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File: 1645410606254.png (443 KB, 1327x560)
443 KB
443 KB PNG
Multiplayer games without skill based matchmaking are shit. I don't want to invest 1,000 hours into a game just to be able to have fun.
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imagine being this retarded
tf2 isn't a competitive game
Enjoy your .51 winrate, sweat, and stagnation

Also no server browser = no community, no variety, dead game in 2 years or so

First it was split screen co op and now it’s the server browsers falling off
They’re one of the most vital things for a game to survive on PC, which is why they died off possibly.
matchmaking is designed to make you lose 50% of the time no matter how good you are. Thats no longer a good source of dopamine compared to games i can win 70% of the time.
A good matchmaker is a random matchmaker.
First i misunderstood your post however, and I thought of WoW instantly, since there you're physically unable to win at PvP as long as you haven't sunk 100s of hours to get 'pvp' gear. PvP gear has to be the most retarded shit that has ever been implemented in a video game tbf.

File: Khazar Recruitment Shot.png (2.35 MB, 1917x1080)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB PNG
A few of us from /vg/ have gotten together and started a small guild on the Mistblade private server in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. We are looking for a few more players to round out our 10 man roster, so we thought to ask you guys if you might be interested. We are only recruiting from 4chan so you can be as much as a spaz in guild as you want and don't have to worry about normalfags. Come play with us. We need like 3-4 more people!.

Guild: <Khazar Milkers>
Faction: Alliance
Account Creation: https://stormforge.gg
Server: Mistblade-PvP

Recruiting Needs:
-Ranged DPS: 2-3 Mages, Warlocks, Hunters in that order.
-Tank: 1 Paladin or Death Knight in that order.
-Healers: Full

We are aiming to start with 10mans within the next week or two once everyone finishes leveling up and gets around 460 gear level. Post your character name in the thread or you can join the public /wpsg/ discord(https://discord.gg/DfhgwReZDe) and message someone there for an invite to the guild once you make your character.
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>Lack of servers with any good scripting is the main thing against Legion. Also the fact that not many people play on any of them.
Did anyone try the new Evolution one? I was just downloading it
File: think.png (175 KB, 600x600)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
>Where are the other Hordefags?
Dunno, where are they?
>GM is a selfish narcissist
Activates my almonds
>The PVP is arguably the best of any iteration of WoW
oh wow so you definitely did not pvp during mop and definitely didnt do any arena
Still need people to fill out the roster? Blizzlike rates? What do you need?

File: 1649801444555.jpg (279 KB, 1024x1024)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
Does anyone here play DayZ?

Standalone is actually really good now.
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I installed the single player mod which you can download from github. You can also fly in the map checking out places to build a potential base etc, or spawn anything you wish.
But besides admin powers you can also play it normally. With normal item spawn and normal zombies. I sometimes check potential cities that I don't know on this single player before approaching in multi.

But man the feeling of being constantly watched is there. I know I play singleplayer and there is no way that anyone can play with me, but you still get the creeps of someone watching you, some rudimentary noise that makes you think someone is closeby. Bloody paranoid game.
vanilla DayZ being so unforgiving with food makes it so if you don't find 1-2 cans and something to open them with within the first 10 minutes of your run, you're not gonna survive this The Random gas zones accentuate that problem, with the fact that now, the place you had hope of maybe finding a tuna can to survive a few miles longer might be entirely inaccessible, through no fault of your own. It's like how vanilla forces you to log off the moment night falls because you're burning calories faster than Tchernobyl, but add the fact you might aswell log out at the edge of the gas to come back in an hour when it'll have passed.

the concept of permanent gas zones is interesting, but oddly applied. Why is pavlovo entirely covered with permanent zones, while Tisy is spared? The general rule is "Better gear=Go Inland", so a mil zone like that, that's close to the coast, and that unless you're fully coated in NBC gear is gonna kill you is questionable at best, and an encouragement toward endgame players gravitating around the coast to hunt bambis at worse?

And the temporary zones are also near death sentence: since as previously mentionned, unless you're in full NBC you're dead if you hang around longer than 3 seconds in a gas zone, this forces a player that's going to loot a temporary gas zone to be ready to bolt it anytime they hear a single suspicious sound, instead of say, having to carry a gasmask+Filter and being relatively fine, which would have been an interesting way to do it.

It also messes a bit with the feel of the game, in my opinion: you're telling me that civilization has entirely crumbled... except for those guys that are still regularly flying sorties to gas a zombie region? What am I doing here?
DayZ is my absolute favorite game of all time. I have 3k hours to date and I can never get tired of it. It's such a versatile game, there are deathmatch servers, pvp servers, pve servers, themed servers, rp servers, etc. Really any experience you want to have you can do it! I personally love RP right now, so fun and loads of great people. (pretty faggy communities though so consider yourself warned.) Servers to avoid are Sunnyvale and Survivalist RP.
If you guys love RP servers you should check out The Veil! Amazing custom mod content, constantly developping lore and amazing RPers. Check it out! https://theveildayz.com
>black zone of pripyat
I hated that server, bunch of faggots crying to admin that I didnt RP being scared when they told me to put my hands up and I instead just dumped a pkp mag into the three of them, they also did some event where the monolith player faction were given godmode for RP reasons, pathetic

