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Why do you guys set up entire virtual machines for small tasks (like hosting a plex server) when you could just host a docker container and call it a day?
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Don't encourage /g/ kids to learn it, I wanna keep my job

It's one solution (of many) to the problem of dependency management.

Let's say you wrote a webapp in python and it depends on version 4 of some library. But your distro only packages version 3, and versions 3 and 4 are pretty incompatible. Well here's some options:

Make a package of version 4, install it, overwrite version 3, cross your fingers that some other package isn't relying on version 3.

Make a version that can be installed side-by-side with version 3.

Make a virtualenv or whatever and install it in that.

Install it to some non-standard directory and figure out the right environment variables to use that directory. (Basically what virtualenv does).

Write out a dockerfile where you can just do whatever you want because instead of making your app work in a particular system, you're building a particular system to work with your app.

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Everything works in my machine. I never failed to get a software running properly. Docker is just for lazy faggots
Nix already solved all these problems
>Docker is just for lazy faggots

Oh... wait, you actually thought that was a bad thing. How's that self-made compiler coming?

Since it's extremely difficult to buy an AMD 6000-series card or a NVidia 3000-series card, let's talk about whether or not the 5700xt is a good value and how much lifespan it has left.

>Performance comparable to a 2080
>144+ fps at 1080p
>90+ fps at 1440p
>50-70 fps at 4k
>$300-350 used
>$400 new
>will hold it's value until it becomes easy to buy newer cards for MSRP.
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What's the best for FHD gayming then? The rx580?
You are fucking stupid. GCN doesn't even support gddr6, 5500 xt is rdna.
File: 1564481707757.png (913 KB, 661x998)
913 KB
913 KB PNG
>dual Xeon 2667v2
5700xt was 370 new all year long. Its now 400+. No rt. No dlss. No cuda. Hot. Actual worth = 300

3060ti (2080 super) drops sometime next week for 400. If you can buy it, (you cant) get that.
you're not getting one that's for sure.

File: 1366_2000.jpg (239 KB, 1366x910)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
How much would it cost to build a mini-itx pc that can compete with the M1 macs? I'm considering going Hackintosh or getting the M1.
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>Those are crazy powerful.
They are efficient, because of manufacturing process, not powerful at all.
>How much would it cost to build a mini-itx pc that can compete with the M1 macs? I'm considering going Hackintosh or getting the M1.

I don't know, probably
$160 CPU
$100 MB
$100 RAM
$200 SSD
$200 GPU
$100 case and power supply...

would be probably much faster than the mac mini and is upgradable.
He's comparing a 2016 Mac laptop to a 2012 desktop processor. Of course the desktop processor is going to be faster. How about you use a graph made in the last 4 years?
>samsung 850 pro 250GB
>5 bucks
File: atom build.jpg (732 KB, 2048x1364)
732 KB
732 KB JPG

File: IMG_0311.jpg (268 KB, 1024x778)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
is there any alternatives?
the only other one i can find is a see through casing that’s shaped like a switch
i want a small laptop and this seems cozy with the game pad built in for gayming
anyone have any experience with this?
how do you like it?
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thanks anon
appreciate the insight
Wow so cool! So retrowave!
how's the OGA? is the mister usable?
File: mister.jpg (3.23 MB, 4800x3200)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB JPG
OGA is not great, I would get the clone version which has a better screen and controls.

Mister is a hobby project more than anything. I do enjoy hooking it up to my old CRT to play games, way easier than any other solution I could think of.
File: spider robot .gif (2.63 MB, 450x253)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB GIF
What's it like to read manga on one of these? Is the screen too small? Is it awkward to hold it vertically?

File: 1605493897462.png (322 KB, 1040x891)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
Choose carefully.
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how do you even do anything useful with GPT-2? i ran the largest one on a slow stinkpad for a few hours and got a bunch of garbled, incoherent word salad.
Hand-toggled PDP11 machine code. Hard mode, no paper/mag tape or disks. See you in 30 years.
Server farms

File: HfGINE1.jpg (89 KB, 600x468)
89 KB
>Read the sticky: >>76759434

>GNU/Linux questions >>>/g/fglt

>Windows questions >>>/g/fwt

>PC building? >>>/g/pcbg

>Programming questions >>>/g/dpt

>Good, cheap, laptops >>>/g/tpg

>Cheap electronics? >>>/g/csg

>Buying headphones >>>/g/hpg

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why can my pc run jet set radio perfectly but chugs along with duke nukem 3d even though its way older?
anon is right, your mom's free backend is tight and definitely not a meme.
yes, aren't they the same thing?
In the US a power board is a PCB that lives inside an appliance or computer. Maybe for an LCD screen or refrigerator.

