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File: vehicle_ghastship_iso.png (95 KB, 433x604)
95 KB
Minecraft, but it went through a goth phase and read an engineering book.
>Play it
strategic/progression, server isn't a sterilized normie environment, mods aim to keep it functional the worse that'll happen is a global mute.
there's a land claiming system but it can be contested. there are special blocks that work like extra tough obsidian to help build walls, there's force fields, traps/defenses, npcs for guards. basically, you can prevent griefing in a fun vanilla way.
The server has a custom modpack that at the worst of times can be alil scuffed but thanks to some fantastic people here the server breaking bugs are all gone and performance is top. You get to vote on new stuff too.
Just kicking off, so it's a laid-back scene right now, we have some regulars though. server aint dead
>lots of mods i dont recognize
that's fine, the ones really affecting gameplay are well known (create, ars nouvae, mekanism, occultism,pneumaticraft, bloodmagic). the server hasn't completely divorced itself from the original game
Zero chance. server is self-funded.no gimmicky z-bucks or shops. There's a daily reward (small) for people who login a lot but that's the closest we get.

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Server vote happening, ends noon west coast
serbs down
it's back up, but there's problems. some chunks won't load, lag spikes of up to 30 seconds, and i noticed some entities like realistic torches are bugged and render as random other blocks.
it lagged a lot during the map gen but that was a couple days ago and the torches thing was fixed pretty soon after it happened. you must have ran here to cry almost immediately
server event is currently happening::

1. Thanksgiving Feast Challenge:
Players are tasked with creating the grandest Thanksgiving feast in Minecraft. Ingredients for traditional dishes must be gathered from various biomes.
Bonus points for creativity in presentation and use of rare ingredients.

2. Turkey Hunt:
A server-wide scavenger hunt where players search for hidden turkeys throughout the world. Each turkey found grants special in-game items.

3. Harvest Festival:
A special area where players can trade, exhibit, and celebrate their in-game harvests. Mini-games and contests, like pumpkin carving and pie baking competitions.

File: sot.png (43 KB, 332x223)
43 KB
Do people still play this game? I always thought it was a fun concept but the few times I gave it a go it seemed to dead. On top of that it was years after release and it seemed like there was nothing to do and the gameplay kinda sucked
its fun with friends (I know) but theres really no progress so you get bored of it after a week

File: IMG_2640.png (123 KB, 339x289)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
Begotten : Apocalypse Garrys Mod Hardcore Survival server is up Thursday thru Sunday night! It features souls like FPS pvp combat religious themes and unique and interesting leveling systems and gear. Combat rolling, parrying etc is all implemented. Become a miner or a warrior, follow the Holy Light of Glaze or serve evil. Perhaps seek out the men of the north! Maybe you are a machine worshipper trying to shed your flesh and ascend to omniseiahood? Forge your own story and kill who you like when you like. S2K (safe to kill) PVP server with no whiny admin sits only fun and fighting! NO pay to win or influence game, ever! Skill only! Whiners need not apply!

GMOD IP (paste in console) :

you will want hl 2 ep 1 and 2 plus lost coast mounted. GMOD can be bought on Steam for around 10$. subscribe to content here:


open Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 6pmish-3amish EST.


Melee mechanics video : https://youtu.be/xlwEog_vPiE?si=w_SbgBLW4xq5d-_p
Game Mechanic Tutorial : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UyfN57Gc7Pg_o0uYFo_XThJXshGHWHsGqJ6Ya8IWiOo/edit

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File: maincap.png (26 KB, 616x353)
26 KB
Hey anons
I just made my multiplayer bullet hell egg game free on steam. Enjoy bros
Here's the browser link if you don't wanna download and don't care about the extra steam shit:
cute game anon. how did you make/get the assets?

File: channels4_profile.jpg (106 KB, 900x900)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
local multiplayer games are dead
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its over
File: 1700382291622157.png (1.22 MB, 1238x1089)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Which online games can I find my own Pippa gf in?
Ghost x Pippa gang
File: best-steam-local-mp.jpg (95 KB, 448x796)
95 KB
Nope! Play these

File: MiVj6ttBFMJtTy2CeJ8EeD.jpg (229 KB, 1920x1080)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
What's the PVP like?

