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File: eq.jpg (118 KB, 600x600)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>everquest had it right all along
Imagine you play a new MMO, you're just fighting some random low level snake and it poisons you. Now imagine that there's no such thing as an antidote in the game, unless you find another player who's playing a class that is capable of healing poison, you'll just die because of some faggot snake.

So you say fuck that and go fight some other low level enemies, but for some reason you're doing literally 0 damage no matter how much you shoot at them. Turns out they have a magical shield that can only be removed by specific player classes.

So you say wtf and move on again, but you're kinda low on HP/mana and it's taking super long to regenerate. Just like there was no antidote, there's also no recovery items, you're supposed to be rejuvenated by a magical recovery field, a bard, or a fresh meal that will expire unless eaten 10 minutes after being cooked by a chef.

So you wait for half a fucking hour to regenerate like an autist and move on. But you moved wrong, because the new place has cold environment that requires campfires or warmth spells to survive in, neither is available for your fighter class.

Move again, but this time the enemies fuck your shit up within 2 seconds and kill you. Turns out someone's supposed to use a trap or a slowness spell that lets ranged fighters kite them.

And what's this, because you died you'll drop all the consumable items on you, your equipment durability drops to 0, and you also lose 5% of your total XP/levels....... unless a priest (who can't fight at all against non-undead enemies) resurrects you.

I never played EverQuest and I know it's not like this, but I've heard it's similar. What if you had an MMO that, while it doesn't have an explicit teaming up mechanic or force you to team up with other players, in practice it's fundamentally unplayable if you don't. Different combinations of classes are useful in different places depending on what the enemies and environment is like.
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>No one wants to play MMOs for single player grindshit
Those are literally the biggest MMOs.
If you want to PvP, why would you play a game where you have to grind for levels and skills?
because there exists a mentally deficient audience that unironically believes grinding extrinsic digital numbers is a skill
I dunno but the game doesn't have much to offer outside of that. The starting areas are just a vast expanse of nothing with random mobs for you to grind, but at least EQ did that somewhat soulfully. DAoC's monster grinding is just unfun and there's nothing to find out in the world because all they want you to do is gear up and go PvP.
>WOW in its prime had people raiding cities and constant warfare in an open world setting
>Subs flatlined when flying became normalized and plummeted when dungeon and raid finders were introduced
>WOW clones fail completely
>FFXIV had to shift gears and make a shoddy final fantasy game with MMO jank because they also don't know how the fuck to make an MMO, which lead to success
>Everything else is dead AF
Try again

>implying an inherent property of MMOs is level grinding and not simply the scale of the persistant server size
This is why MMOs are so dogshit now, because you grindfags continue to eat shit for pixels that look worse than the cash shop jank these korean fuckfests shit onto your plate

File: shot0006.jpg (153 KB, 980x580)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
This is a bit of a niche genre, so maybe there are some other similar games out there that I haven't heard of yet.

Of the ones I know that exist are Tremulous (finally lost its 24/7 population back in 2019 and finally losing its 7 day/week population only in 2022), Natural Selection (HL mod), Natural Selection 2 (standalone), Gloom (Quake 2 mod, available on Quake 2 RTX) and their derrivative community projects (e.g. Darkness, based on Gloom but for Source Engine, or Unvanquished, based on Tremulous for WolfET derived engine).

Other "similar" gameplay games include L4D/L4D2 and Evolve, but they're not RTS and there's no base building/planning and so on.
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Allegiance? It's a space game tho
there's also a map that builds all the tech and shit for you, like xr_pvp or someshit
Command and Conquer Renegade. Try the W3DHub mods.
File: E9LU8NPWUAASuZv.jpg (38 KB, 750x750)
38 KB
I loved this game so fucking much. I remember being such nasty basilisk player.
I really enjoyed Empires Source, Zombie Master, and Savage 2. There was a leak that Valve has been working on one themselves called Half-Life: Citadel, but not much official released for that. I hope it pans out, it’s a really underrated genre

File: lil purple fella.png (519 KB, 805x1048)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
they dont feel the same to play casually or competitively because of matchmaking, and the average IQ of people who play them seem to have just fallen off a cliff making every game a battle of the least retarded
>im tired of brainlessly pointing and clicking at the enemy
Good for you anon. Now that you finally matured, how about you start playing one of those social deduction games? I heard that they're a lot more fulfilling to play nowadays.
File: dance.png (860 KB, 821x837)
860 KB
860 KB PNG
Sounds like you're just burnt out over the selection of games you're currently playing,
that's fine, you can either play some other genres (preferably not multiplayer just 'cause) or you can try a different pool of fps games.

