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What game would you recommend to a guy who's getting tired of bots and hackers in TF2? I guess the only real constraint is the fact that my PC is slightly older so it can't run games such as whatever new COD is.
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Eh it's alright,
if you play tf2 to socialize then yeah it's pretty shitty since everyone there is a nigger-loving kike,
but if you turn of voice and just don't type in chat it's basically your normal tf2 pub.

C.tf had their moment of glory months ago, they tried to revive it with their MVM update that will last maybe a couple weeks at most.
All matchmaking games are full of bots and hackers, just play on a dedicated server, thats what they're fucking for
TF2 Center, FACEIT, Uncletopia
As stupid as it sounds, try finding TF2 Facebook groups in your area, post an offer and have the buyers go first on trades. Say that you're selling the whole inventory or individual items, use backpack.tf to check prices. Some people sell keys in bulk w/ a discount instead of items to sell faster. By doing it you'll only have payment processment fees.
> MarketplaceTF
You can sell items instantly, but it has a 10% fee and PayPal has another 5% fee + 2% for cashing out. That's 16% off the price. Only use it if to sell items instantly if you really need the money ASAP. Do not recommend. Only use it for buying items.
Marketplace is ded

if you guys play this roblox game, how you good are

Feel sorry for bringing this shit here
Opinion on game and regrets of players?
For Honor
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>they will never revert the game to pre- core combat update
The concept was so good, I wish they had a full crew of devs who actually played the game.

Shut up reactionlet, the real shit they need to revert are stunning tap and the fucking kneejerk nerf from the second season that prevents shinobi from doing something that nearly everyone else can do (dodge bash mixups)
Why did they even remove them? It's so dumb there better be a decent reason.
What game would you recommend then? Similar to FH, of course.
Fuck off, it was a bad update that did the opposite of """fixing the light spam""". The core combat update just made spam worse, with lights, and heavies. In a team fight, you can just spam heavies with little consequences. Not to mention a character need a bash, and dodge to be viable.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (117 KB, 1280x720)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Haxball is a top-down 2D football game that's played entirely in your web browser.

You can join the /hax/ room at https://www.haxball.com/play?c=IX6WYWgrvr0
pass: shaw

Room link, stats, chat logs and replays available here: https://neinhold.github.io/

Room is usually active around these hours:
21:00 to 02:00 GMT
16:00 to 21:00 EST
13:00 to 19:00 PST

Have fun
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>cocks beats itself vigorously for over 130 minutes
was it the 'tism.
any minute now
>misses the 3-3 sitter
>blames hobo for throwing with no time
At least I have the balls to identify myself.
and i defended him and blamed loserbernd, cron is a giant faggot

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More like he's terrible, wait for buffs next week
This. Way too complex, and hes shit
File: 312317345.jpg (94 KB, 298x403)
94 KB
>Needs to build 7 items but only has room for 6 in plan
>All of Alex's self peeling tools are on his melee kit instead of his ranged one where he actually needs them
>Ult does almost nothing without spell amp
>Ult cd is also absolutely huge, one of if not the longest in the entire game
>Rest of kit doesn't do shit with spell amp so building it sucks
>Damage is pretty shit all across the board
>Invisibility detection range is so huge it does almost nothing
>If you have any DOTs on you the weapon swap on E doesn't work (Jackie, Cathy, Lenox, Wick, Wick buff, Chiara ult, and Adriana fires completely lock him out of his secondary weapon)
>Only have literal 1 second to swap or you're not getting it
>One of the squishiest and easiest characters to rush and cheese early in the game
>Struggles to kill animals early for leather
>Even when he's going off he's about as good as your usual 2H Yuki or Silvia
Initial impression is he needs QoL changes immediately. There's a good character buried in this mess but right now you need to jump through too many hoops to get there.
Just give him a unique 7th inventory slot where he can only keep his second weapon, that will be a huge help.
nah he's just shit.