I believe nothing will compete with Rust, a true masterpiece, but I'd like something to scratch the survival itch that is a little more forgiving and casual to play.
Didn’t see the Conan Exiles thread, can delete mb

File: pretty bomb z.png (39 KB, 759x935)
39 KB
previous thread:

Website: https://p.eagate.573.jp/game/bombergirl/bg/p/index.html
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bombergirl573 (news on the PC version will have【コナステ】)
Current/upcoming banners and maps (PC): https://p.eagate.573.jp/game/eacbg/bg/index.html

>Installation Guides:
Image guide: https://imgur.com/a/G2fK1Z0
Registration: https://p.eagate.573.jp/gate/k/newcomer.html
Download: https://p.eagate.573.jp/game/eacbg/bg/download/installer.html
Old client: https://files.catbox.moe/ckyq5t.7z (Download and swap out your modules folder to earn tickets while playing with bots. Remember to back up your previous module)

>Technical errors:

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Why do 5ch fags love to shit on MAX? He's not great of a player and mainly plays on FED but he's a pretty chill guy right? Why the hate?
Because most of those people are shitty try hards. As in they try really hard, but are really shitty. So someone like MAX who plays super casually but very often, they get salty when they get MAX on their team because he's mostly just talking to friends in his discord or people in his chat while semi-paying attention to the game.
It depends. You can still be hated without being mentioned on 5ch. 2channel has their own list too and Koreans are hated for almost nothing.
File: file.png (2.68 MB, 1680x1108)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB PNG
and they complain about lag when the same shit happens in arcade
and kac
he posted a screenshot of his gacha roll iirc

File: frens.jpg (6 KB, 184x184)
6 KB
hey what if we brought the steam friends threads back?

You know, gamers making friends with gamers? Just post your steam URL, other people look at it and if you have games/taste in common you add eachother and talk and maybe even become friends or play games?

It's just a silly idea of mine.
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>I post my tag a lot because I'm terminally online and people have lives outside of me
So "e-date me while I fuck other guys when you're at work."
And you wonder why you're still single, lol.
This bitch posts on /soc/ and /r9k/ literally daily and tries to groom underage boys and then brags about it.

Add her if you're into that.
what do you play
i've been having fun with hell let loose the last couple of days

I never played quake as a kid. Since there not really much new stuff coming out I want to try to get into it. Which is the popular quake game to play online? Should I just get quake live?? There was this rtx version recently too I think?
every quake game has it's own community cause they're all completely different games.
if you're looking for the best multiplayer experience I'd go for quake live.
For more information check out the /vr/ retro shooter thread: >>>/vr/10429693
quake live and quake champions have about the same playerbase

File: 51337.jpg (36 KB, 700x400)
36 KB
>Wow you bought a store mount? Fucking shill
>Nice job buying Bobby a new yacht LOL loser
>People will just keep buying up the SHIT that Blizzard puts out, huh? What fucking losers.

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/e spits on Anon.
That's a cool bird.

i get more enjoyment out of your seethe than you ever will for that mount and it costs me nothing, paypig
i hope you understand that you are the reason why companies keep pushing the boundary of microtransactions. the more you buy into it, the more you reward their shitty behavior, and the worse the gaming industry becomes overall. be proud: you, yes, specifically you, are the reason games are shit
>This thread was brought to you by Blizzard's marketing team

why does this happen? how does this happen even
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As long you tell your nephew to not talk to edgy teenagers or grown adults on the le internet that is trying to groom you, you should be fine.
>t. have a little brother that plays this game
Least offensive thing you could've picked out
TDX beta is decent and doesn’t seem too p2w (yet) from the 10 hours playing this slop. Everything is so expensive as if most of the support towers are late game, extremely reliant of towers that deal explosive damage like Mine Layer and the Missile Tower. Weird having a DJ and Commander combined into one tower and having to upgrade both paths to get all of the buffs. It’s still fun, I recommend playing with randoms for the true experience.
tower defense is just get better units and boom repetitive gameplay
you can only keep an eye on them for so long, eventually someone's gonna come around and sway them in an unfortunate direction. kids are incredibly stupid and very easily influenced

