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File: FAyy25rXEAsvYyt[1].jpg (182 KB, 736x1030)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Lego Universe /vm/ server at some point?

Basically these guys have been working on getting Lego Universe up and running again, but through talks with Lego they came to the conclusion that they couldn't legally host a master server for the MMO so now they're going to release the whole thing open source, server files and client.
So anyone can host a server and play with whoever and whenever they want.
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I always wanted to play this game as a kid, never got to. So are you fags gonna make a new players guide while we wait for the code?
>minmaxing in a fucking lego game
fuck off discordtranny
...this game is made for groomers by groomers. Why are you even here?
no drama please, this is a wholesome game and thread. I was just looking for something LU-related to bump the thread with. plus, minmaxing is fun for some people.

I could make a pastebin or something. but really it's been so long since I played that I'd probably miss important things.
what faction were you guys when you played the game? I was sentinel

File: 2021-10-19_16.32.24.png (886 KB, 1366x768)
886 KB
886 KB PNG
This minecraft server is an anarchic server, there are no rules and easy dupe, it is not premium, and before there were between 50-70 people always, but I close and now there are 3-5 and I upload this post so that you can come and enjoy the server .
IP: etheranarchy.xyz

File: 450_1000.jpg (15 KB, 450x200)
15 KB
The Nintendo DS and Wii are back on the menu, let's play something you fucking niggers.
>>How to connect
From wii.guide/wiimmfi:
>Wii (no homebrew)
1. Insert your game disc.
2. Go into your internet connection settings and set the DNS server of your console to
3. Go to the WC24 contract information (third button after clicking on “Internet” in the settings).
4. Confirm that you do want to use WC24 and the shop channel
5. The Wiimmfi patcher page should show up. If it doesn’t, and you still see the default license agreement, your router might not be compatible with this method.
6. Wait for about 1 minute and 30 seconds for the patcher to load
The game should now start with the Wiimmfi patch included
>Nintendo DS
You'll need a Wi-Fi network with WEP or no security
1. Go in the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi settings. This can be accessed inside the game you want to play online with.
2. Set up a connection.

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It is supposed to be a place to find people to play online games with, but /v/ and /vg/ already have that.
Half the board is just an extension of /vg/ and the other half is valid discussion.
afaik that's pretty much it
it's a board to talk about videogames, unlike /v/

File: mcc.jpg (9 KB, 300x168)
9 KB
I bought halo master chief collection like 3 days ago played couple of game, its trash i might be schizo but it brutally slow game and even if it has million multiplayers cant seem to get a quicker ques, it has one of the worst gun play simply trash

File: index.jpg (12 KB, 225x225)
12 KB
I deadass got told today that people who don't like apex only don't like it because they're bad. Apparently I deserve to be insulted just because I don't have the same opinion about a retarded battle royale game that only loser cunts can enjoy. If a game requires skill for people to have fun with it, it fails at being fun, therefore, it fails at being a game. Games are supposed to be fun regardless of skill, it shouldn't matter if you're good or bad.
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Literally cartoon shit just play pubg
I'm gonna use this thread because Im not gonna go on /v/ and start a new one for this shit.
I tried playing Apex Legends on switch, I played one game, I won, no one on my team died. I got ZERO xp for it. Apparently this is an incredibly common bug. I'm basically asking if anyone has had a similiar experience? I'm not playing this faggot game if it wont record my wins.
i won a few matches and the game isnt good, no BR is.
it's 90% looking for shit and 10% getting side swipped by tryhards and ending your 45 minute gameplay session.
the only people who are good at BRs are faggot streamers who do it for a living.
Diamond rank player here.
Game sucks now.
The meta is all fucked up.
People don't like Apex because it killed the best FPS franchise since Quake for Battle Royal F2P garbage.

Anons, what do you think the best video game of all time is?

File: fb_image.png (675 KB, 1200x603)
675 KB
675 KB PNG
This game is so exhausting I have 3000 hours on it stuck in DMG-EM for like last year. You always have the retard who has 2 frags the whole game, faggot russian/turk who screams and plays like shit. And you always play against people who have good teammates and fucking one taps you everywhere. I have no friends on my rank, so im forced to play only solo. I have spent thousands of euros of skins. I hate the game but I cant stop playing. Please reccomend me some competetive shooter. And no faggot trash like Valorant, Overwatch etc..... If I continue playing it will be the death of me
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>Then maybe you just don't like the competitiveness of them.

