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File: 2022-06-05_00.36.55 copy.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1080)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
A vanilla 1.20 Paper server, open to JAVA from 1.18.2 And above or Bedrock clients, maybe even pocket edition.

Pirate and cracked friendly, with chat reporting disabled for those who want to avoid Mircrsift's ever worsening tactics.

A server with obsene amounts of lore, a few adminstrators come and gone, and a recent bout of cancer now in remission, we present you /v/craft! Now in it's forth year!

Current map opened February 2021 (1.17), and expanded with fresh 1.20 terrain soon after the recent update. End and nether are trimmed periodically.

JAVA - mc.chimpout.club:25600
Bedrock (all others) - mc.chimpout.club:19132
Map - http://mc.chimpout.club:9788/

>How to can I join?
Official and pirated clients can join in without issue... unless you can't figure out how to make a password for your player on the server.

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Wipe the server Mark you dirty pig
When I started the map was 5k x 5k and now it's what, 30k x 30k with half the population?
he's not gonna wipe it because then share would cry about his farms
what share farms? they were all removed
nope, just separated and moved 200 blocks apart from the original spot, hidden from the evil gnat socks
File: 2023-11-28_23.56.39.png (919 KB, 1920x1080)
919 KB
919 KB PNG

File: chad gamer.jpg (47 KB, 735x651)
47 KB
>playing in a way that makes me lose the game? Scummy.
>when I do it, it's skill. When you do it, it's actually scummy.

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (101 KB, 616x353)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Yeah me neither
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don't respond to my posts ever again, larping zoomer
This is the mentality the killed online video games
It does have recoil
I haven't gotten a kill since day 5
I remember all the shilling for it
I dont have to read your post at all. The devs are millionaires because they realized battlefield was shit and an indie team could do better. And they did. I had a blast playing this game and it was totally worth the 20 dollars. Shit on them all you want, there is a reason people hungered for this game. And battlefield helped create the market.

Fucking 100 hours in a roblox shooter that felt smooth as hell to play. You guys are right that the game is a bit shallow, but like, chill the fuck out. Its a 127 v 127 meat grinder on purpose.

Better than sucking EA's dick IMO. EA doesnt ever have voice chat for one simple reason: quality control departments demand its removal. Fuck them so much.
It was a shit squad clone for years and then it became a shit battlefield clone. They didn't "realize" anything, they just stumbled into something better than the shit squad clone they had before.

If they realized anything they would have done something with it after it blew up. It's still basic as fuck and barely worth playing.

>i had fun
>they made money
>so it's good!?!
Sounds like the kind of hot take you'd find on xbox live in highschool. shut the fuck up, nigger.

why does this happen? how does this happen even
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TDX beta is decent and doesn’t seem too p2w (yet) from the 10 hours playing this slop. Everything is so expensive as if most of the support towers are late game, extremely reliant of towers that deal explosive damage like Mine Layer and the Missile Tower. Weird having a DJ and Commander combined into one tower and having to upgrade both paths to get all of the buffs. It’s still fun, I recommend playing with randoms for the true experience.
tower defense is just get better units and boom repetitive gameplay
you can only keep an eye on them for so long, eventually someone's gonna come around and sway them in an unfortunate direction. kids are incredibly stupid and very easily influenced
You weren't around if you think the quality of games has decreased. You can argue that they're less soulful now that people are making a living off of it but the quality of games back in the day was horrible. The most popular games consisted of shit like "slide out of barney/spongebobs/teh freakin epic lazors!/shreks mouth" and "Who killed telamons pants obby".
There is a clearly difference of then and now. Why you think most games use bright vibrant colors and a certain targeted audience? They know how it works and will use it to its advantage.

The Third Person, Third Biggest MOBA, based on various World Mythologies.

FACT: The 4chan clan is [SmGen]: Smite Gen Plus! All new players are welcome!
Most members are on around 12-2am UTC+0. Party up with anyone you can find.

