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File: capsule_616x353.jpg (71 KB, 616x353)
71 KB
Playtest started again
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Doesn't matter, The cleric was better at killing things than the barbarian was. The barbarian was actually the worst class to pick if you wnated to get kills.
>but at the cost of using your healing spells to kill shit
I don't understand, magic pool use wasn't shared between spells. Each spell had its own set amount of uses, you could use offensive spells without using any of your defensive of utility spell uses.
or utility*
Why the hell would you use healing spells to kill things? You just need judgement which is a skill that has infinite casts on a cooldown.Then you would just use buffs to hit them harder with melee .
>Long cooldown, 3 seconds channeled ability that brings skeletons down to 2 hit instead of 3, deals no damage to players
>Low cooldown, instant cast fear, that also has PVP usage
Yeah, Cleric is clearly superior.
Judgement worked on players, you're thinking about Purification. It also only had a half second charge time and only a 30 second cooldown (basically the exact same as savare roar). Also savage roar got nerfed and didn't work on certain enemies anymore, and its use in pvp was extremely minimal.

I don't really know what you're getting at, the cleric was superior, objectively so. The barbarian had the worst overall performance stats. This isn't me pulling random things out of my ass, either. This is from official data that the developers released about the last playtest. The only time it wasn't in last place was when specifically looking at the high roller leaderboards, which most people didn't even play.

File: chanfortress.png (2.9 MB, 3440x1440)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB PNG
Welcome to the (un)official TF2 server of /v(m)/!

This thread is for discussions, feedback and anything related to /v(m)'s/ (un)official Team Fortress 2 server - Chan Fortress

Open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays -
By and for fellow anons.
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I get banned from Koga because I had the audacity to be genuinely funny, and now I have to find an alternative. Hardly surprised that a 4chan server has moderators with skin thinner than altar bread.
You were banned for quote "All white women are built for BBC" which is a form of LGBT
Invited him to the kog and he plays every day now, sick
How is BBC gay? It was just a joke. Unban me.
I was banned because some guy was talking to himself like a mental patient and I grabbed my mic and mocked his voice and speech pattern. I didn't realise I was making fun of a moderator.
Don't speak on my behalf. If you got banned for the unfunny BBC meme you deserve it.

File: heroesnewerth12_210823b.jpg (467 KB, 1280x1024)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
hi, kind of at wits end. tried a lot of places. i hope there's a goated game historian here.

the game played similarly to SMITE, except there were a lot more character "classes/heroes", the map was a lot bigger, about ~20 people per match.

what was different about this MOBA was that there were two players in the match that would play as commanders and play the match similar to a normal MOBA like league. they could make suggestions or ping the individual players in the battlefield what to do and they would get rewarded for doing it

around 2010 era, has probably died by now, art style similar to SMITE but a bit more gritty. map looked a bit wasteland ish but was high fantasy.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (244 KB, 1280x720)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
if i recall correctly, you'd have two factions. one side played more barbarians/demons and the other side were more nature-based champions.
i don't recall there being any items in the game but i could be wrong. i believe the in-game progression system was level-stat and ability upgrades based.

i'd like to think it was from an asian developer, free to play.
Savage or Savage 2 are what come to mind. Might be one of the spiritual clones of it if not. Hope you can find it if it isn't one of those, Anon.

Anyone playing?
It's kinda fun with "friends"
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File: Tina.jpg (240 KB, 1000x1415)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
I've been playing Flash Party
I've been playing a lot of minion masters. It doesn't have cute grils in it but the matches are short and sweet.
>there's a meme contest on the official discord
Anyone here gonna participate? Maybe they'll put the winner in as an emote.
File: Estelle Helping.webm (2.91 MB, 1042x698)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
went through my webms folder and this one still strikes a nerve
Do you have the "duck season, rabbit season" one? I believe another Estelle was involved.

File: which one.jpg (13 KB, 300x168)
13 KB
Of the THREE biggest upcoming mmorpgs.

Chronno Odyssey.

Throne and Liberty.


Which one has potential?
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Because its riot?

