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Talking about:
Hunt Showdown
Apex Legends
Hell Let Loose

On EU either you'll have:
People who are learning the game but don't speak at all.
People who are learning the game but are toxic to their teammates instead of selfreflecting because they can't deal with their frustration.
People who are sweating to carry their team but rarely talk because of toxic environment.
People who are sweating to carry their team and be toxic about their plays.

In the last year on EU, these games are either a joke or the sweatiest toxic place, what happened to attempting to coordinate and having fun? Why always Meme or Meta?
Nobody wants to follow a leader for the fun of it too, so selfish.

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guess you have to move to another continent now, everyone knows its always better anywhere else.
kill yourself zoomer
I attempt to change the environment in hopes to save fun teamplay
Competitive games are a lost cause period in the EU, nothing will get you a good experience unless you are premade, the only game I can say I had a good experience with randos was PUBG surprisingly where I met guys from Bosnia and good peoples from all over from time to time.
play stupid games, win stupid prizes - this time literally
and if you absolutely insist on playing that trash, you should know by now that you're supposed to bring a full premade of friends or don't bother coming

you're a retard lmao, just quit MP games, it's not for you

File: ER71eR6WoAE6XBi.jpg (89 KB, 764x764)
89 KB
>2 shot hipfires you across the map
Nothin personnel kid
My heart's beating, my hands are shaking, my hands are shaking but I'm STILL shooting and I'm STILL getting the headshots!

anyone up to make an unturned clan
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also piscord i just made cause handling a server is way easier than a steam group
Unturned II is in development. Hopefully Nelson actually completes it.
reminder that this game only exists because Roblox were assholes
i should redownload this sometime
>reddit niggers in the thread
>discord server instead of steam group because >>282243 is too retarded

Man I almost want to come play this, but fuck discord and frogposting redditniggers.

File: 1608019151483.png (129 KB, 719x489)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
Why is no one playing for the glorious Emperor? everyone has their dick balls deep in Stalingrad instead of the warm and nice beaches of the Pacific
I can't larp in RS1, I'm not Japanese
Had a phantom as tl he added desu and nya at the end of everything and blew whistles for banzai charges. Another guy sang japanese songs for 6 hours straight before getting banned. Then some handsome indian dude who sounded constipated puts on a jap accent and leads us to glorious victory. rs1 attacts all the autists I love it
Did tripwire fucked up these games too? Tripwire were big jews and wanted epic money but in the process had to remove steamworks so good bye custom maps.
they havent touched these games in like a decade

File: cp.jpg (13 KB, 251x201)
13 KB
I've searched through some. Most were dead. Are there any more MMO that are as big and similar to Club Penguin besides the private server knockoffs?
Rocketsnail is working on Box Critters currently. If you like 3D there’s Fe.ral which is Animal Jam’s sequel.
why was it shut down again?
Pretty much the old flash game was being replaced with a new game called club penguin island that was first launched on mobile.

Pretty much a lot of veteran club penguin players were disappointed with how little there was you could do as a non member.

That and the iconic staples of club penguin, i.e. puffles, card jitsu, and the EPF (Elite Penguin Force) were nowhere to be seen in Club penguin island.

Then at some point, a youtuber known as Quackity HQ raided the game with his posse of 12 yr olds fans.

After some time Disney decided to pull the plug on the game due to the fact it wasn't raking in the shekels to justify it's existence.

Honestly it's kinda sad what happened to the club penguin team, as it did look like they were planning to make island even better than the original club penguin.

(or at least tried to anyway, they were planning on adding puffles at some point down the line)
Club Penguin Brazil

File: 20210410_191913.png (2.16 MB, 1940x1136)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
My grandmas, daughters, son works at valve and showed me something epic
suck my cock, loser
ngl that looks like a fun mod, any actual info?
Yes, valve programs in notepad++
1/10 mostly because we already have this neat april fools - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0BYLMPte08
whats it like working at valve then

