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File: 1581288067470.jpg (29 KB, 283x429)
29 KB
FSEZ edition

>Have a question?
- FAQ https://pastebin.com/thLgSkNE (embed)
- WIKI https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Private_trackers
- PYRAMID (04/19/2020) https://uploadir.com/u/khd576y4
- STUDY https://www.cambridge.org/core/services/aop-cambridge-core/content/view/2F379FE0CB50DF502F0075119FD3E060
- Spreadsheet https://hdvinnie.github.io/Private-Trackers-Spreadsheet/
- IRC irc://irc.sageru.org#ptg

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before.
>This is a thread for educational purposes only. Don't offer or ask for invites.

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>people who download remuxes instead of hq encodes have never seen a vagina before
I think there's more autism involved in picking an internal encode than just getting the remux so you have it backwards
each member is temporarily releasing wherever they like. they will move somewhere stable soonish. once they do they will only release at their new place
this is true

all this time you've been downloading bloat. lmao
>can't cross seed cause there are no leechers anywhere to be seen
How the fuck should I build up my ratio?
i demand a response

File: javajeets.jpg (244 KB, 1340x1554)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
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Who the fuck doesn't use scripting languages except complete IDE-depended Java drones?
this post is made by trannies
>us dart average: 110k
>global dart average: 37k

What third world shithole is full of Dart developers dragging the global average down so much?
Java dev without CS degree here.

I make around 90'000 CHF a year. Life is comfy.
Probably high because the people who learn it tend to be senior C++ developers sick of C++'s flaws, not CS students. So they're already quite experienced/well paid.

File: 1551366041671.png (221 B, 23x15)
221 B
221 B PNG
I'll make two forth threads I'm a fearless lad.

File: t0L4aARlFfrFrsUb[1].jpg (117 KB, 1000x470)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>According to DigiTimes, AMD has changed the plans to introduce “Vermeer” architecture featuring Zen3 cores on a 7nm EUV fabrication node.
>The company is now rumored to launch Ryzen 4000 series on 5nm node (5nm+) instead.
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Holy shit have the mentally ill amdrones taken over this thread. Fucktards, your momma Su denied this already yet you're still jerking off to the thought of micropenis cpus. Imagine being so mentally ill as to ignore reality and instead choosing to live in a fantasy. Besides being a loyal corporate cuck. Fucking off yourselves.
>Winning, as defined by Intel, is "Having %3-5 better performance while being twice the price, consuming twice the power, and running twice as hot."
impossibly based
Looks like it's a bitch to cool.
AMDrone here. This is correct.

File: intlelel.jpg (26 KB, 246x138)
26 KB
>just use MCE bro it works
>unstable on 9900k and 10900k because shitty board bios tweaks and not stock settings
>enjoy your 4.3 Ghz 10900k bruh unless manually tweaking
>intel literally has same or worse stock clocks than ryzen on sustained loads
intlel finished and done? what even is the point
are we all here just to suffer?
>"Auto" overclocking from either OEM or the CPU vendor
Lmao, was shit 10 years ago, is shit now.
File: 0kc1SGFkIy.jpg (73 KB, 1262x703)
73 KB
tech illiterate plebs btfo
nerds oc and tweak everything to achieve top performance

File: rpi-4-8gb.png (274 KB, 692x539)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
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This. So much better hardware in Orange Pi's for actually doing interesting things. The GPU in 4's RK3399 for example can full 1.2 OpenCL at 70GFLOPS, as opposed to RPi4 that has no such capability but can decode video streams real good for peak consuming
running a bitcoin node is not hardcore computing
do a quick search on google ffs idiot
>Even the OS is still only 32-bit lol!
Someone actually uses "the os"?

>create partition table to sdcard
>create vfat and ext4 partitions
Vfat is convenient if you want to inspect it from Windows. And it's nice to keep it separate since you don't need to mount it and therefore keep it from corrupting on sudden power loss.
>compile u-boot from sources and write to block 16
>compile kernel from sources and copy to the first (vfat) partition
>write boot script and mkimage as boot.scr to first partition
>debootstrap Debian Sid to the ext4 partition
Sometimes all you need is a potato chip that can spit out HD video.

I have 4gb rp4 and let me tell you, when I'm downloading a bunch of torrents, my torrent client becomes slow as shit. The rp4 itself doesn't, so I don't know what to think.

File: snakewm_1.png (15 KB, 801x627)
15 KB
snakeware - a new Linux distro with a fully Python userspace, inspired by the Commodore 64


Our distro boots directly into a Python environment, where you can then do whatever you want. We do not use X11 or systemd or anything like that, our window manager draws directly to /dev/fb0. It's fun to build a window manager around pygame, it would not be fun to write a new X11 window manager.

