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No joke, I will buy a gaming PC just to sink hundreds of hours into this game alone.
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All YouTubers and Twitch streamers who shilled this game pre-release are currently bitching about the servers and gameplay, you just love to watch it. I still remember the thread in which 5 shills were attacking me because I was calling out the red flags the devs had been displaying during the hype, from gathering Payday 2 known content creators like GeneralMcBadass or marioinatophat and not allowing any of them to record the gameplay (this also happened with Cyberpunk), massively hyped with trailers the incredibly mid gameplay and barely improved AI of police, to the elephant in the room with dedicated servers, and how these will massively improve the performance and counter cheating as opposed to the old p2p system.

It's good to mention Overkill, under Starbreeze, haven't put a good game since Payday 2. Raid and Walking Dead were massively hyped and they're both abandoned exactly due to the same reasons: lots of hyping, little of core dev.

>achksually, Overkill only have 150 people, as opposed to 10k like EA or Ubisoft, so we need to be understanding that they have muh limited resources, and appreciate indie studios
Don't. The AAA rot has unfortunately spread to small and medium game companies, and have adopted the same strategy of releasing a barely functioning game to cut costs on developing, announce DLCs for it, and use the cash to patch it up in the following years to a somehow acceptable state. Or don't, and let it to die and announce a new game, and rinse and repeat.
I remember telling people not to trust Overkill, they haven't earned any sort of goodwill and the extreme shilling of e-celebs are going for a more "we're a friendly corporation :sunglasses: :fist:!" approach was obviously their attempt to make people forget their past.

But I was the "negative" one apparently
who's laughing now
They lost their money, unless they refunded it in time, so I don't care that much. Payday is not the only game I enjoyed and got buried by dumb decisions and greed.

Redditors are still praying this game version is a prank, sort of "We commited the biggest heist, onto our own fans!" and that Overkill will release the finished version, with functional servers, p2p parties and offline solo combined.
for rock the cradle stealth without the vip pass, has someone tried hacking both guys radios at once? or do the guards alert through it/when the blue card is used?
My laptop from 2017 runs the game on high settings alright but my resolution is lower than native

File: GHFGGFHHG.png (17 KB, 323x167)
17 KB
i NEEEED more people and friends to ply with please guys im literally begging right now IT CAN BE ANY GAME IDC (i mainly use discord btw)

tag: filipisverycoolandamazingandnice

(captcha took me a long time i had to rewrite this post)

File: 1000000102.png (214 KB, 320x377)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
>I've hit the point where quality in the call of duty franchise isn't a necessity for me anymore. I'm content enough having a space after work where all my friends can hop on and talk shit while we play S&D like the good ole days.
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>bad games can be fun if you play them with friends
wow so controversial, so brave
controversial opinion: shrimp is overrated. I like seafood a lot but shrimp has a weird pop to it and the flavor isn't great. It's only enjoyable cold with the cocktail ketchup sauce.
>bigger loser for spending $60 once vs $60 multiple times a week
>I'm content enough having a space after work where all my friends can hop on and talk shit while we play S&D like the good ole days.
just use a discord call? it's free
File: 5g_jew_npc.jpg (63 KB, 960x720)
63 KB
>I've hit the point where quality in the call of duty franchise isn't a necessity for me anymore. I'm content enough having a space after work where all my friends can hop on and talk shit while we play S&D like the good ole days.

>call of duty

File: i.jpg (87 KB, 1284x722)
87 KB
how to git gut?
play moar
learn lst to improve t spin vision
get epicanthal folds grafted and learn korean

you could also try 6-3 stacking

File: IMG_7965.jpg (600 KB, 1170x844)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
listen up! we need to help get c418 back onto the Minecraft team
we need to tell Microsoft that they cannot own the rights to his music if he doesn’t want them to! we must call them out for and expose there corporate greed!

c418 should continue composing music for minecraft along with the newer artists and release his third album!

let us take the fight to Microsoft
because they wronged Daniel Rosenfeld because they only care about money….there greed must not go unpunished!!

please help!
Doesn't he already own his music?
i dont really give a shit about minecraft so no
his music is fucking trash
so is minecrap
you can freely infringe copyright if you're a multi-billion dollar corporation

The community surrounding my favorite game is cringe.
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I feel you.
a cringe man thinks he's always based
but a based man is honest to his cringe self
All communities are cringe really.
be the change you want to see

File: 1670400499549.png (591 KB, 1920x1080)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
bored of current minecraft, missed when you were playing in 2011? try out b1.7.3

