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File: valo rejk.jpg (21 KB, 800x450)
21 KB
VCT Reykjavik - Tech Pause Edition

>Where can I watch these matches?
https://www.twitch DOT tv/valorant
>Where is the schedule for these matches?

Currently playing: DRX (Korea) vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas (Brazil)

Both teams offer a lot of mechanical skill and DRX has been renowned for their utility usage since forever. Should be a pretty good match.

Up next today:
>Optic Gaming (NA) vs. KRU Esports (SA)
>Fnatic (EU) vs. Zeta Division (Japan)

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4chan is an anime board historically oriented towards chink games and mmorpgs so they hate skill based games especially aim reliant ones made by americans.

Also this.
File: 1631706600224.jpg (422 KB, 1920x1080)
422 KB
422 KB JPG
how the heck didn't asuna get stunned?

nice game riot
dead fucking thread. Guess 4chan doesn't really cares about esports in general
Bro? The csgo esports thread just got 700 replies in 2 days
How many posts a month? 2?

File: I needed that food.png (575 KB, 1134x1080)
575 KB
575 KB PNG
This thread is for the discussion of (bitching and moaning) of Battlefield-type games such as
>Battlebit Remastered
>Battlefield 5
>Battlefield 1
>Battlefield 1
>Battlefield 2042

planetmans already have their own thread
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>can't kill planes because AA sucks ass
>can't take a plane because they are all in use
>can't do shit with a plane because they are level 0
>can't get xp points because can't do shit
>get instantly destroyed by AA or high level planes anyways
matchmaking was always super fucked, use the browser
Fuck you fag for including 42 and not 4
bf3 is best battlefield
That may be true but good fucking luck playing it
I hate EA so much
>Team Fortress 2 - 2007 and still inexplicably alive despite an active effort to make it unplayable
>Battlefield 3 - 2011 and you'd be lucky to play with even one other person today
not fair

File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (204 KB, 1280x720)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Anybody here still playing Chivalry 2 or Mordhau? Which one do you prefer? I'm currently enjoying chiv2 with my heavy mace.
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have it be massive field battles and sieges
Make things like feinting, morphing, charging, held weapon block perks you put on a character at the cost of not being able to do other things, have worse weapons, and so on.
Put a hitbox on the back end of the weapon that deals no damage to prevent utterly wacky shit.
Single player campaign that functions as a tutorial.
Mod tools out of the gate and community contests to encourage player creativity; two dev teams clearly don't know how to make player stick to these games, but maybe players do.
>focus too much on feints and character body movement
you people act as if there was a rule against it in irl swordfigthing

>In my shitty opinion there needs to be a casual game
casuls just want to win immediately and make everything about them, THEY need to have fun. but no matter how a game is designed there will always be someone with a deeper understanding of the game mechanics and who is also not willing to put up with their shit

you would need to throw something else in like magic or it would just be floaty and boring as heck

> and some basic block system
thats like trying to message someone who has ghosted you

literally not even normie poopsockers would want this shit
Chiv 2 has fine systems, they just don't want to do the meticulous animations and hitboxes and netcode compensations to refine the combat. This is why they disabled being able to choose your swing direction.
Just need Mordhau's smoothness and absolute freedom with a fair held block mechanic. If a noob faces a pro then he can survive a lot longer until his team mates come to help. Chiv 2's held block isn't good either and only punishes genuine shitters, like vtuber-tier players who would actually hold block for 3 seconds straight the moment they even see someone barely attacking, instead of doing a held 1-2 second block the moment an attack is already in motion which even regular casual players do as they know to block when an attack is coming rather than before it even starts.
People don't realize how smooth Mordhau is. A held block that doesn't have the huge hit detection of shields, and of course doesn't have the obscured first person vision of shields, would make drags a lot less deadly without changing much else to the gameplay. People would still try to hard read to preserve stamina, but can always fall back on losing stamina against accels/drags/feints. But of course Mordhau's biggest issue was always the lack of content, as the combat really is the best of the best.
And as far as chambers go they are a fine mechanic, but certain angles and drags won't get caught by them until the very last moment which by then you're essentially really close to just hard reading. A held parry is much easier and is the exact same process minus the *I hope this chamber actually detects the hit* because you know that so long as your parry is being held, the hit will meet with it eventually.

