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Let me start off by saying that I have played both of these games for a few months (how did I not hang myself playing Dota 2 that long) so there will be no bias.
Where do I EVEN start with this...
CC tooooooo fucking difficult defending my tower???IMPOSSIBLE ?!?!?!
Dota 2 doesn't require any mechanical ability or knowledge of the game
It's all luck.
LoL on the other hand has objectively better gameplay. It's welcoming to beginners and has a higher skill ceiling than Dota 2. Even looking outside the game it's world is more developed and every character matters no matter how important they are. Now most people would say that the community is very toxic which might be true if we're talking about ranked but any other gamemode has way less toxicity and even if you do encounter toxic people the solution to 99% of them is to mute them. So yes LoL is objectively the better game because it doesn't make me want to cut my wrist the second I get into a match (unlike Dota 2).
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Not before I rail your wife cuck
literal has the hottest girls, what are you talking about?
Pre TI6 > League of Legends >Post TI6

New Meta was always retarded, adopting league's 'balance' style to make the game 'fresh and interesting for TI" was retarded.

League was never good, it was just the first free 2 play game that wasn't a browser game.
>piss is filthy trash and shit is superior in every possible aspect

File: WarhammerOnline.jpg (297 KB, 634x356)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
>his thread
To be fair I miss this game
File: 1550907255169.jpg (100 KB, 507x507)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Tried it out during their double exp event. Player base are the biggest mouth breathers I've ever seen.
got a dok to 40, play now and then
mostly just reminds me that i fucking hate gear-based pvp
also addons that just play the game for you
Biggest problem with Warhammer Online is it's just WoW but worse. Why would you quit playing WoW to play this?

File: file.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1080)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
Anyone want to play Plateup!?
bump. There is a demo if u want to try on Steam.
yeah sure op

File: GardevoirFrosmoth.jpg (188 KB, 1414x1764)
188 KB
188 KB JPG

we play Civ V, GTA V, Deep Rock galactic and left 4 dead two. its a discord server
Oh and one hundred percent OJ
File: chickn.png (18 KB, 1474x170)
18 KB
Bitch will never respond to you, and when she does she's not looking for a gamer. Picrel
You play haz 5? EU?
I don't use discord.
That fusion is shit

File: box.jpg (536 KB, 2000x1416)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
So I'm playing on an old notebook. The gpu is still just a laptop card and the cpu is outdated by several generations. The screen is kinda blurry and refresh rate is low. I get online through borrowed wifi and about nearly 100 ping.

Even in games like csgo I can feel I'm at a disadvantage compared to those sweats with rgb battlestations and fiber ethernet. What /vm/ games aren't so reliant on hardware to be competitive?
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I used to play like Quake Live, Liero, Savage, Starcraft 1, WC3 and fighting games on GGPO or fightcade when I had an abysmal computer.
Played Crossfire on some pieces of crap 10 years ago. Mindless Egypt TDM was so therapeutic.
Cool clock Achmed!
>But, your best bet is to just play games that don't require a low a ping
What games though

File: brim.png (107 KB, 587x900)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
I think the game sucks too, but I want to hear from CS players legitimate reasons for why this game sucks to add to my list, I'm trying to do something.
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so you're a fucking retard?
>all guns balanced to be viable
Did you even see the webm? That's not even remotely viable in any possible way.
Yes shotguns are meme guns that award double the income for kills and are difficult to use once the enemy has body armor. Just like SMGs and other non-high-caliber firearms. They're situational weapons because of that but at least they don't have stupid spread after first shot completely invalidating them like valorant that doesn't make any sense other than scrubs complaining about shotguns because they're shotguns.
I play valorant regularly, the judge is fine and entirely viable. Even in pro play you'll occasionally see players picking them up on rifle rounds because they'll save money and they're very strong in certain positions.
Note that valorant doesn't have different rewards per gun or any armor interaction so the enemy being able to buy armor doesn't invalidate half of what you've got
File: 1664216352251.jpg (453 KB, 2048x1147)
453 KB
453 KB JPG

File: CitizenCon_Final.jpg (164 KB, 1432x1000)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
3.18 soon
funding passed 500mil, kotaku says "it's just...sad"
citcon october 8, 10am texas time
can someone tell me what this helmet is?
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File: WUT2.jpg (64 KB, 542x534)
64 KB
It was pretty ridiculous and unintuitive. Not as bad as flying sitting man though. How does he do it?
>pic rel
One of my personal favorite screenshots from the net. Has that extraordinary Brood War vibe
There was a guy here that wanted to make some SC /x/ type content. You still here buddy? Added you but forgot the nick.
I'll tell you what, this game is unfinished, over priced, and riddled with fucking bugs.

