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File: 2013-05-13_00023.jpg (125 KB, 1024x768)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
A cooperative classic.
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they keep adding gay shit and going in the worst direction possible
kf2 used to be good until they added rioters, edars, shit bosses, weapons that cost $10 each, extreme filesize bloat, incompetent programming that they still excuse with "muh engine limitations", retarded "new" reskin weapons that took no more than 1 hour of work to implement, taking years to implement the most basic of UI and QOL changes (still no way to filter ping in or even check the ping in matchmaking LMAO)

kf2 at its core is just a more actiony version kf1 with significant improvements but tripwire goes out of its way to ruin everything
I don't understand why rioters and edars are bad. I just shoot enemies without much thinking. I haven't played much to think about bosses. Most of them are difficult if I just play with my friends. But sometimes we end up in a full squad and a boss dies within seconds of us concentrating our fire on him.

I don't care about 10$ weapons because I never buy that DLC shit in any game.
>I don't understand why rioters and edars are bad
both are bullet sponge, edars also punish positioning good or not. after years edars only got one very significant nerf to their health because they were unbearable. By a glitch they used to pin you down from beyond walls and because of TWI shoveling shit into it despite "engine limitations" collision checks suck to begin with. This sometime cause specimen or even bosses to go out of bounds to die instantly.
As for bosses some of them added as a joke for the events just like some specimen (ie. quarter pounds) to be official later. Focus fire works on them because they have nothing to catch you with. They started as a joke, so their mechanics don't really pose a threat besides looking scary for a 12 yo. They used to incur all crowd control types without any penalties 'till last damn update. This reduced most of them to the bullet sponge category again. Only solid boss in KF2 is Hans and even then they managed to fuck up difficulty scale to make hard difficulty Hans harder than suicidal once, years ago. They're that incapable of setting numbers right.
>I don't understand why rioters and edars are bad. I just shoot enemies without much thinking.
Not trying to be an elitist jerkbag here, but at lower difficulties KF is just mindlessly shooting shit and it barely matters what you are shooting at, so of course you never have a problem with those two. Rioters and edars are extremely common in higher difficulties as replacements for all those clots.
At times it feels like TWI is balancing the game for hard instead of addressing the issues in higher difficulty play.
you sound like a fag

File: file.png (337 KB, 584x442)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
roblox thread
rate my outfit in csom
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Dota2fag was only funny because he was so god damn persistent. Everyone hated him for the first 2 months, then it became funny because he would reliably be there in every single thread. Usually the first or second post.
Isn't this game for little kids?
Yes kind of. But it does have a more mature audience as well. I know this is a shitty comparison but think of it like MLP where even though it was made for kids it still has teenager and adult viewers.
I wanted to look like a character that has a beard and eyepatch but I can't because those are both face items, worst is that before they changed it I could because I just need 3 accessories for that look
You can go into the advance settings on the page and add more face cosmetics via ID's.

File: 1603478611465.jpg (82 KB, 590x420)
82 KB
What's the best multiplayer game to play if you have no friends....
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Rising storm 2 Vietnam doesn't require friends. Same with the Battlefield games.
Oh I'm interested in shooters and mmos. Als aren't beat em ups supposed to be single player games in the first place?
tac/mil fps requires you to talk to strangers
Worms Armageddon

File: aov.png (57 KB, 670x390)
57 KB
Have you ever wanted to play Ace Attorney cases that were 100% original creations by other fans of the series? To have the chance to play prosecutor, judge, or even as the witness that ties the whole mystery together? Here's your chance.


Once you install the game, open up the client and join "Attorney Online Vidya (Dedicated)". There's a case open in Courtroom 3 right now.

>Wait what is this?
A multiplayer Ace Attorney where every role is played by people like you in partially improv'd cases. Hilarity WILL ensue.
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Holloween case dropped in area 2. Someone got burned to death at a talk show. Need witnesses, defense, and steno.
>discord thread
is this true?
i can confirm, when i asked in the server why there were no /vg/ thread they said it was cause discord.
sad. killed my interest
It's also because gacha cancer flooding /vg/ killed every slow general a while back, and once it died it was too hard to get enough people back to maintain it, and so no one's tried to make it again in a while
t. Person that usually made the /vg/ threads

>Redditors and forums
Cancer any dev should never listen, no explanations needed
>"1vs1 me bro"
No go fuck yourself
>"""""Strategy games""""""
The actual strategy is just following the braindead meta
>Hazing solo or group
They deserve the rope
>Paying 60bucks for X game and the next day is F2P
>Harassment everytime they beat you
>Auto report or mod banning me for stupid reasons
>Try harding in a stoner server
>Game is teambased
Now type what make you mad in MP games
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>t. Shitter paying for somedoby to boost his Elo
File: 1527414109055.png (314 KB, 1000x1271)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
>t. n00b
File: 1598155195381.gif (993 KB, 267x199)
993 KB
993 KB GIF
yes you are. I can spot from a mile away you are a TF2 tourist larping as an afps elitist.
>Cancer any dev should never listen, no explanations needed
>Now type what make you mad in MP games

Reading broken English. Reminds me that the person on the other end is a disgusting subhuman like OP.
> Play team skywars on mc.
>Whole team dies and end up solo
> kill every team by using guerrilla warfare.
>Get down to the last team.
> clutch 3 guys melee.
> i am down to the last one.
> constant barage of melee and bowspam between us, also spamming gold apples.
> After 15 min he kills me with one heart left.
> Type 'gg' in the chat.
>Opponent replied with' haha Ez match nuub'

At least acknowledge you had a hard time.