File: 1611290408740.png (526 KB, 520x500)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
Time for TF2 thread, give it all ya got boys.
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I hate you contrarian fucks being against fixed bullet spread just because someone popular likes it. random spread just makes the shotgun a worse weapon while also reducing the skill level. Its more acceptable in other games because a single pellet of a shotgun blast in will take alot more than 2% of your health.
File: e1hjjmwzn6n41.jpg (585 KB, 2000x2000)
585 KB
585 KB JPG
Creators.tf is great. Weird nobody mentioned them
>tranny admins that will ban you for the slightest thing
>auto permabans for saying mean words
>Tyler McNigger still associated with the project by proxy
>dead servers 99% of the time
Yeah, no. I'll pass on that festering shithole. Fuck creators.
Yeah, random crits are whatever but you don't have to be a comp autist to think making an entire category of weapons that two classes are dedicated to into rngfests is fucking retarded or makes them feel worse to use for no good reason.
The only server i play on is the /mlp/ one

File: rainman clip.jpg (63 KB, 780x439)
63 KB
I just want a game that doesn't require severe, debilitating autism to be on level with other players. What is that game?
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File: Spoiler Image (999 KB, 500x267)
999 KB
999 KB GIF
SCP: Secret Laboratory
Grand Theft Auto V
Mario party will literally let you win even if you were dead last the entire game (including the end)

Do you make multiplayer maps or have you made any?

What is your prefered engine/game to work on? Anything to share
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The 4chan servers seem to eat up community maps, even if they're shit. But it can be hard to justify making custom maps for more modern games.
fuck sinjar
Ive spent thousands of hrs in arma editors.
I made a couple unique puzzle designs i was proud of for portal 1, shared with 1 friend. I never bothered to polish the maps artistically or link them beyond a room at the end that teleported you to the next one. I spent thousands of hours learning how to do stuff in hammer though making dumb HL2 maps with parented lights, physics bullshit, basically learning how to texture stuff.

I made my own texture from scratch for a natural selection type of look for creep. It had an alpha channel or something i put on it so that it was shiny, I tried to make it look like it was moist. I started an NS map for a spaceship with a plan to try to figure out how to add an animated space battle out in the skybox, because I had learned the math to exactly get the skybox structures to align to scale with the edges of your map. However, I didnt learn how to animate or do a model like that, so I eventually gave up and focused on college.

I made a L4D map that used the city textures, but it was very very short. Basically you spawned, ran across the street, went through a very short building store, then down an L shaped street. I had chainlink fence where the director knew to spawn zombies and send them up and over through that alley. and a window with a small room textured black that smokers could spawn in on a 2nd floor city building. There was an event at the end of the road where you had to press use on a fuelcan, triggering a fuse for a bomb. I dont remember but I think I set it to trigger a horde for that event. When the bomb went off, large chunks of the ground around the 'sewer grate' where you plant it opened up and you drop into the sewer and run into a safe room. It was very short, you could speedrun it in like 1:30, but I got the cool spooky lighting down.

I should probably make something for hl:alyx but holy shit playtesting that having to strap on my vr helmet is gonna be annoying and everything in the new tools system is different
I used to publish maps on far cry but the community wasn't robust enough for them to really take off, I eventually made them just for role play purposes.

File: hardlineHeader.jpg (280 KB, 1920x1080)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
Anyone else remember this game?
>Had the best customisation in any Battlefield game
>Coolest gadgets, ziplines and tracer darts
>fun new gamemodes like Blood money and Hotwire
>The fastest Battlefield ever, TTK and vehicles
>cheesy story ig
>small playerbase on PC but we are a tight community

Best moment was after I went legendary (prestige) I got the Z camo on my AWM (csgo assimov skin) and no scope headshot'd a heli pilot. Only in Battlefield.

>This game might have succeeded if it wasn't called "battlefield"
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The concept that any group of robbers could possibly match up with cops is retarded. They had a game engine and needed to milk it. They should have done bad company or some shit.
I'm firing it up cause aspects are fun
File: Heres the you faggot.webm (937 KB, 960x540)
937 KB
>>Had the best customisation in any Battlefield game
Coomstermizing was shit and basic color swaps
>>Coolest gadgets, ziplines and tracer darts
Same as 4 more restricted
>>fun new gamemodes like Blood money and Hotwire
Just moving conquest no depth you blow up the cars and blood money is just same "take obj back to base activity"
>>The fastest Battlefield ever, TTK and vehicles
Shilling dickhead it was a same
>>cheesy story ig
Fucking sucked and low effort
>>small playerbase on PC but we are a tight community
Dead on arrival because it was just a BF4 dlc charged for same price as a game with more content.
Shill this hard and stfu.
>The concept that any group of robbers could possibly match up with cops is retarded
Good thing this is a fictional group of what's basically a powerful mercenary organization then.
It would've succeeded if it hadn't released halfway into BF4's lifespan at full price WITH premium. EA wanted to be like Activision without understanding that they do dual releases because treyarch fans are autistic and screech about muh zombies.
It's still on xbox.

