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File: 1601272104023.jpg (36 KB, 616x353)
36 KB
Has anyone else played this? It's actually a really fun co-op investigative horror game. But damn does it need an option to make proximity chat toggleable though
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Literally spent my entire first night with 3 buds and all of us saying the ghosts name over and over because we thought that was how you spawned it and nothing at all happened. Never got hunted no one died over 4 hours. How do we up the difficulty?
>ideally you'll want to talk to whoever you're playing with and contribute items in a balanced/fair amount
Forget that, play Sugar Daddy mode. One person brings everything and tries to stay out of trouble while everybody else is expendable.
Play on professional, your sanity drains way faster
Metagaming will ruin the game for you IMO, but if you want to be the most effective ghost hunter, bring a flashlight and thermometer. I like to bring a ghost writing book as my third item. Find the room (you're looking for a room that dips below 12C), drop all your shit (I like to drop my flashlight too), run to the truck, bring back whatever else your team didn't bring.
>goes in room next to ghost room
>hears strange ominous music faintly playing in the background in the direction of ghost room for a few seconds
>teammates panicking in the ghost room
>ghost apparently became visible while the music was playing

has anyone seen this before? i've had it happen 2 times so far out of my 25ish hours of playtime

it happens so fast i always forget to clip

File: 1574251425438.png (808 KB, 1200x900)
808 KB
808 KB PNG


New to SCP:SL? It's a free game. It's fun. Small download. You need a mic you don't but FUCK MICLETS. Try it out it's literally free you have no excuses not to play it.

/vm/ server ip (direct connect): twocows.tk
No rules.
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Based Kniggles
Southern baptist server no playing on sunday
could go crash a public server and see how long it takes us to get banned
Under 5 minutes
more spicy classic memes tonight along the line of this is sparta techno remix

unless the server is down forever because people bully twocows

File: CUGcKZLXIAQ18qM.jpg (22 KB, 500x500)
22 KB
100 % Orange Juice is a party game set in the Orange juice universe.

New Characters and events soon!

AoS 2 is welcome too!
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Wasn’t there a community one where the victor was a Krila user who spammed her hyper repeatedly?
>a tournament with this many variables
Nothing short of playing dozens of games with identical character/card/field/event setup to minimize swingy plays from stealing a win will make any sense but the logistical nightmare to iron out RNG favoring specific players that time isn't worth it.
Poker world championships arent played over the course of a single hand.
/vm/ OJ tourney when
File: 1596326669613.png (11 KB, 132x166)
11 KB
they started early
>Sherry with Gift Exchange and Scrambled Eve in every game
Playing with people who actually know how to play and are trying to win is dreadful.

File: v6devstart.png (204 KB, 1129x522)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
V6 is here with with Megaman 10 and V.
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I’d be down. If you do, making a thread on /v/ would probably be a good idea. 8BDM threads are kinda slow on /vm/
File: genesis unit.jpg (134 KB, 808x988)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Server is up, would like someone to test it with me before I post to other places so I didn't mess anything crucial up
>Name is /vm/8BDM
>direct IP is
File: 1426279473994.jpg (32 KB, 335x300)
32 KB
Thanks for the testing, server looks good and posts are made on /v/ and /DOOM/ so feel free to join!
That was a fun time, thank you to everyone who joined! Server is up indefinitely in case people decide to get on independent of me.
>two days after launch
>mods are already starting to update
you boys better keep vanilla alive for a bit

File: smashcuatro.jpg (398 KB, 1600x800)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
Smash 4 was a good game, I don't get why people shit on it so hard these days, I'd rather play this than Vanilla Brawl even on casual play.
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the switch happened
Really makes you wonder what Smash 4 ICs would play like
wish 4xM was more popular
>pandering to comp autists
They literally have tried to stop EVO from streaming Melee. They hate competitive players. Melee only exists because people are so fucking autistic for that game. It's amazing given that 99% of games immediately die when the company pulls the plug on them.
Smash 4 is just completely obsolete. You can just backport any character from it into Brawl, and any features it had besides trophies, the shitty board game, and All-Star got carried into Ultimate.

Also Smash 4 modding was so fucking pathetic it's not even funny. Take it from me, the fun of Brawl modding was how fun it was and how little people took it seriously at first. The same people that used to make shitty fun meme mods then went on to contribute to PM, and we got to see the high quality side of Brawl modding, but the move to Gamebanana for Smash 4 modding completely removed the stepping stone of "fun modding" first and only encouraged "HIGH QUALITY 200 HOUR EFFORT MODS OR LEAVE" mentality that stunted that community as well and pushed away amateurs. Ult modding is just looking to be more of the same.

