technology
>immortal, young, can have any woman you want because you are literally the CHARM LORD
>have a harem of literally hundreds of beautiful Mystics, some of which will fight to the death for you
>your servants are all loyal to you, the rest fear your immense power
>get v& for UOHHHHHHing too hard without even putting up a fight
Why didn't they just title Last Remnant so that it's officially a SaGa game?
Because it's the last remnant.
File: Ep5t_o5U8AECzGb.jpg (590 KB, 1440x2340)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
You'd do that too if it was Rei, but yeah go ahead and try to explain to the kind human policeman how reincarnation makes it a legal loophole so you're not a pedophile
Honestly, the Last Remnant just lacks something to be a SaGa game.

File: ScreenShot71.jpg (1.5 MB, 1920x1200)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
Play the New Vegas RANDOMIZER, it's fun:



• Creature spawns (they retain their factions, AI packages, and sometimes their name) (almost done)
• Perk level requirements
• Player's starting stats (you're still free to make changes with the Vigor Tester)
• Player's tagged skills (you're still free to change them during character creation)
• Player's starting inventory
• *NPC and creature size
• *Jump height
• *Weather (every 5 seconds, there's a 5% chance the weather will change)
• *Gravity (every 5 seconds, gravity will shift by between 5% and 10% in either direction)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It's a corrupted Securitron from some Securitron factory in Old World Blues.
File: Snapchat-763853282.jpg (329 KB, 1431x2544)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Uh oh Arcade, shouldn't have said that about the bible.
He's a big guy

File: images (83).jpg (36 KB, 590x332)
36 KB
What are some good sci-fi JRPGs, preferably with DEEP LORE/good worldbuilding?
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>nd the casts were always shitty.

I didn't say they weren't but they were still far better than the toddler, retard cat girl and wing bimbo
You can hate the twist all you want. I thought it was excellent.
There are no gods, just a hyper advanced civilization with technology capable of creating an entire universe.
Who are so fucking board out of their mind that...as they wait to be consumed by the gas giant they appear to be in orbit of, they rather builded the most detailed mmo ever instead of a space ship.
I'm waiting for a pc release and fan patch or until I get impatient enough to read it in spanish

>never had time for 90s/early 2000's science fiction due to career
>currently on an absolute tear catching up due to covid
>seeing ds9, voyager, farscape, stargate all for the first time
>the infectious 90's optimism for the future, even simple things like the way Neelix dresses get you through bad days through the current nightmare into stark contrast
>some of the finest women ever to grace the screen sometimes in alien and goth attire

Where are the games like this? RPG where you captain a comfy ship with your crew and land on planets?
Why has this never been a thing?

>don't give me STO, I don't want to be in a place with modern crap leaking in through the playerbase

File: three by three.jpg (387 KB, 900x898)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
Post your favorites, recommend RPGs to others and get recommendations!

I'm looking for something that it's either purely sci-fi or purely realistic (and ideally historical). But almost any lesser known cRPG recommendation will always grab my attention.
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Ah we are reaching /a/ levels of choosing shitty screenshots to make it as hard as possible to rate games you havn't played.

6/6, I don't recognise the entire upper left corner. I assume top middle is Super Robot Wars since SRPG threads really like that one. Top left corner looks like rapist Kefka, mid left like a fighting game.
>to make it as hard as possible to rate games you havn't played.
I mean, you really shouldn't, I only rate games I played and that's how it is imo.

Also top left is Persona 1 and mid left it's a mystery dungeon like game.
>deducting for Live a Live
Bad taste
Most of those games are in the "i'm a /v/ parrot" starterpack
>Torment Tides of Numenera

Can we finally admit that morrowind is the most overrated RPG of alll time?

I'm not saying it's terrible, because it's not. It's a very large game with an interesting setting and a great main quest.

However, anyone who pretends that morrowind is a cut above stuff like skyrim either hasn't actually played morrowind since they were a kid, or simply hasn't played it.

