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File: wine.png (199 KB, 649x522)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
is wine the peak of coding?
shits fucking complicated if some giga loser nerd didn't find the config for you
Simple as
File: 1598783211497.jpg (494 KB, 1080x1524)
494 KB
494 KB JPG

File: download (4).jpg (10 KB, 227x222)
10 KB
am i buying this or not incels?

300 euro for a plastic flagship phone

as fast as iphone 12
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>pooled garbage and no 3.5mm
>what's the difference?
I too buy my technology based on what women think.
If you can afford a 1000 dollar phone you can afford buds
the f3 is $350. also imagine having to constantly charge your earbuds lol

File: ezgif.com-gif-maker.jpg (18 KB, 310x233)
18 KB
its so fucking cheap and good quality, it has so much variants.

i was a itoddler retard, today i bought an thinkpad and installed manjaro on it.

just install any arch based distro or get something thats comfy.


>best redpill ever
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File: 1606908906389.gif (83 KB, 570x580)
83 KB
>>its so fucking cheap and good quality, it has so much variants.
>>i was a itoddler retard, today i bought an thinkpad and installed manjaro on it.
>>just install any arch based distro or get something thats comfy.
>>ITODDLERS BTFO, fuck you.
>>>best redpill ever
>i was a itoddler retard
>bought an thinkpad and installed manjaro on it.
how do you stopped being a fag and learnt to install loonix? it sounds fake and gay as fuck
swedish fail
How are nu-thinkpads? in particular the T14 AMD version?

File: keyboard.jpg (205 KB, 900x600)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
I want to create a custom layout for my language, but I struggle with key placement. There are just too many letters, and pressing AltGr all the time is a pain.
I have a solution in my head. If I could make ] a sort of modifier key, so I press it first, then press another key, and it results in typing a desired letter, that would be perfect. Sort of like in Japanese input method, I guess, when they type, for example, "k" and then "a" to make "ka" kana symbol, but this behavior would be limited to one key. Is this possible?
Also, what is the best way to create custom layouts both for Linux and Windows?
>Is this possible?
There's likely multiple ways to do it, one way I can think of is just use autohotkey to make whatever key you want work as AltGr, but as a sticky key, so pressing it once is the same as holding it down.

>what is the best way to create custom layouts both for Linux and Windows?
Linux, no idea. Windows, Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator.
MS has this

watch a tutorial on youtube
Use a programmable mechanical keyboard.
But it won't be a part of a layout then

>Use a programmable mechanical keyboard.

My goal is to make a layout anyone can just install and use, not rely on extra hardware or software.

File: b2g0zsh0ve941.png (1.13 MB, 1920x1080)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
I just paid someone with a Rei avatar 30 dogecoin to give me a lap dance in VR chat. We livin in the future bros!

File: rpi4.png (650 KB, 1003x536)
650 KB
650 KB PNG

So far with my Pi4 I've been able to:
>emulate thousands of retro arcade games
>use it as a HTPC w/ Kodi
>run a cheap NAS for use among Windows, Linux, and MacOS systems
>use it as a dedicated piracybox for torrents, mega, and usenet
>host nextcloud to sync backups

So tell me, what's your excuse?
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>shipping cost
I've been using the 3 B+ as an HTPC for two years now. Thinking about swapping out with a 4 and using the 3 as a seedbox.
>So tell me, what's your excuse?

Because i use AMD64 like a MAN. ARM cpu's are for children
are these things even powerful enough to emulate PSP games?
File: 1560265467865.gif (47 KB, 428x424)
47 KB
>have pi set up to email me when a new device logs into my wifi
>see JAMALS iPhone has connected while I'm on a business trip

Are compsci degrees still valuable in 2021+?
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The american left is more or less centre right.
From what I've seen, your elections are just choosing what you want the official corporate puppet to look like.
File: j0i0rxf91od21.jpg (79 KB, 607x607)
79 KB
>Are compsci degrees still valuable in 2021+?
They will always be valuable in the sense that there will always be jobs you can get with them, just like any engineering, medical, finance, or language degree. However, the era of $120k+ starting salaries for new grads is already starting to die off but has yet completely end.

That is the day I am waiting for. 99% of what attracts brainlet normies to the major/career is that they think they can just get the degree and suddenly make 6 figures overnight. They have no passion for it and just waste everyone's time and it genuinely pisses me off. I'm not saying you have to eat sleep and breathe CS, but you should at least be doing it because you enjoy it to some extent.

We're already seeing entry level salaries being lowered and of course it's that fucking group of people who are whining about it the loudest. Once salaries start to go down to normal amounts you'll see these people abandon ship and milk the next cash cow degree to death.

It's so fucking upsetting to see people treat education and shit like this. Fuck leftists.
>>The acquisition of capitol is valued above intellectual merit. => Blame the left. (COMMIE SCUM!)
The modern Americanized leftist is one of the most staunch supporters of capitalism in the West.

Unfortunately, the average fa/g/got's knowledge of political theory begins and ends with Reddit image macros, so I have to endure listening to right-wingers defend the capitalist system that wants them dead and their children raped, or the occasional leftist tranissary insist that America is "right wing" in any way when the furthest right party in the US is currently running a tranny for election, LMAO.

