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There is currently technology on earth that is capable of going from sea level to 70K ft in under 1 second. Are we really going to let the government hide this from us? They are acting like they don't know what these are but someone in the IC does!!! Let's shake things up and get disclosure!
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I like /x/ posters because if anyone disagrees they band together like a duct-taped duo of monkies but then they spend 99% of their time infighting about random misc shit.
It's like when little kids play pretend together, but they both keep saying "no that's not how it is" and trying to force the way they want to play.
bro, there are full interviews with the pilots

just look up nimitz tic tac interview or something
>We will be lucky if a human ever get to Mars
We come from Mars
It was more of a case of copying the homework from our aliens pals
holy shit people unironically believe in aliens? fuck off back to /x/, schizo.

File: 1652826328750.png (54 KB, 587x311)
54 KB

Mozilla developer Jeff Muizelaar is asking for feedback on Reddit, will you answer the call and help jeff, /g/?
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What the fuck is aco/d
I'd love to help but I'd have to have used Chrome to know of any sites that work better in it
The V8 JS engine makes anything that is JS heavy (pretty much every modern website/webapp) run better on Chromium based browsers than in Firefox.
This is a known problem, SpiderMonkey has problems with bloated frameworks like React and Angular so Mozilla created a benchmark called matrix-react to make it easier to measure and improve the engine
I don't have this problem on my machine. Stop using Windows.

Hey /g/, I want to buy some small speakers to put under my monitor. It's only for YouTube and stuff, I already have some headphones for music.
Any recs? I kinda want to buy the Creative Pebbles just because Reddit hates them for some reason.
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those are shit

at least buy actual bookshelf speakers
id buy micca mb42X
You haven't seen a bookshelf speakers, have you?
I got these after reading a ton of recommendations after my old speakers died. Sadly my work's macbook's speakers sound better. The bass is non-existent and the sound is just okay... like a cheap pair of earbuds. I regret not at least getting the version with the subwoofer
you are mixing up "bookshelf speakers" and "tower speakers" frien

File: Imagepipe_26.jpg (17 KB, 592x604)
17 KB
Does anyone else hate that Linux is becoming more mainstream? I feel that mainstream adoption is actively making Linux worse. I think flatpaks are subverting the whole model of package managers and why they were so much better than windows or Mac, but we keep pushing them so we can get some proprietary buy in so that the normies can have there convenience. I feel that the choice is slowly becoming choose a meme distro were you have to do everything yourself and not get anything done or pick a glorified android distro that will slowly become worthless without some corporate overload maintaining it.
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I will not use docker, I will not use snap and flatpak, and I will continue to use nix on nixos. Modern loonix retardation can go fuck itself
You don't have to use Flatpak and it's an alternative, distro-agnostic package manager that can support sandboxing of proprietary software. What's not to like?
windows is only slightly usable for me now that winget/scoop exist
this a billion times, especially with flakes. everything else looks like an utter joke in comparison.

How could such a complete midwit get to the place he is? I guess hardwork really does count more than inate talent.

This i s brilliant post btw
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>Worthless talentless college / school kiddie discusses a drooling ai automotive Jewish nepotism shithead
File: 1651395114235.jpg (102 KB, 735x911)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
/g/ has the worst case of the crabs in a bucket mentality out of all the boards on 4chan
just look how /g/ treats self-made autodidact polymaths like Luke Smith
it's pure distilled envy
File: cbH9LU1.jpg (197 KB, 676x961)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Yes he has an MIT email. Anyone from a student to the dean can get one. Special guest speakers can get one any time. He's not a researcher at the University.
I don't believe that Luke could pass a mid-level state university Calc I midterm exam. Not even with like a curved 50% passing grade.

I like Luke Smith and I'm faithfully subscribed to his channel, but I believe he can't do highschool mathematics.
File: s6r6strs69sryf.gif (1.75 MB, 498x272)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB GIF
>luke smith

File: 1652723312979.jpg (227 KB, 1080x586)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Laptop thread
All and I mean ALL laptops are welcome
What are you using?
How are you using it?
Where do you like to work?
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I'm not too familiar with them desu
I'm not a fan of obvious gamer laptops that you can't hide in public
I've moved completely to an m1 max MacBook Pro 16" and it was worth every penny.

>Powers 4 screens pin drop silent
>Laptop is already pretty hyped yet I still think it's underrated. It's actually amazing how far behind most manufacturers are in build quality when it comes to the details like the speakers or the trackpad or the microphone jack
>The ecosystem is, well, better than any other
>Nice HDR 16" screen

I've mostly bought crapple and chinkovo and honestly crapple has been more consistent. I'm totally done with workstations and it's all servers and laptops from now on.

Do not under any circumstances buy any Apple products if that is your attitude. You will only find despair. With Apple, you adapt to the system that Apple created, you don't try and force the products to work in the way you envision is correct like never using an account.
I still can't rock with a company where the repair factor for the entire ecosystem is 0
my ryzen mini PC can do all of that and it has 2 M.2 ports and one sata for a total of a fuckton of storage, not sure why laptops manufacturers can't do the same as a no name chinkbrand like topton.
>with apple, you adapt to the ecosystem that apple created

and with this line I knew your post was bait

File: ddg.png (783 KB, 2160x1920)
783 KB
783 KB PNG
/g/entlemen, duckduckgo is beyod kiked.
see pic rel.
Brave search still seems pretty relevant, but we need some kind of opensource/decentralized search engine that doesn't just scrape google and bing. All we need is a method for storing and sorting sites and a big blacklist of news and stupid spam sites.

