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multiplayer touhou games thread for the fighters and the shmups
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Ggs, was fun thanks for playing
File: 2022.jpg (46 KB, 679x481)
46 KB
Is green hair natural?
Once again
File: semiliing rigle.jpg (96 KB, 850x1200)
96 KB
i'll be on tomorrow if you're still looking

File: Heyo.png (266 KB, 236x427)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
The MMORPG genre is over. The current state of the genre is the worse its been in history of it. Looking at the biggest games
Would honestly be the best right now, if not for being infested by furries and scalies who have become the target audience
Really hasn't changed much and just weeb bait
Released a pretty good expansion. Took 3 years break re-releasing the same content with a new skin. Released another pretty good expansion. Took another year break re-releasing season 1. Now MAYBE 2023 they might do something interesting
Has been re-releasing the same content with a new skin for the past ~5 years. Game has been put on the back burner and deemed not savable by the developers because of the shitty engine. They're developing another MMORPG while this one gets minimal attention for profit.
>New World
2022 underperformed despite their big "investment" into development that year. Game has been put on the back burner while they focus on supporting more profitable ventures. I.E lost ark and blue protocol.
Only one that is at least trying which is nice. If you're into this type of PvP game you're happy.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>You will never play 1998 Ultima Online again
>You will never play any MMO again without the datamining/minmaxing/streaming culture solving the game before it even releases
I wish I could have enjoyed the golden era when I was older than 8 years old, lads
RuneScape fags big leaguing like they invented MMOs always make me laugh
WoW niggers getting angry and jealous when Runescape players actually like their MMO always makes me laugh
File: 1650464572864.jpg (28 KB, 572x536)
28 KB
>this is what success looks like, guys
>literally la creatura the jpeg
Imagine actually liking anything made by people like amazon
>reddit the post

perseus big guns edition
3.17 LIVE
3.18 PTU
4.0 for 2024
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>Every single dollar they pull in goes to marketing primarily
No it doesn't. In fact, that's why people still think it's a scam. They have done fuckall for PR or advertising given the $500m+ budget.
If you haven't seen the people shilling on yt abt SC then I don't know what to tell you. They have abt 700 employees and can guarantee the majority aren't working on SC or SQ42. Their tech debt is so high it's essentially unfixable, so selling the promise of something coming is all CIG has
I want apologists to start answering the question of how long is too long. Like, let's say we are in 2031 (20 years) on build 4.5, are these same people still going to say that's its unreasonable to expect a more complete product? Where is their line? I want them to answer for themselves instead of just always waving off everyone else's concerns.
Everything I want is already in game, i've got my fave ship and I use it to autistically move boxes. So you can suck my sphincter the game is already finished.
Then why follow the gae's progress? Why are you here? Go push cargo around for all I care. If anything you must hate that the game is still under development as it will sometime break your fun.

File: 1674657783120891.jpg (65 KB, 600x403)
65 KB
what game you miss cause is ded and you cant play it anymore
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>parkour movement shooter
This, as well as the dev's mod, Zombie Panic, more specifically ZP Source. Played the fuck out of that game in elementary.
I still play with the same old crew all these years later so this doesn't affect me, however the bug levels are off the charts. Classic is barely functioning.
The Epic Quest for Mighty Loot

Except not really, the Clash of Clans-style monetization was cancer and the game wasn't all that well designed. But the concept was pretty cool!
maplestory from 2009-2013. some of the shittiest changes occurred but also some of the best. they really did try a lot of different things during that time it was a very transient niche era in maple that only got worse after that. many of the mid-era versions of maplestory are so niche that there isn't much information on certain things at all.

File: zomboid.jpg (55 KB, 590x334)
55 KB
how we holdin up boidbros?
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File: 1663809979434.jpg (116 KB, 587x645)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
How much of a nightmare is playing with all loot settings on Insanely Rare?
Play on apocalypse. Survive. Get shit to make surviving easier (weapons/armor/food).

If apocalypse isn't hard enough for you anymore to be entertaining (it isn't for me at this point honestly...)

Then put on the dynamic zombies mod to give you some sprinters mixture.

Tweak to taste.