I fully expect your typical WOTLK clone, because thats Ghostcrawler's MO, and it won't have any foundational elements that made WOTLK paletable.

Unless Riot somehow performs a miracle it'll be just like all their games, low budget, low effort dogshit aping off a popular genre

Worse still is that the shit that is killing WOW, the world first race and M+ speedrun dogshit will probably be pushed heavily in Riot's MMO because they want it to be an esport

I expect it to just fail, everyone will praise the fuck out of it and jack off to the porn, but utlimately the game itself will suck ass.
File: htopmmos.jpg (166 KB, 1146x906)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
>where the good guys?
still here and all still very active with large player bases.
whenever you casualfags cry about MMOs being dead its because you only ever play babby WoW-clone Korean trash
>play babby WoW-clone Korean trash

Is there anything even better? These are one step below divinity itself!
You ever play lineage 2 before it turned gay?
>Before it turned gay
Thats why its not on the trinity

Post multiplayer games that were dead on arrival.
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Me and my squad played one match and I uninstalled. They played for the rest of the night and never again. Trash.
Anyone remember Ubisoft's BR Hyper Scape? The game so DoA that they actually tried to pay people to keep playing it with Ubisoft Store cash?

Another one my squad played for an hour then uninstalled.
Spongy, unresponsive weapons, annoying verticality, and literally running through the SAME building to get loot and upgrades. On-top of that the art style was ugly as fuck .
I kinda wish I had gotten on and played it in time, watched a few streamers play it back in the day and it actually looked pretty fun, if nothing else but for what a janky fucking mess it was.
last epoch
Bataillon 1949

File: neverused.png (1.06 MB, 1389x682)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
God forgive me for I don't know if I still have strength left in me to hold on.
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Nice to still see some people playing 1. I may suck at it but at least I get to listen to Blisk.
how can so much sovl fit in one screenshot...
tried it again after a decade and had the same bad impression. titanfall 2 feels like a different game.
I vastly prefer TF|2, but I like checking out 1 every now and again. Titan rodeoing in the first one was kino.
Please give me tips on how to get good with Monarch. I see these players who drop one Monarch at the start of the round and end up staying in that titan for the entire thing. I'm too used to Ion having vortex shield as a crutch to block attacks and swat away pilots.

Why aren't you currently playing the best ever free-to-play fantasy MMORPG?

New expansion with 2 new regions came out recently ;)
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Tolkienbro here making threads daily. Last night's was a big hit. People want to play this game. It's just not marketed at all.
How much of this game is actually an mmo and not just 'single player rpg but sometimes you'll interact with people maybe like 8% of the time'
Too much since way back when they made it retard level easy and groups are were no longer required for pretty much anything.
>Too much
I think you meant
>Almost nothing
which is good BTW, as I wanted to play this for 12 years now, but some other damn MMO fucker always lured me away

Hey boomers, Why is Valorant significantly more popular than CSGO?
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Only a few years ago it had 1mil players at a time. So did Dota, and TF2 was also far more popular. Valve has lost its fanbase, due to laziness, lack of direction, lack of vision, and an unwillingness to modernize its community features.
File: 1651589376153.png (29 KB, 866x688)
29 KB
its not
ur a faggot
suck my dick
ur a faggot
>bumped this thread
File: opiniondisgarded.png (812 KB, 800x800)
812 KB
812 KB PNG
>using twitch statistics to determine game popularity
File: Too Much Trash.png (132 KB, 518x285)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
because it's a better game.
t. boomer with 5 digit hours in CS

File: 1652916596026.jpg (56 KB, 520x293)
56 KB
>want to play multiplayer game
>have no friends
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if anyone wants to play on retrogames
parsec or netplay im availlable rn and the next few hours
i'm down for. will you drop a link?
yo, sorry about the control thing
we can play something more keyboard friendly if you have any suggestions?
aw man, my bad, got myself some chores and couldn't come back

File: wanderer.png (792 KB, 1815x1099)
792 KB
792 KB PNG
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I used to love archmage
Is the game actually fun?
I checked out the threat at /vst/ and it's just schizo drama without end
This one is funny if you like fighters

File: rust.jpg (12 KB, 285x380)
12 KB
Played this game for a good 100 hours, still can't comprehend why people love it so much

What's supposed to be fun about playing the game in a server full of neckbeards who camp the place 15 hours a day, are fully geared but are too scared to pvp so they wait until you log off to offline raid your base and take all your shit ? It's either that or their "pvp" is fighting nakeds or lowly geared players with boys lmao

It even happens on low pop servers with 30-60 people where theres like 5-10 players basically hoarding resources and weapons and they're basically on untouchable.