Or just a gaming break in general.
Same, I mostly enjoy either paradox games or factory sim games these days.
My issue with FPS games is they haven't had interesting guns for a very long time.

Look at Turok with the cerebral bore which I remember years later.

Or UT where you can combine alternate fire from weapons to devastate your enemy with trick shots.

It's all just run and shoot, machine gun or single shot nonsense that's uninspired. I couldn't ever get into apex or valorant for that reason alone. Granted, valorant is like CSGO but that was never fun to me either.
I’ve been really enjoying Jabroni Brawl Episode 3. First FPS I’ve enjoyed in a long time but I was a Half-Life kid

File: 1234243.jpg (66 KB, 452x363)
66 KB
Are multiplayer games a good place to meet women? Which pc game has the biggest female player base?
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My gf plays it, she's in a guild with 40 other females
>muh trannies
They're so stupid that they link their social media profiles in their PS profiles...
Not only that but they're usually quite vocal to prove they're not trannies
It's a dead game and boring as fuck, but it's full of girls.
Internet cafes. A meagre amount of pocket money will let you play at an internet cafe most afternoons, whereas saving that money for a shit computer and a game on Steam would take years.
they always have a fucking boyfriend and he's always the fucking guild master
just like in fucking real life
That probably won't work for someone in his 30's. Also how did you actually meet your GF? I get that you met her in VRChat from some circle of friends but you're skipping some steps.

>new origin drops
>it's even worse than the old one

File: 103977311_p1.png (1.2 MB, 1098x744)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
What is Elsword?
Elsword is a free-to-play hack and slash online action MMORPG. A pretty unique game in today's market.

https://pastebin.com/VFbF2bYi (embed)

>Is the game alive?
Absolutely! The game has a very dedicated, albeit medium, playerbase. Early game may be a bit lonely, but later you'll have no trouble finding people in the meta dungeons.

>Important events
Currently, we have a Powerful Punch Master (PuP) event. What this basically means is lots of freebies to make progression faster. For more info, visit:

Feel free to discuss the game, ask questions, coom, etc.
Remember: The elf always watches.
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Part 2 is such a fucking slog. They should really nerf it.
File: 1663026482266947.jpg (9 KB, 392x294)
9 KB
>Need around 1000 Rigomor runs to fill the whole book
I have a guild specifically run just by a friend so it doesn't really matter regardless
I just leave them at third job, save for the core ones (pola, asd, adap, etc.).



migrate my senpaitachi, except the Eve player who is all alone

I think hell froze over. The new kartrider game has no pay to win elements whatsoever.
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But muh rank
it's not that kind of rank silly
File: 1372752445608.jpg (15 KB, 191x205)
15 KB
>got robbed of my 1st into 3rd because it lagged for the last 5 seconds and didn't give me two whole nitros
Is there a lag filter for matchmaking?
yeah actually in the options. I didn't even know that it was possible to lag using items though.

Anyone wanna play Dota 2 with a semi new player ~150 hours. Tired of playing alone and none of my friends want to try it, I mostly play 4 and 5
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Tell that to these losers who would rather see their game die out than allow for reasonable changes to be made
yep been playing it recently and the way they've patched this game is quite insane. like taking everything people hate about the game and making as much worse as they can.
Most of your shit is sound, except your 'exploit' arguement, denying exists in WC3's metagame where denying your unit gives reduced exp, it is in fact a feature

The reality is that the 'new meta' hot garbage that is esports mentality is what ruined the experience. League of Legends is dogshit because this is how they design their game to make it 'fresh and interesting' to watch, and DOTA fell into the same trap, no longer are the days of Icefrog doing micro changes and maybe 1 or 2 ability reworks so they work/scale better, now we get entire hero reworks that ruins the entire concept of the character (RIP Techies) and the current map is so fucking dogshit, when the original DOTA map was fucking perfect

If you want to fix DOTA, go back to 2013 balance, reintroduce the new heroes with toned down kits, make sure shit like abyssal blade or the spellpower items never exist again

Funny enough there is a dota 2 classic custom game now and its growing in popularity, because again, nu-dota 2 is dogshit
my problem with the game is;
many hero concepts in DOTA are trash. you have far fewer abilities in this game than say WoW and then when their abilities are also nobrainers to use it's just a brainless slog to play, "balancing" them is like a surefire way to ruin the game completely. there is still a skill-element of understanding the game or whatever but noobs don't understand that this is only about knowing when you can pick them and nobody really enjoys draft-wins.
I get you, but we used to have a balance for this in a metagame.