Also, anyone who plays on less than apocalypse are fucking dweebs.
Anyone know a good way to configure the horde mod ? Installed it on our 3man server a month in and it's COMPLETELY fucked the base. Just chews through every angle and into the base with hundreds on hundreds of corpses to get rid of and even on 1% chance per night still spawns 3/5 days a week not sure whats going on. Don't have enough ammo in Louiseville to keep up with it so thinking of turning it off completely but it's a nice goal
sandbox changes are bugged to hell with mods and odds are it's spawning at it's default rate even if you turned it down, gotta start a new game with edited settings for shit to work as intended because indiestone is a fuck
>0.35 pop to chill
>try and get some guns
>literally 400 zombies around 1 building
>move them away
>kill 1 zombie near the building
>600 zombies swam me, bitten

What the fuck ? I'm just trying to chill why does Louisville just ignore all settings

File: file.png (353 KB, 1170x1077)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
I propose that instead of unlocking traits by bloodline level we unlock them by completing unique challenges
Then we have the possibility of: do they unlock for the whole prestige or just on one hunter?
>Pitcher: get x dynamite kills
for one hunter, well 2 frags; bloodline maybe 6-10
>Resilience: Be involved in x resurrection
once for hunter, x times for prestige
get the idea?
anyway, hope everyone is having fun in the bayou even the schitzos with no comprehension of fun
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File: 2.jpg (30 KB, 344x562)
30 KB
>ESL can't into being good at the game and has to schizo blog post to cope
>hear two duos sprinting around the boss compound randomly
>wait near a corner just outside of detection range so the boss will flash white to ambush them as they run around
>whiff first shot to the random spread of dual pistols
>guy spins around and I die instantly to two hits from his hip fired automat
skill difference I guess
So I guess the real argument for knuckle knife and throwing axe is probably using them as a solo so that you have the most possible good choices for every situation which heavily outweighs playing a defensive playstyle or hyper aggressive playstyle since youre not going to want to be doing either as a solo MOST of the time.

Or running in trios with the solo mindset, which Im pretty sure is what people like ratcha z are doing since he knows he can rely on himself and his shooting ability to carry him much further than the time and positioning ability he'd lose setting up traps. Most people however lack this level of game sense and or aiming mechanics, so its probably higher in their favor to lean the other playstyle especially if you can 3 man stack concertina and fire traps with a coordinated team of hyper trap niggering making it a huge fucking bitch for anyone trying to enter any of the nearby buildings as the 3 other teams show up simultaneously and cant get into cover anywhere without a huge chance of either hitting the traps or getting shot and using up nades trying to clear them to make entry which puts things in your favor.

double nigger cant into tactics or game sense so he screeches the same tired response hes always said because his still hasnt learned anything after years and his only input is to karen his gaping vagina at me
that's a lotta words
too bad im not readin em
>started reporting everyone who killed me for cheating and copypasted some generic threat in every report to see how long it would take for me to get banned
>over a year and still nothing
I kinda suspected the report system was a placebo but now i know for sure.

File: Screenshot_355.jpg (16 KB, 285x298)
16 KB
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He just keeps bitching about drags but I'm yet to see him give an idea for a combat system that's designed around not having them. I think he's come up with ideas to nerf them, but nothing to re-add the complexity you lose by removing them.
File: chiv ballerina.webm (1.86 MB, 490x276)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB WEBM
you mean like this?
just realized that he is dragging too

>There is a new game mode on the horizon. Arcade mode is an experimental mode with some radical combat changes. It’s a mode which is designed to be easier to play, a more relaxing/casual variant of regular Mordhau. The timing based parry was replaced with a directional hold block, drastically reducing emphasis on drag/accel type swing manipulation, there are no feints and there is more clashing, etc. The skill gap is smaller but the overall combat is more fluid, with a strong focus on being visually more intuitive (e.g enemies who look hittable, are hittable and can’t parry in recovery and so on). There is a strong emphasis on attacking in the right moments and punishing misses with simple attacks. It is basically Mordhau but more casual and relaxing, designed more for teamplay and fun with a smaller skill gap. It is also a sort of place to potentially test combat changes easier in the future.
Consoles really have ruined this game
First they get rid of map "clutter" to improve performance (for consoles)
Then they open up maps and get rid of narrow chokepoints. Feitoria is full of holes in walls, Castello is just an open fucking courtyard, Mountain Peak is just an open courtyard. They say this was for performance and gameplay reasons, but we all know it is because controllers are going to be dogshit in narrow areas.
Then they turn the UI into that ugly mobile game tier shit.
Now an arcade mode. Lol. Lmao.
>The timing based parry was replaced with a directional hold block
This is something I've wanted to see. I'm hopeful it'll make combat feel better, but if not I can just go back to another gamemode.

File: OLZ1Wxs.png (2.49 MB, 1920x720)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB PNG
I heard there's some experience booster going on now and most of January. Are you excited, anon? You're excited, right? You'll play?