Then i hopped on a "no-KOS" server to learn the game better, this is how it went down:

> Farmed for a few hours, got a basic base down, went to scavenge resources since pvp is only allowed in monuments

> Was going back to base after an hour and a half of farming, got tons of sulfur ore and stone ores on me, some full gear guy saw me from far, came to me

> Shoots me and takes all my shit

> I tell admins on chat that i thought this was a no KOS server and the guy killed me outside a monument

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>(for example, diving for treasure takes a long time to set up for and it's useless but it's perfect for solo/duo players)
you can buy a full set of dive gear for like 95 scrap at the fishing villages and it's by far the best source of components for a solo player
Mate. It's a game, you're losing items that were only digital to begin with. It just has actual stakes that make you care, unlike many mp games.
thursday wipe official servers (with "main" in the name) are active thursday-friday-saturday
monday wipe official servers (with "monday" or "odd" in the name) are active monday-tuesday
"long" or "monthly" servers are active for a little less than three weeks after the force wipe (first thursday of each month)
the "official community" servers - rustopia, rustafied, rusticated, rustoria, rusty moose - are the best
>i got obliterated over and over and quit
that's normal, especially on wipe day, expect to gather materials for a base four or five times before you can put a base down successfully (or wait a day so you're not competing with the rest of the server to get started)
steer clear of monuments and large flat areas where clans will build their bases
hide your base behind rocks and cliffs or in valleys where it's difficult to see from afar
don't pick fights with your neighbors
my current solo strategy is to build near a fishing village, fish and dive for a t2 bench and slugs + garage door, then get a car for outpost recycle runs
>is the game any fun WITHOUT pvp?
no, the game itself is terrible
>my current solo strategy is to build near a fishing village, fish and dive for a t2 bench and slugs + garage door, then get a car for outpost recycle runs
this is actually what i used to do. But i had the impression of watching trap base videos that you have to put your trap base somewhere close to a monument otherwise people wont go there.
I get that if you're just trying to play normally then yeah a base at fishing village is great because you can just use it to use a boat and farm scrap etc.
Maybe i could start out by making a little base at fishing village and farming scrap and such in a relatively safe way until i have enough materials for my trap base.
That could actually be alot better than trying to farm materials in super dangerous places.

This is something that really buggers me about War Thunder. Some vehicles are simply not obtainable by a normal player, like the IS-7 tank that costs between 1700€/$ up to 2000€/$, or the TB-3M bomber. The latter is unobtainable for anyone who hasn't been playing since 2014 I think. This is not good, all vehicles should be obtainable since this is a game and games are supposed to be fun. Now, if you are a player who compensates his/her physiological shortcomings with a tank rarely anyone can obtain, then I feel honest pity for you. Anybody should be able to get an IS-7, E100 etc, if you disagree then I demand constructive, unbiased and objective feedback. If I get spawnsniped by a tank that costs 230 bucks literally 40s into the match, then I consider this unfair, anti-consumer and pay to win. Because I cannot just drop over 100 bucks for that tank.
Let me recommend a compromise:
All special vehicles remain exclusive for a month, but anyone can still sell and buy them on the Marketplace. But after this 1 month period the vehicle will be added to the game as a premium, tech tree vehicle or a battle task reward. So instead of giving away some warbonds or Battlepass Progress Points, you may get the opportunity to unlock the E100. These tasks are random and will reappear until they are completed. This prevents Tech trees or Premiums to "clog up". This way players get motivated to use a specific vehicle type or learn the game while grinding the challenge. For example "Get 5 kills with a light tank".

