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I there a free and alive multiplayer fps for casuals which is not arena/champions bullshit or csgo? I just want battlefield 3/4-like experience, but not battlefield.

File: xboxspotify.0.jpg (68 KB, 1200x800)
68 KB
Spotify recently dropped support for the feature to remotely control the volume on the mobile app for music playing from your Xbox, Playstation, or PC. They have directed us to submit a request to re-implement the feature to their "new ideas" forum. The idea must get 600 likes for them to address the feature and it is currently above 300.

Would you so kindly use this link to help gamers and music lovers alike get back this useful feature? We can count it as your one selfless deed for the week.
Thank you for your time

I remember when they removed the android widget for no reason. It seems like they enjoy doing shit like this just to fuck with people.
you can still control sound for ps4 xbox fag
still works for me, though, i haven't updated my app in about a year. auto-update btfo
i use spotilife since i have a jailbroken iphone 7 it still works for me but i will still support this so bump

File: 93GAa4wm3z4HbenzLbxWeQ.jpg (692 KB, 1920x1080)
692 KB
692 KB JPG
Come play /v/ideogames with /v/
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retards not welcomed
New Server:
Skeld Hide And Seek!
>1 imp
>Tasks are maxed out
>Vision is at the lowest
>You are not allowed to report bodies
>You are not allowed to vote anyone off
>Either the imp wins by killing everyone, or the crew task wins. Due to the maxed tasks, and the minimum vision, this makes things very interesting interesting, and it will be difficult for imps and crew alike
This is a server for people who are looking for a fun new way to play!
Non-beta NA server
File: Ed9Jvg2U0AAMH55.png (227 KB, 500x712)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
We've been running voice-chat games on a server for about one and a half months now, originating from /vm/.
Both EU and NA people are welcome to join, as we want to get more games going on during the week.
Server link: https://discord.gg/GChWcEJ
Playing right now!

File: spy vs spy.jpg (548 KB, 1600x900)
548 KB
548 KB JPG
for me its Spy
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File: s7.jpg (61 KB, 398x582)
61 KB
Anon is too retarded to hide and filter.
dead game. dead thread
why does TF2 make "people" seethe so hard?
it's not a chink game so it automatically gets classified as "reddit"
also nice digits

File: NA vs EU.gif (218 KB, 770x560)
218 KB
218 KB GIF
It's time to settle it.
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both are gay
Because the population of US alone is comparable to that of entire Europe
germans are often very tryhard no?
The only people who refer to a single European country as Europe are Americans.
Euro country = US state

File: IMG-20190501-WA0006.jpg (87 KB, 960x1280)
87 KB
Just wild vanilla minecraft server, no moderation.
And yes, this is russian server, so be careful you can meet Putin there.

File: log-horizon-featured.jpg (163 KB, 1038x700)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Hey /vm/, does anyone know of a good multiplayer adventure game?

Some friends and I have been wanting to play a game together for a while, but some don't really like the mmo format (what with gcd, predictable aoes, they're big fans of dmc).

We tried out PSO2 but it doesn't feel like there's an adventure we're on together and we're not helping each other out much, we're just killing things with wreckless abandon. Plus, it's a lot of money grinding and feels aimless, we want to explore places and contribute and feel like we're important to each other and our progress. Explore areas, open world dungeons or something, fun action, i dunno.

Does such a game even exist?
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Four Swords Adventure
Scott Pilgrim game
No More Room In Hell
Obsidian Conflict has a lot of co-op maps
Mechwarrior 5

would like to see more answers, I know consoles have a bunch of co-op adventures but pc does too
Spiral Knights is still free and pretty comfy as well
Has great music
Relatively dead, but if you're starting RIGHT NOW with three other friends (like me) it's playable
/v/ denizens have said ripping out the mmo portion into a co-op game with 4 players would be a masterpiece and they're kinda right
maybe divinity 2?
FSA is fun
Try the Baldurs Gate enhanced editions? Up to 6 players coop. Get to import your characters into the sequel as well.

File: 20201023-web.jpg (87 KB, 1120x630)
87 KB
come join us later today for some classic ostfront.
here was last weeks fight night

then afterwards, hop on and play some darkest hour, which has a full server every night!

Please let me know some of the pros and cons.
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>global cooldown
>owning 10 keyboards to use 1000 skills off cooldown
>can only beat content if your numbers are high enough
Sounds great.
Are there any good Legion servers?
I'd like to know too. Fuck, I miss Legion
I like classic, but yeah pretty much this.

File: spritemog.png (510 KB, 788x541)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
I don't care if it's super dead (playing with a friend) so long as it's still available.