File: Spoiler Image (104 KB, 1024x576)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Have they forgotten about GMod? Yes, that multiplayer game that has many game modes, and you could spend more than hours having fun. In my country, Argentina, Worth approximately $129,99 pesos argentinos ($1,62?).
Tell me, do you remember?
File: sss.png (853 KB, 1353x519)
853 KB
853 KB PNG
It's still alive.
Someone just brought back school shooter simulator and this Avatar gamemode just came out the other day

File: 1609785991998.gif (1.12 MB, 640x640)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB GIF
As someone who has completely missed the BR fad so far, is it still possible to get into one without wanting to kill myself regarding down time and how much I'll get stomped on ?
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Now that you're saying it, it has somewhat been my experience now that we've moved away from community servers (although those had the problems of team stacking).
There's a couple of games where I almost always have fun but they're more laid back so my attitude also plays a part (Rocket League and retard button mashing on Tekken).
reminder mobas literally force as close to a 50% winrate as possible. yeah sure if you hop on a smurf and smash some new player boy pussy you'll rock 60% for a while. But the moment you get to where you 'belong'? Boom. You WILL be artificially handed games that are completely unwinnable to break up streaks. It'll expect you to carry 4 retards with 40% global winrates. That's how it keeps you engaged and grinding for your MMR.
File: hold the fuck up.jpg (141 KB, 1024x768)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
I'm sort of in the same boat, not a lot of class based games nowadays unless you're interested in coop (look into Deep Rock Galactic, it's alright). What people call Hero Shooters have way too many gay shit like stuns, slows, damage reduction, aoe and so on... it's what started to kill TF2 to me.
Maybe I am overthinking things but it feels like devs are afraid of simplicity nowadays. I believe people are receptive to more straightforward games, one of the reasons I think Warzone is popular besides the guns and movement is that you don't have to keep track of inane crap like gotta loot the purple backpack and if I'm lucky I'll get the golden armor, you just get plates and acquire money to get your class. All in all I still hope we get good non BR releases in the future, the bored/fun ratio is probably worse than MOBAs.
Can't believe you'd shoot my hopes down like that bro

File: 1615307011304.jpg (76 KB, 882x960)
76 KB
Anyone else having performance frustration in competitive games? I used to play competitive games for decades, but nowadays whenever I start up one, miss a couple shots and I just can't stop thinking about how bad I am. Halfway through the game I just want to alt+f4 because I'm this much pissed at myself
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You will just go downhill from here. Give up and start playing autistic games or casual games.
same thing for me, even the thoughts of whole tension thing too.

I used to be a regular in a tf2 server that about 80% of the other regulars were gold and plat ugc members, and slurgi himself was also there nearly every day. I would regularly score in the top 3 to 5 on either team. fast forward about 8 years, and I constantly get frustrated trying to play at the level I used to, especially in tf2. oh well, partly why I've lately been playing single player rpgs and whatnot, I hate feeling that way
Its just there is no good games to be competitive at, they are all fundamentally trash so if you realize that you can just play whatever you like, if you get frustrated you either are playing games that you have been playing for too much time and you don't see yourself improving (which could be because the game itself is not meant to have a good skill ceiling) or maybe you play with friends who are too sweaty in every game they touch
Gamers upgraded their hardware the last year so the scene got a lot more sweatier, it's really exhausting to play competitive nowadays.
That's pretty natural. Skill=Happiness.
Learning is also a skill. GitGuD

File: index.jpg (26 KB, 480x270)
26 KB
Is there any, any, any, any reason to play this game aside from making other players' experience worse?

Is there literally any benefit in the fucking slightest to putting time into this that isn't derived from making sure that there's not for other players? In wasting their time chasing them around and scuttling them and stealing the only mechanics for progression (as much as we can call it that) that exist and setting them back.

The combat is Fischer Price jank and as deep as a puddle of puppy piss on the patio. The system for respawning is retarded, it's basically a TDM death penalty but much more easily exploited as part of the dominant strategy of camping the topdeck of a ship you slid up to at port defenseless and opened fire on.

The open sea ship to ship is the best part so at least there's that but you're so rarely going to engage in that as opposed to getting ambushed at the dock; and when you do it's largely going to be brainless cheating NPCs operating on none of the principles of real player ship to ship.