The 'draft win' meta started happening when they focused on esports more than regular play.

Before there were three distinct parts of a game, early game, mid game, and late game, the problem with nu-DOTA is that there is no mid game, and early game is insanely short, carries come online too quickly and resources are practically free so instead of having an in depth econ you just have the inevitable 30 minute carry overload that is modern DOTA and it sucks ass

And trying to make it more WOW like, I.E. forced balance, or league of legends like, where you force every hero to be 50% which simply doesn't work or make games fun, won't do anything in the long run.

The fact that push heroes, map control, junglers, ect, all hero designs that were made obsolete in favor of esports watchability is fucking sad, if people wanted unga bunga laning league already existed.

File: FAG.jpg (276 KB, 1920x1080)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
anyone hop on do some levels faggots
hop on the treasure log boys
If i owned the game, i would play with you alas i dont have the money to spend on a new game right now
but one piece is one of my favourite animes
kinda wish they would drop a game where you can make your own pirate and go on an adventure

File: La-Tale3.jpg (103 KB, 600x440)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I see a lot of mmo threads on here
Has anyone ever tried Latale?
I play it because I think my character is cool and cute and the OST is nice
comfy game if you ask me
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i think it did change devs
it is on steam now
>Also the OST in this game had no right being as good as it was.
THIS OST IS GOATED top of my list for mmo OSTs next to mabinogi
La Tale's OST was pretty fucking good and only got better over time. Hell, one of the best tracks plays during a brief segment in the optional tutorial and nowhere else.
Why the fuck are you playing an MMO then?
because i like the gameplay and enjoy the stories and artstyles
but another thing in a lot of MMOs is that a lot of the time, people are either afk, or they are already in their own cliques

File: wut.png (162 KB, 448x268)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
what the fuck

File: eternal return.jpg (343 KB, 1920x1080)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
season 8 premier
does anyone still care about the game there is nowhere else to talk about it except the discord and steam
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Devs outlined the changes in their dev logs YT video if you're interested. The changes are pretty much continuing to move the game from hard-core solo "survival" to more simplified, straightforward forward team brawler. It will probably retain more players with that format but time will tell if it's enough to survive
I forgot this is still early access. They should try to promote the game.
this patch is ???
my winrate in cobalt took a nose dive
wtf is going on
man why you playing cobalt play ranked
why does this game have so many damn vtubers

File: 1664075045192.png (350 KB, 622x745)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
im looking for a new game to grind on. i want it really skill heavy, want something fast paced

here's what i tried:
-valorant: i really like it but got banned for a year, cant be bothered to make a new account because i like my skins

-cs: played enough of it and got bored, movement feels like im ice skating

-r6: 4k hours and ESL tournamets, game's dead

-apex: as much as i like everything about the mechanics its a battle royale, i guess i could grind arenas but nobody takes them seriously

-quake/diabotical: fun but dead

recommend me something anons, i literally have nothing to play. at this point the only thing i can think of is grinding kovaaks records
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
grind ranked hitscan dps in ow2
>very unforgiving
>skill heavy
>fast paced
You're welcome. Git gud with vortexes, blackholes and mutants.
QC because I just want to see more people having fun with it.
Maybe try this game called real life
quake live
quake champions
unreal tournament 99/2004 (if you can find servers
gunz the duel (incredibly technical and fast paced but it's in third person)

File: 1673108331772443.jpg (151 KB, 1024x1024)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Hello fellow degens! I am trying to find a name for my ship in sea of thieves. Any ideas?
Boaty McBoatFace
gay peen is schitt: the boat
Peter Muskrat's revenge
Bin Laden's Precious Smile

File: 7M_9_11_22.png (425 KB, 2548x1149)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
IP: play.vmcraft.me

Live Map: map.vmcraft.me
Discord: https://discord.gg/8G6W4VH26B
Wiki: wiki.vmcraft.me

>Over 1000 unique players ever joined

>Many months of history and politics

>You can be racist or chill, we don't care

>Build a city, forge an empire, or just hang out
273 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: piratewarwojcraft.gif (2.82 MB, 736x736)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB GIF
VERSION: 1.17.1
awesome man
pretty good server
how do i log into this

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