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File: FTC btfos apple.png (604 KB, 1080x906)
604 KB
604 KB PNG
iBros... iDon't feel so good...
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>and there are alternatives so
Holy shit. I knew ancaps love turning a blind eye to trusts and monopolies, but I didn't think they'd stoop to the "there are alternatives" argument about the literal wealthiest corporation in the fucking world.
Every smartphone that's not an iPhone is an Android. That's common knowledge. One alternative does not qualify as "alternatives." Frankly neither would two or three.
Right to repair isn't enough regulation. We need much stronger antitrust laws. We need it to be illegal for any corporation to control more than 1% of the national market, or something similarly drastic.
>right to repair
Apple is going to do some extremely gay shit to make these repairs insanely hard, harder than what they get away with these days.
Meanwhile, a laser printer from turn of the century is still going.
what the fuck this is absolute bs. you can't sue me for me exercising my right as a private citizen to spend my own money to purchase a product from somebody
Macfags btfo.
Get printer with hackable firmware and get a Inkwell.

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File: anno coat.png (677 KB, 843x637)
677 KB
677 KB PNG
sad, but true.
whites can't lead
absolute state
Chinese run their one companies. They're CEOs run Zoom, TikTok, Alibaba.

File: 1616428781978.jpg (1.26 MB, 3375x2998)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and share their experiences.
Tell us about tools, utilities, configs, tips & tricks that enhance your life with Windows (ReactOS users are also welcome).

Remember: notice the friendly - please be civil when possible.

>Choosing, downloading, installing, activating windows/office, useful resources & recommended software infograph (/fwt/ paste)

>Installing Windows, for retards

>Which version should I get?
>Where can I get the ISOs?

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Sorry guys, I am tech retard could I ask for some assistance?

Unfortunately I am running the newest Windows 10 Home instead of Education as recommended. Is there still some way for me to debloat it...? If so, which link from the OP post is the right one for me? privacy.sexy this one?
Not him, but that's helpful since I'm almost at 6 months since I installed win 10 edu. Shouldn't it be added to the install guide?
fool around with this
File: 1609347748437.png (20 KB, 661x599)
20 KB
its in the retards guide already
Oh nvm them, that's good to know
t. retarded

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 323x156)
8 KB
I have two phones one iphone and one android. I received a text message on my iphone with the content "jdukhzxg4.pvdib8v32ht.one?gFbnwPfY4FxZtSoe" from a random person. unfortunately for them it was sent as iMessage to my iphone.

So i sent it to my android phone as sms. it delivered but never showed up on my android as a message.

moments later on my iphone and my android phone a zip file entitled <myAndroidnumber>.zip appeared that was locked. i brought it over to linux and ran it through JacktheRipper program, received the password to unlock it.

Inside was two text files e911.txt && content.txt

<e911.txt> contained :

"{a1:CA, country:US, loc:edit, rd:edit st, pc:95816, hno:edit, pcn:Sacramento}"

<content.txt> contained:

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it is malicious. its a dns server that gets your geolocation and imei info.

they probably got information on me from a breach and are trying to get my geolocation.

you can do a similiar thing with metasploit and "thes33ker"
Now you can call 911 and it will be local not wherever the cell signal hits the landline system. Hopefully you're in Sacramento.
Wiping the device doesn't clear it? Are you using a custom rom?
okay i have the complete list of ips if anyone is interested.
not sure which one it is. but im pretty sure its the russian one.
I already cased the C&C server. IOCs aren't interesting here, I want to find the entry point. Can you get a network dump from the phone? Can you confirm a factory reset with no apps installed and no sign-in still reproduces the behavior? If it does this is a deeply embedded rootkit, you may have to burn the phone

File: tenor.png (245 KB, 640x360)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
a few months ago i started getting letters from att saying they are going to kill off the 3g network in feb 2022 and i will need to get a new phone. but i looked it up and my sony xperia x compact is a 4g phone, so i didnt think anything of it. then the other day my phone read "no service" i tried a bunch of troubleshooting, then i went to an att store to see if maybe it was just the sim card but they told me, no that they booted all the unlocked phones off the network. how is that even fucking possible?

i told her if i really can't just get a new sim card, then ill just buy an Asus Zenfone 8 but she said if i do that i won't be able to activate it, even though it's a 5g phone compatible wiith GSM sim. wtf is going on? has anyone else heard anything about this fucking horseshit?

