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File: 1566363736899.webm (58 KB, 652x360)
58 KB
>Iran's internet has been cut off for over 3 days
Holy fuck. I'm literally behind 4 proxies all just to be able to shit post on 4chan
I don't even know how long until they close off this method and I'm off the grid again
What should I do? How do I prepare myself for a potentially month long blackout or even longer?
I already have Debian DVDs 1 through 3 downloaded from before
What else?

Any good messaging apps I can self host and use to communicate with my friends? We use mumble now but we can't send pics/videos so It's not ideal
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use ham, its an under 1mb connection but you can setup a small grind that spans several kilometers, if you live near India it may be enough.
>Every packet with non internal ip destination is dropped
My God.
>hentai in the background
File: 1572985745354-g.jpg (111 KB, 836x543)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>am Lebanese
oh god oh frick do I start planting
I'd be more worried about personal protection iiwy.
Thought about using encrypted radio instead?
Irc over tor? Get a dirt cheap vps with crypto in a shithole country and just host a hidden service on it?
Just some thoughts

On the other hand, I'm not sure how bad things are there. Please be careful anon. Are you armed?

File: stand_04_20out.obj.png (238 KB, 404x643)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
>want to write an os for an 80's computer with only 8kib of ram
>the system can only be in any of 8192 distinct states
>mfw my text editor alone uses more states than that
>he uses an electron-based text editor
what no
i was talking about nano
even if we restrict permitted characters to the lowercase alphabet, completely disallow all customization, and restrict file size to 3 bytes (or, in this world, 3 26-bit words), 26^3 = 17576, which is more than twice that many states
CollapseOS would fit in that 8KiB. Its kernel is only around 3KiB, you'd have more than half of your RAM free for user programs.
Wait, shit, I was thinking about kilobits, not kilobytes. Still, 17576 is a lot if you only have 8*8192=65536 distinct states to work with.
>CollapseOS would fit in that 8KiB. Its kernel is only around 3KiB
But something that fits in 3KiB in reality would occupy 2^(3072*8)/8 bytes in this world where more sophisticated numbering systems than unary were never invented. CollapseOS would be an absolutely ridiculous size.
Sorry but it's impossible to fantasize about, it moves technology to pre-abacus times. Even analog tape is positional.

File: 1548435359340.png (10 KB, 256x256)
10 KB

Cock.li is down.

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Tutanota is 12$ a year
Take your racism elsewhere :-)
File: 1551389922051.png (535 KB, 480x640)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
>German based email
Nothing new here, honeypot from the start
Or it's just down for maintenance/migration and you're retarded
Either way, who but a pedo cares?

imagine a linux distro that could run any software from 5 years ago till 5 years in the future (10 years of software compatibility) with very little issues relating to instability. That would give it something called "longevity" which has always existed in Windows without the need for pajeet containers or static linking everything. GNU Guix is capable of upgrading or downgrading or using whatever packages you want once you build them without library breakages. One could run multiple/custom versions of gimp side by side for the reason of "muh freedom"

The only problem is GNU Guix requires big brained mother fuckers and brainlets are too busy using shit like Debian/Buntu, Fedora and Arch to make the switch. But one of these days a team of chads are gonna come along and make a simplified Guix for normies on /g/ and we can finally say goodbye to the Unix library cancer.
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Nix(OS), which is the what inspired Guix(SD)
dead on arrival
>brainlets are too busy using shit like Debian/Buntu, Fedora and Arch to make the switch.
More like too busy getting work done

I like using Guix on Debian and I build packages for it because it works for every distro.
I prefer it to flatpak and snap because it doesn't force sandboxing.
thanks for your input, mason (:

File: file.png (1.45 MB, 1600x900)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
Is Black Friday worthwhile for a tech enthusiast?
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>Literally decade old news
>Retards still don't know
Fucking consumer board.
Simpler, more general statement: you shouldn't buy a TV.
I won't disagree with that. TVs are complete and utter dogshit and completely dead to me since you can't get dumb TVs anymore without spending thousands on "enterprise" models.
Mostly for "flash sales", but not for major sales since the item you are looking for will be on sale.
If you buy something from a flash sale, you are super lucky or you are a sheep.
There is rarely any actual deals.
I had fun when it was still actually something that happened AFTER thanksgiving.
Got up at like 3 and bought a $7 copy of burnout take down at walmart probably 15 years ago.
I'll probably go to HF at like 6AM this year only because I need to get a flux 125 and they haven't had it this low for like 6 months.

File: IMG_20190920_215836_543.jpg (608 KB, 1836x1836)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
What happened to watch threads? /g/ used to have great ones.

