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File: FNxlNzU.jpg (841 KB, 2047x978)
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841 KB JPG
Battlestation thread? Didn't see one.
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Welcome home, wanker.
NICE! Almost the same setup as mine.
File: 1562629948552.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x1080)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
here you go
>What kind of autistic fuck notices this? lol
do you really need to ask?

File: 2EVxWd7_d.jpg (15 KB, 385x367)
15 KB
How can 144hz monitors exist if electricity only runs at 60hz?
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that's rude
It also runs on 50hz sometimes. But never on 70, that is just silly.
File: 1567628425940.jpg (80 KB, 1200x675)
80 KB
Why are you still alive?
The Crystal gives the clock for the circuit and the Meth is for tripping balls...

File: eau_de_toilet.jpg (521 KB, 1600x1200)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
Audiophile Thread.

Sounds like crap edition.
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ah ok. Yeah when you're using Miracast to projector it makes sense to get the audio signal off the projector.
You could also plug a 3.5mm stereo jack -> RCA cable in your phone and get the audio there.
then I'd have to leave the phone by the amp or run a long cable from it. Plus it sends a lot of noise into the system as an ungrounded source/antenna. I think I could send audio over bluetooth while casting video possibly.
>Several 1000$ worth of cables running around.
>Uses fucking toilet paper rolls to lift them up.
You're not a real audio enthusiast if you don't use multiple 10000$ cable lifters.
>I could send audio over bluetooth while casting video possibly
Would propably work but two wireless connections would be too annoying for me.
Audio from projector is probably the best way but sure try if the bluetooth solution works.
That logitech bluetooth adapter isn't expensive
File: soundbar.jpg (123 KB, 1500x1500)
123 KB
123 KB JPG

can I join?

File: 1574010666413.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
How can i share Video and articles and make people actually know about them without social media?
If i make a website and put videos and articles in there, how can i get people to see it? I don't use Instagram/facebook/mastodon/whatever, and i won't make a google account.
Should i just shill it in image boards, usenet and irc?
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Website and host files over BitTorrent. Email. Poster campaigns. Leave flash drives around town with your content. Hire a sky writer and have him write a link to your site on Super Bowl Sunday.
Create a telegram public channel
The character limit makes that difficult.
>Should i just shill it in image boards, usenet and irc?

Outside of a massive paid advertising campaign, that's basically the only way right now.
Where do I buy a frog this ugly

File: 1573982574554.jpg (1.69 MB, 3000x3000)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB JPG
>Detective Chief Inspector Peter Doyle, who led the investigation, said: "Watkins' data storage size was 27 terabytes - which is five times the size of South Wales Police systems in storage capacity.
>Not all of it was illegal material, but if you need 27 terabytes then you're clearly into that kind of world."


How much storage space is "suspicious" in 2019/20?
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Guilty until proven innocent.
Though having a [underaged] (girl) tell you she wants some, then being caught going to said girl's house is intent in the least. If explicit images were shared by him or his stash was found after he was arrested there is a solid case against him.
It's not a thought crime anymore when they actually show up on the (victim's) door.
A dictionary attack just means a using a list of predefined common words. It doesn't have to use a literal English dictionary. You could pretty much count on it including common misspellings like "fuk", especially when a sex offender is the target. OTOH, they could probably just as well have done a key exhaustion attack for a passphrase of just 8 letters.
Awkward to be sifting through evidence with your partner and getting a massive boner lmao
Back in 2012 the porn wasn't 4k, significantly smaller files then lol
>24/192 vinyl
lol, what a bunch of snake oil. vinyl doesn't have the dynamic range for 24 bits to be necessary, and often the ultrasounds are just noise or distortion

File: 1.jpg (68 KB, 768x430)
68 KB
Why did it flop /g/?
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An even less relevant upgrade than the camera. The current screen is more than sufficient, at best it'll eke out one hour more battery life if using dark mode but any iPad is long past "a work day" battery life.
basically you've never claimed warranty service on any consumer hardware device until now and you think "CONSUMER DEVICES ONLY GET A 1 YEAR WARRANTY THAT"S BULLSHIT THIS MUST BE A MICROSHAFT THING"

It's an industry-wide thing you cockmongler.
Warranties on ALL consumer devices are trash and you should never have expected anything but trash.