Some other minor new shit:
Perihelion's charged fire now shows projectiles correctly on remote clients.
Firing a weapon and switching to a repair/healing tool no longer causes a player to be stuck in an infinite firing loop on remote clients.
Fixed an issue where entering/re-entering a vehicle as a MAX suit could hide your ability HUD display.
NS-R3 Swarm variants no longer mention "Flak Detonation" in their descriptions.
Various model and animation cleanup on the NS-11C Frostbite.
Amerish Sky adjustments.
Outfit War statues on Sanctuary now display outfit information once again.
Doubled the amount of Snowman that can be spawned on a continent at once.
Snowmen no longer spawn on locked continents.
Chimera's Avalanche Tire Trails now appear on the middle set of tires.
Removed campaign currencies from the handful of store items that still used them.
Fixed an issue preventing NSO from using faction-based jump pads at the following bases:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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no deploy zones need to be heavily reduced so that bases can actually influence alerts
File: file.png (2.16 MB, 1790x2277)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
reaverbros....... how can we even compete.......................
Ancient technology...

File: 1674500994264923.png (969 KB, 1045x1073)
969 KB
969 KB PNG
Welcome to /VM/abinogi. Mabinogi is a fun, once popular little old school Korean MMO from 2004 based around Celtic mythology with many different features. Your character can age, rebirth, eat food and gain weight, play and custom make music, and so much more. You can be anything and do anything all at once with no downsides. From non combat related skills like cooking, tailoring, blacksmithing, trading goods in a commerce, carpentry, etc. to different styles of combat like melee, magic, ninja, archery, puppetry, etc. all on 1 character. Although graphics and gameplay is still a bit dated, even after 14 years the game is still rich in content such as fashion contests, cooking contest, jousting, playing in or viewing large concerts, training pets, and so on and continues to be Nexon's most generous game.

>News and Events

>Skill training, Renown, Grandmaster, and Crusader skills have become a lot easier to train(lowered training requirements)

>New Hybrid Talents called Arcana talents are LIVE
>Elemental Knight = Grand Master CloseCombat+Grand Master Mage
>Harmonic Saint = Grand Master Cleric+Grand MasterBard

We currently have a guild called Mabigen. Our guild stone is located by the Taillteann graveyard. Apply by mentioning you're from /vm/.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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im interested in the light blues, dark blues, light greens, pinks, and silvers
File: 1616841439815.png (417 KB, 640x480)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
Time for Feth Elite
reforges dont stack
Lemme diggle those tits bb
What game is that image from

File: ashes.jpg (210 KB, 1200x695)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
AoCsisters... it wasn't supposed to end like this...


Now that it's clearly dead on arrival, what other immersive sandbox games are on the horizon?
44 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's true though, this is Lineage 3.
>Did they really just do a Tank presentation when, clearly, there is no Threat mechanic implemented in the game yet.
>Tank preview stream was a disaster and here is how can Intrepid make sure it doesn't happen again.
>What a shit show.
it was so bad they deleted the vod and redid it, and we're supposed to believe the studio that can't even do a video to show off a few abilities can make an mmo this ambitious?
Time for Sorc to realize he can't just buy yes-men like he did in all the MMOs he played.
>they deleted the vod and redid it
LMFAO who the fuck has time to watch the same shitshow TWICE?

File: BIMFFTMHBISTYHKHTOUFD.png (2.87 MB, 2560x1440)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB PNG
A nonvanilla 1.19.0 server, pirated and cracked friendly for those who want to avoid Markosoft's ever worsening tactics.
The server is one of the oldest in 4chan history and has maintained an active player-base throughout the years until recently so we're looking to get some new people to join on to this lovely little map we call home.

IP - mc.chimpout.club:25600
Map - http://mc.chimpout.club:9788/ ~ 1.17 terrain up to 5k, and 1.18 beyond to 20k
Discord- https://discord.gg/5UAmDzXehC
>How to can I join?
Official and pirated clients can join in without issue. Users using free VPNs may be blocked due to banned players abusing it.