>New Player Guide + Splash Art Gallery


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File: 10.12 Objective Tier List.jpg (3.93 MB, 4300x5750)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB JPG
10.12 Objective Tier List
Been a while, but the data didn't get reset for the 3 week patch that was 10.11, and some things came up just before I was about to post.
Without further ado;

>Somehow, a 50G item increase and a 10 Power nerf was not enough to massively shift the Solo meta (shocking truth), especially considering most of the Mages being played are just running normal Sands+Book start. The current best Warrior in Solo is Nike at #13. Consider that there are 20 Warriors in the game. Classic Midlane devs~
>At least it's not the even more sorry state that is Solo Guardians - the best of which being Jormungandr at #36 in role.
>Artio Solo isn't just.... shockingly... incomprehensibly bad at this point. She is a fucking trainwreck at casual play. At 34.83% winrate, she has hit the single lowest point any God in the entire game has reached in the last 2 years (my records); including my usual annoyance at Ymir Jungle. Additionally, she has also become the single biggest 'common' influence of the outcome of any game - at ~15% deviance from the 50% baseline, an Artio in Solo as of 10.12 throws games harder than the previous best (Aphrodite as of 10.3, at a 12% deviance) won them. Nothing is even close to her lossrate. Artio Solo has undisputably won the Wooden Spoon of Season 10 - I don't see anyone overtaking her other than herself in 10.13.
>Ironically, with the Solo lane being taken over by Mages and Assassins, classic Solo Mages such as Zhong Kui and Hades have notably dropped in winrate. On the contrary, Loki Solo is the best it's been at all year, thriving in a meta where he can eat his natural good matchups alive.
>Osiris is the best he's been in ages! It seems the recent buffs might actually have made him usable. Guess we'll have to wait and see if it's the same for a 'normal' Solo meta.
>Now the normalfaggots have caught wind of what has FACTually been the case all year (independent of metaswings and item changes), the cat is really out of the bag - with Mage offrole up by ~300-500% depending on God. One standout example is Eset - an extremely high winrate Solo Mage, who has mostly been hidden from my previous Tier Lists simply due to low playrates.

>If there's one thing Warriors can still be relied on when they've been forcefully removed from of the Solo meta, it's still being able to take over the Jungle meta on a dime with no collective buffs - even in the lower playrates not shown, Warriors are reliably out-performing Assassins. Oddly enough, Chaac has still not won a single game.
>Despite this class performance, Arachne is still the highest winrate God in the game. There's almost a 2% rift separating Arachne, Bastet and Anubis from the rest - almost an entire tier above the competition
>Nemesis is the biggest winner of the patch, with a 6% upward swing pushing her back into viability
>Chaac, despite not winning a single game in 10 years, is notably being seen more on winning teams. Chaac is textbook powercreep waiting to be unleashed with a single major gamewide change that "fixes" Warriors - I'm calling it now, cap this post, keep your eye on the Godtoon with 0 wins.
>He Bo continues to be in absolute free-fall after the Bao-nerf. No commentary there.
>Set has overtaken Janus (an already bad God for casual play, except in in an offrole on top) as lowest in the Jungle (Set's native role), Cliodhna not far behind. It's ok for Maman to retain kill potential as a damage-only God, but seemingly the same does not apply for those two. Set
>As for Maman, strictly speaking, she's one of the closest Gods in the game to an ideal 50% winrate - only out-honest'd by Ganesha in Support and Chiron in ADC.
>KUKULKAN WATCH OUT WATCH OUT WATCH OUT BOOM KKK OUTTA NOWHERE's the Midlane meta, as the first time he's topped the board this year. Probably due to everyone building Breastplate of Valor, and Kukulkan building it best (both in terms of positioning, and Passive bonus).
>Hunters & Assassins vanish from the Midlane meta, in a huge role-thinning process benefiting Mages, as less people experiment.
>The Midlane meta is split semi-distinctly into 3 groups - there's 1% between Sol and Ah Puch and 1% between Baba Yaga and Persephone
>Overall, the Midlane role plummets in impact on the average match; since nu-Solo lowers the penalty for the (first) Midlaner if they fail
>The shit piles up at the bottom of the Mid Meta, but only Hel falls to an unjustifiably bad winrate
>Best-in-class is split between Anubis or Poseidon; both are dominating in lanes they don't belong in, but Anubis only edges out Poseidon in overall usage.