File: file.png (151 KB, 460x215)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
>people tell me a game has a good melee combat system
>it's just another RPS system that rewards whoever happens to guess right first

File: 1627876151163.jpg (174 KB, 663x545)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
DESUROOM REVIVAL: 24/7 Harbl Hotel TF2 community server

Come and play with your fellow 4channers. Our server is rules-free and has an old 4chan feel. Oldfags especially welcome!

We hold a regular event every Saturday at 6 PM Central Time, but the server is up 24/7.

IP address:
or game.desuroom.cf:27015
or search "harbl_hotel" in TF2

Check out our Web site: https://www.desuroom.cf
Join our IRC channel: #desuroom @ irc.rizon.net

JOIN NAO desu~
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File: 1627872635546.jpg (177 KB, 1191x798)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
The Desuroom Revival is definitely an oldfag server, less so an anime server, and certainly not a tranny server, though they are still welcome, of course.

>Oldfag culture really is aggressively trans
How so? I love the pre-2010 4chan culture, yet I'm very far from being trans.

>The other girls there
Pick one.

The Desuroom is better because we emphasize the oldfag culture, whereas the /bant/ server does not. Problem, Hombre? :^)
I miss the desuroom but was fine with it staying dead and occasionally looking at these threads reminds me of that whenever the itch returns.
if we don't preserve our culture we're doomed to lose it.
Join us on the Desuroom later today for our weekly event!

File: gunz.jpg (491 KB, 1024x768)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
why did it had to die? i miss it so fucking much
does anyone still play this in private servers and how full they are?
u missed the recent igunz.net boom that happened about a year ago where we had 100s of people on NA times. it was my 1st private server since IJJI and the gameplay didn't really feel right so i quit after a few days. good luck catchin the next wave. looks like its back to being dead now.
Cool game but I only ever managed to play as normal instead of kstyle. It was so frustating trying to play when the room had those flying katana yelding + shotgun girls.
this, i have nostalgia for this game but never did kstyle since i was a dumb kid and it felt like a fucking bother to button mash
just play gunz2 unless your too stupid to get into kstyle

File: jnTjJsz.png (19 KB, 579x523)
19 KB
anyone want to play some 0.75 ace of spades?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>port 32887 is forwarded?
Yes. I'm willing to bet it's some bullshit to do with Windows 11. I can't launch the game through the browser or standard Cmd+R Run method, so I just made a .txt with the address and drag/drop it over the client.exe. I know it's retarded, but that's all I've got so far.
Is there a guide on how to host 0.75 servers?
Hell yeah, I haven't play ace of spades in forever.
0.75 - SMG disabled.


>What is it?
WW1-themed voxel shooter with building.

>How do I join?
Choose one:
Classic graphics:

