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was thinking about how hard blizzard is going to over correct when they fix Mcree in OW2, and I think I figured it out... They are going to make Jesse Mcree into Jessie Mcree. (S)hes going to be their first trans character.

china and other places will get some kinda "its Jessica Mcree- its his sister!" type story line.

Personally, idk what the big deal is... the real Jesse Mcree is a piece of shit right? seems like they aptly named an outlaw (literal criminal) after someone who does outlaw like things.
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File: 1623828338461.png (53 KB, 866x475)
53 KB
File: .jpg (139 KB, 1080x988)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>women smoking cigars
>seems like they aptly named an outlaw
He's not an outlaw, he's one of the main heroic characters.
people still play overwatch?

File: 1628452168556.jpg (35 KB, 500x333)
35 KB
anyone got anything good to say about destiny 2? I played the first one on console but that was years ago, got a good PC now and i've been thinking about getting into a multiplayer game with my friends, but not sure if I'm willing to drop money everytime a new expansion comes out. If it sucks dick, gimme some other recs.
>inb4 valorant
not playing that shitty zoomer game, tried it for a while but its filled with faggots. help me out, need a good multiplayer game I can play with my friends.
You will play it non stop for 2 weeks then drop it cold once the RNG starts annoying you.
Current state of the game is a hot mess.
This anon is 100% correct.
I've got like 1500h clocked in destiny 2 and as long as you don't blow through the content like a madman it's well worth it's price. Make sure you buy the edition that comes with the newest dlc and a few season passes though. Pvp stays fun for quite a long time once you reach the point where you can make actual synergistic builds
Thank goodness they sundset all my shit so I could have a reason to stay sperged and never go back.
OP pic is devil`s curliest hair

File: EA.png (62 KB, 909x397)
62 KB
literally hidden lootbox
thats what you get for playing chinkshit garbage

What the fuck happened to this game? I haven't played in a while and I came back and got to level 80 to unlocked ranked play and waited exactly 15 minutes to find a match to only have the game tell me it couldn't find one.
I'm honestly not surprised that the game is dead in North America but I can't believe not one match was found. How is the matchmaking for EU anons that still play from time to time?
Also, pubg thread.
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File: 1556573268312.png (613 KB, 579x567)
613 KB
613 KB PNG
It pisses me off how quick it went down the drain. So much potential to be one of the better, realistic games of the past few years but they threw it away for Asian zoomer money.
Tarkov fills the void in my heart but I miss the 500-600m battles and dicking around with vehicles.
Anyone else occasionally tune in to see what WackyJacky and ChocoTaco are doing in the game nowadays? It's really obvious how much they hate it now and only keep up with it so they can make a living.
people realized BRs are shit, that and pubg is an unpolished trash heap.
Yeah I've noticed, they barley get any viewership if they're not streaming the game which is obviously not surprising but still.
I've ran into multiple British people on NA servers and the main reason was they couldn't stand with being constantly matched with Russians who don't speak any English
>do I fit in now
I presume they're doing that via VPN? Don't blame them in the slightest; if I ever do drop with randoms I have the game voice turned off. I know it's not helping the problem, but I don't want to listen to some fucking Arab child screeching at me because I don't want to drop in the fucking bootcamp for the 100th time, so fuck 'em.

File: 38b.jpg (148 KB, 1280x720)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Just got this shit and I'm thorougly impressed and it's hilarious while no-one knows how to play yet and is constantly fucking up. Thoughts?

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Got it about 2 weeks ago, it's good, potentially even great, but trying to get your average floss-emoting Fortnite faggotto to wrap their heads around timeline fuckery is futile. Without a strong player base it will either die entirely, or become one of those super-niche titles that you can look down on people for not knowing about.
I'm terrible at it, but I can feel parts of my brain I don't normally use lighting up with every match. Toxin gang rise up!
I know, it's weird as fuck.
Then I saw it, and I was like-
>Didn't someone do this already?
>Quantum League, right.
Well thanks to game pass seems like I'm hitting 99% xbox players in normal mode so paired with the 1v1 gameplay i doubt its gonna die soon. at least I hope.
So it's literally clock blockers? Fucking cool, I've always wanted a game like that ever since they made the video
based old corridor digital enjoyer