You want a good warranty? Buy a device with a business class warranty.
I think he is saying that you can easily find MacBooks/iPads/iPhones from 2010 still chugging along like the day it was bought. You honestly don't need a 4-5 year warranty if you don't buy Windows garbage.
Performance would be there if you ran arm-specific code and not x86 code cross compiled to arm. Shit like doing extra math just to avoid some branching because missed branch prediction is brutally punished on x86 by it's ridiculously long instruction pipeline. Shit like doing extra math and memory juggling just so you can access it in linearized fashion in a hot loop because on x86 there's ridiculous memory lag and trying to random access anything, as per namesake, will fuck your performance to hell and back. Shit like making assembly inserts because the 4 fucking registers of x86 don't amount to crap and compilers struggle to use them efficiently even at the best of times. All of those are x86-specific and are either neural or more often detrimental for performance on other platforms. It's the same reason why console games that run fine on host systems run like fucking dogshit on PC.
Locked down. Non upgradeable. No linux support. No RJ45. I've owned three surface pros, not gonna buy anymore

File: agq.jpg (166 KB, 920x727)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
>We have them, people like RMS. However we now "cancel" our geniuses.

RMS changed his mind about paedophillia 6 months before he was canceled (ie: a year before now). It was discussed at length here when his private conversations (and conversion) on the subject were leaked.

He also called for Epstein to be jailed in the email he was canceled for: he knows what happens to pedos in jail: he was calling for his torture and murder.

He got what he wanted.

Previously RMS could say whatever he wanted, and was protected. But he is a betrayer, a Judas, and he was not protected this time.

6 months after he told a woman he was against paedophillia, he was cancled and thrown out of MIT and the FSF.

Using, in part, the very words he ingratiated himself with "the community", which he had privately (he thought) recanted.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
It’s good because it shows that globohomo is tenacious. The FSF didn’t kick him out - big companies fronting SJWs did. At least they didn’t murder him like they did Ian Murdoch
Here are some examples of people from the past who chose not to betray their men:

>>The Torah explicitly allows men to marry female children, including in cases of the rape (tahphas) of the girl child: Devarim chapter 22, verse 28. Key words: Na'ar (child (hebrew masoretic text)), Padia (child: padia+philos = paedophillia (greek septuagint)) Puella (young girl (latin vulgate))
>>Nachmanides points out that a child may be called na'ar from the moment he is born.
>Sunni Islam: Bukari Hadith book 5. Ashia was a child when she married Muhammed:
>Sahih Bukhari 5:58:236
>Sahih Bukhari 7:62:64
>Sahih Bukhari 8:73:151
>The vedic traditions also allow, or require, child marriage: saying that if a man fails to marry his daughter off by 9 or 12 he goes to hell.
>It’s good because it shows that globohomo is tenacious. The FSF didn’t kick him out - big companies fronting SJWs did. At least they didn’t murder him like they did Ian Murdoch

Why should globalhomogeny countenance a backstabber like RMS? If global homogeney didn't want child-bride-loving men flooding "the west": they wouldn't let them in. Muslims are the only way to leagalize child brides in the west. Liberation-idealogy was tried in the 60s to 80s, but failed: the white men violently opposed the ideas.

So another way was waiting in the wings.

RMS was on-board and while he was on-board as a thought leader of geeks he was untouched no matter what he did or said.

Once it came to light that he privately had turned against men marrying adorable young girls, in private conversations, only then was he canceled.

Is this a coincidence?

Is it even a bad thing? Why should traitors be tolerated?
File: richard_stallman.jpg (51 KB, 442x293)
51 KB
Do you think he thought: "Well I'm never getting a child bride, so I'll throw the other men under the bus, propaganda wise".

This was noticed, and then his own words, which initially ingratiated him with the wider "community", were poetically used against him.

Sunni Muslims aren't "accidentally" being mass-imported into the west. Something is wanted from them: and that is what is in their minds.
Why did RMS betray?

File: images (2).jpg (8 KB, 275x183)
8 KB
"Yo, you have to microdose LSD to get ahead in SV."
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Either obvious bait or room temp iq
File: 1534911832425.jpg (45 KB, 540x413)
45 KB
go romanticize mental illness somewhere else its pathetic
desu tho all of that would help. if you’re not working to not be depressed, you’re not trying to get better, but I understand how that can be hard with depression
No you brainlet nigger, heroic dose is 5g mushrooms. you would have to eat 3lbs of dried mushrooms to overdose.
As far as you can tell, amirite?

File: 1557530274032.jpg (106 KB, 683x768)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
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>you should get less of whatever meds you must take
Ok schizo
No bully. Nene is a genius.
Nene is not a tranny
stop gangstalking me you fucking mit nigger
This. She just never had a goal to focus on. Once she got interested in programming she managed to get a intern job within a year and from what I remember she was supposed to get a fulltime contract (although it's been a while since I last read the manga).

File: IMG_20191118_173732.png (224 KB, 500x482)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
What field should I study?

Sup guys.

I've genuinely got no fucking idea what field to study in university.

