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File: 1590706766962.png (117 KB, 800x600)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
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serenity os
q4os/tde it's kde but in good
Xp always looked like a shitty toy os which was kind of the critizism way back but how would a toddler like you know
Plasma, XFCE, Trinity, Cinnamon, IceWM, LXDE, and more can be made to resemble the aesthetic, to higher or lesser degrees.
chicago95 theme on any distro and DE

File: deskcat.jpg (159 KB, 2000x1500)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
desk cat edition

request purchase advice
>open/closed back
>sound signature
>previous equipment

><$100 headset
hyperx cloud ii
><$200 dac/amp
topping d10, a30

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SHP9500 if open, MDR-7506 (+better pads) if closed.
cats make lots of things better
i was between the t1s and the 1990s but the 1990s seemed like the winner for tesla drivers.
They're called yaxi pads
T1 got "tesla drivers" too.

File: 1590736804932.jpg (48 KB, 603x381)
48 KB
Does twitter have a right to censor the President?
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i thought i was browsing /pol/ for a second
Way to shift the goalposts, and still fail.
They factually engage in voter fraud. It's not an opinion.
Of course, that's exactly why they want mail-in ballots, and why they don't want voter ID. Because it's easier to engage in voter fraud that way.
Those restrictions are not the same.
As much as i would agree that the obscenity exception shouldn’t exist, none of them are vague in a way that would allow them to be extended to anything.
There is not one of those that could, for example, be used to forbid «hate speech» or limit any non-violent politics.
They published THEIR opinion. Which makes them a publisher.
Why does this need to be explained to you?
>It isn't minuscule
compared to widespread fraud necessary to change the outcome of a presidential election? yeah, it is anon. that's a single instance in a single candidate, it's a fart in the wind

>You're posting opinions now, not evidence, and conveniently dismissing the house findings, thus editorializing and biasing them because according to yourself they're irrelevant
oh i'm sorry, did you post any evidence? it's funny because i could swear you only talked about something without providing specifics, not even a name

dumb motherfucker...

File: 1590526010415.jpg (2.32 MB, 4906x2760)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
Flip Edition

If you're requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you'll be using. Include the features you want, budget, and size. BEFORE POSTING, narrow down your options by using the links below.

>What phone has X and Y feature?
Don't ask, use these!

Good Resources:

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Realmeme if you want the 90hz meme refresh rate
> Realme 6
Why ?
>Apparently, the regular Galaxy Note 20 will come in gray, green, and copper, while the Galaxy Note 20+ would come in black and copper.
jesus christ could they pick any more boring colors?
green and copper??????? like are they ok????
RN9S if you want 5k mAh battery + SD 720G

What do you use as a monitor stand, g?
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>buy desk
>comes with one of those things that rolls out for you to put your keyboard and mouse on
>put keyboard and mouse above it on the regular part of the desk
>use the roll out keyboard part to eat on with a napkin up under plates or anything else to lower the chance of the desk getting dirty
Douglas Adams - Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy parts 1-5 for monitor 1 and five pieces of uni prep course materials for monitor 2.
Maybe I should have actually read the course materials to get to the better school so I could afford a proper vesa mounts now.
File: Monitor stand.jpg (709 KB, 4032x3024)
709 KB
709 KB JPG
It's plastic, but pretty stable.
File: rs_IMG_0021.jpg (246 KB, 2000x1500)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
>It's plastic, but
famous last words

File: hahahaha.jpg (12 KB, 468x250)
12 KB
Why doesn't your language support pattern matching?
but it does
how does pattern matching help me creating a minimalist imageboard?

File: 1589993850916.png (468 KB, 464x464)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
is 21 years old just too old to learn programing?
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Age is nothing, however, your competition is mounting. Also attention to detail is important, like spelling programming correctly. Go get ‘em tiger.
It's not, but most of the good programmers I know started on their own at like 14-15. I'll be honest with you, you probably won't like it
is 30 years old too old to start living?
File: 1587437277282.jpg (69 KB, 564x786)
69 KB
no, you'll be competent at 24 if you actually study.

Desktop Thread

post ye old linux distrobutions
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File: animations2.webm (2.98 MB, 1707x720)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB WEBM
desktop animations!
I'm back bitches, trying out dwm for a bit, though I usually prefer stacking wm's


based and weirdly nice to look at.

great as always

cute as always
File: 1588897946920.jpg (51 KB, 484x583)
51 KB
how do rice xfce?


so gay


so much effort to mimic another OS..

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I want to use Go Mono but bold characters in st aren't displayed with the right color but with defaultattr
* Color used to display font attributes when fontconfig selected a font which
* doesn't match the ones requested.
static unsigned int defaultattr = 11;

I'm not really sure what this means
you don't use st do you?