Out of sheer curiosity why does everyone seem to prefer CS1.6 over Source or even go? Is it largely nostalgia or does it actually have better game feel over the other two. I started on Source and to me that still feels like the best in terms of recoil, physics, etc.
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nobody prefers 1.6 over GO lmao, the game is ten times more popular than 1.6 ever was
File: jhntjujujhjujuhjuhujhu.png (356 KB, 407x296)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
you are retarded
File: 1584036353108.jpg (13 KB, 319x326)
13 KB
>better smokes
>flashbacks to having half the team smoke ramp because of how absolutely fucked smoke is in 1.6
speedrunner that turned into a tranny and now spends his day whining about internet bullies


>Better Smokes
my fucking god, have you actually ever played the game?

File: ledros.png (623 KB, 1000x500)
623 KB
623 KB PNG
How can the devs fuckup a game so much? How could they fix it? Why is Ledros' art design the best in the game?
The core gameplay is just unfun because your opponent can just cockblock you all the time.

File: wakfu.jpg (67 KB, 550x260)
67 KB
Any wakfu fags around?
Looking to get back into the game and all the up-to-date build guides are in fucking french
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I would like to play this game, but they gutted my treasure man and it looks like my masqueraider is next.
>20 years of Ankama
>They release a limited pack for it
>Contains a badge, numeroted Joris figma, a kama magnet, a map, emote for dofus, cosplay for wakfu
>and best of all, an underwear
>For ~84,90€ (98.08$) maybe more

>No CD of the OST, no interview of the employees with "leaks" of Unity/Waven, no artbook, no teaser for the season 4 of wakfu.
I should be used to this but come on, the limited pack for Dofus 2.0 was way better for much less.

It didn't help they didn't market wakfu anywhere outside their own forum. I'm not even sure if they have a (decent) marketing team.
I miss Aydiv too. Fucking Tim.
bump from the last place in the catalog
This thread is gonna last an additional century thanks to you.

File: 1617030767737.jpg (145 KB, 512x512)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Co-op space dwarf game featuring booze, mining, and beard physics.

Dorf builds and hot opinions: https://karl.gg/
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File: donald saiyan.gif (565 KB, 367x265)
565 KB
565 KB GIF
>tfw your game lags from all the dying bugs
Literally the only reason why I don’t use max ammo on C4
Getting the range and extra damage mod will basically instakill every single grunt in a 5 mile radius
File: 20211022191817_1.jpg (236 KB, 1366x768)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
>modded salvage
>elite threat + exploder infestation
>hear a baltimorian scream his balls out mid-loading
>get in the game
>whole cave is red from exploders
>somehow make it out alive
>not even 2 minutes in, picrel
>shit our pants
>somehow kill it
>get mules, repair blackbox
>2 other dets spawn
>make it out again
>refuel, shitton of exploders

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
God that resolution
File: halal.jpg (44 KB, 640x539)
44 KB
Is there a mod that makes lootbugs explode like detonators?

File: 220px-Left4Dead2.jpg (24 KB, 220x330)
24 KB
>no L4D2 thread
What the hell? Let's change that.
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I have no idea how you came up with this, but all I said was that L4D2 requires far less teamwork than L4D as a whole. Thus L4D is the better game.
who the fuck says deep rock gets boring after a few hours? its infinitely more replayable than l4d2. only minus is no vs but it wouldnt work on drg.
I loved it for 60 hours, but then the whole nitra/gold grind everytime got annoying and repetitive
then why were none of those as popular as l4d?
Anyone want to play Yama tonight?

File: firefox_DbIsa6DaOF.png (83 KB, 206x336)
83 KB
What happen?
Amazon stopped paying to shills.

File: ooblets.png (39 KB, 349x109)
39 KB
Looks like the most Calarts shit I have seen in the last year.
isnt this the game that got shit on and almost lost it's entire fan/playerbase because of shit with Epic Games Store?
are you retarded?
Yes. Because I'm petty like that and still want the game to fail I'll give you a quick rundown
>get funded
>promise release on steam
>backstab their backers by making an exclusive deal with Epic
>preemptively make a post saying that only neckbeards and toxic gamers would be mad at this, suggest them to do something better with lives like talking about ""real world problems like climate change for example""
>obviously get destroyed by audience
>boyfriend of the artist, who is also the dev, goes full control on discord
>this get meme'd enough to have their own ban speedrun

