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File: rollin[1].gif (202 KB, 363x392)
202 KB
202 KB GIF

Download: https://sanicball.bdgr.zone/
Play: Launch the EXE and join a server

Goal: Have non-empty servers even if we have to schedule it

In the meantime I will be fast, hurry up you slowfags
are you rolling anons?
saw this at a GDQ, didn't know we could host our own servers. sounds based
they played sanicball at a speedrun event? Interesting.

File: 22GuiltyGearChaos.jpg (131 KB, 1024x587)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Why is it so fucking good bros
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its really not
wrong and you know it
this is based though
It is good wdym?
basedvers on suicide watch

File: bf2.jpg (25 KB, 220x311)
25 KB
Hear about games like Squad and Insurgency all the time. Don't want to go full sim so no Arma for me.
Looking for a game like BF2 but more modern and with an active playerbase (at least in NA).
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Anyone got any BF1 code available from Amazon Prime?
someone's mad at a group of pixel's on their screen
EA may have just saved BF 2042 by having a studio other than DICE work on it and add a form of mod tools.
Everything after Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 on PC, is garbage.

File: Screenshot (88).png (783 KB, 1920x1080)
783 KB
783 KB PNG
This guy stole my minecraft skin and I don't like it. I hope someone can help me and defeat this skin thief for me. I'll be extremely grateful. No violence. please help me. he could technically be my arch-enemy clone. His gamer tag is DesolatorX

>decide on a whim to install Gmod for the first time in ~8 years
>excited for the nostalgia trip of returning to my favourite gamemodes and enjoying that late 2000s/early 2010s source engine ambience
>load into a darkrp server with a good playercount
>all the playermodels and guns are gaudy as shit, clearly imported from other games and clash with the source engine aesthetic
>there's like 50 different useless jobs, half of which cost money to play as and another third of which are just variations of "robber"
>walk into a secluded area and get mugged by a 14-year-old "VIP Donator" with a double-barreled shotgun using a playermodel that looks like it was ported over from the last Call of Duty game
>ragequit and try zombie survival instead
>gamemode has been completely overhauled to have a bunch of needlessly complex bullshit since I last played
>every weapon now has an upgrade tree that you have to collect "scrap metal" to advance and there's some kind of retarded teleportation mechanic that forces you to barricade around glowing crystal sigils planted throughout the map
>okay, maybe that's just one custom server
>join a different zs server I remember from when I used to play the game
>it's the same

Why? Why add all this dumb shit to something that was already simple and fun? Haven't these people heard the maxim, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"?
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lol thats what happened, I remember I checked out that server a few times and then one day it was ded af and I was like lol wtf happened?
File: Haskill.png (712 KB, 561x913)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
DivinityRP was the shit, was pic related. I miss building really cool shit and having people swing by and vibe about inside my skyscrapers, bunkers, bars, and hole in the wall nooks.
The only person I remember from that community was this British guy from back in 2010 who played hacker named "Nexus" that I would team up with raid at 1:00 am almost every day for a month.
ok jetboom, make your old school zs server that gets 5 players
face it, no one wants to play the old school versions and after a week or so neither would you
reading this thread made me nostalgic and sad as fuck

File: kappa.png (12 KB, 905x294)
12 KB
Google launched a nice little game today. I'd like all anons to join the green team and take over the leaderboard.
To find it just search something in google and click the top left.

It fits 4chan well, kek
>crossboard spam
tsk tsk tsk

File: hudbaser8.png (17 KB, 974x979)
17 KB
Release Q3 24. Announcement Holiay 22. Recent map leaks are real, so is Freds fun world. Map is approx 1.75 times as big as 5. Pre production started jan 2015. Setting is modern. Map based off bogota and miami. thats all i know. Map hud attached.
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semen remaining
My fuckin sides
File: NrRQN6pQ - Copy.png (841 KB, 968x968)
841 KB
841 KB PNG
>how the fuck is this thread still going on I did not expect that
everyone needs a good laugh

>GTA V with RDR2 HUD

File: mwo.jpg (52 KB, 460x215)
52 KB
Anyone play this?
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File: awye.png (3.14 MB, 1920x1080)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB PNG
I miss Chromehounds Online on Xbox Live 360
play Mechwarrior Living Legends instead
It's complete garbage, also it has a general on /vg/.

I hear it's buggy

File: clown.jpg (31 KB, 379x280)
31 KB
According to my uncle who's working at blizzard currently, the internal situation at blizzard is getting from bad to worse.

People are getting fired once again. This time round, even those experienced ones with 10+ years of experience are getting fired. Furthermore, to make things worse, severance fees might not be compensated, and in fact is not compensated for most of those employees that are fired. This is partially due to the bad press WoW is getting recently due to patch 9.1 but also due to declining player retention across most blizzard games including overwatch.

Seems like its becoming a trend to fire people upon having bad press/releases at blizzard and rehiring people especially those for an entry-level position and "training" them for higher positions at blizzard like what most technology company is doing due to lack of talents.

However, fresh hires of game engineers/designers(which is common in many game companies like Ubisoft,EA) are reconsidering having blizzard in their resume for the past 2 years since the diablo immortal incident.