File: ohno.png (2.61 MB, 1920x1080)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB PNG
tfw mill

File: 1589950333084.png (536 KB, 570x320)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
Does anyone still play this or know how populated the Japanese servers are? This is the last MMO I remember enjoying, I probably should try some new ones.
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oh lord they do still work
god how I missed fat castanic ass and tits hnnnng
not quite the same without some pink encouraging whispers but it'll do
Call me when they let the big dragon guys punch stuff finally.
File: 1 (2).jpg (230 KB, 1280x1831)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
>make a female castanic, elf, human, amani and an elin
>keep them on starter island
>slutify with unicast
>get the best the game has to offer within 15 minutes
anyone actually managed to log in enmasse migration site?
>xTera dev is actually going to release a 64bit compatible version next week
my FUCKING dick

The game is ruined
Not by the lack of updates
Not from too many hats
From the dumbass stupid little kid players and the people that enable them.
Well at least my Huo Long Heater, Unusual Family Business, and Glitch Fists won't go hungry.
File: QFyQiXF.jpg (102 KB, 770x314)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
can't we just go back to having home grown pubs?
I'm tired of these corporate feeling servers
not in a AAA game. pandora's box has been opened.
based heavy main.
>kids game
>complaining about kids

File: maxresdefault.jpg (143 KB, 1280x720)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Anon, why haven't you bought the best platform fighter in existence yet.
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The fuck are you even talking about anymore?
Got it a while ago on PC but I'm waiting for it to come out on switch to finally really play it.

Thought I'd try the mobile card game thing in the mean time and then run into this odd part of the tutorial where you can try out some characters only to be almost sure this stage is broken or something. Am I missing something here?
based clueless retard who have no idea how an imageboard works
File: steam_y0vMKW70xv.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
I haven't run into this issue but Creatures seems to be buggy right now,. The game gets unplayably slow for me after two or three matches. Reboot the game and it'll let you continue from the character select screen.

File: HuntGame_SXR3stiku7.jpg (213 KB, 795x268)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Since we had a pretty healthy thread and the game deserves more exposure, here's another one.

Update 1.4.4 will go live soon and it makes sweaty quickswappers seethe.

>no longer able to weapon swap out of recoil animation
>more mobility after firing a weapon
>leader boards fixed
>quick play improved
>random weapons spawn around the map
>new traits

What do you think about the upcoming changes? I think it's a fantastic update and will finally break the long ammo meta into a more balanced experience. All they have to do now is to make Levering slightly more expensive.
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File: 1332854406776.png (385 KB, 482x625)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
>game was pretty fun for a while
>now getting murdered by prestige 16 players every round

I'm so tired of this.
You don't even know the half of it.

>Rack up a good k/d because of my good tactics and maneuvering
>Aim is decent but not the best
>Start getting matched with prestige 100 streamers
>90% of deaths come from 4+ k/d guys who 360 headshot me with a sparks in midair
>Can't keep up with all of their autistic movement abuse and long ammo quickswapping

I'm still winning a decent amount of games and getting kills, but dying to those min/maxing autists is incredibly frustrating.
just shotgun camp and dont let them headshot you
use all the dirty tactics, instaburn and all
the more salty comments on your steam profile the better
Yeah, I've been playing FPSes for a long time meaning I catch on quick to game mechanics, so I just get matched high in games now and I have to start playing my best every time and it's very much not chill.

>dont let them headshot you
I mean that's the entire problem isn't it
is it common to leave comments?
Nobody has ever left me a comment
2 people have added me to call me a coward for not committing suicide on their shit plays when I had a lvl 45 character I could turn into a lvl 50 because I didnt risk dying so they could keep their shitty mosin they fired once before they died.

File: shadowlands_25.jpg (299 KB, 2447x1115)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
just so you know, the end will go like this:
the jailer is the villain as you know, and he'll be killed
he used sylvanas to harvest more anima in exchange for some dragon ball z powers
the jailor will be replaced
arthas-guess why you saw him in the promo short film, he'll obviously play a major role in the game
however they don't want to mess it up- redemption or not?
short answer: not
he'll assist the players and will become the jailer, the "lucifer" of this story

the arbiter, the judge of all souls in the afterlife is formant and not doing its job, uh oh, but who can fix that?
you know the obvious answer, uther will become the arbiter
hint-he already took the role of the arbiter when he threw arthas in the maw

sylvanas-"but she did all that to protect us from the void"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 976587659.png (1.08 MB, 1721x539)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
all blizzard does these days is copy XIV.
imagine playing wow for the story and not that fat fat raiderio score

File: top.jpg (597 KB, 1601x923)
597 KB
597 KB JPG
Why is there not a single good multiplayer game that's populated worth playing?

