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For me, its the ASUS GT710

>4 hdmi outputs
>completely silent
>excellent nouveau support on gnu/linux
>sub $100 brand new

Why don't you have this card /g/?
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File: theplacetobe.png (532 KB, 1200x900)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
It has worse performance than modern iGPUs, not to talk about soon to come DDR5 RAM iGPUs.
>Why don't you have this card /g/?
I do, except it's Zotac, since it has VGA and is cheaper.
>I want this but AMD
5700XT + Morpheus.
Because display port is better..
based boomer

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I'm not a boomer and I use email client. Keeping up 12 mail accounts is unfeasible otherwise.
true except for bunsenlabs
Not for me because the installer crashes near the end
>Fedoranigger hating GN*ME
New species
So? Fedora provides a lot of spins, not like meme shit like pop os.
absolute state of ubuntu, before 18.04 it was yet usable, since 20 it's totally fucked up

File: 1467658909988.jpg (432 KB, 1280x1280)
432 KB
432 KB JPG

name 1 language that ticks all these off
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Based an redpilled.
Use elixir for even baseder and redpilleder.
There is no way in hell LuaJIT beats go and C#. Source or gtfo.
The only three languages that matter. End of fucking argument.
C++ niggers tongue my static map<struct faggot::anus,struct faggot::anus>&*;

File: pling.png (8 KB, 200x108)
8 KB
this would might help theme creators and people who uses themes to discover new ones instead of just going through the list every time.
Also why is there no contextual search as in when searching for themes that look like "GNOME 1" for example you get everything that has "GNOME 1" in it's description instead of getting everything that has "GNOME" or "1".
wtf are you talking about, just install gentoo
I did years ago.

File: spotmini.jpg (104 KB, 1024x768)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
How much do you think it would cost to actually build one yourself, not including software development

the most expensive thing would probably be the actuators and maybe the rotary encoders so it can figure out the angle of the legs at every nanosecond
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Who would buy this thing, regardless of the costs?
>There's no way there's $70k of electronics and materials in a spot mini robot
That's correct, there really isn't.
Most of the cost is the R&D.

Half of china could probably make something that looks like Spot, call it Spit, stick it full of servo motors to make the legs move and lift its own weight, along with some gyroscopes and sensors so you can get some positional readouts.
This knockoff called Spit would probably cost 1 to 3 grand at most and be very far removed from the actual Spot.
It would fall over, be unable to propel itself, and be unable to navigate a complex terrain.
That's why Spot costs you a few k$ in electronics and several dozens of k$ in proprietary algorithms.

>inb4 some /g/tard claims they can code up the firmware for Spot over a few weekends in Lisp and C
> some /g/tard claims they can code up the firmware for Spot over a few weekends in Lisp and C
Pfff... Sounds like a challenge to me. Too bad nobody gives a shit about /g/ level project like that.
About 10k-ish, see OpenDog on github. The majority of the price is funding literally 2 decades of R&D to make spot as useful as it is now.
spot mini does not use hydraulics, it's all electric

I don't buy overpriced phones

>It's no secrete that the military is who funds Boston Dynamics.
except boston dynamics is owned by softbank and maybe soon by hyundai

it doesn't use servos
lidar doesn't cost that much

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File: EsIcnFPVgAA2v9r.jpg (461 KB, 1536x2048)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
>Buy Macbook M1
>Want to use my parents' printer to print shit
>Look for the drivers online
>They don't work on Big Sur
>Try to emulate both the Windows and Mac drivers with rosetta, still not working
Yes, I'll just put the files on my parents' computer and print them, but I shouldn't need to do that.
I mean, I'm kind of tired of getting jewed. Why haven't printer manufacturers made some sort of standard generic drivers for their garbage?
Man, I'm not commie or anything, but I wish the UE would step in and tell these fags to fix their mess, I fucking hate printers.
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What kind of shitty printer doesn't support network printing? Imagine actually taking your computer to the printer and plugging it in.
>what is cups
You're a fucking mongoloid
>buy a shitty printer that can't do IPP Everywhere(tm)

you deserve it cuck. best thing Apple did was forcing faggots to implement a 10c controller to fucking interpret PS/PDF on-board.
>Why haven't printer manufacturers made some sort of standard generic drivers for their garbage?

they have. "driverless, IPP everywhere." It's basically just sending a raster to the printer and YOLO.
who even needs drivers i got a new wifi laser printer

laptop got setup, went to my desktop and went printers and it was already there lol

if it downloaded anything it was <5sec

File: comfy.jpg (9 KB, 500x333)
9 KB
endgame edition

This thread is for the discussion of portable media players and in-ear monitors.