Bonus round
>fast forward to today
>game is still advertised on steam
>still going full damage control over there

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: OIP.jpg (9 KB, 474x266)
9 KB
damage buffs should have been rolled out alongside a price increase with a penetration nerf. the a1s as it is is 100% overpowered. the gun already practically aims for you and with its low price ($200 less than A4) there is literally no reason to use the a4 over the a1s (unless you like spraying. i like spraying and love the a4 but recognize that it's time has passed with this recent update). You're pretty much denying yourself free kills and easier round wins by still using the A4 and that's totally BS, it shouldnt be that way. Keep the damage buffs or slightly decrease the price of the A4 so that CT economy can be a bit more manageable. Team Economy is a whole game within itself and CTs already have it hard. A4 users are kicked to the curb and told to get better, switch, or gtfo

The a1s now wins significantly more gun fights and oh brother are there plenty more a1s users
22 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Depends on game and range, in 1.6 I can get 4-5 shots with the m4 at mid range no problem. Haven't played GO in awhile, but I remember getting 4 wasn't too bad at mid range. You just gotta control the recoil. But I usually just go for heads, easy to get 2 in a row.
M4A1 and M4A4 should switch price tags, problem solved
Doesn’t matter I still use it, it’s mostly balanced with the M4A4
Both guns costing $2900 is fine with me. CT Economy is already tough as nails to manage while Ts can get by a bit easier. I just believe that the damage buffs, alongside the price reduction for the A1s, just makes it a no-brainer and now outclasses the A4. The A4 is still fine, I just feel like you're doing yourself a disservice in the long run by still sticking with the A4, and I don't like that. Yes yes preference yadda yadda, but Im a longtime A4 user now using the a1s with much success. Easier kills, easier retakes, round wins, and even game wins as a result. Am I complaining? No. I've just been playing CS long enough to realize when something is off.

A1s doesnt even need to be nerfed. A4 doesnt need any sort of buff asides from price reduction. Yes preference matters, no one is saying otherwise.

OK now that I got my disclaimers out of the way, can we have an actual discussion?
I think a $100 cost reduction for the M4A4 would be best, considering it still has more ammo than the M4A1-S. Before the changes, the M4A1-S was rarely used, if the M4A4 gets the same $200 cost reduction, then everyone will go back to using it.

File: albion.jpg (666 KB, 2400x1520)
666 KB
666 KB JPG
Albion Online is worth playing? or should I buy New World?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
you forgot
>you don't mind losing gear, AO is a full loot PvP oriented game, only wear what you can afford to lose
it's a fun game imo.
Sounds a tad bit like runescape, how far off am I? And if I get it can I get away with using my phone or should I got PC?
>Sounds a tad bit like runescape
Not really. The PvP is far better, but gathering and crafting of any kind is fucking awful without premium. PvM is meh. The most exciting part about it is getting invaded/invading other players.

>can I get away with using my phone
I wouldn't play full loot PvP on a phone, but anywhere else should be okay. You'll still be at a disadvantage against PC players.
I played albion briefly and don't personally play moba's, but the feel of the game pissed me right the fuck off because of the moba-esque control shit and movement. You can't jump either so they can tongue my butthole until it's clean
>And if I get it can I get away with using my phone or should I got PC?
you can, but bear in mind that there is a recurring problem where a lot of people on phone are super slow to log into a zone, if it's a 'always flagged' kind of zone you could be dead before you fully log in.

File: FAyy25rXEAsvYyt[1].jpg (182 KB, 736x1030)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Lego Universe /vm/ server at some point?

Basically these guys have been working on getting Lego Universe up and running again, but through talks with Lego they came to the conclusion that they couldn't legally host a master server for the MMO so now they're going to release the whole thing open source, server files and client.
So anyone can host a server and play with whoever and whenever they want.
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I always wanted to play this game as a kid, never got to. So are you fags gonna make a new players guide while we wait for the code?
>minmaxing in a fucking lego game
fuck off discordtranny
...this game is made for groomers by groomers. Why are you even here?
no drama please, this is a wholesome game and thread. I was just looking for something LU-related to bump the thread with. plus, minmaxing is fun for some people.

I could make a pastebin or something. but really it's been so long since I played that I'd probably miss important things.
what faction were you guys when you played the game? I was sentinel

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