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File: japanese_ass.jpg (28 KB, 600x414)
28 KB
Why hasn't a single OS/Desktop environment figured out scaling on multiple monitors of different resolutions?

You'd think such a basic task would be easy.
I expected for it to be easy on GNU/Linux. But no. I have lost faith in FOSS
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Baby hoow much for one night of joyous pleasure?
File: 1559812127234.jpg (107 KB, 600x838)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Sexy ass

Will there ever be a more A E S T H E T I C Laptop?
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Apple products had always some design flaws to make their devices disgusting or obsolete you can point any devices and it has a major defect. In this case, when closing the lid the top part would damage the bottom part. Most second white boys are broken because of that so please do not try to mimic thinktanks using macbooks because it wont work.
Jesus christ. Was Apple ever not a total fucking joke?
File: a-e-s-t-h-e-t-i-c.jpg (95 KB, 2000x1125)
95 KB
Remember when Vizio made laptops?

I have six in front of me. A MacBook Pro, a sony, a toshiba, an HP, and a Dell, and a Lenovo X220.

Nothing comes close to the sheer elegance and style of a PowerBook 2300c. Nothing. Lite as hell.

File: duhgree.png (361 KB, 3000x2584)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
Can we have a duhgree thread?
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not him
but your coding style is tranny-licious
jesus christ i barely know python and im better than this person
There are many less attractive places where companies simply can't get competent people. We are talking "programmers" who barely know how to use a computer and entire IT departments that only know how to click around in Windows.
Fellow LabVIEW programmer here. This seems like an obvious application for a formula node, provided you're not too concerned with performance. Using the native blocks runs faster, but can be confusing to read with something like this. If you're going to use them, you should break it down with subVIs.

In a past project where I had to do a ton of parallel data analysis in parallel with data acquisition, I found it more straightforward to use the built-in MATLAB interface so I could use that code and then pass the results back to LabVIEW.

Also, instead of those comments, I recommend labeling the individual blocks. If you ctrl+U for cleanup, those comments will get placed randomly. Rule of thumb with unattached comments is that that should be relevant to whatever container they are in, not necessarily to what they are close to.

For a simple program like that though, I do like the GUI. And at the end of the day, the code werks.
This perfectly demonstrates Python' superiority.

All those useless fill in symbols when indentation and line breaks convey the meaning perfectly to humans and compilers alike.

File: serveimage.png (151 KB, 650x301)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Is the SSD meme legitimately something to look into or is it just a bunch of paid shills spamming /g/ as soon as someone mentions traditional HDDs?
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Just bought my dad a 1TB Samsung 860 EVO for his laptop, & a RAM upgrade as well.

He's stoked about it all.
File: 1566568379873.jpg (48 KB, 768x1024)
48 KB
based wholesome anon
>2020 - 4 months
>still believeing that ssds are a meme
And how much does that 16tb hdd cost? Somthing like $600.
I've had an m.2 drive for about 2 years now. It's only got 70TBW because it was cheap. Literally only used about 5% of the drive's life span.

It's going to last at least the warranty period as long as you don't go over the write amount per day Anons.

File: 77fd406cdf_300crop.jpg (12 KB, 300x200)
12 KB
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>password managers are NSA-powered Jewish trick for brainlets
This but unironically, saving all your passwords behind a single password, or even worse, online, is for absolute retards.
Because C89 exists
Based. If you don't get this guy's post you don't understand how programs are linked. That is, you're probably a rust homosexual
>ABI compliance with single symbol function names
Fucking retards from mozilla
Use Mercury

File: blanketapu.png (157 KB, 409x409)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Give me three valid reasons why you aren't using GNU/Linux.
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> OP is a fagoot - (You)
let's keep it civil, anon.
Sticky when wet
After having used systemd/IBM for a month, I found out that basically every command line stuff I do there is replicable on windows, and that I could easily update all my user software too from just one command line.
So there's no reason to use systemd/linux.
Depends on which Adobe software you're missing. Plenty of good alternatives to Premiere and Lightroom.
Photoshop and Illustrator are debatable but Krita and GIMP are things regardless
File: 1566724689752.jpg (175 KB, 1080x1080)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Things that just work on Windows: Adobe, H Games, desktop UI, drivers
Things that just work on gnu linux: uhhh user permissions i guess???

File: 1567531549410.jpg (815 KB, 2040x1556)
815 KB
815 KB JPG
post tech cartoons that get the ol' noggin joggin
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File: you.jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB
Who is next to the jobs?
former ceo of google
>he posts ben garrison
total retrarded brainlet
go back to /pol/ you inbred imbecile
>formerly sneed

Does anyone have a Unicomp board? Would you recommend it?

(Isn't there usually a mechanical keyboard general thread?)
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No. I have one and the build quality is shit. Phantom key presses everywhere. Don't waste your money on it and get a real Model M
That looks fantastic. I hate the way modern keyboards look with the awful fonts and garbage RGB
>The keys are extremely loose and the chassis creaks a lot
Exactly the same problem I had on mine. For a keyboard at the price they are asking this isn't acceptable. I stopped using mine and won't buy another one
You should just get a used Model M in good condition. Shitty build quality in a $90 keyboard is unacceptable.
I don't know why you didn't just return it. If there's one thing Unicomp is good at, it's repairs. I sent them my old SSK for a repair and they stitched it up for me very well, even cleaned the internals too.