File: 2013-05-13_00023.jpg (125 KB, 1024x768)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
A cooperative classic.
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they keep adding gay shit and going in the worst direction possible
kf2 used to be good until they added rioters, edars, shit bosses, weapons that cost $10 each, extreme filesize bloat, incompetent programming that they still excuse with "muh engine limitations", retarded "new" reskin weapons that took no more than 1 hour of work to implement, taking years to implement the most basic of UI and QOL changes (still no way to filter ping in or even check the ping in matchmaking LMAO)

kf2 at its core is just a more actiony version kf1 with significant improvements but tripwire goes out of its way to ruin everything
I don't understand why rioters and edars are bad. I just shoot enemies without much thinking. I haven't played much to think about bosses. Most of them are difficult if I just play with my friends. But sometimes we end up in a full squad and a boss dies within seconds of us concentrating our fire on him.

I don't care about 10$ weapons because I never buy that DLC shit in any game.
>I don't understand why rioters and edars are bad
both are bullet sponge, edars also punish positioning good or not. after years edars only got one very significant nerf to their health because they were unbearable. By a glitch they used to pin you down from beyond walls and because of TWI shoveling shit into it despite "engine limitations" collision checks suck to begin with. This sometime cause specimen or even bosses to go out of bounds to die instantly.
As for bosses some of them added as a joke for the events just like some specimen (ie. quarter pounds) to be official later. Focus fire works on them because they have nothing to catch you with. They started as a joke, so their mechanics don't really pose a threat besides looking scary for a 12 yo. They used to incur all crowd control types without any penalties 'till last damn update. This reduced most of them to the bullet sponge category again. Only solid boss in KF2 is Hans and even then they managed to fuck up difficulty scale to make hard difficulty Hans harder than suicidal once, years ago. They're that incapable of setting numbers right.
>I don't understand why rioters and edars are bad. I just shoot enemies without much thinking.
Not trying to be an elitist jerkbag here, but at lower difficulties KF is just mindlessly shooting shit and it barely matters what you are shooting at, so of course you never have a problem with those two. Rioters and edars are extremely common in higher difficulties as replacements for all those clots.
At times it feels like TWI is balancing the game for hard instead of addressing the issues in higher difficulty play.
you sound like a fag

File: file.png (337 KB, 584x442)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
roblox thread
rate my outfit in csom
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Dota2fag was only funny because he was so god damn persistent. Everyone hated him for the first 2 months, then it became funny because he would reliably be there in every single thread. Usually the first or second post.
Isn't this game for little kids?
Yes kind of. But it does have a more mature audience as well. I know this is a shitty comparison but think of it like MLP where even though it was made for kids it still has teenager and adult viewers.
I wanted to look like a character that has a beard and eyepatch but I can't because those are both face items, worst is that before they changed it I could because I just need 3 accessories for that look
You can go into the advance settings on the page and add more face cosmetics via ID's.

File: 1603478611465.jpg (82 KB, 590x420)
82 KB
What's the best multiplayer game to play if you have no friends....
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Rising storm 2 Vietnam doesn't require friends. Same with the Battlefield games.
Oh I'm interested in shooters and mmos. Als aren't beat em ups supposed to be single player games in the first place?
tac/mil fps requires you to talk to strangers
Worms Armageddon

File: a45tvaahjt.png (1.26 MB, 1200x643)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
You are trick-or-treating in-game, right NC?
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Lately I've been pulling a double ranger ammo bus for columns instead of skyguard. As long as you have gunners, you can roll in certs.
>High level play
FUCK players who block roads with fiendly bases jesus fucking christ.
How would you fix the Redeploymentfield 2 meta?
That's not the reap-
>Guass Rifle Burst
Yknow what, you're alright anon

File: aov.png (57 KB, 670x390)
57 KB
Have you ever wanted to play Ace Attorney cases that were 100% original creations by other fans of the series? To have the chance to play prosecutor, judge, or even as the witness that ties the whole mystery together? Here's your chance.


Once you install the game, open up the client and join "Attorney Online Vidya (Dedicated)". There's a case open in Courtroom 3 right now.