File: PvZGW2_featured.jpg (442 KB, 1920x1080)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
Nobodies made a thread on this as far as I know but recently PVZ GW2 released on steam and its impossible to find a match so has anyone fixed it or is the game just dead
people actually played this shit?
oh hell yeah its really fun just its servers on pc arent as populated as console and its recent like RECENT steam release didnt really boost its player count
File: Shrug.jpg (25 KB, 740x370)
25 KB
I remember playing this on ps4 im suprised no one on pc wants to play. its a pretty soild shooter and its only ten leaf bucks
Nobody on /v/ gave a shit about this when it came out. Why are you guys obsessing over it right now?
it just got put on steam after 6 year of release thats why

It's bad alright.
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>No real updates for years
>Just constant nerfs to fun to appease compfags
Just let it die.
What else will I mindlessly play for an hour to blow off steam?
The bots just keep getting worse. I don’t wanna play on tranny community servers, I haven’t been playing at all recently but of the two times I’ve tried joining valve servers this month it’s just been bot filled servers even after multiple queues. It’s just fucking retarded, a year ago I could at least manage it with the bot detector
Skail lets you get away with edgy humor still.
the last time I played a skial server it had 4 furries ERPing and I got instakicked for announcing that I had dominated every furfag on the server

File: GameDesign.jpg (1.73 MB, 3906x3200)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
What went wrong?
Pic related.

The only smash game with any competitive merit is melee
its as competitive as you make it desu. I go to tournies for smash ultimate and have fun, and i enjoy watching tournies, but its completely valid to not want to play like that. Elitists about it either way are megafaggots.
It's fun and you can take just about anything seriously so it's as competitive as you want it to be. I do think its not as deep as melee though.
I’ve got no problem with people playing Smash competitively. I do have a problem when they unironically compare it to a game like Tekken.

File: 1650554550095.jpg (98 KB, 900x900)
98 KB
>play LOTRO 10 years ago, around Moria/Mirkwood
>decide to check it out again cause they made a bunch of content free
>play for a few hours
>realise i can solo 5-10 mobs with no issue
>realise i can solo elites with adds 5 levels higher than me
>realise devs massively nerfed overworld difficulty
>realise game has become a boring sub 70 iq faceroll
why the FUCK do they do this? every fucking mmo i've played, WoW, LotRO and ESO - the overworld content is piss easy with 0 threat of danger. is this just the result of casuals whining on forums? only around 5% of the content in current MMOs is actually difficult (endgame group/raid content).
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Completely and utterly wrong. The period you're describing is right now. The hardcore, competitive and invested players are gone. They moved on with their life or to other games. It's the turbo casuals and adhd zoomers playing mmos now, which is why they're so dumbed down and antisocial now.
File: 1626493228250.jpg (332 KB, 936x941)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
>using the word toxic
>using the word toxic unironically
>using the word toxic unironically on 4chan
Sincerely go die in a fire
picture unrelated
>people mentioning wow
Wow was the fucking fortnite of its time that casualised everything. Bad thing to reference
>No argument
Sneed faggot.
>their argument was you didn't support the game when it was difficult, so the people who did support it got to steer its direction
>your argument was n-nuh uh!
sneed indeed, dipshit
why would all MMOs shift towards a point of maximum casualness if it wasn't where the money was? why are private servers and indie MMOs the only ones that try to have that same kind of content anymore?
>Money doesn't fix stupid.
you're right, money creates stupid

File: server-icon.png (3 KB, 64x64)
3 KB
Hi you know 2b2t right well i love 2b2t and i want a server like 2b2t sooo i made one the ip is 6.tcp.ngrok.io:12716
and it slowly updates overtime so we can have the old feel of metal retardation so come on down and join plz like really i need players so my mom can let me inside the house again this isnt a joke please its really hard running a minecraf server when your homeless

Inbetweenlands server
Ver 1.16.5
modpack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ia7i06IyHS6GQq1iiThst9WftOpVgmNF/view?usp=sharing

Me and the boys thought it'd be some delectable debauchery to start a survival server in a berserk themed world. I'm curious to see what kind of cult-like insanity would pop up. So I painstakingly mushed together 350ish mods for a complex and rich sandbox of hellish nightmares, hopefully at the hands of fellow players. The server is pretty unstable, but it is fast as fuck and I think I've gotten the vast majority of issues ironed out thanks to some play testers here. I've got some serious hardware running it and I managed to get Graalvm working nicely.

Cue the Inbetween lands, a continent with a heavy focus on having players try to snowball into late game monsters through either magical or "scientific" means. The early game is rough and unforgiving, with seasons and harsh temperatures taking their toll just as much as the hellish monsters roaming outside Lukmiried, the starting town. There are dynamics in place for player led armies of robots, mercenaries, or demons. The science (or magic?) of dimensions is a sprawling subject with tons of interesting consequences for those who delve into it. There are also mechanics for those who want to investigate all the life, or death, have to offer.