Yeah you can tell how non-competitive he is by the MMR grinding and frustration with the inability to rank up.

OP, if it's any consolation I've played 1 game at global and it was nothing but blatant spinbotters with everyone else probably running ESP.
Yo 4k hours here Global/FC8

Your mechanics and gamesense are probably a bit rusty if you're spamming games all the time. They'll get even worse if you spam smurf games. Add a daily routine to hit 1000 bots before a game, it's literally 10 minutes of warmup. Take 5 minutes a day to learn a useful utility, like e.g. Mirage Top Mid, Top Con, or Window.

You can't win every game, you just have to improve and try to anticipate what the enemy tryhards will do.

When you die, understand what you did wrong.

Shut the fuck up during crucial moments unless you are 100% sure you're giving good info on a sneaky enemy.

Don't respond to tilted russians. Just mute them and play game with your strange mute teammate. He might go solo every round and die, but if you focus on your own game eventually you'll have a breakthrough moment where you crouch at him and he drops you an AK.

Don't tilt other people for the sake of tilting them if they're trying their best.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1575476543541.png (482 KB, 687x860)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
>Your mechanics and gamesense are probably a bit rusty if you're spamming games all the time
This is only true if you find the game boring or stressful, otherwise you're gamesense will improve each game.
>When you die, understand what you did wrong.
Death's aren't always something you did wrong, could be luck or you died doing something important, such as defusing or being entry. Luck would be like if an enemy gets a lucky random wall bang on you. Don't worry too much about deaths, rather focus on what you could learn from anything that happened in a round.
Everything else anon says is fine. Not sure if Global but idc, good advice can come from Silvers and bad advice can come from Globals. Advice is a skill not important to climbing, only helping others climb/improve.
Have 4 CSGO accounts one try hard sitting at LEM. 2 in DMG and 1 in Giold Nova.

Start my day on LEM after the first bad game jump on my DMGs. If anyone talks shit to me on my team. I throw the game and try to get my teammates matching banned. I team flash, sit in there molly or even stand on there decoy grenades to cause team damage to get them MM banned. If for some reason I get an MM I rotate to my 2 other accounts

It feels so good trolling at DMG because some many people are try hard thirsty faggots.

I enjoy CSGO very much.
>thousands of euros on skins
are you retarded?

File: 1634242169566.jpg (422 KB, 1440x2160)
422 KB
422 KB JPG
It's free until monday.
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there's no real way to tell
probably between reach/3/4
I've owned the game since launch but thank fuck they've added a game browser for CE and H3.
Most likely 3 since I think it's the most supported right now.
There is a population tracker, 3 leads by a landslide and always has.
Halo 3 team slayer is also the only ranked playlist you can reliably get games in 24/7
i forgot about this, no wonder my teams have been literal brain dead faggots.

File: vm logo.png (399 KB, 1842x1992)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
Alright lads, it's that time finally. Only a few days to finalize the roster but here we go
We have removed the 50/50 rule for generic multiplayer memes. We stuck a few on the main roster poll, but we're going for more game representation from the board
That means that each game will be capped at 1 rep. D-boys is already the keeper for SCP, and there's a vote on which TF2 rep to keep. The only players guaranteed to stay on the roster are a TF2 rep, Phoon and D-boys. Everything else is up in the air.
Medal vote is the players who were a part of the vote last time plus a couple new options. Music wise, I'm open to any real suggestions for a knockout anthem to replace HFTF. Otherwise I think we've pretty well stablished that the board is generally happy with the goalhorns and anthems.
Thanks again for the support from everyone who browses here so far, we hope to see you around for /vm/'s first OFFICIAL cup appearance
Vote here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdguPgUPbiGXnwyB5a9G1C6r2uDC697mkTjMxfv8eMs4oEG7g/viewform?usp=sf_link
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Tripping again for this post.
Hello again guys and thank you for your everlasting support. The votes are in and the poll is now closed, so I'll now proceed to post the results for our roster that will debut next week probably.

