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I try not to touch online rockstar games as they’re usually just poorly disguised casinos… but is it possible to have some fun out of red dead online solo? Or are you always forced to play with other players?

I wanna live out my dreams of being Crocodile Dundee in a Wild West shooter… wearing a croc jacket and hunting down bounties with a knife
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RedM looks pretty fun if your into RP.
Not much of a modder person sorry… maybe when I’m less of a caveman I’ll give that a try tho

So someone recommended to me “Paint It Black, Fool Me Once, Strange Medicine and then Eye For An Eye if you intend to go for headshots or Iron Lung if not.” In terms of ability/deadeye cards…

This good or shit?
It’s cool. I just hunt and fish during the day then play poker at night though. Might clear some bandits if I stumble upon them.
The community is mostly good i stopped playing because rockstar is retarded and wont support the game but its a fun cowboy dress up roleplay game if you jave friends
File: 20191201_194858.jpg (295 KB, 611x907)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
It's great for solo players, not many things besides the 13 story missions force you to coop. It really fulfills the cowboy fantasy I think. Immaculate clothing too.

File: woahsimon.png (81 KB, 587x721)
81 KB
Fucking kek
I remember when Ruben was just a forum user before he started his Roblox Watch series. Keep in mind this all started when he criticized a moderator for following gay fat furry porn on his public Twitter account.
>My poor Navy898
Does Roblox think Ruben is rich ?
they're trying to take ALL of his money
>when he criticized a moderator for following gay fat furry porn
wasn't navy898 terminated for critisizing the ROBLOX admins on the forums for having a double standard towards a dev (loleris)? He apparently broke ROBLOX tos by posting his personal email address on his profile or something and didn't get moderated for it. Ben then pointed out that because he broke tos, he should be moderated and therefore not be eligible for developer exchange.

If Halo Infinites unlocks were like Sea of Thieves, it would be amazing.

>unlocking stuff for levelling up
>unlocking stuff for completing certain criteria
>unlocking stuff through a battle pass that offers 100 free items, including the premium currency, where if you do “buy” the battle pass you just get 12 extra items that are more like a themed bundle
>a way to get premium currency in game, although make it challenging and occur rarely
sea of thieves's season pass is perfection, only second to deep rock galactic's dwarf pass

Why does lag compensation STILL exist in FPS? Why should someone with good internet suffer because some pajeet across the world is playing on dial-up internet? Noticed this problem especially in the new Halo
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>they actually think people with high ping have and advantage over people with no ping
i'd like to invite you to play some CSGO at 60-100 ping versus people with 5-15
>Play CS at like 70-80 ping with some friends across the country
>Clear delay before the game even registers my headshot
You can tell the difference just going into FFA servers. 70 ping server is at least manageable while a 90+ ping one feels like almost everybody is on crack or prefiring you.
No one actually believes you're at an advantage at high ping. It is however a fact that overbearing lag compensation can create specific scenarios where the high ping player is at an advantage, which feels like the game is trying to reward players with bad internet and punish those with good internet.
without lag comp youd get games like siege where the entire game revolves around spamming peekers advantage because theres you got to see the other guy rendered first on your screen and send packets that you got the hit, making these 10ping vs 200 ping / 200ping vs 10ping scenarios too extreme
p2p or lag compensated netcode is the only compromise you can do to even out the difference
Lag compensation does not "fix" peekers advantage, its an unfixable problem inherent to the way internet packets work. If anything most lag compensation methods exacerbate that problem by giving the lagging player even more time to see people while rounding corners. It's age old advice to push against lagging players because they'll have less time to react to you vs having more time to react if they're the peeker. Lagging players may also gain an advantage against players attempting to strafe in and out of cover by scoring hits while they're behind the wall.

File: Bowser_Jr_SSBU.png (36 KB, 348x492)
36 KB
why did nintendo do this?

File: fallout.jpg (77 KB, 1200x767)
77 KB
tl;dr shill me on your favorite game that 4 people can play in a group
Sup /vm/.

I'm the head-dude of a small group of friends, and we typically get 4 or so of us together a few nights per week to play vidya. So far we've done the following
As you can see, we've had some success with the Tree Punching genre, and were thinking of doing The Forest or Conan Exiles. My friends are pretty normie so there's no concern about the possibility of blitzing through content. Base building and fucking around can keep us entertained for awhile.

