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File: file.png (15 KB, 240x132)
15 KB
Where is the Zen 3 AMD? Stop releasing these overpriced Zen 2 refresh chips and just give us Zen 3 already.
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>performance is determined only by muh niggahurtz
Imagine buy the XT cpus when Zen 3 is coming out this year, confirmed by mommy su herself. XT was literally just a pump and dump of old stock.
3600XT cost $270 in Indonesia. This price will decrease right? I shudder to think what would the price for regular 4600 will be. I hope it stays around price of 3600 right now.
File: 1527629778452.jpg (54 KB, 679x758)
54 KB
you do realize that australian shitty dolar is half as worth as actual dollar dumb fucking desert bird loser retard?

File: 1589551525734.png (50 KB, 960x595)
50 KB
>use the terminal because the latest update broke everything yet again or there's just no GUI for that function at all

>use the terminal because you want to because everything works and you're trying to be more efficient
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>3 think pads
>3 macs
>The only asus is used by a girl
>develop for a phat medical company
>forced to use Mac so they can lock down my machine
kill me

Whatever shall we do about this made up problem?
>using linux with a GUI

File: riamu snail.png (423 KB, 800x800)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
How exactly are you supposed to build up a web presence online in 2020 when attaching anything to your name and face puts you at perpetual risk of getting canceled and blacklisted from your industry for saying things that were socially acceptable only a few years prior?

How far can you get if you use only a psuedonym, a personal website and a contact email not used anywhere else?
I don't even want to create any social media accounts because getting my life ruined over a tweet seems easier than ever.
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You make a fake persona and never, ever talk of anything but pure tech in pure terms. If this is difficult you lack self-mastery.
Seriously I don't understand how this is an issue, confedifags have been flying under the radar for years and are only coming out of the woodwork because orange man is rallying cry.
do you really need an onine presence to get a job?
If you want one without a degree, probably.

File: DaaS-NaviSite-300x235.png (38 KB, 300x235)
38 KB
Why do people continue to buy laptops every 12-18 months when they can just use desktop virtualization services if they have an internet connection?

Google has tried to do this with vidya (Google Stadia) but why isn't this a mass market product? Most people use their laptops as a typewriter/media machine anyways. Most ppl have internet connection at all times in cities/Universities.

So why hasn't this caught on yet?
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Lets say connectivity isn't an issue, what then could be the benefit of a thin client laptop that uses desktop virtualization

Potential benefits. MUCH longer battery life. Convenience of not having to upgrade hardware. This for the casual media and typewriter user.

Intensive apps all run server side so future proof. Because its a thin client its light weight and can run same apps as a desktop replacement brick. This for the user who's max power usage is some vidya or video editing.

For first user a dedicated thin client design would be lighter and have longer battery life than their current laptop. Im thinking MacBook air form factor but with 3x(?) the battery life. For second user, he would not have to upgrade as along as he had the client shell. Also no need to carry around those brick laptops. Obviously I don't think this could be viable for high end users transfering TBs of info, but that is a very small %
Upsides of thin client laptops would be that they are future proof for mid intensity tasks and have much longer battery for low intensity ones, at the cost of the monthly server fee. If connectivity issues are solved then them you have the power of a brick in a sleek form factor that actually looks good.
Privacy and other people who defend their independence would probably argue against this, but by keeping a virtual desktop running as a service in cloud (using some buzzwords, I know), software could even be updated without user intervention, with also the expectative of the company to make sure nothing breaks.
You have violated the terms of service so we are locking your account and data. Their is no appeal and we won't tell you what you did.
Amazon Workspaces already does this on AWS. I'm sure Microsoft has something similar planned for Azure.

Why Linux + Openbox so beautiful ?
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Same except with KDE Plasma
manjaro theme looks better than stock kde desu
Installing it as we speak
tranny bloatware
Sure, just tell me how to make it look like that and I'll be more than happy to install it, if not, I'm still sticking to my good old probably botneted xubuntu

What is stopping you from using Linux?
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so every single board in 4chan and 4channel is NEET except /g/?
Mostly games, tried ubuntu once, ran it for like 3 weeks but it would run games like Warhammer 2 slower, also i don't really see the advantages.
Not him, but c'mon. He is saying that NEETs have more participation and attention than "regular" people in this board. Maybe because they have nothing to do, lmao.
>He is saying that NEETs have more participation and attention than "regular" people in this board
Then why are there 7 anti-linux threads every time you look at the catalog

Well, you're right, but the rest are normal post of Linux o programing. Personally I don't care to much because the reason I like this board is because the variety of opinions.

File: melikey.jpg (154 KB, 1280x720)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
incels, listen to my mommy
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eBays CEO cyber stalked journalists who criticized eBay. 6 of them were arrested.

And he’s Jewish.
/leftypol/ hates mac users, fake leftist
>>Actually still invades and annexes nation states like it’s still 1914, backfires.
They annexed fucking Crimea, installed a puppet on America's throne punted us out of Syria, and have a shitload of land north of the "we're all gonna suffer heat death" line once global warming has settled in.

