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File: minecraft.jpg (238 KB, 2000x807)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
I've made non-premium Minecraft server. Let's play together! :)
Pretty chill, everyone speaks Polish though and there are protection claims.
Nice, wich version OP?

File: Iron Tarkus.jpg (378 KB, 1067x600)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
Does anyone here play Tarkov?
I'd like a NEET friend or two to play with
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What a fucking loser
scam of a game, don't even bother. Without the $140 version of this game, you're going to be barely scraping by, running out of inventory space, and probably dying to hackers if you go to labs. I'd say it's marginally more fun than any Blizzard game after Diablo 2, DayZ, and League of Legends. That should give you an idea as to how fucked up this game is. Just download one of those free stalker mods and save yourself the headache.
This wipe is only fun if you aren't going full sweaty gamer, I've had to get an irl job to enjoy playing tarky this time, it's just not fun to nolife it this time
I unironically love the grind. Friend offered me EOD for insta max stash and gamma and i always decline. Doesn't stop me from bitching about the lack of space.

Best strat is keep rare quest items and look at the quest list before hand while bumrushing the epsilon case.

Everything else you spam sell for cases
this. fucking russians chose the worst time to wipe

File: wat.png (104 KB, 246x244)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
>Be me
>get told my friends that Roleplaying is an immersive way to play the game.
>Understand and toy with the idea of giving my character a profile to be something more.
>Download TRP3
>Spend two hours coming up with a back story for my Horde Vulpera.
>Decide to roll a new one on WRA because im a poorfag.
>Log in to the game, quickly get my RP set up.
>"I am Anon! Prowler of the-"
>Look around.
>My stomach churns.
>Almost every single TRP is loaded with Mary Sue shit!
>ALL of the OOC boxes are filled with "ACAB, BLM, ANTIFA, VOTEBLUENOMATTERWHO, CRT, LGBTQIAA+ friendly"
>I have no idea how to respond.
>A guild called "Silverpine Caravan" approaches me, and offers to take me in their ranks.
>Desperate for community, feeling like i've entered a wrong neighborhood, I join so I can get the ropes of RP.

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I've played on RP realms since the beginning.

Yeah, RP realms are fucking cancer now, you're stuck playong on Moonguard-US or Argent Dawn-EU which were the coomer containment servers since WOTLK

The main problem with RP is that the game is too much of a chore to play, if you actually want to play the game itself you have to spend hours doing daily/weekly chores on your characters if you want to keep them up to par for actual content, meaning you have no downtime to actually roleplay.

Unlike back in WOW's prime where after you were finished with your pre-raid BIS that character was raidlogged, meaning that you could go PVP for fun or in my case, RP.

Also the new world designers fucking hate roleplay it seems, there is a reason why the same 3 places tend to be the RP hubs of the game, because everywhere else in the game world is phased, full of NPCs, ect, like there was a really nice new tavern design in WOD, but it was too full of clutter and NPCs that it was unusable for RP so everyone just stuck with Lion's Pride or Blue Recluse.

Now if you want to RP in WOW, you have to treat the game purely as a $15 a month chatroom (or play with a trial account with limited communication, which most serious RPers will just ignore beliving you to be a troll) while the game goes ignored.
Does blizzard moderate text in rp addons?
Kind of.

If you use TRP specifically they made it easy to report, and because addons are communicated server side blizzard can look at the text being sent between clients because its on open channels, where they have a policy to not look at private channels unless there reports of harrassment.

So yes, you can technically get banned for ERP addons, but its rarely enforced because blizzard fired all their GMs and they don't have enough time to go through every report ticket for something as petty as an addon profile, but automated mass reporting will still get you banned, or more likely, get your addon privlages muted.
>furries ruin everything
Once worgen were added to the game RP on alliance side became extra shitty

You either got edgy warewolf fetishists or uwu furries.

File: 1382450514807.png (53 KB, 293x251)
53 KB
How's your multiplayer game going, anon?

Want to make a multiplayer game but don't know how?
Lockstep networking: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/131503/1500_archers_on_a_288_network_.php
The tribes networking model: https://youtu.be/h47zZrqjgLc
Rocket league's networking: https://youtu.be/ueEmiDM94IE
Rollback networking in NRS games: https://youtu.be/7jb0FOcImdg

Don't be that guy who makes their game local multiplayer only and tries to rely on steam or parsec for players.

Discuss your multiplayer gamedev or request playtesting in this thread!

Nondevs: What features should every multiplayer game have? What would make you interested in picking one up? And why aren't you working on your dream game right now?
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MongoDB, I can't post the repo if you would like.
Any reason you chose mongo? I've only ever really heard bad things about it.
File: pong_118.webm (2.91 MB, 1362x588)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
Fucking around with scale things, need to figure out what resolution I actually want for the game. 1.5x feels pretty good to me, 2x seems too slow
I don't want the thread to die
File: pong 126.webm (1.49 MB, 1312x780)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB WEBM
fucked around with scale more, ended up going through and multiplied basically every single value I had by 2/3. This is lets me run at 360p which gives me a nice 2x for 720p and 3x for 1080p. Previously was something like 540p which wasn't great.
Still haven't figured out how to actually present tutorial text without obscuring the game though.
me neither, anon

File: chancoop.png (640 KB, 1277x1227)
640 KB
640 KB PNG
This thread is for discussions, feedback and anything related to 4chan's (un)official Sven Co-op server - Chan Co-op

Open 24/7 -
By and for fellow anons.