New lighting/modern graphics:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Screenshot_196.jpg (208 KB, 548x1024)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
lively thread for lively game
282 replies and 41 images omitted. Click here to view.
>somebody asks in steam forums how to report a moderator
>thread locked in less than an hour with 0 replies
>leaves mordhau
>instant chinkshit endorsement
they don't wanna see us win mordbros..
>Howdy folks!
>As always, we'd like to hear your thoughts on the game; any feedback or comments, concerns, suggestions, etc. are super helpful for us, and we do appreciate them. Of course, please keep things civil and constructive - we can't really work with "game bad", but we can use constructive criticism to improve the game. Thanks!
>For development notes:
With Arid, we're beginning testing beginning this week; the collision and structures/models/meshes are all good, and now the focus is on doing internal playtests to iron things out. What we're interested in is testing lighting (it's a night map, so we're tweaking for visibility), performance/optimization and general bug testing. There are still a few things left in terms of propping the map with a bunch of little objects, and a few little odds and ends. Overall though, the map is now playable internally and the majority of the work is now focused on testing.
>Arid is still our main priority, but there are some other things we're working on. We're aware that you all would like heraldry-based emblems, and we're looking at some emblems that will fit thematically into the next update; while also planning out some more for the future. Work for armor setup is ongoing for the remainder of the Eastern Invasion gear, and of course the armory is done - it's completely playable, and Spook is just messing around with a few small items for polishing the UI/UX.
>That's about it for this week - we'll be putting out some screenshots of the new map soon, and we'd like to thank you all for your patience.

tl;dr nothing new, as usual. "we are working on the game :)"
>Chiv 2 does their own middle east shit like Snorehaus Eastern Invasion
>Calls it Tenosian Invasion
>Will release at the same time Chiv 2 goes on steam
Nighau devs had all this time and Chiv 2 is going to shit out a higher quality middle eastern content first
Wouldnt be surprised if we get the next mordhau update around the time this Chiv update comes out. The devs will panic and release a shittier map than usual trying to compete with chiv2
At this point both games emberass the other
Chiv 2 devs shit out way more content but their combat is complete dogass compared to Mordhau's

File: FIsPU_XXIAI1hxJ.jpg (43 KB, 1242x678)
43 KB
>2042 sucks
>cod is cod mw2019 was fun but they killed that
>halo is gay
>apex is good but gets boring quick
>csgo i have no friends and solo q is a nightmare
>valorant lol
>promod has the most retarded dev team
>rainbow 6 has the worst community
>all arena shooters are DOA rip diabotical lol

haven't played anything like insurgency or heros or generals so i cant comment on those
what have you anons been playing? the new apex season does look pretty cool with that 9v9 mode, but Titanfall with the northstar client has been such a great time
497 replies and 56 images omitted. Click here to view.
Unironic shit-bucket BF3 Colonel 100 curbstomping the other team
I've seen niggas at level 3000+
what the fuck do they play, 24/7 Push?
>example given for peak gameplay is finding ways to blow up the enemy spawn and stop a fight completely
Milsimmer alert, go sit in your P1GS zerg and stare at an empty spawn room instead of recommending wrel's sloppy seconds to people who are actually trying to play a first person shooter.
I play siege at a high level and there is definitely not a hacker every match. The nature of hacks in siege make it really difficult for hackers to hide the fact they're hacking, you can tell very easily if someone is aimbotting or has ESP and there's no minimap to put dots on either. I've played 200 matches of siege this season and probably come up against hackers 6 times, 3 of which was the same guy
You mentioned you haven't played insurgency, go ahead and wishlist it. Goes on sale for 2$ sometimes so get it then
It's a good game with some banter and fuckery, gunplay feels good. It won't be a main game but it's good to have ready to launch
Otherwise, yeah fps are dogshit right now
siege thread died
why the fuck is it taking me half an hour to find a deathmatch game

File: survival games.png (711 KB, 918x426)
711 KB
711 KB PNG
So whats the state of survival games? Anything new or its all still the same?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
rust for being able to attract steady streams of teenager wanting to meet some youtuber or make some play as they have seen it on jewtube. Face punch really landed the public-hot-mic-naked gold mine.
also scum is hanging on with roughly half of that of the dayz's pop.
rust is still the biggest and most played title around
ark and dayz are niche games now
Is Scum any good? I remember playing it on release but it was a buggy,laggy piece of shit then.
> dayz are niche games now