Skyrim is frequently criticized for its lack of C&C and its railroaded quest design.... Morrowind is EXACTLY THE SAME.

Skyrim is frequently criticized that the roleplay is weak and the game lets you be anything even if its contradictory... Morrowind is EXACTLY THE SAME

Then we have the gameplay. It's not good. Fortunately the game is primarily about exploration, and this it does very well.

However, the combat and the AI is truly awful, and it can't be excused as a product of the time. Gothic 2 came out the same year, and has far more lifelike AI and far more engaging combat that also changes over the course of the game

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The entire Zoomer generation just needs to crawl up their mothers' vaginas and start again.
Some people were egged on to play by grogs, they didn't like it and here we are. Morrowind is overrated yeah but at the same time easily one of the top open world rpgs. Who knew a game from 2002 could upset people so much 19 years later
Maybe, just maybe each tes game does something better than the others and they're all worth appreciating and playing. Except the mobile games.
I play it for the combat. I like it. Quests and writing are also fun.
For big rpgs around the same time morrowind has a much better story than the likes of kotor or nwn, its a fun game

File: share-default.jpg (669 KB, 1200x630)
669 KB
669 KB JPG
So there has been an update on Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2. It appears that Hardsuit Labs has been removed from the project. Honestly there is no hope of this game ever seeing the light of day. Also even if it does eventually get released will it even be what they showed off in those trailers and that gameplay demo video.
88 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.

it's like a triple whammy of "not happening"
>Canceling the project for the time being?
Honestly it would be the best thing to happen at this point.
This is honestly a relief.
>it was most likely woke reasons
>"We may never know their motives"
I'm quite sure, Anon. You didn't read the post. Ah, yes, it says here 'Capital City in any country'. You may now leave.

File: ffv-jobs.jpg (198 KB, 640x480)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
FFV is basically the rpg i liked the most in the past few years. It has a simple quirky medieval fantasy story so far, good pacing and interesting bosses. But the best thing is the job system. After playing around with this game, jrpgs don't feel the same way to me, the possibility to switch all your character's jobs on the fly and combine them together is really fun to me and it keeps everything from feeling stale. I keep changing my party around as I learn more jobs and abilities and try out new combinations. I don't get a super terrible feeling like characters have to "catch up" when you switch jobs because a lvl 1 white mage can cast lvl 6 white magic for example, and leveling the jobs mostly allows you to keep their powerful abilities when you switch job. It doesn't take long for a job to unlock most cores skills .
What other games are like this? I've been looking into maybe SMT, or searching for other ff games with the job system, but will any other game match the feeling that FFV gave me, gameplay wise?
I feel like it legitimately might be the most fun Final Fantasy title for me thus far
75 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
What are you looking for in the game? Do you want to experiment with gear/abilities and just immerse into the battle system?

Or do you want a compelling narrative that pushes you along without much downtime wandering around trying to figure out where to go next?
"Censored" in like two costumes, one of which isn't even a class costume
Some monster designs might be slightly tweaked too iirc. The big confusion comes from quests that were modified due to people complaining about them though
>settling for censorship in any situation, regardless of its severity
Nice slave morality, faggot.
Thanks! Very helpful

Other guy too

what rpgs can i play on this? any jrpgs? already finished kotor, vtmb, a couple ys games
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Every Elder Srolls
Every Guild Wars
Every Neptunia
Every Dablo
Every World of Warcraft
Every Mass Effect
Every Dragon Age
Every Witcher
Every Fallout
Every Dark Messiah
Every Ultima Underworld
Every Runescape
Every Adventure Quest

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
got a hacked n3ds so i've got everything covered other than psp
cmon, you don't even have any rpg that you've ever liked? nothing to recommend?
Gothic I guess
I'm serious about 90% of that list and enjoyed most of those games quite a lot.

