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File: Guild_Wars_cover.jpg (655 KB, 789x1109)
655 KB
655 KB JPG
A friend and I were thinking of picking it up and playing through all the content together in co-op. He played it a long time ago but this would be my first time.
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looking for droknars forge rush ;)
I saw some Guild Wars 2 footage of like endgame PvP type matches that reminded me of all the fun I had in WoW Battlegrounds with my shadow priest. Is it worth getting into Gw2 for that kind of PvP, and how long would it take to get to that level all geared up?
Guild wars 2 PvP puts you at max level, free gear, and all the skills. World vs world doesn't but that's a bit different
Ohhhhh ehhhh hmm
gw1 was fucking great.

that sounds shit

File: STO.png (605 KB, 1069x772)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
Do you nerds play STO?
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Whatever they think of it, I always think of STO as the flagship game of Trek, regardless of it's age.
File: DIE.gif (31 KB, 220x95)
31 KB
>everyone was using Harpeng torpedoes
Think we need to bring the old times back, pants-on-head crazy build.
Blow that sucker up to XV, finding out what happens.

>I'd steer clear of dual heavies
Sadly they're in almost all cannon sets, except one I think.
So you have to put up with at least one.

If the game wouldn't constantly throw new character creation events at me, I could actually get the episodes done for the weird shapeshifter omni-beam/turret.
Oh well, when I get the dread..
>so I use seven beams and one torpedo
Actually in general that's not recommended for cruisers, as it sucks your power dry and you end up loosing DPS. Especially when you start using omni beams that fire constantly.
My ass-torpedo is a pretty good DPS source, wouldn't like to miss it.
>dual heavies
>sucks your power dry and you end up loosing DPS
That's one thing I like about engineer, maximum power
If any one wants to do anything im just gonna do some of the Risa dailies and fart around for a little while so ill tag along for anything Nala on instance 8 for the summer event
Not sure how long im gonna stick around for ive been having fun with the shitty beta for Newworld even if it is a gigantic clusterfuck and currently broken.

File: trooder.jpg (5 KB, 300x168)
5 KB
Damn this game is fun as fuck. Sorry lads should've gotten it on steamsale. Any intruders on this board?
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but due process sucks ass and the map randomization is a huge meme
looks like a game that is only fun with friends and since i don't have friends there is no point playing this
>looks like a game that is only fun with friends

Not really. You can play with randos, it's no deep rock galactic, but it certainly isn't as unpleasant as something like r6 siege.
what kind of anticheat?
Easy anticheat

File: 1611091624289.png (1006 KB, 728x546)
1006 KB
1006 KB PNG
Explain MMO's to me, /vm/. Even though I've tried multiple times, I've never been able to get into one. Here's how I see them:

Theme park MMO's:
>reminds me of the "everyone is special" mentality
>"Congratulations! YOU have defeated the big baddie and saved the world! You and all the other millions of players who completed the questline before you, that is."
>The whole genre to me looks like a single player game with some optional co-op.
>With shit like instance dungeon + auto-grouping, the overworld is just an over glorified hub

Sandbox MMO's:
>you can do ANYTHING. Except there's nothing interesting to do.
>you could train your skills by doing the same monotonous task over and over again
>activities like mining and chopping trees are so cookie-clicker-like, even a bot can do it (and more often than not, they do)
>you could get rich playing the market! Why tho? To buy the gear you want, then what?

What baffles me the most about MMO's is they don't try to simulate another world. I thought that was the whole point of it, before playing the genre. To create another world you can step in and be immersed as if it was real, just like in all those movies, novels, animes, etc. Instead, everything is covered in pure video game logic, down to the most basic stuff. Example: animals behave like video game mobs instead of actual animals. And when you chop down a tree, it respawns seconds later. That's stupid.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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the fun in the mmo is generally not the actual intended game, it is the games within the game that people make for themselves.
like making stupidly over powered low level toons and picking some random area to battle it out with other overpowered low level toons for example.
MMOs are social life simulators for fatties, forever alones, and neets. That’s why the gameplay being trash is irrelevant and why mmos that remove community features all die. Simple really.
i think so many people feel the same way as this guy that the moment any game brings back the sense and feel of community MMORPG's will flourish
One of the traps that I think a lot of developers have is hyper balance.