Previous thread: >>290079

Picrel is our second admin's artwork btw
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Yeah sure yet you WILL come play tonight and you WILL enjoy it
I might if you ask me nicely
It was relatively active yesterday, just there's not really anything to talk about in the thread. The thread functions more as a way to get people's attention & spread word about the server.
i don't want this place to become some freakshow like stuff on /vg/
Could someone put together a download of all of the maps the server uses? It would be helpful not to have to download them from the server itself all the time especially for those of us with shitty internet.

File: 1558216461968.png (428 KB, 880x1000)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
DUDE i just LOVE the hustle and bustle of modern multiplayer matchmaking, it’s so DYNAMIC and makes me feel like i’m one of my favourite TWITCH STREAMERS.
Oh, you sweet summer child. Let me tell you of the times on the TEN network.
If we let you run your own server then you will just keep playing the best games instead of the newest games! With modern match making we can now shut down a game and force you to play the latest one!
unironically this trend is what is contributing to this kind of shit. RIP Server Browsers.....
Uh oh. You want to play the game competitively? That's problematic bro you can't just expect your team mates to do very basic things that are foundational to enjoying the game. Huh you're asking why they are refusing to help the team? That's toxic masculinity bro. Gonna have to drop a suspension on your account. Shouldn't have expected a basic level of competency in your multiplayer game bro. Should've just played with bots instead that would unironically do their job better.

>less maps than ut2k4
>less gamemodes than 2k4
>brown n bloom graphics that aged even worse than ut99
>shitty single player mode, focused on the awful vehicle gamemodes
>dumber bots than previous games
>shitty maps
What the fuck were they thinking?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, arena shooters were on the out and we probably won't see them return any time soon.
I remember having bloom set to "vivid" and the snow level just being completely white aside from whats was left of my gun

shitty ass vehicles, complete lack of modes. This game was so disappointing. They could have added a hoverboard mod to UT2K4 and I would have still gotten more enjoyment out of that than this slow ass console-catered turd
Still kinda mad about UT4, ngl.
>What the fuck were they thinking?
making a demonstration for their engine
it's pretty gosh darn colourful save for Necris themed maps
They were shilling Unreal Engine 3. It was pretty shameless, lots of people were assblasted because everyone knew it would hurt UT2004 that had barely hit its prime.

File: j49s6ov45nw01.jpg (49 KB, 640x604)
49 KB
I want to play on a TF2 server without random crits on primaries or secondaries. I don't care about melees.
I don't want to deal with any more annoying additions, like x10 or ponyville or whatever gay shit. custom maps is fine, but just no annoying mods.
anyone got any good servers I can join?
24/7 2fort is my favorite, go engineer and put a teleporterin the enemy intel room and build sentries
God I wish I knew man.
/mlp/ TF2 server is unironically the best community server right now, and they play every night
uncle fag's server is unironically good because it's pretty much vanilla with no random crits or spread.
Full of normies and trannies, but as long as you ignore them, it's a better experience than casual.
>I want to play on a TF2 server without random crits on primaries or secondaries
No you don't
That's why these servers never work lol. Just a bunch of people going "oh I WOULD play tf2 if X happened" and then never actually playing on the doomed servers that attempt it

Yes, i liked it, what are you going to do about it?
why is the celica so fast?

File: CSGO_FAMAS_Inventory.png (109 KB, 512x384)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
csgo devs: we have to gut the famas burst to the point where it's unusable because we feel it's op even though no one ever complained about it in older games.

also csgo devs: deagle should 2 shot to the body through kevlar up to 7 meters, while also having better accuracy than the ak, and a perfect one shot headshot up to 50m, and better running accuracy than assault rifles. all for the price of $700
154 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Deagle has much better fire rate than r8. That's why bodyshot spamming with a 2 body shot kill is getting so many cries about "deagle bodyshots being overpowered". R8 alt fire is shit. R8 primary fire still has less accuracy than deagle by a significant margin, also its big advantage over deagle with its primary fire running accuracy is as good as p250 standing accuracy, i.e not for anything beyond mid range running HS.
R8 is meant for bodyshots and not headshots since it always takes 2 bodyshots to kill except legs. If you want headshots, use deagle. Also btw DoD is a garbage low skill ceiling game, only liked by shitters, it's like DoD checkers vs CS chess.
R8 shouldn't have been nerfed
people should have gotten better at playing against it instead
csgo plays really gay and you just gotta play it to get good
i find it easy to get headshots with r8, maybe you should just get good with it? also saying that dod is any less skill based than cs is retarded. they both have the same movement engine and gameplay wise are similar. sounds like your just mad because you got filtered by it.
it was better than everything except the awp and it was 800 dollary doos
stop trolling

There will never EVER be another co-op shooter executed so perfectly like PAYDAY: The Heist.