I'd love to hear thoughts on this, especially if anybody gets a chance to try it out. It's still in early stages, but I'm going to continue developing it and I would welcome contributors.
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Hey I'd love to try this, but I'm wondering if you could release an .iso rather than just a .img? I've no idea if that's a tall task or not, just would be more convenient to install in my particular hypervisor, otherwise I have to mess with dd and ZFS block device conversion, yuck.

Looks like a cool project, nice job.
I like the idea of the project and that would be nice but IMO pip would need to be improved a lot for that. apt does a much better job at managing my Python packages than pip could at the moment.
Nim doesn't seem very suitable for this because it's not interpreted. I'm guessing the point of the C64 thing is that you get to poke around and mess with any part of it you want. Python is great for that, it lets you mess with just about anything at runtime.
Nim is cool, but it's not much of a Python competitor. It targets a different niche.

i should sell my rx 5700 and wait new gpy? my card cause me problem
w amd nvidia its shit
rx5700 rocm when?
wtf is rocm

File: 1590706233394.png (174 KB, 2000x2642)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
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the logo reminds me of the FBI pedophile symbols
>ancient system maintained by a bunch of boomers working over email and ftp
It's good and I use it
But there are other good distros, so no

What are youse working on atm? I need a new project to keep myself busy with over the weekend and am curious what you guys are up to
Using unpacking tools to edit decks in the latest yugioh game
Learning how to package appimages so i can put winebottles in there.

then i will put my fav old windows games on cds and play them on any linux system without installing dependencies
File: doge-game-dev.jpg (52 KB, 700x692)
52 KB
did you really edit the original just to make it pokemon gold instead of pokemon red?
Yours not even the original.
The original has moder gamefreak not being able to fit all the pokemon on a 10 GB switch game
I didn’t edit a single thing, I picked this up from a thread but it is the best one I have seen. Iwata is a fucking god.

My MacBook is dying. :(
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Mine still works pretty well. It's a MBP mid 2010; I just put a bit more memory and an SSD. Let's see if it lasts me another 10 years.
File: 1586295484324.gif (279 KB, 540x540)
279 KB
279 KB GIF
is it because it has no sane way to deal with heat

File: 1280px-LaTeX_logo.svg.png (20 KB, 1280x533)
20 KB
overfull \hbox too wide
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
This, fucking spergs
>b-b-but my professor said only Times New Roman
>b-b-but section headers must be centered or I'll fail
>b-b-but I want the two images next to each other with text wrapping around and in the middle of them
When comes to essays is better to have one image per page anyways, any standard for documents does just that.
>doesn't know what a macro is
>takes 15 minutes to accomplish one simple task
Sounds about right.
I swear to god if I find you shithead posting in TeX Stackexchange
I never found out why some people have to put so many images in a single essay. Even a team of five Chinese guys doesn't need as many images in a 7 page essay to explain data structure as your average zoomer does in his 200 words history essay.

File: elseif.png (528 KB, 629x430)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
how to refactor else if ?
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>code golf
Wtf is "code golf", do you throw exceptions down a hole or what
You would do something like this
createpotentialPrime(int *potentialPrime, int val){
int multipleSix = 0;
potentialPrime[0] = multipleSix - 1;
potentialPrime[1] = multipleSix + 1;

Then check if it's a prime by doing divisions.
it's one of those problems you have to brute force, but you can brute force in more efficient ways then others.

Morons don't realise that at some point you have to generate a prime table, it doesn't just appear from no where.
oops I missed a line.

createpotentialPrime(int *potentialPrime, int val){
int multipleSix = 0;
multipleSix = val * 6;
potentialPrime[0] = multipleSix - 1;
potentialPrime[1] = multipleSix + 1;
Sieve of Eratosthenes has a lot of divisions involved and is quote slow to compute.
There are plenty of interesting prime patterns, some better than others.
Some will give you a prime through a brute force method, others MAY give you a prime but are much faster to compute. It all entirely depends on what you want to do with your primes.
The method I used was multiples of 6 + or - 1. on either side will be a prime, but you're not really sure which side.
>because the specific code being refactored was for primes under 100
Talking about efficiency for primes below 100 is just silly so I ignored that.

>i wonder if there is really a log(n) prime test
I may have misremembered. Miller-Rabin is O(log(n)**3)
makes no mention of running time though I suspect it should be faster.

>i have no idea what the probabilities look like
They can easily be brought below the "a lightning might strike the computer while doing the calculation" threshold.
So it's not something to worry about. Also, you wouldn't be the first to look for counterexamples and if you know in which range you're in you can often have confidence with what choice of parameters you are already safe.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Infinitely_Galactic.png (1.23 MB, 1429x805)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
Do you guys think MS is working on a Linux-based distro of Windows?
It would be pretty cool if they do, since this will ultimately force all devs to develop for Linux, but I honestly doubt they would.

>Embrace open source
we win
>Extend open source
we win
>Extinguish open source
literally nothing would change. Linux's market share would be as is today.

File: rare corona bird.webm (265 KB, 300x332)
265 KB
Howdy doodle doo mother nigger

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