Phoon (gold)
D-Boys (gold)
Hamachi (silver)
Amogus (Silver)
Random Crits are Fair And Balanced
Boggy B
Overloading Magma Worm
300 ping

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Will Boggy B get a new model or will he be keeping his same flesh mech suit from before?
Seconding >>431419 are there any major model updates coming?
shit forgot to vote for him, I'd like to see him again
File: kane-dance.gif (1.86 MB, 498x278)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB GIF
Wish you lads the best in your group.

File: classic.jpg (64 KB, 711x400)
64 KB
I need help, can you suggest some types of classic roblox avatars, 2008 style, if you want, you can send images suggesting some clothing styles
File: PicsArt_10-18-01.17.42.jpg (338 KB, 1167x1080)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
Whipped up this meme with three of my favorite "older" items that I've seen.

I remember really liking the combo of the lampshade with a red/white checkerboard shirt, checkerboard man.
older items are shit, stretched out textures only used by oldfags and 13 year olds though accessories from 2013-2019 still hold great value
t. joined 2015
File: Png.png (38 KB, 352x352)
38 KB
Honestly it's not so much about what you wear so much as it's how you wear it EG Mine, at least a few weeks ago I personally reccomend:
1. Don't wear any shirts/pants, or, if you do, basic styles like you might have found 'back in the day'. Colour your limbs like a shirt and a pair of pants.
2. Almost any hat that isn't something obviously modern/obnoxious will do fine. Old stuff works for authenticity's sake but it doesn't have to, strictly speaking, be 'classic' hats.
3. Wear a T-shirt. Bloxxer works great, but better is going with the DIY feel old roblox had and just making one yourself. You get more points if you visibly bitch about the current state of roblox on your T-shirt
4. Spam the hyperlaser gun in tycoons or other games where you can break stuff.
pick your poison

File: 1452564665964.png (22 KB, 508x610)
22 KB
>Use a female toon
>Act like a woman
>Get free items from desperate nerds that want my attention
>Steal the guild too and disband it after i provoke infighting
its just that easy
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did the same shit
nerds have to learn that every person you meet online is a man by default
Multiple males online role playing girls

Yall didn't know this ?
errr, EZ mode?

File: file.png (1 KB, 250x49)
1 KB
what older battlefield games still have active players?
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Yeah where can i play bf3? Also project reality 2 is standalone.
bfvietnam is almost dead, there is a single guy making a mod for it and a single active server that is from Canada
BF1's servers are STACKED. The official US ones are frequently full and have a queue of 5+ whenever I log on on weekend nights. There's way more servers in Europe, and I hear it's was more popular there.

BF4 is also very popular. Note that both games have custom servers, and they're (more often than not) shit. For some reason they always have retarded power tripping admins that ban RPGs and then fly heli's, or have "only X sniper slots" that all of their friends take, or some other retarded rule. Or, they just kick you because you killed them. My favorite is camping sniper admins that ban mortars because they're the fastest way to kill a camping sniper if you don't want to snipe.

So, I just play on official.
BFBC2 best
None of the classical pc exclusive battlefield games have enough players to fill servers anymore

They're just too inaccessible. EA pretends they dont exist and will dmca you if you make them accessible enough to get enough players to revive them.

It's a damn shame because there's nothing active that compares.

File: New World.jpg (97 KB, 616x353)
97 KB
it's releasing in one week, how is it there is no thread for it?
145 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nor could you even if they brought it back because heavy attack literally gives them stagger immunity lmao
Ight dudes, I'm hanging up the coat on this one. Got around 180 hours in. Had my fun. Issues have become too apparent and making the game no longer fun.
>Shit economy system
>One of the worse leveling experiences I have ever seen
>Combat is so close to being good, but they casualized the hell out of it
>large lack of varied endgame content (assuming it would be fixed, which a lot of it isnt to start worth)
>boring meta
>75% of the game is copy/pasted
>some absolutely horrible monster designs (giving corrupted potions, just fucking why)
>questionable company behind the wheel
>Horrible PvP design system
>heavily supported be twitch streamers resulting in an annoyingly daft community

Think I'm going to let it marinate for the rest of the year. Maybe they'll figure out a way to fix it. Or just abandon it like they have their other games. The fact this thing is 75% positively rated on steam just further cements how people are so easily swayed by marketing and paid opinions.
>180 hours
All of that was pretty obvious after 180 minutes.
t. guy who checked the beta
Oh yeah agree 100%. But I managed to have some fun with it since it was new and all. But that new car smell fading away. I'm still surprised at all the positive reception. "Hundreds of hours of content", "best MMO in years", "new world has done for the genre that WoW did for the genre when it first released".