Change my mind. You can't.

>b-but payday 2
The RPG Arcade shooter where you have OP P2W DLC's and inconsistent AI?
>but drg!
It can be fun for 2 hours. Then it's just the same mission types on a loop (which for a modern game is embarrassing, really). Mine stones like stripmining in Minecraft for 10 minutes, then an assault for a few minutes that is a genuine eyesore eith all the flashing lights and all the shit on screen.
>payday 3 will be a return to the roots!
Haha, you wish it were.
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Left 4 Dead is a lot better imo.

Fortnite's co-op mod was actually pretty decent before battle royale took over and devs abandoned it. Used to play it with a buddy while listening to podcasts/watching yt videos on the side.

nowadays i can't find a chill but replayable enough co-op game.
The 9 heists are unique with RNG elements making each run unique, and DRG is stuck in a very tedious gameplay loop.
You're talking about Payday 2 faggots.
Agreed, though never played fortnite Co-op. Must've been fun with the building mechanics.
>the 9 heists are unique
And the mission types in DRG are at least as unique from each other as PD:TH's are, so again, it's not like PD:TH has a large glut of unique content that puts it ahead of DRG. If you want to say one is constricted by its mission count, then the other is as well
>with RNG elements to make each run unique
The vast majority of PD:TH's RNG elements are very small variations in where you spawn in, where you exit, and where some actors might be in the level. At most, you get a rare ambush or additional guards, but that's it. It pales in comparison to the amount of variation you get with DRG's runs
>very tedious gameplay loop
Again, a real glass house scenario given that a common complaint about even PD:TH was tedious timegates for objectives and overbearing shootouts that would drag on in parts of heists like Panic Room or Green Bridge. I would also say I have some doubts of how much you know about DRG, given your "description" of the gameplay and not knowing how varied each individual mission within a mission type can be.
I feel like if Fortnite's co-op wasn't fucked it would be pretty good but VT2 honestly takes the cake for me

File: 1619353300324.jpg (223 KB, 796x600)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Is MOBA really a genre for RTS rejects?

RTS genre is just stagnant while MOBA is the new hotness so everyone started playing MOBAs.

This is because people think broodwar is the best thing ever, when 90% of it is fighting against the jank 90s era programming, and think that simulating the ammount of gook clicking required to make your units functional in broodwar is a good thing, only koreans and grognards think this.

Meanwhile new RTS games tend to be low effort base building unit spammers more like SC2, we haven't really seen any good new or genre defining new RTS games in 2 decades.
nope, mobas are designed to be 5v5 team games, they have nothing to do with rts other than a shared engine (wc3 with dota and sc1 with aeon of strife). they're not really bad in and of themselves, but recently they've become worse because the dev teams constantly patch the games and create unbalanced metas. most zoomers acknowledge this so they don't even try to improve skill anymore, they just dick around for fun in low mmr and buy the new good skins while they play fortnite/apex/warzone/valorant as their main game.
its more a genre for MMORPG rejects
What MMORPG? WOW? MOBAs do the battleground meta better then whatever the fuck arenas and BGs in nuMMOs are.

Real MMOs don't even bother with that instanced trash because they know MOBAs just do it better.
An average RTS is a fairly complex game. You build a base, extract and manage resources, explore, set up defenses, create and command armies, conduct research, seize and control key areas, activate special abilities, purchase upgrades, etc.
If you pull these components apart, you can use them to create a whole bunch of simpler and more specialized genres like tower defense, idle games or town building. MOBAs are just one of such offshoots.

Red dead new update just was not it. Only thing that was good is if your broke and need the money.

hey i didnt notice about the new service and i lost my account, do i have to pay again to play?
yeah mate you have to buy the game again and make a new character
Count yourself lucky, all your waifus are dead now and good riddance.
Wasted so much money on this fucking ant-jew game.
Glad they deleted all my stuff.

File: images.png (9 KB, 219x230)
9 KB
Anons, any comfy adventure co-op survival games you can recommend?
Especially with a big world to explore, and playable on LAN with a friend.

Similar to:
>SCP C.B. : Multiplayer
>Minecraft (the classics, of course)
>Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Or tycoon stuff, like Factorio.

If S.T.A.L.K.E.R. had a multiplayer exploration element to it, that'd be fucking awesome.
Specifically with LAN only - so 1-4 people, without any outside players.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Valheim has a pretty huge world and sailing and exploring are the most fun parts. It's a bit sparse on the actual gameplay though, combat is extremely simple.
Deep Rock Galactic
Just like Left4Dead but you are dwarves in a space cave. the size of the caves are randomly generated from small and claustrophobic to ones that realy makes you feel tiny. propably one of my favourite games
Don't listen to the shill, OP. It's shit, and shilled a lot. All the other horde shooters are better options, KF1/2 even, Vermintide 1/2, Left4Dead 2 even is still miles better.
...with the benefit of the doubt that you're not actually one of the drg (paid?) shills though, I came on a little strong. In the event you're just an anon who likes the game, sorry, and enjoy yourself. Lots of shills out for that shit though, and the rest of what I say stands imo. All the other options are better.
i played the game since early access so i got it quite cheap

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