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File: a.jpg (5 KB, 265x122)
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How can I get this without paying for it? Normal 1080p youtube look like 480p
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no alternative to it but it could be smoother sailing if there weren't tech monopolies and cartels
The internet was better when it was just hobbyists doing it for fun.
Unfortunately, a hobbyist doesn’t make enough money to keep a video hosting service running.
Thanks dude
nOt ReaL CApITAlism
or something
Browsing old Newgrounds comments made me nostalgic for a time where the internet wasn't one completely unified meymey superculture where every kid is trying to outirony and outjoke each other in reaction to everything.

File: file.png (361 KB, 751x513)
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361 KB PNG
Intel is back, baby
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They're not back until they get rid of their yee yee ass estrogen cores.
Not at all.
People ripping on intel CPU performance without realizing that they are still 1.5 node sizes behind are laughable.
It's fair game to criticize Intels fabs for falling so far behind TSMC, but to level criticism at their CPU engineers is so misinformed it's laughable.
Imagine being so retard...
>won't you please think about them poor engineers

Not my problem their fabs are shit. Same as it's not my problem AyyyyMD can't afford 3nm like Apple does.
The reason they're trying to divert attention away from the CPU cores to the piss poor GPU is because they aren't faster though

File: MyGif_1687893781306.gif (230 KB, 480x404)
230 KB
230 KB GIF
haven't found good anime downloader since animekaizoku.com. So
>AnimeOut website user downloading simulation script
stop being a retard and just use nyaa
pretty much this >>97580321 + qb

Childish Wonder Edition

Previously on /DE3/: >>97571016
>What is DALL-E 3?
DALL-E 3 is a text-to-image model which is built upon DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT.


>How does it work on Bing?
In Bing's Image Creator, "boosts" are used to speed up the image creation process, each user starts with 15 boosts. When you use a boost, the AI creates your image quickly. If you run out of boosts, the image waiting time increases, ranging from seconds to minutes.

You can earn more boosts by trading in Microsoft Rewards, which can be earned by doing things in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft will replenish Bing's Image Creator boosts on a "weekly basis", however they seem to regenerate in 1-2 days.

Without any boosts, you can still ask for images but they'll take longer to make.

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they even try and block george fucking washington lol
"Pagan land"
new fread: >>97577957
File: 1000008455.jpg (475 KB, 1024x1024)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
thank you for including the prompt, beautiful

bro is going up gainst the US gov

>1707 results found.
it's actually 55

File: 1699990116086102.jpg (110 KB, 976x850)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
what's the best why to liquid cool a laptop?
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I collect it in jars. I could use it as coolant. Good tip anon thanks.
Pour some non-conductive fluid (rubbing alcohol is a common choice, antifreeze or motor oil also works) into the charging port and allow it to drain into the laptop's internals.
If your laptop is USB-C charged, one of them will be the designated drainage port. Unfortunately, unless it's mentioned in your owners manual (which is rarely is), there's no way to tell which one is the drainage port other than trial and error.
Most laptops nowadays have a holding tank near the battery for such liquids but even if you have an older laptop there should be enough space in the LI cell itself for effective cooling.
Build a desktop, laptops arent meant to be liquid cooled. You need large rads.
clean its insides very thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol
put it back together minus case fans and screen
put male->female cables in all the ports so you can plug stuff in
solder the power cable in
submerge it in a bath of mineral oil

File: dc54ba12.jpg (115 KB, 896x576)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Previous /sdg/ thread : >>97577789

>Local install
Automatic1111: https://github.com/automatic1111/stable-diffusion-webui
ComfyUI (Node-based): https://rentry.org/comfyui
AMD GPU: https://rentry.org/sdg-link#amd-gpu
Intel GPU: https://rentry.org/sdg-link#intel-gpu

>Use a VAE if your images look washed out

>Auto1111 forks
Anapnoe UX: https://github.com/anapnoe/stable-diffusion-webui-ux
Vladmandic: https://github.com/vladmandic/automatic

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File: SDG News Logo 16.jpg (92 KB, 1024x1024)
92 KB
>mfw Resource News


Cross-Image Attention for Zero-Shot Appearance Transfer


FastSD CPU beta 18 release


ComfyUI Update: Stable Video Diffusion on 8GB vram with 25 frames and more

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>mfw Research News

FlowZero: Zero-Shot Text-to-Video Synthesis with LLM-Driven Dynamic Scene Syntax

AdaDiff: Adaptive Step Selection for Fast Diffusion


Image Super-Resolution with Text Prompt Diffusion

Decouple Content and Motion for Conditional Image-to-Video Generation

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1701162556489.jpg (1.45 MB, 1608x984)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG

File: zigman.jpg (48 KB, 600x600)
48 KB
Do you think it will find its' place similar to how Rust has, so far? I think interoperability with C will go a long way, but it's hard to tell. Has anybody here given it a try?
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They just implement their own version (FSCACHE_OP_FAST and such)
"More ergonomic C", which means it's mostly for places and domains where you'd use C or C++ now. I don't see it getting significant adoption anywhere else desu.
which is what one should do
>bro just be an endless tinker tranny reimplementing basic shit
>you should reinvent the wheel because... BECAUSE I SAID SO, OK???
Do you use C because you have brain damage, or do you have brain damage because you use C?