•/iemg/ Recommends Pastebin:
•IEM reviewers and other sources Pastebin:

•Why use a PMP instead of a phone?
>better DAC/AMP
>more output power so it can drive more high-end headphones
>smaller sizes than phones for activities like exercise
>physical buttons
>headphone jacks

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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VX Anole with that budget.
Chitty's store on aliexpress, it's not listed there but I asked him and he said he makes custom cables.
How much?
>Tried foams? Or does that bloat up the bass too much on those?
Yeah that's exactly it. Only tried the ones it came with. They probably fit the best, better than any third party silicone ones but the sound quality was really noticeably impacted. Bass sounded like a cheap bass boost on some cheap headphones with upp ranges muffled. From what ive read you cant really avoid it with foam so i didn't even bother with it and just went for trying exelastics, type e, spinfits.

File: IMG_1853.jpg (855 KB, 940x959)
855 KB
855 KB JPG
Edition edition. Rate, like, & subscribe.
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where did you squeeze it in? looks like 2 fans and that'd be a tight fit for the front with the GPU, or did you get rid of the noctua case fan? Either way, is your only air intake the warmed up air from the radiator?
I've got the 280mm radiator installed as exhaust on the side panel. It means I can't have
The top intake cools the VRMs, RAM, and socket. They're hard to see, but I've got two fans blowing air onto the video card.
*It means I can't have a rear exhaust fan, but that's a sacrifice you have to make when working with an SFF PC.
How high do your temps go under load?
>I'm guessing the top 3 fans blow cool air in?

no, the top fans are exhaust

the front fans are intake

the back fan is also exhaust

File: 1590246494208.jpg (1.81 MB, 1109x1490)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
Most of the things "modern" IDEs do is work around language design flaws.

No, I won't ask you to prove me wrong. It's true. Stop coping.
>language design flaws
Like what? How can I prove you wrong when you can't even prove yourself right?
Like repeating function prototypes in header files, writing header files in CMakelists, docgen etc.
Having terrible naming schemes so you have to
rely on autocompletion because things are hard
to remember otherwise.
So you mean "work around your own fucking stupidity", not "language design flaws."
Got it.
>repeating function prototypes in header files, writing header files in CMakelists, docgen
None of which is a flaw. Case closed.

>terrible naming scheme
Who cares? You need to get used to it if you are working with someone else anyway.

File: out.jpg (280 KB, 720x1287)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
Fact: productive people who do actual work use stock Ubuntu
Fact: people who use Arch or tiling window managers never amount to anything
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I've worked in some primarily-Linux software dev places.
Ubuntu LTS is the overwhelming choice, usually with stock DE and theming.
Ubuntu latest is the second-most popular choice.
There's the occasional Fedora/Mint/Debian and a single Arch user, but they're usually in "you're on your own" territory when it comes to getting things working.
Some people running Ubuntu however do install i3 or awesome and seem no less productive for it. They're a small minority, but it happens.
this... I use ubuntu with i3 but not because it's superior or anything I feel like my screen is more organized and I can get shit done faster that's all
I will keep using mint
Correction: productive people who do actual work use stock Ubuntu LTS, most likely the old Ubuntu's using the Unity desktop.
you mean a taskbar?

Whether that’s from a job or applying knowledge in other ways. I’ll start, early twenties med student worth $600k from apple and Tesla.

This makes the tranny seethe
206 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
It isn't usually funny, but sometimes one of your type gets butthurt at it and then it becomes funny again.
If it makes people like you upset then it's still funny
If we're using masks it implies we can mix up genders, imagine being a genderfluid transcopter

I think you meant "1 bit", not one byte.
File: don.jpg (19 KB, 409x393)
19 KB
>double quotation for female, single quotation for rest
>wanting to name variable "pass"
>not declaring n before condition start
average python developer lmao

Thoughts on this card in general?
51 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
extremely based
AMD cards are an investment
>buy r9 390
>sell it for double the price
>buy rx 5700
>sell it for more than double the price
can't wait to buy my next AMD gpu
File: r9 290.jpg (25 KB, 474x413)
25 KB
They're generally very close. At 4K 3060 is sometimes a bit faster.
>install the card
>it crashes
Fuck you. I tried a dozen of kernel and mesa versions and it still crashes occasionally. It seems much less recent since some update a few months ago.
it looks sick and blowers blow lol

File: 1612345472624.jpg (43 KB, 673x673)
43 KB
Is there like a Google, but for your computer?
18 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
spotlight, it comes by default with a mac
gnome's tracker but there's not a single good front end for it

File: 1595496137204.png (83 KB, 250x140)
83 KB
So I bought a CRT for my PC to play old games on, but I noticed that when I try to use emulators that run games that run at 30 FPS on my 60Hz screen, it's double images. Like PS1 emulators for playing Gex, it's all double when the screen moves from left to right or other way around.
How come I didn't have this problem on my PS1 hooked up to a CRT TV? Is there any way to fix it? Thanks.
6 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Trips of truth.
The higher the refresh the smoother it become.
memed really hard lol
CRTfags are the audiophiles of vidya
>based and not poor like you

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