>Of the usual Support Elite 4, Aphrodite doesn't make the cut this patch, but ex-regular Eset catches up.
>Xing chases a strong ADC meta as Hunters slowly become a more important source of Physical damage on the map
>Ymir felt his animation speed buff, Fenrir didn't
>All healers are down in winrates after the major nerf to earrings due to Yemoja, with Ra Support disappearing entirely. Yemoja, ironically (or more precisely; expectedly), was unaffected.
>For one of the few times this year since his release, Maui is not the worst (or second-worst) Guardian in the game, Cabrakan finally plummetting to the Tyr tier after the full effect of his minor rework is seen, and has failed to make headway in Solo or Jungle. If Artio wasn't so incomprehensibly dogshit, Cabrakan would be the next contender for worst in class.
>ADC meta is pretty mixed, with neither Basic, Ability or Magical coming out on top. That said, as a collective, the ADC role has overtaken Mid as the most influential role on the outcome of a game.
>The Ring nerfs have been felt, but weren't too severe. Olorun maintains his position, the rest drop ~1%.
>Silverbranch buffs alone rocket Medusa and Cupid almost 5% upward, Rama to a lesser extent with them
>Ullr got a buff, so naturally he appears in every lane aside from Support. While his winrates are still shit, give him time to cook so the shitters can drift away from him again.
>Martichoras continues to fall after overnerfing. Despite this (and despite notable reduction in her Passive's negative effect so she's no longer dealing negative item damage compared to others), Charybdis is still the statistically worst Hunter in category for the average player.
>While it's most evident in ADC, this is one of the most "viable" patches of the year - very few Gods have fallen into the sub-45% winrates across all roles, with the sole and massive outlier exception of Artio Solo
Jungle does Duo-Yellow then clears the two small Red's alone and splits the Big Red. (4 Smalls, 1 Big alone and 1 Big split)
Mid and Solo split XP + Blue (Solo getting lasthits on the Big ones), and Mid then splits Big Red. (Solo = 2 Bigs, 3 Smalls all split; Mid = 2 Bigs, 3 Smalls)
Everyone hits Lv2.

If you do your method, instead, only the Jungler hits Lv2, and also misses a Mid wave (so has a late Lv3) + is late for rotations as it has to waste time clearing it's second Speed (as the other Jungle gets first gank without being contested). Also, Solo loses first wave completely, meaning that as a Jungler, you either have to baby Solo for the next 5 minutes else they lose lane (while your Duo lane is 2v3) or now have an ungankable lane that's ahead because you did a shitty start and threw the game for no reason.
Everyone is worse off. Just do the normal start.
I should play SMITE again. I wish I had more time.

File: source.png (87 KB, 258x258)
87 KB
csgo was never really better than cs source overall. there were a few times where it was, but it always got ruined by updates. i still love this game and have been playing it to unlock the steam achievements.
19 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
literally money. the only reason people play cs:go is either because they think they're going to make money as a pro or they think they're going to make money gambling.
russian bots.
cs2's competitive side is way better than cs source ever was
lol who are you in the silver soldiers discord haha. i love how much people get away with nazi posting on there
it's a shame how CS:GO seems to discourage the unofficial, fuck-around type of gameplay in CS:S and GldSrc CS in favour of NO ITEMS FOX ONLY FINAL DESTINATION compfaggotry
you still CAN do it, which is better than most multiplayer games released recently which don't even have a public sdk, but there appears to be various ways the game is engineered to kind of steer people away from it, such as obscuring the custom server browser button, having a fairly low vanilla player capacity, making a lot of props static because of the miniscule chance one will roll over the bomb and cover it, etc.