>Wait what is this?
A multiplayer Ace Attorney where every role is played by people like you in partially improv'd cases. Hilarity WILL ensue.
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Holloween case dropped in area 2. Someone got burned to death at a talk show. Need witnesses, defense, and steno.
>discord thread
is this true?
i can confirm, when i asked in the server why there were no /vg/ thread they said it was cause discord.
sad. killed my interest
It's also because gacha cancer flooding /vg/ killed every slow general a while back, and once it died it was too hard to get enough people back to maintain it, and so no one's tried to make it again in a while
t. Person that usually made the /vg/ threads

>Redditors and forums
Cancer any dev should never listen, no explanations needed
>"1vs1 me bro"
No go fuck yourself
>"""""Strategy games""""""
The actual strategy is just following the braindead meta
>Hazing solo or group
They deserve the rope
>Paying 60bucks for X game and the next day is F2P
>Harassment everytime they beat you
>Auto report or mod banning me for stupid reasons
>Try harding in a stoner server
>Game is teambased
Now type what make you mad in MP games
19 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>t. Shitter paying for somedoby to boost his Elo
File: 1527414109055.png (314 KB, 1000x1271)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
>t. n00b
File: 1598155195381.gif (993 KB, 267x199)
993 KB
993 KB GIF
yes you are. I can spot from a mile away you are a TF2 tourist larping as an afps elitist.
>Cancer any dev should never listen, no explanations needed
>Now type what make you mad in MP games

Reading broken English. Reminds me that the person on the other end is a disgusting subhuman like OP.
> Play team skywars on mc.
>Whole team dies and end up solo
> kill every team by using guerrilla warfare.
>Get down to the last team.
> clutch 3 guys melee.
> i am down to the last one.
> constant barage of melee and bowspam between us, also spamming gold apples.
> After 15 min he kills me with one heart left.
> Type 'gg' in the chat.
>Opponent replied with' haha Ez match nuub'

At least acknowledge you had a hard time.

File: ohno.png (2.61 MB, 1920x1080)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB PNG
tfw mill

File: 1589950333084.png (536 KB, 570x320)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
Does anyone still play this or know how populated the Japanese servers are? This is the last MMO I remember enjoying, I probably should try some new ones.
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oh lord they do still work
god how I missed fat castanic ass and tits hnnnng
not quite the same without some pink encouraging whispers but it'll do
Call me when they let the big dragon guys punch stuff finally.
File: 1 (2).jpg (230 KB, 1280x1831)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
>make a female castanic, elf, human, amani and an elin
>keep them on starter island
>slutify with unicast
>get the best the game has to offer within 15 minutes
anyone actually managed to log in enmasse migration site?
>xTera dev is actually going to release a 64bit compatible version next week
my FUCKING dick

The game is ruined
Not by the lack of updates
Not from too many hats
From the dumbass stupid little kid players and the people that enable them.
Well at least my Huo Long Heater, Unusual Family Business, and Glitch Fists won't go hungry.
File: QFyQiXF.jpg (102 KB, 770x314)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
can't we just go back to having home grown pubs?
I'm tired of these corporate feeling servers
not in a AAA game. pandora's box has been opened.
based heavy main.
>kids game
>complaining about kids

File: steam2003.jpg (127 KB, 1024x768)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
I'm looking for old-school real good multiplayer games like they used to make them, but popular in 2020.
I'm talking about hopping onto a 32 or 64 player server and dicking about, talking shit, and having fun.
Maybe getting into my favourite dedicated server and seeing some familiar nicknames.

None of that matchmaking garbage, I want some player-player interaction thank you.
None of that censored chat/team chat only crap, might as well play CPUs if I can't talk a little shit and get talked some back.

I know shit like quake live or UT99 are still running servers but fuck that, I want something newly popular, fresh and with fresh faces coming and going.
What the FUCK are my options, is CS:GO anything like the old games? Is Mordhau the only one? That game got a bit old a bit quick.... not the same lasting power chivalry had.
Oh and no console games or ports please, I'm an adult.
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Just play old games. Modern games will never go back to old multiplayer styles. Developers want to control how you play and who you play with. It's all by design.
Most of the planet doesn't even know what Eastern Europe is.

>3rd worlders
>the only 3rd world county on the list is the USA
Seconding this, i heard mordhau still has dedicated servers and still has a living playerbase
If you are into tactical shooters, red orchresta 2 and rising storm 1 still has servers and they are playable with 100-190 ping
Mordhau can be pretty fun, lots of dicking around potential. If you do tryhard and meet someone sweatier than you it is frustrating though. But you don’t have to tryhard
wanna know how I know you have under 100 hours played?

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