File: 1546442577181.jpg (89 KB, 374x608)
89 KB
>Interviewing for a FAANG type company with incredibly high TC
>Zoom interview starts
>Two other people on the call with me
>One is an indian guy in his 40's
>Other is a fat white woman(?) with blue hair
>Say hi to them, how are you etc.
>Blue lady says "Just some quick points before the interview, I'm Sam, my pronounces are they/them I'm a senior software engineer"
>Indian guy just introduces himself and says he's a lead dev
>Start solving their leetcode/hackerrank puzzle
>Sam keeps asking me random CS questions while I'm trying to solve it, the indian guy is quiet the entire time
>Keep losing focus and going "uhhhh" when she asks me questions because it's literally impossible to think or focus - nerves/trying to think
>Solve the problem, Indian guy just asks me some efficiency questions
>I answer
>He smiles and says yeah that's good, we have a quick chat about memory stuff
>Glance at the window with the fat woman in it, she frowning and and looking down at her notes or something, seems kind of upset

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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If you encounter a good Indian dev, he's going to be an absolute God. But there's many more bad ones.
high TC tho
File: 1605400831102.jpg (59 KB, 540x443)
59 KB
i dont get the jox, can someone explain?
t. brainlet
He is just saying that this sounds made up.
File: 75f.png (17 KB, 200x199)
17 KB
>muh high TC
You do realize these shitbag companies are located out of some of the most expensive areas in the United States (SF, Seattle, Bellevue, NYC)? A $140k salary there is the same as like $70-80k in any mcol area. Unless you bagged a remote position it's really not much better than a random gig anywhere else in the U.S.

File: Soulseek-png-3.png (74 KB, 512x512)
74 KB
This kills the trackerfag
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No johnny rebel no buy
Piracy ain't what it used to be.
Shhh, just click allow like you're taught to :^)
Music piracy has been irrelevant since the death of what.cd
I uninstalled that shit as I saw the permissions. It seems this shit is legit but I'm not trusting something that can access the mic.

File: python.png (838 KB, 976x741)
838 KB
838 KB PNG
What is it about Python that makes /g/ seethe so much?
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I am unironically too stupid to use it.
Every single time it is seconds to write the code but hours do debug it. I don't understand how people can find it easy, other than the availability of packages.
Python isn't meant to build anything big in it, it's a hacker's language. It's perfect for hacking, creating small programs with a simple purpose, automating repetative tasks. Comparing C++ to Python is like comparing a Formula1 to a Toyota Corolla; sure, the former is quicker, but the latter is better suited to everyday tasks
So where ARE your valid criticisms?
The hypocrites of /g/ will rag on Python for being interpreted (really not that big a deal for the vast majority of use cases) while at the same time posting anime girls holding SICP and generally praising Lisp when the vast majority of Lisp dialects (Scheme, Common, Emacs) are interpreted too.

With the major exception of sepples, most of the languages on /g/ are either interpreted or JIT compiled
Different beasts, for different things.

File: 1615962461332.png (75 KB, 1200x675)
75 KB
>Read the sticky: >>76759434 (Cross-thread)

>GNU/Linux questions >>>/g/fglt

>Windows questions >>>/g/fwt

>PC building? >>>/g/pcbg

>Programming questions >>>/g/dpt

>Good, cheap, laptops >>>/g/tpg

>Cheap electronics >>>/g/csg

>Server questions >>>/g/hsg

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You can try to attack any IP address you find, but it doesn't have anything to do with torrenting.
can you elaborate please
my computer is a little old and loud
its a laptop with battery taken out (i lost it) so if i buy and put on a new battery then will it run faster/better as opposed to just having it plugged in all the time?
On what?
what is the attack surface that any internet connected program can face?
how can you attack on ip address?

File: miami.jpg (149 KB, 1296x745)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
/mkg/ tik-tok edition

>Keyboard recommendation template
https://pastebin.com/n220xk9V (embed)

>Where to buy keyboards



Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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A bought a LTC NB681 Nimblebac, am I getting chinked?
File: IMG_20120628_085220.jpg (402 KB, 2048x1536)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
Yeah, I'm excited to try them after using topre for so long. I think it'll be a good fit.

Matias is one I'd still like to try. I traded for a Siig Minitouch early on and loved the ALPS switch feel, but the key chatter was awful.
Why do people seem to like the gasket mounted part of the GMMK pro? I get that it looks different compared to the plate that the original GMMK is, but is there any reason--outside of aesthetics-- that that's a good thing?

Cause i get the knob (i have a DAC with volume knob, so any use that i can think of for a knob/button isn't worth the cash, media keys are nice, but not present in anything but like, razer shit) and while the 75% isn't for me, It does look a bit more aesthetically pleasing. due to it being more perfectly square.

But I hear the gasket mount or whatever also being heavily touted. Why is that?
The idea with gasket mounting is to dampen the sound and make the bottom out feel less rigid. However from what I read the gaskets barely do anything to lessen how stiff the board feels.

File: 1604038289327.png (197 KB, 375x667)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
Do you believe them?
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I hate niggers like you wouldnt believe
Samefag but funny.
That or they'll create the AI that murders them in their sleep.
If you define yourself by your race and sexuality, that means you are racist and sexist.
>ethical AI research team
But Google still has its unethical AI research team intact, right?

to learn more about making your internet experience supremely secure with firefox visit these links:

also, do not forget to sage and sneed bravetard threads! use firefox, the white man's choice.
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epic comeback my dude, now go back to being a faggot
Are you seething, my dude?
not at all, faggot
File: Screenshot_1.png (116 KB, 1200x661)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
I locked the updates to version 88 because fuck the new proton design, (or whatever the hell they call it)
It is ugly as shit, and it is increases the padding, which is retarded.
do you really need all of them?

What is the consensus on this device? I know I have to install the Google Playstore but that's ez.
File: 1614318809292.png (437 KB, 542x505)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
slow piece of shit
now the fire10 on the other hand is based
is the Fire 8 also a slow POS?
>7" display
just use your phone idiot

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