I can see why so many developers just ignore people online.
Played a good 100 hours, gonna stop playing it for the time being seeing how generic/repetitive the game gets very early on in the game.

- Shitty ingame economy, too many gold sinks, not enough gold making activities

- Quests are repetitive and boring, it's ridiculous how much creativity they lacked on this department and just decided to copy/paste the same thing everywhere.

- A lot of crafting/gathering professions are literally useless seeing how they got nerfed or the economy is so bad that reselling products from these professions is just not lucrative.

- PvP is soso, a lot of fags from WoW PvE servers too scared to go pvp, groups forming and rushing areas but trying to avoid confrontation which makes pvp pointless.

- The map is big enough for mounts, but they decided to hide behind the excuse that the map is too small, in reality they clearly didn't have time to design them, just like they didn't have time to design swimming mechanics. The laziness in the lore/questing further cements that theory.

- Mobs/monsters copy pasted across the entire game.

- Housing is basically worthless.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.



And here is some PvE raid footage


And here is a story quest/regular dungeon

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmBD1jx9ujE [Embed]

And here is some cool class combat, there's more you can search


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
What class are you going to play OP?
Not sure yet, I'm thinking maybe Striker, Blaster, and Warlord or Holy Knight. One from each archetype - melee/fast, range/slow, and support. I'm not sure which I'll main out of the bunch, but alts are a nice to have thing so they'll all receive attention.
Sell me on the combat system. How does it compare to say, Blade and Soul? That was fast-paced and classes had enough blocks and dodges that they could be really self-sufficient while making solo content feel intense but rewarding.
It's a little hard to explain because they're so different, being free camera vs isometric. Well first off, as you can obvious tell, everything is a skill shot. In PvE this is much less of a challenge as bosses tend to be pretty big, though they can be slippery depending on the encounter. It's cooldown based and you're animation locked with a 10 second roll/dodge you can use to cancel out of it. Some get unique variations of it, like the Warlord who gets a backwards hop and shorter cooldown, and the Infighter which gets 2 short dashes on a stacking 5 second cooldown instead. There are slow but powerful classes that have poor mobility but instead have lots of shields and 'super armor' (ignore hitstun) and just power through stuff in return for that weakness. There are different levels of CC, and 'rolling' out of certain kinds like knockups or knockdowns incurs a longer cooldown before being able to escape it, up to 30 seconds. It's punishment for screwing up mechanics. Others cannot be escaped normally, such as electrocution, freeze, and stuns. For PvE in general, it's mostly about cooldown management, dodging stuff and maximizing uptime on the boss to meet 'enrage timers' for the bosses, if they have one. I'd say the combat is pretty fast paced in PvE but especially so in PvP. I'm not too deep into PvP to give you the full explanation, but there are levels of CC, DR timers, minding the opponents CDs, coordinating team dives, minding of the camera perspective differences etc. If you want to be the best, that is...

Normal mode for this raid took about 2 whole days of nonstop wiping to clear it. The raid is a little over half a year old now, so it's solved and people are more experienced and also outgear it a bit, so the video makes it look easier than it is.


Classes have specializations. Warlords are super tanky and block stuff, some weapon classes have parry and counterattack skills like the Lance Master.
File: unknown-1.png (1.85 MB, 863x1200)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
Closed beta announcement is finally here! Testing period will be Nov 4-11.


Looks like they're kitting out the beta with the full tier 1 content and t2 guardians, which is nice. More than enough content in 10 days for even the biggest neckbeards and streamers.

File: 2021-10-18_19.14.47.png (417 KB, 1920x1080)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
join my servant to destroy it
File: 46chan12.png (34 KB, 246x204)
34 KB
xd trols for 46chan in 4chan amazin
>implying you can't destroy 99 blocks by yourself

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