Anarchy nowhere within 200 blocks of spawn. Don't be using hacks or cheats to nuke spawn. Use /rules for more info. Use /spawnrules for more info on spawn
266 replies and 51 images omitted. Click here to view.
The world needs your unique brand of awesomeness, let it shine.
>90% of the map
That's because the map went from 5k to 10k and then to like 14k or something
also /spawn is objectively cheating and NOT kino
no point in canals, nether highways, or train stations
You can't NOT wipe Mark
The server has to wipe eventually
File: wipe.png (191 KB, 500x479)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
your gf doesn't want to play with you lol faggot
and she's not the only one lmao

Noob here. How long do I have to run these mindless quests? I just want to get to the mindless grinding/lifeskilling portion of the game.
325 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sherekhan night is good if you like grinding there
>did Magnus questline last week
>played like 3 different characters since, got new skills and no quirks
>logon to Shai
>Black Spirit has 2 quests, one for the abyssal skill and one for the start of the Magnus questline that I can accept
what the fuck kek is this intended or am i missing something
should i try and do it again for another free pen? doubt it would work
idk, my shit was bugged and i couldn't get the magnus skill on my alts for weeks after finishing magnus.
You can do the Magnus questline on as many characters as you want but the free pen is once per family
it's working as intended
Huh. Coulda sworn that quest did not appear on any other character after I finished the questline. Alright.

File: barat.jpg (151 KB, 1280x720)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Bought this awhile ago but just started actually playing it, mainly the single player which is actually quite fun. As for multiplayer though it's weird, randoms all want to do their own thing and campaigns are seriously long endeavors. Anyone here playing this?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It was actually pretty cool, we were getting anywhere between 6 and 10 anons per session, somehow. I hope a fair amount of us come back
Love this game a lot. Made a kickass campaign. I wish subs had a bit more storage with better QoL, cause I loooved the fabricator/deconstructor.
crates need more QoL for sure, being able to label/designate them. it bothers me that every time you buy something from a colony you get another crate

1.0 Release soon
Oh shit, coming in spring.
>price increase when it leaves early access

File: GuildFactionsbox.jpg (29 KB, 267x372)
29 KB
Hello /vm/ 2 weeks ago our /vm/ group managed to beat a ironman-lite prophecies run, it was great fun. Our guild has been going through all the content of GW1 together the way it was originally envisioned by the devs and on Friday we are starting our factions ironman, come join us. We normally do story progress on Friday's and Sunday's and we use Saturday to do bonus stuff last week we did some casual GvG scrimmages against eachother. Come play GW1 in modern year with us.

Here are the rules of the factions ironman play.

Rules for new factions characters
1) Proph/Factions/Core skills only, no NF, or EotN skills, only use elites found in Factions.
2) This is ironman, this means you are NOT allowed to withdraw anything from your bank, everything must be obtained and carried by your character
3) Players in our ironman /vm/ group are allowed to trade items amongst eachother
4) Following rule 3, you are not allowed to use the rune trader, you must obtain runes from your fellow players.
5) PvE only skills (even allegiance skills) are banned, they are simply too OP and often meta defining. I'll allow them when we do end game content (like Deep/Urgoz/UW)

Rules for ported characters (proph character brought for factions)
1) Everything above mentioned
2) You are not allowed to use any elite you capped in proph until you find it in factions
3) You must get a new set of max armor to participate in the rune searching (I will fund it if needed maybe even elite armor)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: what the dog doing.png (1.48 MB, 982x694)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
we did some shing jea low level PvP, ele's are scary.
File: 1664597368853.jpg (275 KB, 1920x1080)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
intrigued by pug
if you have decent heroes, nm fow is 100k xp per run, that's how I finished mine up
Alright lads Saturday we're going play at 5 PM EST, depending on how many people are here we'll either side quest, do FoW, or we'll GvG some more.

Sunday's game is at 4 PM EST
File: 1670671927926.jpg (271 KB, 1920x1080)
271 KB
271 KB JPG

File: vm fightan.png (1.68 MB, 1280x720)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
Thread for all things fightan!
Street Fighter, Tekken, GG, TFH, DBZ, Garou, KoF, Darkstalkers, Touhou, and all the other hot, cool, obscure, and shit fighting games you can think of!

Discuss, post webms, vent about ranked, and most importantly, PLAY FIGHTING GAMES

Previous thread: >>692902
112 replies and 59 images omitted. Click here to view.
forgot to add, "in minecraft"
File: 18.jpg (129 KB, 850x1645)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
yea.. I would like that too. Come on, Fightcade.
I can beat any bot on hardest difficulty in sf4u with Abel. Its the highest point of my fgc career.
File: 2022.jpg (232 KB, 850x1190)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Hajiki screw by TMZ

Sir, this is /vm/ - Video Games/Multiplayer
File: alt_f4.jpg (20 KB, 630x630)
20 KB
>change character on win

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