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File: 1634998316119.jpg (48 KB, 550x535)
48 KB
I think it's safe to say Reddit is no longer the hub of the internet. I tried to make an account last night, and for some reason all my posts were removed, I couldn't send any chat messages, or anything. Then i found out my account was shadowbanned for no reason.
Welcome to Reddit Technical Support my name is Sande- I mean George. It is possible that you have posted from an IP range known for abuse. Did you perhaps do the needful while connected to a VPN service or Tor? We will shadowban you for that.

Hope this helps,
Reddit Technical Support
>and for some reason all my posts were removed, I couldn't send any chat messages, or anything.
It's the StackOverflow problem. No one wants to deal with moderating new accounts so every board sets requirements that will autoremove your posts unless you have over a certain threshold of karma or your account is over a certain age. It's arguably necessary due to the ease with which new accounts can be created (they still don't even require an email), but it has made the site more or less impossible to use if you make the mistake of saying something unpopular.

Once you hit a negative karma count, the site itself throttles your ability to comment to once every 15 minutes, which makes it more or less impossible to participate in any given conversation. The ultimate hope is that you give up and go away.
Just use Facebook, the original Reddit.
Facebook was actually a fairly good platform until 2012 or thereabouts. Every redesign made it worse. The only feature they added in all those years was live messaging rather than the old email-inbox system they had in like 2009.

No idea why people are still on it.
i deleted my reddit that had over 5k karma and im now using only 4chan

File: 1615393194237.jpg (2 MB, 2592x1944)
2 MB
If you found a USB dead drop, would you connect to it? What would you put on it?
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What's that big rectangular port for, grandpa?
I would put photo's of a gay with a big 22 inch black rubber cock up his ass
you are a mug
>What would you put on it?
The /cyb/ FAQ
No, I don't want dirt, rat and bird shit in my computer

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Edge is crap.
that's pretty ironic of you
I unironically use it on Linux, Android, and Windows
File: IMG_20211023_234054.jpg (23 KB, 234x301)
23 KB
I like it new, smells good, looks good
if you're unironically using windows then it doesn't matter, at least with edge you have fewer companies spying on you instead of adding more like google

File: tde-logo.png (13 KB, 125x124)
13 KB
>OG feature-complete Konqueror with webkit switch planned
>more customizable than Plasma
>tons of legacy kde apps maintained

R14.0.11 is just around the corner. What are you waiting for?
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wen (web)extensions support in konqueror?
wen mauikit apps on android?
wen, anon, wen?
One of the original Kubuntu devs is now a Trinity developer. They even made live ISOs of Ubuntu with Trinity installed, but the most recent is for bionic beaver. (I would provide a link but I don't want the jannies to ausrotten me). It's on the TDE wiki.

>Also, what's exactly the point of "Konqueror"? I couldn't get much use of it.
It's a file manager and web browser that can be extended greatly with plugins. I've never used a better file manager. I'm talking about the TDE version, which is from before they started stripping it down and replaced it with dolphin.
File: top kek.jpg (32 KB, 333x500)
32 KB
Ugliest DE known to a man

File: 1634921633966.png (309 KB, 1440x1715)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
So, /g/, what do you actually get with a phone like Pixel?
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>freedom from apple by captivity from google
File: aaaaaa.jpg (119 KB, 720x720)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
What the fuck is up with modern American Liberals having such massive AnCap tendencies? Is it because all of their lack of public sector and hyper consumption of major brands (Uber, Netflix, Twitter) virtue signaling pseudo-progressive ideas (i.e. BLM, Pride shit) they turn a blind eye towards these Capitalist monoliths?
Why wouldn't liberals support Capitalism?
>kde connect
isn't that just the same thing as ftp over a lan? I just send files over bluetooth when I need something on a computer, it's never a big enough file for the speed to be a bother.
one of the main advantages of android is that it has rcs so you can send files up to ten gigabytes over text without any compression, it's annoying when people on iPhones send you a picture and it gets compressed to a couple kilobytes and looks like shit because they are still using old technology sms like it's 2003. sure they have imessage, but it can't send files over 100mb, and it's all over the internet through apples servers, and not through your cell providers dedicated rcs packet channels that are optimized for this stuff. iphone would be ok if everyone used them and everyone had imessage, but most people not in america use android, so if you use an iphone all the images you send people look like shit and they mess up rcs group chats, the group chats with iphones in them revert to mms which is shit.