Guild Wars 2
Dablo 1, 2 and 3
World of Warcraft freebie edition because it's boring by the point you reach level 20 anyway
Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3
swap Dragon Age with Neverwinter
Fallout 3
Ultima Underworld
Runescape '07 or modern
Adventure Quest Classic
Final Fantasy XII or Crystal Chronicles via emulator if you can get it to not stagger

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
All rpgs.

ITT: Jarpig Cringe
204 replies and 60 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's not exactly a difficult word....
Maybe stop watching so much japanese stuff and read some books written in english, to maybe expand your vocabulary?
And no anime subtitles written for braindead retards doesn't count.
amazing, jrpgs can actually cause stockholm syndrome
File: 1613999107814.png (33 KB, 1681x145)
33 KB
Go be fat somewhere else, Amerimutt.
>literally muh dark side power cant control it whit out friendship power
thanks for post this i dodged a bullet A BIG ONE

File: wF6uanBePdYdLdkMtteWGL.png (1.32 MB, 1920x1080)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
Do you think it will be good?
76 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Dude, chill. I'm not trying to fear monger or have I fallen to XV-kun or whoever the fuck's shitpost. I just think that it's hard to do. Both from a monetary perspective and time. Having to rig animation, and then by hand edit tweak it on each characters personality, and then creating a combat mechanic and gimmick for each one and then balancing the thing and then on top of that, having to program AI for each and everyone if every character is controllable. It's true that what I'm saying is pure speculation and is reaching since we really have only been seeing one snippet of the game. But everything so far that they've shown feels like it'll abandon party members in favor for telling a gripping and personal story about Clive. I hope my speculah are wrong and there are party members. If it does have playable party members I'd kneel to Yoshida and Suzuki. Heck, even if it's AI controlled I would kneel to them. That's the one thing in limbo that I hope to be sorted and confirmed soon. Because as "boring" as ARR was, the worldbuilding is so good, hate how the mission is structured, but love the story that it's telling to accompany the side quests. Story I have nothing to worry, even at the "worse", their work is still far better than any recent FF since XII. Heck story wise I'd put ARR somewhat above XII.
>The teleporty nonsense was bad in 15
Huh? It's literally the best thing in XV's, dreadful combat. And worked like a charm. But, Clive does not teleport like Noctis could. That one time he does something that looks like Noct's is when he "teleport" to execute a finishing move. Other than that he uses a gap closer on the dragoon, and something like Nero's shuffle.
XI/XII/XIV combat or nothing.
Might not be groundbreaking, but I'm sure it'll be a good time. As long as they don't half ass the revenge storyline.
I can imagine there being no fully playable party depending on how in depth the combat is. But I'm sure there will be a party of some kind.

File: 1612870008662.png (274 KB, 1101x1090)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
The time has come for the /vrpg/ team poll. For those who were in the last thread >>1299737, it was used to gauge interest for the team as well as collect recommendations for player suggestions and anthems. With this thread you will now be able to vote for the players and logos that were suggested/provided, as well as suggest more music recommendations for Anthems, Goalhorns and Victory Anthems.

You can find the poll right here: https://forms.gle/yoj6f8xbwngKVCMv9

You can either use the poll or even this thread to recommend music, so feel free to pick whichever option you're more comfortable with.
79 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
>tfw no RPG Maker anything in the team
I don't know any warpigs at all but Morrowind, can't really vote anything on that side without thinking I'll shit up the bowl for westernfags. Besides, isn't this too early anyway to pretend we have an established board culture yet?
Black Souls is on there
90% of the rpgmaker discussion on the board is of like 3 porn games anyway
No shit Sherlock.
Who he'll rig it for is the question

File: file.png (113 KB, 360x450)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
He didn't do anything wrong and kept Tokyo alive or 30 years as a result.
28 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
You can find the whole script Kaneko wrote online, I believe.
blow me kid.
File: 1435230196207.png (362 KB, 429x561)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
It's not just about resolution, they could do so much with stationary platform.
File: EgjSZ4MUYAArJUW.jpg (69 KB, 680x483)
69 KB

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