DayZ is more popular than its ever been in its entire existence.
I never got used to Rust. I feel its base building is too excessive.
Dayz is my favorite survival game. It is good, quite good. The game come a long way. Many bugs are fixed many features are added and there is a vibrant community and unofficial servers, be it stalker rp, more rustlike servers with traders and extensive base building or even deathmatch servers(which they were more populated). It is a very realistic and brutal game just as I want it.
Very few negatives imho
-official servers might have hackers, you don't see them often, I have only seen once in last 2 years but still made my experience bad
-looting mechanics need a bit of learning, official servers are quite frugal when it comes to distributing loot
-a little, just a little bit ease in base building might help. You need to gather 3-4 different items just to make a gate which can be destroyed easily which is bad, and they are easly raided by a dedicated person with 3-4 hours, the game doesn't encourage you to have bases that much

but positives outweigh the negatives, the extensive heath/sickness mechanic, insulation mechanic, good amount of different gears, the sheer panic when you meet another player cannot be described in words. all in all great game really fell in love with dayz again.

To install mods, go to %appdata% then Vintage Story Data, open the mod folder, drag and drop the contents to the mod folder in the Vintage Story Data folder.
A stable 1.16.0 release has just come out, so expect a 1.16 pirate link relatively soon.
>Last thread:( >>520195 )

/vm/ SERVER:
>Modlist: https://mega.nz/folder/l0kgHbYJ#fqRORiaescwb75z_6necjQ

Ted’s server died. Xskills broke clay forming in the latest version. Lightning was added. There should finally be some new pirate clients. If you want to browse for more servers check the vintage story discord under their servers tab.

What projects have you been working on?
What update do you hope comes next and why is it worldgen?
496 replies and 69 images omitted. Click here to view.
>noooo you can't just have a comfy multiplayer game with dedicated 4ch server up on my slow, dedicated multiplayer board, reeeeee!
If you don't like it try spamming threads to age it out. Also cupe and soothe.
>try spamming threads to age it out
That's not how it works. Do you know what bump limit is?
I'm suggesting you make bake new breads (NOMEAL) but I appreciate the heuristic intent here friendo.
New Thread
New Thread
New Thread

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (103 KB, 616x353)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Alphas now over. What did I think of it?
Shit, there was an alpha? This really piqued my interest when it first popped up on the radar. Tell me, is it actually a full sandbox space exploration and piracy game, like WW1 Sea of Thieves in Space. or is the stations and ships you plunder just like missions you select that people can invade. The promotional material leans way more FPS despite having a couple space gifs, so I'm worried
Its practically escape from starkov/sea of warhammer. Instanced raids, plus all the stuff you mentioned. Only a few days of alpha but its gonna be back Q3 this year apparently for beta/early access release
I dont care what you thought about it, fuckboy
Just talk about the fucking game
I saw Big Shart play it, looked ok, some kind of Tarkov Russians in space, I just got to he part where he was spectating AmericanIdiot escape before the time ran out.

File: atlas.jpg (47 KB, 620x420)
47 KB
Saw the game updated and wiped in my steam news feed. This game is dog shit and I would recommend no one to play it.
Anyways if anyone is interested in playing here is the place to mention your server and where you want to meet up. I would play on pvp us.

No d*scord

File: Ec_KrS7WAAIWwPr.jpg (174 KB, 989x1200)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
I like random crits because they make the game less predictable and repetitive
Based post OP
you can't have random things in a video game, we need it to be a competitive masterpiece it was inteded to be, i need my spread sheets validated somehow
No one really cared about them until faggot Dane decided they are unfair and ZIS MUST BE STOPPED.
Unfortunately his servers are most populated ones but no kritz and 3x class limit is absolute shit.
yeah they're nice

File: 1645089860743.jpg (312 KB, 1332x1840)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
Recommend me an FPS game with
>no one shot kills
Every time I play an FPS I just get killed instantly every few seconds with no time to even shoot back.
>good matchmaking
I want to play against other people on my incredibly low skill level.

Are there any games that fit this description?
Halo I guess lol.
thankyou replyfag
that just might work
some brs

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