Code for ps4 gta online criminal enterprise starter pack. Whoever wants it can have it
Forgot to mention that you need to be from Spain to use it
>region locked cd keys
absolute state of sony

live in edmonton. 100+ ms to seattle, portland, los angeles, chicago, dallas, denver, new york, hell even toronto has the same shitty routing.

this is a waste of life. there's no point learning any new game on high ping, and even when you do people will claim your high ping is an advantage. so fuck it, im just going to play singleplayer games since that's all gaming is going to be for me. should've done this in 2012
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>valorant. i literally cannot hold an angle in this game to save my life, hardstuck plat 3. my opponents always see me first because they're getting 20-40 ms and im always over 100.

this is fucking hilarious shit, anon. keep blaming your ping, though. almost certainly you're just casually " " " forgetting " " " all those times people with higher ping were higher ranked than you anyway lmfao

kys loser. 100ms is unfair and one cherry picked example of a guy 5man stacking to immortal before dropping back down in 20 games to plat 3 doesn't mean shit to anyone. once again, kys for believing that i should have to waste 2 years of my life learning to play around 100ms when i can just watch netflix or buy tesla stock or touch grass.

probably an rci-b shareholder too.
good, we don't want you around you filthy leaf


File: IMG_20210406_091003-01.jpg (1.11 MB, 2418x2978)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
I play CSGO 70 hours a week. Hence, that's what happened to my hand. How can I prevent it getting worse.
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Why do all vm wrists look the same
File: 20210413_185401.jpg (2.24 MB, 4128x1956)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB JPG
You'll need a less abrasive pad for ypur wrist, but if you needed a website to tell you that, then that's the least of your worries.
>Put tape on your wrist like runners do for their nips dumbass
That was good.

File: untitled-37106.jpg (47 KB, 640x360)
47 KB
tell me what you dont and do like about this game im still really new
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You don't need all the cards do you? I just bought the welcome pack and adventure pack and got enough golds to build a black deck and I'm almost finishing a second offshoot of that black deck with only 20bucks worth of money and I'm already in platinum and slowly making my way to diamond. I'm not even smart or anything I just copied a deck that won in a tournament and filled in the cards I needed.
I would rather play Forge with old pre-pozz mtg sets.
Play Hearthstone, it is literally the free to play version of mtg
Play mtga only if you are ok with spending a lot of money
legends of runeterra u can have everything for free without being a slave to dailies, but is not as fun so that's that.
mtg is more fun in person
standard gets worse and worse every year

File: 1_GTA-ONLINE-DOWN-IMAGE.jpg (250 KB, 1200x1200)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
Now that GTA Online has patched solo grinds, aside from a small private army, what's the best way to sell cargo without worrying about griefers?
Any suggestions?
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
is GTAO dead, is it too late for me to buy the game?
Still rocking on pc depends on what you want to do. Some of the more obscure game modes you need friends to get more than on or two randoms' but races anything double money and the better adversary modes I still can get full games.
For real this is the only way.
File: 1618375705971m.jpg (56 KB, 832x1024)
56 KB
>Do the same heist over and over again tl make enough money to do absolutely nothing in the game and never be able to smuggle or manufacture guns and arms again or you're a moron.
They broke the game and an entire industry within it.
I can't work thw businesses that ive spent hundreds of hours and millions of dollars on. Excuse me for having an issue.
Rockstar pretty much just rendered millions of shark cards and businesses obsolete overnight.
>There is now a singular way to make any money at all and it's literally the same mission over and over again like watching. Movie on repeat.
No thank you.
This is what made RDRO a bust. There's nothing there and what they do give you is ruined by the atmosphere they put it in.

File: wurmap.png (2.09 MB, 958x962)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
PASTEBIN - https://pastebin.com/zyz9BmQ3
PORT: 3724

>What is Wurm Unlimited?
An ancient and autistic game about building a village together with other anons. This game has a rich history of cross-imageboard servers and a whole host of anons from all over who gather together to play it. The game is a fantasy sandbox survival crafting simulator, but really belongs in a genre of its own.

>Why should I play it?
Because your /v/ros are ingame RIGHT NOW waiting for you. There's a client posted here, so download it and come join us. Learning the game is fun and we love seeing newlads join.
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File: 20210411233228_1.jpg (256 KB, 1920x1080)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
dare I say
Brad come back.
File: gorillachair.jpg (280 KB, 1454x709)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
Serb still going strong, we need more lads on hots to stand up to the kiwi menace. Tournament shit this friday, I'm excited.

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