At the same time, I've thought about some other games
>Planetside 2
>some kind of ARPG, like Titan Quest

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vermintide 2
deep cock ballgaglick

idk i'd avoid pvp stuff. i always have more fun playing co-op than pvp
TF2 is the most fun cod-like shooter on the market, if you like punching trees check the forest and 7 days to die
File: 1604867361949.png (733 KB, 750x528)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
Payday 2
isnt outward only for 2 players?

also can I join

I know this probably isn't the place for this but I am very desperate, is there a way one could go about adding a 3rd online coop player to lego lord of the rings. this is very important. I will do anything(very desprate)

File: balif.jpg (33 KB, 720x479)
33 KB
Left my pc running to download Vanguard last night. Came home today and after 1 game of multiplayer it forced me to quit the game and download a 12 gig update which will take me around 40 mins. Was really really good tho. Anyone else Modern Warfare / Vanguard also have MW2 as their all time favorite? Crazy they are using the old maps. First one in Vanguard was castle.
Sorry, OP, I only play good games.

File: y.png (12 KB, 400x300)
12 KB
Join in my minecraft server for 1.12.2
it's an anarchic server I made for 4chan to see what happens, so just log in
RLcraft or vanilla

File: ifm-banner.gif (265 KB, 800x270)
265 KB
265 KB GIF
Internet Fun Machine is a no-rules Team Fortress 2 community server with an emphasis on chaotic fun that's run by and for 4channers. We host a unique map rotation that's almost entirely custom maps, including a few that were made specifically for the server. Oldfags and newfriends both welcome!

or open console and type: connect internetfunmachine.cf

Check out our Web site: https://internetfunmachine.cf
Join our IRC channel: #internetfunmachine @ irc.rizon.net (yes, IRC -- we oldfags nao)
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I forgot to mention it in the previous post, but we run this glorious map as part of our map rotation
>partnered with the Desuroom Revival project
more interested in this 2bdesu fampai
The /vm/ thread for the Desuroom Revival is: >>394681

I hope you'll play on both servers, though. Did you used to play on the original Desuroom?
yeah, i dont play tf2 much anymore and rarely touch this board though
File: iceworld.jpg (378 KB, 1664x1024)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
We also run a TF2 port of fy_iceworld from Counter-Strike 1.6. Epic win?

File: pic.png (474 KB, 585x641)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
Lego Universe source code releasing on December 5th
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Maybe it's something on my end, but I kept getting kicked if i was inactive for any longer than a minute or two. maybe the server maintenance will fix that, but I just wanted to let you know just in case.
Do you know if it's possible to change default names down the road, too?
Now it's not letting me login because I left it blank.
Getting logged out due to inactivity is normal, but not after a minute. Since the racists had their testing, the nightly maintenance was moved up. If you come across the same issues after the restart was done, then it's something else.
Everything is possible when you have direct access to the database and know how to change it.
Account Name is not the same as Character Name.
Your Account Name is now:
If you want it changed, file a bug report ingame.
File: Apu crying.jpg (67 KB, 1024x962)
67 KB
>Your Account Name is now:
>If you want it changed, file a bug report ingame.
You know what? I deserve it for the time being. Thanks for all of your help, Anon.

File: end.jpg (15 KB, 643x385)
15 KB
still going edish

Haxball is a top-down 2D football game that's played entirely in your web browser.

You can join the /hax/ room at:
>check thread
pass: shaw

Room link, stats, chat logs and replays available at

Room is usually "active" around these hours:
20:00 to 22:00 GMT
15:00 to 17:00 EST
12:00 to 14:00 PST
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one more fore 4v4
File: Dodgeball.png (82 KB, 1829x971)
82 KB
good to see you all last night and congratulations again to cock for his arranged nuptials !
that was my first attempt before i knew the controls. next shot i got it in the middle unironically

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (115 KB, 616x353)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Holy guacamole... Have you guys seen Super Mecha Champions? It's a battle royale with mechas and it is awesome

File: 1637344076286.png (22 KB, 800x600)
22 KB
Risk of Rain
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get back in here slowpoke
File: 1631134838329.png (18 KB, 522x386)
18 KB
thanks, neik
crashed and closed for now
thanks for host, was fun

File: pic4.jpg (8 KB, 300x168)
8 KB
Deep Rock galactic is a cooperative horde shooter with awesome weapons, potentially crazy level generation, corporate abuse and bureocracy, and drunk dwarves.
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File: george hmm.jpg (13 KB, 191x201)
13 KB
>but it works way better with high ping
>what do I check in their shitcord?
idk they probably have a bugs/bugs discussion/tech support channel, a quick peruse should make it apparent which channel is the right one, and I'm sure you'll have a brown noser telling you if you're in the wrong spot
>Wouldn't dying parts (RAM/GPU/CPU/HDD) kill/restart my machine the moment any of them shits the bed?
parts degrade, they don't necessarily completely die when they start shitting the bed
t. also mostly tech illiterate
>but it works way better with high ping
i am sorry that you have old dusty pc
requires less aiming and shooting, hitting weakspots feels less important. Killing shit in less shots makes a difference
Theres a few friends i play with where i get 150-300ms and for these i find running normal a lot better in practice
what does the PC have to do with the connection to someone across the world
you don't need to hit weakspots at all with an armor break blowthrough hipster build, that's the whole point of the build

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