Talk about the game if you still play it, reminisce if you don't, ask questions if you want to learn more. Private server discussion also welcome.

>Official Site
>14 Day Trial

>What is it?
FFXIV with soul.

>Is it too late to start?
No. Finishing the story content is 100% doable solo thanks to NPC party members and it can be more or less treated as a single player game thanks to this and other systems which have decreased the grind to basically nothing.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: file.png (5 KB, 71x35)
5 KB
pretty sure Timers can't do what Statustimers on ashitav3 can
I downloaded a plugin or two on Ashita, do they just work automatically? Nothing changed. I'm using v3 on Eden, I didn't think they were blocked here.
oh I see, timers is a bit different

you have to either load them manually ingame or add them to the .txt file that's referenced on your ashita instance's settings, by default its called default.txt

note that plugins are loaded with /load x while addons use /addon load x
>/load x
Thanks anon, that was it.
This is built into the game now. It doesn't show seconds until <1m and doesn't display the last 5s but that shouldn't really be an issue.

File: IMG_3130.jpg (202 KB, 750x466)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
what is your opinion on the game after 20+ years? does the story mode still feel the same?

File: merchant_2.png (247 KB, 496x374)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
2 threads a year. Just how I like it.
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I love my wife!
The sound effects and some of the system sounds are also in other niche titles like Kamidori
File: file.png (4 KB, 274x45)
4 KB
yup, I'm thinking kino time
>Pass: rage
In case anyone wanted to play.
File: Image.png (1.29 MB, 867x1200)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG

File: AFPS chads.jpg (322 KB, 2805x1878)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
Arena FPS discussion thread.
>Is the genre completely dead?
>If it is, can it be revived in 2022?
>Which Quake game is the best?
>Is Doom 2 counted as AFPS?
>Is Unreal Tournament better than every AFPS listed above?
Optionally, share some server IP addresses ITT, schedules and instructions so we can play deathmatch together.
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CPMA doesn't check your CD key
File: EoLvtCfXcAQxsWV.jpg (804 KB, 2560x1920)
804 KB
804 KB JPG
>Is the genre completely dead?
In the mainstream, yes. It has a really high skill ceiling with a playerbase that can't let go after 10+ years, but if you can find players with the same skill as you then getting into a match is easy-peasy.
>If it is, can it be revived in 2022?
Probably not. Diabotical and Reflex Arena are dead because they're pretty much carbon copies of Quake Live and CPMA respectively, and games that try to be different like Warsaw are still niche. Any attempts seem futile at this point. Nevermind Quake Champions, which is plagued by many other issues besides trying to be a hero shooter.
>Which Quake game is the best?
>Is Doom 2 counted as AFPS?
Yeah sure, why not.
>Is Unreal Tournament better than every AFPS listed above?
No, but it's still a good game. :)
chiming in to say nquake.com offers a QuakeWorld install only using the shareware assets as well as community made GPL assets. Perfectly suitable for multiplayer play, and you could even play the first episode if you felt so inclined.
It was gatekept into extinction, all right. You enter a server, see a bunch of 'gtfo noob u suck' messages in chat. Their technique is indeed on another level so you take their advice and play something more your speed.
Meanwhile, the players on the server are surprised you left so soon because they expected you to call them all faggots with no skill and that you would keep playing until you can kick their asses proper.
No it wasn't. The main place where you'd get that sorta thing is on long-running clan servers or ones that otherwise formed their own sub-community, and even then it'd usually be 1-2 of only the more vocal and tightly wound guys that would do it. If you joined in on anything vanilla or vanilla+, you pretty much had a guarantee that it was people just shooting because it was fun and fast, and then the other servers could go either way
>their technique is indeed on another level
Nah. You'd have a few guys that'd stomp, but they were just good, not "a whole 'nother level." Paired with the frantic action of throwing a ton of guys into a killbox--or otherwise playing modes that loosened the stakes or introduced more toys to mess with things--and the pressure that comes from them stomping around becomes almost non-existent unless you're obsessive about end-of-round scores. Really, the only people who would be worried about them would get butt flustered even if all of their opponents were fellow rosy-cheeked, cheery nubs

And besides, that has nothing to do with the failed revival of arena shooters in the modern era, where now you can pretty much join any server in any arena shooter, and you either have the most laidback guys around or actual brazillians. The whole image of hard-bantering badasses that have aim and map awareness beyond the average mortal is just an empty as fuck excuse used by casuals who wouldn't be able to stand losing against even their dumb friends, even when winning doesn't really matter beyond the golf claps at the end. It's just fed into by fags that want to huff their own farts and feed into the myth so they can feel cooler about playing a niche genre, pointing at pros and saying they're the standard so they think they're gods too.

>Playing league match
>Its URF
>im playing Sion
>We are winning all lanes
>they are down to nexus
>we still have most lanes
>their entire team dies
>i go to finish
>mom opens kitchen light
>kitchen light explodes
>that causes an electrical surge
>computer turns off
>i open league thinking that weve won
>we did not

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