Is ATT's plan really to treat me like garbage and think that the result of this is that i will give them hundreds of dollars for a new phone?
AT&T does some gay shit with volte so that it only works on AT&T branded phones. Switch to T-Mobile.


t mobile has the same exact problem.
That article mentions exactly what I was talking about. The devices that don't work on T-Mobile are due to the manufacturers being retarded.
I'm pretty sure it's illegal, but they're getting away with it because they're technically only "sundowning" unlocked 3G phones that aren't already active.
So if you're already registered, they won't boot you until later this year, but new activations are fucked.
Presumably then they will have to unlock them for volte once they officially kill it.
I still don't understand this. Can I only use ATT phones on their network? I was planning on getting a Pixel to use graphene or lineageos on am I going to have to switch to tmobile or verizon?

File: 1613148099318.png (1.38 MB, 1280x720)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
Wiki: https://coom.tech/
Rentry: https://rentry.co/coom
FChannel General: https://fchan.xyz/g/224HRMU5
Endchan General: https://endchan.net/cumg/
Matrix space: #cumg:matrix.org

>What is /cumg/
In this thread we discuss technology and software for cooming, data-hoarding, scripts, and more.

>Hydrus Network

>LoliSnatcher Droid

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>What do I use to compress images? Or do quick adjustments to them, say make them max 2,048 pixels on a side.
magick mogrify -adaptive-resize 2048x -format jpg -quality 80 input.png

Makes your image 2048 x whatever, retaining aspect ratio. For whatever x 2048, use
magick mogrify -adaptive-resize x2048 -format jpg -quality 80 input.png
so magick, ty, it's algorithms are superior to ffmpeg stuff?
No clue, it just works and is convenient (easy to script). I have noticed that at least for upscaling GIMP's LoHalo scaling is better, but scripting GIMP is notably more complicated.
Does it have to be a bipedal human?
It doesn't have to be a bipedal human. But you'd have to write the dialogs / movements for a non bipedal human yourself (wouldn't be hard, it's all JSON files, no coding involved). I wrote pretty vanilla stuff for the alpha, then I'll move to more niche things.

File: plasticarm.png (437 KB, 800x406)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
A fully functional plastic arm, it is flexible and can be twisted


ARM has made a 32-bit (no 64-bit support) ARM CPU from thin film like plastics. It supports 32-bit ARM instruction set.

128 bytes RAM, 456 bytes ROM
29 KHz CPU which uses 29 milliwatt power

It doesnt run Crysis.
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I'd rather use an ATtiny
i'd make better use of this wiping my ass mm yeah
>456 bytes ROM
So... you have space to store 114 instructions and no data.
im autistic and was hoping this would be about cybernetics. was massively disappointed

File: 1601831059727[1].jpg (3.64 MB, 5312x2988)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB JPG
I sent my iphone for technical repair, how do I know now the guy didn't install a keylogger on it?
My binance account was logged out, I believe he did on purpose to check me typing the password.
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File: 1604902501522.png (139 KB, 1024x750)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
>binance account
Is this a level 5 troll or is this truly the state of anti-repair lobbying?
you're a dumbass if you actually think data (and even identities) aren't being stolen by shitty repair shops.

this has nothing to do with right to repair, but rather accountability and trust of the employees at the shops themselves. but you're low iq so i wouldn't expect that kind of thinking from you
He's not wrong.

What kind of mainstream technology do you expect to see by the end of this decade?

>pic unrelated
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File: 1627086412747.jpg (161 KB, 1158x884)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Dilation stations at every company
Also microled displays
File: 1614193066585.png (116 KB, 600x600)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
Collapse of the eco system and climate and projects to develop previously uninhabited areas in the northern and southern hemisphere.
Intel finally moving past 14nm
linux will definitely get more popular as more old people die

File: extensions.png (37 KB, 345x345)
37 KB
Post your extensions.
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File: extensions.png (13 KB, 696x265)
13 KB
I used to use https everywhere but firefox implemented its own version
What browser is this? That's a new style of extensions list to me.
deprecated, just like umatrix
they stop each other from working, dipshit
It's an old extension that gorhill said isn't needed anymore. Not sure why OP is still using it.
I have a very niche use case where some aspects are whitelisted in one extension and not the other, dipshit.

File: FB_IMG_1627087366383.jpg (60 KB, 500x569)
60 KB
Steam deck more like steam dreck. This is just (((valve's))) latest attempt at making PC gaming even worse and turning into more of a console than they already have for over a decade.

File: kig.jpg (3.85 MB, 2400x3607)
3.85 MB
3.85 MB JPG
>valve recommends devs to target proton
It's over. Win32 won.

Kneel you POSIX plebeians.
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mental illness
yeah programs that wouldn't get a native linux version anyway not running properly on wine is a much better alternative. Why should I care if it's running on wine or natively assuming it runs without any issues?
>doesn't help anyone
Except anyone who wants to run software on linux. No company will bother with creating native ports for an OS with a relatively smaller userbase, which won't grow unless you can run certain software. The only difference this will make is that we'll have windows-only software that runs on wine instead of windows-only software that doesn't run on wine.
They are asians not meds
Thanks. I really love their astolfo pics.