This game is buried so deep in the "Only fun with friends" island that not even X marks its spot anymore.
47 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
Lost 20 villainous bounty skulls this way, fucking glitches in this game.
if you ever caught me id just jam and let you have it
songs dope
File: 1614484627807.jpg (176 KB, 1080x1080)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
>going to sell in a solo sloop
>galleon pulls up on me right before I reach the outpost
>they miss every cannonball shot
>I slam into the dock and sell
>sell most of my stuff and lower emissary flag
>start clapping on the pier
>they try to shoot me
>miss 3 times
>they finally get me
>manage to just kill them constantly with just a cutlass because they can't aim for shit
Whole situation was just kinda annoying
>going solo
>roll up on two dudes in a brigantine
>second thought instead of shooting em with my canons I shoot my cat at them instead
>theyre just fishin and invite me to join
>help me out with trial quests
>ask them to join an alliance, they say theyre in one so I join theirs
>need my ship to sink for one so I say goodbye
>notice the other ship is getting chased down by a reaper
>sail from the top of the map all the way to the bottom
>sacrifice my ship and the boys get away and turn in

comfy day on the seas

File: 1617735229346.gif (3.15 MB, 800x592)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB GIF
Risk of Rain thread
765 replies and 172 images omitted. Click here to view.
Bandit is bretty cool and strong.
File: file.png (41 KB, 491x121)
41 KB
this character fucking sucks and dies to a paper breeze
Sounds like you were touching the ground, pleb
yeah it's almost like this character has negative mobility
That invisibility shreds trash mobs if you're anywhere near them when you do it or come out of it.
What are you even doing?

File: 156456875455687.png (281 KB, 496x248)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
Anything like it or similar feel? nothing has matched L4D2 gameplay wise. decade old and I still play it daily.
>Anything like it or similar feel?
you mean bum rushing linear maps over and over again? Yeah Vermintide comes to mind
vermintide is fun for like 8 hours then you've experienced the entire game

more than just campaign in L4D2, such as versus PVP, survival and scavenge etc + community servers
>Anything like it or similar feel?
There's Back 4 Blood ;)

File: HusbandWow2.jpg (1.53 MB, 1500x987)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
Hello, I am a life coach!
recently I had received and email from a wife and mother seeking advice about her husbands online addiction. hopefully this video will also help those afflicted with this very addiction

4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Kekd and based
yes you are so right about this and my bitch mom doenst understand that!!! I play 16 hours a day and i already cleared most of the raids on mythic and then my mom comes in and bitches about how im wasting my life away??? She cant even start up a PC lol. How retarded can you be? No wonder my dad left. Cant blame him honestly. I tried bounding with her once and watched some stupid TV show with her but man all i could think about was how my vulpera was doing now that i left her alone for an hour. So i told her im looking for a job currently and i need to work on my application, dumb bitch fell for it. Now im back in my safe space and i can farm dailies again in peace. She just doenst understand WoW is so much better than RL. Im only 35 years old and she blames me for her miserable life, i tried her to start her own character, we could RP as mom and son in the game and have a real relationship but she said a computer is the devils work so im better off playing with my real family
Trying way too hard bud
The best tool to cure WoW addiction is Shadowlands.
My boy's brother met his now wife in WoW.

The discord sever https://discord.gg/7SRna5fA the sever ip Join the server!

Java Edition
IP: ideaspace.apexmc.co
Version: 1.7.2-1.16.5

Bedrock Edition
IP: ideaspace.apexmc.co
Port: 26111
suck my dick, faggot

File: 5592780ebz.jpg (52 KB, 787x306)
52 KB
>razer deathadder
22 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
sniper button is annoying
i dont find it to be so, any other button is way too annoying to press if you are actually trying to lower your DPI quickly.

You can just unbind it if pressing it accidentally is somehow an issue
Unbinded it and it was still irritating to feel the button it with the tip of my thumb, it just got in the way of how I grip mice. I gave it to my brother and got a g703 which was way better for me. Shame cause I liked everything else about the g502, the heavier weight was bearable but I couldn't live with the sniper button.
respect, fellow human.
razer deathadder i think ive been using these or older razer for about a decade despite the fact they do die eventually im just affraid to try something new if i dont like the feel and weight

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