>thinks trump isn't part of the deep state
He isn't. He's just the conman riding the disinformation wave to the top right now.

yanex? that's the one I learned about from QAnon for searching for little girls with their mouths open.
Her voice is definitely pretty annoying and low pitched. Also, her accent is insufferable.
File: Reminder For Redditors.png (289 KB, 1058x503)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
Cringe post tbqh

>/g/ says to install Linux
>its slower than shit
>terrible navigation
>you can't even run office or photoshop on it

Never again.
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>install linux
>need to use /alternative program/ for linux instead of the standard one on windows
>doesn't work try figuring out why
>need about 5 plugins or download a mega pack to make the program a bloated buggy mess
>still not as good

Because I'd rather just run linux in a VM for what I need and then use Windows or Hyper-v(that's in windows 10) to run everything
File: 1563205959657.gif (177 KB, 374x334)
177 KB
177 KB GIF
I feel like ms word gets less credit than is due, its pretty good for reports and stuff
File: 1593693309679m.jpg (114 KB, 827x1024)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>b-b-but use the console line

File: 1589667094171.jpg (31 KB, 400x583)
31 KB

I don't know the formal name of this meme but as someone who just started learning to code I think theyre fuckin hilarious. Post your favorites
File: 1498405967104 (1).png (27 KB, 571x553)
27 KB
File: 1498405777038.png (41 KB, 942x739)
41 KB
File: 1498406091291.png (154 KB, 3000x3000)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
File: 1498421521776.png (1.53 MB, 4760x4986)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG

File: download (1).jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
>Work at a computer repair shop.
>Customer complains his laptop is over heating
>Its a gaming laptop
>Changed thermal paste and cleaned fan left it on burn in for a few hours.
>Average temp for cpu is 90 and GPU is 70
>Seems good. Gave it back to Customer.
>FF few days
>Same laptop came back for same over heating
>Sent it back to the brainlet over and over again.
Why buy a gaming laptop if you don't want to deal with the heat.
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this, absolutely
This the first time he came back with the same problem
This now, so he doesn't think he got ripped off the past few times.
this or do it in bios
This! OP, you brainlet. Drop vcore by 0.05 increments and test for stability and see how low you can get it. Temps will come down drastically. Bonus points if you successfully undervolt the gpu too.

Do this or give a refund, or live as crook.
Laptop CPUs are made to run as close to their max temp (usually 100°C) as possible, so they don't require the fan unless absolutely necessary. My work laptop goes to 100 on all 6 cores on every startup. It's normal these days.

File: with a box of scraps.jpg (120 KB, 731x718)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
How come so many of you dont band together and start making cool shit again? Most of you probably could make some good music too and vidya, so whats stopping you?

Hell, you wouldnt be running short on artists to help you out either. Even normies make art these days. But not everyone is able to program on the level some of you can.

So, whats stopping (You)?
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File: IMG-20190110-WA0012.jpg (16 KB, 180x192)
16 KB
Well, think of it this way:

You might not be remembered when the world implodes and you probably, most likely, will die around then.
Think of it this way:
That cool shit you make? That interesting little etching or bit of crafting or coding lying in someone else machine? Somebody hundreds of years later might hate humanity, think theyre all shit and are all better off dead, but could get puzzled when they find that small cool thing you made. Hell, they might even worship you and talk about that cool thing you helped to make and use it as a way to help your hopes for the future to come to fruition.
If nobody in the now is willing to see what cool things you can pull off or make, just remember sometime down the line, that could all be what is needed for somebody to be content enough to do the right thing.
So dont fret too much friend!

That's a lovely thought anon. Still we both know that's very unlikely.
File: 1547782050016.png (54 KB, 350x350)
54 KB
unlikely, but always a possibility!
I dunno, I made a shitty Digimon diaperpic as teen, my only artwork. Years later, and many dead hdd later someone had it in their collection, only place I found it too. So maybe possible

Why aren’t you making 8k an hour, /g/?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Fucking why, for only 1 hour as well. Jesus for that price you could get a high end prostitute and still have a lot left over for blow

Who says this is 'per hour' this could be his lifetime earnings, in which case it's shit.
Are your parents related or something?
how often does he stream? once a week for 8k is an extremely reasonable investment for a show that gets millions of viewers.
Wait, how can I make that much money? I'd stream my mom too.

How low do you think the 2000s series will drop in price after the 3000 series release and the holidays come around.
how the fuck would we know
because /g/ is all knowing of everything technology and its markets

File: ocaml.png (7 KB, 288x288)
7 KB
Will F# and OCaml ever be useful?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1593795580900s.jpg (2 KB, 125x69)
2 KB
Only as pleb filters.
Ocaml is my favorite functional language. However, it’s stdlib is dog shit.
There’s no good http server lib that doesn’t have a memory leak.
Getting a job at Jane Street
File: absolutelydisgusting.jpg (31 KB, 567x582)
31 KB
>Jane Street
>the single, only, #1, #2, #3, Nth, uno, UNIQUE company that every motherfucker on the internet references for OCaml. As if the entire planet's single OCaml employer is this one fintech. Motherfuckig cunts.
Haha rofl lmao reeheeehee.
This is true.

File: 2526428777_d7461d582e_b.jpg (142 KB, 1024x683)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>yes, I demand to see the recipe for this dish, a video of the cooks preparing it, and the exact origin of every single ingredient. Otherwise I won't eat it. How can I know that it doesn't have poison?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The analogy goes even further. The real trade secret is not the ingredients but the procedure for making the code.

With GPL software you don't have to publish development processes, documentation, or even technically code generators or other tools which help you produce code. This is the secret sauce of software development, not code.
>food analogy
>>food analogy
>he did literally nothing wrong
That's usually the case. He just has a very direct communication style that neurotypicals can't help themselves but infer additional meaning from even when there is none.

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