This is the reason why modern internet is absolute dog shit
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>It'll only take 10x longer
wrong, it's basically free for React:
> Basically websites are designed in photoshop first these days.
no, Figma is more common
>things like seeing post replies under a post, seeing (You)s, and staying in a thread after posting in it,
It could already be done in PHP when 4chan was created iirc
Yes, but the sentiment of "websites are designed visuals first with no regard for code/usability/standards" applies enough that I figured the program wasn't worth correcting. If I actually got psd designs that would've been enough to drive me to look for another job.

All the Figma designs I've gotten have been made with some dogshit visual shortcut that just doesn't translate into web, like using opacity on text to blend colors instead of actually having any sort of palette.
Yep. I know that bloated websites that pop up a bunch of crap suck but that's not the technologies' fault. There is a huge demand for a website to be able to do more than display a document. I hate Google but I mean, stuff like Google Maps and Google Earth is pretty cool. The web is a sandboxed app delivery platform and runtime. The most successful one that has ever existed. And that is a good thing. We can still have documents as a subset of apps. And in any case, apps don't suck because of JS, they suck because corporations optimize for ads and developer velocity instead of for delivering an elegant, well-performing experience. JavaScript is actually pretty fast if it's written well. Not C fast, obviously, but pretty good for a dynamically typed language. The corporate web sucks, I guess, because corporations make more money developing slow shit fast and sticking a bunch of third party ads and analytics everywhere than developing fast shit slow and trying to be elegant and minimal.

File: kde-1-0-1.jpg (178 KB, 1024x768)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread.

Before asking for help, please check our list of resources.

If you would like to try out GNU/Linux you can do one of the following:
0) Install a GNU/Linux distribution of your choice in a Virtual Machine.
1) Use a live image and to boot directly into the GNU/Linux distribution without installing anything.
2) Dual boot the GNU/Linux distribution of your choice along with Windows or macOS.
3) Go balls deep and replace everything with GNU/Linux.

Resources: Please spend at least a minute to check a web search engine with your question.
*Many free software projects have active mailing lists.

$ man %command%
$ info %command%

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I'm looking into PCI passthrough.
How exactly does allocation work?
Say I have an 8 core processor. Do I spit it down the cores down the middle, and allocate 4 cores to the host and 4 to the VM? Or can I allocate 8 cores to the host, and the VM and let them share?
Same question about memory.
It's not an init system issue. You're probably missing some X libraries by default in artix that manjaro includes by default
Okay I have a question that may sound silly.
I've never heard of PopOS before, but apparently it's sort of taking off in popularity. From what I can see, it appears to be a gnome flavored version of Mint made for prebuilts with a focus on customization. Am I right on that? Is there something that should compel me to at least download the Live CD and try it out?
*Ubuntu, my mistake.
I think it's based on Ubuntu but yeah you're right
>Is there something that should compel me to at least download the Live CD
Not really, if you really like the theme you could recreate it or find something similar for whatever distro/DE you want to use

File: download (2).jpg (9 KB, 170x227)
9 KB
Anyone else know what it's like to be completely unhirable despite your skills? All because normies definition of normal is incredibly strict yet narrow?

That's why I have a dream. It's called "The Terry Davis Center for Unhirable Retards that Can't Act Normal But Want To Learn To Do Things And Make Money Too". It's a building where we collab and live together to make money without needing to "get hired" or any other ratrace corporate normie bullshit. Interested? Think it has any crowdfunding potential or would normies shut it down?
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Work in a restaurant until you make up for decades of no socialization
File: civvdefeatI.jpg (430 KB, 1485x2048)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
You need mixed race Hitler and several great generals to back up your siege units this late in the game. Sorry I wanted a different ending but this is what the game devs gave us.

But for real I wanted to develop a social media tech project called Blacklist to replace faceberg refugees but I was born yesterday and without a 5head egg monster cranium.
It's better for him to find happiness as a recluse and grow in erudition and skill of scavenging. If you normie wrangle one normie you wrangled them all. Sportsball and reality TV are never novel developments of any new ground for any new layer of depth. If you can pull off a sitcom laugh and gregarious impression you could be an African warlord accused of all the world's sex crimes and Normies will love you like a brother.
Agreed. We should definitely get lots of guns and ammo, just in case.
File: 9ee.png (42 KB, 1381x770)
42 KB
That's the stench of money and success
>Your bank account has been frozen and your social media accounts have been terminated for violating the code of conduct and community guidelines

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