File: EOTN.jpg (85 KB, 616x353)
85 KB
GW1 Guild Wars 1 thread, mad king thorn edition

Last thread died unexpectedly so new thread.

Reminder: We are doing our HM UW run on Sunday at either 3 PM or 7 PM EST. Fuckers need to reply to this with their preferred time by tomorrow night at latest, otherwise I'm doing 7 PM.
121 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
Send an invite to Conquering Lion.
The guild was never active until late last year. I kept it as a 4chan-inclusive guild only and aside from one other random in the archives who ran a guild, we have no allied guilds. Maybe a leftover from when we did some GvG skirms. I vaguely remember some random messaging me offering to ally with us but it obviously didn't happen. We don't even have enough active players online to warrant much on that front.
sent ;)
I have a guild without an ally right now, we have average 5 people on a day or so
anet devs playing factions and reminiscing
not a ton of new info, but comfy
File: 1672910703308139.gif (3.71 MB, 1728x972)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB GIF
ran someone up to mineral springs to cap elites, stopped in at the lyssa ice cave

File: wurm.png (120 KB, 468x217)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
At long last, its time for some real autism and grindan. The return of Wurm is here, and this time, we'll be exploring the lost lands of Brorrowind! We're glad to announce that the stress test for this years server will be Dec 29th at 7pm cst. The census and excise office of Seyda Neen will officially open for business shortly afterwards (Jan 5th is the current plan, subject to general feedback. keep an eye on the thread and the website: wurmbadmin(fuckthefiltershere)wixsite(justletmeputaurlinhere)com/brorrowind)

>What is Wurm Unlimited?
Wurm is an mmo from 2006 that focuses on sandbox elements. Instead of just killing goblins for exp, its a fully terraformable world. Build a comfy cottage or a massive castle. Have a small herb garden or sprawling wheat fields. Master a craft or mine deep into the earth. Go fishing, breed horses, brew potions, even make your own cheese.

>What is Brorrowind
Every 6 months anons get together and host our own Wurm server. This time we're taking the heightmap from Morrowind and slapping it into the server. Build your own Balmora, visit Red Mountain with friends, and enjoy events like the farmers festival in Vivec. We've even got custom items and weapons this time, including craftable Daedric weapons.
23 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
ok explain how farming and other shit works because i think i just want to make crops and craft vases in morrowind and then sell them

i don't give a shit about randomly pvping people so the odds of someone deciding to reallocate my shit are (probably) low
File: special effects.png (1.96 MB, 1115x744)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG
Map is 4k. Some others have brought up concerns about the lack of sand on the east coast, so that might get added. Wanted to keep different regions looking different but I know sand is important for mortar and meditation.
You might check the wiki for more details but its essentially:
>flatten ground
>sow seed
>tend crops every 'tic' (currently set to one hour)
>after several tics, harvest crops
We've got mods to make farming easier so you can eventually sow seeds/tend crops/harvest in larger areas at a time as your skill progresses.
You won't be selling crops as much as letting your village use them. Chefs will need a wide variety to make buff food (+30%exp boost from meals), tailors will need cotton, priests will need garlic, shipwrights will need hemp, etc etc. There's also a gardening skill for growing various herbs. The alchemy mod (glorious health potions and buffs) also leans heavily on farming and gardening. Farmerchads always get love and protection.
File: clownshoes.png (1.01 MB, 933x632)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
wurm were declared.
I'm really concerned about the PVP too. The things you have pointed out are just excuses. It's still going to be fundamentally cancer to play with. You are always going to attract "people" like >>1115099 whose only purpose in the server is to grief you (like >>1114915 mentions). I've tried out Wurm before, built my cart etc. It's a fun game, but I know how brutal the grind in this game is. If you think I'm going to spend all of that time painstakingly making my house only for some retard come along and grief me, you are out of your mind.