But there is absolutely nothing else out there like rocking up to jumptown with the boys, slapping every fucking ass present and then holding it for the rest of the evening. Nothing like it.
File: highfashion.jpg (119 KB, 993x650)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Word. What's you're favorite loadout for piratin'?

>like first person games because of limitations that the view creates
>hate how basically all multiplayer first person games require aiming, with at most a handful of characters/builds etc. being effective even with basically zero aim
What games should I play? As you probably guessed I play Overwatch and mostly use Reinhardt, Winston, Mercy, Moira and Brigitte, with basically zero playtime on other characters (even on ones like Ball, where rolling around does not take aim but in practice you must still aim his gun when diving supports, defending oneself after Sombra's hack and stuff).

Play Omega Strikers, /vm/.
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The retarded twitchfag event ruined the game, especially out of place facecam emotes that you can't even turn off.
Playerbase is still peaking with each day so it ruined nothing.
I'm sorry for your loss
File: 1658707368551.gif (750 KB, 958x481)
750 KB
750 KB GIF
This game is pretty fun, but it needs more loli
>a measly 10k, 8k of which are only watching for their parasocial friends on twitch and will abandon immediately next month

File: file.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Last thread >>669995

Season 7 is in full swing and mostly working. Season 8 will be all PvP all the time.

Let's talk pirates.
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>replace them
Just relog.
Well patch today supposedly fixed all the Captaincy shit not saving. Here's hoping.
The UI they’ve shown looks like it was ripped from some shitty mobile game.
>killing anything that isn’t their own game

That’s funny.
>made 100k from robbing duo with too much gear
>crew gets totalled by 2 or 3 man on a brig doing chain boardings
A lot of players in open crew seem to quit the moment an enemy attacks. It's wierd.

Are you toxic in video games /vm?
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thank you for touching grass AMEN BROTHER
There is no point, if I insult my teammates I just lower my chances to win
Why would I want to shoot myself in the leg?
Even after game it isn't worth, insulting people will only make them angrier or sadder which means if they queue up again and I get them as teammates they might perform worse or throw my game

Being """toxic""" is just illogical
The best way to do this is be a rude faggot while also giving actually good tips and info. It negates the excuse of retards saying "well you're not helping!!" and also gives them a way to stop being retards.
>getting mad in LoL

Anybody who does tell them to go play War Thunder, that's a game you can rage because retarded teammates will cost you currency and waste your time in a match.
I think if you enjoy league, you have to play with people and not solo que.

I'v been solo for about a week in ranked and it's just too much to carry people who don't cooperate against a team that has coordination.

My friend was wondering if there's any weakly or monthly Guilty Gear Tournaments in the Tulsa OK area.

File: DROP MOVEMENT.png (1.76 MB, 2250x2250)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG

We know VAC has nothing to fight with the massive
dishonest players, because the money for skin trading
is huge more than the satisfaction of amateur players.

So, when you detect bots, smurfs o cheaters
simply drop all your weapons and utilities.
And do nothing but waiting the time lasts,
and the match is finished.
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Do idle servers actually drop cases? Have tried for a few hours but got nothing
Strangely enough I play on valve mm and I haven't encountered a cheater (at least not blatant) in years.
Cool strat tho
Yeah, I would've thought the better strategies would be to:
>Waste as much of the cheater's time as possible, even if just to piss them off
>Don't bother playing at all
>Cheat back, since there's clearly little incentive to play honestly
just leave the match, who cares about the cooldown.
i used to solo derank and sell accounts and the cooldown really is annoying when it hits 1 month per each ban
you cant afk and use scripts because thatll get you overwatched
you cant activately TK or purposefully troll because that gets you cooldowns via getting votekicked and votekicks use the same stacking punishment as leaves
just throw the game as discretely as you can