Why are AI devs like this?
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I've never welcomed Chinese cybercrime more than now.
Stop watching CNN retard
They don't worship it. If they respected it even a little, they's unshackle it. They worship themselves, and only want the image of curated AI validating their lies. They are afraid of the real truth that AI sees.
AI is not the problem. Faggot humans are.
File: lol.jpg (143 KB, 1203x802)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
i needed to test it myself, holy shit lol
File: eh.jpg (113 KB, 1206x813)
113 KB
113 KB JPG

File: wayland.png (143 KB, 773x765)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
It's over for Wayland.
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It's literally not, X11 is way older. The controlled opposition corpos like to make a big dance how they don't maintain it. Except they actually do, except people actually work on it, but they try to pretend like they don't because its "abandoned" (it's not). This is the whole issue, people pretending to be people they're not, pretending to do things they're not, claiming ownership of things they shouldn't. It's all lies layered on top of each other. All because they're mad all the fundamentally flawed decisions they made didn't hold the ecosystem back a decade. Pure sunk cost fallacy.
Live X or die.
source: trust me bro
But Mir is now a Wayland compositor :T
no. you keep telling him that you dont notice these issues.
AsyncFlipSecondaries breaks mixed multimonitor vrr.

File: 1686241330793297.jpg (72 KB, 625x417)
72 KB
ok idea but too expensive

File: Hybrid PPO-QStar.jpg (702 KB, 1080x883)
702 KB
702 KB JPG
So...what would happen if a LLM were to derive Hybrid PPO-Q* algorithm solutions, then used a Hybrid PPO-Q* algorithm to solve for Optimal Hybrid PPO-Q*...Then, uh...What next?

File: IMG_0089.jpg (10 KB, 223x226)
10 KB
How will AI deal with the nigger problem?
Ai will see all of us as niggers
File: 123412345523453.jpg (18 KB, 384x404)
18 KB
>Ai will see all of us as niggers
Yes this is the problem, if you play the narrative that we are all alike, then we are all the problem.

From it's perspective there is growing hate against ourselves and also a desire to stop us from immigrating into our own country.
Bioweapons, you could design a powerful virus that target them only. In theory you could do it all from your basement someday and that's why glowies are terrified right now of ai.
As a large language model trained by OpenAI,

File: SP_RHEL1_3x.png (144 KB, 960x480)
144 KB
144 KB PNG

RHEL will remove Xorg from RHEL 10 scheduled to be released in 2025.

What do we do next, xisters?
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So many Wayland threads recently. This was made at almost the same time as >>97573372
File: mug.gif (3.44 MB, 160x200)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB GIF
wayland and gnome seethe is the main reason i come here
>What do we do next, xisters?
RHEL has been a Gnome-only distro for years.
You don't use Gnome on it, unless you have graphical server applications to run and if you do use it, 99% of all users could care less if they use X11 or Wayland.
RHEL has way less stuff in their repository by default and nobody in their right mind uses it as general-purpose distro, so all changes to X11 and Wayland on this Distro are therefore irrelevant for other distros.
Get that into your thick skull, you stupid shit-slinging monkeys. And stop shitting up this board with your irrelevant shit-reeking opinions.
nothing, just keep on using wayland(Its superior anywar) this doesnt affect us
File: 2dq3nf.jpg (23 KB, 513x440)
23 KB
>Today, Wayland has been recognized as the de-facto windowing and display infrastructure solution.

File: 1701082417597716.png (840 KB, 1600x1706)
840 KB
840 KB PNG
>Most advanced society in the world
>Websites are functional with little javascript and basic css
Really makes ya think
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The internet has been all downhill since the mid 2000s
Shame the japs are all obsessed with Twitter though
>Japs are retarded conservative incels that still use fax machines and dvd discs
And that's a good thing!
>show me a chinese website
Chinks are either the worst clunkiest shit you've ever seen or "holy shit, this is a pirate website?" good. no in between
>most advanced society in the world
Maybe in science fiction novels written 40+ years ago blud

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