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File: file.jpg (227 KB, 2039x1080)
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227 KB JPG
Does nobody here play this? I got it on the summer sale and it's pretty fantastic
I'm even trying my hand at modding it.
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yheah it's great
I agree, it isn't very fun. It was amusing at first but it is pretty shit in every facet. The renderer is fucking awful, it makes the game so blurry! The announcer is horrible to listen to, not to mention the spartans talking. The gameplay is awful. It isn't a halo game, 343 have fucked up 3 times in a row.
Play competitive modes when they launch, faggot
I used to play Halo CE 10 years ago.
>be nostalgic
bought halo 4 recently to play multiplayer mode (online). Holy shit, everyone is so much better than me. Either that or my GPU (Intel HD 4600) can't keep up.
H4 is great. Glad you enjoyed it.

File: bf2.jpg (25 KB, 220x311)
25 KB
Hear about games like Squad and Insurgency all the time. Don't want to go full sim so no Arma for me.
Looking for a game like BF2 but more modern and with an active playerbase (at least in NA).
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File: Bf2Statse.jpg (66 KB, 1026x464)
66 KB
>26% accuracy
i wanna see you two fight to the death
you are not white
I always played transport pilot in PR. It was really cozy. There's a glitch where you can roll upside down and shove the stick forward to fly upside down or do barrel rolls and I always had fun scaring the guys I'd transport.
often the best weapons in PS2 are the starter ones. It's a very good game in that regard, it does however become very boring after a while.

File: Evelynn_0.jpg (149 KB, 1215x717)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Is Evelynn virgin?
Yes, just like everyone who plays this game
>censored splash
File: shadow eve.jpg (486 KB, 3375x1992)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
Eve was a virgin. Evelynn is a dirty cumsoaked whore.

File: Which one.png (1.68 MB, 1132x1812)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
I want to play one of these games. I only have the time and autism for one. Which do I play?

Already started, burning out on the MSQ slog at around level 50. No one to play with. Already feeling too smoothbrained for the rotation sizes.
One person I know plays. He likes all MMOs and would jump at the chance to play with another person. I pre ordered the base game back when I was naive, so I know its nothing like GW1.
A bunch of people I know play. They all solo grind and wank about builds. Honestly the least appealing of the three to me personally, but I've never played a diablo clone before and being able to play "with" people would be nice.

Which one do I pick?
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XIV, join an FC, join their discord, do daily dungeons or mount farms or raids with them,
When you get to current join a static, Reddit is constantly recruiting if you’re good enough
The game has potential to be as popular as FF14 but Anet keeps doubling down on dogshit, lore-breaking, nostalgia-pandering story content.
EoD was the chance to fix and bring the game into relevancy again, but the direction they went PLUS the ugly ass trailer annihilated every hope I had.
The expac will probably be a PoF 2.0, followed by the same slow death with trash story patches and gemstore "content".
Nostalgia pandering? My guy, anyone who was a fan of GW1 feels like GW2 is actively raping the corpse of their game. It's not nostalgia pandering if everyone who might feel nostalgia hates every word that comes out of your mouth. Not to mention the Cantha design they showed is nothing like GW1 Cantha. It's just fantasy China like we've seen a million times before.

GW1 Cantha was largely based on Kowloon city, full of cramped buildings stacked on top of each other, just in a more ancient style. It was dirty and dark and full of winding corridors. Plus the Jade Sea and Echovald Forest, which was more like an old growth Redwood forest than most Chinese forest depictions. It seems like they went an entirely different direction to flatter the Chinese, rather than do anything anyone might have nostalgia for.
I know and that's why I prefaced by saying it's lore breaking, to me GW2 is non-canon.
However, exploring old GW1 places makes the average GW2 onions-drinking player orgasm in excitement, that's why we got Elona and why people have been crying about Cantha since launch.
>playing MMOs in 2021

File: Secretly_Penetrating.png (180 KB, 416x425)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
>Penetration stacking edition
Are you an MMO friend?
Do you thrive on good fashion, socials, combat and the most well done pet system ever?
Come play Mabinogi on PC.
New content right now is providing up to level 5000 and 5 easily earned pets through tutorial-level events.
>5000 Levels? That sounds like mobile trash
Mabinogi works on a Rebirth system where you can rebirth depending on your age, which turns all of your levels into stats via cumulative levels. Actual max level is 200.
>Interesting Pet System?
You can play as your pet or fight side by side with them. There are a myriad of pets with different combat benefits or life skill benefits.
>Hows the Combat?
Over 10 different styles of combat varying from melee, ranged, and magic. The game's combat thrives in using multiple combat styles such as Puppetry and Chain Blades together.
>Why are you shilling?
There's /vm/ groups on both the Nao and Alexina servers.
if you want people to play with just ask and we can exchange names

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Sadly yes but really its a tie between humans and giants, elves just get shit on no matter what they do. The cons of being a giant is that they suck a magic and can't use archery but are a beast at melee. Humans are just a jack of all trade and can do anything but can't be the best at it. Elves are just this game's toilet seat.
>Every MMO thread has people posting their characters getting called attention whores though.
How? Whats wrong with posting a character?
Especially if you like spent time grinding to dress the character up
>toilet seat.
>Elves are just this game's toilet seat.
I heard in KR elves are the giants thanks to low ping making archery absurdly broken

File: csgo.png (11 KB, 300x293)
11 KB
What would be some actually good csgo servers which arent kebab or russian shit dont have plugins over plugins of making it seem you have a expensive knive or some other zoomer shit.
t.am coming over from cs 1.6 because cheaters have invaded my favorite servers and i cant play

Thinking of buying a HLL server, for new players who haven't played- you should check out Hell Let Loose if you like first person tactical shooters based in WW2. If I were to get a server and you were to buy it, would you play?