File: 1626168949495.png (55 KB, 456x614)
55 KB
has this been fixed yet
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Everyone in this thread is clueless and retarded. What a surprise.
sharedrop is what you're looking for.
onionshare if you don't want to reveal IP information.
>AH! iPhones are for poor people because they can buy 7yo models for pennies!
woah, got me there bud ahah
>upload file to phone
>send it to other persons phone
>download It from phone
I mean, it works, but it’s a 3 step process for something that ought to be one step.
telegram has desktop app
>have computers on LAN
>share drives or folders to network
>people on LAN can access them

You can't be this retarded, can you?

File: 1634964718950.jpg (59 KB, 783x754)
59 KB
>I care about having a secure computer
>That's why I use Linux
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File: 1634004129832.jpg (723 KB, 720x960)
723 KB
723 KB JPG
Opinions on Steins;Gate bros? I am getting mixed messages about the show and I'd like your guys' opinions
>inb4 trannime
anime forum
>inb4 /g/ technology
Garbage thread, might as well give it use
get a load of this guy
File: falseflagger.webm (1.72 MB, 1280x720)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB WEBM
Imageboard, almost the same fucking trash,
Have you watched Steins;Gate?
alright clown man
bring me an actual argument for your claim

File: raspberry.jpg (64 KB, 700x525)
64 KB
**blocks your path**
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I think running a cheap server of some kind is the only real use for one. An arduino or arduino like is cheaper and better for 99% of electronics projects
In February it is 10 years since the first Pi hit the market. I guess that is when Raspberry Pi V will be announced.
Yeah exactly this, if my grandma asked me for a computer this would be what I tell her to get without a doubt.
It's retrobaiting the Amiga crowd but I guess it has "everything" you need in one kit.

OR for the same price you could just get the board + cheap case + logitech wireless keyboard/touchpad combo and be able to use it on your monitor as well as your TV since all you can really do with a PI is make it a media centre
it's for what it was meant for - being a cheap toy to learn linux and programming
but at the end of the day anyone who's actually interested in those would just use a VM to play around with

File: 1634869059692.png (153 KB, 549x666)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Tell me about incompetent people you've worked with
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When I was in university, I used to be just like you guys - I would make fun of code in open-source programs, be like "I can do that way better! Use a hashmap instead of hardcoded statements! His code is so inefficient" etc.
Now that I have my own tech products and have worked in industry, let me tell you - no one cares how code is written. It's a tool to get to an MVP as quickly as possible, then to get to market as quickly as possible. It really, literally, does not matter if your code isn't "muh big O notation" or "muh hardcoded" if it meets business requirements. It really makes less than a .1% difference in the real world
File: is-even.png (23 KB, 981x344)
23 KB
this has to be a joke
New here.
Does what you're saying imply that stamina is better than ability when it comes to production coding?
Is speed a good quality to have?
going to add this to my software with 8 mil users just to spite u guys
No, I'm saying the the most import thing in production coding is SOLVING PROBLEMS - most successful products come from identifying a problem, finding users who need it solved, and shipping something that works. It makes no difference if you use fancy algorithms or 20 if/then/else statements.
Speed is a good quality to have if all else is equal. But maybe... 5% of my time is spent coding. The rest is research, programming, product market fit, meetings, etc

File: intel-me.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
is this true?
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Okay let's imagine there is indeed a backdoor in Intel ME and it has low level access to RAM and the Ethernet controller.