It creates that stagnant feeling that the game is too easily solved because everyone just knows numbers go up = good

You also have the chucklefuck who's been ruining WOW's loot systems over the years being the poster child of how not to develop loot and rewards in MMOs but every big name developer thinks that his RNG stat sticks are the best thing ever despite the fact it didn't work in D3 or WOW.

Really, what we need is someone to come along and create a truly next gen MMO, the last major innovation to the genre was WOW having seemless continents with no loading screens, only to squander that shit by focusing on gay ass 3 boss hallway rushes.

Also sandbox PVP needs to be the real end game, but propped up by a good PVE economy so dragonslayers still benefit from playing the game.
>Then they learn their lesson and start putting up player-enforced policies on planting after chopping down trees.
One time I cut down every single tree in a Minecraft server (it had a tight world border so the map was maybe 2000 by 2000 or something, this was like 2011) and didn't plant any back. Why? Fuck you that's why. I wanted to sow chaos for fun. What's your solution then big boy?

File: 7m6XVIZL.png (584 KB, 1245x642)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
The news is going wild about this shit and i heard that the discord and websites of the people who made it got nuked by activision or something anyone got links to it. the files or maybe an active discord?
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I predict that if this actually goes into full swing and makes FPS games unplayable, We'll see the rise of A. more rootkit anti-cheat systems or B. the return of the server browser and more privatized communities
You don't get it, vision based AIs are essentially undetectable because it doesn't use hooks etc. or even need to capture the screen via WindowsAPI, you can just use a capture card and all the computation is done on the GPU.
downplay of the century
RTS cheats are very different than fps that's why you couldn't get a bot to stomp everyone. High level cheats get around fog of war so you always know where the enemy's units are. Low level "cheats" if they could be called that are mostly automated macros that do stuff that taxes your micro, like auto reinforcing or auto retreating.
Runescape is starting to do A already

File: JonChivalry.png (3.67 MB, 1920x1080)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB PNG
Anyone excited for the open beta tomorrow?
Im looking forward to making everyone rage as an archer.
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>its another this weapon is useless because it stops on impact episode

>its another this weapon is useless because we deleted ballerina and left all weapons short JUST LIKE CHIVALRY 1 which were only useful due to their ability to counter multiple opponents quickly and attack faster
>so we took that away so you can now not turn fast enough to engage multiple people nor can you reach them and you only attack 5% faster than them which is pointless because you are also locked into a counter animation and forced to swing or you will be disarmed and die

too bad the fucking game isnt about duels and only autistic faggots sit in duel servers all day
the game is about objective team fighting and using any 1h weapon especially a club type will get you fucking slaughtered as you can only swing and hit 1-2 people tops while 4 people swing at you at differing times forcing a death on you.

its fucking stupid to use anything other than 2h

archer doesnt even have a reason to exist
you just pick up a bow as a knight and you are basically invincible to actual archers and can do whatever you want
theres literally no reason for MAA and archer to even exist now
>archers are weaker in Chiv2 than Mordhau
How did they even manage this

File: 1619224039609.webm (2.54 MB, 877x492)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB WEBM
Get it here: http://www.bombermanboard.com/viewtopic.php?t=1925

>Over 300 unlockable playable characters.
>Over 40 stages, totaling nearly 300 variants to play on.
>Online with no port forwarding required - just connect to the main server and have at it.
>Different game modes like: Survival Battle, Reversi Battle, Dodge Battle, Hyper Battle and King Battle.
>Plethora of different items, many of which you already know, some never seen before.
>Frantic gameplay up to 12 players.