I'm a fan of coding and generally creative digital work, though, so I guess I'd like to make a living from it.

Whether it's an IT job or something else, I'd like to get a decent pay as well.

So, what would you guys recommend?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
ncie reddit post fag
The ecological impact of cisheteronormative white supremacy and its implications for the future of machine learning
If you're smart, Mathematics/ Computer Science double major is objectivity the best undergrad choice. A majority of CS undergrads barely pass their math courses. You'd be well ahead of the pack of you choose to go to grad school and still have flexibility if you go into industry.
File: CHASShole.jpg (92 KB, 1022x578)
92 KB
study humanities and get a comfy job in middle-managing making PowerPoints and bossing around /g/entooman.
>recommending a double major to someone that has no clue what they want to study
you are actually retarded

File: fuuuuuucck.jpg (27 KB, 674x201)
27 KB
shut the FUCKKK upppppppppppp holy god damn
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wwz uses epic games launcher. you can't run it on linux as far as ik. and can you even run overwatch?
I'm willing to bet thousands of vulnerabilities are discovered for Windows 10 every hour on the hour across the globe, it's wise to implement a feature that basically forces updates. With cyber attacks becoming more and more a thing I can't really see a problem with what it's trying to accomplish.

I do however see a problem with it interrupting unsaved work or currently in progress stuff like 3d printing, compiling, compressing, rendering, etc, that you may not be currently around to say hey, fuck off.

I'm not sure how exactly they can solve that issue aside from somehow detecting if something important is happening. Which I bet would be a PITA to implement. If you're running some sort of server or something and you don't have windows updates properly configured and something happens that's kinda your own damn fault, but then again if you jump from a previous OS unaware about how Win10 updates work then I guess you have some sort of excuse.

It'd be nice if and when they implement the ability to apply patches without requiring a full system restart. So stay tuned for that.

Games are becoming pretty shit i'm not even sure why I bother having Windows. I kinda see it as I bought games already that only work on Windows and I have a GTX 1080.
kind sir please install dis untested update
thank you come again
File: op.png (1.1 MB, 600x1323)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
why not update in the background, dumbass? Windows is a professional OS, right?
>Windows is a service
nvm guess it isn't

Please /g/... think of the children.
142 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
t. joo
File: iq.jpg (80 KB, 750x669)
80 KB
based sub95 iq poster
Every time you masturbate, another algorithm gets banned
>anti encryption politics
These actions only focus on forbidding disk/file encryption for home users. When the thought police wants to check your comp for supremacist 4chan visits, to look for memes they label racist and anime they claim is child porn.

If your disk is encrypted they can lock you up for a long time (depending on the severity) to force you to stop obstructing the investigation and decrypt it. If encryption isn't illegal it's a lot more difficult to keep you locked up.

In order to track your traffic and see who you communicate with, it's easisest if all traffic is encrypted.

>copy and paste freetard program
>make slight alterations and give it a new name
>make it proprietary and sell it

so this is the power of free software
57 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sure and "Socialism has never been implemented"...
You stupid Millennial FAGGOT!
don't be stupid of course you can convey i like dicks in chess notation you just have to define what i like and dicks are.
I want to tender love and cuddle Ruri
>>73629009 (not him)
What the f*ck are you on about boomer?
Let me guess,"free software is socialism reee"
Ok boomer.

File: stadia.jpg (28 KB, 1200x675)
28 KB
Whats /g/s oppinion on this data stealing whore of a cloud gaming service?
81 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1549870961608.png (389 KB, 680x397)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
My interested dropped to zero in about 200ms. Imagine how it will perform in real world conditions.
usb keyboards have some really shitty latency.
a ps/2 keyboard can have a latency of around 4ms
Unless you're using a UEFI board that emulates PS/2 in which case they are exactly the same.
>Unless you're using a UEFI board that emulates
I have no idea about that, but it would not surprise me with how fucked modern tech is

I just find it really sad how laggy modern tech is. Did you know that pc-gamepads pre-usb had an input lag of 0, yes 0. The directInput api was polled, but not the shitty kind of asynchronous polling which usb uses, no this was the good kind. The application called a function to read the state of the gamepad and then that state was then fetched right there and then from the gamepad, the game receives the most up to data state of the pad just when it needs it.
Ya USB has isochronous mode for USB microphones which would be better but you need to get a driver signed whereas standard HID polling at 8ms intervals does not.

File: file.png (1.08 MB, 1081x1080)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
I want 1440p monitor but offer and prices are so shit in Europe
Where do I look for good panels to build my own monitor? I'd love something about 24 inch size, 100~120hz, ips...
or ill simply wait 10 years for proper oled monitor
btw i hate niggers

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