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File: 1382450514807.png (53 KB, 293x251)
53 KB
How's your multiplayer game going, anon?

Want to make a multiplayer game but don't know how?
Lockstep networking: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/131503/1500_archers_on_a_288_network_.php
The tribes networking model: https://youtu.be/h47zZrqjgLc
Rocket league's networking: https://youtu.be/ueEmiDM94IE
Rollback networking in NRS games: https://youtu.be/7jb0FOcImdg

Don't be that guy who makes their game local multiplayer only and tries to rely on steam or parsec for players.

Discuss your multiplayer gamedev or request playtesting in this thread!

Nondevs: What features should every multiplayer game have? What would make you interested in picking one up? And why aren't you working on your dream game right now?
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shovelware doesn't count
I've been meaning to try making one multiplayer game but can't decide/find a good FREE solution for basic p2p + natpunch. I really don't care about either having to learn some real low level stuff, I just want a working p2p.
It looks like all current solutions require you to either buy a server or run shit on the cloud. I'd rather have some basic play-and-connect-directly-with-your-friend solution.
NAT punchthrough inherently requires a third party server. Initially you could just require people to forward ports, though. For most people that isn't too big of a deal.
Depending on the kind of game you're making you could make do with TCP, too. For something turn based this would be fine.
does a lobby browser not work? I guess that's not great for private rooms if you don't want to post both name and password in a thread

File: 19958373260.jpg (74 KB, 503x613)
74 KB
Any MMOs with a strong ERP community? It seems there's so little despite how social some games are. I know there's shit like XIV and of course Second Life but I'd like to hear more experiences and alternatives
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I really like ERP, but I get so anxious because I'm no good at writing.
Have you ever considered that if the shota didn't rape the priest, that the priest would rape him?
Sea of Thieves
What's wrong with HellMOO right now?
i thought its player base was nonexistent

File: p.drive.png (286 KB, 640x640)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
>assume my identity for a moment
>graduate just as pandemic hits
>make uber cash off of Ubereats and Doordash as a gig driver
>save up for a decent gaming rig, and capitalize on Steam summer sales
>acquire GTA V
>spend early story mode just doing taxi escort services
>only progress narrative to unlock superior vehicular specs
>steal closest ingame car model to my silver 2010 Toyota Yaris (Dinka Blista, in this case) and paint it the same shade
>return from IRL gig work to do additional gig work in an almost identical virtual vehicle
>savor all 124 hours of this exact gameplay
>all 124 hours
We kneel.
File: 1626106767630.gif (319 KB, 314x314)
319 KB
319 KB GIF

File: 22222.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
Anons.I need your help.Can you advice some fun co-op games for long plays (or something like that).
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File: tuti_website.jpg (664 KB, 2560x1440)
664 KB
664 KB JPG
Barotrauma. I also need someone to play it with.
Valheim, its p much viking minecraft. Lots of crafting, building, and bosses, but not too complicated to kill the fun.
Competitive or storymode?
Dubs are great, now give both please.
mass effect 3 multiplayer

File: DDO2.jpg (110 KB, 500x698)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
I'm just here to shill an old MMO I've gotten into recently (few months ago) and which I fell in love with : Dungeons and Dragons : Online. I think it is a really cool game with lots of very interesting features that is worth looking into even though it has its flaws.

Pros :

>Lots of customizations, classic D&D features like Ability scores, feats, multiclassing, etc. Also adds Enhancements which are skill trees that allow further customization of your character.
>Quests are fun, every single one is narrated and acts as a dungeon of various size (some can be one room big and others can be sprawling mazes that take hours to get through). Almost all quests have optional objectives and secrets that reward the player with XP and loot. The whole game is very immersive overall
>Loot and Gear is very cool, many low level items stay relevant forever. Items are not merely +atk or +def, different items are better at different times. Enemies have immunities and weaknesses and you can capitalize on that with your gear and spells.
>Community is very mature and friendly
>A ludicrous amount of content and more content comes out regularly
>A lot of paid content can be earned by playing, you earn DDO points regularly and that can be used for permanent character or account upgrades
>Infinite replayability, the game encourages you to play as every classes and races through the Resurrection system

Cons in next post
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anything that can trip that goes through freedom of movement
How is the guild going?
killed by Hardcore
there's like 2 people who log in like almost every day but the rest have been offline for months.
I see. I still want to hop into it, but I was busy with other shit. Maybe some time this month.