According to an analysis done by my uncle and father who has been working in the gaming and cybersecurity industries for the last 20 years, games and projects that cater to whales and paying customers way more than the free consumers have a model to last for a very short time and tend to remodel their product with a new name after another existing product every 5 years cycle like what Activision, EA and many other companies are going through, this however also comprises of a larger number of failed products which cost the company to go bankrupt. The other popular model of only giving the paying customer a little advantage/convenience in games like LoL, DotA 2, Fortnite do not remodel their game and their company establishes a brand that is long-lasting.
Internal situation at your mom's house: she liked it.
I believe it

It would be like Bobby Kotick to sick the State of California on Blizzard HQ so that he can fire them all without severence pay due to sexual harrasment suits.

File: ui6i2s9d85351.png (2.48 MB, 2100x1500)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB PNG
Worms is a classic turn-based strategy game with astounding gameplay customization. Armageddon despite being released in 1999 still is getting support, with the 3.8 update releasing just last year.

Game goes on sale fairly often but you can also download the game for free here (all versions work with each other): https://drive.google.com/file/d/18dAXkqtQNjb_T5E5MSqXqZk0xzQdPdjY/

>Collected Custom maps, sounds, fanfares, flags and graves from past threads

Check what lobbies are currently open with https://snoop.wormnet.net/snooper/, or if you'd like to be notified when when a /v/ lobby opens up, get https://worms2d.info/Great_Snooper

Lobbies and threads will be often be notified here and will usually be present at
Channel: #anythinggoes
Room: /v/
Pass: rage
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Also hosting
File: KTL (Kill the Loser).webm (988 KB, 562x574)
988 KB
File: zc52b7.png (214 KB, 447x455)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
THIS is the man hosting your games
don't believe his lies
>Monke on the PC
Nice try Wiz.
>Sleeping Giant Tier

File: images (26).jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
>Be Me
>Play Naples in Mega Campaign
>Says he will help Italy in a war
>Italy wins a battle
>Italy loses a battle
>switch teams
>whitepeaces out of the war like a boss

File: 2021-07-03_10.19.13.png (3.47 MB, 1920x1080)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB PNG
OblivionMC [SMP] [PVE] [PVP] {MCMMO} {Quest} {Custom Enchants} {1.17.1}

SERVER IP: play.oblivionmc.io

Do Quests: Follow a series of quest lines to earn money and awesome rewards!

Server Shop: Sell and buy good to and from the server and earn money

Custom Enchants: Use powerful enchants to conquer the world!

Improve your skills: Increase your McMMO power level to unlock special abilities by performing tasks! Level up abilities like Acrobatics, Alchemy, Archery, Axes, Excavation, Fishing, Herbalism, Mining, Repair, Salvage, Smelting, Swords, Taming, Unarmed and Woodcutting! Unlock skills like Dodge, Roll, Catalysis, SkillShot, Daze, Armor Impact, Green Thumb, Disarm, Deflect, and more!

Land Claims: Protect your builds, chest, items from griefers. You can invite friends to join your claims and build together! Features, but not limited to: Land Claims MCMMO Jobs Quests Economy


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Man it really feels like the early game is just picking up faster and faster. It's great too, but part of it is probably from my own experience/learning. It's so easy to fall behind in normals while a good player is snowballing off kills and such, they should really implement some kind of light MMR because I can't imagine how brutal this shit is for new players. It's almost like learning a fighting game except you're playing against 17 fucking people at once. All of which reminds me that I really need to start mapping out late game plans and legendries if I want to win.

What do you guys think of the new speed boosters? I haven't played enough to really judge how they effect securing kills, but the general mobility between zones is super nice.
I like em, they're fun
I have won 2 games out of 4 of the cameraman on solos's. I dunno if hes busted, but if you land that e and w? Its alot of damage man. Along with that goddamn camera, fucking 2 percent skill amplitude per level, shits WILD
What order are you leveling the skills in?
Usually q e w at the start, and then with emphasis on q, w, and t, which seems to be his main damage skills, along with his camera auto-attack.
He's definitely a kiter, with no real escape except his e and r. But stringing along auto-attacks, and your q that slows for abit at the max level of photo stacks (and has a fuckhuge range), seems to work quite well.

File: E4GgcHQXMAU6wTt.jpg (76 KB, 616x353)
76 KB
Starting a campaign with another bud if anybody want to join help us out.

Mr. Gone Wong's Campaign
pw: wigga
Shit man, I was so excited for some Barotrauma only to see that this was yesterday
File: SunkbyEndworm.webm (2.66 MB, 1280x720)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB WEBM
Do not worry my friend because it's an ongoing thing. We just settled today on what mods we wanted for our campaign so we're starting it again from scratch.

Here's my steam f code:

Anybody who see this thread and wants to play just send me and invite

File: minecraft.jpg (238 KB, 2000x807)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
I've made non-premium Minecraft server. Let's play together! :)
Pretty chill, everyone speaks Polish though and there are protection claims.
Nice, wich version OP?

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