Anyway screw your damn power strip into the bottom of your desk. They all have places where screws can slot in.

What is a good phone upgrade for a galaxy s8
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>+ unlockable bootloader,
Note 10+ Exynos
I've had mine for more than 3 years. Is it worth upgrading bros?
Phones plateaued with the s9

File: 1605027366059.png (434 KB, 1082x695)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
best IDE for gentoo/linux in general? thinking about starting to learn programming or at least learning a language
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i hear c# is a good one to start with
Ah, just be aware that C# is different on Linux. Microsoft uses the .NET framework IIRC and Linux has reimplemented it as Mono. Then again, I think MS has done some work to open the source of the .NET framework.
honestly you don't need an IDE if you're just starting out, just use a text editor so you learn how files link together etc
Use an extensible text editor but don't get caught up in config autism

File: xbox.5.jpg (56 KB, 1200x800)
56 KB
Any mini atx case similar in looks to the xbox series s?
You mean a box?
just wait™

Why did AMD nearly go out of business after the Athlon 64 x2 was done with? Weren't they doing really well in the early 2000s?
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>intel talking points
Is Zen really what they intended Bulldozer to become but couldn't make it?
Several things hit AMD overall but the major ones are bad engineering decisions and Global Foundries. AMD wanted to push the x86 market into the direction they wanted for their hardware, problem is that programmers are lazy and don't like to do everything different to what they currently know.
The other side of the coin is that Global Foundries nodes fucking suck as shown by Zen competitive using a samsung node for Zen1 and TSMC nodes for everything after that. Global Foundries was constantly in the same shit that intel is in right now under-performing nodes delivered late.
intel Core 2 Duo was better

File: WomenInDataScience.jpg (781 KB, 1056x1974)
781 KB
781 KB JPG
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File: nice_legs.png (2.99 MB, 1366x1366)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB PNG
these are female legs I'm not gay
Based recursion chad
What are you high on OP?
Life, you?

File: 1603650432226.jpg (8 KB, 213x250)
8 KB
>cpu spikes to, at least, 20% of usage when moving mouse (yes, you read right) on systemd systems, including in debian and arch based systems
>opensource drivers for network cards really sucks, always gives some problems that can slow down your system because it spams the dmesg log
>gfx stack is different when using nvidia cards, since it's proprietary, and this gives some problems when developing for wayland, for example
>systemd, when in conjunction with dbus, is well known to always have security problems with buffer overflow and root access (for those who thinks linux is secure, lol)
>gnome is a bunch of dumb sjw
>linux is not free software, android is there to prove, and that means the gplv2 license is just a fucking shit to slow down the development of the kernel
>some hdd/ssd used in laptops can fuck up with acpi driver, and that means it really slow your system because of dmesg spams and link speed downs

When did you wake up from the linux meme and embrace macOS?
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>mac OS
You just wasted my time reading all that shit only to put the most hardcore obvious bait at the end you savage cunt and I want it back.

I'll remember you for this, OP, I'll remember this and by god I'll find a way to get you to install a zipbomb in 2021
>sudo apt-get install compton
>spend the next week repairing your broken install
Dunno what you've been doing but it took all of 5 minutes to set up properly, and just worked out of the box.
k I' ll bite

>cpu spikes to, at least, 20% of usage when moving mouse
that is the application you're hovering on top of you dumb nocoder baboon

>opensource drivers for network cards really sucks
Intel and Mellanox working just fine on my machine

> gfx stack is different when using nvidia cards, since it's proprietary
then don't buy nvidia lol

> systemd, when in conjunction with dbus, is well known to always have security problems with buffer overflow and root access
what cves drew your attention to conclude that it's a bigger problem than literally every other OS written in memory unsafe languages

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
install artix

File: 1569162274531.jpg (62 KB, 720x611)
62 KB
Does anybody have the picture of that guy crossing the words "computer" and "science" off on a blackboard? I see it posted here pretty often but I cannot find it myself. Also does anybody know it's origin?
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP) - MIT OCW - Lec 1
Thank you

File: re.png (183 KB, 370x359)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
>tfw dreamed about ex-onitis having installed gentoo before me again
Holy shit that's terrifying.

File: Untitled.jpg (122 KB, 1024x575)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
What some things make you instantly close a tech video?
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This video is worse than the orginal video by the verge. I rather watch the verge than any cancerous streamer. The only bearable one was the one in the bottom right with the red hat.
after i cum
>t. never had jobs, let alone in it
t. hindoo

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