To enter the server go: Battle Mode > Online > Enter the one server that appears > Select room (may need password).

Feel free to organize matches, talk about the game, your progress or just Bomberman in general. Let's bomb!
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I guess I'll save them for when they add the Bomber GIrls.
Gonna open a room 1 hour earlier than usual today.
t. euro
File: 80631043_p1.jpg (752 KB, 1431x1100)
752 KB
752 KB JPG
Room is up
I humbly request webms from that session.

File: download (1).png (504 KB, 837x983)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
yo i got a 7 days to die server with a 10k map and i want some niggas to play with
anyone interested can add me on discord

File: Stinky Backyard.png (189 KB, 1000x494)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
Sup D&D nerds, remember Neverwinter?
New class coming up next week and the wise Devs decided to streamline EVERYTHING.
AKA delete 5 old "superfluous" leveling zones.

LAST CALL to experience the old content and maybe save it as a demo, before it's gone for good.
I played this earlier in the year and made it maybe 7 levels under cap. Got tired of how difficult everything was due to some recent patch, and just bored overall. Like I log in and have so much shit dailies to do. I liked the crafting system though.
Then you might check back in during the Bard launch.
That whole item level problem during leveling is supposedly one of the main things they tackled with the next revamp.

Though your class can also be a big problem.
Wizards are NOT in a good place right now.

File: soap2.jpg (24 KB, 600x315)
24 KB
Play skribbl with me

File: DDO2.jpg (110 KB, 500x698)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
I'm just here to shill an old MMO I've gotten into recently (few months ago) and which I fell in love with : Dungeons and Dragons : Online. I think it is a really cool game with lots of very interesting features that is worth looking into even though it has its flaws.

Pros :

>Lots of customizations, classic D&D features like Ability scores, feats, multiclassing, etc. Also adds Enhancements which are skill trees that allow further customization of your character.
>Quests are fun, every single one is narrated and acts as a dungeon of various size (some can be one room big and others can be sprawling mazes that take hours to get through). Almost all quests have optional objectives and secrets that reward the player with XP and loot. The whole game is very immersive overall
>Loot and Gear is very cool, many low level items stay relevant forever. Items are not merely +atk or +def, different items are better at different times. Enemies have immunities and weaknesses and you can capitalize on that with your gear and spells.
>Community is very mature and friendly
>A ludicrous amount of content and more content comes out regularly
>A lot of paid content can be earned by playing, you earn DDO points regularly and that can be used for permanent character or account upgrades
>Infinite replayability, the game encourages you to play as every classes and races through the Resurrection system

Cons in next post
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>Why do devs keep pulling this shit
Because it's easier. If you just have a forum page open, you won't get any updates until you manually refresh and look for them.
If you have a Discord app open, even if it's in the background and you have a different server active you can hear the ping noise when something happens, you get notified when somebody mentions or quotes you, the search function is better in discord than it is on the mobos...

Also one big upside to the discord, is as long as you remain at least semi-anonymous you can say whatever dumbass shit without worrying about your account being deleted and your game access being revoked.
If I say "Lynnabel is an ugly tranny and cordovan sucks nigger cocks" here, nothing happens. If I say it on the discord, I'll be banned from the discord. If I say it on the forums, I can be banned from the forums AND the game.
some black supremacist actually got banned from the ddo discord, kinda funny.
Me and my friends tried to play this recently and it was lagging/rubberbanding way too bad to be enjoyable. Is it still like this?
I get maybe 1 lagspike and 3 bugged loading screens that force me to close and restart ddo per 8 hour session
not unplayable but certainly annoying the few times it happens
big thing is don't play on argonessen if you care about lag, because it's by far the most active server it ends up with the worst of it.

