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File: floppy.jpg (211 KB, 1600x1067)
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211 KB JPG
old >>687655
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uhhh gayze bros??
faze sucks lmao
Take your meds
fucking small update just for anubis. where is the operation???
just dumped my inventory uninstalled unfavorited csgo twitch streams and threw away my csgo merch after discovering the "anti teabag" movement change.

We can't have anything nice with all these safe space hitlers running the show.

File: 2022-07-14_23.03.34.png (409 KB, 1440x763)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
Minecraft Server For Anons
version 1.19
DYNMAP: http://mtmoongoons.minecraft.best:8123/

Rules: no hacked clients, no griefing, just dont be a dick and you'll be fine.

Commands: /home, /spawn

Welcome to the server
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File: 1605822892528.gif (19 KB, 124x128)
19 KB
>go on a hunt for diamonds
>find skeleton spawner instead
hell yeah
Someone explain to me like I'm a retard how to secure my stuff, pls.
Shift + Rick click a chest retard
Thanks, Do you know what plugins are in the server?
just basic stuff like essentials, blockprot, rollback, and veinminer/treecapitator.
also /home and /spawn warp commands

File: 1651989740875.png (166 KB, 267x374)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
>one good and fair match
>next match is against shitters with auto-catchers
>next match is against a pre-made that nolife the game and rub their dicks together
>next match is literal children realizing this is free
>next match is a ttvfaggot and their hand-picked squad
anybody here play

Tell me experiences you have had in this game
>I have not passed level 7
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Vast and colourful world to explore, especially if you like Tolkien's works. Horribly outdated UI, though that might have been changed in the recent facelift? Also expect to solo and maybe bump into someone mugh higher level than you in town every hour or so. The majority of dedicated players seem to be playing on the legacy progression servers that you need a subscription to access.
Also missed out of the the massive give away, though I think now lots of the content has been made free
They basically unlocked the first two movies and all the low level exclusive LOTRO content.
I'm in Misty Mountains on my 46 Beorning. I've done a handful of Goblin-town quests and I found a optimization guide, on the wiki, for how to do the ~15 or so quests here efficiently
wew maybe I'll finish it today.
99% of everyone's experience with this game is:
>get level 10 if you're really patient
>realize you're bored to tears
I don't understand why developers insist on making the overworld boring and gay. Most of your experience with the game is going to be in the overworld. You have to interact with the overworld to get to things like dungeons and raids. It is the introductory part of the game every newfag will experience. The overworld is the most important content in an open world mmo.
So why does it keep getting dunked in favor of content that less than 1% of the population will experience?
This game used to be my life in my youth. Would play it every day. Raiding, running dungeons and PvMP. Had a guild, lots of online friends. Played it for years with a schoolmate who was just as addicted as I was. Moria and Mirkwood is when I played most. Really enjoyed PvMP. Around 5k hours. I miss that time.

File: 1552966536720.png (755 KB, 767x720)
755 KB
755 KB PNG
We need to find an MMO bros. Let's find something.
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new world pvp is garbage. they ruined it in beta. there's no skill involved
You're just realizing the truth. No one wants to play an MMO, they want to hang out with the people they played with in 2005-2009.
File: 172623418292231.png (137 KB, 1022x1053)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
>14 base classes
>61 sub classes not including the awakening titles
I have found my game bros
SMT: ReImagine is dead, Atlus nuked a rival server by straight-up sueing them and Comp Hack, the team that made SMT: Imagine's emulator which made the ReImagine team shit themselves and shut the server down.
At least Comp_Hack github is still up, with the files to make your own server
Says you anon, i play games like mabi just to waste away my life maxing a character, then i'll jump to another game to do the same until a major content update forces me to go back.
File: 1664200335870631.png (184 KB, 720x541)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
I'm playing Classic WoW+ via turtle-wow private server.

Very cozy the custom content is good and they just celebrated 3000k active players a few weeks ago. I been playing when 500 on was peak but the project just keeps getting more and more steam. The mods can be strict on world chat and in the starter guild but you can /join basement and say whatever you want.

They have a hardcore mode for characters integrated really a cool thing.


File: IMG_7371.jpg (96 KB, 883x655)
96 KB
Some days left until the season ends, get some matches in while you still can!
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File: 1631040619934.jpg (167 KB, 850x1203)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>I can see it working on twinstick but are we gonna have enough buttons?

