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File: IMG_1853.jpg (855 KB, 940x959)
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Edition edition. Rate, like, & subscribe.
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where did you squeeze it in? looks like 2 fans and that'd be a tight fit for the front with the GPU, or did you get rid of the noctua case fan? Either way, is your only air intake the warmed up air from the radiator?
I've got the 280mm radiator installed as exhaust on the side panel. It means I can't have
The top intake cools the VRMs, RAM, and socket. They're hard to see, but I've got two fans blowing air onto the video card.
*It means I can't have a rear exhaust fan, but that's a sacrifice you have to make when working with an SFF PC.
How high do your temps go under load?
>I'm guessing the top 3 fans blow cool air in?

no, the top fans are exhaust

the front fans are intake

the back fan is also exhaust

File: archive.png (90 KB, 512x512)
90 KB
Daily reminder that general-purpose archivers compress bitmaps better than PNG.
Zero people care
Do you mean "better" only as smaller, or also account for image quality and decompression speed/cost?

File: 1602231483233.png (266 KB, 985x866)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
If you're requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you'll be using. Include the features you want, budget, and size. BEFORE POSTING, narrow down your options by using the links below.

>What phone has X and Y feature?
Don't ask, use these!

Good Resources:

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I am desperate for a new phone, was thinking about Mi 11 but I have doubts about the software and the battery, it also seems to get very hot
File: Android-Samsung.jpg (34 KB, 672x371)
34 KB
>I cannot even imagine how much of a fucking loser you have to be to have this mindset

That's actually the mindset of most normies, so basically 90% of the smartphone market

Samsung are basically the only socially acceptable androids

But pretty much any public or Influential figure of worth uses iphone. All the celebs and athletes paid to promote Samsung have been caught tweeting and posting from iphones. Almost all phone and tech reviewers and influencers, their personal phone is an iPhone. Even big tech CEOs and executives use Apple, iPhones and Macs. Bill gates uses an iPhone. Huaweis founder prefers iPhones.

In the enthusiast community there is a love for lots of other phones but this tech enthusiast bubble is a miniscule part of the entire market and are not the people setting the trends on what is socially acceptable.

Even in 3rd world, low income markets where android has massive marketshare that's primarily for economic reasons because of the low cost value foroney android phones. But don't kid yourself for minute that all those low income people won't switch to Apple in a heartbeat of they could afford it. iPhones are still seen as much more prestigious
Fucking Christ dude, it's not A.I. programming, get over yourself. You can disable ads during the initial setup process and that's that.
My friend who doesn't know the first thing about phones managed to disable them on his Redmi Note 9s.

File: 1612339697634.png (94 KB, 1360x651)
94 KB
What is the most important feature of desktop GNU/Linux? For me, it's wobbly windows.
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Convinced by Cunny
Hacker-cred from tiling window managers
Not running proprietary Mac/Winshit spyware.
>not having a job
cope neet boy
just werks

File: 1590246494208.jpg (1.81 MB, 1109x1490)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
Most of the things "modern" IDEs do is work around language design flaws.

No, I won't ask you to prove me wrong. It's true. Stop coping.
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Like repeating function prototypes in header files, writing header files in CMakelists, docgen etc.
Having terrible naming schemes so you have to
rely on autocompletion because things are hard
to remember otherwise.
Can I ask you to sniff your stinky, smelly, all day smell, feet?
So you mean "work around your own fucking stupidity", not "language design flaws."
Got it.
>repeating function prototypes in header files, writing header files in CMakelists, docgen
None of which is a flaw. Case closed.

>terrible naming scheme
Who cares? You need to get used to it if you are working with someone else anyway.

File: mini m.jpg (864 KB, 2280x1080)
864 KB
864 KB JPG
/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboards General

Buckling spring edition

>Keyboard recommendation template

>Where to buy keyboards


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Not that guy but fuck off, I love clicky shit, it’s every other bitch on YouTube and reddit who seems to like mutilating their keyboards with foam and lube.
might as well wire it by hand famalama
i only built my box navy board recently but i'd love to try buckling spring.
not sure whether to consoom and get one of these or one of the banking repro ones.
>made in USA
not going to happen
>work with PS5
that has nothing to do with the keyboard

you should be able to find all the other requirements in a pre-built board.

