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fortnitemares is not balanced at all but it is pretty funny to have 30 shadow zombies beat a squad of humans to death
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sounds like fun to me
horde mode but with players as the enemy
It’s really fun yeah but sometimes you just get literally 10 shadows there killing you at once
Honestly I still have nostalgia for old fortnite but I don't miss the game anymore after picking up spellbreak. Especially since they just added what is essentially team rumble.
just use the broom

you know where to find it, right? :^)
i was speaking to the average player. I do a pretty good job against them but it's mostly by positioning
>prepare for the salty runback by looking up. you can see them fall and shoot them
>if you meet one ghost in the wild you can bet there's 20 billion after him. keep clear sight lines if possible. very obvious to see them approach and take them out with your AR
>you can see ghost count at all times. if that shit is 30 ghosts just stay away from parts of the circle enemies in doom's fort, stark industries, the ruins. NPC kills tend to create giant ghost armies
>don't miss the shotgun blast lol

File: secret_hitler.jpg (368 KB, 1552x873)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
Let's play some Secret Hitler.
The game is unlisted, so there's no need for a password.

>roles are randomly assigned: you're liberal, fascist or literally Hitler. liberals have majority
>fascists can see everyone's roles, liberals and Hitler don't know shit
>everyone pretends to be liberal
>each turn a player gets to be president and pick a chancellor, players vote on whether the pair is a go
>having an order that will give info on as many players as possible in as few rounds as possible is a good idea, i.e. 1-5 -> 2-6 -> 3-7 in a 7 player game
>president draws 3 policy cards which are either liberal or fascist, discards one and passes 2 to the chancellor
>chancellor makes the final choice on which policy to pass
>first team to max policies wins (5 for liberals, 6 for fascists)
>presidental powers are unlocked as more fascist policies are passed, for example after 3 are down the next player to be elected president, if a fascist policy is passed, will have a gun and shoot a player off the map
>if Hitler is shot liberals insta-win
>if Hitler is elected chancellor with 3 fascist policies down, fascists auto-win

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File: 1595564518638.png (452 KB, 912x1024)
452 KB
452 KB PNG
What game do you play when you wanna just put on some music and relax?
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I don't, I just listen to music.
>using bikecuck's edit-baiting comics
>Really if you want to chill out you need to learn how to not chase quick dopamine fixes like lurking on social media and mindlessly going through the same routines in a multiplayer game.

I get your point mate but sometimes after a long day of work you just wanna do something a little fun without having to worry too much.

I guess I'm a hypocrite though, now that I think about it, when I chill its almost always single player like you said. TF2 sounds like OPs best bet.
Va-11 Hall-A

Or genshin
>I get your point mate but sometimes after a long day of work you just wanna do something a little fun without having to worry too much.
I mean once you break the ice you basically have what you want. You spend 1-2 days breaking the ice then have 3-4 days to chill way more than you would in a multiplayer game, unless you manage to somehow find a time capsule that perfectly captures 2000s community servers. There isn't really anything to worry about in singleplayer games as opposed to multiplayer games which are always a dice toss.

I'm a hypocrite to as I'm currently procrastinating on breaking the ice for my next singleplayer game.

File: index.jpg (6 KB, 300x168)
6 KB
Why are Europeans on average so much more skilled than Americans at online shooters?
Most American's grow up on consoles and unironically think playing an FPS with a controller is a reasonable thing to do.
This. Americans find it gross to play on a computer which means they don't get as good at playing PC games.

Official map editor soon Egg boys. Freezetag and Assault soon to follow.
It’s like the good old days coming back
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i believe in you anon
thank you dad
why does the movement feel so slippery? its like moving aroudn on ice except with there being insane ground accel also. its like overwatch movement, but worse since i actually expected something from 2gd. i feel like lg fights are some kind of noclip kovaakd nightmare lol. race mode is good tho, even though custom map and dedicated server support is [citation needed]. also rockets feel like if u miss one its the end of the world. the game feels OK to me but i think it has a long way to go, compared to ql anyway.
>compared to ql

I actually tried it the other day and oh my God! This feel horrendous to play in comparison to QL.
i dont like the rockets at all, nothing about them feels consistent. i know generally how much damage i should be doing for each rocket shot but the damage numbers make no sense to me. i should be getting 30-40 for some but it says 10, i should be getting 10 for others and get 30-40. there's something just wrong with them, might be something with the netcode and hitbox but idk

File: 1601669345580.png (78 KB, 512x512)
78 KB
Post them
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File: seaman-top.jpg (39 KB, 580x435)
39 KB
>faggot game
>faggot post about faggot game
>op is a faggot
is this game fun if I have no friends to play with?
because thats how boobs work virgin

What’s your favorite modern Arena FPS and why?
What’s your all time favorite?
Any upcoming AFPS you are looking forward to?
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Even wipout takes a couple minutes for me in the US and I have all 3 US servers selected
>All 3
South America isn't US
You said you were gonna keep your schizo posting it the DBT thread. Keep it there or get reported, redditer
Nigger what? I’m just saying that the vast majority of games have 2 US server locations and a SA
No they don't unless a new update broke something else

>t. USA poster

Have you ever been banned from a multiplayer game /vm/?

