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File: eddy-gt-1.jpg (58 KB, 719x696)
58 KB
> highest effiency 98% on good days
> Alminum made from coal powered industry
> Chad wind gives /g/ electricity

No thread currently about real power, make a diffrence.
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>But it's still extremely expensive to build and maintain those reactors
So what? The energy they provide is cheap.
He does though. Wind benefits from scaling up. There's almost never any point in building them any smaller than hundreds of kW, and no point in building them anywhere except an area that gets strong consistent wind. Solar also benefits from scale, but even deploying 5kW on an average roof will pay off big over the life of a home. The panels actually protect your roof, provide thermal decoupling which keeps your home cooler, will generate most of the nameplate for a period of every sunny day and only costs $15k. Even on cloudy days you'll likely get 30-50% output.
5kW of wind requires a tower. The total project cost will run into $40k+ territory. It WILL be noisy, when generating, your insurance company and potential homebuyers will be terrified by it, and it will only generate its rated output with 8-10 m/s (15-20 mph) consistent winds (gusty and constantly changing wind is worthless because of blade mass). Anything less than 4 m/s (8mph) and it will generate NOTHING.
Small wind turbines are literally the worst.
They're loud as fuck and spin stupid fast to generate anything worthwhile.

Surprise! They are.
It's just like fans. The smaller the faster they need to go, the more noise they make.
That's why wind farms employ stupid huge turbines, not piddly little things.
Small turbines are practically useless and on moderately windy days they get stupid loud.
Just put a solar panel there instead.
File: nuclear hijack.jpg (77 KB, 589x600)
77 KB
Every single method to generate power is a virgin cuckold except the chad nuclear.
It did happen, but 6 gorillion is a fucking lie.

Is there a way to connect older Android phones altogether and use their processing power as a single virtual linux server?
I got a bunch of them laying around, just wondering if I could use them for something...
Pic unrelated

File: m.jpg (116 KB, 1200x878)
116 KB
116 KB JPG



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le epic lulz were had xDDDDDD
File: 1565975478386.jpg (6 KB, 250x220)
6 KB
What's this guys problem. Worked like a charm for me.
>Flexing with your fucking microwave is pathetic
How was I flexing? Good for your parents. Here, all knobbed microwaves are cheap shit.
A thread died for this

Has suicide technology advanced? Why are people still using primitive methods? Are an heros retarded?

File: bandori2.jpg (439 KB, 1536x2048)
439 KB
439 KB JPG
>mfw cant take a pic of my gear since my phone is also my dap

How To Request Help
>IEMs (in ears) or Earbuds
>Sound Signature
>Past Gear
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get T2 and never look back.
T3s plug is identical to the T2s. And its fairly standard.
NiceHCK DT600
something like the t2s but with that other round plug? Got a working cable from my old earbuds that broke
So are the TRN V80s with memory foam eartips the way to go?
>IEMs (in ears) or Earbuds
in ears
>Sound Signature
>Past Gear

shitty bass sony headphones

need this to be super comfortable to sleep in plz. That is the main concern at the moment

File: macbook-vs-pixelbook-2.jpg (333 KB, 1600x1200)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
Pick one as your thin, battery life laptop.
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Unironically a keyboard dock and battery for my phone. I carry my phone anyways, why bring extra hardware?
>touchpad are better than trackpoint
Why would you ever say that? You literally can perform any kind of movement using the trackpoint without moving your finger an inch
Thanks to it's size it can be placed higher on the keyboard, remaining comfortable to use in every position where you can use your keyboard comfortably, which obviously isn't true for touchpads, and it is easier to make precise movement with it. Why people have trouble using it? I'll never know.
>it is easier to make precise movement with it
this is only true because the trackpads on thinkpads are some of the worst on any laptop
Your point? Just because its not the thinnest doesn't mean its not thin.
Between these two a Pixelbook
I want a laptop with a reliable keyboard and isn't in danger of exploding

File: IMG_20190820_195907.jpg (732 KB, 1564x1564)
732 KB
732 KB JPG
running for more than 3 hours now with a 4000mAh battery. Bluetooth is disabled, wlan on. ssh and Apache with MySQL.
It would be a lot simplier if you just bought a fucking USB power meter so you could watch the power draw.
Without any devices connected and not under load it should be around 500mA. Which would give you about 8 hours on that battery pack.
The 2/3A power requirement is so it can handle full load, HDMI and USB devices plugged in. If it's naked then it won't go much past 1A under load.
I'm a poorfag. I did order some 7 inch touch screen from China and I found this old battery lying around. I had a pretty pathetic Power bank that I'm using with this new battery. I'm trying to see if it's feasible to make a tablet out of this.
when I plug an external monitor the lighting bolt shows up. why is that?
I check the vcgecmd get_throttled and it gives me 0x50005 (read on forum that's is bad)
Probably your power bank can only supply around 1A so if you're plugging other shit into it you're getting to the power draw limit.
I'll look into it, thanks

>open up the editor to start working
>8 hours later still browsing the internet
Anon, adopt the pomodoro technique. It's really easy to use, and it's helped me out enormously! Step one, grab a timer. if you don't have one, you can use a website like tomato-timer.com and set the time to 25 minutes. When you are ready, press start and FOCUS on the task at hand. The idea is that you use this time to work only, no multitasking. I recommend having vim open so you can jot down any random thoughts you have that you need to take care of.

