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what is the best game/type of game to play to completely avoid these cancerous cheaters that seem to plague every game I try to play?
I even downloaded plutonium, a cod client so I could play some of my child hood cods and get that fat nostalgia hit, only to get my lips aimbotted off my face, its honestly getting exausting...

File: csgo_bans_4.webm (2.32 MB, 800x450)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB WEBM
Anyone else have fun getting people banned from CSGO on purpose? I love running in people's molotovs, or else frag-grenading myself to 10 hp and running in front of their rifle sprays. Or body-blocking doorways or blocking people into corners until they rage and teamkill me and then get banned. I have something like 35 steam accounts I've made using proton mail so when I get banned or reported for griefing I can just go on a new account. I'm considering quitting my job so I can do this all day.
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With more and more games including voice chat I find myself more toxic than ever before while also never getting punished
noobdog, he stopped cheating and i heard the videos got repetitive tho the reactions are what made his vids not the cheats ,he still streams but he's kind of a dying breed i still feel his peak was cheating grief tho, made it way easier.
what's blamef?
>t.incel who doesn't 5 stack
couldn't be me
if I 5stack I can't get anyone banned

File: heroesnewerth12_210823b.jpg (467 KB, 1280x1024)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
hi, kind of at wits end. tried a lot of places. i hope there's a goated game historian here.

the game played similarly to SMITE, except there were a lot more character "classes/heroes", the map was a lot bigger, about ~20 people per match.

what was different about this MOBA was that there were two players in the match that would play as commanders and play the match similar to a normal MOBA like league. they could make suggestions or ping the individual players in the battlefield what to do and they would get rewarded for doing it

around 2010 era, has probably died by now, art style similar to SMITE but a bit more gritty. map looked a bit wasteland ish but was high fantasy.
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i don't recall there being any items in the game but i could be wrong. i believe the in-game progression system was level-stat and ability upgrades based.

i'd like to think it was from an asian developer, free to play.
Savage or Savage 2 are what come to mind. Might be one of the spiritual clones of it if not. Hope you can find it if it isn't one of those, Anon.
natural selection 2 fits the 2 commanders who views the gameplay from above instead of first person. it didn't have heroes or classes though.
yeah, sounds like one of these:
OP is trolling
Posting screens of HoN which was made by the same devs, they stopped working on Savage to make a Dota clone.

File: highfive.gif (1003 KB, 319x227)
1003 KB
1003 KB GIF
come play

File: 1664075045192.png (350 KB, 622x745)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
im looking for a new game to grind on. i want it really skill heavy, want something fast paced

here's what i tried:
-valorant: i really like it but got banned for a year, cant be bothered to make a new account because i like my skins

-cs: played enough of it and got bored, movement feels like im ice skating

-r6: 4k hours and ESL tournamets, game's dead

-apex: as much as i like everything about the mechanics its a battle royale, i guess i could grind arenas but nobody takes them seriously

-quake/diabotical: fun but dead

recommend me something anons, i literally have nothing to play. at this point the only thing i can think of is grinding kovaaks records
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Maybe try this game called real life
quake live
quake champions
unreal tournament 99/2004 (if you can find servers
gunz the duel (incredibly technical and fast paced but it's in third person)
File: 1620746157401.jpg (3.29 MB, 4160x3120)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB JPG
>valorant: chink version of csgo played by chinks and sells your personal information to the chinese government, also its woke shit

>cs: only 1.6 and source are good, csgo used to be good before 2018 and 2016 was csgo peak. ruined by stupid updates and retarded "grieffing cooldown" that encourage butthurted players who got mad at you for owning them and trash talking on them and mass report you even tho you did nothing wrong. also automute is retarded knowing that shit talking is part of the game and makes player to get tilted. also the new art style looks cartoony which doesn't fit with cs basically woke shit

>r6: doesn't even look like r6 or anymore, not even a tom calncy's game, shit is now a sci-fi shit with operators that look straight out of a marvel movie and gameplay is becoming more like cod instead of a real tactical shooter. it also has rick and morty skins which is the most retarded reddit shit ever and ruins the aesthetic of r6 which should be more realistic... and it's woke shit