I am an advocate of liberalism and equality/equity in the most extreme form. All vehicles for anyone. Equal chances to obtain them, no financial pressure or time constraints.
"[...]The easier access a larger percentage of the playerbase has to a wider range of the game's content, the better."

19 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>just started
>its obvious enemies are mostly bots
>they lemming into us
Feeling fun clubbing bots
The fun ends when you reach late Tier 3. I would list battle ratings to be more precise, but that differs from each nation. Or another perspective would be: You run out of fun as soon as you're paying more for repairs than you can possibly earn per game.
Even tier 1 its unplayable:
Premium/Power Creep tanks
Retard teams
Game is unplayable
Gaijin simply wants to FOMO which works only if players actually miss out. They don’t care about the player experience or much of anything besides how they’ll earn more money this quarter than the last.
New thread

File: 1652321711004.webm (2.96 MB, 1920x1080)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB WEBM
new character comes out today. i doubt anyone here plays but he looks fun and big.

5 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1649050270440.webm (2.95 MB, 1280x720)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB WEBM
Considering your point of reference is moba shit, you would be utterly lost trying to play a fighting game. I suppose you did save yourself some trouble
File: 1674204301252934.jpg (40 KB, 339x399)
40 KB
considering your point of defence is that you think i'm bad, im willing to bet that this game attracts more shitters like you and is therefore not worth playing. Roma Iocuta causa finita'
I never said you were bad, just that it's not your genre. You wouldn't recommend an RTS to a sports fan or an FPS to a visual novel fan, would you?
I would actually recommend an RTS to a sports fan.

Madden players that enjoy the gameplay tend to find similar enjoyment in RTS games.
File: 1671965143296.webm (2.94 MB, 1120x630)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
The open alpha period is up. RIP to anybody who wanted to try it without paying 20bux

File: whirlwind.gif (29 KB, 120x120)
29 KB
moved to /vm/ due to being dead as fuck

This is a thread primarily for the classic Diablo games by Blizzard North, including Diablo 1, Diablo 2, and the remaster Diablo 2 Resurrected. The other, lesser Diablos by Blizzard Entertainment are also welcome here. Feel free to talk about anything Diablo.

Previous thread: >>>/vg/406992307

>Why not /vr/?
/vr/etards screech at anything released post-2000 and let's be honest nobody discusses D1 here

>D2R guides:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
496 replies and 89 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Duriel on a necro
Yeah that one's a bitch and a half. I used the reflect golem to let Duriel kill itself on my recent playthrough. Not really sure if there's a better way for it but that reflect golem is a life saver for early campaign bosses.
Crossplay on Switch is great. It's not a perfect port but playing D2 in bed on a gameboy is so comfortable I fell asleep that way several times.
>My Necro seems worthless against him and he one shots my merc and Mages.
That's your problem right there. Mages are a passion pick that you get after everything else is maxed because they're awful.
If you want to keep your minions alive, max plain skeletons, then skeleton mastery. You can spare the points to get decrepify, CE and minion resistance to level 1 as well, but it's important. If you have max skeletons/mastery and a wand of +3 to either one (or both, do some Akara shopping but +3 to one of them is very easy, assuming you have no +2 to all yet) they're extremely durable going forward.

I was leveling a Necro this ladder and had flashbacks of baby me going to Diablo with an army of skeletons where he wiped them all out in a single ring of fire, then going back to act 1 to farm summons and repeat. This time not only did my skeletons survive but with Decrep on the stupid fuck (decrep+clay golem stack and it completely breaks bosses) he didn't kill any of them. Duriel was still a bitch because he's so early, but downing mana pots so you can just spam a new clay golem when he wrecks your old one was sufficient.
thawing potions can help both your character and mercenary, at least to get a few extra hits in before needing to go back to town
> +50% Faster Run/Walk
> +20% Increased Attack Speed
> +20% Faster Hit Recovery
> +10 to Dexterity
> 50% Slower Stamina Drain
>Required level: 39
Should have been Shael + Io + Eld so you can make it with NM Countess drops.

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