I've so far played;

WoW (hate retail, Classic is still fun but I've done it to death)
EQ1 (can't get into it)
LotRO (feels empty)
GW2 (not fun)
FF14 (god awful)
Secret World (makes FF14 look good)
SWTOR (far too easy to care about)
STO (just bad)
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Me and a friend recently gave dungeons and dragons online a try and after learning D&D tabletop a few months ago the game is surprisingly fun. Non linear dungeons with actual puzzles is a lot of fun. No pvp in the game. You get store currency by playing but its very much a grind being a f2p player. Up to level 10 or so you have enough free content but after that you'll run out eventually. It's a shame about their prices for quests and expansions because their dungeons are something I've never seen in other mmos and I've played so many of them. Its made by the same guys who does LotRO so technically it feels similar to that game.
eve online.
I have over 1,400 hours in ESO and I haven't even finished half of the quests, which are most of the time (at least in the zone story lines) pretty well thought out and immersive.
Play WoW TBC or WoTLK on a private server.
Atlantiss TBC is a good server.

wtf happened to newgrounds
What do you mean? Is it ded?
It's been dead for almost a decade.

File: fuckthisgame.png (676 KB, 740x416)
676 KB
676 KB PNG
I don't really want to rant the game, I just don't like it and at the same time I can't stop playing it even though it doesn't feel rewarding or fun.
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the fuck I asked on how do I replace this game not perform a satanic ritual
Team-based competitive games are designed to be addicting. Random good events release the most amount of dopamine (aside from drugs) which is why gamblign is so addicting. These games play like a slot machine because who the fuck knows what Champs/Heroes you'll be up against, who the fuck knows when some random idiot on the enemy team throws into you handing over a win and who the fuck knows what kind of players you're going to have.

It's possible but hard. I always liked oddball champions and when they reworked Twitch to be like basically every other carry (~2011 or so) I saw where the game was going and what it was like and I quit. Then I played Dota and that shit took fucking years to quit, but luckily Valve dropped an absolutely abhorrent patch that even made my crack cocaine addicted ass quit.
Get yourself banned and play a single player game you know you can get addicted to for a while.
Once you break the habit, you must be strong and refuse to play or discuss it.
Clear your youtube subs/twitch channels/whatever. Clear your bookmarks of all things League, etc, etc.

Have nothing that can remind you or trigger you addiction. Focus on playing something else and being addicted to something else while you suffer through the withdrawals; but keep it to single player games so that youll eventually have some kind if ending or closure, last thing you want right now is to replace one multiplayer addiction with another.

Good luck, it wont be easy, I wasnt ever as addicted as some seem to get, but it was still rough to replace a staple game that I was so used to playing regularly.
I can tell from the champions you claim are strong that you are very very very bad
Why not simply look at your minimap and ward? Dumbass
>drink alcohol
>get depressed
>drink caffeine
>get anxiety

File: 1600005398330.jpg (81 KB, 726x960)
81 KB

Wrong game anon

File: eq.jpg (299 KB, 1200x675)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Everquest: Project 1999 Thread
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They've rules on their website. It's still in their rules.
Oh shit, fellow Leaf Quartet bro. I had to disappear for real life business shortly before we had to transfer leads to done he else with a new guild name because the leader was busy or MIA. I haven't been back since I'm still busy, but there seemed a small handful of people playing still then. I think the original guild has pattered out since then though.
File: Noose.jpg (38 KB, 664x900)
38 KB
Is Red still dead?
File: Red.png (1 KB, 189x79)
1 KB
Why even play?
P99 green server sucks dick it's infested by literal poopsocking faggot boomers who do absurd shit to obtain pixels in a old dead game.

>you're now reminded of that game who never made it but deserved fucking better
What's her name, /vm/?
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The best balanced multiplayer game
That is to say, with no semblance at all of balance
no no no no
Even SMNC was fine, it just needed a population and two major changes.
>Remove that stupid grind for those tonics or whatever it was that you could stack like a dozen of on your character that made you outright stronger than a new player as it actually made a sizable difference between a new player and a player with time in the game, not even accounting for skill
>Matchmaking so you don't have 5 newbies versus a pro stomp squad
But yes, the original MNC was better.
Very unique game with lots of changes that ccg competitors should copy, but also can't because of the nature of having a board. I should've played more back when its playerbase at least existed.
I still watch their non-competitive videos of Aqua explaining whatever deck he was using and the plays he might go for. Pretty comfy.
>destroy the nexus, minions, lanes, jungle, items, wards, ... [wikipedia]
What did you like so much about it or made it different? I'm not being mean spirited here, it just seems like you can still get this exact experience in a number of popular games except for whatever waifu you latched on to.

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