Why not?
>left stick for movement
>right stick for aiming spells/attacks (some sort of softlock for AAs)
>bottom Dpad button for AAs
>other three facebuttons for the 3 basic abilities
>both shoulder buttons at the same time for ultimate
>If you hold the left trigger you unlock the camera from your hero and can freely scroll, let go to snap back to your hero
>if you hold right trigger you can scrolls around but your hero will always be on the edge of the screen
>Dpad for extra abilities (like KTZ spike)
Im sure you can improve the setup a bit to make it feel more natural, but I think youre 90% there.

>If word of Grubby is to be trusted before Acti decided to shut down e-sports and absolutely decimate numbers of game devs title made quite decent dough on boosters and cosmetics

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>are we gonna have enough buttons?
4 face buttons
2 shoulder buttons and 2 shoulder triggers
2 "press the stick down" buttons
should be way more than enough
Only drooling retards play Alexstrasza
*Only boylovers don't drool when playing Alexstrazsa

File: 6871321.png (2.57 MB, 1920x1080)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB PNG
Anyone else here play Xanje or other virtual pet games?

>WTF is Xanje?
It's an 80's PG-13 rated pets game. Catch, train, and breed an army of technicolor wildlife. Play questionably programed games. Dork around with a very friendly playerbase made up of mostly adults. It's highly social with lots of talking, trading, and player run events going on all the time. It's a fun little time waster.

If you don't play Xanje, please tell us about the virtual pet games you do play. What are your favorite pets there? Pic related: some of my favorite Xanje pets.
Bumping because I have a soft spot for what ever this is. But your viral is obvious.

On topic: Once I played Dragcave. I was very disappointed when I discovered there was nothing to it except getting new drags from the adopt page once every 3 days, then visiting one of the 3rd party sites which auto-click the pet's page at just the right times.
I think virtual pet collection sites should switch to 3d models. No one uses forum signatures any more.

File: 12.jpg (63 KB, 1200x673)
63 KB
What MMORPG or private server have you ended up playing the most this year? Why? Would you recommend it to others? Is it very active?
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File: ergergerg.png (71 KB, 640x432)
71 KB
I just usually go back to tauriwow and create a new character.
I'm so tired of wow, but I can't afford a new pc.
File: 1664205910498943.jpg (1 KB, 121x125)
1 KB
You should check out dfo
14 base classes
61 sub classes when not including the awakening titles
pvp and pve
the bosses actually slap hard
File: 1664205646666744.png (137 KB, 1022x1053)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
wrong pic
played a lot of stormforge.gg mop, quit, but now i kinda wanna play again.
Cannot suggest SMT: Imagine anymore, there was this nifty one called ReImagine but Atlus straight-up sued a rival SMT private server instead of first C&D them, which caused the ReImagine team to shut down the server.

File: thumb-1920-149518.jpg (339 KB, 1600x1200)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
feels bad man, the best shooter to ever happen is from 2004 and dead now

File: Hobbit sniper team.jpg (192 KB, 1461x1066)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
What is the best competitive PvP game with a ranked system?
too many hackers

File: das.jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
7 KB
Is there a survival game like DayZ but without the water/food system? i tried dayz and fuck me i'm always dying from hunger and thirst. Or atleast not be so harsh on the player ?
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You don't even need to worry about anything besides infections and food and water in Dayz, what the fuck is wrong with you
That's why i need a different fucking game, i can't be fucking arsed looking 2 hours for a bottle of water and a can of fucking tuna, and then 20 minutes later to look for them again, it's just not fun all of this micro management, i don't mind if it's more lenient like rust.
Not him but I'm Dayz literally just go inland
Once you have a kitchen knife your food problems are solved
Water is just a case of refilling your bottle at pumps.
If you're cold, keep cooked steaks in your inventory to warm you up
>If you're cold, keep cooked steaks in your inventory to warm you up
Mechanics like this are so fucking stupid.
I've been playing Dayz since before standalone. I just killed my first guy in Standalone after being shit on time and time again. The dead guy and I had been circling the same small town for an hour or two. I had a .308 and he had a Mosin and Blaze. Dude was inside the town crouched by some trees looking for me. I was up on a hill and knocked him unconscious with one shot at 204 meters. I closer in on him and shot him once more then switched to my FAMAS and unloaded a mag in him after we circled the tree for a couple of seconds. Guy had a plate carrier and bunch of weapons cleaning kits and ammo.