1. Wouldn't whatever data is being transmitted appear on a regular packet analyzer on another device acting as bridge?

2. Let's say they know the IP address of "person of interest", how would a glowie access the backdoor remotely to enable wiretapping and microphone recording (think about the technicality of it)?
>Okay let's imagine

We don’t have to imagine. It’s real. And the rest of your post indicates you don’t know shit about how implants work
Because you do? You know nothing. The fact is remote hardware backdoors almost never work. You have to have physical access to compromise a device or have the user compromise themselves on their operating system through rootkits.
As soon as it mentions trump you know it's fake.
This, I live in the shit hole named México and I can do torrents and other illegal shits because no ones care and because my goverment is too busy selling drugs to murica.

God bless murica and theNir retards yunkies ameriturds

Why do $200bn businesses run their operations on Apple products?
27 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
because the people who make the purchasing call are not the people who have to justify the budget. if they were, they would buy something else.
Because it's a good locked environment for devs? Windows is only superior if you can handle the openness of it, which doesn't matter in work environments. Linux is retarded and a waste of time, only the biggest autists use Linux who then end up getting fired because no one will bother accepting his ass.
it's super easy to buy apple when someone else is paying

really it's the core of apple's business model.
Because you don't have to troubleshoot your laptop for hours to get basic shit running.
They could buy used ThinkPads and install Gentoo on them.

File: 1585676231892.png (692 KB, 721x661)
692 KB
692 KB PNG
>graphics card dies
>throw PC away
>give up on your hobbies and take up drinking
>divorce your wife
>attempt intense introspection via the use of hard psychedelics but end up even further down the spiral
>end up in massive debt
>sell your home
>sell your car
>become homeless and destitute
>start sleeping on couches
>start fucking old flings that destroyed their lives
>get syphilis
I hope yours is still working, anon
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Give it to me then
One does not simply buy a new graphics card
One must invoke one with the german chant:
Gott, leih mir eine Grafikkarte
no mine died too. so im fooling myself now that i was retro gamer all along and i dont need more than integrated graphics
at least i got into linux in meantime
>>attempt intense introspection via the use of hard psychedelics but end up even further down the spiral
does this really happen with psychedelics? niggas on r*ddit say that psychedelics supposedly help you overcome subconscious fears and other stuff holding you back you don't know about

>tfw we could have had an integrated RTX 3060
Blame Intel for stopping 3rd party chipsets.
they pitched a fucking fit and said they weren't able to do anything past AM3 and 775

Took apart said appliance and found a mic. Don't know much about air purifiers, but know there's no reason for it to have a mic. Mom put these around my house like crazy, but 100% she didn't plant mics in it, she's not petty or smart enough for that. Further research on the product said that it breaks down O3 and bacteria at a molecular level, but seems literally impossible since it has no fans and nothing high tech enough to do what it says. Seems like a scam, but still really concerned about the mic since there's so many in my house now. This is the manual/product description for the chip that the mic is connected to https://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/ne555.pdf I can't understand it but maybe someone else can
26 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
reddito momento
>What kind of hell hole do you live in that you need a ton of air purifiers?
They do keep dust down to a degree
But yeah they are a meme if you don't live in Beijing or something.

About the only filter I'd run is thick bed carbon filters for smells
disinfo agents. reminder that 4chan is completely compromised by alphabet agencies; not just the USA.
Sound activated light. What about it?
Dude... Don't try to make the poor guy more paranoid

File: download.jpg (5 KB, 275x183)
5 KB
which one?
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all of them, do you not understand that git can have multiple remotes? push to all providers that you can, so you have many fallbacks in case one blows up. who cares which one you have your repos in
I kneel
GitHub Actions allows me to run CI across the 3 major OSs trivially, so I prefer GitHub.
>liking firefox
fuck off, retard
firefox is the only option?

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