Pic related is my new addition to the collection, finally stopped being stubborn and picked up a seiko 5. It's probably the best bang for buck automatic I've ever seen; in-house movement, beautiful case back, reliable as hell... After I fix my seamaster I'm picking up a 5 diver, seiko got me hooked hard
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Why do people go for the f-91w instead of the newer variants?
I don't have an F-91W but I do have a W-59, which is basically the same thing with bigger buttons and more water resistance. I chose it because I want a watch so small that I forget it's there. My MQ24 also fills that purpose but I like seeing the date on my watch. Are there any newer variants that are the same size as the F-91W/W-59?
File: lookatthetime.png (9 KB, 296x168)
9 KB
now this is a watch
>Post watches with matching set of bead bracelets
This is bait.
Name 1 (one) watch better than 214270.
Protip you can't.

Not shilling, but when it comes to GNU/Linux distributions, why would you ever use anything besides pic related?
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Why the fuck would you want to use Fedora for servers?
It's common with atomic.
Would not suggest for home projects though.
>plus you need to reboot after upgrades
Why do I see people saying this? The only occasion where this is true for me is after Xorg or Nvidia driver updates, if I want to watch videos with mpv right afterwards. Everything else works just fine.
I use Fedora on my desktop. On my server I have an installation of Ubuntu LTS that has survived upgrades from 12.10 to 14.04 to 16.04 to 18.04. Not really interested in swapping to something different on the server since it works perfectly, but if I did I'd probably go for CentOS 8. Since Fedora's release cycle is a little too quick for a server that I would like to set and forget about (just doing security updates).

A friend of mine doesn't stop saying the rust is the future. Is he right? Or just a retard?
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File: 1564846829223.png (114 KB, 627x722)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
>How can you be so delusional you keep repeating this lie?
delicious seething
File: images_11.png (25 KB, 618x496)
25 KB
We're not all mouth foaming /pol/ack wackos mate
Good for you but I'm talking about the vocal majority here. I don't like either far left or right but discarding a language because of its liberal userbase is just a #cancel culture with a different flavour.
>I can't see it because I close my eyes
>why are you lying to me

Imagine delaying technological progress because of a drug-addicted hobo. This is why China is pulling ahead of the West.
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>shit ton to do
Most of it was made up so pilots could justify their jobs.
Same thing with requiring long checklists for anything and everything, even when the plane is nosediving, they create busywork for themselves.
It'd be nice if that were true, but airplanes are pretty shit and designed poorly which is why all that shit is needed.
Just take the money these retarded tech giants are pumping into meme technologies and build proper public transport infrastructure. Why own all those God damned small arms if you're just going to get mowed down by the taxi from Total Recall? You zany Americans make me laugh.
>Progress will start to lag because we decided pic related should step aside from the drivers seat of civilization and let the mentally ill, and assorted human garbage have chance to drive.
This. Bring back true meritocracy.
File: not-the-idea.png (448 KB, 602x636)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
Dios mio...

File: Screenshot.png (150 KB, 833x701)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
/g help me to hack mozilla.

File: plex.jpg (34 KB, 1366x768)
34 KB
Looking to buy/build a budget machine to run primarily as a Plex/emby/jellyfin media server. I only need to worry about transcoding 1-2 streams tops, ever. Need some recommendations.

Help a poorfag out, bros.
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File: IMG_20191022_080935.jpg (24 KB, 360x360)
24 KB
>thread about servers
>tell them to go on a pc building thread
You don't need an actual server for plex
Wtf you psycho, I'm not the OP
It's the exact same shit you dumbass.

File: file.png (661 KB, 830x623)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
Does this bothers you, itoddlers?
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>/g/ needs to group think hate apple so much they'll even pretend the big trackpad which is one of the few objectively great things they've done is bad
pathetic desu
no, im happy with ppl using whatever they want
>grab shit hardware with good software
>turn it into shit hardware with shit software
until the keyboard starts malfunctioning
this is dumb as shit

File: amindforever.jpg (151 KB, 610x344)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Reading shit about computers and shit in the 80s is one of the best ways for me to escape every day life durdgery. Is there a good website for a constant stream of deep computing lore?
Your newest iteration of "fell for someone else's nostalgia meme and can't even find the source material it was supposedly based on because there isn't any" thread

Is GIMP really so hard?
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>needs an SSD and a meme OS to work
any drawfags in here?
is Oracle Draw still relevant?
I use Arch if that's what you are asking

File: asdsa1111.jpg (12 KB, 474x333)
12 KB
>Stupid names on otherwise good shit
24 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
What an unfortunate lad.
ok Poop "Ubuntu Reskin" OS shill
I ran POP OS in a Virtual Box for a few minutes a couple weeks ago, I haven't had time to mess around with it more, but it seemed pretty legit. It ran smooth and has a sleek aesthetic to it. I'm thinking of installing it for my wifes PC, I have her on Linux mint right now and she likes it, but she likes to game and I hear POP OS was built with that in mind.
File: Fedora_logo.svg.png (55 KB, 1024x1024)
55 KB
Why does the best distro have the worst name?

Yeah, I know this distro came before all of the neckbeard/le fedora tip memes, but it wasn't even a good name before that. Why didn't they just call it fucking Silverblue to begin with.

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