File: 1663604081306772.png (698 KB, 735x743)
698 KB
698 KB PNG
I'm not sorting through all this BS. Give me the facts and what we know based on the leaks. I heard the map size was leaked? What are we looking at here, people? Green text me.
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>replying to yourself
all that happened was some dev videos were leaked thats it. Hacker got jack squat otherwise he would have threatened to leak a dev build by showing himself playing it. But he didnt have that, he just hacked some testers email and phished some shitty videos of a two year old build.

People on gtaforum pieced together some XYZ data, the map looks pretty biggish but the actual data is just too fragmented to tell for sure. Also, lots of recycled gta5 content/cars and its hard to tell if they are placeholders until another studio finishes or not.

For sure: We going to miami, we got thicc latina and trailer trash florida man. We got fanboats and big ass drivable yachts, there are hills and distant mountains, rediculous car customization overhaul, picklock mechanics of some sort, above ground monorail, a medkit system.

Not much info. Basically nothing about how online will be.
gta 6 story, cap for when im right.
>latina main character
>something something blood is thicker than water
>something something spic culture shoved in face
>pro-immigrant message
>anti white sentiments
>any notable white character will be a bumbling retard
>multiple choice ending will have you betray someone for another or kill both and be a stronk empowered womyn
if you think rockstar will retain the satire feel that it's had, dont count on it, there's going to be a lot of diversity hires that will suck dick till they can work on gta 6 and inject their garbage.
gonna be waiting for reviews to make sure nothing of what i said is true.
take your meds
Trevor chases joyful immigrants blasting mariachi music across the desert and is coerced to taze them for redneck ICE officers, all while even trevor voices concerns that what they are doing seems horribly wrong and inhumane.

GTA 4 and 5 have already been progressive, and, its compelling commentary too. You can stop pretending your shitty garbage prediction is about gta6. Loser like you are just afraid people will have their eyes opened by any gta game.

they just hired the guy who wrote breaking bad/better call saul. Seethe harder. People are going to enjoy a game, and its going to have a well written, intelligent story.

Why are MMOs impossible to make when it's piss easy? Every other multilayer genre gets it and has evolved with the times but MMOs are still caught up in the "golden age" of its genre that was genuinely good for the time but is now just outdated. Everything is grindy, everything has a trade center, everything is flashy and over the top. It's like everything is done to make player to player interaction be as unnecessary as possible, and they just throw money at it instead of putting genuine care into what they're making. All of their economies are inflated, PvP is never balanced, and nothing in any mmo feels organic. The most thriving organic economies in gaming right now are Warframe and Path of Exile, both of which are live service psuedo mmos. You aren't going to get the raw feeling of crowded streets or trading in a random village market in those games. I genuinely believe that it's because devs don't believe in wizards and instead cater to normies, and this ad is proof of it. All of the animations are jank and broken, it's a cosmetic hellhole, and I don't know a single gamer this style caters to.
Idk bros, I guess I'm just tired and want a reall mmo instead of these nonstop reskins of the same souless force-fed mmo.
Everyone has an MMO itch and it shows because each time an MMO has a good launch, every journalist markets it as the "revival" or "savior" of the genre, but then it all fades away. Not a single good MMO has been made in over a decade and it would be so easy to do, but devs are just too scared to trust their players.
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MMOs are based on quantity over quality, so it makes sense that it's impossible to make an indie MMO
Everyone just wants to get to the endgame. Anything that isn't endgame might as well be removed. Every big budget MMORPG has like 80% obsolete content that's not worth playing.
What an awful take
>I want a real mmo

Define "real MMO". What is it about an MMO that you really want to see? What makes the feel of a crowded street vs a tiny town for trading?

That said I, too, am sick of all MMOs being high fantasy or space wars. The last MMO I played seriously at all was Puzzle Pirates because at least it was DIFFERENT. That was before the pirate MMOs hit mainstream. It's been that long.
>Talking smaller than SWG niche here.
So around 500k people lmfao? No MMO has those figures nowadays except WoW.

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