>apex: the wokest game ever made. even if you say a slur in you group chat were no one is supposed to see what you say and what you type you'll bet banned not just from apex but from all ea/origin games. typical ea bullshit

>quake/diabotical: good games, the only problem is that is dead and the few active server are filled with sweats and admins abuse their powers and i dont like community servers since admins can see your ip and if they dont like you there's nothing that can stop them to make your ip address public and doxx you. also unreal tournament is a great game but it has the same problems

I recommend fuck competitive games, they're a waste of time, nobody wins except the house just like the casinos. you should cheat like everybody else, even in the esports scene they cheat and you dont notice it. competitive games sucks all the fun of the game and you wont earn money from playing games and you should make something more productive.
File: theheavygod.jpg (35 KB, 569x435)
35 KB
team fortress 2 fits the exact game you're thinking of.
came from quake, decently large playerbase and the skill cap is insane.

Only bad thing is that the casual playerbase is actually retarded and dont know anything about the game that they're playing and only regurgitate info from braindead youtubers, but just ignore them and play 6s
lethal league blaze https://youtu.be/Yc0Kg5PSYSo?t=110

File: spleef.png (2.38 MB, 1920x1080)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG
New Vintage Story Thread
>What is Vintage story
Minecraft for low functioning autists
>Should I play?
Save yourself
>What's new
Update dropping soon?
Original vm server. Mostly vanilla. Over 2 years of history which is around 30 years on vm time.

Old test server for mods. Still up if someone wants the world file or any builds. Is used to test updates but dead.

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2hu Labyrinth 2 looks so bad. But I might play it anyhow. Tell me not to. I've got my finger on the purchase button ready for when Labyrinth of Galleria hits Steam later this month.
I've been playing Deep Rock Galactic. I was planning on playing exclusively with Guac and other /vs/ folks but I never saw him again because ded srbr. So I just play pugs.
The /v/ jigsaw threads (and only the /v/ ones) have wild autism energy so they've been a lot of fun lately. Stop in sometime.
File: file.png (904 KB, 797x897)
904 KB
904 KB PNG
>2hu Labyrinth 2 looks so bad.
Visually it's nothing special but mechanically its one of the most interesting dungeon crawlers i've ever played. For the combat that is, the exploration kinda sucks.
Starbound, empyrion, avorion, from the depths
Anything /egg/ or survival
Some rts and taticool shooters. My taste is very /vm/core
erosion would be hot
building degradation would also be hot
Imagine each temporal storm things would become a bit more rundown.

>Be me
>Play Mario Party Superstars for the first time
>I bought a new Joy Con pair just so I could play with 4 people
>Playing with younger brother
>He beats me 3 times in a row
>Everything's fine
>Cousins go to my house
>They never played Mario Party, hell, one of them barely played a videogame at all
>Everything goes wrong
>I lose a star for the boo
>All of the warp blocks land on me
>My rolls are horrible
>I land on a Bowser space... twice
>And my brother does everything he can to piss me off

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
epic blog fag
>first mario party is this
>little brother trolling and cousins

Any of you still play on the classic era servers. Recently had the itch to play again and am currently reinstalling
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The we're just better line is generally true, but there are still plenty dogshit retards bumbling around WoW. If you want a more authentic to the time experience join a server that's like 70-30 faction wise and play the 30% faction. Alot of the no hopers get sucked up by Blizzard's dogshit server selector and literally don't care. Min maxers exist and classic is a solved game, but the spirit of ignorant newbies is still alive and well.
play pservs instead >>>/vg/416706523
recommend me one

File: wild.jpg (759 KB, 1200x1600)
759 KB
759 KB JPG
> 4 large explorable areas that all represent different seasons + one secret
>20+ large monsters at launch
>more kemono added with free Title Updates, no mtx
>confirmed "Mighty Kemono" (high rank versions of the early Kemono) and "Volatile Kemonos" (endgame variants)
>PS5 & XSX have two modes: 1080p@60fps or 4k@30fps
>Full cross-play between Consoles and PC
>NPCs called Tsukumo, essentially Palico
>8 weapon types at launch
>no female/male armors, but customizable appearances
>there are status effects and ailments such as being set slight, poisoned, slowed by ice etc. - These can be applied to both Hunters and Kemono