For existing players, the question is simple. Would you play on the server? if so I can post the discord that I'm currently making and put out updates for when itll launch

The server will be US East based, probably NY or Washington D.C.
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yeah i know, i have like 10-20 people right now that are willing to play but i need a minimum of like 50-75 before i pull the trigger
advertise it as a /vm/ server and id play on it
just call the server "dead niggers and kikes are good"
I would play

>go on quickplay
>pick Kazuya
>actually be good at the game (no jab spamming)
>about to 3 stock opponent
>connection error has occurred
I love making kids ragequit

File: workshop.png (165 KB, 900x981)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
>Rivals of Aether Workshop tournament
>haven't played a competent player on half these fuckers
>literally zero videos exist about Nova

how the hell do you prepare for this

File: images.jpg (24 KB, 300x168)
24 KB
are there any good retros still around? actually miss habbo like you wouldn't believe. still the best player driven economy out of any game.
I've been around when Habbo was up but wasn't into multiplayer games at the time, so I missed this entire era.
If anyone knows a good retro, let me know so I can experience what Habbo was for the first time.
I'm also looking for this just because making rooms was fun.
habbo stopped running? I just saw an announcement of them moving to some kind of Unity-based engine.
not op but I don't believe so, though I have heard that Sulake was in some hot water about pedos or something. I dont think they were moderating at all.
its funny to hear that Sulake helped its competitors like Coke Music and Virtual Magic Kingdom jshkx
Vmk and habbo were sick. Had all kinds of magic cards on vmk do not test me.

All characters are the same

How do i fix this guys I tried every “solution”. Nothing worked.

>inb4 disable anti virus
File: Capture.png (13 KB, 864x224)
13 KB
Turn off the probably useless antivirus or add the game to the exception list if it's somewhat decent.

Otherwise you prob need to get to the "Windows Defender Firewall" menu -> "Allow Apps" like this screencap and the allow "Change Settings." Scroll down and allow the game on both Private and Public networks.

File: Stinky Backyard.png (189 KB, 1000x494)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
Sup D&D nerds, remember Neverwinter?
New class coming up next week and the wise Devs decided to streamline EVERYTHING.
AKA delete 5 old "superfluous" leveling zones.

LAST CALL to experience the old content and maybe save it as a demo, before it's gone for good.
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Neverwinter is the worst MMO I've ever played.
Now I have to agree, after "leveling" though the first 4 leveling zones.
It's gutted now.
No soul left.
Though perfect for all the ADD zoomies and endgame NAU kiddies.
>implying this or STO are actually playable even when you use the game launchers and not the retarded ARC launcher

all the devs who knew how anything worked were moved over to Magic Legends and then laid off when it was cancelled.
Actually I heard it was mostly Trek Online that was heavily poached of their devs and who are now gone for good.
Though surely the Neverwinter team lost quite a few too.
>not the retarded ARC launcher
God, don't remind me.
Damn fucking thing is bugged for 2 months now, suddenly just starts pulling 20% CPU resources doing absolutely nothing.
Logging on by hand is so tedious, actually started minimizing the logged in client when I take my breaks.

File: 1627180305315.jpg (799 KB, 1352x1864)
799 KB
799 KB JPG
rank them from best to worst
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>GTA Online
Just because there's a big map does not make a game an MMO. Rust is not an MMO. Nor is GTA Online. The 'massive' in MMO requires a massive amount of players.
File: 1612812848928.png (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
Imho these are not good games mostly.

I play hunt and I think it's great but I know it has problems (like anything really). The last update made it the best time to jump in, but if anyone is looking to get into it, do so with at least 1 friend to play coop.

I agree that vr chat and quake champions (quake cpma is actually better) can be fun but the rest of them can't get me interested in them.
>2021 edition
Never played FFIX, cuckold sim, quake or hunt: showdown, phantasy star

From best to worst:
Super smash bros
Rocket League
Escape from Tarkov
Deep rock galactic
Apex legends
VR chat
among us

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Why there is no mass deleting refined metal action in TF2 to make it worth again anything
Refined was always set to only lower in value since you can get it infinitely, just takes time. Also the amount of refined you need to delete to even make a dent in the value is ridiculous, and would only change it temporarily.
Are there people that genuinely care about the TF2 market after the crate depression two years ago? That singular event made me sell all of my CS:GO items that still held value.
People won’t delete it on its own since the point of doing so is moot as >>374173 said, plus nobody would do so just because it would just mean other people’s wallets grow in value before inflation brings it back down

Valve doesn’t care about metal because it’s an antiquated mechanic to add value to weapon duplicates and for when hats weren’t so plentiful. Now hats just come from crates for the most part and the drop pool was never updated- therefore valve doesn’t add any metal sinks to fix what doesn’t help them.
*new hats come from crates

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