>aren't older minecraft versions vulnerable to some exploits?
playing on the newest lts version of java 8 is highly suggested, if you're thinking of log4j then that only affected versions above release 1.7 (https://adoptium.net/ & https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/4416199399693-Security-Vulnerability-in-Minecraft-Java-Edition)
>how do i install a version of minecraft this old
pollymc. fuck microsoft
>this version isn't as refined as i remember!
try out some of the suggested mods in the link below

>the actual server
342 replies and 57 images omitted. Click here to view.
host one with aether dimension, and player teleporting
doesn't support MP in beta
>player teleporting
tpa is gay
i’ll tell you if the server ever comes back
>not using xorg

Have you ever wanted to experience the horrors of war? Being shelled, airstriked, all from the comfort of your home? Well…. I got some news for you… Wojcraft Z is a Minecraft server with a rich history. It’s currently taking place in the Russo-Ukrainian war, join the fighting force of your preferred country… (keep thread non political, save for discord)
Main Discord: discord.gg/ wojcraft
Russian Comms: discord.gg/ zjsE9usDTs
Ukrainian Comma: discord.gg/ M4P5Qjh4
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"no this is tante.. wait THIS is tante... no no no this is ACTUALLY tante.... wait no this guy is tante not that guy"
I think tante just flew over my house.
Dead server and missed release date
trust the process
who the fuck is tante

File: latest-1415254753.jpg (33 KB, 750x751)
33 KB
I study game design, I'm wondering if anyone knows anywhere to find Game Design Docs to study
>pic not related
have you tried google numnuts, also join my tf2/source games group
why did you post this on this board?

Nicktropolis is a lost social MMO that was on Nick.com from 2007-2010. In 2010 it was replaced by a game called The Club and Nicktropolis became lost media. Using screen capture video of the game, as many assets as possible were cut out of screenshots and put back together, to make a faithful rewrite in Gamemaker Studio 2 and node.js. The source code is also public and you could use it to make your own social MMO like Nicktropolis or Club Penguin. If you played this game as a kid and want to play it again, check it out and download here:

1ST reply
>in Gamemaker Studio 2 and node.js

File: colorswa.png (18 KB, 747x446)
18 KB
its almost time for the jam to start.
are any anons participating?

i am.
how did it go?

why are you like this
You thought you did something there.
league of legends players are subhuman CMV

pic related
>be me
>rejoin GM Tower after years
>seems to be a reboot, not actually the original
>first days go well, PVP Battle more fun than ever
>ffw to today
>have a group of people join, server is the most populated
>suddenly they realise I'm from hong kong and begin to harass me by saying "long live china", "hong kong is china" and other shit like that
>i try to explain to them that HK isn't part of china and that it's an SAR, it's not fully part of china, explaining the passport, the government, economy, etc.
>they presist
>eventually get fed up and remember the GMT has a no politics and no harassment rule
>make a report
>turns out I was the one that got banned instead of the group
>mfw you wanted to play something nostalgic but end up getting banned by American retards.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1687598352666601.gif (2.83 MB, 342x286)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB GIF
gl with chinas integration plan and ww3 op.
File: hk97.jpg (1.63 MB, 1392x2048)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
here's a game recommendation

File: fat mex kid.jpg (69 KB, 620x413)
69 KB
Why doesn't Xbox have gyro yet? are fat Mexican kids who cant move their arms more than 1 inches their target audience? even PS has it and the only people who play that are hood niggas from the Bronx.
>Why doesn't Xbox have gyro yet?
Microsoft is evil and hates fun. Simple as.
>expecting normies to embrace a new, better control scheme instead of auto-aim with a stick
PC players are more likely to use the gyro function on playstation gamepads than sony ponies
the only console manufacturer which embraces gyro aiming is nintendo

File: Sven_Co-op_logo.png (114 KB, 616x353)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
im really into the style of counterstrike and old source games, what are some more games that are similar? preferably multiplayer but i mainly just like the looks of it, i use sven co-op as an example because its just half life but with the most random maps and gamemodes.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Weebs calling other people tourists
You will never be japanese
If you do like the wacky maps with the source engine aesthetic I'd highly recommend exploring the Nipper maps for counter strike such as jeepathon, the get away, blah series, and crazytank as series.

Natural Selection 1 still has pugs if you sign up on their discord. I've always enjoyed ns_nancy the vents are just comfy as a skulk.
pugs for fun maps lol? m3 hosts a nipper map server on 1.6
Most of the default ns maps are fun. They took the space ship or space station idea and ran. There's almost always an open section of the map, one with robust cover, and a claustrophobic area. There are some excellent custom maps but I haven't touched the pugs in forever as I never have the time anymore.
sorry i thought u meant 1.6 pugs for nipper maps. i dont know natural selection 1

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