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WildHeartsGame/comments/10r2skd/dev_team_ama_with_lewis_executive_producer_on/

File: 1648636909261.jpg (743 KB, 1606x798)
743 KB
743 KB JPG
Now that both have rollback, which one should I play? t. scrub
Are they different?
File: 1668483958601.webm (2.94 MB, 640x360)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
cringe ass shitty games for nolife weebs
Play Strive, the actual good and BASED game

>new origin drops
>it's even worse than the old one

HeroWars Adoventure12

Clan of Bloons td 6 that it's called Gensokyo
Who took my frog?
Who found my frog?

File: multiplayer-1576688681.jpg (554 KB, 2048x1024)
554 KB
554 KB JPG
im looking for community made/free multiplayer games similar to

ryujinx ldn mk8
clone hero (not mp but still similar)

any recommendations
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Prefortress 2. Was super dead for a while but got a bit of a following after the last update
File: 1645511034115.png (5 KB, 325x41)
5 KB
It's funny, I hate /vm/ for the opposite reason.
>Mechwarrior Living Legends
That's a name I've not heard in a long time.
File: 1586565365560.png (217 KB, 640x512)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
You have my condolences, anon. I'm sorry.
Intruder's been sitting on my wishlist for years, it looks kinda dead, tho, isn't it?
Now UT2k4 is certainly not something I'd expect to be alive, because it sure wasn't twelve years ago.

File: ArchAgeBanner.jpg (48 KB, 642x230)
48 KB
>one of the coolest MMORPGs in recent history
>completely forgotten
>cant discuss it anywhere
It's so weird.
I mean yes, it was ultra P2W and even the pservers were somewhat P2W but the way it came, was great for a month or two then died and disappeared from everyones mind forever is just so strange.

The exploring, sailing the sea and sandbox stuff was super fun.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>soulles as fuck interface
Kinda subjective, I liked it.

>build your own class system is poorly thought out and absolutely dysfunctional as result
The game is heavily inspired by SRO, which had a similar trading and class system.
I think they made the trading better in ArcheAge but the class system was in fact unbalanced and needed some work.
It's still cool being able to pick whatever, even though the minmaxers only use the same 2-3 combinations.
This is something I expected to improve with later patches.

>economics and trading are an absolute shitshow and get broken month in by top guilds
What broke the economy was the auction house bots and shit like thunderstruck tree being sold in cash shop 2 months in from what I've seen.

Trading was awesome imo, it had save same continent trades or more risk more reward trades to the other continent or Freedich Island.
Joining a big guild or forming an alliance with guilds to do big trades was fun.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>I can't fathom how can anyone miss archeage.
I just hate themepark MMORPGs and loved the sandbox elements of ArcheAge, the stories that people told ITT are a good example.
Being able to change the game world somewhat and the random occurrences were super fun to me.
Housing was fun for me (although it also became a chore sometimes), I remember my house being in a PVP zone and having the enemy faction as my neighbours, they their scared shitless as I had good gear, but I didnt kill them and became friends with one of them even, that guy would always come and welcome me with emotes when he saw me.

Also those secret farms you could run into were cool af, it's like player made secrets you could find which added a lot to the game imo.
One guild mate stood next to a secret farm as one tree was thunderstuck and the whole guild flipped their shit as that meant he was rich now. (very early after release)

You may think thats silly but for me that was super fun, you don't have that shit in FF or WoW, people dont even talk or interact with strangers.

if you really love it they rebooted it with NFTs and called it ArcheWorld
I know about that, sounds cancer as fuck.
From what I heard they have "normal" servers too, but honestly it's always the same shit, they re-release ArcheAge and say "totally not P2W this time" just to add P2W stuff again.

Also even if it was not, they ruined the game by changing trading, adding retarded dailies and class balance was super terrible too the last time I checked.
There was an pserver that also updated to the later unfun patches too.

It's over.
There is another fresh start server opening Feb 9th.
Not sure if anyone cares.

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