When your 25 minutes is done, take a 5 minute break. Use this time to cool down. When I started doing this, time felt a lot faster, and when I saw the seconds click by, time sped up. It's a surreal experience if you're not time oriented. After 4 "pomo's, which means a 25 minute session, take a longer break of 15 minutes.

I recommend recording how much you do every day. Try to challenge yourself and see how many you can do in a day. This short and simple practice has helped me so much. Its made me realize that time is flowing too quickly. Please, even if you try just one pomo, give it a chance. If you use i3 and polybar, there's a really nice python script you can find that implements the timer into your toolbar. If you're not using that setup, I bet there are a lot of other tools you can use. It's annoying to use the web browser, but it's a nice place to start, especially since there is no commitment.
tom hanks
>FOCUS on the task at hand
but that us the exact problem. I've been setting up college shit today and even when I have nothing else open and phone put away I just zone out. Frankly I don't see any value in college at the moment anyway but even if I did I couldn't "just focus bro"
You can focus, if you couldn't then you couldn't even finish writing your post. Focus for 25 minutes, I'm sure you can do it for at least that much. If your attention span is really that messed up, try 10 minutes of focusing and maybe 2 minute break time... But I really wouldn't recommend deviating from the normal pomodoro schedule.

Just focus...

That feeling when crossdressing makes you worse at programming
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observe a real programmer in action:
if (strcmp(op, "Faggot"))
die("Unhandled exception");
Becoming an authentic woman I see.
File: 1489382125040.png (137 KB, 453x668)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
>but its never too late to regret
strcmp returns 0 on equality
i know, because of this fact that the code is equivalent

File: oreimo0103.jpg (190 KB, 1280x720)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
My Phone Can't Be This Cute Edition

If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget, and size.

Good Resources:
>Reviews, Specs, Comparisons

>Frequency Checker

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Yeah, where you live won't matter much if Huawei can't provide future Android updates because they can't do business with Google.
Anyway for me personally regardless I would get the Xiaomi just because Xiaomi has a better track record of providing updates than Huawei, and bootloader unlock and community dev support gives you some future options after official support does end.
File: OP7P.jpg (188 KB, 1200x800)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Lads, is the best phone in this list the OnePlus 7 Pro, despite only being the 6gb/128gb one? I'm mainly after the unlimited data and the roaming deal it comes with, but it'd be nice to have a phone with decent tinkering support. Looking at xda, this seems pretty good. The phone being dual sim might come in handy for me too
>buying a flagship phone

It's beyond retarded when phones in the 175-250 dollar range will perform nearly as good. Just get a Xiaomi Note 7, if you want better photos get the google camera apk and side load it.

>inb4 but water drop camera
oh like you give a shit that much
Sounds like a good fit.
>got a 7a
It's a 100 dollar phone, you should have gotten the 7 or Note 7 for 20-50 dollars more. You literally gimped yourself by trying to save 20 dollars. Also google camera sideload like all xiaomi phones.


Seriously it's about 25 dollars more than the 7A and far better

File: why.jpg (5 KB, 250x116)
5 KB
>phone looks great and promising
>no jack
>no sd slot
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I still have a GalaxyS5 and feel no need to upgrade (well, apart from the old camera desu).

But still, I feel frustrated. When I upgraded from the S2 to the S5 the upgrade was really there.

Now I just can not feel any true improvement phone-wise.
3.5mm simply works, deal with it. I will not buy a phone without it, same with sdcard, my data is my data, i will not upload it to anywhere, gtfo.
Let me clarify, you're not "charging" analog headphones in the same way you charge bt headphones. They don't have batteries, where bt headphones do.
just use one this these https://www.amazon.com/Silicone-Anti-lost-AirPods-Iusun-Connector/dp/B06XYL6T31
>Stop using $5 chinky Bluetooth earphones then
literal retard.

File: SAB.png (1.45 MB, 1366x768)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
Ballmer did nothing wrong.
File: clap.gif (127 KB, 240x180)
127 KB
127 KB GIF
Balmer only had bad life decisions.
Ballmer ruined Microsoft in a way its worst enemies couldn't even hope for.
He did love the company, but like an abusive husband.

File: 1561084445655.jpg (788 KB, 2048x1534)
788 KB
788 KB JPG
>program maybe 2 hours
>slack 4
>"thank you anon you're the backbone of this company, here's your bonus"

Anyone knows this feel?
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I bust my ass everyday and what do I get? shit all.
The do the exact same thing to their female workers, except in the other direction. She'll prop up uggos to make herself look good beside them in important meetings and shit, and bury pretty girls because they're competition. They're usually not even aware that they're doing this. 95% of women don't have any ability to reflect and analyze their own behavior. Usually when it seems like they are, it turns out they're just cargo culting self analysis processes from a book they read, without gleaning any actual insight about themselves.
Shes below average for sure, but lord knows i'd still smash
You seriously need to travel more. Go outside.

File: pi-hole-action-shot.jpg (264 KB, 2288x1287)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
What is this technology?
a dumb meme
shove it up your pi-hole
dont do this it creates mustard gas
Superfluous since your router can already perform the same function
Pi hole web pages look worse than using a standard ad blocker.

File: 1aae8568.jpg (71 KB, 460x817)
71 KB
How do I install windows XP via PXE?
It's fucking retarded
Is there somewhere already witched XP for PXE? Or an easier way to re-fuck xp installation to work over PXE rather than doing it manually?
I think Im not smart enough to pull it off
pls halp

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