File: file.png (61 KB, 645x387)
61 KB
why aren't you using Firefox ESR anon? its literally the only unpozzed firefox version which still gets only the important updates
because librewolf exists
old is gold anon

so Nvidia is going to make cards specifically for crypto miners, and driver lock game cards from mining.
one specific youtard reviewer went on a rant about how this is Nvidias ploy to remove used (game) cards from the market after miners are done with them, so that gamers cant get cheap used cards. and that miners will simply get around any software lock on gaming GPUs.

so here is the part that doesnt make sense. first the reason why miners are buying game cards is because they can resell them for only a small loss in value. There is absolutely no intensive to buy mining cards if they cant resell them. Did Nvidia think of this?
it all sounds meaningless and pointless.
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I remember being part of a compute cluster that was shilled by LinusTechTips (I think) several years ago.
They paid you in crypto for your GPU resources to run some computing for medical research. I don't remember much about it but I was involved for a few months and it was basically an ethical albeit less profitable version of crypto mining.
Your misunderstanding the purpose of cryptocurrency, you *could* use the combined processing power of these cards for something more tangible, but that goal wouldn't generate money. most popular coins are elaborate get-rich-quick schemes, even if they weren't intended to be, they essentially have to generate some profit for people to buy into them and make them a viable currency
Also, take this >>80394383 anon's claims with a grain of salt; allot goes into how a coins value is determined, allot more that "chine does it"
Crypto miners undervolt their GPUs for lower power consumption and in turn lower heat.
all they had to do was make a database so only one card per household gets shipped. then everyone would get one easily.
Folding@Home crypto? You know not a bad idea at least that crypto has some real world benefits.

File: out.jpg (280 KB, 720x1287)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
Fact: productive people who do actual work use stock Ubuntu
Fact: people who use Arch or tiling window managers never amount to anything
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I've worked in some primarily-Linux software dev places.
Ubuntu LTS is the overwhelming choice, usually with stock DE and theming.
Ubuntu latest is the second-most popular choice.
There's the occasional Fedora/Mint/Debian and a single Arch user, but they're usually in "you're on your own" territory when it comes to getting things working.
Some people running Ubuntu however do install i3 or awesome and seem no less productive for it. They're a small minority, but it happens.
this... I use ubuntu with i3 but not because it's superior or anything I feel like my screen is more organized and I can get shit done faster that's all
I will keep using mint
Correction: productive people who do actual work use stock Ubuntu LTS, most likely the old Ubuntu's using the Unity desktop.
you mean a taskbar?

Whether that’s from a job or applying knowledge in other ways. I’ll start, early twenties med student worth $600k from apple and Tesla.

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please don't do this to your bodies

you are healthy and beautiful the way you are

Let them remove themselves from the genepool. Don't convince them to be healthy males, they might spread their pathetic beta genes.
ancient chinese spirit potion
>Who tf watches mutiple videos together?
i'm guessing chronic coomers


File: 9d4.jpg (7 KB, 250x249)
7 KB

File: HR lady.png (393 KB, 610x616)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
You did track all your tasks and stories, didn't you?
Don't forget to ensure that estimates in stories and test cases match the reported time in Tempo!
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I work for myself, have enough money to take good care of myself, and am cute and masculine enough to fuck the HR milfs whenever I go to discuss a business deal at their office.
So yeah, eat shit wageslaves.
I recently joined a big corp and I already am fed up with key target scores, meetings, hr, documentation, networking, time estimates.
>fed up with documentation
kys nigger
this is the worst part of the job
>havn't filled those since last year
go ahead fire me and lose half your clients na 80% income.

This makes the tranny seethe
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It isn't usually funny, but sometimes one of your type gets butthurt at it and then it becomes funny again.
If it makes people like you upset then it's still funny
If we're using masks it implies we can mix up genders, imagine being a genderfluid transcopter

I think you meant "1 bit", not one byte.
File: don.jpg (19 KB, 409x393)
19 KB
>double quotation for female, single quotation for rest
>wanting to name variable "pass"
>not declaring n before condition start
average python developer lmao

File: ultragay.jpg (436 KB, 1000x563)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
People who own Ultrawide monitors are the Vegans of the PC industry. They can't stop bitching about games not having their resolution this, resolution that, sniffing their own farts. Convince me otherwise.
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File: 715.jpg (104 KB, 1044x1076)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Widescreen and almost capable of displaying widescreen kinos 1:1 with no bars
Almost... 1620 would be perfect.
Ultriwide is better option than multiple screens, support for them is just abysmal.
I prefer multiple screens. I can have different types of display for different content and things like games or videos can be fullscreen on one monitor while I browse on the other.
I prefer multiple, got two 16:10's right now. You might call me pathetic, but i like utilizing the forced split in-between the screens in organizing my work.
>eating animals is wrong
All the HRT on this board has plummeted the test levels and average IQ to dangerous levels

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