File: love_city4.jpg (154 KB, 1024x512)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
It's a very obscure MMO, and a very hard to define one too.
I tried to play it, but the servers aren't working, am I a brainlet or they are just down?
Also, let's talk about the game, I never seen it mentioned basically anywhere.
60 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
this looks way ahead of its time what the hell
The game started before minecraft lol
I wonder if the thread will live long enough for the new build the dev mentioned in anon's email
Hopefully, but as I said, I'm gonna make a new thread when it does anyway.
We will be the only ones playing, probably, game's dead as fuck.

File: wakfu.jpg (67 KB, 550x260)
67 KB
Any wakfu fags around?
Looking to get back into the game and all the up-to-date build guides are in fucking french
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except maybe the subscription differences, dofus touch is f2p
Yeah that would be kind of unfair.
I mean the boosters in dofus touch are obtainable by ingame currency, don't think that's an option in wakfu, so it's even worse with triple income approach
man I really believe they pumped the difficulty, I have still few transmutes for lvl 80, there is no fucking way I can do lvl 80 dungeon now, 65 is kicking my ass, went for quest, do it lvl 35 hardcore style, 5-6 attempts to clear a bloody quest dungeon, they really are pushing for boosters aren't they
>you can't even deny resources as there's always a way to buy some seeds/cuttings now
Buying seeds from NPCs is actually very expensive
I see it as a market regulation mechanic to prevent people from selling basic resources at absurd prices
There is also kama minting to prevent severe undercutting

I have NEVER played this game but I want to, lets have a thread about it. I would love to get into this game

a fan server, if we all roll the same one we will have a better time! infomation here

how to download

how to make the game HD
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Im at work right now and I wanna play (im on Wings) what activities can i do while being there, I can't do parties since I have to go take care of customers once in a while... I wanna do some fishing to make some gil but im scared I'll lose a lot of bait doing so.
Shadowreign/past zones and the content available there. Not everything is working at the moment though.
Also field manuals and some jobs have new abilities.
>unlock sam because tenzens animations were really nice
>its different on my male hume
is his just unique?
Yeah, overall his animations are unique and differ from player male humes. He is a major character, after all. But some of his TP moves are just player abilities renamed.
Depending on your job(class) and patience, you can solo XP especially with FoV. Camp NMs, farm stuff, craft, do whatever quests or missions you think you can handle. Fishing works, I haven't really done it ever so I can't be of much help. Bait loss is inevitable, but it's usually cheap.

File: Premier_League_Logo.svg.png (62 KB, 1200x503)
62 KB
Would anyone ever participate in a /vm/-league? Like, a monthly ladder/league/whatever where people play 1v1 games, like card games, fightan, whatever, get points and have their names on the top of a leaderboard.

Would that be fun, or would that be a breeding ground for an unhealthy amount of autism?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Just list the games you play, and we'll see what is the most common. I think 1v1s might be the best for now, just to streamline the whole process of finding a match.

For me, I play:
- Faeria
- Magic
- Minion Masters
- Battle for Wesnoth
- Smash
- Pokemon Showdown
i am interested in playing but that might change depending on how this turns out.
>how would games be decided?
accessibility and cross platform play are possible issues. distance and netcode may also be issues.
>what is your plan for a schedule?
timezones, work schedules, no-show, and waiting are possible issues.

anyhow, i think if this were to happen, we should create 2 teams and have it be a team league. if the game is 1v1, winning would score points for the team. in addition to the card games and fightan mentioned in OP, i suggest strategy (both real-time and turn-based) and shooters. and of course, when you decide on what to do, make a thread on /v/ to recruit more players because /vm/ is dead.
>Would that be fun, or would that be a breeding ground for an unhealthy amount of autism?
It woud be a breeding ground for autism and that would make it fun
Just got into Pokemon Unite. It's pretty fun for a casual MOBA.

Some of the stats are kind of fucked. Venusaur literally has less survivability than fucking Pikachu.
It would be cool but at the same time there are very few 1v1 games with "active" playerbases here, and there's probably even less people that really are willing to play multiple games for it. So yeah, it should probably be something like what >>368459 describes.

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