File: calmar.png (765 KB, 653x599)
765 KB
765 KB PNG
Do you prefer Splatoon 1 or Splatoon 2?
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You didn't even like Octo Expansion?
1 because I want to fuck the sisters more. The octonigg is ugly as any nig.
File: UndercoverSorella.png (42 KB, 256x256)
42 KB
Validate my taste in weapons.
File: octosisters.png (2.76 MB, 1600x900)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB PNG
File: squidsquad.png (842 KB, 757x697)
842 KB
842 KB PNG

-Stop paying subscription
-wow loses more players
-decides it wants to keep making money
-goes f2p
-makes money by selling mounts skins etc
-thank me later suckers
this year 2 of my friends who were paying wow 5 years straight decided to stop. Imagine paying 5 years blizzard so they can eat lobsters while those idiots ate instanoodles lmao. I stopped during bc, best decision i ever made
Agreed. Eveyone should stop so that it goes f2p.

It is win win, bliz still gets money and we get a free game.

Yes it would most likely be a free game with crap content, but we have crap content now so it will be like nothing has changed.
Give me MOP PvP for free and I will play your game for years.
I think a Classic F2P server will probably happen, but they'll make a F2P only cash shop meta for it to get some bucks.
it will happen sooner or later

me and the gang 9 people in all, brothers cousins etc used to play daily for 3-4 hours, multiple subs money every month etc.

NO MORE, might return if it goes f2p but as it is now no more money for blizzcrap

What about if we use this skin or other explosive/kamikaze related skins on Ariana Grande fortnite concert? be funny to see a lot of Nitro Jerry exploting in the crowd while it's streamed
Hey man, I'm from Manchester, that's not funny.
It's hilarious.
But, it needs to be the closest thing you can find to an arab, which is pretty difficult, honestly. I don't even think there's any goat or camel themed skins.
>arab friend owns this skin
sadly in order for nitro jerry to explode you have to get a Victory Royale which will definitely be impossible during the concert

File: Goodbye wow Vavelva.png (83 KB, 559x440)
83 KB
What game are you playing with your new found freedom?
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>and the userbase are fags
Please somebody tell me this is hyperbole.
Its still in beta and already overrun?
File: 1624073150535.gif (563 KB, 686x720)
563 KB
563 KB GIF
It is already overrun by these people
mmofags are absolute brainlets, what did you expect?
File: 1609814697748.png (718 KB, 925x900)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
I haven't played in year....but you Fulkerson see the Chris chan style hair cut of that mother fucking president that stepped down. How in the wild wild world of sports could you guys not see that the guy is motherfuckin big boss Chris chan.

File: AKATSUKI_BLITZKAMPF.jpg (27 KB, 250x247)
27 KB
is there like a fighting game mega and server just for old school and underrated fighting vidya, asking for a friend
good luck getting someone into the room you wanna play if its not on the first page

File: StarCraft_box_art.jpg (79 KB, 256x323)
79 KB
Now that Dota is a shell of its former self, and my new computer can't run Tarkov, I am craving for a game to really sink my teeth into. The kind of game that takes a few hundred hours to figure out the basics and has a lot of theory. Yes I'm retarded.
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Your mother wanted slow and deep and I gave her that last night
Shadow Empire
Literally any fighting game.
space station 13 ez

File: 1612461467996.png (1.71 MB, 1920x1080)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
File: 1617194484671.png (697 KB, 444x911)
697 KB
697 KB PNG

File: 1622501693003.jpg (303 KB, 1024x768)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
nostalgia hit me like a brick. bros im crying right now.

will there ever be another 1x aegis ro server with no customizations just like iRO was? is this lost forever? I try lowrate private servers and always quit because it never feels the same
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>more damage control
You got rekt in >>372665. Think it through better next time.
>changing the subject when you get btfo
File: memechart 3902589083.jpg (518 KB, 1000x1205)
518 KB
518 KB JPG

File: download (2).jpg (172 KB, 1280x640)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Anyone play??

Ill start up a server
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I'd be down to play sometime but it's too late tonight. Paladin best class.
Yeah its a really fun roguelike! Honestly probably one of the best multiplayer ones out there right now. Tons of classes, tons of customizations and also base building elements. Id recommend it

Awesome! Ill be down to rip some dungeons tonight if you are still up for it
You have a variety of class to choose from, with a variety of different skills plus you can upgrade in other ways, and eventually build a 'Mercenary' which is basically a custom class with whichever skills you choose.
It's incredibly slow and fucking boring. Just genuinely shit game.

File: ezzz.png (7 KB, 129x60)
7 KB
Hey fellow kekistanis..

2b2t has very few kekistans playing on it and 2f2f no longer exists so i took it upon myself to make a community driven anarchy server, it is currently hosted on 1 gig of ram so if you wanna help make it better you can donate at https://ezanarchy.tebex.io/

If you just wanna play and fuck things up then go join the server with the IP: ezanarchy.com
Can't wait to see this die due to being literally the same as every anarchy server posted to /vm/ ever.

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