Please comment good sites worth archiving, good search engines, and places to find relevant based sites.
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>ranking though
the irony
use yandex. it still spies on you like every search engine but atleast its not pozzed
many smaller sites are usually relevant and better sources of information than stupid news articles. Think about it. Do you want popular trash or nietche gold? Obviously the second. Search engines used to and should behave this way, but nowadays it seems like there is literally a whitelist to show up on search results.

Look up an innocuous term on google and cycle through the pages. No personal blogs, no small websites, nothing like that. You'll find 10-12 distinct websites which all belong to some big corporation no matter how deep you go. Maybe it's the companies chimping out on SEO or something. Any good search engine should circumvent this.

File: 11_IMG_1_prises.jpg (59 KB, 800x314)
59 KB
Is it worth powering your PC with 240 volts for better power efficiency?
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>Wisconsin electrician
Perfect; any idea what a ballpark on having my house regrounded is? Apparently it isn't anymore
File: 1632703127577.jpg (44 KB, 280x280)
44 KB
File: 240v.jpg (428 KB, 2864x1440)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
He's using 240V
You know that it's 15A for a circuit right, an entire room
>commercial building
I'm sure most purpose-used computing centers do as well.

Not always, as codes and regulations and design limits(cost) change. A 20 amp circuit might run the accessory outlets to 2 or even 3 bedrooms. Not saying it's common or normal, but you should always check what breakers control which rooms/outlets/areas when you move to a new place, and update or totally replace the god knows how old breaker box layout card. Always.

I've seen businesses with 25 year old cards that are both semi-unreadable and outdated to the point of half the described layout being totally wrong. Oops I just reset some control logic for the boiler when I was turning off what was labelled as the ventilation and A/C system, when the boiler and boiler control were clearly written as Breaker 21, not breakers 19 and 17.

People trust this website?
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Gaming mice and gaming monitors are quite good. Gaming laptops are a lot better than they used to be too.
wtf is a gaming monitor doing a normal monitor doesn't?
They do great reviews, I don't know what kind of fucking crack you're smoking but you need to quit.
has high refresh rate
usually TN
a keyboard for gaming requires different switches and height, especially for fast reactions

File: file.png (1.67 MB, 1374x1031)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
>Where can I learn about using trackers?
Previous: >>86907673
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What's the funniest, most enjoyable monosynth you own/owned?

Bass Station II looks fun, even though it's less capable than a Pulse 2 for example.
is there a better granular synth than grain scanner yet or nah?
Redpill me on granular synthesis and how I can use it pls

Why do Japanese people use old technology?
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File: 1645797702687.gif (320 KB, 769x765)
320 KB
320 KB GIF
>Have you ever looked up pics of Ainu, shit for brains? Just because they live there it doesn't imply they are fucking Asian in race
File: ainu.jpg (531 KB, 1920x1080)
531 KB
531 KB JPG
You realize Germany would have betrayed them and put them in camps the minute they won the war right?
The honorary white designation actually came from Apartheid era South Africa so Japanese would be treated as equals and shit and not offended (costing SA business $$$ obviously).
A race of gigachads

Yayois are seething

File: 1640606095495.png (105 KB, 1200x597)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
QRD on the controversy of GPLv3?
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That's not a controversy. Linus is a sellout.
Don't listen to that hack.
gpl3 is more of a sellout, don't listen to stallman either
They closed one loophole, but left another wide open (online software as a service).
AGPL for the win, or the Server Side Public License if you really want to make companies seethe.

What linux distro is best on a shitty laptop im just using for school and a web browser
t. lifelong windows fag
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it doesn't run well with 4GB of RAM. You are quite literally lying to the whole board.
nope it doesnt.
Fedora Kinoite
File: podman.jpg (5 KB, 276x101)
5 KB
why do they want to take away the package manager from us and force us to the pods
lol, you are mental. Gentoo on a shitty laptop is a nightmare. You will be compiling for half of the day.

File: peter.jpg (137 KB, 750x421)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
If I enjoy programming and creating software but deeply despise doing programmer puzzles, like those from all those books (ie "Cracking the Code Interview" and shit like that), is that a clear sign that I should seek another profession?
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Then you haven't practiced enough
that's the thing isn't it
the only way to be gud is to practice a lot
it's not a very natural thing unless you are one of those peculiar autists that likes algorithms and data structures in themselves and even then it's really only for people that like competitive programming contests
Have some professional discipline. You'll be doing a lot of boring things in an actual programming job.
I can't even remember my phone number when I'm in the middle of conversation with people. My brain just needs time to shift gears.
Engineering jobs are overrated as fuck, at least in Europe. They require you to be highly skilled and solve hard problems, but the pay is dog shit. Meanwhile managers just jerk off all day and get paid multiples. What's holding you back from becoming a manager and actually move up?

File: gmail.png (115 KB, 1000x750)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
I've got a big security concern I just stumbled on with gmail and I want to know what happened. Here's the deets:

1) I previously linked my gmail to a networking service.
2) I sent that service a direct email today.
3) I got a response that showed up in my inbox for a split second. I read about two lines and it disappeared.
4) I only saw it because it wound up in my Thunderbird inbox. I never saw it in my gmail (phone) and I can't get it to appear again in thunderbird.

So what the fuck just happened? If you link an account like that can they just nuke whatever emails they send you? What do I need to be doing differently?
nvm I think I deleted the follow up message by mistake when I thought I just deleted 1/2.

So Thunderbird sucks ass. What's a good alternative?
Macroshaft Sexchange

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