File: CS graduates.png (79 KB, 800x600)
79 KB
Why is is that the vast majority of CS grads are completely retarded, to put it politely?

They can't write code without youtube tutorials, they never know what they're talking about and they regurgitate one of two things which entirely depends on what teachers they had. Either it's "USE SEPPLES, AUTOMATIC PERFORMANCE HNNNNNGH" or "OOP bad mkaaaay".

Is it really piss easy to graduate in computer science or what? I'm a welding basement programmer.
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You try training all the specialist jobs involved in building "structures" (all sorts of wood/stoneworking, electricians, painters, solar roof installers, machine operators and many more) plus then also theoretical physicists, chemists, business planners and architects and more rolled up in one degree and see whether you manage to get results that look like they're flawless.

Comp.sci graduates from srs universities are still better at offering this all-in-one package that is often required, but they're not necessarily beating people who specialized in applying that one Python framework for applying that one Python framework - no shit.
>listen to /g/ about CE being better than CS
>it's all retarded shit for people who want to work on hardware and none of it software related
>most of the degree is calculus and physics shit
Fuck this shit. I'd rather do OOP bullshit in Java for 4 years than spend it soldering microprocessors.
>listens to /g/
That was your first mistake.
The answer is you don't know and you think you're intimidating me.
Have sex virgin incel.
>oh bro it's just CS but with circuits
>CS is for brainlets, look at this harder physics course
>way better than pajeets doing CS
Except there's not a single programming class in there aside from electives. But of course teaching you how to program your calculators is a core requirement

File: angryblackkid.jpg (12 KB, 480x360)
12 KB
>go to work and sit in computer chair
>go to class and sit in computer chair
>go home and sit in computer chair
My back is fucking killing me
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You think you are a computer person but you are not
you merely adopted the computer chair
I was raised in it, molded by it
>testicular pain
Holy shit you’re saying sitting in an office chair can cause this? My balls have been hurting the past couple weeks too and I can’f figure out why. No lumps or signs of testicular cancer as far as I can tell. Maybe it is the chair and the way I’m sitting.
>just use the half assed versions of exercises, they're good enough
It's a laptop that I have sitting next to me
get checked anon

File: 1554488639448.webm (403 KB, 478x326)
403 KB
Do you think you will come to hate new technology when you get older?
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Hang all boomers
pondering correct response
Blunt force trauma to the chest can cause cardiac arrest.
thanks, that anime looks good, I'm gonna check it out.
I don't even understand why do people use devices like amazon echo and such. At first I thought it was just a joke and no one was buying it, until I learned that people actually buy these things and use them.

/g/ i am suffering from severe information overload. I have so many books, papers, and essays that I have written or have read and taken notes on. But I've yet to find a good way to properly organize it.

I am willing to do anything to organize all this. It is driving me crazy. How do you guys maintain your libraries of books, notes, journals?? Do you digitize it all? Keep a physical plastic box with folders? Anons, please help me - I have information neurosis

If you do digitize it, where do you store it? I tried dropbox, but I ran out of memory before long. Any places with more memory? I would ideally be able to access this across multiple devices (computers)

Any software or books on dealing with this also? Should I use e-macs or something? I've never used that before and would appreciate any tutorial links on how to
Reading books is for brainlets
What do big brain people do then
Figure it out for themselves

File: 1538297009823.png (34 KB, 853x704)
34 KB
Post the best opensource projects/software you use or know.

26 replies omitted. Click here to view.
switch to bitwarden closed source fag
a few things which aren't big complex things, but invaluable nonetheless
- tmux (terminal multiplexer)
- mosh (enhancements for ssh'ing on a roaming machine with high latency)
- fish (really comfy interactive shell)
- darkhttpd (much better temporary http file server than the one in python)
- ed (the standard text editor)
- fsearch (like Everything)
- gamemode (temporarily adjusts things for running a game)
- netcat (nearly always available for getting something from one place to another with zero setup)
- htop (tui task manager, the only one i use)
- parallel (make any shell loop parallel, can also distribute jobs to multiple remote machines using ssh)
- unclutter (hide the cursor when idle)
I'll fuck you a new pipe, anon
tranny vim

File: win 7.jpg (317 KB, 1200x1200)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
i really like windows 7 but have windows 10. there are so many features i miss from windows 7. should i get windows 7 in 2019 what does /g/ think?
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Botnet, you never feel alone and someone is always watching (out for) you
install gentoo
install 7
stfu boomer
Just be yourself.

I miss buttons
Why does everything need to be a touchscreen now?
Good buttons, knobs, and switches feel amazing
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Why does everything need to be a touchscreen now?
I mean, video switchers like you've got there don't come with touchscreens even in the current year. It's a pretty tried and true design
Most things that matter still have knobs.
slobbering knobs
I hate how every normal thing though is touchscreen nonsense
A video switcher aint exactly a normal person thing
Only things with buttons I have and use frequently are my keyboard and an audio interface cause FUCK digital audio controls
imo touchscreens arn't that bad if they're appropriately used and even then they usually allow for secondary input options. And touchscreen phones are just a proven paradigm, it works because its a very space efficient implementation on a very small device

Then you have the whole touchscreen on a military naval vessel types of things where someone really needs to rethink their life

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