And if PVP in the game really is sooooo improbable and tedious, why even include it in the first place? That's just even more retarded. You work trying to build a village and it's peace and quiet for a week until suddenly it's all destroyed one day. Yeah I'm good, thanks.
Farmchads are the lifeblood of the server. Everything >>1116348 is true, but he forgot to mention that your stats will be STACKED on account of hard manual labor in the fields all day, and with some decent equipment and a bit of training your fightskill/weaponskill you can slap the shit out of anyone who tries to steal your crops. If you end up going as a priest of Fo too, you'll have magic that nourishes your crops and further enhances your virile chadliness.
PVP in the game isn't improbable and tedious, PK'ing is. If you want an exciting fight, ride your horse out to an enemy settlement and challenge someone to a duel. The tedium and banality comes from trying to treat a map that's greater than 2k like your own personal runescape wildy. Also settlements will *not* be destroyed in one day. It takes 10 minutes to bash down a waist-high fence unless you bring a dozen people with lead mauls. Property destruction is a thing that flat out DOES NOT HAPPEN in wurm, except to make access, and even then lockpicking is 100x faster and easier (but also 100x harder to grind). The worst you have to worry about is someone killing your livestock or trampling your fields, and as long as you have healthy red-blooded alpha male farmchads like >>1116224 to defend your homestead and punish people who violate the NAP, you'll never have any problems with that. Play the game and see.

File: file.jpg (828 KB, 1265x889)
828 KB
828 KB JPG
Yes, the first one (the only one).
It's an incredibly comfy game with pretty ok combat. Don't let ubisoft's shitty launch and bad rep keep you from playing it. Also, in my opinion, very few games have ever achieved this absolute kino level of atmosphere.
>Do any anons want/need a teammate?
>Do any anons have it in their library and want to try it out, but need a hand?
I remember it was free a few years ago so I assume a lot of you nerds have it but have never bothered to play it or uninstalled it after a few minutes.
25 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Ubishit changing anything in 2023 for Div 1
I fucking wish, man
You probably just picked the option to only let you play with a full lobby (it's nice that they give you the option, but they don't make it very clear)
yeah i had no idea that was an option.
fuck me, if i knew i would have gone solo all the time, no one to steal all the heli supp[lies.
For future info, if you ever install the game and try again, there are two options in the survival lobby:
>Game Finder
"Game Finder" will put you in a game no matter how many people are waiting. You have to still wait a minute or so in case more people join and the game decides to put you in a "matchmaking" game.
"Matchmaking" will try and fill a game with a minimum amount of people before starting.
yeahhhh i always chose matchmaking.
thx for the tip, now i can enjoy it a bit more.
Enjoyed the first one, thought the replay value was good post game where you could play all missions on max difficulties, at first I would get carried but eventually started to try building a good character. I was playing it in October through to November and sure had to wait to get some teams together but there was definitely a dedicated player base there. The DLC also added more to do. Ended up getting platinum just over the 200 hours mark

File: r2uqhpsap8461.jpg (10 KB, 196x238)
10 KB
>quake boomers unironically think arena shooters (aka boomer shooters) are harder than cs and fortnite
>quake boomers actually think "kids these days" are "too casual" despite everyone nowadays being obsessed with competitive gaming and esports
>quake boomers really think their outdated dinosaur games are "too hard" for heckin zoomers and that's why they are so unpopular
>quake boomers non ironically think they are the best at shooter games despite none of them being able to succeed in cs or fortnite
>quake boomers make all sort of excuses for modern boomer shooters like quake champions having only 100 players or so despite cs 1.6 still having thousands of players and in fact more players than all boomer shooters combined
when will these boomers admit than their games are just boring and outdated and not "too le hard and skillful"?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The most famous 1v1 in arena shooter history is two guys sneaking around sound whoring each other to get the jump on the other for most of the game.
Stealth has always played a big part in the genre
I actually really like the more casual friendly shooters versus cancer like CS. Best "shooter" I've ever played was Dirty Bomb and that game died well before its time, likely because it was popular during the mid-2010s where there were so many hero shooters to play.
we are talking about arena shooters, dynamic, fast paced games were deathmatch and capture the flag are the most popular game modes, why should I care about fucking 1v1? does cs even have 1v1 mode?
besides, even if you can sneak it's your choice, not a rule like in those faggy tactical shooters
And knowing where your opponent is while keeping your location as much as a location is naturally a mechanic of any game that doesn’t have wallhacks preinstalled. Like you agree the genre is dynamic but only if you never change the pace from extreme speed which is retarded.
I have no idea wtf to tell you bro, now your coping that duel doesn’t exist.
it's a game mode, not an entire fucking game, you don't walk slowly with shift pressed while playing casual quake, game is not designed in that way unlike slow paced counter strike
even that video you've linked is ten times more dynamic than any counter strike match in existance
>you can sneak in any game lol
this is my last reply because you're kinda retarded