File: 1664162276137870.jpg (80 KB, 1280x720)
80 KB
What are your thought on games that allows the enemy team to surrender through voting?
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GW1 had this, if everyone in the group typed out /resign then you would all be sent back to your last outpost for both PvP/PvE.
It was useful in PvE for getting back to the outpost without remaking the party if something went wrong. And considered good manners to do it in PvP if it was obvious you were going to lose instead of dragging things out.
I liked it in games that had a potential to turn into drawn-out bullying session (an even better option was to quit playing those shitshows altogether).
There are two extremes though. One is not being able to surrender when outvoted by some idiots who insist on never giving up. The other is surrender monkeys who can't handle any amount of pressure or setback and resort to griefing until they have their way.
It's a substitute for boring game design.
Make individual rounds more dynamic and/or shorter so you can't tell who is going to win right when the gate opens and prevent it from being torture if you can.
It’s good. With shit matchmaking systems ruling the day, when the system sets you up blatantly to lose, the best thing to do is just save your time and move on to the next. I’ve often wished that when it became REALLY obvious the system was setting me up with sleepy teammates and such they would just let me hit a button to take 20 losses or however many I need to take in order to get back to matches where I don’t feel absolutely surrounded because now, TOTALLY BY COINCIDENCE I’M SURE, 1-2 of my teammates are nonexistent, raging mental cases, or some unholy combination of several torturous conditions. Skip the bullshit, gimme the fucking losses to take my win rate from 55% or higher back down to ~52.5% and let me play matches with actual undecided outcomes again. It’s retarded I have to even sit in those fucking things and pay my “win tax” just to be left alone by the shitty systems they have in these games to prey on addicts and aspiring e-athletes.
I like and dislike it. Like because if I'm playing a game that is irredeemable and there is no chance we can win, vote surrender and move onto the next.
Dislike it because If I'm playing a game and my team is steamrolling, we can't stall the game and make the enemy team hate their lives anymore than they already would

File: zStanceKEN.gif (175 KB, 200x153)
175 KB
175 KB GIF
Previously >>288524

Fightcade update

SSF2X craziness
https://youtu.be/LPFAEeIbRq4 Transcript: http://zachd.com/nki/NKI-Vol12.Super.Turbo.txt
https://youtu.be/VQhwFORucV4 Transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aFZQxbHR91AyPZLWaxYuPjbywXwOEU7SMnxYkoxJMmE/
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>uninstall FC because it was 75 GB with an incomplete romset
>go back on
>download three (3) games
>8 GB
>delete again
enjoy your keylogger
I'm lowkey interested in SNK games, are those the most popular? I want to get better at fighting games so I'd like to try new stuff out, even if Fightcade has that shitty channel limit
Asking about Garou and KOF 98, of course Power Stone isn't SNK (I'm surprised Fightcade has Power Stone anyway)
File: 1662024451592.jpg (256 KB, 1184x677)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Garou is the most popular non-KOF SNK game
I have 22 ROMs/BIOS and my folder weights around 1 GB. Try not being a retard

File: 263490_IGDB-272x380.jpg (11 KB, 272x380)
11 KB
Is it good?
if ur good at aiming and shooting, yes its fun even as a sol. if ur not good at shooting , especially with bow, enjoy gathering resources for someone that can shoot!
Nope, playing with under 4 people is dogshit, solo is hell basically.
This. You show up to these games with a team of people you know in advance or you're going to have a bad time.
How do I find people? I have a hard time finding people to play with online. I hate zoomers, woman, non-whites.

File: you will be destroyed.png (369 KB, 640x360)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
Any fps to play in 2022. I feel like there arent any good ones.
361 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.
super people
Man I wish I lived in a place where I wouldn't be stuck playing QL against bots.

Checked. Underrated game. Gameplay is simple but dynamic thanks to block-building.

I thought FoF played like a really sluggish CS, but it has a certain charm to it.

TF2 and CS:GO are both really solid games, but thanks to the never-ending stream of cosmetics they don't look as good or perform as well as they should.
Try Lawbreakers. It's like a Dark Souls of movement shooters, plus it has none of this 60$ for multi-player only bullshit.
hell let loose
battlefield 2, 3, maybe 4
bad company series
battlebit if you're into cute and funny
the cod beta felt pretty okay too. very reminiscent of the first two modern warfares. probably won't be worth the money though.
Ready Or Not
CS 1.6

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