Everything is either 10 years old and boring as fuck to play now or garbage.
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factorio isn't really a multiplayer game. Or at least it doesn't become one until you've played a few hundred hours.
File: 1580334670805.jpg (154 KB, 620x527)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Based. I love TA and by proxy Supcom/FAF but god damn i'm a brainlet that cannot into RTS. Supcom just doesn't have the cool art style like TA.
I only found the games from TA /v/ threads years ago where we'd play FFA every couple of weeks on gameranger.
Still haven't tried zero k/spring
I unironically enjoy playing fortnite so I don't have this problem
Gmod and sfm are different. Theres just something appealing about gmod's purposefully shitty puppeteering/stop motion meanwhile SFM is an actual professional animation software so if something shitty is made with it, it just looks shitty. SFM's lighting looks like pure ass by default, and it smooths out all the movements and theres nothing appealing about an amateur SFM animation as a result.
I will say though that even a lot of gmod animations have aged like shit, but kitty0706's stuff seems to still be really funny to me. Dont know if thats just nostalgia though
it was a different era man

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (100 KB, 616x353)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Does anybody else play this game?
Found it in the steam sale and I'm having a blast.

Other card or tabletop games welcome.
I played it during alpha and beta. Had a lot of fun though I'm not terribly good at it. Waiting for mobile to hit, because if I'm sitting on my desktop there's other stuff I'd rather play.

That said, it's one of the VERY few f2p games I've ever shelled out a bit of money for.

File: IMG_2268.jpg (143 KB, 1280x1280)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Anyone still play Rumble Roses XX for Xbox 360? If so, I'm up to play, tired of fighting the computer.

Also Reiko best girl.
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I no longer own a 360, maybe try PC?
Girl-on-girl ryona material is practically nonexistent despite being the best kind. You take what you can get.
I prefer guy on girl ryona and only during rape.
what a pleb
Ryona is inflation tier autistic outside of rape scenarios. Now shut up and play the game.

File: tenor.gif (193 KB, 220x220)
193 KB
193 KB GIF
The last 22 days of the LoL season, i am trying to climb gold. So here is my question.... After going from SIV to S1, i got there with like 12 wins/1 loss. Come S1 and i am noticing that it matches me with players that go afk after fb or junglers that dont even know how to path and so on and so on. I, somehow, got to promos with like 4 defeats. It's ok, i tell myself, i got here and now i want me some 3 wins, ez right ? Well NO ITS NOT
3 G A M E S in a fucking ROW are lost! And i had NO power of salvaging EVEN THO i play SION with tp and my ulti is global, i cannot stop bot giving away like 10 kills before 15 or even mid going in like an idiot and calling jg for not being there, even tho he went in solo!!! I went from 75% win ratio to fucking 60% and i swear to god, it will go lower!
my opgg here : https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=korobeas
check the Sion games. And tell me i am not exaggerating, that i am not mad and out of my mind. Our adc always comes 10nth with the rest of the team in tow. Finally i uninstalled. Never again.

The question is : Does the game punishes the players for getting above 60 percent win ratio by matchmating them with anchors EVERY SINGLE GAME ????? I am shaking ! I felt helpless in every single game! I had to fume somewhere ......
>Does the game punishes the players for getting above 60 percent win ratio by matchmating them with anchors EVERY SINGLE GAME ?
No, this is just cope.

>I felt helpless in every single game!
If this is such an issue that you need to come to 4chan and shit all over the walls, you probably shouldn't play LoL (or other games with strong teamplay requirements) to begin with.
Cope, when 5 mins in game our bots gives first blood a d our support resides that now has to go mid. That is coping. I could totally stop him from going mid and ruin mid lane. That is a hundred percent based on skill. Or when our autofiller support picks shack and then goes for a kill every Sint second that passes, ends up feeding and calls our adc a morron... That's fucking cope and by any means I can revert it by playing my lane good... I wanted to fume
>Let me recount a specific game over which I had imperfect information and then extrapolate it to every game
>I need to shit all over the walls more because I am a blubbering mess of an individual and my rage is more important than whatever thread I bumped off
There is a smurf queue. If you have a low number of games with a high win rate then you'll be matched with other players with similar statistics. Most of these people are on their 10th account because they have bad behaviour, so expect them to rage-quit a lot. You know the type of player that I'm talking about.
I have come to S1 with 96 games. I don't know if that is considered low. But yeah, after S2 there is a constant stream of people that are not particularly bad at the game as instead they behave in a orthodox ways, like the support i mentioned. Or the jungle that started saying we lose and GG at 2 mins in, even tho no one of our team died. I uninstalled. I will not waste my time with this game anymore. I became a vicious fuck with my family and my friends, the last 2 weeks that i started climbing, I became sour and cold. This game is not worth playing for the climb, yes even with friends. Fuck lol

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