File: 8m7s4q90z23c1.png (248 KB, 960x964)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
Any actually excited for new events? Not even any exclusive content anymore, you just trade in random tokens for white bags from the dungeons you are already running for the event. Or skins but who gives a fuck about skins.

File: tubby.jpg (225 KB, 1400x1400)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Operation DEEP FREEZE releases on Nov 28
MARKETPLACE releases on unknown date this season (Y8S4)

>Latest news:
>Official news:

>Server status:

>/r6g/ links:
Pastebin is removed because it got removed

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
100 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1565817108876.jpg (283 KB, 1300x1300)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
zamn, nice to /r6g/ back. bazed.
Toggle it in your settings
Advanced drone settings or something
I don't need them but i was also not bothered by them.
Diamond 1 as a solo, wish I could have a stack so bad
I get out-aimed by these zoom zooms
> Humble-bragging about being almost Champ from solo play only
Why would you even want a stack if you're almost Champ anyways? Who the fuck cares if you're """out-aimed""" when despite you being out-aimed you've hit Diamond anyways??

I started playing COD zombies lately, specifically Black Ops 1, and I've been really enjoying it. I wish the DLCs weren't so expensive, but oh well
Anyone got any tips I could use?
Pics of my favorite character so far, Richtofen's a psychopath and I love it.
I fell off the cod and zombie train black ops 1 dlc3 shangri la. Which was weird because call of the dead and a lot of the multiplayer maps of dlc2 were some of my favorites of all time
Nikolai was always my favorite reminder that everyone restarted if they were solo and got takeo
Yeah, Takeo has so far been the character I dislike the most
Call of the dead looks fun, prob gonna buy it at some point
The only tip I can give you is to pretend that Black Ops III is the last game featuring the Zombies mode because the games that come after it are all ape shit.

File: PS2_NOTLD.png (458 KB, 828x462)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
Recycled Holiday Event Edition

>Update Notes
>Connery/Emerald Merge Petition Update
>Old bin
>Old thread
234 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
there was server troubles for awhile and people left
people leaving made more people leave
there's a concerted effort by the usual connery suspects, you know who, to kill the server. in discord right now they coordinate sundy killing to force the last few remaining people to leave so daybreak will merge emerald and connery.
v6 means you're mad
v6 is badass, v5 is reddit v1 is based
it just means you're mad at me, everything else you say is true

File: murlocVMWoW.png (389 KB, 720x405)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
/vm/s own World of Warcraft private server

>PvP enabled

Looking for some peeps to join up on a new grassroots community server to play on together.

Official launch on Friday but servers are up and running, there won't be a wipe -
feel free to get your friends in a party and join up with us in levelling from launch.

As this is intended to be fully community-driven, there will be minimal rules (common sense, free-speech) and server direction as players decide.

>Vote to choose a name for the /vm/WoW realm:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
478 replies and 77 images omitted. Click here to view.
No, I'm arguing with you, the wannabe oldfag who shits on every mention of Discord on 4chan.
Maybe AH bots, but no NPCbots, if I wanted to play alone with bots I'd download a repack instead. He shoul've added instant 60 tho.
nta, but you sound like a particularly angry tranny
>discord apologist
Color me not surprised.

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