>not going full mac in 2020
explain yourself
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Sitting in front of two macs, one from 2011, both doing exactly what I need them for. With a linux server to my side.
No idea if I want the ipad with
keyboard/trackpad or else a macbook
I absolutely need some sort of ipad for note taking but I don't want to carry an extra device unless I have to
I'm not a retard
Fucking LOL

File: 1581288067470.jpg (29 KB, 283x429)
29 KB
FSEZ edition

>Have a question?
- FAQ https://pastebin.com/thLgSkNE (embed)
- WIKI https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Private_trackers
- PYRAMID (04/19/2020) https://uploadir.com/u/khd576y4
- STUDY https://www.cambridge.org/core/services/aop-cambridge-core/content/view/2F379FE0CB50DF502F0075119FD3E060
- Spreadsheet https://hdvinnie.github.io/Private-Trackers-Spreadsheet/
- IRC irc://irc.sageru.org#ptg

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before.
>This is a thread for educational purposes only. Don't offer or ask for invites.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>If the encodes are only 720 I get the remux
if an encoder doesn't do a 1080p, that's because the grain/PQ/bitrate wasn't good enough. remux would be bloat you mongrel.
>insinuating the site is an "anime website" because it's founder is a weeb.
Watch out with the big brain of yours, you might be a shit eater irl because you shitpost here.
>people who download remuxes instead of hq encodes have never seen a vagina before
I think there's more autism involved in picking an internal encode than just getting the remux so you have it backwards
each member is temporarily releasing wherever they like. they will move somewhere stable soonish. once they do they will only release at their new place
this is true

all this time you've been downloading bloat. lmao

File: javajeets.jpg (244 KB, 1340x1554)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
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Who the fuck doesn't use scripting languages except complete IDE-depended Java drones?
this post is made by trannies
>us dart average: 110k
>global dart average: 37k

What third world shithole is full of Dart developers dragging the global average down so much?
Java dev without CS degree here.

I make around 90'000 CHF a year. Life is comfy.
Probably high because the people who learn it tend to be senior C++ developers sick of C++'s flaws, not CS students. So they're already quite experienced/well paid.

File: 1551366041671.png (221 B, 23x15)
221 B
221 B PNG
I'll make two forth threads I'm a fearless lad.

File: 1561758830859.jpg (319 KB, 1280x720)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
>install funtoo
>it isn't fun
maybe if you weren't a retard it would be fun

File: 1537025755095.jpg (252 KB, 544x960)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread, rms edition.

Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about GNU/Linux and share their experiences.

*** Please be civil, notice the "Friendly" in every Friendly GNU/Linux Thread ***

Before asking for help, please check our list of resources.

If you would like to try out GNU/Linux you can do one of the following:
0) Install a GNU/Linux distribution of your choice in a Virtual Machine.
1) Use a live image and to boot directly into the GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything.
2) Dual boot the GNU/Linux distribution of your choice along with Windows or macOS. (They suck though.)
3) Go balls deep and replace everything with GNU/Linux.

Resources: Please spend at least a minute to check a web search engine with your question.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The single quotes (') mean that $num isn't substituted. Replace them with double quotes (") and you should be fine.
That's just a comment. SSH completely ignores it, it just exists to allow you to more easily recognize keys
what is unusable about kde?

for the menu, use krunner or the "application launcher" widget/plasmoid/applet (idk the official term) and bind them to a hotkey. you can configure what they index. you can also add web shortcuts in krunner so that you can type <krunner hotkey>4<enter> to search chan too. i've actually rolled a bunch of scripts to use rofi to achieve similar functionality since i couldn't manage to restrict search to specific subsets of the index.

kde comes with dolphin. its highly configurable. thunar is alright too.
Oh, I meant alternative from containerization. Docker seems to get a bad rap here (probably /g/ autism), so how else could I achieve reverse proxy + services easily.
>probably /g/ autism
Almost definitely autism by people who *aren't* running Linux or containers.

Containers very clearly have their purpose and the trade-offs involved are extremely rational. Just use them. The only consideration should be expended if you can't run rootless podman or kubernetes or cri-o or whatever instead of the architecturally somewhat dubious (although functioning) docker.

> how else could I achieve reverse proxy + services easily
You can run them on bare metal. You can even use salt or ansible or whatever else to manage them at some scale.

But the "easily" part is precisely why you'd make use of (existing or your own) containers.

File: ewgross.jpg (36 KB, 600x345)
36 KB
>mutating state
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
IO Monad is state, forget what those aspergers say
>not minimizing global state
is better
File: 1589606045780.jpg (18 KB, 414x440)
18 KB
>uses variables
File: 1572901168328.png (1.13 MB, 1254x1771)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
3D girls cant bully me
using a local state monad is based, though
>having state
>using memory
fucking noobs

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