Imagine screaming the n word then getting banned. Couldn't be me.
yeah I got banned from The Sims Online for shit talking and one sided erping towards players who were probably 11 years old

File: seraphinethebland.jpg (106 KB, 800x450)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Riot, riot games. Fucking why? I don't think I've ever seen a more generic looking champion. I'm not even talking about abilities, since those were also copied from other characters, her whole look, her theme her fucking everything is so incredibly bland. Riot has been getting extremely fucking lazy with their champion theme, for some time they were able to release thematically interesting champions, like kindred or aurelion sol, but holy fuck is Serpahine boring. They couldn't even bother if they already made a 'bard' archetype of character, which they did - look Sona, but unlike Sona which at least has a subversion of that archetype with her being mute, Seraphine is just your generic looking, 'quirky' popstar girl. Like holy fucking shit, they didnt even put a single subversion of that trope, Seraphine is literally the first thing that comes to mind when you think 'generic popstar character', how could they done it? I have genuinely no idea. Fuck riot character design team, and specifically the guy that made that in-game thematic equivalent to grey fucking goo.
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If the game was made by Chinese and not just opened then it'd be creative
File: Veigar_8.jpg (63 KB, 308x560)
63 KB
yeh nowdays I just pick the most cancer character I can find and delete for free
Literally just a knockoff of Scorpion and Sub-Zero from MK. I don't get how he's anything unique or special.
He is a tanky ninja.
That's not usually that common. But I agree.

File: shotgun soldier.png (307 KB, 583x766)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
Reminder that the Shotgun is the best secondary for the Soldier.

>throw off pyros by breaking out the shotgun when they're ready to airblast one of your rockets back into your face
>finish off weakened enemies when your rocket launcher's magazine is empty instead of having to run away like a pussy because you ran out of rockets
>gives you a real chance against scouts that know what they're doing
>take down low health foes that are too far away for your rockets to reach them in time
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>getting to mid
>getting to high ground
>running away
you should be rocket jumping more than you are walking, you fucking idiot
no shit, faggot
And which slot doea that take up?
Shotgun is for when you need to carry the shit out of retards and have to consistently deal with 3+ players without help I.e every single pub match. When your team can wipe their own asses gunboats is generally better

File: fall_guys.jpg (187 KB, 1400x1050)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Have you guys heard about fall guys?
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i heard that falling from some high building to your death is much more enjoyable that this piece of shit. just jump off of your window instead of playing this and make sure your apartment is high enough
totally blowing season 2 was the final straw. i'm bummed for them but i guess incompetence is what happens when you're a soulless phone game company owned by tencent
Honestly wall guys has gone from hell to pretty alright seeing how everyone seems to be following a certain mindset you can play arounf

File: 1601727954862.jpg (18 KB, 268x268)
18 KB
>top frag
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It's the looming thought that you could have carried, that you could have won.
same thing for 1v1 games, but now your rage is broadcasted to 12 people.
File: 1601564136650.png (250 KB, 917x1551)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
>bottom frag
>top frag
>losers on my team die immediately at starts of rounds
>they start telling me what strats i should use
>i dont and they get angry
its always shitskins that do this too
just carry harder looser, then you win
File: I0Nueyy.jpg (26 KB, 479x493)
26 KB
>Battlefield game
>pic related is me when I "pick up the mantle" of squad leader YET AGAIN
>because nobody fucking else is going to try and lead this useless team around
I alway hop into these matches thinking I'm just gonna fuck around with a shotgun or something, but always end up getting frustrated by the SHEER INCOMPETENCY of my team and feel forced into doing something about it.

File: logo.png (21 KB, 370x250)
21 KB
Is albion online fun?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yes, so the answer is no
it's fun if you're into pvp. but in order to play pvp cost-effectively, you'll need to spend a lot of time grinding your spec so you can fight well in cheap gear
Hell no.
Yes, like some years ago I played with a /v/ guild, we roamed with low tier gear and stomped campers, really fun if you manage to get a squad to mess around.
its fun to do while ur listening to audiobooks/podcasts, the economy is purely player driven which is pretty great, if you're into crafting it has a gigantic system you can spend thousands of hours grinding in

File: banner11.png (521 KB, 1020x227)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
is this fun? anybody here play it?
I played fonline 3 recently. Overall these mmos could be phun but need a hihger player count f...
that's what i was worried about. it looks like the equivalent of playing on a very low pop wow private server. i can't imagine it being very fun in a large map with only 40 people online :/

is it mostly pve or pvp based?
It was fun until shit like dying during a loading screen and people being pretty shitty to newer players

any siege players who felt that this game took a wrong turn?
62 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
based, i'm like this too now. used to be a hardcore fps player but enjoy chill single player games now, and even then i am very picky on what i'll play..
Haven't played siege in about 6 months now. Breaks my heart to think about how badly the new developers are killing it.
It took a wrong turn the moment they decided to make it cops vs cops instead of cops vs robbers, AKA immediately.
It took a turn for the worst starting with Ember Rise.
This was so hype. It felt like the devs listened to is for once.

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