Could your CS/Arma/R6/Whatever milsim shooter team defend a ship against 9 Houthis with AKs dropped onto the top deck?
Alhamdulillah then the ship would have strong reinforcements. Takbir
>Could your CS/Arma/R6/Whatever milsim shooter team defend a ship against 9 Houthis with AKs dropped onto the top deck?

Thinking about it, some of the guys i had the pleasure to play with are fighteningly competent. I would be entirely confident.
Competent in dangling their fat fingers behind a screen 2000 miles away from any sense of actual peril, or competent because they have already seen combat?

File: cs2.jpg (73 KB, 853x480)
73 KB
Does anyone else think the hatred this game is getting is unnatural? Like it's just armies of shills/bots and anons who are falling for the shills/bots and jumping on their bandwagon?

Especially people who are still complaining about the subtick even after the recent updates that synced the animations.
It feels pretty damn good now. I would even dare say BETTER than csgo at this point. And the theory behind subtick system should honestly intrigue anyone who's actually unbiased and rational about the subject, because it has the potential to improve all future FPS games in a novel way... At least enough to wait longer than a few months before going around implying the game is unplayable and has no future, which couldn't be further from the truth.

And then the way a lot of pros acted, like s1mple who used all his influence to bad mouth the game during BETA while at the same time outright refusing to tell Valve devs what he thought was wrong...
That behavior is so irrational and childish I can only think there were ulterior motives involved. Sorry but if you don't say what you find wrong so the devs have a chance to fix it then you've forfeited your right to complain about it in my book. I can't seriously be the only one wondering if he put on such a public display because of some under the table deal.

I can't help but think people/bots/shills are actually being paid either by competing game companies or maybe these 3rd party skins markets sites because the market was crashing or something?
It just doesn't totally add up to me. Doesn't seem natural.
Like Valve keeps fixing the issues and the hatred isn't letting up at all, it's just jumping onto increasingly more obscure reasons to try and justify it, and getting more over exaggerated hatred than other vastly inferior games.
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It's just casuals that got to feel like they were better at CS than they were and liked playing variety game modes.
>that got to feel like they were better at CS than they were
nobody who played css gave a shit about the esport aspect of it at all which was why it was more fun

now people just masturbate over their overpriced ugly skins
>nobody who played css gave a shit about the esport aspect of it at all which was why it was more fun
Just because you aren't aware of something doesn't mean it didn't exist.
>the best players on the planet have no idea wtf they are talking about and operate on pure feel and often fall for placebo.
this is especially true for s1mple. the man is absolute retard with a single talent - clicking heads. he's not even a good team player, just insane mechanics and intuition for where enemies are.
listen to the podcast he did a couple months ago, the man is dumber than a bag of rocks. same for lobanjica.
these geniuses should be punched in the face any time they start talking about net code or input lag or anything more complex than "i smoke window, we rush short"

File: 1672656362097469.jpg (70 KB, 600x338)
70 KB
this game is garbage
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Battlefield 2.
For me, I miss sneaking to either the enemy base or enemy carrier and then placing c4 on jets, killing the enemy commander, and other behind the lines kind of stuff. I don't think zoomers realize how gay it is that they took this away in every subsequent battlefield and restrict the enemy base
miss playing on alien probe man
File: 1684014332467554.jpg (82 KB, 1080x613)
82 KB
fucking kill yourself

Best place to sell wow account?
Just needing the extra cash due to chemotherapy costs and am looking for the best site to use

It has a few mop cms, plagued proto and almost every rarespawn / drop pre legion with a handful of varied 70s
I’m just not too sure what all of this would amount to in real world terms

Thank you for any help !
you got the legion pvp elite sets? been looking for an account with them that's all i want

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